Rogers launches LTE in Calgary and Halifax

in two new cities: Calgary and Halifax.

Our LTE network is available in select Canadian cities and now reaches close to 12 million or one third of the Canadian population. It will expand to nearly 60 per cent of Canadians by the end of the year. The Calgary and Halifax launch today follows the recent launch of LTE in St. John’s in the east and in the coming months we’ll be bringing LTE to Edmonton. Visit for coverage details.

Tons of LTE devices available

In addition to the fastest and largest LTE network*, we also have the largest selection of LTE devices in Canada. In fact, this will be a particularly exciting month for those who have been waiting for some of the coolest LTE smartphones to come onto the market.

Nokia Lumia 900 from Rogers

Over the next few weeks we will launch the first Windows Phone LTE smartphone the Nokia Lumia 900 and the HTC One X, the first smartphone in Canada designed with Beats Audio for an incredible audio experience. You can preorder or reserve the Nokia Lumia 900 today by going to And if you preorder or reserve, you are also entered for a chance to win a private screening of The Dark Knight Rises for you and your family and friends including popcorn, soft drinks, swag bags and a special edition The Dark Knight Rises Nokia Lumia 900. How cool is that?

For more information on Rogers LTE network and devices visit

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 *Within Rogers LTE network footprint. Based on tests comparing data throughput speeds and on geographic coverage area comparison (in square kilometers) to Bell and Telus’ LTE networks.  See for full details on Rogers LTE network coverage. 

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43 comments on “Rogers launches LTE in Calgary and Halifax

  1. Patrick

    That’s great for Halifax but what about Cape Breton? Left out in the dark again? This not being able to browse or use any data at all is BS. Picture messages time out because the network here is too slow! Something has to be done soon abotu this especially since Bell and Telus cover pretty much the entire island with 4G service and on average we get 1 bar of 2G……

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Patrick,

      I understand where you come from. Expanding our LTE network takes more than flicking a switch and we’ll keep on working on adding more cities this year.

  2. stash

    What colors will be available for the Lumia 900 at lunch? i’ll switch to Rogers if you plan to have the white or/and the blue variants either at lunch or later.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Stash,

      We’ll disclose all the remaining details at launch. I can confirm the black version.

      1. stash

        Hopefully you have different colors,else i’ll probably have to buy off contract from AT&T which will not make me happy,because I’ve always bought Rogers phones off contract to put on my carrier and I’m really looking forward to just switch to Rogers.

  3. Since Rogers the LTE manufacture and mobile service provider has acknowledged that Calgary is one of the biggest and most promising markets, it is only fair that clients get to enjoy reasonable prices for products and communication services. Although this is left to the discretion of the service provider, clients that have chosen LTE as their preferred mobile communications provider deserve to get good value for their money.

  4. Adam

    Any other details on the launch of the one x ? when / colors?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Adam,

      We’ll release more details closer to launch.

  5. Joey

    will the lumia 900 have carrier logo branding?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Joey, there isn’t any carrier branding on the device.

  6. Andy

    Any timeframe on when LTE will be available in NW Calgary and not just downtown and south?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Andy,

      We don’t comment on future plans but expanding our LTE network is definitely in our plans. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted of our latest news.

  7. Duncan

    I’ve noticed much worse 3G reception (like zero bars in my house just off the Peninsula) on my iPhone 4 since the Halifax LTE service has been activated.

    Any thoughts?

  8. Elias

    Hi there. Was wondering if we can get a release date for the Lumia 900? I reserved my phone through your system, and despite it being shipped and delivered to my local Rogers dealer, I was told that I can’t get the phone until Rogers releases it as it wasn’t in their system. Just wondering how much longer I’ll have to wait to get the phone. Any information is greatly appreciated.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Elias,

      We’ll release all the remaining details on the Lumia 900 very soon. We’ll definitely keep everyone posted!

  9. Chris H.

    I’m a Calgary user with 9900 BB. Will I need to get new type LTE SIM card in order to benefit from the higher speed of the LTE network?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Chris,

      First thing first, you would need to have a device that is LTE-enabled. Here’s the list of our LTE devices: