Rogers LTE speed test contest wrap-up

is officially over and you blew us away with your super fast speed submissions!

We launched the contest on February 13 and asked Rogers LTE customers to send us screen captures of their highest speed over Rogers LTE network. We accepted any speed over 25Mbps and all eligible entries were entered into a random draw to win a new HTC Jetstream tablet.

The winner of the tablet was Kimberlea from Ottawa who posted a speed of 30.40Mbps using her HTC Raider. Her winning entry is the picture on the left. You can also see it here.

Some interesting stats from the contest:

During the contest we also announced a network expansion and several new devices. On February 14, we added the Sierra Wireless AirCard330U model of the LTE Rocket to our lineup of LTE devices. The stick offers 1700/2100 MHz and 2600 MHz connectivity on the Rogers LTE network for typical LTE download speeds of 12-40 Mbps, compared to 12-25 Mbps for 2100 MHz connectivity only.  For more details, go here.

We also announced that we’ll be expanding our leading lineup of LTE smartphones with two new exclusive LTE devices available this spring: the Nokia Lumia 900 and the HTC One X.

And finally, we expanded our LTE network to St.John’s making Rogers the first carrier to bring the fastest wireless speeds in Canada to Newfoundlanders. We’re now offering LTE to a total of 11 million Canadians and we’ll double our coverage this year with plans to expand to more than 25 cities in 2012.

A big thank you to everyone who took part in our LTE speed test contest. Stay tuned to RedBoard and our Twitter account, @RogersBuzz for details on future contests.

Miranda is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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13 comments on “Rogers LTE speed test contest wrap-up

  1. Freddie

    So, if the average speed was 45 Mbps (please capitalise it properly, as Mbps, MBps, and MBPS are all different!!), what was the fastest recorded speed?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Freddie. Thanks for flagging. I’ve corrected the post. The contest was a random draw of all the eligible entries, not a contest for the fastest speed submitted. You can see all the entries here:

      1. Freddie

        Wow! 98.85 Mbps … on a phone! That’s insane.

        Now, if only there was a data plan with more than 6 GB per month … without breaking the bank.

  2. Kevin

    MBPS is not the correct unit. MB per second is vastly different than Mb per second. Bits are vastly different from bytes.

    That reported speed is not 30 MB/s. That is 30 Mbps. As in bits, not bytes. 30 Mbps is actually 3.75 MB/s. As for your record claim, 45.24 MBPS would actually be 361.92 Mbps. I highly doubt that.

    Don’t be so sloppy and lazy when typing out these numbers and units, they mean a great deal and there is a massive difference between what you posted and what is the truth.

    1. RogersMiranda

      *blush* Thanks for flagging Kevin. I’ve updated the post with the correct unit.

  3. Hsiao-Kang Jao

    only interested in the release date of the nokia lumia 900 at this point, hope they announce the date soon.

    1. RogersNicolas

      HI Hsiao-Kang,

      Nokia Lumia 900 preorders will start next week but you can already register at to get the latest updates.
      AS you know, it will be coming soon.

  4. Is this available on Android? I’d like to check my phone’s speed test.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Gregory,

      The contest is over but you can keep on using

    2. Jason

      There is a Speedtest,net app in the Play Store (formerly Android Market).

  5. Hsiao-Kang Jao

    now what’s the use of having such high speed when you don’t have much data allowance, it only means it’s more easy to use up your limit without noticing. not saying i don’t like high speed, just hope they can have better and more affordable data plans since the available speed is so high now.

    1. Andy

      I don’t really follow, to be honest. Unless you’re going to start downloading massive files (which is more typical on a PC, rather than a phone), I don’t see faster mobile internet drastically changing my browsing habits.

      I’m likely to visit X number of sites today, and read X amount of emails… speed will just make it faster. Will I have time to visit a couple extra sites on my lunch break? Maybe. But that impact should be negligible on my plan.

      Unless you’re going to be downloading several full length movies, etc to your phone (which would have to be an extreme minority of users), it’s hard to imagine it being an issue.

  6. Kevin

    Wouldn’t right now be a great time to increase the upload speeds of our home Internet considering the upload speed on LTE is now like 4-9 times* the upload speed we get at home. We get like 256Kbps-2Mbps at home and on a phone we can get 9Mbps.

    *Using the image as an example.