Revolutionize your relationships: Introducing Rogers One Number

Introducing Rogers One Number. This new service exclusively from Rogers lets you talk, text and send picture messages, and video chat with other Rogers One Number users, all from your computer using your existing phone number. By using Rogers One Number, all calls to Canadian numbers, video chats with other Rogers One Number users and outgoing wireless text messages are free.

How might you use it, you ask? Well, if you’re like me and you’re always on the go, family and friends can now call your number – the same one they’ve always used – and rather than leave a voicemail (again!) you can have it ring on your computer or up to five phones of your choice so you’re always reachable when you want to be. Or, if you spend a lot of time calling that special someone, you can switch the talking onto a computer with Rogers One Number and you’ll no longer use up your daytime mobile minutes. And, if you want to take it a step further and stare into each other’s eyes, you can seamlessly turn the call into a video chat with the click of a button.

To really understand how it works, you have to see it in action. So to help me do just that, I recently sat down tech expert Winston Sih, to give you the details. Check it out:

Rogers One Number is available for free to eligible Rogers wireless customers, so there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t head over to and sign up right now. Once you’ve given it a try, let us know what you think by leaving us a comment.

How will you be using Rogers One Number?

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146 comments on “Revolutionize your relationships: Introducing Rogers One Number

  1. Alex Sebenski

    Servers overloaded? Not getting a PIN number and it’s telling me my PIN is invalid before I even enter one.

    Your current PIN is no longer valid and no more resend attempts are allowed. Please contact 1-877-856-9554 for assistance.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Alex,
      The announcement certainly brought many people to register but I haven’t heard anything about an server issue.
      I checked and it seems to be working fine.

  2. Andy

    Seems interesting. I was prompted to download 2 mobile apps, then told that my device (Galaxy S Captivate) isn’t supported. Are there android apps as of yet, or any plans for them?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Here’s the list of compatible devices/OS:

      More will be added soon!

      1. Imagine Engine

        Is Rogers developing an app to allow VoIP calls over data and WIFI on the iPad? Will this include video and if so will it allow group conference calls?

      2. RogersNicolas

        At this time the feature is not available. We can’t comment on future plans, but as soon as we have something to announce, we’ll keep everyone posted.

      3. James

        Its called voip for a reason, get a voip number from someone like and use a softphone app on your ipad/iphone, like Bria…

      4. Eric

        The apps are not available on the andoird market if you are running Ice Cream Sandwich. It’s sad that you don’t even support your latest flagship device, the Galaxy Nexus.

      5. Andrew Malcolmson

        You don’t get these from the Market. You login at, go to Settings, Mobile Downloads, & click on the button to send a SMS to the phone with a link. The link takes you to a web page (not an app) where you can manage the One Number calling features (the same ones you see under Settings at the one number site). This works on my Galaxy Nexus.

    2. Victor

      That’s strange, I have a Captivate and got it up and running without any warnings!
      Perhaps the Android version has anything to do with it? I’m running Rogers’ 2.3 Gingerbread.

  3. miam

    Can you please be more specific as to what exactly this means:

    “Registering for Rogers One Number™ will disable your traditional Call Manager™ and call forwarding wireless service along with any applicable fees. Youll now have access to enhanced call management through the “Reach Me Rules”, including call forwarding.”


    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi miam,

      When you sign up for Rogers One Number, you will lose the ability to forward calls in the traditional manner from your Wireless Phone and you will lose the ability to use wireless Call Manager™, and these services will be automatically disabled, along with any applicable fees for those services.

    2. ZEIGHY

      It meant that if you are paying for a feature called “Call Manager” to manage calls (forward specific calls, block callers, etc) it will be disabled and you will no longer need to pay for it, because Rogers One Number provides the same functions, for FREE.

  4. clint

    In the Terms & Conditions it talks about “Rogers One Number Equipment” (Section b) including either VOIP phones or ATA’s as permissible devices.

    Could you please elaborate on what that means and whether there is an additional cost for using a device like that? And if it does require an additional cost why the penalty for using dedicated hardware instead of a computer?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Clint,

      In order to use a multiple-handset Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone (“IP Phone”) and/or an integrated access device (“Telephone Adapter”), you will be required to add the Rogers One Number Phone Add-on to your account for a monthly fee. It’s definitely not a penalty but, as mentioned, it requires an add-on to work.

      1. clint

        Can I supply my own device or ATA or am I required to get one from Rogers?

      2. RogersNicolas

        Regarding this topic, we will add features and functionality over time. Details will be released later.

      3. clint

        I don’t see anywhere on the rogers account portal which lets me pick this as an option.

        I would also disagree that it isn’t a penalty since it is free if one uses a computer but not if one uses something that is not a computer.

        Either way the customer is still a post-paid one so I don’t see why the VOIP phone option is discriminated and thus charged a penalty.

      4. Adam

        “Add-on to your account for a monthly fee”

        Sounds like a penalty to me – what are the details? There is nothing indicating this in the Terms & Conditions text

      5. RogersNicolas

        Hi Adam,

        I literally quoted the Terms & Conditions. You may find them here, at the bottom of the page:

  5. Dan

    Can someone give a detailed rundown of exactly what this service offers, what the fine print is, how it affects current services, etc.? Something beyond the marketing talking points.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Dan,
      You’ll find more info about Rogers One Number here:
      Also, remember to click on + SEE FULL DETAILS

  6. bryce

    is there going to be mobile apps for android and windows phone devices? Says there is no app for my nexus one.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Bryce,
      As of today, here’s the list of compatible devices/OS:
      We’re looking to add more soon.

      1. bryce

        thanks, was looking for the list.

  7. Chris

    when we use the Ring My Number and I answer from my landline, how is the airtime charged?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Chris,
      If the number is in Canada there are no call forwarding charges or LD charges. If it is US, then IP US rates are charged.

      1. Chris

        Nice! That’s a nice added value!

      2. Victor

        Agreed, that’s a really good value add!

  8. Victor

    I’m very pleased with this new service and feel it’s unique in its implementation.
    That being said, I was quite let down when I saw that the Mac app doesn’t really exist as an app per se but is just a link to open the website. Am I doing something wrong?

    I downloaded the app and it was a good 14MB long so I assumed it was a local app which logs into the network and would allow me to text through a native Mac app that runs like any other application open. I really hope this is possible!

    Regardless, it’s a strong step in the right direction and I welcome it over having to text people from work using my phone which is both time consuming and inconvenient. Getting things done quicker is always preferred! :)

    1. Note: the windows app is the same. All the app does is provide an interface for the actual phone services. Without it installed, you can still text from the website (as far as I can tell) – you just can’t receive/make calls from the website.

      1. Victor

        I suppose, but it’s clunky in implementation. It would make sense if it were an integrated solution on the desktop of the client. As it is, it’s a good first start and I don’t fault them for having some initial hiccups, but I hope over time this unification would occur. A lot better than launching a website each time. It would be akin to Skype having to launch a website each time you do want to make calls and messages.

      2. Oh, I totally agree. I actually would have preferred an entirely web-based solution, so that I can use it on my tablet as well. The problem with having a fully app-based solution is that you have to write an app for every platform (Windows/Mac/Linux). Keeping the bulk of the app web-based means that all they have to write on the platform-dependent side is the actual voip/phone client.

        For what it’s worth, they actually beta tested a fully integrated app with no web component, before the web side of things came out. It was worse than the current implementation, IMO.

      3. Victor

        Ryan I see your point indeed.

        On the other hand, while I understand Linux users would like to see some love, I think it makes little business sense to expect them to have a Linux implementation.

        At the same time the implementation would be even more clunky and unlikely to garner usage if it were web-based only. Asking users to always launch their browser to a web page to make sure the service is on is a huge faux-pas if it’s an application and not just a browsing/information website.
        I do however sympathize with your tablet request. I do hope they can issue something that caters to it! Tablets are, after all, computers and as such should have an implementation that’s more app-based (or web-based for you). Though it does make it a problem if people thought the apps are also cross-compatible with their phones using the same OS, especially if Rogers does not want the customer base to use an app to make calls for free.

  9. Hi Rogers,
    None of your Rogers One Number registration, or profile setting, pages will accept a hyphenated email (i.e. There are many people who have hyphenated emails so you should fix this.

    Your welcome.

    PS. I emailed support (and sent a screenshot), but they said something about it only working with Gmail and Yahoo, but that is not this problem. I can register with an email like:, but not if I add a hyphen.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Noah,

      Our services are always open to evolve but at the moment, we’re only supporting Gmail and Yahoo!

      1. Once again. That isn’t the problem.

        I’m using Gmail and my address has a hyphen in it, but your forms won’t accept it.

  10. Matthew

    Are there any plans to release a Linux version of the client, or to support Ice Cream Sandwich? I’m on Ubuntu 11.10 on the desktop, and ICS on the phone, and I’d love to fully use this service!

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Matthew,

      I can’t give any ETA for specific devices and OS but we’re definitely looking into adding more to that list:

      1. Note: that page actually says Android devices 2.x and above, which would imply that it works with Ice Cream Sandwich.

      2. RogersNicolas

        That’s correct. I shared your feedback internally and will get back to you.
        Sorry for the inconvenience, Ryan!

  11. jeff

    I played around with the service s bit last night and think it’s a great value add for Rogers customers. I hope that the future of this service allows for video communication with non-Rogers network clients like Skype, Tango, and devices on other carriers.

    I was curious if there are any timelines on extending support for the mobile apps to other mobile O/S? Specifically, I’m on Windows Phone. Haven’t tried installing on Android or Blackberry yet, but from what I’ve been able to gather its iPhone or bust when it comes to address book sync.

    Thanks and keep up the good work Rogers!

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Jeff,
      Thanks for the great feedback. I’m glad that you like it. Here’s a list of the compatible devices/OS as of now:
      More will be coming soon!

  12. Andy

    There is an app, because it runs in the background, monitoring for calls, texts, etc (you can see it in the bottom left corner of your PC)… but the actual interface does appear to be a webpage.

    If everything could be done in an app, it would be nice, because the web page takes a few seconds to load. Really enjoying the service so far.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Thanks for the comment, Andy. Even if the service is out of beta, we’re still craving for feedback!
      Glad you like it!

    2. Victor

      That was pretty much my comment as well. Hope it can be turned into an app and allow us to avoid the web interface.

  13. Dennis

    Hi, is this available in Manitoba? I keep trying to register my phone number, but an error always comes up and says either:
    1. You do no have a Rogers post-paid account
    2. You have a Rogers business account
    3. You may already have registered for this service. If so, please sign in.
    4. You have one of the following Rogers features that is incompatible with the service: Alternate Line Service (ALS); Rogers Home Phone Common Voicemail; DataCom; Wireless Priority Service. Go to to review your account or call 1-888-ROGERS1 to have the feature removed and try again.
    5. Due to technical limitations this service is not supported in your area code.

    I am a post paid customer (recently signed a 3 year contract). I am NOT a business customer. I have not signed up yet. I don’t have any additional Rogers features. Lastly, I live in Manitoba.


    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Dennis,

      It’ll be rolled out very soon for Manitoba. Sorry for the wait!

    2. George

      It’s working in Manitoba now :)

      1. RogersNicolas

        Let us know what you think of Rogers One Number when you get a chance to try it!

      2. Victor


        I feel like each time I submit a bug report, I’m handled by someone who has no grasp of the english language and misunderstands me a lot. I wish there was a better way to submit bugs/unexpected behaviour/feedback without getting that. Specifically I submitted that the ringer isn’t being disabled when the option is set to Disable (still hear it when a call comes in), and today submitted that the Rogers 1 Contacts on Android is constantly giving me a birthday reminder for someone that isn’t in my active Android contact list (the one I made from my Google Account specifically filtered for my phone), and whenever I clear the notification by pressing “Clear” from the Notification bar in Android, it comes back minutes later. I submitted the bug to the RogersOne email, and the guy went on about how to troubleshoot my Android Calendar and how I deleted that contact and it’s still coming up.
        Basically they are not understanding that I am submitting a bug and want to work it out so they can reproduce it.
        I feel like support is handled by people who just don’t understand how to personalize their emails to a specific situation and treat everything as a troubleshooting scenario. It’s frustrating. Especially when someone like you has been very understanding and easy to grasp our issues here. I really wish you were on the feedback/dev team taking in my issues.

        With the way those 2 support reps have been over my emails, I can’t say I feel confident the issues will ever be resolved as I end up in an endless support loop. :S

      3. Victor

        And I hate to add this, but it makes me think of those disaster support stories from other TelCo’s of people from India handling support calls and essentially playing broken telephone with no hope of understanding.
        It leaves the customer feeling really hopeless when they can’t communicate their issue so easily. :(

      4. RogersNicolas

        Sorry to hear that, Victor. Could you please reach out to us on Twitter (via @RogersHelps) or Facebook?
        We’ll look into your issue!

  14. Andy

    I’m running Android 4.03 and am being told that the mobile apps aren’t compatible. I’m quite confident if I had the opportunity to install the apps, they would run just fine. Any way this can be fixed, or just allow the .apk files to be downloaded so I can install?

    I’ve tried via the link in the text, and from the Android market, but both say my Android phone isn’t compatible, when I’m sure it is.


    1. RogersNicolas

      According to that link, it should be working with Android 4.0.3. I shared your feedback internally and will get back to you.

      1. Tim Dowker

        I also cannot install this on my phone. I have a rogers Samsung Galaxy Nexus running 4.0.2.

    2. noah

      Same here. Galaxy Nexus running ICS.

  15. Arthur Wiebe

    Just want to say I don’t have a problem with the web interface, and am on a Mac. It seems to work quite well.

    What would be nice is a call screening feature. Right now you can block unknown ID calls, but if you could require unknown caller IDs to say their name which you could hear before answering the call, that would make this a Canadian alternative to Google Voice in a way.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Arthur,

      Glad you enjoy it. Thanks for the great feedback.
      That’s an interesting suggestion.

  16. fran

    I requested a PIN but never got it.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi fran,

      Did you manage to get a PIN? If not, feel free to reach out to us at 1-877-856-9554 for all Rogers One Number Inquiries & Pre-registration/Onboarding issues.

  17. Paul

    I’m unable to register. I’m given the below message. Could I get clarification? The only one I could see being a problem is #5. I’m in area code 204. I’m on contract with an iPhone4S.

    We’d like to thank you for your interest, however, your existing wireless number does not qualify for one of the following reasons:
    1. You do no have a Rogers post-paid account
    2. You have a Rogers business account
    3. You may already have registered for this service. If so, please sign in.
    4. You have one of the following Rogers features that is incompatible with the service: Alternate Line Service (ALS); Rogers Home Phone Common Voicemail; DataCom; Wireless Priority Service. Go to to review your account or call 1-888-ROGERS1 to have the feature removed and try again.
    5. Due to technical limitations this service is not supported in your area code.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Paul,

      Rogers One Number will be rolled out very soon for Manitoba.
      Sorry to keep you waiting!

  18. AJ

    Is this not just Skype?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi AJ,

      Unlike other VoIP providers, Rogers One Number uses your existing wireless number and remember that calling any Canadian number from your computer is FREE. Let us know what you think of it.

  19. Adam

    Thanks for the clarification. I’ve tried to add the under “Add Additional Add-ons” on my MyRogers page. It doesn’t appear to be working…Is this feature available yet?

    1. RogersNicolas

      I just posted this above: Regarding this topic, we will add features and functionality over time. Details will be released later.

  20. drew

    Says I don’t have a Rogers post-paid account?or technical difficulties? I’ve been with Rogers for years on contract, & now a new feature comes out & I can’t use it? Hum

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Drew,

      Sorry to hear that. Our services are always open to evolve, but at the moment it’s only open to post-paid customers.

  21. Matt

    I tweeted Miranda this just now without checking the board first, I see its active in Rogers presence so I will ask here as well:

    I notice during the video that they state there’s no LD charges however in the Terms and Conditions – forgot which section, I think part 4 for webphone charges, it states there will be long distance charges applied if the call is made to another number out of the local calling error.

    Is this an error in the video, an error in the T&C, or an error in my interpretation of the legalese?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Matt

      I appologize, I read the T&C wrong.

      Haha, LD charges only apply if you make calls to numbers outside of Canada.

      1. RogersNicolas

        No problem, Matt :) Let us know what you think of Rogers One Number.

  22. Great concept, looking forward to it being fully functional. After getting it all set up I was excited to see that it was working. Once I testing incoming phone calls it all went downhill. My phone is currently not ringing. Called into tech support and they escalated, but the rep told me that with ring simultaneously on the browser will only ring. Is that right? I was under the assumption that ring simultaneously would mean that both my cell and the browser would ring at the same time!

    Can’t wait for this to be fixed. No phone calls makes me concerned!

    1. Victor

      Yeah it should work. It does for me, however the flaw is that if you answer on the Web Phone and your phone was ringing too, then it registers a missed call on it.
      I guess that’s one thing to learn to expect since it’s a logical behaviour.

  23. Randy

    Been using this since the Beta and I find it a great value add-on. Only reason why I have a Bell Home phone is strictly for work. That’s it. Hate dealing with them. However I do like this new Webphone with the Rogers One Number as I basically will utilize this now as my home phone. Doesn’t really bother me to use this through my computer. It’s perfect for what I need and compliments my current wireless plan quite nicely. I’m also a person Male 35 who takes part in technologial advancements such as this.

    One of the things with the application though on the RogersOneNumber site though is there should be a choice radio button to the left of the messages/email/text etc. and a select all button so we can delete multiple messages all at once as apposed to seperately. Finding it takes forever to delete all my messages. I’m really not one to keep a hold of my messages ever. But I do find this as a great back up however to accidentally deleting important messages from your actual handset device.

    In the My settings area, it’d also be nice to setup rules to apply to the webphone. Perhaps I’d like to have just my webphone ring during my daytime hours so I can keep my weekday minutes strictly for my handset while I’m truly mobile. This would be a great addition to the option of having either one or both ringing at the same time.

    Now if only I can get Rogers Internet in my area now and kick Cogeco out and also come out with competitive pricing to better themselves against 3rd party ISPs then I could possibly become an internet customer as well. But for now, I’m stuck with Bell for my internet.

    Great job on the RogersOneNumber!!!

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Randy,

      Thank you very much for this extensive feedback. I’m glad to hear that you like it.
      I’m sharing your comments!

  24. Peter Hope-Tindall

    Hi RogersNicolas,

    as Noah pointed out – the error isn’t a case of an unsupported email address domain for retrieval (you only support retrieval from gmail and yahoo, etc.).

    Rather – you have inappropriate edits on the email address fiels.

    Your developers (incorrectly) coded the web site as not allowing a hyphen in the email address fields.

    This is a perfectly legal character (in fact my Rogers My Account uses a hyphenated email!).

    I called this in on February 7th. After first telling me to make sure I rebooted my computer ;-), the tech tested her account and noted the same restriction/error.

    They told me that a ticket has been opened; hopefully this is true and someone is correcting this error.


    This field has an improper edit

    1. RogersNicolas

      @Ryan & @Peter: I’ll make sure to share that the information is shared on my end. Thanks to both of you for flagging!

      Did you get a chance to test Rogers One Number using a different address?

  25. Peter Hope-Tindall


    tested and working now. I’m a prior bell Primeline and single number reach user as well as Google voice.

    looks like a great product.

    the fact that it disabled on phone forwarding caught me by surprise.

    thanks for introducing this.

  26. Matt G

    I downloaded, installed and registered the program (running Windows) but then nothing happened. It was supposed to open a new window in my browser I guess? I go into my programs list and click on the Rogers One Number application and nothing happens.
    Did I do something wrong? Or, how long does it take to install/load?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Matt,

      Have you tried with a different browser?
      Let me know if you managed to sign up.

  27. Sachit

    Tried to register for this; website wouldn’t allow it, giving me a laundry list of problems that may be the reason.

    I called in and was eventually informed that the service is not available in Manitoba.

    I guess when you say available to everyone you mean everyone except Manitoba?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Sachit,
      It’s being rolled out in Manitoba and should be available soon.
      Sorry to keep you waiting!

  28. Matt Trafford

    Hey there:

    I just registered for One Number and I couldn’t sign into the service because my phone bill hasn’t been paid yet. I get paid tomorrow so hopefully after paying off my bill it work. I guess my message to other people is to make sure your bill is paid before registering for this service. I can’t wait to get it up and running!

    1. George

      My message to people is pay your bill either way.

  29. Justen

    Looks like it won’t allow me to register since I am self-employed and have my account registered under my company. Really unfortunate to exclude some of your best customers from being able to try out a great new feature.

  30. Eric

    Big fail on your tech support side. It works when I tether my phone to my computer, but not when I connect my computer to my home network. I call Rogers One Number support and they can’t even tell me which firewall or router port settings to configure. They tell me to call Rogers Live Chat support, and they tell me they don’t support routers or firewalls.

    If you are going to block Google Voice, at least give us a product that works.

  31. Ozgur

    This is a pretty good idea and we are happy that it is available for free but there is a major flaw at the moment, the Android app is not compatible with Rogers’ flagship Android phone, the Google Nexus. When can we get an update to the app so it supports Ice Cream Sandwich?


  32. Niels


    I keep getting error EA400 since the day that I signed up. Any ideas what the issues could be?


  33. Matt

    Hey there:

    I was just have a quick question. If we are using the Rogers One Number from our computer (ie: video calling and texting, etc) will that use up your data allowance for the month? I don’t want my data getting used up because i am using this service from my computer. Thank you very much.

    – Matt

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Matt, a one-hour voice call will use at most 45mb, so it’s highly unlikely that Rogers One Number will use a significant portion of your data allowance.

  34. Mike

    I can’t get the desktop app working. I’m on Win7 64-bit. The app launches, but after logging in (it does update to ‘logged in’), it just hangs. Haven’t been able to find any info anywhere. Tech support eventually suggested disabiling my firewall and plugging directly in to the modem to see if it was firewall/router problems, which it isn’t.

    Someone out there must have experienced this. Any help?

  35. Hammy

    Doesn’t sound too great from the comments, but I can’t test it on any of our five lines because we live in off market Manitoba.

    1. George

      It’s now up and running in MB

  36. Will

    registration not working :-(

  37. Kevin

    Hi Rogers Helps people/Nicolas,

    Is this service why Google Voice isn’t happening in Canada? You guys were holding out for RON and not allowing a very similar competing service? Seeing as I can’t get Voice here, and I can’t use RON because I have a Galaxy Nexus, what am I supposed to do? I’m tired of getting the shaft like this.


    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Kevin,

      I’m afraid that’s a question that you’d have to ask to Google.
      We’re currently investigating the issue regarding the Galaxy Nexus. Sorry to keep you waiting!

  38. Chance

    I was just wondering how this works with a family plan. I registered for one number but you can’t create a separate username/password from our shared Rogers account. So I would have to choose whether to change my family’s password to something only I know, or allow everyone on my plan access to all of my conversations. Also, how would you register two phone numbers from the same plan/account

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Chance,

      Each account or each CTN (Customer Telephone Number) may have its own Rogers One Number Account. In your case, that means that each member of your family plan can log in with their own username and password.

      However, you can’t you integrate more than one account together, i.e. a parent and child with two phones.

  39. Jonathan Zita

    I can’t seem to register for this service. When I reach the final stage of registration (after verifying my 911 address), I click the button that says “Complete Registration.” After I do so, I get an error message at the top of my screen saying, “We apologize but a problem was encountered when we tried to register you with Rogers One Number. Please contact 1-877-856-9554.”

    I called the number listed (MULTIPLE times, lost count after the 6th call), but nothing seems to work. They tried:
    > Removing my Wifi calling option
    >Modifying my 911 address
    >Correcting a “conflicting code” with my account

    I’ve been trying to register for this service since it was launched last week. My patience is growing thin because I’ve been told I would be contacted with 72 hours with a solution, but 122 hours later no call. Any solution/follow up would be helpful. I’m sure I’m not the only one stuck in this situation.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Jonathan,

      Sorry to hear about that. We offer customer support on Twitter @RogersHelps and Facebook.
      Feel free to contact us and we’ll look into this.

  40. Krishna

    First thing, I say… Wow, lucky for you B*hearing people!!
    Oh Great!! What about Deaf people??? It’s similar to Video Relay Service (VRS) that running in America. Deaf US citizens have real phone number to call hearing through operator/interpreter or deaf people on video screen on TV or mobile. Look at this Convo, deaf’s own business! ( Not only one, there are over 20 VRS companies since 2000! Deaf Canadians already fed up with Canada and there was protest last month. This is 2012, not old fashion machine – TTY (Teletyper) since 1980’s! Deaf’s first language is American Sign Language as more expression than English language as limit expression.

    Please develop one for deaf service to use this DAMN Rogers’ One Number!
    You will get profit from that! Come on!! You will be rich than Bell and Telus!

    Need more explain? Ask me. Thanks

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Krishna,

      Thanks for reaching out and sharing your feedback. At this time the feature is not available, but our services are always open to evolve.
      And if/when it does, that’s definitely something that we’ll take into consideration.

  41. Iris

    Does IPad 2 support One number? Can someone enlighten me on this?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Iris,

      At this time the feature is not available. We can’t comment on future plans, but as soon as we have something to announce, we’ll communicate it at that time.

  42. Stacy

    This is a service I’ve been utilizing since it was announced; two flaws I have noticed include not receiving text messages in the browser window. The popup on my mac will tell me that I received the message and then I go to reply and there is nothing there. It is hit and miss.

    The other, more serious issue is the fact that I have been receiving messages from my contacts that were sent to someone else on THEIR contact list. People I don’t know. Just out of the blue. These messages were not sent to me. This has happened 3 times from 3 different people and could be sensitive information. Has anyone else come across this?

    Other than that, I think its great and can’t wait to see what more updated versions of this will bring!

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Stacy,

      Thanks for this detailed feedback. That’s definitely something that we like to hear.
      There seemed to be a bug but it was fixed.

      Let us know if you have any more comments to share on Rogers One Number!

  43. Andrew Malcolmson

    Here’s another vote for a Linux and/or a browser-based client.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Thanks for the feedback, Andrew.

  44. Dave

    I have an iphone4 and live in Manitoba so this should be available shortly. My current landline permits 24/7 calls to Canada and the USA. i would not want to lose the calling to the USA. Will Rogers have any provision for this? Does this include use of your mobile device in the USA without additional charges ie roaming when c alling Canadian numbers?
    Also, will rogers one number be useable from bb playbook or ipad?

  45. Andrew

    Why are student plans w/ UMA not eligible for onenumber? Is it a technical limitation?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Andrew,

      Rogers One Number is open to postpaid customers, including Student Plans. I’ll advise you to contact Customer Care with the error # you are getting so that we can investigate. Our Social Media Customer Support team is available on Twitter @RogersHelps.

      Also, here’s a list of compatible devices & OS:

  46. Mike

    I need some help. I’ve been able to get RON working properly on one machine (Vista). But, on my Win7 64-bit machine, the desktop app hangs after logging in. (It gets to the point of showing “Logged In” then hangs.) The anti-virus/firewall software is identical, and both machines are going through the same router. So, presumably, it’s a Win7 security issue that’s causing the problem.

    Any ideas?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Mike, Rogers One Number has support team who can help. Find the many ways of contacting them here:

      1. Mike

        Chris – I’ve spoken to tech support half a dozen times, and they claim they can’t do anything more to help me. Someone out there must have run in to the same issue as I and figured out a solution.

  47. George LaBine

    rogers one number application does not work on my home computer.
    Txt and mail work but not the web phone I talked to a Rogers technician but he could not help me. The concept is good but unfortunately it didn’t work for me

  48. just signed up. It’s great. Good tip on *11 in the video. I have a question: if I’m in the USA and I use my computer to call do I pay as if I was using my mobile phone? What are the charges?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Ivan,

      Thanks for the great feedback!

      To answer your question, let’s say you travel to the US and you make a call using your computer to a Canadian number back home. That call is considered part of the Rogers One Number service and therefore is considered free. Alternatively, if you chose to make a local call while in the US, that call will be charged as a long distance internet call and therefore will be billed at the internet long distance rates.

      I hope this clarifies!

  49. why are incoming text messages charged, if so how much?

  50. Lily

    I just registered successfully and downloaded Rogers One software to my MAC (running lion OS) and the application won’t open. Has anyone else had this problem?

    1. Victor

      No issues on my Lion install!

  51. Garyth Evans

    Can you clarify why i cannot register, I live in Calgary which is the most connected city in Canada for wireless devices/internet etc…. I get the error message all the time

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Garyth,

      You’d have to contact Customer Care. You can reach out to them on Twitter @RogersHelps, Facebook or traditional ways.
      They’ll help you with that situation.

  52. Sass

    I’ve tried several times to get the 2 programs on my iphone 4, but each time it tells me I must disable wife and restart safari. Well I’ve done that several times, and hard rebooted and shut off phone as well, so I don’t know how to convince it that the wifi is off ..grrr

    I have had nothing but trouble for days trying to set this up. I have web software running and seem to be able to call out, but received a voicemail box, so hard to tell what the quality would have been.

    I also heard that this service would take up some of my data? Which data, and when and why and how much of it would it be using? Also heard someone talking about being charged for texting??

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Sass, have you checked the microsite’s “Help” page to troubleshoot?

  53. I’m very disappointed in Rogers with this Rogers One Number feature. It’s not working and has so many problems. I spent two days trying to get it running and download the applications until I eventually gave up. I couldn’t download the second application – Rogers One Number Settings. I phoned the customer service department and spoke to the technical department, but it was to no avail. As a Rogers customer, I send out a good word for the services that they provide, but alas, this time I won’t be spreading any good news because I’m really DISAPPOINTED!!! This is my first time posting a comment on anything that involves goods or services rendered by companies/organizations, which should explain my level of disappointment.

  54. david

    this thing is garbage… i dont qualify to register?
    if youre gonna make it open to the public, atleast make it work…
    w.e im used to roger’s garbage service

  55. Abdullah

    OMG this is amazing i have been using it for the past two weeks. it is just so simple and useful. i will never go over ma minutes again lol.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Glad to hear that you like it, Abdullah. Thanks for the feedback!