Get ready…. Rogers expands LTE lineup with the Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Note from Rogers

Shield your eyes…. The bright, crisp, huge 5.3-inch HD Super AMOLED touchscreen display on the Samsung Galaxy Note will be here soon. It’s coming to Rogers in February. The Galaxy Note is packed with features, an all-in-one LTE tablet and smartphone hybrid. Running on Android OS 2.3, the Note is made of tough Gorilla Glass, has an “S Pen” stylus pen to take notes, and a 1.5GHz dual-core processor. With the eight megapixel camera you can record 1080p HD videos, and since it runs on the LTE network you can upload your videos to YouTube in seconds.

The Samsung Galaxy Note joins Canada’s first LTE smartphones like the exclusive HTC Jetstream LTE tablet, the first LTE tablet in Canada, the Rogers LTE Rocket stick (Sierra Wireless AirCard 313U) and the LTE Rocket mobile hotspot (Sierra Wireless AirCard 754S). This device allows you to create a mobile hotspot for up to 5 Wi-Fi devices.

Rogers was the first wireless carrier in Canada to launch an LTE network. This year, we will expand our LTE network to more than 25 additional cities in Canada to cover more than 50 per cent of the population. The Rogers LTE network offers mobile speeds similar to broadband connections and delivers unparalleled connectivity and increased usage capacity to provide an unrivalled mobile experience. Rogers LTE network is now live in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and many surrounding communities.

Customers can reserve the Samsung Galaxy Note by using the Rogers Reservation System and searching under “Special Orders.” You can find more information about Rogers LTE at

What feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note are you most excited about?

UPDATE (February 14, 2012, 12:26 p.m): Happy Valentine’s Day! The Samsung Galaxy Note is now officially available from Rogers. For more information, go here.

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87 comments on “Get ready…. Rogers expands LTE lineup with the Samsung Galaxy Note

  1. AK

    Thank you Rogers for bringing the Note to the line up.

  2. John

    Fantastic News!! I have been waiting for this news for months, now. Good going, Rogers!! This is the best smartphone on the market bare none and with LTE, OMG!!. I just renewed 5 months ago with a HTC EVO 3D which I love but I’m switching over to the Note as soon as I can regardless of cost. Please make the Ice Cream Sandwich update available as soon as possible, it will make the Note even better. Thanks again, Rogers, you’ve come through with flying colours.

  3. John

    P.S. Apologies, that should be bar none, not bare none. I’m so excited, I can’t see straight. Samsung Galaxy Note + Rogers LTE = OMG!! Internet Nirvana.

  4. Cody

    This is great news. I have been waiting for this announcement for a little while now,

    One question, are you able to confirm which processor it will be coming with. Is it the Exynos or the Snapdragon?

    1. John

      Hi, Cody:
      From what I’ve read so far, the processor is going to be a Snapdragon because it’s the only one that works with LTE system. It will be a little slower than the Exynos processor but not that you will really notice any performance degradation. The numbers indicate that it’s a bit slower but I think people splitting hairs and complaining about nothing. Both processors are really fast and made by reputable companies. Enjoy your Note.

  5. Andrew

    Awesome! When can we expect to see demos of this phone/tab in stores? Seeing if it is able to fit in my palm is the tipping factor for me.

  6. its a great device, I tested it at a Best Buy location during the Christmas Holidays and it is a beautiful device but a little large for the everyday consumer. I can see it more as a Business Enterprise device that will fit in a suit/bazer. briefcase

  7. Dava Bergeron

    Seriously, what’s the point? as long as the caps are in place and I can’t use tethering freely why would anyone bother getting a connection like that on their phone? How many minutes of HD video can I stream with 6GB? (even worse if you try to video conference…) what’s the use of a service like dropbox? or any music streaming service (when added to everything else one is expected to do on a modern internet connection….)

  8. George

    Tried to reserve the Samsung Galaxy Note on line …. the reservation system lists the “Note” as a special device but stalls at the end when you try to reserve and agree to the terms and conditions. Rogers personel are unable to assist – some of the customer service staff aren’t aware of the product.


    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi George,

      That’s odd. We already received reservations for this device.
      Have you tried using another browser or cleaning your cache and cookies?

      1. George

        Yes I did ….. furthermore I tried it from a few different computers. Certainly your website was designed to work with IE9?

        Can you suggest someone from customer service to call? The four calls I have made so far have not been of any help … in fact they had no idea of the device and/or its availability


  9. Nick Wernham

    This looks like a fantastic device, but after using Ice Cream Sandwich I don’t think I can go back to a previous version of Android. I’d definitely consider upgrading when the official update is released for the Note if a new, better ICS phone’s release isn’t imminent.

  10. rogersGalaxy

    hi i am excited about this phone but mostly lte version are ugly and black only. If you bring in white you will get thousand more customers lineing up to get white note.

    1. Michael

      I agree, WHITE on this phone looks amazing!! Saw some dude taking pics with the international version of it today, very nice.

  11. It seems odd that for the Canadian launch android 2.3 is being used rather than Android 4.0. Does anyone know if and when the Note will get upgraded to 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich? I don’t want to buy a brand new device with an out of date OS.

  12. AK

    Initially Samsung had said the ICS update should be ready Q1 2012 –

    According to TechCrunch the role out is now March –

    When Rogers will role it out is a different story :)

    1. Tim

      I totally agree with that comment….this is what scares me the most. Rogers is hardly cutting edge when it comes to firmware updates

  13. Fresh

    So it will only be available in black? No white version?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Fresh, all the remaining details will be shared closer to launch.

      1. perry

        so do you have white or not?

      2. RogersNicolas

        Hi Perry,

        We’re not currently carrying this model.

  14. SAM




    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Sam, unfortunately we cannot confirm any date until it is made official on our end.

  15. Fresh

    Thank you for your response Nicholas. Looking forward to the launch. Could not sleep last night. Finally getting rid of this Apple syndrome I’ve had for last 4 years.

  16. Fresh

    I think the pricing on Best Buy website is a bit pre mature. A little competition never hurts.

  17. Fresh

    Nicholas stays quiet about pricing. He’s told to.

    1. RogersNicolas

      It’s our policy: we don’t comment the details of a release, such as pricing, before it launches.

  18. Fresh

    I’m only messing with you. But I suspect Rogers will be competitive in regards to pricing with the other major carriers?

    1. RogersNicolas

      We don’t comment competition but that’s a fair assumption as we’re always trying to offer the best devices at the best rates.

  19. Sabinah

    I just called Rogers to ask how I can reserve the Note and the rep had no information on the device so she could not reserve it for me. She said they have not even been informed that they will be carrying the device. She had never even heard of it. I tried looking for the ‘device reservation’ button on my online account but couldn’t find it. Please help!

    1. George

      I had the same problem …. what I found out after several calls and e-mail messages: You can’t reserve a unit unless you are eligible. Which means customers like me who high volume users that wish to pay full pop for a device are penalized. ….Good Luck!

  20. derek

    i cant seem to find this reservation system. i have logged in and have been searching and cannot find any links toward this. exact direction would be greatly appreciated. i also asked a customer service rep on the phone today about it and he had no information nor was aware of its availability. thanks

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Derek,

      Here’s the path:
      1. Log in to
      2. Select the wireless number you wish to make your reservation with and then select Device Reservation.

  21. Sabinah

    Thanks Nicolas for the instructions! I was able to reserve the device. It’s strange that both Derek and I called into to Rogers and the reps had no info on the device at all.

  22. I was about to get the Galaxy S II LTE, but then I found info on the Note. Amazing device! I reserved it, position 29.

  23. Fresh

    So if you are able to reserve this phone, your able to get it?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Fresh,
      A reservation will “secure” a device for you as soon and it’ll be shipped as soon as it is available.
      This previous article will tell you all you have to know about the reservation system:

      And if you still have any questions, you know where to find us :)

  24. Fresh

    Does it mean I am guaranteed a device on the 14th

    1. RogersNicolas

      If you have a device reserved, it’ll be shipped when it becomes available. In the meantime, if you manage to get a hold of a device in a store, you are also able to cancel your reservation.

  25. Andy

    Ooooh baby. I’ve been waiting for this announcement. Thank you. I cannot wait.

  26. Fresh

    If it goes for 299$ on 3yrs. Forget it, I’ll be switching to another carrier. So I hope Rogers surprises me and shows it can compete with the other two.

    1. Eluder

      Old pricing, it’s already been confirmed that it’s $199 on Rogers as well.
      Plus Rogers has the lowest no term pricing than the other carriers.

  27. Mercedez

    Any idea when the release date will be for the Notes at Rogers? February 14th was noted on the Futureshop site. Just wondering.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Mercedez,

      We don’t comment on releases before they officially launch but I can definitely tell you that it will be coming soon! Stay tuned!

    2. random72

      It’s tomorrow, the 14th.

      Apparently Rogers didn’t know Samsung told the whole world what the date would be in their Super Bowl ad.

      Best Buy and Future Shop have had the date prominently displayed on their website since the beginning of last week. Rogers’ competitors have also ackowledged the phone’s pending arrival (although without specific dates).

      Only Rogers treats its release like a state secret, which is why you won’t find anything- zip, zero, nada- about this phone on their website, even though it’s being released tomorrow.

      Bottom line, ignore the ‘no comment’ stuff you see here. The phone will be in stores tomorrow.

  28. Fresh

    Just picked mine up, wow!

  29. Nathan Poole

    Is it true this phone will only have 512mb of ram? Kinda strange…why would it be at such a premium price?

    1. Rogers_Kelly

      Hi Nathan,

      Not sure where that came from – the Note’s user memory holds 16 GB and is expandable up to 32 GB. Specs can be found on Samsung Canada’s site here: Samsung Galaxy Note

      1. Nathan Poole

        Sorry Kelly,

        I meant to say 512mb of ram, not storage. Can you confirm how much ram this phone ships with? Doesn’t seem to say on their site.


      2. AFK

        I believe OP’s question was about RAM, not storage.

  30. Cody

    What a joke. Launch day for a flagship product a NOBODY has any. I live in the greater Vancouver area and called every single rogers plus store. Only ONE of them was given any for launch day, a total of 5, which were obviously sold out within minutes. And NONE of the smaller authorized re sellers have any, and even told me they usually have to wait a week.

    I have been a long time Rogers customer, but business practices like this, as well as an online reservation system that does not tell you how much the device you are registering will cost, is a massive deterrent from staying with them.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Cody,

      Thanks for the feedback. I understand where you come from.

      With our reservation system, you can choose to place an order to secure a device that you really want. But if at any point, you have second thoughts and decide to cancel it, you’ll get a full refund.

      For many reasons, that I’m sure you’ll understand, some details such as pricing can’t be shared before launch.

      1. Cody

        Thank you for the reply. But you really only addressed one of my concerns. I live in one of the larger city’s in Canada, and cannot find any stores that have received any as pre-orders, let alone for direct purchase, within 100 KM’s

      2. RogersNicolas

        Unfortunately Cody, we don’t have visibility on stores’ inventories. They will certainly receive more stocks soon.

      3. Mike

        Nobody seems to have any stock. Period!! Not because they sold out, but because they didn’t receive any!! What’s up with that?? Today was supposed to be launch day but not a single phone in sight!!

    2. Moby

      I am 100% in agreement with you on this!
      It’s now February 16th and I’ve got the first reservation spot with both Rogers and TELUS (as a backup) and have checked with all the major local outlets and not one device to be found – from either carrier.
      Even Futureshop and Best Buy won’t show store availability.
      If you are going to announce the availability at least you could try to reasonably adhere to the date.

  31. Andy

    Bells site lists the Note as having 512MB of RAM. I’m assuming this is an error, as it should have 1gb of RAM (unless the Canadian version differs from the international).

    Can you confirm?


  32. Fresh

    Got mine on Monday and loving it.Thanks Rogers,you came through for me.

  33. sabinah

    Got mine yesterday – love it! Mind you I wasn’t very happy that the tracking showed it arrived at my Rogers location on Monday – I went to pick it up and UPS dropped off the wrong box. My phone ended up going to Arizona so I had to wait an extra day for them to get it back.

  34. Mercedez

    I was number 66 on the reservation list with Rogers and my phone arrived on Monday and I picked it up on Tuesday. There’s no way you could have been number one and not received the phone yet. The Rogers Plus in my area is doing an amazing job!

    1. Moby

      And your area is??

  35. Fresh

    I was 23 in line. Phone arrived at 2:30 ish, was in my hand by 4:15. That was Monday the 13th

    1. Moby

      Exactly…and I was responding to the thread that there are no phones then and still no phones in Vancouver…period.
      What a pile of………