Samsung Galaxy S II LTE smartphone to ship as early as next week

First LTE smartphone shipped in Canada

Rogers customer, Brian Javier, right, activates Canada’s 1st LTE smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE, at Rogers Plus location in Toronto.

At Rogers we pride ourselves on bringing you the newest technologies first.

We were the first carrier in Canada to launch an LTE network. We’ve quickly expanded that network to become the first carrier to offer LTE in four of Canada’s largest cities. And we were the first Canadian carrier to sell an LTE stick and LTE tablet.

It’s this commitment to being first that has allowed us to secure a very limited number of Samsung Galaxy S II LTE smartphones that we’re shipping to a handful of customers on the Rogers Reservations System today.

While we wish we could get this device to everyone who has reserved the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE on the reservations system today, we’re thrilled to be able to deliver on our first-to-market commitment by shipping Canada’s first LTE smartphones.

We’re also excited to confirm that we’ll continue to fulfill orders for the device as early as next week and expect to have enough devices for everyone in the reservations system.

UPDATE (November 3, 2011, 4:26 p.m): We are pleased to confirm that the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE devices have arrived and we will begin shipping tomorrow to all customers on the Rogers Reservation System. Please note, as we are trying to get the devices to customers as quickly as possible, delivery status on the Rogers Reservation System will say “in progress” today and remain that way until Monday. The majority of devices will arrive next Monday with the potential for some to arrive as early as Saturday.

Keith is Vice President of Social Media at Rogers

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Samsung Galaxy S II LTE smartphone to ship as early as next week, 2.9 out of 5 based on 47 ratings
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  1. Does “Limited supply” mean over 170????? :D

    • We never release the specific number of devices shipped.

      But we wanted to manage customer expectations and chose words carefully in the post when we said we shipped a “very limited” number of devices to a “handful” of customers.

  2. “We’re also excited to confirm that we’ll continue to fulfill orders for the device as early as next week and expect to have enough devices for everyone in the reservations system.”


    Does that mean that you are already out of devices for the rest of this week? I saw my place in line drop by about 10, so your limited number of devices was 10 for this entire week?

    Why do I have a feeling that Bell is about to announce their first LTE phone and Rogers rushed out 10 phones so they could ‘be first’…..

  3. ANY idea of when the S2LTE will be available for those who do not have a device reserved? Sometime in the next couple of weeks at least?

    • We expect devices to be in store and available on as early as next week.

      • Great news! I having been saving my hardware upgrade for this phone for quite some time now. Thanks for the quick response!

      • rogersKEITH, does that mean that those that have reserved the phone will get it before those that just walk in to a store?

        • Great question! I have the same one for you rgersKEITH.

        • Generally it should be around the same time, but may depend on shipping dates to different parts of the country.

          • NOT AGAIN?! Isn’t this what happened with the iPhone 4S situation, where many customers who reserved their iPhone 4S devices early didn’t actually get it any sooner than people who just walked in to the store on release day?

            It was aggravated by two factors:
            1) Some people who had early positions in the queue didn’t even have their phone arrive at their requested location by launch day! (either due to Rogers’ failure to start the shipment in time or delays during the shipping process)

            2) There appeared to be MANY more phones allocated to the regular stock compared to the Rogers Reservation system. I say “appeared”, because as RogersKeith mentioned, we are never told how many phones were actually allocated to the Reservation System. It’s simply unknown (to us, the consumer).

            So, RogersKeith, can you please do what you can to try and prevent #1 and #2 from happening again, so that we don’t face another iPhone 4S reservation system backlash? (It may be too late already, or you may be limited in your power, but any effort [or customer appeasement on this board, lol] is appreciated)

            Oh yes, and a third aggravating factor was reports that for people who used the Reservation system, if they walked in to the store and managed find a phone on launch day, they weren’t able to buy it because their Reserved phone had moved to “in progress” or something like that and couldn’t be canceled by the store (they had to go online to cancel it before they could buy that phone in store?).

      • Why is there no mention of this recent news in the official Rogers website ?

        • You can find a press release with some of this information on the investor relations section of the Rogers site. But the device itself won’t show up for order until as early as next week.

      • “As early as next week” seems to be the catch-phrase here…. You guys did not like the sounds of “Maybe next week; Not sooner” ?

      • Hi Keith,
        Any chance I’ll be able to pick one of these up this weekend wif I head to the city on Saturday? I live out of town and don’t want to waste a trip in if it won’t be worth my while.

  4. Congrats to the top 11 people on the list!

  5. Scratch this and give us the Galaxy Nexus! For me its more than just data speeds – along with a limiting and more expensive LTE data plan – its about functionality and performance of daily use. This is a great phone but I’m sure MANY customers are awaiting the Galaxy Nexus!

    • While I semi-agree, I’m tired of waiting for the ‘next big phone’. I’ve been waiting for the S2 since April and watched this go to Bell while holding out hope that Rogers would get the S2 soon. Here we are closing in on November and the S2 is an awesome phone that will soon be upgraded to ice cream sandwich anyway.

  6. I find it stunning that there’s so much room for self-congratulation even though one of the most anticipated devices in company history is going to be rationed off to the lucky few while everyone else will be left out in the cold.

    I’m sorry, but where is the good news here? Rationing is a good outcome, is it?

    I was thinking of upgrading early, but I might as well forget all about it until sometime in 2012 because, once again, Rogers can’t get reliable supply from the manufacturer.

    I said on these boards a while back that this whole LTE business should have been delayed until 2012 when a more coordinated, unified rollout could be worked out, instead of the piecemeal, no-device, we’ve-got-nothing-to-share nonsense we’ve had to put up with.

    I know, a network with compatible devices being rolled out together must sound like crazy talk. Other carriers in other countries seem to be able to do it, but…whatever, it doesn’t matter. These comments are probably going to get zapped by the censors anyway, just like a bunch of my other posts.

    This is good news…but it’s not unqualified good news, it’s the sort of glass half-empty outcome that occurs far too often with this outfit.

    What annoys me so much is no one seems willing or able to take responsibility for these messes- it’s always on someone else, like the manufacturers and Rogers is just some weak patsy. No, ‘hey we’re sorry this rollout is a complete disaster, but we’re working hard to remedy it, and make our customers happy because we value your business.’

    Nope- this is a strictly apology-free zone. Rogers is never to blame. Ever.

    I’m done with this LTE upgrading-at-the-speed-of-a-glacier nonsense.

    I’m keeping my current phone until 2015. Maybe by then LTE devices will be available without the aid of a lottery system.

    • i couldn’t agree more with you. I’ve been waiting for this phone all summer and all the delays and lack of information has really put me off LTE and Rogers in general. I’m considering switching of to Telus

    • Samsung probably sent them a bunch of devices and the delay is probably Rogers slapping their brand all over it and adding their bloatware. Bell doesn’t mod as much so they’re faster to release devices.

      • Hey rdmurphy – As I noted in the post, all we’ve received to date is a very limited supply of the phones, which we’re getting to those customers at the top of our list.

  7. I think the Nexus and the GS2 are very similar. Yes there are a few differences, and I think the reason for this is that the Nexus is going to be the Consumer Version, and the GS2 will be the Geek Version.

    The Nexus lack of the SD card memory, the lower resolution for the Camera, the new /better OS. All ways to make it simpler, and more consumer friendly.

    • TheyCallMeDoug says: October 27th, 2011 a 1:15pm

      Buck, I don’t agree.

      The Nexus phones have always been Google’s flagship phones, making them the pinnacle of geek-phone desire. Similarly: Latest OS version? You don’t get more geek-happiness than with that. Also, Google rolls out the latest-and-greatest OS versions directly to the Nexus phones, keeping them on top for YEARS. Samsung’s record on keeping their non-Nexus phones updated isn’t stellar. (ref:

      The lack of SD card disturbs me too, but the speculated reason for this is that people put the cheapest cards they can find into the phone, which slows it down to a crawl. (Fast SD cards are usually worth the premium!) Compare against internal memory which will be FAST. As long as it’s the 32GB version, I’ll be happy. The 16GB version would be distressing.

      The camera: 8MB vs. 5MB. I’m a big camera guy, and I’m just fine with a 5MB sensor. The speed is WAY more important to me than the pixels. 8MB just gives you bigger image files from a tiny sensor with a tiny lens. Better to have more light hitting less pixels giving you a more light-sensitive camera. (meaning: faster, and better in low-light)

      I dropped off the SGSII waiting list last week (*), and am REALLY looking forward to news on the Galaxy Nexus.

      (*) You’re welcome. ;-)

      • If it was a true “geek” phone, the specs should be maxed out. Galaxy S2 just wins hands down in sheer power comparison and the design itself is hotter too. S2 will eventually get the ICS update as well and you can always rely on XDA if you desperately need ICS.

        Galaxy Nexus is NOT a flagship phone. It is a REFERENCE phone. Its purpose is not to be the best phone out there, but it’s to allow a user to enjoy the phone knowing there won’t be any feature he/she will be missing. You won’t have any problem related to TouchWiz or Sense UI, and you will always have NFC to use with Google Wallet. This isn’t really about customization, but it’s really for simplicity and ease of use. That’s not what “geeks” want.

        Google itself doesn’t have a “flagship” phone. Samsung has theirs, HTC has theirs and Motorola has theirs, but Google doesn’t. Their job is to create more OS and help sales of its partners.

  8. yeah, i have been waiting to get galaxy s2 from rogers for long time (Galaxy s 4g infuse is just outdated device compared to galaxy s2). Galaxy s2 came out in korea since april and it has been more than half an year for rogers to launch galaxy s2, and finally they are releasing galaxy s2 LTE. The problem is people like me living in area(ex:london) where LTE coverage is not provided. Does that mean if i want to get galaxy s2, i have to pay for LTE plan and not getting proper service?

    • Customers with LTE devices can choose between LTE plans or other in-market plans. However, if you’re on a non-LTE plan and travel to an area with LTE, your phone won’t be configured to take advantage of these faster speeds and lower latency.

      • Hi RogersKeith,

        I’m number 2 on the reservation list so my status changed to IN PROGRESS. I called today to figure out a non-LTE plan for my phone and was told that I must get an LTE plan. Thoughts?

        • Hi Tim – I’ll get someone to follow up with you.

          • I just talked to a CSR and they said you need to get the LTE plan to get the phone. I wish that wasn’t true. I’ve been saving my hardware upgrade for quite a while and don’t want to waste it on old tech like the Infuse. Might have to go to Bell and get the 4G SII to still get an SII and avoid the huge LTE plan pricing.

          • Kyle, you don’t need an LTE plan to get this phone. Whoever you spoke to made a mistake and I’m going to make sure I let the right people know that some CSRs may be giving customers such as yourself incorrect info. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  9. wow about time…….was about to make move. the only thing keeping is phones otherwise way better competitors out there for 50% less bill :)

  10. Well in a not surprising, but still disappointing fashion, I called my preferred Rogers store location and they didn’t even know “if” the S2 LTE was in the reservation system. Following up strongly, they said they had absolutely no news on it at all. Of course, they also couldn’t have a clue as to when it might be at their store and said so in a tone that seemingly made it sound like never.

    As a student of leadership and management, I have to say “Rogers *Communication*” feels more and more like a misnomer.

  11. I’ll switch to Rogers, if you get me one noooooooow, winterpeg!

  12. So, two questions:

    Any indication of when LTE is going to hit Calgary?

    I’ve currently got a Nexus One that I can tether, either through USB or Wifi. I know some carriers in the US make customers pay more for tethering… will I be able to tether a Rogers-Branded GSII LTE without paying more or somehow unlocking/rooting it?


    PS You might want to tell your customer service reps about this. I was on the phone with one earlier today and asked about the GSII, and he had no idea when it was coming out. :)

  13. When I first put in my reservation for the S2 I was number 45. Last week I was 35, as of yesterday I was 32 today I’m 24.

    While I understand that Rogers wants to “manage customer expectations and chose words carefully” you need to work on your communication skills and let people know the reality. I haven’t received notification of shipment.. so you have received less than 32? I’ve only waited on the reservation list for almost 2 months.

    Bad rogers… bad bad bad.

    Come clean in the future and start sharing information. If it’s delayed it’s delayed. Just stop stringing your customers along

    • Thanks for feedback CWiggum. The device isn’t delayed – as headline states, the device will start shipping as early as next week.

      The supply we received was very limited, but we thought it was better to send to a handful of customers rather than none at all.

      • And that would be fair, except for the fact that the way you phrase things leads people to believe there is some immediate hope. From reading the communityforums it sounds as though there are perhaps 10 in stock. Add that to the literal interpretation of “ship as EARLY as next week” meaning that it might be later… you don’t actually know. It makes it sound as if you have more than 10 in stock! This is how your current customers get frustrated… and this is how your current customers become someone elses customers.

        Only a few in stock and it theoretically MAY ship next week.

        I am NOT disappointed by waiting. I am disappointed by Rogers trying to get the subliminal hope up in customers when there is no real information or any significant number of phones floating around.

        The original posting for LTE coming on the 28th with a PICTURE of the S2. That advertising went of for ages. That certainly appears designed to make people THINK the phone is coming onSept 28th when in fact that was not going to happen. Similarly you are now saying it will ship as EARLY as next week… of course it could ship as LATE as next year.

        Read the message boards. There are many many people besides myself who think your advertising and messaging is misleading.

        I stick to my original comment.

        Bad Rogers… bad bad bad *swats rogers on the nose with a newspaper*

        • That’s because when (and probably will) they screw something up and their customers get angry because it takes 3 weeks to ship, they can use their, “Well technically we said as EARLY as next week….we never promised”

  14. Keith

    Can you confirm the pricing with 3-year contract?

  15. RogersKeith – would you be able to confirm whether the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE from Rogers is NFC enabled? I’ve seen conflicting reports on this and I don’t think this is specified in the product features listed on the Rogers website.


  16. This may only be within the realm of common sense, but did the complainers here consider that Rogers squeezed these first few devices out of Samsung to get the device out to some of those that RESERVED the phone online simply to show that they are TRYING to get this phone on the market?

    Damned if ya do, damned if ya don’t, I guess.

    Hey Rogers, thanks for trying to appease your customers. Here’s a slap on the wrist for your effort to make some customers happy, instead of leaving them all unhappy.

    • Well, look here- a defender of Rogers’ impeccable virtue (!)

      So which one of the Rogers one-names does Branden J. represent? Decided to let off a little steam, did you?

      Regardless, glad to know you’re so impressed with Rogers ‘clout’, which managed to ‘squeeze’ a few dozen phones out of Samsung nearly 3 months after the phone was announced.

      Impressive isn’t it?

      And here I thought Samsung didn’t know what street Rogers was on (to mangle an Al Capone turn of phrase).

      How wrong I was, and you know, with the strength of Rogers’ valued relationship with the Koreans working for us, maybe they’ll be up to 50 or 75 by Christmas- you just never know! Anything’s possible.

      Anyway, returning to the real world- just for a moment, I promise- I would venture to say that the reason for so much frustration with regard to the launch of this phone (and the snail’s pace, piecemeal rollout of LTE), is the company’s insistence on slathering it with hype and then going into radio silence mode for months on end.

      I don’t know who out there exactly is demanding to know about a phone in August that won’t be widely available until November, or are demanding a shiny new network with zero compatible smartphones and tablets at launch, but apparently Rogers believes these people exist.

      Not to say that all these smart people are wrong, but I think the complaining would die down considerably if rollouts for new products/networks/etc. could follow the iPhone 4S – announcement this Friday, shipments to begin next Friday.


      Is there some reason other launches couldn’t become more compact more often?

      Doesn’t that sound better than flogging these boards with 3 months worth of stonewalling?

      I wasn’t demanding to know about the availability of the SG II in August, and I doubt many here were either, and while you can barely contain your admiration for the company’s modest gesture, the rest of us see it as a problem they largely created for themselves.

      Perhaps in the future, they’ll consider telling people about a phone / tablet / whatever they’ll be stocking, 7-10 days afterwards pricing will be made available, along with some pre-ordering information and a rough time frame regarding availability will follow shortly thereafter.

      Telling people this super-awesome-blow-your-mind device will be available sometime in the future, with no additional info for 2-3 months is just going to make people mad, especially when the company’s competitors seem to be able to roll out new products with far less fuss.

      If Rogers’ executives don’t understand why the SG II launch has people riled up, they’re clearly not as smart as they think they are.

      Glad to hear that ‘squeezing’ a handful of phones from Samsung impresses you so much.

      Maybe you’re one of the privileged few to get one…in that case, good for you.

      • If you’re looking for the people asking for ADVANCED notice of device launches, than you haven’t spent much time reading the comments on this site. In the last 6 or so months, every article about a soon-to-be-launched phone provided within a month or less prior to that launch date has received constant complaining about the “last minute notice” by more than enough people to warrant some second thought.

        As far as my apparent uncontrollable admiration for Rogers, you misunderstand what emotion I’m displaying. It’s more like uncontrollable annoyance with ignorance.

        Rogers started posting early info because people wanted that early info (well, that’s what they stated, and there’s no other logical reason to do it really).
        So yeah, you can’t please everyone, but I think it’s ignorant when a change that doesn’t really effect the random fluff (read; You), and yet that random fluff comes on and complains.

    • RogersKeith, can you please comment on Branden’s message. Thanks.

  17. The main bit of info I’m waiting to hear is:

    Is it an Exynos SoC w/ Mali GPU or a Qualcomm Snapdragon s3 w/ an Adreno GPU??? Because, if it’s the latter, it’s just a rebranded Hercules (Telus’ version of the the SGS2 aka SGS2X) which is being rushed out to beat Telus to the punch (which is available to all on the 28th) and not really worth the wait (Samsung SoC > Qualcomm SoC).

    Also: NFC. Yes? No (REALLY!??) ?

    I’ve got my reservation, but if it’s powered by Qualcomm with no NFC, well, how do I go about cancelling my reservation?

  18. Either rogers is holding on to these phones for a while longer so that they can sell more of the soon-to-be outdated phones… Or, they haven’t got supply until now. My guess is the first option. Either way, not a good showing from Rogers.

  19. This is great. I’m hoping to get this phone for my wife. I’m on the list at number 56 but I’m patient. Hope to get that same call that I got for my iPhone 4S. Haters will hate, I’d have to say congrats to Rogers for bringing this sweet phone for us.

  20. Will you be shipping the Samsung Galaxy S2 only to regions that have LTE?
    I am only asking that, because I am hoping it will ship to Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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