Rogers to offer plans for iPad 2

iPad 2The world is abuzz (and that includes us) with the unveiling of the iPad 2 earlier today.  That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that we will be offering plans for the iPad 2 when it comes to Canada.

Last year, we successfully launched the iPad and we were one of the only carriers in the world certified by Apple to offer an innovative, on-device purchase flow which allowed Rogers customers to activate their 3G iPad service themselves.

This year, we will be extending our innovative data sharing plans to include the iPad 2. In a recent RedBoard post we explained how data sharing is an affordable way to share data across multiple devices.  We will also continue to offer the same two data plan options for the iPad 2 – both of which are available without a term contract and include free unlimited access to all Rogers WiFi Hot Spots:

  • 250 MB for $15
  • 5 GB for $35

Taxes are extra but there are no other charges.

We wanted to confirm our plan options with you as soon as possible, but we won’t have any other details until closer to launch. We will share more information as soon as we can.

Do you plan on getting an iPad 2?

Duane MacDonald is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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  1. Your pricing is a bit crappy if I may say. 250MB for $15 then a big jump to 5GB for $35

    It’d be awesome if there was a 2GB plan for $20-$25.

    Not to mention the $35 plan has 1GB = $7 but the $15 plan has 1GB = $60. WTF?

  2. Nope. Gimme the Xoom already!

    Selling my iPad 1 now to get my hands on some honeycomb goodness. iPad 2 is a pretty big letdown IMO. Lagging behind the competition.

  3. Aaron Lawrence says: March 2nd, 2011 a 3:01pm

    During the keynote, they talked about a new feature called mobile hotspot in iOS 4.3 for the iPhone 4. Will this feature be available on the Rogers network? Will there be additional cost to use this feature with Rogers?

  4. I don’t understand why you can offer a 5gb plan for $35 for iPad but if I want it for my phone it will cost way over $60? what’s the difference? it’s the same data…

  5. Absolutely. I will be the first one in line!

  6. Will Rogers allow iPhone 4 users with xGB plan subscriptions to use the new ‘hotspot’ functionality built into iOS4.3?

    • RogersDuane says: March 2nd, 2011 a 5:06pm

      Hi Christian – Mobile hotspot on iOS 4.3 will be enabled on the Rogers network and will follow our current tethering policy. This feature will be available at no additional charge for Rogers and Fido customers who subscribe to data plans of 1GB and above.

      • Hi Christian,
        Good news! I would like to know if the hotspot feature will also work for those with the 1GB Can/Us data plan. I know that it is not working right now.
        I have added a device (ipad) on my dataplan and Now I can share data only if I am in Canada. It would be great if I would be able to use the hotspot in Canada as well.

      • Mathieu Laforge says: March 3rd, 2011 a 12:48pm

        Excellent news!

        Once again, I am very happy to be a Rogers customer.

      • Is Rogers bringing back the $5 option to increase your data in your value pack from 500 MB to 1GB? This would be a very welcome change now that you can use your iPhone as a hotspot!

        • RogersElise says: March 4th, 2011 a 2:48pm

          Yes, it is still available. Add it online on My Rogers on or call Care.

          • Hi Elise,

            Are you certain about that? I can’t find any information on about it. T was referring to doubling the data in a VALUE PACK, I’m not sure that’s possible. You can certainly upgrade from 500mb data plan to a 1gb data plan for $5 more, but I don’t think what he’s asking is possible.


      • This is extremely welcome news! I am delighted that Rogers is being so enlightened and pro-customer with this policy. Well done!

      • I think it’s amazing and very customer/early adopter friendly that you’re offering the hotspot access for free! This enlightened approach is refreshing, especially when you see what AT & T and the US carriers are doing! Its nice that, for once, Canadians are getting a better mobile deal.

      • Thanks for taking the logical and customer-friendly approach to this. Great news!

      • I also think this was a great move by Rogers, choices like this are the reason why you still have my business.

  7. Absolutely I’m getting one. Decided that right this minute. Despite the fact there’s no increased storage.

  8. what the hell can you do with 250mbs???
    what a joke..

    why pay for a “data sharing” plan when you can just turn your smart phone into a wifi hotspot..

    it makes no sense to pay $10 per additional device for the same amount of bandwidth.. what a rip off

  9. Apple also announced mobile hotspot as a feature in iOS4.3 on the iPhone 4. Will Rogers allow existing customers with data plans greater than 1gb to access this feature

  10. I’ll be waiting for the iPad 3, i heard it’s gonna be better than the iPad 2

    • I’m waiting for the iPad 4. Heard is gonna be better than the iPad 3. *rolling my eyes*

    • LOL!!! Umm well offcourse its gonna be better!!!! Why would they bring out a new iPad that’s worse than the one before!!!!

  11. 250 mb? What a joke, that’s not even 1 movie??

    • well if u dont have a laptop and an internet connection then im sorry to hear ur pain..

      what if u download ur movie to laptop, move it to itunes, and then sync it with ur iphone/ipad to watch? would that be alot helpful?

  12. Andrew McFadyen says: March 2nd, 2011 a 5:54pm

    Will the new iPad use our existing SIM card (I’ve sold my other iPad and kept my SIM in preparation) or will we require a new card?

  13. Will the hotspot feature allow us to tether an iphone to other apple devices such as an ipad or itouch?

    • RogersDuane says: March 3rd, 2011 a 11:28am

      Hi Jenn,

      The new iphone 4 OS lets it become a wifi hotspot. You can then connect your ipad to your iphone 4 via wifi

      • Hi,

        Will there be any extra or hidden charges to tether from my iphone to an ipad, itouch, laptop etc using the personal hotspot?

        I currently have a 6GB plan

        • Will this hotspot work on iPhone 3GS or iPhone 3G or just the iPhone4?

        • This was answered by a Rogers employee in a comment above — the personal hotspot feature will be free on all data plans that are at least 1 GB. In other words: if your plan includes tethering currently, personal hotspot will be supported!

          • haha I saw… but I was just extremely skeptical because it’s ROGERS! that’s the only word you have to say and people already know what I’m talking about.

            They always try to steal money from us in tricky ways. Rogers… do you enjoy having a bad reputation? Hi ROGERS, you want my money again? Do I have to talk to your rude customer service reps again just to feed you money?

            haha yes I’m an angry Rogers customer. Rogers, you should be careful with how you market and present yourselves. You can stand proud and arrogantly with your dollar bills now but… your gonna fall hard in the dumps if you don’t change your image.

            I am very surprised that you guys are offering this hotspot for free but I think we have Apple to thank for that and not you guys.

          • The reason your consumers are angry with you is because of the way you price your plans. I feel like you think that your consumers are stupid and will fall for your poor marketing schemes. For example $15 for 250mb and then 5gb for $35 is going to anger anyone who can do simple math (which is ALL your consumers). WHY do you guys want to market/present yourselves like this? You should be creating positivity and not negative, angry consumers.

            Did you guys not do any type of consumer surveys, or target groups to see the reaction of consumers to such pricing plans?

            Change up the numbers and dollars so that people don’t feel like your ripping them off. SIMPLE SOLUTION!

          • RogersElise says: March 4th, 2011 a 5:33pm

            Hi Jenn
            I am sorry to hear you are so unhappy. I will be reaching out to you to see if I can help with a pending issue.

      • So just so I understand, if I have an iPhone 4 (with updated software) I can use it as a wifi hotspot and not use / need a data plan for my iPad 2?

        • RogersElise says: March 4th, 2011 a 1:34pm

          @Jenn and Joe: Basically, yes.
          Just remember that you will have to always carry both devices together.

  14. I have the $30 6GB plan that originally offered the data sharing for $10/month on the iPad 1 but is currently blacklisted from your new data sharing offer (unless I pay $30/month extra)

    Any chance the iPad 2 data sharing plans will send me some love and not exclude me or up charge me????

  15. Hi. Will Rogers be offering iPad2 packages through FIDO? Thanks

  16. Why does it cost an additional $30 to share the 6GB data plan (which already costs $30)?

    • RogersDuane says: March 3rd, 2011 a 12:41pm

      Hi Ben – we created a special offer for 6 GB customers when we launched iPad last summer that allowed them to share data on an iPad for just an additional $20 a month. But that offer expired.

      With the current offer ($30/ to share), 6GB customers sharing smartphone data on another device still pay just $10 per shared GB – less than our other wireless customers on sharing plans.

      • so customer will be paying $30 more to share a $30 6GB plan, and an ipad plan is $35 for 5GB, why $30 to share. and why $10 to share with rocket stick, i think you should lower the $30 for ppl who have 6GB, who comes up with these ideas.

        • If you have a smartphone there should be tethering software available for it which would allow you to use it as a mobile hotspot for your tablet. That option works for me.

      • its funny how the monthly amount keeps rising but the service stays the same.

      • Simple answer: get a plan for $35 that gives you an *extra* 5 GB, for 11 GB total. I know Bell has this plan, and I think Rogers does too, but what motivation do you have to stick with Rogers in this case? None.

  17. Would be a lot more of a compelling offer for me at least, if you had more wifi Hotspots in my area but.. between Halifax/Dartmouth, Nova Scotia there is a total of 4 lol. I get the feeling that is one of the more neglected portions of Rogers service. Least then even if I did only get the 250MB plan a portion of data usage could be offset by being out and about and using wifi instead of the in plan data allowance.

  18. I’m definitely getting an iPad 2. The question is, am I getting a Data plan with Rogers? I really wish I could share my iPhone Data plan with my iPad for a reasonable cost. $30 dollars for 6GB plan and then $30 dollars more to share on my iPad is insane… My contract is up in June, and I’m having a hard time reasoning to stay with Rogers to be quite honest.

  19. Hey, Rogers, what about the Motorola Xoom? It’s a superior tablet to the iPad2. The cameras are better, it has more storage space, it has a better, higher-resolution display, and possibly even way more RAM! (The Xoom has 1GB of RAM, Apple hasn’t told us yet how much it has, it’s possible it will be _less_!)

    • RogersElise says: March 4th, 2011 a 3:00pm

      Hello Michael! Nice to talk to you around here :)
      You know that we don’t usually comment on devices before they may or may not be officially announced. But, thank you for the suggestion!

  20. Hello. Very disappointed with Rogers right now. I call in confirm I can share my 6G for 30$ plan with an iPad. Then I buy an iPad. I call in and nope now I can’t share, now I need another data package. Very upsetting. I guess I’ll just tether and use my current iPhone sim in my iPad. Rogers u could have got 10$ more per month. Now I’m going to share that data for free.

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