Rogers Reservation System: iPhone 4S update

Many of you have been asking for an update about when you’ll get your iPhone 4S that you reserved through our Reservation System. Some of you have asked about how you’ll be notified, when your iPhone 4S  will arrive in store, and how we will manage inventory for this great new smartphone.

We are allocating inventory to the Reservation System.  We are excited to tell you that we have begun fulfilling reserved orders and we will continue to ship reserved orders as inventory becomes available from Apple.

When your device is ready to ship, you will receive an email from us with a link to track your shipment until it arrives at the store of your choice.  If you don’t get an email letting you know your device is ready this weekend, fear not, you’re still on the list. By being on our reservation system you don’t have to line up or look for stores that have an iPhone left.  Keep an eye on your email starting early next week. We’ll send you an update on your place in line.

Remember you can always check where you are in line and the status of your reservation by visiting

We know that some of you may choose to go to a store to try to get a smartphone this weekend. That’s okay too, because your $40 reservation fee is totally refundable. All you have to do is cancel your reservation and we’ll give you back your $40.

We’ll continue to keep you updated.

UPDATE: (October 16, 2011, 5pm): We have now shipped thousands of devices and many of you will soon receive a notification that your device has been shipped. We continue to receive more inventory and have put extra staff in place so we can get the devices sent out as quickly as possible.  At this point stores are selling out. But since you have reserved a device you are guaranteed to get one without having to line up or phone to see if there are any available. To track the progress of your reservation you can log on to MyRogers.

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  1. How can I cancel my reservation ?

    • You can do that by logging into your My Rogers account.

      • Where Mary I can’t even find my status in MyRogers – can you tell me where I should see that?

        • RogersMelanie says: October 14th, 2011 a 3:05pm

          Hey there, if you sign into MyRogers and go into the device registration area (as if you were to reserve another device) the iPhone status info should be there.

          • Ok that’s where I go and it just says “Your hardware cannot be completed at this time”.

            This is the same issue I had BEFORE I made my reservation. I had to call to get this issue resolved in my acct – which delayed my reservation by several hours.

          • RogersMelanie says: October 14th, 2011 a 5:09pm

            You may need to speak to a rep then. I’m not sure what the issue was the first time so can’t say for sure.

        • Will McCormick says: October 15th, 2011 a 8:08am

          I had this exact same issue “Hardware Upgrade cannot be completed at this time”. I also did call a rep as indicated by RogersMelanie below and the rep told me they could do nothing for me and to use the online website help. So I contacted the online website help whom also did nothing for me …. Thanks Rogers!

          P.S. I did finally get to reserve using the website. Today the reservation tab has been renamed to “Waitlist” … You really should consider doing something for your customer base here.

    • Will McCormick says: October 14th, 2011 a 7:01pm

      What is the point of a reservation system that doesn’t serve those people that reserved first? I get why from a $$ perspective Rogers did this but it’s very unprofessional and it’s not how any organization should treat it’s customers. I had trouble making the reservation and trouble getting help to make the reservation online and by phone. They system was flawed and overall I wasted a few hours and for what? Here is a tip for your next iPhone release set expectations early. Tell your customer base that upgrades will not be available until a month after release. When you set expectations you don’t get a disgruntled customer base. This is such bad PR for something so easy to manage. The fact that I don’t have an iPhone 4S does not bother me a bit the fact that I was mislead by an organization I give hundreds of dollars a month too … your damn right that bothers me.

      • Will McCormick says: October 27th, 2011 a 7:24pm

        So it gets worse ….

        Last Thursday my device was marked as shipped. The FAQ under shipping reads “Once the device is in inventory, it could take up to four days to ship to the store you chose. ” So I called Rogers today and was told there is no tracking number for my shipment and they don’t know why and that I must play the “Waiting Game”.

        I also have gotten a lot of really bad customer service regarding the reservation system. Rogers has done nothing to enable thier staff and they are frusterated as well. What a Fiasco.

        Can someone reading this please make this right? Two weeks 3 days and counting ….

        • Will, the store will call you when your device arrives for pickup.

          • Will McCormick says: October 27th, 2011 a 11:03pm

            Informing me the store will call me does not make any part of this experience better. How is this at all different then what I posted above (“Waiting Game”)? This is exactly what I have a problem with … Where is you’re value added?

            I now have been waiting over two weeks for something I reserved. I had problems reserving it and poor customer support with those problems. Then I got the MyRogers where my device is marked as shipped last Thursday .. over a week ago but it doesn’t have a tracking number I find out today through customer service. ( That means it’s not acutally shipped :P )

            I find it odd that even though it hasn’t been shipped I can no longer cancel my “reservation” any more because Rogers has it marked as shipped on the website. That is odd isn’t is?

            Anyone else experiencing this?

            I’m determined to see the reservation system through at this point. I’ll document the rest of my experiences here and hopefully it does some good for your business. This reservation system is a complete failure from a customer satisfaction perspective.

  2. My reservation has been “in progress” for days now..what does that really mean? (other than the stated message on the site which doesnt really explain)

  3. Really??? mine was in processing on monday. And you guys couldnt possibly shipped it then so that it would be at the store for friday? Disappointed.

  4. Hi. I just had a few questions and I was wondering if you can get me some answers:

    1. Is the 40$ a deposit only? Do I get it back when I actually get the phone?

    2. How much are activation/hardware upgrade fees? Where can I get more information about this.

    I’m trying to figure out how much money (other than the price of the phone) will I be required to pay and I didn’t find this on Rogers website.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Jana. A customer service rep can help you when you pick up the device or you can check out our HUP eligibility tool at But yes, that is a deposit.

      • The tool that says “we’ll review your account and email you shortly” but never get an email 36 hours later?

        I already have a feeling i’ll be screwed anyways – last year i wanted to upgrade to the 4, but despite having the 3G and 3GS first day, i was still told to basically pay full price. (My bill is $130 after tax)

        Your account systems are beyond messed up – it’s becoming increasingly frustrating trying to figure out everything from beginning to end

        Why a reservation system? Why not just good old plain order? Why do I have to put down $40? this is really not something that makes sense considering you’re just increasing the amount of steps required to get what I want

        So right now I’ve got a $40 deposit landing on my bill, for a phone where I have no idea where it’s at with no idea how much I need to spend to get it -

        oh wait, just finally got the email! now i have to pay an early upgrade fee… when i haven’t upgraded in 28 months? rrriiigghhttt

  5. Yes but i have been IN PROGRESS since Sunday afternoon. It does not take Rogers 4 days to ( package / get label & ship) the phones. I was the first #17 & yet im still in progress… No email no nothing. Called my store & they told me they got phones but none for us. Is this how Rogers deals with people when they want our business ?

  6. My status says “In Progress”, but I haven’t received any email. When will I get it?

  7. What about some better pricing?

    You provided an upgrade path for the 3G, 3GS, 4… now you’re screwing us?

    • Hi Steve. As we said last year, we can’t offer a special upgrade offer for iPhone every year. This year, our early upgrade promotion allows all customers to upgrade to the device of their choice, as early as six months into their current contract term.

      • Mary that’s a bit disingenuous. It’s not an early upgrade promotion if you are charging people $20 a month for a HUP! Customers who upgrade after 6 months have to pay an early upgrade fee of $20 x 24 months = $480. That is over and above the $35 HUP fee and cost of the device. This makes the iPhone 4S cheaper if purchased directly at the Apple Store, where you get the added benefit of getting a factory unlocked phone. I hope you understand the frustration your customers are feeling with your new early upgrade fee system being simply a cash grab for Rogers.

      • Thank you for addressing this. In the other 750 post thread, we weren’t able to get one frank response from Rogers posters.

      • I think the disconnect here is that the Early Hardware Upgrade cost is with regard to the phone you initially received, not for the new phone. Depending on how far along you are in your contract, the Early Hardware Upgrade option is essentially a cheaper way than cancelling your contract and starting a new one. Quite a bit better than any other company in which you have no choice but to buy a phone full price when not yet eligible (even when you’re only a few months away).

  8. So your telling me you did not get 170 16gb black iPhones for all of Canada…That must be the case because I have not received a email. I know its only $40 but Rogers now gets to collect interest on everyones money while we have to wait.

  9. Great to hear! thank you for taking the time to give all of us that are impatiently waiting our shiny new toy some peace of mind !! :D

  10. my status has been “in progress” since Monday and I still don’t get any notification email.

    so you meant that ppl not getting their notification tonight have to wait for next week??

    then why my status has been “in progress” more almost a week?

  11. My reservation says “In Progress” – so if I buy a phone at your store tomorrow I will take you at your word that: ” your $40 reservation fee is totally refundable”

    • Hi David. Yes, if you decide to buy your phone in store the $40 will be refunded.

      • What if I get it shipped ? Will that be refunded also ?

        • RogersMelanie says: October 14th, 2011 a 1:52pm

          The $40 fee is automatically refunded once the device has been shipped (or cancelled if you do so online before you move to the ‘in process’ stage).

      • Hi RogersMary, David above stated his reservation was “In Progress”, as in, you can no longer make changes or cancel it because it is being prepared for shipment. You commented that if he decided to buy his phone in store, his $40 is refundable.

        I went to a local store that had the exact same phone I had on reservation, and they told me that because my reservation was in progress and could not be canceled, I have to wait for that phone and could not buy the one that they had in stock. This goes against your comment and was a very frustrating experience for me.

        Can you comment on why the store rejected my purchase because I had a reserved phone set to arrive at that store “sometime next week”? It seems that being one of the first to reserve essentially made it impossible for me to get a phone on launch day.

        Thank you for your feedback here.

  12. I really thought by ordering the new iPhone 4s moments after the online reserve line was opened, I would have one in my hands tomorow. I can’t say I’m too happy knowing others can just walk into a store and buy one tomorrow. It seems to me that those who reserved one should be first in line, as it were. As I have yet to receive message 1 from Rogers I suppose it’s safe assume tomorrow is out.

    • Hi John, you still have the choice of going to purchase your device in store and you $40 reservation fee will be returned. The reservation system ensures you will get a device you selected if you don’t want to line up or look for stores that have an iPhone available.

      • You conviently left out the word eventually. Rogers sent texts to valued customers telling them to use the reservation system to make sure their first in line. This is an all out lie.

        I was 143 on the reservation list for the 16g 4s black. On Sunday my reservation changed to in progress. The way I see it. I already stood in line to get spot 143 early last Friday.

        This is fraud. Answer the people’s concern.

        • +1

        • Completely agree.

        • +1.
          No shipment to my Rogers store.
          Should have waited in line today.
          Lying to your customers is a good way to upset them.
          We’ll get our phones eventually, but that’s NOT THE POINT.
          Rogers should have made sure reservations were SHIPPED ON TIME.
          I could say much more, but I’ll be professional and leave it at that.

        • I agree also the way they worded their reservation note it insinuated that customers would get their reserved phones first. I don’t mind waiting a few days but If I don’t get my phone in the coming week I do not understand the concept of paying 40$ to wait for an item which is reserved.

      • PLEASE note here DEER RogersMary, if rogers svc system was not so dump enough to send different msg, then this is the original msg that I received: “Rogers svc msg: As a valued customer, we want to let you know that we have the Rogers Reservation System. This mean you could be one of the FIRST IN LINE in Canada for the next iPhone AS SOON AS IT’S AVALIABLE! Reply YES to be notified when the next iPhone can be reserved.” can you tell me what do you mean by first in line?? so according to what you just said, so those walk-in buyers are also in line???

  13. This isn’t really an update. I called my delivery store and they told me they have phiones for first come/first serve only. No reservation phones. Seems to me that your system should allot the reserved phiones first. I would hate to reserve for dinner only to find out they gave my table away to the first person that showed up.

    Can you confirm that phones in stores will go to reserved orders first?

    • Hi Andrew. Inventory was allocated to stores and the reservation system. Devices in stores will be available on a first come basis.

      If you have reserved a device, it will be shipped to the store of your choice, with your name on it.

      • Does this mean that a store might get, for example, 100 First Come First Serve devices and 100 Reserved devices for the pre-orders to come out? (Those numbers are just examples, probably not accurate by any means.)

        • Close, but not exactly. The store will get their devices for sale but those for the reservation system are for all the phones on reserve… they’re sent to the stores individually, to the location the customer selected.

          Does that make sense?

          So for example (and this is hypothetical), say there are 100 16GB black devices allocated to the reservation system, then the first 100 people who reserved that device will have it shipped to the store of their choice. They go out by each person’s place on the list, not to the store.

          • I guess this boils down to the whole question that asks if any of those Reserved allocations will be shipped to the store of a particular customer’s choice on October 14. Which I’m not entirely sure if you answered… Maybe I just need things spelled out really clearly.

      • you still avoid his question, WHEN is it shipped. you just keep walking around it.

        Also i’ve now had 4 messages erased or not ‘approved’ for you boards

        • Tim – I have no way of knowing that. You can log into My Account to see your status. As for moderation, we approve all comments that are within our moderation guidelines.

  14. How does “in progress” actually correspond to shipment? Does it mean the phone has actually been shipped, is being prepared to be shipped, or something else altogether? >*RogersMary*< please respond to this.

  15. Are you going to change your early upgrade promotion for iPhones this year? How long after my phone has been delivered to the store do I have to cancel my reservation? Will I get my $40 deposit back?

    • Hi Pat. The early upgrade promotion is our current offering. You have 18 days to pick up your device and the $40 is fully refundable.

  16. I’m wondering if anyone has received their shipping email yet? Or if everyone still just has an “In Progress” status (or a number).

    • I got my email and it includes a tracking number for 26 devices, so I assume that’s how many people chose the store I chose for pickup. These were shipped last night according to UPS. Hugely disappointed in Rogers for this. Had I known that the stores were going to have first-come first-served phones, I never would have participated in the reservation system. I had assumed that I would have my phone today, release day.

      Tracking details:
      Concord, ON, Canada 10/13/2011 21:51 Departure Scan
      10/13/2011 19:26 Origin Scan
      Canada 10/13/2011 20:31 Order Processed: Ready for UPS

  17. Mary,
    Wy wouldn’t or didn’t Rogers allocate the first devices to the reservation list?

    • We allocated devices to both stores and the reservation system.

      • I called the store and they only have the non-reservation devices. I reserved early and have been in progress for days, so apparently the reservation system was useless. Why Rogers isn’t looking after those who reserved?

        • #17 in line above hasn’t even gotten a shipping notification yet so it seems NONE were allocated to reservation system.

  18. Is there any way to see which locations will have what phones available Friday morning? I went into one today and they said they only have 16gb and 32gb models (no 64s).

  19. I think the reservation system was a big fail….I thought the whole point was so that you could get it as soon as rogers would have it….I have talked to 12 Rogers stores they ALL received their chunks of the phones however not many online reservations have been filled yet…….

    Also what is the point of the $40 “deposit” I really dont get this. I pay you $40, as soon as I pick up the phone or cancel the order I get the $40 back…..

    • yea. I do think the reservation system is REALLY a big FAIL.

      my status just stay there for 5 days and it seems that rogers need 5 days to tag and mail the iphone?

    • HUGE FAIL!!
      I won’t be doing this again. PRE ORDER is not really a benefit to the customer but it’s really a benefit to ROGERS. They get a good idea of the # of phones they will be selling the first week. They are just disguising it in a way that they they the stupid client will think is really a gift.

      We are actually LAST in line.

      Thanks a lot Rogers. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

      After 10+ years I thought maybe just maybe you’d throw your “VIP” customers a bone once and a while.

      I’m sad.
      This is sad.
      And UNHAPPY customer.

      • George Guerrette says: October 14th, 2011 a 2:51pm

        +1 for this post. This reservation system is a sham. Reminds me of Sienfeld’s whole “you know how to take a reservation; you just don’t know how to HOLD a reservation”.

        The other problem is that, after all this time and probably this being Rogers’ third experience with iPhone launch-day activations, you’d think it would be able to anticipate the server loads… maybe lease some server time from a third party for a for days. But NO; the system is down.

        I am a Rogers customer for EIGHTEEN YEARS, I use almost all the services they offer, and I am THROUGH. This BS “reservation system”, the shell game you go through when you call up to try and adjust your services to save a little money (about every six months I go through this… after 90 minutes with a CSR it never seems like I wound up saving much money), and then the unbelievable network crash today… I have such a BAD TASTE in my mouth it’s crazy.

        As soon as Bell’s “Fibe” hits my area, I am pulling my cable TV, internet, home phone and long distance from Rogers. As soon as my mobile agreements are done, those will be gone, too.

        The sad part is that Bell will be just as much a PITA as Rogers is… but at least Rogers won’t be getting my money anymore.

    • The reservation is intended to ensure you will get the device you selected, to the store you want. You do have the option of visiting your local store tomorrow if you don’t want to wait.

      • Wish you would have said that last week when I was up all night trying to order. This is NOT what I or anyone else thought was going to happen. I expected to get my phone tomorrow. If I order something 1 week in advance then I think that’s enough notice to get my order to me, regardless of where it is.

        Expect a VERY angry email mob of unsatisfied customers in the next 24 hours.

        • I agree, should have explained much clearer on what the “phone registration” system is. There is no point of reserving it when we don’t get it first. I’m #68 and there aren’t even at least 100 phones reserved for this?! Totally unacceptable. Explain clearer next time.

      • So you are saying that those who reserved have to wait? This pre-order/ reservation system was a huge disappointment on Rogers behalf. I wait awhile and I can get the device I want from anywhere. This reservation system led people to believe that they would be first in line for the new iPhone 4S, not ….oh, we will get it to you sometime. We “have the option of visiting your local store”, I thought that was why we reserved….. to be first in line.

      • Mary,

        Here’s the problem with your answer. There are huge lines at the store. Those of us who made a reservation did so assuming that we could avoid these lines. When you make a reservation at a restaurant it means you avoid the line. My iPhone has not even been shipped and I made the reservation (by your own messaged offer) in good faith, believing the phone would be in my hand today. In fact I had counted on that being the case. I had a reservation, why wouldn’t I assume the phone would be in my hands today?

        I, like many others, woke up very early last Friday to ensure that would be the case. Now you are telling us, oh well, you can always get into line with those who did not take the time to make a reservation. By my estimation that is both insulting and unfair.

        Despite what Anon might say to the contrary, this is a huge fail!!

      • “Rogers svc msg: As a valued customer, we want to let you know that we have the Rogers Reservation System. This mean you could be one of the FIRST IN LINE in Canada for the next iPhone AS SOON AS IT’S AVALIABLE! Reply YES to be notified when the next iPhone can be reserved.”

        The reservation system was definitely NOT marketed the way you’ve just described. I understand its your job to reply according to script, but its obvious that the script is a poor scramble to cover tracks. None of us are dumb enough to believe it.

    • I think it’s a bit early to call it a fail considering the phone isn’t even released yet. At this point, by reserving a device, you don’t have to consistently call in to every single store every single day to see if they have devices in stock which is what has happened for every company every single iPhone release. Compare what you have access to now (automated update systems) to before and having to call in every day to get a cellphone. Sure there are going to be phones sent directly to stores for people who are willing to wait in line and spend a few hours of their time to get a phone..frankly I’d rather not go through that and pay $40 to have a phone delivered to a store and let me know when it gets there… Quite a WIN in my opinion.

      • WIN? How is it win when even though we did not wait in line we still stayed up until 5 am to do this seemingly useless preorder. Why I wait a few weeks and every store will have some on hand and I can get them WITHOUT waiting in line OR preordering. So how does this useless preorder system differ from that, because I was 20th NATIONWIDE and I still did not receive any shipping email. I have been stuck at IN PROGRESS for 5 days, yes it takes them 5 days to put on a shipping label and hand it over to UPS/Canada Post. I probably get it next week or who knows, but for those that are in the thousandth place, they might as well wait a month or two to buy it regularly. They won’t have to pay the 40 deposit and they don’t have to be disappointed by such a fail system.

  20. okay now I know that the “RogersMary” just answers the question that almost everybody knows but she’s not going to answer anything frommost of us who pre-orderd at a very front position but not getting what they deserve

    • The whole reservation system is bogus that’s why she’s not answering

    • so my original text msg i received from ROGERS stated and i QUOTE
      “Rogers svc msg: As a vakued customer, we want to let you know that we have the Rogers Reservation System. This means you could be one of the first in line in Canada for the bext iphone as soon as its available! Reply YES to be notifide when the next iphone can be reserved.
      Visit to learn more

      So based on this text message, is FALSE advertisement from ROGERS, i can honestly see someone starting a class action over this one, as we would have all received this message that currently own a iphone and deal with rogers

      Not a good day for Rogers, if my device isn’t there tomorrow and being the 52nd in canada to reserve it, guess i will see what other carrier has it available and cancel my service here. If there is a lawsuit with false advertsing let me know

      • Hi all,

        I’m more than dissapointed in rogers for putting up false ads just to make some quick cash. My friend is a big apple fan and he doesn’t take dissapointment that well. He is a lawyer and was interested in starting a Class Action Law Suit against Rogers for misleading ads. However, we need people to sign up and willing to go through this. If you think you are one of the people who is interested in a class action law suit, please reply stating so, this way we can get an idea how many people are willing to do so. Rogers, you guys are bunch of whackos; always taking advantage of customers who are putting out thousands of dollars yearly.


        • I agree, we should have a lawyer for preorder benefit. Everybody who reserved the phone expecte that they can touch a phone today. It’s really a BIG LIAR, I totally support an idea sue Rogers for this misleading ads.