Rogers LTE network now live in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver

The wait is over! From east to the west, your new wireless experience is here.

Major markets in Canada’s three largest provinces now have access to the world’s fastest wireless network technology. Rogers launched its LTE network today in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, joining Ottawa where Rogers launched Canada’s first LTE network back in July.

Now, more than 5.5 million Canadians have access to LTE with Rogers– more than any other wireless company in Canada.

Rogers has already started to introduce its first line up of great LTE devices. If you’re in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver or Ottawa, you can now purchase the Rogers LTE Rocketstick, which plugs into your laptop and gives you speeds similar to what you get at home through your broadband connection.

On October 18, we kick off what will be the widest selection of devices with a Rogers exclusive HTC Jetstream LTE tablet, the fastest tablet in Canada. This Android 3.1 tablet boasts LTE + Wi-Fi  connectivity, a 10” high resolution touchscreen, 32 GB capacity, and dual-core 1.5GHz processor. Add the HTC Scribe digital pen accessory and you can even sketch, highlight, take notes, or sign documents on your tablet. Rogers customers can reserve this tablet, the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE smartphone, or the LTE Rocketmobile hotspot (Sierra Wireless AirCard 754S) online today at

Using these devices on Rogers LTE network will make it easier for you to download apps, stream HD videos, download your favourite tunes in mere seconds or even play on-line video games with virtually no delay or buffering.

To celebrate the expansion of Canada’s first LTE network, we’ve also introduced a special, limited time offer that provides LTE customers a chance to purchase one of Rogers largest ever data buckets – 10GB for $52.93 per month on a 3 year plan.

LTE promises to revolutionize your wireless experience and we’re happy to be the first to bring this new technology to Canadians.

With tablets, smartphones, sticks and hotspots coming in the next few weeks, which LTE device are you most excited about?

UPDATE (January 20, 2012, 4:23 pm): If you want to read a customer review of Rogers LTE network, check out this post from Howard Forums.

Sara Holland is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Rogers LTE network now live in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, 2.5 out of 5 based on 35 ratings
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  1. So the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE launches on Oct 18th?

    • Hey Bob,

      The first LTE device to launch will be the HTC Jetstream LTE tablet which is set to launch October 18th. The Samsung Galaxy S II LTE will follow after. We do not have launch details yet for that smartphone. We’ll be sure to update when we have news.

  2. I’m wondering who’s gonna use this expensive service. Please reduce the price with something reasonable.

    • $50 for 10 GB 3 year term . :) Get er done!!!!
      They up’ed the GB on their LTE flex rates plans as well. But i think this $50 plan is awesome. Better then 3 G plans! Go LTE Go!

  3. It’s great that Rogers has launched LTE. That said, I’m not paying any extra for data, especially that exorbitant amount.

  4. Will the Samsung SG2 LTE be release on October 18th as well?

    • Hey there, the tablet will launch on October 18 and the other announced devices will follow after. We do not have any timing details yet for these devices. We’ll be sure to update when we do.

      • Here we are almost the mid of October and still no word on when the gs2 will be released is it hard to tell when it will be released or it is Samsung that they don’t give you an updated, do you have the devices in stock or you don’t, please let us know !!!!!!!!!

        • RogersMelanie says: October 13th, 2011 a 8:41am

          We don’t have any updated information about the Samsung Galaxy S II launch. We will update with details as soon as we have news to share.

  5. This is way too expensive for smartphone data. If we can convert our 6gb for 30 dollar over, then I am fine but forget it. When is the sgs2 coming out, October 18?

  6. Will I be able to keep my $30/6GB plan if I upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE?

    • Hey 6GBUser,

      You will be able to keep your 6GB plan however in order to access the LTE network, you will need an LTE plan. If you keep the 6GB plan you’ll be able to use the Samsung Galaxy S II on the HSPA+ network.

      • But the other way around if I get an LTE plan of 10GB will I be able to use it on 3G-HSPA+ network, and also if I have the 6GB/30$ will I be able to change it for the 10GB/53$ ?

        • Hey Claude,

          Yes you’re right. LTE can access HSPA+ if you’re not in an LTE area. You can change your 6GB/$30 plan to the 10GB LTE plan, however you will have to renew your 3-year term as the plan is a promotion.

          • And could you tell me if the 10GB/53$ is share data, so if I get the HTC Jetstream w/10Gb will I be able to share with my phone and other devices?

          • Hey Claude,

            It is sharable. We’ll have more specific details once the plan launches.

          • I was wondering how long is the promo plan gonna be on for?
            My 3year contract is up in November.
            will the promo plan be still available?

          • Hey Richard,

            I don’t have details about when the promo is going to end. Hopefully, you’ll get to take advantage.

      • Hi,if we switch from regular data plan to LTE plan what’s going to happen with our data discounts?will Rogers apply existing data discount for LTE?

  7. “…Rogers largest ever data buckets – 10GB for $52.93 per month on a 3 year plan.”

    About a year we were all told that LTE data plans would cost less for much more. This is a total rip off. For $50 it should be unlimited. We are already getting ripped for date, voice, and text services. I have a My 5 plan, with voicemail and 6GB of data and I’m paying almost $92 a month. The same plan in the USA is $58 WITH unlimited nation-wide calling… At this point I’m thinking about unlocking my device and switching to another carrier. I thought LTE was going to change the market and give us lower prices for more. I guess not…

    • Hey Corman,

      On a per GB basis, our LTE pricing is lower than for HSPA+; we’re passing on savings from a more efficient network. The buckets are much bigger so customers can really enjoy the benefits of LTE.

      • Ummm, really? 4GB of HSPA+ data is $50 / month. The same on LTE is $62.93. Not sure how that is lower or passing on the savings.

      • Ironically, my home Extreme connection gets me 100Gb per month for about $53. LTE is ONE TENTH the data cap for the same price.

        Not much value there.

  8. What is the cancellation policy for data only LTE?

    • Hey Sneakz,

      The same cancellation rules apply for LTE. You can check out the Service Agreement terms on

  9. Man Roger’s is dropping the ball on product releases. Every other carrier has the Galaxy S II but not Rogers. Most of us don’t care about LTE due to the limited coverage – but get some premium Android devices already. The whole reason I jumped to Roger’s years ago was that they had new product regularly….that isn’t the case anymore – when SaskTel beats you to the punch you really have to start asking some serious questions internally. And the lack of release/launch details around your new products is also just brutal. If there was a better alternative to Roger’s in Manitoba I’d leave in a second.

    • Exactly. You don’t exactly create hype behind a product that’s been out for a while now on almost every other carrier, for a quarter of the price (on contract) I might add. I reserved the GSGII right away (55th in line…) and my HTC Magic+ is slowly dying away. I fell for your retention plan and had my contract extended, which I now completely regret. A date, even if it happens to be next year, would calm my nerves.

      • Just because your on contract does not mean you cannot upgrade. Unless you upgraded your device less then 2-2.5 years ago? Call in and ask what upgrade options you have.

    • nice comment my freind, agreeeeeeeed 100%

  10. Why do you have a picture of the samsung phone on yet another lte release article when you don’t even offer this and can’t provide a release date. You don’t actually have this phone so stop lying.

    This is deceptive and manipulative marketing. Why don’t you put a picture of the HTC device? Your competitors already have variants of the glaxaxy S2 on the market, why is Rogers so far behind? Are you purposely delaying the release until the new iPhone comes out?

    • Hey Kevin,

      The LTE devices will be launching in the coming weeks starting on October 18th with the tablet.

      • You did not answer any of Kevin’s questions whatsoever. Good job with your public relation skills.

        Again, why is the release being pushed back even though the device is hardly new compared to the rest of the world?

        • Hey Cameron,

          We are launching the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE and this device is exclusive to Rogers. This is different from the Samsung Galaxy S II. We will share launch details when we have specifics.

          • Verizon has had the galaxy S II LTE available since July. Their network launched almost two years ago. I understand that the device will have some different specifications, however rogers is months behind other companies in terms of networks and devices. There is no reason for this

          • Rogers wants to release the iphone 4s before the galaxy s2 lte, this is just to support the American products, I was an iphone fan but now no more with this crappy phone 3.5” 1 ghz dual, or the crappy apps store, apple wants us to pay for every upgrade they make, if I go and buy the iphone 4s it will take me years with apple to get the same spec on gs2 lte

  11. What are some of the other LTE data plans that will be available?

  12. Does the LTE improve the quality of a voice call and/or overall connectivity? I live in a condo in Toronto and a lot of times I can’t even get HSPA connectivity. Can LTE improve this fact?

    • from what i understand, LTE is only for data purposes only. it has nothing to do with the actual vioce aspect of cell phones. i do believe later on that this will change and LTE will be used for both voice and data

  13. The LTE data plans are ridiculous! Students have no way of affording these prices and want to enjoy the fast data services. This is making me hate Rogers! I want the Galaxy S II so bad! I thought today they would release it now I have to wait another 3 weeks! Ridiculous!!!! NOT IMPRESSED AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi poorstudent,

      You can purchase the device and get an HSPA+ plan with it if that is more affordable for you. Doing this mind you will not allow you to use the LTE network but it may work better with your budget. Just a second option to consider.

      • Hi RogersMelanie,

        Why is it taking forever for rogers to release SGS2 !! Whats the point of releasing the LTE network and not releasing devices with it that people actually want to buy. I cdon’t care about the prices but what the HELL IS GOING ON WITH THE DELAYS !!!! Seriously Rogers dropping the ball and the day the public going to get another better option we’re going to drop you guys in a second. Then the big company wont be so big and the company which brings new technology first won’t remain first !!

        • Hey aalusc,

          We’re launching products that will help customers stay connected regardless of which device they have on hand. We launched with the Rocket Stick so that people can use LTE with their laptops. As of October 18th, customers will be able to connect to LTE on the tablet and after this the Samsung Galaxy S II and the Rocketmobile hotspot will launch. We’ll share launch date details as soon as we can.

  14. Give me the GSII with HSPA+. LTE is a marketing gimmick right now. You’ll never need those speeds nor use 10GB of data in a month. Throw in the fact that they’re charging 52$/month for the data plan alone (that’s an entire phone bill in itself down in the US) and I doubt its worth.

  15. How about a review sample LTE stick :D
    I’m sitting 500ft from a tower apparently, right where the coverage area ends.

  16. Will the current pricing model for LTE on Rogers be the standard accross all devices? Internet stick and smart phones alike? If that is the case, LTE has just priced itself out of reach for the majority of smart phone owners. The Promotional offer of $50 for 10GB not withstanding, charging $47.93 for 2GB is out right thievery. To illustrate, assuming a decent voice plan cost $40, we will be paying almost $90 just to use an LTE phone to it’s fullest.

    Can someone please clarify the LTE pricing structure for phones as it stands currently?


  17. Screw you rogers for not allowing people who already pay you for your data plans to access LTE. Your prices are just insane and I will be cancelling my service with you soon. Pathetic.

    • Yea such a GREEDY move to upgrade the network and not upgrade existing PAYING customers.

      Only the tablet is announced because they are waiting for iPhone5 which might possibly be LTE capable(i’m sure Rogers knows) to solidify their GREED. they are expecting ll the iPhone hype to overshadow how much of a Dirt move that was to old 3G customers.

      slick move rogers… just waiting for my contract to run out now.

  18. Justin Credible says: September 28th, 2011 a 10:00pm

    You know, as much as I hate to mdefend Rogers, the $50/10GB LTE plan is the best value I’ve seen anywhere on the continent. South of the border it costs $50 for 5GB (half the amount of data for the same price).

    The only thing that REALLY ticks me off is the fact that Rogers is holding this back from all the Fido clients, many of us who were with Fido from the beginning because they were innovative and launching new products/ideas first. Please reconsider this “neutering” of the dog. Fire your marketing geniuses and stop trying to downgrade the brand, think Best Buy/Future Shop. It works.

  19. Picked up my Sierra 313U from rogers store in Toronto today first day of LTE service in TO.

    Couple of comments

    1) The one time price of the stick was lower than Bell

    2) The Rogers Windows software I’m running under vista default settings are not correct both the profile for LTE and the profile for HSPA+ point to an apn of, this stops the stick from being able to connect at LTE speeds. Correct apn is lteinternet.apn – how do I know this ? The Rogers MAC version of the software is correctly configured.

    3) Once connected this goes like the wind 13 Mbps downloads and 5 Mbps uploads without me doing anything apart from connecting in North York

    4) Coverage area – Way better than Bell’s ( Yes I have tried both )

    Great Job Rogers

    Of course I’d like to pay less than $10 per GB ……..

  20. I wonder if this whole delay is just part of Rogers marketing. With the Iphone 5 announcement next week. Why spoil that free cellphone hype. You know Rogers will announce they will carry the new Iphone, and let me guess it’s going to run on LTE… Hence the marketing of the LTE Network without a flagship phone. After a few weeks of Apple hype for the fanboys, rogers will transition back to Android and finally give us our GSII!

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