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  1. Where are the international data rates? They always get me back to the US rates!

  2. Yes do not forget to take your phone, but leave your sim card behind. Buy a sim card from a local dealer and use your phone as a pay as you go while you are overseas. Well it would work, if Rogers sold phones that were unlocked. Why bother paying HUGE international bills, when you can just buy a pay as you go phone and get by on their extremely low rates. NEVER take your sim card with you when you go overseas. EVER!

  3. So now it will only cost you $2000 for a 2 week trip instead of $5000?

    I hate to say it but I fell victim to this type of thing back in 2002 and I learned my lesson – I leave my phone at home or turn off everything and simply use it as a music/media player while I’m out of the country. No more “you are screwed” moments for me.

    • You are not entirely correct. Take your phone with you, but leave your Rogers sim behind.

      Foreign prepaid sim card are available in the airport, dirt cheap data and airtime.

  4. RogersMiranda says: March 11th, 2011 a 1:57pm

    @Ranna and @tom

    Hi guys. Thanks for the suggestions. We recommend maintaining your Rogers SIM and being on a roaming plan will ensure your device continues to function as you normally expect.

    • Hey RogersMiranda,

      I have a corporately paid phone and i must take my phone with me when i travel but i always have the feeling in pit of my stomach during my trip and after i get back from my trip about the costs that will show up on the company’s Rogers bill.

      I use an iPhone and I turn off data roaming and i never answer calls on it but i worry about it because i can not control the data being sent from my phone. the last trip i went on, i did that and i even reset my data usage prior to getting on the plane and after i returned, it still said 0KB both for tethering and for regular. however, when my company received the invoice, we were charged for 100KB of usage @ $.03 per KB, i believe that was $3. it wasn’t much but just how did it sneak through? even with data roaming off.

      for all the people out there that want to travel with your phone, leave your SIM card at home unless it’s absolutely necessary.

      Rogers’s rates for sending text message while roaming internationally:

      cheapest package is $12.50 for sending 25. each additional is $.50.

      if you go to Hong Kong, a $7 CAD ($50HKD) card will get you enough credits to send out 200 Text Messages to anywhere in the world.

      if you go to Viet Nam, a $2.50 CAD (50,000VND) card will get you enough credits to send out 500 Text Messages to anywhere in the world.

      also, calling long distance from these cards will not be more than a few pennies per minute. if you call from your Rogers phone, starting rate is about $4.00 per minute (roaming).

      i know i’m rambling on but Rogers and other members of the Big 3 have ridiculous rates when it comes to roaming.

  5. Imagine Engine says: March 20th, 2011 a 1:24pm

    The problem with the current travel options from Rogers is that when compared to where one is travelling to they are expensive. Yes I see the value in being able to retain my number while travelling and call back home. Though since I mainly use data the competitor prepaid options from carriers in the USA, Europe and Asia are far lower cost when compared to Rogers. My suggestion for Rogers marketing team is to rebuild the current data travel packages to be more competitive in the countries you are providing it for. Since Rogers is forging ahead with promoting Smartphones in an ever changing digital world it would be great to see data Travel Packages start at 200 MB. After all most travellers will eat up your $30.00 10 MB data option in a day instead of their planned vacation/business trip. As well I would like to see Rogers rebuild the $10.00 USA data roaming option to actually use the customer existing data plan whether a grandfathered 6 GB data plan or 500 MB data plan. The current add on charges $1.00/MB while in the USA which is extremely overpriced compared to what consumers can purchase with USA Prepaid data options. If you want your customers to subscribe to data plans that have data caps then at least make it more attractive by decreasing the cost and increasing the data. Otherwise Rogers loses money when the consumer is happy to save money spending on a competitor offer. More money left in my wallet is more money for my vacation or business trip and less spent on you.

  6. I went to Poland. Pulled my SIM out at the airport. Bought a prepaid SIM in Warsaw. I got for 30 PL (equivalent $10)
    -30 sms txts
    -30 minutes talk time
    -1 Gig of data

    Im sorry, no Rogers travel pack can touch that and there isn’t a point either. You get local calling in the country your in and really, unless your on business, why would you take your phone number with you? You’re on vacation. If your company wants to pay you phone bill, then by all means, go the data pack route, otherwise… you’re getting gouged.

  7. I have used rogers travel packs twice in the last couple years and found the experience completely frustrating and a waste of my money. Won’t be doing that again! I will seek out alternate ways to communicate when abroad in the future.