Canada’s first LTE network is LIVE!

Rogers today launched Canada’s first Long Term Evolution (LTE) network and Ottawans are the first in Canada to experience the latest global wireless technology. This fall Rogers will roll out LTE to Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, with another 21 markets in 2012. And later this year, Rogers customers will be able to get their hands on the first LTE smartphones from HTC and Samsung.

LTE delivers higher speeds and lower latency than 4G HSPA+ which means a better experience for customers using highly interactive applications like multi-player gaming and rich multi-media communications. And it will deliver more usage capacity which means more users can access the network at top speeds simultaneously.

At launch, the LTE Rocket stick will be capable of maximum theoretical download speeds of up to 75 Mbps on the Rogers LTE network. Typical download speeds can range from 12 Mbps to 25 Mbps. As device selection evolves, maximum theoretical download speeds will increase to up to 150 Mbps.

Ottawa LTE network coverage spans a broad area from Arnprior, Ontario in the west to Orléans, Ontario in the east and includes the Hull and Gatineau regions of Quebec. Starting today, Ottawa customers can pick up Rogers first LTE-enabled device, the LTE Rocket™ stick, at these four Ottawa-area locations:

  • Rogers Plus, 11 Selkirk St.
  • Rogers Plus, 1379A Woodroffe Ave.
  • Rogers Authorized Dealer – Wireless Express, 205 Richmond Rd.
  • Rogers Authorized Dealer – Go Communications, 901 Carling Ave.

Customers in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver can reserve LTE Rocket sticks through the Rogers Reservation System, which will be extended to accept Rocket stick reservations until 9:00 a.m. EST, Monday, July 11. The Rogers Reservation System allows you to secure a place “in line” for the device. For instructions on how to use the system, check out our post from June.

For our customers in other cities: fret not! Sign yourselves up at to be notified when LTE is coming to your area. You’ll also get updates on the roll-out of LTE and what LTE means for you as a Rogers customer

Back in April, we announced that Rogers would launch its LTE network this year in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver, with an additional 21 markets by the end of 2012. Then in June, we announced the LTE network would be coming to Ottawa this summer, and we also announced the launch of the Rogers Reservation System, as well as the availability of our first LTE-enabled device, the LTE Rocket™ stick.

You can learn more about Rogers’ LTE network by visiting

Ottawans: Tell us about your firsts this summer! What’s the first thing you’ll do with your new LTE Rocket stick in-hand?

Stacey Fowler is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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  1. Good news for the people who will stay with Rogers even if they can’t get proper Android smartphones. ( i.e Galaxy S2)

    • RogersStacey says: July 7th, 2011 a 12:06pm

      Hi Vincent, while I can’t comment on the S2 I did still want to get back to you just to share that later in the year we’ll have the first LTE smartphones from HTC and Samsung. Cheers, Vincent! -RogersStacey

      • I mean no offence to you personally, but as far as I can make out, getting high end android while your competition i.e. BELL is sweeping all of it won’t make up for limited LTE service (price and coverage both… point of being faster entirely defeated with small usage cap) and limited use of LTE phone for forseeable future. Might as well sign up for virgin at least I dont get dragged into dreadful contracts with no phone to purchase.

      • Excited about the new HTC device. About time. Hopefully you’ll get a couple non-LTE HTC phones as well for those of us not living in an LTE market.

        Hoping for a Rogers-compatable Evo 3D.

  2. Tyler Cranston says: July 7th, 2011 a 11:33am

    Bring on LTE in Vancouver! 4G Tablet, I want one!

    • Faster than 4G!!!

      • You fell for the marketing? 4G speeds START with LTE. Up until now it has been plain old HSPA+ (3G) with a recent change in marketing. Nobody in North America has real 4G except a few areas covered by Verizon Wireless and now a few areas by Rogers/Fido.

        • I’m with Justin on this. LTE is 4G. HSPA is still just a 3G technology, HSPA+ is 3.5G or really still JUST 3G when it all boils down to it.

          • Dylan Neild says: July 17th, 2011 a 2:07pm

            To be totally technical, LTE isn’t 4G either. The first “real” 4G is scheduled to be LTE Evolved, sometime in 2013 or so.

  3. Let me know when you are in the J8N 5H5 postal code range

    • RogersStacey says: July 7th, 2011 a 1:05pm

      Hey Paul – have you signed up at yet? When you sign up you’ll be sent notifications re: when LTE is coming to your area. (You’ll also get updates on LTE roll-out and what LTE means for you as a Rogers customer) Cheers, Paul! -RogersStacey

  4. kudos to rogers for putting up an honest estimate of what real world speeds to expect, rather than just advertising what the theoretical maximum is.

  5. there are some forum posts on what pricing to expect, can you confirm that here as well?

  6. TJ Morrison says: July 7th, 2011 a 1:01pm

    This is great news for Canadians to finally get 4G. However, any talk on competitive prices in comparison to the US? I mean, Sprint offers unlimited everything for $60 or $70 per month. I pay more than that for my plan with a measly 150 minutes and 500MB data!

    I’d love to get involved with 4G speeds but I’m not interested in paying more per month.

    • RogersStacey says: July 7th, 2011 a 3:18pm

      Hey TJ, thanks for the kudos!

      And yes I can speak to your question as well – While US carriers have essentially extended existing data plans to LTE, Rogers is introducing a new flexible rate plan for the LTE Rocket stick with generous data allowances so customers can take advantage of the benefits that LTE enables. Also, Rogers has a lower entry point at just $45 (plus Government Regulatory Recovery Fee) on our flex rate plans, compared with $50 on US carriers.

      Thanks TJ – cheers, -RogersStacey

      • Yes, but the US carriers charge what they advertise – so it comes to cheaper. You’re advertising one price ($45) and charging another ($45 plus what you call regulatory fees.)

        Imagine if you went to a store, and they said that an item was, oh, $50. That’s a good deal! So you go to the cash to buy it. Only the bill, before tax, comes to $100. They added all these mandatory fees. Some people call it bait and switch. Others call it false advertising.

        Bell just got hit for using the same deceptive advertising.

      • “…just $45 (plus Government Regulatory Recovery Fee) on our flex rate plans, compared with $50 on US carriers…”

        That $45 + Rogers’ GRRF fee only buys 1.5 GB.

        How many GB does the $50 buy on the American plan you refer to?

    • actually US no longer offers unlimited everything. click the link and take a read.

  7. Hi folks – for those of you wondering about plan information, it’s available at if you click on “New Devices” and scroll down – you’ll see a table detailing the plan information there. Thanks all! -RogersStacey

  8. Pricing is as follows:

    Each month the LTE Flex Rate plan begins at the lowest tier than automatically adjusts based on your actual usage.

    $45 1.5 GB if usage is greater than 1.5 GB, the next tier will be charged
    $60 3 GB if usage is greater than 3 GB, the next tier will be charged
    $75 6 GB if usage is greater than 6 GB, the next tier will be charged
    $90 9 GB If usage is greater than 9 GB, $10 per additional GB will be charged

    Plus GRRF

    Good work Rogers on launching LTE.
    However, pricing is expensive…. guess I won’t be signing up.

    • Wow. Is the plan to scare customers away from LTE?

      • Looks like! LTE dramatically reduces the cost for the provider to deliver a gigabyte (since the throughput capacity is much greater). Rogers is charging similar rates per-gig for LTE compared to their existing 3G flex plans, so they’re clearly seeing this as a way to increase profits, not value.

        They’re also significantly increasing the price of the entry-level service compared to 3G…

        My current Rogers/Fido HSPA+ dataplan: 6GB for $30
        Rogers LTE dataplan: 6GB for $75


  9. What are the very small areas of white within the purple coverage area. I’m right around the area below “Carp” on the map, just south of where the 417 meets the west March Rd exit. It’s hard to say on the map, but it seems I might be in a very small pocket of no coverage? Is there a more detailed map available?

  10. Ok Love the LTE but why restrict it to 1.5 GB for 45$ at those speeds thats will be done within an hour…please get a unlimitted plan…if you want to sell it…no person will by that at those prices! Just saying!

  11. So as expected, the pricing on this is so high that one wonders why they even bother. $60 for 3GB? that is streaming 1 HD movie. $60 to watch one movie. And you have the nerve to actually advertise that as a feature/benifit of the higher speed. ridiculous.

    • Yup typical Rogers, all they’ve done is given you a quicker way for them to gouge you.
      Please Rogers, this a great news and great tech, however you’ve gimped it with your outrageous price plans.

  12. $75 for 6GB per month? Sigh. I can’t say I’m surprised. Right now, I pay $30 for 6GB, which is bad enough. The ONLY way this has a remote chance to work is if I can share this cost among ALL of the devices on my account — unlike the current model where I basically pay double for every device. Fat chance, I’m sure.

    Rogers — Canada’s most disappointing company.

  13. So, is Rogers leaving Fido customers out in the cold? Any new LTE APN for those using unlocked LTE devices on the big dog?

    • RogersStacey says: July 8th, 2011 a 10:24am

      Hi Justin,

      At this time all I know is that we are planning to launch LTE devices first on the Rogers brand, so just wanted to write you back to let you know.

      Thanks Justin, have a good weekend! -RogersStacey

  14. Have you guys thought about having a hybrid internet plan where we can combine home internet with LTE, i.e. shared data cap.

  15. Why would they make it cheap from the start? Do you think 3D Tv’s were cheap when they first launched? How about gaming systems, or cars, trucks or anything else thats new tech. Newest best tech costs $$ and thats how it is. You want the best, you pay for the best. I will be signing up for sure when Rogers brings it to NB.

    • And look how well 3D TVs sold at those prices. :-)

      Which do you seriously think is more likely – that Rogers will cut its prices 60-70% once Bell offers LTE, or that Bell’s prices will just about match Rogers’ and neither corporation will see a need to cut prices anytime in the future?

  16. This pricing has probably made Rogers LTE the biggest technological let-down of the year.

    Let’s hope that when the CRTC auctions off the 700MHz spectrum (this is when the benefits of LTE will really come into play) that the CRTC adds some guidelines as to how the spectrum is to be used.

    It appears that Rogers (and they might not be the only ones) needs some moral guidance and a vision for the future that goes beyond lining their pockets with our money.

    • How much do you think the upgrade would cost Rogers? free? Nope. Millions.

      • I would not be surprised if it was in the the billions.

        It is true that I spoke without knowing all the facts.

        I do know that my current Rogers Portable plan costs me $45/month for 30 GB. 30GB/month on Rogers LTE would cost me $300/month.

        If I find information why Rogers NEEDS to charge this much for 30 GB/month on LTE I will post it here.

      • Alex Perrier says: July 11th, 2011 a 11:33am

        Canada’s wireless industry made $16.9 billion of revenue in 2009. (Source:, via
        People pay an average of $57 per month for these services.

        Melissa, the HSPA+ plan that i currently have gives me better value than this LTE plan which is supposed to cost less. Not only do i get 3 GB allowance for Internet access, but i also get unlimited local calling and a few bonus and extra features. Rogers’ LTE plan would not only cost me more, but deliver much less, with a 3 GB allowance and nothing else. This begs for an explanation, especially since the LTE is currently only available in Ottawa. At least two months are “free”.

        Rogers sometimes sells $30/month packs that include 6 GB of HSPA+ data. That’s $5/GB. So why pay $10/GB or more with their LTE plans? Plus, only one device and one city currently supports the network. An underused network means that Rogers will make little money off their LTE network because they have little LTE customers.

        Finally, LTE is just a private party for people with a lot of money. $10/GB for LTE is unreasonable when it actually costs them much less than $5/GB. At this point, it just seems that Rogers’ LTE network is a vanity point, not a technology that is affordable for customers.

  17. $90 for 9 GB of data per month? This might as well not exist. There is literally no reason to use this with data prices this high. What is Rogers thinking?

    I’ll check it out if I win the lotto though.

  18. Great job for not lying to customers and rebranding old networks to 4G like the other guys.

    Bad job at pricing it out of range for consumers.

  19. Sorry Rogers, but that tiered pricing is too high to justify. There is no way I’ll be getting LTE at that price. I get 6GB for $30 now. I average 2GB a month at 3G speeds. If I have LTE I’ll be paying at least $60! Count me as one of the disappointed.

  20. When will this change be done in Calgary?

    Now we just need the s2 which is capable of the LTE speeds. Or better yet, that samsung hercules that t-mobile will be getting that is primed to be an iPhone killer.

    That would make this news even more sweeter

    • Don’t get confused. The S2 cannot use the LTE network. It’s 20Mbps capable but only on HSPA networks.

      Rogers calls it’s HSPA network 4G because it wants to fool people into thinking it’s actually a new faster network, but in fact it’s just the previous 3.5G network. Of course the current HSPA speed are faster that the speed we used to get one or two years ago, but the 4G thing really is just marketing.

      If you will, the LTE would be the 5G network. I guess they will use this term fast enough.
      Currently, only data sticks will be able to access this network, but Rogers will probably get smart phones soon too.

      • Just to clarify, it was not Rogers who changed the term 4G it was the industry leagers who decide what these Terms mean. Service providers around the world started this along with Bell and Telus way before Rogers did. The difference is hows its advertised, you see Rogers saying 4G HSPA+ or 4G LTE…They explain the difference unlike other providers.

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