Apple iPhone 4S coming to Rogers on October 14! Reserve yours today!

We’re very excited to welcome the new Apple iPhone 4S to our smartphone lineup beginning October 14th.

How much will the Apple iPhone 4S be?

Apple iPhone 4S 16GB

  • $649 device only
  • $159 with select 3 yr Terms

Apple iPhone 4S 32GB

  • $749 device only
  • $269 with select 3 yr Terms

Apple iPhone 4S 64GB

  • $849 device only
  • $369 with select 3 yr Terms

Apple iPhone 4 8GB

  • $549 device only
  • $49 net with select 3 yr Terms

This year, we’ve made it easier for customers to get the devices you want. Here’s what you need to know to get your hands on the Apple iPhone 4S at Rogers:

How can I reserve a device?

Our existing wireless customers have the opportunity to reserve their devices in advance, through our Rogers Reservation System.  Starting today, Rogers wireless customers can go to and log in to their MyRogers account to secure their place “in line” to own one of this year’s most anticipated devices.

A $40 (+ taxes) refundable reservation fee will be applied to hold the device. It will be shipped to the location of your choice and we’ll let you know when it arrives. For all the details, check out this recent post from RedBoard about the Rogers Reservation System.

How do I upgrade my existing device?

Earlier this year, we made it easier for all customers to upgrade to the latest device of their choice. Our new “early upgrade” program gives you the added freedom and flexibility to upgrade your device as early as six months into your existing contract term.

How can I check my eligibility for a device upgrade?

We will soon launch an online tool to help you calculate your hardware upgrade. Keep an eye on @RogersBuzz for details.

That’s all the information we have right now, but stay tuned to RedBoard and follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.

UPDATE (October 12, 2011, 4:30 p.m):  We’ve launched our online tool to help you calculate your hardware upgrade. This new early hardware upgrade program makes it possible to upgrade to a new device as early as six months into your current term.  Here are a couple of things you need to know:

  • In order to upgrade to the new iPhone 4S, you will need to purchase it with a new three-year agreement on eligible Voice and Data plans (or renew your current plan, if eligible).
  • All consumers who upgrade on an eligible three-year voice and data plan automatically qualify for a $50 mail-in rebate.  You can get your coupon in store through a rep or online at once you have processed your hardware upgrade.   The $50 mail-in rebate is in place for all existing, eligible customers upgrading to any device on three-year terms.
  • Mail your coupon in within 30 days of your upgrade and the rebate will appear on your Rogers invoice as a $50 credit.

To find out your eligibility, visit

Remember, pricing, eligibility and offers are subject to change.

Mary Pretotto is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Apple iPhone 4S coming to Rogers on October 14! Reserve yours today!, 1.6 out of 5 based on 199 ratings
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  1. Thanks for the update on iPhone 4s availability! My question is whether Rogers will be offering early upgrades for current iPhone users like last year-at contract pricing? Thanks!

    • RogersMelanie says: October 7th, 2011 a 9:37am

      You can check out the early upgrade offer here: – this applies to our entire lineup.

      • If I did my math right that means customers who bought the iPhone 4 at launch last year must pay a $300 dollar early upgrade fee + the cost of the new phone AND resign a new 3 year contract. If that’s the case I’ll just buy the phone outright from Apple, that’s crazy.

        • Ryan: might be worth phoning Rogers directly to see if they got the same price. In my case, they didn’t. I only have to pay $45.00 extra. (Thought I’d have to pay $160).

        • Agreed. This new Upgrade Program is a joke. It’s basically the same price as cancelling your contract. It’s like thats what they wan’t you to do.

          They should have continued those upgrade plans from the last few years for Early Adopters. This is just stupid. I For one will be giving my money to Apple as well. I hope rogers loses a ton of sales over this.

          • This is a ridiculous policy. I would rather pay the cancellation fee and take my business elsewhere since i am paying the same amount to upgrade.

            Between my wife and I we are paying $200.00 Month to Rogers. Now when i want to upgrade to the newest technology I cannot for a year and half more? Meanwhile Rogers is raking in $$ from my monthly plan?

            Please review your policy Rogers before you DO lose your customer base.

      • The new upgrade program provides virtually no benefits / incentive to use it.

        A person is better of buying the phone upright without being tied into another 3 year commitment. For phones like the iPhone buying it unlocked for a smaller up charge puts a much higher resell value of the device after a year when a newer version comes out vs a rogers locked device.

        Majority of existing iphone users who in the past 2 released have upgraded to continue their service with rogers because of this have no incentive anymore to do so.

        What are you thoughts on this Melanie?

        • RogersMelanie says: October 18th, 2011 a 4:59pm

          Can see your point but the reservation system is to give customers another choice for how they’d like to get their phone. Upgrades are always by choice as is buying outright. It all depends on what works best for the customer’s needs.

  2. What does “select 3 yr Terms” mean? How do I know whether or not I qualify?

    • Wondering this for years? Why does the iPhone get different treatment from all the other voice and data plans? Are those plans available for upgraders and loyal customer? If not, bye bye loyalty. What about a student plan for iPhones? I’d like something for ~50/month.

    • Hi Henning. That refers to contract term and the price of the price, based on subsidy over that term. We’ll be launching a hardware upgrade tool shortly where you’ll be able to check your eligibility. Stay tuned!

  3. I reserved mine this morning, wondering if the pre-order number is your place in the actual queue or if it’s your local store’s queue. Can anyone let me know?

    • RogersMelanie says: October 7th, 2011 a 10:04am

      Hey, your position in line is nationwide. As devices have been allocated specifically to the reservation list, where you ship the device is irrelevant.

      • Awesome! Thanks Melanie!

        (Just a thought: might be a good idea to plug that important information into the website, right after the reservation has been made. I’ll bet many people are wondering the same thing.)

  4. Does a reservation guarantee that I will get a device before those customers that choose to lineup on Oct. 14?

    • RogersMelanie says: October 7th, 2011 a 10:06am

      Hard to say. We will be dedicating inventory towards our Reservation System orders and our goal is to get your device to you as soon as possible. However, we will also be shipping devices to stores that are not participating in the Reservation System program.

      • Can I assume that I would get a device before those customers that lineup at the particular store I designated as the pickup location? I’m not really too worried, as I’m pretty high on the waitlist (107) but I just wanted some assurance I could pick it up on the 14th.

        • Once the device is in inventory, it could take up to four days to ship to the store you chose. You will receive email notifications to keep you updated.

  5. I need to know the upgrade terms BEFORE reserving, otherwise I may have to pay crazy prizes to upgrade if I find out later it is expensive. That plus the reservation fee could really put me in the hole.

    Can you please provide any details concerning upgrading? I bought my iPhone (3g) sometime in 2009 – will I be eligible for an upgrade? What kind of early upgrade fees will there be?

  6. Hi there,

    I have a Blackberry with a Blackberry specific data plan. If I reserve the iPhone 4S I want to ensure I can change from the Blackberry data plan to the iPhone data plan.

    This is possible, correct?

    • I currently have a iPhone 4 with a Blackberry 6gb plan…it works with no issues. It also gives me the option of putting my sim into a Blackberry if I need to and have it work flawlessly.

    • Yes, having a blackberry with a blackberry plan doesn’t affect your ability to switch to an appropriate iPhone plan when you pickup your reservation.

    • Hi Michael – Yes. When you pick up your device in-store, you can discuss plan options with one of our representatives.

  7. What exactly is the purpose of the national ‘position in line’?

    • Hi Patrick – By reserving a place in line, customers will have the device shipped to the location of their choice once inventory is available, without having to visit a store or call us beforehand.

      We’re making it easier for customers to get their hands on the latest devices!!

  8. So if I’m reading this correctly, Rogers has no plans to offer iPhone early adopters with new contract pricing for the 4S similar to what it has done in previous years?

    If this is true then either:

    1. There will be a lot of unhappy people out there and Rogers will announce (next Thursday at 11:30pm) that they will, once again, offer the early upgrade (at new activation pricing) deal

    2. There will be a lot of unhappy people out there and lots of reservations will be cancelled.

    Just thinking out loud here

    • Agreed.
      Many people won’t think it’s worth it to sign a year away for less than $200 of savings.
      I may as well buy an unlocked phone from Apple if I’m spending that much money.

    • +1 I’d like a comment from the Rogers reps on this. iPhone people have been able to upgrade and extend their contract with HUP pricing all along. Is this changing? or can iPhone 4 users who bought early last year still get the HUP price for the iPhone 4S.

      If Rogers is interested in keeping customers and not losing sales hopefully they will continue the tradition of allowing iPhone early adopters to upgrade without further cost.

      • Appreciate the feedback, thank you.

        • +1 this thread if you think Rogers should continue offering the HUP price to iPhone upgrades!

          • I’ll +1 my own thread!

          • 100% agree. I even started bragging to my friends who talked down about rogers, that Rogers takes care of me and gives me early HUP every year. I’ts been 2 years in a row now, it would be sad if it’s gone. Especially spending over $100 a month. There should be an exception.

          • +1. it would almost cost as much to get it from apple. unlocked, then buying it from rogers locked.. and from rogers you can only get it locked at the end of your term I believe AND You have to pay…

            if there is no early upgrade I will be looking foranother provider most likely, it’s simply not worth it financially for me.

            I can understand we aren’t special compared to other users, phones get released at all times, but this is the most popular device and oen fo the mos texpensive, with a yearly release…. so pushing out HUP back 6 months and then charging if we’re before those new 6months is complete BS (if i understand the upgrade system right..)

          • +1 I’m being charged 85$ to cancel my phone with rogers…but charged 320$ penalty to upgrade… I also was always saying good things about rogers… but sadly now I’m might switch carrier

    • You got that right. Bell and Telus have both announced upgrade prices for current iPhone owners. Same deal as last year.

      • With early upgrades, customers may actually be able to upgrade at the new customer price before the current 3-year term ends, depending on current pricing & policy.

        • Hi RogersMary,

          Could you clarify this? This sounds contrary to the HUP program which supposedly applies to Roger’s entire lineup.

          I have been a very satisfied Rogers customer to date, but the lack of a special upgrade path for iPhones, which require very expensive plans, is very disappointing.

          • Hi David,

            Typically, customers are eligible for a hardware upgrade before a 3-year term is up. Which part needs clarification?

          • Responding to Rogers_Chris

            The part David is having an issue with isn’t availability of upgrade but that it’s a ridiculous price.

            I initially reserved an Iphone 4S but upon learning I would be paying approx 660 for upgrade/phone I cancelled it. It’s worth signing on for another year of contract. It’s even worth paying 299 for the phone. But considering I pay 100 dollars a month for service even if Rogers paid full price to apple for phones (699) and the cost to rogers for my services was 50% of the monthly bill, That means I have paid off the phone in 4 months, paid rogers costs in by month 8 and Rogers is making pure profit for months 9-12.

            Not cool rogers. Not cool. Bring back new contract pricing for Iphone early adopters. I’ve had my phone over a year. It’s not like I got it yesterday.

        • stephen hayward says: October 11th, 2011 a 3:54pm

          Thats BS I have been a customer with Rogers Wireless for 10 years I upgraded to the iPhone 4 last August 03, 2010. The pricing offered to me was $209.00 PLUS $319.00 SO MUCH FOR WANTING TO LOOK AFTER LOYAL CUSTOMERS!!!

    • Keeping iPhone customers on a constant 3 year deal is a very smart business move for Rogers considering the data plans they get and monthly bills. I happily pay just over $100/month for my plan because Rogers has always treated the customers right. Hope this remains the same. Let us upgrade every year on the release date, line ups at your stores look good for business.

  9. Please let me know if this calculation for early hardware upgrade is accurate:

    - Contract renewed last year for iPhone 4 (July 30, 2010)
    - October 14 the iPhone 4S is released, 14 months months into contract
    - 36 month contract – 14 months into contract = 22 months remaining
    - Early HUP: 22 months x $20 = $440
    - iPhone 4S 32GB new customer pricing + $440 = $709

    $40 discount with a contract renewal and locked phone for people who purchased an iPhone 4?

    • HUP end date is 30 months even with a 36 month contract.
      So 14 months means a calculation of 30 minus 14.

      30-14 = 16.
      16 x 20 = 320.

      • What do you mean by “end date is 30 months even with a 36 month contract”?

        If your calculation is accurate, I will be very pleased.

        • Here is an example of an early upgrade offer: Jack is 20 months into a 3-year term on his Acer Liquid E and he really wants a new Samsung Nexus S. Instead of waiting 10 months until he is eligible to upgrade his device at a discounted price ($99.99), Jack can add $150 to the new customer price ($15 per month based on his current device x 10 months) to upgrade to the device at $249.99 on a new 3-year term (compared with $549.99 for the no-term price).

          Rogers has posted regarding the extension of HUP from 24 months to 30 months recently.
          Also based on their example from their previous post about the new early upgrade program (
          He’s 20 months into a 3 year contract. Then he does 10×15$.
          So 30-20=10. Then 10×15$.

      • Oh I see, hardware upgrade eligibility is 6 months before the end of your contract.

    • Hi Fraser, I don’t have access to your account so can’t look into your specific details. But we will have our hardware upgrade eligibility tool available soon so you can check your eligibility.

    • Really they should just make the early upgrade fee equal to the remaining portion of the subsidy. They way it works now, with the most expensive phones like the iphone 4s 32 GB, the subsidy works out to $13.33 per month ($480 divided by 36 months), yet they charge you $20 a month to basically pay off the subsidy early.

      The numbers get even worse when the subsidy is lower.

    • What a SWEET deal! I love being a rogers customer! I get $40 discount for upgrading to the iPhone 4 last year!!!!

      But seriously, from what I’ve read, this is exactly what @RogersMary is saying.

      And in my opinion, I’m seriously thinking of switching carriers…

      @rogersMary – why don’t you just do the same thing as let year, when you allowed early adopters of the iPhone 3gs to get the iPhone 4 for a similar new customer price, instead of all this “early upgrade fee” stuff? Or at least make that fee reasonable. $400 is not really that reasonable

      • Lets do some math here.

        Let’s say you upgraded last year for the price of 159$ for a phone that was worth 649$, you basically got a rebate ofr 490$ for a 3 years contract or 163$ per year for 3 years.

        So one year after you want to change again, you should give back 2/3 of the rebate you got since you are keeping the old phone which mean it should cost you 326$ + the price of the new phone to upgrade again.

        am I the only one who get that?

        Don’t forget you currently can sell an iphone4 for about 350$ on ebay.

        • That’s bad logic. The subsidized price is to reward loyal customers for returning again and again. Not to mention for renewing another 3-year contract.

          You’re just thinking of the device, when in actuality, most of us are paying $100/month in phone bills with the iPhone so Rogers is obviously couping the discount, and then some.

        • No, you aren’t understanding. We renew our contract and in essence add 1 year each time we upgrade. It’s a $500 subsidy PER YEAR that we want, not $500/3years.

          • Customers always have the choice to purchase a device at the no-term price. With the new early upgrade promotion, customers who were not eligible in the past, now have more options available to them.

      • I still cannot believe the silly responses from people. Carrires discount your phones so much and you still complain… If you signed a variable mortgage knowing you would get a discounted rate that fluctuates, would you then throw a fit and switch when that variable rate goes up in 2 months? WOW!!!

  10. So if I am number 1000 in line soes that mean I would get the phone on oct14 regardless of my location?

    • Hi Chris. As soon as the device ships, you will get notification but it could take up to four days to ship to the store you chose.

      • So if I line up at the same store who I know will have some on the 14th I can get one on that day, the $40 just avoids me from having to wait in line. I was hoping that the reservation would be included as the shipment to that store for release day.

        • Yes, the reservation system avoids the wait in line but ultimately up to you. Just as an aside, the $40 is refundable or put towards your device. It’s not a fee.

      • Traduction : NO

  11. Is the system working for others or Crashing?!
    I began at 6 est this morning and no luck.

  12. I am # 19th. Did my reservation at 5:45am. One thing i want to know. I am eligible for a hardware upgrade. Since i already reserved this. When i go to the store to pick it up i can add it to the hardware upgrade? All i hear is about people doing early upgrades to it. Also since i am # 19th does that mean also i will be getting it for sure on the day of launch which is next Friday the 14th?

    • Hi there. You will receive an email notification once the device has shipped to the store you chose. When you pick it up, the retail representative will help you with your upgrade, including your current eligibility.

      Enjoy the new device!!!

      • I know but what i am asking is tho Since i am #19th i should be getting mine on the launch date correct? I really do not want to wait an extra week or so just to go get it. I have been using a old 8100 pearl which i can not bare anymore to use.

        Also what do you mean by nationwide? If i am number 19th what does that do for me if i have to wait for this so called email.

        I stayed up all night just to reserve this & even reserved it at 5:45am right before people started reserving them. I would be pissed if i do not get it on oct 14th.

        • I’m a little p*ssed that you got to reserve yours at 5:45, when Rogers clearly stated that reservations would begin at 6.

          It would appear that the rep already answered that phones would be available several days (4ish) after launch date (see above).

          • Yea the first 40+ people reserverd them before 6am. I do know what she said but the Stores are telling a different story & same with the call center.

            The stores are telling me that the people with the lowest number might be able to get them during the launch date since the phone will be shipped to the store. They also told me since there is a dedicated bash for us that reserved them, they see no reason why we would not be able to get the phone since i am 19th on the list.

            What i do not understand is where is she getting that the will be shipped out during the day of the launch. Managers & reps told me that she does not know anything & all she is doing is saying this to make us feel a bit better ( which is not in this case). So if she can explain here where she got told that it would be sent out on the launch day would be nice.

            The store i also reserved to, told me that the will most likely get the reservations with the iPhone’s that will come to the store. So can one of the 2 that work for rogers please tell me where you are getting you info from please?

          • Also apparently someone opened up the reservation before 6am & the 40+ of us that got to reserve it stayed on & then closed if for about 10 mins till 6am. When it got re opened. I guess either someone turned it on by accident or it was a glitch. But to be fair i really do not care what number i am. I just want to know where she is getting her info from since store managers & managers from the call centers are telling me something else.

        • Hi. I’m can’t speculate on when the device will ship. Best I can say is that the shipping email you will receive will the most reliable information. You do have a pretty excellent plan in line!

  13. I hope that I can come to a mutual understanding with Rogers:

    Me: “Hi Rogers, here is my $100 per month”
    Rogers: “Thanks….here is your iPhone at a $500 subsidy every year”
    Me: “Thanks, I will be a rogers customer forever”

    This sums up mostly all iPhone users feelings.

  14. So what if I currently have an iPhone 4 locked to Rogers, and I just reserved a 4S through My Rogers account? Could I pay the full off contract $849 price for that reserved device? And will it be unlocked? And the box will be sealed and unopened by the Rogers store rep?

    • Any phone purchased through Rogers is locked to Rogers. Buy from Apple if you want an unlocked phone.

    • Hey Joe. Yes, you do have the option of buying the phone at the device only price and will will be an unopened box.

      • Thanks for the reply Mary and Alex. But Mary you didn’t mention whether it will be unlocked. If I choose to pay Rogers the full device only price, will the iPhone be locked to Rogers?

        • This is a good question. Can someone please answer this? Why should Rogers be allowed to lock the phone if we are paying the same amount as direct from Apple? Almost as criminal as a three year contract, only in Canada is that acceptable for some reason.

          Will the iPhone 4S bought outright with no contract from Rogers be locked to Rogers?

  15. Resevered a black iphone4s 16gb @ 8:45am and I was number 1290 :)..i hope i dont have to wait toooo long for this phone

  16. So I lined up last year for the iPhone 4, paid my $299 to extend my contract back to 3 years.
    Can I do that again for $369 for the 64GB version? Or am I paying $20 x 24 months on top of that? If so I’m just going to the Apple store and getting the $850 store and switching to Bell.

    Please advise, Rogers.


    • Our early upgrade promotion is our current offer.

      • This offer is insufficient and will lose Rogers business. Customers want the HUP upgrade price for iPhone upgrade customers which has been offered every year to loyal Rogers customers.

        We don’t want to have to pay you a premium price for the ‘luxury’ of being committed to giving you our business for longer periods of time.

        You should be rewarding your customers’ loyalty with the HUP pricing, not penalizing people who want to buy more of your products and services.

        Failure to offer HUP pricing to existing iPhone customers as has traditionally been the practice will be a disaster for Rogers.

        • 100% agree. Rogers has been very fair in the past. This seems like a huge break from their past practices. The HUP plan is NOT a good deal. And now to learn that Bell and Telus ARE offering a real HUP incentive…sheesh.

          I can’t foresee there being too many people willing to pay a $320 charge to upgrade this year. I can only guess HUP upgrades are not a big part of Rogers business, because they will be losing a lot this year. They’ll feel it more 2 years out, when all of our 3 year iPhone 4 commitments expire and we go elsewhere, having not been locked in again this year…

        • We had to pay the monthly early upgrade fees last year as well. I don’t see how this has changed at all.

        • OK I’m mistaken. I checked their offer from last year and it was a better deal then. It’s unfortunate they are not offering the same thing but it’s still better than the full price.

      • Are the amambiguous responses intentional? I’d love to see a definite answer! Either “NO, we will not be offering early upgrade prices to early adopters of the iPhone”, or “YES, there will (or even MAY) be a early upgrade prices, as we have always done in the past”.

        Doesn’t matter which one, as long as it’s definite.

        • They probably don’t know yet…..tactic is to throw the “early upgrade policy” scenario out there, see how the public responds (most times, in anger) and then, at the last minute, change the policy to new activation pricing for existing iPhone users who have upgraded within 30 days or so of the last iPhone launch.

        • Hey Dave, I understand your point completely but that is our current promotion. We’re always reviewing our plans and this one provides more flexibility – earlier – for all our customers.

          • No it doesn’t Mary, and you know it.

          • Rogers_Chris says: October 9th, 2011 a 4:05pm

            Yes it does, John. Customers can HUP as early as 6 months into their current contract term.

          • No, actually, this plan further worsens HUP with Rogers. Several years ago, it was 1 year HUP. Then it was 1 year, 2 year for smartphones. Now it’s 30 months. This doesn’t provide more flexibility, this makes it MUCH longer to wait for a HUP, even for customers who have large monthly bills.

            The nice thing is, it’s MAX $500 to terminate my contract. I think compared to paying $340+device price, I’d rather pay the 500 and go to another carrier. It’s too bad though, I really do prefer Rogers network.

          • Rogers_Chris says: October 9th, 2011 a 3:53pm

            With the new early upgrade promotion, customers who were not eligible in the past now have more options available to them. Customers can HUP as early as 6 months into their current contract term.

          • @Rogers_Chris: Sorry Chris, but that is just silly.

            Assuming a 36-months contract, you said customer can upgrade it 6 months into the contract, then we are talking about (30-6)*$20 = $480 to purchase the “privilege”. then add that to the $209 for the iPhone 4S. It ended up being $689 to “early upgrade” vs. paying $649 for an outright iPhone 4S.

            Can you not see the math does not work there? Period.

            This does not offer any flexibility rather a marketing gimmick to get people pay more than full price for a “locked” device when less money can buy you an “unlocked” device *and* NO contract extension.

          • We need the same deal as last year!

      • This “promotion” is available for any user at anytime of their contract…

      • So what will be your current offer on October 14th? Can we please get a real answer? Every year, iPhone 3 to 3GS, 3GS to 4, I have paid $199/$159 for the new iPhone and agreed to renew my 3 year contract with Rogers. Now I will have to pay $159 + $300 or whatever early upgrade fee? And you will still not unlock my old iPhone 4 even though it won’t be under contract anymore (replaced by new 4S) and I’m willing to pay your $50 unlock fee? Sounds like I will have to cancel my Rogers contracts.

  17. I’ve pruchased every iPhone at launch since the iPhone 3G. Since then we’ve been getting the new devices at the new customer price because we’ve been loyal. But I’ve been hearing rumors that Rogers will not be giving us the new iPhone 4S at the discounted price, but instead making us pay a premium to upgrade since it’s classified as an early upgrade. If this is a the case, you can bet I’ll be bailing and signing up over at Bell and getting their new $55/month plan with 5GB of data!

    • Same here! If they want us to pay an “Early Upgrade Fee” We might as well just pay an “Early Termination Fee” and become bell customers. Receiving all of the awesome incentives carriers provide for “New” customers.
      This years upgrade plan is BS!

      • +1 Wake up Rogers!

      • Yes, looks like I’ll have to jump ship after 5+ years with Rogers. This makes no sense.

      • Exactly. Why would I pay that much for an iPhone 4S when I can just pay half that and cancel my contract and go elsewhere. There’s no incentive to upgrading woith Rogers but at the same time everyone wants to upgrade. It’s not going to work and either they will have to cave, or everyone will just go to another carrier offering the same services at a “New customer” price…

        • If you upgraded a year ago for a iPhone 4, then your cancellation fee would most like be $500 ($400 voice and $100 data). If you then go to tell and pay $159 for 16g…you end up at $659 + taxes, so you aren’t ahead. If you have been with Rogers for a few years, then you most likely have some retention bonuses on your account, free voicemail/CID, network calling, etc. If you start over with another carrier, then no bonuses of any kind. I would just sell your iPhone 4 to cover the early upgrade fee and part of the cost of the 4S…that is the cheapest option.

          • Oops, I mean go the Bell.

          • retention bonuses??? get real…. rogers try their best to discourage this… sorry but you cant use this as a positive at all.

            3 options for iphone 4 users who want to upgrade to the 4S

            1. early cancellation then switch to another carrier
            2. buying the phone out right from apple
            3. hardware upgrade route with rogers

            the point everyone is trying to make is there is practically no savings between those 3 and rogers knows it…..

            they give us an illusion of choice but at the end of the day the consumer loses…

            thanks rogers for stifling technological growth.

    • Looks like I’m switching too!

  18. Here’s my ideal world:

    Rogers offers me a plan that covers a new iphone 4s, my existing ipad and a new LTE rocket stick. Until I understand what this will cost me I am stuck. Is it realistic that they will introduce this (similar) or should I just buy an unlocked phone and negotiate with various vendors by device.

  19. Really hoping that Rogers moves on this one! I’ve been a Rogers customer for years BECAUSE of their consistently good early upgrade options. They provided me w early upgrade from 3G to 3GS and then again from 3GS to 4 and now are hoping that I pay $300+ BEFORE hardware costs!

    Rogers.. Please recognize that at these upgrade options it’s not much more expensive to buy an unlocked phone and be done w you.

    • There seems to be some misinformation or confusion here about the early hardware upgrade pricing. If you upgraded to an iPhone 4 last year (which extended your contract another 3 years) then you will be pay:

      $479 for 16GB
      $589 for 32GB
      $689 for 64GB

      • This is a good alternative but by my calculation buying a phone out right for $650 +tax and selling your iPhone 4 16 GB for $350-450 is the best route.

      • i don’t know where you got those numbers, but from my form and calculations, (launch 4g user ad prior iphones) i get

        319(rogers jacked up price) + 360 cancellation = 679. I know there’s a ‘rebate’ of 50$, seeing as they jacked up the price.. thats still 639 before taxes. I can get an unlocked one from apple for 749 and save that 110 in a week of roaming, easily.

        • My comment was in regards to staying with Rogers, there was no mention of canceling. Then selling the iPhone 4 as it has a high re-sale value.

    • I see now that you already know what the costs will be but it’s seriously a lot cheaper than buying one from Apple. Sure it’s unlocked but are you really going to switch from Rogers? No.

      Sell your iPhone 4, the upgrade will cost you around $100.

      • a lot of us need the phone unlocked for one reason or another. It isn’t related to leaving rogers. its related to I am out of the country atleast once every 6 weeks for a week and use other providers, due to rogers crazy expensive roaming fees :P

  20. I find it ironic that when i called customer service this morning, they didn’t have any of these details, but the time of this posting is earlier than when i called. Seems to me that Rogers needs to open the lines of communication internally so that customers get consistent responses. It’s written here in black and white what the phones will cost.

    • Thanks for the feedback Ling. I’ll be sure to share that internally.

      • I just got the same thing, at 2PM EST.. i was told as of right now they are only aware of the current ‘not-so-promotional because it’s not a promotion] upgrade’ fees. I was told to reserve mine and keep checking whether they have an early upgrade just like last year, the day before..

        is it 100% official/for sure there will not be anything other then the current, absolutely not promotion upgrade options, set in stone? Or is there a possibility they are still figuring it out and will release it fashionably late like last year?

        I don’t feel like reserving it and wasting my time checking every while if it is guaranteed rogers will not be doing anything for loyal customers this time around, because I’ll just buy it from rogers and go to bell for a cheaper yet equal plan.. I’ve stayed because of the loyalty offers rogers has had in the past..

        Please advise, thanks!

      • I’ve checked the information on the online HUP tool and am confused about the pricing stated. This posting displays the iPhone 4S 32g at $269 but my quote from the HUP tool shows it as $319.

        Can you please clarify which is the proper price? Again, i’m getting inconsistent answers from seperate areas of Rogers. I think these are great offerings for self-serve options but i’m finding it hard to have faith in them if i cannot trust the answers i’m receiving.

        I would appreciate some feedback so i can make an informed decision on whether to stick with my reservation with Rogers and HUP or buy directly from Apple.

        • RogersMelanie says: October 11th, 2011 a 4:43pm

          Hi Ling,

          The $269 price is for those who are not upgrading from another device. Your HUP price is specific to your situation which takes into account your contact timing and the subsidy you paid for your current device. If you want to double check, it’s best to speak to a rep as they can give specifics to your account details.

          • Melanie why do you give false statements for? Learn to read please… I suggest you look at the prices & all before you give costumers false statements. That can easily get you in trouble.

            Ling you are getting a 50$ Rebate coupon once you get the device so it will bring it down to 269 from 319. It says it under the rules on the email & if you call in at the call center they will tell you the same. The only way to get the 50$ rebate coupon is when you do a early upgrade or you are eligible for a upgrade. Here read below This is from the Full Details on the email.

            “Customers who renew on select three-year terms may be eligible for a one-time $50 Hardware Upgrade Rebate credit. Credit to be applied to customer’s invoice. Offer subject to change without notice. Full Hardware Upgrade Rebate details available in store. “

    • This is Standard Operating Procedure for Rogers. Last year, a customer service representative told me that was not a Rogers site and that the information there about the HUP was incorrect. :facepalm

      I had to ask for her supervisor and wait 20 minutes for them to figure out that it was legitimate.

      This year, CSR told me that this is the current offer, but that Rogers will release a better one, keep an eye out this week. If that fails, she said to make sure I called and worked with Customer Relations, they would be able to help….