Rogers LTE lineup gets bigger: Say hello to the new HTC Raider

.  Rogers will begin shipping today and the device will begin arriving in stores tomorrow.  The HTC Raider will be available for Rogers customers for $149.99 on select 3-year plans.

This new LTE smartphone will join the Rogers exclusive Samsung Galaxy S II LTE smartphone that started shipping on Tuesday.

The Android 2.3.4 (Gingerbread)-powered HTC Raider, with HTC Sense, is equipped with an 8 megapixel camera and 1080p video recording. Built to entertain, the HTC Raider is the ideal movie-watching tool. HTC Watch gives users access to blockbuster movies and shows on a powerful, 4.5-inch qHD super LCD screen. On the Rogers LTE network, this means exceptional image and video quality with limited buffering or delays.

Beyond phones

In addition to Canada’s first LTE smartphones, Rogers also offers the exclusive HTC Jetstream LTE tablet, the first LTE tablet in Canada, and the Rogers LTE Rocket stick (Sierra Wireless AirCard 313U). The LTE Rocket mobile hotspot (Sierra Wireless AirCard 754S) will be available in the coming weeks. This device allows you to create a mobile hotspot for up to 5 Wi-Fi devices.

Customers can reserve the HTC Raider and LTE Rocket mobile hotspot using the Rogers Reservation System at

Which Rogers LTE device are you interested in?

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64 comments on “Rogers LTE lineup gets bigger: Say hello to the new HTC Raider

  1. Derick

    “This new LTE smartphone will join the Rogers exclusive Samsung Galaxy S II LTE smartphone that started shipping on Tuesday.”

    you mean the 10 Galaxy s 2’s you shipped to the list ..I’m number 50 and I haven’t received mine

  2. Allan

    Wow. $574.99 No-term price…Rogers has redeemed itself.

    1. Allan

      Nevermind. Its only 1.2 GHz (not like the 1.5 GHz Korean version).

      1. John

        It will be 1.5GHz. Rogers has it wrong. Trust me

      2. John

        actualy don’t trust me lol. it’s 1.2GHz

  3. Matt

    I got a chance to play around with the Samsung LTE phone at AndroidTO and got 20mbps+. Incredible speeds!

    1. RogersAnnemarie

      Great to see that you’re excited about the device, Matt! We are too!

  4. Allan

    Will all Rogers stores have this in stock tomorrow?

  5. alex

    I heard that the battery is not one of the best… does anyone know if there will be an extended battery available for purchase? (I have one for my current phone – HTC dream and it stays charged up to 3 days, rather than the 1 day it could barely survive beforehand). If so, I’m totally in for this one!

  6. Eddy

    is it for sure that this phone will have a 1.2ghz processor rather than a 1.5ghz processor?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      I believe 1.5ghz, Eddy. We’ll try and confirm specs.

      1. Brian

        1.2ghz dual core confirmed. Device is in my hands, and is also listed on and as 1.2ghz, as well as on the box and in the software specs in the phone.

      2. Rogers_Chris

        Thanks Brian, my mistake.

    2. Rogers_Chris

      Sorry Eddy, 1.2ghz processor. I’m confusing it with the Galaxy SII LTE.

  7. Kevin

    Not interested in any of these!

    By far the best Android phone in the near future, and one of the most desired, is the Galaxy Nexus! Please bring us this phone Rogers!

    1. Allan

      Enjoy your 5 MP camera.

      1. Kevin

        Thanks, I will! Anyone who knows anything about photography knows that megapixels are not the be-all end-all of camera quality.

        Besides, the strength of a Nexus device doesn’t lie in the camera, it lies in the fact it’s a Google reference device. It’s stock android, there’s no manufacturer or carrier bloatware or crap on it, or custom interfaces, etc. You get updates straight from google immediately. Not to mention the GN is the flagship ICS device.

        But thanks for your very narrow-minded comment!

      2. Phil

        And you enjoy Gingerbread for…. I don’t know how long… while Galaxy Nexus users are all over ICS this November.

        I’m using an unlocked Galaxy S I9000M on Rogers right now and despite the beauty of this phone, I was frustrated with how long it took Samsung to upgrade then Eclair phone to Gingerbread. I would love to get Galaxy S2 LTE and that’s what I’m waiting for as well, but slow update can really be a deal breaker for me. I mean, I don’t want my ICS update when a J based Android 5.0 comes out. (Jellybean for the name of the next OS, anyone?)

      3. Scott

        Have fun waiting untill january

    2. Jason

      Agreed. The Galaxy Nexus is the phone I want.

      And, to the previous responder, yes, I will enjoy my 5MP camera. That’s plenty of pixels unless you’re printing LARGE images, and pixel density is unrelated to photo quality once you get above a certain minimum threshold. I would MUCH rather have a 5MP camera with better color and low-light capability than an 8MP without such things.

      And you know what, if I actually need more pixels than that, I’ll be sure to bring my Panasonic camera.

  8. Jamie J

    When exactly will we see the Sierra LTE WiFi Hotspot. I live in an area that has no high speed available and I’m very excited to get my hands on this device

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Whereabouts do you live, Jamie J?

  9. random72

    Why do we get the slower processor?

    Thanks for sending us the good stuff, HTC.

    Only the best for Canada, eh?

  10. Allan

    Dude, relax…these are just phones. And this HTC device wasn’t prematurely announced, its actually available in Rogers stores now. I’m guessing Samsung is just having supply issues with so much demand for their phones, but I’m sure the LTE version will be available by December if that’s the phone you want.

    If your area doesn’t have LTE, and you don’t like the LTE pricing, then you’re obviously not the target market. Get a non-LTE phone then.

    1. Fresh

      They’ve also made it clear that you don’t need to use the LTE SIM Card and a LTE plan to use the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE. If you want it, just buy it. It works with HSPA+ too.

      Can’t say the same for the HTC Raider though. Not sure.. Haven’t checked the specs.

      Here’s to hoping Rogers picks up the Galaxy Nexus.

  11. Jamie J

    Hi Chris @ Rogers. I live between Grand Valley and Orangeville here in Ontario. There are no providers of high speed internet here so I currently use my iPhone tethered to me laptop to access the Internet. It’s so slow it drives me crazy. That’s why I’m looking forward to the Sierra LTE WiFi hub. I hope you can provide a more accurate release date. I noticed on sierra’s website that AT&T already has it available.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Jamie,

      Unfortunately, we don’t have any details for the hub release date. Stay tuned as we’ll update as soon as we have details.

  12. daRRski

    anyone knows if Rogers will get Samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE ?

  13. perry

    i picked up the raider the first day it launched lte worked great in toronto. back home in ottawa now and yet to see a half decent connection. called rogers, spoke to level 1 and 2 tech its escalated now hopefully iy will work at some point, im in kanata smack dab in the middle of the coverage map and nada. Have driven around for a bit and have yet to see the lte speeds or lte notification on my phone, i have run over 50 speedtests with 3 different apps and nothing, please fix your coverage i have verified with your techs its neither my phone nor any tower outages in my immediate area or 20 km circumference that i have driven and checked

  14. Anees

    Would somoene be able to verify if the internal Storage is NAND or SD ? also what SOC and CPU is this. Since its different from Korean( 1.5 GHz ) version it may be a different CPU .

    1. perry

      same snapdraon soc just clocked down for better battery life, once the htc vivid (att version of this phone) lands in the states, there will be plenty of support and once rooted im sure it can be easily oc’ed to 1.5

  15. Allan

    Hi Rogers,

    I purchased the HTC Raider, but I am unable to find the full product manual on the Rogers or HTC websites. (I was able to find other HTC product manuals on the HTC website, but not for the Raider, I’m guessing because it is still new). Would you be able to tell me where I could find it? Thanks.

  16. Daniel

    Does this have UMA / wifi calling support? 3rd Party specs on SGSII-LTE indicate it does not, which is unfortunate. Evo 3D has it, so hope this does too.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Daniel,

      The Rogers version does not support wifi calling. You can check out all the specs here:

  17. Ian

    Can anyone from Rogers confirm that the Galaxy S2 LTE started shipping on the 1st Nov? I have one reserved and my reservation still states “OPEN” ? If the phone is delayed please tell us as I am going on a trip and need a phone to go with, so if I have to go with an alternate it would help me make that decision.

  18. litebrite

    Was super excited to get this phone, but it died on me after 3 days! Data won’t connect anymore and nothing worked. Couldn’t access any apps that required data. Rep at the Rogers Store didnt know what was wrong either. Ended up returning it. Read online that someone else had the same problem. Hope it’s not a bad batch Rogers!

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey litebrite,

      Sorry to hear about this. I haven’t heard of other people with this issue but I’ll definitely flag internally.

  19. matt

    The joke of the century is that most dealer chanels don’t even know about LTE!!?!? I went into a rogers dealer in a hugely popular mall here in vancouver and the sales person didn’t even know that LTE is live in Vancouver!?!? In this day and age where the technology is increasing why is it that the consumer knows more about LTE than the dealer!?!?! Its a big joke!!!!

  20. Frank

    Hello ! how muchis this phone and were i can buy it . way in this sit are not showing that? thankyou

  21. Dan

    Does anyone know why Rogers advertises 2 different 6GB plans?

    -A “regular” 6GB plan
    -A LTE 6GB plan

    If I’m planning on getting an LTE device (GS2 or Raider), do I need to upgrade my existing 6GB plan that I’ve had from the beginning of its existence to a 6G LTE plan? Assuming, as usual a new term is attached to that…which wouldn’t surprise me at all.

    I just want to make sure I got all my bases covered before I purchase one.


    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Dan, it will depend if you want to access the LTE network or not. If you do, you’ll need an LTE device and an LTE plan and of course be in an LTE enabled area. If you just want to use an LTE device on the HSPA+ network, you don’t need to move to an LTE plan.

      Hope this helps clarify. Let me know if you have any other questions.

      1. Dan

        So if I currently have the 30$/6GB data plan, can I have it changed to an LTE plan or do I have to upgrade with a new service agreement?

      2. RogersNicolas

        Hi Dan, it’s best to speak with a rep about your specifics as we don’t have access to your account details here. You can reach them on Twitter (@RogersHelps), Facebook ( or through the traditional methods at

      3. Dan

        Thank you for the information. You guys do great work here on the RedBoard.