Rogers Reservation System: iPhone 4S update

Many of you have been asking for an update about when you’ll get your iPhone 4S that you reserved through our Reservation System. Some of you have asked about how you’ll be notified, when your iPhone 4S  will arrive in store, and how we will manage inventory for this great new smartphone.

We are allocating inventory to the Reservation System.  We are excited to tell you that we have begun fulfilling reserved orders and we will continue to ship reserved orders as inventory becomes available from Apple.

When your device is ready to ship, you will receive an email from us with a link to track your shipment until it arrives at the store of your choice.  If you don’t get an email letting you know your device is ready this weekend, fear not, you’re still on the list. By being on our reservation system you don’t have to line up or look for stores that have an iPhone left.  Keep an eye on your email starting early next week. We’ll send you an update on your place in line.

Remember you can always check where you are in line and the status of your reservation by visiting

We know that some of you may choose to go to a store to try to get a smartphone this weekend. That’s okay too, because your $40 reservation fee is totally refundable. All you have to do is cancel your reservation and we’ll give you back your $40.

We’ll continue to keep you updated.

UPDATE: (October 16, 2011, 5pm): We have now shipped thousands of devices and many of you will soon receive a notification that your device has been shipped. We continue to receive more inventory and have put extra staff in place so we can get the devices sent out as quickly as possible.  At this point stores are selling out. But since you have reserved a device you are guaranteed to get one without having to line up or phone to see if there are any available. To track the progress of your reservation you can log on to MyRogers.

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781 comments on “Rogers Reservation System: iPhone 4S update

  1. Kristopher

    How can I cancel my reservation ?

    1. RogersMary

      You can do that by logging into your My Rogers account.

      1. xsiteable

        Where Mary I can’t even find my status in MyRogers – can you tell me where I should see that?

      2. RogersMelanie

        Hey there, if you sign into MyRogers and go into the device registration area (as if you were to reserve another device) the iPhone status info should be there.

      3. xsiteable

        Ok that’s where I go and it just says “Your hardware cannot be completed at this time”.

        This is the same issue I had BEFORE I made my reservation. I had to call to get this issue resolved in my acct – which delayed my reservation by several hours.

      4. RogersMelanie

        You may need to speak to a rep then. I’m not sure what the issue was the first time so can’t say for sure.

      5. Will McCormick

        I had this exact same issue “Hardware Upgrade cannot be completed at this time”. I also did call a rep as indicated by RogersMelanie below and the rep told me they could do nothing for me and to use the online website help. So I contacted the online website help whom also did nothing for me …. Thanks Rogers!

        P.S. I did finally get to reserve using the website. Today the reservation tab has been renamed to “Waitlist” … You really should consider doing something for your customer base here.

    2. Will McCormick

      What is the point of a reservation system that doesn’t serve those people that reserved first? I get why from a $$ perspective Rogers did this but it’s very unprofessional and it’s not how any organization should treat it’s customers. I had trouble making the reservation and trouble getting help to make the reservation online and by phone. They system was flawed and overall I wasted a few hours and for what? Here is a tip for your next iPhone release set expectations early. Tell your customer base that upgrades will not be available until a month after release. When you set expectations you don’t get a disgruntled customer base. This is such bad PR for something so easy to manage. The fact that I don’t have an iPhone 4S does not bother me a bit the fact that I was mislead by an organization I give hundreds of dollars a month too … your damn right that bothers me.

      1. Will McCormick

        So it gets worse ….

        Last Thursday my device was marked as shipped. The FAQ under shipping reads “Once the device is in inventory, it could take up to four days to ship to the store you chose. ” So I called Rogers today and was told there is no tracking number for my shipment and they don’t know why and that I must play the “Waiting Game”.

        I also have gotten a lot of really bad customer service regarding the reservation system. Rogers has done nothing to enable thier staff and they are frusterated as well. What a Fiasco.

        Can someone reading this please make this right? Two weeks 3 days and counting ….

      2. Rogers_Chris

        Will, the store will call you when your device arrives for pickup.

      3. Will McCormick

        Informing me the store will call me does not make any part of this experience better. How is this at all different then what I posted above (“Waiting Game”)? This is exactly what I have a problem with … Where is you’re value added?

        I now have been waiting over two weeks for something I reserved. I had problems reserving it and poor customer support with those problems. Then I got the MyRogers where my device is marked as shipped last Thursday .. over a week ago but it doesn’t have a tracking number I find out today through customer service. ( That means it’s not acutally shipped :P )

        I find it odd that even though it hasn’t been shipped I can no longer cancel my “reservation” any more because Rogers has it marked as shipped on the website. That is odd isn’t is?

        Anyone else experiencing this?

        I’m determined to see the reservation system through at this point. I’ll document the rest of my experiences here and hopefully it does some good for your business. This reservation system is a complete failure from a customer satisfaction perspective.

  2. Rob

    My reservation has been “in progress” for days now..what does that really mean? (other than the stated message on the site which doesnt really explain)

    1. Rivix

      I have the same status. Has this meant nothing for days? I though the shipping would have started.

  3. kris

    Really??? mine was in processing on monday. And you guys couldnt possibly shipped it then so that it would be at the store for friday? Disappointed.

  4. Jana

    Hi. I just had a few questions and I was wondering if you can get me some answers:

    1. Is the 40$ a deposit only? Do I get it back when I actually get the phone?

    2. How much are activation/hardware upgrade fees? Where can I get more information about this.

    I’m trying to figure out how much money (other than the price of the phone) will I be required to pay and I didn’t find this on Rogers website.

    Thank you!

    1. RogersMary

      Hi Jana. A customer service rep can help you when you pick up the device or you can check out our HUP eligibility tool at But yes, that is a deposit.

      1. Mike

        The tool that says “we’ll review your account and email you shortly” but never get an email 36 hours later?

        I already have a feeling i’ll be screwed anyways – last year i wanted to upgrade to the 4, but despite having the 3G and 3GS first day, i was still told to basically pay full price. (My bill is $130 after tax)

        Your account systems are beyond messed up – it’s becoming increasingly frustrating trying to figure out everything from beginning to end

        Why a reservation system? Why not just good old plain order? Why do I have to put down $40? this is really not something that makes sense considering you’re just increasing the amount of steps required to get what I want

        So right now I’ve got a $40 deposit landing on my bill, for a phone where I have no idea where it’s at with no idea how much I need to spend to get it –

        oh wait, just finally got the email! now i have to pay an early upgrade fee… when i haven’t upgraded in 28 months? rrriiigghhttt

  5. Dimitri

    Yes but i have been IN PROGRESS since Sunday afternoon. It does not take Rogers 4 days to ( package / get label & ship) the phones. I was the first #17 & yet im still in progress… No email no nothing. Called my store & they told me they got phones but none for us. Is this how Rogers deals with people when they want our business ?

  6. Anish Chopra

    My status says “In Progress”, but I haven’t received any email. When will I get it?

  7. Steve

    What about some better pricing?

    You provided an upgrade path for the 3G, 3GS, 4… now you’re screwing us?

    1. RogersMary

      Hi Steve. As we said last year, we can’t offer a special upgrade offer for iPhone every year. This year, our early upgrade promotion allows all customers to upgrade to the device of their choice, as early as six months into their current contract term.

      1. Jason

        Mary that’s a bit disingenuous. It’s not an early upgrade promotion if you are charging people $20 a month for a HUP! Customers who upgrade after 6 months have to pay an early upgrade fee of $20 x 24 months = $480. That is over and above the $35 HUP fee and cost of the device. This makes the iPhone 4S cheaper if purchased directly at the Apple Store, where you get the added benefit of getting a factory unlocked phone. I hope you understand the frustration your customers are feeling with your new early upgrade fee system being simply a cash grab for Rogers.

      2. Ted

        Thank you for addressing this. In the other 750 post thread, we weren’t able to get one frank response from Rogers posters.

      3. Anon

        I think the disconnect here is that the Early Hardware Upgrade cost is with regard to the phone you initially received, not for the new phone. Depending on how far along you are in your contract, the Early Hardware Upgrade option is essentially a cheaper way than cancelling your contract and starting a new one. Quite a bit better than any other company in which you have no choice but to buy a phone full price when not yet eligible (even when you’re only a few months away).

  8. Steve

    So your telling me you did not get 170 16gb black iPhones for all of Canada…That must be the case because I have not received a email. I know its only $40 but Rogers now gets to collect interest on everyones money while we have to wait.

  9. Luca

    Great to hear! thank you for taking the time to give all of us that are impatiently waiting our shiny new toy some peace of mind !! :D

    1. RogersMary

      Appreciate the feedback, Luca! Have a great night.

  10. Tor

    my status has been “in progress” since Monday and I still don’t get any notification email.

    so you meant that ppl not getting their notification tonight have to wait for next week??

    then why my status has been “in progress” more almost a week?

  11. David

    My reservation says “In Progress” – so if I buy a phone at your store tomorrow I will take you at your word that: ” your $40 reservation fee is totally refundable”

    1. RogersMary

      Hi David. Yes, if you decide to buy your phone in store the $40 will be refunded.

      1. Roland

        What if I get it shipped ? Will that be refunded also ?

      2. RogersMelanie

        The $40 fee is automatically refunded once the device has been shipped (or cancelled if you do so online before you move to the ‘in process’ stage).

      3. Mike

        Hi RogersMary, David above stated his reservation was “In Progress”, as in, you can no longer make changes or cancel it because it is being prepared for shipment. You commented that if he decided to buy his phone in store, his $40 is refundable.

        I went to a local store that had the exact same phone I had on reservation, and they told me that because my reservation was in progress and could not be canceled, I have to wait for that phone and could not buy the one that they had in stock. This goes against your comment and was a very frustrating experience for me.

        Can you comment on why the store rejected my purchase because I had a reserved phone set to arrive at that store “sometime next week”? It seems that being one of the first to reserve essentially made it impossible for me to get a phone on launch day.

        Thank you for your feedback here.

  12. John

    I really thought by ordering the new iPhone 4s moments after the online reserve line was opened, I would have one in my hands tomorow. I can’t say I’m too happy knowing others can just walk into a store and buy one tomorrow. It seems to me that those who reserved one should be first in line, as it were. As I have yet to receive message 1 from Rogers I suppose it’s safe assume tomorrow is out.

    1. RogersMary

      Hi John, you still have the choice of going to purchase your device in store and you $40 reservation fee will be returned. The reservation system ensures you will get a device you selected if you don’t want to line up or look for stores that have an iPhone available.

      1. Robin

        You conviently left out the word eventually. Rogers sent texts to valued customers telling them to use the reservation system to make sure their first in line. This is an all out lie.

        I was 143 on the reservation list for the 16g 4s black. On Sunday my reservation changed to in progress. The way I see it. I already stood in line to get spot 143 early last Friday.

        This is fraud. Answer the people’s concern.

      2. Chris

        Completely agree.

      3. Keith

        No shipment to my Rogers store.
        Should have waited in line today.
        Lying to your customers is a good way to upset them.
        We’ll get our phones eventually, but that’s NOT THE POINT.
        Rogers should have made sure reservations were SHIPPED ON TIME.
        I could say much more, but I’ll be professional and leave it at that.

      4. Gary

        I agree also the way they worded their reservation note it insinuated that customers would get their reserved phones first. I don’t mind waiting a few days but If I don’t get my phone in the coming week I do not understand the concept of paying 40$ to wait for an item which is reserved.

      5. Tor

        PLEASE note here DEER RogersMary, if rogers svc system was not so dump enough to send different msg, then this is the original msg that I received: “Rogers svc msg: As a valued customer, we want to let you know that we have the Rogers Reservation System. This mean you could be one of the FIRST IN LINE in Canada for the next iPhone AS SOON AS IT’S AVALIABLE! Reply YES to be notified when the next iPhone can be reserved.” can you tell me what do you mean by first in line?? so according to what you just said, so those walk-in buyers are also in line???

  13. Andrew

    This isn’t really an update. I called my delivery store and they told me they have phiones for first come/first serve only. No reservation phones. Seems to me that your system should allot the reserved phiones first. I would hate to reserve for dinner only to find out they gave my table away to the first person that showed up.

    Can you confirm that phones in stores will go to reserved orders first?

    1. RogersMary

      Hi Andrew. Inventory was allocated to stores and the reservation system. Devices in stores will be available on a first come basis.

      If you have reserved a device, it will be shipped to the store of your choice, with your name on it.

      1. Kristin

        Does this mean that a store might get, for example, 100 First Come First Serve devices and 100 Reserved devices for the pre-orders to come out? (Those numbers are just examples, probably not accurate by any means.)

      2. RogersMary

        Close, but not exactly. The store will get their devices for sale but those for the reservation system are for all the phones on reserve… they’re sent to the stores individually, to the location the customer selected.

        Does that make sense?

        So for example (and this is hypothetical), say there are 100 16GB black devices allocated to the reservation system, then the first 100 people who reserved that device will have it shipped to the store of their choice. They go out by each person’s place on the list, not to the store.

      3. Kristin

        I guess this boils down to the whole question that asks if any of those Reserved allocations will be shipped to the store of a particular customer’s choice on October 14. Which I’m not entirely sure if you answered… Maybe I just need things spelled out really clearly.

      4. tim

        you still avoid his question, WHEN is it shipped. you just keep walking around it.

        Also i’ve now had 4 messages erased or not ‘approved’ for you boards

      5. RogersMary

        Tim – I have no way of knowing that. You can log into My Account to see your status. As for moderation, we approve all comments that are within our moderation guidelines.

  14. JMM

    How does “in progress” actually correspond to shipment? Does it mean the phone has actually been shipped, is being prepared to be shipped, or something else altogether? >*RogersMary*< please respond to this.

    1. Kristin

      “In Progress” means that it’s being prepared to ship. “Shipped” means that it’s shipped. It says so in the FAQ section of the reservation place on Rogers.

    2. RogersMary

      Hi JMM. Kristin is correct (thanks Kristin!). The FAQ is available here:

  15. Pat

    Are you going to change your early upgrade promotion for iPhones this year? How long after my phone has been delivered to the store do I have to cancel my reservation? Will I get my $40 deposit back?

    1. RogersMary

      Hi Pat. The early upgrade promotion is our current offering. You have 18 days to pick up your device and the $40 is fully refundable.

  16. Kristin

    I’m wondering if anyone has received their shipping email yet? Or if everyone still just has an “In Progress” status (or a number).

    1. Chris

      I got my email and it includes a tracking number for 26 devices, so I assume that’s how many people chose the store I chose for pickup. These were shipped last night according to UPS. Hugely disappointed in Rogers for this. Had I known that the stores were going to have first-come first-served phones, I never would have participated in the reservation system. I had assumed that I would have my phone today, release day.

      Tracking details:
      Concord, ON, Canada 10/13/2011 21:51 Departure Scan
      10/13/2011 19:26 Origin Scan
      Canada 10/13/2011 20:31 Order Processed: Ready for UPS

  17. Andrew

    Wy wouldn’t or didn’t Rogers allocate the first devices to the reservation list?

    1. RogersMary

      We allocated devices to both stores and the reservation system.

      1. Sara

        I called the store and they only have the non-reservation devices. I reserved early and have been in progress for days, so apparently the reservation system was useless. Why Rogers isn’t looking after those who reserved?

      2. Chloe Chen

        #17 in line above hasn’t even gotten a shipping notification yet so it seems NONE were allocated to reservation system.

  18. George

    Is there any way to see which locations will have what phones available Friday morning? I went into one today and they said they only have 16gb and 32gb models (no 64s).

    1. RogersMary

      Hi George – Sorry, I don’t have that information. Best to call ahead.

  19. Me

    I think the reservation system was a big fail….I thought the whole point was so that you could get it as soon as rogers would have it….I have talked to 12 Rogers stores they ALL received their chunks of the phones however not many online reservations have been filled yet…….

    Also what is the point of the $40 “deposit” I really dont get this. I pay you $40, as soon as I pick up the phone or cancel the order I get the $40 back…..

    1. Tor

      yea. I do think the reservation system is REALLY a big FAIL.

      my status just stay there for 5 days and it seems that rogers need 5 days to tag and mail the iphone?

    2. marisa

      HUGE FAIL!!
      I won’t be doing this again. PRE ORDER is not really a benefit to the customer but it’s really a benefit to ROGERS. They get a good idea of the # of phones they will be selling the first week. They are just disguising it in a way that they they the stupid client will think is really a gift.

      We are actually LAST in line.

      Thanks a lot Rogers. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

      After 10+ years I thought maybe just maybe you’d throw your “VIP” customers a bone once and a while.

      I’m sad.
      This is sad.
      And UNHAPPY customer.

      1. George Guerrette

        +1 for this post. This reservation system is a sham. Reminds me of Sienfeld’s whole “you know how to take a reservation; you just don’t know how to HOLD a reservation”.

        The other problem is that, after all this time and probably this being Rogers’ third experience with iPhone launch-day activations, you’d think it would be able to anticipate the server loads… maybe lease some server time from a third party for a for days. But NO; the system is down.

        I am a Rogers customer for EIGHTEEN YEARS, I use almost all the services they offer, and I am THROUGH. This BS “reservation system”, the shell game you go through when you call up to try and adjust your services to save a little money (about every six months I go through this… after 90 minutes with a CSR it never seems like I wound up saving much money), and then the unbelievable network crash today… I have such a BAD TASTE in my mouth it’s crazy.

        As soon as Bell’s “Fibe” hits my area, I am pulling my cable TV, internet, home phone and long distance from Rogers. As soon as my mobile agreements are done, those will be gone, too.

        The sad part is that Bell will be just as much a PITA as Rogers is… but at least Rogers won’t be getting my money anymore.

    3. RogersMary

      The reservation is intended to ensure you will get the device you selected, to the store you want. You do have the option of visiting your local store tomorrow if you don’t want to wait.

      1. marisa

        Wish you would have said that last week when I was up all night trying to order. This is NOT what I or anyone else thought was going to happen. I expected to get my phone tomorrow. If I order something 1 week in advance then I think that’s enough notice to get my order to me, regardless of where it is.

        Expect a VERY angry email mob of unsatisfied customers in the next 24 hours.

      2. Chloe Chen

        I agree, should have explained much clearer on what the “phone registration” system is. There is no point of reserving it when we don’t get it first. I’m #68 and there aren’t even at least 100 phones reserved for this?! Totally unacceptable. Explain clearer next time.

      3. Sara

        So you are saying that those who reserved have to wait? This pre-order/ reservation system was a huge disappointment on Rogers behalf. I wait awhile and I can get the device I want from anywhere. This reservation system led people to believe that they would be first in line for the new iPhone 4S, not ….oh, we will get it to you sometime. We “have the option of visiting your local store”, I thought that was why we reserved….. to be first in line.

      4. John


        Here’s the problem with your answer. There are huge lines at the store. Those of us who made a reservation did so assuming that we could avoid these lines. When you make a reservation at a restaurant it means you avoid the line. My iPhone has not even been shipped and I made the reservation (by your own messaged offer) in good faith, believing the phone would be in my hand today. In fact I had counted on that being the case. I had a reservation, why wouldn’t I assume the phone would be in my hands today?

        I, like many others, woke up very early last Friday to ensure that would be the case. Now you are telling us, oh well, you can always get into line with those who did not take the time to make a reservation. By my estimation that is both insulting and unfair.

        Despite what Anon might say to the contrary, this is a huge fail!!

      5. Katelyn

        “Rogers svc msg: As a valued customer, we want to let you know that we have the Rogers Reservation System. This mean you could be one of the FIRST IN LINE in Canada for the next iPhone AS SOON AS IT’S AVALIABLE! Reply YES to be notified when the next iPhone can be reserved.”

        The reservation system was definitely NOT marketed the way you’ve just described. I understand its your job to reply according to script, but its obvious that the script is a poor scramble to cover tracks. None of us are dumb enough to believe it.

    4. Anon

      I think it’s a bit early to call it a fail considering the phone isn’t even released yet. At this point, by reserving a device, you don’t have to consistently call in to every single store every single day to see if they have devices in stock which is what has happened for every company every single iPhone release. Compare what you have access to now (automated update systems) to before and having to call in every day to get a cellphone. Sure there are going to be phones sent directly to stores for people who are willing to wait in line and spend a few hours of their time to get a phone..frankly I’d rather not go through that and pay $40 to have a phone delivered to a store and let me know when it gets there… Quite a WIN in my opinion.

      1. WIN? How is it win when even though we did not wait in line we still stayed up until 5 am to do this seemingly useless preorder. Why I wait a few weeks and every store will have some on hand and I can get them WITHOUT waiting in line OR preordering. So how does this useless preorder system differ from that, because I was 20th NATIONWIDE and I still did not receive any shipping email. I have been stuck at IN PROGRESS for 5 days, yes it takes them 5 days to put on a shipping label and hand it over to UPS/Canada Post. I probably get it next week or who knows, but for those that are in the thousandth place, they might as well wait a month or two to buy it regularly. They won’t have to pay the 40 deposit and they don’t have to be disappointed by such a fail system.

  20. Tor

    okay now I know that the “RogersMary” just answers the question that almost everybody knows but she’s not going to answer anything frommost of us who pre-orderd at a very front position but not getting what they deserve

    1. Chloe Chen

      The whole reservation system is bogus that’s why she’s not answering

    2. jason

      so my original text msg i received from ROGERS stated and i QUOTE
      “Rogers svc msg: As a vakued customer, we want to let you know that we have the Rogers Reservation System. This means you could be one of the first in line in Canada for the bext iphone as soon as its available! Reply YES to be notifide when the next iphone can be reserved.
      Visit to learn more

      So based on this text message, is FALSE advertisement from ROGERS, i can honestly see someone starting a class action over this one, as we would have all received this message that currently own a iphone and deal with rogers

      Not a good day for Rogers, if my device isn’t there tomorrow and being the 52nd in canada to reserve it, guess i will see what other carrier has it available and cancel my service here. If there is a lawsuit with false advertsing let me know

      1. nafizur

        Hi all,

        I’m more than dissapointed in rogers for putting up false ads just to make some quick cash. My friend is a big apple fan and he doesn’t take dissapointment that well. He is a lawyer and was interested in starting a Class Action Law Suit against Rogers for misleading ads. However, we need people to sign up and willing to go through this. If you think you are one of the people who is interested in a class action law suit, please reply stating so, this way we can get an idea how many people are willing to do so. Rogers, you guys are bunch of whackos; always taking advantage of customers who are putting out thousands of dollars yearly.


      2. Saldon

        I agree, we should have a lawyer for preorder benefit. Everybody who reserved the phone expecte that they can touch a phone today. It’s really a BIG LIAR, I totally support an idea sue Rogers for this misleading ads.

      3. Gerard

        I was thinking the exact same thing.

  21. RogersMary

    Hi Everyone.

    Some of you have asked what “In Progress” means. That’s to say that the shipment process has begun. The next email you receive will be an email with a link to track your shipment until it arrives at the store you selected to pick up the device.

    Full details of how the reservation works can be found here:

    1. Peter

      Thanks for this post.
      On MyRogers, Mm order is “in progress” and I get the message that I cannot cancel the order (cancel button is gone). But I want to cancel it.
      I spent pretty much all day yesterday on the phone with Rogers customer care, with my designated pick up store, or waiting for the online MyRogers support system to get through the queue. I never once got a straight answer for how to cancel the order. My designated store said they can’t cancel it. Customer care couldn’t cancel it. The online chat support couldn’t cancel it.
      Mary, how do I cancel my order, short of showing up at the store wheni tarrives (and likely waiting in yet another line)?

      1. RogersMary

        Hi Peter.

        Once it’s “in progress”, you can’t change or cancel the reservation until you get the shipment notification. At that time, just call the store to where you device is being shipped and let them know that you do not need it anymore.

        Your reservation fee will be reversed automatically.

        Hope that helps!

  22. CanuckDrew

    So to clarify, for those of us who have had the “in progress” status since last Sunday, and no confirmation email with a tracking number, am I too assume I won’t get the phone tomorrow? Incidently, prior to my status changing to “in progress”, I was number 11 and had reserved my phone at 5:45am on Oct.7—making me the 11th person in Canada to reserve. Now I may not receive my phone tomorrow? Hogwash.

  23. Jon Whitlock

    This isn’t meant to be a rant, but i really feel rogers dropped the ball on this ‘reservation’ system.

    res·er·va·tion   [rez-er-vey-shuhn]
    the act of keeping back, withholding, or setting apart.

    going by the definition of ‘reservation’ and its context with the rogers reservation system it implies that an iphone 4s should be kept back, with held or set apart from general sale ones for those who reserved them correct?

    If I make a reservation at a restaurant and go there to eat at the most popular time with people lining up, i will get a table because I reserved it.

    iphone 4s launches and I reserve one for myself, there will be some getting delivered to the store i requested, yet there will be people who turn up without a reservation and get it before i will?

    I think whoever works in the marketing department at rogers should be sacked for naming something what it clearly isn’t.

    1. Zvet

      So by your example if the restaurant has free tables that are not reserved anybody how walks off the street can sit down on a first come first serve basis. I think the reservation system works perfectly – what no one seems to be noticing – and please Rogers, correct me if I’m wrong, is that there is a small inventory for the reservation system – I think they Rogers has double inventory – one for new clients and some for customers doing HUPs – hope it isn’t like last year where you walk into a store and they ask you “is it a new activation or a HUP” right out the door – I know you are dealing with limited quantity and business decisions are always to attract new customers first but it was just too ugly.

  24. Alex

    This is getting more and more confusing. Are you guys saying that even if I was #163, I’ll simply not get the phone on Friday even if it’s been in progress since at least Monday. From what I have read nobody got there reservation set to shipped as of 10pm EST. I would have prefer if you guys had told us up front that shipping would not start before the 14th with a deliver the following week.

  25. Tim

    Next time when you announce “Reserve your phone”, please also provide information of when you actually plan to start shipping the devices.

    People here are disappointed, including me, because we assumed that we could get our “reserved” device on the release day WITHOUT doubt.

    If you mentioned “It does not mean you will receive your reserved device on 14th” with big letters, I was ready NOT to get my iPhone 4S tomorrow. (and probably LESS disappointed.)

    Thanks for understanding your customer thoughts.

  26. Steve

    This doesn’t at all mean “reserved” it’s more like we let you order an iPhone 4S to be shipped to the store near you. This has got to be the biggest let down yet Robbers!

  27. Kirsty

    I feel that the time I spent planning and researching (on my own because when I stopped in at my local Rogers Plus store to ask about availability the employee told me I “should just wait because the iPhone 5 is coming out soon so what’s the point?”!!!) how I could reserve and guarantee a 4S on release day as I will be at work all day and not in a position to line up at a store was a waste of time and effort. Disappointed.

  28. dewy

    MARY!!! cmon….your making us pay a special $50 extra bucks to use rogers the least you could do is answer the question everyone is asking and your ignoring!!! all of us that have been IN PROGRESS since the beginning of the week….whats the deal with that? when can we expect our phones to changes to shipped?!?!

  29. niko frustrato

    Very disappointing on how Rogers is handling the reservation system. Its a good concept but very flawed execution. I waited all night to get into the rogers que but it was not online till 3am pst. At that time i was under the impression i would be able to pick up my phone this friday as i did not take the day off of work. Now I am forced to wait a undetermined amount of time while my order sits in limbo. I cant cancel my reservation as i cannot wait in line and all the iphones be gone in 15 min. I am frustrated that rogers is treating this reservation system like we are in a third world country. Some countries have already received their preorders and the states carriers will get their preorders on the first day as well. But us here in the north get screwed again.

    The way Rogers spins this reservation fiasco really undermines its customers. Compared to the states we pay a much higher price with 3rd rate service. I would go with bell or telus by now but they are also behind the curve as well.

  30. marisa

    Rogers Reservation System is a sham.

    They wrapped it up in a pretty little bow.  Made us think that we were receiving special treatment for being a Rogers Customer.  I admit, I fell for it.  I went around bragging that I wouldn’t have to stand in line, I was smart and stayed up all night tried at 3am to order and diligently returned at 05:45am when their system crashed and they left a note asking people to try again at 6am.  I fell for it hook line and sinker.

    And all this was, was a way for the numbers guys at Rogers to get pretty decent figures.  They get a fairly accurate quantity sold (to sell) a week in advance.  It’s brilliant on their part except  for the fact that they screwed over all of their loyal costumers.  

    There is really nothing beneficial to ordering it a week in advance.  “expect to receive shipping emails some time early next week”?  Really Rogers?? That’s the best you can do for people that set an alarm on a weekday, a work day, a school day just to be the first to order online like you asked us.  How do you thank us?  By really putting us at the back of the line?

    That’s terrible.

    It shows how you REALLY feel about your customers.  We are all a bunch of chumps to you.

    I’m disappointed and I feel like a fool for wasting my precious sleep to stay up and let you hold my $40 for a week.

    Thanks for nothing.

    A VERY unhappy customer!

    1. Anon

      Right now I work for Bell..and I have a Rogers phone. Quite frankly, a lot of people are bashing how Rogers does business but have you stopped and taken a look at what the other options are? I work at a retail store and there is no reservation system. You’re only choice as a Bell customer would be to constantly call in to the store every day to see if we have stock or stand in line on launch date. I really don’t see why people are complaining about this reservation system… I’d gladly have $40 on hold so that I don’t have to waste my time constantly calling in and checking to see if I can get a phone…

      1. marisa

        If you really do work for Bell (its the internet so you never really do “know”) then you probably would think this was hunky dorey because compared to Bell this probably is better but it’s really not.  You’ve just been in the dark soooo long you can’t see how bad THIS really is.

        They flat out lied to us.  This reservation system is a joke and I wouldn’t be surprised if the media blows this up tomorrow when all the Rogers clients start rioting (the nerd version ie, emails, message boards, calls etc) when they wake up tomorrow and realize the email with their tracking # isn’t going to arrive.

        I’m not saying the 8000th person on the reserve list should be getting that email but at the very least the first few hundred should be getting them before some Joe Shmoe that has nothing better to do on a Friday morning (or Thursday night) then sit in line.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t have that kind of time.

      2. Anon2.0

        Thank You! So many people complaining. I’ve been following the comments/board since Oct. 7th. The Rogers workers (Mary, Chris etc) have already mentioned multiple times that theirs no guarantee you’ll get the phone on the 14th. Even the main posts don’t say anything about people getting their phones on the 14th, just says you’re guaranteed a phone. I really don’t see why so many people are freaking out.

        I personally don’t mind waiting a few extra days to get my phone especially when I know I’m guaranteed one. I don’t have to wait hours in line or call random stores to find out when their next shipment of phones come in. Once it’s at the store, all I have to do is pick it up. Whether it’s picked up on Launch day or not doesn’t really make a difference, either way I’m getting a phone. (& this is coming from an iPhone user whos been iPhone less for 2 mnths and has been counting down the days for a new one)

      3. AK

        Anon – the complaint was that all Rogers customers received a text saying that we can reserve our phone on Oct 7. We weren’t told that the wait time would be ridiculous. And people who have been “In Progress” since Saturday, it means that they can’t even cancel their reservation and take their chances in line even if they wanted to. Poor service

      4. RogersMelanie

        Hey AK, you can cancel your reservation whenever you’d like. If your status is ‘in progress’ you just need to call the store where the device is being sent and let them know. The $40 fee is automatically credited to your account when the device ships from the warehouse.

  31. Meowmix

    Honestly Rogers has been very stupid & has not been truthful to us. I wrote a blog about this & i got a email from Toronto Sun to post it on the website. Honestly i might do it. This is really dumb that OUR PHONES HAVE BEEN IN PROGRESS SINCE SUNDAY & YET ITS THURSDAY NIGHT A DAY BEFORE THE LAUNCH & ITS STILL IN PROGRESS. Learn to be truthful to your costumers. I am tired of hearing all the Rogers reps saying different things. Some people said they got a email & yet none of us have gotten it. Some stores told me & a few others that they do have the reservation phones in stock.

    This is kinda making me think is Rogers a company that lies to get money out of you?

    Best buy, Future shop, Telus, Bell, Apple will give you your pre ordered phone at LAUNCH. Rogers smarten up. I want a rep to answer me tho. Not ignore it like Melanie & the rest do.

    1. Meowmix I have a blog too. Are you on technorati, I would like to backlink to your blog because I will write one on this if i do not get my iphone on friday. Also I will call up some of my friends from CBC to let them scope up on this nice juicy piece of news that ROGERS failed once again like when iphone 4 came out. You would think they learn by now. But no, they still take an entire week for a device to be inprogress which basically means simply to put on a shipping label and toss it over to UPS/Canada post.
      I used to have an online business while i was still in highschool, I had to send out over 50 individual shoes per week manually by hand and it still only took me 2 days max to get it shipped out to my customers.

  32. Dave

    If my status says “in progress” and no longer shows my position, does that mean it will be a iphone 4s that is shipped to a store beginning tomorrow? It has been in progress for a few days now.

  33. Jason

    Suffice it to say Mary, I don’t think a single Rogers customer in Canada has received a shipping notification email. This is where customers are getting upset. Also you claim that Rogers stores have received stock for day of sale AND for reservations, yet many have called into their local Rogers store and have been told they have not received any shipments for people in the reservation system.

    I am very curious to see how this whole reservation system pans out in the end tomorrow.

    1. tim

      I and others would like answers to THIS as well, its only been asked a dozen times now, you’d think that some one could answer it before tomorrow

  34. Alan

    I too fell for the reservation system, so much in fact, I sold my iPhone 4 once my place in line seemed secure. When it went into “in progress” early this week, I felt pretty good about my decision. However, with the launch just a few hours away…no sign of my phone at my pickup store. I now regret not going to Best Buy on Saturday morning to get a guaranteed phone on Friday. Staying up till 3am was a complete waste of time. Massive fail Rogers. Thanks for making me phone-less for even longer than necessary.

  35. Rob

    So utterly disappointed with Rogers….After 12 years I’m finally contemplating taking my multiple lines elsewhere…

  36. I was position number 9 and 24 in the system. Been in progress for a week. I fully expect that I will get an email soon.. After midnight? As of now I have not, for those interested.

  37. jason

    so my original text msg i received from ROGERS stated and i QUOTE
    “Rogers svc msg: As a valued customer, we want to let you know that we have the Rogers Reservation System. This means you could be one of the first in line in Canada for the bext iphone as soon as its available! Reply YES to be notified when the next iphone can be reserved.
    Visit to learn more

    So based on this text message, is FALSE advertisement from ROGERS, i can honestly see someone starting a class action over this one, as we would have all received this message that currently own a iphone and deal with rogers

    Not a good day for Rogers, if my device isn’t there tomorrow and being the 52nd in canada to reserve it, guess i will see what other carrier has it available and cancel my service here. If there is a lawsuit with false advertsing let me know

  38. James

    I think Roger’s Reservation System is a huge disappointment.
    You expect to get first priority because you RESERVED the phone. you stayed up till 3:00AM to pre-order a phone. But no..

  39. Chloe Chen

    If you are frustrated with all the comments from customer, please explain the concept of “reservation” better. Being in the tmt business, your communication is horrible.

  40. Mary please tell me why my status was IN PROGRESS since Sunday and I still did not receive an email about the tracking number. Please tell me why it takes an entire week to “start” the shipping process and still not have it shipped out.
    Also please explain why Rogers could not make it clear or just give an estimation of when pre-ordered devices on the 7th when everyone stayed up until 5 am in the morning just so they could be on the top of the list. Why couldn’t Rogers just say: people that are 1-100th place in line will estimated to get their phone at such a time, people that are 100-500th in line will get their phone at such a time…etc.
    Instead of confusing everyone by no knowing anything and not giving any solid information. People are frustrated because they spent a lot of effort to reserve the phone so that they can get it on the launch date, not so that they can get it a week later. It may seem like a few days but the whole point of wanting to reserve a phone early and staying up until 5 just to get to the top of the list was so that we get our phones on the launch date.

  41. Tommy

    I like how “RogersMary” updates us the day before iPhone4s launches LOL

  42. Andrei

    Ya, I have to say I’m extremely dissapointed in how the reservations system has been implemented. I figured that by being 78th in the entire country and putting down a deposit last week that I could at least expect to get my phone on the same day as those standing in line. Why is it that a preorder from Apple guarantees a phone on launch day but not from Rogers? If stock could be allocated and delivered to stores in time for launch then why not the reservations stock as well for the first batch at least. As it stands a small amount of non-reserved stock is available for first come first serve but NONE of the reserved units have been shipped. How is this possible if seperate inventory was allocated for the reservation system. This is a collasal fail and I hope every affected customer on the reservation list calls to complain. Rogers should at least offer some compensation for this let down.

    1. Andrei O.

      I’ll take back what I said, just got my shipping confirmation this morning with delivery by Tuesday. That said, I think a lot fo the frustration/confusion on the part of customers could have been avoided if Rogers had given us more information about shipping dates ahead of time. Lessons to be learned for both customers and Rogers I think. Next time I’ll try and give them the benefit of the doubt but I still think all early preorders should have been able to pick up their phones on the actual launch date. Perhaps this was a strategic move on the part of Rogers to spread out activations over a few days and avoid having their system crushed live every other iPhone launch. Last year my phone took till 7pm to activate and I was in the door at store opening. Perhaps this system was designed to take some of the pressure off.

      1. RogersMelanie

        Thanks for this feedback Andrei. Please keep in mind that these devices are reserved, not pre-ordered. The system was meant to secure a device and alleviate the need to line up for consecutive days in hopes of getting one. I will pass these suggestions on to the internal teams.

      2. RogersCustomer

        Funny, it clearly says “Pre-order” in the iPhone 4S banner on the Rogers home page.

      3. tim


        it still does it clearly say PRE-ORDER on the left bubble and LEARN MORE on the right bubble

        So right NOW as I type this you OFFICIAL home page is lying, go check it out your self

      4. tim

        there both the same WORD, YOUR just choosing to use the different meanings for them,, lol what a joke

      5. MCR

        The text message I received FROM ROGERS told me that this was a a way to be “first in line for the next iPhone as soon as it is AVAILABLE”. Note the word available in the text message Rogers sent me. I was purposely misled by this, if I had known that the reservation system was just whenever you guys felt like getting devices out to us I would have pre-oredered unlocked right from Apple. Instead you wait until the night before the phone comes out to clarify this. I’ll be calling Rogers customer care tonight to close out my 150$ a month account and it’s directly because of this misleading.

      6. Gian

        I feel very misled by the reservation system. I was under the impression that by getting up early reserving my phone at number 150 and putting down a $40 deposit i would be assured a phone at launch day. Now it seems reserving a phone gave me no priority place in line at all.

        My phone has been sitting “in progress” since monday and I have no information at all about when i will be getting it.

      7. Stan

        Please check the website, it clearly says “Pre-order”.

        “FIRST in line for the next iPhone as soon as it is AVAILABLE”.

        What a joke.

      8. Rogers_Chris

        Try clearing your cache, it should have been updated.

      9. Stan

        After clearing the cache, the iPhone 4S banner on the Rogers home page still clearly say PRE-ORDER!

  43. Anon

    Yes I agree Tor. She simply answers questions that are in the Rogers handbook and dodges all the questions based on the faulty/misleading concept of a “reservation system”. By the time we get our new device their will be no line to stand in so their, ” You’re first in line/ Since you don’t have time to wait in line”, advertising strategy is just a farce.

  44. smspiff

    Just to be clear, since this question has not been answered directly. Will anyone who pre-ordered be getting a phone delivered to a store in Friday? My pre-order has been “in progress” since Sunday. I, reasonably, assumed that given that I had a low order pre-order and that it has been “in progress” for almost a week that I would be able to get it on Friday. If that is not the case then why did I stay up until 3am to pre-order? I realize that there needs to be stock for walk-ins. I will just be unimpressed if no pre-orders are shipped to the store for Friday.

    1. RogersMelanie

      I have no way of knowing when your device will arrive. It’s best to keep an eye on your status and watch for the shipping email.

  45. Chopski

    Hahahahaha totally boycotting now as well original 100, what a joke! Sell Rogers stock and boycott for life. Goodbye CEO!

  46. Mark F

    I suggest the following system for next year:
    1) get national reservation list
    2) break down that list into an individual list for each store
    3) provide each store with that list pre launch, along with the initial shipment quantity/models to that store so they can send notification emails
    4) let the store know, they have to put aside 50% of all shipments towards the reservation list in sequential order until the reservations for that store are fulfilled.
    5) everybody’s happy and has a fair shot at getting their iPhones on launch day!

  47. Luke

    Please explain why are people who don’t reserve ahead of time getting their phones before people who have reserved. Doesn’t that completely defeat the purpose of reserving? By the time the reserved phones arrive at the stores, any individual who decides to get an iphone on the spot without any kind of reservation of line-up can get them just as easily. This is just unintuitive and the fact that this process wasn’t made clear to any of the customers was just plain unprofessional.

    I think those of us who put up the $40 and extra effort deserves at least some kind of explanation of:
    1. Why are people who didn’t reserve or line up getting their phones before us.
    2. Why was the process from reserving to receiving the phone not made clear to us last week.

    To be honest if I’m not too lazy to make some phone calls, I’d be demanding some kind of compensation for such unprofessional behaviour and just plain illogical decisions on rogers’ part.

  48. JoshKing

    Very sad about this… since when does a walk-in customer get anything before a pre-ordered customer. Total Fail

  49. BlackestKnight

    Gee, here’s an idea. Instead of shipping reserved phones individually AFTER launch, why not tally up reservations per store and send them out in batches labelled “reserved” with a list of customer accounts they are reserved to ? So the stores, instead of getting “First Come First Served” batches, get a bunch of reserved phones for the people who “waited” in line since the “Pre-Order”. If there’s any extra, allocate that to “First Come, First Served” people.

    Now, I’m not marketing guru or genius, but doesn’t that idea strike anyone else as… “logical” ? You’re telling us no one at Rogers had this simple idea ?

    1. whatever

      It might also help to have more than 10 phones in stock in the store.

  50. MB

    I was 77 on the list and just got my email that the 4S has been shipped!! On a side note there was no lineup at the futreshop by my place. I called and asked how many phones they have and they said 10.

  51. Ted

    7:55 est……I just got my shipping email from Rogers

  52. MD

    I was 3rd in the iPhone 4S pre-order and received my shipping notice about 10 minutes ago.

    Should be at my store by “end of day” today.

  53. Ted

    Also, status has been updated to “shipped”

  54. Tor

    thanks god I already got the notification email.

    saying that the iphone left 20:19 from Vaughan last night and I was in position 199 originally.

    just wondering that Rogers doesn’t have any warehouse around Ottawa?

    1. Andy

      Position 199 for which model?

      1. Garry

        black 16 gb

      2. Andy

        Mary – how could this be? I am glad that Garry is getting his phone today. However, I was before him in line and still haven’t received my shipment email.

      3. RogersMelanie

        He could have reserved a different version of the iPhone 4s.

      4. Kirsty

        I was before Garry in line for this EXACT item – what is going on????

    2. tim

      I in the 150’s and have been there for days for the black 64 gb and its still in “in progress” not even shipped. This whole “Rogers Reservation System” was a joke

  55. Yes please Mary, explain how it takes an ENTIRE week to prepare something to ship before another 4 business days (+ the weekend) to ship it out. Meaning people who have been in progress since the beginning of the week will probably only get their phones at the end of next week.

    AFter that people who got their ‘in progress’ notification later this week can probably see their phones coming 2 weeks from now.

    Its like we are reserving the right to be last lol which is hilarious as the add you guys have up on google for this reservation system says ‘be one of the first in line to get an iPhone 4S so that you can be one of the first to have one when it comes out!’

    LOL what a joke. Also i don’t expect you to reply to this because you don’t reply to anyones questions unless they are the most obvious questions ever like: Rogers how do order a phone?

    When it comes to the tough know the ones that people actually keep asking over and over and over and over and over and over you guys keep silent.

    then again not your fault as I’m sure you have higher up saying not to answer them but a little response like ‘sorry Andrew we are not able to give out that information’ would be kind or even ‘Hi Andrew i know you are upset as are others. WE here on the red board understand what your saying. We are trying our best to sort this out but our hands are tied’…just something.

    1. Bo

      Epic failure. Period. I have no faith in Rogers any more.

  56. Ted

    My ups tracking number states that my item is out for delivery and will be delivered to my local rogers store in Hamilton by end of day.

    Rogers came through in the end (with the reservation system)

    1. MCR

      What number were you on the list? Wondering how many devices they appropriated to the country wide reservation system.

    2. Stan

      My UPS tracking number stated that the “item” has arrived and received on Friday 10am. I still don’t have my phone yet and the store keep saying they don’t have it and likely is still in the local warehouse!!! Very unhappy.

  57. Rob

    I was 29 and just received the shipping confirmation email.. So much for launch date.. But at least I’ll get it next week…

  58. Rob

    Interesting.. When I track it with UPS it says it’s due to arrive today…

  59. Alan

    I got my shipping email as well this morning, but I don’t really expect it to get to the store by today. Looks like Rogers sent everything UPS Standard out of Concord, ON so it is unlikely to get to Vancouver in time to be put on the trucks for delivery today. Looks like Monday afternoon is my best case scenario. Looks like I will try to visit some stores later to see if I can find a phone before then…sigh, what a let-down to what was supposed to be a very exciting day.

  60. Don

    It’s legal, but it’s completely without scruples.
    What a deliberately misleading practice, this is.

  61. Sam

    Hi Rogers,

    I want to cancel my order as the HUP is too expensive. My phone shipped so I can’t cancel it online any longer. If I call the store to cancel, is there going to be any charge for this?

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Sam,

      Nope. If you call and let them know you don’t need it, the $40 reservation fee will be refunded.

      1. aj

        hi melanie i went to london drugs to get an iphone 4s however i was not able to get it for the lowest possible price that i am entitled to because my reserved iphone is already shipped. I asked my designated rogers store if they can cancel it but they said I cant. I know that i cant cancel online. So now I have to wait till my reserved phone arrives whereas I was able to get it at london drugs. but now i cant because i dont want to pay 409 $ why is this the case?

      2. Rogers_Chris

        Hi aj, you can cancel your device once it’s in store, just call the store and tell them you won’t be picking it up. Your $40 will be credited back to your account in 6-8 weeks.

      3. Dave

        6 to 8 WEEKS!!!!! WTF!!!!! You sure billed fast enough. I’d think you’d return the money just as fast. This is a big FAIL!!!!

      4. Alph

        Funny how Rogers can take your money on-line immediately, but processing the refund on-line takes six to eight weeks.

        You have slower computers on the refund? That’s just wrong.

      5. Rogers_Chris

        It’s a process, Alph, and the $40 is applied to your Rogers account in approximately 6-8 weeks.

      6. Sherri

        Dave & Alph, if Rogers refunded the money immediately, they wouldn’t be able to earn interest on the $40 for the month they keep it. Duh. It’s just another cash grab.

      7. RogersMelanie

        The money is refunded to the account as soon as the device is shipped.

      8. Sherri

        Melanie, I’m sorry, but does Rogers exist in a different dimension than the rest of us? How is 6-8 weeks the same as “as soon as the device is shipped”?

      9. RogersMelanie

        The process to credit the account is started once the device ships. This process can take time.

      10. Sherri

        And yet the process to charge the money to our accounts took hardly any time at all…

  62. Andrew

    I have been less than #100 on the list for a Black 32 GB since Rogers started taking reservations and #47 most of the week. I see people now talking about shipping notices, but haven’t seen anything myself. Did Rogers really promote a reservation system that would allocate less than 100 devices for initial shipment? or is it more likely my online status is out of date?

    1. RogersMelanie

      It could be that they’ve reserved a different version of the device. Processing has started so it’s best to watch your status online for updates.

      1. Andrew

        Thanks for the prompt reply. You guys have been busy the last few days :)

      2. RogersMelanie

        Sure have :)

  63. jamie

    how do I get the 40$ back, my status is in progress, and customer service says I need to cancel online???
    the HUP fee is sooo high I do not want the phone, will buy the unlocked version from apple store

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Jamie,

      You will need to call the store where it is being shipped and let them know you no longer need the device. The $40 will be credited to your account.

  64. Michael

    Good to hear “some” people back east will get their “reservided” phone on release day. But people in the west that got up at 3am to “pre-order” are left out. wow kind of sad to think my money is not worth as much.

    So no phone on release even though;
    1) I was #54 (32gb white) on pre-order list.

    2) I have (like everyone else) have to pay $50 more. (and no this is not a promotion or rebate. When you send the “rebate” in you get it back as a credit on your account…. $50 credit cost rogers nothing. So they get cash and send me credit, that is not a rebate.)

    3)$35 dollar admin fee. Still cant figure this out. I switch my sim, All they have to do is change the imei # I guess they are charging 35 for that… who knows.

    4) the Hardware upgrade program. You know i would be fine with all the other BS fees and “rebates” but the addition of the HUP. This is a joke. it is cheaper for me to cancel and go with Bell or Telus then upgrade with Rogers. It is just a little more for me to buy a new unlocked phone from Apple. I have been using the iPhone since the 2g (unlocked from the US) and i have upgraded every time and now Rogers changes the game.

    I only wish i could call rogers and cancel but i want to keep my number so i have to let Bell or Telus do this .

    It is very simple.
    Let me pay for the phone (even at 299) when the thing eventually arrives and i will stay….. don’t…. and i will look for other options. I will get the phone but, will i be sending my money to rogers or another company…. or call Rogers

    1. Marc

      You can cancel – and keep your number.
      Rogers will not delete it for 30 days.

  65. Melissa

    Was there a point to even reserving online? It’s extremely disappointing that as a Rogers customer who took the time to reserve, pay a $40 fee (which was actually $45.20 since they charged tax on it) for absolutely nothing. What was the point of taking the time to do this, if no phones have been allocated AT ALL to the pickup store that I chose through this reservations system?

    I just spoke to a Rogers employee at the pick-up store location for my “reservation”, and they informed me that they received NO iPHONES for any customers that have used this sham of a self-serve online reservation system today at their location, and that they didn’t expect ANY of the reservations allocated to their store through this system to be received for AT LEAST a few weeks. I’m now left to either sit and idly wait for my “reserved” iPhone to be shipped, or run around the city to multiple Rogers locations on a wild goose chase to try to find a phone after work today.

    It’s incredibly frustrating as a customer to keep on getting these customer service b*#@h slaps from Rogers. Disappointing customer service, once again (surprise, surprise…), proving they don’t feel the need to take care of their “valued” customers. Seriously considering taking my business to another provider…. I’m sure that they will appreciate the $400 + a month that I currently spend on all of these services.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Melissa,

      To clarify, they don’t receive a bulk order of ‘reservation’ devices. The stores will receive YOUR device. It will ship separately from the other iPhone shipments and will have your name on it. Your device will ship to the store you requested once it’s your turn in line. Be sure to watch your status and check for the shipping email.

      1. tim

        That negates the fact the the text most people received, said “get it early one of the first!!!!” you seem to for get that fact, was that a lie yes or no?

      2. BlackestKnight

        While a nice gesture, I don’t think people really care about such personal attentions during big launches like this. In the end, Rogers and their customers would have been best served with bulk reservations and simple lists rather than “It’s, look, it’s my own phone that was personally shipped!”.

        Rogers wouldn’t have to deal with all this grief and pissed off customers, and customers would get their devices on day 1. Not to mention the shipping logistics would have been much simpler and probably cheaper (much cheaper to ship in bulk than individual packages of 5 devices).

      3. RogersMelanie

        This way we can ensure people are receiving devices in the order that they reserved them. But thanks for this feedback. I’m taking it back to the internal team.

      4. madCustomer

        and that’s AFTER the people who hadn’t even ordered them!?

        This is ridiculous.

        At i was 500 on the waiting list, and still no phone shipped.

        it’s 5pm and i just walked into a Future Shop and picked one up without hassle.

        Rogers majorly dropped the ball, and consequently lost a sale.

  66. Rui

    Poor Rogers Mary – you are getting burned at the stake for the mistake of a marketing department who thought it would be genius to send out misleading texts stating that if we reserve the iPhone we’d have first dibs over the individuals who just walk in and pick it up (essentially)

    It boils down to this, when I make a preorder/reservation for anything be it at a restaurant, on a movie, or on a video game they don’t allocate stock for “the walk ins” and “the fools who preordered” they take their stock as a whole and allocate it to those who preordered first – THEN the walk ins get second dibs. The early bird gets the worm, and when I preordered my 4s at the crack of dawn the morning preorders went active, I really assumed I was the early bird.

    I’m disappointed in how Rogers handled this. For such a reputable telecom company and one of the leaders in Canada you’d think all this stuff would have been ironed out to the tee. If I end up waiting longer the necessary I think I’ll just buy one straight out from Apple unlocked.

    1. Marc

      Are you kidding?

  67. Tony

    Naf are u kidding me? It’s just a phone I love phones as much as the next guy but a class action suit? Lol
    Im not feeling good about the early upgrade price any chance of a last minute policy change Melanie?!

  68. Teresa

    What a lot of time and energy you complainers have wasted. If you could have been just a little patient and waited until today you would see that the only delay was in sending the shipping notification and I’m sure that was intentional and perhaps even agreed to with apple. Mine will arrive in store today and I’m on the west coast and was 300+ in line. Thank you Rogers. The reservation system worked for me!

    1. Rui

      Teresa you don’t seem to see the point most people are making. The fact of the matter is Rogers sent out a notification on the 7th stating that as “valued” customers we have first dibs on the new iphone upon pre-ordering. Awesome! I have other priorities so hell yes I’m pre-ordering thank you rogers! made my day.. Then we find out that majority of the iPhone stock is being allocated to first come first serve customers – Walk ins. Rather then taking the stock they get from Apple and allocating it to the list of “VALUED CUSTOMERS” they split it; The majority of retail store stock goes towards the individuals who walk in, whilst the pro-orders are accumulated in Ontario and shipped out as they come. Absolutely stupid. Its a matter of Principle and respect. Rogers has lost both.

    2. Kevin H

      Good for you, I was 100+ and have not received anything

    3. Kirsty

      Why has Teresa received her phone today when she says she was 300+ in line and I am 167 (or around there – it doesn’t tell me now that it’s changed to “in progress”) and my phone still hasn’t shipped? Is it because I am not in the same area? I thought this “reservation” system was nationwide?

  69. robert

    i ordered the new iphone last monday. how come i don’t see it on my rogers when i log in.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Your reservation details are in the reservation section of MyRogers. Click on ‘reserve device’ as if you were going to reserve another unit and you should see the iPhone details there.

  70. Brandon

    What a waste. Reserved, paid the $40.

    Went to the store, they had no list or phones on the reserve list, but had plenty of normal stock.

    Good theory, not so great execution.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Brandon, the reserved devices are sent separately and specifically to the person who reserved it. So your device will be sent with your name on it to the store you requested. Did you buy a unit in store then? If so, the $40 fee is automatically refunded once the reserved unit ships.

      1. madCustomer

        my name on it? you mean on the box. whippty-do!

      2. aj

        is it instantly refunded?

  71. Tim

    I have received “Your device has been shipped” email this morning 14th 4:43am in Pacific time.
    (My reservation # was around 50.)
    Since it is shipped from Concord, ON, its scheduled delivery day is on 20th of Oct by the end of day. (Not over night delivery, obviously)

    Mary was responding here that we will start receiving emails early next week, but I guess a lot of people complained and maybe that changed slightly earlier, maybe.

    Thanks everyone who spoke out here and there, yet I am still hoping Rogers changes their business strategy to “satisfy” customers better, not confuse customers.

  72. moshe

    so, there is a chance we wont get our iphone4s by next week even, my number was 1163..doe sthat mean i get 1,163 rd phone that rogers ordered?
    how exactly does it work?

    1. RogersMelanie

      Yes, for the version you requested. There are separate lists for the 16GB black, 32GB black, etc. You’re 1163 on the list for the specific version you requested. Be sure to watch your status online for updates on where you’re at in the process.

  73. David

    Just picked up Black 16GB at the Rogers store near Yonge/Lawrence (thanks for your help James)
    Just one person in line before me – no drama at all – easy.
    I started at #781 and today my reservation shows “In Progress”
    I don’t know why I wasted my time with the reservation system.

    Anyone know how I get my $40 reservation fee back?

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey David, glad you got a device. As for the $40 fee – it will automatically be refunded once your reserved device ships. As you’re already in the shipping process, please be sure to let the store know directly that you no longer need the device. Enjoy your new phone.

  74. Rob

    Just checked on the UPS site and my phone arrived at the store!! Going to go soon and pick it up! Good luck everyone! Looks like phones are arriving today after all.

  75. Adam Bacsalmasi

    Ha, what a joke Rogers is. Now they are back peddling saying reserving isn’t the same thing as preordering. They left their marketing intentionally vague leaving everyone with the impression that they would have a phone on launch day. I’m am very disappointed (but not surprised) at these tactics and will not fall for them again. I hope all the negative PR is worth it.

  76. Rich

    Wow seeing the comments on here shows me that Rogers has gotten more patient with people acting like spoiled children. The process is fairly plain and easy to understand and I know I am number 2K and change on the list. Welcome to life people if you are that hungry for a device go and stand in line like all the other followers do.

    Want to change your device every 6 months or so then there is a price for that this is how it has worked for years and unless the price of the devices takes a nose dive you have your option go and purchase from Apple and stop crying.

    I am avoiding standing in line and enjoying it. I can wait for my phone because I have one. Not the end of the world and really how much does it matter.

    1. Dave

      Hey Rich, I think the problem is that the marketing of this option was not clear. I would have waited in line with everyone else if I had know that I wasn’t going to get a phone today. I don’t think everyone here is a spoiled child, I think they are frustrated because they thought the reservation was a pre-order. We all just want Rogers to be more clear in the future and are venting our frustrations. Perhaps we all should have thought about it more but with all the talk of pre-orders, especially from Apple, most of us though that a reservation was the same thing. Live and learn I guess, but frustrated, for sure!

  77. JT

    Here’s some info on my experience so far:

    I reserved my device right around 6am last Friday, when the reservation system was put online. I was #160 in line. My friend did the same, but got #156 or something. Just a few spots ahead of me.

    Over the week, the number went down periodically (due to cancellations I guess), eventually bringing me down to #136 on Wednesday.

    My friend’s status on the reservation system changed to “In progress” by Tuesday. Mine changed to “In progress” on Wednesday.

    Mine still says “In progress” and “Shipping process has begun.”–as it has since Wednesday.

    My friend received the shipping email from Rogers this morning at around 7:45am, with the UPS tracking link. It is apparently “out for delivery” and is scheduled to arrive (at the store) by the end of today, Friday Oct 14, 2011.

    I’m disappointed in the apparent inconsistency with the shipping here; why didn’t mine get shipped as quickly? Do the different models influence the shipping? Being #136 in line, was I in the next shipping batch? (which seems awfully low to not be in the first batch)

    Anyway, these are just my thoughts. Life goes on…

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey JT, the different models absolutely affect the process as each model has it’s own list. So, for example, if you ordered a 64GB let’s say and your friend ordered a 16GB his line may be moving faster/slower based on inventory levels etc. If your status says ‘shipping process has begun’ you should be receiving your email shortly.

      1. Could you please address one of his implicit questions, as to why his being as low as #135 in the queue did not mean that his iPhone 4S should be arriving on the release day? That is VERY low for a nation-wide queue. What is the point of the Rogers reservation system if you’re not going to be getting the phone as early as possible?

        I was #245 for the Black iPhone 4S 32GB, and that went down to like #199 until it went “in progress” yesterday. But judging by some comments here, it may not actually arrive for 4 business days?

        Could you please address how Rogers could launch a reservation system but apparently have so few iPhone 4S’s on hand to service it? Am I meant to believe that, perhaps, only 600 iPhone 4S’s were allocated for this service NATION-WIDE? (e.g. 100 for the Black/White iPhone 4S 16GB/32GB/64GB each?)

        Or were there many, many more per model available but Rogers “dropped the ball” and started shipping them out late?

        Your response is appreciated. Thanks!

  78. Dave

    I’m extremely disappointed with this whole reservation thing. Why bother offering it if someone can walk in to the store and get a phone before you. There should have been some sort of cut off when then number of reservations exceeded the supply of iphones that Rogers was receiving for launch day. I figured I’d get one on the first day as I was able to reserve one. Now it looks like I just grabbed a number and will have to wait for it to come up, whenever it does.

  79. Paul

    I reserved my phones at 6:01am EST last Friday. Glad to know that got me no where – one of my phones shipped today.. here in 4 days. Awesome.

    Yeah, I’m going to get right on letting the store know I don’t need my reserved devices…. Actually I’m going to wait and see if Rogers changes its mind on early upgrade. If it doesn’t, I’ll let the devices rot waiting for me to pickup and grab a factory unlocked device from Apple.

    Thanks for nothing Rogers.

  80. Dusty

    Is the Rogers site down? Both my app and the Rogers website will not load….

    1. RogersMelanie

      Haven’t heard of anything. Did you get through?

  81. Asi G


    i wanted to clarify something, the eligibility tool shows all of us an additional $50 on top of the cost of the phone which we get back as mail in rebate. i spoke with customer relations at Rogers and the rep said that they only do the rebate on blackberry and other smartphone but 100% never on the iPhone! she was very clear and made notes on my account just in case that there is no such thing as mail in rebate for iphone and the cost for example for 16gb iphone 4s would simply be $159. can you confirm this? i have seen many posts here contradicting what the CR rep told me. even when i told her that their own tool states this and shows 209 instead of 159 she kept saying its wrong.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Asi,

      iPhone upgrade offers are subject to the rebate if you sign up for an eligible 3-year voice and data term. These plans can be found on our website at and in store

      1. Asi G


        So you are saying that even though a rep from Rogers retentions department told me and noted in my account, there is no rebate on any iphone upgrades and specifically not for the iphone 4s, they are wrong?

      2. RogersMelanie

        Well, it will depend on which plan you were talking about. The rebate is for any upgrade on an eligible plan.

      3. Asi G

        The plan is not the point, the rep specifically talked about the upgrade for iPhone 4s and said that there is no Rebate program on this phone at all for anyone on any plan.

      4. RogersMelanie

        There is if you upgrade to an eligible plan. Eligible plans can be found on our website at and in store.

  82. Andy

    @RogersMelanie – He doesn’t. Please read above. We have the same model/order. Not looking good for Rogers right now.

  83. Gwen

    I ordered mine through the business reservation page and I am order queu 28/392. I have beenn sitting on that number for a week now. What does “processed (activation)” mean?

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Gwen, this means the shipping process has begun. Watch out for an email with the tracking number etc shortly.

  84. Marc

    After finding out that my iPhone was going to cost $269 + $320 +35 for a total of $625, I immediately cancelled my reservation. I contacted Rogers and asked them if I should have to pay $320 more the phone, or should I move all my services (totalling $3120 annually) to another provider. The response was that I could do what I felt was necessary.

    A very, very bad business decision. As long as I can keep my phone number, I will move all my services to somewhere else that appreciates that 3 Grand. If you think about it, if I have to sign a 3 yr contract for the services elsewhere, I will spend $9360.

    Rogers, even I can see how stupid that is.

    I’m sure Bell would like to make $9360 from me.

  85. Andy

    @RogersMelanie – I just talked with my store where my reservation should have arrived. They don’t have mine (even though I was close to the front of the line nationally).

    I asked if I could just buy a phone from her and cancel mine. She just told me many have tried all morning and the system would NOT ALLOW PEOPLE WITH RESERVED IPHONES TO BUY WALK-IN VERSIONS.

    Can you please check on this and update us? It would be unfortunate if this were the case. You’ve locked us into a reserved phone that hasn’t arrived and we can’t walk in to upgrade.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Andy,

      Has your reserved device arrived? What does your status online say?

  86. Jay

    I walked into a Rogers store this morning and picked up a 32GB Black iPhone 4S and was in and out within an hour – only took that long because rogers computer system was really busy and slow.

    I was 1550 on the reservation system. Useless.

  87. Simon

    Well Rogers failed us,
    switching to mobilicity, i’m not gonna take this bull, mobilicity has a 25$ unlimited plan compare to roger plan which is over 60$, prove me wrong.
    no wonder they have it so obviously stated that you can cancel your reservation,
    if a person in the double digits can’t get one yet, why even reserve one in this scam of a system.
    I don’t mind waiting but, the lack of response ahead of friday and lack of progress made me lose my trust in rogers, seriously.

  88. Colin

    I went to the Yorkdale store today and lined up at 6am to get an iPhone 4S. I got in there and there was stock avaialbe! When I went to do a hardware upgrade there was a “glitch” in Rogers back end system which would not allow the agent to process my hardware upgrade (despite the fact I had the email from Rogers confirming my upgrade eligibility). Needless to say I left the store without my iPhone 4S set-up and I can’t even use it yet, it still in the box :(


  89. Todd

    Mary and Melanie. A thankless job huh? Kudos for handling so well. Unfortunately looks like these impatient people don’t understand what reserve and pre-order mean. At last check I was in progress and think I can last a few more days with my 3G lol

  90. Jon

    Called the store to cancel my phone, they said I had to call Rogers to cancel it. I called Rogers, they said I had to call the store.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Jon,

      Depends on what status you’re at with your reservation. If you’re ‘in progress’ you need to just let the store know you don’t need it any more. If you’re at ‘open’ you can do it online. The $40 fee is refunded automatically once the device is shipped so you don’t need to worry about that.

      1. Jon

        My phone is at the store, but they won’t let me cancel it.

        Oh well! Hahha

  91. Ted

    Mine was delivered to my desired store in Hamilton at 930 this morning…..very quick turnaound time. Rogers did come through in the end.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Great news. Enjoy your new phone

  92. George Guerrette

    To quote Seinfeld, it appears that Rogers knows how to take a reservation, they just don’t know how to HOLD a reservation.

    I reserved last Friday and was at around the min 3,000 point. I figured that, assuming Rogers has probably received tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of iPhone 4Ss, I could go into my predesignated Rogers store first thing Friday the 14th (today) and get my phone.

    Imagine my surprise when the manager asked me what iPhone I wanted, to which I replied,
    “16GB black”. He responded, saying that “we have lots of those”. I said that was great, adding that I had reserved mine last week through Rogers’ system. It was then that he told me that the ONE reserved for me has not arrived and may not arrive for a few days. Asking him why my (and others) reserved iPhones aren’t part of this store’s initial; shipment, he told me that the inventory for the retail stores and for the reservation systems ARE SEPARATE!

    What. The. HELL??

    So, the only benefit of this reservation is that I can save myself from sitting in line… and yet, I may not receive my phone until WELL AFTER the heat’s blown off this weekend for the iPhone.

    That is just plain STUPID.

    Thankfully, the manager said that I can take an iPhone from their stock right now and they’d cancel my (worthless) reservation. Fine. So, the CSR tried to log onto the system and — SURPRISE! — the database is screwed… this, by the way, is their “Loyalty Customer Database”, as I have been a Rogers customer for eighteen years.

    Gee. What are the odds of that happening?

    So, by purely stupid design, Rogers has created a reservation system — giving customers a number in que — that DOESN’T WORK like a NORMAL reservation… and then, just by pure dumb luck — despite the fact that Rogers has already experienced the avalanche of activations with Apple’s phones several times already and should be prepared — their “Loyalty Customer Database” is screwed.

    This all just plain SUCKS and takes customer satisfaction to a new low for me. And, given that Rogers and Bell are effectively the übermiesters of mobile telephony in this country, I’m sure Bell is no better. Dealing with either of them is like trying to function within the decrepit dysfunction of the dying days of the Soviet Union.

    Rogers? You suck and you kill my inner child.

    1. George Guerrette

      Oh. Forgot to mention that the CSR at my Rogers store said that he would call me TOMORROW “one way or the other” to let me know if the database is up and running again.

      Bottom line for today: worthless reservation and no phone.

  93. Alan Bradbury

    Roger’s Reservation system: Futile and Meaningless

    Phone reserved 7:20am Friday OCT 7th: #851 in cue
    Rogers rep at desired store “No phones shipped today…maybe in a week or so”

    Already called about cancelling my accounts.
    I hope Ma Bell knows what “reservation” means

  94. Bruce

    Just drove down to my local Rogers store and put my name on a list and told to come back in about an hour to get a 32GB Black model – the same one I wasted my time ‘reserving’ for the exact reason of not having to wait in a line on launch day. Rogers, explain to us what the point of this ‘reservation’ system was if not to ensure that we would receive the iPhone 4s before those who just showed up?

  95. RS

    Just a heads up for anyone near Owen Sound, (Ontario). Both the Rogers and the Wirelesswave stores have plenty of iphones in stock. I took a chance and popped in at 10:30 and each store had only sold one each so far. No line ups, in and out in about 15 minutes with my new phone!

    I started at 108, then dropped to 63 and was still processing this am. Sorry Rogers, but your “Reservation” system was a complete fail.

  96. Adam Bacsalmasi

    I was originally 332-ish last Friday. If I would have known waking up at 6am would have gotten me nothing, I would have gotten up today at 6am, gotten in line, and gotten something. Bad commuication skills for a communication company.

  97. poser

    do you lose the $40 in any situation regardless of picking it up or not?

    or is it refundable, don’t matter what.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Nope. It’s refunded no matter what. As soon as the device ships, the money is being credited back to your account.

      1. Chloe

        Then what’s the point of paying $40 in the first place…

      2. Flo

        Also, don’t forget, it takes 6-8 weeks to get the refund.

  98. ben

    WOW. If I had jumped in line this morning at an Apple Store, I would have been out with new iPhones in around two hours.

    Meanwhile, my RESERVED phone hasn’t even left the warehouse.

    If this is a joke, then what’s the punchline?

  99. Aaron

    If I go to a Rogers store for the iPhone 4S, and decide to purchase, with no-contract, although I still am currently in a contract, do I pay for the phone right there, or is it added to my account monthly bill?

    1. RogersMelanie

      You can do either.

  100. tim

    So I figured that I would not be getting on through Reservation System that is not a reservation system but a hold system, I go in to Future Shop to see if they have any in stock and i was in luck they have’d a few. So we start the paper work and get to the point to where asks for a pin number . There is no pin number on my account now my account is in LIMBO because they can’t process the order.

    I call in to roger at the Future Shop on hold for 40 minutes strted to talk to some some then I get “DISCONNECTED” from the call.

    Meanwhile the Future shop has been on the line with the company that interfaces with rogers for an hour.

    When he is finally told is in ‘LIMBO’ due to rogers system wanting the pin, which I tried to do on the phone and was refused.

    Next i go in to store to cancel the pre order and get my money back, only to be told in store that I HAVE to do it online ONLY.

    So all last night when you where telling people just go in to the store and cancel, now the store says you have to do it online only?!?!?!?

    Let’s see if any one well reply to me or well my post just be Erased off the board again!!

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Tim, it depends what status you’re at with the reservation for where you cancel. If you’re ‘in progress’ you need to speak to the store just to let them know that you no longer need the device. If you’re still at ‘open’ you can cancel online. In either case, every case really, the $40 fee is automatically credited to your account when the device leaves the warehouse so you don’t need to worry about getting the refund.

      1. tim

        it is in ‘in progress’ been there all week. the employee showed be his computer that said all order to be canceled though online only, I even refereed him to this board which he replied they were told this morning via there store computer’s and thats what he has to follow that store was the one at 1225 Wonderland Road N., London. May be some one should let them know?

        What about the pin number issue can you find any more info on that for me? thats my real issue

      2. RogersMelanie

        As you’re already ‘in progress’ the shipment has begun meaning they can’t pull it back so to “cancel” by the traditional sense can not be done. So in that respect, yes, it must be done online before it moves to “in progress”. By letting the store know you’re “cancelling” it allows that device to be allocated to another person on the list. As mentioned, the $40 fee is refunded as soon as it ships so you just need to let them know you no longer need it. Make sense?

        As for the PIN issue, you’ll need to speak to a rep to get that solved as I don’t have any access to account info/details.

  101. d s

    Rogers fails again. No surprise. I just called Best Buy in my city and they have one for me. No standing in line necessary. My reservation number is less than 100. Does Rogers expect me to believe that they don’t have any phones in their inventory? I know that I can walk into a Rogers store and walk out with an Iphone 4s. So what was the point of this reservation system? It seems to me that we need more competition in the cellular business. Maybe that would shake complacent companies like Rogers and Telus to their core and make them provide quality customer service.

  102. Grant McKenzie

    Popped into a Rogers store and bought the iPhone 4s – although it can’t be activated at the moment due to overwhelming demand. How do I cancel the phone I reserved? There is no option to cancel on the website. Reserved phone is In Progress but not yet shipped.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Grant, just call the store where you’re having it shipped and let them know you no longer need the device. The $40 fee will be automatically credited to your account once the device ships.

  103. Rob

    Hi…My non-preordering buddy went to a Rogers store and picked up an Iphone 4s today and had like 6 ppl in front of him but it took like 30 min per person to activate so it still took him half a day. The ad says we don’t have to wait in line for our pre-ordered Iphones. Does that mean that if 100 are shipped to my store we can walk in grab our iphone and leave or is there still going to be a line and the 10-30 min a person wait for all the per-ordered iphones infront of you to be activated?

    1. RogersMelanie

      Depends on the overall situation and how busy the store is. You will not have to wait in the ‘iPhone line’ as you already have a device but I can’t say for sure if there will be a rep available to help the second you walk in. You could try calling ahead to see how busy they are to get a sense of that.

  104. Patrick

    I just walked into an (empty!!) Rogers store this morning and picked up the iPhone – took me about 10 minutes, so I’m really impressed by that!

    How do I cancel my reservation once the status is ‘IN PROGRESS’ – there doesn’t seem to be a cancel button, but obviously I don’t need the reservation any longer.


    1. Patrick

      Oops, just say the answer to my question in the comment DIRECTLY before mine!! Guess I could have looked a bit harder :-P.


      1. RogersMelanie

        Ha. No worries. There is a lot of activity on RedBoard today.

    2. RogersMelanie

      Once the device ships, the $40 will be credited to your account automatically. You’ll just need to call the store to let them know you no longer need the device.

  105. Chopski

    How much money is Rogers going to lose sending out all these reserved phones that nobody needs or wants anymore! Epic Fail! I see why the HUP is so high. Future Shop had tons of phones.

  106. Unhappy Rogers Customer

    Like many of the people who have left comments I, too reserved my phone early on Friday morning. I was #228. I have been “In Progress” since yesterday. I find it hard to belive that Rogers was unable to set aside at least 228 phones for those who had gone through the effort of making an early reservation. A co-worker who was 3000+ on the list walked into a Rogers store today and was able to purchase one without waiting in line! Something is wrong with that.
    I received my Rogers bill earlier this week with the $40 + tax reservation fee that I needed to PAY IMMEDIATELY! I know it is fully refundable but now you have my money and I still don’t have a phone and you won’t even commit to when you can get me one when you certainly have more than 228 phones available. This is just not right.

  107. Rob

    Finally :) Got my phone! I was #29 for a 16gb white for my wife. They called this morning and went to pick it up. Despite earlier frustrations it was a way better process than getting the 4 last year. The rep at the store was AMAZING and even got me the 6gb data plan! So impressed!!

    1. RogersMelanie

      Glad you’ve got your phone and are set up. Enjoy!

      1. aj

        i was 24th for the same model and size, why didnt I get called?

  108. Any word ? On Pick Ups at Stores ? I’m 1508 and can’t seem to have any news… can’t be sold out on the 1500th already ? should I just cancel and line up ?

    1. RogersMelanie

      It’s up to you. I can’t say for sure when your unit will be shipped but you should watch your status online. That’s the best indication.

  109. Jake

    Good to see everyone hating on Rogers here.

    Am seriously thinking about buying an unlocked phone due to this “Reservation” debacle.

  110. Jessica

    Wow… I just called the store I’m suppose to pick up my reserved phone from and they have none of the reserved phones but have 2 of the exact one I ordered in stock right now. When I asked if I could just buy one of those she told me I had to call Rogers and cancel my reservation but mine says in progress already. Will they still give me my $40 back at the store even though they think I have to call Rogers to cancel?

    1. RogersMelanie

      The $40 is always refundable. It will automatically be credited to your account once the reserved unit ships. As you’re already ‘in progress’ you can just let the store know you no longer need the reserved unit and buy in store directly.

  111. Nick

    I’m #9 for a 32GB black. I stayed up all night to reserve it as soon as was the system was open. Went in today to get my shiny new phone only to be told to check my email because my “reserved” phone wasn’t actually there/reserved.

    From your FAQ: “We will be dedicating inventory towards our Reservation System orders and our goal is to get your device to you as soon as possible.”

    #9 in Canada and you couldn’t come through. Not cool, Rogers.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Best to watch your status online for updates.

      1. madCustomer

        that’s the best you can come up with “best to watch your status”?

        how about a little remorse?

        rogers has blown away every last bit of good will i had towards it.

        MAJOR FAIL

  112. Chris

    Unfortunately I had no choice but to use this system as I have a corporate account. Is there anyway to go into a store who has the same phone I have reserved and pick one up? I know there is a large demand for the phones however I would like to have the phone as soon as possible. Will anyone be notified over the weekend??

    1. RogersMelanie

      You can get a device in store for sure. Depending on your status, you can cancel the reservation online or by calling the store your unit is being shipped to. The $40 fee will automatically be refunded to your account.

  113. Todd

    Ok on second thought you guys win. I just called my Rogers store in Bradford and they haven’t even received any iPhones 4s yet which is odd since with others u can just walk in and get one. I concur the reservation seems to be very off

  114. Nitin

    Hi, just need some help from you guys. I performed the eligibility check on the site and I was sent an email with the pricing on the upgrades. The email show the price of $209 + $35 fee and when I went to the store. They said it something like $600 with taxes. I am confused and frustrated because I waited in line for over 2 hours.

  115. JT

    A followup to my earlier comment:

    I decided to head down to the local Future Shop at 4pm today (Oct 14). Walked in, didn’t wait in line, got my Black 64gb iPhone4S, got set up, walked out with my phone working. I now have my iPhone4S.

    Meanwhile, my online reservation is still at #136, “In Progress,” and no shipping email or anything yet.

    What a let down. Like many have already stated, what’s the point of the online reservation if I was able to go grab one in person without any hassle?

    I will be cancelling that reservation promptly, but seriously Rogers, the system is clearly flawed.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      JT, if you weren’t able to get one without any hassle, you might feel differently, but we’re just glad you were able to get the device you wanted.

  116. J

    I woke up at 6am EST on Oct 7 to be <100 in the national queue, and have not even received a shipment notification.
    This is extremely disappointing, considering other national carriers like TELUS ensured they got devices shipped to their pre-order customers' doorstep on launch day. Not only do I have to walk 30 minutes to the nearest Rogers store, but it has not even been shipped there on release!

  117. Matt

    Went into the store to pick up my pre-order (I received a call earlier that I can come in) and when I get there the person helping me set up the phone wasn’t able to do so because my “order” hasn’t been fully processed yet. Not sure why I got a call to come in then? I ended up waiting an hour in the store and came out with nothing and need to come back tomorrow.

    I understand it’s busy and hectic but some notice ahead of time would have been nice so I didn’t waste my time waiting and leaving empty handed.

  118. Chloe

    Why is that people in the east has already gotten their phones. Did rogers not account for people in the west expecting to get it on the day of as well? People who reserved with Apple has already gotten their phones.

    1. madCustomer

      rogers just didn’t account for people on the reservation system actually wanting their phone on launch day

  119. JMM

    Rogers reps, could you please address the questions answered by Paulman earlier? I think answers to them would be satisfying for a lot of customers.

    “Paulman says: October 14, 2011 at 4:14 pm
    Could you please address one of his implicit questions, as to why his being as low as #135 in the queue did not mean that his iPhone 4S should be arriving on the release day? That is VERY low for a nation-wide queue. What is the point of the Rogers reservation system if you’re not going to be getting the phone as early as possible?

    I was #245 for the Black iPhone 4S 32GB, and that went down to like #199 until it went “in progress” yesterday. But judging by some comments here, it may not actually arrive for 4 business days?

    Could you please address how Rogers could launch a reservation system but apparently have so few iPhone 4S’s on hand to service it? Am I meant to believe that, perhaps, only 600 iPhone 4S’s were allocated for this service NATION-WIDE? (e.g. 100 for the Black/White iPhone 4S 16GB/32GB/64GB each?)

    Or were there many, many more per model available but Rogers “dropped the ball” and started shipping them out late?

    Your response is appreciated. Thanks!”

    1. Rogers_Chris

      JMM, the reservation system is in place to guarantee a device for those who signed up for one. Reservations are being fulfilled as stock becomes available. We are communicating to customers by email when their device becomes available. Your place in the queue only means your device will ship before those behind you in the queue, and it doesn’t mean that you’ll receive your device on the first day it becomes available.

      1. Dave

        Chris, This should have been much clearer in the pre-order process. Like big letters saying “THIS DOES NOT GUARANTEE YOU A PHONE ON LAUNCH DAY!”. Rogers dropped the ball! Is anybody listening so this doesn’t happen again. I really feel I should take my account with four phones elsewhere. I’m sure the other carriers would like the business. It would nice to see some comments from Rogers on how they intend to fix this for the next launch.

      2. JMM

        Could you elaborate on “Reservations are being fulfilled as stock becomes available.”? How many phones were set aside for reservations per model initially, and how will availability progress? As quantitative (specific numbers) an answer as possible is appreciated.

      3. Rogers_Chris

        We’re not able to provide that info, JMM.

      4. Yes, we understand that being placed in the Rogers reservation system does not GUARANTEE that you will receive the iPhone on the launch day. It doesn’t actually guarantee that you will receive the iPhone on any day.

        However, the problem for the Rogers customer is that a very reasonable expectation has been created by the Rogers reservation system. TECHNICALLY, you are not obligated to provide us with our reserved iPhone 4S by anytime in 2011 (or beyond), even if we are #1 in the queue. But is that really how you want to treat your customers?

        As pointed out by a previous commenter:
        “From your FAQ: ‘We will be dedicating inventory towards our Reservation System orders and our goal is to get your device to you as soon as possible.’

        #9 in Canada and you couldn’t come through. Not cool, Rogers.”

        I understand that as Rogers representatives on this blog, there isn’t much you can do to help us. But it is distressing to hear responses that are effectively, “Don’t blame us. We never promised you anything concrete.”

        However, perhaps you can help by finding out certain things for us? For example, do you know how many iPhones Rogers had on stock for their Reservation system for each model?

        Also, do you have any tips about whether we can ask our customer service reps to give us some credits, etc. to help smooth over this whole iPhone 4S reservation situation?

        And finally, is anyone from Rogers able to acknowledge that the reservation system isn’t working exactly as well as expected (because many of us who were quite early in line may not be getting our phones through the system till days after launch)? It’s easier for us to be understanding and patient if you guys give at least a little ground and acknowledge that it’s not working as well as some would have (reasonably) hoped.

      5. Rogers_Chris

        To your questions, Paulman: we can’t comment on stock and allocations, you’d have to speak with customer care about this as we don’t deal with customer accounts, and as far as we know the system is working as expected, devices can take up to 4 days business to arrive in stores. Sorry I can’t be of more assistance.

      6. Hi Chris, thanks for your prompt reply. I appreciate that you’ve tried to address all my questions.

        However, I’m disappointed that you are saying the “system is working as expected”.

        “Rogers Reservation System: the latest devices without the lineups” – that’s how the system was presented to us, the consumer. It’s meant to replace the hassle of lining up for the latest phone on launch day, or after a phone is sold out.

        However, in our case, there are NO LINE-UPS in certain locations with phones in stock. And yet, many of us who’ve pre-reserved the phone have no idea when we can even expect our pre-reserved phones to arrive.

        Worse still is that this appears to be the case for many people who are among the first “in-line” on the Rogers reservation system. I cited the case of the #9 in line person. I, myself, put in the reservation online at 3:03AM PST (3 minutes after the opening time). I was #245 at that point.

        Not only is the impression given that those who are “relatively” early in the line should be able to expect their phones on launch day (hence the reason this system REPLACES the need to line-up), but what makes things worse is that there is that neither have we been given proper information to help guide our expectations.

        It would be a lot more helpful to know even vague generalities, such as “there were over 2000 iPhone 4’s made available to the Rogers reservation system Canada-wide”. Or, “the store you selected for shipping location can affect delivery times. Rogers Plus stores may receive their shipments before other Rogers Wireless authorized dealers”. Etc., etc.

        But in the meantime, we have no idea whether being #1 on the Rogers Reservation system actually means you should get the phone on day 1, even though that’s what one would intuitively expect.

      7. aj

        this is not true though, a recent comment stated they were 29th in line for white 16gb and they received it today. whereas I am 24th for the exact same model and I just received shipping info.

  120. Eric

    What a complete joke this is Rogers.. What is the point of reserving when it is not made available. Please address the criticism not just the “glad it worked out” – “$40 will be refunded..”

  121. Will McCormick

    The entire premise of reserving something before it comes out is to be served first … why would anyone reserve something if they are not served first? I do get the business aspect of what you have done it’s just very misleading and unprofessional. The fact that I do not have an iPhone 4S in my hand is not disappointing. The fact that I have to wait in line after reserving something is. Your site was not user friendly, your support regarding the website was equally unfriendly and now I have found out I haven’t actually reserved anything … I’ll likley have to wait weeks for the device. I’ve just wasted a few hours of my time and for what? This isn’t customer service …. The right thing to do here would have been to say upgrades to the iPhone4S shall be made available a month after the inital release. When you set expecations correctly you don’t get the backlash and customer disatisfaction you are recieving on this forum.

  122. Jon

    I have a tracking # and everything for my phone and it just says delivered… To hamilton with 22 other iPhones, mine needs to go to guelph, i went to the store today and they said it wasn’t there yet. Hopefully it comes tomorrow, or monday at least but my tracking number doesn’t mention Guelph at all I’m very confused.

  123. Stan

    Not sure what the tracking system is for? The phone is delivered on 10:55am 10/14/2011. Called the store at 1pm and 7pm but still not available to pick up? Still in the warehouse? Why give us the tracking number then? Tracking# 1Z03Y710DK71124999.

  124. Carissa

    Am so tired of waiting. Are you guys doing any shipments to the store tomorrow? Saturday.

  125. mb

    My. Reserved phone arrived at the Rogers store at 1pm. I was called at 330pm to pick it up and then told the system was having issues and. I would have to wait 48 hours as they open a ticket and then expect a call in a few days. Really?my phone was right there and I still could not have it.

  126. Carmen

    Has anyone else’s number in line fluctuated after work it said 3026 and checked when I got home it was at 3030! What’s up with that??

  127. Rob

    I’ve never been more disappointed than I was today to find out that by pre-ordering the device I am not guaranteed one on the first day. In any other industry this is the entire point of a pre-order system. This has not come close to meeting my expectations and was completely mis-leading. Rogers says ‘well now you don’t have to wait in line” – the only people waiting in line were in line at 8am this morning. I went after work to pick up my device (assuming the pre-order meant I got one on the first day) and the store was completely empty. The pre-order process should have meant you are guaranteed one on the first day and you could pick it up on your way home from work after the lines have cleared out. Please keep this in mind for the iphone 5

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Rob, it wasn’t a pre-order. It was a reservation that guarantees you a device.

      1. Matt

        Maybe someone should have made this clear to those of us who used the system and woke up early/stayed up late (depending on time zone) to be first in what we thought was the line for an iphone. It was at best vague the way it was presented to us and at worst intentionally misleading. I hope you’ll discuss that with someone higher up. This whole situation has left me quite unhappy with Rogers after 11 years, and it was only made worse when I called to discuss changes to my account today and was told I couldn’t because iphone activations had forced a system reset

      2. Rogers_Chris

        We appreciate the feedback, Matt.

      3. Spencer C

        Chris, the fact that the system was live at the exact time Apple was opening up the iPhone 4s for pre-orders led many to believe that’s what it was, a pre-order.

        If that’s not what it was it was extremely poorly communicated to the point of being intentionally misleading.

        I fail to understand why someone who walks in off the street would be given higher priority than a long-time customer who reserved a device.

      4. smspiff

        If you reserve a hotel room you expect it on a certain date. If you reserve a seat on an airplane, you expect a a certain date. If you reserve a seat at a movie theater (I do it all the time now) you are guaranteed a spot regardless of when you show up.

        If you reserve an iPhone from Rogers you are guaranteed to have it arrive at a store at some point in time, but you can go ahead and walk into the exact same store and get one off the shelf before your reserved one shows up.

        You do not have a reservation system. What you do have is a problem, in that you are holding onto how many customers $40 for 6-8 weeks collecting interest before you issue a refund.

        I wasn’t annoyed with Rogers too much until now. At this point Rogers is committing something like fraud. I’ll be writing my MP over how your company has handled this whole situation.

      5. Rob

        Reservation, pre-order … to me it’s the same thing. I reserved it at 5am on the 7th and the system showed I was 640th in line for a black 32GB unit. My expectation is that it will be in the store on day 1. Fancy marketing gave everyone that impression. If the marketing said “you won’t have to wait in line but it will take us a week to get you your device!” how many people would have used the reservation system?

        If I was number 30,000 in line I would understand not getting one the first day, but to be within the first 1000 people on the list and to not get a unit on day 1 does not meet my expectations and is very disappointing. I guess the obvious solution is to not use the reservation system next time

      6. Top

        I was #16 for 16GB White and I didn’t get mine.

      7. madCustomer

        don’t be disingenuous. it clearly says/siad “preorder” on you website.

      8. Rogers_Chris

        And we’ve since corrected it. It was a mistake.

      9. tim

        you CORRECTED it still says Pre order on the ROGERS home page and its saturday the 15 at almost 10 pm

      10. Frank


        “Correcting it” isn’t good enough. Lots of people signed up for the program when your website said “Preorder”. Did you even bother emailing them to say “Oops. We lied. It’s actually a reservation and you won’t have your phones on launch day.”? The fact that someone thought you could just change it out from under everyone shows just how little Rogers cares about providing a good experience for their customers.

  128. Chopski

    Reservation has been cancelled, walked into Future Shop at 4:30 and got the exact phone I was after 32GB White, loving it! How much money will Rogers waste sending out all these reserved phones that are now cancelled? Love new plan though, great deal! $50 rebate is a total waste of time though!

  129. Charles R

    This reservation system is a load of bull. The Rogers representative I phoned prior to reserving my phone specifically GUARANTEED that i’d be served my iPhone on the 14th.

    Honestly this is isn’t Africa, You’d think that in a first world country such as Canada, decent customer service would still be possible. It’s a shame the rogers execs incharge of the reservation system are too busy burying their heads up their respective behinds, with the iPhones that WE PREORDERERS DON’T HAVE.

    Good job Rogers, A+.

    1. Joseph Claude-G

      +1 Charles, I for one think that if you’re going to sell a new apple product in very high demand, sell it to the people that thought ahead and reserved, which I believe we all assumed was preordering and would be receiving them on the launch day. This is a load of bull.

      What kind of first world country is this where we can’t even get our iPhones, one of THE most important devices in the world. This isn’t Africa, where children kick cans around, it’s Canada, where children mess around on their iPhones and facetime with each other, which people like me might be doing right now if they had gotten their Apple iPhone 4s like they assumed they would.

      Thanks, Rogers.

  130. George Guerrette

    I was at the mid 3,000 when I reserved last Friday. This morning I was at the mid 900s. Huh. I thought that “reserving” meant that I and all others who WERE ABLE to reserve a week ago would have theirs waiting for them at the designated Rogers store. That sounds to me what a reservation means. So, I dropped in at 10am (opening time for this store).

    The manager let me in a bit early, asking me what iPhone I wanted. “16GB black”, I told him. He said he had lots of those. I said, “Great! Because I reserved one last week.” Imagine my surprise when he said that Rogers set up TWO SEPARATE inventory streams for the reserved iPhones and the retail ones, that they haven’t received any from the Reserved inventory, but that I could get one from his retail inventory and would simply add my reserved phone to his inventory when it came in.

    HUH?? WHY two different inventory streams, with the reserved stream appearing to get a lower priority than the retail stream??

    We got the shaft, people. But all should be well, right? He had a black 16GB right there for me… but you see the ridiculousness didn’t end there.

    As I am an EIGHTEEN YEAR Rogers customer, I am apparently in their “Customer Loyalty Database”. I was told this by a CSR at this Rogers store. Sounds great, huh? Not so much because, while the activation database for “regular customers” has been intermittent all day, the CRS at my Rogers store was unsuccessful in logging into my account on the Customer Loyalty database and was informed it would be down ALL DAY TODAY. He said “I will call you either way on Saturday”… “either way” meaning the Loyalty Database may NOT be up tomorrow. So, there’s an iPhone S sitting there with my name on it… been there all day… is there even right now… and it can’t be activated because this “loyal customer” database is screwed. Isn’t it ironic? Lord knows when my i”reserved” iPhone will be ready for me.

    As far as my reservation number at this point? It’s barely moved, now at 863.

    What a joke!

    Rogers has finally ground down this eighteen year customer’s goodwill to dust. I’m pulling all my usage — three cell phones, internet, cable, home phone and long distance — OUT of Rogers as soon as I am able to.

  131. John

    I attended two different Rogers stores in Hamilton, Ontario. Both stores said they had the iphone 4s in the store but could not sell it to me because the Rogers system was “down” across Canada.

    They representatives at each store said that no one was able to purchase an iphone 4s today in stores across Canada because of the system outage.

    I called the Rogers customer service line and they reported no system outage.

    Can someone offer an explanation? I feel like I was lied to for some reason. If they were sold out, why didnt they just say so?

  132. Andrew

    @The Rogers reps here:
    Everyone considers it a pre-order because that’s what Rogers initially advertised it as. As others have quoted, the text message that was sent out about the reservation system clearly stated that people with reservations would be first in line. In reality, that’s nowhere close to the truth.

    I didn’t get up early on reservation day, so I was well into the 3000s. I fully expected that I wouldn’t be getting mine on launch day. After seeing all the people on here today saying they found an iPhone at other retailers, I tried calling around, on the off-chance someone would have some. I ended up finding several at the local Best Buy. The guy there said they received 20 Rogers iPhone 4Ss total, spread across all SKUs. When I got there at 3pm, they still had 3 x 16GB-Black, and several of the other models. They were very helpful, and I now have my new phone. I’ve since cancelled my reservation.

    ***For anyone that has a reservation***:
    If you want to get your hands on an iPhone 4S ASAP, I highly recommend you check your local retailers. It seems many may have some available.

    1. tim

      its still being advertised as a pre-order on the rogers home page in the middle flash thing if you click on iphone 4s it clearly say’s pre order in the left bubble and learn more in the right bubble

      And it 2:09 am on the Oct. 15 lol

      its the second time I’ve mentioned this to day first time it was not approved for this board, lol I’ve had 15 questions or remarks not ‘approved’

      what a joke this whole day has been

    2. Rogers_Chris

      We made a mistake calling it a preorder and have fixed this on our website.

      1. Spencer C

        That’s all well and good but it does precisely nothing to fix the problem.

        As usual, it will be left to the customer to call Rogers, wait on hold for 20 minutes, get transferred 4 times and argue with a supervisor to actually get a proper explanation, compensation or resolution to the issue.

        I’ve already cancelled my cable due to Rogers poor service and inflexible pricing, looks like wireless will be next.

      2. tim

        no you guys have not its still there and its oct 15 at 10 pm

      3. Rogers_Chris

        It should be updated, try clearing your cache, that may be why you still see it.

      4. tim

        My computers fault, all six of them, thats a miss try blaming some thing else

      5. Charles R

        You should perhaps try fixing the fact that rogers customers are receiving their phones after the rest of the world.

      6. Jacquie

        If I ordered a steak at a restaurant, I’d be pretty confused if they brought me a burger. Confusion would turn to fury if I was told that I would not be getting a steak due to a “mistake” in the menu where “hamburger” was replaced with the word “steak”.

        “It was a mistake” is a laughable excuse. Whether or not the “mistake” was accidental, the result is blatant false advertising, and is a shameful business practice.

      7. tim

        agreed fully with

  133. marisa

    I was number 199 for black 32g my order was placed at 06:04AM last friday. I just got my “shipped” email 2 minutes ago.

    The second I heard “some time next week” I jumped ship and got my phone another way. This reserved phone can go back to whatever planet it came from. It had to be in outer space considering the time from it took to even get it shipped out.

    Off I go to cancel this phone and get my $40 back. Hope Roger’s enjoyed all the interested they got for holding millions of people’s $40 for a few weeks.

    Highway robbery.

    1. Flo

      And they’re holding the $40 for 6-8 weeks…

      1. thraxisp

        They aren’t holding the $40. It goes on your phone bill. Mine went on after my monthly invoice was printed, so it will be on the next one, that doesn’t need to be paid for 21 days (end of November in my case). If it works out right, the credit will arrive when the payment is due.

  134. purplekush604

    Went to futureshop, could not do a HUP because iphone 4s promotional pricing on a 3 year plan wasnt showing up. Iphone 3gs and iphone 4 showed up as well. Rogers customer service and rep at the store could not figure out why!!!!! Please help, is it because i have made a reservation? If i cancel the reservation will it fix it? Also if i cancel how long until change takes effect?

    1. tim

      The same thing happened to me the future shop has to do it all on through paper work NOT through the computer network. It only takes 10 minutes or so.

      I had the same problem that it keep asking them for a pin number for my account and I don’t have one for my account which roger confirmed a dozen time in two days, but the computer keep asking for one.

      The store can do it the old fashion way paper work.

      1. tim

        Funny no one at rogers would comment on this one what you have nothing to say about it??? Its not you job to look in to it?

  135. Musabi

    Everyone who was waiting for an iPhone; JUST GO TO THE STORE!

    I was number 6000something in the reservation line and walked into a store in the Eatons Centre today and picked up a phone in 15 minutes. EASY PEASY!

  136. Tony

    Got my shipped email today I was 444 for 32GB black. I had to work Fri anyways so I’m not upset like most. I just don’t like the early Hup fee.

    1. LSFT

      When did you get your IN PROGESS status?

    2. Rogers_Chris

      Glad to hear of your progress, Tony!

  137. Bob

    So it would cost me over $700 for the phone because of the early upgrade fee? Ya, that’ll happen. Cheaper to cancel and go to Bell, or buy it unlocked so I don’t get hosed for another 3 yr contract

  138. Mike McCaffrey

    I find it absurd in the extreme that people can walk in off the street while those of us who have taken the time to reserve a device are forced to wait for it. For the $300 plus I spend with you every bloody month on the various services and devices you provide, I would have expected better.

  139. Spencer C

    Mary, first off, hey how’s it going :)

    Now to the disgruntled part. Why did I pre-order a week in advance if I still can’t get my phone today?

    What is the point of pre-rodering when I could have just gone to the store and got one on Friday?

    Seems like the point of pre-ordering should be to be able to get your phone first.

    Considering how high the upgrade fee is for me I might as well just buy an unlocked iPhone 4s from Apple.

    Rogers always has great ideas (like the My Rogers pre-order queue) but fails in implementation.

  140. Thomas

    What a complete fail and a joke this “pre order / reservation” is. Can’t Rogers do ANYTHING right ?????????? By the way – after wasting my time “pre ordering” to no avail, I bought an unlocked phone and signed up with Bell.. Thanks for nothing as always. Next to do: get rid of your outdated overpriced cable and internet service (Fibe here I come)

  141. Keith

    I took the advice of others who have posted here.

    I called around to find the model I want (Black, 64GB.) It took me two tries to find one.

    I am now holding my iPhone 4S. It took less than 10 minutes at the store to complete the upgrade process.

    I will now cancel my “preorder.”

    Rogers, please take something positive from this. Your approach didn’t work well this time. Maybe the next time will be better.

  142. Tony

    LSFT I got my in progress early in the week. I just got the shipped status change this morning.

    1. LSFT

      Wow… meaning it takes 3-4 days from in progress to shipped.. and another few days to get it shipped to the store. Seems like a very slow process.

  143. MariTes

    How do I cancel if I’ve already picked up a phone at the store? Cannot make changes on MyRogers as it is already in progress (has been since Thursday)…can I call in?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Yes, just call the store to let them know you won’t be picking up the device.

      1. David

        What happens if we don’t call and cancel and don’t pick up the device?

  144. Mike

    I have been a Rogers wireless customer for 15 years and over that time I have had a few problems with them and other times their customer service has been excellent. They have now hit a new low. They have never lied to me and this makes me believe that they do not care about me as a customer. They told me I would be first in line to receive my phone and in reality I will probably be near the end of the line. I woke up at 6 a.m. to place my reservation thinking I would have my phone on Friday or at the very least on the Monday but it has not even been shipped yet. My local Best Buy’s and Future shop have the phone in stock and I could easily get one and cancel my reservation but I will just wait for Roger’s to deliver the phone to the store I chose as I can wait a few more days to receive it. I am disappointed in Rogers for lying to all of their loyal customers and telling them they would be first in line when they knew that would not be the case. I think I might buy the phone outright from Rogers and switch to Bell when my contract is up. I receive sattellite and internet service from them and I have had problems with them before too in the past but they have never lied to me and always made me feel like they cared about me as a customer. I will recommend to all my business associates to read the messages on this form if they are thinking about using any of Rogers services.

  145. Mike

    Tony stated earlier he received an email stating his phone was shipped and he was 444. I started off at 369 and went down to 316 before my order was changed to in progress. We ordered the exact same phone(black 32gb). Wow you are not even shipping them in the correct order. I have never seen anything so poorly run.

  146. Myrone

    I love Rogers and all the customer service reps, um can I have my iphone4s now?

    Thanks in advance, kisses,

  147. Dave

    Im having a really hard time believing that Rogers has only received a total inventory of 44 white 64 gb iPhones for their reservation system. That is how much the list has fluctuated since launch. This is NATION WIDE. It s absolutely bogus this particular system. It is about time that the Media is made aware about how big business treats there customers. Legal action would have zero impact and take years and years. A well written letter communicated and ran by the media, that has an immediate and profound impact. Anyone a writer around here?


    1. tim

      That’ll never happen who do you think owns our local media, I sure theres some type of silence order not too report on it

  148. Mike

    Just spoke with Kristen (employee 801522) on www. and she informed me their is not one person at Rogers who can answer my questions about my reserved phone. This explains why nobody got their phones. Apparently their is no one in charge.

  149. Mike

    Oops I spelled there wrong twice!! This is what happens when I am texting.

  150. Michelle

    6-8 weeks to get back the $40 that u applied to my account immediately after u clicked reserve. That’s nuts. It should come off as quickly as u applied it once someone hits cancel.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Michelle, once your device ships from us to the store of your choosing, your $40 begins to process back onto your account.

  151. Mike

    How is the reservation inventory allocated by city, province or country? i.e. I was 182 on the list for a 32gb white iphone 4s…does that mean that I am 182 in Calgary or Alberta or Canada?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Mike that would mean you’re 182 across Canada for the 32gb white iPhone 4S.

  152. LSFT

    I was thinking that maybe I would get it Saturday or Monday… but from the looks of it.. still IN PROGRESS… I didn’t bother lining up on Friday thinking Rogers could be quick… oh well.. went to stores on Friday and they all said.. White are all gone… only black ones are available… Maybe I should have line up at the Rogers 8:30 am and nobody there… oh well… life sucks @ Reservations!

  153. Matthew Arnold

    I logged in recently to MyRogers but now do not have access to the Reservation site… Before it always came up as a huge banner promoting the service which I could click on and it would take me to my reservation status. Has this link been moved to another location or am I just blind? :) when I login now it takes me just to my account summary….

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Matthew, when you login to MyRogers from you should be taken to a page of options, with clickable images, and the top banner says “Rogers Reservation System”. If you don’t see that, login to MyRogers and you should be able to find the RRS through “Products and Services” under “Wireless” with a link to “Device Reservation”.

  154. Rob

    This will be deleted by the moderators I’m sure but to address all the upset customers, I USED to know a man very high up in Rogers until last summer when he left and his comment to me, as he gave me his personal customer service number, was “we have 3 million customers we don’t give a…..” you can fill in the blank. He wasn’t being aggressive simply stating a point that holds true in many corporate settings if not all. I am a combined 20+ year Rogers customer (many accounts) and today cancelled my wireless and will soon follow with my cable. Nobody likes being lied too but what’s worse is that we continue to get danced around by phone reps, in store personnel and online moderators like they don’t give a….again full in the blanks yourselves. People start off asking for answers then they demand them than they simply leave. And by the way I was 3000+ in line which probably means I’m more likely to get an iPhone 5 than a 4s.

    1. tim

      agreed fully

  155. Michelle

    Do you have one person in a warehouse processing these orders???? Because my “in line” number is going down by 50 per day. Shouldnt you be putting more of an effort into these “reserved” items then serving 50 customers a day?????

  156. Jacquie

    I’m number 4,800 in line for an iphone 4s 16G. I wasn’t expecting getting it on launch day, but was told by some on the in-store staff, that it would be “in on Monday for sure”. Now I’m thinking they were completely off the mark.

    So realistically, when can I anticipate getting it? (Don’t tell me to “check my status”. That doesn’t tell me when.)

    Instead, tell me “next week”, “next month” or “next year”, etc.

    I want an ACTUAL estimate, PLEASE! I want to see if it’s worth staying with rogers or going elsewhere.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      We’d like to provide an estimate but we simply don’t have enough info to make an educated guess, Jacquie. I’m sorry!

  157. Anthony

    I reserved a 64gb black on the 7th. I was #640. Now i’m sitting at #240. Wtf Rogers, I was told I would be one of the first to receive. Guess I will have to be one of the last. This is not only my first iPhone, this is my first smartphone. I did visit a few Rogers stores only to be told their stock is only for new activations. If I don’t get my device by this week, I’m done with Rogers.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Anthony, you will be one of the first to receive your device among those who reserved a device.

      Whichever stores aren’t selling to you because you’re not a new activation should be reported to us as that’s not acceptable. If you’d like to share the location of these stores, we’ll contact them.

  158. Dave

    I think I understand their process. Not that I agree with it.

    1) You reserve they take 40 dollars and give you a number.
    2) Each store has their own stock that is ordered from companies supply chain.
    3) reservation list is just another ‘store’ that is allocated a specific amount from supply chain.
    4) supply chain purchases phones from apple for stock
    5) though your reservation was placed 1 week prior to launch many cancel. This is why your 40 dollars will take 6-8 weeks for refund. Rogers ‘uses’ this money to purchase iPhone from Apple. This allows them to offset money out of pocket with some of your money
    6) launch day Rogers had X number of devices for stores with x number for reservation. Monitoring the numbers of cancellations and walkin purchases, the bean counters can then more accurately place an order ‘after launch’ to fill the reservation list without over ordering stock.

    Really it is not about you or me. It is about them and the dollars. That’s what business is.

    I would speculate that Rogers initial order for the iPhone 4s occured at least 1 month ago and I would suspect their second order occured just prior to launch. Now it is a matter of them receiving their order.

    The mistake Rogers made was under estimating the demand, I am sure someone somewhere at Rogers is kicking themselves in the butt.

  159. Myrone

    Hey Rogers guys/peeps I have a question, I sort of want a total estimate of how much I will be paying when I pick up my iphone4s 16gb

    I’m eligible to to upgrade to an iphone4s so it mentioned I will have to pay,
    plus the price of the iphone4s 16gb at 159.00
    so in total (estimated) it will be 209.00+35.00+159.00 right?

    Just wanted to make sure:)

    1. RogersMelanie

      Sounds about right for an estimate, but I can’t say for sure as I don’t have access to your account. It’s best to speak with a rep as they can pull up your details and give you specifics.

  160. Cam

    While I was still waiting for my “reserved” phone, I decided to stroll into my local future shop and ask of they had any iPhones left. They had nothing for rogers, but had plenty left for telus and bell.I was on month to month with Rogers, so I ended up leaving with a new phone and a bell contract. Reservation system was a joke.

  161. Todd

    I’ve been monitoring this board watching how upset people are and I can completely relate. Rogers you failed miserably with your existing customers. As an existing customer for the past 10 years this has left such a sour taste in my mouth that we are thinking of moving everything over to Bell. I walk into my Rogers location today to see if there are any phones left but also to see maybe just maybe they forgot to call me or I didn’t get the email. I was #285 in line according to the reservation system but clearly that meant ABSOLUTELY nothing. Guy tells me it may come in next week with my name on it. What? On the box?? Here is what really set me off. He says they sold out quickly on Friday. What??? They actually had some in the store and one that I reserved at 6am on October 7th is not at this location?? Rogers the reservation meant absolutely nothing. Sure it guarantees you’ll get one but the expectation is that you’d get it launch day. Not the week after, not two weeks after. Had I known I could have just walked in with NO LINEUP and gotten a phone, I would never have used the reservation system. You deceived your existing customers and should be ashamed!!

  162. Stephen

    I’d have to say that I’m extremely disappointed by the “allocation” of devices. If I would have known that by being #300 on the wait list I wouldn’t in fact have a device 3 days after the release of which I put up money in advance of the release to get a device, I never would have done so.

    Next time I will not be wasting my time with a reservation but in fact line up like any nobody to ensure I get a device. This reservation system is very misleading (I and many others felt that we were ensuring we were going to get a head of people waiting in line by putting up money in advance) and now I hope to get one before a week is up.

    Signed Very Disappointed

  163. tim

    The UPDATE they just sent out is to little to late. Every one that wanted one most likely just went out and bought one at a big-box chain store, so those thousands of iphone are already canceled at the store because all there doing is writing names down in the stores, so there shipping to people who don’t want them any more?!?

    doesn’t make much sense at all

    1. David

      +1 Tim!!! I’m sure this is exactly what is happening. I don’t even plan to cancel. It can lie in wait until two weeks goes by and they figure out that I don’t want it. I don’t mean to screw someone that wants a phone but who are they going to blame? Rogers and there useless reservation system!! They can blame me but it’s really Rogers fault. If Rogers had ensured that I got the one I reserved all that extra stock at the stores would be available to those that didn’t reserve.

  164. Carmen

    Has anyone else dropped significantly for a 16g white? I went from 1772 to 138 in about an hour?? But my black 16g for one of my other lines has been in progress since wednesday!??

  165. Carmen

    Wow now in progress! Maybe the black and the white will be here at same time despite being 3000 places different :S FAIL

  166. LSFT

    Thanks for the update. But when will I know if I will get a notification or not??? Mine been in progress since 13th Oct. Should I be getting a shipping notification?

    On another hand, what will stores do with those who cancel devices which were part of this reservation line? They shouldn’t be selling them to waiting list at their store… it should be at least allocated to the next person in this reservation who selected that store for pickup. I don’t like seeing people who got onto another waiting list getting devices before this queue is cleared.

  167. Mike

    Is there anyone at Rogers that can answer me earlier question? Why has someone behind me on line who ordered the same phone getting their phone before me. Perhaps when my bill is due and Rogers calls me asking where my payment is I will tell them it is “in progress”.

    1. Charles R

      agree 100%. It’s like rogers thinks we’re morons.

    2. markdgal

      I would like to know the answer to this question also! I am sure I am in the same boat.

      GTA gets deliveries on Oct 14. Huge store surpluses in GTA. The rest of us left out.

    3. Jacquie

      Mike – I think it’s because they ship the iphones in batches to the stores. I know that they told us they were shipping them individually, but I really don’t think they are. Someone posted on here that when they got a tracking number, it indicated that there were 29 “units” being tracked. That implies there were 29 units going to that particular store.

      I called my store yesterday and they said they have yet to receive ANY reserved phones. So it doesn’t seem to matter all that much what number you are on the waitlist. It seems it only matters what stores are chosen to have reserved phones shipped to them.

  168. Strombo

    Settle down everyone. Its your own fault that you thought that reserved meant you’d get one launch day. Think about it. Apple is supplying phones to many many retailers, rogers is only going to get so many. Even if they had half of each shipment arrive at each store set aside for reserved, there is no way everyone who reserved one is going to get one on launch day. Each store is likely only getting a dozen at the most. For some stores there could be thousands of people reserving for that pick up location. If every store got in 20 phones a day (they likely get less considering the world wide demand) and half of these were given out to reserved clients then it would still take at least a week or two to work down a list of hundreds of reservations. Expecting your reservation to arrive on launch day just seems crazy. Even pre-orders from Apple mostly did not arrive on the 14th.

    1. Sherri

      My local store received no reserved phones, just a regular shipment.

    2. Spencer

      You probably shouldn’t comment if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

      Many other carriers were able to take pre-orders and have the devices delivered directly to customer’s homes on Friday morning. Telus, AT&T and Sprint were all able to accomplish this amazing feat.

      Add to that the fact that the promotion was specifically labelled a “per-order” and you have a very justifiable level of outrage.

      If Rogers didn’t have the infrastructure to support this initiative they shouldn’t have made it available to customers.

      1. Strobe

        Again. This wasn’t a pre order. It was reservation aimed at those who did not want to waste time searching for an iPhone in stock. For the 3GS I spent a week calling stores before I snagged one. The companies you mention are American and offered a pre order system. As long as my reserved phone comes in before the period when phone stock sells out daily Rogers is doing what they said. It’s a phone people. Waiting a few extra days should case such tantrums. By stressing about getting your phone RIGHT NOW you defeat the point of reserving which was to sit back and know a phone would arrive just for you in the opening week or so and nt have to stress. Also if people think walk on stock is so easy to get what’s the issue? Go to the store and buy one.

      2. markdgal

        This was a pre-order. Rogers changed all the definitions after the fact when everyone was upset. They have redefined the words to suit the bad situation they found themselves in. It still says pre-order on the web site. The text from Rogers clearly indicated that the system was set up to ensure that those individuals/customers that reserved a phone would be one of the first in Canada to enjoy it. Remember we are the loyal customers who put our faith in Rogers. We have a right to be upset. Telus is a Canadian company and they managed to get iphones to their customers who preordered on release day. Please read and get the facts straight

      3. Strobe

        I did read. I can’t fine the word Pre-order on any of the existing customer reservation system webpages. I’m just saying I read all the FAQ and other info before reserving and I clearly got the impression before that the system would operate on two separate inventory streams and that it was not likely I’d see a phone on day one. Don’t get me wrong I do not love Rogers and I can’t defend their handling of this. Why have reps online when they clearly have a great deal of restrictions as to what information these reps cam give out. So many stock responses.

  169. Sean

    I am extremely unsatisfied with Rogers’ sites. Not only is my reservation for the iPhone 4s not working, but I come here for answers and find a very glitchy website. Bravo Rogers, you have lost my interest.

  170. LSFT

    Anybody get the shipped notification?

  171. Rob

    I have been “In Progress” since Wednesday, I’m hoping based on last nights update that I will receive my shipping notification today and can expect the device this week. At this point I would be happy with any update to be honest. If it’s going to be next week or next month just tell me so I know rather than waiting “in progress” for days without any idea of what’s going on.

  172. Mike

    Number 366 in Canada on October 7th. Went to in progress on Thursday and still have not heard anything from Rogers as to where my phone is. People who were in the 400’s have received notice that their phone has been shipped. Rogers doesn’t care about their loyal customers and I urge everyone who was screwed over on this to switch wireless carriers. If enough of us do Rogers will take notice and perhaps think twice about lying and deceiving their customers. The sad thing before this whole debacle I supported Rogers and recommended them to all my associates.

  173. Mark

    hahahaha, oh my god. So I reserved my device at 4:08 am local (6:08 am EST, 8 minutes after the reservation gates opened). I ended up being 410 in line (not too bad considering I woke up 10 minutes late to reserve!!!). I was pretty happy with my place in line, fairly confident that being here in Calgary and being 410 nationally, that would be pretty darn good chance of getting a phone on launch day. As I read more and more, I realized, I will not be getting it on launch day. Fair enough.

    My fiance is with telus and pre ordered an hour after their floodgates opened. On launch day, she received hers via puralotor, HAND DELIVERED TO OUR HOME at 2pm local. I was completely shocked at this service and how well they did!!

    Later that day, we decided to hit up our local best buy and guess what I got? The “last” iphone 4s 16gb. Totally bittersweet victory. I am still sitting at “In Progress”.

  174. Ace

    Hi there, I cancelled my reservation, but for some reason I am still seeing the 40 dollars reservation charge (+tax) under my current balance area in the MyRogers site. It also says the payment is due October 28 for me. Since I cancelled, shouldnt this charge disappear? I was under the impression that once its cancelled that I shouldnt have to pay…..

    Please let me know if this is going to get removed eventually (before the due date…)

    1. RogersMelanie

      Yes it should be. It takes some time to process. I don’t have access to your account so it’s best to speak to a rep about timing as they can pull up your account details and give you specific answers.

  175. michael

    Hardware upgrade program is just bad business.
    How many other existing customers are upset about this?
    I’ve been able to upgrade to every new iphone for a fully subsidised price until now.
    Rogers wants me to pay $299+$320 for a 32gB iphone4S.

    You guys *need* to waive this fee. You’re seriously pissing off your loyal customers.
    This is bad business sense.
    I can go buy an unlocked phone without a *contract extension* directly from Apple for just $130 more.
    I could also move to Bell (which has better service in my area) for even cheaper because they’ll cover the early termination fee if I switch.
    Nobody in their right mind should buy this phone with these ridiculous upgrade fees.

  176. Dave

    Rogers just want to give a thanks for the reservation system. I got my Iphone 4s on Friday with no problems.

    1. RogersMelanie

      You’re welcome. Enjoy the new phone.

  177. Terrible experience

    What a terrible experience we’re having with Rogers.

    The preorder device reservation is useless. Rogers_Chris replies to customers that it’s just to guarantee a phone eventually without waiting in line, not that customers will actually get it on the first day. But a sharp-eyed customer called Rogers out on the fact that they had promoted the system as a preorder for first deliver. Rogers’ response: “It was a mistake.”

    What’s the point of reserving a phone if Rogers can’t deliver? Why is Rogers selling phones to walk-in customers and not the thousands of orders on reservation? And then according to posts here on Red Board, Rogers isn’t even shipping orders according to queue number!

    And adding to that, Rogers won’t even return our $40 deposit until 4-6 weeks later. Rogers is quick to take our money, slow to deliver, and even slower to refund. I can’t wait to see the absolutely poor level of service your bank will deliver.

    How about when Rogers sends me my monthly bill I tell them that payment is “In progress”

  178. markdgal

    This is a very poor system. I am ready to switch from Rogers. I am no longer on contract. They really like to lie at Rogers. Pre-orders with a wait list. Stores with available stock on launch day but none for loyal customers. There recent post here stating that thousands of iphones have been shipped. That shipping must have included the stock sent to the stores. I am number 145 for a black 16 gb. How can I not be getting mine shipped. I have been in progress since Oct 13. No email today with shipping notification. Very useless system. I should have not have expected more from Rogers. Big fail.

  179. RJB

    When I first read the post on the Redboard on the new reservation system, my impression was that no, you won’t be getting it 8:00am on launch day morning. They did say that you would skip the lineups, and typically.. launch days are the only days with lineups (not totally true with the iPhone 4), but I thought it was pretty clear that logically you would be better off waiting in line first thing in the morning. If you wanted to skip the lineup, and be guaranteed a phone without having to deal with calling stores and waiting in lines, the reservation system was perfect.

    All the complaining on here is insane. If you truly believed that, against logic, you were better off with a reservation system that could not, and did not guarantee that you would be getting your device the afternoon of launch day, Rogers didn’t trick you, you tricked yourself.

    1. Strobe

      I had the same impression. The idea behind the system seemed clear to me. Don’t wait in line and take your chances. Rather reserve one and just sit back and get notified when it came in. This is a great system for those of us who don’t care if we get it day one but just want it during the first few weeks without having to continually phone stores or drop in to check. You want yur phone day one stand in line overnight. It’s as simple as that. You pel were never told you’d get it on the 14th you only have yourselves to Blane or your wishful thinking.

    2. Jpo

      Actually Rogers sold it as a way to ensure you are among the 1st in line to get an iPhone 4s as soon as it becomes available. That was the message in their text to me. Sooo actually Rogers did trick people.

  180. BlackestKnight

    Rogers really droped the ball on my reservation. I was #440 and #428 respectively for my 16 GB Black and my GF’s 32 GB Black 4S when I reserved on the 7th. The account is in my name only as we have a joint account for both lines (no use in having 2 seperate accounts, when I added her line, she was in school without revenue so I was paying for it anyway).

    So I get up on Friday the 14th and calmly go about my business (no need to line-up right ?), pretty darn sure my phones would be showing up by noon. Looking at the UPS info on my 16 GB Black, it’s Out for Delivery. My 32 GB is still showing “In progress”, but since both were relatively low in their respective queues, I’m attributing this to some kind of system processing delay where the phone is shipped out, but not the e-mail (my 16 GB shipped out at 8 pm on the 13th, I had received the e-mail only at like 6 a.m. on Friday).

    I check my reservation e-mail and my online status and both are showing the correct location, in Brossard (Montreal south-shore) at the Mail Champlain location. So I get there around noon, grab a bite to eat and then go around to the Rogers store.

    I start to wait in line… (so much for not having to do that…). 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes. After an hour of waiting (good thing there was only 3 other people in front of me…) I finally get to the counter, tell them I’m here for my reserved iPhone in my name that came in at 10:42 and was signed for (I have the name of the person, having the UPS site up on my 3GS showing the phone is delivered). The nice lady tells me they haven’t received any phones. I show her both the Rogers e-mail and the UPS tracking showing that my phone was sent to their store and that UPS delivered and had someone sign for the package.

    The manager comes in, affirms they have no reserved phones in stock, only “FCFS” models. So I give him my tracking number so he can go off and track his missing shipments that were signed for and I casually tell the girl at the counter to just give me a 16GB Black and 32GB Black and cancel my reservations (since they have stock at this location this late in the afternoon… so much for standing in line…).

    Now the trouble starts. She says “I can’t sell you 2 phones”. Uh ? Rogers let me reserve 2 phones, what’s the problem ? She says even if they had gotten both my reservations in, which they have not she repeats, she couldn’t even have sold me both. WTF ? Policy is, according to her, 1 phone per customer per day. At this point I interject “Surely you mean 1 phone per customer per day per activated line on the account”. Nope, she’s adamant, refuses to sell me the 2nd phone and asks me to pick which one to get.

    Gotta say I’m getting pissed now. Then the manager comes back and tells me that UPS told him according to my tracking number, the phone was delivered to the far end of Montreal even though I had picked my location at their store in Brossard. It was funny that it had shipped out of Lachine instead of the Brossard depot. I guess I know why now. The manager then casually repeats the policy of 1 phone for 1 customer per day, reminding him he’s gonna lose his job if he sells me 2 phones for my 2 lines (why would you fire honest store employees trying to sell goods to a customer who wants to purchase them Rogers ? Why so mean ? )

    So I tell the girl to fetch my 16 GB since my GF is at work and if her phone was activated there, I wouldn’t be able to call her to inform her. She draws up the paper work, gives me the mail-in rebate that clearly states “IPHONE IS NOT ELIGIBLE FOR THIS PROMOTION” (hope you still process it Rogers after promising us this 50$). Before leaving, I ask her to cancel my reservation for my 16 GB but to hold the 32 GB if it comes in (still not showing shipping yet… which leaves my puzzled).

    So to add insult to injury, she says “You gotta do that online”. I tell her I can’t and that Rogers RedBoard representative are saying this must be done through the stores after the device goes into “In Progress” or “Shipped” state. I show her the posting by RogersMelanie. She says she doesn’t know how to do that. Manager again. So I stand there and wait while he discusses things with Rogers and the owner and finally they start making a list of reservations to “Cancel” and tells me it’s gonna be ok (hand written list… so encouraging…). He also shows me a list he’s tallied up of shipping errors on reservations after discussing with the owner and Rogers. Seems Rogers is messing up the reservation shipments. Great…

    So I get out of store, sour at the whole experience but happy to have my 4S. I try 2 other locations around Brossard hoping to get out of the “1 phone for 1 customer per day” policy which I still think is a big stink (1 phone, 1 customer, 1 day, PER line Rogers…. how hard is that ?) and can’t find anything. I call my GF up, ask her to come down early after her work and that we’ll try a little “gauging” (the store still has stock at this point… we’re late in the afternoon now… so much for reserving Rogers). I head off to the gym all the while thinking of how to resolve this little “issue” of Rogers not letting me part with my hard earned money.

    Coming out of the showers 2 hours later, it hits me. I call up Rogers. “Sorry system is down call back tomorrow”. Call back, same. NO! I have a plan here… so my GF shows up and while we’re going back to the store, I try again. Finally reach an agent that doesn’t claim the “system is down call back tomorrow!”. I have her walk in and get in line alone since it’s the same people in there and I don’t want them to recognize me. I tell my GF to simply state she wants a 32 GB for HER account. While she gets in line behind 2 other people (so much for waiting in line Rogers…) I ask the nice lady on the phone to authorize my GF to the account for device upgrades and other things she needs to activate her own.

    I stay low profile outside and wait… 15 minutes… 30 minutes… (pattern forming here ? 2 customers in front my GF… 40 minutes waiting in line…) and finally she hits the counter, same girl who served me gets up, gets her phone, starts the long paper work. After another 15 minutes, my GF signals me to come in… Darn, caught I’m thinking. I come in, the girl looks at me and tells me “I can sell it to her, just she has level 2 access to the account, she needs level 1 access”. *sigh*. Call back rogers, get an agent, have her switched to level 1 access (I was pretty darn sure I asked her to be able to do “ANYTHING” in the account… but at this point I’m passed arguing, let’s get things done). Hang up with the rep, girl calls back her liaison, level 1 checks out, my GF manages to buy her own 32 GB.

    So we get out of there late evening and finally go grab a bite to eat (gym is really taking its toll now…) and both owners of new iPhones, but soured at our experience with Rogers “Don’t wait in line! Get your device first with no hassle!” Reservation system and their general policies.

    So much for my day off that wasn’t even supposed to be about getting an iPhone 4S (this day was planned a few weeks ago, before Apple even announced the phone, I had this rough work overtime weekend planned). Thank you Rogers!

  181. Tim

    Rogers is using UPS Standard for delivering my reserved iPhone 32GB Black. They shipped on 14th (ON to BC), and UPS tracking says it will arrive here by 20th. It should be over night shipping!? You gotta be kidding.

  182. Ted

    With all due respect people, it’s rogers first time handling a reservation system….cut them at least a bit of slack. Hopefully they can take what they’ve learned here and apply it to build a more robust and logical system in the future.

  183. Tony

    Hey there! My ups tracking shows device delivered to Concord. My store choice is in Mississauga? Is Cocorde a storage facility? How can I further track progress to my store? Will it be there today? Thx

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Tony,

      Some stores us a distribution centre so yes, that’s probably the case here. Best to check with the store directly on expected timing.

      1. Rivix

        Then why bother sending us a UPS tracker for warehouse to warehouse? This is seriously amateur hour.

  184. Fraser

    I started at #1070 when I reserved on the morning of “reservation day” and I’m still in an OPEN status but down to position 495.

    Are you telling me there were only 575 black 32GB phones allocated and shipped for those with reservations? How many were sent to stores for first-come, first-served? What a terrible experience with Rogers this has been.

    1. Sherri

      I started at 778 for the black 32GB phone. It moved to “In Progress” Friday morning. Now, it seems to me that if they were shipping them out IN ORDER, you shouldn’t be higher than 292 in the queue.

  185. Laura

    Here is my issue. I did the reservation, and I was number 101 in Canada. Got my email that it was shipped October 13th from Concord, ON to the store I chose in Edmonton, AB.
    It is now Monday, October 17, nearly noon and still no delivery.
    So I called UPS to find out what’s going on.
    Apparently it’ll deliver to the store by closing Thursday the 20th.
    A full week after it was sent.
    I can get a letter from Alberta to Ontario in a couple of days using Canada Post. Yet using UPS, to a major city it takes a week?
    Rogers, I would suggest this be looked into.
    It’s disappointing I should have been one of the first from you reservation system, and yet I still don’t have the phone.

    1. Jeremy

      I live in Edmonton, Alberta too and i am in the exact same scenario as u are. I was 171 when i preordered it and apparently is will arrive on the 19th…. maybe sooner…

  186. Mike

    If a class action starts up, I hope it includes an opt out of all Rogers services for those participating. I just moved into a new home and have Rogers on a 3 month trial for phone, TV, and Internet. After this fiasco of the last week – paying for a spot in line (hah! at the end of the line it appears!) and then being told that anyone who shows up at the store before my wife and i can get a phone I’m really irritated. I can’t imagine any circumstance under which I’d continue with their services. This is a classic bait and switch, and all the Rogers’ responses on these forums provide are meaningless, marketing drivel (‘OMG! Don’t admit we just lied to a few thousand of our most enthusiastic customers!’). No apologies for clearly misrepresenting a service, or the utter failure of the iPhone 4S reservation system. This has been a sham. If I had the coin, I’d be leading a class action suit myself.


  187. LUC

    Hello, when are you expecting stock? Is it an order Rogers placed wit a set amount or will you receive stock daily, weekly, etc…?

  188. markdgal

    Here we go again. How can someone who was #440 on the reservation list (BlackestKnight) have his black 16 gb iphone 4s shipped on Oct 14. I am #145 and mine is still “in progress”. Rogers is not even following the list. For those who says cut them some slack – garbage. I cannot understand the logic of aggravating loyal customers with such a crappy system. Big companies should not have big fails. It is bad for business

    1. RogersMelanie

      It is probably a different version of the device as each have their own reservation list.

      1. markdgal

        My pre-order iphone 4s is also a black 16 gb. This is the same model as BlackestKnight. I cannot understand how his reservation list is different than mine.

      2. Thomas

        Thanks for the extremely valuable insight. Glad you take time to address all the questions and criticism on this board

  189. Joel

    This is probably a stupid question, but I’ll ask it anyway. I reserved the 32GB black model, but I’m pretty much indifferent to the colour. I just thought black would be a change from my ancient white iPhone, but it wasn’t a strong preference. Is there anyway to tell the reservation system that I’d be happy with either the black or white 32GB model, whichever is available first? I’m currently at 964 in the queue. I’m hoping to get it before I reach old age, which is not all that many years off.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Joel, unfortunately once the reservation is placed it can’t be altered. Depending on where you’re at in the process, you could cancel and re-reserve the other colour but that wont really help with the ‘whatever comes first” idea. If you’re not fussed on colour, you could always call around to your local stores and see if they have inventory in either colour and if you find one, cancel the reservation.

      1. Joel

        Thanks, RogersMelanie,

        I didn’t want to bother calling around. That’s why I used the reservation system. I guess I’ll just have to learn patience. I don’t imagine I’ll die if I don’t get it soon. Then again, you never know. ;)

        Gee, I wonder if Bell or Telus can send me one. ;)

  190. Nadine

    Is there any exception to the “only the account holder can pick up the device”? I don’t live with my mother and she is the account holder. My device is in and she is unable to come with me to pick it up. Is there any kind of information I can provide to be an exception?

    Please let me know.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Nadine,

      Not really. Your mom can call and add you to the account but you will need to be added as a joint owner so that you can make decisions for the account too. That’s really the only option I think. They will hold your device for 18 days though.

  191. Seema

    This Rogers Reservation system is falsely represented and utterly useless. Everyone who is on this so called system should be compensated for the lies that we were told to actually use it.

    When I called the Rogers Plus – at 333 Bloor St. East – yes, the Rogers Plus at Rogers Head Office, they said they haven’t received any reserved phones. They said everything they get is put on the floor for walk-in customers.

    When I called Rogers itself, they told me their memo and policy states that the phones that are going to the stores should be for the reserved clients first. When I wanted to speak to someone else she said they would tell me the same thing. When I said the store is clearly not following that – she said its not up to Rogers to control their vendors. I told her that I delivered my phone to the Rogers Plus at head office. Then I had to spell out for her that I’m clearly telling her this policy is not being followed – so now what is Rogers doing about that. She was looking into getting a response for me, and held me on hold for 10 minutes and then I asked her to give me a call back with the answer. She mentioned that this was Rogers first time using this system and Apple designed it for them. Seems a bit hard to believe.

    We’re being charged for a system that is useless, misrepresentative and nobody at Rogers is acknowledging their errors, or this disaster.

    Why aren’t the phones being sent to the stores for reserved customers? Why do we have to put down a deposit when we’re not getting anything in return??

    I’d like to hear back from someone at Rogers regarding this disastrous program – and I would like details on compensation for this false marketing.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Seema,

      Sounds like this may be a matter of miscommunication. There are two allotments of inventory – some for stores/walk-ins and the reservation system. Store inventory that is sent to them is used for walk-in customers. Reserved units are shipped separately to the various stores with the customer’s names on it, not part of the normal shipments. You will receive an email with a tracking number and delivery details once your reserve device has been shipped.

      1. tim

        You still avoid his real questions, WHY keep say the same line over and over and over, why answer him at all??? if thats all your doing is reading a script.

  192. Johnny

    Anybody get shipped notifications today? I’m not seeing anybody saying they got the notification. What is with this update last night?

    1. Michael

      NO SHIPMENT notification for me !!! #300 … you guys who are #1000 in line better not expect your iphone before Xmas ….

      1. Johnny

        I got my IN PROGRESS update 13th last week. I was #732 for 16GB White.. it went down to 600ish… then went to IN PROGRESS and it’s stuck there…. From another post (Carmen), the 16GB White line has gone down from 1772 to 138… that is a whooping 1600 white 16gb down. So where is the shipping notification?

  193. Bo

    i’ve seen several people asking the same question, but no one bothered to answer. i’m asking again. my status has been in “in progress” for days, yet my store still doesn’t have my phone, and at the same time they’ve sold the new iphones to walk-in customer. first of all, what’s the point of a reservation system? what i understand is you get what you want at the time you prefer. if rogers can’t fulfill their reservation orders on the day the iphone was released, it’s complete failure, period. secondly, how is it that the customers with reservation don’t have their phone while thousands of walk-in customers got their phones? i’d assume the reservation system is mutually benefitial. it helps rogers to more accurately allocate its inventory to stores and prioritize the orders to peopel who reserve. so rogers shouldn’t be selling phones to walk-in customers untill all reservations orders have been filled. complete failure again. so disappointed.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Bo,

      There are two allotments of devices – some for the stores and some for the reservation list. The store units are for walk-ins and the reservation list has it’s own inventory. “In progress” means the device has started the shipping process and when stock is available, it will be sent out. You will receive an email with tracking number and delivery details once it’s shipped from the warehouse.

  194. Tom


    My iPhone is currently in progress thru your website.
    But I found one iPhone at my local Rogers store this week-end.

    How do I cancel my “in progress” order ?

    Thank you!

    1. RogersMelanie

      It’s already started the shipping process and can’t be pulled back. Call the store you’re having it sent to and let them know you no longer need the device. The $40 will be credited once the device ships.

      1. Thomas

        Thanks for that profound and new insight. Do you have that on cut and paste ? How about addressing some of the criticism regarding the complete failure of the reservation system?

  195. FredericB


    I was number 862 when I reserved…So I am way under the thousands that have been shipped and I still have not received any email or calls.

    I am leaving for a business trip at the end of the week. Hopefully, something nice will happen before I leave…

  196. Just wanted to say that while I am unhappy with how the Rogers Reservation System has been implemented/handled so far (#245 in ALL of CANADA for a Black 32GB iPhone 4S and my phone failed to arrive on launch day), I am a fan of RogersMelanie’s efforts (and attitude) in helping us. Thanks RogersMelanie!

    1. RogersMelanie

      Thanks Paul! No prob – we’re here to help where/when we can. And we always encourage and welcome the feedback from you guys.

      1. Thomas

        I am sure you welcome feedback – that is probably why you only reply to the easy and positive comments.

      2. RogersMelanie

        Hey Thomas, as you can see from my many comments on here, I respond to many that are not overly positive. I only have so many answers though. I share all that I can.

      3. tim

        Ya but you well only answer the same nonsense over and over yo NOT answering any real questions! YOU in all reality making people more and more upset by avoiding people real questions and slapping them in the face answering the same’s, three time on this page of the board alone, but not answering any of there really questions. Its been over seven days now you think the people would send down some of the info were asking. Do rogers really think this was not a big deal to there customers and there just going to sweep this under the rug. Well never get and office APOLOGY, for their mistake and miss-information all week.

  197. Michael

    I was around #300 the list for 64GB black and have been IN PROGRESS since Wednesday … its end of day Monday now and Apple sold 4,000,000 FOUR MILLION iphone 4s but none of them was for me? what’s the point PRE-ORDERing when I’m one of the last ones to receive it? ??? someone from ROGERS explain that to me please …..

  198. Todd

    Rogers. Your site has stated my “reservation” (don’t call it that) has been in progress since at least last Thursday. No e-mail yet, no phone call, and the site states this address:

    Rogers Plus
    442 Holland St. W. Unit 5,
    Barrie, ON L3Z 0A2

    This is wrong! It should be “Bradford”, not Barrie. How long is it really going to take??

    This location has no idea when their next shipment is coming in (According to the guy I talked to yesterday). To say EPIC FAIL on this reservation for existing customers is an understatement.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Todd,

      Thanks for this feedback. I’ll pass the Barrie/Bradford info to the internal team. If you’re in progress then you’ve started the shipping process and when inventory is available, it will be sent out. Keep an eye on your status for updates.

  199. struther

    I am stuck in “In Progress” for the 64GB Black. I was 317 on the list on the day of the launch. I had planned on moving to Bell since my contract has now expired (I moved TV and Internet to Bell last year due to the horrible experience trying to get a iPhone 4, which I never did). The ability to “pre-order” with Rogers kept me from moving. If I don’t get a shipping notice soon, I’ll simply shop around at Bell stores — no point going to Rogers stores based on this treatment!

    How will I get my $40 refunded if I cancel my entire account??

  200. Tony

    Thx Melanie for your response. The store said they will call when it comes in they just can’t say when for sure. I can wait another day or 2.

  201. Keli

    My wife and I were at our local Futurshop store on Friday 14th in the morning to upgrade to iPhone 4S’s. We both found the device we wanted and then I proceeded to be upgraded. She on the other hand was not able to upgrade. She is eligible (her original contract started march 2009), but the system would not let her upgrade for some reason. A Rogers rep was on hand and apparently a scattering of accounts experienced the same issue on Friday.

    Futureshop and Rogers rep were both very helpful; however, despite their reassurances and our hopes that the situation would be resolved my wife has still not heard about a solution to the problem that no one at Rogers can accurately identify. Now I understand that this is a pretty minor issue (oh, too bad you have to wait a couple days for your iPhone), but seriously why should it take over three days for a resolution to what I can only assume is a system glitch?

    Does anyone know when this situation will be resolved?

    If anyone else is in this boat I feel for you. Hopefully Rogers can figure this issue out sooner versus later, because ridiculous errors like this are the makings of a very unsatisfied customer.


    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Keli, what did customer care say about this issue?

    2. tim

      I had the same issue check out page 6 of this board.

      Futureshop has to do it all through paper work NOT the computer system. it only take 10 or so.

      It funny I had to figure this out my self after talking to 6 different departments in 4 hours and them all telling you account is just fine go to the store and it’ll be fine, so I get to the store and the same problem is still happening, another hour on the line with rogers trying till THEY ROGERS gave up, but the Future shop people did not they were the one that found out we can just do it the old way with paper work, after another 10 minutes on the line with rogers to register the new SIM card and I was set. On top of that future shop threw in a free ZAZZ skin. And what does rogers do nothing but slap me in the face and say sorry we don’t know whats wrong have a nice day????

  202. Chris

    My iPhone shipped Thursday night from Concord, Ontario and still has not arrived in Calgary. What shipping method did Rogers use?

    1. RogersMelanie

      All the shipping info should be in the email you would have received with the tracking number etc.

  203. Bob

    What I find frustrating about this whole system is the terminology being used and what Rogers is labeling those terms.

    For example “reservation” clearly has a different definition in the dictionary of Rogers. They have openly come out and acknowledged the real definition, late, yet they still did. .

    I’m still confused that “in progress” means our phones have started the shipping process, however they will be shipped when the phone is in stock… How on earth do you start the shipping process before our phone is in stock?? Ok maybe making the shipping label, but honestly, putting the status to in progress for 5 days before shipping does not signify the start of a shipment in my eyes.

    Eagerly awaiting my iPhone,

    1. Strobe

      Reservation means they designate an individual phone just for you and hold it until you puck it up. It doesn’t mean you get one before people who take their chances and make the rounds of store looking for stock. There seems to be a fundamental misunderstanding of the difference between a preorder and a reservation. Rogers cam be blamed for not communicating this well enough but it seemed clear to me.

      1. markdgal

        Strobe – You must work for Rogers or just enjoy flaming everyone. You responses are suspect at best. Please stop insulting people. Most of us can make up our minds about Rogers and the fiasco around preorder and reservation with your explanations. Leave it to Rogers to answer the questions of its customers

  204. Mike

    You have to love an ordering system where nobody knows what is going on. I am convinced nobody at Rogers is answering any questions about shipping dates because no one there knows what is going on. I have lost total respect for Rogers as a company and now realize how well run Bell and Telus are. People that pre-ordered with those companies already have their phones.

  205. Melanie

    I agree with all the other customers responding here on Red Board — or more like No Answers Board. I’m never reserving anything through Rogers again.

    But in response to what Rogers has said, we understand that there are two different inventory allocations. One for preorders (HA!) and one for walk-in customers. So why can’t Rogers allocate the right number of devices to the proper inventories? Why are 95% of the preorder customers still waiting while walk-ins are getting theirs easy peasy?

    The assumption that preorder customers are actually your better customers, but Rogers obviously doesn’t think so.

    And of course no one in a management level would care. They’re all busy playing with their new iPhones because they walked into a store and got it instead of reserving one!

    1. Johnny

      Hmmh… you sure management level event walked in the store??? Or the phone just landed on their desk activated and ready to use on Thrusday evening!????

  206. So, my iPhone 4S Black 32GB (Originally #245 in the reservation line) finally arrived at my Rogers reseller. But they’re telling me the no-contract price is $830 + tax. And that’s for a locked Rogers phone.

    Previously, I was told by a Rogers rep over the phone that it was going to be $759 – which is identical to the price for an UNLOCKED version. Any idea why they’re charging $830 instead of $759? I’m puzzled.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Paulman, pricing is all listed on our website:

      Where are you picking up the device?

      1. Rogers Wireless (Cellcom reseller) at Lougheed Mall in Burnaby, BC –

        They just phoned me to let me know my reserved iPhone had arrived, and I asked them over the phone about the no-contract price and was quite surprised. I confirmed that it was not including tax.

        I’m guessing the Rogers Wireless resellers don’t actually have the freedom to charge a different price for the iPhone 4S from the one listed on the Rogers website?

        Thx for the quick reply, btw :P

      2. Rogers_Chris

        No problem, I’m looking into it. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can, but in the meantime I would hold off on picking up your device, Paulman.

      3. Sure, no problem. I just phoned them again and they told me that since they’re a private reseller, their non-contract prices may be different. And if I had chosen my phone to be shipped to a Rogers Plus store, instead of theirs, I could probably buy it for $80 cheaper, lol.

        I was actually considering using my new contract price on a Galaxy S II LTE that you’re supposed to be releasing soon, which is why I was considering getting the iPhone 4S with no-contract.

        I may not end up buying the iPhone 4S that I reserved anyways, so no need to hurt yourself trying to get to the bottom of this! But if you are able to find out anything, it’s appreciated. Thanks.

    2. Scooter64

      I also live in Burnaby, ordered THE IDENTICAL model. I was #161.

      How is it Paulman’s phone was shipped already, and I’m still “in progress”.


      PS: I would so love to cancel and take my business elsewhere, but regrettably I cannot get a better monthly plan than Rogers, since they’ve screwed up my account so frequently they have given me $20 credits for the next 3 yrs. The irony!

      1. Mark

        Paulman, I’m just curious, if you are getting the 4S no contract price, why not just pick up the unlocked version at the Apple store for the same price as the locked version from Rogers? Heck, I’m showing $749 on their website with free shipping… and if you are not in a hurry, it will be in your hands within 1-2 weeks, without even going to the store.

  207. Dorothy

    I also have become totally frustrated with Rogers. This whole reservation system for Iphone 4s is a farce.
    I ordered mine on October 7th early in the morning. I have received no emails, There is nothing at myrogers that allows me to check the status of my order, and nobody at Rogers has a clue as to what is going on.


    1. RogersMelanie

      If you sign into MyRogers and click on the ‘reserve device’ section (as if you were going to reserve another phone), your iPhone status should be there.

  208. markdgal

    I spoke with a retention specialist. Waste of time. First he tried to sell me another phone. Then he went on to explain that “in progress” is a state that usually lasts 3-5 business days (that is a week for the working people) and that when changed to “shipping” can last another 3-5 business days. That would mean a total of 2 weeks for some people who reserved – like myself. I am #145 iphone black 4s 16 gb. He also stated that I should have gone to the store if I wanted the phone on Friday. He told me that anyone on this site that states that they received the iphone 4s through the reservation system on Friday is lying. Iphones were not even shipped till Oct 14 and it takes 3-5 business for delivery. Rogers needs to get better people. He did not seem too concerned about me going to Bell or Telus.

  209. Mike

    I just called up the Rogers store where my phone is supposed to be delivered and they told me they already have received all their reserved phones and mine is not there. Did it get sent to a different store? They told me without a tracking number they could not tell me where it is. I almost find this comical now.

    1. Rene

      Don’t worry, I’m sure the crack staff at Rogers are all over sending you your email with your tracking number

  210. Rob

    I’m not sure what’s more frustrating: my reservation being “in progress” for days, or hearing Rogers reps say that “in progress” means that my phone will ship when inventory is available! This is the most ridiculous statement I’ve ever heard. If you’re “in progress” do you, or do you not, have a phone with your name on it at the warehouse? Otherwise what is the difference between someone that is “in progress” versus someone that still has a number on the waiting list? This is an extremely straight forward question that has been danced around by all the Rogers reps on here. If you don’t know then just say you don’t know. If there was any sort of honesty from Rogers throughout the entire process I would not be nearly as unsatisfied as I am

    1. Rene

      Let me help the Rogers reps out. There are probably busy coming up with the next scam.

      “In process means the shipping process has started”

      Pretty sure that covers most of what they would say.

  211. Tyler

    Mine has been “in progress” for days as well. It just means you can’t cancel it online and it’s more of a pain for YOU if you want your $40 back.

    Ridiculous that “in progress” doesn’t mean that it is “preparing to ship” as the explanation states. If the phone is not in stock, it’s clearly not “preparing to ship”.

  212. Ty

    So my order was shipped and on the day of (the 14th, 310th in line). The order was supposed to be shipped to Dufferin Mall in downtown Toronto.

    I went there and… nothing. And the guy there seemed to think “that I only had received a shipping status” whereas it had specified a delivery, which I showed him. He then proceeded to tell me “he’d call me when it arrived”.

    On further examination of my UPS tracking number (the only reason I had went was because I set an email notification for my status), it states that that it was delivered to “Andrew” in Markham. Huh?

    I still don’t have my phone.

    1. Stan

      Don’t worry. I am the 9th in line and the order supposed to be shipped to Times Square in Thornhill. The UPS tracking number states the “item” has arrived and received by “Andrew” in Markham too on the 14th 10am!!! The store still doesn’t have my phone yet. Really, nothing to worry about as we are the “first in line”.

      1. RogersMelanie

        Hey Stan, have you received your phone?

  213. Melanie

    And this is the same company that wants to start a bank for you to leave all your money in!

  214. David

    “We have now shipped thousands of devices,” says RogersMary. Yet I reserved mine at 6 a.m. on the 7th – good for #132 on their reserved list.

    I’ve been “In Process” (ie. my phone has been gathering dust in Roger’s warehouse) since Wednesday. So, according to my math, 1 of 10 phones go to the fools (sorry, Rogers valued subscribers) who “reserved” a phone and the rest go to walk-ins.


    Makes me so glad I set the alarm for 5:40 a.m.

  215. valentin

    “In progress” since wednesday too… and i was only #150! i really think they let thousands of pre-orders when they actually had one or two hundreds in stock… At least Apple allowed pre-ordering when they had thousands of phones ready to ship in their factories!

  216. Ramy

    Hey does anyone know what is going on here like really i see that i am not the only one here who’s status is still showing “in Progress” for the longest time????? whats the deal rogers i would really appreciate an answer to EVERYONE’S question, we didn’t line up because we thought that we would have a device reserved for us a and i think its taking alot of time for ” we just shipped out thousands of iphones” if thats the case then the people who had a number below 2000 should have already had there status changed from in progress to shipped ??

  217. Ed

    I pre-ordered the iphone using the reservation system and was provided a tracking number from UPS. Checked UPS today and it was delivered but to the wrong location. I’m from Scarborough and they shipped across the city to Mississauga. Called Rogers and they told me they couldn’t do anything except for me to drive to Mississauga and pick it up. They offered me $10 to cover the gas. What awesome service this is. To top it off, the location they shipped it to closes at 6:00pm so there’s no way I can get there during a weekday. Thanks Rogers.

    1. LSFT

      OMG… what a mess. Ed, what did you order and what # were you. This is giving all of us some reference to know when others are expecting an UPS tracking #.

      1. Ed

        I was #816. Placed the order at approx. 7am on Oct. 7, 2011.

    2. Ramy

      shoot man i really do feel bad for you, yet another rogers screw up they really need to work on communication

  218. Brian

    I’ve have enough of this crap, been a customer for nearly 7 years with 4 cell phones. Managed to switch one to telus today, will switch the other three as soon as i can. Don’t know if telus are any better, but they sure can’ be any bloody worse! Just be honest with your customers Rogers, you will get more respect.

  219. Rob

    500th in line and still no phone. This has been a total disaster. Usually when these types of things happen, a company will offer their customers some sort of freebie or incentive (ie, RIM with apps, Apple with their bumper, Sony with free PSN titles, and etc). I’m sure Rogers has something lined up right? My guess is probably a nice price hike or two!

  220. Mike

    I reserved on the 7th. I immediately paid my $40 deposit online. I have been in progress since the weekend. It is now Tuesday, and I have still received no update with an estimated pick up time.

    My friend walked into Wireless Wave and picked up her white 4s on Saturday.

    I am sad at the slow device reservation system and thought I would at least be picking it up first thing this week.

    I thought I was a valued Rogers customer, and would be one of the first to get the phone.

    Still waiting for it to ship :(

    Quite disappointing.

    1. Mike

      8am this morning, I received the email that the item shipped. 12pm the store called and said iPhone was in.

      Walked into the store and picked up my iPhone.

      I was 605 in the reservation line, when my status went to “In progress”.

      Thanks Rogers for pulling through.

      Any longer and I would have lost total faith.

      Cheers and good luck to everyone!

  221. Mike

    Hello Strobe. First off they advertised it as a pre-order and also I did not really expect my phone on the first day but in update would be nice. Rogers has no idea where my phone is and sure I can go to the store and buy one but then what was the point of this system. I am not upset that the phone is late but appalled at the customer service Rogers has provided. I have talked to numerous Rogers reps and they have told me that there is no one I can talk to because no one is in charge of the reservation system. It is totally automated. I can guarantee there will be people who will not get their phones until November. What other company will take $40 from you and offer no service. Who do they think they are? The government:)

  222. markdgal

    Did anyone receive a changed to “Shipped” on the Rogers site and a tracking email today – Monday Oct 17? No one has mentioned any changes. Everyone is stuck at “in progress”. This seems contrary to the update on Redboard on Oct 16. I guess they kept it vague by using the term soon. Makes you want to keep waiting thinking you are going to get that email with tracking number any minute.

    1. Michael

      FINALLY … this morning i the email that my iphone has been shipped in a box with my name on it !! LOL .. i pre-ordered a 64GB black on Oct 7 and was #300 on the list

  223. Dariusz

    Here is little tale, guy walks into Bell store and about 45min later walks out with what he wanted, 2 iPhone4s 64GB, he then proceeds and cancels his services with Rogers not being deterred by 30 days cancelation notes or sudden availably of iPhone4s with promise of immediate shipping. Moral of the story is that if you setup reservation system, make sure that those customers who reserved one get their devices first especially if they are your existing customers or even more especially those that are out of contract already.

  224. Allen

    I think someone stole my reserved iphone 4s.

    The ups tracking says shipped and delivered, and shows the guy who signed for it as “greg”, when I went to the store they said they did not have my phone and that no one by that name works there. Rogers support has been unhelpful so far :smileysad:

    Does anyone know what could be happening? I was #380ish and reserved as soon as reservations opened.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Allen, I just posted an update with info that can prob help you here. Some larger dealers use distribution centres for their deliveries and this is who has signed for your device. If it hasn’t already arrived, it should be shipped to your store of choice shortly. Have you received your device?

  225. Eric

    I pre-ordered my 32GB phone and my place in line was under 1000 yet I still don’t have my phone. In fact it hasn’t even shipped yet according to the website. Is the Rogers PR machine really going to claim that the company received less than 1000 phones nationally? Really? Canada’s largest cell provider? I don’t think so. Also, please don’t try and tell me that my pre-order wasn’t a pre-order. It clearly said it was on the website when I filled out the form and paid my money. Removing the wording afterwards doesn’t change that fact.

    This whole reservation system thing is nothing but a bait and switch by Rogers. They baited their existing customers by telling them to put down $40 to pre-order the new iPhone but when release date came around they switched it on us and decided it was in their best interest to sell the bulk of the phones at retail to walk-ups. The reasoning is pretty simple. Customers who walk into a store and decide to get a new phone have their choice of carrier. If they can’t get the phone on Rogers, they will get it on Telus or Bell. Rogers doesn’t exactly have exceptional customer service or pricing so lets be honest here, there is no real reason for anyone to choose them over the others. People who walk into a store to get a new iPhone don’t care which carrier they get, as long as they get the phone. If Rogers can’t match walk-up stock with Telus and Bell, well that is how many customers they are ‘losing’ to the competition. Those of us that already have Rogers contracts are less of a priority since we are stuck with them for the time being.

  226. Cindy Nguyen

    Does UPS send directly to the store we chose to pick up our iphone?

    I ask because I requested UPS to notify me via email when the shipment is delivered after receiving the tracking number from Rogers. Today I was notified that the shipment was received by a lady (insert name), and delivered. I went to the store, and they tell me that they did not receive any UPS shipments yet, and nobody under that name works at the store.

    What’s the point of giving us a UPS tracking number, if “delivered” does not mean, DELIVERED.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Cindy, I just posted an update that can probably help explain your situation. Some larger dealers use distribution centres for their deliveries and this is who has signed for your device. If you haven’t already picked it up, you should be able to shortly. A store representative will contact you once the phone is available for pick up. Hope this helps explain things.

  227. Dave

    For all those like me still waiting for a reserved phone. I would ask that if and when you finally get your phone, post the results back on this board.

    I’m starting to think that beyond the fact that the pre-orders didn’t turn out to be a pre-order, Rogers has really screwed up the shipping as well. I suspect phones are going to the wrong stores and stores are selling our reserved phones to walk-ins.

    The only way we are going to figure out how bad it is, is to have everyone post their results here so that we all and Rogers can see how bad it is. I know it’s bad now, but I think it’s going to get worse.

    Hey Rogers, how about some numbers on how many reserved phones have actually been picked up? I know thousands have been shipped. How many are making it into your reservation customers hands?

    Any thoughts about how you might make this right? I’d like to see a Management response. I know the moderator’s are doing their best but why don’t you guys elevate this and get someone in Management to respond? Or does Management not care enough to set foot in here? What is Rogers Management telling you?

  228. Michael

    FINALLY … i just the email that my iphone has been shipped in a box with my name on it !! LOL

    Great news! Your device is on its way.

    We just wanted to let you know that the Black 64GB iPhone 4S you reserved is on its way to the store in a box with your name on it.

    1. Jean Boisvert

      Well, not for everyone, it seems.
      I was at #36 on the 7th, and am still sitting at “in progress” since last week.
      64GB black.

      1. Dave

        Rogers, I hope you can respond. Telephone, web chat, twitter, have all failed.

        I have been #12 since Saturday on the wait list for a 64GB black. My status is still OPEN. When I see everyone else moving, and I haven’t moved in 3 days with such a low number I am concerned.

        The Rogers telephone contact center informed me they had several calls like mine, and thought there may be a problem. They did not have access to the list but I should contact web support – this is the department with access to the wait list and I should use

        After waiting 26minutes to chat with a representative, she informed me that they were tech support for the website only, they had absolutely nothing to do with the wait list, and there were no departments that would be able to assist.

        I understood the reservation was to ensure I actually got a phone, and was separate from the “walk-ins”. I was hoping I had my phone before I leave for a trip Tomorrow, that will not happen.

        But why I’m sitting at #12 for 3 days now? Has the allotment process stalled, and what may I expect?

        Although by the sounds of it, you do not have access to the information either.

  229. Melanie

    Day 5 since the iPhone 4S launch and device reservation customers still haven’t received anything to show for it.

    Meanwhile, Apple yesterday launches their own reservation system WITH INVENTORY CONTROL and it works successfully. Over at Apple lets customers choose their iPhone, choose their pickup location and the site immediately tells you if any are available for pick up THE NEXT DAY. If not, Apple says to check again specifically after 9:00 PM when they’ll know exactly how many they’ll receive the next day.

  230. Todd

    Thanks. I’ve been in progress since last thursday from what I recall but if Inventory isn’t available it shouldnt be in progress right? Hopefully lessons are learned for whoever thought up of this reservation system. If you reserve a week before launch u should be able to go to the store to pick it up launch day. I don’t have faith that I will be picking it up this week but who knows!

  231. Matt

    Just to help out those on here who are still waiting, my device arrived today, 32GB black, I was number 850

    1. Sherri

      Seriously? I was 778 for the same phone. I just got the shipping notification this morning. Not only can Rogers not organize a reservation system, but they can’t follow numbers in sequential order.

      1. Sherri

        Scratch that. I just received a call from a Rogers representative telling me that my phone *will be* shipped in a couple of days to my store. Future tense.

  232. Jason Wong

    Reserved mine at 8am on Oct 7. Just got shipping confirmation email this morning (Oct 18). When I open the UPS tracking # I can see that it arrived at the depot yesterday (Oct 17) and it should arrive at my store by end of day today. Couldn’t be happier, but do wish Rogers was more forthcoming in their communications.

    1. Jason Wong

      Forgot to mention that I was # 602 for a 32GB white when I reserved. This was dropped to 210 last weekend, then changed from Open to In Progress one week ago (Oct 11)

  233. Johnny

    FYI. My 2 IPhone 4S 16GB White arrived today. I was orginally ~760.

  234. Dave

    I now have a shipping notice for my 32GB Black as well. I was in the 600’s. It hasn’t arrived at the store yet.

  235. Michael

    Hi, My phone was “delivered” to Toronto from Concord on Monday according to UPS and my “My Rogers” page says it’s shipped, but the store I am supposed to pick it up at in Mississauga doesn’t have it. Do you know why this is? and when I can expect to get it? Thanks!

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Michael, have you received your device yet? If not, this is probably the reason. Some larger dealers use distribution centres for their deliveries and this is who has signed for your device in Toronto. It will be shipped to your store of choice shortly, if it hasn’t already.

  236. Jeremy

    I was initially in the upper 900s for a 16GB black. I was “in progress” for several days until this morning, when I received an email that it had shipped from Rogers. In reality, it actually had shipped last night at 8:00 pm. Within an hour of receiving the email, it arrived at the store.

    Ahead of time, I assumed by registering, I would receive it by roughly Wed after the launch. So the system did deliver on my expectations. However better communication and expectation management from Rogers will make the system better next time around.

  237. Todd

    Melanie that’s the problem. I never received an email with the tracking info. How can I get it?

    1. RogersMelanie

      What does your status say on your MyRogers? Has it moved to ‘shipped’?

  238. Michael

    64gb black, was position #321 before it went to in progress was shipped last night. Out for delivery today.


  239. Todd

    I was #280 in line and haven’t received my email or phone call or tracking number. How is that possible? And yes I have checked my junk folder!! Pls advise!

    1. RogersMelanie

      What stage is your reservation at?

  240. Garry

    I had shipping notice for 1 of my reservations on Friday. Still hasn’t arrived. I got shipping notice for my other line today which shipped yesterday and is out for delivery. So Rogers shipping options must be using different types of shipping. Funny how device that was in the 200s is going to arrive before the one that i reserved at #75

  241. Dave

    The phone ships to the Rogers store so you can be charged a 35$ activation fee. While other companies will ship it to your personal address. What is the activation fee you ask. Well you take the sim remover tool from the box, remove the sim from your current phone and you place the sim in your new phone. There ya have it $35 dollars.

  242. Ha

    (moderation preview) 0 mins ago
    Ok i was told before that if i no longer wish to pickup my reservation, i can have my friend take it as long as i am there to pickup but the store that its being shipped to says No u cant . I had my friend waiting on me to get it now has to start from 0 and look outside. Not fair at all what diff does it make if i pick it up or someone that knows me takes it. Its a sale for rogers

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Ha, I’m going to email you about this. Need some details.

      1. RogersMelanie

        Hey ha – the email you provided bounced back. Can you give me the location of the store you’re sending this too?

  243. Joel

    If I’m understanding some of the comments above regarding the availability of phones in stores versus for the reservation, Rogers told us “commit to paying us $40 in advance for the right to wait longer for your phone than the people who didn’t pay us $40 in advance.”

    Yeah, that sounds fair. Not.

    P.S. I’m currently 918 in the queue for a black 32GB. At this rate, I expect to have it some time after the iPhone 6 comes out.

    1. Joel

      Woohoo! I’m now down to 910 in the queue, a drop of 10 since when I looked at it first thing this morning. Then again, I think that has more to do with people cancelling their reservations than phones being shipped.

  244. Eva

    Hi RogersMary,

    There seems to be a severe lack of communication between Rogers Customer Care, Stores, the website and the Redboard. From everything I have red, I should be able to cancel my device reservation if I obtained a device from another Rogers store sooner and get my $40 deposit back.

    However, I am being sent running in circles. The website says I have to call the store, the store says I have to call customer care, customer care says I have to do it online (which there isn’t an option to once it’s in progress or shipped), then they said to talk to the store.

    I think all your Rogers customers would appreciate it if this confusing circle didn’t exist as I am extremely frustrated and Customer Care would not allow me to discuss my frustration about the lack of consistent communication to anyone in a position of authority.

    Please help! I just want to cancel my device, get my deposit back and be done with this nightmare!

    I’d also like to avoid this nightmare ever again. I realize that Rogers is a very large company, but even MacDonalds and Starbucks, who are significantly larger, have much better customer care and consistent communication than Rogers appears to have.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Eva, if your status is ‘open’ you have to do it online. Once you do this, the $40 fee is credited. If it’s ‘in progress’ or ‘shipped’ you just need to call the store to let them know you no longer want the device. The $40 fee is refunded as soon as the device is shipped. Depending on where you’re at in your billing cycle, you may not see it on your bill instantly but it has been credited. Does this help?

      1. Eva

        Hi RogersMelanie,

        Although I appreciate that you answered my post at all, I feel like you didn’t actually read it and gave me a canned response.

        I’ll re-state below in point form:

        – My device has shipped and has been delivered to the warehouse in the city. I relayed this information to each party I spoke to.
        – I called the store to cancel my device reservation, they said they cannot cancel it, call Rogers Customer Care
        – I called Rogers customer Care to cancel my device reservation, they said to cancel it online.
        – I informed Rogers Customer Care there is no button anywhere online to allow me to cancel, and that Rogers Website FAQ and Rogers Redboard indicate I should call the store to cancel.
        – Rogers customer Care tells me they cannot cancel my device reservation and I should call the store.

        – Device has not been cancelled.
        – All parties claim that they cannot cancel the device.

        Question to you:
        – If neither the store nor Rogers Customer Care can cancel the device reservation, how do I cancel?

      2. RogersMelanie

        Hi Eva, as I mentioned, once the device ships it can not be cancelled online. As it has shipped, the $40 has already been refunded to you. The term ‘cancel’ could be where people are getting confused. All you need to do is tell the store that you no longer need that device. This way, when it arrives, they will know you don’t need it and will not call you about it’s availability. Does this help?

      3. tim

        And as I mentioned, the store’s are telling us NO, WE, have to go home and do it online.

      4. RogersMelanie

        If the device has shipped, there is no need to cancel the reservation as it’s already arrived. Just let the store know you don’t need it anymore. As I mentioned, the $40 fee is credited to your account as soon as the device ships for the warehouse.

  245. Fiona

    I was approx number 1760 when I registered and I got my email today, stating the delivery was expected at my store before 12 noon today. I was about to head out to the store and thought I’d phone first, just in case. It’s a good thing I did. Don’t assume that the phones are ready for pick up as soon as the store has them. Apparently my store received 20 boxes of phones at 11:30 this morning and the staff has to go through all of them and then the store manager has to check them and she’s not in till 5pm. Don’t waste a trip when you get your email… phone the store first. The store is going to phone me when it’s ready, but they couldnt even tell me which phone number they would use and I couldnt leave them a preferred number, so I’m just going to leave it till tomorrow and keep my fingers crossed.

    1. Fiona

      I decided to phone the store again and they do have my iphone ready so I will pick it up tomorrow… i got the black 16gb and I’m in Toronto. I phoned Rogers customer service in advance to ensure that I can just continue the contract I’m on now (increased to 3 yrs) and switch the sims (I’m on the family plan) as only one of my phones was eligible for an upgrade, and they said no problem. They said I do not have to buy a data plan for the phone that is getting the upgrade, since I already have one for the other phone. The other phone is actually the one that will be using the new iphone. I really hope this is correct as I’ve been given wrong info before from the phone reps and I don’t need a data plan on the other line.

  246. Johnny

    It seems like people who live in the Greater Toronto Area will get their phones the same day/next day when they get their shipping notice. Other places will get them with UPS delivery standards.

  247. Gotmyiphone

    Got my iphone today. Apparently the store didn’t know who to contact. Good thing I was keeping an eye on the ups tracking.

    After looking closely on the ups label, I can see under “Shipping instructions” with my name and phone number.

    I order a 63 GB black and was ~430

    1. Jean Boisvert

      That is strange. I also reserved a 64GB black, and I was #36, but I am still “in process”.
      Does this make sense?

      1. Jean Boisvert

        Tonight at 9pm, if there is stock at the Apple store for next day pick-up, I am going unlocked.

  248. markdgal

    Rogers just called and told me the iphones are ready for pick up. Thank goodness.

    1. Richard

      what place were you and for what device?

  249. Tom

    I’m 2125 for an Iphone 3sgb black, is there a remote chance I’ll see this device shipped by the end of the month or too wishful? I’ve called so many rogers around vancouver, and all of them have told me they have none, and that i should wait…

  250. edmat

    I ordered on the 14th, handed over my $40 in good faith, and tracked the shipment of the package online. Unfortunately, it was delivered not to the Rogers store I requested, but to a completely different city. I’ve been given the run around both by the customer reps in the store and on the phone. No one appears capable of rerouting the shipment to the correct address. I haven’t received so much as an apology for the error. Any suggestions as to how I can get my phone?

    1. edmat

      Error: ordered on the 7th.

    2. RogersMelanie

      Hey Edmat, I think I know what has happened here. Some larger dealers use distribution centres for their deliveries and this is who has signed for your device…in the other city. If it hasn’t already done so, it will be shipped to your store of choice shortly. A store representative will contact you once the phone is available for pick up. Please keep me posted on your status.

  251. Michael

    LOL I am #54 for a White 32gb iPhone… #54 still not phone this is funny !! I cant believe that Rogers could mess up this bad … by accident.

    I am guess no one from rogers will respond to me but I am/was/is #54 in Vancouver and still don’t have a phone.

    I’m not threatening to cancel my contract because I wouldn’t….. Bell or Telus will when or if I switch providers.

    I have been watching the Rogers Twitter feeds and they have gone quite. They are not responding to people that have not received PER-Orders or to people that are having issues with the HUP.

    #54 in line and still waiting. sad just sad

    1. Michael

      Yes my order shows shipped, because that makes it all better. I was up at 2:50am to get #54 as Pre-Order and we are now 5 days after release and still no phone LOL.

      Future Shop, Best Buy, London Drugs, the little un-named kiosk at the mall, were all able to have phones on release day. But not Rogers nope!

      Just to add fuel to the fire, Rogers shipped the phone ground… across Canada.

      Maybe the centralized warehouse model is broken, maybe Rogers should treat customers in BC a little better.

    2. Fred

      UPS says my phone has been delivered in Annacis Island ! and this is crazy because there is not any Roger’s dealer on that island !!
      and to add MORE fuel to the fire I was #840 .

      1. RogersMelanie

        Hey Fred,

        Some larger dealers use distribution centres for their deliveries and this is probably the situation for your device. If it hasn’t already done so, it will be shipped to your store of choice shortly. A store representative will contact you once the phone is available for pick up. Let me know how things go.

      2. Fred

        Thank you RogersMelanie for your resp.!
        The good news is I’ve got my iphone and the bad news is I cannot keep my number. Since I had a month to month contract, I had to make a new contract to get hardware upgrade and they couldn’t transfer my previous number. I really want to keep my number, is there anyway to do that?

  252. AMac

    From what I can tell, they sorted by where they wanted to ship to first (Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, whatever) then by store then by order.

    The few people I know in Winnipeg with reservations all had their shipments go out yesterday, shipping notifications came in this morning and units are in the stores this morning/afternoon.

    I’m was 1330 on list 16gb black. I know #67 and #110 (black 64gb) also arrived today. I wish Rogers was actually TRUTHFUL about how they were going to ship. If they just came out and said – pre-order not reserve, will be shipped out by city on this schedule, there wouldnt be all the complaining. If we take things by their wording, it was all lies.

  253. BPS

    not only is the reservation system an issue but Rogers new upgrade fee policy is outrageous! I upgrade my phone every year and resign a 3 year term all i paid was the admin fee, the cost of the phone. I went today for the new iphone 4s and on top of the fees i would pay yo upgrade there is a 340 fee!! stupid if you ask me. looks like i’ll be buying my phone from apple *unlocked* and being contract free from now on. 11 year with rogers wasted.

  254. Sean

    Where do I check my progress in line on My Rogers? I’ve checked everywhere and haven’t found anything..

    1. RogersMelanie

      If you click on ‘reserve device’ as if you were going to reserve a second phone, it should be listed there.

  255. Ramy

    I am kind of confused does anyone know the answer ? i got a email saying that the device is shipped and i opened the UPS tracking link provided within the email and when i tracked it i was shown Delivered however this was delivered to Burlington and i needed it actually delivered to mississauga square one store and when i went there i was told that it was sent to there HQ so why did i get a tracking number from the warehouse to HQ and not from HQ to the STOREEEEE does anyone know how long it takes from when it arrives at there HQ

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Ramy,

      I think I can provide some clarity here. Some larger dealers use distribution centres for their deliveries and this is who has signed for your device. It will be shipped to your store of choice shortly. A store representative will contact you once the phone is available for pick up.

  256. Leslie

    I just can’t believe how Rogers continues to fail. Went to pick up an iPhone 4S today, after waiting for the so called “first in line” reservation: fail – several days after launch: FAIL

    Then the girl at the Rogers Plus store did not know how to activate phone: FAIL

    She gave me a number to call: 1 888 764 3771. After selecting the option for transferring my cell number to a new micro-sim, the automated voice prompts me to do it myself at – I do not see any such function or link for activating a micro-sim: FAIL

    Get help with my phone from MyRogers: no Iphone 4 or 4s (that requires micro-sim): FAIL

    1. RogersMelanie

      Sorry to hear about this. Did you get things sorted out?

  257. DooBie

    I was originally #7 for a 32g black iphone and I have yet to receive my phone. However, I live in Vancouver and apparently takes five business days to get here. And then once it arrives you still have to wait for the store to organize and process so I probably won’t get it until Friday. So #7 across Canada means getting it one week after everyone else.

    What sucks is all my friends on Telus and Bell have been playing with their phones since launch day. Even the people at work who decided to walk into a store have their phones. Makes me feel kinda stupid for making the reservation in the first place but since I waited this long already may as well wait the few more days. I just wish I had all the facts before reserving a phone with Rogers.

  258. Todd

    Can someone explain why I was 280 on the reserve list but I haven’t received an email or call yet others who had a much higher number were d or have tracking info?? Seems no one can answer this question and the store has no clue

    1. RogersMelanie

      Probably they’re getting a different version of the device. Best to watch your status on MyRogers as it’s the best indication of timing.

      1. Todd

        At least the city was updated from Barrie to Bradford however I’m still stuck with looking at the same message I’ve seen since Thursday:

        “Shipping process has begun. Additional changes cannot be made. An email with shipping details has been/will be sent to you.”

        Still waiting for this email…….

      2. RogersMelanie

        Understand it’s frustrating when you’re looking forward to something so much. Sit tight – it’s in the works and will be sent out as soon as possible. Glad to hear things have been updated.

  259. snapple

    Hey, I just found out you can reserve an Iphone 4s at any apple store and pick it up THE NEXT DAY! If only Rogers had some kind of reservation program where they could tell me when (approx) I would get the device. This system is flawed in too many ways. Can’t wait to get my first smartphone.

  260. Corey

    According to rogers “thousands iPhone 4s have been shipped” I was around 2500 in line on oct 8, today I am 1387, does that mean only 1113 phones have shipped? why do i have a spot in line if it doesn’t mean anything? what does my 1387 in line mean?

  261. Adrian

    Hi Rogers employees,

    I would appreciate it if someone could get back to me on this situation. I have spoken with CSR’s online and they have not been able to provide an adequate reason for the following:

    Yesterday I upgraded my phone to an iPhone 4S. I was charged a $320 early upgrade fee. While I understand why this charge is in place, the math doesn’t add up in my opinion. On July 30th, 2010 I upgraded to an iPhone 4. Since then, a little over 14 months have passed. This means that I have 16 months remaining before I qualify for another hardware upgrade without having to pay a penalty. So, 16 months * 20 per month = $320…..makes sense. However, I had my iPhone 4 for 14 months, and if I’m paying off the subsidy at $20 per month, that means that I would have already paid 14 * 20 = $280.00 of the subsidy. $320 + $280 = $600, or 30 months times $20 per month.

    Now, when I bought the iPhone 4 last year, I paid $269 for a 32gb model. With the regular price being $749, this means rogers subsidized my phone to the tune of $480. I don’t understand why Rogers is, in essence, making me pay back a $600 subsidy when they originally gave me only a $480 subsidy. It’s almost like they are not giving me credit for paying off any of the subsidy for the first 6 months after the hardware upgrade.

    So, I received a $160 discount off of the 4S after 14 months of having the iPhone 4. This equates to an $11.43 per month subsidy repayment. So, why am I only given credit for $11.43 of the original subsidy each month but I am being penalized $20 for each month remaining in my HUP period as an early upgrade fee?

    Please do not respond with “talk to a CSR”…..I have spoken with multiple CSR’s and, while they understand my logic, the only response I’ve been able to get was “it’s rogers policy”. I’m just looking to apply some logic to this fee (which I would hope is based on logic). Please get back to me or point me in the right direction to someone who will be able to address this situation. Thanks.

    1. Adrian

      sorry i meant I’ve spoken with CSR’s over the phone, not online.

    2. RogersMelanie

      Hey Adrian, as I don’t have access to account details, I’m unable to pull up your account to say one way or the other. You will need to speak to a rep for this sort of information. But this said, you can reach out to them via social media if that’s easier for you. They’re on Twitter ( and Facebook ( and of course you can always reach them through any one of the channels thought

  262. BlackestKnight

    Still no news on both my phones that were shipped to the wrong location. What store do I call to cancel ? I have no idea where the phones were shipped, the store I reserved them in never received them, yet they have been shipped, received and signed for by Roger personel.

    Really Rogers, you botched this release big time. Next time, do it this simpler way :

    – Send stock to the stores with a list of names. That’s it. No need to personally ship out individual devices, just send a bunch like you did, and include a list of reservations. Easy as pie. That way, “pre-orders” and “reservations” actually get their phones first before walk-in customers.

    Anyway, since I got both my phones from the walk-in pile, I guess Rogers will hold on to 2 iPhone 4S for 18 days until the reservation expires since I have no way to cancel it, not knowing where there are. Sorry to other folks waiting for phones, nothing I can do about it.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey BlackestKnight,

      As I’ve mentioned to a few others, some larger dealers use distribution centres for their deliveries and this is who has signed for your device. It will be shipped to your store of choice shortly, if it hasn’t done so already. A store representative will contact you once the phone is available for pick up. Please keep me posted on your status.

  263. Rob

    I had reserved a 32gb black unit, I was 640 in line for that model. I had been “in progress” since last week on Wednesday. To my surprise this morning at 8am I received an email that my item had shipped. I check the UPS tracking info and what do you know, the item was already in Winnipeg! At 11am I got a phone call that I can pick up the device.

    The funny thing is that I’ve been very frustrated with the entire process because of the lack of communication from Rogers. If I had known from the start that my device would show up today I would not have been upset at all. But because Rogers puts your status to “in progress” for several days (6 days in my case) without any estimated delivery time the entire process becomes very frustrating.

    I still think that I should have received the unit on day one, but I can live with getting it 4 days after launch. If only Rogers could improve their communication to customers there wouldn’t be so many angry posts on here (a few of them are mine, guilty as charged)

    1. RogersMelanie

      Thanks for this feedback here Rob.

  264. Rene

    Well I finally got my email today with my tracking number, along with the tracking numbers for the other 10 being shipped to my store. I checked them all out of curiosity. They all show that they were originally setup around 20:30 last night. Same time as mine. All 10 of those were picked up last night and were shipped to the store this morning. Mine however wasn’t picked up till this afternoon. Not sure why when you have 11 to ship, you ship 10 then the the last 1 the next day separately.

    This whole process is just more funny by this point.

    On the plus side of this its just more shipping that Rogers has to pay and this makes me happy.

    Oh and originally I was around #948, 32GB Black

  265. Adam Weimann

    How do we check the status of our shipment? Finding it very hard to get any kind of information on my order. Don’t care about information on the $40. How many phones do they ship a day? Does my number mean I am 1400 at my store or in the country? This is possibly one of the worst systems of receiving a product that you want ever devised.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Adam,

      You can check your status through MyRogers. If you click on ‘reserve device’ you should be able to see the status of your current reserved devices. As for device details, I can’t say for sure how many are shipped a day as it all depends on inventory available. That said, as it becomes available, they’re allocated to the next people on the list and are sent out. If you are 1400 that means you are 1400 on a national list for that specific model you’ve chosen. Hope this helps clarify.

  266. markdgal

    I finally get my iphone 4s shipped. I was #145 for a black iphone 4s 16 gb. Reserved early on Oct 7. It shipped today. The store rep opens it up and inside is my iphone 4s. Unfortunately it has an ATT sim card and it is locked to ATT. No problem I will get the store to order a new one or send to Apple to replace. No such luck. The store says it is not their problem and since it is an ATT phone they can not replace or repair it. It must sent back to Rogers head office. He can do nothing else for me. He tells me I must take it up with customer services. He telephones them from the store.

    Customer serv ice rep #1 – states nothing that they can do as it is a technical problem and connects me to technical services. Techncal service rep states the phone cannot be fixed and cannot understand why I was referred to him. It must be returned to Rogers. He sends me back to customer service

    Customer service rep #2 – states nothing they can do. This is the reservation system. If I want an iphone then I would need to cancel my current order and go back and reserve another. They have no access to the reservation system and cannot get me one and ship it to me. They do not care about the fact that I already resrved one and waited.This is my problem as the customer. I must start all over again. It must be may fault as everyone at Rogers keep blaming it on me. Manager is next. Nothing can be done. It is my problem or the store’s problem but it is not customer services problem. I will need to complain to online services as I reserved the phone online. Neither the store or customer services can cancel my order. I cannot even try and reserve another iphone at this time.

    OnLine live technical support – no go from them. Not their problem. Too bad but it is the customer fault for shipping themseives an ATT iphone 4s.

    What a bad compny!!

    Okay RogersMelanie what advice have you got for this screw up situation. Everyone says it is someone else’s problem. My account says I already have the iphone 4s. No way to reserve another.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hi Markdgal,

      Sorry to hear about this situation. I see you’ve also posted in the Community Forums. Andrew, a member of the team, will be reaching out to you this afternoon in the forums to get more details and discuss the situation. Please keep us posted on how you make out here.

      1. markdgal

        Thank you. You are the first person who has made an effort to help me with this situation. I greatly appreciate this.

      2. RogersMelanie

        No prob. Keep me posted on how things go this aft.

      3. markdgal

        I wanted the community to know that Rogers came through for me. I received a call yesterday from the area manager for my city. She apologized and stated that Rogers had not done a good job of sorting this mistake out. She had called the stores in her area and found a replacement for my ATT iphone 4s. She had it made available that same day at the store in Windsor.
        Thanks everyone. Special thanks to RogersAndrew, RogersMelanie and the area manager for listening to my problem and successfully resolving it when no one else would.

      4. RogersMelanie

        Glad to hear you’re all sorted out!

  267. Chris

    This whole distribution system is a big FAIL.

    My Sis went to a Rogers store (regent park ;) ) opening day , walked straight in and left with a iPhone 4s 60 gig . No lines nothing. Goes to show you poor fellows who waited in lines or for an online reservation how your part of the problem also. Why wait in line at eaton center when the stores in the ghetto next door have had stock and no lines. And one original poster is right Rogers just stole all your deposit money I can’t believe you guys paid $40 for nothing.

  268. Kevin

    Here is an interesting twist. I reserved a black 32GB model. I received my shipping email last Friday. I chose to pick up at Fairview Mall in Toronto. The tracking information said delivery date would be Monday. So, after work I went to Fairview and they said they didn’t have the phone because all of their shipments went to the head office (Uptown Communications in Richmond Hill). The guy said it would probably be sent to the store today and they would phone me when it gets to the store.

    By 1:00, I just wanted to find out if the shipments had arrived, so I phoned the store and they said nothing had arrived. I then phoned the head office and they said they didn’t know when they would send out the phones because they had a 1000 orders to go through.

    Anyway, keeping my fingers crossed that the phone gets to the store soon, and that they don’t just sell it seeing as I can’t track the package anymore.

  269. Strobe

    While I defended Rogers against the notion that they had somehow lied and committed to getting reserved phones to everyone on the 14th. I gotta say this “in progress” for days business is a bit much to swallow. Let’s be honest and just admit that they are not in progress or being prepared to ship. It does not take a week to prepare something to ship. The status should read “no longer willing to cancel you order online”

  270. ryan

    Does anybody knows if the queue gets cancelled if you change your wireless number before the phone is actually shipped? I called rogers twice and one of the representatives says I still hold the queue because the reservation is made to the account, but the other rep I talk to said No.
    This is really frustrating that I waited a week for the iphone and when the status finally made it to “In Progress” you are not going to see it again.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Ryan, our terms and conditions cover this:

      7. It is your responsibility to cancel your reservation or use of the Service prior to completing a TOR (Transfer of Responsibility), TNC (Telephone Number Change), wireless account cancellation or telephone number port.

      You should contact the store and let them know of your number change, as they will be calling your old number. It will be up to them to decide whether or not you can still purchase the phone, though.

  271. ACE

    This device reservation service is an absolute joke and to have a place number is absurd. Rogers at least needs to include the service level based on place number instead of putting that misleading number as if we will get the phone soon. I was on 497 and the status changed to IN PROGRESS which hasn’t changed for the past 3 days. I have an old 3G iPhone and it barely functions and wanted to change it for the past year and as soon as possbile. Thanks Rogers for making me unnecessarily wait longer and put up with my crappy old scratched 3G! A rogers staff from this forum, please make your senior management team aware of this. Three years goes by quickly but memories of poor service last a very long time.

  272. Mimi

    My status changed to “shipping” this morning & I got a call later that afternoon letting me know my phone had arrived! I absolutely love my new iPhone4S, thanks Rogers!

    A lot of people might be hating on the Reservation System, but I’m glad I used it.. I didn’t have to waste hours waiting in line or being told “we’re out of stock” which is what I heard them tell others people over & over & over again.

    And the 40$ that was charged to my account is gone (judging by my online Billing) – that was fast. I thought it would take 6-8 weeks (well that’s what I heard).

    Anyways, I hope everyone enjoys their new iPhone 4S.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Thanks for this feedback and glad to hear you’ve received your phone Mimi. Enjoy!

  273. Brandon

    I assumed that by “reserving” I would actually be getting my phone from Rogers on the day it launched… The worst part of all this is that if I had just pre-ordered from Best Buy, I would have been walking out of there on Friday with my new phone and I could have chosen any carrier I wanted….This is BS Rogers.

  274. Joel

    Can Rogers share any updates on expected arrival of shipments from Apple and how far those shipments will go to fulfilling the “reservations?”

  275. RogersMelanie

    Hi Everyone,

    Many of you are asking questions about why your device has been signed for but isn’t at the store you selected. Some larger dealers use distribution centres for their deliveries and this is who has signed for your device. It will be shipped to your store of choice shortly. A store representative will contact you once the phone is available for pick up. Hope this helps clarify.

  276. Ed W

    I placed my reservation for a white 16gb iPhone 4S at around 11am pst on the 7th (waitlist # 2500 give or take). Just received email this morning confirming UPS shipment. UPS tracking number confirmed item shipped yesterday and currently it is in Calgary.

    In retrospect, I agree with many that Rogers could have done a better job managing their customer’s expectations, given this huge frenzy around iphone. For me, I can live with not having to get up early, no need to go line up or make any phone calls to stores, and will be getting a new iPhone within a week of launch !

    1. Brandon

      WTF – I was # 1008 in the system for a white 16gb and I STILL HAVE NOTHING – I am in Vancouver- my friend who was like #3000 got his black 32gb today WHAT IS HAPPENING????

  277. Joel

    Sometime within the past couple of hours I got a status of “in progress”. Woohoo! And, Yippee!!

    Some of the comments above about how long people have been “in progress” are not encouraging. Does anyone (a Rogers person?) have any insight on how long I’m likely to remain in this state?

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Joel, it will all depend on inventory availability. Sit tight – you’re on your way.

      1. Joel


        Thanks. Just wondering: If it all depends on inventory availability then what’s the difference between “open” and “in progress”? Isn’t there inventory available for me once I’m in progress? At least with the “open” status I got to monitor how much closer I’m getting to the front of the queue and judge accordingly whether I want to stay in the queue.

  278. Adrian

    The problem is that CSR’s go silent when I run through the math. I’m not sure whether or not explaining the concept of subsidy paid and subsidy remaining versus overall subsidy is too far over their head.

    I feel somewhat helpless, as no one can give me reasonable, tangible advice as to why the early upgrade fee, in essense a subsidy repayment penalty is more than the monthly subsidy repayment that I am being given credit for. I think I will need to speak to your accouting department and have them provide an acceptable answer.

    1. Adrian

      This is in response to my comment from earlier re subsidies.

  279. smspiff

    “The receiver has moved. UPS attempting to locate receiver to complete delivery, no delivery was made.”


    This is for a phone where the reservation # is in the low 50s and it just got to Vancouver today (so glad I reserved) and then you cannot even get the shipping address correct?!

  280. Michelle

    How long is something “in-progress” for??? It should say in progress when it’s actually being processed to ship. How long does it take to fill out a form for shipping. Been in progress almost a week.

  281. Dr Steph

    Question about the statement in the reservation system before I hit okay:

    “For each wireless number account there is a limit of one device per device family”

    What is a wireless number account?–I have one bill for two phone numbers. Does this mean I can reserve a phone for each number or only one? (I want one for each number, keeps my marriage intact!)

  282. detso

    Reserved a 16G white. Position was 511 and later got bumped up to 451. Status changed to In Progress on launch day. Received shipping notification yesterday morning (Oct 18). Received call from Rogers store (Richmond Hill) at noon. Picked up the device at 6:30 PM the same day.
    To be honest, being able to receive the device on the third business after launch without the need to line-up is not bad service at all. Rogers, don’t get discouraged and please keep this reservation service for the next iphone launch.

  283. Todd

    Wow. 5 people from my work were in the 800 and 900’s for reservation and got the call yesterday to pick up their phone today. Checking the status on the site is a waste of time it hasn’t changed in a week. Number 280 meant absolutely nothing and has been an epic failure on Rogers end. Can’t wait to see everyone with their phones tomorrow!!

  284. Todd

    Wow. Called the store again and they have no idea when the phones r coming in. Asked him how people higher in the reserve list could get their phone before me and he had no answer.

    Just wrong!

  285. Carmen

    Was Around 1300 for my 16g black went in progress last Wednesday, the phone was ready to be picked up yesterday around 11:00am! I received my shipping email yesterday at approx 8:00am! Am in Regina

  286. smspiff

    Ok, this now moves into the redicilous:

    “As requested by the customer, the receiver will pickup at a UPS facility within 5 business days”

    I would have rather waited in a line.

    This is a case study in how to lose customers.

  287. Poncho


    Please be aware the retails stores are telling those of us who reserved phones quite openly that they think the system is a mess. One rep in store I spoke to said it was clearly ‘ripping off customers’. Further I phoned 3 rogers stores in Kingston today and in addition to the sentiment above being expressed each store told me I’d be out the $40 reservation fee if I bought another phone and didn’t end up needing my reservation. I told each of them that I’d read online that it would be credited back to our accounts if we end up not needing the phone and all three told me as far as they were aware that wasn’t the case. Its worrying to me as a rogers customer that there is this big a difference in the information you get from different sources. In fact the reps in store generally talked about Rogers as if it was another company. “Rogers really messed up the reservation system” is what one rep told me. You may want to communicate that the $40 fee is refundable and make sure stores know that they can cancel reservations if a phone arrives and a customer no longer wants it. It seems clear to me that the truth of the matter is that we will get the reservation fee back if we cancel but having the opposite being told to customers who communicate with the stores is likely to create a lot of angry customers for little or no reason.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Thanks for this feedback. I will pass this info on the internal team. I’m going to email you to get the store details. As for the $40 fee, it AUTOMATICALLY credits your account once you either cancel online (if your status is ‘OPEN’) or once the device ships from the warehouse. It doesn’t matter if you pick up the unit or not, the money has been returned to your account.

  288. Myron

    I was #21 in line when this new reservation system launched. The device was in the store a few days later – which was great news. However, during the time between when the phone arrived in the store, and when I went to pick it up, some “nice” customer rep sold it to someone else!!!!!

    *Still Waiting* ………..

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Myron,

      Sorry to hear about this but how do you know your unit was sold? Some dealers use a distribution centre and when the status says “delivered – signed for” this means the distribution centre has signed for it. Your store should be in touch when it’s available for pick up.

      1. Myron

        Hi RogersMelanie :)

        At first, the store rep called me to tell me the phone was in.

        The next day or so, the rep at the store called to tell me that a “junior” person mixed up my phone and someone else’s. They had a 16 GB for me if I wanted it, but my 32GB was processed to someone else.

        Unfortunately – so now I wait :)

      2. Myron

        It’s another week later, and still no phone :(. I called the store, and they are searching high and low, requesting a phone from another store – apparenlty no such luck yet. Even when I was told that the store “would call me to keep me posted”, I have heard nothing.

        So – I follow the rules, post my money, reserve my phone, become #21 in line, only to have a store rep sell my reserved phone, and leave me in the lurch.

        Bad business for a long time customer, Rogers.

        I think someone need to contact me about now.

      3. RogersMelanie

        Hey Myron,

        What does your status say online? If your reserved device has shipped the $40 is back on your account.

  289. Michelle Cyprus

    I love the reservation system!!! So close to getting mine… Thanks for making it so easy.

  290. Mike

    I ordered a black 16 gb 4s and still says in progress I’m #540 and I have a friend who ordered the same model and was #900ish he got his today.
    Can someone tell me why my friend who is 400 spots behind me who orders the same model and lives on the same frigging street as me got his today and mine still says in progress?
    And when I go to my Rogers it only moves about 20 spots a day?

  291. Tony

    Hi Melanie, Tony again :)

    My reservation reported Shipped to a location in Concord on Monday.I requested delivery to Mississauga store. Is the Concord location a UPS location? Will the store contact me when the phone comes in? Its now 4 days later.

    thanks for info,

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Tony,

      Some stores use distribution centres for their shipments. This is who has signed for your package. The store you requested should be in touch with details on delivery and pick up. Let me know how you make out.

  292. ha

    whats going on with the reservation system , i was #200 in line and tracking shows it was delivered on 17th but store denies receiving it and saying its delivered to their headoffice and they havent received it, its been 3 days since delivered to wherever in the clouds,

    whats the point of pre-ordering if i cant have it on 14th or sooner. friends in 1000# have started to already received their units and me being 200 is stuck to hear lies from store.

    It took 1 day to reach the so called dealership headoffice from rogers and it takes 3 days for it to be routed to pickup location, doesnt make any sense

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey there, as I’ve mentioned, some larger dealers use distribution centres for their deliveries and this is who has signed for your device. It will be shipped to your store of choice shortly. A store representative will contact you once the phone is available for pick up.

  293. Fraser

    I “reserved” on the first day. I didn’t get up at 5AM or anything like many people on this board, but I ended up in position 1070 for an 32GB Black. Mid-day yesterday I was still only at 450 (this number hadn’t moved in two days). Later in the afternoon that switched to IN PROGRESS and is still in that status. I’m wondering if Rogers has changed many of the orders to IN PROGRESS to give people the false assumption it’s about to get shipped, rather than still waiting in a queue of hundreds that isn’t really changing.

    I’ll post back whenever I do get one.

    1. Joel

      I’ve ordered the same phone and was about 890 yesterday, also mid-day, when it changed to IN PROGRESS. I asked in these forums how long it would stay in progress and was told that depends on inventory availability. I find that strange because how can it be in progress if there is no phone available to put in progress?

      I asked the question here what the difference is between “Open” (with a number) and “In Progress” if “In Progress” doesn’t mean there is necessarily a phone available for you. I haven’t seen an answer to that yet. My phone is still “in progress”, whatever that means.

      1. Fraser

        It’s Rogers way of saying “haha you can’t cancel now!” and also to give people a false sense that there is progress being made.

        The phone better be, at least, shipped next week.

  294. Dan

    How long does a phone stay “in progress”? it’s been saying that for 4 or 5 days now and says I should have gotten an email and I never did. It also says to check my email for updates regularly when I haven’t received one email about the phone at all.. When can I be expecting it to at least ship so I can see what’s going on?

    1. thraxisp

      Same story here. I ordered a 16G black last Thursday, and on Monday it went to “In Process”. Haven’t heard anything since?

      Maybe if Rogers explained exactly what the process was in detail, people wouldn’t feel left out. think I’ll start calling the stores today.

      1. Dan

        I ordered my 16GB white on October 8th and it just went to “in progress” on Monday. The stores don’t usually have any information so good luck. None of the rogers reps are answering our questions about “in progress” and it seems a lot of them switched to that status on the same day… seems fishy..

  295. Aj

    yep definitly getting my 4s buy the time iphone 5 drops.

  296. Aj

    no more like i will get by the time 5s has dropped. Rogers is on top of things

  297. Todd

    RogersMelanie I was #280 in line. When can I expect to get the email? Or the phone?? As mentioned people who were 900 in line already have their device.

    How does that happen?

  298. Johan

    My Iphone status started showing status as “In progress”. How long it will take to get it shipped? Thanks

  299. Tony

    Thx Melanie. I called the store and they didn’t have it yet. I recall my email said can be 2-4 days and today would be the 4th. Hopefully I’ll get a call soon.

  300. Alvis

    I reserved my device on Day1 (Oct14), and the status of my shipment said it was delivered Oct 19th 11:30am. But when I called the store they said they do not have my name on the list, is there any way to resolve this? It leaves me to assume they are withholding me from my device and maybe reselling it out or holding it from their own employees.

  301. Alina

    Oh Rogers, Rogers, Rogers… what’s the deal?
    First I am reading on this board that many customers received text messages letting them know of the new reservation system. I did not get anyhing – not a text, not an email. I had to call Rogers myself to find out how to get iPhones for two of my three lines (have been a customer for over 7 years! and have other Rogers services!)
    Then I get myself on the reservation system 2000 on one line and 1100 on the other. Both moved down to less than 100 on Monday and Tuesday went into “IN PROGRESS”. It is now Thursday and seems that nothing has happened to the phone. I guess, “IN PROGRESS” means absolutely nothing!?? Why the change then? How long will it stay in progress?
    And then I just spoke to someone today who told me they were 300’s on Monday (so behind me) and are getting their phone already… Kind of don’t understand it….
    So can you please clarify how long does “in progress” last? When should I expect to get my phone?

  302. Michelle

    Yay. Finally got my phone :) and I love it. Siri is awesome. It took some time to get things in motion but it all worked out. I didn’t have to wait in line and call a bunch of stores. The “in progress” was the worst of the wait because you don’t know what’s happening. I got an email today after being in progress for almost a week, email said my phone was shipped. Then I checked the tracking Number and it said it was delivered to my location. 5 min later the store called :) so from shipped to delivered in 30 min lol. It was kinda exciting lol.

  303. PaulS

    I just reserved a 64G White earlier today and “MyRogers” is showing Position 955.
    How many units is Rogers receiving a day and when should I expect to receive the device?

    Is it possible that I could just phone around to local stores to see if they’ve received a “First Come First Serve” unit and take that instead of waiting for the reservation system?

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Paul, yes you can. If you find one in store before you receive your reserved unit, please feel free to purchase that and cancel the reservation.

  304. Joyce

    very bad experience with ur reservation system, reserved a white 16G 4S online but rogers sent to the store a BLACK 64G 4S which i am not willing to pay the extra $200 for it, called customer service right away at the store but AS USUAL got no help at all, although got transfer to the rep manager, gotten worse the manager hang up on me, called back another rep told me to go after Apple said Apple is the one who shipped out the phone. Left the store without the 4S and went to Apple store, the manager couldn’t help explained that Apple don’t ship phones to wireless provider’s customer directly. now please advise who and where should i ask for help to get my 4S that i reserved?? i could’t make another reservation under my account since it says “Shipped” there’s no iPhone option anymore, please help if you are willing to! seems no one in Rogers is cared to help?!! very disappointed with Rogers.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Did you get this sorted out?

  305. Michelle

    Got my phone yesterday and got my $40 reservation fee already applied to my bill. WTG Rogers :):):) I’m impressed :)

    1. Joel

      Don’t rub it in. My reservation has been “IN PROGRESS” for two days now. When I asked how long it will stay in progress the only answer I got was that it will depend on when stock is available. Huh? How can it be in progress when Rogers not only doesn’t have any phones in stock, but also doesn’t know when they’ll be getting enough in to fill all of the reservations that it has switched to “IN PROGRESS.” I don’t understand.

      1. Joel

        P.S.: It was on these forums that I got the it all depends on when phones are in stock line. I also called up Rogers to ask how long my phone would likely be “IN PROGRESS.” I was told that in progress meant that it would ship soon.

        I then said that, to me, soon means that it’s going to be shipping in an hour or two, is that also what it means to Rogers? The response was that, no, it meant within probably two or three days, but there is no guarantee of that.

        Rogers should publish a dictionary of what it means by the expressions it uses.

  306. Henry

    I just got my phone from a Rogers retail store last night! Although it took six days for me to get it, I have to say that the reservation system works. I saw my position progress from 3210 down to 752 in four days. Then it went to “in process” and “shipped” in two days. After that I got a call from the store to pick it up.

    Also, I saw a $40 charge to my account, and then taken off as soon as the status changed to “shipped”.

    Everyone, I don’t work for Rogers,nor know anyone who does. But my experience is a positive one. Be patient and let the system works its way through.

  307. JK

    The problem to me is that my reservation status has been at “IN PROGRESS” for days now with no indication that anything is going to change and no one to clearly answer when this will transition to “SHIPPED”.

    This presents the problem for me that I can now no longer cancel my reservation and go to a retailer and get the phone when regular stock comes in without forfeiting my $45.20 (incl tax) deposit, IF they will even let me. So now Rogers has the power to keep shipping regular stock to retail locations for people off the street who didn’t reserve, and keep me waiting as long as they like and there’s nothing I can do about it. I am very much in doubt the device that is “IN PROGRESS” is actually in stock, because it shouldn’t take this long to recognize that it is in inventory and to actually send it out. What is taking so long? Do the warehouse workers just see that the device is in and then leave it in a pile for a week before sending it out? These people presumably work at least 8 hour shifts 5 days a week, which is more than enough time to process thousands of phones a day. It is also possible, if not likely, that there are multiple shifts per day.

    I recognize that Rogers states that there is no guarantee when you will receive your device, but I think there should at least be a minimum wait time in the “IN PROGRESS” state before it actually ships or else you have the right to cancel it and pick it up in store like anyone else. This state means nothing to me except that I can no longer cancel and I still have no idea how much longer I will have to wait. Either let me cancel or make sure that you indicate how long “IN PROGRESS” takes, even if it’s a minimum and maximum so we aren’t all sitting here like chumps wondering.

  308. Jae

    I have been in the Business Reserve Queue since the the 12th. I started at 176 and in 9 days I have dropped to 140…

    Is Roger’s serious that they have allotted a mere 36 handsets to the business queue? The iPhone 4S has sold over 4 million but only 36 business reservations have been fulfilled? Something is rotten in Denmark.

  309. RichardEider

    I made my reservation for the iphone 4s 16gig black yesterday. My number was over 1000 yesterday and today it is 178. Do shipments get sent out in bulk daily? How long do people typically wait in the “open” status? If my status goes to “in progress” and I manage to get my hands on the product at a retail store and I then cancel my reservation, what happens to the $40? Any help from a Rogers rep would be much appreciated!

    1. RogersMelanie

      The $40 is automatically credited to your account as soon as the device ships. If you find one in store and you’re still in ‘open’, you can cancel online and it’ll be credited then. If you’ve moved into “in progress’ just call the store and let them know that you no longer need the phone.

  310. Benoit

    I was #504 when I reserved a Black 64GB iPhone 4S on the 7th. I understand this didn’t mean I’d get it on launch day, but I presumed I’d see my place in the line decrease little by little and ultimately it would mean something, like ‘hey you’re next in line, as soon as we get another iphone it’s yours”. How come has my reservation been “In Progress” for eight days now (since the 13th) when people keep getting them when walking in stores? What is the point of the whole reservation system? It seems Rogers only allocates a really small portion of their stock for reservations.

    I’m on the verge of dumping Rogers for lack of customer care. Having an iPhone 3G, my contract is long done. But Rogers seems to care more about new clients than keeping current customers. At this point, visiting a Telus or Bell booth probably means getting an iphone on the spot.

  311. Ben Pendergast

    Hello its been saying in progress for 4days now.. Really wish i knew what is going on…ordered on the 14th

  312. Todd

    Now 2 weeks since I reserved the phone. No email no phone call. Store doesn’t know when it will come in. No one has any answers @rogers except to keep lookin at the “in progress” status that hasn’t changed in 8 days now. Really poor experience

  313. Donwong

    I reserve 3 new Iphone 4s through the reservation system on Oct 7. Received 2 of them on Oct 19 and the other one is arriving today, Oct 21. The only problem is that Rogers does not ship the phones with sim cards and the store that it is delivered to does not have any available.
    My choice was to keep checking back every day or to buy sim cards from a competitor for $10 and get them to activate them if I want to use my new phones. Why ship phone without cards? Co worker purchased their iphone from Telus and they shipped the phones with the sim card.

  314. Tony

    Hi Melanie I think something must be wrong as my tracking shows phone delivered to Concord since Monday and my store in Mississauga on Argentia still don’t have it. How can I followup? Thx

  315. Jesse Tang

    here are what I posted in the Rogers community forums… “here is my story, reserved a white 16gb 4S but the store received a black 64gb with my phone# on it so obviously rogers sent the wrong phone, called the customer service right away but got no help, the rep was rude, got transfer to the manager, gotten worse, the manager hang up on me! called back another rep asked me to go after Apple saying that the phone was shipped directly from Apple. Left the store without the 4S, went to Apple store, told the manger my story, the manager told me that he couldn’t help since Apple don’t ship products to Roger’s customers but he offered to contact Roger’s rep for me later. Today got no contacts from either Rogers or Apple, I guess I am not going to get the phone any time soon, don’t even know who to ask for help now, anyone has similar experience can offer advise on what to do next? or any Rogers people can offer help? Thanks in advance. I am in Vancouver.”… so people suggested me come to this forums to look for help. Thanks.

  316. Martin

    Dear Rogers Staff,

    My iPhone 4S white 16GB got shipped Tuesday morning (with email telling me too, and also the tracking number says it got shipping at Monday afternoon). I asked everywhere, it takes up to four days to get it shipped to local store, but today is already Friday. Do you think I will get it soon? And also do shipping continue to work over the weekends? Or I will have to wait until Monday at least… I am pretty frustrated at the moment. I was at #317 when I first reserved I remember…

    Thank you for your help,

    1. rg

      I am in the exact same boat

      1. Martin

        I know … really annoying … haha …

  317. Phil

    Two weeks after making my reservation and a week after the official launch and watching my reservation status say “in progress” for the past 4 days I walked into a telus store today and picked up a brand new 32gb iPhone 4s. No reservation, no line up, no hassle. Congratulations Rogers on losing a customer.

    1. Mike

      Thanks for the heads up! I think I might do the same…

  318. Ben Pendergast

    I need some help ive called my store they told me to call roger *611 i did they told me to talk to the online reps i talked to the online reps they refer me to my store or the *611…. About the in progress for 4days im getting upset i have no idea a time frame or anything

  319. Geri

    Reserved on Oct 7th and was 1500ish in line for a white 32G. Finally went in progress on Monday which lasted 4 days and this morning I received my shipped email and it got to my store this afternoon! UPS site says they shipped it yesterday so it looks like the shipping email is a day behind.

  320. Mike

    This online reservation system is an absolute joke. I reserved a phone two weeks ago, thinking that it would be priority. Meanwhile, countless people that I know walked into the stores on the first weekend and just picked them up, and now they’re sold out again. Should those have not gone to people who actually reserved them? Can someone explain the point of reserving? Isn’t the point of making a reservation to secure something? When I make a reservation at a restaurant, they don’t give my table to randoms that walk through the door. Fortunately, this doesn’t come as much of a shock. I think we’ve all come to expect this from Rogers. Pleasure as always…

  321. Disatisfied

    I got a call yesterday to pick up my reserved phone. Went to the store after work, spent 45 minutes trying to figure out why despite assurance that my two lines (one corporate, one personal) were in fact separate, I may not receive the proper pricing on the personal line.

    Is that all? Nope, the next 15 minutes were spent trying to figure out why the couldn’t do the transaction – turns out the Rogers computer system crashed! So the store I went to had to turn away clients while promising that the Rogers network will be up an running tomorrow.

    So for a planned event (over a year since the last big iPhone lunch) Rogers has demonstrated they under-invest in their back end infrastructure, don’t have a contingency plan to provide back up methods of processing transactions, or a general concern that when a significant portion of clients are dissatisfied, they generally tell 10 others.

    For a company that is suppose to be providing a five or six sigma-equivalent level service, it sure leaves much to be desired. Frankly, hearing how your competitor is able to send hardware upgrades directly to the client’s home and have self-activation (without $35 activation fee when done online) speaks to the fact that the competition can be much better.

    Clients will vote with their dollars, and then Rogers will realize it’ll cost much more to attract new clients than to retain existing ones.

  322. Jonathan

    My order has been in progress for a few days now. Do you guys ship on the weekend?


  323. Tony

    Wohoo! I called my store today and the phone is in! FYI status was delivered to concord since Monday. Store just got it at my mississauga selection. I gotta pick it up! Weird they didn’t call me.

  324. Trey

    Hi, I’ve been in progress since last Thursday (oct 13) and says shipping has started. Is that an error? Reading the posts seems everyone is getting an email or phone call. Shouldn’t I have gotten that by now?

  325. rg

    I reserved my iphone the first day available. I was 551 in line, I watched it go to in progress then shipped. I got the ups tracking number, it shipped and arrived at its location (Tuesday). So I went in to pick it up at the store I requested, they told me it was shipped to a distribution centre in Langford bc (2 hour drive from here) and it will be here tomorrow. Ok.
    I come in the next day(Wednesday), at the end of the day, they say it hasn’t arrived and will be here tomorrow.
    Same thing on Thursday, “it will be here tommorow” .
    Next day (Friday) I decide to call instead of wasting my time driving there. Nope, its not here, so I ask when will it be here, the guy says “I don’t know, I depends on your place in line”, the thing is shipped already, presumably with my name on it.
    It is now Saturday. Are they going to call me when its in? Did they sell the thing on me?

  326. YTY

    I’ve been placed on “IN PROGRESS” status for the past 4 days now.

    I was #300 before my status changed.

    A lot of people are saying that IN PROGRESS never actually guarantees that ROGERS is handling and processing my order as this takes from a couple days to over a week in time frame before an acutal shipping is made.

    I just want to know if ROGERS had gotten more shippments in. I sure do hope that is why the system moved me into “In Progress”.

    Can you please give me an idea at least how much longer “IN PROGRESS” status customers have to wait?

  327. Claudiu

    I received an email on Oct 19 saying “Your device has been shipped”. What follows is a real nightmare. UPS tells me they shipped and DELIVERED the package in Burlington, although the email correctly says it was sent to Mississauga at the Rogers store I requested. This is still Oct 19.

    I call the same day Rogers customer service; call them again in the evening. I write an email. Next day I speak again to CS, and to a manager, who sends me to live chat – because they allegedly have more information. After waiting 75 minutes for my turn, I get to live chat for 30 minutes. To no avail, they don’t even ask for my personal data, they have nothing. On the 21st early in the morning I get an email (47973692) responding to my initial email, saying this issue has been escalated to a manager. Got nothing since.

    I’m already past furious, I’m determined to cancel all my Rogers services. I cannot stay with a company that treats its customers this way.

  328. Myrone

    It took a week to get, started in line at 1800 nation wide! The staff at the Rogers store in Garden City in Winnipeg were great.

    Iphone4s ballin’

  329. R2

    Hello, I have been #400-and something since Oct 17. The clerk at the store I chose to have my iPhone sent to told me that they’ve been getting shipments in periodically but have barely gotten any allocated to those that reserved. What gives?! He also mentioned something about his location being a corporate head office and that the reps scoop up all the stock for their clients or whatever. Awesome! He was just as confused and annoyed by Rogers and their inability to communicate with their employees and customers as I am.

    Why does Rogers constantly strive to mislead, disappoint and frustrate their customers? First that ridiculous change to the hardware upgrade plan that they tried to spin as being this god-sent (BTW, thanks for tacking an extra 6 months to my hardware upgrade plan so I can pay $60 for my upgrade that otherwise would’ve been free, *note sarcasm*), and now this MEGA FAIL of a “Reservation” system. Way to disappoint a lot of loyal customers!

    After reading so many of the comments made on this site by fellow Rogers customers who are just as frustrated as I am, I think I’m going to look elsewhere for service. The only way you can get ANYTHING from Rogers is if you threaten to leave. Thanks for valuing me as a customer! At this point, after 15 years!!!!!! of being a Rogers cell phone user and about 6 years of Rogers internet subscription, I’m about ready to pay the $220 to buy out the remainder of my contract and go somewhere else. I will be calling Bell and Telus starting Monday to see if they’ll match my plan with Rogers. If I can get even close, I’m dropping these twerps like a ton of bricks.

    Also, I’ve been reading comments on this site for numerous articles and posts, and I’d say that at least 99% of them are negative. I don’t understand how a company who’s customers have so much disdain for can be so successful. You’re lucky you aren’t in the states or Europe where there’s actual competition. You guys would not survive.

  330. Alina

    Update – I posted about the wait on Thursday and on Friday got an email that the devices shipped. 1 hr later the store called me, got my phones that night. In general I would say if Rogers worked out the kinks, the reservation system is a vast improvement over the “waiting in line for hours”.

  331. Darrell

    I have been in progress since oct 13. I’m number 243 and its a business reservation. It gave me no option to pick a store for it to be shipped to. I was wondering if this will be shipped to my residence and how much longer should I be waiting?

    1. Thomas

      Did you get (pre fulfilment) beside “In Progress”? Just wondering what this means? I also reserve mine in the Business Reservation System on Oct14 and it has only move up 80 spots the last time I check earlier today. It is a shame if they REALLY only shipped out 80 units for the business customers for the whole week.

      1. Darrell

        ya i did get pre fullfillment also. I called today and even customer rep from business department didnt know why i didnt receive it yet

      2. Thomas

        if you don’t mind can you let me know once you receive it and I will do the same if I get it before you.

      3. Darrell

        no problem Thomas

  332. David

    Placed my reservation on Thursday and another for the other account on my line on Sunday Morning. Both went “In Progress” on Tuesday…5 Days later..still “in progress”… Ill keep on the edge of my seat…i hope it doesn’t last much longer this wait

  333. Linda

    is it true you cant buy your iphone 4s at rogers without signing the contract?
    I reserved mine and went to get it a few days ago but only found out that you can’t get it if you dont sign the three year contract with them?
    I didn’t see it on the website.

    1. RogersMelanie

      That shouldn’t be the case. How did you make out over the weekend? Were you able to get your reserved device?

  334. Tim

    I’d like to know how you can call this farse a reservation system. When I reserved I was like position 4800. A friend of mine reserved after me and had a position greater than 8000, yet their order is now being processed, and I’m still sitting at position 177.

    WTF, Rogers? Can’t you guys count?

    1. thraxisp

      Earlier in the thread, Rogers said that the phones are delivered by the number, but that there are different quantities of each phone. It looks like the number (8500+ in my case) is your position in line for anything. If you ordered a hard to get model, you may wait longer.

  335. Fraser

    Placed my reservation on October 7th (first day) for a 32GB black. Was “OPEN” until October 18th when it changed to “IN PROGRESS”. Received the notification today that it has been shipped, the tracking shows it is out for delivery today. Looking forward to receiving it. Still extremely disappointed in Rogers.

  336. Scott

    Hi, I just wanted to say that I had a pleasant experience with the Rogers Reservation System. I like many signed up to take advantage of the preorder system that seemingly everyone carrier has now. I didn’t have a huge expectation of being able to get the iPhone on the first day, as I was sure just like every year with an Apple release, there would be some issue with either shortage of devices or something. But I was pleasantly surprised in getting my device 4 days after launch, since I was in the first thousand that signed up.

    I received an email that stated my device was ready to be shipped and clicked on the UPS link to track where my device was. The same day I received the email about my device being shipped, I got my iPhone, and picked it up from the store which had an individual shipment box with my name clearly written on it.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Glad to hear it. Enjoy your new phone.