Apple iPhone 4S coming to Rogers on October 14! Reserve yours today!

We’re very excited to welcome the new Apple iPhone 4S to our smartphone lineup beginning October 14th.

How much will the Apple iPhone 4S be?

Apple iPhone 4S 16GB

  • $649 device only
  • $159 with select 3 yr Terms

Apple iPhone 4S 32GB

  • $749 device only
  • $269 with select 3 yr Terms

Apple iPhone 4S 64GB

  • $849 device only
  • $369 with select 3 yr Terms

Apple iPhone 4 8GB

  • $549 device only
  • $49 net with select 3 yr Terms

This year, we’ve made it easier for customers to get the devices you want. Here’s what you need to know to get your hands on the Apple iPhone 4S at Rogers:

How can I reserve a device?

Our existing wireless customers have the opportunity to reserve their devices in advance, through our Rogers Reservation System.  Starting today, Rogers wireless customers can go to and log in to their MyRogers account to secure their place “in line” to own one of this year’s most anticipated devices.

A $40 (+ taxes) refundable reservation fee will be applied to hold the device. It will be shipped to the location of your choice and we’ll let you know when it arrives. For all the details, check out this recent post from RedBoard about the Rogers Reservation System.

How do I upgrade my existing device?

Earlier this year, we made it easier for all customers to upgrade to the latest device of their choice. Our new “early upgrade” program gives you the added freedom and flexibility to upgrade your device as early as six months into your existing contract term.

How can I check my eligibility for a device upgrade?

We will soon launch an online tool to help you calculate your hardware upgrade. Keep an eye on @RogersBuzz for details.

That’s all the information we have right now, but stay tuned to RedBoard and follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.

UPDATE (October 12, 2011, 4:30 p.m):  We’ve launched our online tool to help you calculate your hardware upgrade. This new early hardware upgrade program makes it possible to upgrade to a new device as early as six months into your current term.  Here are a couple of things you need to know:

  • In order to upgrade to the new iPhone 4S, you will need to purchase it with a new three-year agreement on eligible Voice and Data plans (or renew your current plan, if eligible).
  • All consumers who upgrade on an eligible three-year voice and data plan automatically qualify for a $50 mail-in rebate.  You can get your coupon in store through a rep or online at once you have processed your hardware upgrade.   The $50 mail-in rebate is in place for all existing, eligible customers upgrading to any device on three-year terms.
  • Mail your coupon in within 30 days of your upgrade and the rebate will appear on your Rogers invoice as a $50 credit.

To find out your eligibility, visit

Remember, pricing, eligibility and offers are subject to change.

Mary Pretotto is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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803 comments on “Apple iPhone 4S coming to Rogers on October 14! Reserve yours today!

  1. Thanks for the update on iPhone 4s availability! My question is whether Rogers will be offering early upgrades for current iPhone users like last year-at contract pricing? Thanks!

    1. RogersMelanie

      You can check out the early upgrade offer here: – this applies to our entire lineup.

      1. Ryan

        If I did my math right that means customers who bought the iPhone 4 at launch last year must pay a $300 dollar early upgrade fee + the cost of the new phone AND resign a new 3 year contract. If that’s the case I’ll just buy the phone outright from Apple, that’s crazy.

      2. Doug

        Ryan: might be worth phoning Rogers directly to see if they got the same price. In my case, they didn’t. I only have to pay $45.00 extra. (Thought I’d have to pay $160).

      3. Mike

        Agreed. This new Upgrade Program is a joke. It’s basically the same price as cancelling your contract. It’s like thats what they wan’t you to do.

        They should have continued those upgrade plans from the last few years for Early Adopters. This is just stupid. I For one will be giving my money to Apple as well. I hope rogers loses a ton of sales over this.

      4. Jason Meyer

        This is a ridiculous policy. I would rather pay the cancellation fee and take my business elsewhere since i am paying the same amount to upgrade.

        Between my wife and I we are paying $200.00 Month to Rogers. Now when i want to upgrade to the newest technology I cannot for a year and half more? Meanwhile Rogers is raking in $$ from my monthly plan?

        Please review your policy Rogers before you DO lose your customer base.

      5. VJ

        The new upgrade program provides virtually no benefits / incentive to use it.

        A person is better of buying the phone upright without being tied into another 3 year commitment. For phones like the iPhone buying it unlocked for a smaller up charge puts a much higher resell value of the device after a year when a newer version comes out vs a rogers locked device.

        Majority of existing iphone users who in the past 2 released have upgraded to continue their service with rogers because of this have no incentive anymore to do so.

        What are you thoughts on this Melanie?

      6. RogersMelanie

        Can see your point but the reservation system is to give customers another choice for how they’d like to get their phone. Upgrades are always by choice as is buying outright. It all depends on what works best for the customer’s needs.

  2. What does “select 3 yr Terms” mean? How do I know whether or not I qualify?

    1. Wondering this for years? Why does the iPhone get different treatment from all the other voice and data plans? Are those plans available for upgraders and loyal customer? If not, bye bye loyalty. What about a student plan for iPhones? I’d like something for ~50/month.

    2. RogersMary

      Hi Henning. That refers to contract term and the price of the price, based on subsidy over that term. We’ll be launching a hardware upgrade tool shortly where you’ll be able to check your eligibility. Stay tuned!

      1. Matt Watterworth

        “The price of the price”? Is that a typo?

  3. MCR

    I reserved mine this morning, wondering if the pre-order number is your place in the actual queue or if it’s your local store’s queue. Can anyone let me know?

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey, your position in line is nationwide. As devices have been allocated specifically to the reservation list, where you ship the device is irrelevant.

      1. Doug

        Awesome! Thanks Melanie!

        (Just a thought: might be a good idea to plug that important information into the website, right after the reservation has been made. I’ll bet many people are wondering the same thing.)

  4. Alan

    Does a reservation guarantee that I will get a device before those customers that choose to lineup on Oct. 14?

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hard to say. We will be dedicating inventory towards our Reservation System orders and our goal is to get your device to you as soon as possible. However, we will also be shipping devices to stores that are not participating in the Reservation System program.

      1. Alan

        Can I assume that I would get a device before those customers that lineup at the particular store I designated as the pickup location? I’m not really too worried, as I’m pretty high on the waitlist (107) but I just wanted some assurance I could pick it up on the 14th.

      2. RogersMary

        Once the device is in inventory, it could take up to four days to ship to the store you chose. You will receive email notifications to keep you updated.

  5. I need to know the upgrade terms BEFORE reserving, otherwise I may have to pay crazy prizes to upgrade if I find out later it is expensive. That plus the reservation fee could really put me in the hole.

    Can you please provide any details concerning upgrading? I bought my iPhone (3g) sometime in 2009 – will I be eligible for an upgrade? What kind of early upgrade fees will there be?

    1. Alan

      The reservation fee is totally refundable I believe, so you could cancel at any time.

      1. RogersMary

        That’s right Alan, the fee is refundable.

      2. I’d still like to know details before putting down $40 to reserve. Even if it’s refundable I’d rather know what I’m getting. Can I talk to anyone about this?

      3. RogersMary

        A local representative from one of our retail locations should be able to help you review your current eligibility.

  6. Michael

    Hi there,

    I have a Blackberry with a Blackberry specific data plan. If I reserve the iPhone 4S I want to ensure I can change from the Blackberry data plan to the iPhone data plan.

    This is possible, correct?

    1. Alan

      I currently have a iPhone 4 with a Blackberry 6gb plan…it works with no issues. It also gives me the option of putting my sim into a Blackberry if I need to and have it work flawlessly.

    2. Eluder

      Yes, having a blackberry with a blackberry plan doesn’t affect your ability to switch to an appropriate iPhone plan when you pickup your reservation.

    3. RogersMary

      Hi Michael – Yes. When you pick up your device in-store, you can discuss plan options with one of our representatives.

  7. Patrick

    What exactly is the purpose of the national ‘position in line’?

    1. RogersMary

      Hi Patrick – By reserving a place in line, customers will have the device shipped to the location of their choice once inventory is available, without having to visit a store or call us beforehand.

      We’re making it easier for customers to get their hands on the latest devices!!

  8. Ted

    So if I’m reading this correctly, Rogers has no plans to offer iPhone early adopters with new contract pricing for the 4S similar to what it has done in previous years?

    If this is true then either:

    1. There will be a lot of unhappy people out there and Rogers will announce (next Thursday at 11:30pm) that they will, once again, offer the early upgrade (at new activation pricing) deal

    2. There will be a lot of unhappy people out there and lots of reservations will be cancelled.

    Just thinking out loud here

    1. Alex

      Many people won’t think it’s worth it to sign a year away for less than $200 of savings.
      I may as well buy an unlocked phone from Apple if I’m spending that much money.

    2. Yup

      +1 I’d like a comment from the Rogers reps on this. iPhone people have been able to upgrade and extend their contract with HUP pricing all along. Is this changing? or can iPhone 4 users who bought early last year still get the HUP price for the iPhone 4S.

      If Rogers is interested in keeping customers and not losing sales hopefully they will continue the tradition of allowing iPhone early adopters to upgrade without further cost.

      1. RogersMary

        Appreciate the feedback, thank you.

      2. Yup

        +1 this thread if you think Rogers should continue offering the HUP price to iPhone upgrades!

      3. Ted

        I’ll +1 my own thread!

      4. azima

        100% agree. I even started bragging to my friends who talked down about rogers, that Rogers takes care of me and gives me early HUP every year. I’ts been 2 years in a row now, it would be sad if it’s gone. Especially spending over $100 a month. There should be an exception.

      5. james

        +1. it would almost cost as much to get it from apple. unlocked, then buying it from rogers locked.. and from rogers you can only get it locked at the end of your term I believe AND You have to pay…

        if there is no early upgrade I will be looking foranother provider most likely, it’s simply not worth it financially for me.

        I can understand we aren’t special compared to other users, phones get released at all times, but this is the most popular device and oen fo the mos texpensive, with a yearly release…. so pushing out HUP back 6 months and then charging if we’re before those new 6months is complete BS (if i understand the upgrade system right..)

      6. Rick

        +1 I’m being charged 85$ to cancel my phone with rogers…but charged 320$ penalty to upgrade… I also was always saying good things about rogers… but sadly now I’m might switch carrier

    3. Corman

      You got that right. Bell and Telus have both announced upgrade prices for current iPhone owners. Same deal as last year.

      1. RogersMary

        With early upgrades, customers may actually be able to upgrade at the new customer price before the current 3-year term ends, depending on current pricing & policy.

      2. David

        Hi RogersMary,

        Could you clarify this? This sounds contrary to the HUP program which supposedly applies to Roger’s entire lineup.

        I have been a very satisfied Rogers customer to date, but the lack of a special upgrade path for iPhones, which require very expensive plans, is very disappointing.

      3. Rogers_Chris

        Hi David,

        Typically, customers are eligible for a hardware upgrade before a 3-year term is up. Which part needs clarification?

      4. Brandon

        Responding to Rogers_Chris

        The part David is having an issue with isn’t availability of upgrade but that it’s a ridiculous price.

        I initially reserved an Iphone 4S but upon learning I would be paying approx 660 for upgrade/phone I cancelled it. It’s worth signing on for another year of contract. It’s even worth paying 299 for the phone. But considering I pay 100 dollars a month for service even if Rogers paid full price to apple for phones (699) and the cost to rogers for my services was 50% of the monthly bill, That means I have paid off the phone in 4 months, paid rogers costs in by month 8 and Rogers is making pure profit for months 9-12.

        Not cool rogers. Not cool. Bring back new contract pricing for Iphone early adopters. I’ve had my phone over a year. It’s not like I got it yesterday.

      5. stephen hayward

        Thats BS I have been a customer with Rogers Wireless for 10 years I upgraded to the iPhone 4 last August 03, 2010. The pricing offered to me was $209.00 PLUS $319.00 SO MUCH FOR WANTING TO LOOK AFTER LOYAL CUSTOMERS!!!

    4. Greg

      Keeping iPhone customers on a constant 3 year deal is a very smart business move for Rogers considering the data plans they get and monthly bills. I happily pay just over $100/month for my plan because Rogers has always treated the customers right. Hope this remains the same. Let us upgrade every year on the release date, line ups at your stores look good for business.

  9. Fraser

    Please let me know if this calculation for early hardware upgrade is accurate:

    – Contract renewed last year for iPhone 4 (July 30, 2010)
    – October 14 the iPhone 4S is released, 14 months months into contract
    – 36 month contract – 14 months into contract = 22 months remaining
    – Early HUP: 22 months x $20 = $440
    – iPhone 4S 32GB new customer pricing + $440 = $709

    $40 discount with a contract renewal and locked phone for people who purchased an iPhone 4?

    1. Alex

      HUP end date is 30 months even with a 36 month contract.
      So 14 months means a calculation of 30 minus 14.

      30-14 = 16.
      16 x 20 = 320.

      1. Fraser

        What do you mean by “end date is 30 months even with a 36 month contract”?

        If your calculation is accurate, I will be very pleased.

      2. Alex

        Here is an example of an early upgrade offer: Jack is 20 months into a 3-year term on his Acer Liquid E and he really wants a new Samsung Nexus S. Instead of waiting 10 months until he is eligible to upgrade his device at a discounted price ($99.99), Jack can add $150 to the new customer price ($15 per month based on his current device x 10 months) to upgrade to the device at $249.99 on a new 3-year term (compared with $549.99 for the no-term price).

        Rogers has posted regarding the extension of HUP from 24 months to 30 months recently.
        Also based on their example from their previous post about the new early upgrade program (
        He’s 20 months into a 3 year contract. Then he does 10×15$.
        So 30-20=10. Then 10×15$.

      3. Fraser

        Oh I see, hardware upgrade eligibility is 6 months before the end of your contract.

    2. RogersMary

      Hi Fraser, I don’t have access to your account so can’t look into your specific details. But we will have our hardware upgrade eligibility tool available soon so you can check your eligibility.

      1. Fraser

        Thanks for the reply, can you update your original post on this board with the HUP tool when it’s online?

      2. RogersMary

        Great idea Fraser…. we’ll be sure to do that!

    3. Walter

      Really they should just make the early upgrade fee equal to the remaining portion of the subsidy. They way it works now, with the most expensive phones like the iphone 4s 32 GB, the subsidy works out to $13.33 per month ($480 divided by 36 months), yet they charge you $20 a month to basically pay off the subsidy early.

      The numbers get even worse when the subsidy is lower.

    4. Jon

      What a SWEET deal! I love being a rogers customer! I get $40 discount for upgrading to the iPhone 4 last year!!!!

      But seriously, from what I’ve read, this is exactly what @RogersMary is saying.

      And in my opinion, I’m seriously thinking of switching carriers…

      @rogersMary – why don’t you just do the same thing as let year, when you allowed early adopters of the iPhone 3gs to get the iPhone 4 for a similar new customer price, instead of all this “early upgrade fee” stuff? Or at least make that fee reasonable. $400 is not really that reasonable

      1. MR. D

        Lets do some math here.

        Let’s say you upgraded last year for the price of 159$ for a phone that was worth 649$, you basically got a rebate ofr 490$ for a 3 years contract or 163$ per year for 3 years.

        So one year after you want to change again, you should give back 2/3 of the rebate you got since you are keeping the old phone which mean it should cost you 326$ + the price of the new phone to upgrade again.

        am I the only one who get that?

        Don’t forget you currently can sell an iphone4 for about 350$ on ebay.

      2. Dave

        That’s bad logic. The subsidized price is to reward loyal customers for returning again and again. Not to mention for renewing another 3-year contract.

        You’re just thinking of the device, when in actuality, most of us are paying $100/month in phone bills with the iPhone so Rogers is obviously couping the discount, and then some.

      3. Ted

        No, you aren’t understanding. We renew our contract and in essence add 1 year each time we upgrade. It’s a $500 subsidy PER YEAR that we want, not $500/3years.

      4. RogersMary

        Customers always have the choice to purchase a device at the no-term price. With the new early upgrade promotion, customers who were not eligible in the past, now have more options available to them.

      5. Dyna

        I still cannot believe the silly responses from people. Carrires discount your phones so much and you still complain… If you signed a variable mortgage knowing you would get a discounted rate that fluctuates, would you then throw a fit and switch when that variable rate goes up in 2 months? WOW!!!

  10. Chris

    So if I am number 1000 in line soes that mean I would get the phone on oct14 regardless of my location?

    1. RogersMary

      Hi Chris. As soon as the device ships, you will get notification but it could take up to four days to ship to the store you chose.

      1. Chris

        So if I line up at the same store who I know will have some on the 14th I can get one on that day, the $40 just avoids me from having to wait in line. I was hoping that the reservation would be included as the shipment to that store for release day.

      2. RogersMary

        Yes, the reservation system avoids the wait in line but ultimately up to you. Just as an aside, the $40 is refundable or put towards your device. It’s not a fee.

      3. Sebastien

        Traduction : NO

  11. kirk

    Is the system working for others or Crashing?!
    I began at 6 est this morning and no luck.

    1. TeeOhDouble D

      Set your browser to run the rogers site in compatibility mode.. Worked for me.,

  12. Meowmix

    I am # 19th. Did my reservation at 5:45am. One thing i want to know. I am eligible for a hardware upgrade. Since i already reserved this. When i go to the store to pick it up i can add it to the hardware upgrade? All i hear is about people doing early upgrades to it. Also since i am # 19th does that mean also i will be getting it for sure on the day of launch which is next Friday the 14th?

    1. RogersMary

      Hi there. You will receive an email notification once the device has shipped to the store you chose. When you pick it up, the retail representative will help you with your upgrade, including your current eligibility.

      Enjoy the new device!!!

      1. Meowmix

        I know but what i am asking is tho Since i am #19th i should be getting mine on the launch date correct? I really do not want to wait an extra week or so just to go get it. I have been using a old 8100 pearl which i can not bare anymore to use.

        Also what do you mean by nationwide? If i am number 19th what does that do for me if i have to wait for this so called email.

        I stayed up all night just to reserve this & even reserved it at 5:45am right before people started reserving them. I would be pissed if i do not get it on oct 14th.

      2. Dmbfan

        I’m a little p*ssed that you got to reserve yours at 5:45, when Rogers clearly stated that reservations would begin at 6.

        It would appear that the rep already answered that phones would be available several days (4ish) after launch date (see above).

      3. Meowmix

        Yea the first 40+ people reserverd them before 6am. I do know what she said but the Stores are telling a different story & same with the call center.

        The stores are telling me that the people with the lowest number might be able to get them during the launch date since the phone will be shipped to the store. They also told me since there is a dedicated bash for us that reserved them, they see no reason why we would not be able to get the phone since i am 19th on the list.

        What i do not understand is where is she getting that the will be shipped out during the day of the launch. Managers & reps told me that she does not know anything & all she is doing is saying this to make us feel a bit better ( which is not in this case). So if she can explain here where she got told that it would be sent out on the launch day would be nice.

        The store i also reserved to, told me that the will most likely get the reservations with the iPhone’s that will come to the store. So can one of the 2 that work for rogers please tell me where you are getting you info from please?

      4. Meowmix

        Also apparently someone opened up the reservation before 6am & the 40+ of us that got to reserve it stayed on & then closed if for about 10 mins till 6am. When it got re opened. I guess either someone turned it on by accident or it was a glitch. But to be fair i really do not care what number i am. I just want to know where she is getting her info from since store managers & managers from the call centers are telling me something else.

      5. RogersMary

        Hi. I’m can’t speculate on when the device will ship. Best I can say is that the shipping email you will receive will the most reliable information. You do have a pretty excellent plan in line!

  13. Ted

    I hope that I can come to a mutual understanding with Rogers:

    Me: “Hi Rogers, here is my $100 per month”
    Rogers: “Thanks….here is your iPhone at a $500 subsidy every year”
    Me: “Thanks, I will be a rogers customer forever”

    This sums up mostly all iPhone users feelings.

  14. Joe

    So what if I currently have an iPhone 4 locked to Rogers, and I just reserved a 4S through My Rogers account? Could I pay the full off contract $849 price for that reserved device? And will it be unlocked? And the box will be sealed and unopened by the Rogers store rep?

    1. Alex

      Any phone purchased through Rogers is locked to Rogers. Buy from Apple if you want an unlocked phone.

    2. RogersMary

      Hey Joe. Yes, you do have the option of buying the phone at the device only price and will will be an unopened box.

      1. Joe

        Thanks for the reply Mary and Alex. But Mary you didn’t mention whether it will be unlocked. If I choose to pay Rogers the full device only price, will the iPhone be locked to Rogers?

      2. Dan

        This is a good question. Can someone please answer this? Why should Rogers be allowed to lock the phone if we are paying the same amount as direct from Apple? Almost as criminal as a three year contract, only in Canada is that acceptable for some reason.

        Will the iPhone 4S bought outright with no contract from Rogers be locked to Rogers?

      3. Rogers_Chris

        Yes it will be locked, Dan. All devices we sell are locked.

  15. Pekoe

    Resevered a black iphone4s 16gb @ 8:45am and I was number 1290 :)..i hope i dont have to wait toooo long for this phone

    1. RogersMary

      Keep us posted!!

  16. Lithium

    So I lined up last year for the iPhone 4, paid my $299 to extend my contract back to 3 years.
    Can I do that again for $369 for the 64GB version? Or am I paying $20 x 24 months on top of that? If so I’m just going to the Apple store and getting the $850 store and switching to Bell.

    Please advise, Rogers.


    1. RogersMary

      Our early upgrade promotion is our current offer.

      1. Yup

        This offer is insufficient and will lose Rogers business. Customers want the HUP upgrade price for iPhone upgrade customers which has been offered every year to loyal Rogers customers.

        We don’t want to have to pay you a premium price for the ‘luxury’ of being committed to giving you our business for longer periods of time.

        You should be rewarding your customers’ loyalty with the HUP pricing, not penalizing people who want to buy more of your products and services.

        Failure to offer HUP pricing to existing iPhone customers as has traditionally been the practice will be a disaster for Rogers.

      2. Dmbfan

        100% agree. Rogers has been very fair in the past. This seems like a huge break from their past practices. The HUP plan is NOT a good deal. And now to learn that Bell and Telus ARE offering a real HUP incentive…sheesh.

        I can’t foresee there being too many people willing to pay a $320 charge to upgrade this year. I can only guess HUP upgrades are not a big part of Rogers business, because they will be losing a lot this year. They’ll feel it more 2 years out, when all of our 3 year iPhone 4 commitments expire and we go elsewhere, having not been locked in again this year…

      3. Fraser

        We had to pay the monthly early upgrade fees last year as well. I don’t see how this has changed at all.

      4. Fraser

        OK I’m mistaken. I checked their offer from last year and it was a better deal then. It’s unfortunate they are not offering the same thing but it’s still better than the full price.

      5. Dave

        Are the amambiguous responses intentional? I’d love to see a definite answer! Either “NO, we will not be offering early upgrade prices to early adopters of the iPhone”, or “YES, there will (or even MAY) be a early upgrade prices, as we have always done in the past”.

        Doesn’t matter which one, as long as it’s definite.

      6. Ted

        They probably don’t know yet…..tactic is to throw the “early upgrade policy” scenario out there, see how the public responds (most times, in anger) and then, at the last minute, change the policy to new activation pricing for existing iPhone users who have upgraded within 30 days or so of the last iPhone launch.

      7. RogersMary

        Hey Dave, I understand your point completely but that is our current promotion. We’re always reviewing our plans and this one provides more flexibility – earlier – for all our customers.

      8. John

        No it doesn’t Mary, and you know it.

      9. Rogers_Chris

        Yes it does, John. Customers can HUP as early as 6 months into their current contract term.

      10. Paul

        No, actually, this plan further worsens HUP with Rogers. Several years ago, it was 1 year HUP. Then it was 1 year, 2 year for smartphones. Now it’s 30 months. This doesn’t provide more flexibility, this makes it MUCH longer to wait for a HUP, even for customers who have large monthly bills.

        The nice thing is, it’s MAX $500 to terminate my contract. I think compared to paying $340+device price, I’d rather pay the 500 and go to another carrier. It’s too bad though, I really do prefer Rogers network.

      11. Rogers_Chris

        With the new early upgrade promotion, customers who were not eligible in the past now have more options available to them. Customers can HUP as early as 6 months into their current contract term.

      12. ed

        @Rogers_Chris: Sorry Chris, but that is just silly.

        Assuming a 36-months contract, you said customer can upgrade it 6 months into the contract, then we are talking about (30-6)*$20 = $480 to purchase the “privilege”. then add that to the $209 for the iPhone 4S. It ended up being $689 to “early upgrade” vs. paying $649 for an outright iPhone 4S.

        Can you not see the math does not work there? Period.

        This does not offer any flexibility rather a marketing gimmick to get people pay more than full price for a “locked” device when less money can buy you an “unlocked” device *and* NO contract extension.

      13. Ivan

        We need the same deal as last year!

      14. Greg

        This “promotion” is available for any user at anytime of their contract…

      15. Oliver

        So what will be your current offer on October 14th? Can we please get a real answer? Every year, iPhone 3 to 3GS, 3GS to 4, I have paid $199/$159 for the new iPhone and agreed to renew my 3 year contract with Rogers. Now I will have to pay $159 + $300 or whatever early upgrade fee? And you will still not unlock my old iPhone 4 even though it won’t be under contract anymore (replaced by new 4S) and I’m willing to pay your $50 unlock fee? Sounds like I will have to cancel my Rogers contracts.

  17. Corman

    I’ve pruchased every iPhone at launch since the iPhone 3G. Since then we’ve been getting the new devices at the new customer price because we’ve been loyal. But I’ve been hearing rumors that Rogers will not be giving us the new iPhone 4S at the discounted price, but instead making us pay a premium to upgrade since it’s classified as an early upgrade. If this is a the case, you can bet I’ll be bailing and signing up over at Bell and getting their new $55/month plan with 5GB of data!

    1. Dano

      Same here! If they want us to pay an “Early Upgrade Fee” We might as well just pay an “Early Termination Fee” and become bell customers. Receiving all of the awesome incentives carriers provide for “New” customers.
      This years upgrade plan is BS!

      1. Yup

        +1 Wake up Rogers!

      2. Oliver

        Yes, looks like I’ll have to jump ship after 5+ years with Rogers. This makes no sense.

      3. Corman

        Exactly. Why would I pay that much for an iPhone 4S when I can just pay half that and cancel my contract and go elsewhere. There’s no incentive to upgrading woith Rogers but at the same time everyone wants to upgrade. It’s not going to work and either they will have to cave, or everyone will just go to another carrier offering the same services at a “New customer” price…

      4. Alan

        If you upgraded a year ago for a iPhone 4, then your cancellation fee would most like be $500 ($400 voice and $100 data). If you then go to tell and pay $159 for 16g…you end up at $659 + taxes, so you aren’t ahead. If you have been with Rogers for a few years, then you most likely have some retention bonuses on your account, free voicemail/CID, network calling, etc. If you start over with another carrier, then no bonuses of any kind. I would just sell your iPhone 4 to cover the early upgrade fee and part of the cost of the 4S…that is the cheapest option.

      5. Alan

        Oops, I mean go the Bell.

      6. anjew

        retention bonuses??? get real…. rogers try their best to discourage this… sorry but you cant use this as a positive at all.

        3 options for iphone 4 users who want to upgrade to the 4S

        1. early cancellation then switch to another carrier
        2. buying the phone out right from apple
        3. hardware upgrade route with rogers

        the point everyone is trying to make is there is practically no savings between those 3 and rogers knows it…..

        they give us an illusion of choice but at the end of the day the consumer loses…

        thanks rogers for stifling technological growth.

    2. ilia

      Looks like I’m switching too!

  18. Quest

    Here’s my ideal world:

    Rogers offers me a plan that covers a new iphone 4s, my existing ipad and a new LTE rocket stick. Until I understand what this will cost me I am stuck. Is it realistic that they will introduce this (similar) or should I just buy an unlocked phone and negotiate with various vendors by device.

    1. Quest

      no response from Rogers?

  19. Jud

    Really hoping that Rogers moves on this one! I’ve been a Rogers customer for years BECAUSE of their consistently good early upgrade options. They provided me w early upgrade from 3G to 3GS and then again from 3GS to 4 and now are hoping that I pay $300+ BEFORE hardware costs!

    Rogers.. Please recognize that at these upgrade options it’s not much more expensive to buy an unlocked phone and be done w you.

    1. Fraser

      There seems to be some misinformation or confusion here about the early hardware upgrade pricing. If you upgraded to an iPhone 4 last year (which extended your contract another 3 years) then you will be pay:

      $479 for 16GB
      $589 for 32GB
      $689 for 64GB

      1. Ryan

        This is a good alternative but by my calculation buying a phone out right for $650 +tax and selling your iPhone 4 16 GB for $350-450 is the best route.

      2. james

        i don’t know where you got those numbers, but from my form and calculations, (launch 4g user ad prior iphones) i get

        319(rogers jacked up price) + 360 cancellation = 679. I know there’s a ‘rebate’ of 50$, seeing as they jacked up the price.. thats still 639 before taxes. I can get an unlocked one from apple for 749 and save that 110 in a week of roaming, easily.

      3. Ryan

        My comment was in regards to staying with Rogers, there was no mention of canceling. Then selling the iPhone 4 as it has a high re-sale value.

    2. Fraser

      I see now that you already know what the costs will be but it’s seriously a lot cheaper than buying one from Apple. Sure it’s unlocked but are you really going to switch from Rogers? No.

      Sell your iPhone 4, the upgrade will cost you around $100.

      1. james

        a lot of us need the phone unlocked for one reason or another. It isn’t related to leaving rogers. its related to I am out of the country atleast once every 6 weeks for a week and use other providers, due to rogers crazy expensive roaming fees :P

  20. ling

    I find it ironic that when i called customer service this morning, they didn’t have any of these details, but the time of this posting is earlier than when i called. Seems to me that Rogers needs to open the lines of communication internally so that customers get consistent responses. It’s written here in black and white what the phones will cost.

    1. RogersMary

      Thanks for the feedback Ling. I’ll be sure to share that internally.

      1. james

        I just got the same thing, at 2PM EST.. i was told as of right now they are only aware of the current ‘not-so-promotional because it’s not a promotion] upgrade’ fees. I was told to reserve mine and keep checking whether they have an early upgrade just like last year, the day before..

        is it 100% official/for sure there will not be anything other then the current, absolutely not promotion upgrade options, set in stone? Or is there a possibility they are still figuring it out and will release it fashionably late like last year?

        I don’t feel like reserving it and wasting my time checking every while if it is guaranteed rogers will not be doing anything for loyal customers this time around, because I’ll just buy it from rogers and go to bell for a cheaper yet equal plan.. I’ve stayed because of the loyalty offers rogers has had in the past..

        Please advise, thanks!

      2. ling

        I’ve checked the information on the online HUP tool and am confused about the pricing stated. This posting displays the iPhone 4S 32g at $269 but my quote from the HUP tool shows it as $319.

        Can you please clarify which is the proper price? Again, i’m getting inconsistent answers from seperate areas of Rogers. I think these are great offerings for self-serve options but i’m finding it hard to have faith in them if i cannot trust the answers i’m receiving.

        I would appreciate some feedback so i can make an informed decision on whether to stick with my reservation with Rogers and HUP or buy directly from Apple.

      3. RogersMelanie

        Hi Ling,

        The $269 price is for those who are not upgrading from another device. Your HUP price is specific to your situation which takes into account your contact timing and the subsidy you paid for your current device. If you want to double check, it’s best to speak to a rep as they can give specifics to your account details.

      4. Meowmix

        Melanie why do you give false statements for? Learn to read please… I suggest you look at the prices & all before you give costumers false statements. That can easily get you in trouble.

        Ling you are getting a 50$ Rebate coupon once you get the device so it will bring it down to 269 from 319. It says it under the rules on the email & if you call in at the call center they will tell you the same. The only way to get the 50$ rebate coupon is when you do a early upgrade or you are eligible for a upgrade. Here read below This is from the Full Details on the email.

        “Customers who renew on select three-year terms may be eligible for a one-time $50 Hardware Upgrade Rebate credit. Credit to be applied to customer’s invoice. Offer subject to change without notice. Full Hardware Upgrade Rebate details available in store. “

    2. Paul

      This is Standard Operating Procedure for Rogers. Last year, a customer service representative told me that was not a Rogers site and that the information there about the HUP was incorrect. :facepalm

      I had to ask for her supervisor and wait 20 minutes for them to figure out that it was legitimate.

      This year, CSR told me that this is the current offer, but that Rogers will release a better one, keep an eye out this week. If that fails, she said to make sure I called and worked with Customer Relations, they would be able to help….

  21. James

    @Corman & Lithium….I couldn’t agree more, if I don’t receive early upgrade fee I’ll be switching to Bell too.

    1. Robert

      Yup… costs more to lock into a new 3 year contract with Rogers than it would to start as a new customer at Bell. Not to mention better monthly rates. $1000/year for cell phone service and they still want me to pay $400 more for the privilege of locking into a new 3 year contract, plus new hardware fees.

  22. Josh Lobban

    Rogers fighting its iPhone customers every year is dumb. Every year we are told it’ll cost ridiculous amounts (I would save a *whopping* $130 by signing a new contract and pledging $1500 in monthly fees) to upgrade. Every year Rogers caves at the last second.

    Rogers. You are fighting your customers.

    I’ve preordered from apple, even if Rogers changes its mind again… I’m not sure what I’ll do. I’m fed up with this fight every year at upgrade time. I might stick with Apple and work my way to the end of my contract. I’d rather be the one in control, because Rogers seems confused.

    1. azima

      don’t open your phone until rogers gives an answer at the last minute. If they do treat their customers right finally, then return the one you purchased, or sell the rogers one at cost, and keep the unlocked.

  23. Meowmix

    Hmm is Rogers reps lying once again?

    RogersMelanie says: October 7, 2011 at 9:19 am

    Hey Meowmix,

    Shipments will start at launch. You can discuss upgrade eligibility when you pick up the device.
    From the thread that tells you about the reservation system.

    I want to know why is she telling me / others that the devices will be shipped at launch & why is Rogers Mary telling us something else.

    Why does not Rogers tell its costumers that The devices you reserve will be shipped from the warehouse on the launch date like Melanie said?

    I am on the phone with a Manager trying to figure all this out since i find Rogers rep lie a lot.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hi All,

      Let me clarify here. Shipments will start at launch. And as Mary mentioned, once in inventory they could take up to four days to reach stores as with any shipment. It is our goal to get these devices out to you and in your hands as soon as we can.

      1. Meowmix

        Is that all you have to say? Since you work for Rogers why do not tell your boss next time to say that costumers will not get the phone until a week or after the launch. I just called Bell & Telus & spoke to the highest managers i could & they told me the devices that costumers pre order form them, they get them at launch. Is Rogers that cheap that they can even tell its costumers ” Hey you can reserve your phone but you are going to get it a week or so later because they will be shipped out on launch day”

        What is the point of the reservation system if you can not get it the day of launch? I rather stay outside in the cold & get one instead of waiting for a week..

        You are just lying right there. ” its our goal to get these devices out to you & in your hands as soon as we can.”

        if you guys even cared & you guys wanted us to have the phones you guys would have at least told us this in the start or at least ship the phones out 3 days before launch which gives room for us to get it the day of the launch or a day after. NOT A WEEK OR SO LATER..

        I am considering of taking this to higher end here. This is false advertisement from Rogers & you guys are trying to cover it up. I was just on the line with a Manager from Rogers & he told me that we should have been told about this from the start. I gave him your name & Marys name also. I really hope who ever was stupid enough not to say anything to us gets fired or at least a punishment. This is ridiculous

      2. Definitely agree on this! Not only rogers rep keep lying about the actual opening of pre orders (which I meticulously accounted for on my blog) saying it was opening at 12am than at 9am than at 6 am and guess what? I reserved mine at 5:45 am because I stayed up all night and kept clicking on it over and over. (thats actually what the customer rep literally told me to do). Honestly? A company this size doesn’t even know their own preorder date and each time you talk to them it is as if they seem to be PROUD of the fact that they don’t have all the information available and speak in such a snotty manner of how “I am telling you all the information we have.” All the information they have which of course is no information at all.
        After all that, and now we are slapped in the face with “Shipped at launch date and takes up to 4 days”. So what was the whole point of reserving a phone and going through all that hassle? Just so we can wait a week after launch? Yes we are impatient and want our phones as quickly as possible, but we worked so we could get it at that time and stayed up all night constantly refreshing your stupid webpage just so we can be head of others. So now you gonna slap most eager customer by making the entire reservation system completely meaningless.
        Why can’t you just ship out during start of Tuesday? The phones are already in the Warehouse because we know for a fact that Rogers bought the iphones off Apple directly.

      3. Rogers_Chris

        Hi Xia,

        Thanks for your feedback. We repeatedly told customers that the reservation system opened at 6 a.m. EST – I would know because I spent a great deal of time answering questions about it on Twitter on Thursday evening.

        As for your comments about the reservation system, you can stand in line the day the device is available at your favourite Rogers Plus store, Apple Store, etc. and you still might not get a device if they sell out that day. Alternatively, you can reserve one, never stand in line, and have it delivered to the store of your choosing, and receive email updates on the status of your reservation. The choice is yours!

      4. Meowmix

        Rogers Chris.

        What i fail to see is that you guys SAY you have a dedicated stock just for us right? Now if i am not stupid that means the people that pre order / reserve the phone & have low numbers in line are able to get the phone at launch. If this is true then why are you not say it? I talked to about 5 stores this morning & they all said the same. People with low numbers should be able to get at launch since Rogers has a dedicated stock for us. Rogers buys iPhone from Apple in 100s even in thousands. So i want to know the truth. Is there even a dedicated stock for us? Or is that a lie. If its not then i would suggest you get facts more accurate since if you have a DEDICATED stock for us that means lets say Rogers gets 20,000 iPhone’s from Apple. Rogers stores get 10,000 & then the dedicated reservations get the other half. That’s how it works. I am a Managers at Sobeys urban fresh & that’s how it usually works here. Rogers Should be more careful here..

        You guys says that as a reservation system all it does is Reserve a phone under your name & number. Also the number you have if its the lowest you have a higher chance on getting it. But like the rest said. Rogers has the phones in the warehouse & i am sure they are going to send them out during next week. I really doubt Rogers would leave the people that sat here to reserve iPhone out & gives i phones to people that just wait outside. That is going to be the stupidest thing ever & not to mention it can cause damages to Rogers.

      5. Rogers_Chris

        Meowmix, you will simply have to wait and see. I don’t have any info on inventory, stock, orders, etc. I hope you get your device on launch day!

      6. MX

        Haha Meow its me MX, Xia Xu was me as well.

        Chris yea of course reservation is an alternative to waiting in line. But we had to wait “in line” in terms of staying up all night constantly refreshing the rogers page on thursday night. Thats also a line. Its just not outside but it is still a line up and we still got numbers and we still changed our entire sleep/work schedule just like how people waiting in line at the stores would. Its not like we are getting #20 position, like i did for free and without effort.
        So what I am saying is that, planning to make all those reserved phones arrive in the hands of those customers that waited in the preorder line just splashed cold water at their efforts, loyalty and any respect they had on rogers.
        Please reply fellow customers if you agree on me with this.

      7. VJ

        Because telling customers the BRAND NEW iPHONE 4S is being shipped out a week later will probably make most customers leave and/or go with another service provider and/or not want the phone.

        rogers wants people going through them, not outside providers or their competitors. so dangling the carrot is a better idea for them.

        … smart idea not too sure about that.

  24. Chris

    Well I must say I am very disappointed by this offer… the early hardware upgrade is a joke when other providers are offering the early HUD upgrade which has been offered in the past, even by Rogers.

    I have been a loyal Rogers customer for over 10 years with 2 plans an now three plans for all the family members. We all have iPhones and I would like to switch to the 4s version under the HUD which Rogers isn’t offering. Under the current circumstances I think I rather move my business to Bell and get a discounted price for the device; I feel the customer service from rogers has been on the slide and quite frankly there are many other providers which offer better deals and seem to want to reward long term customers.

    What Rogers is doing is plain manipulation to make more money. Personally I am very disappointed and as I previously mentioned and if Rogers doesn’t smarten up I will take my business to a different provider where I will actually be saving some money also…

    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself…

    2. Yup

      +1 come on Rogers: Do the right thing and let early iPhone adopters upgrade at the HUP price with no penalty like the last two years

    3. Toly

      Thank you!
      I called Rogers today and the rep told me that with taxes and fees and their $50 rebate it would come to 756$ to upgrade to the 4S.
      I’d rather get it from apple unlocked and let my contract go down.
      (I upgraded to the iP 4 in September last year)

      1. Chris

        Sadly, and this is in general not just Rogers, everyone wants $ regardless on how they do it.
        In this instance Rogers is milking the extra cash from the ones willing to pay because of the “locked contract”
        At that price I would personally buy a unlocked unit directly from Apple and call it a day once the contract expires.
        I am lucky because one of my plans is expiring in January, the daughters plan is expired and my plan is expiring in another year as I upgraded to the 3Gs and haven’t had the chance to get an iPhone 4 when they came out because Rogers didn’t get the bulk of iPhone 4’s until one day when the HUP expired. How convenient.

        Seeing how other carriers are honoring the HUD promotion and Rogers is not, there is absolutely no point in sticking with Rogers because this crap will happen every years when a new iPhone comes out… mind you the iPhone 5 should be released in the second quarter of 2012, so we pay up their “early upgrade fee” just so we can repeat the process in 6-9 months when the new iPhone comes out…

        It always scares me when I go grocery shopping and two grocery stores are selling the same exact 4L jug of milk at 1$ difference…and the best part is, those two stores are side by side.

  25. Sanchez

    I’ve been trying to access the reservation system for over 4 hours and I get to the “reserve” portion and when I press the button – I’m getting the following error: “An unexpected error has occurred with your device reservation. Please sign back in and try again.”

    Anyone I can contact to help me?

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Sanchez,

      I have sent you an email directly. I’d like to look into this.

  26. I really need justification here to reserve. Do I want to upgrade? Yes. But is it worth is to put down my $40 to reserve a phone, that if I wait a little while I can get without the extra $40 dollar fee anyway. Plus since there’s no upgrade pricing available right now, it might be much more expensive than I want it to be and I might not upgrade at all. The only benefit of reserving my device is if I knew I was going to get it, and at a certain price. If I can’t get that, why not just wait a bit, confirm the price is right and then not have to pay the $40 reservation fee? Is Rogers just cashing in on their own vague pricing?

    1. Jason

      “A $40 (+ taxes) refundable reservation fee will be applied to hold the device. It will be credited back to your account when the device ships from our warehouse to the store. You can cancel your reservation at any time and your $40 fee will be credited back to your account.”

    2. steve lam

      you realize the $40 goes towards your phone right?

      1. Doesn’t matter if it does or not- It’s kind backwards to order something you don’t know the final price of yet.

  27. Christopher

    At $689 for the 64Gb iPhone 4S, assuming one upgraded to the iPhone 4 on launch date late year and extended their contract 3 years, it seems like a no brainer to by it unlocked from Apple. For only $160 more you get an unlocked phone which will be *much* easier to sell when a a new phone is released next year. In fact, given that an unlocked 8Gb iPhone 4 still sells for $549 from Apple today, I imagine a 64Gb iPhone 4S will be worth about that next year.

    Actually, if you plan to upgrade every year, like many people do, you’re better off buying unlocked phones from Apple, unless Rogers offers a similar deal as it has for the last 2 years.

    I might not be leaving Rogers, but I know lots of people with other carriers who would be glad to buy my old iPhones.

  28. Daniel

    I have 8 months left on a contract that was originally for a basic voice/messaging phone. During that time I purchased my own iPhone 4 from Apple and added a data plan. If I was to use the early upgrade offer, would I have to pay $10/month since my original contract was for a basic phone? or would it be $20/month just because I currently have an iPhone (which I own outright)?
    Also, are there any additional activation/administration fees to upgrading?

  29. Felipe

    Hopefully Rogers allows us current iPhone customers to upgrade within 1 year. I got my iPhone 4 last year and Hopefully I do not have to pay 300$ for early upgrade fee plus another $269 for the iphone plus 35$ for activation. Rogers is always looking out for their customers but doing this is just wrong. In the States you can upgrade within 1 year. Come on Rogers, for one time help out your customers.

  30. Frank

    I’ve tried repeatedly through this blogging system, in store and over the phone and i can’t seem to get a straight answer.

    Could you please let me know the following:
    – what exactly is this “select 3 year term”? This information was not available at the time of reservation.
    No rogers employee has been able to give me an answer, so this morning i went on and reserved an iPhone 4s 16GB for my line which is just a 20$ voice plan. No data.

    Followup questions:
    – No one could confirm that i required data on my phone plan prior to reservation, so i went ahead on the assumption that voice-only plans are ok, and I reserved an iPhone 4S. Can i still receive the iPhone without a data plan? I asked around and no one told me otherwise before i reserved it, so it would be fair that i can keep this iPhone without needing to add a data plan, right?

    – Assuming i DID need the data plan – What will happen to my reservation? I woke up at 5am to reserve a spot, just so Rogers could take it away from me because of a prerequisite that didn’t even exist at the time i signed up? I think that would be unfair.

    Clarification on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    1. RogersMary

      Hi Frank – Let me try to help you. A three-year term means that you get a subsidized price for a device and enter a contract for 3yrs. If you cancel early, you will be subject to a cancellation fee. But, Rogers offers you the advantage of being able to upgrade your device before your contract ends and get the new customer price. Our new “early upgrade” promotion allows you the added freedom and flexibility to upgrade your device as early as six months into your existing contract term.

      You do not require a data plan to reserve your device. When you pick up your device in store, the retail representative will help you determine which plan is best for you. The advertised price includes a voice and data plan but the rep can help explain your with your options.

      In summary…. your reservation is safe, you don’t have to make any plan decisions now, and our reps can explain plans when you pick up.

      Does that help? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me @RogersMary is you have any further questions.

      1. Frank

        Thanks for your detailed response.

        If, at the time of pickup in store, i decide not to keep the device, can i still decline it and get my $40+tax returned to my account?

      2. Rogers_Chris

        Yes you can, Frank.

  31. Matt

    I am eligible for a HUP and my question is, when I go to the Rogers store to pick up the phone, is it sealed in box, or does the rep has to open it? Because I’m going to gift the phone to someone and I’d like to have the box unopened (it’s okay if its locked to Rogers)

    1. RogersMary

      It will be sealed.

  32. Stephen W

    If I don’t get the same deal as usual, early termination and start a new 3 year deal free from fee’s (like all the iPhone launches have been) then I am waiting and going to Bell where my other 2 iPhone’s in the family are, mise well have them all in one basket.

  33. John Kerby

    I just reserved the iPhone 4s today and I just want to know this: I’m right now typing this out on my iPhone 4 and I have a plan with you guys right now. So what I want to know is do I get the phone for $158 and add 3 more years on

  34. steve lam

    is there going to be an activation fee for iphone 4 users? i don’t recall being charged one when i upgraded from iphone 3g to 4.

    also it looks like the pricing for me(early iphone 4 adopter) will be :

    – 36 month contract – 6 months HUP eligibility (because they let you
    upgrade only after 30 months now as opposed to 24 months before. um thanks rogers) – 14 months into contract = 16 months remaining

    – Early HUP: (since you have to pay for the months remaining in your contract minus 6 months) 16 months x $20 (for premium devices like the iphone) = $320

    – iPhone 4S 16GB new customer pricing ($159) + $320 = $479
    – iPhone 4S 32GB ($269) + $320 = $589
    – iPhone 4S 64GB ($369) + $320 = $689

    these are horrible prices. might as well buy unlocked from apple

  35. Joe

    I have reserved an iPhone. If I pay the full device only price, will the phone be unlocked, or will it be locked to Rogers? I’d appreciate an answer from a Rogers rep. Thanks.

    1. steve lam

      its still going to be locked to rogers. you have to buy from apple directly for an unlocked one

  36. james

    wait wait. i went to teh preorder and read teh terms, and check this beauty out.

    2. Rogers does not guarantee that you will receive the device that you have ordered, that the device will be available at the Rogers store of your choice, or that you will receive the device before other customers who are not using the Service or have purchased the device through other channels.

    What is the point of preordering, costing 40 (i know you get it back when you pick up or cancel i was told) if you ARE NOT GUARANTEED WHAT YOU JUST ORDERED. what a waste of time…

    1. RogersMary

      Canadians want to get their hands on the latest devices when they want them. We’re simplifying the process so they can get the devices they want easily.

      This system allows you to secure a place “in line” for the next available device without having to visit a store or call us.

  37. Dave

    So if the Iphone 4S will ship from your warehouse to the store for some of the people who pre ordered using My Rogers, that means we the customers who pre ordered through my rogers can expect to get the Iphone 4S the following week and not on October 14?

    You guys should make the pre orders first to receive the store inventory when they get it on October 14th. Really then lining up is still the best way to get the phone asap for the people who want it the first day since pre orders are still waiting for the shipment to their store.

    1. RogersMary

      Thanks for your feedback, Dave.

      The reservation system guarantees a device, but we cannot guarantee when a customer will receive it. Customers are placed in queue based on when they reserved and will receive their devices as we get inventory. Customers can check to see where they are “in line” through MyRogers and My Account.

      We will be dedicating inventory towards our Reservation System orders and our goal is to get your device to you as soon as possible.

  38. Alan

    I feel the same way and since I live in Vancouver, it was before 3:00am here when I logged in to reserve a device. I would hope that common sense would mean Rogers would be shipping preorders at the same time they are shipping phones out for launch day to the stores….otherwise the system is pointless. I know a few dealers personally and they told me not to worry about coming to ther stores early and just to reserve it, and just come into the their store later in the day when it would be convenient for me. I may have to resort to Plan B and wake up early next Friday, sigh.

    1. RogersMary

      Hi Alan. Devices are being shipped to stores but there is dedicated inventory for our Reservation System orders as well.

      The goal is to get your device to you as soon as possible.

      Hope you enjoy your new device!

  39. Eric

    Rogers you better get your act together and allocate stock at each store on launch day for the reservation list. Give me a break. This day in age its all about getting the phone the day it comes out.

  40. Ted

    OK I can sum this up:

    Dear Rogers, please give us the same iPhone upgrade deal this year as you have the past 2. Also, please continue to give us this deal every year and we will happily renew our contract.
    Thanks for implementing the reservation system. Now, combine this with the regular upgrade policy and add in the assurance that your systems won’t crash every launch day every year, year over year, and we will be happy, loyal rogers customers.

    Its pretty simple.

    1. Eric E

      I don’t understand the mentality of you Apple fanboys who think you deserve preferential treatment over every other customer. When the new Blackberry and Android devices come out you don’t see a mass of whining over upgrade pricing. Really, you should all grow up and realize that just because you choose one type of device doesn’t mean you deserve a $500 or more subsidy every year. Seriously, it’s just a cell phone.

      1. Ted

        sorry if I’m giving rogers $1200+ per year for one cell phone line ($2400+) for two then, yes, I do deserve and expect preferential treatment. Don’t blame me because bb and android users don’t exercise their right to get proper value.

        I’d like to know why you don’t think I deserve preferential treatment when I give rogers so much of my hard earned dollars….please enlighten me.

      2. Eric E

        You don’t think other customers not on iPhone give Rogers just as much or more? Just because Apple fanboys have created this self aggrandizing status doesn’t mean it’s actually a real thing. Reality is you are just the same as any other customer with Rogers, and if they want to be a fair company to have service with customers A, B and C need to be treated the same no matter what device they use.

        As for proper value for my device, I absolutely get it. I don’t have to worry about Apples dictatorial control over what and how my device operates

        I mentioned it before and I’ll say it again. It’s just a cell phone, or in this case technology based fashion accessory. Getting all worked up over getting it first day at premium pricing just isn’t worth it.

  41. Kevin

    Based on all the information being provided by Rogers regarding the HUP, I am inquiring what it will cost to cancel my contact and go to another carrier. Its crazy to think that it might be actually cheaper to do that then do an HUP. I got an iPhone 4 last year but think the “early upgrade program” is an insult to customers. I have been with rogers for 12 years. So much for loyalty.

  42. Stan

    Come on Rogers, wake up you’ve offered the upgrade policy for existing iPhone owners for the 3GS, and the iPhone 4. Now you’re going to expect us to pay 450+ just to sign a new contract with you guys? I have a year left and will be leaving for someone who offers the best upgrade price. I’ve been with you guys since 2005, and wouldn’t be leaving if wasn’t for this.

  43. Cam

    If what I gather is true, it absolutely ridiculous that my reserved phone wouldn’t be sent to the store I chose along with their launch day allocation. Ridiculous.

    I hope that’s not the case

    1. RogersMary

      Hi Cam.

      We’re simplifying the process so that our customers can get the devices they want easily. This system allows you to secure a place “in line” for the next available device without having to visit a store or call us.

      You can view your status information when you sign into your account on My Rogers at

  44. Kevin

    Just called Rogers Retention line. It would cost me $435 to cancel my current contract. $335 Voice, and $100 data. I upgraded last year to a iPhone 4. To break it down further, its $320 penalty to do a HUP based on the latest information or cancel and get charged $435 = difference of $115. I’m sure the accounting department designed these programs exactly like this. God I hate our three year contracts! I sure wish CRTC could change that and not allow them anymore. Gives the carriers too much power.

  45. PC

    I’m a long time Rogers customer and am currently using a Blackberry on a Rogers Blackberry plan on the last month of my contract. What options do I have to switch to iPhone4S? Can I just hardware upgrade to iPhone4S and keep my current plan? Are there any better promotional plans for the iPhone4S launch? I’d like to have at least 1GB (6GB would be even better) of data and TXT / MMS with unlimited evenings starting at 6pm and VVM and CID and about 200mins daytime.

    Please advice… Thanks!

    1. Alex

      I am in the same boat =/

      1. RogersMary

        Same for you, Alex :)

    2. RogersMary

      Hi PC – Our customer service reps can better help you with your questions as they are account specific and dependent on your needs/usage. You can either visit a local retail location or you can reach out to us at Either way, we’re here to help.

      1. PC

        Hi Mary,

        Someone from Rogers did call me offering iPhone upgrade options. So that’s great, and I have many options to think about.

        Thanks again Rogers!!!

      2. RogersMelanie

        Good luck with the decision making!

  46. LA

    To me this is a win-win situation:

    – if you let me upgrade the iphone every year (like in the past), I will keep extending my contract for ever.

    Give us an alternative … becuase the one you have now does not work for early adopters.

  47. John Kerby

    Can some one from Rogers please answer my question: I have a plan with you guys right now and I reserved the iPhone 4s today and I want to know if I just pay the $159 + $40 for 3more years. Please answer

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hi John, long time no chat. Upgrade specifics depend on your account details. You’ll need to speak to a rep about your eligibility when you pick up your device.

      1. Gary

        I’m not sure I like the idea of “speak to a rep about your eligibility when you pick up your device” – surely we will know what this will cost us before going to the store to pick up the phone.

        The whole world knew this phone was coming out – why can’t the eligibility tool be ready prior to release. This (along with waiting to the last minute to offer early adopters a better HUP plan) happens every time a new iPhone comes out. Someone at Rogers needs to look at this and figure out why they can’t get their act together.

      2. RogersMary

        At any time, a customer can go into a rogers retail location and discuss their eligibility with one of our customer service reps.

        Alternatively, you can reach us on Twitter at @RogersHelps.

        Our self-service option will be available soon.


      3. Robert

        So the order of events is:

        1) commit to buy device via down payment
        2) lock into 3 year contract that will cost upwards of $3000
        2) find out how much the device costs

        Interesting. How long before you guys realize you’re not going to sell many iPhones (AKA retain the most profitable customers) unless you offer a fair HUP program?

      4. RogersMary

        Not exactly. The $40 is a reservation fee and fully refundable at any time. Pricing is available now and if you wish to discuss your eligibility with one of our customer service reps, you do have the option of doing that.

        With our new early upgrade program, more customers now have the option to upgrade to the device of their choice.

  48. Greg

    The current lack of updates from Rogers staff is rather discouraging. I assume they all took a half day and went home and will return Tuesday.

    1. Stan

      They did the exact same thing last year too then announced the new upgrade option. If Rogers doesn’t cave on this they will lose out very quick.

    2. RogersMary

      No such luck! Our policy is to review comments within one business day but we always try to respond much faster than that … like now for instance :-)

      But if you’d like an even faster response, we’re also available via Twitter @RogersHelps.

  49. Stan

    131 comments on a message board not many people know about must speak volumes to how this situation is unfolding.

  50. Steve

    Is there a way to see what the queue lengths are for the various models of iPhone 4S? I don’t particularly care about the colour or memory, but wanted to try to gauge where best to put my reservation to get the phone as soon as possible.


    PS: I’m with all the others on the lack of incentive with the Hardware Upgrade Program. Fortunately we have two mobiles in our house, so the really-old crumbly barely-usable iPhone 4 :-) will be trickling down in our household.

    1. RogersMary

      Hi Steve – Unfortunately, that functionality doesn’t currently exist. But it’s a good suggestion that I’ll pass on!
      …. and thanks for your feedback/story :-) I

  51. John Kerby

    Dear rogersmelanie I need more info on $$$ please I want to go to my bank and take out money but I need to know how much to bring

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey John,

      Only a rep can help with this as each customer will have different situations. Speak to them. They can help with the details.

  52. Eric

    Will the iPhone 4GS utilize Roger’s LTE speeds? In addition, will those speeds be noticeable (compared to 3G, iPhone 4)?

  53. John Kerby

    RogersMelanie how do I speak to a rep

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey John, as I’ve mentioned in the past on Facebook and Twitter, you can reach us many different ways –

  54. John Kerby

    I have though twitter but have not got a reply back

    1. Ted

      John….odds are that we won’t know how much this will wind up costing until mid next week. Rogers has stated they will have an eligibility tool similar to last year.

      Possible scenarios:
      1) rogers announces a hup program similar to the last few years, people go to the eligibility tool, check their status, see that they are eligible for the $159/269/369 pricing and are very happy

      2) rogers waits us out, people continue to be upset, post about leaving rogers, etc (which is understandable). Rogers wants to prevent this so at the last minute they announce the plan discussed in scenario 1, everyone is happy, etc.

      3) rogers sticks to their guns….people are mad, some people go and some people stay. Most of the reservations are cancelled and rogers sells minimal quantities of 4S’s.

      Anything I missed?

  55. Kevin

    Hi! Mary
    I just contacted your customer service to check my availablity to upgrade. (for iphone 4s)
    And your staff responded that i just need to pay $140 as Early Upgrade fee when upgrade.

    However, I am curious that how to calculate. Because I just changed my old phone to Sony vivaz pro(regular phone) at last December. Thus it passed only 10 month. PLEASE confirm how much do i need to pay .

    Thanks .

    1. RogersMary

      Hi Kevin – I don’t have access to account information so I can’t confirm. But, if you want to verify the information you were provided, you can either speak with one of our retail reps at a location near you or check on the eligibility tool that will be released soon.

      We’ll provide an update here once the tool launched.

  56. John Kerby

    I have a contract with Rogers so do I get the iPhone 4s for $159 + $40

  57. Michael

    I find it interesting that Apple announces the new Iphone4s on October 4 and 10 days later Rogers is launching the phone to the public….yet the Samsung Galaxy II LTE has been talked about on Rogers for a month now and there’s still no release date available.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Thanks for your feedback, Michael. We’re doing our best and appreciate your patience.

  58. Glenn

    Still confused after reading all these msgs. Last year i did a early upg from my 3s to a 32GB iPhone 4 for sum of $499. Since I could not even find one to buy until Oct i still have 24 months left on my contract. 24 * 20 = $480 + 369 for the new 64GB iPhone = $849 … Am i calculating this correctly?
    Seriously – that’s the price of a unlocked phone directly from Apple. Between my iPhone, my ipad and my rocket stick I am handing over $150 clams a month to Rogers.

    Why doesn’t Rogers understand that keeping customers should be as important as attracting new customers.

  59. Jordan

    I find it disappointing that the initial shipment won’t include the reservations. If I reserved a XGb iPhone at X store, they should set aside a device on their first shipment. It will save time and transportation. Rogers doesn’t understand what reservation means.

    1. RogersMary

      Hi Jordan. We will be dedicating inventory towards our Reservation System orders and our goal is to get your device to you as soon as possible. You can follow your order but logging into My Rogers.

  60. david lee

    Hi right now i am telus customer and my contract is month to month and Would you tell me how to reservation iphone 4s for new rogers customer ?

    have a good day

    1. RogersMary

      Hi David. Our reservation system is currently only available to existing Rogers wireless customers.

  61. Alex

    This whole process is so confusing. I went into a Rogers store today and asked what type of a plan I can get if I upgrade to an iPhone 4S from my Blackberry Bold 9700 and I was told that the plan would cost me at least $75 a month. Is this what Rogers means by “select 3 yr terms” ??

    I’ve been with rogers for almost 6 years and I have 4 phone lines with Rogers. Can I not receive any of my prior retention packages for my plan?

    I’m not a big fan of reserving a phone and being stuck getting a plan that the CSR offers, without any of my usual discounts. Do the retail rep’s have any power over that or do I need to call in?

    Can I call in to Rogers to lock in a better 3 yr plan before I go into a Rogers retailer to pick up this phone?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Alex, these are all great questions that you should take up with customer care. Just as an aside, the reservation system simply sets the device aside for you without committing to anything. Only when you’re in store picking up your device do you need to sign up or renew your contract. Hope this helps!

      1. Alex

        *sigh. By customer care, do you mean calling in to customer service at *611? I’ve tried that a couple days ago and he was quite un-useful. I hope they are opened this weekend =/

  62. CanuckDrew

    Will the new iphone 4s come equipped with Siri when it’s delivered (for Canadians)? And will it also be HSPA+ compatible?

  63. mj


    I keep getting an error message each time I try to reserve the iPhone.
    “An unexpected error has occurred with your device reservation. Please sign back in and try again”
    What’s wrong ? What should I do?

  64. John Kerby

    This is Rogers told me: It will be $440 plus $35 for admin. plus $159 for the device.Taxes are extra. $40 will be credited back.(Reservation Amount)

  65. kris

    how many devices are approx allocated to this .. like the first 300 in line should guarenteed it or?
    And will they actually be available at launch for the first few people or is there still a couple days for shipping time so may not get until the next week?

  66. Dave

    Was wondering how much Rogers will be charging for a subsidized iPhone 4S. All I can find are US prices for a 2 year contract

    In the U.S., the 16GB models costs $199, the 32GB models costs $299, and the 64GB models costs $399—each price, of course, requires a two-year service contract.


    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Dave, all of our pricing can be found at

  67. Vince

    27 months ago, I upgrade to the 3GS. At that time, the HUP policy was 24 months to upgrade. Today, with a call to Rogers I find out instead of being eligible for the $169 price, I have to pay $169+ $20 x 3 = $229 to get the 16GB 4S as it is 30 months for a HUP.

    It’s nice that Rogers frames their new early upgrade program a “promotion” and doesn’t mention that the HUP duration used to be 24 months vs 30 months now.

    Not to mention that Bell and Telus are offering their existing iPhone customers (who would all be only 12-16 months into their contract as the iPhone 4 was their first iPhone) get the $169 price for HUPs. For those that HUP’ed the iPhone 4 at launch last year with Rogers, you’re better off buying the phone unlocked from Apple directly instead of the early HUP “promotion”.

    What would have been a no-brainer HUP before, now is a consideration to run out the rest of my contract and move to Bell and Telus instead where they seem to reward their loyal customers instead of trying to take advantage of them.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Thanks for your feedback, Vince.

      1. CanuckDrew

        Hi Chris,

        So to clarify, if I subsidized my bb9700 in Dec.09 and my hup was 24 months. Did Rogers automatically change my hup to 30 months, or, will you still honor my 24 month hup…i haven`t upgraded in the interim.


      2. Rogers_Chris

        Yes Drew, your HUP is 30 months. Hope this clears up any confusion.

  68. Dave

    I have been a long time customer of Rogers and have converted many people from other carriers. I can not believe I am saying this but I will have no problem switching to Bell if the early HUP is not resolved. As far as I see it Rogers will continue losing customers and companies will like Bell will happily pick them up.

    Get your act together Rogers. Since when is loyalty no longer a priority?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Thanks Dave, appreciate your feedback.

    2. Yup

      Instead of lip service thanks for our feedback how about someone actually do something for the customers. We don’t need thanks in recognition for our feedback, we need better service

  69. Andrew

    How do I know that my current plan meets the criteria for getting a subsidized iPhone? My current plan is BlackBerry specific and from what I’m told is no longer available at that price point ($47 tax in, 250 mins, 100ld mins, 500mb, cid, vm, text). Seems somewhat ridiculous that I’d have to pay to reserve this phone and not know if my current plan will work with it. I heard from a Rogers rep that there is going to be a minimum of $65 pre tax per month to upgrade.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Andrew, you’ll find our early hardware upgrade promotion details on this post:

  70. Elliot

    Great info re 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB: Which iPhone 4S capacity should you get?

  71. Cam

    I am really hoping that Rogers will offer the early adopters of the iPhone the same deal as in the past. I have been a loyal customer for 10+ years, and despite the nay-sayers I have always advocated that Rogers has exceptional customer service and greater service options compared with the competition. I realize that business is ever evolving and always about the bottom line but because of this, I think it is very important to treat loyal customers as they deserve. Is there any timeline on the availability of the Eligibility tool? Knowing exactly what an upgrade is going to cost me will potentially free up a couple of iPhones for other customers.

  72. Sunny

    how is it even possible for rogers to sell the 4S at 649.99 no-term when apple is selling it for the same price, but factory unlocked.?!? Unless rogers agrees to unlock it, that doesnt make any sense. complete fail/

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Sunny, we don’t sell unlocked devices.

      1. Sunny

        That I understand, but not the fact your company wants to sell the phone outright for the same price. If i go to apple, I can buy an unlocked phone which will work on any carrier, where as for the same price rogers will sell the phone to me locked. I just dont understand the logic behind that.

  73. Garry

    I cannot believe you are not offering a better upgrade option for early adopters. Even last year the stats were 80% of iPhones went to existing customers and I am sure this was due to the upgrade options you provided. I changed to Rogers years ago because of your upgrade policies being better than Telus or Bell. At this point if better options are not provided a move back may be a better option for me. I hope that you are looking at alternative options for early adopters to upgrade that isn’t going to cost the same as purchasing an unlocked one from Apple. That is ludicrous.

  74. John

    What is the point of paying the Early Upgrade FEE, AND being stuck to renew to a 3 year contract?

    The early upgrade fee would make sense, if your plan remained AS IS.

  75. Hak1308

    I am not sure this reservation system will work for people wanting the new iPhone near launch date regardless if you are willing to pay the upgrade fees or not. From past experience about iPhone launches, Apple doesn’t send much stock to the providers and sends the bulk of new phones to its retail stores. It does this to obtain customer info plus exposes more customers to its other products, plus it usually has more variety of accessories that people tend to buy at the same time, so it increases revenue for Apple.
    You have a much much higher chance of getting it through apple retail then at Rogers or bell, etc, upgrading or outright. Plus Apple stores receive tons of stock almost daily.

    1. Meowmix

      Yea i understand that but i Apple also has a huge ass line up every time something launces. Last year i went outside of the Apple store at 8pm thrusday the day before & i was #100. Around 12ish it became 460. I remember because i was the one helping out counting how many people are there & what size of GB they would be getting. in the morning we had over 800 people waiting around the hole mall, not just the doors we waited. But for us we had a better chance since are doors was underneath the Apple store.

      If Rogers says they have a dedicated stock for us then that means we should be able to get it at launch no matter what. I am #17 on the list & i sure hope i can get it friday. If Thursday comes & no email is sent out to me saying that the Store has it i will be a pissed off costumer.

  76. Stan

    To sum it up to anyone who bought a iPhone 4 with a contract:

    “We don’t care that we’ve done upgrades before, we don’t care that you all have a 80-100.00 bill ever month, we don’t care that you want a new iPhone every-time it comes out and we make sure we keep you for 3 more years, and we don’t care that the cost of you to buy out of the contract is the same price of a unlocked phone that you could go somewhere else with.”

  77. Christian

    I can’t belive how rogers is treating long time custumer… this is not acceptable. I’m gonna have to pay around 460$ to get a LOCK iphone, what’s the point ? I rather buy an unlock one and leave rogers as soon as i can.

  78. Meowmix

    I want to know this tho. Sine i was # 19 & now i am #17. You are saying that the lower numbers are most likely going to get them at launch or a day after correct? If you guys say you have a dedicated shipment just for us then are we not supposed to get them during the launch? This does not make Sense at all. You are saying we do a reservation & you say you want us to get the phones in are hands & also that we have are own dedicated shipment for us.

    So if i do my math right ( which i might not lol) The top 100 or atleast not 50 should be able to get it at launch & the rest of the numbers should be able to get the phones every day after that. If Rogers has a dedicated shipment for us then we should be able to get them. Now i understand that your number is the one that depends when you will get it but from what i have thought the people that are under 100th or even 5oth should be able to get it at launch. Rogers will get a lot of iPhones. I really would be pissed if the people that sat here awake all night just to reserve one & are under the 50th mark can not get one at launch & the people that wait outside get one. That would be stupid on Rogers part & people will start going to another carrier that actually cares about their costumers.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      If you reserve a device, you don’t have to call in to check for stock, you don’t have to wait in line at a store hoping they have enough phones for everyone in line up to your spot that day, and you don’t have to go to a far-flung place to get your phone – reserve it and we’ll ship it directly to the Rogers store of your choosing as stock becomes available. We’ll have an iPhone 4S for every customer who wants one, but not on launch day – no provider can, nor can the Apple store.

      1. Meowmix

        What are you talking about Rogers Chris. My god are you like really dumb? Sorry but Apple?

        LOL Call Apple right now. They will tell you people that pre orders then have higher immunity then the people that wait outside. Its the number that you get. If you have a lower number like me, You should get it at launch. Are you kidding me?

        What is the point of saying ” you do not have to wait in line”.. You are telling me right now that we are not getting the phones for another week right.

        I am sorry but Chris either you are lying to us & do not know anything & just saying this out of no where, Or idk. I really do not believe you anyways. For all i know you could be sitting here lying to us. 14 ROGERS STORE PLUS i called TOLD ME ” IF YOU ARE THE LOWEST ON THE LIST YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO GET IT AT LAUNCH. WE SEE NO REASON WHY NOT?”

        i can even give you all 14 stores numbers & store managers i spoke to. So any response to this?

      2. Rogers_Chris

        Please be careful with how you address me, Meowmix. Another comment of yours is not being published due to violation of our comment policy, found here:

        You can revise it if you like and re-post without using vulgar language.

        This is the official response regarding devices reserved through the Rogers Reservation System:

        “The reservation system guarantees a device, but we cannot guarantee when a customer will receive it. Customers are placed in queue based on when they reserved and will receive their devices as we get inventory. Customers can check to see where they are “in line” through MyRogers and My Account.”

        I hope this helps.

      3. Meowmix

        LOL i am so scared of someone that lies.

        I Just talked to Mike. Manager over the call center & he even saw that you lie. Why can you not just come out & say. Hey i made a mistake, We do not know anything. Please wait.

        But no you had to say its being shipped. ALSO BTW Mike told me that being shipped could mean that either being shipped to the store at the day of launch or its beeing shipped out of the warehouse. Which one is it now if you are going to keep saying this?

        I made sure i print screened what you posted before & how you posted that you guys do not know the stocks or inventory. Not going to lie but i suggest people see the lies that they are feeding us. You can ban me / delete my comments but the truth will come out.

        Saying to us that its being shipped at launch could mean 2 different things. So next time instead of telling me how to act & talk maybe you should actually learn to respond & learn how to explain things to costumers instead of telling us 2 DIFFERENT THINGS.

  79. James

    @ROGERSMARY….Mary, I’m sure you have read 90% of the messages on here screaming for a fair early upgrade price! With all the competition out there and with all the hassles all us early adopters have had to go through at each launch why would Rogers not want to give all their loyal customers a great deal and the chance to pick up the phone on launch day??

    Is this so Rogers can have an easier time cashing in on new customers?? I understand the need to attract a growing base of customers, but your LOYAL customers always seem to take a back seat when the iPhone comes out each year.

    I truly hope you are being and bringing the voice of your loyal customers to the powers that be! I see absolutely no reason why Rogers can’t give us a new customer price or close to a new customer price…we pay $1000’s a year and there is no way Rogers loses out…but I can see them losing out if they keep pretending like they’re doing us a favor and giving us such a great deal and so on. With Bell and Telus offering a much better deal to current customers it really speaks volumes of how Rogers views its loyal customers. And for the love of god, we all know Rogers has the ability to get our phones to us on Friday…don’t make us wait 4 days or so…it just makes Rogers look to unorganized and or to Hungary for new clients, putting them over customers of years and years.

    Thanks Mary.

    1. Ted

      very well said Sir.

  80. Hi all,

    I am in line at #841

    So what I’m getting from these comments is that no one can confirm whether we will be getting get our phone on the 14th

    1. dmbfan

      I would say from all of Rogers’ comments so far, you are guaranteed NOT to get an iPhone on the 14th using the reservation system. This seems to be the case for reservations #1-#100+, and most certainly for reservation #841. My advice: wait in line at the Apple store, and if you get one on launch day, cancel your Rogers reservation.

      1. tylersmyler

        I don’t know.. #841 -that doesn’t seem all that bad. I’ll keep my hopes up..

      2. Yeah! 836 now!

        People droppin out!

      3. Stan

        What would you expect? Look at the HUP or this and now you know why people are dropping.

  81. Jud

    From the early upgrade writeup

    “This new early upgrade offer applies to our entire lineup and replaces special device specific hardware upgrade offers we’ve had in the past, such as the iPhone 4 early upgrade offer”

    @Rogers_Chris … With the outcry being expressed above in the 200+ comments, any word yet if Rogers is going to be flexing on this for early iPhone adopters? As many people have outlined above, it’s just bad math. It’s actually a horrible deal. I understand that we are in no way ENTITLED to a promo, as we signed the contract. But this has always been something that has put Rogers service LEAPS AND BOUNDS ahead of the competition – hardware upgrade options. You no longer offer a hardware upgrade however, only a re-worked early termination fee.

    Any direct feedback via email would be appreciated.

    1. M Simon

      I completely agree… It’s so not worth buying from Rogers! Go to an Apple store and give them the money and don’t upgrade your contract with Rogers then in 2 years you have full control of where you want to go!

  82. CanuckDrew

    Looks like Best Buy has upped the ante with its pre-orders:

    “As of 8am on October 14th when the iPhone 4S is available you can come in-store and pick up your pre-ordered device.”—

    Can Rogers curb this competition?

    1. Meowmix

      Yup i saw that. But Rogers Chris will tell you something else..

      Also i would suggest that If he will read this he was wrong about the stores not getting the pre orders at launch. Chris do you have anything to say now?

      Hmm.. Not being rude just being the way i am since i am a pissed of costumer that was lied multipul times & had to even show rogers plus stores & call center all this.

      1. CanuckDrew

        I don’t think Rogers is lying to us, I’m convinced that their everyday employees, such as the ones commenting on this site, have absolutely no idea when shipments are sent or what the actual delivery process will look like on launch day. They’re just following scripted instructions. Not only that, a lot of stores make up their own rules/regulations, so it’s very difficult for any Rogers employee to make a concrete guess as to what actually happens at the store you’ve asked your device to be delivered.

      2. Meowmix

        I know but the fact he is telling me on one post ” shippemts start at launch”

        & the other post he says ” We do not know any inventory or stock”

        How can you tell costumers that shipments start at launch if you have no clue what the invetory is or stock?

        That right there is either him lying to us or they do not know what they are talking about.

        Talking to 14 stores & managers & they all told me that what he said is incorrect. Stores will get the reservation phones with the FIRST phones that will ship to them. The lower number you are the greater chance you have on getting it at launch. Same thing was said over the call center when i spoke to a manager over there.

        Also him telling us that its being shipped means 2 things.

        1. Being shipped from the wearhouse out to the stores at launch.

        2. Being shipped to the stores at launch.

        That is what every Managers / rep told me.

      3. Meowmix

        Also he did tell me that no store or carrier will get the pre order phones at launch. How so mister chris is Apple Yorkdale / Eatons Center & also Fairview told me who ever pre order them will get them at launch AS LONG AS THE ARE LOW ON THE LIST.

        That is how it works.. You can not tell a costumer that no Apple store nor a carrier will have the pre orders.. That is just plain dumb if he thinks that then. Maybe he should have seen the pre orders last year from the Apple store. Each Apple store has over 4 thousand phones. Half are for pre orders & half are for people that wait outside. If you do not believe me call the stores & ask.

      4. Rogers_Chris

        What I meant to say was that on launch day, it would be impossible to get every customer a phone. I didn’t mean to say that we won’t have phones on launch day in store.

        Again, to clear up any confusion, I’m only referring to reservations for Rogers customers. I can’t speak to anything at any Apple store.

      5. Rogers_Chris

        That’s all true, Meowmix – but when I said “We do not know any inventory or stock”, I meant those of us who are here on Redboard answering your questions – our team doesn’t have that information. I hope that clears up any confusion.

      6. Meowmix

        I know i am right Chris. & i know you are right also. But just next time clear up things before you tell costumers ” its being shipped at launch.” That means 2 things. Costumers can easily get confused with that.

        The Store i reserved it too said ” You should be able to get the iPhone you reserved since you are #17. We ( Rogers plus store) Get shipments of the phones a day before the launch or the morning of the launch. We have never had a Reservation for a iPhone before So management is trying to figure out how the line ups & pick up will work. You will for sure tho get your phone before Friday night tho.”

        That is what he told me. Now Also my friend called his store he reserved it too & they said the same thing just a bit different words. I can understand this is a new thing & you guys have been giving a little paper with something on it, If you guys have no info about stock & inventory then how do you have info on when the phone will be shipped? You see that mixes people up right there.

        Sorry for being rude before just with all this i am leaving Saturday for Greece & won’t return for 2 months. I can not cancel my trip tho that’s why.So since i did stay awake all night & i am #17th i should be able to get it at launch since there will be another stock for us.

  83. CanuckDrew

    Meowmix—-you have to remember the employees moderating this message board are FOLLOWING A SCRIPT. It’s a very standard customer service practice with any big company, or in this case, call center. There are literally hundreds of reps out there, all taking turns responding to this board. So with that in mind, they all have to follow the exact same tag line. Unfortunately, as cold as this may sound, they are on the low end of the scale and are not given any information about warehouse shipping dates or what individual stores will do on launch day, or even when stores are physically receiving a shipment.

    Chances are, ALL stores across Canada are probably going to receive their iphone4S shipments the day or two before the launch, so they`re ready for launch morning. To ship on the same date as the 14th wouldn`t make any sense, as it likely takes a day or two for a store to receive it`s shipment.

    1. Meowmix

      I know that but if them saying that its being shipped at launch does not make any sense then right?

      If Rogers gets iPhone 4S & not the ones that people reserved then about 2000 people that reserved the phones ( especially the ones that are from 1-50 or 100) will be pissed off. Tho i do believe that most of them will not get them at launch at least couple of us should be able to. The reservation works from your number. The number you are is the way to tell what day you will get it from what i have seen & heard. The lower number you are, the greater chance is that you get the phone at launch.

      Yes the Manager i spoke to at the store i reserved to said that they do not know what will happen in the morning of Friday ( since this is new to Rogers for the reservation stuff) . He did tell me how the phone are shipped a day or so before & last year case he said some came in a day before & the morning of launch.

  84. Dave

    Rogers I think why everyone is mad on here is the people who pre ordered think they should get the Iphone 4S on October 14th from the phones the stores get on that day and not have to wait for rogers to ship the special pre orders on launch day to the stores taking until the week after to receive them.

    The whole point of pre ordering something is to get it asap, pre ordering through my rogers just guarantees a device but not until a week after the launch if what you guys are saying is right. The first batch of phones sent to Rogers store should be allocated for pre orders or the phones should be sent early to the store at least so the Iphone 4S is ready to be picked up by the pre orders on Friday October 14th and not a week after.

    1. Yes.. that’s the whole point of a pre-order or a reservation.

  85. Breezygirl

    Rogers really needs to start telling their customers what’s going on as I think there is going to be ton of very angry customers on this iPhone launch. I can only imagine the people lining up for hours on end only to find out last minute the phone they have been getting every launch is now double or triple the cost with another three year contract on top of it. It’s not going to be pretty!

    My question is, on the upgrade elligibilty whether it’s from when you got your last phone or from when you changed something in your plan and were told you had to resign another 3 year contract? I will be very angry if it’s the later and so will my husband. It will be the last three years Rogers will get from us.

    1. Rob

      Its from when you last signed up for a 3 year contract.. So since it will be the later you and your husband are going to be mad????? You gotta be kidding me that you feel crossed because YOU agreed to a new contract (and I would guess to say almost with certainty that you got some retention deal but had to agree to a 3 year deal) Do you really believe that rogers (or any carrier as a matter of fact) should give you a subsidy to keep you AND then shortly after subsidize a new phone. I know I am speculating since you didnt post all the details but I would bet I am not far off.

      1. Rogers_Chris

        It’s based on when you received your last subsidized device, Rob.

  86. CanuckDrew

    I just called my local Rogers Plus store, and the guy sounded like he`s getting fed up with answering the same question! He told me that has absolutely no idea how many phones are being shipped to them either Thursday or Friday. He also said that he has no idea how the reservation system works with respect to the normal shipment. So there you have it: because this is a brand new program for Rogers, even the individual stores aren`t being given a clear picture as to how everything will evolve on Friday morning.

  87. Ka

    Here’s a funny story. So 2 weeks ago. My friend posted a status update on FB saying “woohoo. Screw rogers. Finalllly out of my contract and im free”. I proceeded to reply and tell her how rogers actually takes care of their customers through early HUP upgrades. I told her how i got great deals everytime a new iphone came out and i would stick with rogers because of that. A number of people dont see it because they just sign up for a voice plan but i convinced her to go back to rogers. And a couple other ppl who commented as well. The main reason behind this was rogers’ excellent early HUP for iphoners. And now thats taken away…

  88. James

    The preorders are only for current customers. Thats why rogers probably doesn’t want the current customers in the store that day…Launch day is apparently more geared towards new clientele. We’d just clog the line for all the fresh new contracts…am I right Rogers Chris?

    1. Dimitri

      If That was the case then how come Bell, Telus, APPLE, future shop & Best buy you are able to pre order & get it at launch. I contacted Future shop here & best buy at scarb town center & they both told me even tho you are doing a upgrade you can still pre order one & pick it up on oct 14th.

      I can understand it will be busy next Friday but WE the ones the reserved them & pre ordered them have higher inmunity ( meaning we should be the first ones getting them not them since we PRE ORDERED THEM). They are just sitting outside waiting for it.

  89. JustVisiting

    Meowmix, which Sobey’s do you work for? Your approach sucks so I’d rather shop somewhere else.

    Everyone is forgetting that in addition to the early upgrade fee that there is also a $35 admin fee. The reservation fee is moot. So the cost really is Phone + Early Upgrade + $35 + the govt’s cut. Wow, these things are getting expensive.

    Rogers folks, I have to differ with your comments that the new early upgrade problem makes it more flexible for everyone. The fact is that it only “helps” people up to 24 months into their contract, wonderful. But it now screws everyone with 25-30 months left. I’ve been with Cantel/Rogers for 16 years and have always had the option to upgrade after 2 years so your new program may be the catalyst that pushes me away.

    Everyone else, stop calling yourselves early adopters as if to make it sound like you’re taking some bold step or something. When the iPhone first came out, sure you were early adopters then but now that it’s so popular and widespread with multiple iterations, it no longer applies.

    1. Dimitri

      That’s cool bro. Any other ones? Now since you think my approach sucks move on & answer someone else s questions.

      Like i said before.

      “If That was the case then how come Bell, Telus, APPLE, future shop & Best buy you are able to pre order & get it at launch. I contacted Future shop here & best buy at scarb town center & they both told me even tho you are doing a upgrade you can still pre order one & pick it up on oct 14th.

      I can understand it will be busy next Friday but WE the ones the reserved them & pre ordered them have higher inmunity ( meaning we should be the first ones getting them not them since we PRE ORDERED THEM). They are just sitting outside waiting for it.”

      Also Rogers does have the Phones in the warehouse. They just will not say how many they have & how many are going to be shipped at each store. The store will only know a few days ahead. Rogers should have simply done its math right here.

      They should have told the stores a week or 2 before launch how many Phones it will get each. Also 3 or 4 days after the reservtions are done there should be an email saying thats its being shipped. Now i know its long weeked & all so for some of us ( the ones that are the low numbers since i am #17. ) we should be getting them first. That is how Apple Bell & Telus does it.

      Since we reserved them we should be the first ones getting the phones. Not random people waiting outside just to get one without pre ordering it. That is like telling me i reserve a table at Red Lobster & when i go in at the time i reserved it they tell me ” sorry sir but the people that did not make a reservation have the first come first serve option.) It does not work like that.

      Also Someone i talked to at one of the Rogers stores which gets a lot of shipments of phones told me that the people that reserved them will get them at the launch day or Saturday the day after. It all depend on what # you are. The lower # you are, the greater chance you have to get the phone.

  90. Cam

    When you make a “reservation” at a restaurant, it doesn’t mean they’ll call you when they have a table for you. It means that you’ve agreed to be there, an the restaurant agreed to have a table for you at the specified time.

    I know rogers is calling this a reservation instead of a preorder, but a reservation without any specifics is more of leap of faith. For all I know, I put in a $40 deposit that entitles me to nothing but waiting until whenever the line ups in the stores ease up.

    I hope I’m wrong. If I’m not, I’m on month to month now and free to take my business elsewhere.

  91. Damone

    Question for RogersMary:

    Because Rogers changed their upgrade policy from 24 months to 30 months haven’t they void the contract that we all signed?

    We should be able to cancel our accounts without being subject to fees because they voided their end of the agreement first.

    What is stopping us from leaving Rogers and going to another carrier?

    I’m very disappointed in the decision not to offer the same early upgrade that they have every year.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hardware Upgrades are promotions, so no, the terms of your contract were unchanged.

      1. Damone

        That really doesn’t seem right that we could purchase a phone with the expectation that we could renew in 24 month only to have it change without notice.

        It would make sense that anyone that signed after the changes would be under this policy.

      2. Jason N

        That’s great news @Rogers_Chris because the original terms of my contract from many many years ago indicated that my ECF is max $200! By todays HUP that seems like a better plan :-P

      3. Paul Mintsoulis

        Thats a loop hole that will be taken away soon… this is bad business practice. If i am sold a 3yr term and told by a rogers employee that i can upgrade in 24 month and then the policy changes , rogers should honour our agreement. You can’t back date policy like that. I understand going forward that i have to honour the deal i have made but changing the terms mid term is bad policy.

  92. @Rogers_Chris
    How will applecare work when we go in and pick up our phones? will we be offered it or will we have to go separately to apple and purchase it (if even possible). Ty.

    1. Hi Rogers_Chris please respond. Thnx!

      1. Rogers_Chris

        I’m looking into it, I’ll let you know when I know more.

    2. Ted

      AppleCare is always offered seperately through apple. Rogers has nothing to do with it.

  93. Mike

    So we went from a 1 year upgrade system, to 24 months and now to 30 months?? You have got to be kidding me. Bye bye rogers, after 15 years You have finally convinced me to change carriers.

  94. Oh.Hai

    i have a feeling rogers might disapoint us…i mean no info ? but we got charged for pre orders anyway…? Sketchy…I can imagine the rage quits haha

  95. Van

    I’ve been a Rogers customer for 9 years. When the iphone 3G came out, i upgraded my contract. Same for the 3GS and the 4. I expected to upgrade to the 4S this year, but everything as changed and nothing seems like a good deal anymore. I spend hundreds a month on cable TV, internet and 3 cellphone devices. This is absurd. I have already made plans to cancel my internet and all 3 cellphones on contract. Even though my cancellation fee will be over $1000, I know I can make that money back in months with another cheaper carrier that actually gives a crap about customers.

  96. Breezygirl

    Hi Chris was wondering if you can please answer my questions a few posts up?

    My question was, on the 30 month upgrade eligibility whether it’s from when you got your last phone upgrade or from when you changed something in your plan and were told you had to resign another 3 year contract?


    1. Rogers_Chris

      It’s from your last subsidized device, Breezygirl.

  97. Yup

    Come on Rogers! Time to listen to your customers!

    Give HUP pricing for iPhone 4 upgrading customers with no further penalty as has been done in past years!

  98. Hak1308

    Like I mentioned before, the quantity that apple ships to carriers pales compared to how many goes to their retail stores. For three models of iPhones now, the experience is that each Rogers store gets a pitiful few (and what happens is the store clerks call their buddies to claim them early) while the apple retail stores get hundreds if not thousands, and thier stockmis replenished more often. So your chance of getting your “reserved” phone on launch day or even a day or two after are very slim.
    Also I am also wondering of Rogers intentions with the first stock.. Would they allocate enough to upgraders or would the allocation be skewed to new subscribers which are sources of new revenue?
    We are all disappointed Now that Rogers is not allowing one year upgrading on iPhones, I am sure this reservation system will be another source of disappointment. The main problem of all this is that their just isn’t enough competition to make it all beneficial for consumers. All the reports show that Canadians pay some of the highest fees for mobile service.

    Something’s to think about.

    1. Dimitri

      Yes but if you really look at it. Why is Bell, Telus, Apple & even Future shop / Best buy saying ” You can pick up your pre order on oct 14th”

      all of them say that. so that means the people with lower #s on the pre orders are going to get it threw them.

      You are telling me that with Rogers it does not work that way? Hmm last time i read on the Rogers website it said ” We are going to have a dedicated stock for the people that reserve.” That means out of the stock Rogers gets from Apple. Half or a bit from that will go to the people that Reserved. Do the math right & you will see it.

      Yes people that work at the retail stores do for a fact call their buddies & tell them to come in &get the phone or even hide the phones to keep them for their loved ones or even for their friends, but the ones that reserved them have their name on them. In fact if the dedicated stock for the reserved one is true. Most of us should be getting it. It also depends if rogers sends most of them out with the first stock being shipped to the stores. I talked to a few people that i reserved the phone at the store & they said also that they will for sure get the iPhone’s but do not know how many till either Monday night or Tuesday morning / night.
      Its not that hard for Rogers to say ” Hey for the people that reserved the phones. You guys will get the phones a week or so later. Sorry for the inconvenience.”
      See what i mean tho? Rogers should say that instead of sitting silent & not telling anyone anything.
      I was #20th yesterday morning & now i am #17th. You know why? People have seen that best buy / future shop ( yes you are able to do upgrades at those 2 stores even if you pre order) Bell & Telus have said they will give the people that pre ordered the phone to them during the launch day.

      It all falls down like this. If you have the lower end numbers on the reservation list ( This is what Apple, Future shop, Best buy & Telus & some Managers at Rogers plus store) you should be able to get the phone at launch. So lets say Rogers gets 2,000 iPhone 4s in stock at the warehouse. Lets say only 900 are reserved for the people that reserved them from the website & the other 1,100 ge sheared out to the stores & retailers. The 900 of those phones should be allocated with the first bunch of iPhone’s that the stores will get at launch. I might be wrong but this is how it should go.

  99. CanuckDrew

    Wow…honestly people, the new upgrade program isn’t that complicated!! I’ll use my example so you can follow easily:

    I subsidized my bb9700 in Dec.2009. I was told at that time I would be eligible for an upgrade 24 months later. Here I am 2 months BEFORE my upgrade is actually due. Therefore, under the new Rogers HUP, I pay $20/month until my upgrade is due. So, in my case, I only pay $40 to upgrade from my bb9700 to the new iphone 4S.

    Pretty simple math folks.

    1. Damone

      We understand how the new system works, but it’s no longer 24 months. It’s 30 months so you would be paying $120 for 6 Months remaining till you get HUP.

      1. CanuckDrew

        Damone, your HUP becomes 30 months the second you upgrade, not before. In other words, they will honor your 24 month upgrade so long as you haven`t upgraded in the interim. It`s called pro-rating your contract.

      2. Vince

        CanuckDrew, show me where it says that. According to their policy, HUP are on 30 month upgrade since May of this year. There is no “pro-rating” as you talk about as according to Rogers, HUPs are a promotion which they can change at any time.

      3. Matt

        RogersChris made it pretty clear that HUP is a promotion and therefore it is 30 months whether or not you signed up before the change was made. Enjoy

    2. Ted

      There’s a difference between us understanding the policy and the fact that it’s terrible wouldn’t you say? I don’t recall posts about people not understanding the policy.

    3. Steve

      I am in the exact situation as you. I called Rogers and they told me that they weren’t going to honour the 24 month waiting period. It is 30 months now, and that’s it. Too bad, so sad is the attitude I got. It’s a shame since I’ve been a loyal Rogers customer for almost 20 years when they were Cantel. My first phone was an Amigo car phone. After being transfered around just like the ads on tv (Hello, this is Peggy), all a manager would do for me is to credit me $5 per month for the next 3 years to cover the cost of the “7 months” (think $140) that are now remaining before I can get an upgrade. Pretty lame if you ask me but I need a reliable phone for work and my 9700 isn’t what it used to be. Therefore, I caved. But I’m #109 now, up from #275 when I reserved it.

  100. Jud

    It would appear that if Rogers comes through and offers their traditional HUP there will be a LOT of very happy customers. Including me! :) Come on Rogers! You can do it. Raise above the competition.

    1. Yup

      +1 do the right thing for your customers Rogers!

  101. ali

    Anyone know what a “select 3 year term” is?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      That would be a 3-year term with a voice and data plan.

  102. Eva

    Hi Rogers,

    There seems to be a lot of conflicting information, from Rogers! I called the day before the pre-orders and the representative on the phone said the phone is sent directly to the client. When I said “don’t you mean the store, because the online reservation system asks you to choose a store”, she said no.

    At one Rogers retail store, they said they receive some phones that are set aside for reservations, but it’s a first come first serve system, phones are not reserved for specific people, just for those with reservations. So if someone shows up with a reservation and they’re #1,000, they could still get the phone even though #100 hasn’t picked up their phone if they both chose the same store.

    Another Rogers retail store told us “there is no online reservation system, it’s first come first serve.” When we spoke with the store manager, they said the same thing, even though we told them we’d reserved a device online to be picked up at their store, they had no clue what we were talking about.

    Is there an official answer as to how the reservation system actually works? In terms of – do people get their phone in the order that they’re assigned? Or can everyone whose reserved just show up on day 1 and whoever gets there first gets one? Also, is there information that will be sent out to stores? Most don’t seem to know what they’re talking about as we cannot get a consistent answer (and as I said, one store doesn’t even know about the reservation system), neither does customer service via the phone.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Eva,

      You raise a lot of good questions. I’ll try to answer them as best I can.

      First, phones reserved through the Rogers Reservation System are not shipped to customers, they’re sent to the store of the customer’s choosing. The store handles the upgrade from there.

      Second, you’re absolutely right that #1000 could pick up their device ahead of #100 – but keep in mind that we will have a device available for #100 before we have one for #1000. The customer with #1000 can’t walk into the store and pick up #100’s phone.

      Here’s how it officially works: “Rogers Reservation System will allow customers to secure a place “in line” for the next available device without having to visit a store or call us. You will receive a weekly email notification to the email address you register with through your reservation letting you know what place you are in line. When your device is ready, we’ll ship it to the participating store of your choice and let you know when it’s arrived.”

      Is that helpful?

      1. Eva

        Hi Rogers_Chris,

        One more question – On the Rogers FAQ about the iPhone reservations, it mentions that you can cancel your reservation even after it has shipped by contacting the store once it has shipped. The Redboard says the same thing.

        However, when I contacted the store to cancel, they said I had to call Rogers Customer Care.

        When I called Rogers Customer Care, they said I had to do it online. When I explained to them there is no option to do it online, they said to call the store. I explained to them the store was the one who told me to call them.

        Now I am limbo and am unable to cancel the device I reserved.

        Nor is there a way for me to voice my complaint about the lack of consistent communication between the online Rogers website, Redboard, stores and Rogers Customer Care centre. They are sending customers running in circles and contradicting all information provided online.

        Please help!!!

      2. RogersMelanie

        Hey Eva, just responded to you on the other post. Let me know if you have any more questions

  103. Breezygirl

    Actually Rob, Chris already told me if you payed attention that it is not the later. And yes, we would of been very mad! When Rogers told me I had to resign my contract 2 months ago I did not receive any retention deal or subsidy period. Thanks for assuming wrongly. And yes, I agreed to a new contract but was told I had to in order to change my contract. I needed a feature that was once included and now costs me another $30 a month which I agreed to pay. And I would be furious if a simple addition to a plan started me over on my eligibly on my phone upgrade.
    I’m sure the very many upset Rogers customers who are unhappy about the new upgrade changes agree with me!!!!! And I’m not kidding, lol

    Thanks Chris for answering my question earlier.

  104. Kevin

    Just got back from Future Shop. Did a pre-order through them, put $50 down (refundable) and it guarantees me a phone on launch day. I was the first one on their list. I would suggest going there if you want to guarantee a phone rather than the confusing Rogers reservation program. Future Shop said they only hold phones for 1 day. Hoping that we get a good HUP like last year from Rogers otherwise I will just get my deposit back and skip a phone this year.

  105. Steve

    I stayed up until 3am PST to order a 16GB in black. I was #275 then. I just checked the myRogers page today and now I’m #270! Woot! I went into the store that I’m supposed to pick it up at and I was told that I’m very likely to pick it up on Friday. Just be prepared to wait while everyone gets processed. They got an email stating that if the iphones came in early, they weren’t allowed to sell them until the 14th. Friday can’t come quick enough. Gonna take my BB 9700 to Future Shop for credit too.

  106. Bill

    TO ALL;

    If you’re just here to vent, by all means, continue. Lord knows you have much to be frustrated with.

    There’s nobody here that can change rules. The Rogers people here are just reading the script. They have no authority to do anything else. Some people are making asses of themselves.

    Secondly, grow up. This is just a damn phone. As long as you people froth from the mouth every time a new iPhone is released, Rogers will take that desire and turn it into cash. This company has never expressed a desire to be loved by customers and their behavior now is consistent with every phone release.

    If you’re not happy with how Rogers does business, then take your business elsewhere. Your idle threats don’t mean a damn thing. Don’t tell them you’re going to leave, just do it. If not, shut up, get in line and / or wait for the e-mail that tells you to come pick up your phone and fork out considerable $’s to get the current status symbol. Once that’s done, let’s do it all over again next year. Go back and look at the Redboard posting from the Iphone 4 release last year. Same BS and more than likely, same people moaning and groaning and unfortunately, you’re all still Rogers customers today.

    1. Ted

      How business works:

      Listening to your customers = customer satisfaction = customer retention = profits

      Not the other way around.

  107. Mike

    So if i have 11 months left on my 3 year contract i’ll have to pay $159 + $220 for a 16gb 4s and get a different plan?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      If your last device upgrade was a “premium” device like an iPhone 4 or a Blackberry Torch, that’s correct Mike.

      1. Jay

        Would the iPhone 3GS be considered a premium device?

      2. Rogers_Chris

        No, it’s a smartphone. iPhone 4 is premium, though.

      3. Dmbfan

        So can you confirm that upgrading an iPhone 3GS will be at the $15 a month X months remaining rate?

        I have 3 months left in my wife’s 3GS commitment and was quoted $60 ($20 per month) by a rep on the phone.

        When we go to pick up her 4S, I would like to quote you if they try to charge me $20 per month.


      4. Rogers_Chris

        I’d recommend using the HUP tool when it launches to be sure, Dmbfan.

      5. Stan

        Cause that makes perfect sense. *facepalm*

    2. Matt

      3 year contract is 30 months to upgrade I believe do it’s 5 months to an eligible upgrade

  108. Richard

    What plans are compatible with the iPhone 4S?

  109. @Rogers_Chris any luck yet with finding out about my question in re: to apple care?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Yes – Apple Care is through Apple only. You’ll need to speak to Apple after you’ve purchased your device.

  110. John

    Will I be able to simply renew my current iPhone plan (6GB data) for another three years, instead of opting into a new plan when I pickup my iphone 4S?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Absolutely, John.

  111. Rye

    +1 to everyone thinking about switching.

    The only reason I’m with Rogers is because of the special case they make for iPhone users each new release. But I’m sick if signing 3 year contracts. I think I’ll skip this version and put that cash to an unlocked iPhone 5, next summer…on Telus.

    Rogers, your pricing might be fair, and your desperate discount tactics to keep me from canceling have been good for me, but the fine print is sleazy and your offers are too inconsistent. The customer is not very important to you it seems.

  112. Alan

    Paul, so you rather pay $500 + device price, rather than $340 + device price? You would also give up your retention bonuses and get an in-market plan from another carrier…is that worth it?

    1. Stan

      160.00 one time is worth getting treated better for me. I value getting treated right.

      1. Alan

        I have been with the other carriers…the upgrade policies are exactly the same. Telus and Bell don’t offer upgrades till within 6 months of your contract end date. Sometimes you might have luck with Loyalty and talk them into an early upgrade, but I have had just as much success with Rogers doing this, as I did with Telus. I have a Telus line still and I can’t get an early upgrade to a 4S without paying a similar early upgrade fee.

      2. Stan

        Except that fee is 5.00 per month cheaper, so someone who’s owned the iPhone 4 would only be about 14 months into the contract at the least. So lets do the math shall we? 15*16=240.00 if you have to go to the full 36 months it’s 330.00 compare that too 320.00 and 440. So yea you’re right Telus isn’t different except charging about 100.00 less to do the upgrade. So who treats who better?

  113. Chris

    Listen up Rogers,
    I am going to sum this up super easy.

    Your customers deserve and expect:
    1. Option to reserve and pick-up in store on launch date (providing there are enough)
    2. Clear info on fair pricing BEFORE pickup in comparison to other providers
    3. Consistent info between all Rogers Customer Service sources

    So far you have not delivered 100% on all three of these super simple points. This SHOULD have been hammered out internally before the apple announcement.
    I can promise that if you had completed these three steps, the tide of comments and negative feelings would be half of what it is here.


    1. Rogers_Chris

      Thanks for the feedback, Chris. We’ve delivered on the first two points and I would expect we’re delivering on the third – we most definitely are through our online channels.

      1. Chris

        Good Name… Chris.

        This speaks to the inconsistent info:

        1. The only answers about the reservation is that “it may take up to 4 days to ship to your location” that is not a promise of receipt on launch. Surely Rogers should be able to tell the customers who have pre-ordered when they can expect their device.

        2. The only clear and fair thing I can see is the new CX pricing, the current HUP process/pricing is a dogs breakfast that is confusing and not in line to your competitors in regards to this device.

        3. Consistent needs to be with online channels, CSR channels, email info.

  114. Stan

    300 comments in 3 days once again speaks volumes of the HUP prices.

  115. Carissa

    Rogers, I am with the HUP people even though I only have to pay $15 for the discount. Just to be fair. One question though, is the unlimited student plan (current promotion) eligible for the iPhone 4s? Please tell me it is as it’s “better to be a student with Rogers.”

    1. Carissa

      ROGERS CHRIS, please confirm if the student plan will be eligible for the iPhone 4s. Thanks

  116. meowmix

    So I am # 17 and mine went from open to in progress which means shipping should be in a few days and I get mine during the launch. :)

    1. Alan

      I went from 104 to 64 just now…I guess they processed the first 40 and hopefully will work on the rest.

      1. dmbfan

        My guess is people found out about the crummy HUP and cancelled their reservations.

      2. Rogers_Chris

        Actually, our warehouse were processing orders.

  117. bryant

    it would be nice to know number phone rogers will have for those who reserve a device is its 30 units or 3000 units

    1. misty

      Thats what ive been thinking. And with all this hype from rogers over the reservation list how can there be only a few dozen that have confirmation of a unit so far. So nationwide they cant even confirm a few hundred? I guess maybe they are just hyping it up more only realizing a few at a time.

      1. Matt

        Based on my sudden jump in position in line, and some other comments i’ve seen, looks like they secured 40 devices nationwide per model for the reservation system. If that ends up being all the devices they reserve for launch day reservations I will be VERY disappointed and strongly consider a change in providers, as this whole reservation system will have been quite misleading.

  118. Oh.Hai

    its not even a nation wide list -_-” on october 7 i was #94 on the list now im in teh 50’s. Sounds legit right? NOPE some ppl were 100+ and now they are in the 20’s. It sprobably either a provincial list or a city wide one. iether way , we need more info -_-” wich we arent getting btw

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Our warehouse is working on orders in preparation for shipment. I hope that clears up any confusion.

  119. David

    To the Rogers RedBoard team,

    I’m a long time Rogers customer for over 10+ years and iPhone user since its first release in 2008. I’m very disappointed with the change in upgrade policy for existing Rogers iPhone users.

    With more entrants in the Canadian wireless market, Rogers needs to differentiate themselves to gain new clients and retain existing ones. By taking away a great incentive for existing iPhone users, personally I find the new early HUP as a cash grab.

    My only request is for the Rogers RedBoard team to voice the displeasure of thousands of loyal and possibly departing clients regarding this and to reinstate the iPhone promo.

    Thank you,

    David L (Montreal, QC)

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Thanks for your feedback, David.

    2. Slsman

      I too have to voice my utter displeasure with Rogers. The eligibility tool indicates my upgrade to a 32gb phone will be $714.

      I suspect I will purchase an unlocked phone from Apple and take my wireless business elsewhere. In time i will also switch home phone, Internet and cable. It’s unbelievable how poorly this company communicates and behaves towards loyal customers. This is the second year in a row that my frustration level has risen so high. Frankly I have more important things to do with my time then wade through all this stuff and spend time on the phone with customer service.

      One last thought. I do appreciate that this site appears open to critical comments. I hope the RedBoard moderators communicate the damage the current HUP “promo” is creating amongst their most long term and loyal customers.

  120. matt

    I have read a few comments, there’s allot :)

    I have owned Iphone 2G ( US unlocked ) 3G and 3gs and 4 and now i will be in line for a Iphone 4s, as i drop around 4-6 calls a day on my 4 ( still iphone fan LOL )

    I expect rogers to do the same thing as they have done for years now, offer IPhone junkies there shinny new iphone4s .. maybe the people that bought the iphone4 within the first month can get it only , Those are the true apple fans that Rogers will loose …

    why pay for a Rogers locked devise when i can buy a unlocked one from Apple for $40 to 100 more ?
    there’s tons of options
    PS Rogers if you read this, my bill is MIN $250-430 a month, so my math is 3k-5k a year :) just thinking ……..

  121. Chopsk

    Up to #47 however still saying OPEN, need to know status as I am selling my unlocked 4 and upgrading from my 3GS signed contract 24 months ago.

  122. Fletcher

    I went from 45 to 25 for 64GB Black.

  123. Oh.Hai

    guess all we can do is wait. I really wanna see how this reservation list turns out( either it works or bombs)

  124. James

    Based on the Rogers “official” response here, “valued” iPhone users won’t be getting a deal here. I’m only staying with Rogers because of the awesome deals they provided in the past two years. I’m more of an Apple fan, than a Rogers fan and I would have no issues going to another carrier in order to get the latest device.

  125. John

    so about 40 people for each model already got their “in progress” status, does that mean the rest of us wont get the phone on launch day?

  126. Christian

    I got my iPhone 4 on August 14th of last year right after it was released, so I just called up Rogers to find out my eligibility for the 4S, and they told me I’d have to pay $340 early upgrade fee +admin fee + price of 4S….I told the guy that for that price i can just buy the phone from Apple with no contract, and unlocked….he agreed, and said he didn’t recommend paying the early upgrade fee….well, atleast we agreed on that !!

    Looks like I’ll be canceling my preorder and just waiting for iPhone 5 next year. no way am I paying that much for a phone.

  127. Vkwan

    Was originally #27 but was 26 this morning. But I also just checked and saw it said processing. HopIng I can pick up on Friday.

  128. RMB

    For what its worth I was sitting on the fence with Bell and Rogers since I was no longer under contract and desperately needed to upgrade my aging IPhone 3G. I had noticed that Bell had some decent promotions going on so I called both service providers to scope out which would be the best situation for me, and who would get my hard earned money for the next three years.

    After waiting at least 15-20mins just to finally get a sales rep at Bell (who didn’t seem at all enthusiastic about getting a new customer), and finding out that their promo for 55 dollars a month for 400 mins, unlimited evenings and weekends, and 5gig of data was actually not as good as advertised. The evenings started later, there were additional costs for the IPhone voice mail package (which is necessary for all iPhones I believe) ect… Its safe to say that if Bell treated me like this as a possible new customer then imagine how I would be treated after being locked in a 3 year contract knowing they have me by the balls.

    I then proceed to call rogers which had a sales rep available in under a minute, I politely explained my situation and was pleasantly surprised that Rogers not only matched Bells offer but exceeded it in multiple ways. Suffice to say Rogers will keep my business for another three years because of this.

    Where I’m going with this is that Rogers most certainly isn’t perfect, but they are definitely better than Bell ( and don’t even get me started with Telus) and if you think the grass is really greener than feel I would urge you to call Bell or Telus and find out for yourselves.

    Having said that, Rogers does need to address their HUP program. Changing the upgrade from 24 months to 30 months is dodgy at best. Its the early adopters like us that sell your phones for you more than any advertising campaign could. Trust me when I say the promo’s for the early adopters will pay in the long run and will continue to keep the tech savy people happy.

    Rogers also needs to make sure that some of their sales reps are up to date and familiar with current devices, release dates, and promotions. I find it funny when I have to point a rogers employee to their own Redboard for additional information. Granted some do know their sh*t though.

    Furthermore, I would love to see a return of the promo for sharing data between iPhones and iPads for $20 a month. Rogers brought this promo out last time the for the release of the iPhone 4 and it would be really swell to see it make a return for those of us that missed it the first time around.

    Personally you guys can take what you want from this story as this is only my opinion. But some of you might find a little truth in it to help you out.

    Might I also point out that neither Samsung, Sony, LG, nor HTC phones could remotely solicit this kind of a polarized thread.

    1. Richard

      Hi RMB,
      Where do you see that deal on the rogers page? where its 55 dollars a month for 400 mins, unlimited evenings and weekends, and 5gig of data? do you just have to call rogers that bell is promoting this? and I went on the bell website and I dont see this.. =

  129. James

    HUP TOOL IS NOW AVAILABLE…I just checked my status via the Rogers website (I purchased the iP4 on launch day) Rogers has stated my fee will be $319.00 + $320.00 Early Upgrade Fee*
    + $35 Hardware Upgrade Administration Fee

    Needless to say to cancel my contract…it’ll cost me $500 (cancellation fee) + $269 (32GB model) = not much more then what Rogers would charge a loyal 6 year customer, spending $1000’s per year.

    Thanks Rogers.

  130. Dave

    The eligibility tool is up and running. Can someone explain to me why Rogers is trying to make me pay more for the base price of the phone on top of the over the top early HUP fee??

    “iPhone 4S 16GB $209.00 + $320.00 Early Upgrade Fee*
    + $35 Hardware Upgrade Administration Fee”

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Dave, all our upgrade devices are eligible for a $50 rebate, including iPhones. Customers who choose to upgrade will be given a $50 mail-in rebate coupon to redeem after purchase.

  131. James

    Also why would I have to pay $319 for the phone when it’s going for $269??? Gesh isn’t the extra $320 on top enough already???

    In my humble opinion Rogers is making NO effort here to keep their CURRENT customers happy…it’s an insult to charge someone so much that it would only cost me under a $100 to close my Rogers account and go to another carrier…or to buy an unlocked unit from Apple for the same price or cheaper.

    I will be truly surprised if Rogers doesn’t rise above this and give their loyal customers what they deserve, with SO much competition out there I just don’t understand why they would do this to their customers.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi James, all our upgrade devices are eligible for a $50 rebate, including iPhones. Customers who choose to upgrade will be given a $50 mail-in rebate coupon to redeem after purchase.

      1. dmbfan

        So please let me understand. Every upgrade device Rogers sells is eligible for a $50 rebate? That sounds like a fantastic deal!

        Hey, what’s this? Bell’s iPhone 4s costs $159? Telus’s iPhone 4S costs $159? Virgin’s iPhone 4s costs $159?

        Yet Rogers’ iPhone 4s costs $209?????

        Suddenly your rebate doesn’t sound like such a good deal after all. It almost sounds as though you jacked up the price $50, and are then giving me a “deal” by making me wait weeks/months to get a rebate back. But that can’t be the case, right? After all, we’re valuable customers…

  132. Meowmix

    So for all the people that think Rogers is the only one doing this Early upgrade fee cost check out the links i provided from Telus & Bell. The 3 Big companies, Bell , Rogers & Telus are doing the same early upgrade fee.

    Here is the links to both.

    Both companies i talked to told me that they are having the same upgrade fee policy as Rogers & they are not doing any specail upgrade fees for current costumers for this launch. Look around before you bash Rogers. The other 2 biggest carriers are doing the same exact thing as Rogers. Have you guys thought Maybe Apple Told them to do it since Apple tells them how much the phones are & what Promotions they can put them in. Yes Apple does tells Rogers, Bell, Telus & the rest how much to price the phones & everything else. If you think i am wrong them prove me wrong then.

    If you guys want to cancel with Rogers go right ahead. But be prepared to have the same problems with the others.

    1. Dave

      Telus charges $15 per month instead of Rogers $20. That’s $100 more I have to pay over a Telus customer.

      They all work together and create a monopoly. It’s the same as gas companies fixing prices. It’s far from right.

      1. Dave

        Plus Rogers requires me to pay an extra $50 on the base price which Telus does not. The only way they will credit that $50 is if I switch to one of their designated plans.

      2. Rogers_Chris

        Dave, once again, that price doesn’t include the $50 rebate some customers will qualify for.

      3. Steve

        Yes but you charge an Admin fee of what? $40, ya..sound like a real rebate to me!

      4. Vince

        You said above that all phones are eligible for the $50 rebate… but here you say only some customers will qualify for the rebate?

        Can you be specific about the terms of this rebate, please?

      5. RogersMelanie

        Hey Vince,

        You can check out the eligible plans here:

      6. Rogers_Chris

        Hi Dave, Rogers customers can renew after 30 months. Other providers will expect you to wait the full 36 months.

      7. Katie Gale

        When I signed my contract it was 24 months, and without my knowledge or notification, it randomly changed to 30 months.

        Please don’t except me to think that not having to wait 36 months as being a good deal. What’s to rogers from changing to 36 months tomorrow?

  133. David

    I bought my iPhone 3G at launch in July 2008, which means I’m now off any contract (and I confirmed this last week with a customer service rep over the phone). However, when I used the hardware upgrade eligibility tool, I was quote a price of $209 for the 16GB 4S and $319 for the 32GB 4S. Which is there such as discrepancy? Should I be getting the lowest price since I’m currently off contract?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi David, all our upgrade devices are eligible for a $50 rebate, including iPhones. Customers who choose to upgrade will be given a $50 mail-in rebate coupon to redeem after purchase. The $50 rebate is available on all our HUP devices when customers sign up for an eligible 3-year voice and data term.

      1. Mimi

        I was going to ask the exact same question since my contract is up this month and yet I was still being charged 50$ over the actual price of the phone ($159 for the 16GB). Thanks for clearing things up Chris!

  134. Lee

    Anyone know what I will have to do to qualify for the $50 rebate?

    Customers who renew on select three-year terms may be eligible for a one-time $50 Hardware Upgrade Rebate credit. Credit to be applied to customer’s invoice. Offer subject to change without notice. Full Hardware Upgrade Rebate details available in store.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      The $50 rebate is available on all our HUP devices when customers sign up for an eligible 3-year voice and data term.

      1. Dave

        But you will not saying what is eligible. If my plan is not eligible then I will have to switch plans in order to get the rebate whereas other companies just do not charge the extra $50

      2. Rogers_Chris

        Is it a voice and data plan? Will you renew 3 years?

      3. Vince

        So if a person:
        a) does not renew their contract or
        b) only has a voice plan

        they can still get the phone at the stated base price + early upgrade price + activation fee?

        What they won’t get is the $50 rebate?

      4. RogersMelanie

        That’s right. The $50 rebate is available on all our HUP devices when customers sign up for an eligible 3-year voice and data term.

  135. michelle

    I am so sorry I have been talking my friends into joining rogers. I told them how rogers has helped out previous iphone owners who get a new phone each year, and they you go making a liar out of me. I will pay to get out of my contract and join another provider for the same cost.

  136. CanuckDrew

    RogersChris—or any other Rogers employee: can you tell me if this scenario is correct:

    I subsidized my bb9700 in Dec.2009. I was told at that time I would be eligible for an upgrade 24 months later. Here I am 2 months BEFORE my upgrade is actually due. Therefore, under the new Rogers HUP, I pay $20/month until my upgrade is due. So, in my case, I only pay $40 to upgrade from my bb9700 to the new iphone 4S. Therefore, only now when I upgrade, does my next HUP become 30 months.

    Your help is much appreciated :)

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Your HUP is 30 months, Drew.

      1. CanuckDrew

        Hi Chris,

        FYI….I’m pissed. I guess Rogers knows their customers will indeed pay the additional upgrade fees in order to get the latest and greatest.

      2. Paul


        I’m sure you’re getting tired of answering the questions, but you know you are rude in many of your responses, right?

        And Drew’s point here is a common one.

        When we signed our 3 year contracts, a part of that contract was a 24 month window for HUP. Rogers – “to serve the customer better” has extended this to 30 months, during our existing contracts.

        Generally when one party changes the terms of a contract mid contract, the other party can terminate his contract, without penalty, if he doesn’t accept the updated terms.

        I’m not sure how this isn’t crystal clear to all at Rogers. Simply continuing to repeat a mantra won’t make it true.

        This policy is not better for customers, it is better for Rogers. Simple.

      3. RogersMelanie

        Hey Paul,

        Upgrade offers are promotions, not policies, and are subject to change. This feedback has been passed on to the internal team though.

  137. Marci

    I’m a biut confused of how much it will cost me to upgrade to an iPhone 4S 16gb. I’ve read through all the comments and have submitted a request on My Rogers, and I’m still confused.

    I signed a 3 year contract on an iPhone 3G in December 2009. I sepnd $93 every month on this. I have been with Rogers for 10 years.

    From my understanding, I have 8 months (assuming I get the 4S in October – I’m 702 on the list though) left until the 30 month mark. Since it’s a 3G, I’m to understand this is $15/month x 8, plus $159, plus $35, which totals $314.

    When I submitted my request to Rogers through My Rogers, I got an email saying I had to pay: iPhone 4S 16GB $209.00 + $135.00 Early Upgrade Fee*
    + $35 Hardware Upgrade Administration Fee , which totals $379, which is a significant difference.

    Why is there a huge discrepancy in the price?? And to add in my two cents, there should be a better customer service role in this. How about a little thanks for my continued business??

    Can someone from Rogers please tell me what I am supposed to be paying to upgrade? Thanks.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Marci, by “huge discrepency in price”, do you mean the extra $50 for your iPhone 4S 16GB? If so, customers who choose to upgrade will be given a $50 mail-in rebate coupon to redeem after purchase. The $50 rebate is available on all our HUP devices when customers sign up for an eligible 3-year voice and data term.

      1. Steve

        Once again….don’t forgot you’re paying $40 as an admin fee on top of those other costs…so this $50 ‘Rebate’, is a crock…

  138. Pat

    Are you kidding me!?

    iPhone 4S 16GB $209.00 + $320.00 Early Upgrade Fee* + $35 Hardware Upgrade Administration

    Efffffffff that. You guys are nuts

  139. Pat

    …oh, “Plus applicable taxes”

  140. Bryant

    Rogers chis is the I’m 2545 on the wait list now is this list Canada wide prov city wide or what I have heard two many things

    1. Rogers_Chris

      That’s all Rogers customers on the Rogers Reservation System for that specific device type and colour.

  141. Greg

    I was 956 on friday on a black 16GB phone, I am going to rely on the iCloud, I already have an ipad and ipod.

    Today I checked and I am 791 – how am i moving up, people changing their minds and getting 32/64?

    Anyway, last year after three months of having a broken 3G and not being able to get anything to replace it from Rogers due the the screwed up iphone 4 launch – I am happy to see a better system.

    Why do the early adopters feel this need to be rewarded with every launch, I pay a significant amount of dollars a month too. They got the 3GS first and cheap, then the iphone 4. Now they appear to be whining that Mary from Rogers is not delivering 4S to their house on launch day, for a minimal cost.

    Anyway, my 3GS which I got after threatening to bail to Koodo, is a year old. I will upgrade to the 4S and be happy. Sorry early adopters, if fairness is tough on you.

    Mary how is it I am moving up in line?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Our warehouse is processing orders, and surely some customers cancelled or changed their reservations.

    2. dmbfan

      Why? Yes, I guess you could say we are spoiled, hard to argue with that. But Canada is one of the only countries (the only one?) with 3 year terms, because the carriers all have the regulators in their back pocket.

      When we have to commit to onerous contracts, we tend to feel like the carriers should be a little more generous.

      People comment that the carriers subsidize the phones, so they have to recoup their money somehow. That is true. However, AT&T/Sprint/Orange/O2/Verizon/Vodafone/Deutsche Telecom/Telstra/Softbank all manage to recoup their subsidy costs over 2 years. Rogers has 3 years to do so.

    3. jsmile

      Greg, you are moving up because the people who go onto the reservation list have already had their orders processed and will be sent out from the Rogers warehouse soon. I was number 136 and now I don’t have a number and it says “in Progress”

  142. kurt

    shame on rogers. ive been a customer for 23 years im moving over to bell.i think its fair enough for people who got the first iphone 3g be eligable for iphone 4s if you upgraded iphones every year.why should i pay $320,plus, $159 and another $30 for activation fee and be locked in another 3 years contract.

    1. jsmile

      kurt, its actually a $35 hardware upgrade activation fee.

  143. Daniel

    so I get this by checking Eligibility
    iPhone 4S 16GB

    $209.00 + $360.00 Early Upgrade Fee*
    + $35 Hardware Upgrade Administration Fee

    iPhone 4S 32GB

    $319.00 + $360.00 Early Upgrade Fee*
    + $35 Hardware Upgrade Administration Fee

    iPhone 4S 64GB

    $419.00 + $360.00 Early Upgrade Fee*
    + $35 Hardware Upgrade Administration Fee

    why should I buy from rogers??? :(

  144. Josh

    At the price I’m paying monthly to Rogers, it will cheaper to pay an ECF for two lines, sell my phones for half of what they’re worth, and sign up for new 3-year contracts with Bell or Telus. Rogers is losing $1600+/year customers thanks to their ripoff early upgrade prices.

  145. Chopski

    I am confused… When I checked my upgrade today it inlcuded the 30 months even though when I signed my contract in 2009 I only had to wait 24 months…. It also is $309 for a 32gb which includes the extra $50 upgrade fee and a $35 charge to stick a sim card in my unlocked 4. Looking at these numbers I will now most likely just get another unlocked phone and wait out my last year. To me there is now value at all re-signing with any carrier, they are all shooting themselves in the feet with these hardware upgrade scams.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Chopski,

      HUP is promotional in nature and is therefore subject to change. It is 30 months before you’re eligible for a fully subsidized device at new customer pricing.

      Customers who choose to upgrade will be given a $50 mail-in rebate coupon to redeem after purchase.The $50 rebate is available on all our HUP devices when customers sign up for an eligible 3-year voice and data term.

      1. CanuckDrew

        Is this for “new customers” only???

      2. jsmile


        The 16gb phone is listed as $209 – $50 rebate, so it is $159 anyways. In my opinion, the rebate is just to make it look like Rogers is giving current customers a break when other carriers are charging the same $159+early upgrade fees. In the end, it is a similar deal.

      3. Steve

        As I’ll continue to say, alongside this is the $40 admin fee??? Are you kidding me?

      4. Liar!

        Hi Chris,

        I can see you have your hands full putting out these fires but this is BS and we all know it! Why does it seem “subject to change” always means “will be worse for customer”?

        I’m 30 months into my contract and Rogers still wants $209 for the 16GB iPhone 4S. This doesn’t look like the “fully subsidized” price you speak of. It looks more like Rogers jacked the price on the iPhones by $50 and then offers the same $50 rebate they give for all of the other handsets.

        How do you sleep at night? I know your bosses are on big piles of money and that keeps them warm, but i doubt the PR team gets much of that love…

        GRRF: Regulators finally allow competion to bust up the oligopoly and Rogers introduces a fee to recoup lost revenue by charging the customers that stay with the company more on their monthly bill.

        Remeber when you needed customers? When you offered per second billing? When there was no GRRF? When there was no System Access Fee? When you cared about your customers enough to operate a 911 service and not charge a fee (make $) from it?

        I also read here that you were claiming that the 3GS is a smartphone but that the iPhone 4 is a “Premium Device”. Can you explain this in legitimate terms or is this more of your snake oil?

  146. Peter

    I used the HUP eligibility tool and got my quote back by email.

    It is imperative for my decision to find out what is meant by “select 3 year plans”. I DO NOT want to change my current plan as I like the price and have negotiated discounts. If I am forced to switch to a current market plan, this will be a huge negative for me and I will instead by a factory unlocked phone.

    Can someone from Rogers please answer, can I keep my current plan (even if I renew for 3 years) and do the HUP to an iPhone 4S?


    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Peter,

      You should be able to keep your plan so long as it’s a voice and data plan and you agree to a new 3-year term.

      1. Peter

        Hi Chris, thanks for the reply.
        I have a My10-based voice package and a 6 GB data package. So it’s not a combo plan but I do have voice and data. Yes I would renew for 3 years, as long as there are no changes, because I have some retentions credits.
        Would this be eligible for the HUP prices?

      2. Rogers_Chris

        I believe so, Peter. I’d recommend using the HUP tool on

      3. Peter

        Hi again,
        I used the tool and I’m eligible for an upgrade, but it doesn’t answer my question of do I have to change my plan? But for me that’s at the heart of my decision to do the HUP or not.
        Chris can you check this out and get to me on it? You can email me and I’ll give you my wireless #.

      4. RogersMelanie

        You don’t have to change your plan but in order to upgrade you will need to renew/sign up for a 3-year contract.

  147. Fletcher

    I just checked my hardware eligibility…… this is what was emailed. Goodbye Rogers!
    iPhone 4S 16GB $209.00 + $320.00 Early Upgrade Fee*
    + $35 Hardware Upgrade Administration Fee
    iPhone 4S 32GB $319.00 + $320.00 Early Upgrade Fee*
    + $35 Hardware Upgrade Administration Fee
    iPhone 4S 64GB $419.00 + $320.00 Early Upgrade Fee*
    + $35 Hardware Upgrade Administration Fee
    iPhone 4 8GB $149.00 + $320.00 Early Upgrade Fee*
    + $35 Hardware Upgrade Administration Fee
    Plus applicable taxes

  148. val

    Just checked my early upgrade status on your
    website and it states that an iPhone 4s 16g is 209 plus early upgrade plus 35. The early upgrade and activation is no surprise, but an iPhone 4s 16g with Rogers is listed as 159 and not 209. Is there another fee include?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      It’s not another fee, val. Customers who choose to upgrade will be given a $50 mail-in rebate coupon to redeem after purchase. The $50 rebate is available on all our HUP devices when customers sign up for an eligible 3-year voice and data term.

      1. Sam

        Hi Chris,

        so basically Rogers is charging customers an additional $50 for the phone then trying to sell it off as if you are doing your customers a favour by giving them a $50 rebate that they can use AFTER purchase (meaning on a future device purchase). So what exactly is Rogers giving us if they are charging us the extra $50 anyway. I’m sure the ‘rebate’ will likely have an expiry date to ensure that no one will use it or have an opportunity to use it.

        This upgrade eligibility is a joke. My boss is with Telus and he gets a new iPhone every year at the new customer price.

        The early eligibility Rogers gave on the iPhone every year was the only reason why I remained a Rogers customer. Explain to me why I should continue to stay with Rogers and pay $85/month when i can sign up with Wind or Mobilicity and pay only $40-$45 a month for unlimited everything?

      2. Rogers_Chris

        Sam, we can’t comment on competitors. The $50 rebate has been available for a while, and it’s applied to your invoice to offset the hardware upgrade charge. It is processed within 6-8 weeks.

      3. Sam

        Cmon Chris,

        let’s call a spade a spade. Rogers isn’t fooling anyone.

        If you have offered this $50 rebate for a while, then the price of a 16gb iPhone 4s should be $109. ($159 – $50 rebate).

        Instead, and in a direct move to screw its customers, Rogers now inflates the price of the iPhone to $209 and then gives the $50 rebate to bring the cost down to $159.

        I note that every other carrier is selling the iPhone for $159 with no rebate. All Rogers is doing is saving themselves $50 x # of iPhones sold. (probably hundreds of thousands of dollars) and are trying to present it as if they are saving their customers money.


      4. Garry

        And by doing this costing the customer more in taxes at time of purchase.

      5. Glenn

        Sam, I am guessing Rogers must be in dire financial straits? if they need all their iphone4s customers to front them $50 for a couple of weeks interest free. Really sad way to excuse a $50 loan… I am starting to understand Rogers wants to discourage the practice of giving repeat customers who want the latest and greatest a break … and as business I can’t really fault them for that decision but this $50 rebate is a load of BS.

        Based on the way things are going this time I have pretty much decided to pass on the iPhone 4s. If I do buy one then it will be an unlocked one directly from Apple.

      6. Big gulp

        Is it not a fee if the price listed on Rogers site is $269 for 32gb and the emails sent add on $50 ?

      7. Rogers_Chris

        I’m not sure I understand your question. Can you clarify?

      8. Big gulp

        The price on the site for 32gb iPhone 4S is $269 and when I got my HUP email the same device I ordered for $269 is now $319. If its not a fee then what is it ?

      9. Rogers_Chris

        It’s the price before $50 rebate, available on all our HUP devices when customers sign up for an eligible 3-year voice and data term.

      10. CanuckDrew

        Is this for new customers only?

      11. Andrew

        Hi there,
        You keep telling people this. Why give a $50 coupon instead of applying it to our bill.. And what will the coupon be good for? Can we apply it to our accounts? And finally, when we get our phone through the reservation system, do we pay the coat up front to the store, or does it get added to our bills?

        On another note, I’ll add my voice to the unhappy ones over the HUP program. A new phone from Apple should help keep customers with a company. Seems to me that Rogers is doing everything it can to push valued customers away.

      12. RogersMelanie

        The $50 rebate will be applied to the bill.

      13. Rico

        will the $50 rebate be applied pre-tax or after tax?

      14. Andrew

        Thanks for the reply. But I didn’t get an answer on payment for the phone. Do we pay in store or is it added to our bill?

      15. RogersMelanie

        As with any device, you can pay in store or you can add it to your bill.

      16. Asi G

        Why is Rogers even Charging the extra $50 and giving it back as Rebate?? this was never done before, are new customers who sign up with Rogers and buy the iPhone paying this additional $50 as well?? Neither Fido or any other carrier are making customers pay an extra $50, it causes a lot of headache and incontinence to deal with Rebates.

  149. David

    I just cancelled 3 pre-orders after the eligibility tool which gave me an even worse price than I was expecting. I have been a happy, loyal Rogers customer for several years, but no more. I’ll be buying an unlocked phone and will re-evaluate carriers in 2 years. Rogers really blew it with this release IMO.

  150. val


    Does this mean that my cost to upgrade to iPhone 4s 16g is early upgrade (20 times months left on contract to 30 months) plus 35 plus 159 (cost to new subsriber) plus 50 minus 50 rebate?


    1. Rogers_Chris

      That sounds about right, val. I recommend you use the HUP tool on to verify.

      1. CanuckDrew

        please post the link for the HUP tool.

      2. Rogers_Chris

        Sure, click here under “Get Started – Eligibility”

  151. Big gulp

    My question is why have the $50 mail in rebate at all? Why does the customer have to go thru the hassle of doing a mail in rebate and waiting weeks to get their money back ? Especially if these are loyal customers that are renewing their contracts ? Why dont they just give the rebate at the time of purchase which would then charge the customer the price that is listed on the website ?

    1. Patrick

      Silly! How else would they have customers forget or neglect to mail in the rebate to rake in a little extra cash atop their extra cash?

  152. Andrew

    Charging an additional 50 dollars up front is a great way to show appreciation for your existing customers. Great work Rogers, you just lost another customer.

    1. dmbfan


      It’s almost as if they are sitting around the office just trying to think of ways to treat existing customers poorly!

      “Wait, wait. I got one — hear me out. What if we charge $50 more than everyone else, and then pretend we are giving them a deal with a mail-in rebate? Ha ha ha!”

  153. Greg

    I will be lining up outside a store Thursday night/Friday morning.

    When will stores know how many of each model/size they are getting? Last year the store I went to had 1x 32GB and 5x 16GB units, that was it. (Luckily I was first in line and got that 32).

    I don’t want to waste 5 hours of my day for Rogers to not even have a 64GB version in stock.

    Also, when I buy out the phone I won’t have to pay that ridiculous $35 “administration fee” will I? Just get the unopened box and out the door I go?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Greg, I don’t know what you mean when you say “buy out the phone”. The $35 admin fee is standard for all customers, though.

      As for stock, we don’t have that info to share.

      1. Greg

        I mean when I buy “Device only” for the price in the Apple store, as to not re-sign a 3-year contract with Rogers, will I need to pay $35 for that transaction?

        Nothing needs to be done in the computer as I’m going to walk it home, open the box, pop my iPhone 4 sim card out and into the new 4S.

        Maybe the rep I had last year will still be around, she waived my admin fee and gave me a wicked data/voice plan.

      2. Rogers_Chris

        Yes Greg, you will still need to pay the $35 admin fee.

      3. Sebastien

        Are you serious ? You need to pay 35$ fee to buy a phone ?

      4. jsmile

        LOL. It sounds so stupid that we have to pay $35 for opening our own box and activating it ourselves. How will Rogers know that we bought a new iphone from the Apple store to charge us the fee?

  154. So I had this iphone3g for 18months… Just wanna know if I’m elligible to upgrade to iphone4s, and how much it will cost if u get the iPhone 4s 32gb?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Sounds like you have 12 months left, multiply that by $15 (iPhone 3GS is a smartphone, and the iPhone 4 is a premium device and would be $20 instead of $15).

      That’s $180 + $319 for the device + $35 HUP admin fee = $534 + taxes, and if you qualify by signing up for an eligible 3-year voice and data term, you’ll get a $50 credit to your account.

      In case my math is incorrect, check the HUP eligibility tool: Get Started – Eligibility at

      1. Firat Ataman

        You can get a iPhone 3GS for 375 and not extend your rogers contract!

  155. Valentin

    Hello Redboard team,
    I can’t check my HUP on the website, neither by calling 611, they “don’t have access to it”…
    I own a 3GS since june 2009, 30 months will be next december. Will have i to pay 2 months early upgrade $15+ 209+35 minus $50 rebate?
    Do you think the person in Rogers store will know? (i hope he will!)
    Other thing: i changed my plan last month (from a voice+data to another voice +data), maybe that’s why they can’t access to the HUP, i hope this won’t change my eligibility.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Valentin,

      If you received a 3GS in June 2009 you’re almost fully eligible – you will indeed have to pay out a few months. Your math sounds about right but I’d verify with the HUP tool, if it’s not working for you online just visit us in store at a Rogers Plus location.

  156. Peter

    Will my existing voice and data plan, which I love, qualify as a “selected voice and data plan”? Or do I have to change my plan to a new one?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      It will qualify unless you received your HUP via retentions.

      1. Dave

        Now the truth comes out. So anyone that has a retention plan is penalized by being excluded from the $50 MIR.

      2. jsmile

        Dave, it is not a mail in rebate. You get a rebate on your invoice. that is all.

        Chris, so if I have an EPP plan + data, I can’t even get the $50 rebate if I renew my three year contract?

      3. jsmile

        Oops. It is a mail-in rebate. so it will take time to process + we have to pay for a stamp. lol

      4. Nino

        It was so obvious this is what the $50 rebate was all about. Glad @Rogers_Chris could just state it clearly without marketing spin.

        Got to give Rogers credit, they think of new and interesting ways to squeeze money out of people.

        I see the future going one of two (and a half) ways:

        1. Rogers caves based on an outpouring of anger, gives everyone the upgrade path they have in the past (probably keeps the $50 to squeeze the retentions plans a bit, because lets face it those people win every month — myself included)

        2. Rogers stands tall and sticks to their pricing guns:

        a. Most go for unlocked options for Apple and lose customers, not today, but eventually in a few years time.

        b. Plenty skip the iPhone 4S upgrade all together (Apple might not like this as much, and makes me wonder if pressure will come down from them in future).

  157. Fletcher

    So I did the math. The cost including tax for me to get the 64GB with the cost of the early upgrade will be $890.10. Also I will have to renew my contract for another 3 years if I understand what I have read correctly? This is highway robbery! If I buy directly from Apple it will cost $849.00, it will be unlocked, and I will not have to renew my contract with Rogers. This is a no brainer guys. Rogers is really trying to stick it to us this time. For all the money Rogers has made off of me over the years this is an insult! If I cancel my contract with Rogers and pay the fee and switch to Bell I will be paying about the same amount of money in the end. I will switch to Bell and say goodbye to Rogers. Bell has better rural reception anyway. Or just buy an unlocked phone from Apple, let my Rogers contract run its course and not renew in 2 years!

  158. Ted

    I can’t count how many times I’ve read “well… isn’t the greatest because (xxxxx) but I’ve stayed with them because of their upgrade policy.

    See Rogers, the upgrade policy is the competitive advantage. We all have our own little rogers horror stories, but we stay because you do give some concessions, the upgrade policy being one of them.

    Why would any company, in their right mind, want to kill a competitive advantages?

    If the numbers made sense before, then they make sense now. It’s better to have lower margins and more (happy) customers than to constantly stick it to a smaller customer base and have them resent you.

    1. dmbfan

      I couldn’t agree more. Well said.

  159. mb

    question I had rogers call me on the 4th of October offering a new and improved contract as mine is going to expire in march 2012. I said yes move me to this contract as long as I am still able to upgrade my hardware when the 4s comes out. My 30 month went by in Sept and I have never had an upgrade. I am 77 on the reservation list and I want t confirm that I still get the phone at the 3 year promo rate?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      It doesn’t matter when you renewed your contract. It’s based on when you received your last hardware subsidy. If that was 3 years prior to March 2012, then you will get it at the advertised subsidized price.

      1. CanuckDrew

        Correction Chris—it is NOT based on your last upgrade.

      2. Steve

        I can’t wait for this to be 48 months…. :)

  160. Nicolas

    Is there a special upgrade program for Quebec residents?

    Because my early cancellation fee is cheaper than the early upgrade fee…

    1. RogersMelanie

      Customers in Quebec have a special program under Bill 61. Best to speak to a rep about your specific HUP eligibility as every customer’s will vary.

    2. RogersMelanie

      Sorry, Bill 60 has to with ECF not early upgrade. Best to speak to rep about your upgrade eligibility.

  161. Dave

    Hello, I’ve looked through some comments but I’m not sure what the number means on the reservation. I’m currently 27, does this mean I have a good chance on having a new phone on friday or more like a few weeks or months later?

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Dave,

      That’s 27 nationwide. You’ll be the 27th person to be sent your device.

      1. Asi G

        For the past 3 iPhone launches Rogers didn’t charge any early upgrade fees or even admin fees (at least for me they were waved) but the point is that anyone who had a previous generation iPhone from Rogers was eligible to upgrade to a new iPhone doesn’t matter if they still have 2 years on their contract and that was the case with the iPhone 4 last year as well, all i paid was $159 (No extra $50 rebate charge which makes no sense as to why its even there).
        it makes sense to keep your iPhone customers happy and allow them to keep upgrade to a new iPhone device as its a big % of customers. Why, after 3 years this promotion is not offered anymore?

      2. M Simon

        Exactly. Just buy it outright at the Apple store. In 2 years time ditch Apple and go to a provider that will give you deals. Why would i upgrade for almost the same price as a non upgrade and be tied to Rogers for another 3 years??? You would think Rogers would want you to upgrade to a new 3 year term and give you a deal and keep making money off you for another 3 years?!?!?!?!

        Beats me… they almost want customers to buy it outright and switch…

  162. DoctorT

    Rogers, I think it’s pretty obvious from these 400+ angry comments about your abysmal new “early upgrade program”. It makes more sense for me to pay $40 more and get a factory unlocked one straight from apple and wait for my contract to tick down.
    I strongly advise you to bring back your previous upgrade program for iphone users or many people will leave, maybe not in the short term, but in the long term it could be many millions of $ lost and an even worse reputation than you have now.

  163. Greg

    So I finally got the HU program to work, i am at $519 on a 4S 16GB(includes 35 upgrade fee) – do i have to pay $25 for a Sim Card – like i did with ipad? (my 3GS card wont work) This is getting dangerously close to Apple territory – unlocked. But rogers has that sewn up, you have to sign a three year contract for ANY data plan.

  164. Tins23

    Hey all, just would like to say a few things, I’ve sold quite a few phones in my day…

    The prices you see are HUP prices before a rebate. The rebate comes from the manufacturer. That is why its mail in. It’s NOT another fee.
    Everybody after May of this year can upgrade in 30 months no prorating. I know because I’m in the same boat. Rogers was honoring upgrades if it fell within a week after the policy went live.

    Qualifying plans simply refers to voice and data plans that equal 50$ or more or a combination of a voice and data adding as long as it it 3 years and equals 50$.

    1. macmurray

      Actually, you are mistaken. The $50 mail-in rebate is to Rogers, not Apple. Apple doesn’t want or need to give rebates. This is just a ploy by Rogers to make an extra $50 off of the obscenely high number of lazy people who don’t send in mail-in rebates.

    2. Peter

      Thanks for adding to this discussion, Tins23.
      I have a voice plan and a data plan (not a “combo plan”) that add up to more than $50, but then I have retentions discounts that bring the plan to below $50. Would this count as a “qualifying plan” for the subsidized price of a iPhone 4S?

    3. Nino


      I believe this is incorrect. No other carriers has this mail in rebate for the 4S.

      It has already been stated on page 8 of the comments that the rebate is only given to people with qualifying plans. Applying a marketing filter this distills down to:

      “If you have a retentions plan that hurts our bottom line, we want to charge you more to upgrade because we think we can get away with it”

      The rebate will come from Rogers, its basically a cheque saying, “It’s okay we are already making enough with you month-to-month”

    4. Garry

      The rebate is coming from Rogers not Apple. So it is not a manufacturer rebate. Telus and Bell are subsidizing the phone for the same price we pay after rebate. We also pay tax on that extra $50 that we don’t get back. Total rip off.

      It is Rogers backwards way of charging an extra $50 when you don’t get the qualifying plan.

      The rebate is stated that rogers will credit your bill $50 so this is not Apple.

  165. Fulgeras

    Just wanted to let people know that in Quebec there is a new law that apply to any contracts (including renewals) that were done after 30 June 2010 so that applies to all iPhone 4 upgraders that basically said that you only have to pay the carrier the remaining value of the subsidy in order to cancel the contract. For a 32gb iPhone 4 the subsidy was 749-269 = 480 if you have 20m left that means 20*480/36 = 266.67 so that is the only fee they can charge you. So for people in Quebec is def worth it to switch carriers. Here is the link to the law (is in french):

  166. Vincent


    I have been a customer since Cantel and for the most part have had good customer care. The early purchase promo price for current iPhone holders was a great thing to keep loyalty with Rogers customer base and showed other persons on other networks that they should perhaps switch to Rogers.

    A few things that are displeasing lately are:

    1) the promo is gone and only the early hardware “promo” is valid.
    2) switching 24mnths to 30mnths
    3) $20 per month for iPhone, when Telus & Bell are $15 for this early hardware upgrade(reason? No longer better than compition and more expensive)
    5) what is this reservation for if it doesn’t ship out during week so we can pick up release day? I’m sure you have in warehouse already.
    6) Reception is terrible & lots of lost network inside my home (called techs and they said tower in area is for distance not penetration). I live in Chilliwack, not the forest!

    Where is the customer service and loyalty to your customers, bread & butter?


  167. dmbfan

    I just found last year’s iPhone 4 upgrade bill:

    iPhone 4 32GB:

    Hardware charge: $369
    Admin fee: $35
    Total: $304.00

    :( *sniff*

  168. Carter

    I was wondering if you could get the iphone 4s as a free phone for adding someone to the family plan?

    1. RogersMelanie

      Best bet is to speak to a rep about this sort of specific situation as they can pull up your account details and give suggestions based on your situation.

  169. So I’ve read through quite a bit on this board… My reservation status is “Shipping process has begun” Provided earthquakes, floods etc.. don’t occur does that mean if I am at the door at 9am on the 14th I will be getting my phone? I don’t want to wait a week for shipping to happen. These stores are getting them in advance right?

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Myloq,

      This means your device has started the shipment process. The next email you receive should be to inform you it’s arrived in store.

      1. That doesn’t answer my question but thanks!

  170. Andrew

    Why the admin fee? Aren’t we simply walking into the store, paying for our phone, and slipping our old SIM into the new phone? I’m getting tired of paying more fees for something that is this simple…

    1. Robert

      Same reason everybody pays $7 a month for a mystery fee: Because they can, and because they’ve set up enough barriers to fair competition.

  171. Francis

    500 $ to upgrade from iPhone 3Gs to 4s !!!!!

    ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!

  172. John

    Is this HUP deal valid for Fido as well? And if I have a package that’s no longer offered, can I renew it exactly as-is for three years from renewal date or will I have to choose a new package?

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey John, best to speak to a Fido rep for specifics to your situation as all HUP offers vary based on contact timing, subsidy etc. You can reach them through

  173. Ryan D.

    I have a few questions. First can I upgrade through the apple store without changing my plan but extending my contract since I have retentions discount and $30/6gb data add-on. Second, will I qualify for the $50 rebate since it says “select plans”, does that include retentions plans? Finally, the eligibility tool says I am eligible for 209+35 fee but by my calculations I shouldn’t be eligible yet. I don’t wont to be charged for the early upgrade fee but since its showing a the 209 price i plan to buy it. my final question is If Rogers sells me the phone at promotional pricing will they later tack on the fee if they made an error.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Best to speak to a rep about your upgrade eligibility as each customer’s specifics will be different. You can reach us on Twitter or Facebook or through any of the locations at

  174. Bob

    Hello Rogers,

    Order reservation system.

    When I ordered my iPhone 4S, my position was around 1032 and now its 1284… Wondering what gives…


  175. Luke

    Hey Rogers Chris. Are business regular accounts
    Eligible for the HUP. I Have an account that is
    Not reimbursed by the company. It’s just a plan I get as a teacher in ontario. ..I want to get my
    $50 rebate. Ease confirm!!!

  176. Firat Ataman

    Rogers have the worse coverage and more expensive plans than Bell and Telus. The only reason i stuck with Rogers was the fact that I upgraded my phone to the latest iPhone every year. In the past they have always offered a promotion few days before the launch date.

    However this year, I was told that I need to pay 320 for Early Upgrade Fee. Guess what, I am going to pay 320 towards a Early Termination Fee and switch to Bell! UNLESS they surprise us last minute.

  177. James

    Just received an email with my upgrade pricing and it’s going to cost me $650 to upgrade to a new iPhone? It sounds like a huge joke … for that price I could cancel my existing contract and go to telus or bell who are providing early HUPs. I suppose Rogers doesn’t want my business anymore?

  178. Clayton

    why does your website say a 32 gb iphone will cost $259 but your early upgrade email say it will start at $319 plus fees?

    1. RogersMelanie

      Early upgrade offers are specific to the customer. Best to verify with a rep to ensure you have the most up to date info for what you’re eligible for.

  179. Tim S.

    I’d like to add myself to the chorus that’s saying the new “upgrade” pricing is ridiculous. I would have gladly paid $369 + $35, as I have for the last several years, for the 64gb version. Instead, I’ll probably wait until my contract is up and reevaluate in the future. It seems strange to me that now that there is more iPhone competition, you guys are screwing your most loyal customers. We’re the ones preaching your service, and now we’re being alienated. Weird.

  180. jsmile

    all these comments need an “i agree” or “like” button. I totally agree with what everyone is saying about the $50 “rebate” and rogers making it look like the company is helping out customers when it is NOT.

    1. Rob

      Exactly!! There is absolutely no point what so ever for them to do this $50 special offer when the price is what it is everyone else. Not to mention this new upgrade price they are screwing their loyal customers with. If it is not changed I am out all services home and business gone and I will preach to everyone to switch.
      10+ year customer kicked to the curb…THANKS.
      What makes you so special now over the competition? Being a loyal customer has what privileges now? Nothing so why stay ?

      You guys are really screwing yourselves over in the long run treating your customers like this.

  181. Aaron

    I feel bad for Rogers_Chris, or whoever else has to reply to all of these comments. Surely, it’s not your fault that Rogers as a company is coming up with these policies.

    With that being said… I have to agree with most of the people here. It’s a rip off! Rogers makes a truckload of money, especially from smartphone users (especially iPhone users!). It honestly surprises me that Rogers just doesn’t get it. Keep the newest devices in your customers hands at a decent price, and you’ll have $1200+ per year, from EACH iPhone! But instead Rogers wants to nickel and dime everybody, and they’re losing out.

    So like everybody else, I cancelled my pre-order. All devices will be purchased unlocked now. Why give Rogers $369, plus and EXTRA $340, plus an EXTRA $35, plus $1200 per year, for three years, when I can give a couple hundred extra to Apple, and not have to deal with Rogers ever again? Sounds like a better deal to me.

    Goodbye Rogers. Customer service is so simple. I’m surprised that you’ve gotten it SO wrong.

  182. jsmile

    If you buy an iphone from rogers at full price (no term), do you still have to pay a $35 activation fee or a hardware upgrade fee?

    1. Sebastien

      Rogers_Chris said yes to that.

  183. Nick

    So let me get this straight, if I want to upgrade my iPhone 4 to the 64GB 4S it will cost me 794$ +tax?! I am fully willing to sign a new 3 year contract which will give Rogers 36months x 125$ = $4500!!!. I feel as though Rogers doesn’t value me as a customer anymore and when I say this I’m not kidding, I may have to switch carriers. This is sad because I actually love Rogers and have no complaints about the service , but these new hardware upgrade policies are so unfair.

  184. yadda

    After 8 years of $100++ per month loyalty… I’m outa here Rogers.

    It’s been a slice!

  185. eshum

    I don’t understand how the upgrade policy got changed from 24 months now to 36 months.

    I have been with Rogers a long time and it was always 24 months for the last 10 years. I got an iPhone 4 for my son last September 2010 and I was told the upgrade policy was 24 months.

    Now I want to get an iPhone 4S and for him and the HUP says it is $360.00 extra on top of the $205.00. This is ridiculous as I would think it would at most be 12 months left on on 24 months.

    How do you get $360? I am so pissed off I have been thinking of letting my Rogers account expire and never going back. I am thinking of getting a SKYPE world number off my wireless and work and getting prepaid cards when I am away from wireless as I am so sick of Rogers nickel and diming me. Rogers charges you for text when you ask them to block it and it goes on and on. In Canada you can’t carry forward unused minutes or data and etc. Rogers network sucks for data as 3G is so slow so what am I paying for. I just used my work or home wireless so what is the point of 3G.

    I called Rogers on Saturday and she said it would be $370.00 but now HUP says $570.00.


  186. christian couture

    i”n givng you guys 115$ per month … and for an I4s upgrade you want 320$ more ?? THAT’S A SHAME … i want to resign my contract right now and return to bell.

  187. Frank

    Makes more sense to buy the phone at full price, then sign up for another three years. It’s actually just shy of being cheaper. unbelievable how rogers is screwing their customers like this. I’d recommend using a contract swap website and try to get someone to take over your contract. Then sign up with telus or bell. This is incredible.

  188. Holly

    Really unhappy with you Rogers. You will be losing me as a customer because of this new policy. I shell out a ton of money to you on a yearly basis, you’ve already lost me as a cable and internet subscriber due to your high costs and ridiculous bandwidth policies. Now you will be losing me as a mobile and home telephone customer. I guess you can afford to lose customers, good for you.

  189. Christopher

    It looks like anybody who received an iPhone 4 from Rogers at launch day last year will only be eligible for approximately a $75 savings over purchasing the same iPhone 4S unlocked from Apple. Hmmm… Compared to the promotions given to current iPhone customers during the last two product launches (iPhone 3Gs, and iPhone 4) this seems rather limited. Would that be a fair assessment? iPhone 3GS: $299 for iPhone 3G customers, iPhone 4: $269 for iPhone 3GS customers. iPhone 4S (32Gb) for iPhone 4 customers: $674.

    I tried using the eligilbility tool twice, and received no email response, so I assume i’m not eligibile for any promotion. Nice.

  190. James

    What is the advantage with staying with Rogers???

    I have two choices….Resign another 3 years with Rogers and pay $319 + $320 + $35 = $674…I’ve been a customer with Rogers for years and years…I’ve only ever taken advantage of one early upgrade promotion.

    Second choice….take my $1500+ a year service to Bell and pay $500 (Rogers cancellation fee) + $269 = $769

    Which is only a $94 difference….what the heck is the point in staying with Rogers…This pricing is an insult and I will be cancelling if Rogers doesn’t offer a better pricing scheme before the 11th hour on Thursday.

  191. VJ

    to get the new iphone 4s (32gb) it’d cost me $319 + $320 so about $640 + a 3 year commitment, it only costs $100 more to get the phone no contract unlocked.
    Why did rogers get rid of early upgrades for existing iphone users and change the HUP policy.

    Why would anyone want to save the $100 and be tied into a 3 year commitment when they could spend the extra $100 and get it unlocked and no commitment. Seems like a very poor deal if you ask me.

    the revenue my bill generates over the next 3 years would be roughly $11,000
    Seems like i could save quite a few bucks in the long hall by not having to commit to that.

  192. Yup

    Rogers, listen to your customers! Please offer full HUP pricing to iPhone 4 customers. Just say NO to Gouging your customers for their loyalty

  193. Van

    okay, so i will be cancelling my contract and paying $400 ECF on all of my lines.. this is absurd. The pricing is a scam and im taking a beating from friends and families that purchased an iphone last year because I told them they would be able to upgrade.. Why couldnt you just let us know before hand that you wont be doing this promo anymore? that’s like going to mcdonalds and all of a sudden the big mac is off the menu

  194. Shawn

    Will the reserved phones be arriving at the rogers stores before the launch date so we can get it on launch date. If we can’t get it on launch date, I see no reason for this reservation system.

  195. hc

    Canceled my reservation and buying from Apple. Can’t wait for my contract to be over. This HUP thing is bull. 500+ dollars for the new iPhone on another 3 year contract? Thanks Rogers, for yet again screwing over your customers.

  196. mark

    leaving Rogers!

  197. Craig

    Upgrade pricing is a ripoff. I have several Iphones on my account and pay a handsome fee for them every month. I have been a loyal customer and have convinced several people to switch to Rogers. No more. This is a total slap in the face. Dispicable…..

  198. SarahW

    I currently have an iPhone 3G, am not on contract, and I’m looking to purchase the 32gig 4S on a 3-year contract.

    My concern is my plan. I have the oldschool voice+data plan that was offered when the 3G was originally released:
    200 Weekday Minutes
    50 Bonus Minutes
    250 Bonus Minutes
    Unlimited Eve & Wknd Minutes
    6 GB data

    Will I be able to keep this plan when I purchase a 4S on contract? When will my current plan stop being available? Does Rogers guarantee my plan & rate when I sign a new contract?

    I have no intention of signing a new contract with Rogers if my plan cost is going to end up doubling anytime soon.

    Secondly, I can’t seem to use the hardware upgrade tool (I get the message: “Unfortunately, we can not process your hardware upgrade at this time. Please visit your Rogers retailer. We apologize for any inconvenience”). I also get an error every time I try to reserve the 4S. Any reason for this?

    1. SarahW

      Should maybe also mention, it’s been more than 3 years since I purchased my iPhone 3G

    2. RogersMelanie

      Hey Sarah,

      As I can’t access your account details, I can’t check for sure. Best to speak to a rep. You can reach them on Twitter (@RogersHelps) or Facebook ( or through any one of the methods on

  199. Robert

    Cheaper to buy an unlocked device from Apple than to buy a locked device from Rogers along with a new 3-year contract. I guess they don’t value customers that pay $100/month for cellphone service. Also makes more sense to pay the ECF to be free from Rogers and move to Bell. $500 ECF = $500 subsidy from bell for new customers on the iPhone. Plus I can negotiate a decent contract.

  200. Evan

    Gotta say, the new HUP is pretty brutal for us early iPhone adopters. We were pretty lucky the last two years… but I guess no more. Anyone who is upgrading from an iPhone 4 would have to be a complete idiot to upgrade to an iPhone 4S with Rogers. I’ll definitely be buying the device unlocked from Apple and not from Rogers. Why would I extend my contract another year for essentially (according to Rogers eligibility page) a $75 discount? And also, how does paying a $100/mo phone bill for the last 14 months equal only a $75 discount?

    Epic Fail.

  201. macmurray

    Do new customers have to do the $50 mail-in rebate thing? What is the point in charging it if you’re just going to give it back?

    Look, I’m not one of these whiners that expects a fully subsidized iPhone every year, but it seems like every time I turn around I’m getting gouged.

    First, the early upgrade fee, which is basically paying out your subsidy, which would be fair, except you’re paying out the balance of $600 ($20 x 30 months), which is more than the subsidy was on even the iPhone 4 last year, so your overcharging there. Second the $35 HUP Admin Fee is a straight up cash grab. And now this $50 extra/get back on mail-in thing is the icing on the cake. Come on Rogers, be reasonable, you need to treat customers better than this, you’re not the only ones carrying the iPhone anymore.

  202. Rob

    I just got off the phone with Rogers Customer service and they are sticking to their guns with this extra fee they just so happened to add on this year.

    I have upgraded every iphone since day 1 and have many phones with them in the past.
    10 Year Cell customer with them and 20+ year Cable 10+ internet. Today they have lost all that, because of this new change they just decided to tell us and made us aware of in the last week and due to the fact that Rogers Customer service was so rude and sarcastic to someone that spends so much money with them!
    They want me to pay $360 to make my total for the new iphone 4S over $700

    I spend $150/month on my Iphone with them and $250/month with Cable Internet.

    Now because of this they have lost it. Customer service pretty much said to me I am lucky they are giving me the opportunity to updgrade and I should be happy with them, The guy was so rude! Roger from Customer Service..I hope no one has to deal with him and his sarcastic tone.

    I just ask why Rogers would change their ways after this long and not give customers what they want especially long term customers that spend a fortune with them per month.

    Oh wait $50 credit to be used after towards this…really..that helps me out with the $360 you are soaking me for which has never happened before in all these years…

    Way to go Rogers

    You have 4 days to change this or Bell Fibe here I come..hate losing that long term benefit thing your suppose to have when you stick with your supplier..but since that is gone out the window…what is the point?

  203. Jay

    Is the number you get in the reservation system for the iPhone 4S the place you are in for that location or Province or Canada?

    1. RogersMelanie

      It’s Canada-wide

  204. Rob

    I’m a bit confused – I haven’t upgraded my phone in 3 years (since getting the iphone 3G) and have just signed up for a new 3 year contract, and yet when I check the upgrade eligibility tool on the website it lists my price as $209 + $35? How do I not qualify for the $159 price??

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Rob, as I don’t have access to your account details I can’t check for sure. Best to speak to a rep for the specifics.

    2. Marci

      You’ll get a $50 mail in rebate with the iphone, which will bring the price down to $159.

    3. Patrick

      Rob, anyone who is upgrading rather than a new customer pays $50 additional for their phone but receives a $50 rebate (many people are saying it’s added to your invoice, though it may be mail-in). And yes, you read that correctly, it’s just that absurd.

      Melanie’s comment is blowing my mind as that was so easy to answer; one of the most asked questions. Pree’ sure she’s replying with her eyes closed.

  205. springrolls

    maybe im wrong but rogers or the reps on this forum failed to mention that rogers will collect HST on the $50 before rebate then only crediting back $50, not the full amount ($50 + HST) so at the end of the day they are on top $6.50 per device sold

  206. Danny

    Can someone explain the ‘device reservation’ process to me? I reserved an iPhone 4s @ 6:45AM on Oct 7 and was placed in 448th position in line. It’s not 1:32PM Oct 11, and I’ve only moved to 410th position in line (up one position from last night). So all morning it hasn’t moved. What does this mean in terms of when I’ll get my iPhone? Is there any chance I’ll get it on launch day (this friday, Oct 14)? I mean, isn’t the whole point of reserving online to avoid the line ups on launch day? At the moment it seems like if I want my iPhone on launch day I’ll still have to line u[ at a store or I’ll have to wait for this line to move, ever so slowly.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Danny, best to track your status through MyRogers. It’ll give you the best sense of where you’re at. As an aside, your movement in line could also be attributed to people cancelling their reservations.

      1. Danny

        So from 1:32PM to 11:25PM I moved from position 410 to position 407… that’s almost 10 hours to move 3 positions in line? How many (or how few) units is Rogers allocating to this reservation system? It’s a bit ridiculous to tell us to make a reservation online, only so we can wait for the line to move so slowly. I mean, you guys have mentioned that this is a national line up, so shouldn’t this be moving a lot faster? Surely it doesn’t take 10 hours to allocate 3 iPhones.

      2. RogersMelanie

        The shift in the line can be attributed to both devices being processed AND people cancelling their reservation. It’s best to check your order status to get the best idea of where you’re at in the process.

      3. Danny

        So I’ve move moved to position 404. So you’re saying that since Friday, only 44 people have been processed/cancelled?! With such a big rollout as the iPhone, shouldn’t you have extra hands on processing? It’s disappointing to have reserved an iPhone, only to be told that based on your current processing rate, I won’t’ get one till the end of the month.

  207. Andrew Bowser

    I would highly consider bringing back the deal you and Fido had last year for the iPhone 4 launch:

    It would make more sense and be quite cheaper for those of us who upgraded to the iPhone 4 last year to just pay the ECF and switch service providers.

    $250 off would make enough of a difference to upgrade and stay.

  208. Brendon

    I understand that Rogers believes that if it doesn’t charge customers this amount for the Early Upgrade that it wont recuperate its losses from subsidizing, and I agree that the new Early Upgrade Promotion is much more flexible for a lot of customers, but I disagree about the price points, they are simply not an option for a lot of people. Why would you pay (in my case) $210 (iPhone 4s hardware) + $320 (early upgrade fee) + 35$ upgrade activation fee = $565? It would make more sense to simply buy and unlocked phone straight from Apple. Rogers should see that keeping there customers happy is worth more in the long run then milking them for a product that will get replaced in 12 months. Don’t cause customers to leave because of a closed mentality. Work with them to see what works best, especially for those who have annually upgraded like I have.

  209. dave

    Sorry, but the upgrade price is unacceptable. It would cost me $50 less than buying a new 4s from apple. Change this ROGERS.

  210. Thomas

    Question here about the reservation fee:

    I read from somewhere that reservation fee ($40) will be credit back even if the phone is already shipped to the store as long as you cancel it. For example, my reserved phone has arrived to the store and I found out that the cost to upgrade is too high in store so I dicided not to pick it up. Therefore, my reservation fee will be credit back to me. Is that true?


    1. RogersMelanie

      You must cancel the reservation for the fee to be reversed. If it has already been shipped, call the store it’s being shipped to and the fee will be credited back.

  211. Mark F

    How is it legal for Rogers to advertise the $159.00 price ‘on select 3-year plans’ and not mention ‘after rebate’.

    Any flyer always has to disclose after MIR or instant discount.

    Also technically if you insist on charging the $35 ‘activation fee’ for new customers and $35 ‘Hardware Upgrade Administration Fee’ for existing customers should you not also mention that?!?

    So that it should read from $159 after $50 mail in rebate and before $35 upgrade/activation fee.

    I have an iPhone 3GS and am paying over $50 per month and according to your ‘Upgrade Elegibility’ email my price is:
    $209.00 + $75.00 Early Upgrade Fee* + $35 Hardware Upgrade Administration Fee

    in the fine-print it says “Customers who renew on select three-year terms may be eligible for a one-time $50 Hardware Upgrade Rebate credit. Credit to be applied to customer’s invoice.” – I gave my number, you know my plan, DO I QUALIFY OR NOT?!?

    1. RogersMelanie

      You need to speak to a rep about your upgrade eligibility. You can reach them on Twitter (@RogersHelps), Facebook ( or through any of the methods on

      1. Andrew

        Way to avoid the main part of the statement. I believe he is also concerned about the additional $50 charge.

  212. Andrew Moffit

    I’ve bought every iPhone every year since Rogers came out with it AND I even switched from Bell in the middle of a contract triggering a $200 charge back when the iPhone 3G first came to Canada. VERY disappointed with the new prices for “valued” iPhone customers such as myself. I’m not even sure what to do now, as I’m trapped with nearly 2 more years left in my contract. All I know is that I’m very angry with Rogers’ greed!

  213. Shawn

    How many units of each model does rogers have in the warehouse?

  214. Mike

    For some reason I can’t see what position I am in the reservation system.
    I dont see it in the email rogers sent me or on my profile on the rogers site.
    Where do I go to see this?

    1. RogersMelanie

      Can you not see your position through MyRogers?

      1. Mike

        No, I cannot see my position in MyRogers at all.

      2. RogersMelanie

        Click on the ‘reserve device’ button in MyRogers. It will list your current reservations and their status’.

      3. Mike

        Still can’t see a number.
        And I’ve tried viewing the page in Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari. No luck.

      4. RogersMelanie

        I just tested in my own personal account. Are you signed into MyRogers? And gone back into the ‘reserve device’ section? Did you receive an email confirming your reservation initially? is there a chance you didn’t confirm the initial reservation?

  215. George Jones

    This is a big disappointment…Especially for loyal Rogers customers. As frustrating as this renewal pricing is for iPhone 4 customers is (i.e. – $419 + $35 + Early Upgrade Fee (i.e. in my case $75) – it’s EVEN WORSE for iPhone 3GS customers like myself.

    I simply cannot believe that having a device that is TWO generations old (bought in Summer 2009) does qualify for the fully subsidized price ($369 for 64GB).

  216. Adrian Thiessen

    Pathetic. Just got off of the phone with Rogers. I have upgraded two phones on a family plan every year to the newest iPhone and have always been given loyalty rates or had the hardware upgrade fees waived. Now all of a sudden rogers decides to change that. It will cost me almost as much as it would buying the phone unlocked directly from Apple.

    I will be taking all of my business both personal and for my corporate accounts elsewhere there is no way I will be buying a rogers locked phone for this price. Peace.

    Hopefully this changes or else you will lose my $3600+ of yearly business all over a little 340$ upgrade fee.

  217. Andres Acero

    This is ridiculous. There are no pros for staying with rogers. If i want to get the iPhone 32G like i do every year at lunch date it would be cheaper for me to get the iPhone outright from Apple and switch carriers. What’s the point of doing with Rogers when it is cheaper for me to leave my contract then it is to update a phone? and why is Rogers doing the upgrade promotion that they normally do for every single iPhone that has come out. This is ridiculous.

    1. Yup

      +1 I agree with this. Come on Rogers!

  218. Asi G

    Its an outrageous for Rogers to ask us to pay over $300 an early upgrade fee to get the new iPhone! I used the upgrade eligibility tool on Rogers website and they emailed me back saying i will have to pay $209 for the 16gb model plus $320 early upgrade fee! plus $35 Admin fee??
    Rogers, last year and in previous years for anyone who owned an iPhone you allowed us to upgrade for free, i only paid $159 with a 3 year contract last year without any admin fee and i still had almost 2 years left on my contract but since i had the Iphone 3gs Rogers waived all upgrade fees, same for the previous years with Iphone 3g upgrade. Why do we have to pay almost twice the cost of the Iphone this year in fees just to be eligable to get the phone?? and why do we have to pay $209 instead of $159???

    1. Yup

      +1 agreed. The new upgrade fee is highway robbery. No one is going to fall for it

  219. Tins23

    @dmbfan, yes the 50 applies to all Rogers phones. The rebate is what brings it down to new customer pricing on a 3 year renewal of your contract.

    1. Dmbfan

      Sorry, not really. They jacked the price $50. Cheers!

  220. tito71

    Really unhappy about the cost of HUP for the Iphone4s on top of the cost of the phone add 320$

  221. jerms

    absolutely ridiculous. the $35 admin fee is complete thievery and the $50 mail in rebate is a joke. it is a waste of my time to mail something back to rogers so my phone costs the same as it does on all the other networks. today was the last straw with rogers, i am done.

  222. hermes

    I bought my phone 2 years ago when upgrade was 24 months. now, upgrade is 30 months, so it’s an added $95 according to the eligibility email i requested and received.

    Yippee for someone who’s had their phone 6 months, now they can upgrade, for a lot of dollars. Sucks to be me.

    Your policy change since my last contract, which of course, is totally within your rights because only your customers are actually bound by policies at time of signing, benefits far and away the profits of Rogers.

    It isn’t in the interests of consumers and it’s lousy dealing. WIsh I never left Telus.

  223. misty

    I’m pretty disappointed that after setting my alarm at 3 am and reserving a phone 4 minutes after the given start time i’m still 237th on the list. Ive moved down from 279 but have very little hope that ill get my phone on release day. You would think with all the early reservation hype from rogers they would at least have a couple hundred of each model for the nationwide reservation list.

    1. Thats because the reservation system opened up early. I reserved at 2:50am (5:50am eastern) and was able to reserve a phone.

    2. Matt


      I started at 375 and then jumped to 335 after the initial 40 were processed and yesterday I was 322 or something like that (I assume after a bunch of cancellations) my order number isn’t there anymore and says it’s in progress today. I ordered a White 32 gb model so I’m not sure if there’s any difference based on the model size since there’s only a limited stock?

      The initial stock everywhere has sold out and has sold 1 million in 24 hours so there’s going to be some waiting but at least the reservation list makes you know when it’s going to arrive and not have you call or go to the rogers store asking is it in stock yet.

      1. RS

        I reserved the 32GB too and my position is 64, but it still shows ‘Open’. I can accept if I don’t get the phone until next week or something, it’s only a phone after all…..but reading that reservations made 250+ positions behind mine are in progress while mine remains unchanged is irritating.

        What is the point of reserving early? I kind of feel dumb now for getting up at 6am (after working until 2am) to reserve the phone.

      2. RogersMelanie

        Hey RS,

        It is most likely because those who are “behind” you in line are actually getting a different device. You’re 64 on the 32GB black device list. They have probably reserved a different version.

    3. eh-jhey

      The only reason your number is moving down is because people are cancelling reservations. It’s not really a 1 by 1 line up

    4. What model did you reserve? I reserved a white 32GB and started at 517 when i reserved at 10 am on the 7th and now am at 126… Maybe the model you chose is having distribution issues?

      Anyways hope you get your phone soon!

    5. Danny

      Yes, it’s ridiculous how they tell you to reserve online, but then they turn around and allocate so few phones to those who made reservations. It seems like they’re waiting for their second shipment from Apple before we’ll see any significant movement of the reservation list.

    6. Stavros

      That is canada wide Misty. One of the reps mentioned this in an earlier post. I can’t verify how accurate he was though, can someone else confirm this?

  224. Bob McMillan

    How do I disable email notifications its filling up my inbox..


    1. Bob McMillan

      Don;t need to answer, I found out how…

    2. RogersMelanie

      Hey Bob, you should be able to unsubscribe through a link at the bottom of the email you receive.

  225. jenksjordan

    Rogers is totally ripping all of their customers off!!!! I don’t care about the cancellation fee anymore. I’m switching to bell where they know how to treat customers and don’t take advantage of you for who you are. Just wasted 10 years of my life on a company that I paid into…….. For what though???…… Totally clueless to me!!!! ROBBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  226. Shane

    To everyone complaining, you are not supposed to get a new phone every year at the cheapest cost. Rogers has to get their money back for giving you the promotional price. Rogers has been doing you a favour the last couple years but they have decided they can’t continue to do it, so deal with it. You need to wait until the next iPhone comes out and enjoy your iPhone 4.

    1. Stavros

      @ Shane, for some reason you think that Rogers isn’t already making a butt load of cash from us….you have no idea to be perfectly honest. They made billions last year…so ya..I guess they’re going to go bankrupt soon.

    2. Sebastien

      If you renew a 3 years contract then yes you should get discount on the hardware!

  227. john

    I have cancelled my 16GB reservation (I was 59th in line) and will buy directly from Apple instead because of the changes to your early upgrade fee.

  228. Ivan B

    This is a truly disappointing time for Rogers and it’s loyal customers. We have been bludgeoned over the head to many times and this may be the last unless they change their position on HUP for Iphone S. For the past 3 iphone’s they have offered the HUP at the same level and was reasonable, to do this at such an exaggerated price is analogous to robbing a old lady on the side of the street and hitting her for good measure. Come on!!!! I can understand a 50$ increase or something similar total but over 300$ are you guys nuts!!!Last time i checked we were in the beginning stages of a recession. Please Rogers look at the way Apple treat’s it’s customers on a daily basis please!!!

  229. Patrick

    So I can pay 1600 to upgrade me and my wifes iphones with rogers. Or pay the same price to get out of my contract and move to Telus. Finally after 18 years of loyalty you have pushed me to leave. $2400 per year and you still needed more. Thanks for nothing.

  230. tika

    Please clarify something for me. I want to upgrade to the iPhone 4s therefore I added a $30 data plan. To get the iPhone 4s I have to pay $209 + early upgrade fee + $35 activation fee? Would I be able to get the 50$ rebate? If not I’ll cancel my data and wait till my contract finishes.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Specific pricing varies for each customer. I don’t have access to your account details so it’s best you speak to a rep. You can reach them on Twitter (@RogersHelps), Facebook ( or through one of the methods listed at

      1. Meowmix

        Again Melanie you are doing it. My god Even the reps over the call center have seen the mistakes you are doing & giving false statements to us… jeus christ.

        @ Tika. Yes you are able to get it

        “Customers who renew on select three-year terms may be eligible for a one-time $50 Hardware Upgrade Rebate credit. Credit to be applied to customer’s invoice. Offer subject to change without notice. Full Hardware Upgrade Rebate details available in store. ”

        That is from the email you get. I spoke to over 20 reps & A few rogers Managers at plus stores & they all told me that ALL costumers that are doing hardware upgrade will get the 50$ rebate coupon.

  231. Ken Snider

    So, $674 for an upgrade from an iPhone4 to a 4S. For someone who purchased on launch day. Apple wants $75 more to sell me an unlocked phone.

    For an account that travels to the US every month and has a monthly bill around $250?

    So, extending my contract period is worth a whopping $75 to you Rogers? Then I’ll go buy an unlocked phone and, for the first time in years, be shopping for a new carrier when my contract expires.

    I hope your marketing folks are happy with this result. :)

  232. CH

    Wow, In the East the Rogers network is weak, to say the least, compared to the other guys. The only reason I have stuck with Rogers for all these years is their great upgrade policy. I have been a loyal customer since Cantel. I have always bragged to others about Rogers great customer service in spite of their weak coverage. I have 4 phone accounts with rogers, not including my home phone, and they are all iPhones. I have been paying Rogers over 400 a month for years and have been happy to do so because of their outstanding upgrade flexibility. The only thing Rogers had over the other guys has now been stripped away. A pseudo rebate on the hardware itself ( do they really mean to insult our intelligence ?) and a HUGE upgrade charge has left me nothing but disappointed in the company I have loyally supported for years. This is not the way to treat the people who made the company what it is. I really hope they examine this policy.

  233. Andrew

    I have a few concerns about this “reservation” system. I reserved at 6:01 on the first day and was about 200 in line. After a few days, I’m mow at 110. Is Rogers saying that there are only 100 iPhone 4s, Black 16 GB allocated for the ENTIRE country so far? I can be rest assured that there haven’t been people behind of me in lime from major city centers who have received their processing notice?

    If this is the case, Rogers should be a bit embarrassed that Apple has only gven then 100 iPhones thus far. Perhaps they have been reading this board and know that many people will be leaving Rogers and they won’t need the phones anyway?

    Hopeful for an answer.


    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Andrew,

      Moving up in the line can be attributed to both orders starting to be processed as well as people cancelling their reservation. Processing will take time due to the volume of reservations. I’m not sure what you mean when you ask about having only 100 devices allocated but to know where you’re at in the process, it’s best to watch your order status for updates.

      1. Danny

        I think what he wants to know is what the rest of us want to know… What’s taking so long for the “device reservation” line to move? Take my case for example, I reserved at 6:45 on the first day and was placed in 448 position in line. It’s now 9:49AM 5 calendar/2 business days later, and I’m only in 404 position. It’s taken 2 business days to move 44 positions?! Either Rogers doesn’t have enough iPhones allocated to the reservation list or the people working on allocating the iPhone for the list are very inefficient. I really doubt it takes much time to print off a bunch of stickers, allocate the required iPhone per sticker and ship off the iPhones to the specified stores.

      2. RogersMelanie

        Hey Danny, your movement does not necessarily mean devices have started to be processed. It could be that people have cancelled their reservation too. It’s best to check your status online to see where you are in the shipment process. That’s your best indication of when you will receive your device.

      3. MCR

        I believe the 100 devices comment refers to the fact that most of us have only moved up 70-100 positions in line through the reservation system. So not only are you charging us an extra 50$ for being loyal customers (yes mail in rebate whatever we still have to essentially loan you 50+tax dollars to buy a phone), but you seem to have allocated almost no devices to the reservation system itself. What’s the point in an early reservation system if at the current rate of order processing I won’t have my phone for 2 months?

  234. Scott Brookes

    Rogers I have to say I’m rather upset I have given you 8400 of my hard earned cash in the last 3.5 years… after you subtract what i still owe you for hardware upgrades you have made approx 5000 from my family. I just can’t understand y I can’t get a better offer then these.

    I know i upgraded my iPhone last year… and i also did it the year before… but even with that look how much profit you have made from me. I can’t understand y new customers get more loyalty then the ones that have been with you for long periods of time.

    I hope you do what you did last year and rethink it and let us enjoy standing in line or whatever to own a great product like this

  235. Henry

    Is anyone planning on lining up at a Rogers store or Apple Friday am? Would love to get my hands on one On launch day. Looking for input on how early you would need to show up in order to stand any chance. (Would try Newmarket/Upper Canada Apple Store or an Aurora Rogers store).

    PS I did order one with Rogers reservation system….number 215 I think, and I just checked and it says “in progress” but I really doubt that it would arrive for Friday….will call and cancel if I get one in-store Friday.

    Any input appreciated!

  236. Oroth

    i called into rogers to get some information and the person on the line was not very helpful … i asked for information on the new iphone and was placed on hold for over 10 minutes … then the line went dead … i really don’t enjoy calling into rogers one bit.

    1. RogersMelanie

      What info were you looking for?

  237. iphone4sshipping


  238. iphone4sshipping

    the reservation system says
    Shipping process has begun. Additional changes cannot be made. An email with shipping details has been/will be sent to you.

    YAY ROGERS DOESNT TOTALLY SUCK! now get the plans right

  239. Shane R

    Yet again existing customers are being shafted and now there is a PENALTY, not just for breaking a contract, but even for reknewing it before the 3 years is up. This early upgrade fee is a slap in the face to consumers – and at the very least, should have been communicated at the time of the iPhone 4 launch so that customers could have made an informed decision about whether to upgrade or not.

    Thanks for convincing me not to upgrade. I’d rather not have the phone than pay Rogers $300+ just to stay with them for another 3 years, on top of the price of the new phone.

  240. Sam

    Let me explain the $50 mail in rebate and how Rogers is actually profiting from this:

    1) Rogers has had a promotion in place for some time now that when doing an early HUP, you get a $50 rebate. This has been a policy in place well before the release of the current iPhones.

    2) Therefore, with the price of the iPhone 4s 16gb being $159, after rebate, the cost should be $109 for an iPhone 4s 16gb.

    3) Since Rogers has this rebate policy in place, they decide to artificially inflate the price of the same phone to $209, so even after rebate, you are still paying $159 for the phone.

    4) What Rogers is doing is circumventing the $50 rebate so that customers are NOT getting any rebate on the phone. Rogers is saving themselves $50 per phone purchased which translates into hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings for Rogers.

    5) People on here are assuming that the rebate makes no sense as after rebate the phone is still $159. People see it as Rogers wasting everyone’s time.

    6) But if you think about it carefully, Rogers is doing it so they don’t actually have to sell the phones for $109 ($159-$50 rebate), which means they have saved $50 multiplied by the number of iPhone 4s’ sold.

    I hope everyone understands this and what Rogers is trying to achieve by inflating the price of the phone by $50. They are offsetting the rebate by adding $50.

    1. Dmbfan

      And costing us the extra in taxes in the meantime.

  241. Matt

    Wow, I’m gonna have to cancel my Rogers Home Phone and Digital Cable just to afford a new iPhone. Hope you’re happy now, Rogers.

  242. M Simon

    RIP OFF!

    Why should I pay almost 620$ for an upgrade when I have had Rogers for 13 months and I could just buy it out for 29$ more and go to Telus or Bell in 2 years? Highway Robbery!!

    These prices are out to lunch for upgrades… I would never commit myself to another 3 year term to Rogers because of this!

  243. Ted

    First of all, I feel bad for rogers melanie, chris, etc. Rogers has set you up to take this massive beating.

    Secondly, if the hup policy stays as is I will be cancelling my line and getting the phone from bell or telus. If rogers is going to play hardball and basically reward loyalty with price gouging then I’ll play hardball. Maybe my $1200 per year might not mean much, but you’ll be losing my wife’s $1200 per year and many, many other similar accounts.

  244. Dave

    When the store calls you to let you know they have a Iphone 4S in for you, how long do you have to pick it up? Do you have to pick it up asap or will the store hold it for you for a certain period of time?

    1. RogersMelanie

      The store will hold your device for up to 18 days. This allows up to four days for delivery and two weeks for you to pick it up. If you cannot make it to the store within this time frame, please call the store to make alternate arrangements. Alternate arrangements are at the store’s discretion.

  245. Devin

    Absolutely ridiculous! I’ve purchased an iPhone 3G and was told 24 months until I can upgrade, I bought a 3GS the next year for my wife and was told 24 months until I could upgrade. I bought an iPhone 4 and because it was 24 months I was able to upgrade. Now, all of the sudden the rules have changed to 30 months or a fee!? How do you justify changing the rules mid-contract? It’s time to upgrade my 3GS which is now well over two years old and I am being charged $45 early upgrade and $35 upgrade admin. What a money grab! I have a family plan that had 3 iPhones on it, paying well over $300 a month and you want more money!?Absolutely ridiculous! I’ll make my opinion heard with my wallet.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Devin,

      Upgrade offers are promotions not policies so they’re subject to change. It’s always best to speak to a rep to check your current upgrade eligibility.

      1. hermes

        splitting hairs no? wouldn’t it be nice if you could feel confident your ‘current upgrade eligibility’ wasn’t worse than your upgrade eligibility at signing.

        Because I remember being informed of how upgrades worked at time and it didn’t go like this:

        “Upgrades are in 36 months. Sometimes they have an upgrade promotion. Right now it’s 24 months, but who knows in the future”.

        It went like this:
        “Your contract is for 3 years. You can upgrade in 24 months if you re-sign.”

        And that sounds like policy, not promotion.
        Sure easier to sell a phone though.

  246. Jesse

    How come no mention of the $35 “Hardware Upgrade Administration Fee”? Seems like yet another cash grab from Rogers…

    1. Meowmix

      You should know by now that the 35$ admin fee is always applied unless the store or Carrier waves it.

      It says it once you put in ur stuff on the Upgrade tool on the Rogers site…

    2. Ted

      It’s a charge that, while questionable, most have just overlooked (as a concession) due to the good upgrade policies of the past.

      1. kiwi

        very true. I let them grab the $35 in the past because I didnt want to argue it..

    3. Michelle

      I 100% agree with this. Why am I paying a $35 admin fee when I already have an account with Rogers???

  247. Musabi

    Goodbye Rogers.

    To cancel and go to Bell: $500+$159 = $659
    To stay: $209.00 + $380.00 Early Upgrade Fee*+ $35 Hardware Upgrade Administration Fee = $624

    I’ll also be saving 7$ a month with Bell meaning I will have saved an extra $84 in the first 12 months so$ 659-$84=$575

    You’re losing someone who is 26 and has been with you since he was 17 or so. Long time for a fairly young customer to be with one company for.


  248. Dj

    To be honest, Rogers has virtually completely destroyed all loyalty I felt towards them. Last year, although I was eligible to upgrade i missed the cutoff due to misinformation from a Rogers rep, and after a lot of harassing, they sent me a phone with a renewal of my contract. This year to thank me for renewing my contract, I get to purchase a phone for $420 + a $400 upgrade fee + my reservation fee. This is completely backwards logic. I’d be better off to go purchase an unlocked phone from the apple store. Thanks for the customer loyalty. Rogers!

  249. Reality Check

    You Apple fanboys and girls are absolutely hilarious…..
    When did Rogers Wireless change their name to Apple Wireless?
    That’s right, scratch your heads, because it didn’t.
    Let’s be real, I have an iPhone4, would love a discount, but totally understand why the HUP policy is the way it is this year. Maybe if Apple completely redesigned the iPhone – Rogers would consider giving a higher discount, but ultimately, all you fanboys expect:
    – to pay $50-$70 per month w your retention plans, equalling $600-840 per year.
    – you expect Rogers to give you a $500 discount, giving you back 63-83% of your entire yearly revenue for your wireless bill?
    – you expect Rogers to give you a $500 discount for the exact same hardware you have in your hands, with the $500 discount you just got, so you can have a personal assistant named SIRI and 3MP more camera?

    Get a grip, w the amount of discounts, complaints and labour to the call center some of you guys cost constantly complaining, Rogers could cut your business and probably make a few bucks doing so. You all need a reality check, when you buy a video game they don’t give you a discount with the latest year, nor do TVs, or any other electronics

    1. Robert

      I would say maybe 1% of their iPhone customers pay $50/month. Average is probably $100/month = $1200/yr. Many people pay more than that. And that’s just wireless, a lot of these people (myself included) pay out the behind for cable and internet, as well. Rogers doesn’t HAVE to keep them happy, but they have at least made an effort by offering reasonable HUP in the past. This is why most iPhone users (read: high disposable incomce customers) are with Rogers.

      Now that it is becoming cheaper to simply buy an unlocked device from Apple, there will be less devices locked to Rogers = less incentive for customers and second-hand iPhone buyers to use Rogers = less incentive to keep other high-margin services such as cable and internet with Rogers since companies like Bell can offer good deals to switch all services over to them when no longer bound by a contract. Short-term will be fine for Rogers because they’ll make a lot from EArly Cancelations adn not having to pay subsidies on new iPhones since less people are buying new iPhones form them, but long-term they will lose a LOT of customers and it will snowball once those iP4 that are locked to Rogers become out-of-date and the market is flooded with unlocked iP4S which allow you to go to any carrier.

    2. Ryan

      As per your “for the exact same hardware you have in your hands” comment, it’s entirely different hardware. Sure, the casing is the same, as well as the screen, but internally it’s all different. The antenna is much better as well.

      It’s like getting a house renovated. Sure, it looks the same on the outside, but instead of your old couches you could have brand new fancy ones, you could turn your old bath tub into a Jacuzzi tub, heck maybe even put a pool table and extra bathroom in there! Makes it a lot nicer, no?

  250. Steve

    You guys ever see the Ally commercials where 2 girls are at a table and this gentleman ask if the little girls wants a pony and so he gives her a little toy pony, then the second girl is asked the same thing, then he calls out a REAL pony?? Rogers doesn’t pay to be good longstanding customers, they need to suck in new people once in a while. They’re goal is to extend all these short term 1 year’s to 3 year contract….no honestly…it is…..

    This is the exact same thing. Apparently Rogers thinks we’re all morons. I’m sure they’re super excited that this phone has the most pre-sales of all of the phones….I can’t wait for the ‘surprise’ when the naive people realize how much it’s going to cost them and it all fails.

  251. Shawn

    How much stock does Rogers have in the warehouse. How many units will be available at launch?

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Shawn,

      It’s our goal to get a device to everyone who wants one. While we can’t share exact numbers, the shipments we get will be allocated to stores and to customers who have reserved them through our reservation systems. We are not aware of inventory issues at this time.

  252. Shawn

    From what i can tell, the 32 GB black is the most popular and has the quickest and most reservations. At this point, the line for this model has not really moved much, but it has for other models.

    1. Johnny

      My understanding is that the line is national wide and for all models of the IP4s. You would know which model is more popular or has moved on….

  253. Rob

    So RogersMelanie
    With all this backlash and with so many complaints and people threatening to leave.. Is there any talk of helping out your loyal customers or is Rogers sticking to their guns and kicking us to the curb??
    Really would of been nice to know this ahead of time so I could of reserved elsewhere! Because if this does not change in the next 2 days.. You will lose all my home and business services..
    There really is no point of staying with a supplier if there are no perks for loyal customers!

    We are all waiting for some type of response to this…

  254. Devin

    The problem isn’t that their isn’t a significant discount for people who bought iPhone 4’s in the last year, it’s that Rogers changed the rules mid-way through a contract. I have an iPhone 3GS which I was told I could upgrade after 2 years. Well, it is now well past 2 years and I am now being told I have to pay an additional early upgrade fee. That’s an out and out lie by Rogers, and that’s what is upsetting.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Devin,

      Upgrade offers are promotional in nature. As they’re not policies they’re subject to change. It is always best to speak to a rep about current upgrade offers and eligibility.

  255. canada_doug

    So Rogers, $405 surcharge to upgrade (-$50 if I re-up), but only $277 to cancel the line altogether? What would you do? You are basically paying me to leave. Didn’t anyone think about this before you came up with your upgrade plan? Wow, what an oversight.

    Everyone else, the reason they are offering a Mail In rebate is because redemption is typically less than 30%. That means that they are counting on a large % of customers not to redeem it. It also means that you have to pay tax on the full amount. Call rogers and find out what it would cost you to break your contract and leave to another carrier.

  256. valentin

    Some people are calling 25/30 times a day 611 to talk about iPhones… No wonder Rogers hates us and want to get rid of us! ha! Chill out!

  257. Ling

    After reading all of these comments and my experiences with the self serve tools I’ve cancelled my reservation and decided to buy outright from apple. The discrepancy in posted price with the fine print $50 rebate turned me off. The HUP tool quoted me 12 months but the customer service rep said 11 months. Im like every other customer out there…give me the clear facts so I can make an informed decision. It’s a shame I’ve had to second guess every fact I’ve received from Rogers concerning the iPhone 4S. I was going to switch my Internet and cable over from Bell but now I’m having second thoughts.

    Rogers, I hope you make a better effort of bridging your communication gaps between your call centers, social media and self service teams. Provide your customers consistent information. Give us a great customer experience and we will gladly invest our 100’s of dollars per month in bundled services. We look at telcom companies with a discerning eye “who annoys us less…”. Please don’t be the #1 annoyer.

  258. Mike

    When Rogers announces the “special” HUP price on Thursday afternoon, will it also apply to people already on the waiting list?

    1. Rob

      Where have they said there is a “new” “special” HUP price for tomorrow? Are you just assuming or did someone at Rogers tell you this?

      1. Mike

        Just assuming. Based on:

        1) This is exactly what they did last year
        2) The 6GB data plan hasn’t been announced yet, so it will be announced at the same time as the early upgrade promotion.

  259. Ted

    Posting excerpt from

    “Its really stupid. I called rogers if im elligible to upgrade and they say no, i can pay 360+ 379 for the new iphone 4s 64gb, after i recalled rogers to know the price if i will cancel my contract, they said 160$, ok fine, i will keep my number and switching carrier….”

    $360 early upgrade fee v. $160 cancellation fee…..doesn’t make much sense does it.

  260. Jay

    My reservation number is pretty high for the 64GB Black – 1550 – let’s see how this reservation system works and how long it takes for me to get one after the launch.

    Do I have the highest number here? :)

    1. Mike

      I’ve got 2726 for a 64GB black. But I’m cancelling my reservation and buying from Apple if Rogers doesn’t announce an early upgrade promotion by Friday.

  261. Eric E

    Hey Rogers:

    Unlike everyone else here I want to commend you. While I may not care for the early upgrade charge for getting a new device (I’m absolutely salivating over the HTC Evo) at least you are treating all your customers the same, which is the essence of being fair. No longer do customers who prefer a certain brand over another receive preferential treatment. My bill is the same as anyone else on here and not once have I felt I have an intrinsic right based on that. Also, I’ve done plenty of upgrades in the past and always paid the extra $50 and then mailed it in and received my rebate (now I understand it can be processed online too). Just because a company tells you their new device is awesome and need and you need to have it, doesn’t mean it really is awesome and you need to have it. A little S doesn’t make all the difference.

    1. Ted

      “at least you are treating all your customers the same, which is the essence of being fair”

      “No longer do customers who prefer a certain brand over another receive preferential treatment”

      This is not an ethics issue. While business ethics does have its place, making special concessions to your highest revenue generating customer base is not an ethical issue, make no mistake.

      1. Eric E

        But you aren’t their highest revenue customer base, you are equivalent to every other smartphone customer that have similar or greater bills then you.

    2. Monica

      Hi Eric,

      I don’t know why we should be penalized for wanting something new. Rogers makes money off the phone either way. Obviously they make a ton more with their upgrade fee system, and that’s why they do it. They want to make money. Fair enough, they are a business, but it is seen as greedy by long term customers and it will lose them customers in the end. Not smart.

      And, a little s does make a difference, much faster phone, longer battery life, and new Siri technology, makes it worthwhile (and desirable) to many people.

      1. Eric E

        What you fail to see is that you’re not being penalized, you are getting the exact same upgrade program as every other customer. Also, no company makes money off the sale of the iPhone itself, the cost that wireless providers are allowed to put on it is the same as the cost that Apple sells it to them for.

        And, truly spoken like an Apple zombie .

      2. Monica

        I really don’t understand the upgrade fee policy for any device, why can’t we purchase a new phone and add a year on to our contracts?

        And if the phone is locked to a provider, then they should provide some incentive for us to buy it with them, and continue our contract with them. It keeps us as their customer, and shouldn’t we be rewarded for that?

        With current pricing, I’d rather just buy unlocked with Apple, and have options to move my business in less than two years, once my current contract expires. There’s no incentive to stay with Rogers with their current pricing/offer.

        Yes, a somewhat techie person, and a proud Apple fan, I like to have the newest when I can. I think Siri will be great, very helpful, and look forward to a better camera, faster speed and better battery life, too. What’s wrong with that?

        Every company in the world wishes they had the devotion Apple has from its fans. It’s because Apple works hard to give its customers great products, that work well and are easy to use. Would lose my mind working on a microsoft platform, don’t care for it at all. I have never tried another smart phone, but why would I when everything else in my life is Apple.

      3. Chris

        Eric… I will have to disagree with you.

        I work in a financial company and we always have to be competitive vs the competition and we always have to provide the best customer service (something Rogers is lacking). There is a reason why our company is #1 in Canada for the past 5 years
        Now with Rogers, they are abusing the system and the long term customers and new customers are paying for this.
        1. In the States plans are signed for 2 years not 3
        2. For an existing customer, in some cases, Rogers is charging more than a unlocked brand new phone without contract from Apple – this is a big fail and middle finger.
        3. Fees on top of fees with some more fees
        4. Abusing the rebate system as they don’t want to sell the phone for 109.99 so they hike it up with a mail in rebate which will bring it to 159.99 if the clients do remember and goes through the mail-in rebate procedure. Rogers is probably hoping 30-40% will not even bother with this rebate and its free money in their pocket.
        5. Whats the point of a activation/admin or whatever they call the 35$ fee…
        For existing clients there should be no activation as they have been clients for years maintaining contracts. I understand a 35$ fee for creating new accounts as it does take time, but for old existing clients??? So basically a 35$ activation fee is required for some Rogers monkey to plug in a SIM card?
        6. HUP is now 30 not 24 months

        From experience its beneficial to give a small discount to loyal existing clients to keep them happy, however this is not the case with Rogers. They did the same mistake with the internet/home phone/TV and now I hear the market shifted to TELUS and its still shifting.

        When I called and asked about different packages for my home bundles, they said there was nothing that could be done in a very rude way… I was paying 120$/month for basic cable/high speed internet and basic phone line.
        I moved the business to TELUS and got the same package for 30$ a moth…. including HD box with a 320GB HD, XBox and faster internet… When I inquired about this, Rogers pretty much gave me the finger and said “well you will be locked in a contract with TELUS” and they did not offer anything.

        After I switched I kept getting offers from Rogers to go back, however it was a little too late.

        Currently I have two lines with Rogers spending ~200$ per month and both lines are now out of contract and im looking for a different provider which will make me happy and maybe even safe a few $. Rogers is out 7200$ from the iPhone contracts lost and another 1500$/year from cable/TV/internet…

        This cant possibly be good for business

        Now can I upgrade my two lines without paying the early hardware upgrade? yes, because I’m out of contract, but seeing how Rogers is handling this I really don’t want to deal with this process next year and the year after… I hope more clients do the same thing to create a competition in between the three big providers Rogers/TELUS/BELL

  262. jarndt08

    $35 activation fee no matter how you swing it? Go to Telus, activate your phone on line and pay $0! I’m not even with Rogers but this is a joke from what I see. Jack up your prices by $50 and then offer a rebate like your some savior giving your customers a break and when your really screwing them. Rogers is a joke!

  263. Andrew

    The longer I see my iPhone reservation not moving, the more frustrated I get. I was 200 in line – have only moved up 100 places. This means that Rogers has, so far, only received 100 (or less) iPhone 4s, 16GB in Black?

    I wonder if the other carriers received more. Or I wonder if Rogers is allocating based on population rather than the actual wait list. Either way, if I knew I’d still have to wait past the launch, I would have simply lined up at Apple like I always do.


    1. Rob

      I think Rogers has not started shipping yet and your jump in line is due to people backing out of their reservations.

      I am sure it will move fast in the next day or two

      They could start shipping Thursday night or Friday morning and all stores get it that day around lunch.

      At least I hope this is how it goes… They must be getting a couple thousand units at least for all of Ontario…they all go to Rogers warehouse then they start going through the list and start shipping.

      I think it will all be ok other then them ripping us off.

    2. Ryan

      I’m pretty sure that the reservation list isn’t changing, is it? I think you getting closer and closer in line is because people cancel their reservation, whether it’s because the upgrade price they received or they want to buy unlocked. Could be wrong, but I think that’s what it is!

  264. kiwi

    I posted a comment earlier and it was not put on the board. It wasnt a bad comment, just saying I was dissappointed with the HUP and that I would change to a competitior that has better coverage.

  265. l_di

    I’ve been following this thread for a couple of days. I think it is incredible how iphone fans feel so ‘entitled’. No matter what carrier you are with nor what brand of phone you choose, if you sign a contract you must follow through and pay the penalty. If the contract (or in the case of this thread, the upgrade promotion) changed a few months ago you should have have complained at that time. The rest of us who use other brands of cell phones have to abide by our contracts for our upgrades – you should too.

      1. Chris

        You guys don’t really understand supply and demand.

        Look at all facts and dissect the HUP prices… the HUP price is a joke when there might not be a discount or very little vs buying the same unit directly from Apple… and this is for existing customers which have been paying thousands of $ over the years to maintain contracts with Rogers.

        #1. they charge more than buying directly from the retailer and a better version
        #2. you’re in a contract… meaning the client is a guaranteed source of income and Rogers is abusing this instead of honoring it.

        This actually is relevant to any type of HUP not just the iPhone. Imagine dropping that new Blackberry in water after 5 months of use and having to purchase a new unit. Client goes to Rogers and gets the quote of 699 under the early upgrade (25*20 HUP+ 35 admin fee + 209 phone – 40$ mail in rebate), refreshes the three year contract meanwhile the phone costs 599 from a third party or direct manufacturer… does it make sense? Where is the loyalty because this seems pretty one sided…

      2. Eric E

        If you just purchased your device and are incompetent enough to drop it in water I see no reason why you should be rewarded with another $500 subsidy. In your scenario Rogers would receive another 5 months worth of commitment from the customer, again not worth a $500 subsidy. Although I do agree that doing a HUP at that time would make no sense and buying the phone at full price makes more sense, maybe next time you won’t drop your phone in water.

      3. l_di

        I actually do understand supply and demand very much. I just thinks it is crazy that just because people got an iphone for a subsidized price last year they are basically yelling and screaming to get one again this year.

        I am not disagreeing that the fees for early hardware upgrade are a joke, I don’t like it either. Who wants to be stuck with the same phone for 2.5 years or pay an arm and a leg to get a new one earlier? My monthly fees, including discounts, is $70/month before tax. I have been with Rogers for 8 years – do the math! Especially when I haven’t had a hardware upgrade in 5 years (I bought my last phone outright) does that mean I am entitled to more off the price than the next guy? I think so, but realistically – No, I am not entitled. We all have the same contracts and have to follow the same HUP procedures. Everyone has the same three options – wait until either a) we’re at the point where the early HUP prices aren’t ridiculous b) we’re eligible for HUP without any extra cost or c) buy it outright.
        If you want a $700 phone for basically nothing then you best be waiting until next year when the iphone 5 comes out and they drop the price on the iphone 4S. If Rogers isn’t going to give EVERYONE the option of an Early HUP for free, not just iphone fans, then no one should be getting this promotion.

        As for dropping a phone in water and needing a new one – does Rogers not have a Handset Protection Guarantee, which no other carrier has? Why wouldn’t you take advantage of that if your phone was broken or not working?

      4. Chris

        My two plans are out of contract and I don’t have to worry about the HUP, however by moving the phone # to TELUS or Bell I end up saving 35$ admin fees and 50$ upfront since the price of the device is jacked up by 50$ with a the promise of a mail in rebate which takes time and can easily be lost.
        So my question again, where is the customer appreciation and loyalty? Rogers is basically paying its customers to seek other providers.

    1. Stavros

      It’s not a contract, it’s subject to change is where there’s an exaggeration as you can tell by the reflection of the new pricing. It’s not hard to see. If you can’t figure it out, bring up your calculator (Alt+F4).

  266. JM

    Rogers has gotten a lot right for iPhone owners, they were the first company with a 6GB data plan for $30 and they still maintain that price. They added data tethering for free when the US carriers has charged $20 as an option. They have in the past offered good upgrade deals for new iPhone owners. They really understood iPhone owners which is why I stayed with them … you have to remember that Apple fans are devoted, we line up all night and I stayed up early morning at 3AM and 6AM to pre-order my devices.

    However, they do have a problem because all iPhone owners are unhappy because you won’t let them upgrade to their latest and favorite device at a reasonable price. It’s too high, and there’s no incentive for us to stay with Rogers. The price is so high that many are just considering cancelling the contract or buying an unlocked version. They need to give iPhone 4S owners a special HUP price that’s not as cheap as before but better than cancelling our contracts. Set price of $400 for existing iPhone users?

    Myself, I’m cancelling my device registration. I have two unlocked iPhone 4S on order with Apple and will be considering leaving to another carrier and also moving my internet service as well. I’m just waiting if Rogers will make this right.

    1. Ted

      +1… least make the HUP price reasonable. $320 on top of the new activation price on top of a $35 activation fee on top of the $50 “refundable” fee is not reasonable. The cost is so prohibitive that no one with a $300+ early upgrade fee would, in their right mind, upgrade. Might as well have been a $1k or $1M upgrade fee, because no one would pay it.

    2. Andrew

      I fail to understand why you as an iPhone user would get a “special HUP” over me because I use a BlackBerry.

  267. Shawn

    What is the point of this pre-order if people close to the front are not able to get it first day

  268. thelogan

    If the reservation system is Canada wide, why have other peoples position in line been dropping but I have been #61 since saturday?

    1. RogersMelanie