Rogers LTE network now live in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver

The wait is over! From east to the west, your new wireless experience is here.

Major markets in Canada’s three largest provinces now have access to the world’s fastest wireless network technology. Rogers launched its LTE network today in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, joining Ottawa where Rogers launched Canada’s first LTE network back in July.

Now, more than 5.5 million Canadians have access to LTE with Rogers– more than any other wireless company in Canada.

Rogers has already started to introduce its first line up of great LTE devices. If you’re in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver or Ottawa, you can now purchase the Rogers LTE Rocketstick, which plugs into your laptop and gives you speeds similar to what you get at home through your broadband connection.

On October 18, we kick off what will be the widest selection of devices with a Rogers exclusive HTC Jetstream LTE tablet, the fastest tablet in Canada. This Android 3.1 tablet boasts LTE + Wi-Fi  connectivity, a 10” high resolution touchscreen, 32 GB capacity, and dual-core 1.5GHz processor. Add the HTC Scribe digital pen accessory and you can even sketch, highlight, take notes, or sign documents on your tablet. Rogers customers can reserve this tablet, the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE smartphone, or the LTE Rocketmobile hotspot (Sierra Wireless AirCard 754S) online today at

Using these devices on Rogers LTE network will make it easier for you to download apps, stream HD videos, download your favourite tunes in mere seconds or even play on-line video games with virtually no delay or buffering.

To celebrate the expansion of Canada’s first LTE network, we’ve also introduced a special, limited time offer that provides LTE customers a chance to purchase one of Rogers largest ever data buckets – 10GB for $52.93 per month on a 3 year plan.

LTE promises to revolutionize your wireless experience and we’re happy to be the first to bring this new technology to Canadians.

With tablets, smartphones, sticks and hotspots coming in the next few weeks, which LTE device are you most excited about?

UPDATE (January 20, 2012, 4:23 pm): If you want to read a customer review of Rogers LTE network, check out this post from Howard Forums.

Sara Holland is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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198 comments on “Rogers LTE network now live in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver

  1. Bob

    So the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE launches on Oct 18th?

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Bob,

      The first LTE device to launch will be the HTC Jetstream LTE tablet which is set to launch October 18th. The Samsung Galaxy S II LTE will follow after. We do not have launch details yet for that smartphone. We’ll be sure to update when we have news.

  2. Venelin

    I’m wondering who’s gonna use this expensive service. Please reduce the price with something reasonable.

    1. Melissa

      $50 for 10 GB 3 year term . :) Get er done!!!!
      They up’ed the GB on their LTE flex rates plans as well. But i think this $50 plan is awesome. Better then 3 G plans! Go LTE Go!

  3. NP

    It’s great that Rogers has launched LTE. That said, I’m not paying any extra for data, especially that exorbitant amount.

  4. LTE Sweetness

    Will the Samsung SG2 LTE be release on October 18th as well?

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey there, the tablet will launch on October 18 and the other announced devices will follow after. We do not have any timing details yet for these devices. We’ll be sure to update when we do.

      1. Sam

        Here we are almost the mid of October and still no word on when the gs2 will be released is it hard to tell when it will be released or it is Samsung that they don’t give you an updated, do you have the devices in stock or you don’t, please let us know !!!!!!!!!

      2. RogersMelanie

        We don’t have any updated information about the Samsung Galaxy S II launch. We will update with details as soon as we have news to share.

  5. Shawn

    This is way too expensive for smartphone data. If we can convert our 6gb for 30 dollar over, then I am fine but forget it. When is the sgs2 coming out, October 18?

  6. 6GBUser

    Will I be able to keep my $30/6GB plan if I upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE?

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey 6GBUser,

      You will be able to keep your 6GB plan however in order to access the LTE network, you will need an LTE plan. If you keep the 6GB plan you’ll be able to use the Samsung Galaxy S II on the HSPA+ network.

      1. Claude

        But the other way around if I get an LTE plan of 10GB will I be able to use it on 3G-HSPA+ network, and also if I have the 6GB/30$ will I be able to change it for the 10GB/53$ ?

      2. RogersMelanie

        Hey Claude,

        Yes you’re right. LTE can access HSPA+ if you’re not in an LTE area. You can change your 6GB/$30 plan to the 10GB LTE plan, however you will have to renew your 3-year term as the plan is a promotion.

      3. Claude

        And could you tell me if the 10GB/53$ is share data, so if I get the HTC Jetstream w/10Gb will I be able to share with my phone and other devices?

      4. RogersMelanie

        Hey Claude,

        It is sharable. We’ll have more specific details once the plan launches.

      5. Richard Smith

        I was wondering how long is the promo plan gonna be on for?
        My 3year contract is up in November.
        will the promo plan be still available?

      6. RogersMelanie

        Hey Richard,

        I don’t have details about when the promo is going to end. Hopefully, you’ll get to take advantage.

      7. player

        Hi,if we switch from regular data plan to LTE plan what’s going to happen with our data discounts?will Rogers apply existing data discount for LTE?

      8. RogersMelanie

        Hey player,

        Data discounts are not transferable to LTE plans.

  7. Corman

    “…Rogers largest ever data buckets – 10GB for $52.93 per month on a 3 year plan.”

    About a year we were all told that LTE data plans would cost less for much more. This is a total rip off. For $50 it should be unlimited. We are already getting ripped for date, voice, and text services. I have a My 5 plan, with voicemail and 6GB of data and I’m paying almost $92 a month. The same plan in the USA is $58 WITH unlimited nation-wide calling… At this point I’m thinking about unlocking my device and switching to another carrier. I thought LTE was going to change the market and give us lower prices for more. I guess not…

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Corman,

      On a per GB basis, our LTE pricing is lower than for HSPA+; we’re passing on savings from a more efficient network. The buckets are much bigger so customers can really enjoy the benefits of LTE.

      1. Karan M

        Ummm, really? 4GB of HSPA+ data is $50 / month. The same on LTE is $62.93. Not sure how that is lower or passing on the savings.

      2. Alph

        Ironically, my home Extreme connection gets me 100Gb per month for about $53. LTE is ONE TENTH the data cap for the same price.

        Not much value there.

      3. Warner

        I pay $42.95 + tax for 300Gb per month for my Extreme connection!

  8. Sneakz

    What is the cancellation policy for data only LTE?

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Sneakz,

      The same cancellation rules apply for LTE. You can check out the Service Agreement terms on

  9. Chris

    Man Roger’s is dropping the ball on product releases. Every other carrier has the Galaxy S II but not Rogers. Most of us don’t care about LTE due to the limited coverage – but get some premium Android devices already. The whole reason I jumped to Roger’s years ago was that they had new product regularly….that isn’t the case anymore – when SaskTel beats you to the punch you really have to start asking some serious questions internally. And the lack of release/launch details around your new products is also just brutal. If there was a better alternative to Roger’s in Manitoba I’d leave in a second.

    1. Exactly. You don’t exactly create hype behind a product that’s been out for a while now on almost every other carrier, for a quarter of the price (on contract) I might add. I reserved the GSGII right away (55th in line…) and my HTC Magic+ is slowly dying away. I fell for your retention plan and had my contract extended, which I now completely regret. A date, even if it happens to be next year, would calm my nerves.

      1. Melissa

        Just because your on contract does not mean you cannot upgrade. Unless you upgraded your device less then 2-2.5 years ago? Call in and ask what upgrade options you have.

    2. dan

      nice comment my freind, agreeeeeeeed 100%

  10. Kevin

    Why do you have a picture of the samsung phone on yet another lte release article when you don’t even offer this and can’t provide a release date. You don’t actually have this phone so stop lying.

    This is deceptive and manipulative marketing. Why don’t you put a picture of the HTC device? Your competitors already have variants of the glaxaxy S2 on the market, why is Rogers so far behind? Are you purposely delaying the release until the new iPhone comes out?

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Kevin,

      The LTE devices will be launching in the coming weeks starting on October 18th with the tablet.

      1. Cameron

        You did not answer any of Kevin’s questions whatsoever. Good job with your public relation skills.

        Again, why is the release being pushed back even though the device is hardly new compared to the rest of the world?

      2. RogersMelanie

        Hey Cameron,

        We are launching the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE and this device is exclusive to Rogers. This is different from the Samsung Galaxy S II. We will share launch details when we have specifics.

      3. Cameron

        Verizon has had the galaxy S II LTE available since July. Their network launched almost two years ago. I understand that the device will have some different specifications, however rogers is months behind other companies in terms of networks and devices. There is no reason for this

      4. Sam

        Rogers wants to release the iphone 4s before the galaxy s2 lte, this is just to support the American products, I was an iphone fan but now no more with this crappy phone 3.5” 1 ghz dual, or the crappy apps store, apple wants us to pay for every upgrade they make, if I go and buy the iphone 4s it will take me years with apple to get the same spec on gs2 lte

  11. Jalal

    What are some of the other LTE data plans that will be available?

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Jalal,

      You can check out the other LTE plans by clicking on the various LTE devices in the “Rogers upcoming LTE devices” section here:

  12. RC

    Does the LTE improve the quality of a voice call and/or overall connectivity? I live in a condo in Toronto and a lot of times I can’t even get HSPA connectivity. Can LTE improve this fact?

    1. aaa

      from what i understand, LTE is only for data purposes only. it has nothing to do with the actual vioce aspect of cell phones. i do believe later on that this will change and LTE will be used for both voice and data

  13. poorstudent

    The LTE data plans are ridiculous! Students have no way of affording these prices and want to enjoy the fast data services. This is making me hate Rogers! I want the Galaxy S II so bad! I thought today they would release it now I have to wait another 3 weeks! Ridiculous!!!! NOT IMPRESSED AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hi poorstudent,

      You can purchase the device and get an HSPA+ plan with it if that is more affordable for you. Doing this mind you will not allow you to use the LTE network but it may work better with your budget. Just a second option to consider.

      1. aalusc

        Hi RogersMelanie,

        Why is it taking forever for rogers to release SGS2 !! Whats the point of releasing the LTE network and not releasing devices with it that people actually want to buy. I cdon’t care about the prices but what the HELL IS GOING ON WITH THE DELAYS !!!! Seriously Rogers dropping the ball and the day the public going to get another better option we’re going to drop you guys in a second. Then the big company wont be so big and the company which brings new technology first won’t remain first !!

      2. RogersMelanie

        Hey aalusc,

        We’re launching products that will help customers stay connected regardless of which device they have on hand. We launched with the Rocket Stick so that people can use LTE with their laptops. As of October 18th, customers will be able to connect to LTE on the tablet and after this the Samsung Galaxy S II and the Rocketmobile hotspot will launch. We’ll share launch date details as soon as we can.

  14. Mike

    Give me the GSII with HSPA+. LTE is a marketing gimmick right now. You’ll never need those speeds nor use 10GB of data in a month. Throw in the fact that they’re charging 52$/month for the data plan alone (that’s an entire phone bill in itself down in the US) and I doubt its worth.

  15. David

    How about a review sample LTE stick :D
    I’m sitting 500ft from a tower apparently, right where the coverage area ends.

  16. Si2k

    Will the current pricing model for LTE on Rogers be the standard accross all devices? Internet stick and smart phones alike? If that is the case, LTE has just priced itself out of reach for the majority of smart phone owners. The Promotional offer of $50 for 10GB not withstanding, charging $47.93 for 2GB is out right thievery. To illustrate, assuming a decent voice plan cost $40, we will be paying almost $90 just to use an LTE phone to it’s fullest.

    Can someone please clarify the LTE pricing structure for phones as it stands currently?


    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Si2K,

      You can check out price plans for the other LTE devices here:

      Click on the product you’re interested in, and “see plan details” is an option.

  17. alexthegreat

    Screw you rogers for not allowing people who already pay you for your data plans to access LTE. Your prices are just insane and I will be cancelling my service with you soon. Pathetic.

    1. Anjew

      Yea such a GREEDY move to upgrade the network and not upgrade existing PAYING customers.

      Only the tablet is announced because they are waiting for iPhone5 which might possibly be LTE capable(i’m sure Rogers knows) to solidify their GREED. they are expecting ll the iPhone hype to overshadow how much of a Dirt move that was to old 3G customers.

      slick move rogers… just waiting for my contract to run out now.

  18. Justin Credible

    You know, as much as I hate to mdefend Rogers, the $50/10GB LTE plan is the best value I’ve seen anywhere on the continent. South of the border it costs $50 for 5GB (half the amount of data for the same price).

    The only thing that REALLY ticks me off is the fact that Rogers is holding this back from all the Fido clients, many of us who were with Fido from the beginning because they were innovative and launching new products/ideas first. Please reconsider this “neutering” of the dog. Fire your marketing geniuses and stop trying to downgrade the brand, think Best Buy/Future Shop. It works.

  19. william

    Picked up my Sierra 313U from rogers store in Toronto today first day of LTE service in TO.

    Couple of comments

    1) The one time price of the stick was lower than Bell

    2) The Rogers Windows software I’m running under vista default settings are not correct both the profile for LTE and the profile for HSPA+ point to an apn of, this stops the stick from being able to connect at LTE speeds. Correct apn is lteinternet.apn – how do I know this ? The Rogers MAC version of the software is correctly configured.

    3) Once connected this goes like the wind 13 Mbps downloads and 5 Mbps uploads without me doing anything apart from connecting in North York

    4) Coverage area – Way better than Bell’s ( Yes I have tried both )

    Great Job Rogers

    Of course I’d like to pay less than $10 per GB ……..

  20. Steef

    I wonder if this whole delay is just part of Rogers marketing. With the Iphone 5 announcement next week. Why spoil that free cellphone hype. You know Rogers will announce they will carry the new Iphone, and let me guess it’s going to run on LTE… Hence the marketing of the LTE Network without a flagship phone. After a few weeks of Apple hype for the fanboys, rogers will transition back to Android and finally give us our GSII!

  21. Si

    Is the 10GB promotion sharable?

    That would truly make it exceptional for the price.

    1. RMB

      I have the same question, is this 10gb promotion sharable among other devices?

      1. RogersMelanie

        Hey Si and RMB,

        The 10GB is sharable.

  22. Suren

    I was wondering will the LTE network be available for the upcoming iPhone 5?

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Suren,

      We don’t have any iPhone details yet. Stay tuned – we’ll definitely share info when we can.

  23. RVDweller

    Great, we have LTE in some CITIES, when will we get it in rural areas where it is needed most?

    Price does not seen too bad to me. 10 gigs for about what I now pay for 5 gigs.

    I also have a Verizon account in the U.S., and they charge $50 for 5 gigs and $80 for 10 gigs.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey RVDweller,

      With the launch of these four cities, more than 5.5 million Canadians can access LTE. Expansion to more rural areas is a multi-year deployment. We will continue to expand with the goal to expand to more than 30 per cent of the population by the end of this year.

  24. Cfpilot

    So when I call to complain about existing coverage compared to Telus and Bell in Nova Scotia and I am told Rogers is spending 85 million over the next two years on infrastructure in the Maritimes they are talking about LTE? How about regular voice improvements?

    1. RogersMelanie


      We are always working to improve and expand our coverage areas. As for LTE specifically, it is multi-year deployment. We will continue to expand with the goal to expand to more than 30 per cent of the population by the end of this year.

  25. Adam

    I’m with Tbaytel, who purchases phones from Rogers to sell with their own plans. Will they have the ability to purchase the SGSII, or is this exclusive to Rogers only?

    They’ve launched most recent devices simultaniously with Rogers, BB9900/9810/9860, Infuse, Evo/Optimus 3D, etc. Just curious if the LTE aspect of the SGSII will cause them to be unable to buy this phone?


    1. RogersMelanie

      Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE will be exclusive to Rogers.

  26. JG

    Hey RogersMelanie,

    I just signed up for the $55/month “Unlimited Voice & Data Plan” for students, with 1GB of data. I’d like to get onto the LTE network when I upgrade my phone in a month. Would I be able to keep the voice & text features of my current plan, and simply pay to upgrade the data portion (e.g. to 2GB LTE)? Or do I have to completely abandon my current plan in favour of one of these new LTE ones?

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey JG,

      You sure can just add a data plan to an existing voice. Check out the details here:

      Be sure to click on “see LTE plan details”

  27. alex

    Good hype, solid marketing. Only slightly misleading, promises spun are ‘legal’ but not truthful.
    Will this lower the cost of ‘regular data plans’?
    What about a deal for month to month billing with no contract?
    Is LTE 15c per Mb?
    Maybe these prices are geared to enterprise and not consumers?
    If they are for consumers my first reaction is that they are priced to fail.

  28. Duncan

    Why do some devices have cheaper introductory offers than others. The smartphone data plan is 50.00 while the others are 52.93? Isn’t data data?

    70 divided by (52.93 * 36 + 199.99) and multiply the whole thing by 100 equals the percentage discount on a mobile hotspot with a three plan. Wow.
    Rogers will argue that I am ignoring the data discount and I will argue that data is way more than my existing Rogers portable plan even at the 52.93.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Duncan,

      The $52.93 is the all-in price, including GRRF.

  29. Si

    Thank you for the response RogersMelanie.

    There seems to be a lot of confusion within the customer service dept now, with alot of conflicting information. Further, as a customer, I should be able to reasonably expect sales staff to be trained on LTE, if it has officially launched.

    Back to my point, If the $50/10GB IS sharable, that stands to be an amazing deal in of it’s own and one that hasn’t been matched by Bell…..yet. Having said that, all the reps I have spoken to this far has informed me that 1) the promotional price cannot be added to my existing line, and 2) it is not sharable. Frustrated to say the least for a customer that would like to take advantage of the 10GB.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hi Si,

      The plan has actually not launched yet. It will launch once the first device is available. So the $50/10GB plan is not available until the HTC Jetstream launches. Once it does launch, there will be a sharable version. We’re working to update the details on the site to show this.

      That said, this is great feedback and I will definitely pass to the internal teams.

  30. JG

    Hi RogersMelanie, sorry if I wasn’t clearer before, but your reply didn’t really answer my question. I meant to imply that my current wireless plan already includes 1GB of data, as well as voice. If I understand correctly the data portion of my plan is not transferable to LTE. I currently pay $55 for my voice and data plan. What would I have to pay to retain all the features of my current plan, but to simply have access to the LTE network with the same data bucket of 1GB? Thanks.

    1. RogersMelanie

      It would depend on if you were on contract with the 1 GB of data. You will have the option to upgrade but I’m not sure what the cost will be. Best to speak to a rep about the specifics to upgrade your plan as I don’t have access to your account details.

      1. He’s referring to the $55 promotional plan that has 1GB of data integrated with it.

        You can’t detach that data, so I don’t see how it would be possible to attach a LTE data plan onto it…

      2. RogersMelanie

        Hey Branden,

        This may change things as they would both be promotions.

        JG, your best bet is to speak to a rep as they’ll be able to give you specifics to your situation and provide the best solution to suit your needs.

  31. ainyul

    Can we add the LTE plan on a MTM data ONLY plan, i would like to try the speeds out before signing a contract..; thanks.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      As mentioned here, the LTE Flex Date Data plans are available on month-to-month.

      The introductory offer of 10GB/$52.93 is only available on a 3-year term.

      1. ainyul

        thks for the info; I see the website has been updated with the relevant info.
        I am tempted to try LTE but would much prefer signing a contract for a phone and not for a data stick; can i get the 10GB promo plan NOW; pay full price for stick and use the hardware subsidy when the phone comes out..?

  32. Legion

    $52.93 just for data is a terrible deal. Especially when it’ll only work in the city. It’s even more terrible when you consider you have to sign a 3 year term. How is it that cell phone service is getting more expensive in inflation adjusted dollars over time? Is our technology getting worse?

    1. RVDweller

      For people who live in rural areas where there is no cable, and no DSL, $52.93 for 10 gigs of data is a great deal. (I don’t care about voice, I just use a cheap pay as you go for the little voice I use.)

      I still think Rogers and others get it wrong when they introduce these services in urban areas where there are lots of High Speed alternatives. Bring it to the sticks and it will sell like hot cakes!

      1. Anjew

        the rural areas without cable or dsl are most likely the same rural areas without or poor cell tower coverage…. nice try tho.

  33. Quest

    Will a rocket stick work if I plug it directly into my wireless router as opposed to directly into a pc?
    Is there any way to loan a stick to see what the service is like at a location, or some other way to test

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Quest,

      A rep would be able to look up your address and give you details on your coverage options. Best to speak with them.

      1. Quest

        I know I am in a serviceable area (right downtown Toronto); the question is whether it is possible to test the connectivity in my condo. I don’t want to sign up for a 3-year plan only to find the connectivity in my condo is unusable the day after I sign up.

      2. Rogers_Chris

        Hi Quest,

        Our refund policy should allow you to try it sufficiently.

      3. Quest

        Thanks Chris, is there a link you can direct me too.

    2. RVDweller

      You can use the Rocket stick in the right router. I use a Cradlepoint CRT500, but there are many others to choose from. Some Rogers Stores carry the Cradlepoint routers.

      1. Quest

        I’m using a DLink DIR-625. It has a USB port on the back for connectivity.
        (thanks for your advice)

  34. covex

    will rogers unlock vpn traffic on lte? right now i can’t vpn (ipsec) into my office from my phone or ipad because rogers wont allow that.

  35. Random72

    I’m still trying to comprehend the logic behind rolling out a new network in 3 of the country’s largest cities with no compatible devices available.

    Please, enough with the rocket sticks- they’re a niche device at best- I’m talking about smartphones primarily, but tablets as well. Devices with broad appeal, in other words.

    Where are they?

    One tablet in two weeks- that’s it?

    And the Galaxy S II when? Sometime before Christmas? I sometimes wonder if Rogers is competing to become the last carrier on earth to stock this phone.

    Yah, I know that sounds crazy, but Rogers has to understand that we customers do pay attention to what’s happening in the marketplace and you guys seem to be last when it comes to rolling out new devices.

    Your primary competitor has been selling the S II since the end of July- it doesn’t matter that the one you’re going to carry is 4G. If it’s not in stores, it doesn’t exist in the minds of your customers. That’s the bottom line- the phone is not available. Talking about launching it isn’t the same as stocking it.

    Do Rogers executives pay any attention to this stuff? Do they care that their own customers are being left in the dust? This company often seems to be indifferent to customer concerns, rightly or wrongly.

    Here’s hoping the S II will be out before Samsung confirms the S III (not far away)- if not, Rogers should be embarrassed.

    Given all of your problems rolling out new devices, I’m wondering why the launch of the LTE couldn’t wait until 2012.

    Launching it in an handful of markets with no devices is like building a new highway and not allowing anyone to drive on it. It’s just going to make people mad.

    The better thing to do would have been to delay LTE until 2012 when you can properly launch it with a full slate of compatible devices.

    Doing it piecemeal seems to be just about marketing and giving your ad agency something to fight the other guys with, because it certainly doesn’t serve your customers’ interests.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Random72,

      Thanks for your thoughts and feedback here. The LTE network launched in Canada’s largest 4 cities which allows more than 5.5 million people to connect to LTE. We are continuing to expand the LTE network and bring it to more than 30 per cent of the population by the end of the year. As for the device availability, we’re launching devices that will let people connect to LTE in various ways. Currently, people can connect to the network with their computers,laptops and notebooks/netbooks with the Rocket Stick. On October 18th, people will be able to connect on a tablet and after that, connection will be able to happen through devices and mifi devices. Specifically, the Samsung Galaxy S II is not the same device as the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE and this device will be launching in the coming weeks.

      1. LS

        Great Response of…nothing?

        Youve just reiterated that youve launched the LTE network, and that devices are coming out.

        Do you have any real info on launch dates? IF you dont then really why are you trying to patronize your clients? Rogers fumbled with many launches, I remember the Galaxy S1 launch.

        Seems like rogers likes to jump and say “Hey Hey Look @ Me I am going to have this SOON” then the kid nextdoor goes “Do you have it now?” and then rogers goes “NO! Soon silly” and the kid walks away

        Either give release dates, or dont say anything. Aggrivating your clients isnt going anywhere. Having a cookie-cutter response doesnt help either just frustrates more.

        Rogers get your stuff in gear,

      2. RogersMelanie

        Thanks for this feedback LS. We’ve had many people voice say they’d rather hear news as we have it, others would rather not hear anything until we have all the specific details. We try to release info as it comes in so that people have as much information as we do. I’ve passed your feedback to the internal team.

      3. random72

        Thanks for the reply, Melanie.

        While I respect and understand that you are obligated to toe the company line, rolling out a new network in multiple cities with only one niche device available is logic turned upside down.

        Like I said, rocket sticks are niche products that will only appeal to a small percentage of users that don’t have access to a hardline connection on a consistent basis.

        Unfortunately for Rogers, there aren’t a lot of customers in that situation. Most, like myself, have no practical need for a rocket stick regardless of what network its connected to. Yes, I’m excluding the tech savvy (no pun intended) types who always have to snap up the latest gadget, but again, is that the biggest part of the market? I think not.

        The much larger part of the market is for smartphones and tablets, and as of now you’ve got nothing.

        Plans that will allow people to ‘connect in a various ways’ sounds great, but as of today, October 4th, there’s only one way- a rocket stick. As I said, not exactly something that moves the needle for most customers.

        One tablet in two weeks and some variant of the S II several (3-4?) weeks later is cold comfort for those seeking to upgrade now, especially as others have noted below, your competitors already stock these products.

        One can only assume how long it will take for some selection of products in these categories to become a reality- spring/summer 2012? Who knows….this site dispenses precious little credible information so it’s anyone’s guess.

        Again, as I said in my original post, perception matters and regardless of the internal logic for launching a shiny new network with no compatible devices, save for a rocket stick, Rogers has just given its customers another reason to be mad.

        It might not be a big deal to you, but the enormous delays Rogers puts its customers through with just about every device is beyond pathetic.

        I was being sarcastic about the S II rollout coming after Samsung confirms the S III, but at the rate you guys are moving at, you’re not going to beat it by much. Can you understand how that looks to a Rogers customer? Does anyone in your company get it? These devices age EXTREMELY quickly. Launching a device in November after it was first announced in February and charging full retail for it is insulting to your customers. The version of the phone is irrelevant- it should have been out long ago.

        Bottom line- you are operating a shiny new network that most aren’t able to play on.

        This launch should have been delayed until Spring 2012, so that it could have with the support of a selection of devices that people actually want.

        The piecemeal launch you’re currently engaged in is little more than an ad/marketing ‘who’s gonna get there first’ campaign that’s aimed at your competition and does nothing to address the needs/wants of your customers.

        That you defend this half-baked launch and blithely disregard legitmate criticism from your customers (like me) is shameful and will only incite more criticism.

        See below for further evidence.

  36. Pissed_Off

    I am seriously sick of the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE “coming soon”. I need a new phone, the S2 is the one I want and I just need a date so I can decide whether to wait or switch to Bell. I personally don’t care about the LTE as I drive through areas where I still have zero reception, but I do like the other specs of the phone. I just want this phone. I don’t care that the HTC device is coming out the 18th… When is the release date for THIS phone? This is so frustrating!

  37. Adam

    Rogers reps here are doing a fantastic job of avoiding questions and giving us scripted answers.

    Best example, a few posts up a guy complaining about no LTE devices, saying rocket stick is of no interest to him.

    Rogers Rep comes on, says “well, we have the rocket stick”. Really?

    Rogers butchered the release of the Galaxy S Captivate, and they’re doing the same with the SII. So far Bell has it, Telus is getting it, and Rogers is once again last to the party. Heck, even Sasktel has it already.

    The issue with Rogers SGSII, is since it’s not the same international version available everywhere (Bell version), there will probably be very little developer support for this device. Most Canadians don’t care about the LTE aspect of it, they want one of the top phones in the world, which Rogers is withholding. By the time Rogers releases it, it will only be a month or two tops until the Galaxy S III is announced and the Nexus Prime. It’s already old news. There have been people in Canada with the SII since July, you HAVE to step up your game Rogers.

  38. Ed

    Question: Using the “Reserve a Device” link, can I reserve the device for a hardware upgrade?

    Comments on Rogers idea of savings?
    I understand on paper, the “promotional” deal to make LTE cheaper is cheaper per GB. However that still doesn’t help the consumer. In the end, the consumer needs to use their phone and have data. If we’re able to do so with a $50 plan now, why do we want to move up to a $80+ plan just for “LTE speeds” and additional data that isn’t required?

  39. Khaled

    we have been complaining for a long time about the samsung galaxy s2 and rogers ignored us, then got us an upgraded LTE edition which is nice but it’s like few months behind than other carriers such as bells…

    two points here:

    first it’s obviously how frustrated (rogers customers) we are about rogers holding back on the smartphones market specially the sgs2 and we all know why…rogers was investing too much in LTE

    2nd point is the irony, after all that hold back on smartphones to release a faster internet that most of us don’t care much about in the first place and it doesn’t worth the hold back, we end up getting shocked with the fact that LTE pricing is super high! 50$ would been only acceptable for unlimited data plan as we can cancel our home connection, but considering it’s an extra expense it sounds stupid to pay that much money as I barely use my 6gb although a month I might use 4-5gb of it then I end up most months using 200mb…so what is the point of making a super deal on such high price…and why don’t you at least exchange our 6GB deal to 6GB LTE? like seriously that is the minimum you can do to honor your customers with out even us asking…

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Thanks for your feedback, Khaled.

    2. ifraud4s

      I think the idea is that if its twice the speed people would need twice the data.. just a thought

  40. random72

    You know what’s going to suck almost as much as the no-device rollout of LTE?

    When these guys finally get around to launching the S II in 3-4 weeks (4-6?), it’ll almost certainly have the same specs as others that are already in market, which will make Rogers customers wonder why they’re last in line, yet again, for the release of another smartphone.

    Anyone remember the Captivate disaster last year around this time? These guys hope you don’t, because that’s where were headed with the S II.

    Samsung doesn’t build devices especially for tiny markets like Canada, so be sure not to swallow all of this hype about some special new ‘LTE’ S II variant that’s coming to Rogers.

    The phone may end up being unique to Canada, but it most certainly will not be unique in the world.

    The bottom line is this phone is late- really late- pure and simple and nothing these guys say changes that reality.

    1. specific72

      Listen, Joe Random. The LTE SGSII has the 4.5″ SuperAMOLED (not 4.3″) and has a dual-core 1.5 GHz (not dual 1.2 Ghz) processer. And it supports the LTE standard, which is kinda really new and not deployed in most global markets. So it is very clearly NOT the generic SGSII the others got ‘so long ago’ in July/August 2011.

      Did you know the announcement/release dates for this device globally?:

      Announced 2011, August
      Status Coming soon. Exp. release 2011, Q4

      How is it Rogers’ problem that redboard announced the ‘forthcomingness’ of this device in August 2011 once Samsung announced it would soon exist? How is it Rogers’ problem that this leading-edge device is set to release GLOBALLY in Q4, 2011, which just started October 1st?

      And to all the other professional know-it-all-know-nothings, how is $50/10GB LTE a bad deal? Even if you have an out-of-market 6GB/$30 HSPA+ plan, the per-unit cost is the same. If you don’t need more that 6GB’s, stick with what you have and be happy that the SGSII-LTE will still destroy your current phone’s performance hitting full HSPA+ @ 21Mbps.

      I suspect that a lot of the people who make such ludicrous and defamatory posts are the customers Rogers really does not care to retain anyway – low value, high maintenance, whiners whose most frequently called # is *611…

      1. Sam

        question about the gs2 lte, do you have a release date or not?
        do you have the device in stock or not?
        how log we have to wait?

        fyi samsung galaxy note will be
        2011, September
        Coming soon. Exp. release 2011
        do you think rogers you will have time to get this device after you release the gs2 lte?
        there are customer watching the tecnology you have to catch up!!!
        hope some one will give us a date not (coming soon)

  41. Jamie

    I just reserved the Samy LTE phone. How can I ensure that I will get the 10 GB for $50.00? Should I call Rogers? How long will the offer last? Can I use my very old voice plan with it?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Jamie, you have a lot of time still before the promotion expires. In the meantime, thanks for your patience!

  42. josh

    I can’t seem to notice that you guys are launching a new lte network while most of your network is still on edge. i just got a Samsung galaxy and the download speed is crap 150kb not anything to be happy with. i understand that it cost money to upgrade your network but if you want more people to have smart phones make it worth it for them. bell and telus don’t have any issues with speed i’m almost regretting choosing you guys over them as my wife has an iPhone and there is no issues with speed. are there any plans to improve the 3g coverage in the maritimes?

  43. Kevin

    Galaxy S2 X from Telus has the same specs and supports AWS bands as well.

    I bet they release before Rogers and they didn’t announce it months and months ago.

    See you latter rogers, I’m out.

    1. l_di

      Agreed. After almost 8 years with Rogers I’m ready to cancel my plan and port out to another carrier just to have a decent phone (that isn’t an iphone!), I am sick and tired of waiting. First my plan gets messed up because Rogers would not honour the promotional pricing I was offered, and now I can’t even upgrade to something worth the next three years of my life.
      Just give us even an estimated release date! All we want is a rough idea to be able to make a decision of where our hard earned money is going to be spent…. hearing ‘sometime this fall’ or ‘in the coming weeks’ or ‘after October 18′ means nothing….. especially when autumn lasts until December 21!

  44. DJ

    I would like an official clarification from Rogers about the LTE data plans. Specifically, I spend about half my time in the LTE zone and half in the regular network zone. Will I need a separate HSPA data plan or will all my data usage be considered “LTE” data even when its on the other network.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey DJ, if you sign up for an LTE plan, all data/voice usage will be used from the LTE plan even when accessing HSPA+. You do not need two separate plans.

  45. Cfpilot

    S72, well said!

  46. adrienne

    I got my Iphone 4 stolen a couple weeks ago (using a pay-as-you-go right now). I’m only in my contract for one year, to get around the early upgrade fee, I’m getting someone else to upgrade to Samsung S2 LTE when it comes out so I can have it. Will I have problems using iphone data plan on this phone? do I need a LTE data plan to use this phone?

    1. RogersMelanie

      You’ll need an LTE plan if you wish to use the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE on the LTE network.

      1. But as I understand it, Adrienne will be able to use HSPA+ data according to her current iPhone data plan using the Galaxy S II LTE. She just won’t be able to use LTE data.

      2. RogersMelanie

        Yes that should be the case, but as always, it’s best to verify with a rep to know for sure as they can pull up the account details.

  47. Al

    As I understand it the 10GB $50 LTE plan can be added to any voice plan. I. am told that the up coming 6GB $30 plan (Oct. 14) is not considered an LTE Data Plan. Can you tell me why Rogers can not make this 6GB promotion an LTE Data Plan that can be added to any voice plan just as the 10 GB plan can. Many people like myself would not use 10GB.
    If you do the simple math 6GB at $30= $5.00 per GB and 10GB at $50.00=$5.00 per GB.
    so why can’t 6GB be made an LTE Data plan.

  48. ainyul

    ^as of today SG2 LTE ETA is mid november

  49. Allan

    Which HTC LTE Smartphone is being released on Rogers? Give me a hint please…

  50. Sam

    That is silly that we don’t have any release date for the Samsung galaxy s2 yet!!!
    Second that device have to pay $50 or more just to use the up to date devise you can’t buy the devise with out an LTE plan that is unfair!!
    Rogers do you know the you don’t have a cell phone with 2 dual core prcensor from Samsung yet, believe have it since July as well as virgin mobile I heated telus will have it in mid November! !!! Have you watched all us carrier all of them have the s2 in different version with a dual core at&t t-mobile sprint, what’s up rogers what is going on!!!!
    Wish that I will have a reasonable answer from rogers! !!!

    1. Allan

      If you don’t want an LTE plan, then just buy out the phone at $650. Rogers obviously won’t let you have any other plan because they need to recoup the money that they have invested into the LTE network.

      I wish Rogers would give a release date also, but I don’t think Telus has given the official release date either on the SGS2 X.

      1. sam

        well i have the data and voice plan already from rogers, to buy the phone for $199 means that i have to buy the lte data plan as well or i can keep the same data plan for the gs2 lte? will my monthly fees will be incresed just bcoz i have ther gs2 lte?

        or i still can buy the phone for 199 with out the lte plan, can some one confirm this please?

      2. RogersMelanie

        It will depend if you’d like to use the device on the LTE network. If you do, then yes, you’ll need to get an LTE plan. If you want to use the device on HSPA+ then you should be fine to keep your plan. Best to speak to a rep for specifics to your account and options.

  51. Nelson

    Just called about 12 Rogers Plus and Rogers Authorized locations and no one has the HTC Jetstream LTE tablets. Some even had no clue what I was talking about. Should these tablets not already be in at least some stores today seeing as how it’s the BIG Launch Day?? I’m the first in line on the reservation system and my unit stil hasn’t shipped out yet, just ‘In Progress’ the last few days… very frustrating.

    1. random72

      You sound surprised. Notice any posts here from Rogers representatives trumpeting the launch of this tablet?


      Hmm. I wonder why…

      1. Nelson

        I AM surprised seeing as how there was a big Roger’s press release yesterday touting Canada’s first LTE tablet being released on the 18th. I made the mistake of assuming it would actually be available, you know, on the 18th. The same mistake I made when I assumed there would actually be real devices available when they launched the network on Sept. 28th. And no, the LTE Rocket Stick doesn’t count.

  52. Alvin

    To be honest, I think the $50 10GB plan is an amazing deal. Soon I can tether my laptop and ipad to the SGII and not worry about finding free WiFi!

    But please Rogers, hurry up with the launch dates. This wait is killing me…

  53. Jim

    Waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE Release.

    What’s taking so long?

  54. Andy

    Why are Rogers reps so quiet – no answers on launch???

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Andy,

      RedBoard is an active place. Just working through comments etc. We’re here reading everything and responding where we can help. Thanks for following along.

  55. Ana

    I would like to point out that when I called Rogers to ask about Galaxy S2, most of the representatives did not even know about Rogers’ Galaxy S2 and the LTE network. All the representatives about 5 of them that I have talked to told me either the wrong infomation or did not know much about it.

  56. Please let us know when further details are available on when the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE will arrive for Rogers customers! Even vague (new) information is better than nothing (e.g. definitely NOT October, expected mid November, estimated Nov-Dec, etc.).

    I have a 3-year contract that expires Oct 31st and I lost my (2008) iPhone 3G three weeks ago, so I’m definitely looking for a new smartphone ASAP :P

    1. Oh, and this would be the coolest information ever, but are you allowed to tell us (or find out) how many Galaxy S II LTE units will be allocated in the beginning for the Rogers Reservation System? Or even “#1-1000 in the line should expect their phones to ship within the first few days of launch” (etc.)?

      Because… I would hope that we’ve learned it’s better for customers to be disappointed now vs. having unmet expectations that are crushed on launch day.

      1. RogersMelanie

        Hey Paulman, unfortunately we don’t have this info to share. Inventory will be sent out to the reservation system as soon as possible.

    2. RogersMelanie

      Hey Paulman, I don’t have specifics but I do know it will be here for the holiday season this year. So it’s safe to say definitely within the next 2 months. I know this doesn’t help much but that’s the info we have at this point. We’ll update when we have a better idea of timing and/or a date.

      1. poorstudent

        WOW in the next 2 months….Why Why Why Why!!!!
        My blackberry just broke and it won’t let me use at least 3G network…
        If this phone doesn’t release in the next month I will just have to go for the new blackberry or the iPhone 4s…


        Whats the difference between the Rogers samsung S II and the other carriers Samsung S II ?

        Greatly appreciate if you can let me know the differences and if its worth waiting for this phone. Been waiting for over 3 months.

      2. Telus is launching what looks to be identical to the T-Mobile version of the Galaxy S II. Compared to the original Galaxy S II, it has a different processor that has a slower graphics chip – but it works on AWS (Wind, Mobilicity if you get it unlocked). It also does up to 42Mbps HSPA+ data speeds. Telus is calling it the Samsung Galaxy S II X – here’s a link to the T-Mobile version:

        Rogers’ Galaxy S II LTE is almost identical to the T-Mobile version, I believe, except instead of 42Mbps HSPA+ it does LTE and 21Mbps HSPA+ – – the Rogers version won’t have a home button in the front, though.

        Bell I think is running with the original Galaxy S II (probably international version) –

        The original Galaxy S II is also a millimeter thinner and 15-20 grams lighter than the T-Mobile & LTE versions, but it has a slightly smaller battery.

  57. adsf

    Will the HTC Rezound (HTC Vigor) be on Rogers?

    1. RogersMelanie

      We can’t comment on devices that may/may not launch in the future. We’ll be sure to update when we have news to share though.

  58. adsf

    Also, will Rogers be launching the LTE network with multiple spectrums, and when?

    1. adsf

      And which spectrums?

  59. Sam

    I think rogers don’t want to say they will release the s2 after Christmas so they can force their customer to buy the iphone, I have a question if you are going to release the s2 in December when yout will get the galaxy nexus? In June or July 2012; rogers fyi bell is getting the galaxy nexus on December 4th I have a friends who working with the management and its in their plan for December you have to are what is your competitive is doing, releasing the s2 asap its not a favor it is a must for rogers to supply their customer with the latest devices and technology running after the iphone will end soon their shares is going down every day ; its android and Samsung and Google market now not any more apple

  60. Sam

    Silly thing I have noticed today at square one mall ; rogers store have a big sign outside saying rogers have the fastest LTE network and its available NOW!!! Well I went inside the store and asked if they have any LTE devices the rep told me No its coming soon!!! The store have non non non no rocket stick no tablet no smartphone its coming soon can’t you understand ; may be January 2012; thank you rogers!!

  61. Allan

    Will the HTC LTE Smartphone be released this year as previously promised?

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Allan,

      As we mention in the post, the phone will be available this fall. We don’t currently have more details but will update when we do.

  62. Sanuel

    All these delays . . must be due to the iPhone 4S . . Apple: If you want the iPhone 4S immediately, you will not be allowed to release any phone, (especially the Galaxy) xx weeks prior , and xx weeks after our launch. iPhone 4S being the cash cow it is . . anyone surprised ? Nope . . I’ve been off contract now for 2 months waiting for this phone for the past 7 weeks like everyone else while I’m paying a phone contract with no credits and I have no options because your phone lineup is pathetic without this phone when compared to “Big Blue”

  63. Telus just revealed that their Samsung Galaxy S II X is coming October 28th. That’s almost the identical phone to the Galaxy S II LTE except instead of LTE it has DC-HSPA+ (up to 42Mbps theoretical), which is 2x the original Galaxy S II’s data speed.


    The heat just got turned up for Rogers?… :P

  64. kanna


    I tried many Rogers stores and seems no one carrying the device (HTC Jetstream) yet. Can some one tell me whether this device is out already or when it is going to be at stores or which rogers store has currenlty.


  65. Ok, it’s me again, lol.

    Has Rogers said whether the Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE is going to be offered as well? I just realized that they’re supposed to be identical in total size and weight, except that the HD LTE has a 1280×720 (pentile) Super AMOLED screen that’s 4.65″ instead of 4.5″.

  66. Sam

    No jetstream are available now! I know there is a big and huge sign out side each rogers store and this is my complain noting is available every thing is coming soooooooooooooooooooon how soon I don’t know but soon like the galaxy s2 right rogers?

  67. Sam

    No galaxy s2 release date yet I asked a rogers rep and they say my be end of Nov or early Dec!!! All of them are not sure they just want to be smart!! I know there are people received their phones already through reservation but still rogers rep don’t know any thing about it!!! Why they are hiding it!!!

      1. td_2

        Not hiding anything…? This “release” is ridiculous. 10 bloody phones and the rest could maybe be next week. Give me a break and tell me what day I can go to the store and pick up my phone.