The future of fast is coming to Toronto on September 28

, Toronto. In just a few short weeks, you will be among the fastest cities in the world when Rogers lights up LTE in the city. Starting on September 28, you will have access to the fastest mobile technology in the world, starting with the launch of Rogers LTE Rocket stick that you can plug into your laptop to access top speeds.

Later this year, Rogers will offer an LTE device that will be capable of maximum theoretical download speeds of up to 100 Mbps on the Rogers LTE network. Today, devices are capable of maximum theoretical download speeds of up to 75 Mbps and Ottawa LTE customers are experiencing typical download speeds ranging from 12 Mbps to 25 Mbps. This is significantly faster than the speeds Canadians experience on any other wireless network today. As device selection evolves, maximum theoretical download speeds on the Rogers network will increase to up to 150 Mbps.

Rogers has a great line of LTE devices coming this fall which includes: the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE smartphone; the LTE Rocket mobile hotspot (Sierra Wireless AirCard 754S); Rogers LTE Rocket stick (now available in Ottawa); an LTE tablet from a leading manufacturer; and the previously announced HTC smartphone. Stay tuned. We’ll let you know more details about devices as soon as we can.

But you don’t have to wait to sign-up for any of these great LTE devices. Starting today, Rogers customers in Toronto and Ottawa can register for their LTE wireless devices through the new Rogers Reservation System at

Buckle up, Toronto – the future of fast is here.

Sara Holland is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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131 comments on “The future of fast is coming to Toronto on September 28

  1. Matt

    Is the S2 LTE device available only in those two cities? Samsung has said the are also capable of GSM and HSPA.

    1. DavidL

      I’m wondering the same thing … Can I buy the S2 LTE phone to use in Victoria, and then in 6 months (or a year) when LTE rolls out in Victoria – then get the benefit of full LTE speed?

      1. tolan

        The stats of the LTE S2 show that is fully backwards compatible on the HSPA+/EDGE/GPRS networks so you will be able to use it anywhere Rogers has coverage. Just wont have LTE speeds when out of the LTE coverage areas.. it will function like any other cool smartphone outside of LTE coverage.

  2. Alex Sebenski

    *cough* iPhone LTE

  3. lady_di

    I have a couple of questions about these new phones. I have been waiting for an S2 – if I decide to upgrade to one but do not live in an area where LTE is offered (or going to be offered soon – London, ON) do I have to pay for an LTE data plan? Or will I be able to ‘turn off’ the LTE on my phone and use a regular data plan?

    1. Bob

      I am curious about the same thing. My contract has been expired for a while now but I’ve been awaiting the arrival of the galaxy s II or the nexus prime as I have zero interest in anything 3D.

      When this phone does arrive and hopefully not just in Ottawa and Toronto will I have to subscribe to the LTE network? The pricing for LTE at least with regards to the data sticks are absolute crap. It is rumored that this phone supports LTE/CDMA and GSM so I’m sure it is possible as long as Rogers will allow it and if not I guess my waiting patiently will come to an end as I’ll jump ship to Bell.

      1. lady_di

        Hopefully Rogers allows it or I might do the same – a $69 S2 at Bell from Best Buy right now is a pretty good deal! Especially when they will match my Rogers plan. However, I am sure that they will allow it to or there is no point in releasing it until LTE works Canada-wide.
        Just praying (but have a bad feeling about it!!) that Rogers doesn’t charge $200+ for this phone, considering the Infuse is still stuck at $150. That also might be the deal breaker!

  4. walter

    To use LTE, do we just need an LTE capable phone? or do we need to subscribe to a new (as in much higher cost) data plan? Its nice and all that you upgrade the speeds and get bragging rights with the other providers, but at the pricing levels and caps, its not really practical for people to actually use. I would love to stream HD video to my phone, but at $45-60 for a 2 hour video, its not practical.

  5. jaydee

    Yeah, will the Galaxy S2 LTE be available for purchase without an LTE plan and no-contract and across Canada? What will be the no-contract price of the Galaxy S2 LTE? More than the $600 of the regular Galaxy S2?

  6. Shawn

    Will this be out before the Iphone 5? Also will you be able to use your current data plan with LTE, I have the 6gig.

  7. Steve

    HA!!!! I knew they were going to get it…patience in a virtue and people need to just relax lol…Way to go Rogers!!!!

  8. Paul

    Does this mean that the future of expensive is also coming to Toronto?

  9. Matt

    Soo… what’s the news on Data plans.. with LTE you can burn through 6GB pretty quickly .. any new plans,etc?


  10. Mike

    If it’s going to cost us 180$ and then a 45$/month data plan you can forget it.

  11. MAItch

    If I am not in an LTE area, would I still be able to purchase the Samsung Galaxy SII and use it in my rural area? I have been waiting for this day to come and now am still confused?!?! Any help would be appreciated!!

    1. Dan

      I second this question, can this phone be purchased and just used as a HSPA phone? Is it still capable of that?

  12. Keith

    And witht the LTE plans being what they are, this device will essentially be stillborn. Another great Rogers moment.

  13. Randy

    Is this launch going to cover GTA or strictly toronto? I’m in durham and want to know how far its going to stretch

  14. iwantLTE

    does toronto include the whole GTA as in Brampton? or just Toronto?

  15. osh

    im on the waitlist…i have a galaxy s2 now, its awesome!

  16. RC

    The LTE network is launching on Sept 28, but when is the SG2 launching?

  17. RogersSara

    A lot of you are asking if the Samsung Galaxy S II can be used on both the HSPA+ and LTE networks. The answer is yes, however an LTE SIM card and an LTE plan will be required if you wish to use it on LTE. As the device can be used on both networks, anyone can take advantage of the reservation system and reserve a unit.

    1. DavidL

      Thanks, Sara. Is there an estimated release date for the hardware?

      1. RogersSara

        Not at this time, but we will be sure to let everyone know!

    2. Andy

      Good news, now all we need is a launch date.

    3. Jadis

      I think most people will choose to own latest technology, i.e. Galaxy LTE.
      But not switch to LTE service.
      1> LTE service not widely available.
      2> In really usage, speed doesn’t really matter.
      3> To wait service price settle down in future.

  18. iwantLTE

    whats the pricing for these LTE plans? and why do we need a “LTE” plan? when Rogers went from edge to 3g, pricing didn’t change, or from 3g to hspa to hspa+…what justifies the price increase? all those network upgrades didn’t affect data plans, which network to use was all dependent on the phone being used. For example a blackberry 8300 would use edge, a bold 9700 would use 3g. So this LTE SIM is backward compatible? what if your not using it in only a LTE PHONE?

  19. Shawn

    I have 6 gig data plan, can I just convert it to LTE?

    1. RogersSara

      We haven’t announced pricing yet, but we’ll let you know,

      1. LTESweetness

        I don’t see why the price of a data plan should change because its LTE. Data is data regardless of what the method of distribution is. I have a 6GB data plan if its going to cost me another $20 for a so called LTE data plan then forget it.

      2. SamsungIloveu


      3. PremiumUser

        I’m paying a lot for my 6gb data plan, and if I have to pay even more to use LTE, I will be EXTREMELY ANGRY. I’m sure others share this sentiment too. We are the ones that basically paid for you guys to be able to get LTE on the ground and in the air, and now you want us to fork over even MORE?! This is not ethically right Rogers!!!!!!! DON’T SCREW US OVER!

      4. Ian

        Another opportunity to gouge data prices. Business as usual.

  20. osh

    i have a bell unlocked galaxy s2 on rogers right now…i get speeds of up to 8mb pretty regularly. its pretty fast now, im not sure if i need LTE but i am curious, i have the 6gb data plan, i might switch to the rogers galaxy if the plan isnt too much, im not sure if i like the bigger screen too… how much will a LTE data plan cost?

  21. osh

    $45 1.5 GB if usage is greater than 1.5 GB, the next tier will be charged
    $60 3 GB if usage is greater than 3 GB, the next tier will be charged
    $75 6 GB if usage is greater than 6 GB, the next tier will be charged
    $90 9 GB If usage is greater than 9 GB, $10 per additional GB will be charged

    this is what i found on the rogers LTE site…. is this what it will be for phones?
    if so, my 6gb for $30 plan will do fine….my phone is connected to wifi at home and work and i really dont need a jackrabbit in my hand for $45 more a month!

  22. Professor Frink

    One Word Pumped!!!

  23. Alph

    I’m looking at the current LTE map of Ottawa and service does not seem to go east of downtown. Is that right? Weirdly, LTE service goes north of Arnprior, where 3 cows and a chicken will get excellent service, but about 80,000 people living in Orleans do not. What’s up with that?

  24. Desmond

    Will the LTE data pricing for a smartphone be the same as that of an LTE rocket stick?

    I.e. pay minimum of $45 for 1.5GB data? I think that most subscribers would compare that to Rogers’ current $30 for 6GB data offering and see no incentive to move up to LTE. Sure it’s faster, but for an extra $15/month and 4.5GB less data. And as it stands now, streaming off youtube (which is the most data intensive activity) on Rogers’ hspa network works fine.

    I think the technology and devices that are coming are fantastic – I just think that it will be difficult to lure people to upgrade with those prices.

  25. Mike


    I’d like to know if I’m forced to buy an LTE plan with the phone. Please let me know, I don’t want to pay 50$/month data plan. If this is not the case I will reserve the phone immediately.


  26. jaydee

    The Rogers site says the LTE version of the Galaxy S2 has a 1.2 GHz processor but I’ve seen other sites that say the LTE version of the Galaxy S2 will have a 1.5 GHz processor. Is the Rogers site incorrect? Will it actually have a 1.5 GHz processor?

    Also, will Rogers LTE version be larger overall than the 4.3″ screen version?

    1. jaydee

      This site:

      Says the size is quite a bit larger (130 x 69 x 9.5 mm and 130.5 g) and that the processor is 1.5 GHz.

      (The non-LTE Galaxy S2 is 125 x 66 x 8.5 mm and 116 g)

    2. Rogers_Chris

      We’re looking into the specs, jaydee. We’ll get back to you all as soon as possible.

  27. frankocean

    Hi Sara,

    I was wondering if the processor on the galaxy s2 lte is 1.2ghz or 1.5 ghz and what is the exact resolution of the screen. Thanks.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      We’re looking into it and will get back on this as soon as possible, frankocean.

  28. xenec

    Samsung announced the device as 1.5ghz dual core, but the Rogers site says 1.2ghz dual, can we get clarification on which one is right?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      We’re looking for a clarification, xenec. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

    2. RogersMelanie

      Hey xenec,

      It’s 1.5ghz dual core.

  29. xenec

    Sorry, forgot to add to my comment that it was about the Galaxy SII LTE.

  30. Dave

    The Rogers websites have the processor of the Galaxy X 2 LTE at 1.2mzh, but Samsung has the specs at 1.5mhz. Can Rogers confirm if the Samsung spec is correct or that Rogers is getting a slowed down version?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      We’re looking into it, Dave. When we have a definitive answer we’ll let you know.

    2. RogersMelanie

      Hey Dave,

      Just responded above here. The Samsung Galaxy S II will have a 1.5 GHz dual core processor.

      1. frankocean

        Alright, but is it Qualcomm or Samsung’s Exynos? Thanks

  31. jaydee

    Can anyone from Rogers confirm that the Rogers version of the Samsung Galaxy S2 will only have a 1.2 GHz processor not the 1.5 GHz that has been posted elsewhere? (

    Also, what are the overall dimensions of the Rogers version? Is it much larger than the other version? (125.3 x 66.1 x 8.5 mm and 116 g)

  32. gml

    I really don’t like these technological teases. Why not just announce the areas/phones/prices when they are determined? I think people are so annoyed by the Apple-type tease that they would reward some forthrightedness…

  33. RC

    Question about the reservation fee. If I subsequently buy the phone, will the reservation fee be applied towards the final purchase price (ie, like a deposit)? Or is it on top of the purchase price?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hey RC,

      The $40 reservation fee (+ taxes) is used to secure your order and place in line. We will credit the $40 (+ taxes) back to your Rogers account 1) when your device ships from our warehouse or 2) when you cancel your reservation online. We will send you an email notification when your device ships including the courier company tracking number that will be used to ship the device to the store.

  34. iwantLTE

    i honestly believe pricing for LTE should only affect those with small data caps as they will probably go over and it would be in their interest if they upgrade their data, with that said i believe those of us who have been paying premium for 6GB data or is on that plan should be left alone as we have enough data and pay alot already.

    1. LTE

      How are you paying a premium for 6Gigs? its $30 a month and is a promotional plan. People paying the regular $30 for 1 Gig are the ones paying the premium and shouldn’t be paying anymore for LTE.

  35. Lucas

    Hahahah I find it funny that like 5 people in a row asked the exact same question with the exact same response, I think I ruined the run though

  36. Anonymous

    What does it matter? Compared to other cellular companies throughout the world we are still one of the highest charged.

  37. SamsungIloveu

    I was wondering if i would need to get an LTE plan on this phone If I already had 6gb worth of Data on my existing plan?…. plus how much would this phone cost [predictions]?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      For the Samsung Galaxy SII LTE smartphone, it will be compatible on our network for both LTE and HSPA+ and even Edge. We can’t predict or guess at the cost, though. We’ll have those details closer to launch.

  38. Adrian

    Wow, really happy rogers came through with this,, great job. I just have a couple of questions before I decided to purchase. 1. Is the phone going to have the samsung exynos dual core processor, and is the picture in the article the exact model? Because there is also the bell version and the at&t with the capacitative buttons on the bottom instead of the big home button.

    Thanks Rogers!

    1. Rogers_Chris

      The image is not the final product, Adrian. We’ll have news on the specs soon, stay tuned.

  39. RMB

    I hope rogers does right by their long time customers here, as some of us have been sitting ideally by while we watch Bell and Telus have been getting all the good phones over the last year. Securing the Galaxy S2 along with a 10.1 galaxy tablet is a really good start, one which I can certainly applaud rogers for. But lets one up Bell and provide us with a phone that has upgraded specs (i.e. 1.5 GHz processors) and not giving us the same phone months after Bell. I also really hope we get rewarded for our loyalty by maintaining the 6gb data packages right through to LTE. I think how rogers approaches this will make or break this transition to LTE for allot of us.

    Rogers, please give us the phones we want, and reward your existing customers with letting us carry over our 6gb data packages over to this new blazing LTE network. Do this and you will crush Bell and Telus!

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Thanks for the feedback, RMB. I hope we can keep you a satisfied customer as you transition to LTE.

  40. osh

    i have decided that if i have to pay anything more than my 6gb for $30 a month plan for an LTE plan i will not be getting the phone or LTE data plan.

  41. joez23

    Is there anyone who managed to get a phone through the reservation process? Not only there’s a fee of $40 (not clear if it’s refundable or not), there are no pricing or eligibility details, and worst Rogers DO NOT guarantee you will receive a device before it is publicly available in store.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi joez23,

      The $40 reservation fee (+ taxes) is used to secure your order and place in line. We will credit the $40 (+ taxes) back to your Rogers account 1) when your device ships from our warehouse or 2) when you cancel your reservation online. We will send you an email notification when your device ships including the courier company tracking number that will be used to ship the device to the store.

      We will be dedicating inventory towards our Reservation System orders and our goal is to get your device to you as soon as possible. However, we will also be shipping devices to stores that are not participating in the Reservation System program.

  42. ir

    And Saskatchewan is still stuck with EDGE……………

  43. Brian

    “the previously announced HTC smartphone”

    What is that? Does anyone know what phone they are talking about?

  44. Tom S.

    It’s been over a week since this was announced – when can we expect to see some details on actual Galaxy SII LTE specs?

    I am really curious whether this willl have the upgraded CPU (1.5 GHz), screen size (4.5″) and battery (1850 mAh).

    I know you guys are “looking into it”, but a week to look into device specs seems quite reasonable, no?

    1. Marvin M

      Yes it has been a long time to research specs for this phone and now three days without a corresponding post to this comment entry. Come on Rogers bloggers.

  45. random72

    So…what do we have here?

    A launch date for LTE in Toronto, but nothing on device availability, pricing for those devices or plan pricing for those devices.

    I’m sorry- what are we supposed to be excited about, again?

    Frankly, I’m not sure what the point of this post was, aside from attempting to whip people into a lather over new products that are ‘coming soon’.

    I still don’t understand- and I know I’ve said it before on this board- why on earth Rogers insists on making announcements when it has almost no concrete information, knowing it will be flooded with predictable questions afterwards.

    Why not wait until you have everything sorted out so you don’t have to answer dozens of questions with ‘I don’t know’ or- my favourite- ‘we have nothing to share’.

    If you have ‘nothing to share’, why post in the first place? Does anyone on the ‘campus’ ever ask these basic questions??

    Anyone familiar with the way Rogers operates knows that there’s no point in paying attention to any of the so-called ‘news’ posted here until the day before the devices are in stores- assuming of course they’re actually available on the day of the launch, which often doesn’t happen.

    The recent ‘launch’ of the new Blackberries was a perfect example of a launch with no product. Walking into the stores in my area, you’d never know that three new ‘hot’ devices had just been launched- no signage, no floor models, no dummy phones- zip, zero, nada. I haven’t been in as store recently, but I’m sure it’s the same story for the Tab 10.1…nothing to see here folks…move along, now.

    Then there’s the website – apparently whenever a new product is launched all of Rogers webmasters are on vacation. But hey, here’s a backdoor link you’ll never find- and in a few weeks we might actually get a photo and some pricing posted there, too. We appreciate your patience!

    The fact that I’m still a Rogers customer speaks volumes about the utter lack of real competition that exists for wireless in this country. Why switch? I’ll just go from one expensive incumbent to another, all insulated from competition by the CRTC.

    I’m done here- you get my point.

    I’ll check back on your LTE experiment at Christmas- maybe by then there’ll be something more than a rocket stick (whoopee!!) and a bunch of mystery devices.

    1. RogersSara

      Hi random72.

      Thanks for your feedback. We do appreciate the time you’ve taken to share your views. To answer your question, we are responding to what our customers are telling us they want to see. For some, they are interested in advance news and are eager to hear about upcoming launches. Others prefer more detailed news at launch. We’re doing our best to balance what all our customers want.

      Yes, please do come back…. we’d love to hear what you think!!”

  46. Marvin M

    Specs!! Specs!! Specs!! Day 4

  47. RMB

    Kudos rogers for getting the GS2 with upgraded specs (1.5ghz) processors!

    Now we just need to know how the data plans will work. My dilemma is that I plan on getting the GS2 but I also want to pick up the galaxy Tab 10.1. Unfortunately the GS2 is LTE and the Tab 10.1 runs on HSPA+. How will the data work if I want to pair these devices on my wireless plan and share data? I assume this is possible, however I dont want to pay for LTE data on my Tab 10.1 when I will be only getting HSPA+ speeds on it. Additionally, I don’t want to have two data plans to accommodate each device.

    If my $30 a month 6gb data plan allowed me to surf on the new GS2 phone with LTE speeds and at the same time let me share my data to surf on the galaxy tab 10.1 at HSPA+ speeds I would be 100% sold on both devices. Or the alternative is to release a galaxy tab 10.1 LTE like verizon. The LTE data can be shared among tablet and phone.

    I just really hope that Rogers can maintain the 6gb data plans even on the LTE network for its existing customers.

  48. LTESweetness

    Just release the pricing! I cancelled by reservation just because I have no idea how much the bloody phone costs. Afterwards I called Rogers and they informed me that I can’t even get a phone upgrade because they changed phone upgrades from 24 months to 30 months. I think you guys should have your reservation system check to see if someone is even able to get a upgrade or at least inform of the cost to upgrade if you are not past the 30 month period.

  49. random72

    Wow, what a detailed (!) response.

    A bunch of vague platitudes with zero information….guess there’s ‘nothing to share’ as per usual!.

    No specifics, no ‘here’s what we’re doing’ or ‘here’s what we’re working on’ or ‘gee, maybe our policies really do stink to high heaven and maybe we should consider doing something about them sometime between now and eternity.’

    Alas, no- just more non-specific assurances that ‘something’ is being done to address our concerns. That is all.

    Well, gee thanks for ‘something’…if only we we’re allowed to know what that something is? Right, right- the universe will explode if Rogers starts dispensing real information. What was I thinking?

    Anyway, thanks for the non-answer answers.

    Good luck getting specs out of them, Marvin- maybe they’ll be allowed to tell you something before day 42.

    Until then, I’m afraid they have ‘nothing to share’.

  50. Tom S.

    Ok, so now even Rogers’ own LTE site has been updated with the 1.5 GHz processor speed – but still nothing here after a week? That really doesn’t look good on your, RedBoard/Rogers. Right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing again? Seems like it.

    So while you’re still “looking into it”, please also find out whether this will be Samsung’s Exynos processor (a much better choice), or Qualcomm’s Snapdragon – the difference is pretty significant.

  51. r011

    roger, get with the now… how about you make yourself special by giving your customers the best… without charging a premium.

  52. JSKershaw

    My only hope is that this SGII LTE device doesn’t follow the same epic fail the Captivate had this time last year. I’m still rocking the Captivate, but the two month delay was absolutely pathetic and I hope Rogers has learned from that disaster last year. I’m seriously considering this device, but it all depends on pricing and the price of LTE data. I may just keep my 6GB package and not sign up for the LTE data especially if the data package is way out in left field.

    I will sit here and see what Rogers does…

  53. Hershey

    Good job getting the GS 2 Rogers. I was hoping you guys were going to get it. I just hope the release is not as brutal as what I had to go thru to get my GS Captivate. The so-call GS Infuse 4g (captivate 2) was a joke. Doesn’t even come with Gingerbread installed (2.3), Still has 2.2. No faster than my captivate I had just return for repair (doesn’t connect to my computer or tv anymore) still the best phone thou. If the price is ridiculous, i will go to bell for their low price G2 (don’t care about LTE right now), or Telus new GS 2 (Hercules), or wait for the Nexus Prime.

  54. jason

    Just to confirm, this GS2 version will have the NFC chip for Google Wallet (when we get it) and other payment services?

    1. RogersElise

      Hi Jason. We cannot comment on this at this time but we’ll probably have more info at launch.

  55. Kevin

    Can anyone confirm the galaxy S2 lte is indeed being released nationwide by Rogers next week when they roll out the Toronto upgrades?

    All posts seem to talk about the network upgrade going live and a vague statement about the new lte phone coming out but does not explicitly state it will be released the same day or that it will be release nation wide.

    Looking for yes/no answer, not marketing statement please.


    1. Kevin

      I’d be willing to bet good money that Rogers will have nothing to release on Wednesday.

      Do to the silence from Rogers I am force to conclude that this is nothing more than blatant deceptive marketing on the part of Rogers.

      Lets anounce network upgrades but put a picture of the new phone promenently on every page to insinuate that we are releasing the phone as well. That way we can stir up interest and still be able to say we never actually promissed anything. Why would that make anyone angry, our stupid customers won’t notice anyways….

      I hope Rogers makes me eat my words and releases this phone but I highly doubt it. Guess I will move on to Bell or Telus who actually have decent hardware out today. I miss the days when Rogers was always first in with the lattest.

  56. Thomas

    Hi I am very curious how do you know a month before hand that the samsung galaxy s2 lte is coming out but then 3 days before the expected release date the 28th we are still left hanging there is still not a concrete release date. This is totally unacceptable on rogers part, please do not tell me all the phones are going to appear magically in the store on wednesday and us as customers are not even going to be given 7 days of notice. I am very disappointed with rogers customer service I have been with rogers for 10+ years they really have to be more transparent with there product release dates and specs and everything.

    1. l_di

      I agree, Thomas! Why can’t they just give us a release date? Why does this have to be such a secret? It’s gotta be in production and/or already shipping to warehouses in order for them to be taking reservations……. even if it gets delayed past a release date, then at least we knows roughly when it’s coming. Right now all we know is ‘the fall’ – which could be anytime in the next 3 months. Hopefully this isn’t going to be released for Christmas or there will be no way anyone will get one!
      I have been with Rogers for 8 years now and have been patiently waiting for a new device worth my time for a 3 year upgrade. Now I have 7 days to agree to the plan that Rogers has offered me to sign a new contract with a phone that it won’t work for OR I can buy the SGS2 from Bell for $25 at Best Buy this week and get the exact same plan. I’m off contract so I can do what I want but would really like to stay with Rogers – however, by holding back device information they have somehow managed to retain all of the power over me and my money. Not a good feeling!

      1. LTESweetness

        I agree with you guys! What Rogers is doing is wrong! Bell gave a release date for their SG2 3 weeks before it was released. I am really starting to get pissed off that Rogers wont release ANY information about release date or pricing! At this point I am willing to pay the cost of canceling what little plan I have left and going to Bell! Rogers treat your customers with a little more dignity.

  57. Jadis

    Since we already wait so long, why not simply wait Ice Cream, that have 720P screen.
    Once any carrier roll they out.
    Royalty deserve you more bill.

    Galaxy S2 LTE already out of date, Rogers made it.

    And who really care of LTE? expensive and not really useful.

    1. Marvin M

      I agree whole heartedly, I have cancelled my reservation for the SG2 LTE as I know now that there is a SG 2 LTE HD coming out with 720 p. The wait continues for me.

  58. LTESweetness

    3 days before launch and still no pricing or any more details?! Rogers = Pathetic!

    1. RogersElise

      Hey there.

      Pricing for the LTE Sierra Wireless mobile hotspot has been announced and this is at this point the only device we have available for LTE.

  59. random72

    Sorry guys- they’ve got ‘nothing to share’.

    There might be something here on the morning of the 28th- assuming the rollout isn’t pushed back (don’t be surprised if that happens)- but even then detailed info will be hard to come by.

    Be prepared for plenty of ‘I don’t know’ and ‘can’t comment’ replies. Even though the questions will be completely reasonable (and predictable) don’t expect too many straight answers from them…those are in short supply around here.

    The fact this thread has gone quiet on their end now that the launch is almost here is interesting, isn’t it?

    Just sayin’…

  60. hello

    With the GSII LTE, can I use my old SIM card on it and continue to run 3G, HSPA and not have to sign up for the LTE data plan?

    1. Kevin

      Rogers does not actually have this phone. They will not answer your questions because they want you to think they have it. Maybe they will release it someday but Samsung will prob have a better one out available from Bell by then.

      I heard a rumor Rogers signed a deal not to release phones that compete with the iPhone4 until the 5 is out. I am starting to believe this to be more and more likely the truth.

      How about it Rogers, will you answer some questions in a direct way? Is this phone comming out anytime soon? Even admitting you don’t have a release date yet is a better answer than silence and stringing people along. Any comment on this backdoor iPhone deal rumor? Rogers is losing its competitive edge very quickly are you even concerned with this in the least?

      1. RogersMelanie

        Hey Kevin,

        More device details can be found on the newest LTE post:

        As for launch details for the Samsung Galaxy S II, we don’t have any dates yet. The first LTE device to launch will be the HTC Jetstream LTE tablet which will launch October 18th. The other announced devices will follow at later launch dates.

  61. Imagine Engine

    Can we get a timeline for the LTE rollout of each major city? Example Toronto – September, Vancouver – October, etc. Same for the smaller cities/towns for their upgrade from EDGE to HSPA+.

    What LTE frequency is Rogers offering (700 MHz or 2100 MHz)?

    Is Rogers planning to provide LTE+ (advanced) which supports voice and data this year or wait unit 2012?

    Is Rogers going to allow customers to grandfather their 6 GB data plan for use on the LTE network.

    1. RogersMelanie

      Hey Imagine Engine,

      Great news – Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal all launched this morning. Check out the details on the newest LTE post:

  62. LTESweetness

    I bet that the SG2 LTE wont be released tomorrow. The phone will probably come out mid-October to November. Next time don’t post hardware teasers, just post official dates and information. What a pointless blog this was…. Rogers = Epic Fail… Terminating my plan as we speak.

  63. random72

    Looks like I was right (again)- launch day comes, little in the way of actual information (lots of hype, though, as per usual) with zero new devices.

    Sorry if I’m not doing cartwheels over a Rocket Stick, although I’m sure the idea sounded much better in the pitch meeting at Rogers HQ, which probably went something like this:

    ‘How about we roll out a fancy new network in three of Canada’s largest cities on the same day and instead of offering new smartphones at launch, we’ll go with a Rocket Stick!’

    ‘Brilliant!! Let’s do it. Who needs phones? We’re last on the list to get them anyway. Done- Rocket Sticks now, phones in 2-3 months. By then we’ll have walloped them with so much LTE marketing they’ll be clamouring for whatever stale Samsung or LTC leftover we throw at them.’

    ‘So to recap- big hype now, push the Rocket Stick, and deflect any and all questions about new phones. Got it? Good. Meeting adjourned.’

    This device-free rollout got me thinking about how absurd this business plan would seem if it we’re applied elsewhere.

    For example, imagine announcing the opening of a fantastic new highway that will require anyone who wants to drive on it to buy a new car, except that those cars aren’t actually available yet. Oh, and when they do eventually become available they’ll cost more, will require more expensive maintenance schedules and come complete with iron-clad usage contracts.

    Now who’s in?

    Not so much, eh? Then why on earth should people care about essentially the same concept being pushed by Rogers?

    Why indeed…

    1. LTESweetness

      Wow I was thinking the exact same thing! Awesome thinking by Rogers executive team! Who gives a crap about a LTE Stick when you can get the same function by TETHERING an LTE PHONE!!! FAIL!!!