It’s back! 6GB/$30 data plan returns

Yes, you read correctly. The 6GB/$30 data plan for smartphones is back – for a limited time only.

Until September 30, both new and existing customers can add the 6GB/$30 data plan to a voice plan with a three-year term.  Also, you can now share your 6GB data plan with mobile internet devices starting at $10/month per device. With this option, you can share the data from your smartphone with your tablet, netbook or Rocket mobile internet stick.

Upgrade your data on the My10 Promo Plan

New and existing customers on the My10 Promo Plan can upgrade the data bucket from 1GB to 6GB for only $10 more/month. This means you’ll be able to get all the same services– My10 Canada wide calling, unlimited text and picture/video messaging  – with 5 times the data.


You must have a voice plan in order to add the 6GB/$30 and it’s available with a three year term only. Tethering is included at no extra charge.

For sharing options, your primary line must be a smartphone with a three year term and your secondary device can be any of the following:

You can add up to four secondary devices on sharing plans.

Will you add the 6GB/$30 data plan?

Miranda MacDonald is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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154 comments on “It’s back! 6GB/$30 data plan returns

  1. Terry Chambers

    My wife and I have the 1GB family plan right now. Is there any way that we can take advantage of this offer?

    1. Clayton

      You want to make sure that you understand that you will have to sign up for a new 3 year contract

    2. Heather

      Not sure if you already got the device yet, but here’s my comment anyways lol…>>>Yes, me and my husband had the same family plan. 1gb plan for $100. I have an iphone 3g, he has sony xperia x10…At first there was an issue with converted the family plan to this one (which is a business plan)…but we got it…but we’re shared on the business plan….however…you have your internet/cable/cell phones already as a bundle to get that 10% discount…you will lose the 10% temporarly for 15 days. Other than that, you’re golden to get it! :D…We got 2 tablets. our plan is now like $115/$120…it’s awesome. (and your contract doesn’t change, you’re just ADDING a device to your contract and changing your plan.) *cheers*

  2. Corey

    So what about people who already have the 6GB plan. When I login to My Rogers is says my plan will expire. Should I call and have it re-newed for another 3 years? Will this offer be available during the next iPhone launch? Thanks!

    1. RogersMiranda

      If your plan expires before Sept. 30, and it’s a plan you’d like to keep, I’d recommend renewing it :) But best to talk to a Rogers rep for specific details on your options.

      1. Kevin

        You recommend it because it’s in Roger’s best interest that it is renewed. It is not necessarily in the consumer’s best interest.

        The only things that I know of that expires are credits that are applied to accounts. The features of a plan will be grandfathered for fear it may cause an uprising within the Roger’s user base.

      2. John

        That’s the worst advice I have ever heard! He doesn’t have to renew anything! What he has he will keep as long as he doesn’t change it. That expiry date is most likely when the contract ends or credits that will expire.

        Why would rogers want to make their billing system to remove $30 feature off of an account just because it expires? Doesn’t make sense does it? You should get the facts straight before telling people what to do.

      3. RogersMiranda

        Sorry guys. I think I provided incorrect info here. I’m double checking with a pricing specialist and will confirm. Sorry for any confusion.

    2. Alph

      Data plans expire? I got my 6GB/$30 plan more than 3 years ago when the 3G was released. I’ve never been told the plan needed to be renewed.

      1. Blackwell

        Data plans do not expire, its just that the original term contract expires, if you renew or not does not cause the data plan to expire.

      2. Ramone

        I spoke with a CSR a year or so ago regarding this “expiration” notice on my account. He assured me they legally cannot take something away from you. The 6GB is a limited time offer, but as long as you don’t let them change your data plan, they cannot take it away. And trust me, I have had them say “oh, you are over paying for your data plan, let me give you 500MB for $20 a month” and I’ve had to scold them to leave it alone.

      3. RogersMiranda

        @Ramone, @Blackwell @Alph @John @Corey @Kevin

        Huge apologies guys. My comment above was inaccurate. If you currently have the 6GB plan, there’s no need to renew it. It will just become a monthly plan. Of course, if you decide to HUP you will need to renew. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for flagging my error.

      4. Alph

        One more thing….if I HUP past September 30 (which seems very likely if you don’t get a Galaxy S2 before then), I’ll still be able to continue my current 6/30 plan, correct?

      5. Kevin

        The CSR you spoke to is incorrect. In the fine print, Rogers can change your service with proper notice (I think it’s something like 30 days). You will notice that the agreement for service you signed upon signing up is quite specific on this.

        On the plus side, while Rogers can technically do this, the better question is will they? I doubt it. Why push away a customer when you have them already? Aquisition of new customers is extremely expensive.

      6. Darren

        All true, but that is legally grounds for terminating a contract. If you don’t agree to their changes they have no choice but to let you out of the contract or submit and not change it. But usually changes like that are made across the board. However if you do nothing after their warning they can do whatever they want because you are agreeing by saying nothing. So it is highly unlikely that they would do any of this.

        I’ve had this plan since the first roll out and Rogers doesn’t change your plan on you. The only way would be for your account to become defunct, then open a new account and then you would be excluded from the deal

  3. Andre

    I signed up for this data plan but it really needs to be possible to share it with another phone.

  4. BWilson

    What about existing family plan members, can we up our data package from 1Gb to 6 Gb for 10 more bucks a month?

  5. apk

    Good to see this plan back again for a limited time, but it should be permanent.

  6. RogersMiranda

    @Terry Chambers @BWilson

    Hi guys. No, there’s no way to upgrade from 1 GB to 6 GB for family plans.

    If you have a voice only Family Plan, you can add $6GB/$30 on a per line basis, but note that you can’t share this between family members.

    1. Andre

      Is it something that can be looked into in the future?
      Data is data is data. It shouldn’t matter if the device is a phone or a tablet.

    2. Alph

      boooo… tell me, what’s the difference between voice and data? I can share voice minutes but not data? How does that make sense? I have an internet connection at my house, but you don’t charge my family to use it.

      This is the kind of arbitrary decision making, due to nothing more than naked greed, that keeps Rogers so very unpopular.

      1. Rogers_Chris

        Hi Alph, sorry you feel that way. It’s in no way arbitrary, though. Thanks for sharing your opinion though.

      2. Alph

        Perhaps you can change my mind and enlighten us all with an explanation why voice can be shared and data can’t.

      3. I don’t really get this. It’s a promo…normally you pay what…$30 for 1GB?

        $30 for 6GB is a REALLY good deal, and you expect to share that will any other lines on your account for free?

        When you can run a business successfully by giving away that much for at least 5 years flat, I’ll apologise, but until than I have to say you’re deluding yourself.

  7. Ivan

    I have the $30/6GB plan from last year (2010). Am I eligible to share my 6GB to my iPad for $10 now or do I need to switch to this year’s $30/6GB plan? I know it used to be $30 per device.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Ivan,

      You’ll need to switch to the new plan and renew your term. I’d recommend stopping by a Rogers store or calling a rep to discuss the details.

  8. Stefan Lucas

    Hey, when you say “You can add up to four secondary devices on sharing plans.” Does that mean I could add another phone thats apart of my plan to the 6GB plan so we could share the data?

    1. Ivan

      I am pretty sure secondary devices mean tablet, netbook or Rocket mobile internet stick. Data sharing is never meant to be shared with another smartphone.

    2. Rogers_Chris

      That’s exactly what it means, Stefan!

  9. Kevin

    So just to confirm, when you write 3-year term must be taken with this package, do you mean a year data term or will they renew your voice term as well?

    I’ve been getting conflicting answers.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Kevin, as I understand it, you need only extend and renew the data term.

      1. Brian

        Rogers made me renew my voice plan. Should they not have?

      2. Kevin

        So confirming again, the bulletin implies 3 year data term must be taken but the business rules imply that the voice term must be taken as well.

        Kind of confusing. It depends on who you get and their interpretation of the rules.

  10. Steve

    I have the $40 iPhone Data Value Pack with 500 MB of data. Can I upgrade to this 6GB plan?

    1. Ivan

      It’s possible but you have to cancel your value pack first. You can then subscribe to the 6GB plan and possibly the $16 iPhone value pack if you want to continue to receive caller id, voicemail, and text messages. A big plus about the 6GB plan is that it counts towards your Better Choice Bundle discount while your original $40 iPhone Data Value Pack doesn’t.

    2. RogersMiranda

      Hi Steve,

      Ivan’s right. You can’t upgrade to the 6GB plan with this Value Pack, but there are a couple options. I’d recommend talking to a Rogers rep who can access your account details to provide you with all your options.

  11. Steve

    I called and was told that is was $30 for each share line. They reviewed their database for the business rules and the $10 or $15 share option prices were for iPhone, Smartphone and BlackBerry’s only. Can you confirm? and if its differnet let us know or update your reps database so I can make the change?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hey Steve. This is incorrect. You should only have to pay $10/$15 for sharing options. We’re working to make sure all reps are informed of the plan and the various options.

  12. Andrew

    Great! Now tell me that you sell the S2 and I’ll sign up!

  13. Raj

    I’m on the 500 MB plan. how do I upgrade?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hey Raj, just contact customer care and they’ll be able to help.

  14. So question why are business people paying $45 a month for 1 GB? Can Business people switch to this plan? Then they can tether their laptop to their BlackBerry when on the road instead of needing a rocket stick? Im taking a wild guess of no here!

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Caspan. Yes, business customers are eligible for this plan. Same eligibility as for consumers (3 year terms only, must be added to a voice plan)

  15. Matt

    What happens if Apple comes out with a new iPhone and I just renewed for 3 years with this 6 GB option? Will I still qualify for a hardware upgrade?

    1. Brian

      Yes, this has nothing to do with Hardware Upgrade eligibility.

  16. Wayne Chan

    Is the 6 gigabyte data add on available on a student plan? I plan on getting a smartphone to get around my new area and I think it would be very useful to know where I am going.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Wayne,

      My understanding is that you can pick a voice plan and then add the 6GB/$30 data add-on. But you actually might want to check out the $55 MY10 Promo Plan + $10 to upgrade to 6GB because it provides the best overall value.

  17. Skippy1

    Where’s the love for BES accounts??? Bring this promo for us BES users!!!!

    1. customer8

      Skippy – i was able to add $30/6GB to a BlackBerry plan no problem

  18. Robin

    Why the three year term?

    I understand the 3 year term when you get a discounted phone, but not in this case. The time will come where long term plans will be a thing of the past. I own my phone, like my computer and simply want network access while having the right to benefit from changes in the competitive market.

  19. Alph

    Is this 6GB/$30 plan good for 3G and 4G?

    1. RogersMiranda


      1. Alph

        Okay, now you have my attention.

        I’m currently on the 6GB/$30 plan I got 3 years ago when the Iphone 3G was released. Will the 6GB/$30 plan I have now allow 4G traffic if I upgrade my phone to a 4G device? Or would I need to ‘upgrade’ to this plan to get 4G traffic capability when I eventually get a new phone?

      2. Rogers_Chris

        Hey Alph,

        4G HSPA+ and 4G LTE are different. Our 4G LTE network, which is currently only launched in Ottawa but will be available in other markets before the end of 2011, will require a new handset. Currently, we don’t offer any 4G LTE devices whatsoever.

        Does that help?

      3. Alph


        That’s not really what I was asking. When I get a 4G phone from Rogers, will the 6GB/$30 data plan I got three years ago for my Iphone 3G allow me to get 4G speeds without doing any kind of data plan update ( Miranda says above that this offering does support 4G speed — if/when you have a 4G device ).

      4. Rogers_Chris

        Hi Alph,

        The term 4G is confusing matters in this case. There’s 4G LTE and 4G HSPA+, both of which are technically 4G. For now, let’s try to differentiate the two without using the term 4G.

        Right now, your iPhone 3G allows you access to the HSPA+ network. The current 6GB/$30 data plan will allow you access to that network for years to come.

        The only case where you’d be unable to use your 6GB/$30 data plan would be if you bought an LTE device, which we will carry in the near future when we launch our LTE network in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal (currently, the network is only set up in Ottawa). If you were to purchase an LTE device, your 6GB/$30 data plan would not give you access to the LTE network, only the HSPA+ network. In that scenario, you’d find our pricing for LTE here under LTE Flex Rate Plans”:

        Hope this helps!

      5. Kevin

        I believe the plan is to provision phones onto the 4G LTE network. It will also involve a premium on top of your existing data plan.

  20. alex

    This is a vote for sharing 6GIG data in couplesfamily plans, I have been looking for this option. Thanks.

  21. Joel

    I was wondering, i have a plan in my name with two separate phones and numbers. we are looking at upgrading to two blackberries. Is there anyway possible to add the $30 dollar 6 GB data plan to the account and share between both the new blackberries?

    1. John

      NO, data sharing is for sharing your data from your smartphone with your rocket stick, netbook, and tablet.

  22. Jerry

    Wait a minute, my 6GB plan is expired? I’ve had it since the release of the Iphone 3g in july and your telling me rogers hasn’t told me it has expired? What is this? Are they going to let me go on using data as if I were on my 6GB plan and then charge me thousands of dollars at the end of the month because it “expired”? Sickening

    1. RogersMiranda

      Jerry, my comment about expiration was incorrect. Sorry for the confusion. If you have the 6GB plan, there’s no need to renew it. It will just become a monthly plan. The only time you’d need to renew it is if you were doing a hardware upgrade.

  23. Brian

    So from what I gathered so far:
    1. Add 6GB data for $30/month on a 3 year data term.
    2. Have the option to share this data with a mobile internet device starting as low as $10?
    —>This is where it gets confusing, does this price fluctuate depending on what type of device?
    —>I am considering sharing with an iPad 3G, would this cost $10/month? on a month-to-month basis? Because, the reps I’ve called the previous days stated it would be $30/month

  24. Steve Mac

    I called the Rogers Call Center yesterday and they said that I couldn’t add iPad’s or Rocket Sticks to this $30 6gb plan. What else is there? When I asked them to double check, they came back and said that they could add these other items but that it would be an extra $30 for the iPad and and extra $30 for the Rocket Stick. Now I’m up to $90 for 6gb. That doesn’t make any sense??

  25. Yoshi

    Steve why would you want to share data with anything but a smartphone, blackberry or iPhone?

  26. Trev

    Good that it’s back, but I’m little disappointed that it’s not available on month to month like the competitors …

  27. Safnfs

    . M already paying 25 doller for 1 gb . I m asking 6 gb. But rogers reprasantiv not able to give me . I have good plan n i dont want to change my plan . I can able to give 30 $ for 6 gb. But opretor told me that u have to change ur all plan , bundle, and my cradit too. I m not agree with tham .Wt to do

    I was waiting from  last 2 year for 6 gb plan .. Help me if possible thnx

    1. John

      Are you paying $25 for 1GB of data seperate from your voice plan? If so, you can get the 6GB plan without having to change your voice plan. Call back and speak to someone else.

  28. Chris

    I’ve called Rogers twice and both time they knew nothing of a 6gb plan

    1. John

      Call again and if that rep no nothing about the 6GB plan then refer them to this website. Sounds like they are being lazy to look it up.

    2. RogersMiranda

      Hey Chris,

      Sorry about that. I’ll pass that feedback onto the team here.

  29. Lok

    I’m a returning customer who’s plan is going to end in november. is it possible to renew my contract before that date along with a phone and the 6GB/$30?

    1. Ryan

      Yes, you can renew and HUP before your term is over. You are also free to change your price plan anytime free of charge.

  30. Rye

    I was using a feature phone with Unlimited Mobile Browsing. I switched to the iphone with a 500mb data plan because they offered a $10 data credit for 3 years. I told them at the time I wanted the 6GB when it became available. A retentions rep told me that when they added the 6 gb plan it caused any data credits to drop. Sadly, when I signed up for the plan and told the Customer Relations rep about my intention to switch to the 6 GB plan they never mentioned that I would have to drop my $10 data credit. If I had known that I was going to lose the credit, I would have stuck with my feature phone and UMB plan.

    Any thoughts?

    1. Melissa

      Enjoy your 6gbs. use your mobile internet. its beyond worth the extra $10 bucks a month!

  31. Jay

    Tell me, I have a “North America” plan (1GB). I’m up for renewal. Can I get this plan but then ADD the “North American” access for the extra 5 or 10 bucks a month?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Jay. No, this is not possible.

      1. Jay

        Boo. :( Thanks for the response however. At least I know not to explore the option. ;-)

  32. Mchan

    I called customer support on adding another device (ipad) to my 6GB plan (got it in 2008) but they are telling me its going to be $30/month instead of $10/month. The rep didn’t know what else to do to get the right amount. Is it $30/month or $10/month?

    1. Mchan

      I called back again and this Roger’s Rep knew exactly what to do. Got my iPad setup with the 6GB plan now. Its very unfortunate that not all the Reps are not in the know.

      1. Brian

        Hey Mchan, did that mean you were able to get the $10/month data share with iPad on a month to month basis?

        Is this the normal pricing? vs 30/month?

      2. RogersMiranda

        Thanks for coming back and letting us know about this. We’re working to make sure all reps are informed of the plan and the various options.

      3. Steve

        Hi Miranda,

        The system is showing that its only compatible with iPhone, Smartphones and BlackBerry’s for the $10 and $15 options. They are telling us that the only way to share the 6GB plan with a ROcketstick is to pay $30 per secondary line which is the old way if memory serves me right. Your saying that you can pay $10 or $15 (terms) now, which is it?

    2. Jay

      If the lovely Miranda can respond to my question. It would be fantastic. ;-) Thing is, I sometimes go to the US, so… it would be great if that 6GB plan can be complimented by a North American spread. As mentioned, Right now, I pay a tad more a month to not have to think about it when I go to the US.

      1. Melissa

        Call 1-888-764-3771 to confirm.

      2. John

        There is no US option for the 6GB data plan.

  33. Anthony

    Ok, so I have a smartphone with 500MB of data(off contract) and I ran out in less then a week. My mom has this plane on her iPhone, which she never uses (She probably uses less then 100MB a month). The reason that I didn’t get this data package is because I like having choice. Is there a way that i could dip into her data if we were on a family plan?

  34. Chris

    I just wasted 90 minutes on a call with CSR and they were not able to add the 10$ data sharing :(

    1. Chris

      Anyone one have the codes so we can help out the reps?

      1. Melissa

        Hi, it depends on what price plan you have on your cell phone. Example: $40 voice plan + $30 6gb plan it will cost $30 to share data with a mobile internet device.

        If you have the new voice and DATA SHARE plan (NOT FAMILY PLAN) Example: $65 my 10 canada wide plan with 6gb (see voice+data combo) shareable data + $15 to share 6gb per device.

      2. Melissa

        each device will eat up the 6gb from the voice and data share plan *

      3. AJ

        or, better yet, if you have a mobile device such as an iPhone or most android phones tether it! It’s free!

  35. Chris

    Can you guys explain why you can’t upgrade the 1gb family plan? My wife and I share 1gb of data on our iPhones and it would be great to upgrade that to 6 gb. Why is it we are not allowed to upgrade out data bucket to 6 gb?

    1. Ivan

      It is because you and your wife share a combo family plan that includes both voice and 1GB shared data as a single package. You can not make any substitution within the plan. Beside, the current $30/6GB offer clearly states that “You must have a VOICE PLAN in order to add the 6GB/$30″. Since you have a voice+data plan, you are not eligible for this offer.

      If you really like to sign up for this offer, you and your wife have to cancel your current family plan and sign up for a voice plan individually. Each line have to pay $30 (i.e. 2x$30=$60 for your family) to get this data plan as this plan doesn’t allow sharing between smartphones/family.

  36. nuclearbroccoli

    Because they wouldn’t make as much money off you if they let you upgrade like that.

  37. Samy

    Hi , I’ve tried to get the sharing plan on my current 6gb data plan. The guy on the phone went from 10$ to 11.96$ to 15.something to 16.something to 30$ and back to 15$ + 35$ fees for the first month if I do get a 2 years term. He also told me ( you can now share your 6GB data plan with mobile internet devices starting at $10/month per device. ) is a lie , 10$.month is for 1gb data share plan. So Miranda, can you please tell me how to get the 10$/month data share plan on my 6gb data plan ? thx

  38. Eileen

    How come I’m told 6gb is not available

    1. Rogers_Chris

      It is available, Eileen. Someone in customer care should be able to help.

  39. Skippy1

    Some people have been telling me that the 6GB option is good for BES. I was under the impression that it’s BIS only for blackberry. Rogers reps have also confirmed it’s BIS only. Can someone from the Social Media team confirm???

    1. John

      I can confirm that it’s BIS only for blackberries.

  40. Wayne

    I am getting the HTC Evo 3D soon and I plan on adding the 6 GB/$30 add on and the Rogers Plus employee says that “Unlimited Social Networking” is included in this add on. Is it true because I don’t see it written anywhere on this post?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Wayne, I don’t believe it is included. That would be a separate add-on.

    2. Ivan

      With 6GB, who cares about unlimited social networking. 6GB is way more than enough for “social networking”

  41. Jeffrey

    so we can add this to separate lines on a family plan for $30, even if your family plan is voice+messaging

  42. e_Rapture

    Hi Miranda, is there a reason why this promotion plan is not mentioned anywhere on the Rogers website?

  43. John

    Please provide a link on the rogers website regarding the my10 offer.

  44. Ken

    I find that rogers wireless service is great but their customer service really lacks, I was just on the phone with them trying to add this and the person knew nothing about it. I was trying to tell them and she kept saying that she was not aware of it. Also the last few times that I have called they had promised me certain things on my plan and of course they messed it up and asked if I had a verification number and I did not because I thought knowing the persons name was good enough. So if anyone is offered a plan make sure you get a verification number. I had to call back again to talk to another person to add this to my existing plan. To me, rogers keep lacking in the customer service field, Can’t wait till there are a lot more companies here so that we get better offers.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Ken,

      Sorry you feel that way and that you didn’t have a positive experience trying to add this to your plan. We’re always working to improve our customer care channels, and I’m confident that your next interaction will be better. Thanks for taking the time to write us here on Redboard!

  45. Steve

    If I am on a month to month plan (not pay as you go), and I want to add this 6GB data plan to my account do I have to commit to a 3yr term on the voice side as well?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Steve, you don’t need to commit to a voice plan, but you’ll need to commit to a 3-year term for the 6GB/$30 data plan.

  46. Eileen

    can I add the 6gb data to a family plan?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Eileen, as Miranda said earlier, if you have a voice only Family Plan, you can add $6GB/$30 on a per line basis, but note that you can’t share this between family members.

  47. Brian

    I currently have the 6gb plan that I renewed around 10 months ago. I am thinking of getting a tablet can I call Rogers and get the 10$ add on to share with my Asus or Samsung Tablet.

    I shouldn’t have to renew again in just 10 months do i? I am not getting a HUP from anyone..

    1. Rogers_Chris

      I don’t believe so, Brian, but just to be safe you should verify with customer care.

      1. Brian

        Could you clarify what exactly do you no believe so. There are two contradicting points in my original post

      2. Rogers_Chris

        You can share the 6GB/$30 plan, but you should contact customer care and they’ll verify.

  48. Allan

    can I have this $30/6gb + $35/500gb USA Data plan together?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      I don’t see why not, Allan. And I’m sure you meant $35/500 megabyte (not gigabyte) USA data plan.

      1. John

        I’m pretty sure you can’t have 2 data plans on the same phone number.

  49. Jeffrey

    we can activate this at best buy or any other place other than rogers for sure?

  50. chris

    I get a $10 discount on a 500MB data plan, will that be removed if i change my plan to 6GB data plan

    1. Rogers_Chris

      It’s entirely up to customer care and depends on your account, Chris.

  51. Mike

    If I have the $10 sharing option on a notebook with an embedded rocket stick, and I use the notebook to send & receive text messages, will I have to pay for the text messages or will they be covered by the 2500 text messages included in the value pack on my voice line?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      I don’t even know how you would do that, Mike. I recommend you contact someone in customer care to look into that.

  52. Andrew

    My contract is up in October. Can I sign up for a new voice plan and the 6GB for $30 data plan now and upgrade to a new device later (for ex. when iPhone5 or Nexus Prime are released)

    1. Rogers_Chris

      No, you can’t do that Andrew; however, you can go month-to-month on your existing contract until you’re ready to upgrade and re-sign for 3-years. We can’t otherwise comment on devices we haven’t announced as we may or may not carry them (especially if they don’t exist yet).

  53. Tony

    Can the 6gb be shared with my second phone number which is currently just voice and messaging

    1. Rogers_Chris

      No, you can’t share your data with another smartphone.

  54. Tim

    Hello, I’m looking to get 3 Iphone 4’s on the my10 plan. so that’s 110 + 25 for the 3rd phone. then only 10 dollars more to get the 6gb shared instead of 2gb? That’s what I understand it to be by reading what you guys have posted. Except, I’ve called customer care 2 times now and they say you can only get the 6gb plan by paying 30 dollars for each phone. Can someone clear this up for me?


    1. Kristine

      The 6GB data plan is not shareable between phones. It has to be added individually on each phone.

  55. chris

    I would love to take advantage of this offer, however I have made the decision not to sign up for any more 3 year contracts. I just paid $550++ for a new 9900. I actually think its cheaper to pay full price for a phone and just sell it when you’re ready for a new one. 3 year contracts are a joke. I’m 1 year into a 3 year contract on a 9700. Ya, a 9700!

    1. customer8

      You would think – The problem is that in order to get ANY decent plan (i.e. get account credits) you NEED to be on a 3 year program. All good retention plans require 3 year commitment. So you are scr3w3d one way or another. Its not really a Rogers thing – all big 3 carriers are doing the same and it’s lack of regulatory oversight in protecting customers which is cause of this. IMHO at least…

  56. Kristine

    What is the difference between the 6GB BIS plan and 6GB Data Sharing plan? I initially had the 6GB BIS and was told it didn’t include tethering or sharing, so i called in to have it changed to the tethering. The BIS turned to Data Sharing plan, is that the same as tethering?

    1. Mark

      I have the same issue. I have the 6GB BIS option and was told my the CSR that it included tethering. I have not been able to tether at all using my Samsung Captivate and now my phone bill has an asterisk next to the 6GB BIS stating that it does not include tethering. Can someone please confirm the full differences between the BIS and the regular option? I thought the BIS offered all the same function as the regular with the addition of BIS support.

  57. Shoaib

    I heard of LTE coming up soon to more cities outside Ottawa, and LTE devices like samsung galaxy s2, also are launchin soon,
    so my question is, will this plan be updated automatically for LTE, high speed,, or is just limited to current network specification.

  58. Kd

    HI, I phoned rogers to change my $25/500mb data plan to the $30/6gb data plan. The girl I was speaking to said I would be charged for $100 if I changed by data plan.. is this correct?

    1. Darren

      If you cancel or change your data plan within the first year I believe they charge you $100 cancellation fee. It would have been something you agreed when you activated that plan.
      If anyone can correct me if I’m wrong

  59. Si

    I have a 6GB DATA plan from 2010. Can I add a sharing feature to this plan for $10? I’ve been td that I cannot. If this is true, does it not conflict with the information on this post? Please let me know.


    1. Rogers_Chris

      You should be able to, Si. Customer Care would have the definitive answer, though.

  60. Si

    Thanks for the quick reply Chris! Its clear that not all of te customer care reps are aware of this important offer. Case in point – I was part way though an interaction with a rep that was aware of the promotion and was about to make the changes until my call was dropped. Every rep since has given me the same run around. That it cost $30 and not $10. Something needs to be done about this considering it’s a limited time offer.

  61. Jeffrey

    is it possible to sign up for a voice and data plan and then replace the data plan for this one?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      I’m not sure why you would do that, Jeffrey. You could sign up for a voice plan and add this data plan though.

  62. Shoaib

    I heard of LTE coming up soon to more cities outside Ottawa, and LTE devices like samsung galaxy s2, also are launchin soon,
    so my question is, will this plan be updated automatically for LTE, high speed,, or is just limited to current network specification.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Shoaib, we haven’t announced any prices or plans for LTE smartphones yet. Stay tuned!