New BlackBerry smartphones coming to Rogers

to announce the arrival of their new BlackBerry devices: the new Bold 9900, Torch 9860 and the Torch 9810. All three will be joining Rogers lineup this summer and all three are capable of 14.4 Mbps 4G download speeds.

In addition to a special guest appearance from baseball legend Joe Carter, I also had a chance to catch up with BlackBerry expert, Jeff Gadway to take a look at these new devices and get the low-down on some of the new features and functionality. Video coming soon.

The Torch 9860 will be Rogers first all-touch BlackBerry smartphone. It runs on BlackBerry 7 OS, has a 5.0MP camera with flash, 720p HD video recording capability and 4GB on-board flash memory. This smartphone will cost $199.99 with select three-year plans.

For those that can’t live without the full keyboard, you’ll want to check out both the Bold 9900 and the Torch 9810 that come with both touchscreen and full QWERTY keyboard.  The Bold 9900 is the thinnest BlackBerry smartphone yet, at only 10.5mm. The Torch 9810 has a large 3.2” high resolution display.  Both smartphones run the latest BlackBerry 7 OS and come with 5.0 MP cameras with flash and 720p HD video recording capability. The Bold 9900 will be $249.99 and the Torch 9810 will be $199.99 with select three year plans.

What do you think of the latest BlackBerry devices?

UPDATE (August 8, 2011, 5:02 pm): As promised, here’s a video from last week’s #BB7FanNight:

UPDATE (August 9, 2011, 4:40 pm): Good news! The BlackBerry Bold 9900 will be available at Rogers stores starting Wednesday, August 10 and the BlackBerry Torch 9810 will be available this Friday, August 12. To ensure your local store has stock, we recommend calling ahead. No update on the launch date for the BlackBerry Torch 9860 but we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we can. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: August 12, 2011, 2:35 pm: The BlackBerry Bold 9900 and the BlackBerry Torch 9810 are now available on for $199.99 with a three year term.

UPDATE (August 18, 2011 5:43 pm): Existing Rogers customers can now reserve a Blackberry Torch 9810 or Blackberry Bold 9900 on the Rogers Reservation System. Login to MyRogers and reserve your device today. We are glad to offer this exclusive service for Rogers customers.

UPDATE (August 23, 2011 10:01 a.m): This morning Research in Motion announced new Blackberry Curve smartphones and we’re happy to announce the BlackBerry Curve 9360 will be available at Rogers stores just in time for the Back to School season.

UPDATE:(August 31, 2011, 9:31 a.m)- BlackBerry Curve 9360 is now available for $49.99 with a three-year term and the Blackberry Torch 9860 is now available for $199.99 with a three-year term. Both devices will be available in Rogers stores nation-wide by the end of the week.

Miranda MacDonald is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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168 comments on “New BlackBerry smartphones coming to Rogers

  1. b3rryaddict

    but… WHEN???

  2. Eric

    when are you releasing it?

  3. Bla1ze

    i think we need release dates. ;)

    1. RogersMiranda

      We haven’t announced a specific launch date yet. All I can say for now is that all three will be coming this summer. Stay tuned! :)

      1. Stephen81BB

        That is a great non answer.
        Here is your 3 year locked in term price, but no you can’t have one, and no I’m not telling you when you can have one, and just keep checking in and maybe we’ll have news later

      2. RogersMiranda

        Hey Stephen. Lots of factors go into launch dates so we don’t typically confirm a specific date in advance, but readers have told us that they want confirmation if something new is being added to our lineup, which is why we do these sorts of posts. However, it also means we don’t have all the details – like launch dates – when we publish them.

      3. Evan

        She said this “summer” so that means before the end of September obviously – it’s not that far away.

  4. Dave

    I think you mean ‘Storm’ where you said ‘Torch’ twice.

    1. M

      its called a torch.. storm brand is gone.

    2. RogersMiranda

      Nope. There’s two versions of the Torch in the new BlackBerry 7 lineup:

  5. Mark Jenkins

    So what day can I buy a 9900 at my nearest Rogers store?

    1. And what is the price without a contract?

  6. barry

    How in the heck can you justify $249 on a 3year contract?

    What about release dates?

    1. Peter

      Who do you think pays for the balance of the cost for the phone? ROGERS does. I know for a fact that if Rogers buys a BB for 599 from RIM they sell it for 599 to the customer.

      1. Nomi

        I don’t think that is true, how can you be so sure of that fact?

      2. barry

        lol yeh im pretty sure the customer pays the balance of the cost of the phone several times over a 3 year contract

    2. DrewMac

      What kills me, is the only difference between the bold and torch 2 is NFC…I mean ok there is the pyshical difference etc but technologically its just NFC and NFC does NOT justify raising the price by that margin.

      Secondly, in reply to price comments below barrys post, Rogers or any other carrier really don’t make money from cell phone purchases. Their money makers are the cell phone plans/data plans/DLC.

      Sure over the course of a 3 yr contract rogers will make the money back they lost on selling you a device for 199 or 249 but initially they are out cash on the device.

      Its an investment for rogers when they offer ‘deals’ like this and it is beneficial for people who cant afford the full price device.

  7. Looking forward to picking one of these up. Tough decision between the 9900 and 9860!

  8. sasson

    Will i be able to purchase the 9900 outright? If so how much would it cost? and When is the release date?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Yes, you can purchase any device outright. Off-contract prices will be available at launch on

  9. Matt

    Seriously? I know Rogers doesn’t really “set” these prices but if RIM wants to step their game up they need to lower that price. If I can get a Dual-Core/3D/4G Android phone for 150, why would I ever even concider a Blackberry?

    1. M

      are u joking of course rogers set the prices! see other carriers pricing!

    2. barry

      Well Telus and Bell are rumoured to be releasing the 9900 on Aug 15. If Rogers doesn’t release before or on that date, I’m gone.

      1. Peter

        Rogers is almost the first carrier to release new BB ahead of the rest.

    3. Jon R

      Incorrect, it is the carriers that set the price, not RIM. RIM sells to the carriers and it is illegal for them to set the market prices, all they do is state the MSRP, it is upto the carriers like Rogers to set the reduced price for the contracts. Obviously Rogers thinks that the 9900 will be attractive to business types and that they will pay the premium.

      1. Matt

        Illegal for RIM to set the prices? Are you mad?!

        Apple makes the phones AND they set the price. Sure, there is some markup that the carriers do as in the case of the Nexus S.

        If RIM sets the MSRP to be $649. Then minus the typical 400 dollars for the 3 year contract would make it $249. While Rogers COULD make it $150, people just buy the phone on contract just to cancel it.

      2. Jon R

        Yes RIM sets the price to the carriers, that is not the MSRP, you will not find out what RIM charges the carrriers that is between them.

        RIM can not ” fix” the price that carriers sell to the public that is illegal as I stated. Try doing your research before hitting reply please.

        The MSRP is RIM’s recommendation to the carriers nothing more, and they can completely ignore it. And it would be the no contract price anyway. Contract prices are completely set by what the Carriers think the market will withstand. And obviously they think the 9800 will primarily be a business smart phone and that business users can afford to pay more.


    4. nomadic

      That’s why you go to other stores (Future Shop, Best Buy, Telephone Booth, Wireless Wave, etc.) to see how much they are offering for the same phone. Right now they have phones for a penny that are over 100 if you go directly to the stores. Generally Rogers, Bell, etc. will price match (with the exception of Costco). So I am unsure of how much RIM actually does control the cost … I do know, however, that Apple is very strict on how much their items sell for, which is why there is no real price variation when you go store-to-store.

  10. M

    Any information on release dates for these devices?

  11. Jordan Ortillan

    Will there be hardware upgrade pricing for those still in tthe middle of a contract?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Regular upgrade rules apply, but we did recently announce new early upgrade options that might be of interest to you.

      You can read about them here:

      1. Michael Cox

        $20/month! So being 2 years into a 3 year contract would mean a 9900 would be $450!? Might as well by it out right off contract. Rogers 3 year contracts are a total rip off in a market controlled by collusion.

  12. Whitney

    Any word on release dates???

  13. RogersMiranda

    Glad you guys are excited about the new BlackBerry devices! I got to check them out last night and I must say, I do like the looks of that new Bold.

    As for the launch date, we haven’t announced a specific date yet, but all three will be arriving this summer.

  14. PCubs

    9900 is $249 on a 3 year!
    I’m a loyal Rogers customer and was planning on renewing and getting a 9900, but I’ll reconsider now. That price seems a touch high.
    I’ll wait to see what the competition offers.

  15. gs

    14.4 mbps download speeds are not 4g. where do u get ur information from??

    1. RogersMiranda

      This aligns with the most recent definition of 4G from the International Telecommunications Union. We actually wrote a post explaining our take on 4G a few weeks ago that you may want to check out:

      This should help explain what is and is not 4G.

  16. patrick

    LOL wowwww you guys expect to sell the 9900 on a 3 year for 249?! Even the 199 for the others is pathetic. The iphone is 169. Good luck.

  17. wiki_warren

    I was @ the event last night and the phones were amazing! I really liked the 9900. Rumour has it (and it is pretty solid tip) they will be release it on the 9th of Aug. Oh and btw, its already the end of summer, so stop saying available this summer.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Aug. 4 is the end of summer?! It’s only half way over in my opinion! :)

      We can’t release an exact date just yet but the all three devices will be available soon.

      1. barry

        Are all three coming at the same time? which is first?

  18. Jesse Short

    Ew $249? Biggest mistake i’ve seen in a while from Rogers, but not surprised…

    1. DrewMac

      Yea, I agree $249 is a big mistake. I would certainly hope they aren’t trying to cash in on the business/dedicated bb users due to a belief they wont sell as many BB as iphones or androids. That is only a short term gain. In order to attract NEW blackberry users the price needs to be competitive with other smartphones, regardless if its a Blackberry or not. A teenager or first time smartphone buyer or even someone thinking of moving from iphone or android to another device will not considering the 249 when they can get other smartphones for 99-200.

      Bottom line, short term gain selling for 249 which I believe will not attract nearly as many if any at all, new BB users.

  19. Claudia

    I thought the Blackberry Storm was an all-touch phone as well?

    1. Patrick

      Storm has a taboo name now since it was a disaster product. They won’t release anymore phones called “storm” due to that reason. Therefore, the 9860 will be the “storm 3″

      I believe what confused you is ‘Rogers’ first all touch blackberry…the storm was CDMA and only on Bell/Telus in Canada

    2. RogersMiranda

      It was, but we never carried it. The Torch 9860 will be Rogers first all-touch BlackBerry.

      1. when will Rogers have stock of the 9860, I purchased it outright on the Rogers website on Wednesday August 24 and then on Sunday August 28 I receive an email stating that a brand new device that stills shows its available online is now back ordered.
        How can a company offer it, charge your credit card then state after that its back ordered. Now that I want to cancel and credit my credit card I am told that its too late and if I want to cancel my order then I should just refuse shipment when it arrives.

        Not sure whats happening at Rogers but this is not a way to treat a client going back 20 years.

  20. andy

    I love BB but I still think they are pricy compared to what we have out there. My contract is up for renewal but don’t know if I want to pay that much and be tied down for 3 yrs. Am I the only one who seems to have an issue with the price?


    1. PCubs

      I’m with you. I’ll wait to see what Telus offers. The discount on hardware versus my 3 year commitment equation just doesn’t work at $249, or I may just not upgrade.

  21. ADDy

    $249.99 for the bold 9900. Shouldn’t they be competing withiPhone??? I personally am a fan of Blackberries but 249.99 for a 3yr commitment is a lot. Its better for me to add another $200 and buy the phone from somehwere else.

  22. Navid

    $249 on a three year contract for the bold 9900? I love that phone but that’s an outrageous price.

  23. ralph

    249$ for the bold is too much reconcider your market price

  24. Peter

    BlackBerry Bold 9900 — what’s sure to be RIM’s finest Blackberry ever — should be available for purchase starting around August 15th in North America. Holding out for the upgraded BlackBerry Torch 2? The follow-up to the original model should be available around August 15th as well, in Canada at least. The BlackBerry Torch 9860 (full touchscreen version) is slated to touch down on or around August 22nd with the BlackBerry Curve Apollo bringing up the rear on August 29th.

  25. DJ

    dropping rogers, these prices are jacked up for no reason…

    telus has way better pricing for these …

  26. Robin

    What about Fido? Are they going to carry any of these new Blackberries at all? My contract ended in July and I am so gone if I don’t get the Blackberry I want to go with my Playbook.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Sorry Robin. At this time, these devices will only be available with Rogers.

      1. Robin

        I don’t know why you’re apologizing. It’s your $1200 a year loss, not mine.

      2. James

        loved that comment ++++++++1

  27. ratchetjaw

    Will you be able to purchase these retail from the US?

    1. Steve

      yup just buy from ATT and unlock

  28. Ed boon

    9900 249 on a three year contract? You go to be kidding.No one in there right mind would go for that. No wonder rogers in bed with apple. They make more of a profit of of apple then our canadian rim. I say boycott rogers. There robbers. Just look at there plans.

  29. Jim

    Definitely want the 9860 ASAP, however,as I found out last time, when the 9800 was introduced, that the dealers won’t sell it to an individual that already has a contract. I had the money in my hand to pay full price and the answer is still a no…. sorry but that is just wrong.
    Will the same rules apply this release?, or will I be able to pick one up when released? Boys gotta have their toys !

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Jim,

      You’ll be able to buy the device at full price if you want, regardless of whether or not you have an existing contract. If this happens to you in the future, email details to us at

  30. I’m definitely going to get the 9900. :)

  31. Yuong

    Will Rogers be enabling the wifi hotspot functionality of the bold 9900?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Yuong, there is no such functionality on that device.

      1. Yuong

        I don’t believe you…

      2. BB Addict

        I am with you Yuong………… don’t buy it… Robbers is just trying to think of a way to charge for it….

      3. BB Addict

        Chris are you sure about that. It has been a feature on almost all the leaked devices and even the recent Curve leaks show the wifi hotspot.

        Please verify your comment regarding the wifi hotspot

      4. BB Addict

        Chris, my previous post wasn’t put up, please clarify your statement regarding the wifi hotspot.

        We have all seen leaked versions of these new devices and they all have wifi hotspot. Even the leaked info on the new Curve the other day had wifi hotspot.

        Is Rogers just not allowing it or has the features been removed?

      5. Yuong

        He doesn’t know what hes talking about. The hardware is there, it only needs to be enabled the carries via service book pushed to the device. It is enabled on the Iphone4… so why not on blackberries? BB uses a lot less data compared to the IP4 too! so WHY not?… I bet they will enable it after they figure out a way to charge us for per device connected for data we are already paying for!

      6. Fr3lncr

        Bell has confirmed that they will be enabling WiFi hotspot in a future update for their 9900, 9810, and 9850 so, yes, the hardware supports it. Rogers just has to enable it.

      7. BB Addict

        Rogers_Chris, your silence is suspicious…….. my spider senses are tingling

      8. vill

        how about you ladies do a little research on the topic before looking sooo ahhh ignorant.

        instructions:open a web browser (sure pick any of your choice: ie, firefox, chrome etc) type “” and search it.

        I’m sure you can read so you will see it’s not one provider restricting anything… it’s not built into the devices and will be added as the provider(s) release software for it.

        *the more you know

  32. Ronl

    Will This be available to students on the student blackberry Plans on 3yr contracts ?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Ronl, you’d need to talk to a customer care rep about an upgrade, but with all new smartphone customers a voice and data plan is required in order to get a subsidized device. If the plan you’re referring to has voice and data agreements, then yes.

  33. Luke

    Hey everyone,
    I was just camping at Awenda Provincial Park in Ontario the past week and ran into one of the R&D guys who work for RIM. He said the 3 new devices will be released in 2 weeks!!! He even had the Torch 9810, which is the full touch screen. He said they may call it a different name yet other than Torch 9810. I was able to play around with it for a bit and I was VERY impressed, to say the least!

  34. Mike

    Any chance these devices will have a mobile hotspot feature? I want to be able to share my internet with my a tablet and laptop. I know the OS 6.1 had this feature but I don’t know if this has been baked into the final release…Miranda MacDonald would you be able to clear the air for us Rogers users?

  35. Nick

    I agree with some of the posters here — $249 upgrade on a 3 year commitment is way too high. I was planning on upgrading for sure and renewing my contract which is up soon. But I am going to look at Telus / Bell now and see what other offers are available.

  36. vill

    I was excited for the 9900 BUT did rim get the memo where the were plummeting and failing to compete in the global market? The hardware is nice but nothing amazing. Spec wise is great compared to the other blackberries but comparing to android apple and microsoft they are basically on par with last years specs. BBM kept them afloat for a couple years now and has been the only thing (besides a handful of aging business men) but now other that others like apple and ms caught on and are going to be releasing intergrated messaging hubs into the core os… Rims life jacket is gone. You could say “well bbm has a large user base” but when u realise ms’s mango cht intergration can include windows messenger clients as well as fb chat and the insane youth obsession with apple thinks look different. I really thought rim may have gotten a clue buttt newp

  37. John

    Way to redeem yourself RIM lol

  38. aden

    Can’t wait to get my hands on the 9900, but there is no release date.

    On a side note, not sure why pple are complaining about the price, as many new top of the line smartphones are in the same price range.

    1. nomadic

      Except that the price is higher than other carriers …

  39. trunglev

    good price for a new BB divice. but how can i get it ? because i’m living in Vetnam .

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Trunglev, I don’t know where “Vetnam” is, but assuming it’s outside of Canada you won’t be able to get this device from Rogers. We don’t ship devices outside of Canada.

      1. RockStar75

        “Vetnam”…Really?…you could have not extrapolated “Vietnam” from that.

  40. Tom

    The prices are steep, even steeper then when they released the 9780 and 9800. If Rogers and RIM wanted to get more customers with these devices and not concentrate on just the business market so much they should make the prices more competitive. The numbers would work out simple supply and demand. If you sell 1 phone at $249 and 7 at $99 you would make more. Its very simple math.

  41. Paul

    Thanks for the posting,

    I have been waiting for RIM to get a good full touch screen for the last year had to get an iPhone but and going to trade it in, I like the Torch 9860 and all the more convenient features of BB. Email is better too plus BBM.


    1. Paul

      Cool, you posted my comment…

      Guess you don’t get too many people switching back from iPhone, but having used the iPhone the past 2 years I have had enough of the iApple nonsense.

      Had to post another comment based on the other comments listed here…

      Pricing… is close enough for me, looks like the price on the Bold 9900 includes a $50 leather swivel holster you don’t get that with other phones.

      RIM will be around for a long time, these devices will be very successful, and have Android and iPhone customers switching back just like me who are tired of the iStuff.

      The Torch 9860 has some specs that are better than iPhone 4, i.e. faster CPU, expandable SD card, industry standard USB connections, replaceable battery, a more open environment, etc…

      The screen DPI, battery life are close enough and all the Apps I need are on Blackberry App Store.

      Also have read that all BB OS7 devices will be able to run the QNX OS, which is significantly better than iOS or Android so these devices will work fine in the future generation of the OS !

      Plus Miranda’s wonderful smile looks better on the Blackberry…


  42. Robert Storey

    Everyone needs to realise “Summer” ends in sept. I think it is so we still got a month or so to wait….not to mention the buy out on a contract is bull ,just be thank ful your phone still works (unlike mine) & rogers has “fixed”multile times ,now they say to bad so sad pay your money……..They are crooks…………………………

  43. Rogers, this is the best news I’ve heard in a long time from your corporation and as soon as they are available for sale, I will be purchasing all 2 of them.

    Thank you for offering all 3.
    I just might hold off on the 9900 and 9860 until a white version is available

  44. Tariq

    the bold 9900 is OVER PRICED rogers is going to ruin the new bold 9900 launch :( i guarantee it

  45. Anthony

    That pricing is out to lunch for a device that is no longer competetive with current smartphones. Too bad, I was looking forward to BB7 but its really just BB6.1. Hard to justify those prices on a legacy BB OS.

  46. J

    $249 for 3 yr contract is insane. Very disappointed.

  47. J

    Way too expensive for Bold. Disappointed.

  48. Isn’t 3 year plan usually $50?

  49. Random72

    Well, this is good news for RIM I guess so long as you don’t look too closely.

    Once you do (as I did), you’ll discover these phones are months late, come equipped with an OS the company is about to abandon, are still getting clobbered by Apple and Android when it comes to multimedia and apps and are still outrageously expensive considering the market they’re in.

    It’s almost like Lazaridis, Balsillie & co. are living in a sealed dome in Waterloo, where news of what’s actually going on in the marketplace never gets in. They’re acting like its 2007 and they’re still some kind of market leader, instead of the out-of-shape, out-of-touch laggard they are.

    ‘Hey, look plebes- new phones!! Aren’t we awesome?!’ Congrats RIM- for almost catching up to where Apple and Android were 12-18 months ago. Time to pat yourselves on the back.
    And then there’s the domestic carriers (including Rogers) acting as enablers for this mediocrity, who always seem to clap on cue whenever this so-called ‘national champion’ rolls out *new* products.

    Yah, yah they’ll be ‘out soon’, they’ll be ‘arriving this summer’…uh-huh…tell me, is that before or after Labour Day?

    Oh right- we’re not worthy of knowing such things….we’re just supposed to whip out our wallets on cue whenever RIM gets around to releasing new products, throwing our hard-earned money away on a gadget that was dated and nearing obsolescence as soon as it was released.

    I mean, can you imagine how ancient these things are going to be by Christmas? Yikes…

    Oh well, good to know, I guess, that RIM is still bumping along…for now, anyway. Next year by this time….who knows?

    Anyone remember Palm? Exactly. They were a tech darling at one time too…

    Oh, and I am a BB user…Bold 9700 running OS6. Think I’ll give these things a pass, though, and wait for the iPhone 5, which is due no later than October.

    In the meantime, good luck with your ‘bridge’ devices RIM….hope you last long enough to realize your QNX dreams.

    1. Yuong

      Who says RIM will abandon BBOS once QNX OS is released? They will be no longer moving forward with BBOS but they will still support and patch it. Listen to some of the recent crackberry pod casts, you’ll find your answers there.

  50. Leon

    I definitely don’t think it’s worth that price to upgrade to these phones, especially if they are planning to launch QNX blackberries in Q1 2012 (that is, unless these phones somehow magically become able to use QNX as well).

    Please lower the prices!

  51. Imran A.

    So, when exactly (summer 2011 doesn’t quite tell me) the new Bold will be available at my local Rogers Video Store?

  52. RockStar75

    Okay Rogers! Time to give the audience what they want!…what are release dates for the new BBs?! Please stop stringing us along!! :(

  53. teh_willis

    I just heard from a contact at Rogers that it will probably be either Friday August 12th, or early the following week. Apparently the Rogers stores had to have there orders for the devices in by today at 9am.

  54. RogersMiranda

    Hi everyone. For those wondering about launch dates, I have an update!

    We just updated this post to say: The BlackBerry Bold 9900 will be available at Rogers stores starting Wednesday, August 10 and the BlackBerry Torch 9810 will be available this Friday, August 12th. To ensure your local store has stock, we recommend calling ahead. No update on the launch date for the BlackBerry Torch 9860 but we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we can.

    1. William

      @RogersMiranda : A neat idea for major releases (BlackBerry or otherwise) would be something that FutureShop or BestBuy do – a method to check inventory at a store before heading over.

      In Vancouver I’ve called 20 stores and most of them claim that the devices are coming “next month” – some say “they’re not released in Canada yet” and the only non-Rogers store (Best Buy) won’t sell them outright (I’m already a happy Rogers customer with a couple of lines and many devices and I just want to purchase one each of the 9900 and 9810).

      Any advice?

      1. Stephen

        You can purchase the Bold 9900 at any Rogers Plus store in the GVA. Call ahead to find out inventory levels (if they have them in stock), go to the one that has them in stock and purchase a phone. Future Shop and Best Buy set their own policies as per sales of these devices and half the time they don’t even know what they have in their stores (they just “work” there)!

  55. Michael Cox

    Love the OS7 devices and am not really too put off by the introductory pricing. It always comes at a premium to be the first to have a new device. Still the three year contracts are not at all fare. Tell me how is it your US competition can do fine selling devices at the same process or lower with 2 year contracts and those of us in Canada get duped for 3 year contracts!?

  56. Random72

    Uh…so…the website will be updated to reflect this wonderfulness soon, I presume?

    I can’t find a trace of either of these phones on the main Rogers site.

    In a related story, your primary competitors have full descriptions, photos…one even has pricing even though, as far as I know, they aren’t selling the phones yet.


    1. Rogers_Chris

      Thanks for the feedback, we’re working on it as we speak.

  57. scribblz

    Wow so the new bb9900 will cost me more for marginal improvements to the device??? Looks like I will end up keeping my 9700. $249.99 for the new bold on a 3yr contract??? Why the high price tag?

  58. lalala

    it august 11th rogers didnt come out with any new phones? i need a new phone and i was going to get bold 9780 but i said i would wait for 9900 but my contract ends at end of august! is it going to come out before then?

    1. Stephen

      It’s already out. If you bothered reading Miranda’s update 2 days ago you’d know that the phone is available for sale as of Aug 10 (yesterday).

    2. Rogers_Chris

      Hi there, we updated the post and the 9900 is available in store today.

  59. Yuong

    They are already available at rogers stores. I bought 2 bold 9900 on the 9th of aug for my wife and I. Bought them out right for 549+tax each(not worth it to renew contract) . But in 29days if rogers doesn’t leak/announce anything that says wifi hotspot is coming in a future OS update, the phones are going to be returned. Since bell is gonna support wifi hotspot, I’m gonna take my $200/month bill ( 2 lines) to Bell.

  60. kat

    when will the white bold 9900 come out??

  61. Brendyn

    Hi there,
    Any update on the release of the Torch 9860? Switched from an iphone 4, to a htc evo and now want to try out the blackberry now that there is finally an all touch BB that looks apeiling. Plan to buy the phone outright.

  62. BBFan

    I guess Bell beat you to the punch for the 9860…while Rogers customers keep waiting, and will have to pay more for the pleasure of doing so.

  63. Harj

    Still waiting for Torch 9860 to be released… and what are you going to do with Bell and Telus price of 129.99 on 3 year contrace.