Roam around the world with first-ever real-time data usage alerts

that will help make keeping in touch worry free: introducing our new U.S. and International Roaming Data Passes. We’ll help you monitor your usage with real time alerts while travelling and save you money on roaming costs so you don’t get a bill surprise on your return.

What is the new offer?

Starting as low as $5 per day, there are several options so no matter where you’re going, we’ve got you covered with multiple Day and Week Data Pass options that help you save on standard roaming rates. There are lots of options depending on your travel destination, length of travel and data usage needs.  Check out the chart below for the complete rundown of the Day and Week U.S. and International Roaming Data Passes (click to enlarge):

Rogers Data roaming passes

If you’re jet-setting to the beaches in Thailand or backpacking across Europe for the summer you will be able to accurately track your data usage so you will always know how much data you’re using to do things like search for directions on your smartphone or email pictures to your friends back home – a feature only offered by Rogers.

When you begin to access data services on your mobile device while roaming, you will automatically receive a text message with the option to purchase a Roaming Data Pass or continue with the pay-per-use roaming rates.

If you purchase a Roaming Data Pass, you will receive real-time alerts, up-to-date within five minutes, when you use 50%, 80% and 100% of your data, so you will know how much is left in your data bucket. Once you have reached your data or time limit, you will receive a message with an option to purchase an additional pass or continue using pay-per-use data services. In order to continue data roaming, you will have to select one of these options.

If you initially choose to access pay-per-use data roaming, you will be able to access data roaming until you exceed a data usage threshold. Once you have reached this usage threshold, you will be notified and then asked to make a choice to either continue at pay-per-use rate or to purchase a Roaming Data Pass. This way, you avoid all bill surprises from roaming data charges.

How to get it?

Customers have the ability to pre-purchase a Roaming Data Pass up to 30 days prior to using data services in their selected destination.  Once purchased, the data pass will automatically activate upon using data services while roaming in the respective region where the Data Pass is applicable.

No need to call in. You can easily add a Day or Week U.S. or International Roaming Data Pass right from your phone. All you have to do is:


  • Text “TRAVEL” to 7626 on the Rogers network and a link will be sent to your phone to allow you to purchase the offers.
  • From your mobile device, visit
  • Or, wait till you land at your destination and follow the prompts on your mobile device to purchase

Want more information about travelling with your phone? Check out to learn more about our new Roaming Data Passes, our new unlimited U.S. roaming text messaging offers and our other roaming offers.

Katie Boland is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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17 comments on “Roam around the world with first-ever real-time data usage alerts

  1. Corey

    These roaming rates don’t make any sense. Why does it cost less for more data for 24 hours than it does for less data over a week? If I’m paying $20 for 40MB for 24 hours, then the week pass for $25 should give me AT LEAST 40MB for a week… But we’re only given 15MB which is hardly enough to receive a couple of emails with picture attachments. I am really disappointed with these rates. Basically, the longer you travel, the more you pay for less data – what the heck?

  2. JD

    A whole 5 mega to use during my trip? And it’ll only cost me half of one of my arms!? Sign me up!! this I STILL terrible Rogers! Pick up the pace, you’re already loosin footing in your own country, now it’s just a joke that you come out with these “savings” bundles.

    Do people actually purchase these…?

  3. Bryson Gilbert

    How do these differ from the old 30-day passes? As far as I can see, at least with regard to the international (non-US, non-premium) passes, the only difference is that you only get a week to spend your usage bucket, rather than a month previously. The price per MB and the tiers are identical. Oh, and you get alerts, which is nice, actually.

    Am I missing something?

  4. Qaz

    While it’s nice to see Rogers trying to improve roming data rates (couldn’t have done this a couple years ago?). I don’t quite get the time constraints. Downloading say 50mb is 50mb whether it’s over a day or 2 days or a week

  5. Alph

    sigh….in this case, I can’t decide if I need to dump on Rogers again or their international telecomm partners. Given my awareness of federal government voice and data rates, I’m inclined to think Rogers needs to be spanked once again for a good idea ruined by greed.

    For me, Katie’s blog post is 130.42 kB or 133,552 bytes in size. Note that I use Ad blocker software in my browser so I don’t download a lot of extraneous ads. It represents your typical WordPress page. Other sites, like Facebook are about 70Kb in size ( again, WITHOUT ads ). Other people will see higher usage rates per page. Now compare this one page usage against the roaming plans. Not good.

    When roaming, these data rates are going to kill if you’re looking to use your phone like you do at home. Rogers isn’t thinking about the customer here. People when travelling will want to post pics to FB or a picture site. They want to check their mail and check website for places where they are travelling. Or check bus and train schedules. This is simply making travel too expensive.

    Sure I expect there is some premium when out of the country, especially on a cruise ship. But these rates ( charged by the megabyte — the first bad sign ) are not customer focused. Lower rates mean more usage both home and away. Look at the bigger picture, Rogers.

  6. Josh Brown

    Just go to any at&t store in us and get a prepaid sim card $25 for 500 mb lasts 1 month. Literally 1/10th the cost. Just look up apn setting before you leave, you have to set manually.

  7. Troy

    No thanks Rogers. I’m not stupid. Last time I had to use my phone international, I SIM unlocked my phone for $20, and use pay-as-you-go in the country I visit. Did it in the UK for a week using T-Mobile UK pay as you go. It cost me $20 for phone unlock, £17 for pay-as-you-go with voice and 500MB data.

  8. Steve

    is that all people do on here is complain. This is a good thing for those people who travel and forget to add packages then get the surprise of a bill with a couple hundred dollars in roaming charges. This will help those who dont know how to unlock their phones

    1. Warren

      It’s people like you who allow companies like Rogers to rip off the consumers!

    2. Warren

      It’s people like you let big companies like Rogers take advantage of consumers!

  9. Kevin H

    Thank God for unliocked iPhone and prepaid micro sims… 99% of worlds cell phone operators have better offers than you Rogers. As always: you fail

  10. Warren

    UNLOCK your phones and buy a SIM in the country with a data plan which are DIRT cheap! I would never ever purchase these joke plans! $10 for 10MB, comon Rogers, what is this 2001?