Do you want your LTE? You can make a difference

Rogers LTEHere at Rogers, we’re doing everything we can to bring LTE to Rogers customers first. Earlier this month we launched Canada’s first LTE network in Ottawa and we’re lighting up LTE networks in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver this fall, with 21 more markets on track for 2012.

But there are some who want to put up a roadblock on your digital fast lane. They are proposing that the Federal Government limit who can have access to the 700 MHz spectrum in a public auction that will be held as early as next year. The outcome of this auction will have a major impact on deploying LTE across Canada. If a decision is made that prevents certain companies, including Rogers, from participating in the spectrum auction, it would be a recipe for leaving Canada behind the rest of the world, stalling Canadian innovation and limiting your access to LTE.

LTE can unlock the awesome digital potential of Canadians like you – in areas rural and urban – if deployed on the 700 MHz spectrum band. The 700 MHz band will allow for the fastest and strongest LTE network. This spectrum allows for coverage to reach rural areas and move underground and through buildings in urban areas, providing for a more consistent high-speed experience.

The government’s decision will have a major impact on bringing LTE across Canada. Policies that slow wireless advances harm our growing digital economy.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can make the difference. Visit to learn more. Take action by sending an e-mail to the Industry Minister and your local Member of Parliament to let them know that you want your LTE, and you don’t think anything should slow Canada down.

Keith McArthur is Vice President of Social Media at Rogers

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36 comments on “Do you want your LTE? You can make a difference

  1. Cynic

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to launch LTE on your 850 Mhz Spectrum you already have,saving yourself money in the process? Or is this more or less just about being able to crowd out the little guy by bidding more on the spectrum than they can afford?

    1. RogersKeith

      Hey Cynic –

      We’re already using the AWS spectrum we purchased in the last spectrum auction to deploy LTE, but deploying LTE on multiple frequencies will ensure the best possible experience for our customers. The 700 MHz spectrum allows for coverage to reach rural areas and move underground and through buildings in urban areas, providing for a more consistent high-speed experience.

      1. bgrant

        Just to step in here, you aren’t correct with this post. The 700MHz spectrum will do no more than your current spectrum for moving through buildings or reaching rural areas. What it will do however is unlock a frequency range that isn’t being used which means there will be less noise to interfear with the signals.

        You are actually the company that’s creating that noise in the first place. So it’s no better or worse than what you already have.

        Oh, and I’m in the enterprise wireless business too! I know what I’m talking about.

        I’ll be fully supporting your competition getting this spectrum to encourage competition. You are already too powerful in this country, and you haven’t done anything good with the spectrum you already have. There are dead spots throughout southern ontario which is embarrassing, and your 3G speeds hit 1 to 2 Mbps peak.

        Why not fix what you are already advertising before launching another lackluster service?

    2. Adam

      850 would get pretty crowded if it has GSM, HSPA AND LTE running off it.

      Better to get 700, the best frequency available. 1700mhz isn’t exactly a strong frequency, it’s what makes Wind and MObi so unreliable.

      1. Brandon

        Wrong sir, wrong. The lack of reliability on the 1700mhz spectrum has nothing to do with the frequency. The 1700MHz band is better for data as although it lacks the wall penetration and range of 850MHz and 700MHz it’s faster. That’s why Bell, Telus and Rogers use 850MHz for voice transmission and 1900MHz for Data transmission.

        What rogers is doing is trying to trick dumb consumers into telling the government they want Rogers to get the 700MHz spectrum because rogers wants to block new entrants. So they tell unaware non tech savvy consumers that they need to make the customer experience better, when in reality Rogers couldn’t care less about the customer experience.

    3. Same deal with AT&T. Squash competition in the name of “rural access” that will cost $10/GB.

  2. Rob Borek

    I’ll certainly let my MP know that I fully support allocating spectrum to new entrants only, to increase competition and drive down the outrageous wireless prices Canadians pay!

    1. dnm

      Hear hear! Rogers is already a disgusting monopoly that only succeeds because of its sizeable chokehold on the Canadian market. If Rogers were forced to compete on its merits alone, it would implode faster than a chocolate cake at a Jenny Craig meeting.

      I will be sure to write my MP and tell them I agree with only allowing new entrants to bid. Hopefully in a few years, we can have some REAL competition in Canada, and Rogers can take the market-wide beating they deserve.

  3. Alph

    I actually laughed when I read this post. Really, I did. I’m about to head off to bed and want to thank you for the smile on my face as I go to sleep.

    For once, the government is looking out for the people. Allowing more competition in the communications space is exactly what Canada needs. And you know what? It’s exactly what Rogers needs, but I suspect that Rogers executives really aren’t that smart. Or they’re lazy. I think it’s a bit of both.

    More competition will force Rogers to innovate. Not just with technology, but with customer service. And with pricing, products and bundles. Right now, Rogers is not anybody’s favorite company but they deliver a service that people need. If people have a choice on where they can get that service, Rogers will have no choice but to get better on how they treat their customers.

    I look forward to Rogers getting shut out of the auction. I also look forward to the day when I can say there’s a company I hate dealing with more than Rogers.

  4. John

    This made me laugh: “…stalling Canadian innovation and limiting your access to LTE.” Rogers you are the ones holding back innovation! Data pricing, low internet data usuage limits etc!

  5. Josh Brown

    I agree with letting little guys have rights to low cost freq. But Verizon has already launched on 700 and there is talk that so will at&t/tmobile if Rogers were to launch on a different freq. Then we would have no other option for LTE phones. So I really want Rogers to get 700

    1. RogersKeith

      Agreed Josh. We’re supportive of all carriers being able to bid on this spectrum.

  6. Diane

    We’ve seen the kind of prices Rogers is charging customer for LTE on the AWS spectrum you already own.

    After kicking us so hard, now you want us to help you gain even more of a monopoly over us?

  7. This post is a joke, right??? We need to be ensuring the government allows the new entrants access to 700Mhz, and we need to do it now. I’m not advocating blocking ROBELUS from the auction, but they CERTAINLY should not be allowed to outbid and hog all the bandwidth!

    At $10/GB, I don’t want my LTE thank you.

  8. jon

    OK so give the 700 frequency to the smaller companies, that way the whole nation can’t have lte, that makes so much sense. I’m all for competition but it benefits more people to have rogers get it then to let some small unreliable company get it.

    1. dnm

      Wow. You’re either a Rogers employee, or completely out to lunch.

      Small companies get big by getting a chance to get their foot in the door.

      More companies in Canada means better prices for all of us. If Rogers has most of the spectrum, they will continue to not be even slightly innovative or aggressive with their pricing, and will continue to have reprehensibly horrible customer service because they don’t have to care.

      Bring on the competition!

      1. Josh Brown

        Canada is too small a population, too area to cover for small carriers to compete. Small companies do absolutely no good to anyone outside the gta. What Canada needs to do is let in foreign companies that have large amounts of capital to put up towers. Spectrum is not the issue It’s coverage. Half of these small companies just want to steal enough customers to get one of the big 3 to buy them and laugh all the way to the bank.

      2. alex

        None of the small companies are reliable enough to give lte nationwide, nor can you expect them to do so. I rather pay more knowing that i will have fast service wherever i go in the country. Not to mention that it would let Canadians get the Americans lte phones. I know its fun to hate on big companies but they provide reliable services that the smaller companies can’t, sure the small companies can do it in certain regions but not nationwide like rogers. As for the horrible customer service, i haven’t encountered it yet and the results of this poll also show that their pretty good at it.

    2. Josh Brown

      I agree if wind gets it it will be ten years before someone outside of Toronto sees LTE. They don’t even have 3g service in 90% of Canada. Why do they need more spectrum.

  9. Z24gta

    Disgusting Rogers you want us to help you keep a strangle hold on Canadians. So no competition can ensue and we pay your ridiculous price of lte. The 850 MHz can do fine. Stop hoarding and maybe lower your rates so we don’t break the bank. If competition helps out Canadians instead of Rogers gouging them at every turn.

  10. DJM

    How about not squatting on spectrum? Use it or renounce it, then maybe Rogers should get the 700MHz spectrum… otherwise, forget it. Give it to the other companies.

  11. nuclearbroccoli

    More important question is why Rogers doesn’t just launch LTE on some of the unused spectrum they are already sitting on…

    Oh, that’s right… If they do that, another company could get the new spectrum and bring more competitive pricing to the market, and we can’t have that, right?

    2.2 BILLION in wireless profits in 2009… How much are the Rogers customers here paying for service again? Think about it…

    1. Josh Brown

      I can’t believe people want to have LTE on 850 no other company is doing this. The only phones we will be able to use is Rogers no more buying unlocked phones. To me that is not worth compatition that won’t effect 90% of canada

      1. Brandon

        It wouldn’t matter anyways. If you’re thinking of buying unlocked Verizon phones let me remind you that they fallback on CDMA, a network type rogers does not have.

    2. RogersKeith

      Hey @nuclearbroccoli –

      As I mentioned earlier, Rogers is already rolling out LTE on AWS spectrum we acquired for our customers in the last spectrum auction.

      As for questions about whether any of the carriers would hoard spectrum, it’s worth pointing out that we have asked the federal government for rollout requirements so that whoever acquires the spectrum will use it.

      1. Diane

        And as the vast majority of customers commenting on your LTE/AWS launch told you, Rogers has priced this service too high to be practical.

        If you price it so high that no customer can afford it, it’s still hoarding.

        Do the “rollout requirements” you asked the federal government for include caps on what the carrier can charge?

  12. alex

    I vote for not spectrum squatting
    I vote for competition
    I vote for free market economy
    I vote for AVERAGE worldwide cell service costs
    I am almost positive ALL Canadians vote for this
    Unfortunately ROBELUS has VERY powerful(and wealthy(because of us)) lobbyists that ensure our governments keeps the same elitist crooks pushing bull lines like this OP.

  13. nuclearbroccoli

    Re: hoarding spectrum… What about the unused spectrum Rogers is currently sitting on?

    Also, why the push to gain more spectrum in the next auction if you’re already rolling out LTE on spectrum you already own?

    1. Fresh

      Directly quoted from RogersKeith’s OP

      “The 700 MHz band will allow for the fastest and strongest LTE network. This spectrum allows for coverage to reach rural areas and move underground and through buildings in urban areas, providing for a more consistent high-speed experience.”

      I get what you’re saying.. But this can only benefit Rogers customers.. Though i have to admit the prices for that USB rocket stick are nuts.

      1. Brandon

        Except he’s lying. People like you should have no say in technical matters and I hope the government disregards any type of emails you send them on the subject, because you know nothing.

  14. Jonathan

    Why would I support Rogers to have even more control? Competition is good folks, support the little guys and we will all benefit.

    I’m currently locked into a contract and I had to negotiate with 5 reps before getting a plan I’m happy with on the Rogers network. I can now get a similar plan with Mobilicity or Wind for a little bit cheaper without the hassle of negotiation or locking into a contract.

    Please do not support this.

  15. Josh Brown

    They have 3g world phones with LTE coming out Branding. And ATT is exact same as Rogers .

  16. Matt

    While I like parts of my Rogers service, I in no way support you on this. Small carriers have a place in this country as well, and for all your talk of rolling out to rural areas (something the smaller companies can’t do economically), you’ve barely got 1Mbps speeds in areas 45 minutes to a half hour outside the GTA and I can’t see it being any better just because they give you more spectrum since that’s not the problem in those areas anyways

  17. Ronl

    I TOTALLY AGREEE, Rogers cant seem to utilize the spectrum they already have fast enough and they already are in the process of 4G in Ottawa and soon other major cities.

    2. Small companies don’t just mean more competition, its means more job for Canadians, think about it

    3. Finally The spectrum being auctioned off next year will be Advanced enough that the amount of towers needed to be installed will drop + with far more coverage area expect a wider deployment through outside the GTA and into the rural and less populated area. This is a huge step forward fro people outside the cities

    Keith i feel bad you have to take all this. but its the truth. i pay just over 40 $ for my bill per month will Wind Mobile . To receive the same services from rogers it would cost me 65 $$ plus all those fees. Sad Sad Sad. Yet for me to get my hand on a Torch 2 i will have to switch.

  18. Ian

    I support competition. Therefor, I will vote against Robbers’ on this issue.