Rogers meets changing customer needs with new Hi-Speed Internet tiers

With the rapid rise of online video, social media and online gaming, the way Canadians use the Internet is changing dramatically. We’re always reviewing our plans to ensure they meet your changing needs so starting later this month, our Hi-Speed Internet tiers are being upgraded with faster download speeds and higher data allowances for customers on Rogers DOCSIS 3.0, our best and fastest wireline network.

The new plans apply to Rogers Hi-Speed Internet Express, Extreme, Extreme Plus and Ultimate tiers. In late July we will begin automatically upgrading customers on Rogers DOCSIS 3.0 to our enhanced plans at no additional cost.

Customers on a DOCSIS 2.0 modem or home networking modem can upgrade to these new tiers by visiting a Rogers retail location and upgrading to a DOCSIS 3.0 home networking modem. The prices on our new DOCSIS 3.0 tiers match our existing price plans and a DOCSIS 3.0 home networking modem only costs an extra $1.50 to $3 per month over the cost of a DOCSIS 2.0 modem.

As one example, customers on our Extreme plan and using a DOCSIS 3.0 modem will see their download speeds¹ increase from up to 15 Mbps to up to 24 Mbps and their data allowance increase from 80 GB to 100 GB at no additional cost. The updated Extreme plan allows customers to stream approximately 90 hours of content on Rogers On Demand Online or 50 HD movies per month.

Check out the below chart for a complete breakdown of the changes:

Unsure if you have a DOCSIS 3.0 modem? It is the Wireless N Gateway modem and you can see what it looks like here.

Also starting later this month, you’ll be able to add a data assurance option if you’re currently using the Express and Extreme tiers. For an extra $20 per month, you’ll receive an extra 80 GB of data on top of your existing allowances. If you don’t need quite as much data, you can also get an additional 20 GB for an extra $5 per month.

Marina Guy is a regular contributor to RedBoard

¹Speeds may vary with internet traffic, server, gateway/router, computer (quality, location in the home, software and applications installed), home wiring, home network or other factors. Also see the Acceptable Use Policy at Modem set-up: the system is configured to maximum modem capabilities within Rogers own network.
²Usage allowances apply on a monthly basis and vary by tier of service. Charges may apply for additional use beyond the monthly usage allowance associated with your tier of service. For details, visit
³Up to 75 Mbps in Atlantic region

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201 comments on “Rogers meets changing customer needs with new Hi-Speed Internet tiers

  1. Mathieu

    So Rogers think that 60 GB of monthly ‘usage allowance’ is enough to stream HD videos, music, upgrade PCs/Tablets/Phones to the OS version, download games, movies, music…

    Someone from Rogers need to explains why their is a monthly ‘usage allowance’ on Internet services but not on TV services since they both go through the same cable.

  2. Rob McDougall

    It looks like the only DOCSIS 3.0 device is a combination modem/router. Will other hardware options be offered? I already have a wireless router that I use in conjunction with my DOCSIS 2.0 modem. I don’t want to have to spend extra money for functionality I don’t need. I also prefer to be able to upgrade these two capabilities separately. I’d like to have a DOCSYS 3.0 modem only option. Is such an option going to be made available?

    1. Eric

      the built in router is pretty bad. You can do what I did and disable the router feature of the modem and just use it normally.

  3. Matt

    For those of us who have made a significant investment in our home network (high end router, great wireless coverage), will there every be a Modem only DOCSIS 3 option? My home networking gear is much more robust and problem free then the Rogers/SMC wireless gateway does’nt really work in router mode, has GB Ethernet issues, etc…) when compared to the SMC Wireless gatway and I’d rather just get a new modem… any plans in the near future? Or any possibility of offering DOCSIS 3 speeds on older modems – My SciAM Webstar 2100 modem (Docsis2 – is capable of doing up to 43MB .. do I have to get a new modem or can I continue to use mine? Especially when I can get 20MB + (with speedboost of course) when testing with

    Speed increases are great but all they allow us to do is to get to our low data caps faster. These days with youtube, netflix, voip, work VPN (heavy work from home user) $60 for 100 GB of data is pretty expensive, especially when a GB of data probabally costs Rogers pennies per user. Competitors are starting to offer higher data caps for a similar price. In Toronto you can get a plan for same or slightly cheaper start @ 200GB in Vancouver you can get 50Mb for $29 a month with a 400 GB data cap! In my case speed (Currently 10Mb extreme) is not an issue its the monthly data cap. While having an option to add more data is great but the costs are way too high.

    I really like Rogers Cable TV services and I would like to keep all of my services with Rogers but if not competitive when my current deal/contract expires I may have to look somewhere else. Rogers I really really want to stay with you, but please price your services competitively.

    Love the blog, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Warmest regards,

    1. RogersMarina

      Hi Matt,

      Thank you for all your feedback! We have no details at this time on a modem only option. If anything changes, we will let you know.

      I am really glad to hear you love our blog!


      1. Anon


        What about Matt’s question regarding DOCSIS 2 modems? I also have a DOCSIS 2 modem that is very capable of handling 32 Mbps. Why should I buy a DOCSIS 3 modem? Will Rogers allow me to use my existing modem at upgraded speeds?

      2. RogersMarina

        Hi Anon,

        The DOCSIS 3.0 Wireless N Gateway is capable of providing a greater range and higher speeds than the current DOCSIS 2.0 device, up to 300 metres under ideal conditions. Customers on a DOCSIS 2.0 modem can upgrade to these new tiers by visiting a Rogers retail location and upgrading to a DOCSIS 3.0 modem.


      3. Chris

        I don’t know the exact technical reasons but docsis 2 only binds to I think 2 channels to push data where docsis 3 binds to 6? I’m guessing at the numbers but either way it takes more effort to reach the higher speeds with docsis2 than with docsis3.. That and going into the future they want to push faster speeds that docsis 2 doesn’t support and it is easier for them if everyone is using the same tech so they only have to support 1 type..

        All that said a stand alone modem would be best.. And I can’t just go to a rogers store and upgrade for free, I own my modem, I wouldn’t get a refund or $99 rebate on the purchase of a new one.. I will end up paying rogers more money each month is all..

    2. gen

      There is a solution to that. I have a DOCSIS 2.0 gateway modem/router combo and use my own router as well. I called tech support, they were able to add something to the account that disabled all wirless router/router funcationality with only one port working that I connected to my existing high-end wirless router. Works like a charm. I’m confident the same option will be available for the DOCSIS 3.0 modem.

  4. Steve

    Will there still be traffic shaping in these new tiers?

  5. Eric Hacke

    I’m with TSI cable right now on the 15mbit/300GB package, which is pretty good. But the main reason I’m there is because it’s unthrottled.

    Your increase in caps is great, but the primary thing that is preventing many people from using Rogers is the 24/7 throttling of P2P traffic which is also crippling WoW.

    I know you are in the process of dealing with the WoW issue specifically, but If you were to disable throttling entirely and sell against Bell’s throttled service, you could steal a lot of customers.

  6. Cambo

    You guys just don’t get it.

    Speed isn’t the issue. Usage is. Why is it every tier gets a usage bump except the most popular Express?? What is the point of bumping the speeds up and not significantly increasing usage…so we can get to the caps even faster I suppose??

    Sounds like a ploy to get people to spend more, to me.

    1. RogersMarina

      Hi Cambo,

      We are always examining our plans to make sure they meet our customers changing needs. As a result, we increased the usage allowance for our most popular plans.

      If anything changes, we will let you know.


      1. Cameron T

        No, express is the most popular.

        As a result, you increased the usage allowance for your most expensive plans.

        That way you’re hoping people will upgrade in turn handing over more cash.

      2. Teletran

        I agree with this comment.

        Express is the most popular internet plan type and Rogers has offered nothing for Express users.

        60 GB is simply not going to cut as as more and more HD content appears on the Net.

        Other companies are offering significantly higher bandwidth caps at a lower monthly charge.

        Rogers should consider significantly increasing bandwidth caps of risk bleeding customers in major urban centres.

      3. Andy

        I also agree. I have Express and 60GB just isn’t enough with it’s current price.

      4. Eric

        Most popular plans? I’m willing to bet that Express is one of the most popular if not the most popular plan. Why wasn’t the usage increased on that plan?

        By increasing the download speed (and at the same time charging us more for the modem/router combo that many of us do not need or want) and keeping the usage limit the same, it will just let us reach our usage limit faster. Of course, that’s probably what Rogers intended. More money for them.

      5. Renaud Bourassa

        “We are always examining our plans to make sure they meet our customers changing needs.”

        A year ago you lowered the cap for Extreme from 95GB to 80GB. Today, you are merely reverting this change by pushing it back to 100GB. How is that meeting your customers changing needs? I know you want to protect your cable TV from Internet offerings such as Netflix, but you could at least be subtle at it. This is simply ridiculous.

    2. I also agree with this. I would rather get a larger usage bump than a speed bump — I don’t see a point in raising speeds when the data cap is still extremely restrictive. After all, I’d want to enjoy using the internet, rather than monitoring my usage restrictions every day. If Rogers really listened to the customers, they’d know that most of us are more critical of their plans’ usage restrictions than their speeds.

  7. Chris

    Getting there but could be better.. To use netflix in full quality I need more bandwidth.. Speed is fine.. Also the $20 for 80GB is a bit over priced.. I understand it is priced to deter usage of services that duplicate current Rogers services but I believe this is a dirty practice.

  8. Josh

    I get that Rogers needs to have bandwidth caps from a business perspective. I get that 1% of its userbase (guess) goes over those caps, what I dont get is how that 1% can really be causing enough grief for Rogers to need to introduce those caps in the first place.

    I’m a fan of variable data usage charges, when bandwitdh caps must exist. If Rogers wants to charge for bandwidth it shouldn’t be $1.50/Gb over what you pay for, it should be $5 for each 20Gb beyond your initial allotment, removing the need for customers to choose ahead of time if they need 20+Gb extra each month, and removes the painful $50 overage charge some customers might face in a month of high usage. Considering how much bandwidth is eaten up each month just by your computer (windows updates, patches for games/applications etc) keeping itself healthy, its not hard to accidentally go over your limit by a lot without realizing it, even if you are smart enough to follow your personal/family usage.

    I personally check my usage daily, but even then a single day near the end of your month of your computer doing automated things can suddenly equal large sums of overage charges. There simply is just no reason for Rogers to gouge customers at such a phenomenal rate for going over their limit, a simple tiered overage charge system would work better and be less aggravating for customers.

    Even if Rogers were to increase the cost per 20Gb as you go it would be better, $5 for 20Gb for the first 3 chunks, then $7 after that, etc..

    Note: I also agree that $5 for 20Gb is to much but that’s the current charge so I just went with it.

  9. Jobu

    These speed/cap increases are just not inline with customer expectations. You end up dropping a stable docsis 2 modem for a terrible router/modem combo. To boot you get the privilege of paving a higher modem rental.

    What is the reasoning here?

  10. TouchMyBox

    While increased speed profiles and caps are nice for both retail and wholesale customers alike, shouldn’t you be at least matching bell with their “Overage Insurance” at $5 for 40GB?

  11. Andrew

    I had my router portion of my Rogers/SMC discontinued by Rogers and use my own router which works much better.

  12. RogersMarina

    Hi Jobu,

    As you probably have now seen in my response to Anon, the DOCSIS 3.0 Wireless N Gateway is capable of providing a greater range and higher speeds than the current DOCSIS 2.0 device, up to 300 metres under ideal conditions. Customers on a DOCSIS 2.0 modem can upgrade to these new tiers by visiting a Rogers retail location and upgrading to a DOCSIS 3.0 modem.


    1. Chris

      Did you mean to put 300 metres or is that supposed to read 300 Mbps

      1. RogersMarina

        Hi Chris,

        Yes, I was referring to the signal strength, not the speed. The DOCSIS 3.0 modem can reach up to 300 metres in range under ideal conditions. Sorry for the confusion.


      2. Josh

        Yes Chris, the maximum, outdoor, NO interference range is 300 meters. You will NEVER see this in practice because there is ALWAYS some interference. In practical usage indoors, barring a large amount of interference and/or the fact that these particular wireless N combo devices that Rogers uses are not great, one wireless N router should very nicely cover the whole house with great reception.

      3. Sri

        They mean metres. Wireless N can do up to 600 Mbps.

        Fortunately the 300 metres number ‘under ideal conditions’ will never be achieved, but it’s still something every user should turn off immediately. 5GHz signal penetrates material far worse than 2.4GHz does, but it’s still going to be much longer range than ‘g’. If I were being cynical I would guess the plan is to get your network wardriven so they can charge you more for bandwidth.

        The number of people who need a range of *30* metres from a single access point is very small. 300 m is utterly absurd. Even from where I live if I draw a 300m circle around my apartment you’d hit 3 other buildings, multiple subdivisions and you’d overlap with several businesses. Well over 500 and more like 700 or 800 overlapping residences from one point, and you’d have to consider interference from all directions. Did I mention there are only 22 or 23 channels in the 5GHz band allocated for wireless N at full width (40MHz)? N is pretty good about resolving frequency band conflicts but that only works so well with multiple people all trying to sit on a single band, it’s going to cause more problems than it solves if it works anywhere close to as advertised (which fortunately it probably won’t, but still).

        If you get one of these, do a favour to your neighbours and turn it off and use your own (lower power…) networking equipment. Looking just at wireless b/g in the 2.4 GHz band right now I count 23 access points visible with a crappy laptop and no dedicated antenna (with an amplitude above-90dB). That’s going to be a mix of ranged between the 40-150 m (roughly) specified by the g standard. Want to see where this is going to go badly with wireless N equipment quickly? Rogers engineers should know better than to even try and put equipment like this out in public.

      4. Chris

        I’m trying to point out it has nothing to do with DOCSIS 3.. It’s the Wireless that has a theoretical 300 meter range….

    2. Michael

      But Marina not all of us are interested in wireless, I have a SB 5100 (bought from Rogers) and a perfectly capable wired router/firewall. I don’t need wireless. If Rogers wants us all to move up to Docsis 3.0 then whyn not offer a stand alone modem?

      1. RogersMarina

        Hi Michael,

        We only offer a gateway on our Docsis 3.0 service in order to ensure a good customer experience. Most of our customers prefer to utilize the built in wireless capabilities of our combined modem and router. For those who want to use their own router, the gateway can be set to bridge modem mode.


      2. Patrick

        Correction: For those who want to use their own router can pay more per month to continue doing so.

        I could see justifying this if you were actually offering more but really what you’re doing is just a minimal increase from the huge decrease you placed last year with the announcment of netflix

      3. Tom

        “Most of our customers prefer to utilize the built in wireless capabilities of our combined modem and router.”

        How could this statement be possibly true when the wireless capabilities of of the DOCSIS3 does not work properly at all? This is why customers are clamouring for a stand alone modem – so that they can hook up their own router and actually have a router that works. Why pay more for a dual modem/router when the router does not work?

    3. Anon


      The SMC device (DOCSIS 3.0 Wireless N Gateway) that Rogers offers is a combination wireless router and cable modem. The router part is very unstable, and so many customers like myself would prefer to use our own routers.

      Also, since my old DOCSIS 2 cable modem can handle speeds up to 42 Mbps, why can’t I use it for all packages except “Ultimate”?

      Why should I pay more money for something that is technically unnecessary? I hope you now understand my question.

    4. Patrick

      This router/modem combination is not an upgrade because your response assumes we aren’t already running our home networks on good routers. I spent a lot of money to have a top of the line N router in my house. Why would I pay more per month to be forced to downgrade to a G router, or better yet be forced to almost double my current rental fee to get the N router/modem combination. This is not helping, in fact it is just more agitating. Good thing my contract expires this month.

  13. Michael

    Thanks for the new faster speeds and higher caps..

    Unfortunately I’m on Express so NO higher caps.

    Unfortunately I BOUGHT my modem from Rogers and it is a SB51090 so NO higher speeds.

    So, thanks for NOTHING.

    Perhaps Rogers might want to consider an incentive for loyal customers like a reduced cost on a new modem? Because the way I see it if I have to buy a new modem for a modest speed increase and no increase in cap then I might as well go elsewhere.

    1. RogersMarina

      Thanks for the feedback Michael. It’s an interesting idea. I’ll pass that along to the team here.

  14. Don

    What about upload speed? It takes forever to upload anything. 1mbps is not enough.

    1. RogersMarina

      Hello Don,

      The upload speeds on our plans have not changed. If anything changes, we will let you know.


  15. Spencer C

    Leaving your most popular plan out of the increased data caps (Express) and requiring a wireless router/modem combo which many do not want (in order to get rental fees) makes Rogers’ motivation here pretty transparent.

    This isn’t about better plans and service, it’s about encouraging upgrades.

    I hope the CRTC brings the hammer down on this industry but I’m not holding my breath.

  16. Tom

    Thank you for nothing Rogers. I subscribe to Express, but I will never consider anything other than what I have now until Rogers provides a better modem and/or router other than the current SMC or the new CISCO. You offer a whole 2 mbps higher speed with no improvement to usage allowance if I move up to a D3 modem. Please let me know when you get a decent D3 modem and a stand alone modem at that!

  17. John

    I will NEVER upgrade to Docsis 3.0. Their crappy SMC modems are terrible. I prefer my own Asus RT N16 wireless router + docsis 2.0 modem. So far i’m at 54 days uptime for my router. So, I will upgrade once they release a regular (non-wireless) docsis 3 modem.

  18. Chris Rogers

    Thanks Open Media for forcing evil companies like Rogers to raise their usage limits to meet with the REAL world. Rogers and all members of the oligopoly should be ashamed of themselves.

  19. matt

    Upload speed?? When will we get similar upload speeds to those in the US. 2 Mbps is pittiful. The US plans start at 5 Mbps!!! Social media is a TWO way street remember! For it to work, people need to UPLOAD stuff to share!

  20. Seshan

    Cool, you upped the bandwidth limits to slightly better then before you DROPED the bandwidth limits when Netflix launched.

  21. anon

    You neglected to meniton that Rogers has re-organized its packaging and prices to push the average user to a higher package and cost…they didn’t just bump up data caps.

    Nice press release though.

  22. Martin

    Well I for one thank you for the changes. Just what I needed actually. I am always just going over my cap. Maybe 10GB or so each month so this helps me. Speed boost is just a bonus ;)

    I agree that the $20/month assurance is way over priced. I would never purchase it. At $20 for 80GB that is DOUBLE what Bell charges for the same thing.

    Below is a little easier on the wallet. Or a straight price per gig either way you guys are moving in the right direction.

    $5/month for 40 GB
    $10/month for 80 GB
    $15/month for 120 GB

  23. Roadblock


    I am on Extreme now. That means my modem is already DOCSIS 3.0 correct ? The first thing i did was disabling the router functionality of the feature. it can be done by Rogers Tech Support. I recommend everyone doing that and use your own gear for router.

    1. RogersElise

      Hi. You can check if you have the Docsis 3.0 N gateway by checking on it. The model should read: SMC D3GN-RRR

  24. Sam

    Guys, for all of you worried about your “network setup”, the wireless N router can be set up as modem only, so you can keep your setups, networks etc the same, and just user the wireless N router in modem mode.

    1. Patrick

      Oh that calms me down. Now I don’t have to be forced over to a modem/router combo but rather just pay twice as much a month to be able to do exactly what i’m doing now

    2. Matt

      But you’re paying for something you don’t need!

  25. Paul

    Can I purchase my own DOCSIS 3.0 modem, such as a Thompson DCM475, and install it?

  26. Jason

    I live in a household with 5 people including myself and every single day is a PAIN, pain from tracking bandwidth, telling my kids to limit their YouTube viewing and music downloads, every single month we’re hitting the cap and if we hit it early in the month I’m forced to pull the cable so we don’t have to pay the overage fee. The caps are just too small even for a “regular” 4 person household.

    Marina, if you can, please do everything and anything in your power to get those caps to be raised! The express cap (which I have) didn’t even get a raise! Why?!

  27. Is this the same Rogers that lowered bandwidth caps as soon as Netflix announced they were entering the Canadian market? Also Extreme’s cap was 95GB before Rogers dropped it to 80GB, so realistically they are only increasing the cap by 5GB.

    To be honest, after being with Rogers for over 10 years, I left Rogers for the competitor because Rogers’ caps were far too limited, 60GB vs. 300GB. Same speeds with more cap at a cheaper price, how could I go wrong. Sure I could have gotten on a higher tier with Rogers, but for many customers like me, cap is more important than speed.

    1. JerB

      I’m in the same boat. Rogers are either out of touch with what people want or they’re trying to force feed people. I was a long time Rogers customer and very recently gave up and went to what is most likely the same competitor. So nice being able to stream movies and use the internet without having to constantly monitor and worry about Roger’s ridiculous caps.

    2. RogersElise

      Hi Hagop. Thanks for your feedback. We’ve heard all of you asking about the Extreme, at at this point in time, we haven’t decided to change the data allowance of the Extreme plan. But, we are always reviewing our plans to offer greater value to our customers and so the feedback that has been given here is really valuable.

      On a side note, I wanted to clarify that the announcement by Netflix and the changes in our plans last year were unrelated. Moreover, the changes to our plans were for new customers only and plans for existing custoemrs were not changed.

      1. Hey Elise, thanks for replying. I know your PR, but maybe you could forward these comments to the ones making these decisions.

        In this day in age where the internet is becoming more integral in our lives, having reasonable bandwidth caps is far more important than faster speeds. I still remember the times when Rogers used to offer unlimited usage many years ago and now we are faced with abysmal caps.

        Other than greed I don’t see why Rogers could not offer say 250GB for all their tiers, I don’t want to pay $99 for Extreme Plus just to take advantage of larger caps. In my personal opinion, having say unlimited or even 250GB of usage doesn’t mean that the customer is going to abuse the bandwidth every month, to me it’s more of safety precaution. Some months I may use 200GB, but some I may use as little as 40GB.

        Also not increasing the caps on Express, probably the most subscribed tier, is for pure greed. I’m sure Rogers loves users paying overage. Similarily, why did Rogers increase the max overage fee from $25 to $50? I mean there are too many examples of greed overtaking what customers actually want and need.

  28. Patrick

    All I see here is that I spend $360 a month on Rogers services and due to the fact that to try and conserve wheatever money I have left and use the Express package instead of the Extreme package (at $4300 a year im already spending enough on these services) I am specifically being left out while someone that only pays $60 a month to Rogers for the extreme package is reaping huge benefits. I’m unimpressed.

  29. Jonah

    We dumped our Express service for a provider that has unlimited bandwidth. I think we use like 80 GB a month. Caps are stupid and hurt the economy. What do we pay $60 a month for… to read the news?

  30. Alph

    I realize that Rogers has to keep caps low in order to keep an unfair clamp on streaming competitors like Netflix. Ever notice that Rogers own service doesn’t count against caps?

    Anyway, increased speed is always welcome, but they’re still too slow. It’s dumb that your LTE service is going to be faster than home service in some configurations.

  31. Michael

    At least Rogers is giving use these increases “no additional cost*.”

    * “no additional cost” equals “an extra $1.50 to $3 per month.”

    1. RogersElise

      Hi Michael. For customers who already have the Docsis 3.0 modem – and there are many out there – there is no additional cost at all.

  32. Matt

    I understand that data caps are put in place to prevent people from “hogging” the internet and to deter piracy. Back in the dail-up days a 60GB cap might have been fair. But we live in the new era of streaming and digital downloads.

    With the Express plan, downloading at 1.25MB/s for 13.5 hours brings you to your limit. If you change that over to time based usage, you’d see that you only have internet for 1.8% of the month. If we go over to one of your competitors, (lets just call them TS) it would be 66 hours, and 9.1%. It’s a much more realistic data cap.

    All I’m asking for is that 250GB be the bottom tier, and it going up from there.

  33. Koby

    This is truly pathetic, how can you even be proud of that plan?!?
    Rogers is the most draconian and money-hungry corporation with little care to their customer needs. I bet this changes are due to the massive exodus of customers toward Techsavvy, “listening to customers” is a big bluff that may sound good on a press release but for the larger customer base it is a pure lie.
    Competition in Canada is the worst in the western world, few companies control the communications market and rob their customers for little service. Look at the ISP at the EU, you get crazy fast speeds, no caps for fraction of the price.

    I have few more months for my “Lock-in” with rogers, they I will set myself free and move to Techsavvy.

  34. Sam

    Just a question, when will these new caps come into effect? I have the ultimate package, looking forward to the 250GB cap

    1. RogersElise

      Hi Sam. These changes will come into effect on July 26.

      1. Sam

        Thanks Elise,
        Ya everyone stop bitching, they made an improvement, they didn’t have to but they did. If express isn’t enough for you up your plan, difference between express and one level up amounts to just over 100$ a year, suck it up. For those talking about netflix an HD movie is 4 gigs, you would need to watch 62 movies a month on ultimate to exceed that. Again if 60GB isn’t enough for you, up your plan

      2. Wammy

        Sorry Sam you have it all wrong. Lack of competition in Canada is the reason Canadians pay amongst the highest rates for internet access in the world.

        The pressure to up the caps is there because many people are switching to third party internet providers offering cheaper rates with higher and sometimes unlimited caps.

        The catch is, third party internet providers are not available to all Canadians, so many are stuck with no choice.

        If TPIA becomes more available country wide, you’ll see Rogers making many changes.

        Some of you are too young to remember, but not long ago we were paying $3-$5 per minute for a long distance call within North America. It was competition that drove that price down.

        Interestingly enough, even for pennies a minute, the old phone company is still turning record profits.

        Think about it.

  35. Renaud Bourassa

    How can you claim this is an improvement when a year ago, Extreme went from 95GB to 80GB? Far from offering a better service, you are basically just going back to how it was back then. Plus, at full speed (and you are not likely at all to achieve this), your connection will last you 1 hour and 10 minutes. Is this a freaking joke?

  36. Disappointed

    These changes are disappointing. Not only was the Express package (the most popular one) barely touched, but all the changes seem to be designed to encourage people to hand over more money.

    I already have a modem that works fine with the new speeds, but apparently I now need to hand over more cash for a new modem just “because”.

    I already pay for overpriced, under-featured Internet service, and my package doesn’t get any useful performance increases.

    Pathetic. I was holding off from switching from Rogers because I was hoping for some reasonable changes, but now I have no reason to stay. Switching to a more expensive package to be able to use my Internet like a normal person who likes to consume online media is simply not an option.

    Wasted opportunity and a shamelessly marketing driven move by Rogers.

  37. My friend was one of the early adopters of the Ultimate tier and the DOCSIS 3 modem gateway crap.

    EVERY time we connect PC’s to it wireless and try anything that is a stead stream (videos, downloads, etc) it causes the modem to crash and reset. :S

  38. Not A Cry Baby

    All you babies out there. Stop crying about ROgers imprOving their service. Get a life and move on

  39. Phil

    Who cares about faster download speeds when you already have plans up to 50 Mbps. When will you offer faster UPLOAD speeds? The current upload speeds top out at 2Mbps. This is pathetic considering that the download speeds are up to 25 times faster! I’d rather have 15Mbps down and 5Mbps up than 24Mbps down and 1Mbps up any time, and I’m sure many other people would like to have that option. Oh, thanks for returning some of the usage limits to what they used to be. But what about the lightest pans, are they still stuck at 2GB and 15GB per month? That’s just wrong. Clearly you are NOT listening to your clients.

    These new plans are obviously just a marketing gimmick designed to force your clients to the higher-speed tiers, as well as to encourage people to hit monthly overage charges faster, under the pretense of offering better packages.

  40. Adam

    250GB limit is the Max? Comeon, you can’t be serious. I myself could chew through that no problem, what about student houses? 4 people with Netflix, streaming, online gaming, etc. This is a complete joke. There’s a reason I’ve been telling people to avoid Rogers internet, and these rediculous caps are it. I’d pay more for a higher cap, price isn’t the issue, but handcuffing us is.

  41. Chris

    Can i use my own 3rd party Docsis 3 Motorola 6120 instead of the gateway option you offer??? As i have helped many of your customers with hardware/signal issues with that particular unit.

    1. RogersElise

      Hi Chris. I will look into this.

      1. Michael

        Hi Elise:

        Any answer to Chris’ question?

        So far today I’ve communicated with 2 different Rogers reps.

        One says I can get my own modem.

        The other says that I have to buy the $200 gatewaqy from Rogers.

        You guys do all work for the same company don’t you?

      2. RogersElise

        Hi Michael and Chris.
        Only Rogers approved DOCSIS 3.0 modems can be provisioned on our network with our new DOCSIS 3.0 tiers, and that’s because we can guarantee tech support only for Rogers certified devices.

      3. Michael

        Rogers obviously has APPROVED the Motorola SB6120 to be hooked up to Rogers network.

        People have done it both directly through Rogers and through 3rd party ISPs.

        Rogers allows Teksavvy subscribers to connect to the Rogers network.

        Rogers TECH SUPPORT pushed a firmware update for this modem yesterday.

        They also increased the speeds to Teksavvy customers using this modem to match the ones you announced.

        So there has to be a communication problem within Rogers because you have Rogers approving the modem for some customers but not others.

      4. RogersElise

        The list of hardware options is available on, here:

  42. Juniad

    I am not impressed with the fact that I have to get a modem/router combo, even though I have a very good wireless N router already. I do not want to pay extra for modem/router.

    Please add modem only solution for higer speeds!

    1. RogersElise

      Hi all. We’ve heard you loud and clear about the fact that you’d like us to offer a modem by itself and not a modem + router. We will pass that on internally.

      1. Michael

        As an alternative why not post a list of “acceptable” modems and allow your customers to use their own?

        Teksavvy posts such a list and given that they are using your cable network I’d assume there shouldn’t be an issue.

        Realistically given the option of buying a $200 modem from Rogers or changing to a different provider many will choose the latter because of more generous caps.

        So it is a simple business decision – retain existing customers versus trying to get new customers.

      2. RogersElise

        Thanks for the suggestions. As I mentioned above, only the list is available – it’s the list of Rogers certified devices.

      3. Michael

        Yes, Marina I’ve seen that list, here let me quote from an e-mail received from your customer service

        “Unfortunately we do not have a list of compatible modems so we suggest calling 1-888-764-3771 (open 6am-2am EST) prior to purchasing one to
        ensure it is compatible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause”.


        ” We can confirm that you can purchase a third party modem and use it on our network if it is
        compatible. If you have any further questions or requests please let us know”.

  43. Tony

    Awesome news.

    What’s the process for upgrading modem? I come in with my DOCSIS 2.0 modem, the retail store exchanges it for the 3.0, and I get the upgrade price billed as usual?


    1. RogersElise

      Hi Tony. You can order the Docsis N Gateway online at or purchase it at a Rogers Plus location (see to find a store near you). Finally, third party retailers like Best Buy or Future Shop are also selling Rogers certified devices.

  44. Clarence

    I read from difference sources that, if you are lucky enough to speak to the right CSR, you can activate and use other DOCSIS 3 standalone modems, namely the Motorola SB6120, instead of the much hated SMC modem/router combo. The CSR has to do a work-around because the other modems are not in the Rogers database but it can be done.
    I’m an Express subscriber and I will be happy to purchase a standalone DOCSIS 3 modem to stop paying rent on the old modem and take adventage of the (slightly) bumped up speed. So, please offer standalone DOCSIS 3 modems or add them to your database.

  45. Wammy

    Allow me to speak for every Express customer… thanks for nothing Rogers. Nobody in Express is complaining about speed, they are complaining about caps.

    The duopoly knows what you want Canadians, but they are using the CRTC to prevent you from getting it.

    When this this whole fiasco is busted wide open and Rogers/Bell are forced to comply, I hope all you Express customers remember how you were treated by this company.

    1. RogersElise

      As you know, and as these new tiers show, we are always reviewing our plans to make sure they meet our customers changing needs. So thanks for your comment Wammy, I think this is a shared sentiment from what I’ve read here, and other places online, and I’ve passed it to the internal teams.

      1. Wammy

        Elise if they would just replace the internal teams with the social media team, I think we’d be getting somewhere!

  46. Tim

    As an existing customer when the bandwidth caps were lowered, I was able to keep my 95 Gb/month cap. My question is will I have access to the increased speeds and caps as an existing customer or is this only for new customers? Also, if you choose to lower the caps again, will I be able to go back to 95 instead of 80?

    I would also like to see more information on implementation dates and locations in the future, so I can know if this even affects me and when can I start taking advantage of my new cap.

    1. RogersElise

      These new speeds and data buckets are available to existing customers as well as new. It will be rolled out between July 26 and August 2 for existing customers who already have a DOCSIS 3.0 Gateway. If you don’t have one, you need to upgrade first and then you can enjoy the new plans.

      1. Tim

        It’s August 3rd, and I my monthly allowance is still 95 Gb. I am in New Brunswick and I have the DOCSIS 3 modem.

  47. Daniel Faraday

    Will there be a speed change on the Ultimate tier? Your competitors offer 7mbps in upload speeds, it takes days to upload 1080p video with Rogers

  48. Rob

    Don’t bother upgrading to any plan that uses the DOCSIS 3.0 modem/router combo. Rogers has quite a bit of power over these bad boys (remote access @ all times) and I’ve noticed a significant reduction in speed while using legitimate file sharing applications since upgrading from Extreme (DOCSIS 2.0 Motorola Surfboard) to Extreme Plus (DOCSIS 3.0 SMC Gateway/Router).

    If you enjoy download speeds using legitimate file sharing applications stay very very far away from the DOCSIS 3.0 offering from Rogers.

    1. Diane

      Rob, is Rogers using DOCSIS 3 modems to throttle customers in ways they can’t with DOCSIS 2 modems?

  49. Eric

    I don’t know what you guys are doing but I went from averaging my 15 mbits per second to about 8-9…

  50. non sequitur

    This is total bull. Don’t think that Rogers hasn’t scrutinized every possible angle on this. It is simply another way to make you pay more money. Rogers speed is rarely an issue, the bottlenecks are in the cloud and at remote sites. Rogers is screwing us on bandwidth usage compared with other ISPs in North America. We are all suckers for paying this much. I’m on the phone with Rogers every week complaining, you should be too. They won’t do a damn thing unless enough people complain, do it now and do it frequently. Ask for a Customer Care rep. Send frequent emails via their website. Don’t just sit there, do something !!

  51. utah

    I am a long time Extreme user……or should I say, I was. In fact, I signed up as soon as the Extreme tier was first offered. I purchased a Motorola SB5100 from Rogers at that time, and my service has been rock-solid since day one. We’re talking many years here, that I’ve been an Extreme customer.

    Over time, speed on that tier has increased. When it was increased to 15 Mbps, I was hooped because I am using a DOCSIS 2.0 modem meant I was limited to 10Mpbs ( or two thirds of the speed designated for the tier ). However, Rogers grandfathered my 95 Gb monthly cap, and so I remained on the plan.

    With the latest change, I’ve now downgraded my Rogers Internet service to a tier that supports DOCSIS 2 modems. Simply put, I’m not going to by a new DOCSIS 3.0 modem/wireless router, when I have a perfectly functioning DOCSIS 2.0 modem (purchased from Rogers) and wireless N router which I already own…..just to meet the requirements for a plan that I’ve been on since day one.

    As a long time Rogers customer, who has a large bundle of services…..the DOCSIS 3.0 Modem issue has forced me to reduce the amount of money, I was willing to pay to Rogers each month. Instead of Roger’s policy costing me $200 ( cost of a new modem ), it’s costing Rogers roughly that much in yearly revenue, which I’m no longer paying to them.

    I’ll get by with slower speeds and less monthly allowance, as I won’t be forced to repurchase Hardware I don’t want or need.

    However, should Rogers decide to accommodate it’s current customers using DOCSIS 2.0 Modems, by offering some type of trade-in program for our current modems, so that we aren’t hit with the full cost of a DOCSIS 3.0 modem…..’ll consider going back to one of the higher speed tiers.

    Of course, the other issue is that I want to purchase a DOCSIS 3.0 modem only… I currently own a perfectly fine wireless N router.

    1. RogersElise

      Hi utah

      Thank you for your feedback and your suggestion, greatly appreciated. I see where you’re coming from and I’ll share internally the trade-in idea.

  52. Chris

    Sadly I cannot just go to Rogers Plus and pick up a docsis 3.0 modem as they don’t have any anywhere….

  53. Chris

    Where can I get a DOCSIS 3 modem? I have called all the 10 stores in my city and they don’t have any.. I’ve sadly already signed up for the service on the phone but cannot partake until I get a modem.. 2 days and no modems in the city.. Can rogers fedex me one or can I get one at Bestbuy and have Rogers reimburse me??

    1. RogersElise

      Yep, you can get one from Best Buy or Future Shop

      1. Chris

        And Rogers will reimburse me? This is the most important part of my question.

      2. RogersElise

        Oh, sorry I had missed that part of your question. So if I understand well, you want to rent the device, not buy it? In that case, you need to get it from us I believe.

  54. JRH

    As an express customer, you say Ill be increased to 12 mbps. Well, that’d be awesome, because right now, Im watching a download at less than 100kbps. But unless you change your throttling…sorry, “bandwidth shaping” policy…this means nothing. The biggest thing that has kept me around is, as a heavy user of e-mail, the pain of changing me e-mail address. However, now that I am registering my own domain, this is no longer an issue. And if I do start going over my cap, Id sonner leave to go to a competitor then pay more money for a faster DL speed, as really, that means Im paying more for worse service. Its like Im driving a Mazda6 governed at 80 km/h, and you’ve just offered me a Corvette, governed at 80 km/h. And since my home is wired on a gigabit network, this is doubly frustrating.

  55. FRANK


    1. Josh

      Yes, the Rogers modem/routers combo will have a better range for your devices, however, unfortunately it also is pretty bad in other areas, you would be better off purchasing a wireless N router.
      However, be aware that your issue could be the devices themselves having a poor wireless antennae or your home having interference issues around the exit.

    2. Chris

      No it will only get worse.. Maybe think about a new standalone wifi wireless N router.. Look for a good quality one. Also maybe if you go the apple route with Airport Extreme you can expand the range with Airport express adapters..

      Also think about better placement of your router.

  56. Elvish

    We are always examining our plans to make sure they meet our customers changing needs. As a result, we increased the usage allowance for our most popular plans.

    If anything changes, we will let you know.


    I love this what a piss poor response..they listen so well to customer needs that they are rated the second worst ISP in North America as shown on DSLreports..Nothing but lies..if that were the case why are they charging one of the most expensive packages and fighting UBB none of this was an issue till competion came in and now they arent the iron fist on the east they use to be and are scared for once..No competition thank rogers and bell..Bandwidth caps again thank rogers and bell..even in the crtc hearings they admitted to lieing about consumption UBB had nothing to do with it only competition did. rogers is pathetic and now are getting scared thats why they raised the cap lvls figuring throwing a bone to their customers would calm them…even shaw basically their sister company offers better tier packages..Pathetic rogers if you are gonna post this generic drivel dont bother consumers are wise to your gouging!

  57. JOHN J

    I bought my Rogers SMC Wireless G modem/router just over a year ago. I paid full price for the unit. I was never informed at the Rogers Plus store about the N router and network changes.

    In my opinion, the modem update is only to facilitate better connectivity speeds. I am not willing to fork out more money on a new modem or rent one from Rogers just for this.

    The only way I will upgrade my modem is if Rogers gives me a good trade in deal on my SMC G modem/router for the new SMC N modem/router.

    Do you have a deal for me?

  58. Jen

    Wow, you guys actually pay for capped internet? is this for real? you actually have like a cap, on how much bandwidth you use for a month?

    Is this a joke? where are you people and why do you pay for a service that isn’t unlimited?

  59. Sean H.

    Dear Rogers,

    You aren’t fooling anyone. The cost of technology goes down over time and an increase in userbase actually speeds that up. You would have us believe that you are the exception to the rule. Countries like Japan and Norway have cheap (free in the case of Norway) extremely highspeed broad band with no limits and a huge user base. In Japan you can have a 100mb connection for half the price we pay for a 15mb connection and it has no limit on bandwidth.

    No, what we have with you is a bald-faced attack on competition. Your wholesalers are offering better deals than you and people are switching. Your response to this? Instead of seeing that your customers feel they are paying too much and getting too little you decide that you will go to the CRTC and try and get them to allow you to charge more and limit wholesalers so that they can’t compete with you. When I called to cancel with you I didn’t get any offers for better deals. I got offers to be locked in to a contract and statements like “Everyone is going to have a limit soon anyway”. To which I said yeah, everyone will have limits soon because you are going to force them to put these limits instead of genuinely competing with them.

    Understand this. There will be a point where you go too far. You are bringing us backwards. One gigabyte of data costs maybe 25 cents and dropping.

    The point of this comment boils down to this. You are ignoring your customers, you are stifling competition (yeah, they are one your infrastructure but they pay ou for it) and you think that people don’t see what you are doing. Oh… Netflix is competing with your cable business and they use your lines without paying you? No I PAY YOU for my internet and me watching Netflix instead of your overpriced cable tv should send you a clear sign. I don’t understand how the CRTC lets you get away with it. Wait. I do.

    I did some math. Math is fun. If I average out my monthly cable costs it’s about $130 over the span of 13 years I see that since I moved out I have given you about $20,280. This is for maybe 10 channels I watch(ed) and using an average of 30gb a month with spikes in higher usage here and there and phone service. You will argue that these limits don’t really affect me. That’s not true. I have stopped paying $90 a month for the 10 channels (2 of which were HD) and found alternatives that suit my needs and now I risk running in to those limits. Because somehow Netflix can offer these cheap prices and you can’t.

    I’m going to stop now before I get carpal tunnel.

    I’ve made sure that my rant meets your comment policy listed below but I fully expect that this will be deleted.

  60. Mike

    Just switched my home phone and internet from Bell to Rogers and i am extremely impressed. I went with Extreme Plus, and got the new modem, and am very impressed with it. The router seems to be very good as it is cisco, and i was able to change the ssid and password, so i was able to remove my old router and all my devices connected right away no problems. It is fast and on average i am way above 32mbps. The only thing i ask is that you allow me to stack the 20gb for 5$ plan. Thank you. Keep up the good work.

    1. JohnB

      DO they do the $5 for 20gb plan now? I didnt see it anywhere on the website and when i upgraded to extreme plus they never mentioned this to me. THX

      1. Mike

        Yes. The person on the phone informed me of it, and i asked about stacking it and he said that was not possible. Seems kind of silly to not let me, but hey 150 GB is already a pretty health amount for me, but there will be times when i may use around 200 GB and it would be nice to only pay $15 for an extra 60, but I am still pleased with what I have and have begun recommending it to all my friends, family and co-workers, and am in the process of switching the business I manage from Bell to Rogers for all 4 services.

  61. Aaron

    I’m curious as to what it is about the Router portion of the SMC N modem/router that is bad. I have been using one for about 1.5 years now and have had zero problems. No signal strength issues, no traffic lag due to packet loss/excessive collisions. I’d really like to know what makes this modem/router an under-performer compared to dedicated routers.

    1. Mike

      I am with you, I am not sure exactly what they are talking about. I have the new modem/router made by cisco and it is amazing. The router part is dual band, with amazing wireless N range and speeds, and I retired my old router that i used with the bell modem i had that was about 3 years old, and this new modem/router is working just as good as my old router did. So I would have to say I have no issues with the new Rogers Modem/Router made by cisco.

    2. Chris

      Well in the case of my friend I had to get the modem into bridge mode and reinstall his previous router because the signal was no longer reaching into a few rooms in his house.. Once the old router was back in play wireless was available throughout the house again.. That was his only issue… Every house is different…

  62. Aaron

    I’d also like to know when my Extreme package is going to be upgraded to the 24Mbps/100G… currently as of today I’m still sitting @ the previous (i think it was) 15Mbps/95G package. Any type of speedtest is pretty much useless due to their “SpeedBoost ” so I’m just going off of my “View Services” from the My Rogers page to check if i’ve been updated.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Aaron, if you haven’t been notified on your latest bill or through an in-browser notification, then I’d suggest you contact customer care about this.