Everything’s better in 3D: Introducing the HTC EVO 3D and the LG Optimus 3D

Snapping shots with your cell phone is a great option because you always have it with you.  But imagine shots of your favourite rock band or the great Canadian landscape in 3D.  It’s now possible with the HTC EVO 3D and the LG Optimus 3D, Canada’s first 3D smartphones, which will both be available exclusively from Rogers this summer.


With the HTC EVO 3D you can film your adventures in 3D with the dual 5MP camera and watch them jump right off the crisp 4.3”QHD touchscreen without the use of glasses. You can even share your eye-popping photos and videos with friends who have a 3D device, including compatible 3D TV’s. Running on the Android 2.3 platform, the HTC EVO 3D also includes a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor and the latest version of HTC Sense to easily customize your phone to fit you.

LG Optimus 3D

The LG Optimus 3D goes beyond dual-core processing with its unique tri-dual architecture which includes dual-core, dual-memory and dual-channel. This means you enjoy powerful features, such as games, apps and web browsing at faster speeds. The LG Optimus 3D is designed with a 4.3” touchscreen for cinematic display of your 3D videos captured on the dual 5MP camera without the use of glasses. This device runs on Android 2.2 and packed with 8GB of internal memory.LG optimus 3D from Rogers

How to get your device

Starting next week, new customers can pre-order either of these devices through an upcoming microsite and you’ll then be automatically entered into a contest. If you pre-order the LG Optimus 3D, you’ll be entered for a chance to win a 55”LG Cinema 3D HDTV. If you pre-order the HTC EVO 3D, you’ll be entered to win a $2,500 MasterCard gift card. Contest closes August 15th.

Existing Rogers customers can exclusively reserve either of these devices through the Rogers Reservation System, until July 23rd. Be amongst the first to experience a 3D smartphone in Canada, by securing a place “in line” for a device without having to visit a store or call in.

What’s the first thing you would film in 3D?

UPDATE (July 16, 2011, 9:21 pm): Existing Rogers customers can now reserve their HTC EVO 3D or LG Optimus 3D on the Rogers Reservation System until July 23rd. Login to MyRogers and reserve your device today to be amongst the first to experience Canada’s first 3D smartphones. We are glad to offer this exclusive service for Rogers customers. Please reserve yours by July 23rd .

UPDATE (August 10, 2011, 11:13 am): Preordered and reserved devices have been shipped. Starting today, the HTC EVO 3D is available exclusively with Rogers nation-wide for $149.99 on select three-year term plans or $549.99 no term and the LG Optimus 3D is available with Rogers nation-wide for $99.99 on select three-year term plans or $474.99 no term.

Contest Details

Each closes August 15, 2011. Open to residents of Canada having reached to the age of majority. Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries in each Contest.  Correct answer to mathematical skill-testing question required. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Full contest rules and details for the HTC Evo 3D preorder contest can be found here and full contest rules and details for the LG Optimus 3D preorder contest can be found here.

Katie Boland is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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246 comments on “Everything’s better in 3D: Introducing the HTC EVO 3D and the LG Optimus 3D

  1. Tim

    FINALLY SOME AWESOME ANDROID STUFF, THANK YOU ROGERS! More than willing to renew my contract now!

  2. Mathieu

    I’ve played with the HTC EVO 3D at an HTC event last may.
    It’s great for gaming but I’m not convinced I want this kind of screens on my phone.

  3. Adam

    FINALLY. Get those HTC devices back in the lineup. They should be a staple of any real carrier. High end Samsungs are good, High end HTC’s are good. Keep those, and you’ll make alot more customers happy.

  4. Andy

    Any idea if these will be LTE devices? I’d hate to see only be able to use these handsets on a “4G” network.

    1. RogersKatie

      Hi Andy,

      These are not LTE devices. LTE smartphones from HTC and Samsung will be launched later this year.


      1. Andy

        Thanks Katie.

        Glad to see Rogers getting some more HTC products. Will it be arriving with the unlocked bootloader?

      2. RogersKatie

        Hi Andy,

        Yes, our HTC EVO 3D will have an unlocked bootloader.


      3. Rogers_Chris

        Hi Andy,

        When we announced the HTC EVO 3D coming to Rogers, we communicated that the device would launch with an unlocked bootloader (as Katie wrote above). Our apologies – we have since learned that the device will not be shipped unlocked. For more information on webtools, please visit the HTC website ww.HTCdev.com. If you decide to make a change, please note that some actions may void warranties.

    2. Adam

      I doubt it will. The current HSPA Evo 3G is GSM 850/900/1800/1900 and HSPA 900 / 1700 / 2100

      The CDMA Sprint version is only 1xEv-Do for 3G. There isn’t an LTE version out now, and I doubt they make one speciallyf or Rogers. The HTC Thunderbolt is an LTE device already out, which I’m hoping Rogers might get a refreshed version

  5. Dustin

    When can we expect to see these coming out? I’m in the market for a new phone, and just got excited. Don’t really care for the 3D, but the Evo makes up for not picking up the Galaxy S2.

    1. RogersKatie

      Hi Dustin,

      Both of these devices will be available this summer.


  6. John

    Can I trade in my Samsung Captivate for that HTC EVO 3D for free if I renew my contract? I haven’t paid for a new cell phone for a very long time and I don’t plan on starting to.

    1. RogersKatie

      Hi John,

      It depends when you got your Samsung Captivate. It is best to contact a customer service representative to discuss your individual account. You can find one here – https://www.rogers.com/web/content/contactus


      1. drizzo613

        the answer is obviously NO so why not just tell him that. You’re basically encouraging this clueless customer to call and harass people on the phone, giving him a false sense of entitlement, which will end up being transferred to retention anyways. WOW katie WOW

      2. Melissa

        Drizzo613 She answered the question perfectly well as she is not a CSR. There was nothing false said there.

  7. Mike

    Will the HTC bootloader be locked?

    1. RogersKatie

      Hi Mike,

      Yes, our HTC EVO 3D will have an unlocked bootloader.


  8. Deli

    Superb! HTC IS BACK! I love Samsung, since I’m using the GS2 right now, but good to have HTC back in the Rogers fold. Tip to Rogers, selling iphones cost you more money than Android. Getting TOP END (xperia play/arc are not top end) devices before iphone launches is the best way to make yourself more money. Look at Verizon, my goodness, hand over fist with selling Android devices.

  9. Chris

    Agreed I was just saying the way big blue has been pushing out android devices was making rogers look bad. The evo 3d is a huge step in the right direction. Might even renew my contract to pick one up.

  10. christianvillani

    Were do we go to pre-order it ?

    1. RogersKatie

      We will be launching the pre-order site next week. Existing customers should be able to reserve a device starting this weekend through the Rogers Reservation System located on MyRogers

    2. RogersKatie

      Hi Christian,

      New customers can now pre-order either of these device now at http://www.rogers.com/3d


  11. Arjun

    Thank you Rogers…

    You have just won me BACK ^^

    I am willing to leave ChatR unl for 15$ JUST for this phone :)


    HTC HTC HTC!@!

  12. Greg Neher

    When I try to go to http://www.rogers.com/rogersreservations, all I get is a page saying I was searching for it, and offering me areas of the help section.

    1. RogersKatie

      Hi Greg,

      It works in my browser, it should lead you to a support page. Starting this weekend you can reserve on the Rogers Reservation System. All you have to do is login to your MyRogers account, select the wireless number you wish to make your reservation with, then click the Device Reservation button and follow the instructions.


      1. Burymike

        It’s up. Woot!

  13. Kevin

    I’m happy that Rogers and HTC kissed and made up. It’s about time we get the best Android handsets on Rogers. Thanks!

  14. One new HTC phone for HSPA, plus a LTE HTC coming out later this year. This is what I like to see. :D:D

  15. Bradley


    I will be renewing a couple of contracts for friends and family on these phones.

    Thanks Rogers. Good job!

  16. jon

    these are not great phones. the lg is 2.2 which is unacceptable and its worse than the htc. The htc has horrible battery life, a subpar camera, and a screen which most reviewers say disappoints. I rather have a galaxy s2 (any word on that?) or the upcoming xperia duo (any word on that?) . I agree with deli, the arc and play are not high end phones. My contract is almost up and i really don’t want to switch but rogers android lineup is bad especially compared to bell.

    1. Dennis Forbes

      Ignoring LG’s bizarre inability to keep up to date, the HTC Evo 3D is very much a top notch device, and I say that as someone who desperately wants a GS II. I care little about the 3D aspect, but as a general superphone it is decidedly super, with fantastic screen clarity, a ridiculously powerful CPU, a stellar GPU, and insane video decoding capabilities. So basically an HTC Sensation with some gimmicky 3D stuff, but oh well.

  17. Jennie

    FInally the LGE optimus 3D is available at Rogers, its an amazing device I played with when I was in UK. The feel of holiding a chunky device is amazing, with tha fact that I can now create my own 3D content for my TV on Optimus 3d. Havent used the HTC but heard its sluiggish as compared to the Optimus. I wait for the optimus :)

  18. Dreamkiller711

    It’s a very good new for Roger’s customers! They need a refresh and here it comes. I just want to say f*** you guys to not include Quebec in the contest! It’s always the same. Is it a law or something? Or you just do not like french canadians…

    1. Josh

      Quebec has some decidedly poor laws/regulations, this is why they almost always get discluded for EVERY companies contests, or have completely different rules for their inclusion..

      1. Pete

        “Discluded” – I love it, but its not a word
        I am sure you meant “excluded”

        Sorry for pointing that out, I dont want to “misunderestimate” your penmanship.

    2. RogersKatie

      Apologies this contest is not open to residents of Quebec. We will work to incorporate Quebec in future contest. Thanks for the feedback.


      1. Dreamkiller711

        Thank you for considering this.

  19. Jim

    Will the bootloader be locked on the HTC EVO 3D?

    1. RogersKatie

      Hi Jim,

      Yes, our HTC EVO 3D will have an unlocked bootloader.


  20. Matt

    These are nice devices… The 3D thing doesn’t do much for me as I still find the technology very new and not main stream enough yet. Great to see some duel core phones finally picked up. I personally wouldn’t want either of these phones. Still hoping to see the Samsung Galaxy S2 picked up by Rogers.

    1. Bill

      I agree with Matt ! Rogers needs to pick up more high-end HTC phones. I was also getting ready to switch to Bell because of Rogers poor offerings compared to Bell. 3D means little to me. I also want the Samsung Galaxy S2 to be picked up by Rogers.

  21. Adrian

    I’m still waiting for the galaxy s2.The EVO 3D is clunky and 3d is just a gimmick. Basically Bell snagged the top 2 smartphones and we get the third.. Im heading to a rogers store today to cancel and switch to bell.

    1. Ray

      I agree with you completely….

  22. Gilad

    I have mine reserved in slot number 4!

  23. Andrew

    I looking at paying the Early Upgrade Fee, then taking advantage of the Hardware Upgrade Program to get a hold of the HTC Evo 3D. Can I still preorder it? Or do I have to do it in store if I am upgrading?

    1. RogersKatie

      Hi Andrew,

      You can reserve a device on the Rogers Reservation System as an existing customer. Once you pick up the phone in store you can take advantage of the Hardware Upgrade Program. This way, you will have a new device reserved for you.

      Katie :)

  24. Adam

    I’ve been searching multiple forums for opinions on the Evo 3D and a bunch of people are saying the speaker volume is way too low and sometimes there’s also clipping when the volume is maxed. I’m hoping this will be resolved for the Rogers version when it arrives as other than this one thing, the phone is looking very tempting right now.

  25. Max

    Will the EVO 3D have 4 gb of memory or 1gb ?

    1. RogersKatie

      Hi Max,

      The HTC EVO 3D will come with 1 GB RAM and an 8 GB microSD™ card. The device is upgradable to 32 GB.

      Katie :)

      1. josh

        1 GB on internal Ram is disappointing.

      2. Adam

        You do know that the iPhone 4 only has 512MB of RAM, so 1GB is good. I haven’t seen any phone with more RAM actually. If you mean storage space, or ROM, then jsut put in a 32GB Micro SD Card. Problem solved.

  26. john

    when new customer can pre-order it?

    1. RogersKatie

      Hi John,

      New customers will be able to pre-order both of these devices this week. Once the site is live, I will send you the link!


      1. john

        Hi any news about it to pre-order of new customer?

      2. RogersKatie

        Hi John,

        New customers can now pre-order either of these devices at http://www.rogers.com/3d


  27. Thai

    Finally! I’m still sporting the HTC TyTN from Rogers. lol. Got mine pre-ordered and will be getting the wife one as well.

  28. jony

    if i pre-order this can i still cancel it without any fees?

    1. RogersKatie

      Hi Jony,

      Once you pre-order a device your credit card will get charged. Returns can be accepted for a small period according to our return policy.


      1. Greg Neher

        How much are we being charged? And how come there is no mention of this anywhere?

        There is an EXTREME lack of information about this whole process that I find very disconcerting, and I’m now considering cancelling my reserve.

        What is the process going on here? We have no ETA, we have no $values, we have no timeline, we have no terms for cancelling or refunds.

        I was under the impression we were putting our names down for a phone and nothing more. Can you please explain what we are committing ourselves to?

        Thank you.

      2. RogersKatie

        Hi Greg, Jony,

        There is a difference between pre-ordering and reserving. Existing customers using the Rogers Reservation System are reserving the HTC EVO 3D or the LG Optimus 3D will have booked a virtual place in line. This reservation can be cancelled any time up until the day we ship the device from our warehouse. Devices will be shipped to the store of your choosing and held there for two weeks giving you the peace of mind that the device you’ve been waiting for has been set aside. When you get to the store, you can choose to purchase the device or upgrade your hardware accordingly. Once we have more information about pricing and timing we will share this with you.


  29. what’s the release date for these phones??

    1. RogersKatie

      Hi Dave,

      These devices will launch this summer. We’ll let you know when we have more to share here on Redboard.


  30. DJM

    Gimmicky 3D – Cmon Rogers… how about released some actual top-notch phones. Christ.

    1. Rob

      Dual core, 1.2ghz processor, 1gb RAM is exactly in line with galaxy s2. This is a superphone. The camera is only 5mp, but can contend with samsungs 8mp because samsung is known for its crap camera. HTC sense is known as the best UI among smartphones, while Samsung’s is often quite slow and glitchy, so HTC is even faster. You also have the option to turn the 3D off and stick to 2D. Maybe you should read up on cellular devices before you make wrongful accusations.

  31. Thai

    So how exactly does this Reservation System work? I was in position 40 but now it’s changed to 37. What does that mean? Someone in front of me backed out? What happens when I’m at number 1? Strange… Also, I plan on buying the EVO 3D and continue to stay on my month to month plan at Rogers. I was never given an option to buy or select a plan. So where is the charge? As per your reply to jony.


    1. RogersKatie

      Hi Thai,

      The charge relates to the pre-orders, not reservations. Your position has changed as someone else has cancelled their position. Your option to buy or select a plan will take place in-store when you pickup your device.


  32. Paul

    The upcoming devices are certainly a step in the right direction – keep ‘em coming Rogers!

  33. john

    Will it be available for non contract price?

    1. RogersKatie

      Hi John,

      We don’t have any details to share about pricing right now. We’ll let you know when we have more to share here on Redboard.

      Katie :)

  34. Rocco Rumpalli

    Poor Rogers,
    Once a leader in Android has missed the boat on probably the most anticipated phone after the iphone!! too bad there will be a boat load of people switching over to Bell for the Samsung Galaxy S 2 and I will be one of them too. Hate to leave Rogers been with them for over 20 years.
    You cannot even compare the EVO 3D and LG to S2. I guess you cannot win them all

    1. Actually the Evo 3d pwns the SAMGal S2 even without 3d.
      looking at the specs a Mali-400MP GPU is very weak and old in comparison to the new Adreno 220.
      PLus you have more pixels on the evo 3d.
      the only plus i would give to the S2 is its high contrast screen and its thickness/weight
      and the evo 3d has a better battery

  35. Nerds2You

    Soo happy Rogers is finally getting a flagship HTC device, now I can have HTC Sense And proper caller ID!

  36. Rob

    So where is this reservation system, every time I click on it it just takes me to the support page …

    1. RogersKatie

      Hi Rob,

      You need to login to MyRogers located on rogers.com. On your homepage you will see a button called “Device Reservation”. This is the Rogers Reservation System.


  37. When will the website be up, should be able to pre-order now, the contest has already started

    1. RogersKatie

      New customers can now pre-order either of these device now at http://www.rogers.com/3d


      1. I want to pre-order an unlocked no contract phone, when will i be able to do this?

      2. Rogers_Chris

        Hi Anonymousg64, we don’t sell unlocked devices.

  38. Tia

    I hope the EVO 3D is reasonably priced. I don’t want to spend too much on a device thats not LTE but at the same time I don’t want to wait longer… My Bold 9700 is falling apart n I paid $300 when it was first released which I’m not happy with…

  39. fail123

    Wait, let me catch my breath been laughing a bit too hard! These 2 devices are a joke! Who cares about 3D on a mobile phone… Rogers has missed the mark with the SG2! I tried to cancel my plan today but they said I have to pay $500 just because I made slight changes to my plan, so as you can imagine I am f@#! pissed! Bring the SG2 to Rogers and maybe you will keep some of your customers!

    1. Gidian

      If you actually compare the 2 devices together, they both have their pros and cons. The only thing SGS2 really has over the Evo 3D is more internal memory and a higher mp camera. On the other hand, the Evo 3D has a higher resolution screen and a better battery. I know if I were getting an Evo 3D, I would get it more for the phone than the 3D. Keep 3D turned off and you have a much better battery life.

      Just because the phone is a 3D phone, everyone just compares the 3D aspect of the phone. If you actually took the time to look past the 3D and see the actual specs of the phone, you’ll notice that they both have advantages and disadvantages, while also being similar in other aspects.

      Also can we also stop with the “Rogers! Get the SGS2 or I’m leaving!!!!” argument? At this point you’re just beating a dead horse.

  40. jake

    Whats the prices for the no contract, 1 year, 2 year and 3 year on the optimus 3d?

    1. RogersKatie

      Hi Jake,

      You can find some pricing up on our pre-order site at http://www.rogers.com/3d


  41. Tazzy

    What will be the new customer pricing on this phone?

  42. John

    How come when i pre order it, the 10$ activation credit is not apply?
    I still see 35$ activation fee??

    1. RogersKatie

      Hi John,

      This will be applied to your first bill.


  43. Tia

    I’m confused, on the pre-order site it says no video calling… Is there no front facing camera on this one (the EVO3D)

    1. Josh

      There is a 1.3MP front facing camera on the EVO 3D.

      1. Josh

        and to go with that, there is no built-in video calling on the phone, but that doesn’t meant you can’t download skype or another video calling app and make video calls..

    2. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Tia, there is indeed a front-facing camera. Whereabouts is it indicated that there’s no video calling?

  44. Tia

    Oh ok Thanks!

  45. Rogers_Chris

    Hi erg, the link to the page Katie tried linking to has since stopped working.

  46. Adam

    I tried to check my reservation status by loggin into the My Rogers site but I can’t find the device reservation anymore. The email I got from Rogers says that i can check my status as well as cancell up until the day before the phone ships. Can someone let me know where the reservation page is now?

    1. Tim H

      I am having the same problem. I’ve reserved a phone but the reservation page link is no longer there when I log into myrogers. WTF???

    2. RogersKatie

      Hi Adam,

      Currently is Rogers Reservation System is undergoing system maintenance. Your order will still be tracked in our system through this time and your device will ship once available. However the following service changes will occur during the system maintenance period:
      – You will not be able to check the status of your reservation online
      – You will not be able to edit your reservation details (store location or associated email address)
      – You will not be able to cancel your reservation until the Rogers Reservation System is back online
      We will continue to provide you with email updates of your reservation status during the system maintenance period. We appreciate your patience while we update our system and hope you will continue to use this exclusive Reservation tool for future Rogers product purchases.


  47. Joe

    Can you face-time/video call with this phone?

      1. Rogers_Chris

        Link not working, Joe. This device will support video calling but through apps only, it isn’t a built in feature as I understand it.

    1. Max

      Just download Tango from the app market and you’ll be find. Everybody uses Tango.

  48. christianvillani

    When will we get a release date ??

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Stay tuned :)

  49. George

    and will rogers be selling cases and screen protectors at their stores for this phone?

  50. George

    Which accessories will come with the phone??

    1. RogersElise

      We’ll have more details once the devices are launched. Stay tuned :)

  51. Kirk

    Dang it! I just renewed my contract and got the iPhone 4 ): wouldve totally waited for the Evo 3D if I knew it was coming ):

  52. Dreamkiller711

    There will surely be an update to Android 2.3.4; allowing you to video call in Google Talk.

  53. Quinn

    Im a current rogers customer and i really need a new phone. the evo looks really nice but i missed the pre order date. when will the phone be available to buy from a rogers store?

    1. RogersElise

      They are set to be released this summer, so not too far.

  54. Dreamkiller711

    @George You don’t need any case or screen protector for high-end smartphones. They rock a Gorilla Glass and it’s very tough to scratch it. I tested my HTC Desire with keys and it still looks great.

  55. PxG

    Best Buy is launching both of these 3D phones this week (on Rogers) and for $50 less than Rogers on a 3-year contract. When will Rogers launch and will there be a price drop?

  56. Steve

    Just picked up the Rogers EVO 3D yesterday and the bootloader is LOCKED. What gives?!

    *** LOCKED ***
    Jul 15 2011,14:39:25

      1. Steve

        Thanks, but:

        Unlock Bootloader
        The Bootloader Unlock web tool is coming soon. Check back often for official updates.

  57. Random72

    So what’s happening with these ‘summer releases’. Anything?

    It’s Aug.10, summer’s almost over….after Labour Day doesn’t count.

    Why can’t this company just be honest when its customers when it comes to releasing phones?

    Clearly there’s a supply chain issue or the manufacturers don’t care about Canada (likely the real reason) and they’re telling the carriers to buzz off- Canada will get phones when HTC and LG are done blanketing the US and Europe with them.

    If that time happens to be ‘summer’ or ‘fall’ or two days before Christmas, so be it.

    But no, instead of honesty, we get ‘coming soon’ or ‘coming this summer’ or some other marketing BS.

    There’ll be nothing left of ‘summer’ by the time these phones are actually in stores. That’s the truth, folks. Just don’t expect to hear anything like that from these guys.

    Another massive fail for this company…just add it to the list.

    1. Steve

      Would you believe they were both released a week ago at Best Buy and Future Shop? I got my EVO 3D last Friday.

      Rogers did a number on this release…

    2. Rogers_Chris

      Both of these devices are currently available.

  58. M

    will there be any 3d contents that rogers will relesae for this phone? I know sprint (the other carrier who release this phone) had 3d contents for this phone.