Now boarding: Rogers introduces new Unlimited U.S. Roaming Text Messaging offers

After the long Canadian winter, there’s nothing more exciting than the arrival of summer; the perfect time for vacation.  If you’re like us, you’ll probably be packing your smartphone alongside all the other vacation essentials.  And if a trip to the U.S. is on your agenda, we’ve got good news for you!  We now have two new Unlimited U.S. Roaming Text Messaging offers, perfect for texting with friends and family as you’re taking in a show on Broadway in New York or testing your luck in Las Vegas.

What are the new offers?
Depending on how long you’ll be in the States, we now have two new options for you to choose from. Both offers are available for a one-time purchase and will allow you to send and receive unlimited text messages while in the States.  No need for you to do anything to remove the offer from your account either, the offer will automatically be removed once it expires.

Now available, if you’re travelling to the U.S. for a night or weekend, simply text “TRAVEL” to 7626 before or upon your arrival to purchase the $10 Unlimited U.S. Roaming Text Messaging Pass.  As soon as you purchase the Pass, you can begin sending and receiving unlimited text messages until 11:59pm (Eastern Time) the next day.

For longer trips, you can add the $50 Unlimited U.S. Roaming Text Messaging Travel Pack which expires one month after the date of purchase.

The Unlimited U.S. Roaming Text Messaging offers can be used all over the U.S., including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands and include text messages sent from the U.S. to a U.S. number, a Canadian number or an international number.

How to get it?
No need to call in. You can easily add an Unlimited U.S. Roaming Text Messaging offers right from your phone. All you have to do is:

  • Text “TRAVEL” to 7626 and a link will be sent to your phone to allow you to purchase the offers.
  • Or, roaming offers can be added by going to on your mobile device or by logging into My Rogers from your computer

Rogers is proud to be the first wireless carrier in Canada to provide an unlimited text messaging roaming offer for the U.S. We are continually introducing new plans and pricing as we aggressively negotiate directly with roaming partners around the world. We believe it’s critical to make roaming affordable and we’re continually looking for ways to deliver this for our customers.

Adding a roaming option before your vacation can help you save over 90% off the standard rates.

Want more information about travelling with your phone? Check out to learn about the new Unlimited U.S. Roaming Text Messaging offers and other roaming add-ons.

Are you planning a trip to the U.S. this summer?

Katie Boland is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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20 comments on “Now boarding: Rogers introduces new Unlimited U.S. Roaming Text Messaging offers

  1. I will definitely be adding this when I travel to the US!

  2. Andrew Escobar

    This is incredibly over–priced for a services that costs carriers pennies.

  3. Customer

    1 day of texting for $10… really Rogers?

    1. Diane

      It’s only a full day if you enter the U.S. and sign up immediately after midnight. How often is that going to be convenient?

      1. Hum?

        I think its Tomorrow at midnight, so you get at least a day

  4. Rafik Redjouani

    Thanks but no Thanks. I still rather go through the hassle of getting a US sim then paying this much for a text message plan. Make it $5 for 2 days and $10 for the month then it’s a fair deal.

  5. Ger

    WOW! How GENEROUS of Rogers to charge $10 for 48 hours of unlimited messaging! And the $50 package is just mind blowing!!!! /sarcasm

    How about some reasonable roaming fees instead of this new ripoff? I’m going to the USA in a week for nearly a month and I’m leaving my sim card at home and using T-Mobile with my unlocked iPhone 4. $40 for 1500 international minutes/texts and 30 MB of data. With Rogers I’d be spending hundreds of dollars to stay connected.

    How do the new carriers offer roaming at a fraction of the price Rogers charges? Once my contract is up in November, I’ll be switching. I barely get service near my home anyway, so WIND/Mobilicity can’t be much worse.

  6. Qaz

    Love the idea in theory, but the two options seem quite dumb. Most people go to the US for a weekend (2-3 days) or for a week or two. Neither of these options are good for them.

    And $10 would currently get you about 13 or 14 text messages, so really you’d need to do a lot of texting in a day to make this worth while.

    A $20 a week or $30 two-week option would seem more popular, but what do I know I’m just a customer.

    But hey, progress in the right direction!

    1. Mike

      Yeah, what Qaz said.

  7. Disgruntled

    Always getting it soooooo wrong. Really? What focus groups do you use for your marketing? These plans are worthless. If anyone buys them, they’re a mug.

    Text messages cost you next to nothing. Come on, Rogers, pass on that ‘saving’ to your customers!

    When will Canadian companies understand? The Walmart ‘stack it high sell it cheap’ method does work! Do you want a maximum of 20 customers ever buying this overpriced nonsense? Or ALL of your Canadian customers buying the package when they go the USA?

    The choice is yours….

  8. Alph

    Rogers cracks me up. 10 bucks a day or FIFTY dollars a month to send text messages? Per phone line! So if I take my 3 kids on a holiday in the US for a week, it will cost me more in text messaging than my freaking car rental!

    Seriously…how do you guys come up with this stuff?

    1. sten

      Well they do need money to erect some more cell towers in Saskatchewan so… whatever works :P

  9. scribblz

    Seeing that the “offer” mentions smartphones how about including some DATA!!! That would make paying $50 a little easier to stomach.

  10. That is great but how about if you have a BlackBerry or iPhone and you want to add a Data Roaming Plan add-on, I am heading to the US for 5 days and on average I use aprox. 50-60MB a DAY.
    What plan or offer is available, or do I have to unlock my phone and just purchase a BB pay as you go plan from there for only $30 ?

    1. RogersElise

      Hi Ray. I’ve just sent you an email to address your question.

  11. Shammy

    C’mon Rogers…seriously???

  12. Carol

    What is the 20 dollar pack

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Carol, please reach out to us @RogersHelps on Twitter or and we’ll be happy to help answer your questions about roaming!