Samsung Galaxy S Infuse 4G coming to Rogers

the Samsung Galaxy S Infuse 4G smartphone and we’re excited to tell you that it will be available exclusively from Rogers this summer.

The Samsung Galaxy S Infuse 4G runs on Android OS 2.3 and will be Rogers first smartphone reaching theoretical speeds of up to 21Mbps.  The device reaches just 8.99 mm at its thinnest point so it’s easy to slip into a purse or pocket. On top of that, it also has a 4.5” Super AMOLED Plus screen, the largest touchscreen on any Samsung phone. The screen is amazingly crisp and clear, perfect for watching video, even in daylight.  The device also comes with an 8MP camera with HD video capture.

Rogers was the first carrier to bring Android-powered devices to Canada in 2009 and we’re excited to bring another innovative device to our lineup of Android smartphones.

Details on pricing and exact availability aren’t available just yet but we’ll be sure to update you here on RedBoard with more details as soon as we can.

What do you think of the new Samsung Galaxy S Infuse 4G?

UPDATE (August 2, 6:11 pm): The Samsung Galaxy S Infuse 4G is now available exclusively with Rogers nation-wide for $149.99 on select three-year terms or $549.99 no term.

Katie Boland is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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107 comments on “Samsung Galaxy S Infuse 4G coming to Rogers

  1. D

    We want the Samsung Galaxy S2 please.

    1. SM

      Agree. The UK had it last month…

    2. S


    3. T

      I endorse this comment. We would rather have the S2.

  2. Paul Nz

    Is this the same as the Samsung Galaxy S2 available elsewhere?

    1. S

      This is another phone from samsung. A Single-Core Android phone with 4.5 inch S-AMOLED screen…

  3. FiZi

    So is this just a re-named Samsung Galaxy S II? Or is this a completely different model?

    1. RogersKatie

      Hi Paul, Nizi,

      The Samsung Galaxy S Infuse 4G is a different device, exclusive to Rogers. Some of the differentiators include its large, high resolution screen, camera and internal storage. If you’re interested, you can review and compare the different Samsung devices on their site here:


  4. Mathieu

    4.5″ screen? Really?

  5. David

    Why not wait for the Galaxy II?

    1. Interesting question David.

      If you look at most of the comments on the Redboard articles pertaining to Android, everyone is complaining that Rogers is not picking up enough Android devices.

      Now they pick up a device that’s available right away, that compares in every way to a phone that will come out eventually (with the exception of internal storage and dual-core as opposed to single-core proc), and the response is “Why not just wait for …”

      This comes down to what every business must realize eventually: You cannot please everyone.

      1. Jerry

        Your right Branden except that the Infuse isn’t available right away, I don’t really see the point to buying the Infuse unless it’s substantially cheaper. Or you really want the extra 0.2 inches of screen. The Samsung Galaxy S2 is better in every way. The Galaxy S2 should be here the end of July according to a few websites. Also posted on the as coming soon.

      2. True, ‘right away’ is a bit off as they reference “summer” which puts it around the North American launch of the SGS2.

        I was not aware the SGS2 was launching that soon though(July?), so I have to agree with most opinions here, that we need something equal or better than the SGS2 to follow, preferably by the back-to-school/holiday season.

        All things considered, we could see some devices set to go toe-to-toe with the iPhone 5 releasing for that season, so maybe if we all cross our fingers and toes…*struggles* I’ve got 6 crosses total…not very flexible. :(

      3. Everett

        One June 29, other Canadian carriers announced they were getting the S II. Rogers for the first Captivate S, so not it is someone else’s turn. Don’t hold your breath for a Rogers S II, as it will cannibalize their sales of the Infuse. If you don’t want the Infuse, the Sony Ericsson Arc might be your next best bet before Christmas.

  6. Bryan

    Oh this looks neat! Can’t wait to hear more!

  7. Vincent

    When will we get the Galaxy S2. Samsung announced today that it’s coming soon in Canada. No news from Rogers, does that means you will not carry it ? The infuse is not a bad phone, it’s just too big and only single core.

    1. RogersKatie

      Hi Vincent,

      Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, we can’t comment on possible future device launches so you’ll just have to stay tuned to RedBoard (or our Twitter account @RogersBuzz) for more info on new devices.


    2. D

      Just wondering where you saw this announcement from Samsung? Link?

      1. Vincent

        « Samsung Canada puts Galaxy S II as “coming soon” » :

      2. D

        Thank you Sir!

  8. John

    OWE M EYE GAWD!!!!!!

    This phone is soooo sexy! I wish I could trade my Samsung Captivate for this phone :(

  9. Jeh

    That looks like a nice phone. A bit off-topic but I am wondering if Rogers will be getting the Galaxy S II also?

    1. RogersKatie

      Hi Jeh,

      We can’t comment on possible future device launches so you’ll just have to stay tuned to RedBoard (or our Twitter account @RogersBuzz) for more info on new devices.


  10. Sean

    Sounds good, I would get it, but only if it comes out sooner than later. You guy’s (Rogers) seem to announce on this blog then don’t release for months. Take a cue from Bell and Telus and announce then release the device. I have been with Rogers for Business for 10 years and hate it when Bell or Telus anounce a new Android device then sells it within a couple weeks. Why doesn’t Rogers do this?

    1. RogersKatie

      Hi Sean,

      Our customers have told us they would like to know if a device is coming to our line up as soon as possible. We just wanted to confirm that we would be carrying this new device.


      1. D

        So with the other carriers announcing that they will be releasing the SGS2 with in the coming weeks and your comment Katie, it seems to me that Rogers is not getting this phone. LAME!

  11. Brent

    I was waiting for the Galaxy S II how does the Samsung Galaxy S Infuse 4G compare?

    1. The Infuse lacks the internal storage, only has a single-core proc, and I have yet to find mention of GorillaGlass being used for the screen.
      The Infuse also sports .2″ larger screen (4.5″ compared to SGSII’s 4.3″)

      There may also being a difference in NFC support, but again, I have yet to verify this 100%.

      Other than these things, every other feature I have compared is par for par.

  12. This IS the Galaxy S2, or at least one of the variants of it. If you remember the original Galaxy S came in at least 4 configurations that went by different names. Captivate, Infuse, Vibrant, Fascinate, Epic 4G. They were all slightly different versions of the Galaxy S2, some had a flash, some had a front camera and some didn’t, some had a slightly different row of buttons on the bottom and one even has a sliding keyboard. They are all based on the same processor and internal architecture as the Galaxy S.

    Think of it like certain models of cars, the new Civic has 5 different models but they are all the new civic.

    Samsung does this so they can offer every different carrier an “exclusive” model for their market, at least in North America anyway and the SGS II is no different, expect to see slightly different one for Rogers, Bell and Telus sometime this year.

    1. Vincent

      you are totally wrong. The Iinfuse sports a last generation cortex A8 single core processor while the GS2 has a dual core A9 Exymos.

      I’m not saying it’s a bad processor, but it’s far less powerful than the GS2 A9.
      please look at the specs :

      1. hmmm, I thought I read somewhere that the Infuse was going to have the dual core… too many stats and specs floating around in my head.

        If that indeed is the case then I don’t want one anymore.

  13. Josh Brown

    I thought when Rogers referred to 4G it was LTE? Is this lte?

    1. It’s not LTE, the entire industry now seems to be calling 3.5G devices 4G and even the ITU-R are starting to say that maybe they should call these things 4G as well.

      The LTE networks currently in place don’t actually qualify as the original “4G” definition of over anyway, they don’t achieve the required peak speeds of 100 Mbps, not even close.

      I am very curious to see the real life speeds that can be achieved though. I was recently in Denver and used an LTE myfi device there and the best speed I could get was a disappointing 2.2 Mbps down and up by placing it in the window sill of my hotel room and doing the test at 2 AM.

      1. forgot to say that I am sure the Rogers LTE network will be a lot faster, the big issue in the US is that their backbone network is not sufficient to handle all the traffic and I get speeds of maximum 3.5 Mbps on my Desire HD there but using it here on Rogers I have seen as high as 8.2 Mbps down.

    2. Freddie

      Nope, Rogers reneged on their promise to call LTE “4G”, and are now calling HSPA “4G”, just like Bell and Telus. :( So much for “truth in advertising”.

      1. RogersKatie

        Hi Freddie, Claudio and Josh,

        We actually published a post in April explaining our rationale behind 4G and LTE. Take a look:

      2. that’s what I was trying to say above, the ITU-R now has decided to call HSPA+ devices 4G and the industry hold outs (like Rogers) have accepted that and are now calling it 4G as well. I can deal with that as it is significantly faster but this is an example of how the large US carriers basically changed the minds of the ITU-R by advertising their stuff at 4G.

    3. Josh Brown

      Sorry there is no sarcasm button

  14. John

    Nvm I don’t want this phone anymore. The SG2 is sooo much better. Why didn’t Rogers pick up the SG2? The infuse is like a Captivate with bigger stuff :(

  15. Miles

    This phone seems cool, but I was really hoping for the Galaxy S 2! Many of my friends and family are upset that Rogers won’t be getting the GS2. Very, very sad day

  16. gabby131

    as Bell has SGS I9000, i wont be surprised that they will get the SGS2. but i997 also catches my attention. being a Cappy owner, this will be a good upgrade…..if SGS2 comes to Rogers, then everything might change :D

  17. Mat L

    I sure hope this doesn’t mean they will delay the GS2 to try and maximize sales of the Infuse which as some are showing confusion about here ISN’t the same at all !!! The biggest difference being the trade off of a less powerful processor for 0.2in screen increase and 4G/LTE. They are two great phones but I’ll be waiting for the GS2.

    1. It’s not LTE it’s HSPA+

      There is still speculation on whether or not the SGS II will have LTE or not though, should find out soon if they are making one for Verizon though.

    2. Everett

      You’re a smart guy, Mat. You know that is EXACTLY what it means, if they get it at all.

  18. Clayton

    To clarify, this is not the Samsung Galaxy S2. Why the S2 is not being announced instead of the infuse is confusing. The Infuse was designed to be a hold you over until the S2 was released however the S2 has been released in other countries for some time. Both Bell and Telus already carry a dual core phone and if the infuse is their answer to the Atrix i sincerely hope it is not their final answer.

    P.S. Announcing the phones as soon as you can is a good idea. Please announce the S2 soon as this thing is not a next gen phone.

  19. Nole

    Touchwizz 2.0 or 3.0?

    1. RogersKatie

      Hi Nole,

      The Samsung Galaxy S Infuse 4G comes with TouchWiz 3.0 built-in.


  20. Serge Savard

    When do we get 2.3 for our older Galaxy S ?

    1. RogersKatie

      Hi Serge,

      We have no details to share about that right now. Please stay tuned to our social media channels and as soon as we know more we’ll let customers know.


  21. Claudio

    No one has said that Rogers isn’t getting the SGS II , it’s just that this isn’t it. This IS however going to be a great phone, a huge screen and a 1.2Ghz processor makes this about a Galaxy S 1.5 , kind of an in between the two models. The 21Mbps theoretical max speed will be nice as well. This will be a great model for someone that wants a huge very beautiful screen and some impressive power as well.

  22. Brent

    so I am confused, this 4g phone is not LTE but only +HSPA , and in a previous message
    rogers it was said that when rogers talks about 4g they mean LTE
    Now it looks like 4g = +HSPA and LTE = Beyond 4G

    would that make it 5G lol

    1. John

      You need to start reading. That question has been asked and answered a TRILLION times already.

  23. Psi T

    Looking at the specs and comparing this phone to the GS II it’s inferior in every way except the 0.2in screen size difference.
    I’m not very pleased that rogers has decided to promote this phone over the GSII that has been available worldwide for a month more than the infuse.

  24. Alph

    A phone with a dual core chip would be nicer ( hint: Galaxy S II )

  25. Qaz

    Great 21mb/s sounds cool, but even if it can do that you won’t be downloading much at a 1 GB cap. Heck a device at 100mb/s would sound amazing but be pretty useless until Rogers raises it’s tiny cap limit.

    But it does look like a very slick and fast…and giant cell phone.

    1. Claudio

      ummm 1GB cap??? Rogers doesn’t have a 1GB cap. YOU may have a 1GB plan with Rogers but you can choose to have more. I have a 6GB /month plan and usually average between 4 and 5 GB of actual use.

  26. Tim

    Like most others here, I came here to check what phones we could be getting and the samsung Infuse is not what I was hoping for at all. I’m into Android and with so many phones coming out.. lucky us to get something totally old and outdated.. why the infuse when the SG2 is basically coming out now (I know it’s hard to keep up with tech, but this Infuse is way too crappy,hardly better than my phone.. I feel like it’s just a captivate with minor improvements.. nothing big) SG2 Coming, HTC Sensation, HTC Evo 3D and so far in my opinion, nothing great released here or to arrive soon :(

  27. Ram

    SO EXCITED!!! Rogers needs to light a fire under this and get it on the shelf ASAP

  28. Horusray

    Please Rogers please release the original model before the S2 variants… I will kiss your toes.

  29. Sean

    No SGS II which really sucks. The infuse is good but come on Rogers. Look Bell is releasing the HTC Sensation in “the coming weeks”, why doesn’t Rogers get us some HTC love, or at least the SGS II? Who ever picks the Rogers Android devices should be FIRED. Your Android phone choices are crap. Got my wife the Sony Arc and it is horrible. Feels cheap, OS re-boot’s all the time and screen flickers, of course she is way past the return time now so we are stuck and not happy. I have the HTC Inspire 4G from AT&T and just love it!

  30. HillTech

    It’s good to see that ‘something’ new is finally coming from Rogers. I must say, though, that trying to say that the Infuse is close enough when comparing to the SG2 is like saying that an Apple IIe is good enough compared to the latest Quad Cores…. not enough memory, processing power, etc… (Important to many… not some)
    I’ll wait for the SG2 thanks… whomever issues it. I hope it’s Rogers but I can’t wait forever for them to get onboard with up-to-date technology. Already taking too long….

  31. John

    Bell is getting top of the line Android phones (SG S2) while Rogers is getting mediocre and outdated ones. WTH!!!

  32. Roger

    The word on the web is that Rogers will not be supporting S2.

    1. Danish

      I know. Rogers: bringing you the best in last generation technology!

  33. dennis

    Smartphone industry is one of the hottest growing technology sector around the globe atm.

    You can expect your new phone to be outdated in a blink, but it is a horrendously stupid idea to ignore the generation gap and buy a single core phone on a 3 year contract right now.

    Don’t screw around, release million single cores for all I care, just get GS2 out in time with rest of north america rogers.

  34. Everyone seems to talk like Rogers gets a choice on whether or not they get the SGS2.

    What if Bell got first dibs on exclusivity with the SGS2, since they had exclusivity on the SGS1? Than all this demanding of Rogers to get the SGS2 is a moot point, because Rogers will have had absolutely not chance to begin with of getting that specific device.

    The wireless industry is not so cut and dry as everyone seems to think. Give the companies some credit.

    1. D

      “What if Bell got first dibs on exclusivity with the SGS2″

      Bye bye Rogers, here I come Bell.

  35. Kirk

    Can’t wait! Getting it as soon as it’s available with Rogers!!

  36. daeman

    I’m holding out renewing my contract until the Galaxy S II makes its way here. Please bring it here, preferably not nuked in terms of specs

  37. Icy

    This is not what we want. We want The Galaxy S 2. Bell already have the Atrix and they’re adding another dual core smartphone into their lineup, the HTC Sensation. What’s Rogers answer to these powerhouses? The Infuse? C’mon! This is pretty much the SGS Captivate with added 4G and a bigger screen. We want a cutting edge powerhouse phone.

  38. sam

    to clearify this is not the galaxy s2 or any variant of it. This phone was released in US with at&t not too long ago. And we all know how rogers likes to follow in at&ts foot steps (captivate, samsung rugby 2, infuse 4g, the so called “4g” name change for HSPA+ network and many other things), if you really want the gs2, wait for the “GALAXY S2 Attain” which will soon be launched by at&t and confirmed with samung and is the ACTUAL variant or the North american version of GS2 like the captivate was for GS1. I am more than certain rogers will bring that phone to canada like they did the captivate and now the infuse 4g.

  39. badmove

    Come on, why are you bothering with all these single core android phones? Ericson Play and Arc were outdated when they were announced at CES. It is widely known the SG SII is the best android phone out there currently.

    You guys are wasting your time releasing this phone. Get a clue.

  40. Alan Dell

    Waiting to upgrade to Samsung Galaxy S II. Don’t let us down. Infuse just won’t cut it. Not the same specs.

  41. peter

    So Bell gets the Samsung Galaxy II, HTC Sensation and Droid 3, and you guys get this ? and you make this a big deal, come on, rogers used to get the best phones, what happened

    1. Tento

      Seriously agreed man… I don’t understand how Bell could grab every good phone from every manufacturer and Rogers can sit and twiddle their thumbs… If I had a choice in the matter (2 years left on the contract, so I don’t) I’d switch over with lightning speed

  42. Chris

    This phone is nice for low end tier…..I’m hoping rogers is smart enough to fill the top of the line tier with the Galaxy s2……..Do not pawn this off on me as a “must have phone” when clearly the aforementioned dominates it in every way……I cant wait to rid my self of my BB…..was always leaning toward Iphone 5 or 4.5 or 4s or what have you….only cause Rogers lacked descent android’s……Now there is a chance to grab one….. GET IT!! I will lock on for many years with you………….if not…i am seriously contemplating letting my 3 month left in contract run out and get what i want……which in turn is currently a GALAXY S2!!!….I look every…. mobile syrup…anywhere..for a inking of please oblige cause to be honest i really don’t mind rogers service……………but to reiterate I want what i want… give the consumer what he wants….A top notch “current” Android device….current being the operative word….pretty sure im not solo on this venture……….

    1. D

      “I look every…. mobile syrup…anywhere..for a inking of hope”

      Lol Same here my friend but I am starting to lose hope. I have 10 months of contract left and will be willing to pay it out and move to Bell if rogers does not get this phone. My iphone is not cutting it for me anymore.

      1. corey

        I agree. If Rogers isn’t keeping up to date I’ll shift over as well. S2 is amazing

    2. iheartpoco

      Me too! I have always been with rogers for everything. I LOOOVE rogers and am very loyal customer. When I first heard about SGS2, I decided it will be my move to smartphone from my old flipper – and will be my first phone on contract not PAYGo. Sooo excited to have the best phone for once in my life, and now it looks like my beloved Rogers has dropped the ball getting it. I may have to go Bell to get the SGS2, but it feels so wrong! LOL! C’mon Rogers – this phone is neither new nor exciting. Bitterly disappointed.

      1. iheartpoco

        Having said that, if Rogers lists this at significantly cheaper than what Bell lists SGS2, they may still get my business. I’m thinking $49.95 on 3-year?

  43. Dennis

    Why announce the release of an outdated phone, and not get it out asap? Are you trying to time it when other companies like Bell release their s2?

    I’ve recently had the chance to play around with an Infuse, and I don’t recommend it. The screen is far too big, seems more like a tablet and a very tight fit on lot of pockets. Rather get xperia arc than infuse.

  44. lol sasktel, virgin, bell, everyone is going to get it in coming weeks

    why can’t rogers say coming weeks?

    Or just say we will be releasing it but don’t know yet. At least they can save customers from leaving.

  45. Sam

    The only way i would consider the Infuse, is if it had the same internals as the SGS2, like touchwiz 4.0, 1.2 Ghz Exynos processor (or the 1.4 Ghz Exynos processor rumored for the next samsung superphone) and the 1 GB Ram.

    either than that, it is a total let down that the SGS2 hasn’t been confirmed to be picked up by Rogers :(

  46. A Sad Rogers Customer

    Sorry to say rogers this not going to cut it. The S2 is the way forward If you can’t secure the cutting edge hardware they it is time to get out of the wireless biz. For the last 3 years you have been falling behind on the phones. It is sad to see. I have been a customer ever since you took over from the local carrier here and for the longest of time i was proud to wave the Rogers red flag, but as of late. I just don’t talk cell carrier b/c it is embarrassing.

    A Sad Sad LG EVE owner

  47. Keenan Wellar

    As you can see from the 1.9/5 rating of this announcement, Rogers customers are bitterly disappointed that there is no anouncement of the Samsung GSII. Do we not deserve the best? This is grounds for going elsewhere even if it costs us a penalty to get out and never come back. Rogers needs to fix this.

  48. Brandon

    LOL. This is stupid. Way to follow AT&T.

    Skip this unnecessary middle step and get the Galaxy SII.

    Only Americans like giant 4.5″ phones.

  49. Steve

    Is this the Galaxy S2?

    1. Paul

      No, the GS2 is a superior phone in terms of specs and touted as a next gen superphone. Bell has recently announced plans to offer the GS2 later this month.

  50. Connor

    I agree with the previous comments. Why is Rogers even bothering to roll out a device with last-gen specs that’s only marginally better than the Captivate S? I will keep my money until Rogers offers the Galaxy S II, or I will find another carrier that does.

  51. Mat

    Yeah now we’re all going to have to move to Bell to get great phones, Galaxy S2 avail at Bell July 14th yet Rogers doesn’t even have a date set for the much inferior Infuse yet … Pathetic Rogers, simply pathetic.

  52. Max

    We don’t want the Infuse 4G, look around please listen to your customers we want the Galaxy S2,
    it’s a far superior phone , don’t let me have to switch networks shape up……

  53. Gui

    With 3 million sales around the world and countless reviews on the Net, the People of Canada want the Samsung Galaxy S 2!Cancel your launch of the Galaxy Fuse or possibly delay it and give us the S 2 first! Ill buy it outright.

  54. John