Rogers to invest $80 million in wireless network in the Maritimes

for Canadians in the Maritimes: Rogers will invest $80 million to expand the 4G HSPA+ network in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. This will mean better signal strength, faster downloads and more device selection to nearly 1 million more Maritimers, representing a 130% increase over the current population coverage.

By the time work is complete, Rogers 4G HSPA+ network will cover 94% of the Maritime population meaning people in these provinces will be able to get their hands on the latest devices including Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and tablets, all with faster data speeds and stronger signal strength.

When will upgrades begin?

We’ll begin work on the wireless network later this month. New coverage areas will be announced throughout the construction period, which will continue throughout 2012.

If you live in the Maritimes, what new devices are you interested in getting?

Miranda MacDonald is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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45 comments on “Rogers to invest $80 million in wireless network in the Maritimes

  1. Chris

    Why waste money on 4G and not LTE?

    1. The infrastructure isn’t that different between HSPA+ and LTE.

      If they impliment HSPA+ right now to get users coverage, they can upgrade it with less work later.

  2. Brad Arsenault

    Awesome news, guys. This is a much-needed improvement and I look forward to more news and implementation of this. :-)

    1. RogersMiranda

      Thanks Brad! We’ll keep people posted throughout the construction period.

  3. Marc

    These upgrades will determine if I stay with Rogers or not. Currently Rogers is so far behind on signal and speed in NB it’s not even funny. I don’t live in one of the big 3 cities, Fredericton, Moncton, and Saint John which means I only have an EDGE connection. However Telus and Aliant have 3G in several cities. If Rogers expands it’s 3G in NB I will stay with Rogers but if the upgrade is only to these 3 cities I will have to leave once my contract expires.

  4. Corey

    We can already get all the latest devices. All I want is the new iPhone 4S (iPhone 5). Halifax has great coverage, much better than Bell Mobility. But Cape Breton, South Shore, and Valley all lack Rogers coverage. And only HRM, Truro, and Pictou County have HSPA coverage… This is good news!

  5. Corey

    Chris, LTE is a huge investment that will take years to deploy. I would rather have access to HSPA+ sooner than have access to LTE in 5 years time… Remember, LTE is a new technology and when it does launch in the Maritimes, it will probably only be in HRM…

  6. Trevor

    Sweet Baby Jesus! Thank you, Rogers. If we could get at least 3G here in Cape Breton (Sydney and surrounding areas at the very least) I would be a very happy camper.

  7. ilia

    This is good, but now please expand coverage in Saskatchewan, or you will lose a lot of customers here (if you haven’t already)

    1. ilia

      I should add that the coverage in Manitoba seems to be amazing and significantly better than that of Saskatchewan, yet their populations are nearly identical

      1. RogersMiranda

        Thanks for this feedback. I’ll pass it on to our network team.

      2. Jim MacKenzie

        Seconded. The Rogers network in Saskatchewan has not been significantly expanded in many years, and most of it is 2G. Time to convert the existing towers to HSPA+ and to add some new service. It’s a pity Rogers didn’t do this before SaskTel upgraded to HSPA+ (which is only going online the last few months).

        The province is booming and the population is growing quickly – it’s time to pay some attention here.

        (No disrespect to my Maritime brethren – I’ve been there much in the last couple of years and know that this expansion will be appreciated.)

  8. Alex

    I remember not that long ago that Rogers confirmed they were committed to upgrading to LTE and pledged they would use the term “4G” to refer to LTE only, not HSPA+…. what happened to that promise?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hey Alex,

      We actually published a post in April explaining our rationale behind 4G and LTE. Take a look:

    2. Corey

      I would assume this changes since every other carrier in North America started mis-using the term. Eventually the term was changed, and Rogers was forced to rebrand their HSPA+ network to 4G. If they didn’t, it would look as if Rogers was 3.5G, and Bell/Telus were 4G. I beleive Sprint in the US started this confusion…

  9. Lindsey

    Any ideas where they are going to start this project off?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Lindsey,

      We haven’t shared those details yet but we’ll be announcing new coverage areas throughout the construction period.

  10. Tazzy

    Is there a map of which areas will be updated? What areas will be first? I’m in Northeast NB.


    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Tazzy,

      Maps of planned coverage areas are not available yet. We’ll share more details as plans get underway.

  11. Adam

    God I hope this fixes the non smart phone phone to. Dropped call every 50 seconds is a freaking pain in the …

  12. Kevyn

    Pei has no reception anywheres I go

    1. Corey

      What kind of phone are you using? I travel there with my iPhone every summer. I usually get service in Charlottetown and Summerside with no issues. It is very spotty outside the towns though…

  13. Tom

    I am very please to hear of this upgrade as mentioned in previous posts its welcome news and being from the very tip of NS( in Yarmouth) its very good news.

    1. Nick Doucet

      From Yarmouth as well and I agree 100%. Yarmouth County has Terrible Rogers service. I will be glad to see the map in due time.

      I was a loyal Rogers Customer for the longest time, however when Bell/Telus finally got 3G in my area, I made the switch in that time (November 2010).

      If Rogers finally has 3G (I refuse to call it 4G) in my area, I will switch back in a heart beat!

  14. John

    FINALLY!!!!!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW LONG I’VE BEEN WAITING TO HEAR THIS!!!!! CURRENTLY BELL/TELUS DESTROYS ROGERS IN 3G COVERAGE, BUT WITH this $80 million investment. Rogers will finally beat Bell/Telus in coverage. Not only that Rogers Rocket sticks will finally be useful for us Maritimers :D

  15. RayJ

    Miranda, why was Newfoundland left out of this expansion? Roger only has coverage in the capital city, St. John’s. Outside of St. John’s and anywhere else along the Trans Canada highway and in smaller towns, Rogers is dearly missed. They’re losing a big customer base to Telus and Bell, who practically has coverage for the whole provice. Many of my colleagues have either moved back home to NL from Ft McMurray, AB working the rigs or sending money home to family in NL. We were spoiled by your great coverage in AB including Ft Mac. Lot of us ended up having to cancel our Rogers plans switching to Telus/Bell. p.s. The economy is hot and Newfies have $$$ to burn right now cuz of the oil boom, just saying. :)

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi RayJ,

      Thanks for the feedback. The current investment is one of the largest we’ve made in the region but for now, we don’t have any specific announcements to make for Newfoundland. It is important to note that this is one of a series of investments we’ve made in the past and aim to make in the future.

  16. Jason Bennett

    I would like to know when you will be adding the rest of Newfoundland. The coverage in Newfoundland is horrible.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Jason,

      As I said to Ray above, we don’t have any specific plans to announce for Newfoundland at the moment. Appreciate your feedback though. I’m sending all the feedback about areas that people would like upgrades to our network team.

  17. Mike Clory

    I would love a reply from someone at Rogers about this.. but what about Saskatchewan? It has a massively booming economy, but the worst 3G coverage in the country, in fact the worst coverage in general!

    Saskatchewan has many huge industries, especially oil. No oil companies (I know.. I deal with them frequently) use Rogers as their cell phone provider in Saskatchewan. Companies that use other cell phones send their employees with Bell or Telus cell phones when they head into Saskatchewan because the coverage is 100x better, and almost all 4G. LTE is an exciting advancement, but take care of the network as a whole too.

    There have been no announcements for anything in Saskatchewan, and Manitoba just got a HUGE coverage upgrade.

  18. Randy

    Considering almost all of Newfoundland has NO coverage by Rogers at all, this is quite the slap in the face to Canada’s easternmost province.

    Forget HSPA+, build out some 3G at least. Either that, or just abandon Newfoundland altogether. That would seem less insulting than the current “service” provided.

    1. Nick

      Newfoundland still has subscribers, but considering most of the population is in one spot, why would Rogers want to cover a huge area of nothingness just to get to those few people that are way out there.

  19. MCPEI

    Not losing a voicecall every day would make me happy here in PEI.
    I could not get a call through sitting beside a guy happily calling away on his bell phone…had to drive 15 minutes to get a signal….FRACK!!!!

  20. Christopher

    Newfoundland is definitely horrible.

    I live in St. John’s, and have never needed to use service outside the area, even thought I am from a more rural part of the province.


    I cannot even go to Petty Harbour without having no service. That is 10 minutes from my house downtown.

    I cannot leave St. John’s for more than 15 Minutes and have my service drop.

    This is sad because MANY people in the province have Rogers services (other than wireless) so I know that there would be many people who would want to bundle services to include wireless.

    It is actually a joke, because if people in the province hear me say I use a Rogers Iphone 4, they literally say “Why would you do that”.

    Simply all my services are with Rogers, so I find it easier to keep everything under 1 bill.

    I had hoped that with the new entrants in the wireless market who purchased spectrum in Newfoundland that Rogers would have planned to expand, but this seems to not be the case, and leads me to reconsider choosing an alternate provider for my wireless needs once I have the opportunity.

    This is actually disappointing as I have enjoyed the service I received from Rogers.

  21. I hope that they do the upgrades across the board like Bell did. I am between Bathurst and Cambelton I would switch to rogers as the rogers tower is closer. They need to fix the horrible data pricing in orter for pepole to fully enjoy the services. I know that wireless is expensive but come on. 80 $ for 10 gig …. Ideal Reasonable package would be 40 $ for 10 gig 60 for 20 gig 80 for 30 gig. and over usage should only be 5 $ a gig. I bet you they would double if not tripple their customers . Maybe that is what they don’t want. I am unsure of the load that this new system can handle as bell have had problems for about 6 mounts now with random disconnects and huge abnormal latency.

  22. RayM

    Just to add to the Newfoundland thread … I heard in a all-hands meeting that Cornerbrook was going to get coverage but I didn’t hear when … any idea? Sounds like it is an ‘if’ now!

    I live in Ontario and the family plan is with Rogers (obviously) but we had to buy a Virgin plan for my daughter who’s going to university in Cornerbrook for the next few years!

  23. Sean

    I’d be very interested to see a map of scheduled update areas for NS. Living in the Annapolis Valley (Kingston area) we can’t get anything but Edge. Rogers is alienating an entire military base here which I’m sure would be happy to stay on Bell/Telus if Rogers doesn’t do something now. This should have been done years ago.

  24. tyler

    i live in St.john’s NL and i work 5 minutes from town, literally the instant you leave the city you loose all service, its the worst cell service i have had since the 90’s….i just moved here from Ontario where rogers has good service in most area’s. and if rogers is not willing to invest in more towers here in Newfoundland i see no reason to stay with them as my carrier, its unsafe and leaves me with an uneasy feeling driving in rural areas with no cellular coverage… we all know how NL winters are.. ive used rogers service since 1998 and i can’t even believe i have to leave them… come on iphone 5.. so i can make a worthwhile leap to telus as they have province wide coverage … sorry rogers you knew this day would come with the level of service you are providing..

  25. RogersMiranda

    For all those from Newfoundland leaving comments, I just wanted to say that we are listening to your feedback. While I don’t have any details to share at the moment about upgrades in Newfoundland, I have passed on all your comments to our internal team and we’ll be sure to let you know here on RedBoard if we have news to share about your region.