First 3D movies available on Rogers on Demand

For true movie lovers, 3D is as good as it gets. And with 3D TVs growing in popularity, we know that people are hungry for more 3D programming. Good news for Rogers Digital Cable customers with 3D-enabled TVs: you’ll now be able to rent 3D movies from Rogers on Demand Channel 100.

Starting today, Rogers on Demand will offer its first 3D movies: Gnomeo and Juliet and Tron: Legacy for $7.99, the same price as an HD rental from Rogers on Demand.

These new movies are just the beginning. We’re committed to bringing you the best movies on demand which is why we plan to add at least one new 3D title per month to Rogers on Demand.

If you have a 3D TV and plan to rent either of these movies, here’s what you’ll need to ensure you can get the full experience:

  • An HD Box from Rogers. Renting movies from Rogers on Demand on 3D will not work if you are watching on an SD box
  • Active 3D glasses that either came (or are compatible) with your 3D TV
  • HDMI cable hook-up from digital box to your TV
  • 3D mode enabled (some TVs do this automatically when they detect a 3D signal, but check your manual just in case)
  • Go to Channel 100 -> Movies -> 3D and order your movie

We first started providing 3D programming  on Ch. 900 in October 2010 and have provided some great content in 3D like the final matches of the FIFA World Cup and a 3D Hockey Night in Canada broadcast of the Montreal Canadiens vs. the Toronto Maple Leafs.

As 3D technology continues to evolve, we’re looking forward to bringing you more movies in 3D.

What movie would you like to watch in 3D?

Miranda MacDonald is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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11 comments on “First 3D movies available on Rogers on Demand

  1. Chris

    What sound options will be available? Stereo 2.0? Dolby 5.1? Dolby HD or DTS-MA? Mono?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hey Chris,

      Our current 3D movies are in Dolby 5.1. However, the how-to video that’s also in the 3D folder is in Stereo only.

    1. RogersMiranda

      I haven’t seen it yet! Maybe I’ll watch it this weekend… :)

      1. That’s an excellent idea, Miranda. :)

  2. John

    I’d like to see move 3D content on channel 900!! The loop that is currently being played right now is not very impressive…

  3. John

    Also, you mention that active glasses are required. ?? Do the movies not work with passive 3DTVs with polarized glasses? Also, what format are the 3D movies being transmitted in – side-by-side?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi John,

      I checked with some of our experts here and yes, it looks like passive 3DTVs should work just fine.

      And yes, you’re right. The formate is side-by-side.

      1. John

        Thanks Miranda.

        One more question: Has anyone complained about the quality of the 3D broadcasts? I find that I see a LOT of crosstalk/ghosting (double images) on channel 900 that I don’t experience on blu-ray 3D discs.

        I’m not sure if this is a by-product of the side-by-side format, or there are other issues broadcasting the 3D signal over cable, but the hockey game earlier this year was almost unwatchable due to the extreme ghosting I experienced throughout the game.

        I would love to see move 3D content, but am not impressed with the quality of the picture I am receiving on channel 900.


      2. RogersMiranda

        Hi John,

        No, this is the first I’ve heard of this actually. Appreciate the feedback though. I’ve passed it along to our team.

  4. Doug Fischer

    I would love to watch NHL and Mlb games in 3 D