What you want when you want it: upgrade early with Rogers

Can’t wait to get your hands on the new Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY? Marking off the calendar days until you can upgrade to a new BlackBerry Torch?

That day could be today.

Rogers upgrade options have offered you the advantage of being able to upgrade your device before your contract ends. Our new “early upgrade” promotion allows you the added freedom and flexibility to upgrade your device as early as six months into your existing contract term.

How Does this Work?

An early upgrade fee is a one-time fee based on the device type you currently own and how many months you have until you’re eligible for new customer pricing under the current standard upgrade offer. Customers who do not want to upgrade early are still entitled to upgrade their hardware at the discounted device price before the end of their 3-year term, depending on eligibility under the current standard upgrade offers.

Under this new early upgrade promotion, the following fees will be used to determine the one-time early upgrade fee and refer to a customer’s current device (the one from which they’re upgrading):

  • $10 per month for voice or quick messaging devices
  • $15 per month for select smartphones, tablets and other eligible devices (i.e sticks, hubs)
  • $20 per month for premium devices (I.e  iPhone 4 and BlackBerry Torch)

Let’s Break That Down

Here is an example of an early upgrade offer: Jack is 20 months into a 3-year term on his Acer Liquid E and he really wants a new Samsung Nexus S. Instead of waiting 10 months until he is eligible to upgrade his device at a discounted price ($99.99), Jack can add $150 to the new customer price ($15 per month based on his current device x 10 months) to upgrade to the device at $249.99 on a new 3-year term (compared with $549.99 for the no-term price).

Pricing, eligibility and offers are subject to change so it’s always best to visit a local Rogers retail location where a customer service representative can check your eligibility. This new early upgrade offer applies to our entire lineup and replaces special device specific hardware upgrade offers we’ve had in the past, such as the iPhone 4 early upgrade offer.

Will you consider an early upgrade? We would love to hear your feedback in the comments below but please note that we cannot answer individual upgrade eligibility questions. Customers who are interested in an upgrade to a new device should visit a local Rogers retail location.

Mary Pretotto is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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137 comments on “What you want when you want it: upgrade early with Rogers

  1. Steve

    It’s about time a program like this has come out. Finally we have a solution for those of us who want a new device but don’t want to pay full retail.

    1. RogersMary

      Thanks for the feedback Steve! Are you thinking about upgrading to a new device?

  2. Vitali

    Just a question regarding the example provided.

    If jack is 20 months into his contract, wouldn’t the remaining term be 4 months until he is eligible for an upgrade, based on his current phone being a smartphone? just seems there is some error in the math.


    1. QueBall

      New math. Standard upgrade window for all customers is not after 24 months, it’s after 30 months. People who spend more on their average monthly bill may qualify for an earlier hardware upgrade eligibility date. Perhaps you qualified for earlier upgrades because your spending is beyond some threshold they have set.

      Eg, if your average spending (for one line, not total bill) is $60 you would be eligible after the standard 30 months. If you spend over $100 on average you could upgrade after 24 months. If you spend over $250 on your line you could upgrade after 12 months.

      Not an employee, I’m not on the inside in any way, just speculation from outside looking in.

    2. RogersMary

      Hi Vitali,

      We’ve introduced the addition of this new promotion to give customers the choice and flexibility to upgrade to a new device earlier for a one-time fee or wait to upgrade at the discounted device price before the end of their 3-year term. As you may know, these options are promotional in nature and subject to change. The amount of time before a customer is eligible for a discounted device currently varies from 18-30 months depending on the customer’s previous device.

      If you’re interested in knowing what your individual eligibility may be, you can visit a Rogers retail location to discuss your specific upgrade.

    3. BigC_13

      I was wondering the same thing… some clarification? My girlfriend is looking to upgrade from her 3gs

      1. RogersMary

        Hi BigC_13. Best to have her discuss eligibility at a Rogers retail location. They can check when she’ll be eligible for the discounted device price and let her know her options for an early upgrade with a onetime fee.

      2. JAY

        just sucks for us people that were told 6 months ago we could upgrade at 24 months and that date for me landed in may . Was at the dealer to upgrade and was informed i had to pay an extra 150 to buy out my contract because of the new buy out program.

      3. RogersMary

        I get that Jay and we are being fair to customers who may have recently discussed eligibility. Details of your previous conversation should be recorded within your account.

  3. e2ek1el

    @ Steve and Vitali, you guys fail to see this Pre HUP program has boosted your HUP from 24 months to 30 months …. again!

    “I can honestly say; after being with Rogers since the Cantel days, which means nothing anymore … I’ll be leaving Rogers once my contract is over.*

    The amount of changes to the policies and the treatment we get is not worth it anymore. I’m so tired of negotiating with them and it’s an endless battle.*

    Prices are jacked up, their excuses are not valid and they don’t get the picture.**

    It’s shame to be honest, I really liked their network. Even if they offer me some mind blowing retention plan, later down the road, policies are gonna change again and again. It wouldn’t make me stay with Rogers.*

    Money is not the issue, as long as it’s fair and valid for the “increases”. We honestly do pay a little too much, if your looking at in market plans. The issue here is the principle and the lack of mutual respect.

    I really hope the future iPhones and other devices will be UMTS and AWS bands. This would open a lot mote options for us.*

    Don’t mind the $20/ month rule, what I don’t like is the HUP boosted back to 30 months now.

    We gave the Rogers social media team so much sh*t a few months ago about it.

    Launching this new PRE-HUP program to compete with Telus and boosting the policy to 30 months is totally UNACCEPTABLE!!! This is the second time you’ve done this, why not make it 36 months while you’re at it?

    If you really want to be competitive with BELLUS, change the HUP policy back to 24 months and keep $20/ month PRE HUB. You’ve already lost me as a customer, once my contract ends in 2013 and I’m so sick of arguing w/ you guys about policy changes.

    Think about how many ppl will be leaving since you guys treat us like this.”

    1. RogersMary

      Thanks for your time in providing your thoughts on the new offer. We have listened to our customer feedback and developed early upgrade options based on their patterns and preferences. This new option allows customers to upgrade at the new customer price before their current 3-year term ends, depending on current pricing and policy.

      1. bob

        Ya, I’m sure all Rogers customers wanted it to go from 24 months to upgrade to 30 months to upgrade.

      2. drizzo

        Didn’t the old option also allow people to upgrade before their current 3 year term ended as well? at 24 months? for EVERYONE?

        Yes. Yes it did.

  4. Adam

    There’s going to be a load of replies saying Rogers is just launching a new money-grab, but this is clearly not for them.

    Since Rogers subsidizes the cost of phones when you sign a 3-year deal, they won’t just ignore that. If you early HUP a a smartphone only a year in, there’s still probably $300 worth of phone Rogers is paying for that you aren’t. That’s what this fee covers.

    Definitely good for those of you who frequently upgrade to the latest and greatest gadgets.

    1. bob

      Ya, but now you get to pay for 6 months more!

    2. Regardless of Rogers’ subsidized cost for a premium smartphone – let’s say $600 this cost is usually paid for in less than 12mths = $45/mth price plan with data (most are mimimum this amount but upwards of $105/mth) x 12mths ($540) + $35 Activation Fee (which there is no CLEAR explanation if this is waived with this new promotion – no reason to charge “Activation when you’re already an Activated customer”) + $199.99 initial charge for new device [Total: $774].

      Sure Rogers needs to pay fees for their service remitted to you – but get this your first month is billed for in advance – catching $45 addition. Now the 2nd or third year if you wait to be eligible for hardware upgrade without this promotion means Rogers, like all the competitors get pure cash and make a profit.

      What I find VERY odd is … just about EVERY phone carries a limited 12mth warranty; that’s 1yr. You cannot upgrade nor get a warranty exchange after that as you’re out of warranty. Should you damage your phone which you can no longer use, or just don’t like the cosmetic damage you’re forced to purchase a phone at full retail price. That’s normal until you think that BB Torch 6mths from now still holds the retail market value BNIB at that time, or the iPhone 4 16/32GB currently today when its been retail for $599 – $699 (SIM Locked) just under 1 year of being released.

      Exception is Apple offers great warranty and ability for quality service/repairs or REAL exchanges during that time like non of the competition. No wonder their winning the market hand over fist regardless of the short-comings of that device.

      1. RogersMary

        Customer who do not want to upgrade early but have lost/damaged their device also have options with our Handset Protection Gurantee. You can read more info about that program here: http://www.rogers.com/protection

      2. AJ

        I’m sorry, but that is a garbage program! My wife damaged her iPhone 3GS, what did she get in return, a winmo phone (not the new ones, the old garbage) it’s a Sony Xperia X1. What a piece of junk! And no options to be able to pay to upgrade to something even slightly decent.

        So right now my wife is paying Rogers, 30/mnth for data that she barely uses (I’d say that she’s using maybe 50megs at most data and that’s probably an over exaggeration)

        I don’t want to get rid of the 30/mnth for 6gigs since when she does upgrade to an iPhone when she’s able to, just in case Rogers doesn’t offer that option.

      3. Rogers_Chris

        Hi AJ, sorry to hear about your wife’s damaged 3GS. Did she chose the Sony Xperia X1 as part of our handset protection guarentee?

      4. AJ

        Sorry Chris can’t reply directly to your comment, yes it was, and it was the only phone that would be usable with her data plan. Terrible phone, terrible offer. I understand you can’t just offer a brand new iPhone, but in something a little more up to date even with a fee would have been better.

        And now it’s worse as it appears that the originally quoted update period of June under the old 24 month policy will not apply.

        I’m sorry Rogers, but if it turns to be 30 months before my wife and I can upgrade, we’ll probably wait it out and switch carriers.

    3. Diane


      Bear in mind that the $650-$700 price tag that Rogers quotes you for a smartphone is in fact the “Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price”. This is at least double the $250-$300 wholesale price that Rogers paid the manufacturer for it..

      This means that Rogers only “subsiidizes” your phone purchase for maybe the first 18 months. The second 18 months is pure profit.

    4. nothappycustomer

      I’m going to disagree with this. My husband was a long standing Rogers customer–way back to the Cantel days and a phone in a bag (early 1990’s). I decided to try Telus and when the phone broke in under 2 years I realized the mistake I made. I eventually took over my husband’s Rogers account when he had a blackberry supplied from his employer. I upgraded then to a blackberry, not quite 2 years ago. I have already had to buy a new phone outright when my BB died. I was hoping to do a total plan change and upgrade to a Torch at the 24 month mark, but not at the cost of $240 plus $35 plus HST plus the cost of the Torch. $425 and a new 3 year contract. I will baby this phone until the end of 3 years, and get a new smart phone with someone else. At least I have 14 months to shop.

  5. Brian

    How are you guys justifying the $5/month more that you charge compared to Telus’ EDUF plan? Your phones are very much the same and they offer free voice mail while not charging a GRRF. This seems like a pretty hefty pill to swallow for customers of a company that made over $3 billion in profit last year alone.

    1. RogersMary

      Hey Brian. Keep in mind that the new early HUP is a one time fee calculated by the number of months remaining before your upgrade eligibility date under the current upgrade offer. A Rogers retail representative can help you check your eligibility.

  6. bob

    That’s great and all, but that really screws the people who used to upgrade at 2 years. Now renewing at 2 years will cost 90-120$ when it was free in the past. Good way to make more money for Rogers I suppose.

    1. JAY

      I agree… is just sucks for us people that were told 6 months ago we could upgrade at 24 months and that date for me landed in may . Was at the dealer to upgrade and was informed i had to pay an extra 150 to buy out my contract because of the new buy out program.

    2. RogersMary

      Hey Bob – As I mentioned to Jay above, we are being fair to customers who have recently had this conversation. Details should be recorded in your account.

      1. Jonathan

        You keep copying and pasting this same message. Are there any humans on here working for rogers?

      2. RogersMary


  7. jaydon

    Hi Mary,

    How is this a promotion?

    Most users currently fall between 18 & 30 months and are on a 24 month eligibility but with $10 per month which for a $240 early upgrade maximum fee. Now every user is on a 30 month with a minimum $10 per month & $300 maximum, and most, like myself with a premium phone are now 30 months and $20 per month at $600. That’s more than twice as much to upgrade tomorrow from yesterday.


    1. RogersMary

      Hi Jaydon. Not exactly but I’ll try to clarify.

      The early upgrade fee is after the first six months so you need to subtract that. Let’s say you want to upgrade 20 months before your eligibility date and you currently have a primium device ($20/month) and want to upgrade to a BB Torch for example. That would be $400 as the one time fee plus the new customer price ($99.99). That would still be less than the non-term price ($624.99).

      Hope that helped answer your question.

      1. Patrick

        However, the eligibility date is now 6 months later. So, 20 months before eligibility now means your 10 months into your contract. Before, that meant you were 14 months away from eligibility and you would be charged $10 a month for early HUP, meaning $140 fee compared to your number of $400 after this new policy.

        You guys always try to make it sound like you’ve done all this careful analysis of your customer’s needs and are introducing all these great new policies to address them. The fact that the prices are almost always higher than before somehow never makes it into your customer satisfaction equation.

      2. David

        “The early upgrade fee is after the first six months so you need to subtract that.”

        Hi Mary, would you mind clarifying this bit?

        If a customer is 18 months into a 36 month contract… and his account require 30 months for HUP, would the math go as:
        30 -18 = 12 x $20
        30 – 18 – 6 = 6 x $20

        Similarly, would this customer be recieving a free HUP at 24months? Or is he going to have to wait up to 30months out of 36month-contract to get a free HUP?

      3. RogersMary

        Hi David. Customers need to wait six months before they can early HUP so that time is not calculated in the fee. And when he is eligible for the discounted device without the pre HUP fee is dependent on the device he has. There’s a number of factors involved, which is why I suggest speaking to a rep to discuss your individual details.

      4. David

        I understand there is a 6months MINIMUM time before anybody is eligible for early upgrade…

        So with your clarification, the 6months wait period is NOT subtracted from the cost when it is time of HUP, since the cost for a HUP is “months remaining”, not “months remaining minus 6 months”. Correct me if I am wrong.

        And is it possible for Rogers to release the EXACT math behind the fees they will be paying. It’s only fair right?

        I’m sure you understand how the vague guidelines of how much we’re being charged can feel like a scam.

        Thanks for your patience.

  8. Jerry

    Does it depend on type of device or how much the Roger’s user pay’s each month. What the differences between an 18 month and 24 month and 30 month upgrade cycle? If your phone has been EOL ( end of life ) does that qualify for the 18 month cycle?

    1. RogersMary

      Hi Jerry. It’s depends on the type of device you currently have. One of our Rogers retail reps can help you check your current eligibility.

      Have a nice weekend.

  9. tyler

    I am coming to the end of a 3 year term on my iphone 3g, just knowing you are going to try and money grab me on a device i have paid for 10 times over troubles me… this special offer is a money grab, charging this 20$ on the last few months of a contract and then signing up a brand new contract for another 3 years from scratch? i think not.
    A FAIR deal would be to charge the 20$ a month but take the remaining months off the new contracts term. the more months you trade in the more money rogers gets back on their device purchase, and the customer feels he or she got something in the trade in other then a sore ass….
    i for one am in Nfld, and the service here is Nil outside of the city of st.johns. leaving the rest of the province with NO service at all. these factors combined are pushing me away from rogers, and i have had rogers for 8 years in ontario previous to this year, service there was the best, here it plain sucks.. i will sadly be leaving rogers for bell in about 3 months time.
    all the best :)

    1. RogersMary

      Hi Tyler – Actually, if you’re that close to the end of your contract you may be eligible for the discounted price now under the current standard upgrade offer. The early HUP is for those who want to upgrade before that time, under current eligibility. I’d suggest you check with a representative at your local Rogers retail location. Let me know how it goes!

  10. David

    With the Canadian dollar trading above par, how do the Canadian carriers continue to justify the 3 year contract terms. It is not 2003 when the dollar was worth $0.61. This “promotion” is nothing more then marketing spin in an effort to increase Rogers profits. I was looking forward to July to upgrade my Iphone 3GS but if I have to wait until January now before upgrading without any additional fees, I will wait until the end of my contract term and cancel.

    1. RogersMary

      Hi David – See my reply to Tyler above. It might be helpful to help clarify. Again, the new promotion is for early upgrades. Depending on your eligibility under the current standard upgrade offer, you may be able to upgrade at the new customer price of the device. A retail rep can help check that for you.

      1. Adam

        Not what was asked, but the simple answer is, Canada does not regulate Telecom rates the way other countries do. Because of this, they can charge whatever they like.

        It’s sad, because Rogers rates are considered “Competitive”.

        Until legislature changes, rates will be like this.

        You know that $70 all-in plan Verizon has, that would probably be around $90 or $100+ here.

      2. Put simply, with only 3 major telecom companies building networks across Canada, and a population of roughly $33 million, it’s not so easy to provide inexpensive service.

        $33 across a geographical area that’s all of 2% smaller than the U.S., but less population that than of California.

        Money doesn’t grow on trees, but everyone expects cell companies to maintain these extravagant networks, and amazing prices.

        Sorry to burst everyones bubble, but until these new companies start building new networks, and creating partnerships between each other, combined with our population actually growing to a reasonable size compared with our geographical size as a country, we aren’t going to see the price:feature ratio available in other countries.

      3. Second paragraph, miss-typed:
        *33 million

      4. Rogers_Chris

        Thanks for your comment, Branden J.

  11. Jaydon

    Hi Mary,

    I’ll clarify it a little further…$200 is less than $400.

    Have a great weekend,

  12. John

    Hi Mary,

    I think the new rules are bad for customers any way you look at it.
    In the past we were elgible for iPhone upgrade after 12 months into the contract at a discounted price. With the new rules, it will be $360 and then on top of that the discounted price for the iPhone, and let’s not forget another $35 admin fees. What Do we get for all that? A locked phone to Rogers and another 3 years of a contract with Rogers! People are not that stupid!

    Anyway you look at it, it is worth waiting until you are free from Rogers and either sign with another carrier with better rules or buy the phone unlocked and go with a month to month contract with a good price (not with Rogers).

    You keep telling to check with a retail rep…no need! The new rule is simple – you only qualify for the discounted price of the phone 6 month before the end of the contract.

    1. RogersMary

      Not necessarily. Rogers upgrade options are dependent on individual accounts and eligibility.

  13. I don’t know about this policy, something smells fishy to me here.

  14. George

    This is just an excuse to push up HUP, Rogers keeps ignoring my dropped calls. This doesn’t benefit just makes more money for rogers. If you wanted to upgrade in 6 months you have to pay $480 and the cost of the hup and renew your contract!. Cheaper to buy outright and not renew your contract typical rogers.

  15. David

    I think this program is a great alternative. I have been looking into upgrading by X10, but currently there are no phones that seem worth it. I was hoping Rogers would start something like this when Telus did it.

  16. IMDUMB

    Just can’t understand how this is a promotion instead of a trick:

    >>If upgrade/renew contract: $0 after another 4months
    (10months left for my contract, the rep told me that i can renew when i have 6months left without any panalty;)
    >>if cancel: pay the $10×10=$100months ECF.

    “New Promotion”
    >>If upgrade/renew contract: $10x10months=$100; even after another 4months, you still need to pay $10x6months=$60 (promotion??)
    >>if cancel: pay the $10x10months=$100months ECF.

    One time upgrade fees = ECF, why shouln’t I just cancel my contract with Rogers?!! Port out my number.

    A real HUP promotion shold look like:
    >>Upgrade/renew contract: pay $10x4months=$40;
    So that you don’t need to wait another 4months until you can renew your contract without paying panalty 6 months in advance.

    Correct me if i’m wrong.

    Rogers’s plan is a pain. Will say byebye when my contract end.

    1. RogersMary

      Hi. The early upgrade fee is only applied to the months outside your standard upgrade eligibility. If you are within that time frame, you may be able to get the new customer pricing under the currant standard upgrade offer.

      1. Jonathan

        How does all this work with family plans? I have been told that with a three year family contract you get upgrades every year. Would the months left be within that year or within the three years?

      2. RogersMary

        Same terms should apply as the standard and early upgrade promotions. A Rogers retails rep should be able to tell you about your individual eligibility.

  17. Tim

    What is this 18-30 months thing? Currently it seems like the REGULAR HUP period is still 24 months, never changed, no reps have ever heard of this 18-30 months thing nor do their notes specify anything of that nature.

    Lets use this example – Let’s say Robert wants to upgrade from a Sony Ericsson c510 to either a Sony Ericsson Xperia arc or a LG POP. Because he’s upgrading from a Classic Phone, the Early HUP fee will be $10 x number of months remaining. It has been 20 months since he’s had his last upgrade.

    Based on the current system as per the system (24-month eligibility – Checked with my own eyes)

    Xperia arc = $99.99 (Promo w/ Data add-on) + $40 (Early HUP Fee) = $139.99
    LG POP = $9.99 (Promo) + $40 (Early HUP Fee) = $49.99

    Where is this 18-30 months depending on the customers current device? I don’t see anything remotely related to 18-30 months.

    Unless you mean that you’ve changed the Eligibility Dates to 18-30 months AFTER a 6 month period since you cannot perform one during that period. If that’s the case, how does this make the customer feel any better? Aside from side-tracking us, i’m holding a Xperia X10 that has so many problems (along with some friends who happen to have one) and it’s such a pain. Now it seems that if the policy has changed to that, it would be 30 months since i got my device till i’m eligible for a REGULAR HUP.

    Please clarify these thoughts because none of the reps are able to puzzle it together.

  18. Bill

    Terrible idea. Thanks pushing the upgrade time from 24 months to 30 months

  19. Bobby

    since Rogers is charging extra for early upgrades, does that translate as to lower HUP price, if you are way past your HUP date?

    It would only be fair to charge people for early upgrades, and also to give credits to those who did not upgrade.

    eg/ I am a 8 yr Rogers customer, and never had a HUP, meaning I am at least 5 years overdue for a HUP. If I get an iPhone, Rogers should give me $20 x 5 years x 12 mo. = $1200 in credits!

    1. Adam

      “It would only be fair to charge people for early upgrades, and also to give credits to those who did not upgrade.”

      If you truly believe that you don’t understand how phone cost subsidization works.

      Rogers pays for the bulk of your phone when you HUP, and in return, you agree to stay in a contract with them for 3 years. They give, and you give. It balances

      If they give, you do nothing then they give again, how would that possibly make any sense?

  20. Jonathan

    This is such a bad deal for me… I used to upgrade every 24 months for free. Now I have to either wait till 30 months or pay. Makes me really consider switching carriers.

    1. Adam

      Not going to get any better, others will soon follow suit. Telus is already changing their HUP policy based on how much you pay per month.

      1. Telus already has, except they charge you based on remaining time in your term, not based on when your next HUP is available, so they bone you for every last month they can.

      2. Rogers_Chris

        We can’t comment on competitor offerings, Adam, Jonathan.

  21. Melissa

    We were one month away (June 8th) from being eligible for the 24 month smart phone upgrade. Have been waiting patiently as we have the original Android HTC Dream and it is awful! Now I guess we have to wait an extra 6 months or pay an extra $90 (6×15)? Thanks a bunch. Can’t see how this is a benefit. It’s not even really a benefit to Rogers because if the customer has to wait until 30 months to upgrade they will realize how close they are to the end of the contract and might clue into the fact that they only need to wait it out for the last 6 months and then they will have the ability to shop around. For instance, the old way, we would have upgraded at 24 months and Rogers would have us for another 3 years. This way I will be really tempted to just wait out my contract.

    1. David

      And on top of that, a non-disclosed price for the HUP fee. Similar to the “activation fee”.

      So you’ll be paying close to $125 + Tax

    2. RogersMary

      Hey Melissa – If you’ve talked to a rep already about this, those details should be on your file.

  22. rob

    I’ve noticed since the change in the upgrade policy , I can no longer check my eligiblity online @ rogers.com, any word on when this will work again? I really don’t want to go to the store just to find out it’s too expensive to upgrade my phone right now. thanks!

  23. Brandin

    I like the option of upgrading early, but I DO NOT LIKE the 30 month Hardware Upgrade eligibility period!!!

  24. Steve

    Ok…another question thrown in here…

    If I lock myself into a contract for an initial cost of $0 on the phone – which I could have bought outright at, say, $299.99 – we’ll round up to $300. Then, 6 months into my 24 month contract I want to get a new phone, I would have to pay 18*20 = $360 to get out of a contract for a phone that would have only cost be $300 in the first place?

    1. RogersMary

      I can’t answer that Steve because I don’t know what type of device you have. The fee can be $10/$15/$20 per month as noted in the post. It also depends on how many months you have left until your standard upgrade eligibility. Best to talk to a customer service rep to check your individual eligibility.

    2. My understanding of this process suggests that the $20 x number of remaining months is only if your most recent device is a premium smartphone such as an iPhone or the Torch.

      If your phone cost $300 outright, it would likely be non-smartphone (ie. flip, slider, etc), or MAYBE a low-end smartphone. These two types set the cost at $10 or $15 respectively.

      18*10 = 180

      18*15 = 270

  25. meightymouse

    I fail to see how this is a positive promotion for customers. You are either left waiting an extra 6 months before you can upgrade your phone or you have to pay an extra $90-$120 if you want to upgrade at the usual two year mark (as it was advertised when I signed the contract).

    I realize Rogers reserves the right to change the terms of their early upgrade program but as far as I am concerned this a very poor way to try to retain loyal customers. This may make sense for someone who wants to spend $400 on a new gadget every 6 months but I would bet majority of your long term clients were a lot happier with the original terms of the Early Hardware Upgrade program.

  26. ali

    This doesn’t make sense. In the past I was always getting upgrades after 12 months at a price that was competitive, if not equal or less than the new customer/3yr contract price.

  27. Ken

    do not like this program…sounds like a bad idea and I will end up paying more…not customer friendly.

  28. Linda

    This is NOT a good deal for me….
    My contract is SUPPOSED to be ending in about 6 months…I get this message today, and I’m excited because I THINK FINALLY I’m going to get my upgrade…. NOT SO FAST….Come to find out I now have to wait 12 MONTHS !!!
    I went from being excited to being VERY frustrated !!!!

    1. If you’re term ends in 6 months, than you’re already at the 30 month mark, and you can upgrade normally.

      Where does the 12 months thing come from…?

  29. Dom

    Been with Rogers for 10+ years since i was in highschool. Glad to see Rogers have switched to GSM and brought in many models of phones.

    While there are improvement such as removal (or built in) of the SAF and more affordable data plan. The retention incentive, such as HUP has gone Worse. The increase of ECF and continuation of locking the devices just doesn’t make sense. I’d rather pay the extra to buy an unlocked phone (iPhone for example) from apple store directly instead of paying the early upgrade fee indefinitly, contract after contract….. math: if you are an iPhone user planning to upgrade your iphone 1 year after your renewal, assuming a 30 day HUP window, you have to pay $20 (30-12) = $360 up charge. Plus the Activation fee, you are not far from getting an unlocked device, which doesn’t drag on your contract and give you more flexibility as well as power to negotiate with a better contract.
    I hope Rogers will one day understand that imposing all these rules as an attempt to keep your customer will eventually drive customers away. Look at the EMEA and APAC carrier models and improve your image already.

  30. kel


    i was just wondering if new rogers customers are eligible for this early upgrade

    thank you

    1. RogersMary

      Yes, you are eligible for early upgrade after the first six months of your current 3 year term, under current eligibility.

      1. Rogers_Chris

        You’re welcome!

  31. Kyle

    I never felt that the hardware upgrade options and pricing were particularly customer friendly and was already considering waiting out my contract and just hanging around month-to-month until something better came along (from any carrier). This policy is even worse for loyal customers (especially users of “premium devices” like myself) and it’s made my decision much easier.

    1. Jessica Milliken

      Very good point. I totally agree.

  32. Chris

    I’m nearly due for an upgrade but was waiting until I was a little closer (June). So because I didn’t call before this announcement and no inquiry is on file I’m stuck waiting longer? I can’t take another 6 months with the HTC Magic. I’ll wait out the end of my contract too – if the phone lasts that long. Hopefully a custom ROM will put a little life back in this phone.

    1. Melissa

      You are so right! I knew I would be eligible in June so why would I have called earlier? I didn’t know they were going to change the policy.

    2. RogersMary

      Hi Chris. I don’t know the details of your current contract so you’re best to speak to one of our reps at a Rogers retail location. They can check that for you.

      1. Chris

        Really trying to get people into the Rogers stores, eh? Is it a trap? Will they let me leave?

      2. Rogers_Chris

        ;) Good one, Chris

  33. pbryden

    I like the idea of the program. Any comment on a carry over to LTE devices in the future?

  34. Paul

    Is there anywhere we can look to see which phones fall under what category, i.e. premium is definately the iPhone 4, but what other smartphones are considered premium and and which ones fall under the $15/month category?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Paul,

      Only iPhones and the Blackberry Torch are premium devices. You’ll notice on Rogers.com that there’s a “Smartphone” category under Wireless > Phones and Devices. Except for iPhones and the Torch, those are $15/month category smartphones. Hope this helps!

  35. Imagine Engine

    These options are far to confusing and costly. It would be less confusing to Rogers customers by having a fixed early HUP date and pricing. Example: Promotional hardware upgrade price if you wait 36 months from the date of your last HUP. If you want an early HUP then you must wait a minimum 18 months from the last HUP or activation date and customer pays $10.00/month for any phone for remaining months till end of existing term. So a subsidized $100.00 phone would cost $280.00 at the 18 month mark. 18 months on a minimum $30.00 plan or greater is plenty of time for Rogers to recover the subsidized cost of the first phone. As it is now with the new upgrade policy if I was at the 18 month mark and wanted to upgrade to the iPhone 4 (premium device) I would pay $159.00 + $35.00 Administration Fee + $380.00 ($20/month x 18 months remaining out of 36 month term) = $574.00 + tax. Previous to this customers waited a minimum 24 months and the pricing was based on factoring in their revenue generated on the line. Higher paying customers could get a better price. As it stands now with the new policy the pricing is slightly less than the no term price where a customer would get unlocked hardware and not be on a contract.

  36. Jessica Milliken

    This is probably one of the owrst idea’s yet. For someone who only has 1 month left in their contract calls in to see what they are eligable for when their term is up, and then find out they have 6 more months left on their term….wow. I am dissapointed, and will now go and buy an unlocked phone elsewhere. I really wanted a new phone, for me and my husband. And I have to wait WAY TOO LONG.

  37. Michael Lee

    I’m a little frustrated over the program’s changes. I am a multi-product Rogers customer, with 4 active cellular phones for myself and family members. Under the old rules, I could upgrade after 24 months at new-customer pricing for the latest hardware. Now, I have to wait an additional 6 months (which is ridiculous considering the current phone I am using is constantly crashing and causing me a lot of problems). I was looking forward to upgrading in July to a new smartphone, but I found out that I now I have to wait until January 2012, or pay an Early Hardware Upgrade Fee of $150. This is such a headache to me! I think it should have been left at the 24 month mark, because that is what distinguished Rogers from Bell and Telus (whose upgrade policies were at 30-months). This is an ideal program for someone who wants a new phone every 6 months, but it’s not ideal for the customers who wait patiently (with difficult and defective hardware) for their 24-month date. At least allow us the opportunity to choose!

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Good feedback, Michael. Thanks for sharing.

  38. Chris

    Took a leap to figure out how long I’d be stuck with my obsolete HTC Magic. I was due for upgrade in June. Called a CSR (no time to go into the store, sorry Mary) and was told that I was now going to have to wait until November, or pay $294 for early upgrade for a Nexus S or Arc. Buying out of my contract was going to cost me $460.

    CSR also stated that the agents haven’t been fully informed on the details of how this plan works.

  39. Brian

    Just a question. When I upgraded my phone and inquired about next upgrade, I was told I would be eligible for a new hardware upgrade in 24 months time. This promo is for all renewals and new contracts after this date or in general.

    What i want to know is if I am now being forced to stay on contract till 30 months when the original terms of my contract said 24 months for hardware upgrade.. Did my terms change? If so when did I ever agree to waiting for 30 months..

    1. RogersMary

      Hi Brain. Early upgrade offers are not policies but rather promotions that Rogers offer customers and are subject to change. A Rogers retail rep should be able to tell you the details of your current eligibility.

      1. Chris

        Yes, but isn’t this 30 months a policy change? The CSR I spoke to with said the same thing: “Subject to change.” But when I signed on two years ago, I signed on with the understanding that I’d be able to renew in 2 years. When I called about this, I was told I’d have to wait until November when initially, I was due for a renewal in June. That sounds like a policy change, not a promotion.

        At any rate, I got my upgrade in agreeable terms by citing the discussion that’s been had here.

      2. Brian

        So what you are telling me is I could first upgrade after 24 months but your early upgrade is now forcing me to wait for 30… nice… way to gouge us again..

  40. Randy

    Here’s an interesting concept… why not reduce your standard term to 2 years like every other country in the world? Then you wouldn’t even have to worry about coming up with convoluted early upgrade plans.

  41. Subeen

    So Ive been in renewed contract with Rogers for about a good year and 7 month.
    Does this mean that Im going to wait extra 8 month instead of just waiting for 5 from now?
    Because my current phone is acting weird and it seems like I need an upgrade very soon.

  42. Rob Young

    I was told that in August (24 months into a 36 month contract) that I would be able to upgrade my phone at the 3 year term rate (my wife would be able to do the same at her 24 month). Now the rules are changing. This is very disappointing. I dont see how rogers can throw a positive spin on this, and the forums are reflecting this. Everywhere I read this is getting negative press. Here we go again…so when I call in in August I am sure I will hear “I’m sorry MR Young, that is our policy”…you have 6 months left so you need to pay and addional $120 on top of what you were promised to have to pay.

  43. Jordan Smith

    The bottom line is, you have taken away the 24 month upgrade which is unacceptable to me. It is one of the reasons I have been a loyal Rogers customer for over 10 years. I will seriously reconsider staying with you once this contract is up because of this.

  44. Dee

    Alright so it’ll be 24 months on june 8th and i REALLY WANT THE THE BOLD 9900 Can i Re-new my contract and pay $199.00

    1. RogersMary

      Hi Dee. You will need to speak to one of our Rogers retail reps…. they should be able to provide you with a quote based on your current eligibility.

  45. Jon

    listen, this 30months HUP is not a good idea. redact it or i will gtfo

  46. David

    This “promotion” is nothing more then a thinly veiled method to raise the HUP to 30 months. Thank you Rogers for making my decision to leave you for me! I wonder if I can argue with their retention department that this constitutes a change in the original contract I agreed to and cancel with an early termination fee.

    1. RogersMary

      Sorry to hear you feel that way David. We have been getting a lot of positive feedback from customers who have wanted the option to upgrade their device before their standard eligibility window.

      Hardware upgrade eligibility is not part of the customer contract but rather a promotion.

      1. David

        A lot of positive feedback? Really? Have you been reading the majority of messages from customers here?

      2. Diane

        According to the 2 reps in the retail store I just visited, customer feedback has been all negative. One told me that the reps are also getting fed up with Rogers “always beating up the customer so we can’t do our job”.

      3. jon

        sorry, but 1 in 4 people are ignorant about how expensive canadian mobile costs are

        these 1 in 4 are not the majority, durrr

  47. Jared

    I agree with all the people that realize this “new and improved early HUP” is a scam. Not beneficial to the customers – just a big money grab for Rogers.

    I am one of the poor suckers that bought an iphone 3G in summer of 2009 because the price dropped to $99 (it was my first iphone – should have bought the 3GS!). Now almost 2 years later my 3G runs really sluggish, and naturally I’d like a new phone soon.

    I called Rogers about a month ago and they confirmed that my full eligibility date was Aug 01/11 (2 years since purchased iphone). Since this early upgrade program came out early May I figured I’d go in store to check prices. My thought was $20 per month times 2 or 3 months equals and extra $60 tops. Guess what – went last week and they told me an extra $140 plus the phone price. That means (140/20=7) 7 more months until I can get a new phone for no extra. What a rip-off!

    Thanks Rogers :(

  48. Mike

    Yeah I did get a early upgrade since my old phone which would have been ready to upgrade now doesn’t meet the new rules. Pretty bad when the reps at the store are telling long time customers like myself “This is what happens when a guy in a office in toronto gets a idea” . And yes that was the actual comment

  49. Corey Kirk

    30 month upgrade cycle is just not acceptable

  50. Joe

    I’m just wondering, is this promotion only for early upgrade fees or will all people (ex. who were supposed to be eligible at 24 months) now have to wait another 6 months? As in if you’d want a early upgrade, you’d pay for the remaining time up to 30 months but for people at 24 months, they wouldn’t have to pay? Thanks

    1. RogersMary

      Hi Joe, you’ll need to check your individual eligibility with one of our Retail reps. Thanks.

  51. Kenny

    It would’ve been great if they had this promotion but kept it to 24 months.

    1. RogersMary

      Thanks for the feedback, Kenny.

  52. MR.K

    So i went to utilize this promotion today because im only two months away from my 2 year upgrade. I have an iphone 3gs but dropped it and smashed the screen. so I figured i may as well pay for the early upgrade thinking id be paying $15 for every remaing month til the upgrade, not til the end of my contract. I went to get a xperia play and the cost would have been over $600 where if i wait the 2 months it would only cost me $99. At what point in someones contract is this worth it? im very confused.

    1. RogersMary

      Hi Mr. K. I’m not sure I totally understand the situation. You can email a representative at http://www.rogers.com/contactus and hopefully they can help clarify. If not, let me know!

  53. Imagine Engine

    With the EU recently making the decision to force carriers to provide a maximum 2 year contract on subsidized phones and the USA also already in line with this policy it would be great to see Canadian carriers such as Rogers limit contracts to 2 years. The early hardware upgrade would still work by following this method:

    Smartphone on 2 year term: Customers can do an early upgrade 12 months after initial activation date or last subsidized upgrade and will be charged advertised promotional pricing (i.e. iPhone 4 $159.00) + $25.00/month to the remaining months in their 24 month term. This will recommit the term 24 months from date of upgrade.

    Non-Smartphone on 2 year term: Customers can do an early upgrade after 12 months initial activation date or last subsidized upgrade and will be charged advertised promotional pricing (i.e. Samsung Corby Touch $9.99) + $15.00/month to the remaining months in their 24 month term. This will recommit the term 24 months from date of upgrade.

    Both of these options provide time allowed for Rogers to recoup cost subsidizing hardware as well provide flexibility for your customers. If a customer opts to buy the hardware on no term, full manufacturer price then the hardware should be unlocked.

    On a related note the Admin Fee should be reduced if not removed all together since we all know it doesn’t cost $35.00 to ship a phone through UPS or Canada Post. Be a leader in the industry, not a follower.

  54. L

    I switch to Rogers due to the iPhone (first carrier to have it). Later I wanted the new iPhone and you provided a plan for early adopters (excellent plan). One way to keep existing customers is to provide this type of offers.

    To me the math is simple: give me a new phone (as you have done in the past) … and I will keep extending my contract. No questions, no need to shop around.

  55. jon

    In the UK they banned 3 year contracts, good on them… so Rogers, take note and be a first-mover. Eliminate your 3 year contracts and this ridiculous “promotion” of a 30 month HUP (our freakin HUP time frame is longer than the legally maxed out contracts in the UK, WHERE THE BUSINESS PRACTICES ARE BETTER).

  56. Brian

    I dont see how a company can introduce a “promotion” that makes customers wait 30 months instead of their ALWAYS standard policy of 24 months… Im never renewing at ROGERS again…

    The promo is great for early enthusiasts but you have screwed the people who wait 2 years to upgrade.. Lets see how many people renew with rogers after being forced to wait 30 months..

    1. David

      My feeling exactly. If I have to wait an additional 6 months to upgrade, what difference is it to wait another 6 months and switch carriers? So long Rogers, you lost a subscriber!

  57. Steve

    3 year contracts should be illegal (and ARE in Europe). What on earth allows Rogers to get away with this garbage? Why are customers (sheep) here OK with this? Lets join the rest of the world in the 21st century.

  58. Bruno

    so wait a second.

    I am 20 months into a 3 year contract with the Blackberry Curve 8900. It is dying on me. The battery life is awful, the browser is sluggish, and if I set my phone down too fast or hard on the left side it shuts off on me, and rebooting it takes ages.

    When I heard about this promotion I was excited at first because I want to get the Iphone 4 16GB. So I called a rep to see what it was going to cost me to upgrade and she informed me that it will be $160 plus the cost of the Iphone on a new 3 year contract. How in the hell do I benefit from the promotion?

    Think its safe to say I’ll be heading to another carrier once this contract is over

  59. Zara

    I have been using my iPhone 5c for 2 years now coming up in December. I will now be able to upgrade my phone in December, I just wanted to know what smartphone options I will be able to upgrade to?