Rogers to offer plans for iPad 2


Last year, we successfully launched the iPad and we were one of the only carriers in the world certified by Apple to offer an innovative, on-device purchase flow which allowed Rogers customers to activate their 3G iPad service themselves.

This year, we will be extending our innovative data sharing plans to include the iPad 2. In a recent RedBoard post we explained how data sharing is an affordable way to share data across multiple devices.  We will also continue to offer the same two data plan options for the iPad 2 – both of which are available without a term contract and include free unlimited access to all Rogers WiFi Hot Spots:

  • 250 MB for $15
  • 5 GB for $35

Taxes are extra but there are no other charges.

We wanted to confirm our plan options with you as soon as possible, but we won’t have any other details until closer to launch. We will share more information as soon as we can.

Do you plan on getting an iPad 2?

Duane MacDonald is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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173 comments on “Rogers to offer plans for iPad 2

  1. Daniel

    Your pricing is a bit crappy if I may say. 250MB for $15 then a big jump to 5GB for $35

    It’d be awesome if there was a 2GB plan for $20-$25.

    Not to mention the $35 plan has 1GB = $7 but the $15 plan has 1GB = $60. WTF?

  2. Thomas

    Nope. Gimme the Xoom already!

    Selling my iPad 1 now to get my hands on some honeycomb goodness. iPad 2 is a pretty big letdown IMO. Lagging behind the competition.

    1. Aaron Lawrence

      Are you kidding! Have you seen the engadget hands on?

    2. Totally agree. I had a hands on with the Xoom at AnDevCon and its a sweet device. I would certainly prefer it to a iPad2.

  3. Aaron Lawrence

    During the keynote, they talked about a new feature called mobile hotspot in iOS 4.3 for the iPhone 4. Will this feature be available on the Rogers network? Will there be additional cost to use this feature with Rogers?

    1. RogersDuane

      Hi Aaron – Christian had a similar question, see response below.

  4. I don’t understand why you can offer a 5gb plan for $35 for iPad but if I want it for my phone it will cost way over $60? what’s the difference? it’s the same data…

  5. Bob Pluss

    Absolutely. I will be the first one in line!

  6. Christian

    Will Rogers allow iPhone 4 users with xGB plan subscriptions to use the new ‘hotspot’ functionality built into iOS4.3?

    1. RogersDuane

      Hi Christian – Mobile hotspot on iOS 4.3 will be enabled on the Rogers network and will follow our current tethering policy. This feature will be available at no additional charge for Rogers and Fido customers who subscribe to data plans of 1GB and above.

      1. Joey

        Hi Christian,
        Good news! I would like to know if the hotspot feature will also work for those with the 1GB Can/Us data plan. I know that it is not working right now.
        I have added a device (ipad) on my dataplan and Now I can share data only if I am in Canada. It would be great if I would be able to use the hotspot in Canada as well.

      2. RogersElise

        Joey, I am looking into this for you and will get back to you

      3. Mathieu Laforge

        Excellent news!

        Once again, I am very happy to be a Rogers customer.

      4. T

        Is Rogers bringing back the $5 option to increase your data in your value pack from 500 MB to 1GB? This would be a very welcome change now that you can use your iPhone as a hotspot!

      5. RogersElise

        Yes, it is still available. Add it online on My Rogers on or call Care.

      6. Amanda

        Hi Elise,

        Are you certain about that? I can’t find any information on about it. T was referring to doubling the data in a VALUE PACK, I’m not sure that’s possible. You can certainly upgrade from 500mb data plan to a 1gb data plan for $5 more, but I don’t think what he’s asking is possible.


      7. Tulse

        This is extremely welcome news! I am delighted that Rogers is being so enlightened and pro-customer with this policy. Well done!

      8. Steve

        I think it’s amazing and very customer/early adopter friendly that you’re offering the hotspot access for free! This enlightened approach is refreshing, especially when you see what AT & T and the US carriers are doing! Its nice that, for once, Canadians are getting a better mobile deal.

      9. Thanks for taking the logical and customer-friendly approach to this. Great news!

      10. David

        I also think this was a great move by Rogers, choices like this are the reason why you still have my business.

  7. Doug

    Absolutely I’m getting one. Decided that right this minute. Despite the fact there’s no increased storage.

  8. brian

    what the hell can you do with 250mbs???
    what a joke..

    why pay for a “data sharing” plan when you can just turn your smart phone into a wifi hotspot..

    it makes no sense to pay $10 per additional device for the same amount of bandwidth.. what a rip off

  9. Jason

    Apple also announced mobile hotspot as a feature in iOS4.3 on the iPhone 4. Will Rogers allow existing customers with data plans greater than 1gb to access this feature

  10. Rob

    I’ll be waiting for the iPad 3, i heard it’s gonna be better than the iPad 2

    1. Colin

      I’m waiting for the iPad 4. Heard is gonna be better than the iPad 3. *rolling my eyes*

      1. hahaha

        i’m waiting for the ipad 5. heard is gonna better than ipad 3 and 4, hahahaaha, what a joke

    2. John

      LOL!!! Umm well offcourse its gonna be better!!!! Why would they bring out a new iPad that’s worse than the one before!!!!

  11. 250 mb? What a joke, that’s not even 1 movie??

    1. bmon604

      well if u dont have a laptop and an internet connection then im sorry to hear ur pain..

      what if u download ur movie to laptop, move it to itunes, and then sync it with ur iphone/ipad to watch? would that be alot helpful?

  12. Andrew McFadyen

    Will the new iPad use our existing SIM card (I’ve sold my other iPad and kept my SIM in preparation) or will we require a new card?

      1. Andrew McFadyen

        HAHA. Yep to the new Sim Card or requiring a new one?
        Thanks for the response!

      2. This is kind of an important question with no answer anywhere, so a reply beyond an ambiguous “yep” would be nice.

        Can we just pop the old card in the new iPad? Do we have to call Rogers after doing so?

  13. Jenn

    Will the hotspot feature allow us to tether an iphone to other apple devices such as an ipad or itouch?

    1. RogersDuane

      Hi Jenn,

      The new iphone 4 OS lets it become a wifi hotspot. You can then connect your ipad to your iphone 4 via wifi

      1. Jenn


        Will there be any extra or hidden charges to tether from my iphone to an ipad, itouch, laptop etc using the personal hotspot?

        I currently have a 6GB plan

      2. Jenn

        Will this hotspot work on iPhone 3GS or iPhone 3G or just the iPhone4?

      3. This was answered by a Rogers employee in a comment above — the personal hotspot feature will be free on all data plans that are at least 1 GB. In other words: if your plan includes tethering currently, personal hotspot will be supported!

      4. Jenn

        haha I saw… but I was just extremely skeptical because it’s ROGERS! that’s the only word you have to say and people already know what I’m talking about.

        They always try to steal money from us in tricky ways. Rogers… do you enjoy having a bad reputation? Hi ROGERS, you want my money again? Do I have to talk to your rude customer service reps again just to feed you money?

        haha yes I’m an angry Rogers customer. Rogers, you should be careful with how you market and present yourselves. You can stand proud and arrogantly with your dollar bills now but… your gonna fall hard in the dumps if you don’t change your image.

        I am very surprised that you guys are offering this hotspot for free but I think we have Apple to thank for that and not you guys.

      5. Jenn

        The reason your consumers are angry with you is because of the way you price your plans. I feel like you think that your consumers are stupid and will fall for your poor marketing schemes. For example $15 for 250mb and then 5gb for $35 is going to anger anyone who can do simple math (which is ALL your consumers). WHY do you guys want to market/present yourselves like this? You should be creating positivity and not negative, angry consumers.

        Did you guys not do any type of consumer surveys, or target groups to see the reaction of consumers to such pricing plans?

        Change up the numbers and dollars so that people don’t feel like your ripping them off. SIMPLE SOLUTION!

      6. RogersElise

        Hi Jenn
        I am sorry to hear you are so unhappy. I will be reaching out to you to see if I can help with a pending issue.

      7. Joe

        So just so I understand, if I have an iPhone 4 (with updated software) I can use it as a wifi hotspot and not use / need a data plan for my iPad 2?

      8. RogersElise

        @Jenn and Joe: Basically, yes.
        Just remember that you will have to always carry both devices together.

  14. Ed

    I have the $30 6GB plan that originally offered the data sharing for $10/month on the iPad 1 but is currently blacklisted from your new data sharing offer (unless I pay $30/month extra)

    Any chance the iPad 2 data sharing plans will send me some love and not exclude me or up charge me????

  15. Ty

    Hi. Will Rogers be offering iPad2 packages through FIDO? Thanks

  16. Ben

    Why does it cost an additional $30 to share the 6GB data plan (which already costs $30)?

    1. RogersDuane

      Hi Ben – we created a special offer for 6 GB customers when we launched iPad last summer that allowed them to share data on an iPad for just an additional $20 a month. But that offer expired.

      With the current offer ($30/ to share), 6GB customers sharing smartphone data on another device still pay just $10 per shared GB – less than our other wireless customers on sharing plans.

      1. hahaha

        so customer will be paying $30 more to share a $30 6GB plan, and an ipad plan is $35 for 5GB, why $30 to share. and why $10 to share with rocket stick, i think you should lower the $30 for ppl who have 6GB, who comes up with these ideas.

      2. Stephen H

        If you have a smartphone there should be tethering software available for it which would allow you to use it as a mobile hotspot for your tablet. That option works for me.

      3. fed up

        its funny how the monthly amount keeps rising but the service stays the same.

      4. Simple answer: get a plan for $35 that gives you an *extra* 5 GB, for 11 GB total. I know Bell has this plan, and I think Rogers does too, but what motivation do you have to stick with Rogers in this case? None.

  17. Would be a lot more of a compelling offer for me at least, if you had more wifi Hotspots in my area but.. between Halifax/Dartmouth, Nova Scotia there is a total of 4 lol. I get the feeling that is one of the more neglected portions of Rogers service. Least then even if I did only get the 250MB plan a portion of data usage could be offset by being out and about and using wifi instead of the in plan data allowance.

  18. Erik

    I’m definitely getting an iPad 2. The question is, am I getting a Data plan with Rogers? I really wish I could share my iPhone Data plan with my iPad for a reasonable cost. $30 dollars for 6GB plan and then $30 dollars more to share on my iPad is insane… My contract is up in June, and I’m having a hard time reasoning to stay with Rogers to be quite honest.

  19. mjschmidt

    Hey, Rogers, what about the Motorola Xoom? It’s a superior tablet to the iPad2. The cameras are better, it has more storage space, it has a better, higher-resolution display, and possibly even way more RAM! (The Xoom has 1GB of RAM, Apple hasn’t told us yet how much it has, it’s possible it will be _less_!)

    1. RogersElise

      Hello Michael! Nice to talk to you around here :)
      You know that we don’t usually comment on devices before they may or may not be officially announced. But, thank you for the suggestion!

  20. Brad

    Hello. Very disappointed with Rogers right now. I call in confirm I can share my 6G for 30$ plan with an iPad. Then I buy an iPad. I call in and nope now I can’t share, now I need another data package. Very upsetting. I guess I’ll just tether and use my current iPhone sim in my iPad. Rogers u could have got 10$ more per month. Now I’m going to share that data for free.

    1. me

      u can share, but you’ll pay

  21. Mike D

    Seriously, what is up with charging so much to share the 6GB plan? Can you imagine if every compagni would think like Rogers?

    I am renting a car, 150$ but wait we will be two sitting in the car, then it’s gonna cost 300$??


    1. RogersElise

      Hi Mike
      The sharing fee goes toward several posts, mainly provisioning another device on our network and enabling maximum network performance for each device on a regular basis.
      Remember also that with your 6GB plan and adding data-sharing, you still have the least expensive data at a per GB rate than any other customer on another data + data sharing plan.

      1. So according to this logic, you want me to spend $30 to have the same 6 GB?

        I think I’d rather spend $35 and get a Bell 5 GB plan just for the iPad so I have 11 GB total.

  22. Is there a discounted price if you get 3g version ?

    1. RogersElise

      Do you mean, will we subsidize a 3G version with an agreement?
      If yes, then those are details I don’t have at the moment and that we’ll share closer to launch.

  23. Eric C

    Will this plan be available to customers with other devices aside from the iPad2 (like the Galaxy tab)?

    1. RogersElise

      The sharing data plan is accessible for all customers already on a shareable data plan with a smartphone. You can add it to your account and then share data with up to 4 devices, on top of your original device.

  24. Andrew

    So if we currently have the $30 6 GB plan, it will only be an extra $10?

    1. Ed

      According to my understanding, $30 plan holders will be penalized with $30/month shared fee (so $60/month to share the same bucket of 6GB).

      And as I mentioned below, I don’t see how it is a “deal” when a fresh 5GB Pay As You Go on 3G iPad, that you can cancel anytime, is only $35.

      And from other posters, apparently the $10/month got discontinued.

      Oh, by the way, they will also slap on the GRRF, which is an additional cost.

  25. Ed

    I fail to understanding the rationale behind $30/month to share the $30/6GB, when you can get $35/5GB on iPad PAYG, or use iPhone as personal hotspot.

    Can you please explain?

    1. RogersElise

      Hi Ed.
      Our goal is to offer to our customers as many options as possible.
      Getting a new plan on another device means managing both plans, having to monitoring usage of 2 data plans, etc…
      Adding just a data share plan can be for some people more cost effective and time effective.
      Other people will prefer tethering or using the mobile hotspot feature iOS will soon offer and that Android 2.2 also offers on many devices.

      That’s up to you and your needs and your lifestyle! We are just trying to enable you with the best way to utilize your devices.

      1. sleepy spice

        I am another (unhappy) Rogers customer with the 6GB/$30 plan for my iPhone 3GS.

        I am buying the iPad 2 when it arrives in Canada.

        I WAS considering buying the WIFI & 3G iPad with a data sharing option, but… after seeing the “variety of options” available to me from Rogers I am opting for the wifi only version.

        Your various pricing and plans are COMPLETELY ABSURD. In response to Elise’s comment above: Do the higher-ups at Rogers think that Rogers customers (existing and potential) are all that naive, or can’t do simple math? When it comes to internet plans; who cares about “options”, “lifestyle” and being “time effective”? Customers care about the quality, quantity and cost of their service. Rogers wireless plans offer none of these in any sensible way. The best way to “utilize my devices” is AFFORDABLY with as much data as your network can throw at them.

        Rogers has made my decision easy: I’m upgrading to the iPhone 4, buying the wifi only iPad, and using WIFI tethering FOR FREE. I would have paid a sharing fee if it were reasonable. I don’t care about carrying both devices. I always have my phone on me.

        Are you trying to ATTRACT customers or TRAP customers? It is hard to tell from your plans and marketing.

  26. will rogers offer the free hotspot feature on the ipad as they are doing on the iphone with ios 4.3

  27. Marnie

    Why are business accounts not able to opt in to the data sharing? My office pays for my iPhone4, but I was told that data sharing isn’t an option. I want the new iPad2 with 3G, but need data! ALL my services are with rogers – home phone, internet and phone… plus the rogers cell through work. Despite this loyalty, there is no way for me to add data or share it without it costing a fortune. Please tell me there is something in the works to solve this problem.

    1. RogersElise

      Regular business accounts are eligible for data sharing plans. I will be reaching out privately to look into this.

  28. Michael

    Is this just for the IPAD2 or can we use other devices with it? Does the usual extra $10 per device come into play?

    1. RogersElise

      Hi Michael. I am not sure I understand your question.
      I will try to answer as I understand it and let me know if this was not your original question.
      You can use data share plans for a combination of any smartphones and/or mobile hi-speed devices (ie tablets and/or netbooks) and up to 4 devices on top of your original device.
      Was that your question?

  29. brad

    I’m On the 6G/30$ plan. If I have this correct, to share data with Ipad is another 30$. yet if you want a rocket stick its qualifies for the 10$ share option…What stops us from getting a $10 a month share with rocket stick and use the sim in the Ipad. Effectively giving you the share data with the Ipad for $10 per month.

  30. Andrew McFadyen

    Apparently the mods on this site don’t want to answer questions they know won’t be popular for their customers. I asked for clarity about the data sharing option above…no reply.

    I have been a Rogers cell customer for a long time – I will be buying out my contract as soon as possible and taking it elsewhere.

    As for my iPad, Rogers won’t get my data plan – why pay $30 extra when I already pay $30 for data on my iphone, and another $30 for my second phone.

    Sorry Rogers – my business is lost.

    1. RogersDuane

      Andrew – Once again, the $30 6GB offer was a special offer, and typically you can’t combine special offers. That being said, at $30 to share you are still only paying $10 per GB, which is less than other wireless customers on sharing plans.

      1. Andrew McFadyen

        I combine offers all the time with Rogers – but no longer. It’s sad to think that I pay so much monthly and you still want more. Seems ludicrous to pay $90 for data on two iphones and an ipad, giving me 15 GB of data across all three devices. I don’t need 15 GB, I need competitive sharing options for all three.

        While you don’t seem to care about lost business, someday it will catch up. Rogers should take the lead and set the benchmark for other companies to follow. Sadly, you aren’t.

  31. Derek

    More than likely I will not be getting an ipad 2. The cost is to high for a half functional computer. I have a netbook that runs way better and can do everything. However I wish I could get the 5gb data plan for my netbook as I currently pay $35 for 1gb. There is absolutely no logical reason for this. Absolute b.s. Other than that I love rogers.

  32. PauLeduc

    I find it interesting that Apple enabled this feature. I always thought it was disabled because it would effectively kill sales for the iPad 3G models. Even more interesting, is that service providers like Rogers are offering the shaing of data for free. I am trying to see the ‘catch’…

  33. Andrew McFadyen

    Just reading now that the iPad 2 might be locked to specific carriers. Is this true? If so, that would mean that Duane was wrong when he told me I could use my sim from my original iPad in the new model. Can someone from Rogers please fill us in on if the new device is locked or not?

    1. RogersDuane

      They did not announce any change in this i.e. Ipad will be unlocked and you can use any carrier and switch at any time.

  34. Random72

    Yah I might be interested provided the prices aren’t ridiculous (big if) and you’ll actually be able to properly stock these devices.

    I’m not putting my name on some silly waiting list. I’ll buy the old iPad before I do that.

    Your track record when it comes to stocking Apple products is checkered to say the least. My local store still has spotty supply of the iPhone 4 nine months after it was released in Canada.

    Not exactly confidence inspiring.

  35. Jay

    From what I have read online, it doesn’t sound like tethering from ip4 will be free. Once 4.3 is released, you will have the option to tether, but tethering is still subject to your providers rate. Am I reading this wrong?

    1. PauLeduc

      Jay, I believe there is no restriction, other than you must have a data plan > 1GB, when tethering. I use tethering all the time with my notebook and my iPhone (I have a 5GB-$30/month data plan with Rogers on my phone).

      So as I understand it, the data sharing between my phone and my notebook, will be extended to other devices, ie, my iPad. The only difference is that the tethering is wireless, as the iPad will connect to my iPhone’s hotspot.

      I think this is great, as I do not need to pay extra for a 3G iPad.. my old Wifi iPad will connect to my iPhone for access to the internet. I just have to remember to keep my iPhone in my pocket when I take my iPad on the road.

      If anyone plans on using this a lot, I suggest you keep an eye on your usage, as this may cause it to double depending on your usage habits.

  36. giwndr

    Not sure that I understand this wifi hotspot concept.

    If I buy an ipad2 3g model and buy the $35 for 5 gb plan, I will be able to make my ipad2 a wi-fi hotspot?

    1. PauLeduc

      Apparently so.. although I do not know why you would do this. If you already have a phone with any data play > 1GB, you can use the PHONE as the hotspot. Save youself some money and buy a wifi only ipad.. and then connect to the net via your phone’s hotspot.

      Personally, I am puzzled by Apple’s decision to permit this function in IOS 4.3; it is going to kill sales of their 3G devices.

  37. Brian

    Can someone confirm for me that for a family plan with 1 GB shared data either of the 2 phones on the plan can be used as a personal hotspot at no extra charge. Thanks.

  38. Dave

    I spent 1 hour on the phone with support and they could not confirm:

    – For an extra $5 I can upgrade from 500MB to 1Gb data
    – Once I’m at 1GB data plan I can use Wifi Hotspot feature on my iPhone


  39. Derek

    @Brian, I spoke with a rep lastnight. As long as you have a minimum 1gb plan you can use your device as a mobile hotspot with no extra fees. You cannot use your device as a mobile hotspot if you have less then a 1gb plan.

  40. Jay

    I spoke with Rogers today after downloading OS4.3 for both iPhone 4 and iPad 1( wifi only).

    There is no charge to use my iphone as a wifi hotspot. This is a new option in settings. It requires you to set a password, but then allows your iphone to be a hotspot and use your current data plan. I have a 6 gig plan, and my wifi only ipad 1 connects flawlessly to it in seconds.

    The only charges I will incur is if I go over my 6 gigs.

    1. RogersElise

      Yes, we’ve had many reports that it’s an easy process! That’s great!

  41. Santy

    ROGERS is the WORST company to do business with.
    Why ?

    i have the 6gb plan on my iphone. I saw the damn ad for data sharing and bought a iPad.

    I go to the rogers store and ask them to hookup my data share with my ipad.

    I had a rude awakening that the 6GB plan has been blacklisted !!!!

    WTF !

    With ROGERS it can be expected…… gimmicks to get more dough from customers. WAIT till there is a competition and ALL the customers would dump you !

    1. RogersElise

      I am sorry for the experience. I will reach out privately to see how I can help you.

  42. brad

    I was rather upset that I cannot take advantage of the datasharing for $10. as I have the same $30/6G. Here is the funny thing. I was will to pay $10.00 a month to share. But now on the Iphone, I just tether. So now I am sharing for free. Rogers really needs to wake up with the feature and costs. Fortunately i did not face and rude or ignorant employees, they have always been pleasant, and tried to work out solution. It seems in this matter there is not a lot of wiggle room.

    Rogers has introduced a new revenue stream, THey need to have the rules consistent. I am being punished for taking advantage of the promo 6G plan. I would not scream and shout i am canceling. but, at the end of my contract instead of auto renewing, I will b looking at alternative services.

    I think Rogers has good services, ok prices, but wanting me to pay $30 for data than a 30 to share makes no sense.

  43. Jay


    Did you buy a 3G iPad or just wifi?

    Either way, your iPhone can now act as a hotspot wifi connection. You don’t need a data share plan. It’s free, you just have have your phone in the general area. Most people always have their phone within armslength.

    By blacklisted, did you mean they’ll only offer to data share for $30 a month rather than the advertised $10?
    The fine print states the offer is not available to customers with the 6 gig plan, but it’s kinda irrelevant now with the “personal hotspot” update with 4.3.

  44. Brad

    Hi Elise. You tried to help before. You escalated my concerns to the OOP twice. Unfortunately they could not satisfy my compliaint. Thank you for trying. But there does not seem to be any compromise.

    1. RogersElise

      Sorry you are feeling that way.

  45. Ben

    $30 to share a $30 6gb plan makes me want to look elsewhere. Is Rogers really trying to be innovative with choices or just trying to scare us back into the stoneage with the prices? $20 is bearable, $10 would be ideal. However 0 will be coming from me at this moment.

    1. RogersElise

      Hi Ben. Rogers is offering you multiple options, you can tether or use the hotspot feature at no additional cost. You can also share your data and the current data sharing plan for our 6GB customers makes it the most interesting plan on a per GB basis of all data sharing plans available, at just $10 per GB.

      1. As mentioned earlier it’s smarter to get the Bell $35 5 GB plan, so you have 11 GB total. At least you’re getting something for the extra $$.

  46. Glenn

    Rogers I am looking for advice on what plan I should be moving to?

    I currently have the $30 6GB data plan for my iPhone 4G + the $20 iPad (3G) share option. In addition to that I have separate $20 a month Rocket stick plan (512MB) as it was not possible to share more then 2 devices on one data plan before. So i currently pay $70 per month for 6.5GB of data over 3 devices (taxes and GPRF excluded).

    I plan on adding a iPad2 (3G) to the mix and require that all 4 devices be usable without tethering. If i move to the new plan all 4 devices will only be sharing 1GB @ a cost of 60$. To get the equivalent 6GB shared across all 4 devices would cost me $135 per month under the new plan 30+10+10+10 = $60 for 1GB + $75 for an additional 5 GB ($15 per GB).

    This seems excessive to me when I currently use < 1GB per month of real bandwith.

    What other options do I have?

  47. Glenn

    Rogers, I have been thinking about this some more and I have a suggestion that you lead the industry and truly innovate for your customers. Make things very easy to understand and don’t lead people on to over subscribe and under utilize their service.

    Charge $15 for the first device and $15 for the first GB. This nets out to the current charges you offer today. Charge an additional $10 per month per device and $10 per additional GB started after the previous GB has been used. Let people mix and match as many devices or GB of bandwidth as they need. Give them a text notification as they approach 90% of each GB used as a warning.

    As we start to accumulate more and more devices that we want to put on the network then flexibility at a reasonable cost for services rendered will truly delight your customers.

    Think about it and discuss it your next planning meeting. Act on it before your competition does ….

    1. RogersElise

      Hi Glenn. Thank you for the suggestion, I will pass it along internally.

  48. I’m interested in the $60/mth 200min & unlimited from 6pm (local calls) plan with 1GB data + Unlimited Social Networking with BONUS Offers of: Unlimited MY10 Canada-wide Talk & Messaging, Unlimited Extreme Text, Picture and Video Messaging.

    1) I’d like to know if I can use THIS specific Ontario plan for iOS 4.3 Mobile Hotspot feature in my iPhone 4?
    2) your Legal disclaimer here: (+) Legal Disclaimer only shows info based on My5 not the My10 in this offer, can this be updated to reflect this, please?


  49. Jason

    I’ve asked this question before many times, and have never had a satisfactory answer but I’ll try again anyway.

    WHY does Rogers insist on demanding a minimum data amount to allow tethering??? I currently have an iPhone value plan (from when I got my first 3G) that includes 500MB of data. The only way to move up to 1GB (the current minimum) is to significantly increase my monthly bill by opting for a completely different plan.

    If I pay for 500MB of data, what’s the difference if I use it in tethering a laptop or iPad, or if I use it on my iPhone?? In any case, it is the iPhone connecting to your network and downloading the data that I PAY FOR! What happens to the data after that (i.e. it is used by my phone or it is passed along to another device) should be irrelevant to Rogers. If I go over my allotted data, I pay extra and it’s my own fault.

    I’m furious at Rogers for the needless restrictions and blatant up-sells rather than simply allowing customers to use their (already far too expensively priced) data as they wish.

    Does anyone from Rogers have a good explanation why this is so?

    1. Jason

      3 days later and still no one from Rogers willing to provide an answer. Is that because there isn’t a good reason to provide?

      1. RogersElise

        Sorry Jason, looks like I missed your comment and didn’t respond. I apologize for the delay.
        We are asking customers to have a minimum of 1GB as a data plan because “normal” browsing, which is what you would do if you’re browsing on your tethered computer, uses a lot more data than mobile browsing. You have probably noticed that when you access websites from your mobile, they are not showing the same interface than from your computer (usually less pictures, less banner ads, etc). We’ve found through studies that with only 500MB of data, customers who are tethering would rapidly exceed their usage allowance and thus incur overages. This is why we placed this limit.

      2. Jason

        The concern is thoughtful, but if there are abundant warnings about typical web browsing data usage, and customers receive fair warning (i.e. a text message at 75% and again at 90% of their limit) of impending overage charges, I think it is reasonable and fair to allow customers to be the ones to make that decision. If I choose to tether, it won’t be to lounge around watching YouTube videos, it’ll be to quickly pull up some important information, or send an important email with documents that I can’t do from my email. Also, it may allow me to use apps on a device such as an iPad that need some data, but do not constitute the same volume of data usage as on the “real web”.

        I don’t think your rationale adequately excuses Rogers imposed limits. It means that customers have to choose a more expensive plan, even if they only rarely need to use tethering, just so that they can have the option.

        Even with overages on the odd month, it would still be much less expensive than a larger data plan every month.

        Rogers should change their policy to allow tethering (i.e. fair use of purchased data) on ANY size data plan. Overage charges are the responsibility of the customer. Start serving your customers and stop parenting.

  50. Kristin

    What about the Flex Plan — there’s a $20/500MB option — why isn’t that available via the on-device interface on the iPad? Do I actually have to call Rogers for that?

  51. Derek

    I dont know why these people seem to have such unsatisfaction with rogers. I have never had problem getting an error corrected and trust me ive had a few errors on my bills such as a
    payment being posted to the wrong account. I have noticed you are more likely to get what you want if you have a good history. Which makes sence, why cut deals for people who cant pay a bill on time. I recently spent an hour on the phone with rogers, roughly 45 minutes was with a tier 1 rep. After she exhausted all her resources she passed me to a tier 2 rep, who in 15 minutes, satisified my needs. Now, i have a good standing with rogers and they were very eager to satisfy my needs to keep me as a customer. In the end i reduced my bill from $90 to $75 and added more services. I now have, for $75- 600 daytimes minutes, 1000 long dist.
    mins, unlim. even@weekends @6, unlim. text pic and video messaging, call display, voicemail, call waiting, and 3gb of data. Previously i had all that minus the 1000 long dist mins, only 500 mb of data and only 300 daytime mins. Yet i was paying $90. There is a reason people have bad experiences, sometimes its the unlucky straw of a draw, sometimes people are impossible to please, and sometimes people just have bad standings. I have been with telus, mts and rogers and will never switch to either again.

    1. RogersElise

      Thank you for this positive feedback Derek. Cheers!

  52. Waqas

    If rogers really cares about consumers then they should get the Xoom and any other Honeycomb tablet along with the iPad 2. Apple products might be popular but some of us actually LOVE open source operating systems. You get Android phone, why not tablets? As far as the pricing is concerned, again, this is a rip-off. Tablet = enhanced experience= more data usage. Who are you trying to attract when you offer 250 megs for 15 dollars lol that made me laugh. I have 6 gigs for 35 dollars ( I know it was a promo) and I still use most of it every month.I use a lot more than the average user but when it comes to a tablet you guys offer BETTER plans. I would have really liked to see $20 for 5 gigs and 35 for 10 gigs. At the end of they these things are the reason why anyone would want a tablet….I’d go for a XOOM in 2 seconds if I could get 10 gigs for 35 or even 40 bucks…

    1. RogersElise

      Thanks for your enthusiasm and suggestions Waqas!. Well this post was specifically about the iPad after Apple announced it would carry it, but we do have an Android tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab. We do not comment on devices before we announce officially whether we may or may not carry a device, so I can’t comment on the Xoom or the Honeycomb. But, if you read RedBoard and watch @RogersBuzz Twitter feed, you’ll be among the first to get our news :)

  53. Dave

    I’m sorry but those of you with the 6GB for $30 plan complaining and hating on Rogers need to chill out.

    You will NEVER find that deal anywhere else so just enjoy it and simply tether your IPAD or laptop or whatever to your phone.

    Bunch of whiners…

  54. Mark Eibes

    Why are the plans in Canada so ridiculously expensive? In the UK I got a SIM card with 500 MB internet usage for 30 days, 300 free texts AND £10 for calls and more texts for… £10, that’s less than 16$. That’s tax included. At first I thought it was because the country is so much larger but then I saw that you simply just cover urban areas. I would like to have a similar plan for my smartphone over here but it seems that I’d have to spend at least 50$ before tax which I simply can’t afford. I guess I’ll have to sell my phone, I just don’t see how that is profitable for your company.

  55. giwndr

    I am looking for clarity on ipad2 data plans.

    Let me state what my understanding of the offering is that,
    If I have an Ipad2 with 3g, this data plan is available to me.
    For $35 I get 5 gb. Once I have used up that data bucket, I can purchase another 5 gb for $35.
    I can share that data via the wi-fi hotspot function in the new iOs.

    Can a Rogers rep confirm this for me?

    I ask because I am considering the purchase of the Ipad2 when it becomes available but the Terms and Conditions of the Ipad data plan currently on says that Tethering is not available on this plan. Tethering is defined in these Terms and Conditions as using the device as a wireless modem.

    If tethering is not allowed on this plan, does this negate the Wi-fi hotspot ability of the ipad2, or is this function disabled only on the 5gb for $35 plan?

    Please clarify. Thanks.

  56. Andrew McFadyen

    Well…Rogers is now in the process of losing my business – both of my lines will be ported out this week because I truly don’t believe that they cannot allow me to share my 6GB plan with my ipad. I would rather leave my contract and go to a competitor then continue with a company that does not try to retain/look after it’s customers.

    I just called and was told that there was NO WAY I could share my data for their $10 rate, even though they know I will be switching providers for all of my services. Too bad when a company would rather lose valuable customers over something so easy/minor to correct.

    1. Ben

      Yeah, I know. I tried too, and also in the process of looking for another provider that will appreciate me as a customer. I also have 2 lines and had been a loyal customer with the fierce competition growing – even with all the friends I’ve been recently shifted over after their contracts expired with other providers, they wouldn’t recognize. Regardless if it’s still the lowest per GB rate, it’s not only a cash grab, it’s just poor service.

      1. RogersElise

        Hi guys

        I am sorry you are feeling that way but we think we are offering our 6GB customers good value with our data share plans. As you mentioned, it’s the lowest per GB of all data sharing options at only $10 per GB. And you have other options to choose from if data sharing plans don’t suit your needs, you can use tethering, the new hotspot feature. Our goal here is to offer options.

      2. sleepystu


        How about offering “options” that the customers (several here, including myself) would like to subscribe to (i.e., we are willing to PAY… if you offer what we WANT, not what you tell us we want).

        It is clear that Rogers is strategizing to get customers who want a particular feature (data sharing) off the 6GB plan in lieu of plans that have higher per GB cost (as you indirectly pointed out in your response above), plus another fee for the privilege of sharing by offering us “options”.


        Just based on principle, most of us will not switch from the 6GB plan to have sharing options since it feels like we are being penalized for getting a reasonable deal ($30/6GB) initially during a promotional period. There is a common term for that: “BAIT AND SWITCH”.

        Is Rogers actively trying to lose customers, or just willing to gamble that people will not jump ship, while some (a.k.a. suckers) might cough up more money?

  57. Rimtu Khan

    Simple truth: Rogers $10, or this “innovative” data share plan is a way to rip off unassuming customers who are not aware of what they pay for, when they pay Rogers. The rogers $30/6GB data plan included tethering. That means you could always share that data with any number of other devices, such as your iPad, your laptop and anything else that could use it via bluetooth, or USB or wifi hotspot etc. If Rogers ever charged you extra for that, you could hold them liable for it, because tethering was part of the plan.

    With the wifi hotspot being made available on cell phones, I consider that to be something that is really innovative. It is just shameful that Rogers calls ‘data sharing, customer rip off’ plan, innovative.

    I left Rogers wireless and with great results. Had two phones with you. You want to come up with these type of “innovative” ideas and be greedy about $10 a month extra to squeeze out of customers? Okay, you already lost my $120 bux a month. And hopefully many more to come…

    Stay greedy…

    1. okeefe73

      Completely agree with Rimtu Khan. I also have the $30/6GB plan, but will be looking at changing providers when my 3 year contract comes up. I have purchased an iPad 2 and was willing to pay a reasonable price to share the 6GB data but I definitely do not consider $30 to share the same 6GB reasonable.

      Yes, I agree with Elise that the price/GB is still the lowest amongst Rogers existing data plans at $10/GB, but that is DOUBLE the $5/GB that the original subscribers to this plan are paying for (fair value in my eyes). The last time I checked, 6GB of data, regardless of where it is accessed from, an iPhone or an iPad, is still 6GB of data to Rogers. Granted, there is an incremental cost to manage an additional SIM/device on the network, but at $30/month, $360/year, that’s ridiculous. At most it could be $5-10/month (which is something I would be more willing to pay). No matter how the data plan designers / and marketers try to spin this essential fact as being “innovative”, it is not, no matter how you slice it:

      “Rogers is offering you multiple options, you can tether or use the hotspot feature at no additional cost. You can also share your data and the current data sharing plan for our 6GB customers makes it the most interesting plan on a per GB basis of all data sharing plans available, at just $10 per GB.”

      Like Rimtu said, this is just greedy…

      So, Rogers will likely loose me as a customer when my contract ends. Rather than getting my $80/month in plan fees, which it has gotten over the last 3 years, it will now get zero. Alternatively, if they were “innovative” and reasonable with their data sharing options, they could retain me for another 3 years at $90/month. It is unfortunate how companies and their team of plan designers / financial analysts / marketers try to push these plans are so way off base and loose focus on what customers are realling looking for.

      I think because Rogers employees have certain benefits, which obviously includes cell phone plans, they forget that although I’m paying $80/month in cell fees, now, they somehow think I would be willing to pay $110/month.

      The option of using the iphone 4 as a hotpot for the ipad is great, but really, that’s not a Rogers innovation, that’s an Apple IOS feature. I will be upgrading my iphone 3G within the 5-6 months to the iphone 4 or 5, and will also be considering going no contract so that I have all options available as to which carrier is truly offering me the best value and doing it innovatively.

      Based on the comments here, it appears that Rogers would rather rid itself of the $30/6GB data plan or make it much more profitable to them, yet every year when the new iphone comes out, it reintroduces the same plan.

      Keeping my eye out for great value and true innovation….

  58. “You can buy 6 ounces of Rogers Cola for $30. However, if you wish to put it in a different bottle to drink from, we will charge an extra $30 fee. It’s still only $10.00 per ounce! That’s the least expensive Rogers Cola you can get.”

  59. AJ

    This is absolutely ridiculous. I purchased the iPad 3G version as I will be traveling with it so will use a sim card from the country I travel to for data.
    However, the data plans through Rogers are out right a pure and simple cash grab. I fail to see any logic Rogers could provide for their pricing NONE!!!!

    Ok so lets go over this:
    I have a 3GS iPhone on a 6GB data plan for $30/month, I can’t use the hotspot feature in 4.3 iOS as it’s not supported on the iPhone 3GS (thanks Apple!!!!)

    To share my data plan with my iPad 2 (which is sweet thanks Apple!!!) would cost an additional $30!!!! So I’ve gone from $5 dollars per GB of data to $10 dollars per GB of data!
    On the other hand I could just pay $35 to add 5GB for the iPad exclusively.

    Ok Rogers, explain that one? Really, seriously, I would like you to explain that pricing. Break it down, cost it out for me, item by item billing! There is no logic (as you can see from your angry customers) that explains this. The only logic that works… Give me your money!
    Also, do not pander this company line of handling the additional device etc. It costs you no more to handle a second smart phone or tablet, no matter what the device or what the data allowance.

    Rogers, have you not learnt anything from Apple marketing? See the prices they charge, .99 cents for a song, 5 bucks for an app etc. this pricing is instant buy without consideration.

    You want people to flock to this data sharing, here’s the pricing that is acceptable
    $5 dollars to add a device
    $10 dollars to add a device + 1GB additional
    $20 dollars to add a device + 2 GB additional
    $30 dollars to add a device + 3 GB additional

    You would have so many people instantly signing on with out question and never thinking twice about the reoccurring monthly charge.

    Open your eyes and ears Rogers, listen to your customers who are commenting on this board. We are willing to pay a fair price, I am willing to pay a fair price, however this is not. This is a cash grab that will drive customers away from your service. The only reason that people aren’t flocking away from your company is because of the monopolistic telecos industry in Canada. You, Bell, Telus, Fido all the same prices no competition.

    1. sleepystu

      I would like to sincerely thank Rogers for making the decision of how to (spend and save) my money so easy:

      1) I just gladly shelled out $519 for a WIFI only iPad to Apple. Thank you for saving me $130 on the 3G version.
      2) Thank you for saving me $30/month for the “innovative” privilege of sharing my existing 6GB of data from my iPhone.
      3) Thank you for saving whatever else it will cost to stay with you, the minute my $90/month, 3 year prison sentence with your company is over when I purchase and subscribe to the competitions offer on the iPhone 4 or 5… Whatever comes first.

      What a super-dooper variety of innovative plans you have for customers with multiple devices.

      Thank you, Rogers!

  60. Kujo

    I am very disapointed in rogers. Im moving my service to bell. I have 6 gig data plan and i bought my ipad2 now i gotta pay another $30 to share that data. Such a rip off

  61. Rob

    I wish I saw the feedback here first before I got my 3G iPad 2.

    With all of the advertising that Rogers is doing regarding the $10 data share plan, I thought great! When I called in yesterday to order that feature I really really was floored when I was told it will cost $30/mth extra to use my $30/mth 6GB iPhone plan. I asked the agent if he was joking. Ummm, yeah I guess not.

    The Rogers marketing team must have been giggling like little school girls when they came up with this plan thinking: what fool is going to actually buy this plan. And yeah, I do not agree with the previous moderator comments about how this extra $30 is for the network provisioning and keeping track of the data for 2 devices, blah blah blah. Yes this is required but you and I both know that it doesn’t cost nearly that amount.

    Makes me re-think having to pay Rogers hundreds of dollars a month for Cable, Internet and Wireless. Going to another company may not be any cheaper but it’s the principle that counts. Treat your customer’s fairly and they will stay. Seriously Rogers, how much do you really want to gouge us? Geeze!

  62. michele hamilton

    I just added a ipad mini 2 to my share everything plan I can not wait until I get the tablet and start using it.