Rogers Data Share plans makes it easy to share data across multiple devices

Last year you told us you wanted to be able to share data across the devices you use, and we responded at TabLife TO in December by being the first service provider in Canada to announce data sharing plans. We wanted to take some time to explain how these plans work and highlight some of the key benefits.

Why would you want to share your data?

  • It means only one plan to manage– share your smartphone plan with your tablet, netbook or Rocket mobile internet stick
  • Maximize your monthly data usage – get the most value by sharing your monthly smartphone data allowance with up 4 additional devices
  • Save each month – Add a device for as little as $10 per device per month plus Government Regulatory Recovery Fee (GRRF) (limited time only)
  • Greater flexibility – get a plan that works best for you (three-year term with hardware discount OR month-to-month without hardware discount)

How these plans work

Whether you’re a new or existing smartphone customer, there are a number of flexible options that will let you share data across multiple devices.  You can check them out here.

After you settle on a plan that makes your data shareable, you can add additional devices to this plan. For just $10 per month plus GRRF (limited time only), you can add a new or existing device that you already own. For those saving with a hardware discount agreement, the price per device to share is $15 a month plus GRRF (limited time only), with three year term.

Can you explain that to me again?

Ok, let’s say you’ve got a Sony Ericsson X10, and you’d like to get a new Rocket stick but want the convenience of having only one plan to manage all of your devices.  You currently have a voice plan with a 2 GB data plan that costs $45 per month plus GRRF, and you’re three months into your three year term. You’d first change your data plan to the equivalent 2 GB data share plan, also at the same $45 plus GRRF price. Since your X10 is already on a 3-year term plan, there’s no effect to your current term or hardware upgrade eligibility. From here, you simply have the Rocket stick added to this plan. If you don’t want a 3-year term on your Rocket stick, you simply purchase the Rocket Stick at its full price and pay $10 a month plus GRRF to share the data with this additional device.


To take advantage of these plans, your primary line must be a smartphone, and you can’t combine them with other special offers. Corporate plans are currently not eligible for sharing, and the Rocket hHub isn’t compatible with data sharing plans. Please contact a Rogers representative for full eligibility details.

$30/ 6 GB Customers

Our 6GB customers are very important to us. That’s why we created a special limited time offer when we launched iPhone 4 last summer that allowed them to share data on an iPad for an additional $20 per month plus GRRF.

If you missed out on this offer, you can still share smartphone data on an additional device for $30 per month plus GRRF. This works out to just $10 per shared GB – less than our other wireless customers on sharing plans.

How do I get full details?

We recommend you visit, call 1-888-Rogers1 or visit a local Rogers retailer to get full details. You can also check out this clip below from Vancouver’s Breakfast Television where Mike, one of our Data Guyz recently appeared to discuss the data sharing plans.

How many devices do you have? Do you share data?

Duane MacDonald is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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32 comments on “Rogers Data Share plans makes it easy to share data across multiple devices

  1. MrMiGu

    Or you could just get a device which doubles as a wifi access point and connect directly to it to access the data that you’re already paying for!

    1. Chris

      Lets hope they don’t start charging for that service too.

    2. Stephen H

      Yeah, I can just use Barnacle Wifi for my Xperia X10 and use my current bandwidth without having to pay an extra $10 a month. I mean, the concept of paying a $10 premium to use bandwidth I’ve already paid for seems a bit silly and pointless to me. We’ve been doing that for ages already without having to pay extra. It’s just a matter of downloading an app from the market.

      If you’re marketing this to tablet and PC users I don’t think it makes much sense. I believe the biggest smartphone data plan you currently offer is only a single gigabyte a month. If I’m using a PC or tablet I want to actually download things (stream music, download video, video chat, etc) instead of what I do on my phone, which is vigilantly monitor my bandwidth usage several times a day to make sure I don’t go over.

      I like the concept of sharing my data plan across multiple devices and I think this will be the norm in a couple of years, but right now it doesn’t make sense. The bandwidth caps at Rogers are too low to make use of the kind of things people want to do with a tablet. Might as well just get wifi versions of these products until Rogers can offer a reasonable amount of data transfer for a reasonable price. Right now all Canadian carriers are lacking in that department.

      1. Amanda

        Actually, the biggest smartphone data plan currently offered is 5 gigs.

      2. dbaker

        no Amanda I have a 6 Gig plan on my iphone 4

  2. Chris

    R.I.P. O.F.F.!! Paying MORE money just to share the Data I have already paid for = SCAM. I pay for 6GB of data for $30…I should be able to use this data on any device without being charged extra for doing so.
    Charging me extra to share data I have already paid for is like charing me extra for milk that I pour into two glasses instead of one.

  3. Frank

    $10 per device per month to use data we already pay for is completely absurd. Go back to the drawing board on your pricing and stop gouging your customers for basic functionality.

  4. Hey RogersDuane.

    So question for you – I called customer service and they said I had no choice but to renew for 3yrs, when I’m not doing any upgrades at all. I have a BlackBerry Torch with the 6GB plan, and wanted to share it with my NetBook, which is currently on the FlexRate $35 plan. So why should I have to renew for 3yrs and not get a hardware upgrade??? I should be able to swap out the data plan I have on the Netbook for the Rogers Data Share plan. So far, if I have to renew, then this is not a very customer service friendly plan for existing clients.

  5. rob

    which is a good option if your phone does it, however wifi tethering REALLY sucks down a phones battery, and is not always convenient. plus non of the phones can currently do faster than 7.2, with the exception of the new acer liquid.

    I wish there was more data alloted in the plans for the $$$$, but its a step in the right direction:)

    1. Redth

      Agreed, using wifi sharing or tethering does suck up battery, but at least there’s no extra cost. It’s a step in the right direction, but it’s way overpriced, and designed to gouge customers of the 6gb plan. Why should they pay more to share a device than a 2gb plan holder?

  6. Redth

    Wow, this is a terrible deal.

    It can’t cost rogers $10/month to support an additional device on their network. I can see some cost being reasonable (maybe $3, or even $5 a month for each device), as obviously there is some overhead to allowing another connection/device on the network.

    You really love 6gb plan holders so much that you want to charge them way more? How come I have to pay $30 for another device just because I paid for more bandwidth than the 2GB plan holders? I already PAID for the data, why are you trying to charge me more for it?!

    Here’s what it comes down to folks: Rogers wants to sell 6gb type plans, but expects you’ll use only a fraction of the data. If you have more devices, chances are you’ll use more of the plan you paid for, so they want to charge you again for the same data.

    Rogers, quit gouging your customers. If we pay for bandwidth, let us use it however we want. The only thing you should be charging for is a nominal fee for an additional device on your network.

  7. RogersDuane

    Some have questioned having to pay to share data across multiple devices. Rogers has taken a leadership position by allowing customers to share data across multiple devices. This represents a significant savings over the current model, where people pay for two entirely separate plans for each device. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback for being among the first to enabling sharing.

    The sharing fee goes toward provisioning another device on our network, enabling maximum network performance for each device on a regular basis. That’s different than a home Internet connection, where all connected devices get a portion of the router or modem’s performance.

    The fee also goes towards associated costs including IT, logistics, network infrastructure, administration.

    1. Redth

      @RogersDuane That’s a lot of shoveling you’ve just done right there ^ (nothing personal, I know you have to tow the company line)

      Honestly I agree you need to charge a fee for provisioning another device on the network, but this doesn’t cost you $10/device for all the prose you suggest. Also, it doesn’t cost you more to provision another device on the network just because the customer has a bigger data plan ($30 to add another device if you have the $30/6gb data pack).

      This is a rip off. It should be more like $5/month per device added to a plan, no matter how much data you have on your plan. We shouldn’t be paying more for data we already pay for, but instead a small flat fee for adding another device to your network (that’s fair). It wouldn’t even be so suspect if you charged $10 no matter what data plan, but that would still be too high of pricing in my opinion.

      The reality is, when you sell 6gb you are really hoping we use a fraction of it (this isn’t necessarily a bad thing), and then when we want to add another device you know that means we will probably use more of the data we paid for. It’s just a dirty way for you to make more $ off of the data we already pay for.

      Shame on rogers.

    2. bc

      by the way, you said: “We’ve received a lot of positive feedback for being among the first to enabling sharing.”

      I challenge you to prove you’ve received ANY positive feedback from customers about your data sharing pricing.

      1. Erik

        I second that challenge. I honestly can’t imagine anyone being pleased with these packages.

        Being an Apple user, It’s honestly cheaper to keep the 6GB/$30 plan, and then just get a separate iPad plan.

      2. Shaze

        But you only get 250 MEGABYTES, otherwise you have to pay an additional $30, to get 5 gigs you’ll never use up on 3G. Why? Because 3G speeds aren’t fast enough to use 5-6 gigs!

        I’ll tell you what, I’m going to take a video cam out this weekend and INTERVIEW people and find out how happy they are with all of you greedy telcos!

    3. Stephen H

      So if the sharing fee is for “provisioning another device on our network” why does a person with a 6GB plan pay $30 whereas everyone else pays $10? A connected device is a connected device regardless of what the data is capped at. It costs you guys the same to add a new device to the network regardless of the data plan, which is *WAY* less than $10 a month by the way.

      IT, logistics, network infrastructure costs should already be coming out of our existing plans. I would have assumed you already had that stuff covered.

      I’m sure you’re getting a lot of positive feedback for offering this service. The problem is you’re doing it wrong. I don’t want my data plan to be linked to a mobile phone, a tablet or a usb stick. I want a data plan that’s run like a regular ISP. I want to pay for my data and not have to pay a premium for every single device I own. This is how wireless is going to operate in the not too distant future. If you don’t offer it in the form I just described I’ll get it from somebody who does.

      Stated simply: This data sharing as it’s currently implemented COSTS TOO MUCH MONEY. You can dress it up saying that it’s to cover costs and build out a network, but we all know that there’s a gigantic mark up on that fee.

      Remember when cable was new and cable companies wanted to charge you for each TV in the house that had it? That’s basically what you’re doing here. We all got around that very easily by simply buying a 50 cent cable splitter. With wireless the solution is even cheaper than a cable splitter. It’s software. We can share our phones connection with whatever we want and cut you out entirely. Charge a reasonable price for a unified data plan or we’ll just do it ourselves.

  8. Simon

    Yay for $10 a month you can use your plan on a different device, such a big deal right? I will be sure to be blown away by the Wind when it comes to town. Silly Rogers will never learn, just like Bell. All I want is unlimited plans, but you will only offer them from fake Rogers ( Chat-r/Fido ) in areas Wind is available. Wife’s cell costs us like $90.00 / month, that’s without going over the minutes included. We barely use the data but it never gets added onto the next months bill for usage, it just disappears? Our minutes get used when someone leaves a god damn voice mail ( service we pay extra for? ). Keep gouging us, once the competitor comes we will never look back. Don’t care how big a deal you offer.

  9. bc

    “Our 6GB customers are very important to us.”

    I’m one of those customers you say you value so much. Let me add that I’m also a VERY long time Rogers customer. yet somehow it’s impossible to feel that you’re doing anything but trying to rip us off (or “gouge” us, as someone more politely stated)

    How can you say with a straight face that adding a $30/month charge to a $30/month data plan “represents a significant savings” – I don’t know where you took math, but it’s pretty clear to me that this is simply DOUBLING the cost of the data.

    You and I and everybody knows that most people aren’t even using close to their allowable amount of data on their plan. So now you want to charge us extra so we can use more of the data we’re already paying for?

    Oh, and don’t even talk about adding a 2nd “GRRF” to the account (one for the original data plan, a 2nd one for the sharing) – a big Shame On You Rogers for continuing to put the word “Government” in this totally arbitrary fee.

    I agree that it’s reasonable to charge some kind of fee to provision a 2nd device on the network, but I think it’s far more reasonable to treat this more like an activation fee to turn on the sharing feature on an existing account.

    so for example, a ONE TIME data-sharing activation fee of $35 (or dare I say, even $50) would add the sharing feature to your existing account, for the duration of your contract. or at the very least, a more reasonable per month charge, say $5-$10/month. Since you’re not giving the customer any more data, it shouldn’t be charged as though it’s an extra data plan, but rather as enabling a feature on your account.

    if you went to a restaurant and ordered a plate of pasta, then asked for an extra empty plate to share it with your child, perhaps some high end restaurants might charge you a modest plate splitting fee. but they certainly wouldn’t charge you double. most places wouldn’t charge you for the plate, instead would choose to treat their customers fairly. (hint: a happy customer is a return customer. unfortunately in the wireless industry, customers are held hostage by contracts)

    or lets say you order a bottle of wine with your dinner, and for $30 you get the bottle and a single wine glass. Then if you want a 2nd empty glass for your dinner companion, they charge you an extra per-glass fee, equivalent to the original price of the bottle. of course, giving you an extra glass costs the restaurant extra to “provision” the glass (deliver it to your table, dishwashing, cover potential breakage, etc)

    “Greater flexibility! Maximize your wine usage! Look at the favour we’re doing you!…” Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it??

    even the greedy cable TV companies don’t charge you double to add a 2nd TV to your cable subscription…

    I have a Rogers iPhone and also a 3G iPad (with inactive Rogers microSIM card), but I won’t be adding data sharing at these unreasonable prices. in fact, once my contract is up, now that there’s more carriers in Canada with the iPhone and iPad, I should take my business elsewhere. Do you think your “valued” customers should feel this way??

    I think Rogers needs to seriously reconsider the pricing for this feature. Then perhaps you’ll really see some positive feedback from actual customers

    1. RogersElise

      Hi BC,

      I would like add some info about the GRRF. This fee is applied to help fund fees, costs and other amounts related to federal, provincial and/or municipal mandates, programs and requirements such as provincial 9-1-1 fees, spectrum acquisition, licensing charges, and contribution charges to help subsidize telephone service in rural and remote areas. You can find more information about it here:

      The 6 GB plan is a great plan, it was a great promo. We don’ t typically combine 2 promotions together and the $10 data-sharing plan is at the moment a promo offered for a limited time. But we know you like your 6Gb plan and you, our customers on this plan, are indeed very important to us. We try to innovate for you, we were the first to offer a sharing plan for iPhone and iPad owners last summer. This time, our data sharing plans still provide you with an opportunity to share your data at a per GB rate lesser than any other customer on another sharing plan.

      I wanted also to thank you for sharing your thoughts and making suggestions. It’s great to see you have passion about our products, and that’s you also bring suggestions.

      1. Stephen H

        This $10 data-sharing plan is just promotional? Does that mean that it’s going to get more expensive in the next few months or will just go away entirely?

      2. RogersElise

        Hi. It is a promotion for launch, however at the moment, there is no set date to end that promotion.

      3. LKM

        Hmmmm….. pay Rogers $30 per month to share what I’m ALREADY paying (6 GB data paln) for OR pay $35 and get a separate 5 GB plan for my iPad???? Do you think your customers are stupid?

        BTW > your 3G network is useless in downtown Vancouver! today I tested 5 times it and the best download rate I got was 0.06 Mbps! Unbelievable!

        It’s not passion your customers have for your products or services – I would describe as outrage at your prices and lack of services

  10. Erik

    Dear Rogers:

    I love how you say your $30/6GB subscribers are “very important you to you”, yet in no way reflect that for your loyal Rogers subscribers.

    It’s actually rather insulting to insinuate your “deals” are anything more than total gouging of the customer for something we already pay for. Like many of us Rogers subscribers have expressed, it’s just plain wrong to charge double the price in order to “share” the data we already pay for. I have absolutely no problem with Rogers service, but I am frequently disturbed by Roger’s attempts to treat its customers as fools.

    Like others have mentioned above, I can understand a basic one-time fee, or very low monthly fee just for the logistics of attaching two or more simcards to one plan, I however, cannot begin to fathom why the “data share price” is so ridiculously high.

    I’ve been with Rogers for a long time, and regret that they constantly find ways to over-charge customers. When will you stand out, and offer a service that out-shines competitors, and create a true reason to not only come to Rogers, but stay with you?

    Frustratingly yours,


    1. clone7

      Well Said Erik.

      Paying extra money to share what we already have. I can not see why tethering is included in some data plans but there is an extra charge to share devices on the same data plan. Your data plan should be YOUR plan. I understand Rogers is a business that needs to make money but this seems like a cash grab.

      I am going to be very interested to see what Rogers does when the Blackberry Playbook comes out. Seeing tethering is included in the 6gb plan, they should not charge extra for this to use the playbook on their network. It has no 3g chip, and needs a Blackberry to surf the net, check email and such. They should NOT charge extra for this.

  11. AJ

    It’s been mentioned above by everyone else that this is a total rip-off so I won’t repeat but agree with everyone else. What I’m not sure is how the 6 GB deal is a so called “deal”?

    I think in concept this is a good idea, take my situation for example, two iPhone 6 GB plans however my wife doesnt come close to using that much and I usually have enough left that could support her. This data sharing would be great, drop the wife’s 6gb plan and sign up for sharing even at 10 dollars I’d be saving 20 but based off this I would be paying the same for less data?!?!?!?! How the flip does that work Rogers.

    I seriously can not stand the drivel that is spouted on this board about customer satisfaction, ppositive feedback yadda yadda. Sorry what a load of BS !!!!

  12. Meerkat

    Oy .. Rogers totally missed the boat on this one. You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig! This is an absolutel rip off. Also, much repsect to the Rogers employees who take time to respond to the comments but please spare us the PR babble about being the first provider to offer this sort of plan. If you want to be the first at something that’s fine. But at least get it right the first time. There is no way that anyone at Rogers can make sense of these inflated charges. Hopefully very few consumers will be suckered into this.

    For the time being I refuse to buy a tablet until it becomes easier to use the data i’ve ALREADY paid for. It’s enough that we pay for data and can’t rollerover our bandwidth but to ask clients to pay for it twice is insulting.

  13. Jeff

    I agree with all the customer posts so far. I too signed up for the 6GB plan with a new iphone 4, I figured as most say the iPhone uses a lot more bandwidth then a blackberry (used to use). Anyway, I’ve been on the plan for 6 months so far and the most bandwidth I’ve ever used is 2GB, that includes WIFI tethering with an iPad (on occation). Do I see a credit for the data I didn’t use?….Nope! Do I see a carry over of the 4+GB of data I don’t use each month?…. Nope! My wife has the lowest possible voice plan, 100 minutes no data and very few features. It costs less then $20 per month. I’d love to put her on my data plan and voice plan for that matter. I’d even pay $20 to do both ($10 voice & $10 data) and likely buy her a new phone, but instead to share data only would add an additional $30 per month because I’m on the 6GB “promotional data plan”. Absolutely rediculous! I’d pay $10 per month more (no GRRF – because it’s stupid) then the less then $20 I pay now. Even $30 per month, for a new phone (subsidized phone) with shared data/voice – $10 more then what Rogers is currently getting from us. But, there is no way I h*ll I’d pay $30 per month on top of the approximate $20 I’m currently paying for her plan just so she can use another 40Mbs of my 4GB+ of my unused data.

    I’d love to know which marketing rep came up with this “promotion”, nice try! Can you guy post up any concrete data which shows how many people have actually signed up for this “promotion” since it was posted? And how many of those “8” unforunate people are 6GB plan users?

  14. steve

    boy seems to be alot of whinning and crying on this board! let me guess you all want unlimited everything, devices that are free, and get paid by the service provider to use it right???? Rogers is a SERVICE PROVIDER it is not manidtory that you have a cell phone. There is no need to sit and stream you tube all day on a cell phone….. just saying….

  15. Steve

    I think it’s great that this arena is available for us to voice or complaints with Rogers – I truly hope that the proper people at Rogers look at this and see how unhappy a lot of their customers are.

    I just picked up a new iPhone 4 to replace my aging 3G which I gave to my wife. I grabbed a 6gb data plan (which I barely scratch) when they were first offered back in the 3G days and was quite annoyed when the Rogers CSR proposed this solution for adding data to my wifes account…

    “We offer Data Share plans, however, your wife’s phone will require a data plan. Each phone will share the amount of data on the two plans combined. For instance, if your plan has 6Gb and your wife’s phone has 1GB, if you go over your 6GB, you will be able to access any remaining data she may have on her account. ”

    According to the Rogers site adding 1gb of data to my wifes plan will cost us an additional $30/month, with the cheaper option of 512mb for $25/month. I’m sorry but that is just plain stupid, you want me to pay double for data that I’m barely using now?!?!? – as most of the above replies have mentioned, if we already pay for a block of data then we should be able to use it as we see fit.

    So Rogers – if you truly DO care about your customers, then listen to them…either

    a) Come up with a REASONABLE monthly fee for sharing data plans across phones on an account. Some of the suggestions above would work – $5-$7/month

    or better yet…

    b) Charge us an admin fee for one of your CSR’s to click a button on their screen and be done with it.

  16. Robert

    The response from the Rogers robots is to be expected, but it is hard to comprehend the logic they try to use for justification. And Innovative?

    I got minute sharing for a second phone, and that was over 15 years ago. It was a $10 add-on back then Fast forward 15 years and you can’t make this work with a data plan without gouging your customers?

    You just don’t get it – your customers are speaking to you right now and you don’t care at all besides posting useless messages.

    I wish I hadn’t re-signed with you, and I’ll definitely take my business to another carrier when my plan dwindles down. I know many people are doing that right already. Enjoy your company declining because you refuse to listen to your customers.