Around the world with Rogers: The latest updates on our multicultural programming

With one out of every five Canadians’ first language being neither English nor French, Rogers is proud to offer over 100 multicultural channels in more than 20 different languages.

Here are some recent updates we’ve made to help our customers keep up-to-date with programming from abroad:

  • We now offer the popular STAR channels, previously available in the Hindi Mega Pack and Mandarin Entertainment Pack, on an a la carte basis, which includes STAR Chinese Channel (Mandarin), STAR Chinese Movies 2 (Mandarin), Channel [v] Taiwan (Mandarin), SET MAX (Hindi), STAR India Gold (Hindi), STAR One (Hindi) and STAR India News (Hindi).
  • Popular Punjabi services are available a la carte as well as through our Punjabi Package, including music channel MH1.
  • Our Bollywood channels can now be purchased as part of a Bollywood Pack for a limited time.
  • We’ve launched a new Tamil Package, which includes STAR Vijay, SunTV, Tamil One and Tamil Vision.
  • You can now watch Aaj Tak and Headlines Today, which are top-rated news channels from India. We’ve also launched the Hindi channel NDTV Imagine. We have also launched India’s number one sports channel, ATN Neo Cricket.
  • Our Arabic-language programming now includes new channels like Orbit Al Yawm, Melody Aflam, Melody Drama, Melody Arabia and Dream 2 Future TV International, which are in free preview until March 23, 2011.
  • Have you tried Multicultural On Demand (Channel 800)? Through the service you can find Bollywood movies, Punjabi music, Chinese dramas and variety shows, and Filipino and Hebrew programming. Rogers On Demand Online also has some multicultural channels, including TFC (Filipino) and content from Anokhi (South Asian) as well as classic Bollywood movies and music videos from Saavn (South Asian).

Many of our channels launch with a free preview so you can experience them before you subscribe. For more info on our multicultural programming, click here.

What multicultural programs do you watch? Which ones would you like to see us carry?

Stacey Fowler  is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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10 comments on “Around the world with Rogers: The latest updates on our multicultural programming

  1. John

    Too bad 99% of the multicultural channels are only available to Ontario customers. Us Maritimers are left out in the dark :(

    1. RogersStacey

      Hi John,

      Thanks for your feedback – just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that while some channels are only available in Ontario digital systems at this time, we are working to expand our offerings into regions where we provide cable service.

      You can also always take a look to see which multicultural channels are currently available where you live by going here, selecting your province in the top right-hand corner, and selecting “Multicultural” on the left-hand side.

      Thanks John, appreciate the feedback. -Stacey

      1. John

        I know what multicultural channels are being offered in my area.
        It’s just that 1 channel is not enough. Fairchild Television is the only Chinese channel we have access to. Please add more!

      2. RogersStacey

        Thanks John, specific feedback like that is exactly what we are looking for here, so I’m going to share your note with our Content team. Thanks again for taking the time to read our post and to give us a suggestion. -Stacey

  2. Owais Jamali

    @RogersStacey: How much is the Bollywood Pack? Whats included and is it available in the Toronto GTA region?

    1. RogersStacey

      Hi Owais,

      The Bollywood Pack is currently on a promotion making it $29.99 per month. It includes 6 channels – ATN, Zee Cinema, B4U Music, B4U Hindi Movies, FILMY and Star India Gold. And yes, it’s available to all Rogers Digital Cable customers in Ontario, so GTA/Toronto included as you asked.

      Cheers, Owais – have a good day. -RogersStacey

  3. Mona Amer

    Hi I am an existing subscriber and I had channel 786 as Orbit Al Youm which disappeared and now it is Al Nahar. I would like to know why Al Youm was canceled and if there is any possibility that it can be restored as it is an important channel for me and my friends and family, especially for their political talk show Al Qahira Al Youm by the famous Middle East Tv presenter Amr Adeeb

    1. rogershayleyf

      Hi Mona – can you please reach out to us @RogersHelps on Twitter or at . We’ll b able to look into your cable package and see which options are available to you.

  4. lal chand

    how we can get filipino channel TFC . is there free previewing time and if we like how much for one that channel.we are your long term customers.

    1. RogersPaul

      Hi Lal, thank you for your interest in TFC! I don’t see that it is available on free preview at this time. TFC is included in the Pinoy Prestige Package, pricing and other channels included can be found here –