Samsung Galaxy Tab coming to Canada in coming months

We’re thrilled to tell you that the Samsung Galaxy Tab – Samsung’s first tablet – will be coming to Canada on Rogers later this year.

As the Canadian carrier with the most tablet customers, we’re excited to carry the Samsung Galaxy Tab on Canada’s reliable network. Tablets are among today’s hottest devices – they let you connect with information, entertainment and other content in new ways – at home or on the go.

The Galaxy Tab joins our world-class lineup of mobile Internet and Android devices. It features a 7-inch display, Android OS 2.2, support for Flash Player 10.1 and a whole lot more.

It’s early days for this brand new device, so we don’t have any updates on pricing or availability yet. But as soon as we do, we’ll share them with you here.

In the meantime, you can read the full press release for more details.

Do you have a tablet or do you plan to get one soon? What do you think about the new Samsung Galaxy Tab?

Rob Manne is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab coming to Canada in coming months, 2.5 out of 5 based on 86 ratings
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  1. Not giving a precise date on the launch of a product is a very effective publicity method in keeping everyone interested, and obviously hooked. By saying “Coming Soon” a company is not bound by any deadline and also keep competitors at bay. Very clever.

    I’m in advertising and PR too ;) …and patiently waiting for that Captivate as well.

  2. I don’t care. What I care about is actually getting information about the Captivate. My contract is up. I can easily walk into a Bell store and get one right now. But I would prefer to stay on Rogers. What I ask is for information. “Information soon” is meaningless. You have to know something more than that. What’s taking so long? Are we going to know by the end of the week? Next week? You have to have some sort of schedule. Give us your tentative internal deadlines, and disclaim them all to hell saying that they are not definite.

  3. Will the Canadian version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab be shipped with or without voice (i.e. smartphone) capability?

    The version to be released by the four major U.S. carriers will ship without voice capability, which I think is a major mistake because Samsung misses the opportunity to further distinguish the Galaxy Tab from the iPad (as it does with the two cameras).

    As a senior with fading vision I am more interested in a large phone than I am in a small tablet.

    • Hello,

      Thanks for your feedback on the Tab. Good to know the features that customers are looking for. We’ll have more details about the technical functionality of this device closer to launch.

  4. So only Rogers and Bell will be sporting the SGT… I guess there’s still hope in seeing the device by the end of the year in that case.
    And no voice calling functionality and more-expensive-than-Apple accessories… I guess I can’t wait either!

  5. According to the Samsung press release, in the specifications section it shows the tablet as 900 / 1900 / 2100 MHz for 3G+. Rogers does not employ 900 MHz, does this mean that 3G is only going to be in the limited coverage area of the 1900 MHz band? Or is Rogers releasing an 850MHz device? Also so happy to see that Rogers is releasing this baby, I was planning on getting one from Germany but I now can wait. At the end of the day lets be glad it’s coming to Canada.

    • Thanks Owen! Glad you’re excited for the Tab’s Canadian arrival. We’re excited to add this tablet device to our lineup. :)

      • Your response doesn’t even come close to answer Owen’s question! How does that make sense, all you are doing is just tooting your horn about carrying the Galaxy Tab. Answer the questions that matter, instead of tooting the horn for no reason. We already know Rogers is getting the Tab!!!!


    • Hi again Owen,

      I see I didn’t actually address your question in my response. Sorry about that. It’s still early days for the Tab so we’ll have details about the specific device functionality closer to launch.

  6. oooh… ouch. ROGERS you’re getting some serious smack down by customers.

    +1 for poor PR.

  7. Cool to know about new devices coming asap, but how about a Captivate update?

    On September 8th, you told us there would be pre-order available soon?

    Still nothing but speculation. Even your CSR’s are giving our false info. Some will say within a week/two, some say not until December. What’s the deal.

    We’re sick of being left in the dark, and with that 6GB/$30 deal ending soon, it would be really awesome to know whether HUP eligible people can get in on that.

  8. Maybe they should focus on actually releasing the CAPTIVATE thats taken 2 months to long.

  9. Any chance that this tablet might be able to share data like the iPad?

    • the iPad has the LEAST amount of features of all the tablets. Look up the specs for the galaxy tab, there are tons more features than the iPad could ever hope to have, thanks to Apple’s “Sandbox” method of app development.

    • Hi Colin,

      We’ll have details about plans for the this device closer to launch.

  10. I support Rogers services fully. However, the recent debacle with the Captivate has left a bitter taste in EVERYONE’s mouths. They need to hit the market HARD and HARDER than its competitors to push Android devices. The best way is to be open about release dates (within reason) and fix your relationship with HTC which has the most updated Android phones. Go Rogers, but you can’t keep tripping over like this. Things have slid downhill since Ted, considerably.

  11. If this is anything like the Captivate announcement, it will upset a lot of customers. Nice device though.

  12. Coming months? More like coming years… rofl.

  13. Launch party next week for the captivate? Also will there be data sharing plans? Between the captivate and the galaxy tab/ipad? I’d hate to teather data to the ipad cuz it just kills the battery.


  14. Man the replies on this board frustrate me… Rob and Miranda have a hard job to do.

    It is great news that the Tab is coming, despite lack of details. It shows that Rogers is commited (if somewhat selective) in bringing out emerging devices quickly. Although I really want the Dell Streak, the Tab is something I will consider depending on phone capabilites.

    We look forward to more information !

    • Hello,

      Thanks for the shout-outs :) As Rob and I have mentioned to others here, we’ve been told that customers like to know as soon as we know that new devices will be added to our lineup – even if we don’t have all the details yet.

      Glad you’re looking forward to this device. We’re excited to add another tablet to our lineup :)

      • How are you adding another tablet? What was the first tablet? If you are referring to the iPad, well it’s not really a tablet and you don’t “officially” carry it or provide support for it! Just like you didn’t carry the Nexus One, but kept saying that you were excited to have it as part of your line up of Android devices.

        Please make sure that the messaging is consistent and more importantly accurate. Galaxy Tab will be the first tablet which you will carry, not “another” tablet, because you don’t “officially” carry the iPad!

  15. Maybe an actual release date for the Captivate would be more productive than another “coming soon” blurb about the Galaxy Tab that may show up on Rogers eventually….Rogers has really dropped the ball lately for product releases.

  16. Can you tell us a couple of things,

    1. Will it be able to do voice like the European version or will it be voice crippled like the US versions?
    2. Will you have demo units in the Rogers stores that we can test. I would like to compare it to the functionality of the iPad prior to committing to a multi-year contract.
    3. Will there be joint plans/deals for purchasing a Samsung Captivate / Tab. Reduced cost, shared data/voice?

    thanks for any and all the information you can provide to this blog.


    • We don’t have all the plan and specific functionality details just yet but yes, we should have demo devices available in Rogers locations for customers to try out.

  17. I see you learned a bit from the Captivate comments; at least this worded as coming months!

  18. Later this year probably = somtime next year. Use the Samsung Captivate as a benchmark. Come on Rogers commit to something give everybody a dates..

  19. Fail..any of you people wishing to pick this up from rogers had better consider there reputation with regard to product delivery..see Captivate. Start looking @ Ebay now. Save yourself the wait.

  20. Let’s hope that it won’t be the same fiasco as the “coming soon” Samsung Captivate, announced 2 months ago… and still nothing…

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