Samsung Galaxy Tab coming to Canada in coming months

We’re thrilled to tell you that the Samsung Galaxy Tab – Samsung’s first tablet – will be coming to Canada on Rogers later this year.

As the Canadian carrier with the most tablet customers, we’re excited to carry the Samsung Galaxy Tab on Canada’s reliable network. Tablets are among today’s hottest devices – they let you connect with information, entertainment and other content in new ways – at home or on the go.

The Galaxy Tab joins our world-class lineup of mobile Internet and Android devices. It features a 7-inch display, Android OS 2.2, support for Flash Player 10.1 and a whole lot more.

It’s early days for this brand new device, so we don’t have any updates on pricing or availability yet. But as soon as we do, we’ll share them with you here.

In the meantime, you can read the full press release for more details.

Do you have a tablet or do you plan to get one soon? What do you think about the new Samsung Galaxy Tab?

Rob Manne is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab coming to Canada in coming months, 2.5 out of 5 based on 86 ratings
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  1. Rogers, you have been terrible with the release of every decent device you have launched…please do not screw this one up

  2. its good u mentioned “coming months” ….. rather saying “coming years” :)

  3. And I can imagine the monthly charges now. $35? Too much. $25? Too much. Try $10-$15 a month Rogers, only then will you get my business for a tablet+my Magic (which sucks FYI).

  4. Lol if its anything like the captivate’s release, “coming months” probably means end of next year.

    • Hey Minh,

      I hear where you’re coming from but we’ll have more info to share soon.

      • I think we’ve heard that one before…..

      • You can probably understand that soon is frustratingly ambiguous. If I knew “coming soon” meant 7 weeks and counting, I probably would have got the Vibrant from Bell. I know it is a business decision to be ambiguous with release dates to avoid setting expectations that may not be met, but in the case of the Captivate, it has really damaged credibility for future releases. When I (my friends) are looking for a device in the future, you can bet I’ll jump providers rather than trust Rogers. Unfortunately most people posting here (including myself) feel deceived into staying with Rogers by the Captivate announcement. That is not how you want your relationships to be with eager, high-margin smartphone customers.

        The delay might have been tolerable if it had not been compounded by extremely poor communication. There has been no new information on RedBoard (not that you haven’t been active, and I understand you don’t control what can be shared), and a really poorly executed e-mail campaign that launched before the microsite was ready, which also offered no new release information.

        If you take nothing else from this, please ban the word “SOON” from Rogers vernacular. It has no meaning anymore and probably just irritates those who have been waiting. I personally would like to know how Rogers might avoid this situation in the future if they intend on keeping my business. At the very least I got a sweet deal from retention over this…

      • just more stalling tactics. I’m done, I’m buying from Bell

  5. At this rate, I’d be surprised if Rogers could even get this in before Christmas.
    Seeing how we’ve been waiting for the Captivate for almost 2 months.
    What a dumb move to say you will get this device when the source doesn’t even state it runs on 850 umts bands.
    It’s comeing out to US carriers first, then we may get some idea what and when Rogers will get this.

    • Hi Selim,

      Many of our customers have asked us to tell them about the latest devices coming to Rogers as soon as we can. Regarding the Captivate, we’ll have more details to share soon.

      • We’ve heard this so many times before. “Soon” means absolutely nothing. Might as well just admit it’ll be “months” or perhaps “quarters”.

      • ‘Soon’ needs to be a solid date

      • Didier Levesque says: September 17th, 2010 a 9:15am

        Yes, you have always something to say soon, but what about right now!

      • Knowing about a product ASAP is excellent. Great. But putting out a vague and useless timeframe just irritates people. If you know there’s no intention of it this year, say “Samsung Galaxy Pad will be coming to Rodgers next year sometime. We all know ‘the coming months’ won’t be less than 5.

        Just like the Captivate. We’re told “more info in the coming weeks’. Well, 7 weeks later, No more info. You’re big ‘update’ was telling us that pre-orders are available ‘soon’.

        Saying “Samsung Captivate, coming to Rogers by the end of the year” would have been a more accurate and better way to share the info.

      • Rogers seems be be confused about the definition of “soon”.

        It would be far more accurate to say “sooner or later”, “eventually” or just “whenever”.

      • I agree with this “soon” business, it’s frustrating more than anything else. Can’t you just say “in the next few weeks” or if you don’t have an actual time frame, try saying that, stop treating us like children! SOON son, DAM it’s frustrating!

  6. im sorry, but this is pointless. Without time frames or anything, months can be 2-100+. Its not a good way of doing business, the captivate way I mean. Maybe this will have a more solid release date. You should at least say December 15, and give everyone something to aim and plan for, and if it comes in earlier, hey, you look even better. Choose a late date and go with that, don’t just shoot out soon, and a couple of weeks prior to releasing, still shoot out “soon” to anxious consumers hoping to plan their next device.

    Just some advice for the PR

    • Hi Alex,

      Appreciate the feedback on what info you find useful. Many customers have told us they’d like to know as soon as we confirm we’re carrying a product. But understand where you’re coming from in terms of pegging a more specific date.

      • I find it hard to believe “many customers” are telling you that they want more vague promises with no substantial information.

      • Realistically once Rogers has decided they are carrying a device, they have already sorted out the details with the manufacturer and have a VERY GOOD IDEA of when they will be releasing it.

        You have absolutely no credibility if you are trying to say almost 2 months after the coming soon announcement, and after you are already training reps, that you do not have a darn near cast in stone release date.

  7. Sébastien Simard says: September 16th, 2010 a 9:06pm

    sooo excited for this one, i hope it will go on the market for christmas!! i’m really looking forward to put it on ” the list ” !!

  8. Why don’t you release the Captivate before announcing more Galaxy stuff? This is bull… Been waiting for ages and all you do is hire a graphics designer to make the webpages.

    • Hi Jay,

      Understand you’re frustration, but customers have told us they want to know that we’ll be carrying new devices as soon as we have confirmation so that’s what we’ve done here with this post. We’ll be as forthcoming with details as we can be.

  9. As cool as the Tab is, I won’t be buying another device on contract from Rogers. I’ll be waiting for the WiFi-only version of the Tab, or, failing that, a device from another manufacturer.

    Oh, BTW, for those you do sucker in to buying it, will they be able to share data with their existing smart phone, or will they have to pay extra?

  10. Hi Rob,
    Thats fair enough.

  11. Rogers you should know you’ve done something VERY wrong when people complain about captivate on the galaxy tab discussion. Miranda, put yourself in our shoes, how would you be reacting?

    • Hi Nader,

      I hear you. I understand that not having more details is frustrating. As Rob and I have said to others here in the comments, we’ve been told that customers want to know what devices we’ll be carrying in the future as soon as we have confirmation, but what that also means is that we likely don’t have all those details at that time.

      • as much as we appreciated you providing us with news about future releases, I think you misunderstood the problem here. WE (the consumers) do not like it when you misinform us. This something that even the Competition Bureau agrees with us :
        “the Competition Bureau prohibit making any deceptive representations for the purpose of promoting a product or a business interest, and encourage the provision of sufficient information to allow consumers to make informed choices.”
        Rogers provided us with wrong information. Miranda, you told us that more information regarding Captivate with be available “very soon” and “in the coming weeks”. It is like making an appointment at a doctors office and the clerk lady tells you to come back in 524 hours to see your doctor. Why are you making things hard for us?

  12. The Captivate fiasco totally killed any credibility this site has with any estimated release time frames. You guys are better off saying “Rogers Will Have the Samsung Galaxy Tab in the Future”.

    I’m sorry, but I have such a sour taste in my mouth because of the Captivate.

  13. Yeah, where have we heard this before, and who cares. I’d rather a portable Captivate than a huge Tablet. Thanks but no thanks,

    I tried to be polite in my last posts, but I am quite exhausted, ..Just

    Take notes from Bell. Phones released. Uh huh,

    Good day.

  14. I agree with everyone, unfortunately this announcement means nothing. The announcement for the captivate was in August coming soom and we are in September.

    This is not the way to treat your customers, You are offering the 6gb promo till Sept 30th, I hope the captivate comes out before that so we can take advantage of this.

    As for the galaxy tab looks cool, I hope you change your marketing strategy and give some concrete release details for the tab.

    • Hi Mike,

      Customers have told us in the past that they want to know the new devices coming to our lineup as soon as we know so that’s what we did with both the Captivate and now the Galaxy Tab. Sorry for the delay in providing updates but appreciate your the feedback.

      • Miranda,

        Its like someone telling you “i got you something for Christmas” but telling you in July.. And you have to wait, and wait, and wait, and by the time it hits November or December, you don’t care anymore, or you wish that person never told you anything to begin with because it was so far away. If this Captivate takes past September, Mark my words, Rogers will Lose A LOT of customers. Bell could be Cleaning up right now. Taking everyone’s contracts off their hands, setting them up with a 3 year contract. I’ve Been with Rogers for 10 years and i am considering it.

  15. Given the gong show the Capivate launch has turned into it makes absolute sense to add another high end Samsung device to the list of devices you claim you will be releasing some month/year….

    If you are at all serious about this, here are 2 suggestions:

    (1) Provide an ACTUAL release date and deliver to it.

    (2) Allow the tablet to be added to an existing smartphone plan. I already am paying for a 6 GB data plan. Being able to get a second SIM and use the 3G feature of the tablet would be a great enticement to stay with Rogers. If you are going to make me get a complete second data plan to use it I might as well go with Bell.

  16. I don’t believe you. When you continually fail to properly inform your clients then there is no reason to believe you now. At Rogers “Coming Soon” means don’t bother us when we have it then you’ll know. How about I contact Rogers and tell them my monthly payment is “coming soon”. Why don’t you put up another one of those sites “where we leave our email address and you contact us with updates. I never have gotten any info on the Galaxy S. Oh yeah has the IPhone 4 been released yet because I’m still waiting for some info on that device too.

  17. If there is no voice capability on the Canadian version, I am not interested.

  18. i’ve been reading through the comments on this blog and noting all the frustration around release times. its a bit of an odd phenomenon. its like the hype that is meant to be built by the marketing / PR team about releases is met with such fervor that it extinguishes itself and in turn really frustrates customers.
    the engine that builds the hype for these products (being the engadgets and cnets and techdirts etc) is so vastly ahead of the release to market that even the slightest slip (which is obviously routine) sparks debate.
    personally, I’ve been sitting with a 2 year old blackberry, an upgrade waiting, and watching rogers give an iphone release (largely unavailable), the captivate announcement (not yet released), the torch announcement (now rumoured for delay) … which almost all of them i watched 4-8 months ago launch and provide details to the greater public by their manufacturers. during the summer we’ve also seen htc products, android updates and other releases that we can only expect will take until next summer to come to fruition at rogers.

    i think this blog is a disservice to rogers – it points out that gap about they provide and what we “could have”. It provides no information that would help us decide whether we’d actually stick around with this carrier for a product (like pricing and plans), and it provides no information about products that we haven’t already seen elsewhere. IMO – just don’t say anything until launch day when the product is on the shelf and available for hands. it would be refreshing to actually hear about something and go and get it all in one swoop.

    • Hi Scott,

      This is good feedback. Appreciate your thoughts on this topic. As I’ve mentioned to a few people here, we have been asked in the past to provide updates as soon as we know we’ll be adding a new device to our lineup, but unfortunately, that also means we don’t have all the details at that time. If customers would rather wait for the launch day for all the details, this is good to know.

      • Here’s the thing… even if you take that advice, and wait till launch day (or a week before) to announce, _we_ will have read all about these products 3 to 6 months _before_ that as the tech blogs cover them, and the US carriers release them!

        We will see what they have, and we will want it now (or at least sooner than we’re getting it).

        The real real problem here is that Bell and Rogers both announced within days of each other that they were getting two versions of the same phone (Vibrant on Bell, Captivate on Rogers). The difference is, Bell _actually_ released their phone about a week later!!!

        So, Rogers got screwed. They _had_ to announce it was coming because Bell did, but for some reason they won’t tell us, they don’t have the phones yet.

        It comes down to this, quite simply, Bell scooped them.

        Rogers, why is it taking you _months_ longer than Bell to release what is practically the same device?

      • It’s not that we don’t want to know about things early. That’s the entire problem with this setup. We are told that Rogers will someday be carrying products, and that more information is coming soon. Any enquiries into the subject are stonewalled. We are told that information is coming in the coming weeks, and are not updated for over a month, other than being once again told that information is coming soon. Point of the matter is that we want to be informed, not be told to wait for information.

        I’m sure that you’ll go back to your superiors informing them that we don’t want to know about upcoming products, and there’ll be meetings on top of meetings about it, and everyone will decide that being silent is the best policy.

        Please don’t. Just tell us what’s going on. Don’t keep telling us to wait for information. That’s not helpful.

  19. ARogersCustomer says: September 16th, 2010 a 11:00pm

    Haha, coming months? As we see what’s happening to Captivate, it can be translated into in a year~ Hope it’s not true

  20. soo…Q4 2011 then? if anythign 2 judge by the captivate release dates…

    i also agree, until rogers gets a firm release date, or even a firm release window, they shouldnt just make announcements, and keep us hanging. honestly, when the captivate announcement came out back in august 4th, i was thinking by september id have my galaxy s. but septembers waning and still no galaxy s!

    • Thanks for your feedback. Others have also said the same thing so we’ll take this into consideration for future posts on RedBoard.

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