Samsung Galaxy S Captivate update

After several manufacturer delays we’re pleased to report that Rogers has received our first shipment of the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate smartphone. This morning, we began shipping these units to retail locations and a limited supply of inventory will be in stores over the next few days.

Here’s a message from Paul Brannen, Samsung Electronics Canada Inc.’s Vice President, Mobile Communications, regarding the delay:

Due to a worldwide shortage in Super AMOLED technology screens, we regret that Samsung was unable to deliver the Galaxy S Captivate to Rogers in time for the scheduled launch. The continued shortage has resulted in repeated delays. We know this is a widely anticipated device and apologize to Rogers customers. We’re pleased to say that we have begun shipping the device to Rogers, though shipments will be limited over the next few weeks. Samsung is committed to supporting Rogers with further notices, on the Rogers blog RedBoard and via Samsung Mobile Facebook and Twitter pages.

Until Sunday, October 24, the Captivate can be pre-ordered exclusively at for the promotional price of $149.99 for new customers with select three-year term voice and data plans. Starting October 25th, the Captivate will be available for new customers at $179.99 with three-year term voice and data plan.

Existing Rogers customers who fulfill hardware upgrade eligibility requirements can purchase the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate for the promotional price of $149.99 with select three-year term voice and data plans until November 2, 2010. To upgrade to a Captivate, please visit an authorized Rogers retail location near you.

Meanwhile, as part of our RedBoard video series, my colleague Miranda MacDonald spoke with Rogers’ Michael Nguyen about the Captivate, the built-in Social Hub feature, memory size and the OS upgrade path. Check it out below. You can read a full transcript of the video here.

Rob Manne is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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  1. So what happens after november 2nd?

    • Expect push-back on that date. Here we are on Oct 25th and the phone “hasn’t landed” yet. This will be the 4th time Rogers has pushed their release date back since I’ve taken interest in this phone

      This is such a joke.

  2. Update on release date – very cool!
    Changing the HUP to 30 months so I have to wait a few more months – not cool at all.

    • Not to mention the extra $30 you’ll be paying after the promotional price of $149.99 concludes on November 2nd.

      • People who are worried about paying an extra $30 up front, not to mention people who can’t afford to buy the handset of their choice on the open market for $500, should be thinking twice before committing to plans that are going to cost them $3600 over three years.

        • yes but I’d rather pay 3750$ for the 3 years than $4150 over the three years. I don’t get a discount on my bill for buying the phone outright do I?? My monthly is the same whether I pay 149 for the phone or 549 for the phone, which would you choose?

  3. Representatives on the phone know nothing about this! I tried to get some info with no results. I have no idea how to get this phone as an upgrade.. I’ll go to a store to ask. What if there is none in stock for me until Nov 2nd? What will happen?

    • Hi Sivan,

      We’ve updated you here as quickly as possible. Our representatives are also being notified, but it takes time for news to make it to everyone.

      • and what if a store won’t have it for me until Nov 2nd? Will I have to pay the higher price?

      • So what you’re saying is that i CAN get this with my HUP before Oct 25? Point blank question, can I get this telephone through my HUP before Oct 25th? Also will I be able to get this phone through Rogers retention reps before Oct 25th? (yes I deal with retention now solely because of the captivate).

        I just spent 25 min (again) on the phone with a rep and they told me that it was not possible, and that it was not in their system. I also called 9 places in Toronto/Missisauga and nobody had received and phones.

        I’m a pretty reasonable guy and I understand the communication process is lengthy. What frustrates me is when I call a store and I’m told, mid November.


        Also, how the hell can I give a rogers rep a good rating or something? Some reps are awesome and know everything I know from the net and more.. Other reps don’t even believe there is something called “redboard” wtf

  4. Hi JS, after Nov. 2 the price will be $179.99 with three-year term voice and data plan for existing customers who are eligible to upgrade.

  5. Why do I have a feeling that when (if I choose to) pick up the phone I’m still going to have a bad taste in my mouth? Repeated delays, despite all other carriers getting the phone on time and all we get is a ‘sorry’ and a very flimsy promo on the phone… I sure feel loved as a customer.

  6. Thanks for the update! When will pre-orders be shipped? (I ordered the phone the day the pre-order page was up on the Rogers website)

    • Hi Seb,

      Pre-orders submitted before today are expected to arrive early next week.

      Those that order from today onwards will be shipped as inventory comes in over the next few weeks.

      • wo wo wo, so what you’re saying is that, as an existing customer, I couldn’t pre-order, and because of that I am unable to get my phone until mid-november?

      • I ordered mine on Oct 21st night, so when will I receive mine?

  7. Any word on when the pre-orders will begin to arrive? We’re probably the last ones on the list to get the device, aren’t we? :/

    • Miranda, remember who we are?

      We are the one’s that have paid for the phone and are PAYING NOW.for DATA . for a phone we do not have…?

      Please advise…

      • How did you pre-order the phone if you’re an existing customer? I presume this is the case, since you say you are currently paying for data. Pre-orders were only available for new customers.

    • RogersMiranda says: October 21st, 2010 a 1:59pm

      Hi Nick,

      As Rob mentioned above, preorders submitted before today are expected to arrive early next week.

      • Hi MIranda,

        A little confused with the comments for the pre-order questions. Will they arrive to us, or arrive to Rogers to ship to us?

      • So someone like me who has been a Rogers customer since CANTEL days should pay 179 ? because as an “Existing” customer i can NOT pre-order ??? i see makes perfect sense !!! thank you ROGERS for taking care of your existing customers !

  8. Considering the anticipated shortage, should the Nov. 2 deadline to HUP not be extended a bit?

  9. I’m first on the list at the store that I’m planning on picking this up from. If it arrives before the 25th, what price will it be for new users?

    I don’t think it’s fair for both existing and new customers to have to face a higher charge because of the HUP changes and because they were waiting for it to arrive at the store of their choice.

    • Hi Sean,

      If it’s available at store before the 25th, the suggested retail price will be $179 with 3-year select voice and date term plan. The best way to get the $149 promotional pricing is to pre-order via

      • Rob – will existing customers also be charged $179 if they pick it up before the 25th?

      • But you can’t preorder if you are an existing customer…….. f this i’m out…..

      • So you advertise the price of this phone @$149 for weeks. when it finally comes out…oh the price has changed to $179, and existing customers still basically no real options other than camping out(if you still qualify for a HUP)… does anyone else have a problem with this? Bell has had the Galaxy for over 2 months already and it sells for less. Good luck rogers. Once I hit the 30 months i think i’ll just wait the 6 more, i’ve had a lot of training in being patient.

      • Hey Rob

        This comment is REALLY confusing… I was rereading the release and there is nothing that actually says that the phone is available instore at the 25th. And considering my experience, and the comments below, it would seem the phone isn’t actually available until the 25th unless you preordered.

        Also, your comment states that the price is $179… but that is also not quite clear. $149 is the price IF you get it before Nov 2 AND are purchasing with a three-year plan or a three-year HUP. Considering the stock and the fact that phone actually isn’t going to be available until the 25th, its pretty unlikely that anyone will get one for this price. But its nice to have hope.

  10. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR THAT UPDATE!! It was much apprenticed sorry for all the hassle.

  11. In light of all of the delays, will there be an exception to the new 30-month HUP policy for those of us who have committed changes to their account (such as canceling their BES service and entering a 3yr term for a new data plan) in anticipation of getting this device?

    • Also, thank you for the update! Now I can start harassing my local retailers even more :)

    • I d@mn well hope so. After being told by 2 seperate reps I was good to go on HUP and commiting to 3 years for 6gb of data, I had better be able to get this phone that I’ve been anticipating for 3 months.

      Not that Rogers cares for their customers lately, but my $400/month bill will be going elsewhere.

      • Don’t bother asking this question because it will not be answered. I too made the mistake of waiting for this phone and now because I did so, I’ve been penalized with the new HUP policy so I have to wait another 3 months before I’m eligible. I was interested in this phone 2.5 months ago when it was still relatively new but since then, there has been a number of other phones that have been announced and though this is a cutting edge phone for Rogers, it will be a midrange phone within 3-4 months from now.

        • There have been no phones that are superior to this phone that is also compatible with a Canadian network that has even been announced.

        • I figured there wouldn’t be an immediate response, being that there likely needs to be several internal conference calls culminating with a Rogers higher-up finally replying “Approved” to an email for this to happen.

          I was hoping for at least some acknowledgement or a “we’re looking into it” message from the Redboard team though.

          • Or perhaps not…

            If it turns out that I am ineligible for the upgrade when I go to a store, I’m sure the $179 price difference between the Capivate and the Vibrant this weekend will just about cover my early termination fee.

            I don’t think I’ve ever dealt with a compnay that has evoked such strong feelings of anger/frustration in me. My wife asked me why I’m still giving Rogers my money if I’m so upset about this – I didn’t have an answer for her. I guess I’m letting my gadget-lust cloud my better judgement; be assured this will no longer be the case for many of us.

          • Why is it that the only time I get decent service from Rogers is when I call to cancel my account?

            After I was unable to purchase a Captivate at Futureshop (even though they had stock) I called to cancel my account in anticipation of offsetting the cost of my ETF by getting a free Galaxy S Vibrant from Bell.

            Rogers Retentions instead offered to send me a Captivate via UPS. Why didn’t Rogers just do this in the first place and save everyone involved the trouble and frustration?

          • Got my shipment confirmation this afternoon. Ordered via a retentions rep on the 22nd after being denied at Futureshop, got the tracking number today (27th). Hopefully it’ll be here next week?

            Anyway, this was still a pretty crappy way to release a highly anticipated device. I hope Rogers can find it in their hearts (and pockets) to compensate those of us who spent hours on the phone, in store, and on these forums trying to get a straight answer.

            A little gesture of good will would go a long way towards repairing the mindshare damage caused by this fiasco.

  12. Will those who pre-ordered get theirs first? Will there be notification of shipment?

    • Just answered Seb on that. If you ordered before today, your device is expected to arrive early next week.

  13. Finally some news! I’m sure folks on here would have been far more understanding towards Rogers if this was shared months, weeks even days ago!

  14. How limited will the stock be? Could some stores start receiving this tomorrow? I really hope this is not an iPhone like situation where people have to call random stores and show up first thing after a shipment to get the phone.

    • RogersMiranda says: October 21st, 2010 a 3:17pm

      Hi Asher,

      We can’t comment on actual quantities, but we began shipping some units to stores this morning. A limited supply of inventory will be in stores over the next few days. Best to call your store ahead of time to ensure they have stock.

      • Were we not told in the other thread that inventory levels would be normal? I didn’t wait 3 months from the “coming soon” announcement for a chance to chase down the phone! How come Bell hasn’t had any delays with the Vibrant? You must see how, after numerous delays and misleading communications, customers would be frustrated…

      • Hi Miranda,

        Thanks for the update and release date finally!
        My question is that if a store receives inventory today, will they be allowed to sell them through a HUP? Or is the phone not yet activated in the rogers system until the 25th? Thanks for your swift answer.

      • Unfortunately.. all the stores I’ve visited (4 so far) don’t have any stock, and when they do, the clerk tells me they get only 2 or 3 devices! Ridiculous. I’ve tried going online, but because I’ve forgotten my password, I can’t get in without calling some number.. were I get put on hold for 25 minutes.
        I checked yesterday, Nov 1, still no stock in the store, and for some reason they can’t upgrade you with no phones in the store.. Ya .. uh huh.
        Bell is starting to look good.

        • We have gotten some in store, and unfortunately your right, we can’t upgrade or start an account without having the device (with its IMEI#)in store to register teh phone with your account…it would be like trying to plate your new car without the V.I.N. # ….not too hard to figure that out :)

  15. finally an actual date!!!! hopefully it sticks this time! I’ll be first in line!

  16. Will store that receive this before October 25th be authorized to sell it or do they have to wait until October 25th before selling the phone?

  17. Miranda can you speak to the pre-order folks…….you indicate that the phones are on the way to the a limited supply how about us pre-order folks?


    • Hi Richard,

      If you ordered before today, we’re hoping to ship out by early next week.

      • Hi Rob,

        Thanks for the info. If we pre-ordered a week ago, do our orders start to ship today as well? Or our order will be shipped start next week? Really hope we can get the first batch of shipment…

        Appreciated if you can clarify.


        • RogersMiranda says: October 21st, 2010 a 3:31pm

          As Rob mentioned to Richard above, pre-orders made before today should ship out early next week.

  18. “a limited supply of inventory will be in stores over the next few days.”

    Meaning, line up boys/girls, you’re in for a long one.

  19. they’re expecting an upgrade to 2.2 in the FIRST HALF of 2011??? is this a joke???

  20. Is the GPS problem on the Rogers Captivate units already fixed by Samsung before they shipped? Or do we also have to wait months for the firmware update?

    I like this phone and want to buy one, but it sends a chill down my spine to see so many complaints from U.S. (AT&T) users of this phone waiting for so long without a working GPS function.

    Any updates on this will be much appreciated.

    • They’ve already commented on this. They’ve tested the phone and it works fine on their network apparently. They can not comment on AT&T’s issues obviously. Look it up…

    • RogersMiranda says: October 21st, 2010 a 1:24pm

      Hi Terry,

      We don’t comment on devices from other carriers but what I can tell you is that our version of the Captivate has been optimized for overall GPS/navigation performance and has been extensively tested.

      • Hi Miranda,

        This is not a carrier related defect, but the manufacturer’s. Google “Samsung Captivate GPS” to see what I mean. When I saw “manufacturer delays” I thought they were working hard on fixing the GPS issue. Now it scares me to see that the delay was due to “shortage of Super AMOLED”.

        There was this “optimazing update” in Spetember, offered to U.S. users, but many reported that it didn’t improve anything. GPS would work for a couple of days, then lost lock or cannot find its location agan due to piled up old data in cache.

        What I want to know is: Is the GPS problem on Captivate units actually FIXED on the Rogers version? Has there been an official confirmation from Samsung on this?

        • RogersMiranda says: October 21st, 2010 a 3:18pm

          I think your question is best directed at Samsung.

        • Good question Terry. The operative word here is “FIXED”. Saying that it “has been optimized for overall GPS/navigation performance and has been extensively tested” is like me saying that i optimized my oven that was 60 degrees too cold, and then tested it extensively, and now it’s only 50 degrees too cold. But my souffle still collapses.
          Rogers uses this jargon wordy of a slaezy politician, but what I bet it means is that the problem is not FIXED!

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