Samsung Galaxy S Captivate coming soon to Rogers

Samsung Galaxy S CaptivateYou may have seen the buzz in the US about the Samsung Galaxy S. We’re excited to announce that we will be adding the highly-anticipated Galaxy S Captivate to our Android and Social View lineup in the coming weeks.

Rogers was the first to bring Android to Canada and we’re excited to add the Galaxy S Captivate to Canada’s most comprehensive list of Android devices.

More details will be available in the coming weeks.

To celebrate the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone in Canada, Samsung Mobile and Metric, Canada’s hottest indie band, will rock the downtown core tonight at 7:00 pm with a free street-level concert at Toronto’s Union Station.

What do you think of the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate? Will you be grabbing one from Rogers on launch day?

UPDATE (August 19, 2010, 12:07 PM): Reading all your comments, it’s clear that you want to know more information about the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate. We’ve just set up a page at where you can sign up to get the latest information via e-mail.

In terms of the release date for the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate, we don’t have that information just yet. But as those details become available over the coming weeks, we’ll share it with all of you. Stay tuned!

UPDATE (September 8, 2010, 11:29 AM): We’ve launched a microsite for the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate. You can find it at Also, preorders for this device will be available in the coming days. We’re not ready to announce a release date just yet but in the meantime, you can sign up to get the latest information through the microsite.

UPDATE (September 21, 2010, 4:30 PM): We have news for those who have been asking about the release date for the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate. We anticipated launching earlier, but there has been a manufacturing delay.

As a result, we expect the device will be on sale by mid-October. Pre-orders have also been pushed back, and we hope to make them available later this week. We’ll update you with more news here when it’s available.

Miranda MacDonald is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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Samsung Galaxy S Captivate coming soon to Rogers, 2.3 out of 5 based on 306 ratings
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  1. Wow, that’s kind of cool. Kudos to Rogers for bringing that phone to market. Even though I’m moving to a Blackberry (9800 hopefully) I’ve heard good things about this phone.

  2. I’ve been waiting for the official word on Rogers getting it, I’ll defiantly sale my x10 for this phone.

    • X10 is a HORRIBLE phone, good move to get rid of it, I traded mine for a Desire, but I think this phone will be even better. As long as a Stock android rom gets released which it will.

  3. Does it have the front-facing camera?

    • No, it doesn’t

      • So, in that case, is it a “deal breaker” vs the Bell Samsung Vibrant which _does_ have the front facing camera?

        • That depends on the individual. No deal breaker for me, since I don’t know anybody else who has a front facing camera on their phone, and I never use skype, so I wouldn’t be doing any video calls.

        • The Bell Vibrant does not have front facing camera

          • Umm, actually it very much does have a front facing camera. They didn’t get the Vibrant from the states, they got the one from Europe, which has a front facing camera.

      • Based on what? I know the US version doesn’t have it but that’s not necessarily true for the version Rogers will carry esp. because Bell offers it.

    • Front-facing camera? It doesn’t even have a flash for the rear camera! FAIL

      • No front facing camera is a big disappointment but probably not a deal breaker for most people at this stage since A) virtually no one else has them yet and B) Canadian wireless data plans are still obscenely expensive.

      • Reviewers have been surprised to note the low light mode works extremely well, hence the lack of a flash isn’t that important. It’s still the top phone for Android in Canada; I’m getting it for sure.

        • Here’s how amazingly well the night mode works on the Samsung, even better than a phone with a flash.

          • That is impressive, but we can’t look at one picture and say it’s going to be great for all conditions. A high ISO mode like this will still be vastly inferior to a handset with flash or better resolution under many conditions. For example, if the subject is not still the image is likely to be very fuzzy, and pixels will show up in these high ISO modes unless the image is blurred, looking pretty awful compared to a good quality shot. Unfortunately most of these shots are quite small and appear to be processed for a web page, the puppydog shot is bright but is not at all sharp.

            Sensor size and type and lens quality are the most important factors along with flash and flash type for close ups. I’m glad Samsung offers this mode but flash would still be a nice option. Along with a keyboard. :)

          • Agreed – high ISO modes don’t really do much for me. But then, if I’m going somewhere that I want a good camera, in low light conditions? *NO* cell phone is going to do the trick for me, LED flash or not.

      • not really….a single LED flash is virtuall useless, since any picture that NEEDS a flash will look bad unless a proper xenon flash was on board, so really its not a huge loss….and if you really wanted quality pictures and film at night, a phone wouldnt be your first choice.

        • Once again, it depends what you’re shooting. If you’re trying to shoot a near object or someone sitting directly across from you, a LED flash will help (though in the latter case they’ll look a bit ghoulish). I use my handset cam to capture things like signs I want to remember. Galaxy S’s low ISO mode would be much less useful than a LED flash.

          I was reminded today how awful it is entering numbers using a 4 row keyboard. I would really like to see Rogers release a version of the Galaxy S Pro. It can’t be that difficult to include a GSM chipset instead of CDMA, which would be useful around the world.

      • LED Flash on phone cameras are virtually useless. The fact that you think it’s a fail because it lacks one shows you don’t know much about phone cameras.

      • Dan, you have to know the camera is not a priority for everyone. The camera do good shots, check the reviews it’s certainly better than iPhone 3GS, for me it’s the Super AMOLED screen !!!!

  4. AWESOME !!!! Thank you guys ! A few weeks is kind of a scary ETA but at least we have an official word, that’s great. Now lets hope it rather soon AND that it won’t be crippled like the ATT version with tons of bloatware

  5. Very nice phone, this thing is direct competition against the iPhone4 and it probably has tons of stock to boot. I look forward to hearing more info on when this phone will be hitting rogers shelfs if its any time in the next couple weeks maybe I wont have to wait for an iPhone!

  6. This is a huge step in the right direction for Rogers. Will you consider the Galaxy S Pro? I love the slideout keyboard of other models. If I dont get the 9800 then this is surely my next phone.

  7. Will Fraser says: August 4th, 2010 a 4:43pm

    most comprehensive list of android devices in Canada?

    Rogers may have been the first, but the only comprehensive list of androids rogers has is of dumbed down phones with crippled specs (aside from the X10, even though it lacks multitouch and a confirmed update to future versions of android). Don’t get me wrong, the Captivate is a step in the right direction but where are the high end motorola’s (like the milestone, droid2 and droid X etc…) and the htc’s (the desire, legend, hero, incredible etc…) that provide the rich, current, android experience?

    • There ya go. Well said.

    • Indeed! Why must it be dumbed down?!! The lack of front-facing camera may be a deal-breaker for me.

      I don’t understand why Rogers can’t at least provide the same phones as other countries’ carriers, especially since we’re paying more than any other global customers!

      It’s a shame that 15 years ago Canada was a leader in consumer electronics, now we’re way behind; and our direction wrt net neutrality makes me sick.

  8. About time! Looking forward to its release. Hope the AGPS issues are fixed before rogers releases the device. Definitely will be getting one.

  9. I am very impatiently waiting for Rogers to come out with a true, up to date replacement for the G1/Dream. Many people can get by without a real keyboard, but those who use technical vocabularies and multiple languages do not find predictive keyboards useful, and soft keyboards get in the way of applications like terminals. In addition, it would be nice if a version with front facing camera were included for those of us who would like to use this mode of communications, like the iPhone 4. Either the Galaxy Pro or the upcoming Motorola Droid 2 would be fantastic devices, the Galaxy Captivate is just a small change over the Experia X10, in fact it’s camera is not as good and has no flash. So I’m sorry to say I am quite disappointed with this announcement.

    • I assure you, as someone who has the Bell model, that the Galaxy S is not a small step over the X10 !!

      It has a 10x better AMOLED screen, faster CPU (it is Samsungs own Hummingbird 1GHz processor) HD video recording, more internal memory, and most importantly has Android 2.1 that is fully open for customizing and rooting, unlike the locked down slow 1.6 OS with the Sony UI on the X10

      The Galaxy S Pro, now called the Epic 4G in the US is the same phone with a slide-out QWERTY

      • Alex Davies , I am glad these changes are important to you, but they are still incremental changes. A hardware keyboard is important to users like myself where a virtual predictive keyboard is not optimal, and I would prefer a smaller than 4″ screen. You’re right that the S Pro offers a hardware keyboard, so hopefully Rogers will announce it or the Droid 2, which also offers a next-generation 45nm SoC processor, and would probably launch with Android 2.2 (which is actually much faster than 1.6, unlike 2.1).

        There are always incremental changes, but when a particular feature is missing from the lineup — like a full featured model with a hardware keyboard — it’s a big problem for Android users dependent on the carrier. Telus is likely to carry the Droid 2 (Milestone 2) so I may be forced to switch.

        • Yes I can agree on the need for the keyboard for some, but the screen size I don’t get. I own a Milestone, and had a Nexus 1, and the Galaxy S screen is the prefect size. The phone itself is no bigger than my Milestone, but because the bezel is so slim the screen fills up most of the front of the phone…I have had a Bell Galaxy S for a week and it’s so hard to go back to my Milestone

          What was rumoured to be the Galaxy S Pro is now the Epic 4G (a european HSPA version has not been announced). It too has the 4″ screen.

          The Droid 2 is going to be a very nice phone, but sadly I doubt that the Milestone 2 will show up until early next year on Telus :( (I am a Telus subscriber myself)

          • You’re probably right about screen size, if the handset doesn’t have a large bezel (though to be paranoid I worry about a large bright screen on random streets). I haven’t tried one of the larger handsets in person aside from the X10, but many reviews do state 4″ may be too large.

          • Actually, most reviews I’ve read have said the 4″ screen size is *just* right. Bigger than the iPhone, but smaller than the Evo 4G… Fitting nicely right in the middle.

          • Ryan, ok I’m wiling to believe that.. though I still need a real keyboard. :)

          • I hear ya re: QWERTY. But I’ve learned to live without it, and since I don’t have to worry about a technical jargon in my typing, Swype will do very nicely for me. :)

        • I was hooked on the idea of a full hardware QWERTY keyboard as well until I started using SWYPE (Included with the Galaxy S), it is absolutely the best way to type on a touch screen phone and I don’t ever use the hardware keyboard on my Milestone anymore, the SWYPE keyboard is much faster and easier.

          • yes, I’ve heard this before. In fact I had a rather adamant person telling me how stupid I was sticking to a hardware keyboard when Swype is so great. It turned out their main use for a handset was playing games. Predictive virtual keyboards do not work well with varying vocabularies, and I use a terminal often, which works best in full screen. Maybe it will change and I keep my ears open but for now a hardware keyboard would be best for people with needs like mine.

          • Yes David – Thats what is great about swype – if its not included then type it in as normal and press space and in the future just swype it like any other word :)

            I never will look back and rarely (rarely like as in playing emulators for psx and snes) miss my hardware keyboard – its more useful as a gamepad than for typing ;)

          • @Alan, so how would it work for this sequence:

            ps ax | grep blast
            kill -HUP 23933
            cd /etc/apache2/sites-available
            vi blast
            service apache2 restart

            Oh, and this is over a terminal window being blocked by the keyboard.

            Thanks for your insight.

    • I disagree – I think this is a GREAT step in the right direction for Rogers… If nothing else, the fact that they’re coming out with this phone roughly a month after it comes out in the States, rather than 6+ months (or even a year) the way that they have with past Android devices.

      But that aside, the Galaxy S is HARDLY “just a small change over the [Xperia] X10.” Let’s just list some of the features that the Captivate has that the X10 doesn’t:

      - Super AMOLED screen
      - Divx support.
      - Multitouch.
      - 720p video.
      - Bluetooth 3.0 with A2DP.
      - 802.11n support
      - 16m colours (vs 65k on the x10)
      - up to 32gb microSD vs 16gb max on X10 (not sure if the 16gb cap on the X10 is true or not)
      - 16gb internal memory vs 1gb internal memory
      - 512mb ram vs 256mb ram
      - 10mm thick (23% thinner than the x10)
      - weighs 128g (5% lighter than the x10)
      - STARTS with Android 2.1, with a 2.2 upgrade coming soon (vs X10′s who-knows-when 2.1 upgrade)
      - meets the minimum specs for Android 3.0 (512mb ram)
      - FM Radio

      And while the Captivate may not have an LED flash and might have lower megapixels than the Sony camera, megapixels does not equal quality, especially when you’re talking about light sensors of the sizes found in these phones (look up the “megapixel myth”).

      • Ryan, I’m well aware of the megapixel myth, but it’s still quite likely that the Xperia X10 has a much better camera than the Galaxy S. Among other things, the X10 appears to have outstanding low light performance, where the Galaxy S would be useless. As this is a very typical usage scenario for cameras (eg at social gatherings, and generally being able to quickly compose and take pictures under varying conditions), it’s a major difference. Unfortunately that means a consumer would be forced to choose between the X10′s superior camera and the Galaxy S’s other superior features.

        Your list of differences is interesting, but the point remains to me that both the X10 and Galaxy S lack a hardware keyboard, and the Galaxy S’s screen is too large for me. They are both essentially in the same category of “not what I want” (a G1/Dream upgrade), regardless of how you feel about the Galaxy S’s feature list.

        • Fair enough – but I wasn’t saying that the Galaxy is necessarily a phone that you want – I was just taking issue with your statement that it was only a small change over the X10 – which it clearly is not.

          Now, would it be great if Rogers released a Qwerty slider Android device, like the Droid 2 or Galaxy Pro? Oh hell yes it would. But I’m not going to knock them releasing one of the hottest new phones of the year just because it’s not one of the OTHER hottest new phones of the year (note that neither the Galaxy Pro nor the Droid 2 have been released yet).

          • also note the droid 2 and galaxy pro from sprint are both cdma

          • That’s a very interesting viewpoint. It doesn’t matter what individuals want/need, it matters that Rogers is (conceptually?) releasing the “hottest” new phone of the year (which the other national carriers had already announced). Myself, I am obliged to keep complaining until the product that I want/need is available.

            My feeling is Rogers is letting Android down by focusing on “hot” consumer phones with trendy kick-offs (hey, I love Metric, though I prefer BSS), and in fact harming the consumer by offering a mixed lineup with not one “perfect” set (the X10′s camera superiority), whereas Android has an additional use for professional devices that is not being satisfied (in fact what I want is a device that “does it all,” which the Droid 2 or less optimally Galaxy Pro would satisfy neatly).

          • Actually the Galaxy S has only also been announced by Bell. But the Droid 2 would be a better all around device *(for me anyway), with next gen 45nm SoC processor, tremendous battery life, photo LED, hardware keyboard, so it would more than make up for it.

        • If your on a dream then you should be happy to note that this comes with swype preinstalled

          I ditched my dream after I found swype and I could care less about hardware keyboard at this point

          stop being stuck to it and give swype a chance on your current phone

        • What’s wrong with you guys?? You guys are arguing on a TOTALLY pointless subject! A phone is used for calling, the other additional functions like camera, etc etc are a added bonus. If you want to take good pictures, then get a Digital Camers. They take way better pictures than any of the cameras on cell phones.

          • You’re right. And get a separate address book, computer, etc to carry around.

            Seriously, if one handset — let’s not call it a “phone” anymore — can take care of all these features well enough, including some images (whiteboard, contacts, memory jogs) on the road then it’s a worthwhile “computing companion” to carry. Otherwise, get yourself a basic mobile phone.

            Nokia has this right with their tagline for the n9x series – “it’s what computers have become.” In fact, connect it to a big screen with wireless keyboard and mouse and it can be all most people need for their day to day computing.

            The Galaxy series is certainly in this class of capabilities.

            This is why we have to make sure the carriers (Rogers, etc) are not artificially limiting our choices in a limited selection on long contracts by keeping a critical, non apologist attitude, and keeping in mind if you wait there will always be a better option.

          • Actually, with phones of this caliber, the phone is often used much less than all the other features (camera included). However, I agree with you – see my comment above about cameras on phones in general:

            Having said that, the other features of the phone *are* very important. I know that my current phone (an iPhone 3G) is used far more for web surfing, texting, Twitter, games, and various other apps than it’s used for a phone. I’ve had my phone for over 2 years, and I’ve used a total of 110 hours of call time. That works out to roughly 9 minutes a day. I can tell you right now, I am using the other features on my phone for FAR more than 9 minutes a day.

      • Just a minor correction, the Captivate does NOT have FM radio…according to the specs on gsmarena.

        But then again, you can take away the camera on the Captivate and it will still be better than the X10…

    • You’re kidding right. For someone who claims they use a lot of technical’re pretty far behind. “The Galaxy is a small change over the X10″. You couldn’t be further from the truth. Since when does “technical” person judge a camera solely based on MP alone? Not only is the AMOLED screen in the Galaxy far superior but so is the SoC inside. With nearly 4x the GPU power inside and constant snapdragon spanking in nearly all CPU benchmarks..the Galaxy is currently THE MOST powerful Android device on the market. Where do you get small change over? Superior in storage space, graphics/cpu architecture, divx playback OUT OF the box, HD video..super amoled, multitouch, TV out functionalities..etc. etc. Excellent job Rogers on getting such a top notch device. I’m looking fwd to upgrading from my Magic.

      • RZA, I’m sure the moderation process is hampering our discussion regarding camera megapixels.

        In the grand scheme on a day to day basis, the Galaxy S is a small change over the X10, and again, I was speaking relative to a distinctly different G1/Dream type device. Most of the features you mentioned don’t mean a lot to me. I want a keyboard, a smaller than 4″ screen, good low light (typical setting) performance camera, front facing cam would be nice-to-have. All the other features, nice-to-have, but not critical. So I’m glad you’re able to work up such extreme excitement for today’s Galaxy S, but it doesn’t do much for me, though I’d be thrilled it Rogers would come out with a similar class device that wasn’t simply geared toward entertainment. And that is quite simply my response to “What do you think of the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate?”

  10. The Hummingbird processor is amazing. Can’t wait to test out this phone!

  11. Darth Android says: August 4th, 2010 a 5:25pm

    PLEASE keep us posted as to whether or not you guys will have the ability to get Samsung to include a FRONT FACING CAMERA, the way BELL managed to with the Vibrant!

    Congrats on getting a highly coveted device! You guys will do well with this one, and even better with the FRONT FACING CAMERA!!!!! :D

    • Note: the Vibrant is a completely different model of Galaxy S (it’s the one that T-Mobile has in the States). Bell didn’t “manage to” do anything with Samsung, they already had a front facing camera model, and Bell got it. It’s doubtful that Samsung will add a front facing camera to the Captivate just for Rogers, when AT&T already has a non-front-facing-camera version of the Captivate down south.


        I might suggest to review the vibrant – neither the US Vibrant or Captivate have a front facing camera…

        • Huh. How about that – I stand corrected, I could have sworn the US Vibrant had a front facing camera. I must have been mistaking it with the Epic 4G.

          • The Vibrant that Bell is bringing is first of its kind in north american. However it is the exact same version as the one that is released in
            Europe. The European version of galaxy s looks the same as this and it has the same big button in the middle and front facing camera. There are 5 different variants of galaxy s.

        • Yup – turns out that the “Vibrant” that Bell is launching is actually the European version of the Galaxy S.

  12. This is good to news to hear. I’m still waiting for a top of the line HTC Android device.

  13. The Galaxy S is a little late to the party… I think I’ll be going with the iPhone 4.

    • Late to the party? This phone is VERY competitive with the iPhone 4. And by the time this gets launched (I heard a rumour of August 20th… Any comment, Rogers folks?), Rogers will STILL be struggling to get the iPhone 4 into stores.

      • Couldnt agree more! I pretty much call all the Rogers dealers within a 25km radius of my office at work and for 6 days now its the same story, oh we should be seeing stock tomorrow, rinse and repeat. I have heard of people finding stock today in stores but a stock of 2 phones, all one of these smartphone guys needs to do is drop a product there is ample stock on and laugh all the way to the bank. The iPhone4 is late to the party and I might go droid if its available first.

        • Yup… I’m not going to bother playing the lottery game with the iPhone 4… I would have gotten one if it was available on launch day, but now that I see that the Galaxy is coming to Rogers too, the only thing that was keeping me in the iPhone (already invested in the App store) is seeming like not that big of a deal anymore. Rogers, if you have these in ample stock on launch day, and launch day is before the end of August, Android officially has a new convert.

  14. Awesome! I was hoping Rogers would carry the HTC Evo, but i’m not certain its compatable with Rogers network. However, this is a beast of a phone, ranks right up there with iphone 4 Droid X and HTC Evo. I will be buying this, if only there was a firm date :(

    • RogersMiranda says: August 5th, 2010 a 1:17pm

      Hi Adam,

      Glad you’re excited about the Samsung Galaxy S! Sorry we can’t provide an exact launch date at the moment but we’ll update our Twitter account (@RogersBuzz) and RedBoard when we have more details to share.

  15. UrbanErosion says: August 4th, 2010 a 7:15pm

    This is great news. Hopefully we will continue to see these high end Android devices in a timely manor.

  16. Phoenixstorm713 says: August 4th, 2010 a 7:37pm

    Thank you Rogers for finally getting a great Android. The Pro version would have been better, as Rogers really could use a high end Android with a qwerty. I’m really impressed. Can’t wait to get one!

  17. How can anybody go for a 9800. Nice hardware but the screen resolution is so 2006. Captivate kicks ass over what RIM put out.

  18. Very nice! Now to decide between the Iphone and this!

  19. Oooh yay! Won’t be getting it launch day – Rogers doesn’t have a good track record lately with hot phones on launch day – but I’ll wait for some reviews to make sure it’s not crippled.

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