Samsung Galaxy S Captivate Available from Rogers Mid October

Samsung Galaxy S CaptivateThe Samsung Galaxy S Captivate from Rogers will be available in-store and from mid October for as low as $149.99 with a three year term plan. As we mentioned in our update, we anticipated an earlier launch but there has been a manufacturing delay.

However, starting today, new customers will be able to preorder the device here. With your preorder, you’re also automatically entered into a draw to win an ultimate Samsung entertainment package including a:

  • 55” LED TV Series 9
  • Blu-ray Home Theatre System
  • Samsung NX10 Digital Camera

Existing customers can check their hardware upgrade eligibility and pricing in store as soon as the Captivate is available in mid-October.

And in case you missed it, you can find in depth device information, on our microsite here:

UPDATE (October 14, 2010, 3:44 PM): Hi everyone. Just an update that we’re working towards launching the Samsung Captivate next week. We’ll update you on the date the Captivate is available.

Miranda MacDonald is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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Samsung Galaxy S Captivate Available from Rogers Mid October , 1.4 out of 5 based on 254 ratings
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  1. No iPhone 4 in stock. No options to order a Galaxy S for existing customers.

    This sure leaves us loyal customers with a bad taste…

    I guess I will have to become a new customer elsewhere to get a flashy new device… grrr.

    • Same here…

      I’ll pay the cancellation fee and join Bell. Can’t be much worse than my last 10 years with Rogers..

    • Yeah, definitely a shame that we can’t order it as existing Rogers customers. I’ve been waiting for this one for awhile and I had my plan renewed too.

      Still looking forward to its release.

    • Everything seems to be a fail as of late

      iphone 4 no stock… now it launches in China over 50,000 pre orders… good luck getting one here.

      BB Torch- delayed until next week now

      Captivate– no pre order hup for us suckers on rogers, took over a month to tell us why it was delayed and the best we get now is some time in Oct.

      Great day for cell news

    • I was thinking the same thing!
      soon as i found out that pre-orders are not an option for existing customers i started looking at Bell’s site.
      might talk to them today

    • @Sylvain, @Mark, @BitDisturber @Aaron @Rich, @George, and others,

      I posted this below as a general comment in this thread but wanted to post again in reply here as well. Many of you have asked about why existing customers are unable to upgrade via the preorder page. It’s a different process to upgrade and isn’t incorporated in the same online form, which is not capable of calculating your HUP eligibility in advance of launch.

      I do appreciate your comments and feedback and want you to know I’m passing it along to the appropriate internal team.

      • …use any choice of words to reply to a valid complaint..but the fact remains however you spin it….that ‘New’ Customers are treated better than existing?
        what am i? new or existing? just joined at end of july and got a lemon sony x10 that crashed constantly and when as a new customer i wanted to know my other android options…they were nothing….nothing on the quality level of the top tier androids…but i was dangled if i took a poor quality loaner…that likely by end of sept i would get a captivate…now this.
        so what am i? because i am in waiting position and still have not had a working (fully functioning featured) phone from rogers for three mths…am i new? existing?
        sounds like i wait longer…..unacceptable.

  2. I have been eagerly awaiting the chance to pre-order since I’ve been using a Blackberry with a broken trackball for 4 weeks, only to find out I can’t because I’ve been a faithful Rogers Wireless customer for years. New customers only.

  3. Filiberto Choquehuanca says: September 23rd, 2010 a 4:46pm

    What a kick in the pants that was! We wait so long, only to find that Pre-Orders are for new activations only. Existing customers have to get from a store, and we’re not eligible for the samsung prize pack.

    Rogers, stop grinding my gears!

    • Hello,

      Existing customers are actually eligible to enter the Samsung prize pack contest.

      Go to the preorder page ( and click on “Learn More” under the contest description on the bottom right of the page. Download the Contest Rules and see the second point under “How to Enter” for instructions on how to enter without purchase.

      • youve got to be joking me right? for new customers, to enter the contest, all you got to go preorder a phone, and ur good.

        for existing customers, who are probably gonna get the phone on launch day anyways, you gotta click on a tiny link on the bottom of the page, then download a pdf file,

        THEN write a 100 word HANDWRITTEN essay about the most captivating tv moment of my life? AND then post it to rogers with all the money paid?

        srsly, rogers is continously shafting older longterm clients for newer actvations. good luck with that….rogers, u guys are making 1 fiasco after another.

        • Filiberto Choquehuanca says: September 24th, 2010 a 10:54pm

          i completely agree with you. It’s like Rogers is conducting a giant experiment to see how much garbage we can handle and put up with. With that information they’ll change their policy to shaft us even more.

        • Actually the 100 word essay is a bypass through a loophole to make this a legal process. Have you noticed that you lottery tickets have “skill testing question” its there for a reason to make it a “skill testing competition” and therefore legal. Same goes for US contests here in Canada, they will usually ask you for an essay of sort to use the loophole.

          If you don’t believe me you can look it up.

          But the delay with Galaxy S is a bummer.

  4. I’d appreciate some insight as to why existing Rogers customers are being left out.

  5. “No iPhone 4 in stock. No options to order a Galaxy S for existing customers.

    This sure leaves us loyal customers with a bad taste…”

    I so agree. At least we got to know when it’s coming out. Next Rogers must tell us the exact date and the inventory for each store. Hope this won’t be in limited quantities likes the iP4.

    On the iP4, why launching the phone in China when they can’t have enough for the countries it’s launched yet?

  6. Great news for all anticipating this phone. Thanks for the update. I’m getting one for the other half. I have iphone 4 for myself.

  7. Another delay? No preorders for existing customers? No iphone 4 stock to replace my 3G?

    I have 9 months left with Rogers. I may just wait it out and go elsewhere.

    Pathetic. Unacceptable.

  8. Thanks for the update Miranda.

    Is it save to say, that if you qualified for a iPhone 4 upgrade, you would qualify for a upgrade to a Captivate?

    • Yes. I beleive HUP eligible customers are entitled to new customer pricing but best to call Care to confirm your eligibility.

  9. I agree with you Sylvain Carle. Existing/loyal Rogers customers seem to be screwed. I’ve been with Rogers for almost 11 years and because of that loyalty, I can’t pre-order? I guess I;ll just have to make up a fake name and start a new account.

    Miranda/Rob – really? Why are you screwing your existing customers

  10. This is way too frustrating. I can’t believe existing customers have to wait almost another month. Buh bye rogers.

  11. finally! better late than ever, i guess. do we get a discount on the phone price if we are eligble for a hardware upgrade?

    • Hello,

      HUP eligible customers should be entitled to new customer pricing. However, I’d recommend calling Care or going in-store on launch day to confirm your eligibility.

  12. Joel Letwinetz says: September 23rd, 2010 a 5:22pm

    So much for retention. So is getting new customers more profitable then keeping the long loyal subscribers? We’ve now been waiting for a long delayed release and now there is risk of waiting even longer for being a existing customer because of possible supply and demand. Good catering to the people who are already paying your bills Rogers!

    • Hi Joel,

      Understand your frustration. I want to let you know that I’m reading every comment on this post and I’m passing your (and others) feedback onto our internal team.

      • In that case, can you answer the following:

        1. Will the units be shipped with the GPS fixed?

        2. What is the targeted date for Android 2.2 update.?

        3. Will there be sufficient stock to satisfy expected need for HUP?

      • Filiberto Choquehuanca says: September 24th, 2010 a 10:57pm

        The internal team is putting all of Miranda’s feedback under one of the legs of the table to stop it from rocking.

  13. Wow. They broke the silence for this? And the plans being offered to pre-orders: 1 gig and 500 minutes… But I need to sign up for another 3 years of this “service”.

    No thanks. I won’t be getting strung along by Rogers any more.

  14. Okay so I went to the pre-order page to take advantage of this deal and it is only for new customers. Is there a number for loyal/existing customers to call or are we expected to quit our contract, go to another phone company and then come back to get a good deal?

    Seriously, this has been going on for too long. Why doesn’t Rogers just send me a letter saying that because we are an existing customer, we don’t really matter but in order to make it seem like they do care, we get a free one year magazine subscription (worth $15) or a few free ringtones.

    Here is some feedback for your company. If they want people to stop laughing when customer loyalty and Rogers comes up in the same sentence, they would start offering existing customers the ability to pre-order a decent phone. If Rogers wanted to differentiate themselves in this all too small Canadian wireless market, they would do some small things like that. I know they make a heck of a lot more money off new customers but I will tell you this.

    Someday, when Canadians are offered a real choice in terms of companies to choose from, Rogers will be at the bottom of my list. I really can’t stand this anymore

  15. And yet again, current customers are screwed by Rogers. Epic FAIL. The same thing happened with iPhone 3G.

    Want new customers Rogers? Want to keep current customers? Figure out the obvious!

    Worst business practices ever.

  16. No love for existing customers… anyways at least we have the ball rolling.

    I have a question when you go to the preorder page and select a plan you can select one of the free options, it takes you to the pricing page. What if i want Call Display Voicemail and texting??? You can try and add an add on but there is no VALUE PACK for this?? All there is is just a Value pack for call display and voicmail, what about the one the texting package.


    • Hi Mike,

      If you want to add texting to your preorder, you can log in to My Rogers and add it there, or call Care and make the request. They’ll be able to add it to your plan.

      • I pre-ordered but My Rogers doesn’t show any details or says no accounts are registered.

        • Hi Kevin,

          You should have been given an order number when you preordered. If you have that, your good. The device will be shipped to you. You will be assigned an account number once the device ships.

  17. So much for the $30/6gb plan.

    • Hello,

      If you’re interested in the 6GB/$30 plan, I’d suggest migrating to the plan now to ensure you get it before it expires on Sept. 30.

      • and what if you dont have a data phone because you were waiting for the captivate to come out? What kind of crap is that? If we sign up for it and it ends up being pushed back another few months, then what? Were out how much from the data plan when we cant even use it! Im Sorry but rogers has thee WORST customer service EVER. why not extend it or allow pple who dont have a data to put it on their plan and then activate it when they actually get a data phone?

  18. I have to agree Miranda – this is a slap in the face to existing *loyal* customers who have been waiting – patiently for the most part. We get shunted to the back of the line and will likely find we either have to camp out at a Rogers store for the 5 phones that get to each store, or come back each day asking “Do you have any today? No? See you tomorrow…”

    Not a nice thing to do to your customer base folks. Let us get a spot for the launch stock in advance like the new customers.

  19. This is only for new customers, what about the exsisting ones?!?! I’m sad that I can’t pre-order.

  20. I’ve waiting since since Aug 4 to preorder this phone, and I can’t because I’m already a customer?!?