Rogers iPhone 4 Update

iPhone 4Rogers intends to launch iPhone 4, the thinnest smartphone in the world with the highest resolution display ever built into a phone, in Canada in the coming weeks.

As this is a brand new device – just announced today – we’re not ready to talk about release date or pricing just yet. We’ll announce the details here at the same time as our dealers and Care reps get them, so check back on RedBoard to learn more.

You can also sign up at for e-mail alerts about iPhone 4. For more information on iPhone 4 please visit

Keith McArthur is Senior Director of Social Media at Rogers.

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  1. Please release this soon (in June) I can’t wait till July for iPhone 4.

  2. I’m more curious to see if the Big 3 are going to shake up their plan offerings and get more competitive.

    It would also be incredible if they offered this as a 2 year contract only, instead of a 3 year. That’s just a dream though.

    • “I’m more curious to see if the Big 3 are going to shake up their plan offerings and get more competitive.”

      ahhahahahahahahaha ….. good one.

    • As Apple seems to be releasing new hardware design every two years a contract to reflect that you be optimal. Than iPhone customers can always have the latest hardware design. Makes sense, no?
      Sadly I have only had my 3GS for one year and am not approved for a hardware upgrade (2 years). Let’s see if they follow in AT&T’s footsteps and offer something to loyal Rogers Wireless customers.

      • Apple has been releasing a new hardware design every year, not every two years.

        Also, last year Rogers allowed me to upgrade from the 3G to the 3GS and pay new contract pricing, while renewing a 3 year contract (as long as you were spending minimum $100/month, less than that per month meant a higher purchase price for the phone).

        Hopefully Rogers does the same this year!

      • hi teunis amy be u r not part of the group that got early upgrade from 3G to 3GS adn did not had to wait until they were eligible for upgrade.
        cross u r fingers and hope that this time wil be the same/

  3. Spooky Lurker says: June 7th, 2010 a 4:54pm

    Available in white by any chance?

    • RogersKeith says: June 7th, 2010 a 5:15pm has images of the iPhone 4 models in both black and white.

      • Yea but some carriers dont sell certain colors, so your positive Rogers in Canada will offer white?

        Ive been using black colors for my devices for all my life, a White iPhone4 is the most attractive thing I have seen in a while, and I want it lol

    • Yes available in white. Have you even looked at specs on the apple site?

      • Just because Apple says it will be offered in white does not necessarily mean that Rogers will offer it. However since Rogers did offer the 3G/S in white, I believe that they will indeed offer white for the 4G.

  4. Hopefully, Rogers will offer an upgrade plan like their American counterpart. Want, I do!

  5. For those of us that don’t want to have to hack a phone to make it usable, when are you going to pre-announce any new android phones, like the Samsung Galaxy S, that recently launched worldwide?

  6. Will Rogers be an exclusive carrier of the IPhone 4?

    • RogersKeith says: June 7th, 2010 a 5:19pm

      I can’t speak for other carriers, but as the carrier that introduced iPhone to the Canadian market in 2008, we’re excited to launch a third version of iPhone on Rogers.

      • I think the iphone4 launch was delayed on purpose for canada so as not to over shandow the recently released ipad in canada…or maybe it was a collective decision by the big carriers so they could settle on internal pricings ? who knows..

        • OttawaGeoff says: June 8th, 2010 a 6:28pm

          I would have to say that Canada release is delayed due to the fact that apple has to organize a release date with 4 companies on 2 totally different network architectures. It takes time guys and gals!

          • there is no different network architectures now is canada anymore all the companies are on the HSPA + network or the 3G+.

  7. Awesome, can’t wait! Looking forward to further information as it becomes available. Still a little surprised that Canada got second round shipment when we share a border… but I guess I can wait until July. :)

  8. Please Rogers, do not wait to the day before the phone comes out to announce upgrade rules. Announce them at least a week in advance to give people you know.. some time.

  9. How about Fido? Will we be getting the same treatment?

  10. Seriously, why the delay? It’s launching in 4 countries on the 25th. I’m quite disappointed given the last launch was on the same day

    • RogersKeith says: June 7th, 2010 a 5:31pm

      We are a long-time partner of Apple, and look forward to carrying the iPhone 4 when it’s available. But questions about their global distribution strategy are best directed at Apple.

      • Agreed. RogersKeith, can you provide the appropriate email contact information to Apple that we can communicate questions about the delay?

        I have many friends in the US that are always surprised that we have to wait for releases here (iPad).

        I also have few friends in the UK that are now enjoying giving me a hard time that they are getting the iPhone 4G on the US launch date. :)

    • because the market here is small..

      I mean really, most people are tied into 3yr contracts.. how many are willing to break them to get a slight upgrade..

      lol! Didnt surprise me that Canada is in the 2nd round.

      • A lot of people who bought the 3G two years ago took Rogers’ offer to upgrade to a 3GS last year for only $199 and extend the contract another year. Rogers’ will likely have a similar deal.

        Also, people who bought phones 2 years ago should have a hardware upgrade credit.

  11. Okay rogers, you need to do what ATT is doing, and what you guys allowed us iphone 3g owners to do once the iphone3gs came out!!! and bring back the 6gb data plan for some users :-P

  12. Any idea when 4.0 OS will be relased?

  13. As Rogers doesn’t allow 2-year contracts on iPhone purchases nobody that bought a iPhone 3GS last June will be eligible for an upgrade. This is the time Rogers needs to step up to the plate and allow users who bought the 3GS to upgrade to the iPhone 4. Instead of just saying customers come first, its time to act on it.

    • I normally take them to task on this too, but i have to say – after getting a 3GS a year ago at a promotional price, it would be pretty expensive for them to turn around and do it again for the same customers on this one. Even ATT is only bumping their customers up by a maximum of 6 months on their upgrades. Keep in mind that these are $700-$800 phones we’re talking about…

      What DOES need to happen is for Rogers to allow iPhone 4s to be bought by existing (in-contract) customers (even at full price). When the 3GS launched, it looked like if you didn’t qualify for the ‘promotional’ price, you couldn’t get it. I’ll pay for it, just let me have it…

      • AT&T only forces their customers to go onto contracts for 24-months, not 36-months like Rogers. Also, since Rogers forces customers to pay for a dataplan to get the “good prices”, they are making great money off the customer in the span of a year. I’m sure everyone’s bill including data is around the $70/month + tax mark when all is said and done. $70 x 12 = $840 revenue – $600 cost to Rogers for the iPhone + $199 charged for the iPhone = $439/year in net revenue. I’m sure most people pay more than $70/month for their iPhone plan so that would probably be a worst case scenario for Rogers.

        For them to allow people who upgraded last year to upgrade again this year, still allows Rogers to make pretty good money from us!

        Also, competition now is more fierce as Bell and Telus also offer the iPhone now. When the 3GS first came to Canada, it was EXCLUSIVE to Rogers; not anymore!

        • RogersKeith says: June 7th, 2010 a 8:57pm

          Hey Kalson. Thanks for your thoughts. Your math isn’t right – we have considerable costs above and beyond the cost of the device – including hundreds of millions of dollars investment in our networks.

          • Yes Keith,

            How much does the infrastructure $ per smartphone per year avg out to? Considering your 21mbps equipment is in high population density areas at the moment.

            Since you have access to the data, please help our math.

            In the second year the $840 minimum revenue is all gravy.

            Where did Kalson get the $600 cost to Rogers? I think it is less, unless you educate us more Keith.



          • will rogers lift the 2 year upgrade rule on the Iphone 4 , seems silly to have these rules when it really stop sales growth . Maybe it should be a premium (not full price) if upgrading anytime . Just a thought .

          • And our phones are locked forever to your network even after the subsidy has been paid off by us. This ensures your network infrastructure is paid for. Go to a 2 year contract and you will earn people’s respect but not before.

        • Kalson,

          I am usually very sceptical about the $700-$800 price quoted for these devices. You bet that the manufacturers are able to produce these babies at around $100. Add some money for the world class support Apple delivers and you have a $200 device.

          The carriers are making the money on selling plans, roaming charges etc, Apple is making the money on delivering content (either in the form of software or media).

          Even if a Rogers has to invest 100 millions of dollars to support these devices alone, they will be able recoup their investments in months (instead of years) once they put these devices in our hands.

          Make no mistake, Steve Jobs has master minded a brilliant strategy. He does the design, engineering and marketing, the carriers the necessary infrastructure, the developers the apps and the publishers/studios the media. And we users get the experience of a lifetime. Everybody happy!

          My iPhone 3G left me yesterday with a white screen of death after 20 months of duty (did it knew about the announcement?), I am stoked to get the new iPhone 4. But I do hope the new “competition” does help us existing customers to obtain a sweet upgrade deal.

          • Out of the $700/$800 Rogers charges for the iPhone 16GB/32GB, Rogers probably makes about $200 off each one. The rest goes to Apple.

            I quoted a $600 cost in my message (vs the $500 I believe to be true) to estimate on the “high” end for Rogers so that no one at Rogers could say “It costs us more than $500 for the 16GB model”.

            I know it costs them less, and I know the average bill is more than the $70/month I stated. I was making a worst case scenario for Rogers and showing that Rogers could still make lots of money even in their “Worst Case Scenario” for an iPhone owner who’s allowed to upgrade every year.

            But anyway, I agree with you. Rogers is making a tonne of money off iPhone owners and allowing them to upgrade every year won’t stop the billions of dollars in net-profit that Rogers enjoys every year!

        • Haha, cause Rogers can just run their huge network at 0$ right?! Actually, this just proves the point that you should just stick to buying these phones every two years, stick with that and you’ll end up within the renewal window everytime. It’s for this reason that I didn’t get a or want a 3GS, knew that in one years time a totally new phone would be coming out. So just hang onto the 3GS until next July and you’ll be able to buy the upgraded iPhone 4 when the rest of us who buy the iPhone 4 now, can’t.

      • I agree… the customers that got the upgrade to 3GS SHOULDN’T be expecting the stars this years…. I think it would be too expensive for Rogers.
        @kALSON below… your math is all wrong.

    • I bought my 3GS on May 18th 2010- right before the iphone 4 announcement. I think Rogers (like AT&T has) should allow a grace period to trade up. I was a Blackberry user and didn’t know the iphone 4 was coming. I would have waited! What a drag. I like the 3gs, but now I’ll have to wait for 2+ years to upgrade! The sales person should have told me.

  14. Apple said there will be 5 countries that will get the phone on June 24th and Canada isn’t one of them. Another 18 (or 13, making 18 in total?) will get it in July and I think it’s pretty safe to bet that Canada is among those 18 (13?) countries. Hopefully “July” means “July 1″, which would be exactly 1 week after June 24th.

    • Pretty sure July means very late July… they’re always running by the skin of their teeth with production on products like this… I wouldn’t even be surprised if it was delayed to August.

      And yes if you watch the keynote, they show a slide which lists all 18 countries and Canada is one of them.

  15. I appreciate that you guys have launched this RedBoard site to keep us in the loop. I’m normally going after Rogers for their lack of updates, so it’s refreshing to see the company say something on announcement day, even if it’s just “we’re working on it”. Thanks!

  16. The sooner we can get this, the better. As an iPhone developer, it’s vital that I can have access to the latest hardware, otherwise our US competitors always get an advantage over us.

    Early upgrades would be nice of course. Since I have to get the new phone every year!

    • Unlike some of the poster’s here, I think Rogers has actually made a lot of improvements over the last couple of years. Before the iPhone came out in Canada (when I was using an unlocked original iPhone on Rogers), I was paying $60/month for 25 megs of data (not including my voice/texting etc). Sure I pay over $100 a month now, but I’m getting a lot more, 6GB (even though I rarely cross 500 meg). Plus we get free tethering, again, something I rarely use, but rely on the ability to use the 3-4 times a year I actually need it.

      And, Rogers, through Keith and his team, are actually talking to us, via this RedBoard, and Twitter. Yes, things have definitely improved over the years, and I’ll acknowledge that even if others won’t.

      Now, just keep me happy and let me upgrade my two phones (3G & 3GS) to iPhone 4, and oh yeah, let me share my data plan with my iPads too, for a reasonable charge (not $20/month).


      • @davewood Cosign. I was in the same boat wrt to data plans and I’ve seen my bills shrinking in half since the advent of the iPhone data plans. We’ve got it pretty good compared to some.

        Community involvement is the key and Rogers is doing that part right.

        • shrink iphone bill? please outline what you paid at startup of iphone plan and what you pay now, with the details

  17. What I wanna know is upgrading… I upgraded from 3g to 3gs and now it’s 4gs turn. I’m a huge phone guy and I’m wondering if Rogers is gonna let me upgrade again. I’m a prefered customer from what I understand over $100 monthly. I hope it doesnt come down to me selling my 3gs to buy out my contract and switch providers. I’m crossing my fingers Rogers doesn’t make me do tha

  18. Too bad the iPhone will still have poor coverage in Saskatchewan. Oh wait, by the end of the year, only -Rogers- customers will have poor coverage. @self: [Makes plans to upgrade wireless service provider too.]

  19. Adam Halinaty says: June 7th, 2010 a 6:07pm

    Awesome, thanks Keith!

    Please let us know as soon as you have details, and please let us upgrade like before :)

    Looking forward to this. Pricing we already know as its always the same, I just want a date :)

  20. Being a 10+ year Rogers customer, I am ready for change. The poor support & pricing models Rogers provides, while locked into the world’s longest term contract, has me thinking enough is enough.

    I have a novel idea: Have Rogers become an industry leader. Provide us, your loyal customers, with low-cost, industry leading plans. This means $50 max, and includes everything. I would like excellent value from my plan. The $103.90 per month I pay is not what I call ‘value’. The aforementioned $50 ‘Everything Plan’ provides unlimited everything the iPhone does, including data, text, and North America calling.

    You would have a massive increase in customers, and as such, make more money than you would now, guaranteed. And I know, from being your customer, you just want more money. Everybody wins.

    If this doesn’t work for Rogers, I’ll take my $3740.40 somewhere else.



    • I totally agree. We pay so much for our plans and don’t get much in return. My plan is $95 before taxes. I think if they were to have an everything plan, they’d immediately put themselves miles ahead of the competition. Even if the plan was $70, I’d go for it. I’m used to paying as much as $130/month.

    • Here is an idea… if you don’t want to pay the $103 per month, sell your iPhone. It was your decision to sign-up for the plan in the first place and you chose to go with an iPhone. You get what you pay for and if you want ‘value’, may I suggest a Matorola DynaTAC.