Rogers Apple iPad Update

iPad RogersYou may have seen today’s news that the iPad is coming to Canada on May 28.

With pre-orders set to start Monday, we know there’s anticipation for more details. There’s nothing to share just yet, but we’ve set up a page ( where you can stay in the loop.

Later today, the page will allow you to sign up and get the latest information delivered straight to your inbox.

And as always, we’ll keep you posted right here on RedBoard. Stay tuned!

Update (May 7, 5:16 PM): The page allowing you to sign up for more information via email is now live.

Richard Bloom is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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  1. Please offer it so I can just use my data bucket from my iPhone.. There is no good reason you should charge for data on both devices if I could just share my 6GB between them. The higher price of the 3G iPad should already cover the sim card cost since I’m pretty sure it comes with one.. As for activation fees, well that would suck…

    • Agree completely…I am paying now for data (6 GB) that I don’t use up and now you want me to pay extra for more data . Let me share data that I’m paying falready!!

    • 250 MB for $15.00
      5 GB for $35.00
      add your iPad to your existing data plan for $20.00

      $20/month.. are you kidding me?!?!?! I pay $30/6GB.. I should be able to share that data for free.. Or is that $20 a one time fee?

  2. Although there’s still 21 days to go before the Apple iPad is goes on sale in the UK, that hasn’t stopped Orange from whetting people’s appetites for the 3G model with its announcing its iPad-specific data plans. If casual 3G data is what you’re after, £2 a day will get you the iPad Daily plan which is good for 200MB until midnight on the day of purchase. Other than than that, £7.50 nets the iPad Weekly plan which offers 1GB of data, whilst the iPad Monthly plans go for £15 and £25 and offer 3GB and 10GB of data alongside browsing at Orange and BT Openzone Wi-Fi hotspots (although a 750MB fair use cap applies) . If all of this is too much fuss, there’s always the option of paying 5p per megabyte. Both Orange and Apple will be providing Micro SIMs free of charge with orders being accepted starting May 10th.

  3. So now that pricing for the Canadian Plans have been announced from Apple pre-orders for all the iPads are going on sale next Monday. Now who do you expect to pre-order a 3G iPad without knowing what the data plans?

    What are you waiting for Rogers? This kind of hold out on stuff like this doesn’t generate hype, its more like frustration why your constantly don’t think of customers first. Orange in the UK just announced their pricing plans. Where are YOURS? Bring it on already if you expect to sell any of them.

  4. I wish you folks would be a bit more transparent too. What does “there’s nothing to share just yet” mean? Are you in talks? Can you give us any time line, like “we should have something for you on Monday”? I appreciate your Twitter team, but in general I would just love to see a bit more openness from you in general.

  5. Yeah, I too would like to see what plans Rogers has to offer BEFORE making a decision on either the 3G or WiFi model. Lately though, I have been experiencing awful 3G speeds around Calgary.

  6. I hope these iPad plans will be no contract plans. Since you aren’t selling the hardware, there is no money to recoup if someone chooses to end their contract so you aren’t losing anything.

    I’m expecting something ridiculous like 1GB for $30, but I dont think that’s going to be enough data for most people. I’d be happy with 3GB for $30. Come on Rogers, lets hear what you have to offer!

  7. Rogers has known that the iPad is coming to Canada quite a while, and the launch here was even delayed a month, but there is *still* no concrete information on data plans? I’m a long-time Rogers customer, but the only reason I’m not jumping to Bell or Telus for my future iPad data is that they seem even *less* inclined to say anything about iPad plans.

    Honestly, what it is with Canadian telecoms? Is it really so hard to create reasonable plans for people who actually want to give you their money?

  8. Apple confirmed the international iPad launch dates this morning. Orange in the UK manages to publish its data rates in time for people to make informed pre-order decisions on Monday. But not here in Canada. Somehow Rogers can’t seem to figure out what they plan to charge even though it’s been no surprise that the iPad is coming here soon. It’s amazing how complacent companies become when they lack competition.

  9. Sounds to me like Rogers is using this as a way of harvesting more e-mail addresses. I don’t need ipad news mailed to me; tweet it and post it on the Rogers website.

    Why the delay in publishing the plans?

    A) they are unorganized and haven’t finalized them
    B) the plans are pretty bad and they will only release them at the last possible minute in the hopes that the ipad hype and hysteria will get people to sign a contract in desperation.

  10. I hope we get a true unlimited plan. My iPad tethered to my jailbroken iPhone is a data hog. It’s easy to go through 500mb of data a day. I have to really watch the data I’m using on the iPad. American users are finding the same thing as well.

  11. As a long term rogers customer for the past decade, I have seen Rogers’ customer service went from great to worse then back to “better”. I still remember that Rogers charges existing user 50-100 dollars higher than new users for upgrading certain phones. Given that both new and existing customers are bounded to the 3yr contracts. I was not impress with Rogers regarding its policy for the past few years. Things did get better when rogers allows iphone 3G user to upg to 3GS with subsidized price…and The free tethering for iPhone, both were defn right moves for Rogers (which brings back some confidence to looking after its loyal customers). I am really disappointed to hear that Roger has not yet release its data plan given the fact that Orange in the UK has announced it this morning (as other bloggers mentioned). I know that many people have expressed their comments on the previous post here regarding iPad. I am just going to say that the smart way was to allow your long term customers to bundle iphone and ipad’s data plan together. If rogers wants to charge a monthly admin fee for the sharing. So be it, as long as it is reasonable (maybe less than 10 dollars per month? so people can share existing data plan bw iphone and ipad). Would defn NOT go with rogers if rogers is going to throw in additional contracts regarding iPad plan. I do appreciate that Rogers is trying to get in touch with the social media by creating this site. However, without actual substance (useful information), this blog site is useless and it will eventually end up as another failed project that Rogers puts out. anyhow…peach out :) **only 3 days away from the pre-ordering** not that i am counting down days at all.

  12. OMG. Still nothing?? You’ve had HOW MANY DAYS to decide what you’re going to do??? After having us waiting for so long, you better come up with something good, or this time I’m with Bell, just for the heck of it. :)

  13. 36 hours before the iPad launches and Rogers doesn’t know what they are doing yet? How do you run a business like that? They pissed off thousands of customers with the iPhone launch are are set to do it again. But, hey, I’m still with them cause there is no one else who is any better…

    I’ve got three data plans in my family for a total of 8Gb/month – of which we use about 1Gb. What’s the chance they are going to let me use the left over for my iPad? Zero. What’s the chance I’m gong to sign up for a 4th Rogers data plan? Zero.

  14. All I`m asking for is the ability to share my data bucket between my current smartphone plan (iphone) and a new ipad. As it is Rogers is already charging us a fortune.

    Canadian telecom. providers should take more of a leadership role in the global telecom. market.

  15. It’s truly amazing there is no information to share yet. That’s asking for people to explore other carriers since the iPad is unlocked and people will have the option to go with the carrier with the best plan.

    Like everybody else here, I’m surprised Rogers hasn’t announced any pricing/plans as the pre-order starts on Monday and people need this information to decide which model to get.

    I’m NOT getting a 3G model. 3G speeds are bad and prices in Canada even worse. I already pay for data plan on my iPhone and don’t see the benefit of paying more to have it on the iPad as well.

    Rogers only had since January (probably even before) to work on a pricing plan for the iPad. However 5 months later and they have nothing to show customers at the eve of pre-ordering. Amazing!

  16. Svetoslav says: May 8th, 2010 a 4:41pm

    To me it seems a wait and watch tactic – neither Bell nor Telus have announced they’ll be carying iPad data plans so it might be that ROgers are just waiting out to see what the compettition will bring to the table to be able to compete. Strange that the 3 main carriers haven’t sat down and agreed on this one by now :)

  17. Carol Berry says: May 8th, 2010 a 6:17pm

    I have my iPhone with Rogers and would love to use my 6 gb plan with my iPad, but if I can’t I’ll be comparing Bell, Telus, Fido etc. data plans, there is competition here!

  18. Please offer that 6gb special again for the Ipad too

  19. Movistar in Spain will allow existing iPhone subscribers to get a second SIM for free for their ipad and share their existing data plan among devices. Not including a link because I don’t want the post to be rejected. The same with Rogers would be great!

    Los usuarios de Movistar que ya dispongan de un iPhone u otro smartphone de Movistar con tarifa plana de datos 25 o 39 euros, y compren un iPad, podrán solicitar de forma gratuita una segunda tarjeta SIM -en este caso el nuevo formato de tarjeta microSIM- para usarla y conectarse a Internet con su iPad. Por tanto, estos clientes podrán así utilizar su tarifa plana de datos para conectarse desde su iPhone, su smartphone o su iPad.

  20. Wow we actually get to sign up to hear what Rogers has to say about iPad pricing, oh golly og gee I am so impressed <<read sarcasm if you didn't get it. It just goes to prove that the telecoms in Canada don't know what customer service is let alone give a rats **s what we think. That's why I'm not with Rogers.