Rogers Announces Data Plans for iPad in Canada

Apple fans are passionate about Apple products. We know because we’re among them.

Rogers introduced the iPhone to Canada in 2008 and we were the first Canadian carrier to announce that we’ll carry the iPad. Now we’re thrilled to say it’s available for pre-order today at and is set to launch on May 28.

We have a long-standing, strong working relationship with Apple and we think our years of experience will benefit Canadian iPad customers.

All iPad data plans will be available without a term contract, providing the freedom to activate or cancel a plan at any time. Rogers customers purchasing the iPad will be able to take advantage of the new iPad data plans to enjoy the device’s full suite of capabilities, backed by the reliability of Rogers’ proven network.

Here are the pricing options we’re making available to future iPad customers:

  • 250 MB for $15 + WiFi (Includes free unlimited access to all Rogers WiFi Hot Spots)
  • 5 GB for $35 + WiFi (Includes free unlimited access to all Rogers WiFi Hot Spots)

Customer experience shows that our 250mb/5GB plans will be more than enough for virtually all our customers. 99.8 per cent of our iPhone customers use less than 5GB of data. As the tablet is a new category, it’s too early to say if customers will use more or less data than they do for iPhone. But even for our rocket stick/embedded laptop customers, 95.6 per cent use less than 5GB per month.

Visit for full details on these plans.  As always, we’ll keep you posted right here.

Note the iPad will not be available on the Fido brand at launch.

Much has been said about the tablet being an important new product category. More importantly, you now have more options than ever before to communicate, to be informed and to be entertained wherever, whenever you desire.

Excited yet? We are. And we’d like you to activate your iPad with Rogers.

Will you be buying an iPad? Why or why not?

Keith McArthur is Senior Director of Social Media at Rogers.

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Rogers Announces Data Plans for iPad in Canada, 1.4 out of 5 based on 300 ratings
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  1. The Rogers website still has no details. The Apple website mentions a $20 add on to use the iPhone data plan. It also mentions that “most” are contract free. What are the contract requirements?


  2. Will it be possible to start/cancel a plan from the iPad’s Settings app, as can be done by American users?

  3. 250MB? That seems a tad low. I clear that on my smartphone without even using YouTube.

    • I agree. They claim that 95+% use less than 5GB (could mean 4.99G) but how many use less than 250MB?? I would guess that it is surprisingly low %age.

      • I agree!
        How about something between 250MB and 5GB… hmmm how about 2GB for $20. That seems reasonable to me.

      • RogersKeith says: May 11th, 2010 a 2:00pm

        One of the customer friendly aspects about these plans is that there aren’t overage fees. If a customer goes through 250MB in 25 days, she can start a new data bucket right away – and choose every month between the 250MB and 5 GB plans.

        • Not sure about customer friendly. If I go over my 250mb and add another 250 it costs me $30/month. Not sure if I want to spend $35/month if I am not using that much. The plans look to be geared to Rogers bottom line. There either needs to be sharing or some middle ground plan. Having next to not enough data and way too much is not customer friendly.

  4. @digitaterry says: May 10th, 2010 a 11:14am

    What about existing iPhone customers? Are there any options for those of us who already have a data plan with Rogers?

  5. Hi,
    I am a Fido customer. Is it possible to tranfert the balance of my Fido contract to Rogers so I can deal with only one bill/contract?

    • RogersKeith says: May 11th, 2010 a 2:00pm

      Hey Pierre-Armand. That’s something you’d want to discuss with customer care.

  6. No mention of the $20 ‘add to existing data plan’ option? I’m curious as to whether that one would be $20 per month, as most have assumed, or a one-off $20 fee to attach the iPad to an existing subscription account? The former would seem somewhat over zealous ($20 to use what you’re already paying for in a different place?), while the latter would doubtless be a winner for all iPhone users in Canada, and would leave the USians feeling green…

  7. Thanks for this, Keith. Though the big question from all of us will be what about the $20 link up for our current data plans, as listed on Apple’s site? Any info you had on that would be much appreciated.

    Also, any idea as to who we can contact at Fido about this?

    • RogersKeith says: May 11th, 2010 a 2:02pm

      As @RogersMary has mentioned elsewhere, there is no sharing plan at this time. This was listed on Apple website yesterday in error.

  8. On the Apple website, it states for an additional $20 per month you can share your existing data plan with the iPad. True?

  9. How can AT&T offer Unlimited data for iPad for $29.99 (USD) and the best plan here is $35.00 for 5GB?

    • Panamajack says: May 10th, 2010 a 2:48pm

      Scott, if you read the fine print of AT&T, “unlimited data” actually has a cap of around 6 GB.

      • The AT&T unlimited isn’t a true cap. It’s a “soft cap” of 6 GB/mo, meaning you can go over it without incurring extra charges (as occurs with a hard cap), but you aren’t allowed to go over the soft cap for 2 consecutive months. Much better way of doing things, recognizing that each month is not the same.

      • Where is this 6GB cap? I am reading it is actually unlimited.

  10. And, what happens if you go over the 5GB?

    • RogersMary says: May 10th, 2010 a 1:48pm

      We have structured our plans so you never have to pay overage charges.

      Once you use up your data, you will have the option to buy another bucket and your month starts right then.

      • Is there an expiry period on the data?

      • You can’t try to take a cat and sell it as a dog. A cat was, is and will always be a cat.

        Saying that there are no overage charges make it sound you like Rogers came up with something innovative and mind blowing. Then you say that if you go over your bucket, you just have to buy another bucket of data. And if the user does not use up all the bandwidth in their bucket, they loose that. How is that any freaking different from buying a month to month data plan?

  11. You didn’t mention the $20 to share data plans with iPhone and iPad that Apple advertises on their site.

    I just pre-ordered an iPad assuming that is a one time fee, is it monthly?

  12. On the Apple site there was a third option to have the iPad added to your existing Rogers data plan for $20. You didn’t mention it here. Is this an option that’s not publicly announced and is it a flat one-time charge of $20 or is it $20 a month?

  13. We all really want to know about the $20 data sharing plan Apple’s site mentions. Is it per month (terrible) or a one-time fee (amazing)?

  14. Great! Thanks Rogers!

    Finally a step in the right direction for Canadian data plans – $35 for 5GB is a step closer to the $30 unlimited in the USA.

    Great work, Rogers!

    I pre-ordered my 64GB iPad WiFi + 3G and added a Rogers microsim for $0.20! Can’t wait!

    And to those asking – read the post, it says they are CONTRACT FREE, PREPAID! Start/stop at anytime! Thanks Rogers!

    • RogersKeith says: May 11th, 2010 a 2:04pm

      Thanks for the feedback Adam. We’re happy to see that our data plan prices for iPad stack up pretty favourably with carriers around the world.

      • He’s being sarcastic genius. These plans are a disgrace. Congrats Rogers. iPad pre-order CANCELED, Cable and Internet CANCELLED, the cell phone goes this week. You just sent the whole shootin’ mach over to Bell.

  15. It’s great to see everyone so excited!

    Many of you have asked about the shared data plan listed on the Apple website. This reference was an error and is being removed.

    • I’m now glad that I forgot to order the micro SIM. Without that $20 to combine with my iPhone data plan, this is totally unacceptable pricing.

    • Well, that is truly a disappointment. I don’t see any reason to get the 3G ipad now. Just use your iphone as a wi-fi router with the appropriate jailbreak and software. I’m already paying for 6 gigs of download a month and I don’t see how sharing my data with an ipad is any different than tethering my laptop (which is allowed and officially supported by rogers for no additional cost).

      You’re not getting any more of my money now; i might have even considered $20 / month, but certainly not $35. Phhfff… What a huge let-down.

    • Are you kidding me? How do I cancel my pre-order then…

      • Apple is very flexible with returns and cancellations. If you feel you were misled, I am certain (based on personal experience and that of friends) that Apple will accommodate.

    • That’s a shame since an inexpensive data sharing plan would really have made Rogers a leader instead of just one of the pack.

    • That’s unfortunate. A shared data plan would be a wonderful addition.

    • Is there a plan to have this added in the future. Your comments aren’t giving us much detail on what the plan is.

      We are already paying for data, why can’t it be shared between devices.

      And this needs to be added to Fido customers, why do we always get the short end of the stick.

    • How Rogers of you.
      a $20 fee to just use data I am already paying for is insane anyway… just another opportunity for Rogers to milk us all for more cash… god forbid they recognize customer loyalty. Honestly a $5 add on for share usage of a current 6GB plan is fair… anything else is straight up robbery.

      • mimc03, I couldn’t agree with you more. We’re already paying large for iPhone data plans WHY WOULDN’T we be able to share that with the iPAD. Just more corporate gouging. Hopefully competition with Telus or Bell push more reasonable plans for customers.

    • I pre-ordered the iPad based on $20.00 shared plan posted on the Apple website. I can not believe that both Rogers and Apple let that happen. We all know that Rogers was surveying customers about shared plans and obviously both companies at one point were heavily considering or discussing the option. Seeing as the plans weren’t revealed until today, I can only assume that they were finalized at the last minute.

      Honestly, I still would have bought one eventually, but the shared plan seemed like a fair deal and really motivated me to pre-order.

    • appDevious says: May 10th, 2010 a 2:17pm

      Corporate greed creates jailbreakers. I think everyone is willing to pay for what is fair, but when what is fair doesn’t exist there is no reason to pay.
      Offer a one time fee to attach ipads to current iphone plans or max $5/month. At least you would be getting some of our money rather than $0.

    • Steve Groves says: May 10th, 2010 a 2:37pm

      What a farce. That was a major snafu on your part or Apple’s. I guess I will be returning my Rocket Stick at the end of the contract this month after all. Now to cancel the iPad pre-order.

    • “Error” !!?? Apple doenst make those types of errors, maybe a silent protest for current Rogers customers getting the shaft with our iPhone data plans.

      I don’t believe this was an error but Apple starting a Rogers up-roar like the one we had with pricing of the original iPhone.

      I say we start another uproar for a ONE TIME add an iPad to our exiting plan fee.

    • EcoHeliguy says: May 10th, 2010 a 3:31pm

      “It’s great to see everyone so excited!”

      Thats a very Poor PR move on Rogers part and they should retract this false claim.

    • that is unfortunate. that was the trigger for me to pre-order. since rogers doesn’t have 3g available where i live, but telus does (go figure!), i will have to toss the rogers microsim and wait for your competition to step up to the plate. i’ glad to hear it’s contract free, i’m sure telus will match whatever you offer and provide 3g where you still don’t two years later.


    • I sure hope that people are excited about the iPad itself and not the Rogers data plans.

      As always Rogers fails to meet or exceed expectations. Offering a 250MB data plan which 1) is too little for average iPad users’ needs and 2) for failing to listen to customers who wanted to share their existing data plans on their existing iPhone / BlackBerry / Android / Data Capable devices.

      Essentially, the attempt to excite customers with an announcement about the iPad plans may have worked. However, the plans themselves are in no way exciting or even worthy.

      In the near future I’ll try to contain my excitement more to the gadgets knowing that my wireless carrier of choice has no intentions in wanting to offer an exciting, affordable and innovative service offering.

      Thanks but no thanks!

      • the only good thing about the announcement is that rogers’ plans don’t require a contract. as soon as telus follows, you can switch. bonus!

        the rest of the info is certainly less than exciting.

    • Very disappointing Mary. Having rogers internet, you do not charge me for each computer I connect. It should be that way for this type of data as well. I should be able to use what I pay for. Data is data. Not sure if I will buy ipad. Will wait and see what your competitors do.

  16. If the shared data plan is a mistake, is there any way to share an existing data plan at all?

    • RogersMary says: May 10th, 2010 a 1:51pm

      At this time, there are no shared data plans available.

      • Can you explain why? Is it a business decision or a technical limitation? It really doesn’t make much sense to not allow that unless Rogers has a pretty good one that will make people go ‘ah ha, makes sense’.

        • In my opinion this is a decision by the shareholders and the executive teams to ensure that the shareholders get the profits on their investment in the Rogers shares by way of dividends being offered each fiscal year.

      • EcoHeliguy says: May 10th, 2010 a 2:43pm

        Can Rogers get someone to reply will real information helpful to the customer, or at least someone high enough up the totem pole to be able to speak openly?

      • There was a $20 admin charge for sharing my iPhone data plan. It was clearly there when I ordered the 3G+64G model. If this has been retracted I will simply cancel the order. This is not the way to keep customers.


      • Then there is no reason I should buy the 3G iPad. I refuse to pay $15/month for a piddly 250MB and to me $35 for 5GB is excessive. Give me another option and then maybe I’ll give you my hard earned $.

      • Then please tell me why I should have to pay for the same data twice..


        As soon as my contract is done I am out of here.

  17. Any plan for exisiting iPhone users to share the existing data plan?

  18. @ RogersMary

    Many of you have asked about the shared data plan listed on the Apple website.
    This reference was an error and is being removed.

    Still there… very poor communication…
    And by the way, offering data service on a phone is not exclusive at all in 2010…
    Why not offer service to your customer on Fido. They are your customer too, paying their bill to uncle Ted.

  19. $0.20 for a Rogers SIM card. Great deal. Thanks Apple!

    • Robin Smith says: May 11th, 2010 a 8:28pm

      Should be free for the privilege of paying to much. I have actually decided against a 3G ipad because of the crazy no share policy. I won’t pay twice for data it simply doesn’t make business sense !

  20. RogersMary, my excitement over getting 3G on an iPad has completely disappeared with your statement that the shared data plan was a mistake.

    Can you please explain to me why I am allowed to connect a netbook to my iPhone at no extra charge, but having a second 3G device consuming the exact same data plan is not allowed? It’s the *same* data.

    I can understand that having a second device on the account might legitimately pose administrative costs that would need to be recovered, but that can be handled via modest charge.

    • Remember that the iPad is unlocked. Therefore it is up to Rogers to “adjust” their offerings based on customer feedback… after all with the iPad 3G, we get to vote with our wallets EVERY 30 DAYS! Cool, eh!
      Also, please remember that even if the others can technically offer support for the iPad, none has the guts to show their cards yet… I know, I visit Telus and Bell regularly asking that very question. As for Videotron, they appear totally lost when it comes to wireless.

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