iPad comes to Canada: Rogers to offer plans from end of May

iPad RogersRogers today announced that it will offer iPad price plans for all models from the end of May in Canada.

The iPad lets users browse the web, read and send email, enjoy and share photos, watch HD videos, listen to music, play games, read ebooks and much more, all using iPad’s revolutionary Multi-Touch user interface.

For more information about iPad please visit http://www.apple.ca/ipad

We will share more details soon.

Keith McArthur is Senior Director of Social Media at Rogers.

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iPad comes to Canada: Rogers to offer plans from end of May, 2.4 out of 5 based on 71 ratings
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  1. Rogers should 1-up AT&T by offering data plans that work with an iPhone + iPad, rather than two separate plans. Think about it ;-)

  2. No pricing = no news. I presume all three iPhone carriers are going to support the iPad too. If you had an exclusive, that’d be news.

  3. I agree with will. However I believe that the data plans that will be coming out will be cross platform compatible. Now the only problem you run into with that is that the iPad takes a “Micro SIM” that’s not compatible with the iPhone.

    • I think Will is suggesting a single data plan that can be used to share data across both devices. This would make much more sense than trying to swap around SIM cards.

      • I agree with Will and Jesse, having the data plans shared across data-capable devices is where competitive edge comes in. Otherwise all you are really doing is trying to get more money out of the already strained consumers.

      • +1

        if I cant share data plans with my existing one for my iphone im not sure im gonna go for the 3G ipad. iphone is already too much expensive I wont pay for 2 data plans when Im not even using 1/3 of my iphone plan.

      • There won’t be any swapping SIM’s, the iPad uses a new – smaller – SIM card.

        • As will the new IPhone, so swapping the sim card is a viable option as it always have been for all sim devices.

  4. Well, with Apple’s announcement this morning of international shipping delays, I wouldn’t be surprised if that date gets pushed even further. Question is, will you offer pre-orders?

  5. theninjasquad says: April 14th, 2010 a 10:35am

    I’m curious to see how Rogers data plans for the iPad will compare to the new ones that AT&T is offering.

    • Me too, …AT&T has a very good plan that allows users to change on a month to month basis, vs rogers where you get stuck with long plans and huge penalties for changing them; AT&T plan much better and customer can make changes to the plan themselves using the ipad without going to a customer service rep. Come on rogers, step-up.

      • You’re misinformed. Rogers’ data plans for iPad “do not require a term contract” according to rogers.com/ipad. I’m also quite sure that customers can activate and cancel their subscription at any time right on their iPad as well. AT&T and Rogers are on par with this.

  6. Well duh! What are the price points?

  7. Use your separate micro sim, but if you have an iPhone on a data plan then you should be able to share your data buckets like in the Family Data Plan option, I have the 6 GB plan which would be perfect, if not then I will just buy the WiFi version and tether the iPad with either my iPhone 6Gb plan or with my Blackberry which has a 6GB Plan. So worse comes to worse, I will save money on buying the WiFi version and I will have up to 12 GB worth of data that I am already paying for.

    • @TorontoWireless says “tether the iPad with … my iPhone 6Gb plan”. And exactly how are you going to do this tether? Steve Jobs has said that the IPad will not tether over Bluetooth to an iPhone, and the only way to tether over WiFi is to jailbreak the iPhone and use an app like MyWi to turn the iPhone into an access point.

      • Oddly enough one of my cowokers was able to tether his macbook to his jailbroken iPhone and use the 3G data to make the macbook a wireless access point which the iPad used to connect to the internet.


      • Sorry but you’re wrong. The iPhone and the iPad both support tethering, it is AT&T that doesn’t allow. U.S customers can’t tether their iPhones, but we can.

        If Rogers wants to allow it, both the hardware and software support it.

        • Sorry, but you’re wrong.


          Steve Jobs minced no words in clearly saying the iPhone will NOT support tethering. It’s not going to happen unless you use MyWi.

          Just stop being cheapskates and either wait to see if Rogers gives a shared bucket across two devices, or just buy a separate plan. Welcome to Canada, where the iPad will be $60/mo for unlimited (if it happened) or else I’ll be paying $30/mo for 512MB or something awful.

          If Rogers wanted to allow it, it couldn’t. Read up before posting.

        • Sorry, but I’m right ;-) A WiFi iPad cannot tether to an (un-jailbroken) iPhone and make use of the iPhone’s 3G data. The question was originally answered here (by Steve Jobs, no less!) …


        • So let me get this straight, you’ve made up your mind about the situation based on a one word email response supposedly sent by Steve Jobs. You do realize the iPhone doesn’t tether in the U.S? I’ll repeat what I said to make it perfectly clear — the iPad hardware and software supports tethering (people are already doing it with jailbroken phones). It doesn’t mean Apple or Rogers will allow it, but it’s certainly possible.

          • check out rogers, virgin and bell — all offer tethering as part of their iphone packages.

          • The point is that tethering works over bluetooth, not wireless. The iPad has no way to connect to an iPhone through bluetooth. In this case it’s a hardware limitation, not a carrier policy decision. You need a jailbroken phone to allow tethering through WiFi to make this work.

            It would be great if Rogers (or whoever) offered a combined plan, but they would be losing out on everyone who will suck it up and buy a second 3G data plan then I suppose.

      • if i have to jailbreak, then i will, its up to rogers to decide what we do

    • i agree. rogers had me paying for plans i didn’t need. with tethering & wi fi ,just need 1 plan..

  8. also if Rogers was smart they will announce the iPad price plans today, offer to pre-book customers (Clients) in to a contract and lock them in before people realize that they can just buy the wifi version and tether it with a data plan which is greater than 500mb

    • You can’t tether your iPad to your iPhone. Steve Jobs confirmed this in an email a week or two ago.

    • Actually, the iPad doesn’t support tethering, so that won’t work. You’ll either need a 3G iPad or a device like the Mi-Fi that can provide a Wi-Fi connection (which is the approach that I’ve taken at this point).

      (To be fair, you can do all sorts of things to “tether” the two devices by either jailbreaking your iPad or iPhone, but the majority of consumers aren’t going to be doing that, and those who would have pretty much already figured out what their options are).

  9. So I’ve read on a number of sites that Rogers will be offering 500MB of data for $30 and 5GB for $65 on the iPad….. if this is real what gives? Why is data still so expensive? How can Rogers offer data on promotion for $30 for 6GB to phone users and turn around with these prices? The promotional pricing for 6GB should be the standard, I could understand paying $30 for 500MB a few years ago but now it just a cash grab. Rogers needs to set a standard on it’s data pricing that’s actually competitive and not require contracts to make data reasonable. I would also love an answer as to why I have to pay extra for text messages when I already have a data plan…… text messages = data

    • Hey Dave. We haven’t released any details about pricing plans for iPad yet. I believe the plans you mention came from a blog post in Electronista where the blogger cites those as data plans currently in market but emphatically states that Rogers has not yet released plans for iPad.

      • Dear Keith

        If I buy my 3 G Ipad in New York when I go in 2 weeks (it will be out then in the USA)
        Since the device is unlocked
        Will I be able to buy just a microsim from Rogers so I can use it in Canada (and of couse pay Rogers for the data)

    • Text messages are seperate from data so that people who dont use data devices can text. Text messages do not equal data.

  10. Excellent but with todays news of delay of Wifi models till end of Mai, does this mean Rogers will offer plans on iPad that are not shipping yet? I don’t think Apple will offer Wifi and 3G models at the same time.

    • Actually, both the Wi-Fi and 3G models are supposed to be available internationally at the same time. Considering that the dates have already been pushed back a month, however, who knows what’s going to happen.

  11. Wow, no news here…this was pretty much a given.

  12. I’m glad it will be with Rogers, but hopefully you guys will offer the PREPAID data plans that ATT offers in the US, which you can sign up for at any time and cancel at any time right from the device settings menu.

    Pay $30 with your credit card, get one month of unlimited data usage. Cancel if you don’t want it the next month, prepay again if you want it after.

    It’s an awesome system which hopefully you guys use as well. If not, I’ll give up hope forever.

  13. Are you just offering pay-as-you-go data plans or will you be discounting the hardware and offering data plans on contracts?

    I for one will sign a data contract if it means a discount on the hardware.

    Will you be able to use your existing iPhone data plan? Some Rogers employees are saying that you will be able to, how will it work?

  14. Great to see so much excitement about the iPad. We’re excited to share more details when we can, but can’t answer any questions about our rate plans quite yet.

    • Will an iPad 3G bought in the US work on Rogers’ network?

      • what you meant to say is will the 3g iPad come unlocked, it will work with Rogers, Bell and Telus. You will need to use a micro sim card from your carrier in order to use it. If the 3 Canadian carriers are smart they wont sell just the sim card.

  15. If I can’t use my existing iPhone plan, there’s no way I’m setting up an entirely new plan for the same thing. I’ll get the WiFi model, figure out how to tether or set up a hotspot, and/or find a provider that does offer the no-brainer combining of data plans.

  16. i agree, rogers is bringing in all of these devices, why not 1 up AT&T! :-)

    • why go on and on about the one upping of at&t when Rogers is in Canada and AT&T is in the states!??

  17. Just my quick thoughts:

    -A delay isn’t a big deal – you’ve lived this long without the iPad, you can wait another month. (and, well, you don’t have much of a choice :) )
    -I’d be more likely to buy the 3G version if I can share the data with my iphone data plan. Otherwise, I’d likely just get the WiFi verison. I can’t see spending money for internet on my: Desktop ($60/month~), iPhone ($30/month), iPad ($??/month).

    Is it possible to download something on my iPhone and wirelessly sync it with the iPad via Bluetooth?


  18. I’m glad to hear it’s coming and I’m sure the iPad and the Rogers plans will be worth the wait. There is competition in the marketplace. Rogers has been very good and balanced in their support of the iPhone (tethering, 6GB plan, etc.) and I’m sure they’ll continue with the iPad. The Rogers 3G network is quite a bit faster than AT&T in the US and I applaud Rogers for it.

    My hope is on the roaming front…being able to take my iPad to the USA for a trip and sign up for an AT&T $30 plan for the trip. Why should it appear on my Rogers bill at some large markup? Roaming is far too expensive in general and it needs to come down in this connected world of ours.

    Anyways, I look forward to ordering my iPad 3G on May 10th. :)


  19. Todd Sieling says: April 14th, 2010 a 2:20pm

    This is a press release for the sake of a press release. Come on, Rogers, why not release the news when there’s something substantial to say.

  20. I currently have an iphone with a rogers data plan. But for my ipad I will try to get a plan from telus or bell as this will allow me to access the net in areas that don’t have rogers coverage but do have telus/bell coverage.

    Of course if Rogers offers a juicy discount (hint hint) to its existing iphone customers (especially those with 6 GB data plans) then I’ll stick with rogers for the ipad.

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