Goooooooal! Catch every second of the 2010 FIFA World Cup on the screen of your choice

Rogers on Demand Online FIFAIf you’re a soccer fan, you likely know that more than two-thirds of the 2010 FIFA World Cup matches will take place during the Canadian workday. But don’t worry about having to call in sick or book vacation days: we’ve got you covered at work, at home and on your mobile.

With 10 days to go until the opening kick, here’s how you can stay on top of every goal, penalty and celebration:

  • Visit Rogers On Demand Online to get free, live streaming and catch-up of all 64 matches in English with a variety of matches available in French, Spanish and Italian, plus scores, schedules, game highlights, team and player previews, match recaps and more. Available exclusively for all Rogers customers, including Wireless.
  • If you’re a Cable TV subscriber, watch all of CBC’s coverage of the tournament in conjunction with Radio-Canada, digital channel bold, and on your TV. You can also watch Italian and Spanish broadcasts on Telelatino (TLN).
  • If you’re a Digital Cable TV customer, you can catch up on and replay every second of action in high definition and standard definition on Rogers On Demand, Channel 100. All matches are available in English with some available in French, Spanish and Italian.
  • Get your FIFA fix on the go with the Rogers on Demand Mobile application that lets you live stream every game on your smartphone as well as get recaps and highlights after the whistle for a one-time fee of $10. Costing $5 a month to use, the app is coming soon for Android, BlackBerry and iPhone devices. Pick them up soon via the Android Market, Rogers mobile portal (URL mobile only) and iTunes App Store, respectively.

Rogers On Demand Mobile FIFA

  • Click on the Rogers 2010 FIFA World Cup mobile portal, free for Rogers Wireless customers, featuring ringtones and wallpapers, schedules and SMS alert packages. Text SOCCER to 555 for premium video highlights, penalties, warm-ups, team interviews & more.

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Follow real-time updates on your favourite teams in English, Italian and Spanish on Twitter and Facebook, and comment on the games as you’re watching at

As a bonus, you can also download the Soccer Fan Frenzy app for your smartphone, featuring soccer sounds (including Olé, Olé; Gooaall!! and more), the ability to wave your favourite country’s flag and even red-card a friend. It’s available for Apple iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices. Customers can text “Soccer” to 555 and get a link to download the app, while non-Rogers customers can search for “Fan Frenzy” in BlackBerry App World.

Rogers Soccer Fan Frenzy app

More information and pricing can be found at the official Rogers FIFA 2010 microsite and today’s press release.

So, are you ready for some soccer? How will you be watching? Who are you rooting for?

Update (June 8, 11:00 a.m.): Rogers On Demand Mobile is now live in Android market (URL Mobile Only) and iTunes. The BlackBerry version will be available later this week.

We’ve had some questions about the app’s compatibility. Rogers On Demand Mobile was designed to work on devices sold and supported by Rogers. Unsupported devices, including the Google Nexus One, cannot run the Rogers On Demand Mobile app at this time. Please visit for the list of supported devices.

With regards to data charges – data used by the Rogers On Demand Mobile app won’t count towards your data plan bucket. Downloading the app itself does incur some small data charges.

Update (June 11, 9 a.m.): Rogers customers with BlackBerry 9000, 9100 or 9700 are able to download the application via Rogers mobile portal (URL mobile only).

Rob Manne is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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  1. I’ll be watching in HD and cheering for whom ever scores first!! I don’t have a favorite team I just like watching the games and seeing goals!!

    • Hey Chris, I’m more of a casual fan too. Really looking forward to this.

      The time difference makes it hard to watch most games live from home. When do you plan to watch?

  2. Soccer = meh.

    Give me baseball with out all the MLB gouging.

  3. hi , the rogerondeman is completley on flash player that apple does not allow its use on iphone. Wondering how can we watch live matches of rogersondemand on iphone.

    • Hi moiz,

      The Rogers On Demand Mobile iPhone app was developed specifically for the iPhone and does not use Flash. So you’ll be all set when it’s ready! We’ll update the post with the iTunes link once it’s live, so please check back prior to June 11.

      Rogers On Demand Online, which can be accessed by all Rogers customers with a computer and Internet connection, does use Flash. It has live and catch-up FIFA content, plus primetime, daytime and specialty TV shows, movies, sports, music videos and more.

  4. Is there an iPad App for that? Bell has Mobile TV but they want you to pay for it. I hear they are using it to bait iPad people with a free Mobile TV. What’s the Rogers equivalent. Go get them Rogers. Give us an App for that. That way, you can decide not to let the bandwidth come off my account.

    • Hi Pita,

      Appreciate getting your feedback. The Rogers On Demand Mobile iPhone app will work on iPads but it isn’t optimized for it. Update:To clarify, iPads are not able to download the application at this time.

      Also note that with your subscription, data used for Rogers On Demand Mobile won’t be charged to your data bucket.

  5. Hi,
    Could you please explain this pricing structure. So its $5 a month to access anything on the rogers on demand hub. Then what is the $10 month for. I really dont get the pricing and what your paying for. Also would this work on the IPAD?? since all iphone apps are ipad compatible???

    • Hi Brian,

      The $10 is a one-time fee specifically for the FIFA content, and the $5 subscription accesses other programming currently offered. Also – once you’ve confirmed the subscription and downloaded the app, you won’t be charged for the data it uses.

      I understand that the iPhone app will work on the iPad, but it isn’t optimized for that device.

  6. I will be watching the CBC HD broadcast via my over the air antenna.
    Why will I accumulate data usage for the mobile streaming if I have to pay for the app and a monthly fee? If I am on a 500MB data plan I would go over my limit in a matter of hours, right?

    • Hi Lebowski,

      Data used by the mobile app won’t count towards your data plan bucket. Downloading the app itself does incur some small data charges.

      What kind of smartphone do you have?

  7. When watching On Demand mobile on 3G that will eat up a massive amount of Data? Is it only designed to be used on Wifi?

  8. So I can watch all the world cup games live on my iphone without using any of my data allowance.

    This is awesome and very dangerous, I can sense being very unproductive at work for a month. Employers everywhere will be cursing you guys.

    8 Days!!!! Come on England!!!

    • Don’t tell your boss it was us! :)

      If you’re using the Rogers on Demand Mobile app for iPhone, then you’re set as per my other comments. It should be available in itunes soon – we’ll update the blog post when it’s live.

      Also, if you’re a World Cup fan, you may want to follow the action at or Facebook.

  9. What is the catch here? Is the 5$ a month contract based, so 5$ a month foe x amount of month or can I add and terminate as I see fit. Also if I get the 5$ a month plan am i required to pay the 10$ fee to watch fifa games or is it either or.

    • Hi Brian,

      The $5 is a recurring charge but can be cancelled at any time and pro-rated. The $10 fee will get you access to all FIFA content and is non-refundable. Hope that clears it up for you.

  10. Hi there,

    Unfortunately, the app doesn’t seem to work on my Nexus One. And there is a blank error message as well when I start it up. Is there any chance of it working before the World Cup?

    • Hi Teren,

      We updated the post to reflect that unsupported devices – including the Google Nexus One – cannot run the Rogers On Demand Mobile app at this time.

  11. Folks, does Rogers not own Fido? I’m a Rogers digital HD cable and internet customer and I have a Fido iPhone 3Gs (I’ve been a happy Fido customer for 13 years).

    Rogers owns Fido, so why not allow Fido customers to use Rogers On Demand Mobile.

    Your cousins at Fido want to play too!!! :)

    • Chris, the Fido team appreciates your business!

      Currently the RODM app is only available for Rogers customers, but there are other ways you can get your World Cup on.

      Go to from your device and click on the 2010 Fifa World Cup icon. You’ll be able to sign up for text alerts and other content.

      Then there’s Rogers On Demand Online for your desktop. Have you checked out RODO yet?

  12. I was just wondering if there was an equivalent app available for the sony ericcson xperia x10?? And when it will become available? Is it also just available for Canadian users or can the world cup streams be accessed from the UK?

    How much will it cost? And can the membership be cancelled without a penalty after the world cup?

    • Hi Nathan,

      Rogers On Demand Mobile is designed for Rogers customers only, and it will work on an X10. It’s available now – just search Android market or click here from your Android device.

      The $10 fee listed above is for 2010 FIFA World Cup but the $5 monthly subscription can be cancelled following the World Cup. That said, I recommend you check out RODM’s other features before you cancel.

  13. im trying to get this app on my blackberry bold. i cant find the app on rogers mall or on blackberry app store where can i get the mobile on demand?

    • Sargon, RODM for BlackBerry will be ready later this week. We’ll update RedBoard when it’s live, but you should also be able to find through the after it’s uploaded.

  14. I have Xperia X10, no data plan (i know … but Rogers data plans are to expensive for me).

    If i buy the app, 5$ and pay the one time fee 10$, can i use the service?
    Oh, and it can be cancelled at teh end of the world cup?

    Thank you.

    • Kat,

      A data plan is required to use the app for authentication reasons. Note that if you did have a data plan, RODM video wouldn’t count towards that bucket.

      • So basically i only need the 25$ data for 2 months.
        10$ one time fee.
        2×5$ to access rogers on demand for 2 months.

        The service can be cancelled after the world cup without any fees.

  15. I currenty use a blackberry bold 9000. I do not have a Data plan with rogers.

    How can I download the app? It says downloading the app is for free and there will be no data charge. By visiting the rogers app site through my phone wihout a data plan that that charge me?

  16. I have a curve 8520. Is it gonna work on this or do I need a bold?

  17. World Cup starts in 2 days and the BlackBerry app is still set to release later this week? Come on Rogers, its not like you knew about this event yesterday.

  18. it is great to see the app on the android device, however not so great to see it is not universally supported across all android devices.

    I know the current version is not supported on the nexus one, however is there any intentions of release an update to allow for all android devices to take advantage of this great service? Don’t see what the problem with allowing an app to run on all android devices…

  19. Hi,i have read the other posts on the data usage however please clarify:
    the data usage will not count towards my current data plan limit 500mb. Will be charged extra for the data used outwith my data plan?
    And yes, its been 4 yrs in planning and 48 hrs to go and no blackberry app yet? cmon!

    • Hey Keith,

      RODM won’t count towards your 500 MB data bucket. So if you exceed 500 MB using other data, the standard plan overages apply.
      Does that clear it up?

      • kind of, so if its not touching my current 500mb data plan, rogers must have an idea how much data streaming a 90 minute soccer game will use in mb and costs? can you advise?

  20. Hey Rob,

    Do I need to get the ROD app subscription for $5/month PLUS the $10 FIFA addon, or is the $10 FIFA addon enough if I just want to get the soccer content?

    • You need both to get started, but once 2010 FIFA World Cup ends, you can cancel the $5 subscription and pay based on the amount of time you’ve used the app.

      Before you do that, I recommend checking some of the other RODM programming so you can see what you get for the $5. That is if you can even consider watching non-soccer content from June 11 to July 11! :)