BlackBerry Torch 9800 coming to Rogers

BlackBerry Torch 9800 You may have seen Research in Motion’s announcement this morning unveiling the much-anticipated BlackBerry Torch 9800.  We’re excited to tell you we will carry this stylish smartphone as part of our BlackBerry and Social View lineup in the coming weeks.

The BlackBerry Torch 9800 comes with BlackBerry 6, the latest operating system for BlackBerry smartphones, plus a 3.2” touchscreen and a full QWERTY slide-out keyboard.

The device also has:

  • A 5 megapixel camera
  • Built-in GPS and Wi-Fi
  • A new web browser
  • Enhanced multimedia features for video, music, pictures and podcasts
  • The new Social Feeds app for managing multiple social networks
  • 4 GB built-in memory plus microSD slot for memory cards up to 32 GB
  • Tri-band HSDPA (3G) and quad-band EDGE support.

We’ll share more details closer to launch.

What do you think of RIM’s latest smartphone? Will you be picking one of these up from Rogers on launch day?

Miranda MacDonald is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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BlackBerry Torch 9800 coming to Rogers, 3.9 out of 5 based on 126 ratings
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  1. Decent.

    Can’t wait to get a bunch at work.

  2. Hope your going to include the 4 GB microSD card too…

  3. This phone is sick!

    Its got best of both worlds: touchscreen(iphone) + qwerty & bbm (bb) = torch

    I think, I’ll actually wait in the lineup on launch day for this phone.

  4. OMG, I am so excited that Rogers is going to carry this, I knew I was waiting to upgrade for some reason, now I know what it is!

  5. can’t wait…. please sooner than later
    just want to use it, make themes for it etc.

  6. Good that Rogers is starting to get some decent phones out. This phone looks cool, but blackberry isn’t for me. Still waiting on a date for the Samsung Galaxy S. Its coming, but Rogers refuses to acknowledge it. Or better yet, start carrying the HTC Evo. That would get some people looking for a serious Android device to turn to Rogers.

    I’m liking that a fair number of new phones are being released with Rogers, but hate being left in the dark.

    One legit question, there was speculation that this device would be Rogers-only. Any truth to that?

    • RogersMiranda says: August 4th, 2010 a 5:08pm

      Hi Adam,

      We just published a post confirming that we’ll launch the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate in the coming weeks:

      We’ll have more details closer to launch.

      • Awesome. I’ve been searching religiously for some type of confirmation from Rogers, reports were saying September, but hopefully coming weeks means an amount that can be counted on one hand. I’ll be buying that one for sure. Any word on a price yet with a 3 year plan?

      • will it have a front camera and camera on the back

    • @Adam The Samsung Galaxy S is already carried by rogers, in fact I have one sitting right in front of me, if you check out there website it is listed loud and proud under wireless and Samsung. :)

      • No it isn’t, you’re thinking of the Galaxy Spica, which is a mid-level, slightly older smartphone.

        I’m waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate, Samsung’s newest, top-of-the-line phone which was just announced yesterday officially.

        • The Captivate is good, but the top-of-the-line phone is Samsung’s Epic 4G. This phone has everything the Captivate has and more -the front facing camera, LED flash (major improvement), slide out text keyboard, no issues with the GPS, and doesn’t depend on WiFi for facetime calls. Just an awesome phone; being released by Sprint August 11th.
          I would hold out and wait for the Samsung Epic, but who knows how long it’ll take to enter into the Canadian market – seems we tend to lag behind for some time.
          The Epic is the iphone killer….

          Here’s a question for RogersMiranda – Would you be able to comment on the Samsung Epic 4G ?

          Maybe you could call to the big-wigs at Rogers and ask them to add the Samsung Epic to it’s portfolio ?? ;-) If Rogers had this phone, it could slow the growth of competitor’s mobile clientele

          • IF it enters Canada.

            Captivate > Iphone
            Epic >>>>>>iphone.
            iphone > lots > 9800

            Torch is outdated hardware which will be obselete in a couple years. Captivate has the specs to handle Android 3.0 and anything they can throw at it.

          • RogersMiranda says: August 6th, 2010 a 5:57pm

            Hey there,

            Sorry. I can’t comment on or speculate about possible future device launches. However, thanks for the suggestion. It’s always good to know what devices people are excited about.

  7. Yes! I have been waiting for a while, and its either between this or the as yet unannounced samsung captivate.

  8. yup i will, its about time, hope its worth the hype

  9. Any chance of Rogers doing a similar HUP for Bold purchasers as they are doing for iPhone upgraders.

    The iPhone promotion clearly shows that Rogers values its long standing custoemers and early adopters, the same treatment should be given for smartphones with a keyboard.

  10. Did RIM buy a bunch of old Palm Pre’s and rebrand them?

    • It certainly looks like it. Exact same form factor, screen size is very similar, similar screen resolution (tiny) and the processor is clocked at a slightly higher speed.

      If this is RIM playing catch up then they certainly aren’t doing a great job of it. This is just another run of the mill Blackberry device. Nothing new or innovative. The specs are similar to the Android phones we saw released last year, but with a smaller screen and resolution. It is basically a Palm Pre, yes. I’m underwhelmed.

      It’s a shame. RIM used to lead the market in innovative hardware design and software and they have stagnated in the last few years. Judging by this most recent addition to their status quo lineup the real talent is at Apple, HTC and Motorola. It’s only a matter of time until RIM goes the way of Palm by the look of things.

      • I’m thinking that the iPhone success is pushing RIM to launch more and better models sooner. But to say that this is a Palm Pre wannabe is a skeptical shot, and not entirely true, is it? Blackberry has its followers for a number of very good reasons – messaging, security, integration, speed. The combination of the touchscreen and the keyboard is the best of all worlds, all backed by RIM’s unbeatable messaging capabilities and security standards. I hope the browsing experience has been fixed on the new OS, and if so, this will be the iPhone killer RIM will need to puch back to the top of the market.

        • iPhone killer

          yes Rim will accomplish that with a screen that is from last year (low res) and an outdated 624mhz processor :rolleyes

          I would look to the samsung android phone for an iphone killer
          its been slated to compete worldwide with the iphone 4

          Rim is far to behind the curve to be relevant anymore

  11. Yay! Glad to see that the Torch (BB 9800) is slated for release on the Rogers network within the next few weeks. Looks promising.

  12. Are we going to get the 6GB for $30 data promo plan for BIS to go with it? It looks like an oversight as previously redboard announced the promo data plan would be for all smartphones, which I assume include BlackBerry.

    • I already have this on my BB Bold 9000 – just call customer service and have it added to whatever BB you currently have. And with BES Express – I don’t need a BES account my BIS account works fine.

    • Hey Andrew, the 6 GB / $30 plan is open to BlackBerry BIS customers. It’s available for a limited time so I recommend you add it soon.

      • Hi Rob

        Thanks for the update, it looks like it took a few more days to show up on the provisioning system, I now have the plan on my phone and all is well.

  13. I WANT IT!!!!

  14. Hope you offer an early upgrade option!

  15. Woooohooooo!!! There’s my baby! :) Can’t wait for this to come out! No “Applegate” antenna issue for me! :)

  16. well from what I see from this phone it looks great. Was thinking about getting an iphone 4 but not anymore

  17. Need it now…… Great job RIM

  18. What is the launch date?!?! I will be doing HUG on launch day. I’ve had the 8320, 9000, 9700 and can’t wait to add 9800 to the lineup.

  19. I really wish they would have given a date when it will be available.

    • @Imran @DJay Sorry but we don’t have any more details to share just yet. We’ll let you know as soon as we can.

  20. I want one! But I have to wait 17 months until I can upgrade again. Boohoo!!!