Live from Rogers TabLife TO: CMO declares tablets dashboards of tomorrow

We’re big believers in the future of tablets.

Today at Rogers TabLife TO, we unveiled a series of initiatives to help our tablet customers get the most out of their devices, including a Remote PVR designed for tablets.

We’ve also developed data sharing plans for tablets and will introduce a tablet-friendly version of Rogers on Demand Online early next year, John Boynton, Rogers executive vice president and chief marketing officer, said this morning in a keynote speech.

Boynton told the conference:

“Tablets are the dashboards for the highways of tomorrow. They are the command centres of the future…I can tell you about a service we’re working on that allows you to remotely control your home devices.  Starting in 2011, you will be able to set your home PVR using your tablet.  This means that while sitting in a restaurant you can choose what movie you want to watch.  You’ll never have to worry about missing the first period of a Leafs game.”

He added that Rogers is committed to data plans that allow our customers to move between their devices easily, seamlessly and reliably.

“Instead of separate plans, people can buy a combined plan that is less expensive and now share their data across the devices they want. Data sharing is important because tablets will not replace smartphones. Tablets will be companion devices to smartphones providing instantaneous connections on a bigger screen wherever you are.”

We created Rogers TabLife TO to explore ways tablets are changing how we live, work and play. You can learn more about today’s event at And, we’ll have full coverage of Rogers TabLife TO here on RedBoard early next week.

Rogers Tablet Touchpoint 2010

Alongside the event, we worked with The Strategic Counsel on research related to attitudes, behaviours and impacts of tablet use in Canada. Key findings of the Rogers Tablet Touchpoint 2010 include:

  • 69 per cent of tablet users take their tablet everywhere they go
  • 58 per cent of tablet users say their tablet is typically the first device they turn on in the morning
  • 44 per cent of tablet users say they would rather give up their desktop or PC than their tablet.
  • 63 per cent of owners use their tablets for work at least some of the time
  • Almost 60 per cent of those do not own a tablet agree that tablets will transform the way we live, work and play
  • 42 per cent say they plan to purchase a tablet within the next year.

You can see the detailed survey results here:

Want to win a tablet?

Coinciding with Rogers TabLife TO, we’re running a national contest where we’ll be giving away a Dell Streak and Samsung Galaxy Tab. To enter, all you have to do is tweet how a tablet could change your life for the better along with the hashtag #TabLife. For more details, check out @RogersBuzz on Twitter.


Keith McArthur is senior director of Social Media at Rogers

Update (December 3, 6:00 PM): As a preview of next week’s wrap-up post, below you’ll find photos from Rogers TabLife TO as well as the keynote speech from John Boynton entitled “Tablets in a Connected World.” We’ll have more videos here on RedBoard soon, including the sneak-preview demo of the new BlackBerry Playbook tablet with RIM’s David Neale.

Update (December 6, 10:20 AM): Below Research In Motion’s David Neale talks to Marc Saltzman about the soon-to-launch BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and what’s next for the tablet space in 2011. Neale demos a prototype device, including a hands-on with the user interface, HD video and camera functionality.

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31 comments on “Live from Rogers TabLife TO: CMO declares tablets dashboards of tomorrow

  1. Chris

    Hi there – I see the sharing plans are back.

    A couple of questions:

    1. On the website, it says $15 to share between 1GB and 5GB. What about the 6GB plan?
    2. how much is the so-called Gov’t Recovery Fee (aka Rogers way to disguise to get more $)
    3. Last I checked Bell had sharing plans for $10. Why does Rogers price at a premium?

    Look forward to your response!

    1. RogersKeith

      Hi Chris,

      Here are some answers:
      1) The $30/6GB sharing promotion we offered earlier this summer has expired, and sharing plans are not compatible with expired limited time offers. That said, our 6GB customers are important to us and we’re exploring whether we can introduce data sharing options for them again in the future.
      2) The fee varies by province. Details here:
      3) I can’t speak for other carriers, but the sharing plans Rogers is launching are not priced as limited time special promotions.

      1. Sid

        It seems ironic that Rogers is touting tablets, introducing streaming services for Rogers on demand, etc, ect but with the bandwidth constraints that rogers imposes, if one actually tried to use Rogers array of “services”, you would get equivalent of a prostate exam on your wallet. That goes for both land & wireless internet.

        Critique: stop providing services that your customers can not take full advantage of because it would drain them of bandwidth

  2. mjschmidt

    If a customer with a data plan takes their SIM card out of their smartphone, and puts it into their tablet, will the data work on the tablet?

  3. Joel


    I just got off the phone w Rogers and despite all of these shared data plan announcements, if you currently have a 6 GB data plan on your iPhone (which I do), you CANNOT add your iPad for $15/mo.. I tried. Spoke with a manager from Customer Escalations Team and she said that right now they cannot do it, despite the fact that you CAN if you have a 1GB to 5GB data plan on your smart phone.

    Was advised to wait because the manager speculated that Rogers will likely have something come out in a few months to address this particular request, and to placate me in the meantime they are taking $50 off my bill for the next 4 months. While I do appreciate the discounted bill, I would be even happier if they could allow iPhone/iPad data sharing when one already has the 6GB data plan on their smartphone.

    1. RogersKeith

      Thanks Joel. We already had a limited time sharing offer in market for 6GB customers, and we’re exploring whether we can introduce sharing options for these plans again in the future.

  4. Frank

    Data sharing is fine. However, charging people an extra monthly fee to be able to use the same amount of data through more than one device is pure greed on Rogers’ part and has no technical or business justification other than “we wanted more money from you”. If Rogers is trying to promote tablet use, they’ll need to do WAY better than $15/month to be “allowed” to use data you’re already paying for.

  5. Grumyrom

    This is absolute BS that the 6GB plan is excludes from the device sharing. I have this on 2 lines and would love to share my 12GB of data with my iPad instead of paying another $35/month just for iPad data. I don’t need this much data every month but I’m stuck paying for another data bucket because I have no other choice. Seems like the only choice is get ripped off on a 1GB or 5GB phone plan and share for cheap, or get good value on the 6GB plan and pay through the nose for your tablet. Take your pick.

    Considering most of the 6GB plan owners are know are the early adopters you’d think Rogers would want to try and keep them happy. Guess I’m wrong.

    Not impressed.

  6. Lucas

    The new plans are too expensive – I already paid for the data so shouldn’t I be able to use it? 5.00 for sharing would be more reasonable.

    And what about the 6GB promotion plan – too bad it’s not eligible.


  7. LM

    You guys must have forgotten to post the part where it was announced that you were going to scrap the ridiculous data plans for the galaxy tab and match the iPad plans… That must have been announced right? I mean especially with “42 per cent say[ing] they plan to purchase a tablet within the next year”. Surely you won’t be just handing that entire market to your competition?

    (And please don’t use the “iPad plans are temporary and promotional” line. Just try forcing iPad users to sign up for the current galaxy tab plans, and we’ll see how “temporary and promotional” they really are.)

  8. Chris

    While the bit about setting PVR sounds like a great idea, I really think this should also be on smartphones. Who the heck takes their tablet to a restaurant anyway?

    1. RogersKeith

      Good call Chris! It will be available on some smartphones as well.

  9. covex

    Any chance that Rogers will open IPSec ports on their 3G network? Would be nice to be able to connect to my office from the tablet

  10. Greg

    I’m not on rogers, but i use about 20 megs a month with my Palm Pre, when a webOS tablet comes out I would not want to spend another 15 a month on data, 5$ per device for sharing would be nice, since i would have to do this on my two lines, Rogers/bell would be getting an extra 10$ a month just for a computer to recognize another sim card tied into that account, that doesn’t sound like it would cost a lot of money. Also once you start getting kids involved these tablets could start costing an exta 50 or 60 bucks a month, not worth it to me. I would just get WiFi only device and not use rogers/bell at all

  11. ar_meme

    I too had a negative feeling about Rogers charging additional fee to use the data plan that I already paid for, but Rogers is in the business of ‘always’ making money and not ‘always’ making people happy. I like the services that Rogers offers which is why I pay for them but I am also in the business of looking out for my wallet. So I installed a great little app on my iPhone called MyWi4 which turns my phone into a wifi hotspot and allows my iPad to connect to it via wifi giving me the ability to surf as I please without paying an extra dime.

  12. Khanh

    Hi!!! I want to ask about Playbook. Do you know when Playbook is sell???

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Khanh,

      We’re looking forward to the release of the Playbook and will share news on availability as soon as we can.

      1. Khanh

        Thanks Chris. Thanks for answer my question. I hope the Playbook will be soon to release. I want it so much. I have a plan to buy one and i want to order the Playbook right now to make sure i will have one.

      2. Paul

        Hi Chris,

        Any word yet on the release of PlayBook. I heard that it will be on sale in early 2011. Does that mean January – March of 2011

      3. RogersMiranda

        Hi Paul,

        Chris is on vacation, so I thought I’d jump in.

        We don’t actually have any details right now on when the PlayBook will be available. We know lots of people are excited about this device (we are too!) so we’ll communicate details on availability and everything else as soon as we know.

  13. Reggie

    I surrendered my 6GB plan last year, is there anyway to get it back. I am hooked on online radio while driving and I miss that data freedom, any chance it will there in the future

  14. Chase Bednar

    Rogers really has pulled a fast one on me. I have had my 6GB data plan on my iPhone since Aug 2008. I was one of those few people who had my iPad share my 6GB data plan from Sept of this year. I have been paying $20 a month to share with no extra data added on. So 2 days ago, I sold my iPad and called to remove my iPad from the shared plan. Well guess what, the rep removes it and says, okay, I put you on the 500mb data plan. I said excuse me, I have had this 6GB data plan way before my iPad. I did not want to change or remove my data plan, but revert it back like it was before I had my iPad. REMEMBER I have had this 6GB data plan Aug 2008, almost 2 years before my iPad.

    I have made 2 calls and been on hold about an hour and also spoken to reps for an hour. I am not wanting something strange or out of the blue. I just want what I have had before. I am not asking for credits or money back. Just give me what I have always had, since Aug 2008. ** I never once have changed my data plan or phone plan, just the devices is shares** Like if I added a digital box to my cable and 4 months later removed it.

    Roger’s customer service reps are poorly trained. It took 5 phone calls and 3 hours or more on the phone to setup the iPad to share with my 6GB iPhone data plan.
    And now its going to take just as long if not longer to restore my service to the exact same place as before.

    Rogers, why do you make it so hard to do business with you? Do you not care about customer engagement? Do you not care that I am an unhappy Rogers customer, time and time again. Do you know, I have never once had a good experience dealing with Rogers. And I do not ask for anything special. Its just you bait and switch and change promo’s non-stop.