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2010 year in review: Our favourite videos

2010 yearend redboard favourite videos

We’re big fans of online video. Our popular Rogers on Demand Online service was taken out of beta earlier this year giving you access to the hottest TV shows, movies and more via your web browser. As our CMO John Boynton said at Rogers TabLife TO earlier this month, soon we’ll be rolling out a version optimized for tablet users.

We’ve also created numerous video clips exclusively for RedBoard, allowing us to tell stories and do product demos in a new way and allowing you to quickly view and share content right on our website (or through our YouTube channel).

In part two of our series looking back at our favourite RedBoard moments, we present our five favourite RedBoard videos of the year, as well as why we’ve chosen each.

1.       Next is Now: A whirlwind of data, statistics and predictions of what’s next for technology in Canada and worldwide, we unveiled this video at our Annual General Meeting in April.

2.       Will It Blend? Rogers Handset Protection Guarantee: We sent our Miranda MacDonald down to Blendtec HQ in Utah to help spread the word on our Handset Protection Guarantee – and help prevent outoftheloopedness.

3.      BlackBerry Torch 9800 Available from Rogers September 24: We realized you were really interested in the newest BlackBerry device when this preview of the Torch broke through the 10,000 mark in views on YouTube in just a few days. And yes, we agree: touchscreen + physical qwerty keyboard + BBM = awesome.

4.       RIM’s David Neale on the New BlackBerry PlayBook and the Tablet Sector:  In what became one of the world’s very first comprehensive demos of the soon-to-launch BlackBerry PlayBook, Neale unveils a prototype device, including a hands-on with the user interface, HD video and camera functionality. He also talks about what’s next for the tablet space in 2011 and beyond.

5.       Rogers opens new Community Forums: A how-to video for our new Rogers Community Forums — a place to find solutions to technical issues, ask and reply to questions as well as discuss Rogers products and services.

Richard Bloom is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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2010 year in review: Our favourite posts

2010 yearend redboard favourite posts

What a year it’s been for us here on RedBoard.

Launched in March, we’ve published more than 100 posts, seen thousands of comments, served up hundreds of thousands of pageviews and even launched a companion blog – RedBoard Biz.

Looking back, if there is one thing we’ve learned, it’s that you’re passionate about the products and services we offer. We’re happy to have been able to share our stories as well as listen to what you have to say about how we can work better together. That’s the beauty of this medium – the two-way dialogue it facilitates and the creation of a real-time record of what’s important to you.

Indeed, we’ve heard you loud and clear.

In part one of our series looking back at our favourite RedBoard moments, we asked each of our contributors to pick their favourite post of the year, as well as why they’ve chosen each. Tomorrow, we’ll post our favourite videos.

  1. Highlights & video from Rogers TabLife TO (Rob Manne): If you couldn’t make it to our conference here at Rogers HQ in Toronto, you can experience every minute thanks to the wonders of Internet video.
  2. Let’s talk: Rogers unwraps RedBoard blog (Keith McArthur): The post that started it all, detailing what this site would be all about and getting your thoughts on what you want to discuss on RedBoard.
  3. Txting in a time of crisis: Answering the call for help (Miranda MacDonald): Rogers customers regularly open their wallets to help those in need by donating to important causes via their mobile phone. This post gave an overview of mobile giving as well as provided an update our Haitian relief efforts.
  4. Rogers Super Sports Pak: Every NFL snap in HD plus hockey, basketball and more (Richard Bloom): Is there anything better than watching the big game on a big screen with buddies? Heading into the 2010 NFL season, we launched some sweet new sports programming, including my personal fave: NFL RedZone.
  5. Rogers turns 50 today and we’re celebrating with a contest! (Stacey Fowler): How did we celebrate the 50th anniversary of our founder Ted Rogers’ purchase of a fledgling FM radio station and transforming into the company we know today? By getting your thoughts on how technology has changed your life for the better – and giving away a Wi-Fi + 3G 32GB iPad.

Richard Bloom is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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Santa, stockings & SMS: Mobile giving this holiday season

mobile giving Rogers

Giving to the needy is an important part of many Canadians’ holiday season.

We’re a giving nation, after all, with Statistics Canada reporting that nearly a quarter of us claimed a charitable donation on our tax returns last year. In one of our very first blog posts, we talked about how Rogers and Fido customers donated more than $385,000 to Haiti relief efforts through text messages. Since then, mobile giving campaigns facilitated through organizations like The Mobile Giving Foundation have successfully raised millions for various charities and relief efforts.

Indeed, thanks to mobile technologies, making a charitable donation has never been easier.

Connected Rogers Magazine has put together an article highlighting the ways to donate via your cell phone to hundreds of charities that have teamed up with the Mobile Giving Foundation including:

As the article notes: “Donating this way is one of the safer ways to give money. Your wireless carrier simply adds $5 or $10 – depending on the charity’s code – onto your month-end phone bill. No credit card information is exchanged; the Mobile Giving Foundation collects the cash from the carrier monthly and then hands it over to the charity.”

You can learn more about how to get a tax receipt for your donation here.

Also, if you follow Connected Rogers Magazine on Twitter (@connectedmag), Rogers will donate $1 to the United Way for each new follower by January 1, 2011.

On behalf of us here at RedBoard, happy holidays. And, please do remember to give.

Miranda MacDonald is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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‘Tis the season for festive flicks, holiday apps & karaoke

holidays fireplace Rogers

I love this time of year. ‘Tis the season for entertaining – and for being entertained.

It’s also a great time of year to be a Rogers customer as we have loads of ideas to make the most of the festive season whether you’re at home in front of your HD TV, your computer or on the go.

Here are some fun things sure to create a smile over the holidays:

    • Peruse the holiday folder on Rogers On Demand (Digital Cable TV channel 100). It has heartwarming classics like It’s A Wonderful Life and hilarious hits like National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, as well as more recent holiday favourites like Elf and The Polar Express. Many of the flicks are available in HD.
    • Click on the Holiday Channel on Rogers On Demand Online (RODO) for holiday episodes of popular TV series, like Glee and Modern Family. You can also rent holiday favourites on RODO like The Muppet Christmas Carol and Santa Claus: The Movie.
    • Set the mood for your holiday get-together with commercial-free hits from the Galaxie music channels – available both on Rogers On Demand and RODO. Holiday music genres include Traditional Holiday (channel 710), Smooth Jazz Christmas (channel 744) and Franco Fête (channel 750). If you’re not looking to have holiday music at your party, we’ve got dozens of other channels from ambient to country to top 40.
    • Keep partygoers warm and toasty with The Fireplace Channel (HD channel 574; SD channel 204; channel 100) or kick your party up a notch with Karaoke On Demand (channel 100) – just be careful, you may not get rid of your guests until the wee hours of the morning.
    • Grab some great holiday-flavoured apps for your smartphone. Vancouver’s Breakfast Televison recently featured Dustin, one of our Data Guyz, talking about the No More Socks, Point Inside and Postcards from Santa apps. Check out the clip below:

How are you planning on entertaining this holiday season?

Stacey Fowler is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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Face lift: Rogers revamps Facebook page

Facebook Rogers

We think you’re going to like this.

We’re excited to tell you that we’ve re-launched our presence on Facebook, completely overhauling our page’s look and feel – including a new approach that doesn’t just talk about our products and services, but also the stuff they help you enjoy:  entertainment, technology and music.

The page can be found at

We know many of you are active in social media and you’ve told us you want to engage with us in places where you already participate. Now, you can add Facebook to the list of ways you can talk to us, to both learn about us as well as provide feedback on what you’d like to see as a Rogers customer.

Here are some of the highlights of the new page:

  • There are tabs across the top that put an emphasis on technology, entertainment and music.
  • The Loop is the page’s hub – highlighting the newest content available on the various tabs.
  • Facebook-exclusive contests for concert tickets, gadgets and more via the Promotions tab.
  • The Inside Rogers tab details ways you can engage with us and learn more about Rogers, including our most-recent RedBoard posts, YouTube videos and @RogersBuzz tweets.
  • Adam, the page’s host, has regular webisodes on The Loop and various tabs to help navigate the page, discussing his perspective on pop-culture, technology and more.

Join us by clicking “Like”

Getting full access to the tabs’ content is as easy as clicking the Like button at the top of the page. By doing so, you’ll also receive status updates from us highlighting the newest content and contests.

Have you “Liked” the page yet? What are your thoughts on our re-launched Facebook presence?

Richard Bloom is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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Rock out at work or on the go with RODO Galaxie channel


If you’re a Digital Cable customer, you likely know about the Galaxie music channels that allow you to listen to commercial-free music channels through your home theatre.

Now, you can get Galaxie through Rogers On Demand Online (RODO) – giving you the ability to listen to 40 non-stop music channels at work, school, the coffee shop or in another room while the TV is being used to play video games.  Music genres include pop, rock, jazz, country and classical with numerous sub-genres for each, such as Remember the 80s, Urban Beat, Hot Country and Rock Alternative. From now until Christmas, there are also three holiday-themed options: Traditional Holiday, Franco Fete and Smooth Jazz Christmas.

The online Galaxie channel has the exact same music options as those on your TV but a different look and feel. It includes album covers, previews of what song is coming up next and what’s been played over the past 24 hours.

Log in and rock out
To access the channels you need to be a Rogers cable subscriber and log in to RODO at Next, click Channels and then the Galaxie logo . You can also bookmark (If you haven’t signed up for RODO yet, just click the join button located in the top right hand corner of the site and then follow the links to register).

Anyone streaming from a location in Canada can access RODO but being a Rogers customer has its benefits, including access to live streaming events, sneak previews of TV shows and specialty programming tied to your cable account such as these Galaxie music channels.

How do you use the Galaxie music service? What’s your favourite genre?

Richard Bloom is a regular contributor to RedBoard


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Oh, the good ol’ (3D) hockey game…


Tomorrow’s a big night for hockey fans as Rogers customers get their first glimpse of the game in 3D.

If you’re a Rogers Digital Cable customers in Ontario with a 3D-enabled television, you can watch the 3D Hockey Night in Canada broadcast of the Montreal Canadiens vs. the Toronto Maple Leafs on channel 900. Puck drops at 7 pm.

If you have a 3D TV and plan on watching the broadcast, here’s a checklist of things you’ll need to ensure you can get the full experience:

-       An HD Box from Rogers. This will not work if you are watching on an SD box

-       HDMI cable hook-up from digital box to your TV

-       Active glasses that likely either came (or are compatible) with your 3D TV

-       3D mode enabled (some TVs do this automatically when they detect a 3D signal, but check your manual just in case)

Don’t fret if you don’t have a 3D TV, but plan to get one during the holidays. We will carry more games in 3D early next year and beyond as the technology grows in popularity, including the Winter Classic game (Pittsburgh vs. Washington) on January 1st and the Heritage Classic game (Montreal vs. Calgary) on Sunday, February 20th

We’re big sports fans here at Rogers, offering an array of programming options to satisfy even the most hardcore fan, including our popular Super Sports Pak, NHL Centre Ice and NFL RedZone. Earlier this year, we also broadcast the final games of the FIFA World Cup in 3D. We’re looking forward to bringing you even more sports – in the formats you crave – as technology continues to evolve.

Richard Bloom is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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Zoompass: Moving money made simple in Canada & worldwide


This has happened to me on more than one occasion: I’m out with friends for dinner and when it comes time to split the bill, someone has either left their wallet at home or ran out of cash.

“I’ll pay you back next time I see you,” he says.  But then days turn to weeks and it becomes awkward to ask for that $25.

Might as well forget it, right? Wrong.

Had my friend registered for the Zoompass Mobile Wallet Application, he could have quickly transferred me the money right from his smartphone. (After all, while we may run out of cash or leave our wallet at home, but surely we’d never leave home without our phone)

Zoompass is offered by Enstream, a company owned in part by Rogers, that allows you to send, receive and request money securely across Canada’s major wireless carriers. All you need to do is launch the app, type in the amount and cell phone number of the recipient (who also needs to have Zoompass), enter your security password, and hit send. Done. Dinner debt cleared.

You can access Zoompass via your mobile browser or a standalone smartphone app, available at the iTunes App Store, Android Market and BlackBerry App World. It is free to send and receive money through the Zoompass service. There is a fee for transferring funds from Zoompass back into your bank account. More on Zoompass fees can be found here.

Send money worldwide

As a bonus for Zoompass users, now you can send money worldwide with Western Union Money Transfers.

Your recipient can pick up their funds in cash at any participating Western union agent location and you can also have the transfer deposited directly to a mobile wallet account. This mobile-to-mobile service is currently available on networks in 27 countries, including Smart Communications and Globe Telecom in the Philippines, M-Pesa in Kenya and Safaricom in the UK.

Visit for more on Western Union.

To sign up or learn more about Zoompass, check out the FAQ or interactive tour pages on

Have you ever used Zoompass? What are your experiences with mobile money transfers?

Richard Bloom is a regular contributor to RedBoard.


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Highlights & video from Rogers TabLife TO

Rogers TabLife TO audience

On Friday, Rogers headquarters in Toronto was buzzing as 200 visitors, many with tablet in hand, attended the inaugural Rogers TabLife TO.

Throughout the day, twelve speakers touched on the ways the tablet is transforming the way we live, work and play. Rogers’ John Boynton also announced three initiatives to help grow Canadian usage of tablets, which he declared were “dashboards” of tomorrow.

Catch up on what you might have missed

For those that couldn’t make it, we’ve uploaded six full-length videos of the day’s sessions.

1. Duncan Stewart of Deloitte Consulting gives an entertaining take on What’s Next For Tablets.

2. John Boynton of Rogers discusses Tablets In A Connected World.

3. Tablets and the Media panel featuring Bob Stein, Institute for the Future of the Book; Stephanie Jackson of Zinio; Matt Hartley of the National Post; and Claude Galipeau of Rogers Media.

4. How Tablets are Transforming Business panel featuring Dr. Wendy Graham, who uses tablets in her practice; Margaret Stuart of SAP Canada who uses special tablet software for sales leads; and Gord Stein, Vice-President of Rogers Business segment.

5. The inspiring Tablets and Autism case study by University of Toronto researcher Rhonda McEwen

6. Live demo of the BlackBerry PlayBook by RIM’s David Neale, featuring Q&A with TabLife MC Marc Saltzman.

For more on the day’s events at Rogers TabLife TO, check out posts by MobileSyrup, Engadget and The Cellular Guru.


Did you attend Rogers TabLife TO? Do you have any feedback on the event?

Rob Manne is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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Connected Rogers Magazine: URmagazine gets revamped & refreshed

You may notice something different delivered to your home this week as we have overhauled and upgraded URmagazine, renaming it Connected Rogers Magazine.

URmagazine has been around since 2007 providing you with the latest on technology, entertainment and Rogers services. But as editor-in-chief Derek Malcolm says in this issue’s introductory letter: “Just as technology continuously evolves, so do our readers.”

In addition to a new name, the magazine has been redesigned from cover to cover with a cleaner, brighter design that has more of a lifestyle feel to it while staying true to its tech and entertainment magazine roots.

The magazine’s content has also changed: “It’s about you,” says Malcolm. “We want to help you do the things you love – from travelling to couch surfing to exercising – while utilizing your Rogers services and the latest tech. In other words, how to get the most out of the connected life.”

Some of the features covered in the debut issue include: The results of the mag’s Best of 2010 poll; a look at the Samsung Focus running Windows Phone 7; the latest on Rogers on Demand; and a holiday gift guide that will make even the most unassuming gadget fiend drool with excitement.

We’ve also renamed the website to

Looking to subscribe? The website has information on how Rogers customers can sign up for free home delivery.

What do you think of the revamped Connected Rogers Magazine? Let us know your thoughts below, or you can find Connected Rogers Magazine on Twitter @connectedmag.

Richard Bloom is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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