RedBoard video: Hands on with Windows Phone 7 and the Samsung Focus

A few weeks ago we shared news that the much-anticipated Samsung Focus, one of the first smartphones powered by the new Windows Phone 7 operating system, was coming to Rogers.

Today, the Focus starts to hit Rogers stores, authorized resellers and via You can get one for $199.99 with select voice and data plans. The Focus is part of our lineup of HD devices that gives you the ability to view and capture media, play games and consume web content in stunning quality.

As part of our RedBoard video series, I spoke with Microsoft’s Mike O’Sullivan about the new OS, its Hubs and Xbox Live features as well as the Samsung Focus and its 4-inch super AMOLED  screen. You can read a transcript of the video here.

Miranda MacDonald is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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25 comments on “RedBoard video: Hands on with Windows Phone 7 and the Samsung Focus

  1. pstatho

    Good news! I was starting to get jealous of my wife’s LG Optimus7 from Telus.

  2. I can only imagine the hell that would have been unleashed upon Rogers if, when the iPhone 4 was announced, it took three weeks before it showed up in stores for current Rogers customers to buy, but it was available for sale for new Rogers customers.

    It’s only because Windows Phone 7 is a new platform that most people don’t know about that Rogers has been able to get away with this. If I wasn’t so excited about getting the Focus, I’d have switched to Telus because Rogers has really let me down as a customer.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Jason,

      There shouldn’t be any inventory issues with this device. It’s currently available for both new and existing customers. Since it only started shipping to stores on Friday, it won’t have reached everywhere just yet, but they should be available nationally by end of this week at the latest.

      1. Hi there Miranda. Respectfully, I don’t think that’s entirely true. Please read my sordid tale here:

        I’m an existing customer and have been trying for three weeks to get this phone – and failing.

      2. RogersMiranda

        Hi Jason,

        Thanks for directing me to your blog post. I’m sorry you’ve had trouble getting the device.

        You’re right. Starting Nov. 8, the device was only available in limited quantities on We updated our Oct. 11 post on the Samsung Focus letting customers know about this and that the full in-store launch would happen later in November.

        And starting Nov. 26, devices began to arrive in store – mostly stores in the GTA. Stock arriving in other stores will vary depending on location but I have confirmed they are arriving now. If you’d prefer, you can also purchase the device online or through customer care. If you continue to have any issues getting this device, please email us at and we’ll help you out.

  3. chilero

    That’s the news I wanted to hear. I’ve been waiting patiently for this phone. Now if you ran a BOGO deal like AT&T in the US I’d been dancing on the ceiling!

  4. stacho

    I have yet to locate 1 retailer in Edmonton that has the Focus and I’ve tried roughly 12 locations…another Rogers fail.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Sorry about that! The Samsung Focus just started shipping on Friday so it will not have reached all locations nationally yet. It should be there in the coming days.

  5. ehrratic

    I checked around local Rogers retailers and authorized dealers in Vancouver today. Most just got the dummy phones in for their displays, actual shipments to arrive later this week or next week. It’s just nice to be able to get answers from the retailers at this point :)

    I’ve been patiently waiting and getting closer to finally getting the phone.

    I still can’t believe I’m saying goodbye to my near-3 year old iPhone 3G!!

  6. I got mine almost three weeks now. The phone and OS is sweet as hell.
    I hope Microsoft port this OS over to tablets and scrap any ideas they have about using windows 7.


    It’s a shame rogers didn’t offer more models. WP7FTW!!!

  7. David

    I have had this phone on order for over two weeks now. It’s available online and my local rogers store has them in stock too. Is there any information on when they will be available to Corporate plans? Every time I call they say there aren’t any yet.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      David, you should speak with your corporate account administrator.

  8. Nadine

    I’ve been having the same problem with our Corporate Account. Stores in our area have plenty of stock but we still have them on back-order on our account. We’ve tried upgrading from the store, but they don’t have access to the Corporate accounts and so…we’re told to wait and based on recent feedback they have no estimate on when the warehouse for Corporate account services will have stock. Sad…

  9. Vong

    Hi Miranda, can you confirm if you guys are targeting the Dell Venue Pro as another form factor for WP7? I am eagerly getting one; if the DVP does arrive I’ll wait on my purchase of the Focus.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      We can’t comment on devices we may or may not carry, Vong.

  10. Matty

    Hey there, I just want to know if the devices are new, or already announced America/European devices. The biggest gripe I have right now is a lack of keyboard – but I also want an AMOLED screen!

  11. Just an FYI for anyone considering the Samsung Focus: try to see it in person first before you order it. I returned mine partially because the screen just wasn’t great for reading text. Whites were gray, and in several parts of the OS I could see the pixels in the on-screen elements. There’s just something about Super AMOLED screens that make them inferior when it comes to reading text (or at least the one on the Samsung Focus).

  12. Karim

    Does rogers provide a “My Account” application for windows phone 7, much like the one provided for the iphone and blackberry?

    1. will there ever be a reply to this?

      1. RogersMiranda

        @Karim, @Nick, @wetworker

        Sorry for the delay. I don’t know the answer off-hand. I’m trying to track down an answer for you.

      2. RogersMiranda

        Hi @Karim, @Nick, @wetworker (again) :)

        I received an answer. Looks like the app is not available for the Windows Phone 7 operating system, but it is currently being developed.

      3. Karim

        Thanks Miranda! I’m assuming that there isn’t a release date as of yet…?

      4. RogersMiranda

        Hi Karim,

        No, sorry. No release date yet, but once available we’ll let customers know via @RogersBuzz.