Samsung Galaxy S Captivate update

After several manufacturer delays we’re pleased to report that Rogers has received our first shipment of the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate smartphone. This morning, we began shipping these units to retail locations and a limited supply of inventory will be in stores over the next few days.

Here’s a message from Paul Brannen, Samsung Electronics Canada Inc.’s Vice President, Mobile Communications, regarding the delay:

Due to a worldwide shortage in Super AMOLED technology screens, we regret that Samsung was unable to deliver the Galaxy S Captivate to Rogers in time for the scheduled launch. The continued shortage has resulted in repeated delays. We know this is a widely anticipated device and apologize to Rogers customers. We’re pleased to say that we have begun shipping the device to Rogers, though shipments will be limited over the next few weeks. Samsung is committed to supporting Rogers with further notices, on the Rogers blog RedBoard and via Samsung Mobile Facebook and Twitter pages.

Until Sunday, October 24, the Captivate can be pre-ordered exclusively at for the promotional price of $149.99 for new customers with select three-year term voice and data plans. Starting October 25th, the Captivate will be available for new customers at $179.99 with three-year term voice and data plan.

Existing Rogers customers who fulfill hardware upgrade eligibility requirements can purchase the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate for the promotional price of $149.99 with select three-year term voice and data plans until November 2, 2010. To upgrade to a Captivate, please visit an authorized Rogers retail location near you.

Meanwhile, as part of our RedBoard video series, my colleague Miranda MacDonald spoke with Rogers’ Michael Nguyen about the Captivate, the built-in Social Hub feature, memory size and the OS upgrade path. Check it out below. You can read a full transcript of the video here.

Rob Manne is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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1,055 comments on “Samsung Galaxy S Captivate update

  1. JS

    So what happens after november 2nd?

    1. Tim

      Expect push-back on that date. Here we are on Oct 25th and the phone “hasn’t landed” yet. This will be the 4th time Rogers has pushed their release date back since I’ve taken interest in this phone

      This is such a joke.

  2. victorl

    Update on release date – very cool!
    Changing the HUP to 30 months so I have to wait a few more months – not cool at all.

    1. Not to mention the extra $30 you’ll be paying after the promotional price of $149.99 concludes on November 2nd.

      1. People who are worried about paying an extra $30 up front, not to mention people who can’t afford to buy the handset of their choice on the open market for $500, should be thinking twice before committing to plans that are going to cost them $3600 over three years.

      2. jk1972

        yes but I’d rather pay 3750$ for the 3 years than $4150 over the three years. I don’t get a discount on my bill for buying the phone outright do I?? My monthly is the same whether I pay 149 for the phone or 549 for the phone, which would you choose?

  3. sivan

    Representatives on the phone know nothing about this! I tried to get some info with no results. I have no idea how to get this phone as an upgrade.. I’ll go to a store to ask. What if there is none in stock for me until Nov 2nd? What will happen?

    1. RogersRob

      Hi Sivan,

      We’ve updated you here as quickly as possible. Our representatives are also being notified, but it takes time for news to make it to everyone.

      1. sivan

        and what if a store won’t have it for me until Nov 2nd? Will I have to pay the higher price?

      2. Alex

        So what you’re saying is that i CAN get this with my HUP before Oct 25? Point blank question, can I get this telephone through my HUP before Oct 25th? Also will I be able to get this phone through Rogers retention reps before Oct 25th? (yes I deal with retention now solely because of the captivate).

        I just spent 25 min (again) on the phone with a rep and they told me that it was not possible, and that it was not in their system. I also called 9 places in Toronto/Missisauga and nobody had received and phones.

        I’m a pretty reasonable guy and I understand the communication process is lengthy. What frustrates me is when I call a store and I’m told, mid November.


        Also, how the hell can I give a rogers rep a good rating or something? Some reps are awesome and know everything I know from the net and more.. Other reps don’t even believe there is something called “redboard” wtf

  4. RogersRob

    Hi JS, after Nov. 2 the price will be $179.99 with three-year term voice and data plan for existing customers who are eligible to upgrade.

  5. DJM

    Why do I have a feeling that when (if I choose to) pick up the phone I’m still going to have a bad taste in my mouth? Repeated delays, despite all other carriers getting the phone on time and all we get is a ‘sorry’ and a very flimsy promo on the phone… I sure feel loved as a customer.

  6. SEB

    Thanks for the update! When will pre-orders be shipped? (I ordered the phone the day the pre-order page was up on the Rogers website)

    1. RogersRob

      Hi Seb,

      Pre-orders submitted before today are expected to arrive early next week.

      Those that order from today onwards will be shipped as inventory comes in over the next few weeks.

      1. Alex

        wo wo wo, so what you’re saying is that, as an existing customer, I couldn’t pre-order, and because of that I am unable to get my phone until mid-november?

      2. Rex

        I ordered mine on Oct 21st night, so when will I receive mine?

  7. Nick

    Any word on when the pre-orders will begin to arrive? We’re probably the last ones on the list to get the device, aren’t we? :/

    1. Donald

      Miranda, remember who we are?

      We are the one’s that have paid for the phone and are PAYING NOW.for DATA . for a phone we do not have…?

      Please advise…

      1. How did you pre-order the phone if you’re an existing customer? I presume this is the case, since you say you are currently paying for data. Pre-orders were only available for new customers.

    2. RogersMiranda

      Hi Nick,

      As Rob mentioned above, preorders submitted before today are expected to arrive early next week.

      1. SEB

        Hi MIranda,

        A little confused with the comments for the pre-order questions. Will they arrive to us, or arrive to Rogers to ship to us?

      2. RogersMiranda

        Once we receive the device, it will be shipped to you.

      3. Peter

        So someone like me who has been a Rogers customer since CANTEL days should pay 179 ? because as an “Existing” customer i can NOT pre-order ??? i see makes perfect sense !!! thank you ROGERS for taking care of your existing customers !

  8. Randy

    Considering the anticipated shortage, should the Nov. 2 deadline to HUP not be extended a bit?

  9. Sean

    I’m first on the list at the store that I’m planning on picking this up from. If it arrives before the 25th, what price will it be for new users?

    I don’t think it’s fair for both existing and new customers to have to face a higher charge because of the HUP changes and because they were waiting for it to arrive at the store of their choice.

    1. RogersRob

      Hi Sean,

      If it’s available at store before the 25th, the suggested retail price will be $179 with 3-year select voice and date term plan. The best way to get the $149 promotional pricing is to pre-order via

      1. Rob – will existing customers also be charged $179 if they pick it up before the 25th?

      2. Tony

        I would like to know the answer to this question as well

      3. jk1972

        But you can’t preorder if you are an existing customer…….. f this i’m out…..

      4. jag

        So you advertise the price of this phone @$149 for weeks. when it finally comes out…oh the price has changed to $179, and existing customers still basically no real options other than camping out(if you still qualify for a HUP)… does anyone else have a problem with this? Bell has had the Galaxy for over 2 months already and it sells for less. Good luck rogers. Once I hit the 30 months i think i’ll just wait the 6 more, i’ve had a lot of training in being patient.

      5. scott

        Hey Rob

        This comment is REALLY confusing… I was rereading the release and there is nothing that actually says that the phone is available instore at the 25th. And considering my experience, and the comments below, it would seem the phone isn’t actually available until the 25th unless you preordered.

        Also, your comment states that the price is $179… but that is also not quite clear. $149 is the price IF you get it before Nov 2 AND are purchasing with a three-year plan or a three-year HUP. Considering the stock and the fact that phone actually isn’t going to be available until the 25th, its pretty unlikely that anyone will get one for this price. But its nice to have hope.

  10. Thank You

    THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR THAT UPDATE!! It was much apprenticed sorry for all the hassle.

    1. RogersRob

      We appreciate your comment and patience given the manufacturing delays.

  11. Dave

    In light of all of the delays, will there be an exception to the new 30-month HUP policy for those of us who have committed changes to their account (such as canceling their BES service and entering a 3yr term for a new data plan) in anticipation of getting this device?

    1. Dave

      Also, thank you for the update! Now I can start harassing my local retailers even more :)

    2. Mike

      I d@mn well hope so. After being told by 2 seperate reps I was good to go on HUP and commiting to 3 years for 6gb of data, I had better be able to get this phone that I’ve been anticipating for 3 months.

      Not that Rogers cares for their customers lately, but my $400/month bill will be going elsewhere.

      1. Hype

        Don’t bother asking this question because it will not be answered. I too made the mistake of waiting for this phone and now because I did so, I’ve been penalized with the new HUP policy so I have to wait another 3 months before I’m eligible. I was interested in this phone 2.5 months ago when it was still relatively new but since then, there has been a number of other phones that have been announced and though this is a cutting edge phone for Rogers, it will be a midrange phone within 3-4 months from now.

      2. MrMiGu

        There have been no phones that are superior to this phone that is also compatible with a Canadian network that has even been announced.

      3. Dave

        I figured there wouldn’t be an immediate response, being that there likely needs to be several internal conference calls culminating with a Rogers higher-up finally replying “Approved” to an email for this to happen.

        I was hoping for at least some acknowledgement or a “we’re looking into it” message from the Redboard team though.

      4. Dave

        Or perhaps not…

        If it turns out that I am ineligible for the upgrade when I go to a store, I’m sure the $179 price difference between the Capivate and the Vibrant this weekend will just about cover my early termination fee.

        I don’t think I’ve ever dealt with a compnay that has evoked such strong feelings of anger/frustration in me. My wife asked me why I’m still giving Rogers my money if I’m so upset about this – I didn’t have an answer for her. I guess I’m letting my gadget-lust cloud my better judgement; be assured this will no longer be the case for many of us.

      5. Dave

        Why is it that the only time I get decent service from Rogers is when I call to cancel my account?

        After I was unable to purchase a Captivate at Futureshop (even though they had stock) I called to cancel my account in anticipation of offsetting the cost of my ETF by getting a free Galaxy S Vibrant from Bell.

        Rogers Retentions instead offered to send me a Captivate via UPS. Why didn’t Rogers just do this in the first place and save everyone involved the trouble and frustration?

      6. Dave

        Got my shipment confirmation this afternoon. Ordered via a retentions rep on the 22nd after being denied at Futureshop, got the tracking number today (27th). Hopefully it’ll be here next week?

        Anyway, this was still a pretty crappy way to release a highly anticipated device. I hope Rogers can find it in their hearts (and pockets) to compensate those of us who spent hours on the phone, in store, and on these forums trying to get a straight answer.

        A little gesture of good will would go a long way towards repairing the mindshare damage caused by this fiasco.

  12. Shaki

    Will those who pre-ordered get theirs first? Will there be notification of shipment?

    1. RogersRob

      Just answered Seb on that. If you ordered before today, your device is expected to arrive early next week.

  13. Craig

    Finally some news! I’m sure folks on here would have been far more understanding towards Rogers if this was shared months, weeks even days ago!

  14. Asher

    How limited will the stock be? Could some stores start receiving this tomorrow? I really hope this is not an iPhone like situation where people have to call random stores and show up first thing after a shipment to get the phone.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Asher,

      We can’t comment on actual quantities, but we began shipping some units to stores this morning. A limited supply of inventory will be in stores over the next few days. Best to call your store ahead of time to ensure they have stock.

      1. Asher

        Were we not told in the other thread that inventory levels would be normal? I didn’t wait 3 months from the “coming soon” announcement for a chance to chase down the phone! How come Bell hasn’t had any delays with the Vibrant? You must see how, after numerous delays and misleading communications, customers would be frustrated…

      2. vercro

        Hi Miranda,

        Thanks for the update and release date finally!
        My question is that if a store receives inventory today, will they be allowed to sell them through a HUP? Or is the phone not yet activated in the rogers system until the 25th? Thanks for your swift answer.

      3. Ian

        Unfortunately.. all the stores I’ve visited (4 so far) don’t have any stock, and when they do, the clerk tells me they get only 2 or 3 devices! Ridiculous. I’ve tried going online, but because I’ve forgotten my password, I can’t get in without calling some number.. were I get put on hold for 25 minutes.
        I checked yesterday, Nov 1, still no stock in the store, and for some reason they can’t upgrade you with no phones in the store.. Ya .. uh huh.
        Bell is starting to look good.

      4. rogersdealer

        We have gotten some in store, and unfortunately your right, we can’t upgrade or start an account without having the device (with its IMEI#)in store to register teh phone with your account…it would be like trying to plate your new car without the V.I.N. # ….not too hard to figure that out :)

  15. Brent

    finally an actual date!!!! hopefully it sticks this time! I’ll be first in line!

  16. JSKershaw

    Will store that receive this before October 25th be authorized to sell it or do they have to wait until October 25th before selling the phone?

  17. Richard

    Miranda can you speak to the pre-order folks…….you indicate that the phones are on the way to the a limited supply how about us pre-order folks?


    1. RogersRob

      Hi Richard,

      If you ordered before today, we’re hoping to ship out by early next week.

      1. James

        Hi Rob,

        Thanks for the info. If we pre-ordered a week ago, do our orders start to ship today as well? Or our order will be shipped start next week? Really hope we can get the first batch of shipment…

        Appreciated if you can clarify.


      2. RogersMiranda

        As Rob mentioned to Richard above, pre-orders made before today should ship out early next week.

  18. Adam

    “a limited supply of inventory will be in stores over the next few days.”

    Meaning, line up boys/girls, you’re in for a long one.

  19. deanna

    they’re expecting an upgrade to 2.2 in the FIRST HALF of 2011??? is this a joke???

  20. Terry

    Is the GPS problem on the Rogers Captivate units already fixed by Samsung before they shipped? Or do we also have to wait months for the firmware update?

    I like this phone and want to buy one, but it sends a chill down my spine to see so many complaints from U.S. (AT&T) users of this phone waiting for so long without a working GPS function.

    Any updates on this will be much appreciated.

    1. JRKR

      They’ve already commented on this. They’ve tested the phone and it works fine on their network apparently. They can not comment on AT&T’s issues obviously. Look it up…

    2. RogersMiranda

      Hi Terry,

      We don’t comment on devices from other carriers but what I can tell you is that our version of the Captivate has been optimized for overall GPS/navigation performance and has been extensively tested.

      1. Terry

        Hi Miranda,

        This is not a carrier related defect, but the manufacturer’s. Google “Samsung Captivate GPS” to see what I mean. When I saw “manufacturer delays” I thought they were working hard on fixing the GPS issue. Now it scares me to see that the delay was due to “shortage of Super AMOLED”.

        There was this “optimazing update” in Spetember, offered to U.S. users, but many reported that it didn’t improve anything. GPS would work for a couple of days, then lost lock or cannot find its location agan due to piled up old data in cache.

        What I want to know is: Is the GPS problem on Captivate units actually FIXED on the Rogers version? Has there been an official confirmation from Samsung on this?

      2. RogersMiranda

        I think your question is best directed at Samsung.

      3. Sylvester

        Good question Terry. The operative word here is “FIXED”. Saying that it “has been optimized for overall GPS/navigation performance and has been extensively tested” is like me saying that i optimized my oven that was 60 degrees too cold, and then tested it extensively, and now it’s only 50 degrees too cold. But my souffle still collapses.
        Rogers uses this jargon wordy of a slaezy politician, but what I bet it means is that the problem is not FIXED!

  21. Donald

    Any one else notice in the video the guy mentioned 1st half of next year for 2.2..That has to be an error. Just today Samsung announced 2.2 for the end of this month for “all carriers”.


    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Donald,

      That is correct. We are expecting an update to OS 2.2 to be available early 2011.

      1. SteveL

        Samsung says that you guys should be able to put it out by early November… That seems a bit off to say early 2011 as November is in 2010

      2. Hype

        Perfect.. 2.2 will be rolled out just as 3.0 start hitting all the other phones. Job well done.

      3. No, Samsung says that they are starting rollouts for 2.2 on the Galaxy S series in October. STARTING. And they’re starting in Europe, the Nordic countries in particular for some reason:

      4. Jim

        There was a Samsung Press Release today that contradicts this and is causing confusion:

        “The Android 2.2 software is being fully tested with UK operators and the upgrade will be available in the UK from early November. We expect all operator versions of the software to be fully tested and downloadable by the end of November.”

        By all operators, did they mean everyone but Rogers? I really don’t think anyone here needs another reason to be frustrated with this release and walk-away at this point.

      5. MrMiGu

        They probably meant UK operators, as previously stated.

      6. I believe that press release is referring to “all UK operators” – since the first sentence there is specifically talking ONLY about UK operators.

      7. kman

        Based on your track record, early 2011 means early 2012. Yikes!

    2. Samsung was pretty clear about the “all carriers” thing, so I would hope that Rogers would be included in this one. Besides, 3.0 is due out this fall, so a Captivate 3.0 update should be realistic for 1st half of 2011.

      1. RogersMiranda

        @Cole, @Jim

        Samsung’s press release says, “The Android 2.2 upgrade will be available from the mid of October 2010 in the Nordic region and gradually rolled out to other European markets, Southeast Asia, the Middle East Asia, North America, Africa and rest of the world.”

        You can find their official release here:

      2. Asher

        This is the old release, there was a new one today.

      3. Jake

        Both you and Bell should get it at the same time then. We will see then if it’s Rogers that is screwing thing up.

  22. Joe Mama

    How much do you want to bet there will be a miraculous influx of inventory on November 3.

    1. jag

      …would you expect anything less from Rogers

  23. No offense, but how is getting the 2.2 update in the “first half” of 2011 a good thing? Froyo 2.2 is being pushed out as we speak for European Galaxy S phones.

    Last time Rogers committed to an upgrade (on HTC Magic) they said 1H 2010 which eventually turned into a September release far from the 1H commitment.

    Does this mean 2.2 for the Galaxy S should be expected in September 2011?

  24. bill

    Rogers should really stop manufacturing stupid phones

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Bill,

      Just to clarify, Samsung is the manufacturer of the Captivate, not Rogers.

    2. MrMiGu

      rogers doesn’t manufacture phones

  25. OMG, at last! Nice to see an official reasoning for the delay from Samsung (which is what people had guessed at AGES ago). Now, the real question will be whether or not my HUP is honoured, as I’m looking to upgrade myself and my wife at the same time.

    1. Hype

      Best of luck Ryan – you are a more loyal customer than I am. I threw up the white flag. Rogers is really showing that their first and only commitment is to the shareholders with the recent changes in their HUP, no communication to their customers over these repeated delays, no pre-orders for existing customers and a delayed Froyo update.

  26. JRKR

    I talked to a rep in your retentions department this morning and they said that Rogers still didn’t have stock… but I digress.

    I can appreciate that dealing with retention means I may not be able to get the phone the same day as stores receive it but can any of you Rogers folks (Miranda, Rob et al) tell me when I can phone retentions to get the phone sent out? When will your retentions staff be able to access it?


    1. Alex

      I too would like to know this.

    2. RogersMiranda


      Access will begin Monday but it will depend on inventory.

      1. JRKR

        Thanks Miranda.

        So shall I take that to mean that even if retentions doesn’t have actual stock that I should call on Monday and they will at least be able to order it for me and ship it when available?

      2. JRKR

        So Miranda I called retentions this morning and (sadly NOT to my surprise) they still don’t have access to order the phone.

        Is there any chance you could please, PLEASE find out for me an ACTUAL date to call in to RETENTIONS where I can ACTUALLY order the phone FROM RETENTIONS?

        At this point I’m not even upset about the delays (I mean I’ve waited 3 months already…) I’m more upset about the lack of information and amount of time I’m wasting between checking this board and calling retentions to still get exactly nowhere. No answers, no dates etc.

        If it’s Wednesday, great, just TELL ME. If it’s going to be a month or two at least let me know so I can either just purchase the phone without a contract or just regretfully go to Bell.


  27. haggis

    I’m sure if availability is low up till Nov 2nd, a quick call to customer relations before that date will get you the $149 price noted on your account.

    1. sivan

      I tried to do that today. Costumer relations knew nothing about it and couldn’t help me. They said I have to go to a store. I will try a store next week and call again if I have issues. I’ll see what happens. But god, why do I need all this stress? It’s like they are doing me this huge favor that they are willing to sell me a phone for 150 at least plus their strange $35 upgrade fee. Crazy!

  28. Annoyed

    Seems like existing customers once again will get the shaft…”$149.99 with select three-year term voice and data plans until November 2, 2010.”

    So does that mean I will not qualify if my plan is too good for their liking???

  29. Kevin


    Please answer the previous questions regarding the recent change to the HUP policy. Repeatedly ignoring these questions is only making your existing, loyal customers even more upset than they already are about the delays.

  30. BigHeadWeb

    Based on current information, I’m going to go get an iPhone on the weekend. I was waiting for the Captivate, but Rogers screwed me with the HUP.

    I wonder how many Captivates won’t get sold because Rogers customers will just HUP to a new iPhone rather than wait a few months?

  31. haggis

    Annoyed: If you qualify for a HUP you will get the phone. It doesn’t matter how good your plan is.

  32. J

    I can only get my HUP over the phone. Is this phone available to order over the phone?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi J,

      Yes. The device will be available to order via phone on Monday, but it will depend on inventory.

  33. Darryl

    Will I be able to go into the store and buy the phone at full no-contract price? I’m not even close to HUP, but am willing to pay the full price.


    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Darryl,

      Yes, you should be able to pick up the device on the no-term price in store when available for $549.

      1. Darryl

        Perfect, thank you Miranda. And I’ll call the store ahead of time as per your reco.

      2. Champ

        Hi Miranda… Why would the Captivate be $50 more then the Vibrant yet they are the same age with less features?

      3. RogersMiranda

        Hi Champ,

        We can’t comment on what our competitors are doing, but our pricing takes into account access to Rogers reliable network and Rogers innovations like the Handset protection guarantee program.

      4. I don’t want to say this point is disingenuous, but I’d guess Rogers charges more so your resellers (Best Buy, etc) can offer promotions, making the sales network larger. As well, to preserve the world’s highest carrier profit margins in this controlled market. And while I’m ever the optimist, I’m afraid any hope Rogers wants to engage in a forthright manner has over time been obliviated, for me anyway.

        Miranda, are Rogers outlets independent? I can’t understand why there’s no central inventory system otherwise. It wastes so much of people’s time.

      5. Bgrant

        They’re even charging more for the HUP after October ends. So it’s a higher price for less features on the same phone.

        Amazing. Either Rogers is purposely charging more than everyone, or they’ve lost buying power in the market and have a higher cost per unit.

        Either way you slice it, it’s time to start shopping for another provider.

  34. Kevin

    Why was my previous comment deleted?
    How is it fair to us as existing customers that we can no longer get this phone on HUP pricing due to an oh-so-convenient change to the policy days before the launch of this phone? Had this phone launched when you originally promised, this wouldn’t be a problem. Now we are completely screwed and have to wait even longer. This makes me sick.

    How about a response, Rob??

  35. Ank

    Rob .Miranda,
    I am not the only one who seems to feel that Rogers has dropped the ball. I called retention and was given the 6GB data offer that has since expired. I didn’t want to pull the trigger because of the many unanswered Captivate questions.
    To make us feel better, I think “Marketing” must offer the same data plan to us, as part of the roll-out for the Captivate. Anything less than this feels like a “kick in the teeth”. It would go a long way in resolving my frustration.

    1. Hype

      I agree with you 1005 Ank. You could resolve this issue by calling retention, and you could probably get what you wanted. The problem with this is that Rogers knowingly infuriates their customers but only rewards them if they call retention and threaten to quit. What kind of business model is that?

      Why not treat me with decency from the start?

      1. Hype

        doh.. that was supposed to read 100%. my bad.

    2. Blyt0004

      called some stores in ottawa, no one knows anything about it being released, but I am happy that it is on its way!

  36. Su

    when i was doing the pre-order, it shows “We are currently experiencing technical difficulties and cannot complete your request at this time. If you require immediate assistance, please call 1-888-ROGERS1 and a customer service representative will be happy to assist you.Thank you and we apologize for any inconvenience.”

    What should i do ? please kindly advise.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Su,

      Try pre-ordering at a later time. If you still experience issues, I’d recommend calling Customer Care. They should be able to help.

  37. Ed

    Rob, I’m an existing customer and want to perform a HUP I have already confrimed I’m elegable how can I place my order? Seems I have to go from store to store looking for one is their no better way? Can I call in to rogers and just order it on the phone

    I just want to get the extra price savings my buying it in the first week?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Ed,

      I’d recommend you call on Monday to talk to a rep about your options.

      1. Ed


        Perfect can you let me know what time monday you will start taking the orders so tha tI can call at the start


  38. Harrison

    If there is a pre order option for existing costumers we would appreciate hearing about it, as new costumers have had this option for over a month

    Rob or Miranda if you could comment on that situation I would much appreciate hearing from you

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Harrison,

      The preorder is only for new customers. Existing customers will be able to get the device in store, through or by calling customer Care as soon as it is available.

  39. Matthew

    I was able to pre-order this phone even though I’m an existing customer, at the time I didn’t see anything about existing customers not being eligible for pre-orders (in fact as part of the pre-order process I was asked for my customer account number, which I wouldn’t have if I wasn’t a customer). The cost of the phone is on my latest Rogers bill.

    So is the phone going to ship to me or will I have to go into a Rogers store?

  40. Adam

    I just called Rogers and was unable to do a HUP over the phone. It is not in the system yet? *confused* I am got pissed off enough with the iPhone4 mess and now this shambles? I only have 8 months left on my contract and got screwed by the HUP change yesterday- oh and to top it all off the CSR tried to sell me on another phone instead of the one I wanted. He did mention I would have to try calling on the 25th of October to get the Galaxy S? WTF!? – Seriously Rogers you need to treat your existing customers as well as you go after your new accounts. Oh and WTF is with the $35 HUP fee? Rogers seems to forget that I can do a lot of work on a phone without a contract and using WiFi (Google Voice anyone?) Rogers you are not the only game in town and I have no problem moving my accounts elsewhere. Miranda or someone here please drop me a line and tell me what you can do for me (and all of us existing account holders) instead of what you cannot do.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Adam,

      The preorder is only for new customers. The information you received about calling back on Oct. 25 is correct. The device should be in the system then.

      I don’t have access to customer account information so it is best to discuss your options with a Rogers customer care rep.

  41. Kevin

    Here’s to hoping stock will be available…

  42. mj

    lol you can actually see the phone lag as he’s doing the demo… for anyone that gets this phone, plan to wait an eternity before rogers/samsung finally put out an update fix all the problems with captivate.

    1. Seriously – as somebody coming from an iPhone 3G with iOS 4 on it, I think the complaints of lag on this phone are RIDICULOUS.

      1. Alex

        Agreed, what lag did you see? he opened market and scrolled through briefing with 0 delay.
        I played with this phone in the US and WOW was it quick. You want lag??? take my current bold, this whole video of 2:11 took me over 5 minutes to watch. Now THATS lag

  43. Roger

    Can someone confirm if any stock is being allocated to stores or is the first shipment already spoken for with preorders?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Roger,

      This morning, we began shipping some Captivate units to retail locations and as our post stated, a limited supply of inventory will be in stores over the next few days. Those that preordered the device before today are expected to arrive early next week.

      1. Roger

        Thankyou for the reply

  44. skg

    basically, for people like me, with 2 months left on there 3 year contract, if i want to get a captivate, i better get one b4 nov. i think its stupid that HUP customers have to pay extra to upgrade. this is looking liek more and more like US carriers… except THEY have 2 year plans…

  45. J

    Retentions told me numerous times this phone wont be available in stores until the end of November. After I directed her to this update she seemed surprised and offered to put a note on my account that I can buy the phone at $149.99.. easy..

    My question now is. Does anyone on here know when retentions will have stock available for me to order?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi J,

      As Rob mentioned above, our representatives are also being notified, but it takes time for news to make it to everyone. I’d recommend that you call on Monday to inquire about an order.

  46. Alex

    lol, did the message board get shut down? No more new comments?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Alex,

      New comments are not published instantly. We review and publish comments throughout the day.

  47. gabby131

    Rogers CS told me that i will be receiving a call on Oct 25th to continue to process my order. Hooh HaaH!!!

  48. Steve

    Hey what about those of us who renewed and made changes to our plan (namely adding 6GB/month for $30) in anticipation of this phone because we were eligible for a HUP but now aren’t due to the policy change? Are we going to be left out in the cold or are we going to be able to get the phone at launch?….Assuming we can get our hands on one. All help is appreciated. Thank you.

  49. John D

    Hi Miranda and Rob,

    Do you know how demo models are usually set up in the retail stores? To elaborate, I want to see the phone before making any purchases on it. I called a few stores very recently, just to see if they have any on display. They don’t so far. Any suggestions on ways to see the phone, before making a purchase on it?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi John,

      It’s definitley a good idea to go check out the device in a store before purchasing. We always encourage customers to do that. I’m sorry you weren’t able to find one on display when you looked, but demo devices should be making their way to stores over the next few days.

  50. eeyore

    so will this phone be in the rogers retail on monday oct.25?

  51. Mitchell

    Someone give us an answer about the HUP changes!! I have been waiting for this phone since August. I cancelled my BB data plan and changed it to the 6Gig plan because I was told by a rep that I could upgrade to this phone since I would hit the 24 months mark on October 20th.
    Now that I’ve been promised an upgrade and I changed my plan, I’m now being told I’m no longer eligible. This is far from fair and I am far from happy. What are my options?! Wait a full six months?!

    1. Z

      Call Rogers customer care.
      I called earlier, I hadn’t upgraded yet, but I’d been assured literally two days before the change that I was eligible. I explained that I’d been waiting for this phone, etc. and they said they would still do the upgrade for me.

      If you just call them and talk to them they should be willing to help you.

  52. Su

    Anyone did the pre-order this moring? Can you make it?

    I can not do it ddue to technical difficulties.

  53. Mumps

    Rob, Miranda,

    Thank you for giving us an update on this device. I know you two are doing the best you can to help us with what info you can give.

    My question right now is, if it can be answered, would it be at all possible for me to purchase this phone online, or through the phone with no contract? I have a broken HTC Dream (it just quit working about two months ago), and have been paying my bill with you guys for two months in antisipation of having this new phone. I opted to wait for this phone because I still have a contract with Rogers for another 1yr 8mo, and the warrenty for my HTC Dream is expired, and I received very rude responses from employees in store when I asked what my options were.

    Thank you for your time, and for providing us an update on this phone.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Yes. The no term price of the Captivate is $549.

  54. CR

    Well I hope I don’t get charged the $179.99, under my rogers account I have internet, cable and my significant others iphone. I am with a different company and my contract is up so I am thinking we would share a family plan. Called Rogers and they said that would work, told me to pre-order Captivate online but there is no way to do so using my current account and the rogers website. They said they would call me if they saw I didn’t setup a preorder. So if I lose out on the headset and am charged $179.99 vs $149.99 I would consider taking my business elsewhere.

  55. Johnny

    Hey guys look at the bright side, after months of waiting, at least they moved the Samsung logo to the top of the phone, and didn’t put a Rogers one on the front. :)

  56. Sebastien

    This is great that it is finally being released. Though too bad there is a shortage in Amoled screens and means limited inventory. This will mean that inventories will not be normal as Miranda has stated.

    I don’t understand why you guys havn’t told us the delay was due to the screens. I think I would have felt much better knowing it was because of this instead of you guys making us go crazy. Time to hire a new PR?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Sebastien,

      We provided an update on the situation as soon as we were able.

      The Captivate doesn’t represent a typical product launch. The worldwide AMOLED shortages caused the launch date to be pushed back further than anticipated.

      1. David

        You were able to provide information weeks ago, when you knew that there was a shortage. You were able to provide information that the deadline was slipping before it slipped (as opposed to weeks afterward).

        Even though the Captivate is within my grasp now, observing how you’ve treated all your customers throughout this (telling us to upgrade our data plans because the phone was coming soon, and now changing the HUP so that others can’t upgrade, and refusing to reimburse customers for this…)

        It’s ridiculous. I won’t sign a 3 year contract with a company that does this. I’m switching. I should have done it months ago, but I had no idea that things would get THIS bad.

  57. Sebastien

    I also do not understand why the ones paying full price for the phone cannot preorder… I called in asking to order the phone at full price and could not… Does not make sense.

    1. RogersRob

      Sebastien, the pre-order is set up for voice and data plans only, but I’ll pass your feedback along for future pre-orders.

  58. dunf

    Start lining up at the stores ! lol

  59. Leo Talbot


    Since the Samsung Captivate has been delayed I won’t be eligible for hardware upgrade to get the device that I really want? Why wait around, then, when I can just get the iPhone 4 at promotional pricing now?

    Some heads up on this matter would have been amazing, Rogers. I hope you can sympathize with those of us eagerly anticipating the Captivate. Is there anything I can do to get the $149.99 hardware upgrade if I’m not at 30 months?

    I wonder how many of us would have jumped ship to the Vibrant 2 months ago, if we’d known this?

  60. Chris

    Real funny. I phoned a Rogers Plus and they stated that yes, they were shipped out, but they aren’t allowed to sell them till the 25th. What a load of ….. I truly am starting to dislike Rogers.

  61. Gameboi

    Just when i think you guys can’t screw me over even more before the phone comes out. now i see it coming out on the 25th and you’ve increase the price? Do you really not want me to join Rogers? WELL you guys did, I have officially recalled my invoice from the Rogers sales represantative to get this phone. i am just going to buy the phone out right for 500 something and take my business to the other company that is offering $35 unlimited Calling and Data.
    you just had to kick me from behind with your extra $30. You just lost a customer.

    1. RogersRob

      Hi Gameboi, in our post it says the phone is still available at the $149 price point for a limited time. Sorry to hear that you’re frustrated about the date, but want to be sure you’re clear about the price.

  62. LongTermCustomer

    Rob or Miranda,

    Just want to clarify that I have understood the information we have received so far.

    As an existing Rogers customer who’s contract expired over a year ago, and who is therefore eligible for a hardware upgrade, I can only upgrade to this phone, and get the introductory price of $149 with contract, if I go to a Rogers store in person between now and Monday (Oct 25) and they actually have the phone in stock. Otherwise I can attempt to call in the upgrade request starting Monday, but this is also dependent on stock being available to the CSR team at the time of my call.

    Finally, I can continue to attempt the in-store upgrade, or the phone-in upgrade, between October 25 and November 2 in order to receive the introductory $149 price with plan. After November 2 I can only purchase the phone for $179 with a plan.

    So, if there is insufficient stock to meet the pre-orders placed up to today, and the existing customer upgrade requests between now and November 2, then anyone attempting to make an upgrade request once the existing stock is depleted will have to wait until after November 2 to complete their request and pay the $179 price (with plan).

    Have I understood the situation correctly? Just checking. Since I do not have a plan, I am in the perfect position to switch carriers (all of whom have phones comparable to this one, and in sufficient stock levels – including the Samsung Vibrant), and I am simply trying to determine whether it is worth even trying to get this phone at this time.

    I haven’t seen anything overly compelling from Rogers that makes staying with them worth my while. No higher end phones, even months after the other carriers have had several high-end models available; some of the most expensive plans in the country; mediocre customer service; poor PR/marketing teams (this release is a clear example of that); a network that has no competitive edge over the competition; and no advertised plans to differentiate you from any of the other cellular players in the market.

    I’m curious to see if the retention team has any incentives for me ….

    1. MrMiGu

      Retentions should have an incentive for you

      I was in the same boat as you, where my contract had expired a little while ago. I called them up to make sure, as I was planning on switching to bell and grab the vibrant, as I was able to get a corporate plan through Bell. Rogers retentions offered me the same thing for about $15 less. My plan is now 300 mins free after 6pm/weekends,my 5 (or free rogers to rogers), 2500 texts, 5gb for about $55.

      For those of you that are thinking about upgrading early, you can probably SAVE MONEY by purchasing an unlocked phone now outright, letting your contract expire and going through retentions.

      Also, with Rogers if you lose your 3G connection you have an EDGE network to keep you connected. With the other carriers if you lose 3G you lose your connection

      1. scott

        hey MiGu – interesting points. My recent experience with retention has been “sucks you want to close your account. have a nice day” Seriously was dumbfounded by the lack of interest to try to do anything for me. After 3 months of waiting for an iPhone and my blackberry on death’s door i was determined to go to Bell.
        The problem being – I have 9 months left on contract and a data plan – so I’d end up paying all those months basically to get the the same deal elsewhere. And no matter how green the grass looks, I’ve been there before and no carrier’s service or offering are any better.
        It is amazing to me that we as consumers have been forced to become what we are … there is no subtlety anymore. You have to threaten to quit in order to get anyone to listen to you and then they closed that loophole with so many disincentives that they can easily just say “go ahead … quit… we’ll still get your money”.

        Personally, I think this captivate launch is a scam. A delay of 2 and a half months and the window for a “special rate” is 5 days? That’s how you treat your friends Miranda? How about you Rob? Invite them over for dinner and give them a coupon for McDonald’s that expires at midnight. For shame on the lot of you.

  63. Dave

    From what I gathered so far, it seems like those who are existing customers and promised the eligibility for HUP has been denied or have to wait longer to get the phone if they don’t meet the required 30mths? For me, it was eligible for the HUP (unknowing how many mths I’ve had) and the rep said he’ll make note of that in my account. Does that mean I’ll have to call again and make sure if I’m still eligible? So I have to make effort and waste time to make sure they keep their promises?

    Btw, they said my HUP for Captivate was $179. I hope it’s $149 instead. Anyway they can waive that crazy HUP fee?

  64. Miranda – I’m still a bit confused… You say that devices should be showing up at retail stores in the next few days. If the devices show up in stores before the 25th, will stores be selling them? Or will they be holding them till the 25th?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Ryan,

      Yes, devices are showing up in stores over the next few days. Stores will begin selling them as soon as they receive them.

      1. Alex

        As of Oct 22, 11am EST, the telephone is not in the Rogers system. That means that even if you go to the store and try to HUP they will not be able to find it in the system and you will not get the phone even if they have it in stock.

        (I’m guessing this message won’t make it up in time for anybody to care)

      2. Mat

        Has anyone informed the stores of this? I have so far checked with nine stores in the area and only one of them had any knowledge that they were even shipped. He said he would start selling them on Monday.

        This is an issue as we, your customers, will need to keep calling and calling and calling the store to see if they have any stock in.

        This entire launch has been a laughable exercise in incompetence.

  65. Trevor

    Hi Miranda/Rob,

    Thanks for giving us an update…I’m soooo excited to ‘maybe’ getting this in the near future. I’m doing a HUP and I am eligible, but I was wondering something. I’ve been a Rogers customer for 11 years now and the only Hup I did was almost 9 years ago, so I’m wondering if the the HUP’s are banked? At the old 24 months policy, I should be owed about 4 of them. I’m using one for the upgrade to the Captivate and I want to keep one for future use, but I’m wondering if i can donate 1 or 2 of them to your existing loyal customers that have now been denied an upgrade because of the new 30 month HUP policy?

    This would really please a couple of them and I’m sure strengthen your credibility a little bit.

    For those of you who ask why it’s been so long since I did a HUP, it’s because when I wanted to upgrade a few years ago, Rogers wasn’t offering the phone that I wanted so I bought an unlocked one on-line and it’s served me well, and still is.


    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Trevor,

      Thanks for the suggestion. HUP opportunities are promotional in nature and if you don’t take advantage of the promotion at the time, they are no longer valid. While I like your idea, there is no way to “bank” upgrades.

      1. Trevor

        Oh well. I get it…use it or lose it. I just wanted to try and help some other people. Thanks for letting me know this as I have been wondering this sice the announcement of the Captivate, but I just never actually got around to calling and asking.

        I also have to agree with a recent post by someone, you are HOT.

  66. Chris C.

    Posting says stores should get them over the next fews days. I spoke to two stores and they said yes they will have them very soon before the weeks ends,. BUT they have been instructed already not to sell them until the 25th. Is this true? Should we even bother going to stores if they cannot sell them? Please Comment…

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Chris,

      As soon as stores receive inventory, they will begin to sell them.

      1. Trevor S

        Hi Miranda,

        Some people are saying they have found it in stock at certain locations but are unable to do a hardware upgrade as it is not yet in Rogers’ systems. Can you verify if this is correct?


  67. STC

    Scarborough Town Centre/Toronto East Mall has stock
    just picked one up

    1. scott

      I called the STC and they said no… didn’t have them … haven’t had a shipment yet… will get them sometime next week.

      Way to moderate your comments Rogers… this comment is a complete lie.

  68. RogersMiranda

    Hi everyone,

    There have been several questions about the HUP policy and timing of the Captivate launch.

    We understand where you’re coming from, but our HUP policy is system-wide, not based around any one device. It allows our customers to upgrade to the newest devices even before they have fulfilled their contract terms. That said, our hardware upgrade policy and eligibility are always subject to change.

    These changes reflect the higher cost and advanced functionality of today’s feature phones and smart phones as well as the additional protection provided by Rogers Handset Protection Guarantee. Details on the guarantee can be found at

    Customers who wish to purchase a new device before their contract is up always have the option to purchase the device at non-subsidized pricing.

    1. Adam

      Miranda – while we all appreciate the towing of the company line its just too convenient for Rogers to pull this out the day before the Captivate is out and essentially screw those that were eligible out of the phone they were allowed to get at the subsidized price. Another fail by Rogers. Once again putting new customers ahead of your existing and previously loyal customers. Perhaps Rogers should consider waiving it for those who were over 24 months already at the time of the HUP terms change.

    2. John

      Do you honestly feel this is a fair decision to your customers timing HUP extension with the delayed release of this device? Not only have your existing customers waited without proper info for 2 months, they missed out on opportunities like pre-order as well and now finally they have a chance to purchase this phone and you extend HUP at the same time as the release?? It genuinely feels like you don’t care about existing customers and you are pushing them away, Miranda you’re PR, how can you try to sell this to your soon to be disloyal customers??

    3. victor

      Miranda, if you understand where we are coming from then you must also understand that we have the option of leaving to another carrier.

      After a launch fiasco like this I would think you would want to make it up to your existing loyal customers that have waited and are willing to sign up for another contracr and offer some sort of price break or grandfather their HUP policy. Apply the 30 month to new customers only, not existing ones.

      Funny thing about existing custmomers is we like being appreciated. Personally, unless retention offers me something good, I will pay whatever cancellation fee you’ll charge and give my future business to another company.

    4. Joe

      Alright. So I’m no longer eligible for an upgrade to the Captivate. Can I get rid of the 6GB plan I signed up for back in September in anticipation for it? Without having to pay ECF?

      Had I known I wouldn’t be eligible to upgrade, I obviously wouldn’t sign up for a 3 year data plan.

      1. RogersMiranda

        Hi Joe,

        I’d suggest you discuss your options with a Rogers customer care rep. I do not have access to individual account details and a care rep would be able to tell you your best options.

      2. Joe

        Thanks Miranda!

        I’ve decided to just buy the phone outright (once I can find one).

    5. WhereIsMyCaptivate

      Hi Miranda, please justify your comment for me….

      Other than the physical look of the phones (vibrant vs captivate), there is no justification for the increase price of the phone after Nov 2 ($149.99 – $179.99)
      Bell has the vibrant version, which includes
      1. Front Facing Camera
      2. FM Radio
      Didn’t see any of that on the Rogers version. Please correct me if I’m wrong?
      Also Bell Vibrant is Cheaper with no contract ($499.95), and $149.99/3yr. Been out since July, if Rogers weren’t playing catch-up for the Galaxy S, it could have had the Captivate a long time ago like all the other carriers.

      In regards to Handset Protection Guarantee, the last time I checked it said “If your device was lost or stolen, you can benefit from a 0$ replacement device” Is it really $0?

      So could you please justify this for me, and other existing Rogers customers, please?

      The fact is Rogers marketing dept has used this manufacturing delay (Amoled screen) scheme to gather enough statistics on the demand for this phone, knowing that existing customers won’t leave (at least until they get the phone) because if they were they wouldn’t still be making comments on here. This gives Rogers the right to treat us poorly.

      There is a saying:
      if you shoot 2 birds, one is dead (existing client) and the other is still alive (new customer), which one do u go after first?

      Here is my penny for though Rogers:
      WORD OF MOUNT is the most effective form of advertisement – you’ve created a lot of unhappy customers with this launch (waiting over 2 months, can’t pre-order the phone, cherry picking your answers to customers questions, and then jacking price up at the last minute), not looking good Rogers.

      My statement on here is a rhetorical one – I don’t need your polically correct answer.
      I would however, like you or someone from Rogers to comment on the justification of your statement I commented on:
      “These changes reflect the higher cost …”

      And yes I am very upset with how Rogers has delt with us as existing customers. I can understand that things happen (manufacturing delay, etc), but this would have been a good opportunity for Rogers to show how they value their existing customers by providing valuable incentives and responding to our comments in a more direct and timely manor.
      I thought this board (and other social media) was created to improve the line of communication between Rogers and its customers?

      I would suggest you take these feedback very seriously and find ways to improve your service.

    6. grace

      given the numerous delays for the Captivate, i think Rogers should make an exception to the new HUP policy for all customers upgrading to this phone over the next 6 months.

      even if the delays weren’t Rogers’ fault, it is the least you guys can do to keep your customers happy.

    7. Jordan

      Ok Miranda,

      We all understand that we can purchase them at non-subsidized pricing. I dont think a lot of people are just mad from the change. Its how Rogers did this. A lot of us were already eligible, waiting for this phone particularly. The Correct thing to do would be to say “HUP must wait 30 months starting October 21st 2010, however anyone who was already eligable before this date can still complete a HUP.” Infact i think you would get more business because then everyone would rush out to HUP, as opposed to now where everyone is pissed and want to go else where. I have been with Rogers forever, and they want to pull stuff like this? Your hanging by a string with a lot of us Rogers…WAKE UP!

    8. sivan

      And no one figured this out in the summer before getting people all excited about this phone?
      Imagine you called Rogers and were told that you can upgrade your phone. You see that all the android phones available are outdated but told there is a cool new phone coming out really soon. Can you preorder? No… Only new costumers can. You decide to wait a bit.

      Meanwhile they convince you to start paying for a data plan because the promotion will end really soon for the 6GB. You wait, and wait, and wait and wait. And when the phone finally arrives you are told that- too bad.. You no longer qualify for an upgrade. How will you feel? Angry, upset, cheated, betrayed? All of the above?

    9. Vince


      I think Rogers position on HUP is ridiculous. I just confirmed with Bell and Telus that Hardware Upgrades with them are still 24 months and 18 months, respectively.

      As well, I was informed by Customer Care that if I want to cancel any of my Rogers services, I would have to pay back what I’ve been saving on my “bundled” price. I have never asked for a bundle or a discount, Rogers just automatically gave that to me.

      Rogers attitude towards long term, paying customers is appalling. You no longer care about keeping your clientele, just get them on a contract, or get them to sign up for multiple services, and then penalize them if they have the audacity to want to switch providers for better pricing or service.

      I, for one, will wait until my contract is up, and switch. I’m done.

    10. Kevin S


      I would just like you to pass on some info to the people that made the decision about the hardware upgrade eligibility. I am not affected by this change as I have not done a hardware upgrade in about 40 months.

      If I was, I would feel a lot of anger. If one day I was eligible and the next I wasn’t, that would be quite upsetting. The smartest thing Rogers could have done was that everyone who was eligible woulds stay eligible until they do a hardware upgrade. After that, they will have to wait 30 months. Anyone who was not eligible would wait 30 months. It makes sense and doesn’t upset anyone.

      I know it’s a business decision, but hopefully you can express to the people that do make the decisions that smart decisions keep customers. Treating customers fairly and keeping customers happy will keep customers, and at the end of the day, Rogers wants to keep customers.

      I have had ups and downs waiting for the Captivate to be released, I am excited that it is almost here. I just hope I can find one before the hardware upgrade price goes up. If there is a shortage of phones, Rogers should consider extending the promotional pricing until the phones are at normal stock levels.

      Thank you for keeping us informed Miranda!

      1. RogersMiranda

        Hi Kevin,

        Thanks for your feedback and thanks for the suggestion on the promo pricing. I can definitley understand where people are coming from and we are passing on the feedback to the appropriate internal teams.

    11. Terry


      I understand that all cell phone carriers in North America subsidize handsets. I am curious though, why Rogers talks about the HUP and if you qualify or not, yet lets say my contract was over, which would mean my subsidy for the phone would be complete as well… Then why is there not a discount off the current monthly rate I would pay since there is no subsidy for the phone anymore, if I had choosen not to upgrade to the new phone.

      1. MrMiGu

        Talk to customer retentions. They will lower your bill if you sign another contract as well as allow you to upgrade your phone.

    12. Cody

      This is an absolute joke.

      I had just made the 24month mark and now i have to wait 4 more months for a device that i just finished waiting 2.5 months for. The only reason i now have to wait is because Rogers changes the HUP policy days before the phone FINALLY comes out. Worst experience ever. Rogers already had one of the worst HUP policy’s out there. This is just making it worse.

      @Rogers Miranda, Saying that these changes reflect the higher costs and advanced functionality of today’s feature phones is out right lie. The costs have been equivalent for years and by the looks of things will remain that way for a while to come. Rogers is trying to gouge by forcing people to pay off contract pricing for a device when theirs has failed, been lost, or can no longer handle the demand of today’s apps or daily necessity’s.

      By the way, have you ever tried to walk into a reseller and buy a phone off contract with the first month of launch day. Go ahead, call around, tell them you want an off contract captivate, they will say they have zero stock, or tell you no, that the phones are only for contracted purchases.

      @Rogers, I have been a die hard customer for 10 plus years. I have never been treated so poorly, felt so lied to, or seen a company make nearly as many business mistakes as you have in the past 2.5 months. More specifically with the HUP. It clearly should have waited until after the captivate launch as you knew MANY people have been waiting for this phone to come to Rogers for a long time, and your exaggerated delay, and lack of informative communication to the end customers caused many of us to wait out the storm, and are now locked into an extend delay, or forced to buy the device at off contract pricing.

      I for one will not fall subject to this. I will buy an At&t captivate and unlock it. I will pay their off contract pricing. And you will not see a penny from me for a new device until you smarten up and adjust your business practices. And consider yourself fortunate that you have a Fantastic network, otherwise i would change providers all together.

  69. Dan

    When my Pre-order is shipped will I receive a tracking number or shipping notification so that I can try to ensure someone is available to receive it?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Yes. You will get a shipping confirmation once UPS picks up the device from our warehouse.

  70. Vic Tucker

    What are the requirements for existing customers to get the HUP?
    I added the 6GB data plan promotional offer a couple of weeks ago in anticipation of getting this phone. Rogers rep told me, then, that I would still be eligible for the HUP. Been a Rogers customers for the past 11 years and I have never used the HUP. I renewed my voice last year for 3 years. Will I be able to get the phone on the HUP on Monday?

    1. RogersRob

      Hi Vic,

      Adding the data plan to your account shouldn’t affect your HUP eligibility. But the reps in store will be best able to tell once they access your account.

  71. Andrew

    There is absolutely no way the timing of the release and the HUP change are mere coincidence. It’s pretty obvious Rogers is anticipating shortages, and thus wants to make sure the people able to buy this phone at a subsidized cost are going to be new customers or those about to go off contract thus locking them into new fat contracts. Heck, even those that can upgrade will probably be stuck paying the extra $30 because they’re won’t be any stock available to them until after the Nov 2 deadline and there’s no way for them to pre-order.

    To expect a smartphone to still be relevent or even functional in some cases in 2.5 years is pretty optomistic, and quite unfair. My iphone 3g is barely 2 years and already it’s beyond slow, and the wifi has stopped functioning completely. Now I have to wait another 6 months unless I go to an iphone 4 which I was hoping to avoid.

    Of course that brings up another point, and another example of Rogers misleading their customers. The comment that the HUP policy is system-wide and not based around any one device is actually not true. As it says right on your website, upgrading an older iphone to an iphone 4 is still subject to early elgibility until the end of year. Unless of course Rogers plans to reneg on that deal as well which wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

    You have alot of angry customers out there not just because of this but because of the way we’ve been treated and mislead about this entire release. At some point even a company like Rogers is going to have to realize that their customer satisfaction should be their primary focus. Many people are going to start cancelling all their services over continuing treatment like this.

    1. mrmef

      you hit the nail on the head. we canadian customers will continue to be slaves to rogers until some real competition enters the market to give us some other options

  72. thats low

    I guess rogers is really trying to piss everyone off. Even more so people that want the captivate.

    – 4 months late to market
    – Change HUP to 30 months, 5 days before the launch of the device that’s been delayed for months
    – Jack the price up from $149 to $179
    – No pre-orders for existing customers
    – We now need to fight to get a phone before November 2nd to ensure we get the “proper pricing”

    The competition has had the phone out for 4 months at $149, plus it has a front facing camera and FM radio. There has also already released a fix for the recovery mode. Has yet to be seen if rogers has fixed this before launch, I never received an answer to my question.

    If I did not have to sign up for 3yrs at the end of September to get the only decent data plan there is (6GB for $30), I would be seriously consider going to bell.

    Hopefully this gets posted because I mentioned the competition.

    P.S. Yes rogers, it is Samsung who makes the phone but it is YOU that customizes the firmware, that is why we direct all are question to you.

    1. mrmef

      i did the same thing you did (sign up for the 6GB $30 data) in september because i thought the phone was coming at the latest end of september. now the phone is finally released and rogers changes their rules regarding HUP, screwing over their customers.

  73. Chris


    Can this phone finally be purchased at Rogers locations? I just went to my local Rogers store and then the associates don’t have a clue about this new development. Neither do any other authorized dealers.

    Also, can this be combined with the student plans still?

    Can we get it at the $150 if we get it in store before October the 25th. For example, at Futureshop, it is still a “coming soon”:

    1. Seb

      I talked to a sales rep at Futureshop today. The store here said they will be getting some in the afternoon and you can only get it if you are HUP eligible. You cannot buy it at full price because there is only 400 in Canada (according to the rep).

    2. jk1972

      the futureshop flyer this week has the captivate on the front page for 149 and a 100$ giftcard, just really hard to get seeing as the phones aren’t in stock yet?

  74. Brandon

    Funny thing about the HUP is that according to three different stores, I was eligible to upgrade to any phone at any time, I havnt checked a store since yesterday though. I called customer relations to see if anything could be done for me regarding these new rules coming in so I can get the Captivate. They said that I was never eligible for an upgrade in the first place so they wont let me. I just told them I will go into a store and they will probably let me upgrade anyways. The rep said that if they do that, great for me. Im only ranting about this because there is an issue with communication between the franchise stores and the actual company itself. When I asked about terminating my contract and going elsewhere, they said that it would be about $450 and that I should just buy the phone at full price since it will cost me that much anyways. Not very happy with this, but I do want the Captivate so i guess I will just have to be kicked around. Sigh, Canada needs more mobile competition.

  75. Jay

    Finally it’s here. I better be able to get one as soon as I call on Monday ^^ . My iPhone 3G is slowly going down the drain.

  76. Jake

    At least stop lying about the “manufacturer delays”. Yes Samsung had some delays with the phone because of the screen but that was taken care of more then a month ago. Other phones that use the same screen are out word wide. Bell has its new shipment of Vibrants (same screen). The only company that had issues is Rogers…FAIL.

  77. Jake

    Why are you guys $50 more then the Bell vibrant, which actually has more features? Can’t blame this on Samsung.

  78. Rubman

    Hey M,

    Just watched the above Vid, and can’t waite for the Cap. Can you give us a hint as to how many units Rogers typically sends of a new unit to each store.


  79. turbo

    So much for having normal levels of stock.

  80. Alan

    Rogers Miranda,

    You repeated over and over and over in the past board posts, supplies would be normal. This was in response to existing customers not being able to preorder and worried about supplies. I guess we know now who was correct and/or credible You also say you wont comment as per above on quantities being shipped now but you had no qualms in the past saying quantities would be normal. A change in policy perhaps?

    Now if I am to understand it, supplies will not be normal. And yet if we cannot get a phone by November 2 (due to supplies not being normal) we will be forced to pay a higher price. We also were not, as existing customers allowed to pre-order, so that is a real Catch 22. Please explain that to me using any kind of logic. I am asking you how should any normal customer feel? Amazed, dumb-founded, incredulous and angry all come to mind.

    I also feel sorry for the people similarly impacted by the HUP changes and the 6GB issues

    I renewed my contract on Aug 13th based on the promised Rogers Captivate coming soon, so I am stuck . I also tried to get an iphone 4 on over twenty occasions but no luck. Never again will I be fooled by Rogers.

    I should also like to be provided with your written complaint processes. i.e. Office of the President. I honestly hope that the Rogers Executive is not aware of the farce/fiasco that this has become and on the amount of ill will that is being generated. I believe that a complaint letter is warranted. to any number of consumer protection and advertising standards agencies

    1. ian

      I agree with you wholeheartedly; but I believe you are barking up the wrong tree.
      The Rogers Staff really cherry picks the posts they respond to, and any post questioning practices will simply be ignored.

      Customer Service at its best!

    2. RogersMiranda

      Hi Alan,

      Originally, inventory levels were expected to be normal for this launch. Unfortunatley, due to the manufacturing delay caused by the worldwide shortage in super AMOLED screens, this changed. We communicated this change as soon as we could here on RedBoard.

      If you would still like to submit a complaint, you can do so via Under step 3, you will find information regarding the Office of the President.

      1. victor

        Please stop shifting the blame. I don’t pay monthly bills to Samsung, we pay them to you.

        Any common sense business would realise that if there has been a failure of this magnitude to deliver a product that has been promised 3 months ago something needs to be done to appease existing customers and give them a reason to stay and keep paying those monthly bills.

        So far I’ve seen the exact opposite. Why should I stay?

      2. Jake

        Then can you explain why every other company that sells the Galaxy S has full stock for a few weeks now. All the Galaxy S phones use the same screen. I’m not even going to get into the fact that Samsung is releasing tons of Window 7M phones that use the same screen. The only company that was unable to get a Galaxy S phone out was Rogers. Do you guys have plans to release any WM7 in Nov? Probably not, not that I want one. Is that the fault of “shortages” or being short sighted? Mhhh, I wonder?

        I wouldn’t be this upset if Rogers could admit hey we dropped the ball on this one. Make a public apology to the customers, especially the customers that have been with the company for a long time. And let the people get the HUP, at least reserve a phone when they are in.

  81. Mike

    As an existing customer who doesn’t qualify for an upgrade how can I order this phone. I’ve been going to various Rogers Plus stores, Best Buys, and Futureshops and no one will let me buy a phone without a new contract unless I buy an older phone.

    I am seriously considering paying the cancellation fee and going to Bell just so that I can get the phone I want.

    I just want to order the captivate. Please help, thanks.

  82. Lanny

    They say “some” phones are shipping to stores. I bet that means one or two per store.

    1. Sam

      1 or 2 per location is fine if it’s country wide.

      Are the shipments going coast to coast or is Ontario/Quebec getting the first shipments with other provinces getting later shipments?

  83. George

    Great news thanks alot Rogers!

    Cant waitl till monday or tuesday !!!

  84. People seem to be never happy at anything. I’m glad Rogers have posted an update and for people who were wondering why the manufacturer delay is happening should read up on worldwide AMOLED shortages. I’ll be standing in line for this phone and won’t be threatening to cancel because I’m not cancelling and I don’t lie for my personal gain.

  85. JS

    Well, I’m done with Rogers.

    The wait on the captivate didn’t bother me….but this new HUP 4 days before its released is too much. Not to mention the utter incompetence Rogers employees have demonstrated over the course of the last week. I mean it’s one thing to simply not have all the information, that I can understand, but it’s another to give out bad info and just plain not know what they’re talking about. I was actually directed by a rogers employee to do the pre-order online if I wanted to do a hardware upgrade…she said that would be no problem. That’s what happens when you don’t train your employees properly or keep them in the loop.

    As for this blog I’m pretty sure Rob and Miranda aren’t even real people…they are just bots programed to pick out certain words or phrases and then reply with predetermined stock responses(and I say responses, not answers, for a reason) that’s why they only reply to certain questions and then repeat themselves over and over again to the same question from different people while ignoring the tough questions.

    I think it’s pretty clear what has happened here though. There actually is a shortage on this phone and instead of explaining this truthfully, Rogers has simply decided to change their HUP as a way to taper off the rush on the phone. I bet at least half the people planning on this upgraded just got shafted by the 30 month change…that takes a big load off the demand for the phone come the day it is actually in the stores.

    What I dont understand is why Rogers wouldn’t WANT me to start paying them at least double what I pay a month on my current phone with an upgrade to a smartphone. That’s bad business as far as i’m concerned.

    1. Dee

      @ JS – I am just as annoyed as you are about the whole situation; as an executive responsible for marketing in a large corporation, and who has a master’s in marketing, I would say that this entire situation is a case study on poor corporate communications and quite frankly, terrible enterprise management in terms of internal training and communications, not to mention one of the most botched launches I have ever seen or been privy to.

      That being said, the comment about Miranda being a bot is just plain ignorant. You do realize she appears in several videos that have been posted to RedBoard, right? And the selective answers are probably because they have been limited by their bosses as to what and how they can answer questions. No different than a call centre monkey reading from a script. I know if I was managing her, thats what I would do.

      I’m not defending Rogers, because absolutely nothing they have done (as a corporation) has been remotely competent, but lets stick to facts without accusing someone who is obviously a real human being doing her job, a bot.

    2. Chris.Clarke

      Hi JS,

      Sorry you feel that way. What you’re stating simply is not the case. Rob and Miranda are, in fact, real people. I can vouch for their realness. As for your other statements: you’re welcome to speculate, but Miranda and Rob have done everything they can to give you and everyone on Redboard as much info as possible. I’m sorry it’s not the info you wanted.

      1. Chris.Clarke, I think you’ve misssed the point of this rhetorical device. I don’t think the Rogers pals (Mary, Miranda, Rob) are doing a bad job, but is there any point to this work when all they do is repeat the same lines that we all know are shallow at best? I don’t think so. This isn’t two-way communication, it’s not engaging, it’s not leading anywhere productive except to show that consumers of carrier services in Canada are pretty much helpless if they want or need a leading device and services. It would be more understandable, because it is a big job and deserves rewards, if Canadian carriers weren’t making record profits, which just shows there should be more latitude. The only real solution is easily understood (without retentions) lower priced plans for those who don’t buy subsidized devices and enable a straightforward, flourishing third party market.

      2. JS

        Few days ago i made a post in reply to Dee stating that yes, they are obviously real people…that was supposed to be a little joke and maybe I shouldn’t have thrown that into the middle of my rant since it was clearly taken seriously. That post however never saw the light of day. So here’s my second tempt to clarify. Rogers can’t launch a phone properly I’m pretty sure they don’t have the technology to have autonomous bots running a blog. Lets see if this one gets posted.

  86. Terry

    Hello, glad to see the captivate is finally being released. I am wondering how I qualified for the iPhone 4 upgrade. But I called in about the captivate and was told I do not qualify. Why is there a difference??? I just want to also post this so others can check and not be surprised.

    1. Dan

      I was wondering the same thing myself. It smells like typical anti-competitive deals that Apple gets into. If I’m eligible for iPhone 4 at discount, I should be eligible for this too. Rogers sucks, unfortunately so do all the other carriers. We get hosed here in Canada.

    2. cblanchette

      It’s definitely frustrating. For months I was able to upgrade to the captivate. Then a week before launch I couldn’t. Then retentions said I could. Today I call and theres no phones available through the retentions upgrade. I have to keep trying and at some point there will be phones available. yeash!

    3. Chris.Clarke

      Hi Terry,

      A special exception was made for iPhone 4 customers. You can find more info about it on the post announcing it updated on September 30:

      No such exception was made for the Captivate.

      1. Steve

        I honestly haven’t followed the HUP change carefully enough (other than knowing it was switched from 24 to 30 months). Is this only for contracts signed from THIS point forward? Or does it apply to current contracts. If it is the latter, pretty sleazy business practice.

      2. Troy Roberge

        Chris, are you saying because I have a hardware retention upgrade due to my BB Bold being a horribly defective phone, that I won’t be able to get a Captivate when Rogers finally brings them in?

        If this isn’t the case, can you please clarify your post. If it is the case, when CAN I get it?

  87. Kam

    So does that mean I can buy a phone at a retail outlet now or do I have to wait until oct 25th???

    1. Alex

      You can not.
      That is the question they are avoiding to answer.
      At BB and FS the phones are not in the system. Same with at Rogers. This is pre-order ONLY. Also the pre-order had to happen before yesterday.

  88. jarchowc

    Hi Miranda and Rob,

    Thanks for keeping us posted with the most up to date info, I know this can lead to frustration when things slip but I appreciate the openness of the Rogers social team and the personal connection they make with the customers.

    I was surprised not to be notified of the official launch via email since I signed up for the updates on August 19th when that page was posted. I would image not everyone is constantly checking redboard and other sites for info so it would be good to email the people that signed up with the official launch info.

    1. mrmef

      i signed up as well, i did not receive 1 notification email, nothing. but then again, i’m not surprised, actually i was not expecting anything as i’m aware that the company i’m dealing with is rogers afterall.

  89. Roger

    When the stores receive the phones are they allowed to sell them or do they need to wait for the 25th? Thankyou for keeping us in the loop the best you can Miranda.

  90. Seb

    Called many stores here today in Montreal and noone has stock. :(

  91. ntr10

    Funny that you talk about shortage of AMOLED screen while Bell has been selling this phone for months now. I guess they have not heard of any shortage yet.

    1. drizzo613

      Bell was out of stock for almost a month for the Vibrant. I was on a waiting list until Oct 7th before I got mine at a Corporate store. I assume they were easier to restock since they’ve already been launched as opposed to the Captivate which needs to hit a certain number before they can officially launch and start selling them. Either way, the fact that even now Rogers will only offer limited amounts is amazing given the amount of time they’ve had to resolve this issue with Samsung. I wouldn’t be surprised if let’s say, 40000 people preordered this phone for new activations and got them all within a week of launch day no problem. However if only 1000 people had Pre-ordered and 39000 wanted to simply HUP there would still be ‘limited quantities’ . Hilarious!

  92. Seb

    I have a question, if one of my local Rogers stores has it in stock, are we able to buy it at full price or must we wait till Monday.

    Furthermore, is it possible for them to get a shipment on a Saturday or will they get it on Monday if it isn’t received today?

  93. Bgrant

    I will probably sign another contract with Rogers to pickup the HUP for the captivate. Only because I fought with Rogers to get my upgrade that was promised to me even though I”m at 28 months on my current contract.

    At the end of that contract, I’ll be moving to another wireless provider if things do not change in a big way. Across the board Rogers is doubling the costs for all services by adding cost left right and center to the end user. It isn’t being done directly, but it’s being hidden in the form of shorter HUP timeframes, extra overage fee’s on internet, and dozens of unsavory business practices.

    After this next contract, I’m moving to the competition. I’ll be with this company for another couple years, but I’m at the end of my rope.

    1. Haroon

      I am with you on this. Never going to upgrade a phone through rogers again. As soon as my plan ends, im leaving. I’d rather save some money and buy the phone i want and WHEN i want next time.

  94. Chris

    2 months of delays… now I might well wait until my contract is up and look into other options

  95. Kevin T

    Wow. Rogers, just wow. I am at month 25 of my contract and ALL OF A SUDDEN i am no longer eligible to upgrade? One of the reasons I signed over to you was because i would upgrade in 2 years time at the promotional time. You said coming weeks in August. I was going to pick it up in september as soon as my HUP was available. I can’t even remember what lie was fed to us next… Late september? early October? Then FINALLY you tell us mid October. Which would have been last week. Now because it is further pushed back and existing customers can’t pre-order, you decide to increase the HUP to 30 months? 6 months before the end of the contract? TELL ME WHAT IS THE POINT OF THAT?

    So you’ve kept us all waiting, and now i’m not even freaking eligible to get the promotional price? Sounds to me like you broke the contract I signed. Guess I’ll be calling retentions to see if they will deal with this for me, or if I’m just going to walk to a different carrier. This is absolute BS. I have a barely functioning blackberry and you won’t even let me get a phone on a promotional price while i still renew back up to 3 years? This is garbage, absolute garbage.

  96. thats low

    FYI, IF you can find this phone before monday (it is out there) You CAN NOT BUY IT! Rogers doesn’t allow any HUP until monday.

    The future shop I went to had 2 phones. That is all they were given! But thanks to rogers they can not be sold to customers.

    Future shop and best buy both have them advertised in their flyer that is in effect today. So thanks to rogers a product they have and are advertising they can not sell to us for 3 days because rogers doesn’t want to let them sell it.

    ROGERS, do you have anything to say about this? Both stores are shocked they can not sell a phone they have and are adverting. You never mention an ACTUAL “launch/release” date.

  97. ST

    My local Futureshop has them in store, but says they are not allowed to sell them until Monday. They are not allowed to display the demo/dummy unit till Monday either. Anyone cares to comment?

    1. JS

      my futureshop has had the dummy out for about a week and a half

    2. Kevin S

      the futureshop I went to last night also had the dummy phone out…

  98. John

    Hi Miranda and Rob,

    I have been keeping up with the updates with the Captivate and am hoping to HUP before the price increase. I have been to 6 local retailers (2 Rogers stores, TBooth,Wireless Wave,FS,BB) since the latest update and the only information that reps knew was that they expect to receive the phone in November for HUP. A rep also informed me that only Corporate Rogers locations are getting the phones shipped to them before November. So I asked the rep if there were any Corporate stores within my area and she said no. The closest one is over 200 km away.

    First, is this true, are only Corporate stores receiving the shipments right now?

    Second, if the answer to the first question is yes, then what are my options to HUP as no stores in my location will be receiving this phone until after the price change?


    1. RogersRob

      Hi John, non-corporate stores have started to receive shipments of the Captivate. And I think that should answer your second question. :)

      Remember that quantities are limited and it may take a few days until stores in your areas start to get stock. Hope that helps.

      1. John

        I’m an existing customer, i am not using HUP because of your untimely extension, so i just want to buy the phone out right and continue with my current contract when can i do that? Keep in mind if i’m told that a paying customer is NOT allowed to buy a phone because i am less valuable than a new customer, it would be pretty good incentive to take my business somewhere else.

  99. Dan

    Will the phone be available with the Rogers Student plans? I’ve been getting mixed responses from the reps.

  100. theohan

    Future Shop at Weston were selling them for 149 with a $100 gift card, They had 5 when I was there at 11:00 two guys were getting one each tho.

  101. jk1972

    ~$200 to cancel current contract. (I have 10mths left) $149.99 for new phone on new contract= $200 less than buying this phone as a current customer……. doesn’t seem right. not to mention the $100 gift card at future shop, or the bell vibrant for 0$ this weekend at best buy,

  102. SEB

    Just got my shipping confirmation/tracking number for my pre-order… for those of you who also pre-ordered, expect to see one soon :)

    1. RogersRob

      Glad to hear, Seb. Thanks for your business and enjoy your phone!

  103. Alex

    Ok, I know this will make me sound crazy. But let me just say, I had the day off today and was bored.

    I called 25+ rogers plus stores in the toronto / mississauga area. When asked;

    Do you have the captivate? the response was always “NO”
    When will you? the response was mostly “I don’t know” but a few gems came out saying “Sunday” some “Monday” some “next week” some “November”.
    My favorite question was, So you are getting a shipment Sunday? (for those who said they would be available sunday) with a typical response of “I don’t know but we typically don’t get shipments on Sundays”.

    Why doesn’t someone just come out and say “YOU CAN NOT GET A PHONE ON HUP BEFORE MONDAY!”

    That is all I’m looking for………………………………………………

    1. scott

      Just had the same experience … went to 3 rogers stores downtown – 2 in eaton’s center. 1 around there. I figured if anyone was stocked it would be major malls. no one has one. everyone said they were expecting them sometime next week.

      so from the parkinglot i called rogers and requested a HUP to a captivate. “yes sir.. .no problem…. that particular phone is not available until the 25th” So i questioned why … it was “released” on the 21st. I read it on the “REDBOARD”… I was told that the release was only for new customers and for stores like BestBuy and Futureshop. So I went to BestBuy AND futureshop. BestBuy has none… Futureshop HAS them… but they’re not allowed to sell until the 25th. There is an issue with them and Rogers … a SKU hasn’t been entered into Rogers system (so they say).

      So… as Alex says… why don’t you just tell us that the date is the 25th… it seems to be … THE 25th. Or should we just speculate more?

      Seriously … I’m seething here people. Can someone at Rogers do something for me???

  104. Pete

    I’ve been watching the updates here regarding the Captivate since the initial announcement in early August. To say that I’m disappointed with the way Rogers has handled this a massive understatement.

    In any case, here’s my question for Miranda. You’ve mentioned repeatedly today that retail stores will start selling Captivates as soon as they receive them, even if they arrive before the “official” launch on Monday. From reading updates on other sites, this does not appear to be the case (at least for HUPs). A few people appear to have had the phone in their hands at a retail store, but were unable to get it because the Captivate has not yet appeared as a HUP option in Rogers’ online system. Can you confirm that this is true, and that we’ll have to wait at least until Monday to get one of these phones if we’re current Rogers customers?

    1. RogersRob

      I can help with your question. That could have been a technical issue – sorry for all of you who were inconvenienced. If you check back tomorrow it should be resolved.

      1. Alan

        RogersRob. The issue has not been resolved for me as at Three o’clock Saturday. I spoke to a Rogers CSR and so did Future Shop. It is not yet n the Rogers system for HUPs. They said not until Monday. I had the phone in my hand to do the purchase. It appears that once agin there is a continuing level of misinformation. Please respond as soon as possible as I could go in tomorrow to get the phone.

      2. Pete

        Rob/Miranda: Apparently you’re mistaken. There are still reports coming in today (October 25th! The day the phone is supposed to be officially available!) that HUPs for this phone are still not available.

      3. RogersMiranda

        Hi Pete,

        Thanks for letting us know. We’re aware of the issue and we’re looking into it. We’ll provide an update here when we know more.

      4. joe

        same here…went to my futureshop that had two in stock….stood in line with one other captivate seeker and we were both HUP’s…..both of us got charged the full price and if we wanted the phone had to take it…..called Rogers this afternoon and was advised they could do NOTHING…take it back and redo it, only if I hadn’t used the phone for more than 30 minutes……of course FS tried to redo and it wouldn’t work… now I can’t use my phone as a phone until SOMEBODY figures out how to sell a phone……not impressed after waiting for months

  105. Nick

    Because of some silly reasons, the pre-order fell through. Thank you Rogers, but I’m going to Bell. Thank you for absolutely nothing.

  106. Bill Fahey

    Wow, thats great! Rogers sets up a promotional offer that they refuse to extend to me and the regular price will be $30 more.

    Is Rogers actually capable of doing anything correctly or following through on what they say? Sure doesn’t look like it from my experience so far.

    1. RogersRob

      Hi Bill,

      Want to make sure I understand your comment – which offer isn’t extended to you?

      1. Kirk

        Pretty obvious he’s talking about the $179 price tag to existing users, versus the $149 for new user pre-orders.

  107. Laughable

    The whole point of this website and the reps on it is laughable. The release of the Torch was delayed and now this. You have loyal rogers customers on here giving you constructive feedback. If they are taking the effort to express their frustrations – it’s probably in the best interests of this company to listen….and do something about it.

    The new HUP policy is an utter disgrace. If Miranda and co are going to selectively respond to positive comments and spew the same repetitive corporate responses..this whole forum is pointless and will end up backfiring.

    Time to start listening to the comments on here.

    1. Paul

      COMPLETELY agree. Apart from the cable box menu change, I don’t think there have been many other public/mass issues, complaints, or negative feedback that were addressed. This is exactly what I feared would happen with this forum…address the positive comments and ignore the negative ones.

      Oh, and don’t get me started with this new 30 month HUP policy…what a complete joke. There’s now absolutely NOTHING that sets this company apart from the other major carriers.

  108. Tim

    I’ve called two Future Shops, a Best Buy, two Rogers branded independents, and about eight Rogers Plus stores in the Surrey/Vancouver area. No one has any stock, and it will be Monday at the earliest (and most don’t even know).

    1. RogersRob

      Hi Tim, due to the manufacturer delays stock is arriving in stores over the next few days.

  109. Theo

    This is truly a joke. I was at Future Shop and they had two in stock. We started the HUP process and then wonder of all wonders, the Rogers rep on the line said that the phone is NOT IN THE SYSTEM! If you’re not convinced that the launch was messed up before now, here’s the final proof. I can buy it at full price but why would I do that? So let’s hope that they don’t get a few new activations in the store on those phones or I will be SOL on Monday. Another reason to seriously consider moving providers.

    1. RogersRob

      Theo, sorry to hear you had trouble. That may have been a system issue. I’m told it is in the system so you may want to try again tomorrow.

      1. Alex

        Dear RogersRob,

        You have been misinformed. The issue persists at all Futureshops as of Oct 23 10:13am.

        Please realize that a simple comment like that will waste peoples time. Next time, confirm.

      2. Haroon

        Hello Rob,

        Unfortunately this problem has not been fixed yet. I was at future shop on friday too and had the same problem. I went back today (because you said it’s now in the system) and they still couldn’t do it for me.

        i talked to several rogers reps over the phone and they said I cannot buy it on an upgrade price right now. I will have to pay the full price. WHY? I even talked to customer retentions and he said it’s not officially released yet so they cannot give it to me. I was so frustrated because I was there for almost two hours, the phone was in front of me and I couldn’t get it. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?

      3. Terry

        Really Rob!!!

        Try again tomorrow??? Like there is plenty of stock…lmao. Tell you what guarantee him that there will be a phone for him at the store he wants tomorrow and then your advice is not so laughable.

  110. Laughable

    Some very very valid comments have been made on this post…here is my two cents.

    1) Existing clients should not have to call retention and fight tooth and nail for seemingly reasonable requests. It seems many people just call and ask for retention immediately anyway. Lets not waste everyone’s time and offer the same deals across the board to existing clientele the first time around.

    2) It must be common knowledge to the marketing department at Rogers that it costs many times more to attract new clients than it does to satisfy and keep existing ones. How many people are actually out there without a cellphone anymore? If an existing client is paying $30/mth+ for a data package alone, allow them to upgrade on the initial 24month term that they had pre Oct 20th
    For a new client whom has no track record, apply the 30mth policy to these people….it makes no sense to lose existing clients to competitors…seems logical to me that this turnover would result in wasted time and money.

    I’m sure everyone here has a $100/mth mobile bill…a shame to lose $1,200/yr in revenue to draw the line in the sand over a mere 6 mths.

    Time to start creating raving fans and work on keeping clients for life.

  111. Mk

    Come on guys, I dont think moving providers is a good idea, it is simply because ROGERS has better retention plan than other providers.

    Consider buy the Vibrant from Bell or Tmobile at full price, then easily unlock it using Rogers. Though you spend full price on the Vibrant, the cost you saved on monthly bill with Rogers will fill this gap.

    It is true that Rogers did a bad thing that changing HUP process. It is not acceptable on the customer’s point of view. but, saving your monthly bill or try to get a cheaper monthly plan should be also considered.

  112. Shawn

    I just called a Futureshop in my city and they said that I had to wait two weeks in order to buy the phone on no contract. They didn’t have the phone anyway (why are some stores getting them, and some aren’t?)

    I have been without a cellphone for over a month because my HTS Dream kicked the bucket (won’t stay turned on when you go to use it) and I have been paying my bill since then because I really don’t have much of a choice since I am locked into a contract… I am thinking about switching to Bell once I am free of my contract, maybe sooner..

    1. rnewton01

      i also was told by FS that it was going to be 2 weeks before they sell without contract. Hopefully this is a FS policy only and i won’t have the same problem when my local rogers plus gets stock on Monday…. or Sunday…. or “sometime next week”…

      sucks that I finally had this phone in my grasp and can’t get it…. even though i am going to be paying full price.

  113. So I went to my local Best Buy, and she told me that there’s going to be a long wait for Captivates until at least November, as each Best Buy store is apparently only getting *1* unit.

  114. lanny

    Rob or Miranda can go comment on the fact that upgrades can not be done yet. This whole thing just gets better and better. You should be ashamed. Can you guys just come clean with the facts.

  115. Scottwin

    Wow, Rogers is sure taking a beating over this, I’d just like to give a little perspective from my own experience on how great Rogers can be if you are a loyal customer in good standing. Like some have suggested already here, call customer relations and speak with someone about what they can do to earn your business to stay with Rogers (particularly over this HUP change). I truly feel that Rogers does respect the business I give them and the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. 

    Firstly, I do believe that this launch could have been handled better and I’m upset that it has taken so long. However I’m sure Rogers is just as p***ed that Sammy couldn’t provide these devices sooner, as they’re loosing sales to the competition which is never good. I can’t wait to get mine and I have contacted a couple locations to set one aside for me, and there response has been that there hasn’t been many others wanting to do the same. I guess we’ll see come Monday. 

    Anyways, here’s my story to show another side of the argument that Rogers will honor your loyalty if you just contact them instead of wasting time venting on this blog. Again, I urge you to call customer relations/retentions. About a month ago I called them to see if I could get a better deal because I was considering switching to B to get the vibrant. Without any begging on my part they set me up with a better deal than what B was offering me as a new customer and substantially better than what I had. 

    However the best was when my wife decided to switch from B. You have to understand that her own experience with B was incredibly bad and they did nothing to honor her loyalty, I could write a book about it but this is already getting too long. She was paying over $200 a month for over a year with lots of long distance and didn’t even have a data plan. Well it took one call on my part to Rogers and in no time they offered a plan under $90 and included unlimited calling to North America, unlimited texts (send & rec), 500 mb data and voicemail ( she didnt even have VM before). We called B to cancel her plan and 2 customer relations ( I assumed 1 of them was the supervisor) and they couldn’t believe the offer and didn’t even try to match it! Needless to say it was see ya B. 

    So take it from me Rogers is doing a pretty good job, keep it up Rogers!

    1. WhereIsMyCaptivate

      I agree, spoke to retention about a month ago about hardware upgrade for the captivate. They document my file with the new data plan I agreed to when the captivate comes out.
      After watching this train wreck-of-a-launch:
      1. over 2 months delay
      2. no straight answer for this delay – “working towards a launch”, cherry picking their questions.
      3. why existing clients can’t pre-order the phone
      4. jacking up the price at the last minute
      5. changing HUP to 30 months at the last minute

      I called them to let them know I was not please with how Rogers was dealing with its existing clients – a long story short, they will be mailing me my captivate on Monday when I call them back on Monday, Oct 25 (HUP for existing customers). Didn’t have to mention anything much about leaving and taking our (my wife and I) business elsewhere.

      We have to turn to Retention (to retain existing client), after you get slap in the face by Rogers – Sad.

      This doesn’t change the fact that i plan on leaving Rogers.

    2. JS

      that’s the problem though…your service depends on who you get on the phone or in the store. I’ve dealt with numerous rogers employees (at least 10)in the last 2 weeks and only found one willing and able to help me. if the moral of the story is keep calling till you get someone that knows what they’re doing, is willing to actually help you, and doesn’t completely hate their job then yeah, Rogers is great.

    3. Jake

      So you had an okay experience. Here is my story.

      I had an offer from Bell that included 5GB, 300 min early, 6 pm early call, display, voice mail, unlimited text, Bell to Bell calling for about $60, and this included 2 Vibrants for $0 on a three year contract.
      I called Rogers to cancel they moved me to relations and the guy have me a similar deal, at least that is what he said he would do. At this time which was 2 months ago, he told me that “Yes” Rogers did carry that Galaxy S phone and all I needed to do was pick it up at a local retailer. He offered it to me for $9.99. When I went to the retailer I found out they didn’t have the Galaxy S in yet.
      So first thing is first I was lied to to stay with Rogers. Then I called the retention program and it ended up the guy didn’t give us half the things we were promised. The new guy was really apologetic and told me the phone would be out before the end of the month(September), and I would still get it for 9.99, and he tired to fix up the plan. But once again they screwed up with not only the release date but my plan. This time I tried to talk to the manager, and instead of getting an apology from them she told me that I would not get what I was promised, the phone at $9.99. So they tried to get me to extend my contract with them by lying to me and then going back on what they have offered me.

    4. Paul

      That’s the whole thing…customers shouldn’t have to call into a “special” department (i.e. retentions) to get a good deal. If this company wants to continue their wireless leadership, they should start practicing what they preach and truly set themselves apart from the competition with better in-market plans, policies, and customer service. Colluding with the other big boys on prices and policies is only going to hurt you in the long run…and charging an additional BS GRRF is that much more ridiculous. Don’t forget…Bell and Telus also dropped their SAF & increased base prices by $5 but they did NOT introduce any new fees.

    5. James

      I agree with Scottwin that Rogers will help out existing customers, ONLY if they call and complain about the deal they currently have. You need to get a hold of retentions otherwise Rogers will overcharge you. This launch has been a fiasco, the so called shortage of screens is retarded as you can go to Bell and get a phone right now which uses the exact same screen.

  116. Jdawg

    I am an existing customer and want to buy the phone outright but none of the 20 stores i’ve called so far can help. Heck, most of them didn’t even know anything about this phone let alone they would be selling it.

    Hey Miranda, can you say if quantities have been shipped to the west side? More specifically Alberta?

    And is there anyway to find out what locations this phone is being offered at?

    And if possible, why can’t i just pre-order the phone as a buyout option?


  117. Joe Mama

    You guys are lucky, at least the FS and BB stores in your province have stock. I called the Future Shop near me and they told me that none of the stores in Manitoba have any. When I asked when they’d be getting stock they told me they had no idea when. When I asked why it was in their flyer they said “the flyer is national”.

  118. HilJai

    So, as of now (Fri. Oct. 22, 2010 19:40), no one has a Captivate in their hands from Rogers regardless of new customers, existing customers, upgrades, full price purchase, whatever…. Right?

  119. Nemmi Ibrahimpasic

    A month ago I was excited about getting a new phone, but then I learned about the 2 year upgrade rule (this is for 3 year contracts too, right?) anyway, my contract hits 2 years in May ):
    will this phone still be on sale? Also, why are some people saying 30 months? isn’t it 24?

    Please help me out Miranda or Rob, thank you! (:

    1. Rogers just changed their smartphone upgrade eligibility to 30 months last week (right before the Captivate launched). This seems like a RIDICULOUS step, as you would think that folks on a 3 year contract would be more likely to just pay out the remaining 6 months of their contract and go to a competitor, rather than sticking with a company that screwed them.

  120. Champ

    Good evening Miranda, Rob…

    When will Rogers be getting the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant i9000? That’s the one I want.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Champ,

      Rogers version of the Samsung Galaxy S phone is the Captivate. We do not plan to add the Vibrant to our lineup.

  121. Brian Brand

    Just called future shop and they are expecting 4 to arrive via FedEx on Monday.

  122. Haroon

    Hello Miranda/Rob,

    Thank god the phone is available now but when I went to future shop today. They did not have it in their systems and they could not proceed.

    Could you please double check and verify that your systems have been corrected and the captivate has been added to the system for upgrades?

    Would I be able to get this device tommorow morning? PLEASE FIX IT. I do not want to wait till Monday.


  123. Mr T

    I’m sure the captivate will get the update quickly just like the xPeria X10 got it in September as promised. oh wait….. nevermind

    I think Rogers is messing with me. I have been waiting for an iPhone 4 or Galaxy S since June when my 3G went in the ocean. I FINALLY got the iPhone 4 on Wednesday, and when I got back to work from picking it up the first article on my news page was that the Captivate was released on Rogers (I have been following this since the first announcement in August). I’m loving the iPhone 4 but I’m sure everyone who grabs this one is going to love it as well. The Galaxy S screens are just plain awesome (not that the iPhone 4 screen is bad, just not as nice as these)

  124. Nitish

    Wow rogers really got to give you a round of applause on this one. Now i have to go lineup for the captivate monday morning and hope that the rogers store is going to hav more than 2 units so that i can get one… Greattt

  125. Neil

    Ok, so I can sort of understand that there was a manufacturing delay in delivering this phone to Rogers (although the rest of the world including Bell doesn’t seem to have any problem getting them).

    What I can’t excuse is the lack of choice of another high end android phone (Acer liquid and the crappy X10 are not considered high end). Come on Rogers, give us something….anything. HTC is making some awsome android phones, where are they?????

  126. Ranjit

    Does anybody know if HUP’s will work before monday? I was at futureshop and was unable to upgrade, but another guy was able to come in and sign a new contract to get the phone :( .

  127. Johnny

    Hey M,
    So how much phones does each Future Shop get? My local one said that they were not allowed to sell until Monday. I thought you said that they will be allowed to sell once they got the phones, and they have one or two in stock…

  128. Jake

    One last question. So if I go to a Rogers retailer on Monday 25th and I’m the first one through the door will the phone be there? Are you guys actually shipping the phone because I have called 5 Rogers Plus stores and they all told me they will not have the phone till November.
    Who is telling the truth. Are you guys shipping the phones or not? Will they be available on Monday or not?

    Please don’t tell me about shortages, either you shipped the phones and all retailers will receive a few for Monday, or not. To to be clear I’m interested in downtown TO here.

  129. Sean Walton


    Will Samsung have the Kies software available on their website starting on the 25th? I would like to use the Kies software and I know it’s not available yet for download. Any clue? Thanks

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Sean,

      I’m not sure off-hand. I think your question is best directed to Samsung. You can try their Facebook page at or if you’re on Twitter, you can find them at @SamsungMobileca

  130. No Stock Anywhere

    I live in Toronto/Markham area. I just got off the phone after calling several BB, FS, Roger’s plus and other Roger’s official distributors. All with the same answer of “No we don’t have any in stock right now”. It seems like they’re aware of the phone, but they just don’t have it. Wireless Wave actually told me that the official launch party is Wednesday and they will probably get the phones the week after. I highly doubt I’ll find one before that darn $179 Nov 2 deadline. I don’t know why they do that, Bell has the better Galaxy S listed at $149 for a while without price change, but Rogers gives their customers 2 weeks with extremely limited supplies.

    I just renewed my contract to a cheaper and better plan with HUP just for this phone. Thank God the CSR rep said I have 30 days to cancel or reject this new plan without penalty. But then again, they might lie to me, just like everything else.

    1. Kam

      yea same here i been to all the rogers stores in markham and the BB and FS’s, how much longer are we gonna have to wait to get this phone???

  131. Alex

    Every Futureshop in the city of Toronto has been given explicit instructions not to sell until Monday Oct 25th. Not really sure what the red board reps are talking about. misinformed?

  132. david b

    what? after all that waiting we have to pay an extra 30$ for our loyalty.(because we are not new costummer)
    shame on you rogers, ill cancel my contract with you even if its costing me over 490$

  133. DJ

    I went today to Futureshop and they had 3 left, but it said I wasn’t eligible to receive a Captivate as a HUP. Apparently I haven’t been the only one with that problem, despite being more than 30 months on my current plan. I called customer care and wrote a note in my file that I should be eligible for the Captivate. I hope when I go back tomorrow this problem gets fixed. It’s a pain to have to wait around 30 minutes in a store to try and get the issue fixed, and leave empty handed due to incompetence on behalf of Rogers Reps.

  134. Chris

    HI i am getting a HUP from customer retention and was wondering if they will be available on Monday through Retention? And can you please tell me the retention office hours? Thanks

  135. LongTimeCustomer

    Well, it appears the information posted on Redboard is incorrect. Existing customer eligible for HUP can NOT get the Captivate before Monday October 25.

    After trying 5 different Rogers and Rogers Plus retailers, all of which have yet to receive the Captivate, I tried a local Future Shop who had 4 phones in stock. The sales person told me they had already tried to sell the phone to 3 other existing Rogers customers, but the system wouldn’t let them. He tried to sell it to me at the HUP price (I bought my last phone from Rogers in 2004 so I was eligible), but the system wouldn’t let him. That’s 4 failed attempts at selling the phone to existing Rogers customers. That’s also 4 lost commissions for the sales person. Neither one of us was happy with the situation.

    The sales person had called Rogers earlier in the day, and they told him that existing Rogers customer would not be able to purchase the Captivates at the HUP price until Monday at the earliest. They did open a support ticket for one of the customers – not that anyone expected that to change the situation.

    So, once again Rogers is giving out misleading information to its customers, no information to its retailers, and frustrating its retail partners and customers. I’ve never seen a launch so poorly handled by Rogers. Once they were told by Samsung that they would delay their shipments of the phone, Rogers should have told their customers and amended the release date to “to be announced”.

    By the way, both I and the Future Shop salesperson found it very interesting that Samsung had so many delays in supplying Rogers with Captivates due to shortages in the Super AMOLED screens when he had a large stock of Vibrants that use the same screen (and AT&T certainly hasn’t been hurting for stock of their Captivates). I guess Rogers is not a high priority for Samsung as a retailer/partner. A shame for us all.

    1. ACampbell

      This problem is still unresolved. I tried the same thing (both Rogers and Future Shop) with the same results, and this is on the day it is meant to be released! Rogeers = non in stock, Future Shop = 2 in stock that they can’t sell to existing customers due to the phone not appearing in the system! Surely with 85 days since Rogers announced the Captivate, Rogers had time to update the system so that people can actually buy the phone!

  136. Rick L

    Rogers lost 2 longtime customers yesterday and this is a sad comment on the state of customer relations within the organization.

    After waiting patiently since the August 4th announcement that the Samsung Captivate was coming, myself and my wife finally found 2 of the phones in-stock at a local Future Shop yesterday. We had previously both been assured that we qualified for hardware upgrades by both a Rogers store and Wireless Wave (where we originally purchased our existing blackberrys and data plans from). However, yesterday, when we tried to purchase the phones at Future Shop their Rogers system no longer showed us a being eligible for the upgrade.

    So while sitting in Future Shop with 2 new Captivates in our hands, the sales rep had us call Rogers to try and get our Hardware Upgrade Status corrected on their Rogers’ system so that we could proceed with the purchase. As a longtime Rogers customers, myself and my wife both felt that Rogers valued our business and would be happy to honor the upgrade that they had already previously agreed to provide to us.

    However, after eventually reaching Rogers and ultimately speaking with their “customer service” manager, Sarah, we were informed that Rogers changed their upgrade policy to 30 months and we were no longer eligible for the upgrade (despite the fact that both were earlier last week). I pointed out that as existing, loyal Rogers customers we had been promised this upgrade and that by providing it as promised, Rogers would benefit by us renewing our contracts for at least another 3 years. I was told that the ability to do a hardware upgrade was not something that Rogers had to provide and that it was only offered as “courtesy” to customers. From my perspective, when customers sign up with Rogers, the hardware upgrade plan that is agreed upon at that time is what should be honored, instead of what appears to be an arbitrary policy that allows Rogers to rewrite that plan at any time (such as extending their Hardware Upgrade Plan to 30 months) effectively misleading their customers and denying them the service that had been agreed to.

    After a long discussion with the customer service manager, she agreed to provide the hardware upgrade….but it was only on any other phone that Rogers carried …NOT The SAMSUNG CAPTIVATE that we had waited patiently for since Aug. 4th! She claimed that she didn’t have any Captivates to send to us but I told her again, that I had the phones sitting right in front of us and she didn’t need to send us anything. We only wanted her to update Rogers’ system to show that we were eligible for the upgrade so that Future Shop could see that and allow us to purchase the phones right now. However the manager said she couldn’t do that.

    So I informed her that if Rogers couldn’t honor their agreements with us we were prepared to pay to cancel our current contracts with Rogers and switch all of our business over to Bell Canada and get their better Samsung Galaxy Vibrant phones immediately at Future Shop. However, she still refused to allow us to upgrade to the Samsung Captivate and keep our business.

    So Bell Canada now has two new customers and we canceled our services with Rogers! We got two 2 new Samsung Galaxy Vibrants that support video calling plus were able to get $200.00 in FREE gift cards at Future Shop as well with our purchase.

    I hope that the President of Rogers reads this message and that somebody does a major overhaul with the manor that Rogers’ existing customers are treated. The overwhelming sentiments that are being expressed on Rogers’ blogs is that Rogers simply places no value at all on their existing client base and are solely focused on luring new customers in. And that certainly has been our experience! I asked to speak directly to the manager of Rogers’ customer retention department and was told by Sarah that she was that person. If Rogers’ views this as a successful example of customer retention, then it has a lot to learn as a company and will continue to lose customers.

    In fact, after our phone conversation ended and we were setting up our new Bell Canada accounts, another customer came into Future Shop wanting to do the exact same hardware upgrade through Rogers to the Samsung Captivate like us. He told us that he, like us, had also been promised a hardware upgrade. However, we watched as he also called Rogers customer service from the store only to be told that they wouldn’t give it him anymore as well!

    Shame on you Rogers! This is one catastrophic failure in the implementation of this new hardware upgrade policy, and more so, an unacceptable failure to understand the basics of what good customer service really is.

    1. VERY well said, Rick.

      I have had an iPhone 3G since the launch back in the summer of 2008. I called Rogers to find out if I qualified for HUP and they said no. The only phone I qualify for an upgrade on is the iPhone 4, which I do not want. With the Vibrant costing less than the Captivate (off contract) my best option is to buy an off-contract Vibrant, unlock it, and use it on the Rogers network until my contract is complete.

      It is a shame that Rogers doesn’t understand the difference between new and existing customers. It is FAR cheaper to keep an existing customer than it is to gain a new one. This is business 101.

    2. Bgrant

      I’m in the exact same situation as you, and they just sent me a Captivate at 149.99.

      You should have yelled at a few more people. They can’t give you one out of the store, but the Management office can ship you one directly.

      The trick with Rogers is simply spending hours on the phone yelling at people. That’s the only thing that works.

  137. k

    Will Rogers Outlet get stock sooner than say Future Shop / Best Buy?

    I’m looking at buying a phone without a contract…can you even do that, some of the posts say you can’t do that till 2 weeks later, now I’m confused.

  138. cookies

    I understand that there is a shortage of phones on the market and they are doing what they can to distribute them well but this is just ridiculous. I’ve called about ten rogers stores / Rogers distributors and it seems most of the non-rogers stores say to just call back and that they have no idea if it’s actually being released. Meanwhile, the Rogers Plus stores have been sharing inconsistent stories about how they usually don’t receive stock for at least a week or two after the “release date”.

    I actually went through retentions and changed up my plan in anticipation to receive the phone this week figuring I could get it from one of the 10 or 20 stores in my region since Rogers finally announced a release date. Another week or two really isn’t that long but it’s the principal of being told something by NUMEROUS retention reps, who are supposed to be on top of these things, and then having the tables turn once again. Why can they do preorders and ship those out but not do hardware upgrades over the phone for existing loyal customers? Dealing with these incompetent and uninformed sales people at the local stores is lackluster to say the least.

  139. John

    Stop asking questions ppl, ur not going to get new answers. These guys are either ignorant, or too low on the ladder to know anything. All of their responses can be summed up to:

    – There was a shortage of AMOLED screens
    (even though all other carriers who want them can get them no problem)

    – Stores will be getting a limited supply
    (since rogers planning sucks, and they want to keep the status quo for their device launching skills to remain consistant *iphone* )

    – Existing customers cannot pre-order
    (Ur already paying them. Why whould they care about making u happy? chances are ur not gonna switch)

    -Preorders will start shipping next week.
    (Easier to blame the shipping for the delay than admit fault)

    Here’s my two cents….they waited so long, cuz they can probably get the devices cheaper since they’re already half out-dated. Or, they made a deal with apple that they’ll keep the iphone their top smartphone for a few months for some extra dough (look at all the ppl that said they were tired of waiting and bought the iphone4).

    i’ve waited long enough. If tomorrow, if the store i go to, at 10 friken AM in the morning, has no phones, i’m saying bye bye rogers :) – I urge everyone here to do the same! Let them know this is not how to do business. Let them know u need some transparency.

    Miranda, Rob
    -I hope i made your job a bit easier by stating all the things that u were gonna repeat anyways.

  140. Kirk

    Hey Miranda, thanks for the slightly shady update on the fact that the phone has been released. Just one quick question, when will it really be released? Since you haven’t really told us anything about that. We’d like to pay you some money in exchange for a fantastic Android phone that you have botched the release of. Now that you’ve identified that the phone has been released, I’d like to know how much longer that will be, The current scale of “Coming Soon” indicates that “released” and “available” means a week or two more before we can actually purchase the device. Thanks.

  141. Surayya

    I preordered mine and got a email from rogers on firday that my phone has been shiped and i am sure i will recieve it in a few days. Can’t wait to get my hands on the device. Thanx Rogers

  142. SamDave

    Just called Rogers and spoke to customer relations and they informed me that they do no have the phone in stock yet. I should call back at the end of the week but they dont have a firm date. What happened to Oct 25th?

  143. Dave

    The systems at Futureshop keep saying it’s not in their system to HUP (even though I am eligible)… This is a joke of a launch.

  144. So, as of this morning (around 9am), retentions still doesn’t have any Captivates in stock. Rogers, I really hope you’re planning on sending some of these to retentions, because my wife is literally 1 day away from switching over to Bell.

    1. On, and on top of that… I called last week to check my upgrade eligibility after the 24-30 month switch… They told me I was still eligible for an upgrade, even though I was at less than 30 months (I think I’m at about 27 months). When I called back this morning about my wife’s upgrade, I figured I’d double check my own eligibility, and it turns out that no, I’m actually NOT eligible. So that means we BOTH have to get our phones through retentions.

    2. Haha, oh, and the retentions rep I talked to this morning said she *really* hopes they change the 30 month smartphone HUP eligibility back to 24 months, as they’ve been doing a LOT of promises for folks that are between 24 and 30 months lately.

      1. Haroon

        after talking to one of the managers in retention centre(same HUP problem), she said i can have it but they dont have it in stock.

        so i asked, when does the stock come? and she said on THURSDAYS only!!!
        and she is not sure if it’s going to be this thursday or not.

        All my excitement for the captivate is already gone. i don’t even feel like getting the phone anymore now.

  145. JohnM

    I called my local rogers plus store – “no one has the device yet”
    I called customer relations – “i cant help you….suck it up”

    I thought u were getting them today? another lie? Oh i know, now u can use the excuse
    “Fedex trucks got lost”.

    WHy do you guys suck so badly? Please respond! I want a friken reply! dont say “AMOLED Screen issue” that’s just ignorant crap and you know it.

  146. dr

    How limited are these shipments!!! I have called lots of Rogers stores and Wireless Wave outlets and NO ONE HAS HAD THESE SHIPPED. Why does this feel as though Rogers has just placated us by saying they shipped last week. Does shipping out one phone equate to “limited quantities shipped last week”

  147. Chris

    Is this phone actually released? Stores seems to know nothing about it. The website still takes you to the pre-order page. Is this stupid phone actually released or what? Rogers, if you weren’t my only real option I’d leave in a heart beat. How long have you guys been releasing phones? Based on this release, I’d guess this is your first. Wow.

  148. dr

    UPDATE: Called Future Shop on Queensway. They got the phones last week. Can’t sell them because Rogers hasn’t loaded into their system. They only got 2 – and there are 2 dudes waiting in store for Rogers to update the system. Rogers – this is all ON YOU!

  149. Sylvain

    Well, It’s Monday, October 25th, I’ve been looking all over Ottawa for a Samsung Captivate and no one has them and no one knows when they’re supposed to be in.. Did the units really ship out last week?.. They would have been in by now wouldn’t they?.. Does anyone know of any location in Ottawa that actually has them in?..

    1. Havok

      I actually bought mine from Futureshop south keys on friday(new customer though) used a $25 gift card and got the $100 gift card for buying it from them.

  150. Didier Levesque

    Impossible to upgrade to the captivate on the phone with rogers representative, Great Rogers you really do a good job on that one!! Are we on the release date or not! Cause if we are you should be ready…

  151. Tony


    Can you confirm that HUPs will not be available till Nov 2nd? Why does Rogers consistently treat existing customers so bad?

  152. Adam

    Well, I just went to Future Shop, had the phone in my hands, and sure enough, they can’t process the upgrade. Phone isn’t in Rogers System.

    Can somebodly please answer and give us an actual date/reason for the delays? We were promised it would be available today, but sure enough, you can’t get the phone.

  153. Sebastien

    Just called future shop and asked if they had the “Galaxy S Captivate” in stock. Employee says: “Are you calling about the Bell Galaxy S or the Rogers Captivate”… She had no clue that both phones are a Galaxy S. I had to explain to her that they are both Galaxy S’… Bell’s is Vibrant and Rogers is Captivate…

    Big Fail!!!!! Also, no there was no stock…

  154. Ed


    I have been into a store that had a phone but said they can’t perform HUP as it’s not in the system then they said they can’t hold the phone for me

    Is this released or not released?

  155. please help

    I went in to future shop on Friday to do a hardware upgrade and the phone wasn’t in the system for upgrades. They got on the phone to fix the problem. went in today, Monday and problem still hasn’t been fixed. They called rogers again to try and get it fixed but no time frame on when it will be fixed. Can you please look into this and get back with a response. Have a phone waiting but cant get it.

    1. JomBoree

      I bet HUP won’t work due to “technical difficulties” till after nov 2 when the price goes up to $179. Oh, so convenient.
      Keep at it Rogers: your income may fluctuate upwards but your reputation will drop so fast you wont know what hit you and before you know it, Telus or Bell will steal the show (or some new provider hopefully).

      You guys should fire your CEO or whoever makes these decisions

      1. Haroon

        The price has already gone upto $179. I was talking to the manager and she said it’s not nov. 2nd, it’s today.

        The phone will cost you $179 now.
        Good job rogers.

      2. RogersMiranda

        Hi Haroon,

        To confirm, the device is $179 already for new activations but it is still $149 for existing customers looking to upgrade.

      3. Haroon

        well, it wasn’t the case yesterday. I was told it was $179 by your rep. Today, it’s fixed.

        Seems like there is no proper internal communication!

  156. Irfahn

    I just went to Futureshop. It wasn’t showing that I was able to upgrade. I could upgrade to any phone but the Captivate. I called customer service who sent me to retentions who said it’s still on preorder status and I can’t get it. WTH ROGERS?!?!

    1. Haroon


      by the way, i already tried that. they still wouldn’t give it to u

  157. Sebastien


    Can someone at Rogers confirm WHY we cannot buy the phone at $549? This is incredibly frustrating!!!!

  158. George

    so yet one more major problem…
    stores in my area DO have stock, however trying to do a HUP today and the rogers sales system is broken and will not allow it to be processed…
    myself and 3 other customer had the same issue and so did a rogers rep over the phone.

    if this sells out to new customers before i can do a HU becasue of this ‘bug’ in the system i will be pissed.

    please rogers get your act together and at least TRY to make or exisiting customers happy.
    i was sitting there looking at the shelf full of Bell Vibrants for $0 on a new contract..

    1. Paul

      But I wonder if those Bell Vibrants still have the GPS problem and the sudden shutting-down/freezing problem that early Bell adopters experienced.

  159. vercro

    Any comment from Rogers on why many people are reporting that when they try to purchase the phone today they’re getting told the phone is not in the system yet and then being turned away empty handed?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi there,

      We’re aware of this issue and working on a fix. Existing customers should be able to upgrade to the Captivate by tomorrow.

  160. Sarah

    Do you know when the phone will be available at the departments of relation to the clients? I called and they told me that they really don’t know… I was answer very badly and I’m very frustrated about this situation…

  161. adam

    I just got back from my local FS (time now is Monday morning)
    they had two phones. i got them both. my guess is that Rogers has a contract they must fill with FS, where FS ran the ads this weekend advertising the phone, so they MUST give them stock first, before any other store, including their own stores. that makes sense.

  162. LocalFS

    so i called my local FS (vanc island) on friday cause i saw it on their flyer saying “samsung captivate available now for $149″. I asked if they had any in stock, the guy plainly says “We’re not allowed to sell the phone till tuesday Oct 26″ . Me: “Do you atleast have it in stock”
    FS Guy: “Dosen’t matter if we do or not, we can’t sell it till tuesday”

    Go Figure

    Thanks Rogers, you really valued my continued business. Time to give someone else a chance

    1. WhereIsMyCaptivate

      I was told by FS last Friday that they have it, but they can’t do a HU until today (Monday, Oct 25). Now it’s Tue?
      Is this a conspiracy or what?

      Rogers refuse to put the phones in the system because they do not what existing clients to get all the phones (via HU) before new customers. They won’t even sell it to existing customers.

      Talk about unethical practice!

  163. George

    do u know when they shipped the phones out?…or are they shipping them today and the stores get them later in the week? i tired calling and they are still clueless…

    1. Chris.Clarke


      The phones shipped last week as Rob said above.

  164. Kevin

    I have contacted a local Future Shop store and the guy I talked to said they expect their shipment of TWO phones today or tomorrow. He took down my contact info and said he’d set one aside for me. *fingers crossed*

  165. Brent

    I just went to FutureShop this morning (Monday 25) and started the HUP process but it seems that the captivate still isn’t in the system for the promotional price for doing HUP’s and I had it in my hands and my sim card in it but it couldn’t be processed. I spent over an hour on the phone with 3 different people from Rogers and they couldn’t process my HUP until Rogers puts it in the system. I am sooo pissed right now beacause I had to leave to go back to work and they only got three of them in so by the time Rogers gets this worked out, they will probably be gone to new customers. It seems that it will work with new activations with the promotional price not HUP’s.

    This is totally freakin ridiculous.

  166. Chris C.

    I have just spent the last hour calling every Rogers Store , Futureshop and BestBuy in the downtown core and NONE have received shipment. Can Rogers or anybody comment on any store that as one? or HAS had one for sale?

  167. Andrew Lam

    I’ve been confirming previously with Rogers over the phone and in store at FutureShop for Captivate HUPs with both parties stating the release date will be on the 25th. I was in stores today and nobody knows what is going on as the phone is not in the systems for HUP.

    I called in and speaking with a lvl 1 rep she stated that the phone won’t be released until Nov. 3 I spoke with customer care and they said it should be available at least by the weekend. The person at futureshop called the dealer support group and said the phone will be the system by tonight if not tomorrow.

    Does anyone have OFFICIAL information as to the HUP availability? I am wasting far too much time in jumping back and forth and looking at message boards/calling rogers/going to the store to figure out when I should be getting my phone.

  168. Sebastien

    The website is now update to buy the cell!!!!!
    I MUST GET A CONTRACT OR RENEW???? This does not make sense!!! Why can’t I buy it full price when you had said we can get it for $549.99? This is unbelievable!!!

    You have a terrible customer service!!!!

  169. HilJai

    Miranda, Rob, Public,

    Funny, I am at a Rogers store right now (Oct. 25 @12:45pm) with stock. They figured that the Captivate is not in the HUP upgrade yet. As with Rogers usual practice, it will be in the system after Nov. 2nd for us to take asvantage of the new higher price right? Since my contract is long gone, it is really time for me to move on.

  170. Troy Roberge

    So I have tried twice today to go buy one of these phones, to find out that the stores in my area haven’t received them yet. I personally didn’t search around, but the rep I was talking about said that he has received calls from other stores who didn’t get any either. I was there before they opened today and the rep said they have never received any yet (which I thought I read they shipped out to stores last week)

    What gives? Where are the phones that are supposed to be available today?

  171. LongTermCustomer

    No Captivate for eligible HUP customers today!

    I tried Sunday at a Future Shop that had 4 of them in stock, and I was his fourth customer trying to upgrade. He was really frustrated since he works on commission. Tried at a different Future Shop over lunch today (Monday Oct 25 when they said we can upgrade in store – for sure!), and the system will not allow HUP upgrades at all. They were told that the system may be updated within 24 hours to allow HUP upgrades. I was her third customer she couldn’t sell the phone to.

    So when is this launch to existing customers? This week? Or was the plan to only allow HUP eligible upgrades AFTER the November 2 price change date?

    Anyone from Rogers actually going to give us any definitive answers about anything!?!

  172. Jake

    Great release. I called 4 Rogers stores in downtown TO and not one got the Captivate in today. So you guys gave it to FS and BB but Rogers stores get 0 shipments. It’s things like this that make you scratch your head.

    Makes you wonder what goes through the heads of the people making these decisions. “Yes lets give the Phone to FS, but not activate our system. Also lets make sure other company stores get the phones but not our own. Great plan.

  173. LET US BUY


    I’ve been to a future shop twice that has been kinda enough to hold the phone for me since Friday. Today, Monday the 25th: “Starting October 25th, the Captivate will be available” I was there again today and I can not actually buy the phone because its “not in rogers system”

    Sorry but RogersRob you are wrong, the “system” is not fixed, no one has been able to get an answer to when it will be. The response from rogers is always “check back tomorrow”

    Why will you not let customers BUY the phone?!

  174. Sebastien

    When are Rogers stores going to get them????
    I called every store in Montreal and noone has them. They don’t even know when they are going to get them.

    I even called Rogers on the phone to order a full priced phone and they STILL don’t see the phone to order. This makes no sense!!!! ROGERS??? Please answer!!! I just want to buy the phone at full price. I am very frustrated!

    I could have cancelled my contract and gotten a phone at 0$ from Bell during the weekend. But instead, you convince me to stay with them by crediting my account with 2 x $50 so I can go buy it full price in the store to balance out the price of cancelling my contract and getting bells. The problem is I CANT BUY THE PHONE!!!!

    Can someone please please please contact me to place an order?

  175. As of 1:07PM, the hardware upgrade center (if you call via *611) doesn’t have any in stock. Aaaand just got through to retentions (1:13) and they STILL do not have any.

  176. Buck

    Well, so far no one in Winnipeg has seen a shipment of these yet.

    I wonder IF there is no stock in the stores before Nov 2nd, will the $149.00 deal be extended ??

    1. John

      don’t count on it, they’ve used every other chance to screw us…6GB promo ran out, increase HUP length…I have a feeling the phones will come in early November…just in time for the FS special to run out AND for Rogers prices to go BS

      1. Haroon

        The price has already gone up. Its already 179.

  177. neophile

    well, I’ve not with 3 dif FS, and 2 dif BB locations in the vancouver area on Fri, and again Monday morning, still no sign of the Captivate in stock. I also called a cpl Rogers stores, same story. Nice launch without product guys.
    interesting side not, I was the only person at FS both this morning, and Fri morning, and only the second person at BB today, looks like most ppl in this area know better than to trust rogers to get their product out in time. I’m getting more frustrated every day……..

  178. Futureshop is having issues doing hardware upgrades due to an issue with Rogers, any word on this being resolved?

  179. Mark

    Why are captivates being prioritized for new customers only? I went to 2 rogers stores, a best buy, and a future shop and they had no captivates at all. I talked to sales earlier and they said they have some in stock, but only for new customers signing a three year term – I then talked to customer relations and they said they do not have any in stock in their department. What is going on here?

  180. JackT

    I called 15 Rogers Plus stores around the GTA, and no one knows anything

  181. Scott

    This is absolutely ridicules, the phone was supposed to be launching today, I called three rogers + locations in Waterloo and the Future Shop and NONE of them have it, not to mention the fact that I can’t do a HUP through FS… How is this honestly the launch of a product?? In any other company everyone involved with this launch would be out on their asses, I’m not impressed at all, not one bit.

  182. Yawer

    Hi Miranda,

    I have called 3 stores here in Edmonton and none of them have received stock.

    This is very disappointing that major Rogers stores in a major city have not received any stock.

    What is the excuse this time? Will we be seeing anything till the end of the year ???

  183. kelly

    i’ve called at least 8 different stores around Vancouver, including several BB and FS.. nobody has it in stock AND they have noi dea when it’s coming. i was told “later today” or “sometime next week”

  184. Cole

    I preordered the phone on the 23rd of September and got an order confirmation from Rogers, which I still have saved in my inbox. My Credit Card has yet to be charged with the initial cost for the phone (which it said would happen that day) as well as I have not received an e-mail from Rogers saying the shipment has been sent, which I have heard other people mention that they have gotten. Should I be expecting this phone early this week like you said for preorders, or did my preorder somehow not work, despite getting an order confirmation?

  185. Asher

    So it’s release day, except no Rogers Store’s have the phone, and while Future Shop does, they can’t actually sell them under HUP. Doesn’t release day imply we can actually purchase the phone? Every time I think this release can’t get any worse, they find a way. Why should any customer trust RedBoard (or Rogers) at this point?

  186. Activation fee

    I got mine on Sunday the 24th. Future Shop had 2 in stock, and they were both sold within a couple of minutes. HUP after 7 years on the same phone… price was $199 – $50 mail-in rebate. + $35 activation fee. Not in the system, the Future Shop rep had to call it in.

    The redboard post never mentioned anything about a $50 mail-in rebate. It’s in the mail already, and I better get it in the mail!

    Also, I didn’t think I needed to pay an activation fee on a HUP. Why is this? All I did is take my SIM from my old phone and put it in the new phone, why the extra fee?

    1. All upgrades have a $50 mail in rebate so you get the device at the same price as a new customer, and it’s applied to your account, as well its administration fees for $35 the cost of switching your account and warranty info over to the new device. Keep in mind that most people will not get the promotional pricing of $149 like you did. ;) (most will pay $179.99 + the $35 AFTER their mail in rebate) You should feel lucky you were in the right place at the right time!

  187. dr

    Here’s my argument to Rogers if they reject my request to upgrade. Which they will…

    Rogers Revenue over 3 yr from my 3 services: $10,000
    Investment in phone upgrade: $370 (outright purchase of $549 less $179 3 yr contract price – I’ll pay the premium b/c I am only at 2 years – so 7 months early)

    CAGR % on Rogers investment: 200.0 %

    Find me another investment with the type of return over 3 years…you’d be a rich person!

  188. Vince

    I found a retailer who actually had a small number of these phones available today but they refused to sell it to me without a 3-year contract. I’m an existing Rogers customer who has always preferred to buy my phones outright and avoided contracts. This wasn’t a HUP upgrade situation and I fully expected to be able to pay full price for the phone. How is it possible for a Rogers retailer to insist that I lock in to a 3-year contract in order to purchase this phone?

  189. Dave

    I thought RogersRob said there was a system failure (on Saturday) or something that caused the system unable to perform HUP. He also mentioned that it would be fixed by the next day (Sunday). It’s Monday now and it seems like HUP is still impossible. Wussup with that? I haven’t used my HUP for 8+ years with Rogers, and this will be my first… and last (that’s if I can find the phone in stores).

    Anyway we can bring Mr. Ted Rogers back to life? I’m sure he can fix this situation.

  190. [ND]

    Yes, got it at 10:08AM, shipped by UPS. Calgary AB.

    Preordered on the first day (Sep. 22nd maybe?).

  191. Q.R.

    This is worse than the Duke Nukem Forever launch, except they caused a similar effect on the public than Rogers did in a fraction of the time but at least those DNF fans aren’t nearly as upset.

    I’m a patient man, haven’t said a single thing on these boards since your August news update but you’re showing zero sense of corporate responsibility. You’re a service provider, the consultants, we’re the clients, start having a little more respect. Consider a “customers for life approach”, you’re causing an great amount of unnecessary grief to everyone having to choose between a rock and a hard place in terms of providers.

    1. Chris.Clarke

      Sorry you feel that way, Q.R. but everything should be working now. Thanks for your feedback, and we’re sorry for the problems associated with this product.

  192. tiuk

    Went to Future Shop, they had the Captivate in stock. Tried to do my HUP, it didn’t show up as a possible choice in their system. They called Rogers who said I was eligible for any phone except that one (was given the option of paying $554 less a $50 rebate which would STILL be considered a HUP and renew my term). I then called Rogers myself, and was told that it was due to the 30 month change (I’m at about month 26). I had my plan changed with retentions in September (because I was fed up with various Rogers issues) at which time my term was supposedly ended so I would be eligible for any upgrade (mentioned the Captivate by name at the time and was assured I could get it).

    The rep I spoke with said she could make an exception but I wouldn’t be able to leave the store with the phone, she would have to have it shipped by courier. I said this was fine, she tried to get this started. Once she came back she told me it wasn’t available as an option in her system, and she would have to call me in a couple of days once it is, and ship it then.

    Long and the short of it, I’ll be getting the phone (hopefully) at an as-yet undetermined price within a week or so. This whole ordeal is absolutely unbelievable and I’m still considering switching to Bell if this isn’t straightened out to my satisfaction ASAP.

    1. Chris.Clarke

      tiuk, I’m sorry for the trouble we’ve caused so far with this product launch. Everything should be straightened out by now. Let us know if you have any further trouble!

  193. Hasan

    yeaaa i got my phone on the way right now i g2 work tonight but cant just go to slleeep and wait for ups to show up tommorowo soo just goonna stay up and get the phone yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaa

  194. Hype

    I didn’t think a launch could be worse than the iPhone 4 but I have been disproved.
    I feel so frustrated as I have a sweet grandfathered plan from 10 years ago that is simply incredible but it keeps me tethered to Rogers.

    I really wish there was another provider that had good coverage and decent plans…. a working managment information system would be a huge step up over Rogers as well.

    As a consumer looking in, I have to think that droves of customers are running away from Rogers but it appears that this kind of lackluster customer relations works because Rogers does nothing to change it. Maybe Rogers knows that customers don’t really have a viable option…

    1. Chris.Clarke

      Hype, we’re sorry. It’s been a learning experience for all of us. We will learn from the mistakes we’ve made with this launch to ensure they don’t occur in the future. Thanks for your feedback, and I’m sorry we’ve let you down.

  195. LongTermCustomer

    This gets even better!

    The Rogers site is now updated, and has the option to buy the Captivate and even “upgrade” to it. When I tried to upgrade, and chose Samsung as the manufacturer from the phone options available the Captivate wasn’t one of the listed options.

    So, I CAN’T upgrade to the Captive? Even though the site lists upgrading as an option?

    BTW, the price for a 3-year contract is $179, so the introductory price of $149 appears to be ONLY for pre-orders, and not for existing customers. I had a feeling this would be the case. Heck, even the big B offers their Galaxy S phone for $149 on a 3-year contract, and they have ample stock!!!

    Miranda and Rob, you should really check your sources in the company. It appears they gave you misinformation, and now you have a large number of very irate customers who are seriously looking at their other carrier options.

  196. Enough is enough

    Any one have this problem at BB? Haven’t seen any posts about it not in BB system. Also rogers uses a 3rd party for HUP so they will no nothing about it, even if they say they do.

  197. Andrew

    Well today is the day that the Captivate is available to purchase, but there doesn’t appear to be a single one in Edmonton Alberta.

  198. dr

    funny…just saw a banner ad from Samsung advertising the “New Captivate” available exclusively at Rogers. When you click on the banner ad, it takes you to the Samsung site where it redirects you to the Bell Vibrant.

    This would tell me that Samsung expected Rogers to have this phone ready, Samsung was locked into a media buy so they couldn’t retract and that ROGERS has messed this up.

    Great work!

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi there,

      Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Could you tell me where you saw this banner ad?

      1. Mark

        Miranda, with respect, I do not think that a Rogers leading people to a Bell product is a priority right now. Can you please solve the problem at hand and answer some of the questions that hundreds of dissatisfied customers are having? I was told by a customer relations representative today at around 11am that I would be getting a call back early afternoon regarding the problem everyone is having and I still have not heard anything. All I have to resort to is this forum and a couple of other websites. Can you please give us a realistic answer on when existing Rogers customers can get our hands on the captivate?

      2. Mark

        Rogers banner**

      3. RogersMiranda

        Hi Mark,

        We’re doing our best to address as many questions as we can.

        Limited inventory is arriving in stores now. Existing customers should be able to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S captivate tomorrow. (Oct. 27).

      4. dr

        Gizmodo – main page

    2. I have encountered 2 of these banners that lead to Bell myself. I am sure that Rogers is upset about this, but the problem is that Samsung is in the power position – all of their Galaxy S phones are in VERY high demand these days with all carriers.

      With Rogers not taking on any other high-end Android device, this is going to be bad news. Should be interesting to see how this affects the professional relationship.

    3. RogersMiranda

      @dr @Cole

      This has been corrected. Thanks again for the heads up.

  199. L

    Again, Where is Rogers’ Reps now?

    NO WHERE? In my opinon this is a sham. I am being told 1 thing by reps at store and over the phone. I have even gotten to customer care and they are telling me something else. I keep getting bounced around.

    Miranda and Rob: We need answers. I am a paying customer and I expect answers. How would you like it if I said “Hey I’ll pay my bill on the 10th”, the 10th comes and I tell you “Sorry I didnt get my pay from work”, you guys would slap me silly to collections. Same analogy, however because other then switching we cannot do anything, you feel that you guys can manipulate us? WOW Rogers, I thought Bell was bad, Rogers just took 1st place as the WORST of the telecommunications industry in Canada.

    1. WhereIsMyCaptivate

      Totally agree…. “WORST of the telecommunication industry in Canada”

    2. Chris.Clarke

      Thanks for your comments. Like we’ve said already, we’re sorry for some of the problems with the launch of this device, some of them beyond our control, and we’re doing our best to help customers moving forward. If you call to speak with our Customer Care now, everyone should be on the same page.

      1. Polytechnic

        Hi Chris,

        Thanks for the comments on here. The issue at hand is the whole concept of lining up or running out when you see a UPS truck going down the street seems like an archaic thing to do in today’s age of online ordering.

        We are all busy people and to be honest, I don’t have 2-3 hours a day to run around town to see if a phone has come in at a store or to repeatedly call stores in the hope of scoring a phone.

        The issue at hand is that Roger is failing to respond to the request of its users that you implement some kind of online ordering system. Your company ran into this problem back in August with the iPhone and here we are just shy of 3 months later and you still don’t have an online ordering system for pre-existing customers.

        I’m a software developer by trade and have also done many online web applications so I know that putting in this kind of system is fairly easy in this day and age since it has been done a million times already.

        The take away from all this is the following:

        People don’t care if they have to wait 3 weeks to get their phone. They just want to know that it will be delivered in some kind of reasonable time frame. They can then go on with their daily lives and anticipate the arrival of their phone.

        That is a much more pleasurable experience than the one that we are getting now. We get info from this website, from online reps and from store reps and guess what? They rarely coincide!

        Arbitrary store specific waiting lists were great back in the 80s but having that as your best method of delivery makes your company appear extremely disorganized.

        Your company could have avoided all this negativity had it ilearned from the disastrous iPhone launch (which I know is not Roger’s fault but Apple’s – Rogers made the mistake of being quiet but I gather that your company has the short end of the stick in that business relationship and it’s best to keep quiet during those moments – problem is, you took all the flack for it).

        Anyways, my 2 cents Chris.

  200. Rogers = Epic Fail

    Com’n guys. Don’t expect to get the phone until next week. Think about it, people working at BB, FS and other authorized dealers will probably save the phones for themself and friends first. If 2 are available in stores, meaning they are probably gone by now. They’re probably in the hands of BB, FS, Wireless Wave… etc employees. They’ll wait until this rediculous HUP is fixed and then HUP themselves for $149, get it unlocked for $30-$50 and then sell it for $450 – $500 on the market. Making a profit is what they want to do. They can probably sell it at a lower price even when it’s locked because they know the demands are high. Maybe that’s why they don’t have any IN STOCK.

    1. Chris.Clarke

      Thanks for your feedback. Fortunately, most customers have reported good news and obtained the device.

  201. Matt

    No comments from Rogers today? Seriously? FAIL!

  202. ian

    just called 25+ rogers dealers in victoria BC. not a single one has it or expects to get it soon. futureshop apparently had 3 in stock this morning but has a “long line” for them.

    nice “launch” rogers. even costco gives out better samples than this.

  203. blyt0004

    Just called Ottawa South Future Shop @ 3:54

    First Pro South Keys
    B1 – 2210 Bank Street
    Phone: (613) 526-7450

    They Have stock but the rogers system is down. This is the only place in Ottawa that I called that has stock. To bad I can’t HUP and get the phone.

    Also I called rogers today and confirmed that till November 2nd existing clients can get the phone for 149.99 (If we can find it!) after that 179.99

    Miranda and Rob what can/is being done about the future shop HUP problems. Very interesting how every Rogers dealer had not stock, but a futureshop has stock. This doesn’t make sense. I hope I can get the phone soon.

  204. Paul

    4:02pm and system is STILL down. Looks like HUP won’t be happening today.

  205. RogersMiranda

    Hi everyone,

    We’re reading all your comments here and we’re looking into the issues you’re noticing around HUP. We’ll provide an update here when we know more.

    1. Sansaman

      Rogers says my line is eligible for HUP at $499.99. Not what I was expecting to pay…All my friends say the same thing, $499.99 when they are fully eligible.

    2. Tony

      In other words, “coming soon”?

    3. JRKR

      And you’ll also let us know when we can call the RETENTIONS department to order it as well? (Even if they don’t have stock, I’d like to just be able to ORDER it!)

      Obviously after 3 months I don’t mind waiting but I’m getting frustrated with the lack of information and ability for your company to give us anything resembling time lines. The amount of time I’ve wasted looking for ANY information on this board and calling your reps (and getting nowhere and nothing) borders on ridiculous.

    4. JomBoree

      Hahahaha…. You’re too funny Miranda

      1. RogersMiranda

        Glad you find me amusing. :)

        As for issues affecting customers wanting to upgrade to the device, these have been corrected as of this morning.

      2. g

        Miranda here is a question for you how come all stores (future shop, best buy, rogers plus stores etc.) Refuse to sell this phone outright they all give the same excuse that because of limited supply it is for new customers only?? even though i am a rogers customer i cannot get a phone even tried customer service and they told me to go get the phone in a Store. So how would you suggest one to get a phone as you cant in store or though customer service? Is this how existing customers are treated??

      3. RogersMiranda

        Hi G,

        I’m sorry you weren’t able to purchase the device. There should be no issue with purchasing the phone outright. My advice is to call ahead to the store and confirm that there are devices available. If you are still unable to purchase it outright, can you please send the store name and location to us via our online feedback form? (Under Talk To Us). Thanks.

    5. HH

      It has been a whole day, and none of the Rogers reps have addressed any of the issues. So much for them saying ‘There is enough stock’ and that people will be able to get the phone.

      What’s worse is that they really don’t care — I mean, I have never experienced such poor customer support from Rogers ever before. Is this a sign of things to come from this company?

      1. RogersMiranda

        Hi HH,

        We care very much about this and we’re also disappointed about the limited inventory. I can assure you this does not represent a typical product launch.

    6. bob

      Don’t lie. You are not looking into anything. Yoy are just going to feed us more BS. I am almost 100% sure that we can not hardware upgrade until nov3. The rogers csr I spoke with set me up with a captivate but I have to wait until nov3 to process it. A couple more weeks isn’t so bad. I don’t think Miranda and Rob should be able to post in this blog anymore.

    7. Muney

      Sure you will

  206. Alan

    Another story to tell.

    Based on what Rogers Rob and Miranda said on this site, went to Future Shop on Friday and Saturday to get a phone on HUP that was held for me by a nice rep. There was no system problem, according to the Rogers manager I talked to for an hour on Saturday at the Contact Centre. He said not supposed to be in system until Monday launch,

    So today went to see rep at Future Shop, couldnt do HUP, system problem, Rogers said couldnt do anything, should be fixed later.. So my phone was sold to someone else because rep couldnt hold any longer. She did however call another store 10 ks away and found another phone for me. Went to store as expected HUP to be fixed. No dice after 4 more hours, lost phone. I then phoned Contact Centre and eventually spoke to another manager as CSR was not being helpful She said that there was a major IT problem and HUPs werent working, WHAT A MESS!!!!! I am over 36 months on my last contract and renewed. The Contact manager this time sid she would personally take care of me and mail me the hone

    I would love to teach about this launch to my friends MBA class. How to completely destroy customer goodwill through misinformation, poor service, inadequate supply, delays, inadequate training, escalation procedures that are useless and general ineptitude.

  207. victor

    Even though I long ago decided to bail and give my business to another carrier, I still like reading comments on this blog. It’s like watching a train wreck, I can’t look away.

    All you people who vent your frustrations here and complain – stop wasting your breath… or in this case, your fingertips. You are not going to get an answer from Rob or Miranda or anyone else. If you really want to make a statement do it with something that they will definitely understand – money. Take your business elsewhere. And when Rogers asks why are you leaving, you can point to this joke of a blog and the business practices of a company that got too big and arrogant, a company that treats its long term customers like dirt.

    Rogers will never do anything to improve their service unless money starts walking out of the door.

    1. bellop

      Best comment i have read!

  208. Doug

    First, why do loyal customers pay more for a phone than new customers? We’ve been with Rogers for years but I’m supposed to pay $30 more for the Captivate? Only new activations are eligible for the $149 price… (unless you get through to them by Nov.2-which they’re not very quick to tell you). Now, after waiting for several weeks for my hardware upgrade to the Captivate they tell me that the HUG policy changed last Wednesday, I now have to wait another 6 months to qualify! We made the deal weeks ago, I was just waiting for the release date (“soon”) to actually receive the phone. Fortunately cooler heads prevailed and they fixed it before I went completely ballistic and jumped to another carrier. But be careful, if you’ve been waiting and your contract isn’t 30 months old, you might be out of luck for a while!

  209. Neil

    Great launch!

    No Rogers stores actually have this phone…. this is hilarious!


    1. Chris.Clarke

      The phones are in stock, in limited quantities, throughout the country.

  210. Adam

    Some ideas…

    1) reverse the decision to go from 30 months from 24 for all those who are between 24 and 30 months.
    2) do not charge an asinine HUP fee
    4) find out why some people were able to buy phones BEFORE the release date of today
    5) make sure retentions has stock
    6) do not cherry pick the questions you respond to
    7) make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to information (FS, BB, Rogers Plus, YOUR OWN CALL CENTERS! (why your employees are unaware or ignorant of this site is irresponsible)
    8) don’t over promise and under-deliver
    9) get retentions people involved on this board and someone with some pull in your company to see what kind of backlash is happening – seems to me that nobody is aware of the castigation the company is taking over this
    10) make sure your systems are working BEFORE going live with a launch

    And that’s just ten suggestions. Heaven forbid my payment is a day late than scheduled ;) because you KNOW what happens then.

    It’s sad that I believed Retentions on Friday when I was told I would be able to get the Captivate for the 149 price and waive the new HUP timeline. Of course I call in today to take advantage and the “phone is not in the system” and he cannot waive my HUP. *insert curse filled tirade here*

    1. Chris.Clarke


      Good stuff. Thanks. We appreciate it and will actually take all of that into consideration. We’re going to try to learn from this launch and everything that’s transpired so far with Captivate.

      Thanks again.

  211. Dave

    This is sad. This HUP issue happened on Saturday and now Miranda posted at 4:18pm and still, she has no good information regarding what happened.

    1. Chris.Clarke

      Dave, a lot happened, but we’ve since addressed the issues and have things back under control.

  212. Kevin Devine

    Look there’s obviously not a lot of stock anywhere and it wouldn’t surprise me if the HUP “problem” has to do with demand rather than computer error. It makes more sense, if given the limited quantity, rogers would want to get the phones into as many new hands as possible. All those looking to upgrade ALREADY have contracts, so they’ve got our money… I may be wrong, but I just find it odd that on “launch” they have NO stock at their stores and they don’t have an upgrade system in place.

    1. Chris.Clarke

      Kevin, that couldn’t be further from the truth. However, we respect your opinions. Since your comment, stores have received stock, and customers are finally starting to tell us that they’re happy with the device. We hope you’ll soon feel the same!

  213. LongTermCustomer

    So Miranda,

    Will either Rob or yourself be posting an update when the HUP system finally begins accepting HUP requests for the Captivate?

    If I have to wait another day or two to get the HUP, then fine, so long as I can eventually get a Captivate I’ll be a relatively happy camper.

    A little more communication on the situation from Rogers would be helpful, and appreciated. So far all of our updates on the situation have been coming from users on this and other forums relaying their experiences to the community. “Official” updates would be nice. Jsut my 2 cents.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi there,

      Sorry for the delay responding to you. We’re very sorry but due to a technical glitch customers wanting a data plan will not be able to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S captivate until tomorrow (Oct. 27).

      1. Tim

        Does this affect you only if you’re adding a data plan? Or does it also affect you if you already have a data plan on your account?

      2. Joe Mama

        Strange, I didn’t want/need a data plan and I was still not able to upgrade to the Captivate at Future Shop as it wouldn’t show the upgrade pricing.

      3. I don’t understand people buying phones like these without a data plan. I mean, I guess I understand that there are wifi options when you’re out and about, but for me, the mobile data part of this phone is at *least* 50% of the functionality.

      4. RogersMiranda

        @Tim @Joe

        There was an issue affecting existing customers wanting to upgrade to the Captivate (either with or without a data plan). This has been fixed as of this morning.

  214. ssy

    Has anyone in Vancouver been able to get one? All the stores I’ve called say they don’t have any, and some of them didn’t even know what it was.

  215. Nemmi Ibrahimpasic

    Is the random upgrade change a scam to get people to pay full price? or pay off their contract, so you can get money? That’s what it seems like.

    1. Chris.Clarke

      Nemmi, that’s not the case whatsoever. However, we appreciate your feedback. The problems have been corrected and we’re moving ahead swiftly trying to provide a Captivate for all customers who want one. Thanks for your patience.

  216. gabby131

    got a call from Rogers today. I am not yet legit for upgrade so my only option is to bind the captivate with my current plan with 3 lines but they said that the captivate is only available for new contracts for now.

    but that is fine with me, so they said i’ll be receiving my captivate in 5-7 business days :)

  217. T'Kay

    Hah! More BS: no Rogers store in Vancouver got delivery. Everyone says, “It launched, yeah—but the shipment’s been delayed.” I’m being told to expect stock sometime later this week; one rep specifically said “Friday”.


    How is it a launch, if nobody can get one?

  218. Eli

    I’d like to ask 1 question….

    Did ANY EXISTING customer get their Captivate today (October 25)?

    Called Rogers in the morning today to make sure that the launch date was indeed October 25 and sure enough the CSR said yes today is the launch date and I would be able to go into any Rogers store to get the phone. Called 10 stores and NONE of them even received any stock at all.

    Apparently pre-orders (aka new customers) got priority on whatever stock Rogers received from Samsung. Whatever was left from the pre-orders would be for the HUPs which is probably none.

    Rogers official launch announcement of this phone did not hold ANY weight at all. I’m really starting to question their integrity…

  219. Vlad

    Woke up early to go a few locations in the aurora/newmarket area, none had any. Now its 5pm I called a few more around the city including the york mills location, they said they haven’t received any. One of the locations notified me that Toronto received only 500 units for store distribution in store today. Haven’t had a new phone since nokia 8390 (8 years ago?) and I’m having so much trouble getting a new phone! Already have my new data plan set up and everything but can’t use it.. worst!

  220. Dan

    Got my pre-order today !

    1. Eli

      Of course you did…..Rogers first shipment from Samsung was prioritized for all the Pre-orders (aka New Customers)

  221. Kam

    Can you guys just cherry pick this question.
    Why are the phones not in retail stores as of yet? Mid October is gone and we are in late October, phones started shipping out last week to retail stores, even your flagship store on Yonge and Dundas hasn’t received anything.
    Are gonna have to wait till November 2 just so you guys can charge us more?? Or are you guys waiting until that Samsung party to release the phone?

    1. Chris.Clarke

      Kam, as Miranda said above, shipments are out and starting tomorrow customers should be able to upgrade to this phone.

  222. nomorerogers


    Yeah, you got me this time. Tricked me to renew my contract on Sept so nothing I can say. I am stuck with you.

    – Keep delay without any update.
    – Promise on HUP but changed on the day before the device launch.

    FINE, but I promise I will remember what happened and will NEVER use Rogers as service provider anymore including my family!

    EPIC FAIL on this.

  223. Filiberto Choquehuanca

    I also just saw the banner advert “New Captivate available exclusively at Rogers” then redirects to Bell! Weird, its still up on the site.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Filiberto,

      Thanks for the heads up. This has been corrected.

  224. kor

    Anyone get one on a HUP yet?

  225. Don't Wait for Rob/Miranda

    So I just came back from few stores in Markham TO area. They just sold their last one to a NEW CUSTOMER in FS. BB doesn’t even have them in stock (weird cuz BB and FS is pretty much the same company). BB is expecting to have them near the end of the week. Rogers Plus on the other hand have no idea it was launched.

    So here’s the latest and greatest…

    WW said the official launch party is Weds. They’ll have stock on Thurs/Fri
    BB said they’ll have it near the end of the week
    FS said they will allow HUP starting Weds (no idea when the next shipment will be since they just sold their last one).
    Rogers Plus… totally clueless and I gave up on them.

    WW said there were no memo regarding customer putting holds on phones. So which ever store said they don’t hold phones are either unaware or against their store policy.

    BTW. HUP are still down.

    As for Rob/Miranda, you can stop posting now. Community info are more updated and accurate than your own. Do us and yourself a favor and stop lying to us.

  226. Jonnyd

    So I called all around the city today, I’m from Regina, and not a single Captivate can be found in anywhere in this city. Not a single store got a shipment. What the hell Rogers! If the 25 is supposed to be “the official release date” the do your job, make sure stock is there, make sure employees know what’s going on! I still heard “oh, it’s not being release till November” from reps. This is BS

  227. Alex

    I was told to calll back wednesday for the HUP, says her system shows october 27th. Take that with half a grain of salt

  228. Yan

    Just went to FutureShop here in Ottawa. The store I went to had 1 in stock and he couldn’t do the upgrade. He went through the inventory and apparently in all of the FS’ in Ottawa there is a total of 8 Captivates…rediculous. Also, he checked to see if there were any in transit to his store…not one.

    Rogers, this is absolutely ridiculous. Chances are, I will be unable to take advantage of the $100 gift card offer at FS and will take another $30 hit since I can’t get my hands on a phone by November. That makes $130 that I will lose out on because of your incompetence.

    I feel robbed.

    1. JimBoree

      The $100 FS card is for new activations only, not for contract renewals although they both lock you into 3 years contract so i dont know whats with the discrimination. I seriously feel really undervalued as an existing customer. Maybe i should switch providers or cancel and get a new contract every 3 years to get the best deals.

    2. Chris.Clarke

      Sorry to hear that, Yan. We’ve done everything we can to rectify the situation, and customers should be able to purchase the phone now without any trouble, or upgrade to it. We hope you’re able to take advantage of the promotions offered by our retailers.

  229. Buck

    Just to summarize, after weeks of waiting for this to be released, the system was NOT set up to do upgrades. Even if you qualify for the 30 month HUP, when the sales person tries to set it up, they click on Samsung and the Captivate is just not there.

    Basically the computer runs this. There is no way to over ride it. I suggested they charge me the $500, and give me a credit for $350. Nope…

    Anyway, the manager gave me his word that this would be cleared up within 48 hours, and that he would call me and tell me where to get the phone.

    We will see. I will report back when I get the phone.

    1. Buck

      Oh, and while I was standing at the FutureShop store, and talking to Rogers trying to clear it up, I saw them sell 3 units in 30 minutes.

      New customers getting preferred treatment over an existing customer who has 4 phones on a family plan ($450 a month).

  230. smars123

    Atrocious launch handling. Went to a FS today and they had 3 in stock. Of course the HUP wasn’t working (haven’t gotten a phone in over 4 years). What really bugs me is that Rogers has known about this issue since Thursday and has apparently been unable to fix it. I’m not sure if it’s sheer incompetency or just plain disinterest that I’m seeing here, but neither give me a confident feeling.

    If it weren’t for the fact that when I was trying to switch over to Bell, the CSR there was rude, I would have made the switch a while back. I’m just not sure why Rogers is better right now. (Miranda, please don’t try to mention the Handset Protection…that’s a bit of a sore point with me as it really doesn’t protect anything…dropped it? tough luck!)

    Anyhow, I’m sad to see that this is not an isolated case.

    Apparently new customers are just more important…I am definitely pushing my friends and family to all switch together to Bell once our contracts are up. Why? Because the grass does seem greener on the other side, no matter what people might say. I don’t believe in the whole “the devil you know”

    Best of luck to all!

  231. Brendan

    Listen, I’ll admit, yes i was a little bit upset with the delay, and almost elected not to go ahead with the phone. But at the last possible second, I decided i would rather go with Rogers and the captivate as opposed to Bell and the vibrant. Call my sanity into question if you will, but i prefer a metal body phone to plastic. Besides, i have no need for a front facing camera nor do i listen to the radio. But the deal breaker was my parents experience on Bell, long story short they were dissatisfied.

    But anyways, I do have a question regarding the phones. I pre-ordered mine on Friday October 22, any idea when i can expect to get my shipping notification?

    Much appreciated

    1. Chris.Clarke

      Brendan, if you haven’t received a shipping confirmation, you should call Customer Care and inquire about the status of your order.

  232. ron

    FYI for all you guys,

    Vancouver stores have not yet received their shipments.
    They are aware that today is the “official” release date, but there is still no stock.
    I was quoted, “yes, we are getting it for sure, but expect it to be sometime late in the week”.

    This is what they call a “soft” launch or a “paper” launch.
    Meaning the product is corporately released for sale, but not all the shipping has arrived yet.
    If there was stock on hand everywhere, that’d be called a “hard” launch.
    This wasn’t even a soft launch because the system wouldn’t take it.

    I think you’ve got nobody to blame but YOURSELF for having everybody so angry.
    The only thing that was out of your control is the delayed shipment.
    Sure, a delayed release? That would leave us rather dissapointed and a FEW people might jump ship to Bell.
    But lying and trying to be sneaky and unaccomadating, That’s why we are so angry!
    I think you will have now lost a lot more customers since I’m sure you won’t fix our continued issues.
    Ex. I’m still paying for unused data and will continue to pay until the phone is launched.
    And you have choosen not to help.

    Take a look at this list:
    – Announcing “soon” without an actual product launch for this long.
    – Annoucing an actual release date within a reasonable time frame.
    – Lying about quantities available. Only when confronted mid last week, just mere DAYS away from launch, did you finally pony up that stock level will not be “normal”.
    – Proper HUP info on customer’s files. With all this time, you could have easily gotten all your ducks in a row.
    – Changing the HUP elegibility without email notification (you HAVE our emails) OR exempting current customers from the change.
    – Pre-orders only for NEW customers.
    – Contest only for pre-orders with current customers requiring a HAND WRITTEN ESSAY.
    – Bumped price after “x date” with not exceptions for pre-ordering for current pricing.

    You held ALL of these cards and managed to drop them all.

    If you think all of this doesn’t get us angry enough to leave, then you’re lying to yourself.
    Rogers, I used to recommend you to everybody.
    But not only do I have no reason to recommend you.
    You’ve given me plenty of reasons why I should send your potential customers away.

    1. Chris.Clarke


      First off, thanks for your comment. You raise a lot of good points and I give you credit for putting it all down.

      I know we announced “soon” because we anticipated “soon”. We didn’t lie about quantities – we communicated what we knew and anticipated, which was no different than any other product launch. As mentioned, the manufacturer couldn’t meet our request for product.

      HUP is different for all customers and doesn’t affect everyone. Also, our HUP policy is completely unrelated to this launch.

      We’ve discussed the possibility of opening up new product pre-sales for existing customers in the future.

      Again, I’m sorry you’re upset and I apologize for the difficulties we’ve caused our customers with this product launch.

  233. Jdawg

    There is no phone available in western Canada period. There is limited quantities and then there is this farce they call a release.

    It is so darn frustrating to just get one of these, as you call all the rogers stores in the area and none of the reps know jack about this phone. Half the places didn’t know what it was, and the others all told me it is released 1 week to 2 months from now.

    Rogers, do you not train your people? Does the big red telecommunications company actually communicate with it’s people? I understand you need to pass the word around initially, but that was two months ago that the reps should have heard the first briefing about this phone.

    Every futureshop/Bestbuy i have talked to (at least 20) said they are only recieving 1 phone later this week, not even on confirmed launch date. But, the empolyee’s here seem to know more about what is going on and about this phone then big red does. Help me understand how that makes any sense?

    End point of this is i would like to get the phone without calling every rogers store, wireless 3rd party stores and bigger chain stores every single day to see if they have it.

    Setting proper expectations is paramount, yet you guys failed hard at this. I would rather a later release date that you absolutely stuck to and had product then this cat and mouse game.

    Where can i find who has this phone available?

  234. Eric

    man i was waiting for the phone at rogers plus 2 hours before it opened… BIG FAIL FOR ME
    the guy came out hour later and told me its not in yet so i went and called rogers and they told me its going to be shipped 12- 3ish so i go and check this other rogers plus and the guy was like yea we have them wait for the line and i see this BIG line for cable and internet so i was like w.e than finally i talk to the guy and he was like sry i don’t think we have it on stock …. FML

    1. Chris.Clarke

      Eric, for what it’s worth, I’m sorry you went through all that trouble.

  235. S

    Hey Rogers reps,
    I was promised an upgrade by exception, but told I couldn’t call to do it before today. Now, apparently, you’re sold out of the phone. Can you please give some word or idea as to when I can expect to ACTUALLY get this phone?

  236. Sebastien

    Just wanted to let everyone know that ordering it from Rogers is available. After talking to MANY reps on the phone, one finally knew the system. He found the phone in the system by searching for the model number and not the name of the phone…. :)

    The rep from retentions could not find it through retentions system, he had to go through HUP to find it…

    My order has been placed, and I am days away from getting the captivate. :) The guy on the phone was exactly how Customer Service should be.

    Thought I would share this news… will help the people that were as frustrated as me. :)


    1. JRKR


      I tried this as well after calling AGAIN and asking about the Captivate AGAIN and getting nowhere as usual I thought heck, I’ll try this guy’s suggestion and lo and behold It’s listed under “Samsung 896″ according to the retentions rep I spoke with. (Though the full model name is actually “SGH-i896″):

      Anyway, thanks again for the tip! My phone should be here in 2-5 business days!

      And wow Rogers, yet another case of incompetence. I’m happy to be getting the phone FINALLY but kind of wish I could have told you all to pound sand and taken my money elsewhere. You’re lucky Bell had no interest in taking my money either when I called them this morning or I would have been more than happy to vote with my wallet. Sadly you get rewarded with another 3 years of business for your incompetance out of sheer luck.

  237. NOBYS



    AT&T SELL IT FOR $500 US EQUALS $509.90….WOW….
    Rogers need to fix’s this problem as soon as possible.

  238. Meh

    Not as if there’s many companies up on the podium anyways

  239. rnewton01

    Miranda or Rob…..

    I just purchased one for $549 (no term) online. Are these orders being filled immediately?

  240. Zul

    I managed to get one through customer service hardware upgrade and they are sending via ups. They have had two in stock but only for people who wanted to buy the phone straight out on cash. As per customer service, HUP stock is separate and they have none available

  241. lkyldy6

    The price of $179? Does this have a $50 mail-in rebate or is it like the iphone and Samsung doesn’t offer it?

  242. Joe

    9 PM and not able to purchase, will be going to best buy and such to check for deliveries…

  243. VinceC

    i would love to email the transcript of this board to the CEO of Bell and Telus and show them what not to do when launching a product.
    To make matters worse, i have been trying to get a Captivate and an IPhone for the last 3 weeks. Go figure, still nothing yet !

  244. Haroon

    does anyone here know how to check the online stock on rogers website for samsung captivate?
    Not the quantity. I just need to find out where it says OUT OF STOCK or IN STOCK.
    so i know when to call rogers for upgrade.
    please guide me through.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Haroon.

      Sorry, but we don’t post this information on our website. I’d suggest you call ahead to your store to find out if they have stock.

      1. Haroon

        This was suggested by one of your retention centre reps. Correct THEM!

  245. Luke

    EVERYONE here needs to take a few minutes to :

    1) file a complaint to the Office of the President of Rogers
    Fax: 1-877-331-1573
    By mail: Rogers Communications Inc.
    Office of the President
    855 York Mills Road
    Don Mills, ON M3B 1Z1

    2) file a complaint with the BBB


    1. JRKR

      Done and done.

    2. Haroon

      definately, doing this

  246. Edwin

    spent 3 hours at a futureshop today trying to figure out why i couldnt buy this phone!!

    I’m not sure what part about rogers i love….

    I believe in a world of business, you are supposed to respect your existing customers. not do all this to them. Attract new customers with new phones that no one can get except if you sign a contact with a devil. This is almost seems illegal!

  247. Hasan

    soo yea i got my phone today its perfect

    1. Haroon

      You might wanna post an unboxing video or a review type video on youtube and make us jealous or happy!

  248. Shawn

    How can a company say they released a device and not actually have it in stock. If that’s the case, I released the time machine today. You can get it for 100$ today but by next week the price goes to 500 millions. And by the way I don’t have it in stock right now and don’t know when it will be.

    1. Chris.Clarke

      Shawn, the device is in stock in limited quantities across Canada. And we offer promotional pricing on many new devices.

  249. David Sikora

    This is the worst experience ever. I want to upgrade my lines to this phone. I have been waiting so long for this device while it has been sitting with AT&T for months now.

    The thing that is ridiculous is the miscommunication and misinformation. It was announced it was released yesterday; some stores have it but seems there are a signifcant amount of retail outlets that dont have it in stock. The Captivate is up on the internet for new customers AND existing customers to upgrade to, prior to this it was just the new customers for a pre order. As shown by multiple customers, this is obviously a terrible launch.

    I can only upgrade through customer relations and I have heard dozens of things from them. I have heard the following
    – Call back later its not in our system
    – Call tomorrow its not in our system
    – It wont be in the system till after November 2nd.
    – It wont be in for a few weeks

    Seriously, uh. No solid answer, and this is from the retention department. In the end, this experience is awful. Once again, Rogers has shown how they prioritize new customers. Existing customer get screwed over with ridiculously long hardware upgrades (Look at the USA and Europe, by the time we get one upgrade the people living over there have recieved two or three if they upgrade at their earliest eligibility). This is nonsense. I do not understand why they made this big campaign for new customers to pre order the Captivate. Bell has a Galaxy S phone and Telus will be getting one, each provider will have their own so the Captivate is more of an appeal for Rogers customers. Most people who are with Bell wont leave Bell just to get the Captivate when they have the Vibrant.

    Once again, Rogers disappoints. If I don’t get answers when I call “retentions” I think I will just cancel and go to Bell for a Desire Z when it will be released shortly.

    1. Chris.Clarke


      Simply put, there was a problem with our system for HUP for this device. On the surface it looks like we’re prioritizing new customers, when in reality we’re just unable to process existing customer’s transactions. Our mistake, and it has obviously upset our customers, and for that we’re very sorry.

      1. cookies


        It’s very nice to see that despite the hundreds of complaints that you guys have taken the time to respond to questions and concerns. With that said, there is no doubt that Rogers has launched this phone with new customers being your number one priority. They were the first to receive it and got to take advantage of promotional offers such as a free bluetooth headset, all at the same price as existing customers. Meanwhile, in stores new customers are getting priority on the handsets and receive bonuses such as gift cards. What about the numerous accounts of people trying to do HUP’s at a Future Shop and being told that Rogers told them to only sell to new customers?

        I understand there was a system glitch that did not allow HUP’s at first and perhaps that is why there was talk of not selling to existing customers as it would just waste everyone’s time since it couldn’t be done. But really, the phone has been awaiting release for months. How can something like that just slip up and it still be a giant mystery to all your Customer Care reps with so much time for training and pre-launch testing. Existing customers have been left in the dust and a large number of them will wind up paying more for the phone than they should have (come nov2) with zero compensation or incentive such as a discount on the phone or a waived HUP administration fee.

        Again, I do appreciate you and Miranda’s responses but as you can see, the botched release and lack of positive response from customer service (most of which aren’t even aware of this blog) has harbored much frustration.


  250. Paul

    Has the HUP issue been fixed yet?

    1. Chris.Clarke

      Yes! HUP is fixed.

      1. MrMiGu

        thats not what the salesperson told me at the rogers store today
        she had to call rogers to ‘fix my account’ and i should wait for a phone call back from them while 2 phones sat in the store. Will they be there tomorrow? will i even get that call?

  251. Jean

    When will that be???? Let me guess, in the “coming weeks” aka never. Oh, and by the way, I’m still waiting for my email notification to let me know that the Captivate is released. I guess that registration page is just another ploy by Rogers to mislead their loyal customers. I’m almost ashamed to admit I’ve been a Rogers customers for over 13 years. I’m just a sheep waiting to be fleeced, AGAIN!!!!

    1. scott

      hahah… never even thought of that. i signed up for information about the captivate as well and never received anything. i had hadn’t been reading this board, I never even would have known it was released.

      thank you redboard! ?

    2. Martin

      Nah don’t worry, you’re not the only one that was hypnotized by Rogers’ very effective publicity stunt about this device. Come to think of it, Bell and Telus would have done the same.

  252. Kevin T

    So far no store I have tried in Calgary has even RECEIVED this phone. How exactly am I supposed to get it for $149 if no one even gets the phone before November 2nd? I have tried Rpgers retailers, rogers plus stores, and best buy.

    1. Chris.Clarke

      Those stores should all have this phone by now, Kevin. Try them again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  253. Jake

    When will you actually ship a unit to any rogers retailer in downtown TO. You know one of the stores next to the Rogers building. These stores received 0 units. No it’s not that they got 1 or 2 and sold out. They got 0.

    Can you tell us when Rogers Plus stores will be getting the phone shipped to them?

    1. Chris.Clarke

      Jake, they should have them now. Give them a call to make sure they haven’t sold out first. Good luck!

  254. chester

    That’s why I wait a few weeks/months to get the latest phone. It’s obviously not worth the trouble, it’s just a phone.

  255. Marc

    Has the HUP issue been fixed yet??? Answer!

    I called retentions this morning and they said all is fixed. However, I called the FS I was at yesterday and still the same issues.
    As I too was one of the suckers that went to FS to buy it EVEN AFTER I confirmed with retentions before going that everything should be fine to get the phone. And after all that NOPE same problem and BS that everyone else has gone through with FS, along with talking to the MOST unhelping ******** person in retentions EVER ‘Sarah’.

    Someone from Rogers UPDATE US! on this issue regarding FS and you own Roger stores, so we don’t waste more time on this BS.

    1. Chris.Clarke

      The HUP issue has been fixed.

  256. John

    Just spoke to a FutureShop rep who told me that the $100 gift card promo is for new clients only…can anyone confirm this?

    1. James

      Confirmed. Was just at FS putting my Captivate on layaway until the HUP issue is figured out. Maybe try and cancel your current plan an re-up to get the $100 gc?

  257. John

    Oh yeah, the FS rep also told me the available stock at FS in Ottawa….he saw 8 total in his system…

  258. Chris C.

    FOUND STOCK in two GTA Best Buys… BUT the two I spoke with have been instructed by Rogers NOT to sell them until tomorrow (10/27/2010). Both stores shared there frustration with regards to Future Shop selling the units before them. ROGERS Care to Comment on the Hold?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Stores can begin selling stock as soon as their receive it. There is an issue that is preventing stores from processing upgrades but we anticipate this to be resolved by tomorrow.

  259. Sylvain

    Was the first in at FS this morning.. They had two left but still no go for HUP. Looks like I’ll have to call rogers and ruffle some feathers.. :)

  260. kman

    I’m quite worried that this phone will also have the dreaded Rogers SMS timestamp issue. All incoming texts are timestamped up to 4 hours earlier than when they were actually sent.

    This is well documented on the internet with Rogers being the only carrier on the planet that I’ve seen this issue reported against.

    Is this fixed on the Captivate? Otherwise it will be a nightmare.

    1. Chris.Clarke

      This is not expected to be an issue, kman.

  261. Martin

    Wow. This device was announced August 4! Ouch! Nice going Rogers. I’m glad I didn’t wait anymore for that piece of cheap hardware anyways and moved one to…iPhone 4 – Unfortunately, it seems that it is the only decent devices we have here in Canada.

  262. Sean Walton


    Thanks for the Samsunf contact info. I asked them the same question and they asked if I had a case number? Whatever that means? I told them “no” and asked again when the Kies software will be available. Now they are not responding to me???? Very frustrating. Cn you contact them for all of us with my question? Maybe they will actually give you an answer since you are a Rogers person. Thanks again

    1. RogersMiranda

      Sorry about that Sean! I’ll see what I can find out for you.

    2. RogersMiranda

      Hi Sean,

      There’s more info about Kies software here:

      The version of Kies on (mentioned on that page) has been tested for use on the Captivate. Hope that helps!

  263. ACampbell

    Miranda or Rob-

    What is the situation of the HUP problem? I have phoned your call center, and have had mixed advice, always centered around their inability to check due to no stock. I find the fact that Rogers has no stock irrelevant. Many people found phones and they were unable to upgrade due to a problem at Rogers end (myself included). No stock wasn’t an issue in these cases. There was a phone and we had the money. Since Rogers has admitted that problems can be fixed by submitting tickets (and I hope this problem is important enough to Rogers to count as a Master ticket), why not authorize all sellers to take our money and give us the phones and then submit tickets to amend our accounts after the phone has properly been loaded into the HUP system?

    Again I ask that you give us an update and importantly a resolution quickly. A matter as important as this to your customers should not take 3-5 days (the average time for a ticket to be resolved according to your call center representatives) to resolve. This should have been resolved in hours (The telecommunications industry standard for Master Tickets).

    1. ACampbell

      I am still very interested to know why it is taking so long to fix the HUP problem.

    2. RogersMiranda

      Hi ACampbell,

      Yes, there was an issue with processing upgrades but that has been corrected.

      Thanks for your patience.

  264. mrmef

    I called customer relations today and managed to do an HUP! To my surprise, the rep was very nice and helpful. I was also surprised that they actually have the Captivate in stock. My order has been processed and is awaiting shipping – cant wait to get my Captivate!!!

    1. Q.R.

      I called this morning, and I called just after your post. In both instances, they indicated that they do not have stock, is there a hidden stash that some might know about and others do not??

      1. mrmef

        I’m not sure. The rep I spoke to checked the system and she confirmed that there was stock (how much, I don’t know). She processed my order and I have received a confirmation email.

  265. Sarah

    I called retention this morning. The guy was really nice and very helpful. He told me that the Galaxy will be available at the retention department only the November 3rd. He put me into a list and will ship me my phone on the 3rd. Hope it’s true…

  266. Sean Walton

    Just spoke to Rogers Business and they told me they are excepting a large shipment on November 8th, 2010. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

  267. Robusan

    I called a few Roges plus stores in my area (Surrey, BC) yesterday and I also got answers in the realm of “Oh I don’t think it’s released yet” all the way to “it’ll probably be in next week- if we even get them in”

    I then called a CSR rep and she re-called all the same stores and told me to check back next week as it seems like no one has any in stock (why thanks for wasting my time on info I already knew but she couldn’t/wouldn’t believe). I was also fairly irritated that I called last Monday and was told it was released that day and then called again one week later (Monday, October 25, 2010) and told that it was also just released. When I brought up the fact that I’ve been getting my info from redboard she said that things change so fast and that redboard is not a good place to get accurate information.

    I locked into a contract less then a month ago and on Nov 2nd if the phone is not in my hand will cancel (day of 1 month less a day).

    1. Robusan

      I called in and a nice rep was kind enough to process a HUP for me. I just received shipping confirmation.

      I thank the rep that helped me. But I look down on Rogers regarding how hard this whole process has been especially since all I wanted to do was RENEW my contract with a new phone. It shouldn’t be this hard for me to give you my money.

      btw nice job on bringing HUP eligibility back down to 24 months.

  268. Paul

    I can confirm that as of now, FS still can’t sell the phones for HUPs.

    1. CR

      Is FS or BB able to change my services and add a phone? My wife’s phone is under my account but my phone is with another carrier. I would like to add my line to Rogers and get the Captivate. Called Rogers customer service and they said this could be done when the Captivate comes out and they would call me back….well I haven’t heard anything. Just don’t want to make time to go to FS or BB if they won’t even be able to do that for me.

      1. RogersMiranda

        Hi CR,

        Yes, I beleive FS or BB reps can make these changes for you.

      2. vercro


        Any word on the HUP situation? Tons of people are saying they’re able to do it over the phone with Rogers but I haven’t heard of any resolution for people trying to do it in store? Getting tired of waiting so long to get my phone.

      3. CR

        Thanks for the response Miranda, I called today and they told me to try BB or FS as they should be able to make the change for me.

  269. LM

    Just talked to a rogers sales rep over the phone, and she said the warehouse is completely out of stock of the Samsung Captivates, and they aren’t told when new shipments will arrive. Until then, no store will be receiving any new shipments of the phone.

    1. Dave

      I was told that Samsung’s official launch party is tomorrow (Weds). Does that mean they have no stock/phones to send to other 3rd party distributors like Wireless Wave, T-Booth… etc?

      Such a cash grab. No one can ever take advantage of the $149 deal if they don’t have stock. Might as well say its $179 right off the bat.

      Wonder why Rob and Miranda isn’t posting updates anymore? Once they say it’s launched on Monday, they ignore everything else and thought we would shut up. But that’s not the case, more and more problems seem to surface. We should submit the Roger’s logo to

      1. Chris.Clarke

        Hi Dave, some customers have been able to receive their phones. Unfortunately, as evidence by the comments, many more have not. We’re working hard to get everything sorted out as quickly as possible.

      2. RogersMiranda

        Hi Dave,

        We’re still here, reading all your comments and trying to respond where we can.

        Limited inventory is arriving in stores now.

    2. TY

      I called an hour after you posted and the rep made the hardware upgrade for me. Gonna be here in 3-5 business days.

    3. LM

      After talking to a few more rogers sales reps, it looks like there is indeed stock of this phone for new users only. They said existing customers will be able to do a hardware upgrade over the phone on Nov. 2nd. Otherwise try to find one in store until then (which we all know is impossible).

      The reason for this, one rep told me, was to avoid what happened with the launch of the iphone 4, where they sold so many units right away, they were on back order forever.

      1. ACampbell

        Even if it was possible, you cannot do Hardware upgrades in stores because the Captivate does not appear in retailers system as a possible upgrade.

      2. RogersMiranda

        Hi LM,

        Stores have started to receive stock, and they can begin selling as soon as they receive it. However, there is an issue with HUP which has been preventing them from selling to existing customers. This should be resolved by tomorrow.

  270. HilJai

    Seems like this phone is not all that popular afterall. There’s only 470 posts of repeated people here and all those future shops that only has 2 or 3 units in stock not able to do HUP but still has them in stock. Thay means no one is signing up for a new activation for this as well.

    Galaxy S2 is coming out in a few months anyways, this phone has pasted it’s mid-life.

    1. That is a good point. With an upcoming Galaxy S announcement by Samsung in early November and AT&T already selling thousands of refurbished Captivates in the US, that will prevent some potential users from getting the Rogers Captivate.

  271. Kevin S

    I too called Customer Relations. The rep was very friendly and helpful. All I was hoping to do was to ensure I get the promo price, they reviewed my file and they completed the hardware upgrade and are shipping it via UPS. WOOHOO! I certainly hope product launches in the future are a little less trouble free.

  272. johnnie

    well…I just had the best CSR rep ever. I asked him if I could update from my blackberry to the captivate and he said no problem. I explained that I would be upgrading early and wanted to know what the incremental cost would be. He said that I would be charged $35 early upgrade fee (no activation fee) and would get the phone for $149.00. Obviously, I snapped it up! He said that I should get the UPS tracking number soon and that I would have the phone in 3-5 business days. So Friday or Monday…which would be Nov 1. I was even offered a 3GB data plan for $40 (plus an applied discount that I had on the bb bes service – netting out at $30/month for 3gb!)

    A lot of complaining on this site…sometimes a little pleasantry works too.

    1. Robert

      What? What? How early is your upgrade? I’ve been trying that and nobody at Rogers will budge for me even though I’ve been a customer for over 16 years. Congrats on your phone though…enjoy.

      1. Simple solution: call and ask what your early cancellation fee will be. Mention that you want to know because you’d rather switch to Bell. I made the argument that my ECF + the cost of the new phone with Bell would still end up being cheaper than buying it outright from Rogers, and I was immediately offered an early upgrade at the HUP price of $149.99 (+ stupid $35 “administration fee”). If they truly believe that you will leave, you will be offered an early upgrade. I didn’t have to try very hard at all. But maybe I sounded sufficiently frustrated (I’ve also called about 30 times since the Captivate announcement to inquire about this phone, so that might have helped too).

      2. Robert

        Wow… you’re lucky. But how much months did you have left on your contract? I have 28 months left which is why I believe they won’t budge.

    2. Chris.Clarke

      Thanks for your patience, johnnie.

  273. LongTermCustomer

    Called Rogers Corporate support (I originally got my account through work – great plan!). They are completely out of stock, otherwise they would have been able to process the upgrade. They were in fact very friendly and helpful. Unfortunately my phone dropped the call after a little more than 10 minutes (did the same thing yesterday when I was talking to regular customer support).

    I was given the number for 4 different retailers in my city that can do Corporate upgrades (not all retailers can), but none of them have received any stock and have been told to only expect stock in mid-November. Well, so much for the $149.99 price for me. Guess I have to save up an extra $30 ;-|

    I hope those of you who do not have a Corporate account have better luck this week.

  274. Maku

    Hey Rogers I have 2 very important things to tell you:

    1. How about updating your customers about what’s going on as opposed to giving us some sort of fluff response like “we’re looking into it” or having those incredibly misinformed reps on the phone giving us faulty information with regards to the issues being fixed and

    2. I hope you actually plan on exercising some customer service and show us why you’re at the top when it comes to service providers, because I’m honestly starting to forget; existing customers have wasted so much time and energy not just on this redboard but running around across their city because we actually believed you when you said Monday or your reps when they said the issue was fixed….. it’s getting harder and harder to give you guys the benefit of the doubt….. you need to start treating us like ASSETS without dropping the “t”….. you’ve clearly dropped the ball and it’s about time you pick it back up

    1. Chris.Clarke

      Hi Maku,

      I work with Rob and Miranda, and they are doing the best they can under the circumstances. They pass on what they’re told to everyone here on Redboard.

      This has obviously been a challenging launch. It might not be easy right now, but trust that we’re working hard to pick up the ball and run with it, so to speak.

  275. John

    Just to let you all know I picked one up first thing Monday morning at local FS. They had 2, so me and another guy got them. The computer system was still not working for HUP, so we were able to pick them up at 499.99 plus $50 mail in rebate (even though we were both eligible for $149,99 upgrade). Then last night we just needed to call in the Rogers Customer Care (?) 1 888 Rogers1 and talk to someone about fixing the computer glitch. So I got credited back the money.

    The phone is slick and GPS has no issues for me so far.

  276. Paul

    Ok so I just got off the phone with customer service. My new phone will arrive in 3-5 business days. I’m done with wasting my time @ the stores. If you’re eligible for HUP, just call and get it shipped.

  277. ACampbell

    While I appreciate that Stock issues are important to those looking for the phone, I think the issue of not being able to get one on a Hardware Upgrade is more important. Even if Rogers had a warehouse full of Captivates, until they resolve the issue that results in nobody being able to do a hardware upgrade, nobody will get their phones.

  278. Dave

    Give us the damn phone

  279. Dave

    I just called Rogers and asked about the HUP and as to when it will be available, and the guy said that it’s only available for new customers right now, there’s no stock, and there’s no set timeframe for when it will be available for existing customers to HUP…WTF

    I have been a loyal customer for 10 years now but I just lost all respect for Rogers as they suckered me in to a 3 year contract with the 6gb plan and no phone to use, and who knows when we might get it.

    They have me/all of us who did the same thing by the ba_ _ _s now and they don’t seem give a crap about their loyal and existing customers.

    It just boggles my mind why someone won’t just update us on the HUP issues. Even if Miranda were to post thing as she did above about giving us an update when they know something, at least that would be something.

  280. I just got off the phone with Custer Service / Retentions who said they do not do HUP, and you must go to a local store to do so. How are some people succeeding in having the phone shipped from Rogers?

  281. Sam

    Call into retentions and ask to HUP. The rep may say they do not have it in stock, kindly ask them to recheck.

    I just got off the phone with retentions and ordered 2 Captivates for myself and my wife.


  282. Eugene

    Hi Rob or Miranda.

    I’ve been at local Rogers store and suddenly my eligibility for upgrade jumped from 24 months to 30 months. It is not that terrible, my 30 months will be on mid November, but first I’m not getting Captivate for 149, and second this is not fair.
    Could you please explain the situation?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Eugene,

      I posted a comment about this earlier in the thread but I think its worth reposting here again.

      I understand your frustration, but our HUP policy is system-wide, not based around any one device. It allows our customers to upgrade to the newest devices even before they have fulfilled their contract terms. That said, our hardware upgrade policy and eligibility are always subject to change.

      These changes reflect the higher cost and advanced functionality of today’s feature phones and smart phones as well as the additional protection provided by Rogers Handset Protection Guarantee. Details on the guarantee can be found at

      Customers who wish to purchase a new device before their contract is up always have the option to purchase the device at non-subsidized pricing.

  283. Yoni

    Just did a HUP over the phone with customer relations (about 2PM, Tuesday) — they apparently had them in stock.

    This is *after* going to a Rogers Wireless *THAT HAD THEM IN STOCK*, that told me they got a direct order from Rogers to *ONLY* sell to new activations. Confirmed with another Rogers store.

    This isn’t even a 3rd party store — these are Rogers stores, getting directives directly from Rogers not to HUP until *NOVEMBER 3RD*. Rogers Customer Relations claims they know nothing of the sort. Wasted my time y’day and today hunting for a phone when told that’s my best bet explicitly by Rogers.

    Rogers is lucky they have this particular phone (don’t really like the vibrant) and that they have me down for a pretty good deal on this plan. Good chance I’ll be switching my other line to another carrier.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Yoni,

      Thanks for passing on this information and I’m sorry about this. I’m glad you were able to get your device.

      We’re still investigating issues with HUP, but stores can begin selling devices as soon as they receive them.

      1. Yoni

        Sure — you have my e-mail address on file through this board. Feel free to let me know how Rogers plans to compensate me for the time I wasted following Rogers’ explicit directions (not to mention the ridiculous policies involved in the first place).

      2. RogersMiranda

        Hi Yoni,

        The issue with upgrades has been corrected. I’m sorry that about your experience in the store.

        While I can’t change what happened already, I can tell you that we’re working to ensure this sort of thing does not happen again in the future.

      3. Polytechnic

        Hi Miranda,

        You know, you say it has been corrected but I tried calling this afternoon and was told that it was still not in the system. I was transferred to billing because I asked about what happens if this “bug” is there until I’m sure it will magically disappear on Nov 3rd and all us pre-existing customers have to pay $179 for the phone. You know, we fell for this one with Apple and their whole “free bumper” plan but this does not look good for your company.

        The person in billing felt very bad for me (I was patient and polite with everyone I spoke with) so she called a store manager near where I work and guess what. I’m going to be put on a store specific waiting list. I think it’s a shame that you have all this technology and your fingertips but yet you have to rely on a whiteboard to fill people’s order.

        I was going to get an iPhone 4 initially but the lack of stock gave me time to reflect that I was ready to part ways with Apples phone experience philosophy and try Android. It has been a long wait since you first posted the initial news back in early August.

        All combined, it has been an extremely frustrating 4 months of dealing with Rogers and it’s to the point where I don’t really believe anything from your company. It will take me a LONG time to trust a Rogers press release or announcement again.

        I realize that you are a good person and you have shown patience and compassion for people on here but I also realize you can only do so much and that no matter what you say, head office makes the final decisions on how things are run.

        Btw – thanks for taking the time to write back to everyone.

      4. out2late

        I’ve called 4 stores… none have recieved stock for a launch that happened yesterday…

        Reflecting back over the launch of the iPhone 4 and BlackBerry Touch… Rogers didn’t get it right there either… Notice a pattern happening here Miranda?

  284. Chris

    I just HUP on the phone. Im in Vancouver and they have stock mine will be here in 3 – 5 b days!!!! THANK YOU!! its been a ruff 3 mouths

  285. DJM

    It’s funny you guys are saying there are no extra shipments – I’m being sent one from retention now as we speak after Rogers failed to provide me with promise they made. It should be here (Montreal) on Friday or next Monday. We’ll see though………. That being said, keep up the good fight and keep complaining.

  286. Rubman

    Just ordered my Captivate from Rogers this am. Paid $499.00 plus tax because used up all our upgrades. Should be delivered tomorrow am.. Bye bye


  287. Dave Sikora

    I would like to know this as well, how can some be getting this phone shipping and others are? Is there some sort of priority? I don’t believe that the phones are “not loaded in their system” when it is shown on these boards that some individuals are getting the upgrade through CSR or CR. Everytime I call they say its not in and to call back in a random amount of days. This is ridiculous; I have been with Rogers for 7 years and the communication regarding one cell phone is terrible. This is one of the worst customer experiences ever.

    1. Jeremy

      Yeah, I get nothing when I call in as well. Not sure how people are doing it other than they’re getting lucky with the rep they get and that’s kinda ridiculous. All reps should be aware of current situations, how to use and manipulate the system within company guidelines, and offer all customers equal assistance. It’s like playing roulette…I’ve spun the wheel several times now and lost. Others are hitting the jackpot first spin. What gives?

    2. For what it’s worth – the regular hardware upgrade line had no availability for the Captivate, but “Customer Relations” (ie retentions) had availability. I had to go through Customer Relations because the HUP policy change last week screwed me.

    3. Chris.Clarke

      Hi Dave,

      I’m really sorry that this has been such a negative experience, but I can understand why you feel that way.

      We’re communicating as much as we can to our staff so that everyone is on the same page for this product. By the sounds of it, not all reps are on the same page.

      The latest news is that limited inventory is arriving in stores now. Existing customers should be able to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S captivate tomorrow. (Oct. 27).

      Thanks for your patience and sticking with us to this point. Your feedback is truly appreciated and we will do our best to never let this happen again.

      1. Felix


        i just ordered this phone yesterday by using what the sale rep told me was spinning, is there anyway to cancel the spinning and instead switch the phone to an upgrade?

  288. Kirk

    So, if you want a phone, you will not get one from:
    1. BB
    2. Future Shop
    3. Rogers Wireless store
    4. Rogers Plus store
    5. Cellcom
    6. Sales line on 1 888 rogers1

    If you want one, call rogers and talk to the hardware guy. He can’t get you one, get him to pass you on to customer relations, she’ll promise you one in 3-5 days.

    Miranda, we should not have to go to that level in order to get a cell phone upgrade.

    1. Steve

      Seems correct. I tried a second time, got a woman barely speaking English and she told me they “don’t do HUPs on the phone anymore, it’s a new policy”. I kid you not. I asked for her name as this seemed strange and she wouldn’t give it to me.

      So I called back, got through to Retentions who put me through to someone else, they were incredibly helpful. Said not a problem, did the HUP and said the phone will ship within 3-5 days. So it can be done, but I agree, the method is ridiculous, you should just be able to call in and get it the first time.

    2. Chris.Clarke

      Hi Kirk,

      We absolutely agree 100% with your last statement. We’re trying to fix this as quickly as possible.

      In case you missed Miranda’s comment, she said: “Limited inventory is arriving in stores now. Existing customers should be able to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S captivate tomorrow. (Oct. 27).”

      1. Asher

        This may sound like a silly question, but haven’t you guys been wrong enough times for us to not trust this information?

      2. Kirk

        “In case you missed Miranda’s comment, she said: “Limited inventory is arriving in stores now. Existing customers should be able to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S captivate tomorrow. (Oct. 27).””

        That statement has no bearing on the issue of the fact that the retentions line has near-unlimited supply of phones and the rest of the company tells me there are zero phones around. Get your guys on the same page, please.

      3. Well, there *is* no same page for them to be on. Retentions has a different stock pool to pull from than the regular hardware upgrade line, which is obviously a different stock pool from what gets shipped out to stores. They have to keep them separate, otherwise the one with the most demand would pull stock away from all the other supply lines.

    3. Chris.Clarke

      You can get this phone now from retailers and by calling us. Thanks for your patience.

  289. Kam

    I just called in to upgrade, don’t want to waste my time driving around the city and sick off calling all the rude Rogers plus employees. The friendly sales rep is gonna call me back when she gets a phone in hand to go through with the order. Has me on priority. Might as well take advantage of the promotional pricing.

  290. Steve

    This is whacky. I just called Rogers now (3:15 PM EST) and the rep said they cannot process the HUP because they are out of stock. Said no HUPs have been processed today because of this. He suggested I call back on Friday or Monday and try then.

    So, once again conflicting information from Rogers. Unless some reps are putting through orders on stock that isn’t actually there. Will be interesting to see if any folks who had orders put there actually get a shipment notification in the next week…

    1. Regular CSRs don’t seem to have any stock – retentions, however, DOES have stock. So if you can convince them that you’re going to leave, you can get your upgrade now.

  291. ron

    I just spoke with a Rogers HUP rep.

    I was told:
    1. Yes, I am eligible
    2. HUP has to be done store-side (How are some of you guys getting them shipped?)
    3. The Rep could not see the price, current, promo, or future (way to internally communicate!)
    4. There is no stock available.
    5. I will have physically go to a store and FIGHT for a phone (his words).
    6. Despite there being no stock, if I do not receive my device until after the promo ends, I will be charged the more expensive price.
    7. If I don’t want that to happen, I will have to FIGHT (once again, his words) with the Rogers Corporate store.

    I’m going to get screwed cause Vancouver doesn’t have stock!

    Charging me for data, now this?

    All I can think is DIRTY DIRTY DIRTY.

    1. DJM

      I’m getting it shipped because Rogers promised me one a while back. I tried to get a HUP in store, and they wouldn’t allow it because my data retention plan is under 50$. I argued and gave them an interactive ID # which proved it was promised to me, despite whatever plan I had (retention or not). That being said, the Reps said they could ship me one and it would be 149.99$

      I got my confirmation 2-3 yrs ago, so I guess it’s legit. If not, I have the facts to back it up.

    2. Chris.Clarke

      Hi Ron,

      In case you missed it, Miranda said: “Limited inventory is arriving in stores now. Existing customers should be able to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S captivate tomorrow. (Oct. 27).”

      1. Marc

        Does that include FS and all other stores selling the Captivate?

      2. John

        Yeah….sure. If you can find it in stores, which will be near impossible considering there were 8 Captivates in all Ottawa Future Shops. 8 for a city with a population of 900k. Good luck…

      3. victor

        - Why are long term customers being treated so poorly?
        – Why was there no warning that there will be a change in the HUP policy (especially since you knew tere are a lot of people waiting for this phone)?
        – Why is an inferior device (then the SGS Vibrant) being offered at a higher price then your competitor?
        – How can you justify charging your long term customers a $35 HUP Admin fee when they are signing a contract which means another $3000+ in your pockets over the next 3 years?? I’ve never seen anything so obscenely greedy.

        …did I miss answers to these too?

      4. The $35 hup fee is the same as a new customer’s $35 sign up fee. So we are technically all being treated equal.

      5. victor

        Thanks Captain Obvious!

        There shouldn’t be a fee at all. When you buy something in a store are you charged an extra fee for shopping?

      6. bill

        Thats an interesting change of tune. Tell everyone that there will of course be enough inventory for everyone to get one, just to string them along to keep them from going to another carrier that actually can get new handsets into its customers hands on release dates instead of several months after they have become obsolete.

        RogersMiranda says:
        September 24, 2010 at 3:11 pm

        Hi Robert,

        Thanks for your feedback. As I’ve mentioned to a few others here, I’m passing this feedback onto the internal team.

        Stock levels are dependent on inventory provided by the manufacturer, but we anticipate inventory levels to be normal for this launch. It is our goal to ensure that a device will get into the hands of all customers who want one.

      7. Yes, *a month ago* they anticipated inventory levels to be normal. But as this very post up above states, Samsung is unfortunately only providing limited quantities now.

      8. JimBoree

        You’d think that maybe Samsung is trying to pull a fast one as Apple is doing by limiting inventory. But then again, Vibrant is readily available, heck even AT&T captivates are available without any inventory issues (saw them everywhere in seattle last week), so makes me wonder either Samsung dosen’t think Rogers is important enough or Rogers itself is playing some mind game.

        dosen’t make sense though, if you are holding inventory, how would it benefit anyone. I mean, new customers will sign up if they want to anyways, why treat existing customers like second class citizens. You have to remember, the ratio os existing vs new customers is quite considerable. So , would you rather lose more $ in the long run or keep your current income steady by GRADUALLY increasing it by attracting new clients.

        You need to hire new Business Analysts. Call me, i’ll hook you up.

      9. Dave L

        Is there an expected time tomorrow when the system will be able to accept HUPs? I had to convince a store to hold a phone for me until tomorrow (they were reluctant to do so) based on this information. I’d hate to try tomorrow only to leave empty handed again and have the system working an hour after I leave.

      10. Jdawg

        Hi Chris,

        Sorry but i don’t believe you, because rogers has been saying alot of things and NONE of it is true in regards to this phone.

        I have called multiple stores and most of the reps don’t think they will be getting any inventory of this phone for another week or two yet.

        So can you name some stores in Edmonton, that will be recieving product and ready for tomorrow??
        And just maybe i will put some faith in rogers at telling the truth.

        This is a nightmare to go thru calling multiple stores daily and talking to some rude reps to see if they have inventory, being a exisiting customer for 5 years but i can’t pre-order this phone (hup or buy out which i want) because rogers doesn’t value existing customers, only new ones.

      11. RogersMiranda

        Hi Jdawg,

        I hear where you’re coming from, but unfortunately, we don’t have access to exact device quantities arriving at individual stores. Limited inventory is arriving. My best advice is to call ahead, as you’ve been doing. I know this is not ideal, but the limited amounts arriving in-store is due to the manufacturing delay which is beyond our control.

      12. Asher

        If it is out of your control, why haven’t Bell or any American companies experienced a shortage of Galaxy S phones? Perhaps the relationship with Samsung was mismanaged by Rogers.

        How Bell can launch devices in no time (including the Desire Z next week), yet Rogers takes mooonths. It really concerns me about future hardware on Rogers, but I hope enough changes in 2 years… if not I’m a goner.

      13. ron

        Thank you for a direct answer to my question.

        I contacted my local store and requested that they a waiting list.
        I did this as soon as this phone was announced.
        (And when I say soon, I mean within a week).

        On advice of some of your iphone 4 customers, I have been checking in with one of your Reps at that store about every 2 weeks.
        I have physically seen the waiting list and yes, I am at the top of that list.

        There is still no stock.

        Should I continue to trust your word, and wait? (Albeit impatiently because I’ve been paying for Data since this phone was announced).
        Or should I try the squirelly way out, waste an hour of navigating to a Retentions rep?

        Please advise.

        thank you! :)

      14. Chris.Clarke

        ron, there should be stock at this point.

  292. Joe Mama

    The associate at my local FS said they’d hold the phone for me until the systems are able to do the HUP. Since I was there for a few hours trying to get the phone they offered me some accessory discounts (all in writing). I’m wondering if I should bother waiting for the system to work or try calling retentions?

  293. Sebastien

    I will post this one more time since not everyone reads the entire thread: The phone is listed under “Samsung i896″

    Tell the reps to search for this and they will find it.

  294. denise

    I just want tto say thank you Rogers. I called there this morning and was able to upgrade my phone to the Samsang Captiva. I should be getting in 3-5 business days! Thank you again! This has made me a little bit happier to be your customer! Now if something can be done with your price plans.

  295. Retentions only got their stock availability today. When I called at 7pm last night they still didn’t have any, but my inability to give Rogers $500+ in cancellation fees meant that I had to suck it up and order through retentions today. Looking forward to the phone arriving, but this whole fiasco has definitely left a bad taste in my mouth that I will happily tell everybody I know about.

  296. Kyle

    Dear RogersMiranda,

    My Barrie Rogers Plus store says they have 3 Captivate devices coming. They were supposed to be there on the 25th and now its the end of the 26th 2 days late !
    Where are the phones? They have received some new Sony phone but not the Captivate. Is there a way you can track the shipment and tell me when it will arrive in Barrie Ontario ?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Kyle.

      No, unfortunately, I do not have details on shipments going to individual stores. As inventory is still quite limited, my advice is to call your store and ask before you try again.

  297. George

    well they say they shipped the phones last week,but no stores in CALGARY HAVE STOCK they said they get the shipment by the end of this week? how the hell does that happen,i maybe just so at processing this but if someone could explain that would be nice…the only reason i am messaging on here cause you guys do give some kind of answer, and honestly im sick of my phone,which is a blackberry bold and the trackball is broken so i cant really use it to its full advantage…and waiting for this phone is like the only thing i can do right now..why would i order another phone that isnt new and this phone comes out and im stuck at a out of date phone..i know you guys the reps are gettin the bad part of the deal with us customers going down the your throats with unfriendly comments…ANYWAYS…can you explain why no stores have stock yet? i only heard one person buying it from a autherized dealer but that was in on the easecoast of canada…..

  298. DJM

    *I mean, 2-3 hrs ago, not years. lol.

  299. Dave

    I just got off the phone with Rogers HUP department. Seems like they do not have the phone in stock anymore. Even if they do, they will have to serve the pre-order people first. He suggest to call back in couple of weeks and regardless if it pass Nov 2nd or not. I’ll still get to HUP for $149.

    I don’t know what to do now. Should I wait and call back couple of weeks later? or should I try and upgrade the phone in store because FS say they can do HUP starting tomorrow? Then again, that’s if they have them in stock. Sigh…

  300. Aly

    To Miranda, Rob or whoever replys at Rogers

    when are the HUP upgrade going to be fixed? when i call rogers i am fully eligble to upgrade my phone but at future shop i am not eligble , so for that reason i cannot get the phone at the 149.99 price . whats the update regarding that fix ? or it will randomly be fixed once the price goes up to 179.99 ?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Aly,

      This has been fixed as of this morning. I beleive you should be able to upgrade now.

      1. Sylvain

        I just called FutureShop and they’re still claiming it’s not working.. Are you %100 sure this has been fixed?

      2. Sylvain

        Scratch that, I got mine.. Went into FS Kanata on my lunch break to pester them some more and I got in just at the right time. There was some guy already there getting his and I got mine right after him. They only had two left. Now they have Zero. I got lucky. I hope the rest of you get the same luck I got.. :)

      3. gagesking

        I just called customer service twice in the past 2 hours. I’m a 6 year Rogers customer with 3 different accounts and avg. $300 per month in billings.

        According to CSR I am eligible for HUP but only through a retail store. Of course the CSR cannot tell me what stores have stock or when phones will be available.

        I also learned that my loyalty means nothing. Despite sticking with Rogers for many many years there is no financial benefit to me signing up for another 3 year term. HUP means what? I get a phone but still pay the same price everyone else pays? Oh and an admin fee on top of that?

        Strange way to treat a long time customer.

      4. Marc

        I just got mine from future shop as an HUP HURRAY!!!

  301. Trevor

    I just got off the phone with customer relations and they did the HUP for me and they are shipping the phone out to me and I should receive it in 3-5 business days. Woo hoo!!

  302. kor

    This was absolutely ridiculous, i want my phone. Every FS/BB I go to have some but they are holding them for others because they have been instructed by rogers to only sell to new customers. I go to 4 rogers stores they have 0 shipments yet. I call rogers sales and retentions, yes sir you ARE eligible for your HUP but unfortunetly we have 0 in stock, and i cant give you a date. Call back again just 2 mintues later to sales who says sorry sir 0 in stock but your NOT eligible for HUP but let me put you through to customer service, csr comes on the phone o yes sir you ARE eligible for the HUP. So i ask if they have the captivate in stock and sure enough they do and gave me a confirmation number. Ill be a happy customer when the phone is in my hands, until then not so much. Should be here in 3-5 bus. days. 10/26/2010 5:05pm

  303. RB

    Called Customer Retention
    Requested HUP
    Worked out a Deal
    3-5 Business Days

    Key is not to SHOUT, play soft and the other person appreciates

  304. Report from a friend of mine who was at a Rogers store “on Bay St” in Toronto today… My guess would be somewhere close to the downtown core where she works… She said they had “piles of them”.

  305. RB

    Richmond, BC
    Called Customer Retention
    Requested HUP
    Worked out a Deal
    3-5 Business Days

    Key is not to SHOUT, play soft and the other person appreciates

  306. Cole

    This frikking sucks. Im pretty sure we’re counting about the 5th time we’ve been lied to/screwed over as existing customers. I spent 5 hours hanging around a futureshop yesterday because a rogers rep in the store promised they were unloading the phones right then. from the minute they opened, i was assured i would be called when they pulled it from the back warehouse, and returned at 730 pm to be told they never got it. iv been sent around and told MANY different things by many reps, and have spent WAY too many hours on a phone that should be available stockwise AND on HUP for existing customers who have been paying ROGERSown bills all these years.

  307. HH

    Hello Rogers Staff,

    I want to make sure I have this crystal clear: Any existing Roger’s customers who are eligible for the HUP will be charged $149.99 for the Samsung Galaxy S prior to November 2nd, 2010. Do I have this information correct? I ask because that is what we have been told several times on this forum, and when I go in store, some reps are saying it is $179.99!

    Please confirm the $149.99 price for HUP prior to November 2nd. This is my 2nd time posting, so please reply.


    1. RogersMiranda


      Yes. You are correct. The price is $179 for new activations and after Nov.2, it will be $179 for both new and existing customers. Right now, if you are eligible for an upgrade, you can get the Captivate for $149 on a three year term.

      Our representatives are being notified about the pricing, but it takes time for info to get to everyone. My apologies if you received incorrect information.

  308. Stephen

    only 400 units Canada wide. Can that be called a launch?? amazing!!!!

  309. Happy

    Hi Miranda

    2 Things….

    First of all, I just saw your video, and you’re HOTT

    Second…The Rogers Reps, Retention Reps, Rogers Management Office Reps are not all on the same page in regards to this phone (for availability, process, product)…..Please get them all on the same page


  310. leavingrogers

    Just to let everyone know that the best bet for current customers is the Customer retentions. Called and asked them to look at my account as I was eligible for upgrade at 24 month last month. The CSR told me that I was not eligible as the policy had changed. I nicely asked if she could do anything for me as my preference was to stay with Rogers instead of moving to “B”. She said that she would do a one time upgrade at 24 months. They had stock and it the phone would be shipped in 5-7 business days.

    I just received my UPS tracking number via email. Should have phone in hand within 5 business days.

  311. Bill

    It is SO frustrating that new customers got to pre-order the Galaxy-S (and they got a free bluetooth device to boot) yet existing loyal customers like myself are being told they are out of stock and not sure when they will have some. Clearly new customers are more important than existing ones to Robbers Wireless.

    PS: I called 5 stores and none had any nor any info on when they would be getting some in stock.

    PPS: at this rate the Galaxy-S2 will be released by Samsung before I can actually get my hands on a Galaxy-S – that’s ridiculous! (November 8th is the date

  312. HilJai

    Predictions for Oct. 27:-
    No more stores has stock anymore and Rogers cannot process any HUP because they don’t have any in stock. One must call 20 reps to his anger warmed up, call up a rep to make their job more difficult and get a supervisor after 2 hours on hold then to be transferred to retentions and finally get the correct model of the phone and stuff. Then will get a phone in mail next week.

    Oh, I miss my $40/mth 2000 mins plan from Hutchison in Hong Kong! Why Canada has to be one of the most expensive place for cell phone service? This is like a 3rd world country.

    1. Buck

      @HilJai FIDO has a 2000 minute plan for (I think) $45 a month. So… Wish granted…

      I actually bought this for my 85 y.o step mother… She will never use up that many minutes, but it gives her a good feeling that it is there, and practically unlimited.

  313. jj

    Called retentions tonight after getting the run around by customer relations the past 2 nights. Within 10 minutes I had my upgrade confirmation e-mail and it will be at my house via ups within 7 business days.

  314. cookies

    I too have called every store in my region and no one knows anything. Some make false stories and predictions, without any guarantees, about apparent shipments yet I used to work for Future Shop and know that you can see if a SKU is “in transit” (aka: there is a truck coming with the item). Rogers Plus stores have had, I suppose, the most honest but least useful service ranging from “check back in a few days / next week” to “we might not even carry it”. Only one of the Future Shop’s agreed to have me on a makeshift waiting list, although I doubt that will go anywhere. I’ve seen first hand that companies such as Best Buy / Future Shop will hold items for friends and co-workers during high profile releases (ps3, wii, iphones etc.). While that is controlled on an underground employee level, this false context of how existing customers can upgrade yet all the stock is reserved to new activations is ludicrous and insulting.

    Just got off the phone with *611 HUP department (who transferred me to some other department) knowing full well that the retention call managers have gone home for the day (they only work until 4:30 est as I’ve been told). I was told a different story. Here’s the progress I made in 29 minutes of Rogers support.

    First lady could not find the phone for a HUP. Realizing she was pronouncing it as a Samsung Captive, I figured she was not well informed with the new products so I asked if she would kindly try samsung 896 in her search and she found it but could not see the promotional price. Eventually she could not gather enough info and I was transferred.

    From there I spoke with a csr and was told that he could see the phone at the $150 price with $35 administration fee but had no warehouse stock. I lightly expressed my frustration of how I have spent hours trying to track down stock or even information regarding stock. Then I asked if I could simply be put down to have the phone upgraded and shipped me to me as soon as it came into stock. He made a “personal note” to check for me later this week, which didn’t seem to hold a lot of genuine value as it can easily be shrugged off as that they went out of stock again, but said that he will call me back when he finds out and hinted towards Friday being his time line to receive this call.

    Finally, after we had that sorted out he did mention that he would take a look and see if he could put a credit towards my account instead of waiving the $35 administration fee as it’s now policy to ensure that the fee is charged. It seemed promising but then he saw that I have a fairly good plan (which I had just negotiated and signed for 3 years on Friday in anticipation of this phone) he couldn’t do anything about a credit and would “have to speak to his manager at a later date”. So who knows if they’ll actually have a phone since the posts go from being told there’s no stock to saying they’re having one shipped. My guess is that for those who were promised HUP’s over the phone actually just got a little higher up on the waiting list for who to ship out to first.

    It seems like we’re beating a dead horse here with the comments but they’re becoming the only source of true information I’ve found so far. Please keep in mind that all carriers have their major failures and horror stories behind them so switching carriers is just going to get you a different lemon (and a cdma one too!). Don’t get me wrong, I’m choked with the lies, deceit and shady business practices that they’re easily getting away with but in the long run no one else can match my plan at the same price. It’s essentially bribing themselves through bad business practices but sadly it beats paying another company more to probably just do the same thing to you at a later date.

    Good luck everyone.

  315. GS

    Just kept calling my local FS (Saskatoon, SK). They had 3 come in this morning. Picked mine up (new activation, wife and I already have 2 phones with rogers, old BB went to daughter). Great phone. Been reading these boards for almost 3 months now and was just patient.

  316. Captivate Withdrawal Syndrome


    I went into a FS and BB today and was told they could not give me one because I wans’t activating it on a three year term. I think this is highly unfair as I was going to pay full price for the phone and still have 3 years locked into my contract that is worth about 100 dollars a month. It makes no sense that they wouldn’t jump at the opportunity for me to pump 621 dollars after taxes and nearly $4000 after 3 years… instead they reserve it for some newbie who’s gonna only pay $170 dollars and probably get the $50 smartphone plan ($1800 over 3 years).

    The FS representative said he was instructed by ROGERS to do this. Is this true? Also is there a way of tracking my order from the website? I placed the order via the website in the hopes that it may arrive before stock hits the stores. I also want to know if I manage to get my hands on one in the few days, can the order be cancelled?

    1. It's true

      Rogers puts a lock on outright purchases from a store for the first X number of weeks. For the Captivate it was a 2 week lock out. The only place you could buy it outright was from Rogers directly

    2. RogersMiranda


      Thanks for the heads up on this. We’re looking into it. Stores can begin selling to both new and existing customers as soon as they receive devices.

      I don’t think there’s a way to track your order via the website, however, you will be sent a shipping notification with a tracking number once the device ships.

      Yes, the order can be canceled.. Just call customer care and quote your order number and they should be able to cancel assuming it hasn’t already shipped.

  317. Sebastien

    Hardware order shipment confirmation

    Thank you for choosing Rogers! Your recent order has been shipped.

    Woohoo! Got the confirmation at 7:00 PM. I suppose it will be leaving the warehouse tomorrow because UPS doesn’t pickup shipments at night. Can’t wait!!!!! I bet I will get it on Friday. :)

  318. Johnny

    “I could throw it in my purse” <– This just goes to show you what kind of a company Rogers is…
    but no lies, the Captivate is one heck of an amazing phone, too bad someone messed up the launch.

  319. tom

    Hi Miranda,
    I have a quick question here and please answer ASAP.
    I called to 3 rogers storesin Coquitlam, BC to ask if they have captivate in stock or not. None of them didn’t have any. So I want to ask this: When is Captivate going to be in Rogers stores in Coquitlam? I want to have an exact date…

    1. Laughable

      Good luck with this one Tom. This is an absolute disaster. You probably won’t get a response. And if you do it’ll go something like this:

      “Hi Tom,

      In case you missed it, Miranda said: “Limited inventory is arriving in stores now. Existing customers should be able to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S captivate tomorrow. (Oct. 27).”

    2. RogersMiranda

      Hi Tom,

      I’m sorry, but I can’t guarantee an exact date that your store will have stock. We don’t have access to device quantities going to specific stores. My best advice is to continue calling ahead to check on stock.

  320. Chris B

    This galaxy S release has been a total joke, has anyone that qualifies for a hardware upgrade actually been able to get one? I’ve been trying for a week, have one on hold at Future Shop but at the store they can’t add the phone to my account because its not there to select. I call up Rogers (numerious times) and they say there isn’t anything wrong with their system. But if Future shop calls there rogers support they do know of some IT problem, such good interdepartment communications going on there Rogers. This has been the biggest run around I’ve ever experienced from a service provider, and I’ll be sure to pass this on to everyone I know.

  321. Trevor

    Here’s my story. I went to FS on Monday to do a HUP and I had the Captivate in my hands, but since it wasn’t in the system, I had to leave without it after spending more than an hour on the phone with customer care, and they couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t work. I wasn’t pleased with that but at least she tried and she was very helpful.

    So yesterday afternoon, after reading that some people called Rogers and managed to do the HUP over the phone, I thought I would give it a try as well. I called Rogers from work and I somehow got put through to Retentions and the guy said that they don’t have any stock and he couldn’t help me.

    I then went home and called about a 1/2 hour later and was put through customer care. I explained what happened at FS, she put me on hold, and most of the 25 min that I was on the phone with her was on hold, but that didn’t bother me as long as she was investigating what was going on. So while on hold, she called all the Corporate Rogers stores in my area (Halifax) to try and find me a phone, even though I told her that I already did that – now that’s great customer service…but wait, it gets even better. When she couldn’t find a phone for me, she asked what FS I was at and then she put me on hold to call them to find out why I couldn’t do the HUP, but unfortunately our called got disconnected so I don’t know what the outcome was.

    I immediately called back and got another customer care rep and I explained what just happened so she looked at my file and it was already on there that my call was disconnected, so she continued to help me.

    Anyways, after about a total of 45 min on the phone with the 2 customer care reps, the second one said that she checked if there were any in stock to send me and sure enough there was. It is being shipped out to me today and I should receive it in 3-5 business days.

    Now people, when you call and try to do this, don’t be rude and sound all PO’d, be polite and just say some general ‘water cooler’ chat and you would be suprised how much further you can get by being friendly and calmly explaining your situation.

    Miranda/Rob/Chris, I’ve talked to 7 or 8 customer care reps over the last 3 weeks, and I have to say that while most of them didn’t know anything about the Monday launch or had even heard about the Captivate or even Redboard, they gave their best to help me and I really appreciate that.

    I’ve been with Rogers for almost 11 years and I want to give 2 thumbs for the customer service that I’ve received over the years (expecially lately), but at the same time, I want to express that I’m really not impressed with the way this whole launch has been executed.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Trevor,

      Thanks for taking the time to explain your experience here. We appreciate the feedback. I’m glad that your device is on its way and that the reps you spoke to were able to help you out.

      We’re also disappointed with how this has all played out and as I’ve said to a few others here, this does not represent a typical launch for us.

  322. Miranda,
    One nice feature that your competition has bundled with their adaptation of this phone is the ability to setup your PVR from your phone regardless of where you are.
    Do you know if this feature will be included with the captivate, and if not, is there plans to include this feature down the road?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi RCSlim,

      No, that feature is not available. It’s a great suggestion though and definitley something I’ll pass on to our product team. Thanks!

  323. Sean Walton

    I have my Captivate and the Samsung Canada site doesn’t even have the Kies software (PC syncing, media management, software/firmware updates etc….) available yet for download???? This is crazy and such a bad launch, i’m soooooo frustrated with all the time i’ve wasted with Rogers and Samsung on this device. Also, Samsung lists the phone as “Coming Soon” which is funny as it came out days ago lol. Contatced Samsung about Kies and they said “Stay Tuned” lol sound familiar everyone?????? All Captivate customers should be given something from Rogers for being so patient through all this mess. Show us that we actually matter Rogers.

    1. John

      At least you have a phone!!

  324. GTFO

    Hey, so Bestbuy is willing to reserve me a captivate but, they cannot process the HUP, is this because they are not allowed to HUP until Nov? when I called Rogers they said there is no problem…but when the store tries to do it, the store does not see the phone on my HUP. Is futureshop and bestbuy trying to sell it to new customers and outright only?

  325. Herc

    Has anyone tried to HUP instore today? Rogers said that HUPs would be allowed instore today but one user has commented that FutureShop could not do one this morning (Oct 27th). I have a Captivate on hold but I don’t know how much longer they will hold it, so I need to know if I should let them sell it to someone else or wait for the HUP to be allowed instore!

    1. Marc

      Yes it is up now, at least it worked for me. Was up around when Miranda posted 12 pm.

  326. LongTermCustomer

    Those of us who have Corporate accounts still can’t take advantage of HUP.

    Local stores that can complete upgrades for Corporate accounts won’t be getting any stock until next week. When you call the corporate support number (1-866-727-2141) they are very pleasant to deal with (far more consistent than calling 1-888-ROGERS-1), but tell you they have no stock. They really have tried to help me, even giving me details about retail stores in my city that can do Corporate upgrades, but they can’t get their hands on the phone to complete upgrades.

    Disappointing to say the least. It’s been 7 years since I got a new phone from Rogers. I’ve been waiting for them to get something decent, and when they finally do I can’t actually get it.

    And the wait continues …..

    1. Jason

      I am on a corporate account and was able to do a HUP at an authorized rogers corporate dealer this morning (10/27) at 9:45am. They received 5 units late last night and I was able to get my hands on the last one this morning. I knew that this location placed their order for the phones last week, so I anticipated them receiving them this week.

      No problem whatsoever doing a HUP. The rep definitely knew what he was doing as he told me even though I didn’t qualify for the iphone (voice+data is less than $55), he said if I wanted it I could HUP cause he knew 2 alternative ways to get around that $55 requirement.

      Not all reps are equal… This one clearly knew what he was doing.

  327. John

    It’s EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING to find that people are able to purchase this phone from ROGERS when ROGERS reps keep telling me that it is not is stock. This is unacceptable. Is it in stock or not? And if it is in stock, why is it that as a client of 10 years, who spends over $200/month on Rogers services, I am unable to get this phone?

    1. Chris.Clarke

      Sorry for your frustration, John. Either call Customer Care or visit one of our stores to buy the phone. I assure you it’s available, but stock is limited and stores are certainly selling the phone quickly.

  328. harrison

    Getting this beauty in 3-5 days, so sick

  329. Dave Sikora

    FINALLY! I received

  330. Dave Sikora

    FINALLY!I revec the device; after so many phone calls: heres how it went down

    I have an early upgrade meaning ONLY Customer Relations can do it; for the last bit they kept telling me it was not on stock and dont know when they will get any…

    I ordered it at 11:10am EST with Customer Relations…After reading that some people got it here i told them “My boss at work just told me he upgraded to the captivate over the phone, i wanted to see if i can upgrade now since its avaiable”

    The wonderful rep took looked through the system and told me she was surprised to see it, she said it must have just been placed.

    PRICING with my upgrade thru Retention:

    35.00 admin fee

    CALL NOW PEOPLE!!! Get this wonderful phone ! I am happy again :D

  331. sivan

    I’m getting my phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Costumer relations had it in stock. They are sending it to me. It’s an upgrade. good luck everyone.

  332. Kevin

    I can confirm that HUP is now working. Just got a captivate from FutureShop.

    Now proud owner of a new Captivate.

    1. Dave L

      I tried at about 11:30 this morning at a Best Buy where they’re holding one for me but it still wasn’t working at that time. Don’t know how much longer I can get them to hang onto it for me.

      1. Dave L

        They held the phone for me and called me this afternoon to tell me the system is working. I went in and successfully did the HUP. This was at a Best Buy Mobile store.

  333. George

    i tried this morning with FS to do a HUP, they told me the system was still unable to show them any pricing on it.
    same as before. please can someone confirm that this issue has been resolved?

    1. YE

      I got mine yesterday with rogers on an upgrade. paid 149 plus admin fee
      im waiting for them to ship it.
      what the hell, i wish everyone knew what they were talking about there. training needs to happen more often

    2. Chris.Clarke

      This issue has been resolved. If you read the rest of the comments you’ll see that almost everyone has been able to HUP to this device today.

    3. George

      GOT MINE! yay

      i got it from a Rogers Plus, last one they had.
      the HUP still didnt work in the system for them and it had to be called in to do over the phone.

      but now i have it, im happy. i love this phone :)

  334. the_scoooter

    Called Rogers about HUP yesterday, order was placed and this morning the phone is out for home delivery.

    Pretty impressed!

  335. Dave

    I can’t believe this crap. Just went to the FS and they’re sold out. I’ve called many places and they still don’t have stock. Rogers Plus said they don’t know and there wasn’t even a release date yet. WTH???? They work at Rogers and they don’t know it was launched?

    Called HUP dept. and they said they don’t have any in stock.

    What do you mean by “arriving in stores NOW?” Does that include Wireless Wave and other 3rd party stores or not? You gotta be a little more specific than that.

    I can’t believe I wasted my lunch time from work to look for a phone that doesn’t exist.

    1. David

      same here, this is very time consuming esp if you have a full time job. I tried to do a hardware upgrade over the phone and they say “they dont have any in stock”

      1. Brazdy

        I know, I’m afraid to wait until I get home to call but I don’t have time at work to spend on hold and then be told there is no stock. Wish they had an online inventory system!

    2. Chris.Clarke

      The phone is available from Rogers authorized dealers across Canada. I’m sorry you had trouble finding one, but I assure you the phone is available, as I’m sure you can see from the comments above and below.

      1. onlytehbest

        this is not true, no rogers dealer in Vancouver has these, well at least none of the 4 I phoned around the city. None of them have even received a shipment.

        You need to get your facts straight.

        Specificaly, Bentall, Oakridge, Fraser, and Wireless Wave (pick one, I phone oakridge)……..

        Not to mention that if you want to buy the phone outright only these stores will sell it to you. FS and BB will only to new activiations and HUP sales…………………………………………….

      2. Chris

        I’ve also called 4 dealers in the Coquitlam and Burnaby area who have not even received their first shipment either. How is everyone that wanted a Captivate going to get theres by mid November like you’ve stated?

        I was told by the Future Shop in Coquitlam Center that they were hoping to get them in the next couple days…which is exactly what they told me last week.

  336. onlytehbest

    Ordered Monday over the phone, bought on no contract.
    Was told I would receive in 3-5 business days
    Have only received confimation of hardware purchase, checked my credit card today and payment went through this am……
    Still no shipping estimate yet…..
    Hope it happens today…..

  337. gabby131

    After reading all this, i am afraid that my 5-7 business day shipping of my caprivate will be delayed or extent.

  338. Mk

    How come I was told that it would take up to 10days for shipping to me?

    By the way, i did the pre-order Oct 21, 2010.

    1. Chris.Clarke

      That’s probably a worst-case scenario, Mk, unless you live in a remote area. If you received a shipping confirmation, you should be able to track the package.

  339. YE

    I just got an upgrade to one…they’re in stock and i cant wait to get mine. it’ll be here in less then 2 days !!!! i was going to die if an upgrade wasnt available , i’ve been waiting for that phone for a while . big tip- Tell rogers that your goign to cancel and go to bell if they cant give you an upgrade. works everytime

  340. David

    OMG i tried calling so many stores in toronto(downtown), no one has any idea of when its going to come ! hah i have had better luck finding an Iphone than a captivate