Time to light up your BlackBerry Torch 9800 at Rogers

, one of the hottest smartphones to hit the market this year, is now available from Rogers. You can now pick up the device from Rogers.com or your local Rogers store for $199.99 with select three year term plans.

As the first carrier in the world to launch the BlackBerry smartphone, we are excited to add the Torch to our lineup. With our Handset Protection Guarantee and Canada’s reliable network, Rogers is the carrier of choice for the BlackBerry Torch.

For more details on the BlackBerry Torch, please visit Rogers.com. In case you missed it the first time, check out our demo video of the Torch with BlackBerry’s Director of Marketing, Michael McDowell.

Miranda MacDonald is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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86 comments on “Time to light up your BlackBerry Torch 9800 at Rogers

  1. fkmobile

    The current promotions allow an upgrade to an iPhone4, not to the Blackberry Torch. This is the time to switch to a new iPhone folks.

  2. Greg

    What a botched launch. Waited 40min before the rogers store opened and was told they didn’t have any

  3. clone7

    good news…. only if we could get one. I called 3 bestbuys, 4 rogers stores and 2 wireless waves. alll in the northyork area. NONE OF THEM got the rogers torchs in stock. they had bell, telus and virgin but no rogers. :(

  4. Sw

    Very very disappointed. I don’t know what your idea of “normal” stock lvl is but from what I have seen in many stores in downtown Toronto today it meant big fat 0. None of the stores I went to had the torch in stock and online Oder is only for new customers? Come on I didn’t pay $100 every month for last +5 years only to get treated like this. You guys need to start take care of your faithful old customers or they will just leave you.

  5. DF

    Not much of a launch when no stores have them in stock yet. Hit two stores in Nepean with the same disappointing results.

  6. Max88can

    I was able to get an upgrade today albeit I have a corporate account. It was a long wait to get a CSR on the line but once I did it was pretty painless. The CSR said they had plenty in stock and my Torch would arrive in 3 to 5 days.

    1. clone7

      Yep if you call into Rogers you can get one. BUT NO retial locations in North York (GTA) have any in stock. They have the others but no rogers torchs have showed up. they are not sure why this is.

      I thought stock would be at “nomal levels” for launch. :)

    2. PatentChick

      I got the same response…just curious…have you heard anything on whether yours is coming now? I’m anxiously awaiting my confirmation email with the UPS tracking number. Keep me posted!!!

  7. Chris C.

    Toronto Eatons Center had a ton of them available! Extra staff too from the looks of it. More staff than computers to process the orders.

  8. DROttawa

    I spoke with my corporate rep this morning to upgrade to the Torch. I was able to upgrade but the rep pleaced the order through rogersdirect.ca and then when he sent me the confirmation it shows “OUT OF STOCK” in bight RED!

    I ordered it and will get one, but who the hell knows when it will come.

    This is a shame. They should have had a few thousand on hand for a national company.

  9. clone7

    just called a few store in the GTA they are getting in shipments as we speak. Bestbuy mobile at fairview mall has 8 in stock. Wirless wave has 4.

  10. RogersMiranda

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for your interest in the Torch. As with most launches, quantities vary from store to store. More Torches are being shipped to Rogers retailers on an ongoing basis, so best to check back over the next few days. Also, devices are currently available for purchase on Rogers.com.

    1. clone7

      thanks Miranda.

      i think the rogers.com is overloaded. it keeps crashing on me.

      1. RogersMiranda

        No problem. Thanks for the heads up on rogers.com. Same thing for me. Try again in a little bit. I’ll also send a heads up to our team here.

    2. Neil

      I have been to two Roger Plus retail outlets three times today with the expectation that the Torch would be delivered to the stores hopefully. Given it was supposed to be available a week ago, I feel that the launch has been poorly handled and consumers are being treated unfairly.

  11. Stefan

    Plenty in stock in the Rogers stores here in Calgary, unfortunately I’m disappointed that the price is $199 vs Bell’s $179 and I was told that the upgrade was $249 with $50 mail-in rebate.

    $20 may not seem like much, but when AT&T (partner of Rogers) developed the phone with RIM (Canadian company) one would assume the cheapest place to go would be Rogers.

    Since I’m still on a Rogers contract I guess I’ll suck up the extra $20 or wait a month.

  12. chris

    Rogers is awesome ive never been so happy to be one of there customers. Called costumer service today to speak about gettin a new plan and they transfered me to some department that when i asked where I was being transfered to they told it wasnt accesible by regular customers. They offered me a 35$ unlimited local calling and waived my 10$ communicate package and put the gov fee down too something like 2.50$ amd also gave me 2500 texts instead of my usual 125. so I am now paying 68$ a month including my 6gig data plan. And also when I asked if they could give me a deal on the blackberry torch they said they werent able to lower the price but gave me 105$ dollar on my plan. Now all I need is to find a retailer with it in stock. Rogers after about 5-6 years of being a loyal customer ive never been so happy to be part of this corporation THANK YOU!

    1. G

      lol, this must be a rogers employee posting this.. i doubt anyone else in the country can say the same. rogers refused to lower my bill from 110$ a month to something reasonable

    2. RogersMiranda

      Thanks for your business Chris!

    3. clone7

      i dont think so. i am also paying 68 a month for a really good plan. you just have to speak to the right person at rogers. if they dont do aynthingh for you. call back. TRUST ME IT WORKS. BE Nice and friendly. dont be mean or they wont do anything.. i dont work for rogers.

    4. I also had great experience with Rogers this week. 10+ years with them, but this was the 1st year when I actually felt that I’m getting A+ service. Customer Support needs a little fine tuning, but everything else after that is fantastic. I suggest to everyone to WRITE down (in excel for example) what services you have now before you call them. Go through your list systematically when you negotiate your new plan. Be nice (not demanding – more like suggestive) and you will be treated the same. Most importantly ask for the conversation number after you discussed your plan with them. This could be your “receipt” unless you tape :) the conversation. You can use this number to go back to the same conversation or you can use it to prove that you were promised something that might not come up for the next time when you are calling in for something.
      Yesterday I got an iPhone4 (for my wife) and my Torch is already with UPS in a box. I was in two Rogers stores yesterday to get the iPhone and both were very busy selling Torches. It seems to me that Rogers must have realized that treating customers well is a must. After so much bad publicity they are on the right track now. I wish them good luck and I will stay with them as long as they keep this up.

      1. RogersMiranda

        Thanks for posting about your experience. Enjoy your new devices :)

      2. PhillyBop

        You know what is most upsetting about these posts? The fact that it’s a special division that regular customers can’t get to.

        So these two guys get amazing plans, yet most people are stuck with your packaged plans, paying at least $40 a month more, just because they got a rep that was having a ‘good’ day.

        I for one am tired of always getting reps that are having a ‘bad’ day, and not having answers to my questions. Heck, it would be nice to get a rep that doesn’t make it clear they are rolling their eyes because of my questions.

  13. dre

    i had no problems getting a torch i even got the customer relations rep to match price from bell

    1. Luigi

      Howd you manage to do that?
      I couldn’t get my CSR to match that price of Bell’s.

  14. Christa

    I went to the Rogers in the east york centre and they had only gotten 5 , luckily I got there an hour after they opened and got one. but there is something wrong with it i think.The red off/end call doesnt work . you have to use the off on the touch screen. also Im not getting my emails.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Christa,

      I’d suggest calling Technical Support or trying our Live Chat tool. Go to http://www.rogers.com/support and click on Live Support on the right hand side. Either will able to help troubleshoot the issue.

  15. Chris

    Wow…. are all Rogers launches this bungled….
    .. it will be launched Sept 24… DELAYED….
    .. there will be plenty of units available on launch day… THREE LOCAL STORES ALL OUT AND ONLY RECEIVED 5 TO START !!!

  16. Jasonde

    I understand the inventory comment, but based on the number of replies here with stores not stocked, and in major centres, I’m confused. From Toronto to Vancouver we’re unable to pick up the torch in-store both best buy and rogers plus. I don’t get it.

  17. jonathon

    FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here in New brunswick I have one,,,SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. steven

    Today I visited a Rogers store in Montreal and they were sold out. They told me they had a waiting list. I was shocked as in Montreal there has been no advertising or mention of trhe torch in stores or in media. I went to another store and I bought the ONE Torch they had. Owner explained only had one because the release date was last day of month and something about inventory that would have to be oaid to Rogers for the month. So, they were getting many Torches tomorrow being the 1st of the month and they had a waiting list. It was an inventory vs cash flow decision not to stock many for end of month reasons.

  19. Travis

    Im located in Brampton, ON. I walked into my local Rogers plus (Dixie& Queen) They had Torch in stock as well as Iphone4 (16/32 Gig) Line up for the Iphone 4 (not too long of a wait approx 30 min) , but walk in and carry out for the Torch!…………….

  20. Imagine Engine

    Will Rogers be price matching Bell’s advertised Blackberry Torch price of $179.95 on a 3 year minimum $40.00 voice and data term? Currently Rogers advertises the Torch for $199.99 on a 3 year voice and data plan.

    1. Eva

      Rogers does indeed have a price match policy. just ask about it.

  21. clone7

    i got the device today. first of all its worth the wait. its amazing, fluid and easyish to use (different then the 9000). if you preordered one (bestbuy, futureshop) you should get in today. they are getting mroe shipments on monday for those who did not preorder.

  22. SGB

    Check your local Costco store! I got mine yesterday in Winnipeg, no lineup, walked up to the kiosk and was out the door in less than 15 minutes on an upgrade. They apparently got 12.

    Now, for the device… first of all I’m a middle aged business person, so take this for what it is worth. This device ROCKS! The seamless transfer from network to WIFI and the cool new navigation in the contact lists that shows you the latest activity with the contact alone are worth the upgrade. I’m sure the screen is not as good as an Iphone, I’m sure there is not as many apps… but that’s OK – I’ll play games when I want to play games on one of the huge TVs hooked up to the game consoles I have at home.

    I have not spent much time with an Iphone, tried several of my friends and just couldn’t get past the touch screen keyboard. I found LOTS of things I didn’t like about the Iphone when I have tried them… I have not found one thing I don’t like about this Torch – it is just awesome!

    Here’s how I see it – if you’re 35 or younger, buy the Iphone. If you are over 35 and want to use your device as a business tool, buy the Torch!

    No I don’t work for RIM or Rogers.

  23. Mike H

    My friend just got one. It’s so nice — albeit a little heavier than my old phone (an old BB pearl). I’m getting mine next week!

  24. Steven

    Hey, the phone is stylish and solid. Got lots of oohs and ahhs from my work colleagues. All I would say to rogers is thhis: the marketing of this exciting new product was pitiful. You realy would not know the prodcut existed in most stores (lack of posters, displays, etc). Why? This product is really moving due to word of mouth. That’s good for RIM. Still Samsung Galxy getting all the glory on Rogers.com

    1. RogersMiranda

      Thanks for the feedback Steven.

  25. I got to play with the 9800 and it looks pretty sweet. Too bad I just upgraded so I can’t get this one.

  26. OMG, I love this BlackBerry – this is by far the best BlackBerry I’ve ever owned. The store manager of a store I go to frequently put one aside for me and called me up. Activation was fine, but had some connection issues been a new device, but now it’s just so fast and responsive. This is by far the best device RIM has ever come out with, and I’ve owned a lot of BlackBerry devices. LOL. Thanks Rogers.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Thanks for your business! Glad you’re enjoying your new device.

  27. Leah

    I went to my local Rogers store in Toronto and they were sold out. I was so excited about getting the device but once I started playing around with the display model and one of the representative’s active devices, I was a bit disappointed. I am in love with my 9000 so to feel the sunken keyboard was not what I was hoping for. The rep also had a 9000 and said that he actually uses the 9000 but only has the Torch because it was free and a novelty. The keyboard for both of us was disappointing as well as the fact that when you naturally slide it open, more times than not you will end up activating an application on the screen – a small pet peeve of mine. All in all, there’s not too much I would say to disuade anyone from getting the Torch as it is the most superior Berry to date but if you are in love with the 9000, especially the Bold’s keyboard, you may be disappointed.

  28. Jim

    Hey ! Any promotional pricing coming for long term customers !! A bit of a discount maybe? Between my personal and business accounts I forked over $ 5,700.00 last year, been here since early eighties……… want a Torch ??
    $ 689.00 smackeroos Come on already ( will this post see the light of day? )

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Jim,

      Regular hardware upgrade rules apply, but I’d recommend calling Customer Care or going to their nearest authorized Rogers dealer for possible promotional offers.

  29. Dwight

    Now that I have my BlackBerry Torch and loading on a few Apps I notice there is no Skype for the Torch. Is Rogers woking with Skype to get that app?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Dwight,

      That question is best directed at RIM. RIM decides what apps to include in BlackBerry App World.

  30. Harry Dhanda

    I cant get one, apparently i have to wait 24 months for an upgrade even though I have never boughten a blackberry from rogers before. I just got the 6GB data plan but they wont allow me to upgrade my phone. So sad:(

  31. Sol Swartz

    I ordered mine on the phone on launch date and it has yet to be shipped out to me… is there even stock level to send it out at the warehouse or is this a similar problem to the iPhone?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Sol,

      I don’t have access to customer account information. If you were given a reference or order number, I’d suggest calling customer care to inquire about the status of your order.

      1. Chris

        So you can order a new phone over the phone… with a new account and committment contract ?

        But you can’t do a hardware upgrade over the phone ?

        Great Customer Service move !

      2. Sol Swartz

        All I was wondering if there is stock at the warehouses right now, or is it sold out everywhere?

      3. RogersMiranda

        I don’t have access to that information, but more Torches will be arriving on an ongoing basis.

      4. Joe

        I have had the same experience as many of these folks. The store at Yonge and Bedford Park in Toronto told me on October 1 that they had 4 on launch day. Even Canadian Tire can do online stock checks and other online suppliers actually know when stock is being replenished. And they’re usually accurate. Apparently that very simple bit of technology has not been developed at Rogers retail.

  32. PatentChick

    I ordered my Torch last week (Release Date) via a corporate associate on the phone. He says I should likely have this by the end of this week.

    Is this likely or should I lower my expectations and assume I’ll be waiting? Apparently I will not get another notification until the Torch has been shipped to me.


    1. hobo24

      When I ordered on the release date I was told it would be shipped 3-5 business days and that I would be emailed a tracking number. I’m still waiting no that number to be emailed to me. I called in and the rep said there was none in stock.

      I imagine the 3-5 business days isn’t accurate and it might take up to two weeks. Fingers crossed that it holds true!

  33. Miranda,

    A suggestion that I have, is to have an hourly updated inventory of stock levels of this, and other phones from each store. That way, Rogers customers can check stock levels before going to their retail location to be told, we are out, which engages a poor customer experience. The other thing is, to keep things syncronized between stores, and by that I mean, what you are telling the customers. I went to several Rogers stores inquiring about the warranty options on the BlackBerry Torch. One of them said I can purchase warranty, two different kinds, that are non refundable (water warranty and physical damage warranty). Another store said I can purchase warranty for 99.00 and its refundable, no mention about water damage warranty. Another one said its manufactures warranty only. Another store said I could buy extended warranty. Calling into the call center they said they don’t know about this, and they don’t sell phones anymore, you have to visit your local Rogers retailer.

    That’s where the customer gets confused, and frustrated, I find at least.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Jonathan,

      Thanks for the suggestions and apologies for the mixed information you received.

      In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty on your device, all Rogers devices are also covered under our Handset Protection Guarantee. This guarantee provides you with a subsidized repair or replacement device in the event that your phone is lost, stolen or broken. More info here: http://www.rogers.com/protection.

  34. Vince

    Question about the rebate – I was told in store that rebate is now completed online…where exactly do I do this? I have online billing setup already but can’t seem to find the online form for rebates.

  35. MontrealUser

    My local reseller has none in stock here in Montreal and my BSG (business support group – largest corp clients) consultant says they are out of stock too.

    If your biggest customers are being told “no stock” is that a concern for you?

  36. scott

    no torch for fido. That sucks. Rogers owns fido. That sucks as well.

  37. marlene

    I was on the phone first thing 8am on the 30th ordering the phone. As I was on the phone with the CSR she said the phone was not yet available for order on the computer. 3 minutes later it popped up. I ordered mine , got my confirmation saying my order was placed and have yet to receive a ups tracking order number. I called several times and the Track and Trace dept can only say the order is in process. I asked what process and when should I expect the phone to be shipped. They said 3-5 days. online it states order placed before 3pm est time will be shipped within 3 days…( Today is day 3 no UPS number) I also asked if the phone is back order does Rogers contact the customer whom are waiting for a product they believe is in stock and inform them of the back order , the CSR said NO. I also asked if she realized she was working for the Track and Trace dept. and she should be able to provide more information! because really theres a dept. that Rogers put together ,made up to find your device right? At least you would think so. Customer service can tell you the exact same thing. You would THINK that a dept. made up for TRACKING could give you a bit more info. then that your order was released to the warehouse. I am a big wireless phone purchaser. Always buying the new thing out ( Ye my choice ). My Rogers bill is just short of 500 each month. and thats not including the devices I purchase. I expect more! Also my opinion, I dont think they even got the phones on the 30th, seeing as everyone is saying the store didnt have one. I expected that and that is why I decided to order over the phone. Im really disappointed with Rogers, I even told customer Service that if you dont have the phone just say it! I asked to speak to a manger and they put me on hold for over 30 min. hmmmm avoiding the call maybe? I dont know whats worse being hung up on or put on hold and forgotten about!

  38. Roody

    Do you understand how much pissed I am right now because I order my phone on the first day it was available, waited the delay finally received it last afternoon to realize that there’s the battery missing !!! Now I have to return my handset and receive a new package but wait … The Blackberry Torch is back order !!!! Now I have to wait and indefinite time to receive a Blackberry Torch that I’m watching right now but cannot power on and frankly that Rogers have no solution to provide in the meantime and the customer service that (really let’s loose the word customer because he was not able to provide any sense of empathy) frankly couldn’t care less about my situation … Do you have something to answer to that ? Why is it so complicated to return a handset bought to your channel and cannot return it to a dealer or at least provide a battery in the meantime that your customer waits for the handset ?

  39. out2late

    My local Rogers Plus store in Etobicoke had received 80 phones and by the time i called at 2pm they had 10 left. They gladly put one aside for me until i could pick it up after work. Don’t see the issue of no phones on launch day????

    HOWEVER after using it for 24 hours i returned it for the following reasons:
    Crashed 2 times
    Virtual keyboard is terrible
    Camera pics were a barfy green
    Simple tasks took too many inputs
    Slow compared to Android and Apple

    Getting an iPhone 4… sorry BlackBerry… i tried… i really did

  40. Kingston FF

    Okay, I have a question for Rogers Miranda.

    The torch has been promoted as $199 for a 3 year contratc. I called in to Rogers and ordered the torch. When I placed my order, I was told that the price is actually $249 with a $50 mail in rebate. I was surpirsed by this as nowhere does it state anything about a mail in rebate. I still wanted the phone so said ok. I then asked what would be required for the mail in rebate and was told that the directions would be in the box. Well, I just recieved my torch and I went through everything and cannot find any $50 mail in rebate. How can I fix this?

    Thanks for your patience and assistance

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Kingston,

      The price of the Torch is $199 on a three year contract. If there is a discrepancy on your first bill, I’d suggest calling Billing to discuss.

  41. marlene

    Ordered it on the 30th and still no UPS code..I called Rogers yesterday the Business Solutions Dept. The CSR Told me at that my product once again is in process and if I did not receive a UPS tracking number to once again call back! When I asked if my order was back ordered he said no they had enough when I ordered but if I were to order one today that they were backorder, didnt make sense to as if you dont have any left how do you have mine? He went on to tell me there was enough to fill the orders placed prior to the back order. Still with this much delay I dont think theres any to fill our orders that were place prior to this back order confirmation. I want to know what happens when I call tomorrow and I want my phone because it has been longer then the time promised by Rogers. 3-5 business days! No they will try to track it down which in fact give them more time which will result into what there intentions are or seem to be… drag it out long enough untill they receive more…
    Truthfully its not even about the Torch! Its about being treated with respect and be told the truth. Being pushed from one dept. to the next will only result in a nasty confrontation with customer service when they need to answer to several people in regards to why the device was not received when promised! Rogers is already late with mine!
    Anyone else?

  42. chris

    Hi miranda i would just like to know if theres any indication when the white torch will be out ?

    1. RogersMiranda

      At this time, the Torch is available in Black only. If we have other colours to offer in the future, we’ll let customers know.

  43. Best Buy in Newmarket has plenty stock, I went there this morning to exchange my iphone 4, also don’t forget to check out the Sony Store, since they are a new distributor for Rogers

  44. Sandy_mtl

    I was really looking forward to the new Blackberry. The day it arrived, I called Rogers, and was told only new clients could order (I’ve been a client for 10 years). For upgrade or renewal, I needed to go to a Rogers store. It has now been almost one week and I’ve been calling every store in town : I was told every single time “we don’t have any, please leave your name for the calling list”. Best Buy have Torch for Bell and Telus, but not for Rogers (???) I gave up. Very frustrating experience.

  45. Jim

    To say I’m upset is an understatement, after commenting a few days ago on this page, indicating that a BIT of a discount or promotional pricing for someone who spends six thousand dollars a year on Rogers services would be appreciated, I decided I wanted the Torch bad enough that I’m gonna’ spend’er up, pay up the $ 610.00 plus taxes and pick this baby up. Drove 15 miles to Londons White oaks mall Rogers store and asked if they had the Torch in stock. Yes they do !
    I’ll take one! OOps what’s that ?, you have a plan?, sorry you aren’t eligible for an upgrade. “I Know, I just want to buy it outright”, Sorry, can;t do that, only sold on a new contract only.
    When you can you sell one to me?, ( a 20 year customer) , Don’t know. It’s a sad state we’re into now. There are only 2 major players in town that can provide the average homeowner with their home phone, cell phone, internet and television. What am I going to do switch LOL, yeah sure, give me more of the same. They do this because they can, the switch to another provider is more pain than one can endure. Maybe one day a real alternative will surface, like what happened in the banking world, Presidents Choice Financial bank or ING.
    someone that offers a real alternative. I would imagine this memo will not get posted, So to you Miranda, please read it and take the message to your next meeting with the folks in the white shirts, nothing lasts forever, even their reign over us little folks. You can only tease a dog with a bone so long before it bites you. If you do post this , thanks for letting me unload ! Have a nice day. If there are spelling mistakes I apologize, was mad ya know !

  46. marlene

    If you really want the phone go to Bell buy the phone off contract. The require you set up a month by month bill but, they told me when I bought my Samsung Galaxay S Vibrant off them to cancel it ( the account ) right when I got home, no cancellation fees because no contract. ( phone is 10$ less too , just checked ) After I got my phone I unlocked it and was able to use it fine. However I kept the Bell number so far because I was going through issues with Rogers when I ordered my Torch and was and still am considering switching. I called Rogers on the 5th day after ordering my Torch the 30th of Sept. Rogers once again said the phone was in process and when they looked into it further they said I would need to cancel that order and re-submit it because they said the order was frozen in the system ( now that the phone was back ordered ) I said no way. They responded they could investigate it which would take 3-5 days plus shipping ( another 3-5 days ). So I asked to speak to a manager ( put on hold for 30 minutes AGAIN ) I hung up called back and spoke to customer service in which they suggested I go to a store to place the order. I told them ” thats not my job to search the city for a backordered phone ” its Rogers job as they messed up the order. I informed them if I didnt have my phone by Friday ( call took place on wednesday) I would pull all my accounts from them. I had my phone the next day at 12PM . Love my Torch ( im a BB lover for life , and this one is great! ) however im still very upset with the service I received from everyone…I really think Rogers needs to pay attention to whats going on as day by day new companies are springing up.
    Keep ticking off your customers nevermind the ones that have been there from day one and you will see an increasing amount of loss of accounts! At this point I would rather pay more and get treated with respect then give my business to a company who could care less!!! If Anything you LONG time LOYAL customers should have been given first chance to order! Not allowing new customers to order on the 29th first!.. Some may say its all about the money, its true for them it is! Forget how we got here right ? Keep moving forward money money money!

  47. worktoomuch

    A little birdy told me that a Rogers store, corporate or a franchisee can’t actually refuse to sell a smartphone, true ? Should I call customer service from the store?

  48. Greg

    Hi I just ordered a torch from customer relations 4 business days ago and still havent got a tracking number so pissed

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Greg,

      I’d suggest you call Care and quote your Order Number. They’ll be able to tell you the status.

    2. Maathu

      Hey, did you get your phone yet? or atleast a tracking number? I ordered mine on the 19th, i called they said they’re out of stock, or the shipment hasnt gone through. Bunch of excuses.
      Im eagerly waiting and so pissed

  49. Maathu

    I ordered the torch, on Oct 19th..and its been 7 days. I called them they just told me to wait. lIke this is just ridiculous. When i ordered the phone the rep said I’ll get it in 2 business days b/c they’re fast with their service. Its been 7 days..didnt get a email or anything.
    Terrible service

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Maathu,

      Sorry about this. Once the device ships, you should receive an email with a tracking number. Sometimes shipping takes a little longer depending on where you’re located.

  50. marlene

    I had too many problems with ordering the phone, my order got stuck in the system and all they did was run me around! It states shipping takes 3 to 5 days! Then customer service said 5 days ! I told them if I didn’t have my phone within two days then I would cancel all accounts, I had then phone the next day before noon! Horrible service they told me to reorder or go find it in a store! That’s not my job when rogers messed up my order . So fed up then you come online to find out answers and you get is excuses . Truth is they are not standing up to their own policy i

    1. Derek

      I’m going through a similar situation right now!!!

      I waited for 30 mins to get a hold of a CSR. Fine, I understand it can get busy. The CSR did not know the answer to my question so she put me hold for 30 mins (or so I thought). Apparently the CSR put me back in the que, no call back, no nothing. I know she had my contact info as she had asked me all the security questions.

      When I finally get a hold of a CSR I’m pretty angry at this point and get transferred to retention. Retention convinces me to stay and I am told that I will receive my new phone in 3-5 days.

      I call the hardware upgrade dep’t on day 2 only to find out the unit has not shipped, they tell me that there is plenty of stock so there will not be problem and advise me to call order status to get a more accurate idea. I wait for almost 30 mins to get a hold of an order status rep only for him to tell me the phone is on backorder. Backorder? Wait, I was just old they had plenty of stock by the CSR! When I asked for an ETA the rep literally tells me ‘I don’t know’. What the heck is the point of an ‘order status’ dep’t when they do not have lead time information? The order status rep advises me that there is a separate inventory pool for retention orders which is out of stock. Yes that’s right, they have stock for new customers but not for existing customers that want to leave. Make perfect sense if you ask me.

      Seriously, if you are looking to lock yourself in a contract, think twice before you sign with Rogers. They really don’t care. If you’re a business person and you require an ETA for a phone that you purchased for business even worse. You won’t know when you will receive your device and neither will they.

  51. Scott

    I, ordered four phones (two Torch’s) on the 25th after a whole bunch of upgrade BS (seperate story)! I received the two non Torch phones the next day and have since followed up only to find out theTorch is backordered. I really wish i had been told that when i placed the order.

  52. Alex

    My first phone in highschool 7 years ago was a Blackberry I understand that RIM wants people to buy their new phones…

    but I am patiently waiting, and there is no reason for me to do so when you can give us the upgrade right now.

    If I don’t get OS 6 on my 9700 within 30 days I am switching to Android, which is a huge deal for me because I would have to pay $300 to cancel my crappy contract with rogers and pay $400 for my Wind Mobile phone.

    I don’t want the Torch or the other bold 97XX, and I am willing to $700 to get the phone I want. (which rogers doesn’t have)

    I know a lot of people are in a similar boat as me, if they don’t get an upgrade their switching phone platforms..

    Rogers: pressure Blackberry to give us the upgrade!