Samsung Galaxy S Captivate Available from Rogers Mid October

, we anticipated an earlier launch but there has been a manufacturing delay.

However, starting today, new customers will be able to preorder the device here. With your preorder, you’re also automatically entered into a draw to win an ultimate Samsung entertainment package including a:

  • 55” LED TV Series 9
  • Blu-ray Home Theatre System
  • Samsung NX10 Digital Camera

Existing customers can check their hardware upgrade eligibility and pricing in store as soon as the Captivate is available in mid-October.

And in case you missed it, you can find in depth device information, on our microsite here:

UPDATE (October 14, 2010, 3:44 PM): Hi everyone. Just an update that we’re working towards launching the Samsung Captivate next week. We’ll update you on the date the Captivate is available.

Miranda MacDonald is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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813 comments on “Samsung Galaxy S Captivate Available from Rogers Mid October

  1. No iPhone 4 in stock. No options to order a Galaxy S for existing customers.

    This sure leaves us loyal customers with a bad taste…

    I guess I will have to become a new customer elsewhere to get a flashy new device… grrr.

    1. BitDisturber

      Same here…

      I’ll pay the cancellation fee and join Bell. Can’t be much worse than my last 10 years with Rogers..

    2. Aaron

      Yeah, definitely a shame that we can’t order it as existing Rogers customers. I’ve been waiting for this one for awhile and I had my plan renewed too.

      Still looking forward to its release.

    3. rich

      Everything seems to be a fail as of late

      iphone 4 no stock… now it launches in China over 50,000 pre orders… good luck getting one here.

      BB Torch- delayed until next week now

      Captivate– no pre order hup for us suckers on rogers, took over a month to tell us why it was delayed and the best we get now is some time in Oct.

      Great day for cell news

    4. George

      I was thinking the same thing!
      soon as i found out that pre-orders are not an option for existing customers i started looking at Bell’s site.
      might talk to them today

    5. RogersMiranda

      @Sylvain, @Mark, @BitDisturber @Aaron @Rich, @George, and others,

      I posted this below as a general comment in this thread but wanted to post again in reply here as well. Many of you have asked about why existing customers are unable to upgrade via the preorder page. It’s a different process to upgrade and isn’t incorporated in the same online form, which is not capable of calculating your HUP eligibility in advance of launch.

      I do appreciate your comments and feedback and want you to know I’m passing it along to the appropriate internal team.

      1. Shark

        …use any choice of words to reply to a valid complaint..but the fact remains however you spin it….that ‘New’ Customers are treated better than existing?
        what am i? new or existing? just joined at end of july and got a lemon sony x10 that crashed constantly and when as a new customer i wanted to know my other android options…they were nothing….nothing on the quality level of the top tier androids…but i was dangled if i took a poor quality loaner…that likely by end of sept i would get a captivate…now this.
        so what am i? because i am in waiting position and still have not had a working (fully functioning featured) phone from rogers for three mths…am i new? existing?
        sounds like i wait longer…..unacceptable.

  2. Jason

    I have been eagerly awaiting the chance to pre-order since I’ve been using a Blackberry with a broken trackball for 4 weeks, only to find out I can’t because I’ve been a faithful Rogers Wireless customer for years. New customers only.

  3. Filiberto Choquehuanca

    What a kick in the pants that was! We wait so long, only to find that Pre-Orders are for new activations only. Existing customers have to get from a store, and we’re not eligible for the samsung prize pack.

    Rogers, stop grinding my gears!

    1. RogersMiranda


      Existing customers are actually eligible to enter the Samsung prize pack contest.

      Go to the preorder page ( and click on “Learn More” under the contest description on the bottom right of the page. Download the Contest Rules and see the second point under “How to Enter” for instructions on how to enter without purchase.

      1. skg

        youve got to be joking me right? for new customers, to enter the contest, all you got to go preorder a phone, and ur good.

        for existing customers, who are probably gonna get the phone on launch day anyways, you gotta click on a tiny link on the bottom of the page, then download a pdf file,

        THEN write a 100 word HANDWRITTEN essay about the most captivating tv moment of my life? AND then post it to rogers with all the money paid?

        srsly, rogers is continously shafting older longterm clients for newer actvations. good luck with that….rogers, u guys are making 1 fiasco after another.

      2. Filiberto Choquehuanca

        i completely agree with you. It’s like Rogers is conducting a giant experiment to see how much garbage we can handle and put up with. With that information they’ll change their policy to shaft us even more.

      3. Illya

        Actually the 100 word essay is a bypass through a loophole to make this a legal process. Have you noticed that you lottery tickets have “skill testing question” its there for a reason to make it a “skill testing competition” and therefore legal. Same goes for US contests here in Canada, they will usually ask you for an essay of sort to use the loophole.

        If you don’t believe me you can look it up.

        But the delay with Galaxy S is a bummer.

  4. BigHeadWeb

    I’d appreciate some insight as to why existing Rogers customers are being left out.

  5. Martin

    “No iPhone 4 in stock. No options to order a Galaxy S for existing customers.

    This sure leaves us loyal customers with a bad taste…”

    I so agree. At least we got to know when it’s coming out. Next Rogers must tell us the exact date and the inventory for each store. Hope this won’t be in limited quantities likes the iP4.

    On the iP4, why launching the phone in China when they can’t have enough for the countries it’s launched yet?

  6. Great news for all anticipating this phone. Thanks for the update. I’m getting one for the other half. I have iphone 4 for myself.

    1. RogersMiranda

      You’re welcome Amir. Hope your “other half” enjoys the phone!

  7. Anonymous

    Another delay? No preorders for existing customers? No iphone 4 stock to replace my 3G?

    I have 9 months left with Rogers. I may just wait it out and go elsewhere.

    Pathetic. Unacceptable.

  8. LAHAL

    Thanks for the update Miranda.

    Is it save to say, that if you qualified for a iPhone 4 upgrade, you would qualify for a upgrade to a Captivate?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Yes. I beleive HUP eligible customers are entitled to new customer pricing but best to call Care to confirm your eligibility.

  9. Todd

    I agree with you Sylvain Carle. Existing/loyal Rogers customers seem to be screwed. I’ve been with Rogers for almost 11 years and because of that loyalty, I can’t pre-order? I guess I;ll just have to make up a fake name and start a new account.

    Miranda/Rob – really? Why are you screwing your existing customers

  10. Mitchell

    This is way too frustrating. I can’t believe existing customers have to wait almost another month. Buh bye rogers.

  11. skg

    finally! better late than ever, i guess. do we get a discount on the phone price if we are eligble for a hardware upgrade?

    1. RogersMiranda


      HUP eligible customers should be entitled to new customer pricing. However, I’d recommend calling Care or going in-store on launch day to confirm your eligibility.

  12. Joel Letwinetz

    So much for retention. So is getting new customers more profitable then keeping the long loyal subscribers? We’ve now been waiting for a long delayed release and now there is risk of waiting even longer for being a existing customer because of possible supply and demand. Good catering to the people who are already paying your bills Rogers!

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Joel,

      Understand your frustration. I want to let you know that I’m reading every comment on this post and I’m passing your (and others) feedback onto our internal team.

      1. Petero

        In that case, can you answer the following:

        1. Will the units be shipped with the GPS fixed?

        2. What is the targeted date for Android 2.2 update.?

        3. Will there be sufficient stock to satisfy expected need for HUP?

      2. Filiberto Choquehuanca

        The internal team is putting all of Miranda’s feedback under one of the legs of the table to stop it from rocking.

  13. Paul

    Wow. They broke the silence for this? And the plans being offered to pre-orders: 1 gig and 500 minutes… But I need to sign up for another 3 years of this “service”.

    No thanks. I won’t be getting strung along by Rogers any more.

  14. Hype

    Okay so I went to the pre-order page to take advantage of this deal and it is only for new customers. Is there a number for loyal/existing customers to call or are we expected to quit our contract, go to another phone company and then come back to get a good deal?

    Seriously, this has been going on for too long. Why doesn’t Rogers just send me a letter saying that because we are an existing customer, we don’t really matter but in order to make it seem like they do care, we get a free one year magazine subscription (worth $15) or a few free ringtones.

    Here is some feedback for your company. If they want people to stop laughing when customer loyalty and Rogers comes up in the same sentence, they would start offering existing customers the ability to pre-order a decent phone. If Rogers wanted to differentiate themselves in this all too small Canadian wireless market, they would do some small things like that. I know they make a heck of a lot more money off new customers but I will tell you this.

    Someday, when Canadians are offered a real choice in terms of companies to choose from, Rogers will be at the bottom of my list. I really can’t stand this anymore

  15. A Customer

    And yet again, current customers are screwed by Rogers. Epic FAIL. The same thing happened with iPhone 3G.

    Want new customers Rogers? Want to keep current customers? Figure out the obvious!

    Worst business practices ever.

  16. Mike

    No love for existing customers… anyways at least we have the ball rolling.

    I have a question when you go to the preorder page and select a plan you can select one of the free options, it takes you to the pricing page. What if i want Call Display Voicemail and texting??? You can try and add an add on but there is no VALUE PACK for this?? All there is is just a Value pack for call display and voicmail, what about the one the texting package.


    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Mike,

      If you want to add texting to your preorder, you can log in to My Rogers and add it there, or call Care and make the request. They’ll be able to add it to your plan.

      1. Kevin

        I pre-ordered but My Rogers doesn’t show any details or says no accounts are registered.

      2. RogersMiranda

        Hi Kevin,

        You should have been given an order number when you preordered. If you have that, your good. The device will be shipped to you. You will be assigned an account number once the device ships.

  17. MrPhone

    So much for the $30/6gb plan.

    1. RogersMiranda


      If you’re interested in the 6GB/$30 plan, I’d suggest migrating to the plan now to ensure you get it before it expires on Sept. 30.

      1. LisaB

        and what if you dont have a data phone because you were waiting for the captivate to come out? What kind of crap is that? If we sign up for it and it ends up being pushed back another few months, then what? Were out how much from the data plan when we cant even use it! Im Sorry but rogers has thee WORST customer service EVER. why not extend it or allow pple who dont have a data to put it on their plan and then activate it when they actually get a data phone?

      2. sivan

        WELL SAID.

  18. Robert Carey

    I have to agree Miranda – this is a slap in the face to existing *loyal* customers who have been waiting – patiently for the most part. We get shunted to the back of the line and will likely find we either have to camp out at a Rogers store for the 5 phones that get to each store, or come back each day asking “Do you have any today? No? See you tomorrow…”

    Not a nice thing to do to your customer base folks. Let us get a spot for the launch stock in advance like the new customers.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Robert,

      Thanks for your feedback. As I’ve mentioned to a few others here, I’m passing this feedback onto the internal team.

      Stock levels are dependent on inventory provided by the manufacturer, but we anticipate inventory levels to be normal for this launch. It is our goal to ensure that a device will get into the hands of all customers who want one.

      1. PA Cotnoir

        On the 31th August, I’ve waited for a while (4 hours) in front of an Apple Store in Mtl to buy an iPhone4 and I got an upgrade from them with Rogers. Why did I made this move… because I was discouraged with the Captivate delay. Well Now… I am quite satisfied with my new phone and I’m, by the way, not sure that the Captivate surpass the iPhone…

  19. JollyJim

    This is only for new customers, what about the exsisting ones?!?! I’m sad that I can’t pre-order.

  20. Koot

    I’ve waiting since since Aug 4 to preorder this phone, and I can’t because I’m already a customer?!?

  21. Kdawg

    Ya. Too bad this phone is already going to be outdated by the time it is released. Sure wish I had the opportunity to decide between it and my iPhone 4 when it shouldve been out. AUGUST!

  22. Martin

    I wanted this phobe so bad. Took too long. Ordered the iPhone 4 online yesterday. Contract-free.

  23. Rooster

    Miranda…where is the 6GB option with this phone!?

    I will be a new account. Please tell me I haven’t just been s…we’d

    This just gets worse by the second.

    1. RogersMiranda


      The 6GB/$30 is not listed as an option in the preorder page, however, if you want to ensure that you get the 6GB/$30 plan before it expires on Sept. 30, you can call customer Care after you preorder and request to switch to that plan.

      1. Sansaman

        Hi Miranda,

        That is contradictory to all you’ve been saying. How can someone pre-order AND get the 6GB data plan added? The preorder will not activate the line until the phone launches and by that time, the 6GB plan will be gone.

        Rogers needs to extend the 6gb promo for one more month for new Torch and Captivate users.

      2. Robert

        Miranda….no we can’t!…

        Call Customer Care yourself. They cannot do anything for us because we do not have an account number! They would luv for you to give them a call

        Please respond.

      3. RogersMiranda

        Hi Robert,

        I am looking into this and will follow up with you via email for more details.

      4. Did you follow up? What did Care tell you? The same thing that they told us? What’s with the mixed messaging?

  24. Mike

    Too bad this wasn’t released 3 months ago when it was actually new. I went out and bought a vibrant and unlocked it. 14 months remaining on my contract. I’ll re-evaluate then but I’m thinking I’ll head elsewhere, especially with the lack of respect for loyal customers. Love how we can’t pre-order.

  25. Alan Harbinson

    If I remember correctly when I signed up on what was called the preorder /news page it requested information about my existing accounts with Rogers. What was the point ? Existing customers are being treated like dirt. I have been waiting for this phone since I renewed my family plan on August 13. I could havepurchased an iPhone 4 (had the chance) but wanted to wait for the Captivate. So tell me for an existing customer with all Rogers services, what should I expect after waiting two months. I shall tell you what, a phone on the first day of availability without hassles. Can you guarantee me that as a long time customer?

  26. B-roni

    No option for existing customers??? so what was the point of signing up for the newsletter? to be told we aren’t allowed into the contest and don’t get a bluetooth headset?

    This whole release is a JOKE rogers. Lets recap shall we:

    – AUG 4th: Rogers anounces the phone “in the coming weeks”, Bell also anounces Galaxy
    – AUG 6th: Bell Releases their phone
    – AUG 19th: Rogers puts up a page for people to register for more info
    – Waiting
    – Sept 3rd: Due to bad press I’m sure, the comments section of redboard gets shutdown
    – Sept 8th: Email sent out and site put up that you can almost pre-order (‘in the coming days’)
    – 2 WEEKS later: manufacturing delay. (to me thats either BS or if it’s real I don’t want a phone that has problems from the factory)
    – Sept 23: Existing customer’s get screwed, and still no release date

    Here’s a little lesson Miranda and Rogers crew: Coming Days means less than 7 (that’s called a week), and coming weeks means less than 4 (we call that one a month).

    So I’m cancelling TODAY, will pay my bill ‘in the coming weeks’, and will stop spamming facebook, twitter, and everywhere else with my message to switch from rogers ‘in the coming days’

    1. Adam

      B-Roni, you realize that all redboard comments get shut down a month after publishing? Not just the Captivate.

    2. RogersMiranda

      Hi there,

      Thanks for the feedback. We’re still learning the best ways to communicate device launch information to customers. We’ve been told that customers want to know when we know that we’ll be adding new devices to our lineup. However, that also means that we may not have all the details when we do that. Would you prefer we wait until we have all the details (pricing, timing, etc.) before we announce new devices?

      As for the contest, existing customers are not excluded. Go to and click on “Learn More” under the contest description on the bottom right of the page. Download the Contest Rules and see the second point under “How to Enter” for instructions on how to enter without purchase.

      1. David

        We want to know this information, but we don’t want you to tell us that you’ll have more information for us, then don’t talk to us at all for ridiculously long periods of time. I don’t care if you have new information or not, just keep us updated, and try to explain WHY it’s taking so long, and a new ETA. When you say that you’ll have a phone in a couple of weeks, then don’t update us for over a month, that’s just simply rude. Trying to control damage by saying that it’s what people want is simply ridiculous. Nobody wants you to disappear for a month without any information.

      2. B-roni

        Didn’t know about the redboard comments shutting down after a month, my bad.

        What i (we) would like, is to not get strung along on releases. I can make a rough guess on pricing and a release date is nice, but i get why it is not always available.

        How hard would it have been for you to say: “we will be getting the Captivate, however we do not have a release date or current pricing at this time”? Rather than coming weeks which turn to months and coming days that turn to weeks?

        Really it’s a matter of respect. Great that you’re getting the phone, and yes i like to know about that as soon as possible, but don’t keep putting out teasers just cause Bell got the jump on you. As you can see from these posts, many people are upset about it.

        As for the contest, a new customer not only gets dibs on the phone and a bluetooth headset, but they get entered automatically while existing customer’s have to write and essay?! gimme a break….

      3. RogersMiranda

        @David @B-roni

        Thank you both for the feedback.

      4. kmon

        I don’t think the oversight regarding the 30 day comment shutdown detracts from the main point you were trying to get across. The capivate launch has been incompetent at best and shamelessly disingenuous at worst.

        Personally I’m leaning towards the latter and thankful that
        1) the CRTC has at least loosened the wireless oligopoly a bit so we can at least get a bit of competition to the lazy players.
        2) Bell and Telus are now on GSM and offering top notch phones as well
        3) we have cell number portability.

        Clearly Rogers hasn’t read the memo yet and is still acting like a monopoly.

      5. Gagandeep

        Hello Miranda,

        I’m sorry to see you in the crucible between valid customer concerns and the communication strategy of Rogers. In my humble opinion as a new customer (who has also ordered the Captivate), it is better to wait until you have all the details (pricing, timing, etc.) before you announce new devices. I understand, that to meet the competition in the market you need to keep your inventory current and offer products which your competitors offer, but at the same time, if the company does not have the inventory in stock , I think that instead of generating so much ill-will and suffering loss of long term customers due to word-of mouth negative opinions, it would make more business sense to communicate to the public only when the company is ready to deliver.
        Imagine going to a restaurant to enjoy the cuisine of your choice and waiting for the order to arrive for hours after the same has been taken.

        I think that Rogers needs to keep the basic principle of customer service in mind, “Under promise and Over deliver” rather than “Over promise and don’t deliver in time/deliver with strings attached.” I hope Rogers is able to make exceptional amends (offer to existing customers, be flexible in your pricing and upgrade options etc.) to this situation and is able to atleast preserve some good will amongst existing customers , as, regaining trust from customers who have already left will be a very expensive option. Good Luck!

  27. Matt

    Is there really no pre-order option for existing customers? That seems… weird. I’m afraid to fill the form out and be lumbered with an overlapping 3yr contract on my _i_P_h_o_n_e__3_G_ (it really is that slow). And I really want this phone… Tempting to go pick one up at Bell…

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Matt,

      The preorder is only for new customers. It’s a different process to upgrade and isn’t incorporated in the same online form.

      1. Joel Letwinetz

        Understandable that existing customers and new customers would have a different procedure when it comes to pre-orders but that’s the operative thing “different”. We existing customers have no different options, not an option to even speak of. As I already have posted, we are ones who have been paying your bills. There should of been a procedure for exsisting customers to pre order and as a buisness stand point, servicing you current clientele is of the up,most importantce (I myself am in sales and have seen first hand the importance of servicing your current clientele)

      2. Care to explain exactly “HOW” it is a different process entirely?

        It’s 2010, an existing customer should be able to pre-order it and your web application can check against their existing account to find out if they are eligible for HUP or not.

        What I think the issue here is, that Rogers wants to pre-order it so new customers can be signed up more quickly so they can sign into the 3-year contract. But those who have already signed a contract and have been a long-term customer are left to wait in line because by the time it is available for them, the stock is depleted.

        Way to do business!

  28. JD

    Mid October = fail

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi JD,

      We anticipated an earlier launch but due to a manufacturing delay, it was pushed till mid October.

  29. Bogdan

    Well at least we know it’s finally coming out, so kudos on that, even if there was 2 months and a half between first notice of the phone and launch.
    However, It’s rather untasteful to not let existing Rogers customers to have a chance to preorder an upgrade. If a situation similar to the iPhone 4 occurs, with not enough units for general sale, then i have a feeling a large amount of customers may transition. We’ve stuck with you for this long rogers, then ruin it.

  30. Bryan

    why no love for the existing customers?? you know, the ones who wait over and over again for all these products? where’s my BT headset for the 10+ yrs of service? I guess i’ll just get an iPho… what’s that? none of those are available either??? get it together guys

  31. JSKershaw

    Will the 6GB data package be extended for us so when we buy the Captivate?

    1. RogersMiranda

      If you’re a current smartphone customers, I’d suggest migrating to the 6GB/$30 plan now to ensure you have it.

      1. JSKershaw

        Unfortunately I already tried this, because I currently have a Blackberry I can not migrate to this plan, I was told that if I do my current Blackberry will not work on the 6GB data plan since blackberries have different data plans. I don’t want to go three weeks without data to my blackberry, that’s just not practical.

        This is very frustrating and I really do hope that Rogers will take this into consideration and perhaps extend the 6GB plan to at least the end of October. Or here’s an idea why not leave this 6GB plan part of the regular pricing for all Rogers phones. It will separate you from all the other competition in Canada…

  32. smars123

    I agree. Not only did I just sign a new contract specifically because of this phone, but it was <1month ago (my old contract ended this August). So thanks for the information Rogers. Due to your saying "coming weeks" I signed on immediately and now cannot get that bluetooth headset ($90value=$2.5 off a 36month contract) or the potential $10,000 Samsung Prize Pack. I think this is a poor way to accommodate existing customers who are already irate.

    Anyhow, Miranda, if you could please pass along this feedback (as you do with all the other, which usually gets ignored), that'd be great. I'm hoping you can instigate some changes for existing customers, but I suppose I shouldn't be holding my breath.

    I would also really like existing customers being given the options to order this. The majority of the people that read this blog are existing customers and would really appreciate that. New customers have most likely already signed with Bell (same phone, front facing cam, available 2 months earlier) and I think it's more important to keep existing customers happy in this case.

    Please let me know your thoughts/reasoning behind this action. That'd be really appreciated. I do like to know when/why I'm wrong.


    1. RogersMiranda


      Thanks for the feedback. I am indeed passing this on to the teams we work with.

      I’ve posted this here a few times already, but think its worth posting again. The reason preorders are only for new customers is because it’s a different process to upgrade and isn’t incorporated in the same online form.

      As for the contest, existing customers can enter for a chance to win the Samsung home theater. Go to and click on “Learn More” under the contest description on the bottom right of the page. Download the Contest Rules and see the second point under “How to Enter” for instructions on how to enter without purchase.

      1. Apple

        Hi Miranda,
        I have been a rogers customer for close to 20 years and can’t believe all the excuses you are putting out. “passing along is diffferent than working on resolving all the complaints you have been getting here. By passing along these comments are simply that. Is the team actually resolving these shortfall that your loyal customers having been telling you? Surely, the limitation you have been mentioning for existing customers can’t been a new problem at Rogers! Why don’t you or your “team” tell us that you are working on a solution so that existing customers can also preorder on line? I am very tired of hearing excuse after excuse. I have been looking for an iPhone 4 since launch day by visiting various Rogers and Apple stores but have been told again and again there is no stock. THIS IS EPIC FAIL ON ROGERS PART. I am seriously thinking of switching to a competitor, this is just RIDICULOUS!!!!!

    2. MrMiGu

      $90 value doesnt really mean much when you can buy it new elsewhere for $30

  33. Mike

    Well its good to see that as a long term customer I am given a chance to get one of the best phones on the market in a timely and convenient fashion. What’s that? You mean I can’t preorder? Oh I see. Aaaaand another contract is about to be bought out.

  34. Jason

    If we are to purchase this phone retail pricing on the day it is released in october, is it certain that the rogers retail store will have a fair ammount in stock?

    1. Why even ask this question? Of course, the answer is going to be: “Our goal is to get this phone into the hands of everybody that wants one” – that’s the default marketing answer any time anybody asks about ANY phone’s stock availability. They’re STILL saying that about the iPhone 4, how many months later? And people STILL can’t get them!

    2. RogersMiranda

      Hi Jason,

      Stock levels are dependent on inventory provided by the manufacturer, but we anticipate inventory levels to be normal for this launch.

  35. Alex Cruise

    What will the no-contract price be?

    1. RogersMiranda

      We’re not ready to announce that just yet. The no contract price will be listed on when the device launches.

  36. K

    Booyah! we get an ETA.

    If you’re on pay as you go, can you purchase this phone and use this phone for the pay as you go thing?

    1. RogersRob

      Hi K,

      Yes, you can purchase a device (provided you’re not on a term) and then switch it over to a prepaid plan. Does that answer your question?

      1. K

        Thanks, that does answer my question. Time to update my ancient motorola flip phone for a Samsung Captivate, smart phone…

  37. Richard

    Can you confirm if there will be enough stock in stores on the 20th, or will you just be shipping 1 or 2 to each store and we actually won’t be able to get one of these for 2-3 months. Also, will there be an option to by this without a contract, and if so, how much will it cost?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Richard,

      We haven’t announced the off-contract price just yet. That price will be listed on on launch day.

      A few people have already asked about stock on launch day. While I can’t provide exact numbers per store, what I can tell you is that we anticipate inventory levels to be normal for this launch.

  38. SalesGuY

    I think there will sufficiant stock when this is released, also in terms of ” pre-order ” this phone will not have the strict no holding rules as the ip4 does so you will be able to walk in a store an have them order it for you, an most likly receive next day, or better yet go in now an tell reps you want it give contact info an your set, personal sell rogers, an I already have 6 people on a confirmed order list :)

  39. Sean Walton

    I’ve been waiting for this device since it was announced. Ended up grabbing the AT&T one and love it. Was hoping to upgrade 2 of my business lines to the Captivate only to find out that us long time committed Rogers customers are getting screwed AGAIN!!! This is very, very upsetting and is seriously annoying. Can’t get an iPhone 4 (been trying since it came out) and now I can’t upgrade till this comes out. I’m very angry now. 11 years with 8 business lines and I get screwed?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Sean,

      Understand your frustration and I’ve passed your feedback onto the team. Preordering gets your order in the system to be shipped on launch day. If you go to the store on launch day, you may get your device sooner.

  40. Wow. Just… wow.

    Every time I speak to Mary, Rob, or Miranda I implore them to consider what customers really want.

    The people who come to this blog, who follow you on Twitter, and who correspond with you in forums ARE EXISTING CUSTOMERS!!!

    Certainly I don’t have the data, but I have to imagine that the overwhelming majority of visitors to RedBoard are _existing_ customers. So, really, I think it’s safe to say that you just told the majority of your readers they don’t count.

    Clap. Clap… clap.

    I have been a loyal Rogers customer for more than 15 years, but apparently I’m not good enough.

    This is why people don’t want to play with you.

  41. Chris

    I have to say I agree with almost everyone on here. Been a Rogers customers since 1999 and yet no respect for current customers. I want to know if I will be eligible for upgrade pricing on the captivate since right now i am apparently eligible to get an iphone 4. Id prefer the captivate but since you have to upgrade to the i4 before sept 30th, i want to be sure i can upgrade to the captivate for upgrade pricing, so i dont end up screwed by mid october, if they dont let me upgrade.

    Besides that the MyRogers hardware tab in my profile isnt even working, it displays me a message stating that i dont have a wireless account registered to my profile, and yet I cant view the old style of myrogers?? It would make sense to me to allow me to login the old way, considering the new myrogers doesnt work very well…and i am going to wait 2 business days to get a useless response from rogers…

    1. m

      When I went in to ask about an iPhone 4 I knew that I wasn’t eligible for upgrade yet (I’m only a year and a half into my contract) – but, to my surprise, the sales person told me I was. He said that there was a special ‘promotion’, of sorts, for iP4 that allowed existing customers to upgrade even if they normally couldn’t. According to him, iPhone 4 is the *only* phone I qualify for right now. So I’m not sure that eligibility for iP4 will necessarily translate into eligibility for the Galaxy S.

      Also, I had the same problem with my MyRogers account. I had to call customer service and get a tech person to fix it. Apparently it is a known issue (kind of an old one now). Annoying, but it only took about 30 seconds for her to fix it for me.

  42. Juxtyce

    The greater issue and concern is that most of the people on the site are existing customers. These existing customers don’t get the pre-order (hope they are still available when they are released), they don’t get the free Bluetooth headset, they don’t get the entry into the Samsung draw, and most important right now, they don’t have any pricing for the phone (on or off contract). I personally was going to wait for a subsidized phone by Rogers but have decided to purchase a Previously owned one from the US and use it on the Rogers network. I get it quicker, I know my price, and I am not tied into a 3 year contract.Just my two cents.

  43. Chris

    Do you have any information about how many each store will have on release day?

    I am worried some of the smaller stores (like the one by my house) will only have 5 or so units. In the past the staff have taken the the latest greatest units before customers even have a chance. Not for themselves but for friends.

    Does an official pre-order for existing customers make scene now?This will stop this back room dealing happen again!

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Chris,

      I don’t have access to information on the exact device quantities being shipped to each store. While we anticipate stock levels to be normal for this launch, I would recommend that you call ahead to your store once the Captivate has launched to ensure the device is in stock.

      I know many existing customers have been asking for a way to preorder the device. I’ve been passing this feedback onto the team.

  44. Luc

    WOW!!!! So, after 2 months of waiting, looking for every logical reason as to why my friend has been enjoying his Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant with Bell for the last month and I don’t have my Captivate yet. There were days filled with excitement and eagerness, but those were few and far between. Most days I would check constantly on this board and others for any hint, clue, insight, as to when the captivate would be released. The only thing holding me down, preventing me from switching to Bell, was the promise, although maybe in hindsight I should’ve seen this coming, that I’d be able to pre-order my phone as soon as it became possible to do so……

    Boy was I wrong!!!! I have been with Rogers for all my services, Cable, Internet, Wireless, since June of 2002, so if my math is correct I have been a loyal, happy, satisfied customer for over 8 years. I can’t understand for the life of me why Rogers would then choose to turn their back on me and the thousands of others who have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of the only Decent Android phone on the carrier. The only ppl on this board and other rogers boards are technophiles who care and are knowledgeable when it comes to smartphones and the majority, if not all, are existing customers. We are the ppl who tell our friends which new phones to get and which are just crap. We are the ppl who promote your products and services to our family members and co-workers. We are the ones who stick by you when there are better offers elsewhere because we BELIEVE that when we get your offers they will be better, on a better network, and cheaper(not always true but at least worth the price). And as thanks for all this customer loyalty, we get punched in the gut and thrown to the side of the road in favor of new customers…..

    Well…… I was fun while it lasted. Today, I am starting to look elsewhere. A new home for my wireless account and money. A new home in the form of a carrier will appreciate the length of my tenure with them. Who will roll out new products both to new and existing customers at the same time. Who will give me the opportunity to enjoy a new toy at the same time as my neighbour and not after, as punishment for having the unfortunate luck of having been there first.

    I will get my Android phone. Probably not from Rogers. See you around.

    1. victorl

      Same here. I had enough.

  45. Matthew

    I pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy S on the Rogers website, even though I’m an existing customer, and requested that they use my current phone number (which is active on my old Blackberry Bold with them). I’m sure this will cause lots of billing confusion for them, but frankly I don’t care–I’ll call/email them and sort things out when I get the phone next month. It’s been a couple of years since I got the Bold, and I’m eligible for the iPhone upgrade, so I’m sure the penalty (if any) won’t be too steep. I hate going into the store (I got frustrated with that trying to get the iPhone 4 for the past two months until I decided I would much prefer the larger screen of the Samsung and much more readable text wrapping in Android’s web browser). The trackball on my Bold is stuck (a very common problem apparently) so I can’t go “down”, but I’ve found shortcuts in most applications so I can limp along until I get the Captivate next month.

  46. Mike Y

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who is pissed that Rogers has been treating us long time (and multiple device) customers like second class citizens.

    Yes I wanted the iPhone, ohh $649.00…. that’s not right….
    Yes I wanted the Torch 9800 since I couldn’t afford the iPhone, ohh wait I’m not eligible..
    I won’t even ask about the Galaxy… I know the answer already…

    Rogers: you need to create some sort of plan for us *nerds* that will allow us to upgrade our handsets on a yearly basis (or whenever the next latest and greatest is out). I don’t expect this to be free, I am fully willing to pay an extra $100 over the 2 or 3 year pricing, but as a technology leader I feel I need to be up to date with the current mobile handsets. By not allowing us to refresh you are forcing us to buy unlocked devices from the US.

    I know this isn’t just a Rogers problem, but it would be reallllly nice if Rogers could take the lead on this in Canada and become Canada’s Preferred Wireless provider….

    Rant done :)

    1. @Mike this is a great idea.

      I hereby apply to be one of the first “geek elite” customer (and most probably a vocal advocate of the brand) if this ever comes to be real.

      Until then I’ll keep ranting too ;-)

    2. RogersMiranda

      @Mike @Sylvain

      Thanks guys. This is a really interesting suggestion. With so many great new phones coming out, I can understand the desire to update to the latest and greatest device on a yearly basis. I’ll definitley pass this suggestion on to the team.

      1. seriouslynow

        What is the point of having this forum???
        1. you never actually provide any answers to questions.
        2. you have no authority to help us in any way other then “passing suggestions on”
        3. you only compound the misleading nature of your “coming soon” posts when you greet our feedback and/or complaints with awkward silences.

        Other than the few people (probably your fellow rogers employees) who post unearned thank yous, you only seem to be affirming our irritation with Rogers. I’ve already moved one of my phones off Rogers in the last month but keep coming back in the hope of seeing something encouraging. All I ever do is leave this site feeling more peeved off than when i arrived.

      2. RogersMiranda


        I’m sorry you feel that we haven’t been answering your questions. We’re still learning the best ways to communicate on this blog and we appreciate all the feedback – both the good and the bad. I try to answer as many questions as I can. If I haven’t addressed your specific concern, please feel free to email us or reply here.

        One point of clarification is that we ask that Rogers employees disclose themselves when posting comments on RedBoard as per our comment policy.

    3. Hype

      >>I am fully willing to pay an extra $100 over the 2 or 3 year pricing

      lol – you fool, you told them you would be willing to spend an extra $100 so now they will price it at $150 and you will say “oh, that’s close to what I was willing to pay – okay, I’ll do it”. You will then have to pay an extra $50/year to have access to this extra feature on top of the extra fee. Never tell them what you are willing to pay as they will always step it a bit higher. Also, never tell them you are an existing customer because they will just step on you.

  47. Mitchell


  48. EpicFail

    What a complete debacle this phone launch became. GG Rogers, just wow.

  49. rob

    so all those complaining about no love for existing customer have no loyalty discounts/plans whatsoever?

    and if you really want the 6 gig package, get it now, you don’t have to have a smartphone to get it. and from the sounds of it most here already have some kind of smart phone, why wait and lose out?

    I appreciate the frustation at this phone release, and some of it deserved, but missing the 6 gig plan cause you don’t want to pay for it a week or 2 before you have the phone is nuts!

    looking forward to it finally being released!

    1. Nope, I’m on the same plan I’ve been on since the first day I signed up. I’ve never been offered anything else. Oh – I stand corrected, I was offered a free rocketstick, if I signed up for a data plan for it. Lucky me.

      And those of us who are reluctant to sign on for the data plan before the phone comes out are probably thinking “Hey, they’ve already delayed it by 2 months… How much longer will they delay it after this? And how hard will it be to get on launch? The iPhone 4 is STILL impossible to get, 2 months after launching” – so it’s not just a week or 2… It could conceivably be MONTHS.

  50. wantcaptivate

    Hi Miranda,

    With all the replies above, do you think Rogers need to do something for us (Loyal existing Customers) that waited so long and found out we are not as good as new customers at the end?

    Someone from Rogers shall come out and say they got our messages and here is what Rogers can do for existing customers. Otherwise what’s the point to have a blog but ignoring all the replies?

    Very disappointed on this.

    1. A Campbell

      I concur, leading up to the pre-order release most of the messages here on redboard have been from existing Rogers customers. Now, at it’s launch, Rogers does nothing for those individuals. We are not even given a firm date (mid-october is not a firm date).

      Please Miranda, I think all Rogers loyal customers who are interested in the Captivate deserve a response on this matter.

      1. RogersMiranda

        @ A Campbell

        At this time, we do not have a firm date to communicate. Customers have told us they want information as soon as we have it with respect to new device launches. However, that also means that we may not have all the details, including a firm launch date. I’ll be as forthcoming as I can be with more details on this device.

      2. Bunch of bullocks if you ask me!

    2. RogersMiranda

      @wantcaptivate You’re right! And that is exactly the point of RedBoard :)

      As I’ve mentioned to others, I’m reading every comment here and I am compiling feedback to bring to our internal team.

      1. Reading and bring it to the internal team doesn’t say much. When and how do they get actioned and what “ACTUALLY” gets done, isn’t shared.

        So it’s really just a one way conversation. We don’t know what happens behind the scene and the next time a product is launched, the same questions are going to be asked and the same response will be given, “we can’t say anything but we’ll take it back to the internal team”, almost sounds like a broken record playing over and over again.

        In fact, this has been going on since the Magic upgrade for Android 2.1, this is exactly how it started and here we are still listening to the same broken record.

  51. MAC

    FOR THE 6 GIG DATA I just went to rogers and got it before hand!! i got the student plan for 30 and the 6 GIG for 30!! and anybody who wants the 6 gig go get it before.. it renews your 3 year but you can still get a hardware update!!!

    1. Imagine Engine

      If I recall correctly anyone that activates a cell line with Rogers cannot get subsidized hardware for a minimum 24 months based on the system they use. So basically it’s locked out on the agent’s side and the only option is buying the cellphone on no term (full price). Maybe Miranda, can clarify if this is still true or if Rogers has changed their hardware upgrade policy. If it has changed then customers could get the 6 GB data plan before it expires then activate subsidized hardware on the line when it’s in stock.

      1. RogersMiranda

        Yes, I beleive that is correct. However, I would recommend discussing your options with customer care in advance of making any account changes.

  52. BigHeadWeb

    I find it hard to believe that NO ONE at Rogers gave any thought to its existing customer base. Which means there must have been a conscious decision NOT to offer the phone to existing customers. I (and it appears many others) want to know why.

    Reminds me of the Ally Bank Ice Cream commercial…

  53. onlytehbest

    Did we really expect anything less than this from Rogers.

    I just got off the phone with customer service and was told that they have no control over the pre-order and cannot add me. They said they couldn’t even add me if I was a new customer and that it could only be done thought the website……ya right, just a load of doo doo.

    CSR said I have to wait it out and see if they allow pre-order for existing customers…..What the H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS is that.

    What are we to Rogers, obviously not very valuable…..I came to Rogers from Telus, before I knew about their network upgrade, because they always had better phones. Now Telus is putting out better phones than Rogers……think it might be time to jump ship back to Telus…….

    I plan to phone Telus tonight and see what they can do to bring me back. I have two lines one with a BB Bold and the other is an HTC on a sub $200/month plan…….

    Rogers, just so you know, I am walking towards the exit right now, if you’re lucky you might be able to convince me not to leave, but it’s not looking good.
    So I will just leave you to your own devices…..and move on to a carrier that “cares” about their customers…..

  54. George

    i would like to point out the CORRECT way to launch a device…
    “pre-orders for the T-Mobile G2 will start tomorrow for current existing customers.”
    for EXISTING customers FIRST. new customers can wait.
    a rogers agent i talked to on the phone told me that they dont allow pre-orders for existing customer because “they dont have a system in place to handle them”… ummm… what?
    i have been a customer for 10+ years and have everything with Rogers, this might be the end.

    all i (we) am asking for is to be able to pre-order a phone and maybe get the chance to get the 6gb data deal that will expire before this phone can launch (convenient eh?), i dont see why that is so hard. Rogers has been trying to give me free smartphones all month but now when i want to do something about it i am blocked.

    1. I am not surprised that they don’t have a system like that set in place. For Rogers new acquisitions are more important, because they want to be “the biggest market share” of wireless customers. It’s an archaic way of doing business.

      While other organizations focus on their existing customers who have been with them for the longest time and give them value add services to acknowledge their loyalty and business, Rogers doesn’t believe in this as an organization. To them it is evident through many actions that new customers get priority treatment, and when those new customers become existing customers they can sit in line with the other existing customers and can deal with the sub-par service.

      This ladies and gentlemen is how we should all be doing our business. *end of sarcasm*

  55. Random72

    Coming weeks, coming months…you know what’s next, right? I’m just sayin’…

  56. Danny

    I’ve made an earlier post about this, but was apparently blocked. So here’s just the facts:

    Bell Vibrant – 3 Year Plan – (same specs as Captivate + Front Facing Camera.

    Cost: 99.99 – $50 Futureshop Gift Card = $49.99

    Rogers Captivate – 3 Year Plan – 149.99 + (Blue Tooth Headset)

    Constructive Criticism: Is this competitive?

  57. Mathieu Drouin

    I was in the same situation with the iPhone 4. Just bit the bullet and switched to Virgin. Good riddance.

    Priority should be given for early adopters.

    Rogers should have put some iPhones aside for all the people who were upgrading.

  58. RogersMiranda

    Hi everyone,

    Many of you have asked about why existing customers are unable to upgrade via the preorder page. It’s a different process to upgrade and isn’t incorporated in the same online form, which is not capable of calculating your HUP eligibility in advance of launch.

    Preordering gets your order in the system to be shipped on launch day. If you go to the store on launch day, you may get your device sooner.

    1. Unless they’re all gone to people who have pre-ordered. ;-)

      Or is Rogers guaranteeing a certain amount of stock will be in-store on launch day?

      1. ian

        lets be real, if anyone wanted this phone and wasnt an existing customer, they already have a vibrant from bell.

      2. George

        OR even tell is when launch day is so we can plan to be there in time before all the stock is gone?

    2. Or, you may not get one at all, if the iPhone launch is any indication. ;)

      There’s rumours floating around about a Super AMOLED shortage being the cause for this delay, I’d be interested to see what kind of of stock numbers the stores will be seeing on launch day.

    3. Robert Carey


      While what you say is true, don’t you see the absurdity of it?

      Of course – if we book a day off of work and pitch a tent outside a Rogers outlet at 5am we ***may*** get the device sooner than those who were able to secure a preorder. Maybe a day or two earlier at most likely.

      However, if past history is any indication there is likely not going to be near enough stock to cover demand at the stores.

      So – ask any of us – guarantee a device 48 or 72 hours after launch versus a possibility of weeks – and even then, maybe.

      I think you’d see a clear answer.


    4. onlytehbest

      So, does this mean existing customers can order through the pre-order protal and then sort out the plan part later….

      Please be more clear by what you mean……

      my posts from yesterday still have not been approved…..

    5. Kevin S


      You still have not responded to the issues about existing customers not being eligible for the free bluetooth headset and entry for the Samsung prize because we are not ‘new customers’ and can’t pre-order. This is unfair, please tell us why you would do this to your existing customers.

      I don’t really expect to get answers about the stock levels expected as you never provide specific details. I am expecting that this device will be unavailable at retail locations due to low stock levels for several months much like the iPhone. This leaves all current Rogers customers with a very bitter taste in their mouths.

      I beg you to provide our feedback to someone at Rogers who has the power to correct this issue of pre-orders only for new customers. It will go a long way to showing you actually care about your customers.

      1. RogersMiranda

        Hi Kevin,

        As mentioned to a few other customers in this thread, existing customers are eligible to enter the Samsung home theatre contest. Go to and click on “Learn More” under the contest description on the bottom right of the page. Download the Contest Rules and see the second point under “How to Enter” for instructions on how to enter without purchase.

        Thanks for the feedback. I can assure you that I’m taking this and other’s feedback to the internal team here at Rogers.

      2. JRKR

        So not only do we as existing customers get screwed on the hardware by not being able to pre-order. Now we have to write a freaking essay to even enter the contest?

        Miranda, is there some guarantee that I as an existing customer will be able to get a Captivate by even the end of the month of October.

        I mean I’d like to know now if it’s going to be 6 months of me paying for the 6GB plan before I even have a chance to get one.

        If you can’t give us some sort of guarantee I’m going to have to look long and hard at canceling my contract and moving to Bell.

        FWIW I’ve also been a customer for 10+ years.

      3. Adam

        Do you not understand how few words 100 words is?

        Heck, your post was 125ish words, I’m sure you can manage that.

    6. Joel Letwinetz

      That’s dependent on stock. Are you limiting the amounts of pre-orders to let us existing customers have a fair shot at getting one before you run out so we don’t have to wait for many more months to come as the current situation with the Iphone 4 ? And to be perfectly frank, it’s pathetic that you don’t have a system that can calculate our HUP eligibility. I phoned a few days before the pre-orders went live and the first thing the customer representative said before I got to ask my intended reason for phoning was that I was eligible for upgrading…so you guys already know that so I’m sure there’s something on can do to implement that system into something for exsisiting customers when it comes to pre-orders

    7. Paul Rockwell

      “Isn’t incorporated in the same form”? So are you saying that Rogers is incapable, or unwilling, to create a form for existing customers that can calculate your HUP eligibility? There are no other reasons not to allow it. You can say it’s not incorporated into the same forum all you like, but it’s really not answering the question of why existing customers have been left out. It is just a vague half-truth.

      If the Rogers team is truly incapable of writing a separate form for existing customers, then what else are they incapable of doing? Security, because that’s a bit more tricky I’d say? For my own peace of mind I will give you the benefit of the doubt on that; which leaves us with the ‘unwilling’ option. This makes me want to jump ship just as badly. The only thing you’ve got going for you is that experience and everything else I’ve heard says the grass is likely just as brown on the other side. Way to ride the tradition of incompetence and bad customer service in the Canadian Cellular industry Rogers. Way to go.

      1. Adam

        haha, yup.

        If the CSR’s at Rogers can determine your HUP eligibility (some of them aren’t that bright), I’m sure a program could easilly be written to do that. Heck, I could do that.

      2. A program already exists. If you log in to your Rogers account, and choose “upgrade your phone” it tells you which phones you are eligible to upgrade to.

    8. kurt

      We already know it is a different process. The point you are missing is that is shouldn’t be.

      And with respect, to say our different process may result in getting the device sooner is just a bit condescending. We all know that the shipped pre-orders to new customers are going to be a bird in the hand while going to the store is like trying catch one in the bush. Some of us are professionals with jobs, we can’t camp outside the store all night like kids trying to get a video game.

      I know these things are not your fault, but the fact that it is still a ‘different process’ year after year leaves me feeling that Rogers has no desire willingness this obvious deficiency in service to long time customers.

  59. skg

    so…. most of the people in this board are current rogers customers. most of the people on this board are techophiles. most of the people on this board are the people who recommend what phones 2 get and what carriers to go to to there friends, neighbours, family, etc. and now rogers, by allowing only to preorder to new activations, and not current, loyal customers, you just pissed the hell of of most of these people.

    as the weeks went by on this butchered release, from the first announcement that it will be coming in the coming “weeks” not months, your loyal customers have continously moaned and groaned about how bad this was and how there gonna jump to bell. i stuck by you. and then, about 3 weeks later, u guys released a flash page for the product. most were disappointed, and again alot left to jump ship for bell. i stuck by you. then u guys sent an email to us, saying you guys can Almost preorder. and now ur telling us, its only for new customers?

    heres a hint on time:

    coming days means less than 7 days. anything more than 7, and its called a “week”
    coming weeks means less than 4. anything more than 4, and its called a “month”
    coming months, means less than 12. anything more, and its called a “year”

    now, 5 of these “years”, that is the amount of time ive been your loyal customer, and kept on pushing and recommending your brand to all the people i know. now, in the coming “days”, i will pay the early cancellation fee (have 2 months until my contract expires, so 50$ is easily paid), and switch over to telus or bell, for there desire or vibrant, and in the coming “weeks”, laugh even more @ the marketing mistakes you guys continue to make, botching up the release of this phone.

    unless something extra is shown to retain your loyal customers, such as me, im sure you guys will lose (and already lost) alot of them.

  60. Marko

    Wow… Rogers…I find it amazing that you continue putting your foot in your mouth time after time. Keeping everyone in the dark on the Torch release, screwing loyal customers on iPhone 4 releases, now this… I’m not looking to buy one myself, but how could you not offer pre-orders to current customers? A word to the wise – maybe try maintaining your current customer base…there’s a thing called “spreading by word of mouth”…you usually want that to be positive!

  61. Colin


    But Rogers was able to have a HUP calculator for the iPhone 4 launch, how is the Captivate different. I agree with Mike Y that there should be some small discount at yearly upgrade rates.

  62. ron

    Wow, rogers totally dropped the ball the launch of this.

    I re-signed a 3 year plan with Rogers and now I’m kicking myself for it.
    – The rep screwed up my plan
    – Had to get it fixed
    – I am currently paying for data

    Reason: This phone was announced to come out “soon”.
    – I called in to Customer Service and asked to kindly suspend my data charges or at least try to offset it with some sort of credit since this phone was supposed to come out “soon”, but late october isn’t “soon”. I got tossed around to 3 reps who all did nothing to help.

    If Roger’s intent was to squeeze money of me, hurray, you’ve succeeded.
    I wonder if you can all guess what the side effect is?

    “Preordering gets your order in the system to be shipped on launch day. If you go to the store on launch day, you may get your device sooner.”
    I MAY not?
    I wonder how many people have wasted their time lining up for an iPhone just to walk away empty handed.

    Plainly put.
    Rogers has used sly language to squeeze money out of me.
    Rogers has wasted my time.
    Rogers intends to continue wasting my time.

    I don’t think any of us have any confidence with Rogers anymore.
    Rogers would greatly improve their image if only they cut money to ads and spent it on a properly managed customer service and launches.

  63. Michael

    you know what’s funny? i renewed my contract to another 3 years with rogers, because the rep promised me an iphone 4 (when it becomes available) but to this day i can not get my hands on one (august 23rd was when i renewed). i called almost every store, and all of them tell me they are all sold out. it makes me wonder, are they REALLY out of stock? or are they holding the iphones for new activations? it makes it unfair to us existing customers who are eligible for upgrade but can’t find one. anyways, if i can’t get an iphone, fine i’ll move on to another phone. YES the samsung captivate. WHAT’S THAT? pre-orders are only available to new customers? what kind of BS is that? i’ve been with rogers for a long time and this is how you treat me? why do new customers get priority on the device over us (existing customers) it doesn’t make ANY SENSE! so now i wonder, if on launch day, i will be able to get my hands on a captivate because WHO KNOWS all the devices will go to the NEW and BETTER customers EH?

  64. SEB

    I pre-ordered my Captivate yesterday. I don’t have an account number yet… How am I supposed to add the 6GB/$30 to my pre-order with no account #?

    1. Rob

      Exactly…..the mod’s on this board are avoiding this question…



      1. RogersMiranda

        Hi there,

        We’re looking into this and will likely follow up with individuals via email. Sorry for the delay responding.

  65. Dan

    Hi Miranda,

    For HUPs, will we get the bonus bluetooth headset?

    Also, you mentioned we can enter the contest by reading the Contest Rules. Why are we required to write an essay just so we can enter the same contest as new customers.

    That’s ridiculous.

    Existing, loyal customers are required to do extra work while new customers just sign up for the prize.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Dan,

      No. The Bluetooth headset is a promotional offer for new customers only.

      As for the contest, the “essay” is a legal requirement. No points for content and its short. Its basically just your entry into the draw.

      Understand your frustration and we have been passing this feedback on internally. Appreciate the feedback.

  66. L-S B

    Actually, the delay has been caused by the GPS issue that requires a hardware fix. There have been 2 software fixes that have improved the GPS reception but the issue has not been fully resolved. Samsung is rushing a fix out, and Rogers has delayed releasing the phone until they can deliver fully working products.
    All existing Galaxy S phone whether ATT in the US, or Bell Vibrant in Canada, suffer from this major hardware flaw.
    So yes, you can go to Bell and get a Vibrant, but don’t expect the GPS to function properly.

    1. Rooster

      Actually the GPS on the captivate works when you first use it …it’s over time that it starts to have a problem with accuracy. So people who claim it works great for them are not waiting long enough or testing it properly.

      Just an FYI

    2. DGfromMTL

      OH DEAR.. I physically cringe when I hear Rogers is waiting for a fix. The Magic 9-1-1 strong arm tactics fiasco was a horrible experience for the entire Rogers Android community. I suspect they are trying to get a locked down ROM, etc.

    3. Adam

      Can’t wait for this phone! Great to see alternatives to apple coming to rogers, I’m big on andriod right now.

      The delay actually has nothing to do with hardware changes. It is because Bell has a 90 day exclusive, so rogers has to wait until Oct 15 or thereabouts to release this.

    4. RichieTheHammer

      Is this true?
      Is that the reason for the delay?
      I’m almost set to get the Bell vibrant and stop this waiting…

    5. Jason

      so does this mean that the rogers captivate will possibilty have the gps issue fixed?

    6. flagg

      Not true. There is a software fix for the gps issue and no hardware fix planned or needed. The device is fine the way it is. It is probably just some 90 day exclusive contract Bell has locked Samsung into, the timing certainty makes it look that way. That’s why I no longer do business with Bell.

  67. LegendaryBB

    Thought you might like to know that its currently set to release on October 21st… not a hard set date, but good for all of you looking to purchase the device.

  68. john Markenson

    Though i currently dont have a smart phone, i bought into the 6gig data plan, to make sure i didnt miss out. I’m sure plenty of people here have done the same thing. I’m not too suprised rogers put a deadline on that plan, and delayed the phone around the same time. Forcing the people waiting for the device to pay for service that they wont be using for another month.

    @rob – Oct 20 is more than 2 weeks away. Even if it was 2 weeks, charging people for that, to me anyways, is still ethically wrong. Since the phone was delayed, the cancellation of the 6gig/$30 plan should also be delayed.

    I’d love to hear what rogers plans to do about conning people out of their money like this.

    On a separate note, Miranda keeps saying “It is our goal to ensure that a device will get into the hands of all customers who want one.” and “we anticipate inventory levels to be normal for this launch” yet no details are given? I just want to know, will I have to line up hours before the stores open to make sure i get my hands on a device that has been out for months by other providers?

    Also, i think that ANY purchase/upgrade of the device should automatically qualify you in the contest, as well as earn you the bluetooth headset. Maybe I should have cancelled my expired contract and signed on as a new customer? Dont just talk to your “internal team”. I, as a consumer, dont care if you told someone or not. Results are what matter.

    @BigHeadWeb – TOTALLY AGREE about the Ally commercial!

  69. Petero

    l-S-B, what evidence do you have that this delay was caused by a hardware fix for the gps. I have not read anything to support that allegation though I would be thrilled if it was true. Samsung and AT&T maintain publically that this gps issue is software related and released their fix this week.

  70. Aly

    Hello Miranda,

    you stated that people eligible for a hardware upgrade cannot pre-order the captivate because it’s a different process and is not incorporated into the online form. My question is this, can you not create a new form or even just allow us to call in and get it pre-ordered? If a process is not in place why can you not put one in place?

    1. Agreed – the Rogers customer care website already has an algorithm in place to determine what phones you are eligible for upgrades to, so if your developers are ANY good you could easily have added a pre-order page for existing customers with very little hassle. But having worked with Rogers in the past, and seeing the RIDICULOUSLY bad development companies they outsource to, I can understand how you might not have had enough time to get this done. I mean, the phone was only announced at the beginning of August, and it’s only the end of September now.

    2. RogersMiranda

      Hi Aly,

      We’ve heard your feedback and others about enabling pre-orders for existing customers, but it’s technically not possible at this time. Moving forward, we’ll look at ways to include existing customers in future pre-order pages.

    3. No that would make too much logical sense and it would mean that the limited quantities that they get from manufacturers will go to existing customers, leaving less number of new activation and new suckers getting sucked into a 3-year contract!

  71. John

    Hi Miranda,
    Quick question, as I haven’t seen it posted or maybe I missed it.
    The Rogers microsite states “Music Playback: Up to 4 hours”.
    This seems incredibly unlikely to me. Perhapse for video playback, although audio should go much longer (I would imagine).
    Would you happen to know, or be able to find out, if this is a typo in the information?


    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi John,

      Thanks for pointing this out. I checked into it and it appears that music playback is actually up to 12 hours. We’ll be correcting to reflect this.

  72. Jessica

    Hi Miranda, I preordered my galaxy s but I want the 6gb offer. I don’t have an account number yet so I can’t the deal

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Jessica,

      We’re looking into this and will follow up via email once we’ve figured things out.

  73. PL

    This is kinda funny.

    It is that HARD to setup a pre-order for existing customer?

    Let me tell you how easy it is

    First of all, What existing customers want
    1. Existing customers just want a guarantee that the phone is ready for them when it’s release nothing else
    2. The wireless plan that each existing customer wants
    (3. Maybe free accessory stuff, but particularly i don’t care about this)

    What Rogers have been replying
    1. Each customer have different hardware upgrade eligibility
    2. There will be “normal” number of stock available when it’s release (whether normal number is 1 or 100 who knows)
    3. There is way to enter the contest to get free stuffs but 100 words essay (why essay? I don’t know)

    Here is how pre-order should be done for existing customers
    1. Since every existing customer is different for HUG eligibility, Just let us HOLD ON THE PHONE. For instance if 100 existing customer pre-order, just keep extra 100 phone in stock available anytime.
    2. Then once the phone is FINALLY release, let us, go to retailer store or by telephone, choose OUR PLAN, then roger can ship those phone to either home or retailer store
    3. Since Obviously Rogers wants money for pre-order, just make us deposit $200 or something (Then it would be fair with new customer who pays money for nothing until mid OCT) after it release you can either give it back or we can use it buy the phone or other plan.

    Is this really hard, really Rogers?
    I know there will another legal disclaimer but you guys must have vast number of lawyers anyway.
    Just keep “X number of phone in stock for X number of pre-order with deposit”
    As simple as that

    1. Will

      It’s amazing how people get mad at a business for making decisions that benefit the business. Here’s a question: of the people complaining on the board about the process, who’s taken economics?

      If it’s so simple, then what would you do when:

      X number of pre-orders > or = total stock

      Nothing available for new customers? Hold up, let’s think this through in a business fashion:

      You have a customer A who’s in a contract with you, and you have customer B who’s with a different provider but wants to sign up with you. You have one handset left that they both want. Who would you sell the handset to?

      1) sell it to A. You earn the same amount of revenue, but get nothing extra from B because you’re sold out.
      2) sell it to B. You have revenue from B, and also revenue from A. Sure, A could cancel out of the contract, but it takes time, and cancellation fees.

      So you should sell to B if:

      Revenue from B + Revenue from A (either maintained or through cancellation fees) > Revenue from A

      That would be true for *any* business wanting to maximize revenue, so it’s no wonder any provider will prefer new customers over existing ones.

      Going back to the point, if it’s as simple as you say, then predict how many new activations there will be, and allocate the rest towards upgrades for existing customers. I’m sure all the big providers will be glad to get those numbers accurately from you since it’s that simple, right?

      1. PL

        Of course, it won’t work if Rogers can not meet the demand.
        But Rogers have been saying, for existing customer, there will be normal number stock available in local store.
        Yet normal is pretty questionable here isn’t it?

        I do suspect Rogers running low in supply. I mean that’s only logical explanation unless they are full of !@#$%s

        You said business want to maximize the profit, of course they do!
        And you are correct (in theory) on Rogers will be selling thins to customer B
        But do you think it will just end as +1 customer and – 1 customer?
        No sir, it wouldn’t

        What Rogers have truly lost is not customer A but the reputation of company
        Do you think A will recommend Rogers to his friends and family?
        Do you think B will never stop and think once “hmm I wonder how Rogers will treat me once I become “existing customer”?

        But maybe it’s profitable in short run? NO!
        How Rogers gaining money ins’t selling the phone here.
        Do you think Rogers will gain any kind of profit just selling the phone?
        Nay, they gain profit by making you pay for three year in contract.
        In fact selling the phone at price of 150 is quiet a loss. (Actual retail price for selling price is around 550)
        I don’t know how Rogers will gain revenue from B for short term (consider B still decide to go for bad customer care)
        But do you think A will just maintain a contract with this kind of customer care?
        Answer is also no (if you haven’t notice)
        In summary Rogers lost both A and B, so no profit at all

        Truly maximize the profit, Rogers have to find a way to extend contract for existing customer and gaining a new customer.
        Yes, they have failed it both and I don’t know why.
        With their resource, they could have come up with something much better than shit pre-order thing

        For instance if Rogers running low in supply, they could end pre-order based on the number supply. (as soon as supply run out for new and both existing customer)
        In that case Rogers don’t have to predict any number do they?
        First come and first serve, you know when supply is low

        I don’t know why you are defending Rogers.
        If you are existing customer, you have every right to be mad, since you are starting the race far behind.
        And if you are new customer, you will be mad soon or later, once you become one of us.

        Oh one more thing, just go and take a business course or something
        Seriously, you don’t have to be a genius figure this by yourself.

  74. v

    As with most people posting, I am extremely disappointed in Rogers. My contract is up soon and if they don’t have sufficient stock on launch I will probably just move on to another carrier. The most hilarious thing is when I called and got a CSR who tells me I would need to wait till launch day then proceeds to try selling me the xperia and the rocketstick, while I understand its business practice to sell, that was just a slap in the face and very poor customer service. Lastly, posters should just lay off Miranda, none of this is her fault, it’s the people running the company that make these terrible decisions. I really hope they look at these comments seriously and consider putting something in place for HUP customers. If it can’t be done online, I don’t mind going to a retail store but at the very least it would be nice to have the option.

  75. Rob

    Miranda…just got off the phone with Customer Care…1Hr and 15 min! they want me to tell you to call them an let them know how in the world they are going to change/add the 6Gig plan to an account that does not exist!

    When people pre-order they are not provided an account number so Customer Care says they are unable to help us.

    I had the person from Customer Care go to this site and read your advise:

    RogersMiranda says:
    September 24, 2010 at 3:12 pm Hello,

    The 6GB/$30 is not listed as an option in the preorder page, however, if you want to ensure that you get the 6GB/$30 plan before it expires on Sept. 30, you can call customer Care after you preorder and request to switch to that plan.

    She had me on hold looking for answers many times and at the end of it all could not help me.

    I would be interested to hear what you have to say.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Rob,

      I’m looking into this. Will get back to you.

  76. theo

    I have a friend that works at Samsung, Samsung apparently branded all the Captivates with an AT&T logo, and therefore causing a pretty big problem. Now there’s an apparent shortage of AMOLED screens and causing Rogers to not have any supply.

    1. JSKershaw

      OMG if this is the reason, I hope someone got fired! What a mess this has become…. Maybe AT&T would like to sell some of there newly branded devices to us Canadian’s at a discount?

    2. john Markenson

      I hope rogers didnt brand the ones they’re gonna sell.

  77. Jack

    Ok lets do the math. Rogers customer for 8 years @ a plan that costs $ 50 a month total is $4800 just for the plan that doesn’t include Hardware costs. I can’t preorder and you won’t give me a bluetooth device.New customer spent nothing but can preorder and gets free bluetooth device. I never learned this strategy in any of my university marketing courses.

    Rogers how can you be satisfied with the your handling of the IPhone 4 and Samsung Captivate releases ?
    Bell release Samsung Galaxy Coming Soon Aug 2 – Release August 6 = 1 week
    Rogers release Samsung Galaxy Coming Soon Aug 4 – October 20 = 11 weeks

    I think alot of your customers will not forget how they have been handled when it comes time for contract renewal. I know I won’t forget

  78. Petero

    Miranda, could you speak to this issue of the GPS fix and whether it has anything to do with the delay? Samsung & ATT have released a GPS fix in the USA for the problem, however it seems that the download has not fixed most people’s GPS problem and in fact has bricked many people’s phones. As someone who would like to buy this phone from Rogers, I would only do so knowing that the issue has been addressed prior to launch. Was there a hardware fix for the units you are getting? Has Rogers independently verified that the GPS is working? Thanks

    1. RogersMiranda


      I posted this comment as a general comment in this thread but think its worth posting again here. We don’t comment on devices from other carriers but our version of the Captivate has been optimized for overall GPS/navigation performance and has been extensively tested. Issues related to the AT&T build should be directed to Samsung.

      Hope this helps.

  79. Robot

    Want a laugh….was on hold for an hour and a half with “Customer Care” on the weekend. I was attempting to add the 6g data plan to my Captivate pre-order as per Miranda’s advise. Was told I was not a “Customer” because I did not have an account number.

    Ok here’s the punch line:

    I guess the $170.00 that just got ripped from my Visa account when I pre-ordered does not qualify me as a “Customer”.

    I have to say that the CSR and I had a good laugh at how messed up everyting is. I guess I will have to wait to be assigned a “Account Number” before I can be considered a “Customer”

    1. Hype

      and once you have a customer number, then you are an existing customer and no longer eligible for anything good.

      1. That my friend was the most hilarious and HONEST thing I’ve heard so far! :)

    2. RogersMiranda


      I’m looking into this for you. Will post an update here once I know whats going on.

      1. SEB

        Hope you find out soon… Not much time left to get the 6GB/$30

  80. kguy

    Wow, never seen such a bunch of babies!

    We all know large companies don’t announce release dates until they know 100%. Imagine in August if they’d announce a Sept 3rd release, only for it to be delayed. They’d have to retract that statement and get flamed anyway. Keeping silent until they know for sure a launch date is protecting themselves from consumers who’d ruin their image by calling them ‘liars’ (and given some of the comments on these boards I’m sure many of you would do just that).

    Secondly, I highly doubt these things will be out of stock like the iPhone 4. Some of the other providers are selling out–but that’s because they don’t have iPhone’s for their customer base. With Rogers, if you want a smartphone you’ve either got an iPhone or Blackberry. People anticipating the Galaxy will be substantially less–especially considering whenever I ask Roger’s sales guys they say very few have even asked about the phone.

    Lastly, I’m an existing customer who will upgrade for this phone. Sure, I can’t pre-order, big deal. The HUP processes is unique for each customer–they’d be unable to create a one-size-fits-all pre-order page.

    After reading this site for the past two months I’ve never seem a more demanding, obnoxious group of consumers who feel so entitled to the most trivial things (Samsung TV Contest? Give me a break). The treatment the RedBoard team has been getting this last month borders on harassment. This is why companies often treat consumers with such contempt–you act like children–and as a Roger’s customer it’s embarrassing to be associated with such behaviour.

    Grow up people, it’s a bloody phone. We’ll all get one, so stop flipping out on people who can’t change anything.

    1. Joel Letwinetz

      I agree with your first statement but this one.
      “Secondly, I highly doubt these things will be out of stock like the iPhone 4. Some of the other providers are selling out–but that’s because they don’t have iPhone’s for their customer base.”

      Bell is out of stock of there version, the Vibrant and they provide the Iphones and other smart phones. So yes we do have reason to be concerned that some of us may have to wait even longer after the initial launch. And already waiting after an announcement, does only make it harder to swallow.

      Yes the gripe about the contest is trivial, I want the phone I don’t care about have a low odd of winning anyways.

      Squeaky wheel gets the grease, maybe things can’t be changed now but it’s information that rogers can take with them to hopefully make things better to satisfy there customers in the future. So what may be negative on the surface may be a blessing in disguise.

    2. Polytechnic

      >>We’ll all get one, so stop flipping out on people who can’t change anything.

      First off, people are not flipping out on Miranda and the other reps here. They are flipping out on the horrible management style within the company.

      Secondly, people typically do not have a way to vent as Rogers knows that Canada has a duopoly and people do not really have a choice in where to turn to get a semi-current gen phone. This is their way of telling Rogers to smarten up and do something about their horrible upgrade plans, inability to communicate with their customers and their total disrespect for existing customers.

      Also, when people are spending $100+/month on a phone, they expect to get basic customer service so you can lay off the people who are complaining. They have the right to that, just as you have the right to call them all babies.

      Btw, you remind me of the people who don’t vote because they think “what’s my vote going to do?” It’s called a collective voice, look it up.

      1. RogersMiranda


        Thanks for the feedback. Your idea of “collective voice” is exactly right and one of the reasons we created this blog. We want to hear from our customers – both the good feedback and the bad.

  81. I am in the states and couldn’t help but notice there is a promotion for the Galaxy S from one carrier — buy one get one free. Doesn’t sound like much of a ‘manufacturing delay’ to me.

    I cannot say I am disappointed with Rogers as my expectations are low. I used to characterize myself as a victim, now I’m past that, lying on the ground with an arrow in my back, totally beaten down without any hope of any sensible plan in this world of entertainment handsets when I need a professional one (Android with keyboard), and contests when I just want fair pricing and terms. Which I’ve articulated numerous times and it just makes sense, including in the face of this “manufacturing delay” ­— let me buy my own handset on the free market, and offer me an unsubsidized plan. Sound fair? Yeah I know it does, but I also know I can take my ideas to that subterranean fiery place so you can focus on people looking for the shiny.

    I hope you hear me moderator and I can cry on your shoulder, because I can’t expect much else and for my two smartphone lines ($2400 a year) I’m certainly buying you dinner.

  82. Travis

    Can someone tell me what a person would be doing that they require 6+gb of data on their mobile device? This is where you may want to consider getting a life.

    By the way, for those of us that don’t live on this board and check it once a week it wasn’t really all that bad regarding the wait for info on this device. I am not sure why people are freaking out a few weeks after the company makes an announcement. “OMG this company sucks they still haven’t said anything and its been 2 weeks!” ITS A PHONE CALM DOWN.

    Understandably the existing customers are upset they cannot get access to it at launch but regardless of the complaining you will obviously get your upgrade (?) So much complaining and yet your all still here, this company clearly succeeds on a great scale it sounds to me like everyone is so quick to judge without even knowing details or whats going on. Reminds me of little kids that can’t get what they want NOW!

    Patience is a virtue.

    1. As for what people are doing that they require 6gb+ on their mobile device?

      One word answer: tethering
      Two word answer: mobile TV
      Three word answer: lots of youtube

      For a lot of people, a mobile phone (especially one along the lines of this and/or the iPhone) has become their primary internet device. Having said that, I’ll say that a majority of people with 6gb plans don’t use them, but they probably DO use more than 500mb/1gb (or whatever the next biggest plan is), and don’t mind paying the extra $5-10 a month to avoid insane overage charges.

  83. jk1972

    I also received the email about preorders being available, so I went to the website and it said for new customers only. So I decided to try my luck with a CSR, and of course they had no idea the phone even existed, much less being available for preorder. So now I can’t upgrade my 3g to an iphone4 cause there is never any stock, and I can’t preorder a captivate due to the fact you are already getting my money…… I lready have the 6 GB plan on my phone, but the thing is ridiculously slow now, (thanks apple for the updates). Batterylife is half of what it was when new. It is time for a new device, and thanks to Rogers B.S policy for existing users, I can’t get one. Unless I go camp at a store for an unspecified amount of available phones, on an unspecified date…


  84. tom

    Way to go rogers, i’ve been a customer for over ten years, i can,t get a Iphone 4 cause it out f stock EVERYWHERE
    i’m told by customer service to stay and not go to bell cause Rogers is getting the samsung galaxie. And now can’t even get that one cause only NEW CLIENT can pre order. Way to avoid having loyal customer go somewhere else. You guys really need to go back to marketing school and learn the basics of good customer service, (FYI new clients cost more then keeping existing one) If i don’t get the Samsung Galaxy with the free bluetooth on the day it comes out i will cancel my line. this is completely unacceptable and really poor marketing decision

  85. Jake

    What is wrong with Rogers? About a month ago I was going to leave for Bell to get the Galaxy S Vibrant because I also had a good offer from them, but I decided to call retention first. The guy offered us a pretty good deal and told us that he would include the Galaxy S with it, I was skeptical because I didn’t think Rogers had it. He told us he didn’t have any in stock but that I could go to a Rogers store and pick it up. So I went and that is when I found out they didn’t have it yet, nor did they even carry the phone yet. The only reason I signed a 3 year contract was because I was promised the Galaxy S, now I can’t even pre-order it. What is up with that? You guys promise me and my wife each a Galaxy S if we both stay with you for 3 years but you don’t even have it. We signed the deal last month and we clearly stated that it was dependent on us getting the Galaxy S, so what are you guys going to do about this? If I don’t have my 2 phones by mid Oct, I’m leaving and Bell can get my money.

    1. Jake

      One thing I forgot to mention is that when my wife was talking to the retention guy, remember this was about a month ago, we told him specifically that we would only stay if we got the “Galaxy S”, and he told us that he was out of stock but that we could pick it up at any Rogers retailer. I made sure to clarify that it was the Galaxy S and he said yes, we clarified 3 times. The guy just blatantly lied to us to keep us with the company.

      How can you tell your customers that you have a service or a product that you can not provide, or don’t even carry yet? Is this regular business practice to lie to your existing customers? Yes, telling us that you have a product and that we can pick it up when you do not carry it is lying, especially after we clarified 3 times about the exact product.

      When we did call back the second agent we talked to apologized profusely and he claimed that the phone would be out by the end of the month(September), but it looks like that was false as well. Usually being a pretty easy going person, I though to my self hey I don’t mind waiting for the phone for a couple of weeks, but this is getting ridiculous. This is two Rogers’ representatives that had lied to us to keep us with the company. This is not good business practice.

      I hope one of the Rogers’ reps (Roger Miranda as you seem to be on here) responds to this comment, and maybe looks into this. I’m using my Rogers’ email account to post so you can email me if you wish.

  86. Dont Under Estimate

    It would be easy to set up the website for existing customers to pre order. Just type in the account number. They have all the info. All the rep does is the same thing. You tell me in today’s age of technology they cant do that. I sure beilive people are under estimating the launch of this phone. It will sell out, it far beets the I phone. Apple wanted to buy the technolgy for the screen off of samsung.

  87. cmac

    I just want the phone now so i can get on with my life!! my current phone does not work so no one can get a hold of me. I was going to go with bell but then rogers said they would give me an early upgrade and the phone will be out SOON that was a mouth and half ago……. so please understand why im upset!! but whatever its only 2 weeks now and everyone will be ok and this wont matter!!!! so im just going to chill out and wait!! this will be my last and only post!

  88. Eli

    The pre-order on the website was definitely misleading. I was on hold for nearly an hour and a half only to have the operator tell me the offer was EXCLUSIVELY for non-existing Rogers customers.

    Should probably make the fine print at the bottom in LARGE BOLD LETTERS!!!

    so much for customer appreciation…..what a waste of time!!

    1. RogersMiranda

      Thanks for the suggestion. Moving forward, we’ll look at ways to include existing customers in preorders.

  89. Wiley

    Why is everyone holding Rogers responsible for stock issues? “Oh theres no iPhones…” Guess what the rest of the world wants iPhones too. They dont manufactuer these phones and they are deffinetly not the only company in the world trying to get them???? In fact on a scale of priorty I would assume there are much larger companies out there (Verizon) (Orange) (AT&T) that get there orders filled first. There are currently about 5 versions of the Samsung i9000 (Galaxy S) and some of you act like Rogers is the only company that carries it.

    1. We are holding them responsible because we are stuck buying our handsets from them. Clearly, Rogers doesn’t have the clout many other carriers do. Rogers has had to delay their Galaxy S launch until mid October, here in NYC they are having a buy one, get one free promotion. What would be the best solution? Making it reasonable for us to buy our own handsets on the free market, without paying double the cost for the obligatory subsidy fee. Why is the market stuck on subsidized handsets anyway? I haven’t needed to have anything subsidized since I was a teenager. So, yes, this is the fault of the carriers, and if there were a free market for handsets the situation would be much better.

    2. Because Rogers has REPEATEDLY said “We will get the phones into the hands of everybody that wants them” which would imply, I dunno, maybe working with the manufacturers to get more stock? I don’t care if AT&T also carry this phone, Rogers shouldn’t be saying it carries (or is going to carry it) it at all if it can’t get any stock.

  90. dave

    Spoke to customer service AGAIN trying to find a way to get the 6GB/$30 plan for when the Captivate comes out. No luck.

    I currently have a Blackberry with a 1GB BES enterprise data plan ($45/mo!) which I need to receive emails from work. In order to get the 6GB smartphone data plan, I’d need to cancel my BES service and switch to the new plan before the 30th. They are unable to future-date the plan past Sept. 30th and cannot add it to my wife’s line and transfer it to mine when the phone comes out. This means I’d be without work email for 3wks+

    The retentions rep was even less helpful than the customer service rep, going so far as to actually say “yeah, too bad for you”…

    Any suggestions, Miranda? The only one the customer service rep could come up with was to borrow my friend’s 5-year-old Windows Mobile 5 phone and use that for 3 weeks until the Captivate comes out.

    1. Filiberto Choquehuanca

      I dont think thats true. I have a $35 BB value pack which i switched to a 6gb bb data plan. I told them that i’ll be switching to the captivate when rogers decides to release it and he recommended having it come into effect on my billing cycle (14th of each month). So October 14 it’ll automatically switch from my current BB plan to a 6gb bb plan.

      can be done. just call again.

  91. SEB

    Miranda, I talked to CSR, they said they can’t add the 6GB offer without an account number. They won’t take just the pre-order #. Only 2 days left…

    1. RogersMiranda


      Still looking into this. Thanks for your patience. I will likely follow up via email.

  92. Lisa

    they should just extend the 6GB plan till a week after the captivate is released at least. this is ridiculous. horrible customer service. end of story.

  93. Asher

    I’m anxiously awaiting this phone, as most of us are. I saw these (sorta nerdy!) questions a few times in the comments, but I haven’t seen any answers yet, and Rogers customer service hasn’t e-mailed me back… so much for “we’ll respond within 24 hours!”

    1) The Galaxy S series has a software flaw with its GPS. Samsung released a fix for this, but will Rogers units be shipped with this GPS fix?

    2) Samsung has completed Android 2.2 Froyo for Galaxy S devices, and its being rolled out this month around the world. Will Rogers devices ship with 2.2? If not, when is this anticipated?

    3) Miranda has answered this already… but I really, really hope there will be stock. I’d just hate to have waited 3 months, and then have to wait weeks or months more for stock like iPhone 4 users have.

    1. Adam

      I’d love to hear an answer to this, but we all know what it’s going to be.

      “We don’t have exact details at the moment, but more information will be available closer to the release date”.

      However, IF the reason for the delay is to fix the GPS (most important) and to incorporate 2.2 (less important). That’s fine. I’d rather wait a month and have a great phone, than get a broken phone now.

      However, my guess is that it will ship with Android 2.1, based on the fact that 2.1 is being advertised on the Rogers Website, and the Captivate being the first phone to run 2.1

      Hopefully Rogers sends out a 2.2 update soon, and doesn’t leave us hanging like they did with the Magic.

      However, there are other ways to get 2.2 without Rogers sending an official update, but it will technically void your warranty with Rogers, and I won’t go into details here.

    2. RogersMiranda

      @Asher and @Adam

      Sorry for the delay responding. I don’t know all the answers to all questions off-hand so it sometimes takes me some time to find the information.

      1. Our version of the Captivate has been optimized for overall GPS/navigation performance and has been extensively tested.

      2. The Captivate will ship with 2.1. We expect an update to OS 2.2 to be available early 2011

      3. I can’t comment on exact stock quantities for competitive reasons, but we are anticipating normal inventory levels for this launch.

      Hope this helps.

      1. JRKR

        (This is intended to be mostly tongue-in-cheek Miranda, so please take it as such)

        So that means we can actually expect the 2.2 update by summer/fall of 2011? :P

        One serious question though… Is there a firm date yet where I, as an existing customer, can call to order the phone? When I called customer service they still didn’t have a form date and told me to call back on the 15th to “try”.

      2. John

        Hi MIranda. I’m not familiar with the Android phones from rogers. Mainly because I’ve been using the iPhone ever since it came out. But I’m just wondering if you guys are going to be shipping Android 2.1 with any Rogers specific apps on the Samsung Captivate. Something similar to what at&t does.

      3. RogersMiranda

        Hi John,

        Rogers will not be preloading any apps on the device. Instead, we are providing three shortcuts on the device that lead to the Android Market where you can choose to download our most popular apps including urMusic, Rogers on Demand (RODM) or My Account.

      4. John

        I see, that’s good news for my ears. Thanks for the response


      5. Shark

        1. Our version of the Captivate has been optimized for overall GPS/navigation performance and has been extensively tested.

        …um…does this mean it will work properly?…or are these carefully crafted legal words to avoid saying that..and in effect…it just means its ‘optimized’ meaning…will work as best it can? Which currently on forums is not that good…even with the supposed fix?
        I myself need a fully functioning and accurate gps as i moved to a foreign province and city and do not know my way around at all.

      6. Robert

        Miranda, when you say normal inventories, does this mean we have to enter the store RIGHT when it opens to buy it? Or should we be able to come in at any time and buy one without worrying about no stock?

      7. RogersMiranda

        Hi Robert,

        I don’t have access to store-by-store inventory levels. I’d recommend that you call ahead once the device launches to ensure your store has devices.

  94. Doug

    Looks like nobody at Rogers knows what they’re doing. Sort this out and do something for the people who re-signed because you promised they would have this phone almost TWO months ago. This is a joke.

  95. Asher Zafar

    This assumes existing customers never churn and cannot leave. Your model just too simple. Not providing phones for existing customers makes them less loyal, less satisfied, and more likely to leave.

    If I am shopping for a new carrier, and I know that Carrier A reserves stock for existing customers while Carrier B does not, I will prefer carrier A.

    Furthermore, as an existing customer (as was the case with this phone), if my carrier and another are releasing a phone with limited stock at the same time, and I cannot get that phone with my current carrier, but can with another, I will prefer the other carrier. Furthermore, a tenured customer is worth more since they churn less than new customers.

    I don’t think this is a business decision from Rogers, I think it a matter of their technical capability. My guess is they just haven’t built out preorder capability for existing customers.

  96. Jessica

    Follow up with an email after the offer ends. I’m a potential new customer but with all of the confusion an d the inability to figure out the 6gb deal thing for almost a month now, I doubt I’ll make the switch.

  97. Patrick

    For those of you that think the poor service only affects existing customers, that is not so. I was TRYING to become a Rogers customer since July, I would have been happy with two iPhones or two Galaxies or one of each for my wife and I. In the interim we have given up on Rogers and gone to another carrier. I feel for those caught in a contract with Rogers right now.

    1. I’m a very happy Rogers subscriber. We had to wait for a device that we are all here talking about…..enough said. So you went to another carrier.,have fun with your 3G+ only network. All I hear is negative on this launch. Can’t wait till next week!! Thanks Rogers

      1. RogersMiranda

        Thanks for your business!

  98. Maku

    Hi Miranda,

    First, this question was brought up before, but never addressed; will the supply of Samsung Galaxy S captivates that are coming to rogers have the GPS issue resolved? (I’m hoping this was one of the reasons why things were delayed)
    Secondly, are there any features of the smartphone that will be disabled due to the handy work of rogers or features that will require additional fees to be “usable” or are we, for once, going to receive a fully operational/unaltered smartphone since we’ve been waiting ever-so-patiently, as I’m sure you would agree….
    And thirdly, what’s the word on Android 2.2?

    Some feedback would be appreciated,

    1. RogersMiranda


      I posted about the GPS issue as a general comment in this thread but you may have missed it. Our version of the Captivate has been optimized for overall GPS/navigation performance and has been extensively tested. Issues related to the AT&T build should be directed to Samsung.

      I’m not aware of any features being disabled. If there is a specific feature you’re inquiring about, let me know and I can look into it for you.

      We expect an update to OS 2.2 to be available early 2011.

      Hope this helps.

      1. Wow… 2011? That’s somewhat surprising. By then there’s a pretty good chance that the NEXT version of Android will be out for the Captivate elsewhere in the world. I’d be curious to find out why the crazy delay for Rogers.

      2. Can you explain what “optimized” means? I’d expect the device to work on world standards, and not need any “optimizing.” In fact, “optimizing” would be a problem since it would indicate a problem on other networks, which either means the standard is inadequate, incompetence at Samsung or meddling is involved. And no offense, but judging from other indicators, I’d also be surprised if Rogers has the expertise lying around to this kind of “optimizing.”

  99. Ranma

    So if this is a manufacturing problem, how is it Verizon in the USA has buy this phone get another free deal going on? Seems to me if they are able to offer a bogo (since September 8), then there is no real delay and Rogers is just waiting and baiting customers.

  100. Interestingly, I just called to sign my wife up for the 6gb data plan today, in anticipation of her getting the Captivate when it comes out. The rep I spoke to didn’t make us sign a new data contract with the 6gb plan, which is awesome.

    1. Adam

      the 6GB is an add-on, not a plan, so you wouldn’t have to upgrade.

  101. Adam

    Word on the street is Dummy phones have started arriving at Rogers outlets:
    Its on

    Means hopefully soon, I’d bet around the 10th to 17th.

  102. Kevin S

    I would like to let Rogers know that I intend to do a hardware upgrade just to get me through my contract so I don’t have to pay $400 to cancel. After that time, unless things significantly improve, I will leave for a company such as Wind. I am ashamed to be a Rogers customer right now considering how poor launches have been recently. This is from a customer who has been with you since you were called Cantel AT&T… Please take our feedback, and find a much better way of launching a phone to satisfy current customers as well as new customers. Favouring one over the other will lead to what is currently present on this board. Rogers needs to adapt, to innovate and these launches are proving you have not been doing that.

    I am sorry I have been somewhat upset in the past over this issue, I apologize to you Miranda. I just hope that things change, that the mighty Rogers Communications company can become great once more.

    1. Umm… if you do a hardware upgrade, you know you have to re-sign a contract right?

      1. Kevin S

        yes BUT my but not my existing data contract. That’s why it will cost $400 to cancel vs $200… two contracts to kill.

      2. But… There’s no reason to renew a data contract.

      3. Kevin S

        BUT, I have to stay with them till my data contract is over, which is 2013… so… I might as well do a hardware upgrade until it is over with… THEN we will see if things have changed and if I will stay… Make sense?

      4. So what you’re saying is, you JUST renewed your data contract (presumably for the 6gb/$30 plan) and now you might as well do a hardware upgrade. Well duh.

      5. Kevin S

        I added a data plan at the beginning of this year. This is my last response on this subject. Thanks for your concern.

  103. Rubman

    Hey Miranda,

    I have read a lot of the comments on here and can sympathize with there anger, but being a 15yr client I have come expect the delays. My question to you is when the captivate is release how many will each Rogers store be given.

    1. RogersMiranda


      Sorry, we can’t provide exact numbers for competitive reasons.

      1. Miranda – you’ve said that you expect stock levels to be normal for this launch. You said the same for the Torch, and there are *many* reports of just about every store being sold out already, one day after launch. So, is the Captivate going to be the same?

      2. RogersMiranda

        I can’t provide any additional details on stock levels for competitive reasons but as with most launches, quantities will vary from store to store.

  104. Robert

    This is interesting. For all you existing loyal customers, buy the Samsung Vibrant that Bell offers, unlock to Rogers and enjoy. That’s the best thing I ever did where smart phones are concerned over a month ago, and have not regret it one bit.

    Good night.

    1. You really think it’s acceptable to essentially pay twice as much for your smart phone? Up front price plus embedded subsidy fees? That makes the price over $1000. Other countries require carriers to offer unsubsidized plans, that’d be the reasonable thing to do here.

      1. But at least you’re not locked into a contract, so you can leave Rogers at any time. That’s definitely worth it to some people (not me, personally).

      2. Donovan

        Not if you call retentions to get your monthly bill lowered… that more than makes up for ~12.50 a month subsidy.

        I received my AT&T Captivate for $435 delivered, thanks to ebay. I’ve had the Captivate for 5 weeks now. It is still sad that a 18+ year loyal customer would have to do this to have a phone before it’s out of date.

    2. I will wait for the Captivate. The Vibrant looks unfinished. Whats with the indented home key?

  105. Haha

    I guess we (existing customers) are the kid that doesn’t get the ice cream!

    “Even kids know it’s wrong to treat new friends better then old friends”
    (ally bank commercial)

    1. Adam

      This whole fiasco reminded me of that commercial as well.

    2. Sebastien

      Hats off to you!!!! Love your comment! HAHAHA!

    3. Eli

      someone wanna re-edit that commercial and put Rogers in there instead?? LOL

  106. ThompsonPaul

    Miranda, I’m in the same boat as so many others wishing to pre-order the phone with the $30/6GB option. I know the offer has been extended to October 5, but would appreciate if you could email me also, as you have offered others, once a method is in place to accomplish this.

    The 6GB plan is the only benefit for me to waiting for the phone from Rogers as opposed to grabbing one from the competition.


  107. JSKershaw

    So I see the 6GB data plan has been extended to October 5th. Why are iPhone4 customers treated with fantastic promos like the 6GB plan? Should this “highly antisipated” phone also be treated with the same package? Why couldn’t this package be extended until the Captivate comes out?

    I just want to be able to transfer my BB data package to the 6GB package without having to go for 2-3 weeks without data to my current Blackberry (until the Captivate is launched)… If this can be done, then I would have migrated to the 6GB package weeks ago! But from what the CSR told me it can not be done and if I went with the 6GB BB data package I can not switch it to the 6GB smartphone package at a later time since it will no longer be available in the system.

    So many questions are being asked and nothing is being answered… Thanks Rogers!

    1. When I called yesterday to sign my wife up for the 6gb data plan, in anticipation of getting a Captivate when it comes out, they said that her blackberry will still work with the 6gb smartphone data plan instead of the BB data plan. It doesn’t roll over until the 9th, so I guess we’ll see if she was lying to me or not.

  108. Robert

    Ryan and those who are looking for stock levels.
    The following is just my opinion…..
    Lets just say that Miranda indicates for the sake of argument that each store was going to get 20 hansets, to me that would mean nothing to me because what is difficult here is trying to determine the demand for the Captivate if you get what I am saying.

    Im thinking it is going to be strong but then there just may be a few of us geeks around?! Keep in mind when we asked the CSR’s at a rogers outlet even a week ago they havent heard of the phone, let alone the general public.

    They are not going to get lets say 100 per store on opening day im sure. So bottom line im thinking if I were you I would line up regardless? What do you think.?

    My own issue being a new customer is that I am waiting paintently for Miranda and or Elise to get back to me on how I am going to get the 6Gb plan added as promised.

    Good luck to you all!

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Robert, I responded to your older comment from Sept. 27. Apologies for the delay getting back to you. I am still working on this and will follow up via email as soon as I work something out.

    2. Actually, I wasn’t asking about stock levels in individual stores, despite Miranda’s responding to me as if I was. My question was referring to the fact that Miranda keeps saying they expect stock levels to be “normal” for this launch, which is exactly what she said about the Torch, yet there have been multiple reports of stores all over the Toronto area being sold out shortly after opening yesterday.

      And lining up sounds like a great idea. Would you like to come to my work for me on launch day, and explaining to my boss where I am? Unfortunately, lining up isn’t an option for many of us. I’m just hoping that stores get enough stock so that I can actually get my phone at lunch time on launch day.

      1. Robert

        Ryan, I would not like to line up for you actually.

        My comment was just to make the point that If I were hoping to get the Captivate on launch day I would line up.I just have sympathy for those in that situation not being able to line up etc.

        I have already pre-ordered my Captivate


      2. Well, you said “If I were you I would line up” – but obviously that’s not an option for many of us working folks who are hoping to get our hands on this phone before the inevitable “out of stock, sorry, try calling your local Rogers store every day to see if they have one” problems kick in.

      3. RogersMiranda

        Hi Ryan,

        Sorry if I didn’t address your exact question. We are aware that some stores did not have their devices first thing on Sept. 30. As I said before, quantities vary from store to store but more devices are being shipped to Rogers retailers on an ongoing basis. I can’t speculate on whether or not the situation will be the same for the Captivate. All I can tell you is that we expect normal inventory levels.

        Devices are currently available for purchase on

  109. Rubman

    Hey just called up Rogers and got the 6G for 30 so I am ready when I get my Captivate. Miranda will you be notifing us on here that the Captivate is in stores. Because I am now getting notifications on my BB

    1. RogersMiranda

      Yes. We will update RedBoard when the Captivate launches. Also, if you signed up for updates, you will get an email when the device is available.

  110. Aaron

    Some recent reports from 2 people who talked to those at Rogers suggest that early November could be the new release timeframe

    1. Adam

      I have been told Aug 20, Oct 4, Oct 16, Oct 21, Early Nov, Late December and even february.

      All by Rogers employees. They have no better info than we do. Its 100% pure speculation.

  111. whatTHEheck

    What a Joke. Goodbye Rogers.

  112. Chris Mac

    I was at rogers today and they had a none working demo up of the captivate!!! where getting close! and it is nice, very thin and very light little bigger then you think but not bad doesn’t bother me!! I love it cant wait the guy at rogers said it will probably sell out first day so good luck to all..

  113. Alex

    Worst launch ever by any company??? an anyone think of a launch as poor as this one???
    October 2nd, and yet, we dont have a release date. AT least give us something you are aiming for, say October 21, and if it comes out sooner, all the better. What is the latest date this will launch?
    Also, how was GPS when testing the phone? was this issue corrected? Is this what caused the delay? At least inform us, we deserve some answers after waiting 3 whole months !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. RogersMiranda


    Many of you have asked about GPS issues on AT&T’s version of the Captivate and if they would be corrected with the Rogers version. We don’t comment on devices from other carriers but our version of the Captivate has been optimized for overall GPS/navigation performance and has been extensively tested. Issues related to the AT&T build should be directed to Samsung.

    1. LAHAL

      Sounds like its been fix.

  115. Rubman

    Soooooooo M, any news as to when u guys are releasing the Captivate any date set.


    1. RogersMiranda

      We’re working towards a mid October launch but right now, no firm date to communicate.

      1. Tony

        So Miranda, is it still mid October or is it now mid November? Mid 2011?

  116. Adam

    Will download mode / recovery mode be enabled on the Rogers version of the Galaxy S?

  117. Kevin

    Since Samsung has Android 2.2 ready for the Captivate any chance Rogers will be launching with 2.2 ?

    1. RogersMiranda

      The Captivate will launch with 2.1. We expect an update to OS 2.2 to be available early 2011

      1. Ah hah hah hah hah, hah hah hah. Excuse me. Ah hah hah ha hah hah. This is so rich. I couldn’t make this up. Ah hah hah hah hah hah. It’ll be just like the Magic, by the time you get your “update” (2.1/2.2) a significant new update (2.2/3.0) will already be common on other carrier’s devices.

        Ah hah hah hah hah.


      2. Eli

        Just out of curiousity, why is the 2.2 update pushed back so late? I have friends in the U.S. who already have the Captivate running the new Android 2.2 OS

      3. Robert

        Because this is Canada. We don’t embrace new innovative technology like the U.S, Europe etc. It’s pretty sad.

  118. Cody

    So what was the final word on the 6GB plan Miranda, That was a week ago you said you would get more information. its now the 4th and i have been unable to change to the 6GB plan.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Cody,

      Sorry for the delay. I don’t have a final solution just yet. We’re still working on it. Once I have all the details, I will reach out to those affected via email for more details.

  119. Malek

    This is first time in my life i have a contract and a plan but no phone! its possible to know approximatively when the galaxy will be available ?

    1. RogersMiranda

      HI Malek,

      I don’t have a firm launch date to communicate right now. All I can tell you is that we’re working toward a mid-October launch.

      1. Sandra

        Miranda, do you know what the pricing will be. You have previoulsy said $149.99 and that is what they had on the website until today that went up to $399.99. New clients got to pre-order at $149.99 and existing clients have to pay more than double that?

  120. Rubman

    Hey guys just got back from my local Rogers store and they had a dummy of the Captivate that just arrived this am. Sweeeeeet my buddy there said that more then likely that he will be getting stock sometime around the 12th of October and they should go on sale on the 14th. Good thing he is a buddy will put one away for me. Gotta love the shmooooooz.

  121. DJM

    I would like to know why do we have to wait till early 2011 just to receive 2.2, when most American carriers (AT&T) will be receiving the update by the end of this month..early next month at most? I don’t understand, there’s an unofficial update out there at the moment, what’s Rogers explanation for this?

  122. Haggis

    Hi Miranda,

    Sorry to go on about the eligibility for the Galaxy S release contest, but I just read the terms and conditions of the contest. I don’t understand why existing customers who want the phone are not eligible for the prize draw without writing the small essay.

    The contest rules say to get into the prize draw:
    “Purchase by pre-ordering the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate from and activate it on a new 2-year or 3-year term service agreement with a data plan during the Contest Period and you will be automatically entered in the Contest. Limit of one (1) entry per person, per purchase;”

    Surely this applies to existing customers since, as an existing customer I have to sign a 2 or 3 year term to get this phone as a hardware upgrade and will have to pay exactly the same as an existing customer to get the phone.

    The essay seems to required for Canadian residents who are not interested in purchasing the phone, but have to get the same chance to win because of the laws regarding contests in Canada.

    “To enter without purchase, send a unique and original handwritten 100-words essay about “What is your most captivating TV moment of the last year?”

    As I said, sorry for bringing up the contest again, but do you see what I am getting at regarding the eligibility requirements.

    Regardless, I will wait for the phone to be released from Rogers. As there is no way I am giving my business to Bell/Telus. I have experienced their after sales customer service in the past, never again.

    1. RogersMiranda


      First of all, thanks for your business. :)

      As for the contest, the essay is a legal requirement. No points for content – its just a way for those who can’t preorder to enter. I understand where you’re coming from, but the contest is open for everyone – not just those who want the phone.

  123. Karl

    So only new customers will get first dibs on the stock when it arrives through pre-order, and also get a free bluetooth headset and entry to a contest? Why are existing customers getting the short end of the stick? Seems like a poor way to treat your loyal customers, or am I missing something here?

    1. Sansaman

      You get first dibs as well. Theirs is shipped from distro centre. You get to go into store level which is different than their stock. You also get to sign up for the contest: read the contest details. Bluetooth is not for you though.

  124. diesel_9576

    Hello RogersMiranda,

    i am waiting for the galaxy s. dont have a problem waiting for it, remember its only a cell phone right?

    one ? i am currently using a blackberry on the $50 student plan, when i upgrade( im eligible, havent had onesince signing up 2 years ago, i also just renewed for another three years)

    will i be charged for data cancellation when I do get the phone and change to the $50 smartphone plan

    1. RogersMiranda

      No. If you are migrating to another plan, you will not be charged a cancellation fee.

  125. Chris Mac

    OS 2.2 2011.?.?.? its already out for samsung galaxy s i dont understand why we have to wait for that to..

    1. Donovan

      Froyo (2.2) is not yet available for the AT&T Captivate. Some are using the leaked release that is incomplete.

  126. Miranda, why not just say what day you’re aiming for in Mid-October for the release? Because really, it doesn’t make any difference if you say October 14th or Mid-October – if you launch it on the 21st, for example, people are still going to say you missed the release date.

  127. Dave

    To be fair, the Galaxy S firmware that Samsung has released is for the vanilla version of the international i9000 Galaxy S Vibrant. Their firmware has no carrier-specific modifications and is not yet available to the general public.

    There was a leaked ‘official’ firmware for the AT&T Galaxy S Captivate, but it is not yet finalized and hasn’t been released via an Over-The-Air update yet on AT&T, and they’ve had their phones since July!

    I’d rather Samsung & Rogers took their time on this and did it properly – especially if they get rid of the slow/stupid proprietary Samsung file system and launch it on Ext4 so there’s no need to run a lagfix on the phone

    That being said, I really can’t wait for this phone. Does Rogers have a policy on Rooting our devices? Does it void the warranty?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Yes. Rooting does void the warranty and we cannot provide technical support for the device as we can’t guarantee how the device will function on our network.

  128. Robert

    Ridiculous, ridiculous, ridiculous!! Mid October is next week…is it going to be released next week or not? That’s not too long from now and surely you must have a date. This is just a ploy to keep us all from going to another company, but it’s too late for me. i already pre-ordered it but I have no idea when I will actually get it – hopefully before Christmas. I read above that someone went to see his bud at a Rogers outlet and he told him the possible release dates, but he also said that his buddy there is going to hold one for him. My guess is that they are only getting a few per store and all the Rogers employees are going to tell the pre-order people and current customers that want to HUP that there’s none available and hog them all for their friends and family, whether or not they qualify for a HUP or not. I know this happens every day in every business, but it’s not right. Oh well, I now have the 6gb plan and no phone to make use of it. If I don’t get one when it’s actually released, I’m going to have to calll and ask for a credit for paying for a service that I can’t use.

    1. John D

      Unfortunately, the earliest it will be released is likely the 15/16th of this month. With that said, the 21st seems like a more likely date due to the pre-order page saying pre-ordering ends around that time. Either way, it’s doubtful we’ll see it for at least 7 days.. and even less likely that Miranda will be allowed to announce anything different for at least a couple more days. Patience is the key.. I guess ;)

      1. To be fair – the “pre-order” page for the Torch is still up, and expires October 30th… So they may just make the Captivate pre-order into the “buy online” deal page.

  129. jas

    i am thinking that since the preorder is open till oct 20 then the phone will be released after that and thats not mid october

  130. ron


    I’m in the same boat as you.
    Except I’ve been paying since August.
    It’s very frustrating when I have to wait 60 minutes just to be told, “no, we cannot suspend
    your data, you can either continue to pay, or just cancel it”.
    Since I signed a contract, I really don’t have any sort of leverage for another 3 years.

    As for Rooting, yes, I’m disappointed, but not very surprised at all.
    I totally understand Rogers taking the stance of “rooting = no warranty”. Makes no business sense at all in supporting a product that the consumer might have broken.

    However, I hope is that there isn’t going to be a ton of pointless bloatware like the AT&T model. That will force many enthusiasts to root and purge, thus losing their warranties.

    Side note:
    I hope it’s not coding all that bloatware which slowed down the launch of this phone.
    Very curious how much the vibrant is weighed down with.

  131. Sebastien

    I was wondering because you had mentionned captivate would get a 2.2 update early 2011. Why not update to 3.0… that way you will be up to date on technology on a certain model…

    3.0 is supposed to be released anytime now… I think Rogers should spend their energy on this update instead of 2.2….

    All in favor?????

    1. Donovan

      LOL. Haven’t folks waited enough already? There will be a better phone available by the time 3.0 hits the Rogers Captivate, if it does.

  132. Shade

    SO @Rogers in general.

    I don’t mind waiting for the Galaxy to come out. However I have never paid for a HUP phone in the past and never will. Since my over 10 year contract is almost up and I have 2 phones on account with you, should you want to keep me as a satisfied and current customer then I had better be able to get at least 1 Captivate for no cost other than my continued patronage. Of course I would be pleased to re-sign a full 3 year renewal contract as well, but I’m also concerned about the 6GB/$30 per month ending today.

    Talking with other competitors and out of respect won’t mention which, but know there are more than 1 as there are many new companies now finally, I have been offered 2 Galaxy S i9000 series phones for free with a 2 phone, 3 year contract.

    My question to Rogers is how or what can you offer me to keep my customer loyalty. As well as the 6GB/$30 issue, since I’m currently using a BB and don’t want to lose the data until I get my Captivate.

    I have been pleased with your service over the last decade and would love to continue our business relationship. You may answer me publicly if you chose, but would also appreciate a personal email as well.

    Thank you again for years of good service.

    And to everyone out there complaining about the release date, please just have some patience. It would save all of you some grief, although I can understand your frustration as I share it.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi there,

      First off, thanks for your business and providing your feedback on our service. It is appreciated. I hope that you’ll consider keeping Rogers as your service provider. :)

      I do not have access to your customer account details so I can’t speculate on what promotional offers you may be eligible for. I’d recommend calling Customer Care to discuss your options.

  133. Ryan

    How much is the phone without the contract?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Ryan,

      The device will be $549.99 without a contract.

  134. Buck

    I sent in my handwritten contest submission. I am waiting patiently to upgrade TWO phones. Back when I started with Rogers they didn’t sell SIM’s so I had to ‘buy’ two zero dollar phones, just for the SIM’s. We bought unlocked HTC smartphones elsewhere, and have been using them. They are showing their age (HTC TYTN II’s), and I really need to upgrade.

    I am currently spending $500 a month for the four of us. All various smart phones.

    OK, ten more days until the 15th…. I seriously hope they arrive.

  135. tamara


    I’m looking forward to the launch of this phone, and I noticed that several posts ago you mentioned people could sign up for updates on the launch. I can’t find a link to sign up for those updates, can you provide it to me?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Tamara,

      Glad you’re looking forward to the launch of the Captivate. The page to sign up for updates no longer exists, but we will be updating customers here on RedBoard when the device is available.

  136. James

    Hi Miranda,

    I would like to add my voice to the chorus of discontent. I am anticipating the arrival of this phone and would like to be on a reserve list of some kind yet after confirming my ability to upgrade hardware I still do not have a great deal of confidence that I will be able to upgrade next week. I have been a customer for many years and currently have 5 handsets…. This amounts to a pretty hefty monthly tab. To upgarde and add data I think is not a really great idea in some respects yet I do have a business need to be better connected.

    Even a simple mechanism to confirm that I am on a list of folks slotted to get the device would be better than the current profile of “sorry the reserve list is for new clients” Retention of long standing customers is just as important as new clients. Otherwise you loose 5 lines for one shiney new one… I hope that some one above you is paying attention as I suspect for every one person taking time to voice this perspective there are a larger number feeling the same way and saying nothing.

    PS : I think you should get a medal for patience in responding to all these posts and maintaining a positive professional voice … Now if only someone caould follow up that would seal the deal for me.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi James,

      Thanks for the feedback and thanks for the compliment on my responses here on RedBoard. :) At this time, there is no sort of “reserve list” for existing customers and I can understand why that is frustrating for people who are anxious to get this highly anticipated device. However, we are working to include existing customers in future preorders.

      I’m reading every comment on this post (and previous ones) and will continue to pass these suggestions on to our internal teams.

    2. vl

      Ask the guy or girl at your local store. S/he may have a waiting list already. If not, ask them to start one. I did and the CSR had no problem with it. I’m expecting a call as soon as the first phone arrives in store.

      Hopefully that will not turn into another disappointment becasue I’m fresh out of patience.

  137. Lawrence

    I agree with Robert…it’s crazy that we are 9 days away from mid October and still no actual release date. As someone who pre-ordered this phone and switched to Rogers I am beginning to wonder whether I made the right decision!!!

  138. Jonnyd

    I can’t believe the amount of secrecy here by Miranda, your competitive edge is gone! Rogers is the last one to release the phone. Just give us the details on release date and packaged content and be done with. Those that wanted to leave already have and those who want to stay will. Just give us what we want, thanks.

  139. Sally

    I went in to a Rogers store today and asked a CSR about the captivate and release dates. Just to let you know, I’m not a current Rogers customer, but I was just inquiring as a friend mentioned this phone coming out soon The CSR didn’t actually know anything about this phone and he placed a call to Rogers “headquarters” and the person there told him that it probably won’t be available until at least mid to late November. Well, I told him, no thanks and I’ll just go down the road and get the Vibrant from Bell. I would have rathered get the Captivate but since the website says an expected mid October release and the the person on the Rogers phone said otherwise, I’m going with Bell.

    1. Another case of inconsistent marketing messages. Miranda, if you guys are “aiming” for a Mid-October release date, you need to make sure that this is the only message that gets out from ANY information channels.

  140. PL

    I think i know what’s happening here.
    First of all, no phones until Oct 21th
    According to this article, the phone is set to release at mid Oct
    Let’s just say that’s Oct 14 or 15 (straight down the middle)
    BUT remember there is always 4 to 5 business days we always have to wait
    So it’s about Oct 21 or 22 in which pre-order ends (Oct 20th)
    Thus pre-order website doesn’t look silly. (isn’t this such logical?)
    In worst case, Rogers could intend to release the phone following Monday and it would be Oct 25
    I am not getting angry at this because it’s so obvious now that Rogers can’t lunch the phone at mid Oct.
    Just like they have been saying the phone is coming soon for freaking 2 month
    I rather feel pity for those who actually pre-order.
    I mean they even have paid money and not going to see the phone until late Oct

    Secondly, at least I am glad we get a promise for an update for android 2.2
    that mean Rogers will actually do it rather than just ignore it
    Yet the update date isn’t going to be foretold and will be drawback again and again
    Still, we get an update and hopefully by then I wouldn’t like to hear that Bell offered an update before for their device.

    Thirdly, stop erasing my comment
    I mean seriously, was that necessary?
    Also you could have mention why my comment was erased by email.
    But no email, just out of history.

    Anyway point is, I am JUST GLAD, I don’t live in world such SCENARIOS do exist.

  141. Buck

    Miranda, can you confirm that the feature where you can turn the phone into a WIFI hotspot? Samsung calls it wireless tethering. They show it as a feature of the phone, and as included software.

    1. I’ve asked this question twice so far. It’s obviously an important question. How will Galaxy S support tethering? Will it require special software?

      1. RogersMiranda

        Hi David,

        Sorry for not responding to your earlier questions about tethering support. I don’t know the answer off-hand so I am trying to find out for you.

      2. Thanks RogersMiranda. And thank you for posting some of my cranky yet constructive posts.

  142. George

    This is bad,real bad….im thinking this phone will be out Mid Novemeber….October was a typo………….

    but anyways today i went down to the closest rogers store to my house and the lady there said it will be released in a couple weeks, she asked for my name and number so she can call me with the update….but i get back home and read that “ROGERS HEADQUARTERS” says it will be out in Mid November…?

    Miranda can you please tells us exactly what month or even year?…..i just want to get this phone! my BB bold is broken and i dont wanna go another month paying for the data plan without actually fully using it! i was so tempted to go by the xperia (that runs on 1.6)..but i thought to myself that if the captivate comes out within the next few days,this phone(the xperia) will be junk……. and i wont be able to get another for 3 more months…


    Miranda are you sure that this phone will be release this month?or even within the next few weeks or so? or it is just a guess from the company…..its just crazy how this phone is out everywhere else..and not here..??….

    i reallly aprrecate you keeping us updated….

    1. Eli

      I don’t think it’ll take that long because I already started seeing the Captivate dummy phones on display at Rogers stores.

      They wouldnt put a dummy phone on display if the actual launch date isnt for another month would they?

    2. RogersMiranda

      Hi George,

      I can confirm that our post headline was not a typo :) We’re still working towards a mid-October launch date. As I’ve mentioned in this post and in the comments, we did anticipate an earlier launch but there was a manufacturing delay which caused our launch date to change.

      Appreciate your patience.

  143. Rashar

    Hello Miranda,

    What is the manufacturing delay? That just sounds so vague. Was there a problem with putting the phone together? Software problems? Shipping? Was there even a manufacturing delay?

    I think it is owed to, especially the loyal longtime customers, that they be told honestly on what’s going on with this phone. I don’t ever recall such a demand for a phone and Rogers not meet that expectation.



    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Rashar,

      Your questions are best directed at Samsung.

    2. Paul

      There was some speculation that the manufacturing delay was Samsung forgetting to switch the At&t logo to the Rogers logo for the batch Rogers was getting. Which might also explain 2 for 1 deals for these phones in stateside that I’ve read about.


  144. Buck

    I think I figured it out. The Online Pre-Buy Offer expires October 20th, 2010…..get it?

    No reason to have a Pre-Buy offer AFTER they release it?

    I’m just sayin’

  145. cblanchette

    Both Rogers stores in town won’t do a waiting list when I asked. One said if the phone sells out then they would consider it. The other said first come first serve is my only option.

    Since I have to work the same hours as the stores do I don’t think I stand a chance of getting one immediately the way things are currently set up. I’d like to throw my vote that current customers need some form of way to get on a pre-order. Theres no difference between my money and someone elses. Trying to get an I4 was a disaster, Just this week was the first time I could have gotten one (and I have been trying since day 1)

    My only concern with trying android is the disaster they call updates. I really hope Google somehow gets a handle on this. Googles coming out with version 3 soon, and phones are barely starting to get 2.2 now? It takes a year to get a phone updated? If your lucky enough to even get an update? Sorry but I think that if I am locked into 3 years with a phone the company locking me in should have to support me for 3 years. I know its a new concept but it really needs to happen…

  146. Mark

    I went to the Rogers store yesterday (Kildonan Place in winnipeg), they had a dummy unit that they had just gotten in. The guys there were saying that it would have Android 2.2 but reading this I assume that was incorrect.

    Anyway, the two guys I spoke with said they generally get the dummy units about 2 weeks to a month before they get the actual phone, whatever that’s worth but they didn’t know when they would get the phone. I’m willing to wait a couple weeks, I don’t think I can wait a month.

  147. Bgrant

    I have been waiting for Rogers to release this hardware since early spring. I have been using a horribly broken phone this entire time waiting for something as simple as a date.

    If this is pushed back further than mid October, I will consider this to be completely unacceptable, and I will be shopping for a replacement for Rogers. I don’t like being lead-on with misleading information in a poor effort to cover up for a total miss by Rogers keeping up with current technology.

    Complaints are apparently not having any effect on Rogers. It’s time to vote with my wallet. It’s only fitting as Rogers has recently lost my Cable TV, and Cable Internet accounts for similar reasons.

  148. Hype

    Question for the mods here – Is there going to be a big Rogers logo branded on the Captivate?

  149. JSKershaw

    Hi Miranda,

    We’re getting very close to “mid-October” (basically one week away) and we still do not have a launch date. This is becoming extremely frustrating. Can you look into this and see why it’s taking so long to announce a launch date?

    Also is there any word on what is going to happen with regards to the manly people including myself that wanted to get the 6GB smartphone data package for $30 and could not upgrade to the package because we currently have Blackberries. I was informed that the two packages were not compatible with each other, and if I were to switch from a 6GB BB package to the Smartphone package I would not be able to switch to since it would have been taken out of the system. This was what the CSR told me back in September when you recommended that we all “if possible” were to upgrade our data packages before the promo expired.


  150. Brian

    October 7th and waiting… Still mid-october or more delays. I think we have a right to know. Rogers is really pissing me off. I am calling Retentions to give me credit for the data I am paying yet not using until I get a new phone since my current phone has a battery life of an hour. Tell me how this is fair!!!!

  151. Dustin

    Hi Miranda,

    Any news on getting the phone with the 6gb plan?
    I had also called in and asked about it, got transferred 3 times, and got different answers from all 3 people.

    1st rep) I was told i could pre-order, then change the plan when i called in, and that the plan was likely to be extended anyways.

    2nd rep) I was told i could not change the plan on a pre-order, as i had to be existing customer.

    3rd rep) I was told to get a phone with sim card, and get the 6gb plan and move it over to the galaxy s.

    So, i have no faith in the reps now….

    I’m still going to buy the phone, but i’m not going to pre-order because i don’t like the packages that you get pigeon holed into.

    Will the 6gb plan be made available again?

    1. Buck

      I have the 6gb data plan right now, and I use it on my HTC TYTN II. I never use even close to half. Maybe with the google maps GPS, and gaming I will use more. I think it is a good deal at $30 a month, but I am going to pay another $10 a month for US Data…

  152. George

    i hope the release date is not in november…im praying next week…but thanks Miranda,i’ll keep checking redboard and other sites for updates on a release date…

    off topic question…

    should i wait for this phone or get the xperia…?

    1. Cody

      Wait, the xperia is a good phone but the Captivate destroys it hands down.

    2. The Xperia isn’t even remotely in the same class. Wait for the Captivate.

    3. Eli

      I’d say wait for the Captivate

      X10 is still running on Android 1.6 and wont get the 2.1 (Eclair) update till later this year

    4. LAHAL

      HAHA, how can you compare the xperia to the Galaxy S. HAHA

  153. Maku

    What a fiasco this has turned out to be….

    Question: How much will existing customers be charged for the phone on the day of launch if, say, it’s been 1 or 2 yrs since they did a HUP? My common sense says it shouldn’t be more than the $149.99 price that’s available for new customers, but I would like to hear what a Rogers employee will tell me…. Miranda?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Standard HUP eligibility rules apply. If you are eligible for an upgrade, you will be able to get the device at the new customer price.

  154. Steve

    New customers only???? What about existing customers that have already been left with an extremely bad taste in our mouths because of the 1.5 – 2.1 upgrade fiasco?

    My first HTC Magic was replaced under warranty when tech support and the local store couldn’t resolve all the issues with it. It was replaced with a USED phone which has its own set of issues (constantly dropping network connection…) I’m not eligible for a hardware upgrade yet so I’m left with a phone that’s extremely unreliable so I have to pay full price for a new phone?!?!

    I’d been a Telus, Clearnet and Bell customer for years and years before switching to Rogers so I could get an Android phone. Rogers has been by far the WORST telco I’ve ever dealt with.

    Customer service is absolutely and totally non-existent, and the still haven’t figured out that smartphones are not “telephones”; they’re “mobile computing devices”. Unbelievable…

  155. LisaBreanne

    Seriously miranda are we going to get any updates at all? I wanted the 6GB data plan but when i called customer service they told me they couldnt put it as inactive as i dont have a data phone right now and didnt want to be paying for a few months of data that i couldnt even touch. Are we forsure getting it this month? or is still going to be pushed back over and over again? its getting ridiculous and im seriously consider changing providers as well as the rest of my family.

  156. Dont Under Estimate

    Rogers wont let you know till about two days before launch which will probably be after the 20th as seeing that is when they will stop the pre-order.

    For George, if you can wait, wait for the Samsung you will be much happier with it.

    Hey Miranda…… Does rogers have mobile t.v. or will they be getting it anytime soon? Other carriers have it so you can get HBO and many other stations right on your mobile phone for a small monthly price.

  157. DJM

    Don’t get the Xperia. It’s a bad phone. No multi-touch, won’t be upgraded to anything higher than 2.1 … even at that – it lags at 2.1, and Sony Ericsson won’t be releasing it for a long time, they’re inept at this kind of stuff.

    Either wait for the Captivate, or just pay out your contract and move to Bell for the Vibrant or (HTC Desire Z coming in November)

    1. MikeP

      Another option is buying a AT&T Captivate from the states. Of course you won’t get the lock in to a contract subsidy on the phone, but at the rate new phones are coming out, you can probably sell the captivate for 75% of what you paid for it, and avoid contracts entirely.

      1. If you don’t mind paying nearly twice as much with the subsidy. Some countries and carriers offer “bring your own handset” plans with lower monthly fees. Logically it should be illegal not to.

  158. Pete

    I assume the delay for this release is due to the fact that this phone has GPS Problems which Samsung is still working on for a fix.

    I assume that Rogers is probably trying to a networking fix on their side?

    Or possibly, because of shortages with AMOLED screens, so the manufacturer has to make X amount for Rogers to accomodate everyone??

    Possibly a far fetched assumption, but a possibility?

  159. George

    Pete the GPS problem was fixed a week ago..its a mystery on what else set it back..possibly a shortage of the screens???but no body has clue not even rogers LOL…

    my whole family updated there phones and im just waiting,,like i said before i pray to GOD its not in NOVEMBER!…im litterally dying for the hoping the week of the 10th its released..but having my doubts..sorry if im getting annoying…but i cant wait!

  160. Chris Mac

    The only way they will give it to us RIGHT now is if we all just voted to to leave rogers! WHICH is unlikely! other wise we just got to wait. But SERIOUSLY ROGERS WHAT IS GOING ON TELL US. THIS HAS GONE ON WAY TO LONG! I think you owe us something now for leading us on and tricking us to say with rogers. THIS IS UNFAIR. I can not believe this! As sad as it sounds we need phones to get by now a days. Half of us that want this phone need one and are not going to use there upgrade to a lower quality phone thats not worth having for 2 years. So by you telling us its coming SOON or Mid October and it not happening and doing this for 3 months Rogers has SERIOUSLY impaired there customers day to day life because we could have just gone somewhere else and got this phone and moved on but rogers keeps on making it sound better then it is.SO rogers as a loyal customer i feel that we are owed something to make up for what has happened. Please write back in detail on how you are going to resolve this issue that rogers has created. if nothing in return rogers will be losing one more customer!

  161. punkfromthe80's

    Hi Miranda,

    I don’t have time to read the other posts but is the GPS issue gonna be fixed at launch and when will it release, and I want a date this time! I have been a customer for a long time and this secrecy is really starting to tick me off….

  162. Rashar

    Well, I stopped in to BB in London ON, they should me the demo Samsung Captivate and told me Oct. 19th is when the phones will be released. The phone looks pretty decent. We had them side by side with the vibrant. It kind of reminds me of the X10 (square look). Doesn’t feel as slippery in the hands as the Vibrant. Esthetically, that’s about it.

    1. Rashar

      Sorry for the spelling errors… no edit.

    2. Eli

      October 19 seems like a probable launch date since the pre order ends on the 20th.

  163. Ed

    OK well we have all waited and waited still no date.
    My real question is on updates why do the carriers take so long for updates.
    This is what is holding back Android phones seems iphone you get your updates direct, ms said you will get your updates direct.
    I want to know can they not move Android into this seems like you buy a $500+ phone and can’t get an update for it and as per contract it needs to last 2+ years a lot changes in two years.

    My last comment question is will Rogers get any other Android phones before the end of the year. This phone was announced more than a month ago and we still seem to have a few weeks to go. This being said if they announce one now we will not see it until end of November or December?

  164. Kam

    Can I do a hardware upgrade at any cellphone store or do I need to go through Rogers??

    1. RogersStacey

      Hi Kam,

      As long as the third-party store is an authorized Rogers retailer / dealer and is carrying the device, they should be able to process your hardware upgrade.

      Cheers! -Stacey

    2. RogersMiranda

      Hi Kam,

      We encourage customers to upgrade through a retail location because you’ll have the benefit of experiencing the device and discussing attributes of the phone with a Rogers rep. Then, you can walk out with a fully functioning, new device.

      1. Miranda – when are the retail locations planning on training up their reps? Because when I hit up my local Rogers Plus location last week, they hadn’t even *heard* of this phone. And you would think if it was supposed to be launched this week, there would be some training happening to get them up to speed.

  165. Rick

    An update would be great…

    1. Asher

      Mid-October is implies this week or next… would be great to have an update now. I’ve got to think another delay would be apparent at this point if there is one.

  166. Neil

    Hey Rogers,

    are you aware that Bell released their version of the galaxy S back in August and they are releasing the HTC desire Z in November (no contract price of $499)? The Captivate is almost obsolete and you haven’t even brought it to market yet.

    You guys need to step it up a bit don’t you think?

    1. Donovan

      While Rogers does need to step it up, the Desire Z’s 3.7″ LCD screen is no match for the 4.0″ SuperAMOLED screen on the Captivate (the phone everyone should have been able to obtain in August).

      1. It depends what your priorities are. To me, 3.7″ is big enough, SuperAMOLED sounds oversaturated, and a keyboard is critical. This is why Rogers needs a respectable selection of handsets.

  167. Shark

    I made a post about my horrible experience and i see it is still awaiting approval several days later…
    …so i will make a simple post not specific to the horrible fiasco of my most recent sign up with rogers…
    can miranda give a date range for what mid october would be? YOu dont need to post the exact date of captivate release, but can you explain what would be the range that would meet rogers definition of ‘mid’?
    i.e. is mid october 10-20th? 13th-16th?
    10th to 31st?
    this fall?
    october 15th to xmas?

    It would be awesome as well if a defnition were given for all terms like “coming soon” or….early 2011 etc.
    It is obvious the majority have their well accepted and believed terms for what it means, but when it comes to rogers, coming soon could mean from august to november for some things and a little chart to use for future would be great at figuring out what is an actual reality of release dates for further products.

  168. Flann

    I want to buy this phone as my girlfriend’s birthday gift, I’m really looking forward for an asap release. This morning I called customer service asking about the release date for it and the guy said it’s gonna be OCT 20. Just now I called again asking a couple of other things but at the end I asked him do you know when this phone will be available in local store, he said it is gonna be out in the late november.
    what ‘s the deal with that?! If that is real then I have to start shopping elsewhere asap. :S

    1. sivan

      I was just told on the phone – December!!! (?) This is crazy..

  169. Lanny

    This whole situation seems pretty normal for Rogers. The thing that annoys me the most is that nobody can give a us a clear answere. Somebody in the rogers office must know when the phone is coming out. I have heard to many different launch dates. How complicated can it be. Is is nice that Miranda reads and posts on this board. But her replies are useless and just annoy me.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Lanny,

      I’m sorry you feel that way. Any suggestions for how I can improve the quality of responses here on RedBoard? Open to suggestions. Thanks!

      1. Lanny

        If you want to improve the quality of the repsones, You might want to maybe start by giving an answere to the questions. Beating around the bush is not helping anybody. Rogers call center claims the phone has launched. Can you confirm this? Why did the 3 year term price for the captivate change then change back? Why did the pre order date change numerous times? Will the phone be launched this week? What does a launching mean? Most people are just looking for answers. I am paying for a data plan that I am unable to use due to this phone not being out. If the phone is delayed further it might be better for rogers to come clean. There must be a reason why the preorder date changed. If you answere those questions, I would be happy.

      2. Bouga

        Here’s the bad news… the offer expires expires on october 24th, last time i checked it (which was a few days ago) , it was on 20th !!
        i can tell the release would be another week later :S ?!?!

        this is frustrating..

      3. RogersMiranda

        Hi Lanny,

        Thanks for the suggestion. I don’t always have all the answers but I try to update people here as often as I can. In case you missed it, I just wanted to point out that we published a new post on the Captivate launch today saying that we began shipping these units to retail locations and a limited supply of inventory will be in stores over the next few days. We also published a statement from Samsung on the reasons for the delay.

        The post can be found here:

        Hope this helps.

  170. Cole

    Has this subject just died? Miranda, I have been a customer with rogers for 10 years now, and have been considering switching out of my current family plan (contracts been over for years) and starting a new account on the student plan with this phone. So i would be considered a new customer correct? Would i be able to set up this pre-order over the phone, perhaps with E-care? and even then would i WANT to pre-order it? Seeing as how iv been out of a phone for over MONTH now due to the push-backs of this phone and rogers refusal to a temporary phone (even though they will still charge me for the the contract), i would much prefer getting it asap. So, how long would it take to get the phone shipped to vancouver, and are my chances better to just go in and get the phone when the have it in-store? (even though my reps wont even take my number because they think they’ll lose it and not call me). Just a few more questions, when you say a “normal” number of captivates will be in stock on launch, do you mean normal for all phones , like 10-15, or due you mean normal for even a slightly high-interest phone, (which the captivate is much more than.) Are you waiting on a large stock up of the phones to be built before you launch or just enough to have a few per store so you can launch as quickly as you can?
    Sorry for the long comment, but my very last question is, yes you are working towards a mid October date, but when i went in a few days ago the rep told me at the and of the month, is newly informed, just guessing, or completely incorrect and just tired of being questioned?
    I’d appreciate the quick reply you usually supply

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Cole,

      I beleive migrating from one type of account to another (ie: Family plan to student plan) does not make you a new customer. As a result, I beleive you will have to wait till the Captivate launches in order to purchase the device. I can’t speculate on your likelihood of getting a device on launch day as inventory levels vary from store-to-store.

  171. Adam

    Today is Oct. 12.

    Call me crazy, but in a month with 31 days, the “Middle” of October would be Oct. 15/16. (Friday) So anywhere from the 12th to the 22nd seems tolerable.

    However, why is there no announcement yet? I’ve tried to be as patient as I can, but my patience is wearing thin. I’m about ready to buy an AT&T Captivate if I don’t hear a release date soon.

    Even if your release date is the last week of October, TELL US please.

  172. Buck

    OK Calm down people. Clearly Rogers needs to learn some lessons on releasing a major phone like this. I know they know how, as they did a decent job on the iPhone. However even that was released very late.

    Canada has been treated like a third world nation when it comes to getting new phones. I am sure it is a numbers game, but this phone has been available in Canada for quite a while.

    This is probably not Rogers fault. Samsung has developed a serious phone, that if properly marketed could chew up the iPhone. For example, the AllShare feature will mean I will buy a new Samsung TV. ThinkFree, SWYPE, and Layar are all major features that Apple will struggle to catchup.

    I am hyped…. But I suggets everyone get a bit more patient…. if only for the karma.

  173. JimBoree

    Went to a Wireless Wave store in the mall yesterday, the guy said they have the captivate’s in their system, so they should be arriving sometime next week. Also said that they usually get around 20 pieces per shipment of any new device (exception to iphone4). But since they are a 3’rd party store, 20 is their max, rogers plus should get more.

    So another week. oh well, we’ve waited this long

  174. Dave b.

    Any news on the launch date? Mid Oct. is upon us and still no word or updates.

  175. Tim

    With the launch party not scheduled until the 27th, is the “aim” for a mid-Oct release going to be missed?

  176. Muney

    Well, its the 12th… pretty close to the middle of October, and yet, no release date yet. What a Cluster ….

  177. Alex

    mobilesyrup announced Samsung launch event invitation n Toronto for October 27th??? is this true? so we can expect it late October or November????? What happened to mid October??

  178. Dennis

    Can you confirm the posting from that states the release date of the Tab and Capitivate as Oct 27?

  179. GudNuz Beayr

    October 27th there will be a launch party in toronto..for the captivate and that tab thing..well..atleast we have a “solid release date” :D

  180. Adam

    So, October 27 is the Launch Party. In what WORLD is that mid-october?

    1. In the same world Rogers’ Androids are an “open” “revolution” and Rogers carries the “leading” Android handsets.

  181. LongTermCustomer

    It doesn’t look promising for a mid-October release when Rogers is having a launch party for both the Captivate and the Galaxy Tab on October 27.

    Miranda and company, please verify whether this “launch party” is directly related to, or independent of, the actual release of the Captivate to customers (all, not just pre-orders).

    I’ve been waiting for a while now to upgrade my old Moto Q9h to a more modern smartphone, and Rogers hasn’t given me any viable options yet. Even though the competition has several comparable phones available. Just trying to justify my 10+ years with Big Red …..

  182. gabby131

    awesome! im a newbie with rogers for a year now……..still waiting for the release for existing customers. i am hoping that rogers wont put there logo in front of the device like my Samsung Captivate from AT&T……

  183. Shamus

    I was at a rogers store asking about this and the rep told me out right that the reason it was taking so long was issues with it connecting to the rogers network. I found this odd seeing as ATT has had it for a few months now and it works fine and my friend bought one off of ebay unlocked it and it works fine.

  184. gabby131

    notice some rants here…….and I understand.

    my point of view is…..and hoping that with rogers releasing devices on a later date will give us less issues with it than those carriers that releases earlier.

    i have an AT&T captivate and it took at least one update for the GPS to be fully functional, and who knows? froyo might be released sometime before or after captivate is available, and that would be awesome right?

    1. Gabby, there’s no WAY Rogers is going to release the Captivate with 2.2. They’ve already announced (in previous comments from Miranda) that it’s going to launch with 2.1, which is the version being installed at the factory. Even if 2.2 was ready TODAY (it still hasn’t been released officially for the Captivate in the US), it would push their launch date back way too far to update all the phones before launching.

  185. Sebastien

    I just read on a blog: “Samsung Galaxy S Captivate and Galaxy Tab Toronto launch party set for October 27th”

    Does this mean Captivate is only going to be released after the 27th? I hope not….

    Were you waiting for the Galaxy Tab to be ready for you to release the Captivate? If so, I don’t think this was a smart move…

  186. jas

    this is ridiculous, by the time the phone comes out its close to being obsolete, i think rogers should give the customers of captivate something to be happy about by decreasing the time from 2 years to 1.5 years for an HUP upgrade

    wat say you Miranda?

  187. GudNuz Beayr

    October 20th? or october 27th?

  188. Rubman

    Hey guys just found out that the Captivate will be released on either Oct 19 or the 20th. So get your engines started the race for a captivate is about to begin.

    1. Eli

      Yeah, I’ve been reading that around the internet as well…..cant wait to get it!!

    2. Hakim Garuba

      from who? if its from a rep or the call center.. they don’t know much about real release dates.

  189. seriously

    “Finally, after much speculation comes some solid facts surrounding the Canadian launch of both the Galaxy S Captivate and the much anticipated Galaxy Tab on Rogers. Wednesday Oct. 27th is the date, at an undisclosed bar in downtown Toronto.”

    Miranda, care to comment?

  190. So, Rogers – any comment on the Samsung “Galaxy Series Launch Party” on October 27th?

    Once again, it’s a shame that we have to find out these details from third party news sites as opposed to directly from Rogers.

  191. Bgrant

    I like how there’s still no “official word” on tethering support. My money is on “Rogers tweaked the firmware in an effort to charge users extra money for core functions of the hardware that the customers shouldn’t pay extra for”.

    1. RogersMary

      Hi Bgrant, Rogers allows tethering on all plans over 1GB so long as it is supported by the device and OS.

      1. Hi RogersMary,

        Can you explain how tethering will be supported on the Galaxy S? The ideal situation would be Android 2.2’s built-in Wifi Hotspot, which provides full access and doesn’t require installing any special software, but the ‘Captivate’ will only ship with 2.1.


  192. Gameboi

    October 27th is not Mid-October, please learn the difference before you operate a company.

    1. Theo

      I always say under promise and over deliver.

      If Rogers had any sense they would have said it would be out by Mid-November and then WOW, it’s moved up to October 27th! How did they get it so quick!

      1. That’s the #1 rule of customer service. Under promise and over deliver. That, and the rule of thumb that customers are 3 (or is it 7?) times more likely to complain about bad service than they are to rave about good service.

  193. Brian

    What the difference between buying from a rogers store at 149.99 or best buy for 99.99 or 49.99; hypothetically? I am quite confused.

    1. PatClass

      Nothing, You will just save money.
      They might even throw in a Gift card depending of the Promotions…

  194. So, I was just at the Rogers Plus store at Upper Middle and Third Line in Oakville. I asked them if they had any notion of when the Captivate was launching, or if they were doing a waiting list, etc.

    The first girl’s response was “The what now? Never heard of it, you’re basically speaking gibberish to me.” And the second’s was “The Captivate? I don’t think that’s one of ours, that might be Bell or Telus” – after I explained that it was, in fact, a Rogers device meant to be coming out sometime in the next week or two, she said “Hrmm, we haven’t heard anything… It probably won’t be coming to us until first quarter next year”.

    Now, I know that these ladies obviously haven’t been told anything about the new device, and the problem with the Rogers Plus stores that deal with phones, games, TV, and movies is that they are asked questions about EVERYTHING. But I think you should at least have ONE person who knows about each different type of thing the stores sell.

    1. Eli

      Yeah, it’s funny how they are completely clueless about a phone they will be launching within the next several weeks. I got the EXACT same response from Rogers Wireless retailers “The Captivate what?”, “Never heard of that phone” or “I don’t think we carry it”

      They aren’t even aware of the pre-order on the Rogers website! WOW!! REALLY??

      1. Dave

        One rep actually asked me what it did. I told him that it made and received phone calls without a cord.

    2. Johhny

      I asked them when the new Samsung Phone was coming out in September, and they told me mid-October, seems like only a few employees are told… If I said captivate, they would probably be like the Capti-what?

  195. eesta

    There is a post regarding a launch party for this phone and the date is for Oct, 27th. Usually when this happens the phone comes out 1 to 2 weeks later. Even though a launch party was already back in the summer with Metric. I think Rogers is scrambling to re-build the hype they lost.

  196. Dustin

    For those who might be interested…. A article was released about the Galaxy launch party.

    I’m tired of waiting for this phone. I’m going elsewhere for it.

    P.S. Miranda, you never answered my original post.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Dustin,

      I’m sorry that I missed your previous post re: the 6GB plan. Someone from our team will be in touch via email.

  197. Alex

    october 27?? are you still to pansy to come out and admit it?????? come on rogers, this is a joke. Launch event is scheduled, don’t BS us and tell us launch date not confirmed. I’m getting one for free, so by the time i call and they ship, i wont see this until November week 1.

    Or in rogers calendar, mid October, and Christmas is in July 2011.

    thanks alot

  198. J

    The party is the 27th.. Doesn’t necessarily mean you cant get them sooner.. Its just to promote the new products they have available.

    1. PatClass

      It doesn’t mean it will be available at that date either. Just like Bell, they had a party launch and the phone was available the day after.

  199. Sebastien

    For those of you that keep asking about tethering…. YES it will support tethering as long as you have a 1GB plan just like the iPhone and blackberry.

    For 5$ more (preorder) you get:
    Add an extra 500MB for $5/month and GET TETHERING.

    I hope us customers with senority can get this for 5$ more…

    1. Sebastien, the question is NOT whether it will get tethering, it is HOW tethering will be supported.

      Android 2.2 supports a hotspot feature. Simply, any device can easily tether to your Android as a wireless access point. That’s the gold standard (although with high battery drain you’ll need to keep your phone charging, and USB tethering is also supported based on an extension of the underlying Linux OS, rather than some proprietary system).

      But Rogers’ Captivate only runs Android 2.1. So, is it going to be supported with an easy to use, free, cross platform system that doesn’t require special software setup?

    2. Steve

      I’d get the “yes it will support tethering” in writing from Rogers… That’s exactly what Rogers told me about my HTC Magic — yes it will support tethering with the 2.1 upgrade if you have a 1GB+ data plan.

      Well, guess what. I have the official Rogers 2.1 upgrade, and I’ve had a 6GB dataplan from the first day I signed up with Rogers, but…. no tethering is supported even though their sales rep AND their technical support person said it would be.

    3. Su

      I realized that captivate itself has a function called “wifi-tethering”. Do we need to have 1 gb plan to do tethering?

      1. RogersMiranda

        Yes. Tethering is included at no additional charge for Rogers customers who subscribe to a data plan of 1 GB and above. More details on our tethering policy can be found here:

  200. Alex

    Crazy, this post will close for comments on October 22, (30 days after initial post of September 23). this will be the second captivate post to just close, and the phone will still not have been launched. This is crazy, and Ive never seen this before.

  201. Kevin S

    I am getting really excited! Hopefully I can get my hands on one of these before my birthday! I think this will be a suitable birthday present to myself.

  202. WhereIsMyCaptivate

    I first want to say thank you Rogers for being the first to bring android to canada, and a bunch of other stuff. However, the way you’ve handle your customers regarding the captivate, is a totally different issue.

    I’ve been reading ever thread on this site since Aug., waiting deligently for Rogers to show how they really (not just lip service) appreciate their existing customers, of which I am one. But the more Miranda (not blaming u, ur just the messenger) try to ease the tension and frustration of everyone on this board, the more they dig themself deeper and deeper in a hole by trying to stall us with phony release dates – it says a lot about the integrity of the company. I (who always refer rogers customer service as the best of the big 3 – I’ve been with them all) am left questioning my believe. I’ve been to so many rogers store and the reps. there don’t have a clue about the phone (I had to educate them).
    They are those who may say that it is just a phone (smartphone -Mobile computer to be correct) – your right, but principle is principle. Regardless of what it is, be honest and transparent with customers, especially loyal ones. As little as this issue maybe for some (including rogers), it has really shown what they are about – not different from any other big corp.
    I’ve asked a manager in one of roger’s outlets (who has a vibrant from the US) what was the real reason for the delay – he said it had nothing to do with manufacturer issue.

    Sorry i have to vent my frustration on here (i was hoping this would have been resolve awhile back so I didn’t have to, but it is now around the middle of Oct, and still no solid release date from Rogers.
    I got rid of my iphone for this… thanks rogers.

  203. Flann

    After all these BS we are taking, Miranda, do you think if there is anything the nation-wide cooperation can possibly do to make us, the existing customers, less angry?

    How am I gonna make your life less painful if you are making my life miserable?

    BTW, I don’t think this Pre-Order For New Customer thing is gonna work out since Bell has the same phone with an extra camera and was out 2 months early. If I was off the contract and want a SGS, there’s no reason that I would stick with Rogers.

  204. Hakim Garuba

    The Samsung Captivate has been back ordered till November 2nd. By word of mouth of one of the area managers. It WAS scheduled for an Oct 24 release date but thats obviously not happening anymore. Strongly considering buying a bell vibrant which has a front facing camera and unlocking it.

  205. Theo

    Just thought that I’d make the point:

    Mid October = 15.5 days into the month as the month has 31 days. That would mean 0.5 days into the 16th day which would mean Saturday October 16th at 12:00 pm (NOON on Saturday). SO, if supply can be delivered to stores by this coming saturday I would say that the Mid October promise has been fulfilled – heck, I’d even settle for mid week next week and still call it “mid” October, but anything after the 21’st is late October as far as I’m concerned.

  206. salim

    Didnt they have a Launch party back in Aug 4th?

    1. Nope – Bell had a launch party for the Vibrant, and Samsung called it a launch party for the Galaxy S so Rogers jumped on to take advantage of it. But it can hardly be called a launch party for the Captivate, since the phone is still unreleased 2 months later.

  207. Kam

    Thanks Stacey, sorry one more question, would I get the Rogers phone protection plan from authorized third party dealers??

    1. RogersStacey

      Hi Kam, no need to “sign up” for the Handset Protection Plan – simply being a Rogers customer automatically means you have it at no additional charge. It does not make a difference whether you bought and activated the phone from a Rogers Plus store or an authorized third-party dealer. However there are certain terms that apply to the Handset Protection Program you might want to take a look at – all the info is at Hope that helps, cheers Kam! -Stacey

      1. scott

        why is called a plan then?

  208. Greg

    I pre-ordered this but now I’m going to call up and cancel and I encourage everyone who pre-ordered it to do the same thing. I don’t care how much I’ll have to pay to just to get out of my contract. Please take all the money I gave you and go over to Bell and buy one of the Vibrants and give it to me for compensation. I’ve been paying for the 6gb data plan since you announced the Captivate in August and I don’t have a phone to take advantage of it…and you still won’t give us a date. I can’t believe from reading all the posts on this board and hearing about all the different dates from various sources that someone from Rogers won’t actually reply. I think everyone who is at rogers should not pay their next bill or two and when they text/email/mail us as to why we haven’t paid our bills, we can just say that they can expect payment in the ‘coming weeks’ or ‘you can expect it by mid…’ Obvioulsy that would be a lie, but, if you give it, you can take it.

    Miranda has mentionded that she reads all our comments and she goes back to relay then to the ‘powers that be’ but that doesn’t seem to work – whether or not she’s actually doing it or not. The ‘powers that be’ obviously don’t give a crap what’s going on with this fiasco.

    All we want are updates. When the phone is actually being released is obviously the most important info but I think that a lot of are willing to stay if you just give us some info…but not just another ‘it’s coming soon’ type of useless info.

    1. RogersMary

      Hi Greg. Thanks for your comment. We do appreciate your feedback and can assure you that we are doing our best to provide information as soon as it is available. As you’ll see from the update, we are expecting a launch this week. We apologize for the delay caused by manufacturing delays.

  209. Craig

    I was in a wireless wave today looking at the bell available galaxy s and guy asked “are you interested in one of those?”
    I said, technically yes..but i already have a plan with rogers and am awaiting the captivate coming out in the next few days.
    His face grew puzzled looking and he said ..and i quote “oh, you must mean in early november. The captivate isn’t coming out until the beginning to middle of november.

  210. Lanny

    I don’t think the launch party means anything. I think it is just a party for some rogers big shots to get drunk on the company dime. Pretty sad that we have to search the internet to find info on the phone release date. Most rogers stores here are expecting the phone by the end of next week.

  211. Yoduh

    Miranda do you think you can give us a release date or ANYTHING?? before this weekend?

    Maybe a rumour?

    No need to be rude people…even tho most of you(even me) have been loyal customers for over a couple years…just relax..this phone will be out…just what for it..its not going anywhere..atleast we wont have to deal with launch problems on the phone as like the people in the states when they first got the phone…

    If you look at the negetives…there’s move positives outcomes..

    1. RogersMary

      Hi Yoduh – Did you see the update? We expect a launch this week and will have further details soon.

  212. gabby131

    mid October? that is starting tomorrow……we’ll see…..grrrrr :D

  213. Come on Miranda – you’ve had OVER a day now to respond to the Oct 27th launch party announcement… Nothing? If this is in fact the actual release date of the Captivate, what are you going to blame it on this time? More mysterious “manufacturing delays”? If that’s the case, one would think you would have waited before making THIS announcement until you actually had a guarantee of stock coming in.

  214. Why we can’t enter the contest if we are resident of quebec?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Ezek,

      There are different rules for contests held in Quebec which sometimes causes the exclusion. We’re working to include Quebec in more contests going forward.

  215. mj

    a little honesty with your customers goes a long way… this launch has been a total disaster.

  216. Chris C.

    Seems everybody is interested in what everybody’s has heard and said. On my lunch I went to 3 Rogers Kiosk and 2 Rogers stores in the downtown Toronto Core. Every store told me November NOT October. BUT one store I went to I decided to ask a second Rep. 1st told me November second rep behind the desk told me the 18th of Oct. humm… Maybe she did not get the memo that said lie to the customer. :)

    I showed two kiosks stores RogersMiranda posting on this site and they both said they have been told in a few weeks not in October. The one young man did not ever know this site existed and said it must be a fake website posting stuff about rogers. Ha.

    1. HubbaBubba

      There is a field called “Release date” on that page that says November 2, 2010. So seems like november it is, although some stores say that they get the phones this week. If the strategy here is to ship a few phones this week or next week to “select stores” (to build up the hype and anticipation as apple has done with the iphone), i swear i will not buy the phone from rogers and will buy the unlocked one off ebay.

    1. Eli

      seems like sometime next week for the official launch

      Dummy phones starting to pop up too

  217. cblanchette

    Sadly this is what happens when theres no official response… Rather then reps saying “I don’t know” They come out with every answer under the sun, from “what’s that?” to “next week” to “beginning of next year”… BUT if I want to buy an Iphone (even if I say I’m not interested) they are more then willing to bend my ear for an hour… It’s rather frustrating.

  218. WhereIsMyCaptivate

    RogersMiranda says:
    October 7, 2010 at 2:58 pm Hi George,

    I can confirm that our post headline was not a typo :) We’re still working towards a mid-October launch date. As I’ve mentioned in this post and in the comments, we did anticipate an earlier launch but there was a manufacturing delay which caused our launch date to change.

    Appreciate your patience.

    Hi Miranda, can you please let me know if the release date (sorry, time frame) is a no show for mid October?
    I spoke to the manager at one of Rogers outlet store, and he’s saying that he believe the launch date has now been pushed back. He was expecting to have the captivate ready for sale on Sat.
    I can’t put in words how frustrated I am right now. I’m really thinking of cancelling my policy with Rogers. I don’t mind paying that cancellation fee (1 year remaining on my contract) and going elsewhere.

    A response would be greatly appreciated Miranda.


  219. RogersRob

    Hi all. We just updated the Captivate blog post – we’re working towards launching the Samsung Captivate next week. We’ll also update you on the date the Captivate is available.

    1. JRKR


      Thanks Rob! So if I call in on the 15th as I was told will that be too soon?

      1. JRKR

        Well as I didn’t get a response from you Rob, I did call back as I was told to by a rep on Sept 27th.

        I politely explained my situation and the retentions rep asked me if I would mind holding to see if she could find out when it will be available. After being on hold for a good while she came back and explained they still don’t have a firm date but that they also didn’t know the day they’d get the iphone4 until about two days before. Then mentioned that as the pre-order ends on the 20th that phones “normally” become available the following day. So it’s “likely” the 21st that it will be available.

        So I told her that I hope it comes out next week but that if it doesn’t, how much it would be to cancel my contract? She of course expressed concern that they don’t want me to leave but I said to her Bell has the same phone and if I have to, I will cancel my Rogers account and go to them to get it. At which point she offered me a further $5/month discount off my already discounted plan for the next year….

        So we’ll see. If it’s not out next week I still may cancel but at least it’s something… As a company though, Rogers is not instilling a lot of confidence in me as their customer. There’s certainly better ways to launch a phone, communicate with your customer, offer 6gb plans that expire before it’s launch, treat existing customers (no pre-order) etc. I hope if nothing else you guys have learned some serious lessons on how to treat your customer base.

    2. Thanks Rob, for finally giving us some details. Though for what it’s worth, I personally would prefer if you could give us some solid dates (or if you can’t, tell us WHY you can’t… Supply chain issues, training issues, etc). Or is this the same way you were “working towards” a release of the Torch until the day before launch, when the rest of the country already knew it was delayed by a week, and only told us about the delay the day before?

    3. Su

      hopefully, this is not a rumor. really~

    4. cblanchette

      Thank you!!!

    5. WhereIsMyCaptivate

      Thanks for the update, but you haven’t told us anything different from what Miranda been saying to us…. “working towards…” This is shameful, Rogers already know their launch date, regardless of any manufacturing delay – those are things the marketing dept. figure out once they are aware of the delay by the manufacturer. There can’t be a manufacturer delay every week for 2 months, come on. Come up with a better excuse.

      They’ve made such a mess with this launch, and what’s made it worse is that no one is big enough to come out and say it.
      I would have been quit ok if someone had came out and said “sorry guys, due to manufacturer delay, (or what ever), the captivate will not be available until Dec.” I would have lost the anticipation until then (but I guess that’s not Rogers intention), and I wouldn’t be on this board wasting my time or Rogers’ for that matter.

      For what it is worth, you’ve definately loss 1 customer (leaving at the end of my contract).

      PS. you’ve claim the title for being the first to bring Android to Canada. Please do something about being the worse to keep it up-to-date. Word on the street.

    6. Tony

      Bestbuy Mobile has the Rogers Samsung Captivate release date as Nov 2, 2010. Is the same as what Rogers anticipates? Just give us a date … that’s it.

    7. Ed

      Are we still on target to launching this week?
      Can you please share any update as we are all waiting.

  220. PL

    I knew it.
    The phone will be releasing Oct 21st or even later…
    Wait a minute, has not it been almost 2 months since the phone will be “COMING SOON”???

  221. Steven Greening

    When it launches next week will it be available for purchase over the phone??? I ask because I’m an exhisting BELL costumer who is interested in switching to rogers. There is currently an offer where a purchase of a smart phone over the phone earns a $100 bill credit. Without this I will likely just stay with Bell. Thanks! (I have been following this website for weeks, it has been very helpful)

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Steven,

      Yes, you can call customer care to order the device after it launches, however, I’d recommend that you go to a Rogers store as as you’ll have the benefit of experiencing the device and discussing attributes of the phone with a representative.

  222. Kevin

    yeah i’m not getting my hopes up. we’ve all heard this before. until the phones are actually available, i’m not going to believe a single thing they say.

  223. Alex

    I KNOW THE VIBRANT CAME WITH Avatar preloaded. Will we get that? or at least some video or movie to show off the rich colors of the screen? We should have been spoiled with Avatar or some movies for waiting so long

    1. I don’t think Bell’s Vibrant came pre-loaded with Avatar, did it? I’m pretty sure that was only in the States.

  224. LongTermCustomer

    Looks like Best Buy finally has the Captivate listed on their site:

    Shouldn’t be too much longer now ….. hopefully.

    1. iwmfcaptivate

      It looks like bestbuy knows something rogers doesn’t.

      Bestbuy shows the release date as November 2, 2010 right at the top of the product info box.

      Will Rogers release sooner to be the first out of the gate? We’ll see.

  225. gabby131

    okay…..thanks Rob

    at least i have something to hold on……but not my breath :)

  226. brandon

    hmmmm next week != mid october…
    can someone double check my math …see if im right

    1. Anything from the 10th to the 20th or so could conceivably be considered mid-October, really… If you’re splitting it into Early/Mid/Late, and each is considered to be roughly a third. But that’s definitely splitting hairs, as just about everybody was expecting mid-October to mean October 15th.

  227. Yoduh

    Rogers Redboard- October 18th 2010 – Release date update .”MID NOVEMBER”

    HAHA…i can just see it now…

  228. Abhi

    It’s mid-october, where is my captivate? Oh now its 3rd week of october?

    Im busting in a rogers kiosk on 21st oct, if I don’t get my phone there I will cancel my contract. That’s not it, my family is moving to canada (5 people) and I will make them join bell or telus.

    Thank you Rogers, your the best!

  229. Gameboi

    I’m not excited, Do i need to explain why?

  230. M Yu

    Can we do a hardware upgrade at FS/BB/third party if one is on a retentions plan from Rogers?

    I am on a contract but eligible for hardware upgrade as I extended my contract but did not do my hardware upgrade as I was waiting for this phone.


    1. PatClass

      Yes you can.

    2. RogersMiranda


      Yes, I beleive Future Shop or Best Buy will be able to process your upgrade, but best to call Rogers customer care to discuss your eligibility.

  231. Chris

    “Coming soon”
    “Next few weeks”
    “Coming soon”
    “Next Week”

    Anyone else feel like a fish on a hook?

    1. wantcaptivate

      So from the pattern above, it will be:

      “Coming soon”
      “Next few days”
      “Coming soon”
      “Next day”

  232. Shoghi

    Its impossible for the release date to be “next week” and Roger’s not be able to provide us with an exact date or any of the branches to know nothing about it. It is literally impossible to release a device like the Captivate with less than a week’s notice. Considering how much work needs to be done in between.

    My opinion: Roger’s is just trying to buy time for whatever reason. I don’t think the phone will be released between the 18th and the 22nd of October. My contract will probably be out before this thing gets released.

  233. Neil

    It’s a race between the second coming of Christ and Rogers Samsung Captivate! Place your bets!!

    1. Eli

      hahahaha!!!!!! That’s an awfully close bet!!

    2. dieselboi25

      on this board it seems like the captivate IS the second coming of christ!=)

  234. Jay

    Hmm, well I would trust Miranda to choose her words very carefully after the Aug 4 “few weeks” disaster. So we have “mid-October”, and now “next week” which means 18th-22nd, so I would expect the 22nd to be the drop-dead date, hopefully before.

    The curve-ball is this 27th party business, but by no stretch of the imagination can that be either mid-October nor next week, so let’s hope the Rogers posters have it right.

  235. Tim

    Can you please confirm what version of Bluetooth this phone has? I thought it was supposed to be 3.0, but Best Buy’s web site shows 2.0.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Tim,

      I was able to confirm that the Captivate has Bluetooth version 3.0.

  236. Brent

    all we want is a specific date, is that really to much to ask for??? Its been since the start of August!!

  237. Rubman

    Hey guys it was very interesting seeing that Best Buy has pricing and pictures up on there website already and Rogers doesn’t. 3yr term $149.95 and buy outright $ 549.95. What’s up with that. Alsoi Best Buy gu told me that they will be receiving there stock next Wed.

    1. Polytechnic

      How is it that an American company like Best Buy communicates with it’s Canadian customers better than a Canadian company does?

      I know we’ve all heard the line about how Rogers doesn’t want the competition to find out when it’s releasing it’s phone but let me mention 2 things:

      1) There is no real competition in the Canadian market. Yes, lots of carriers but all the phones are exclusive to those networks (Aside from the iPhone)

      2) Rogers is last to market with a decent Android phone so what are they worried about? Bell beat them to market with a better Android phone by almost 3 months?

      Just tell us when so we can stop asking you guys and you can stop telling us you don’t know.

  238. Judy B

    I’ll believe this wehn I see it and instead of taking this announcement with a grain of salt, I’m going to take the whole salt shaker. This is probably just a ploy to get us all from constantly complaining about this lauch failure and the constant lack up updates. Next week starts on Monday (in 3 days) and still no date? They probably won’t tell us the date until the morning of the release becase they don’t want fifty thousand people going in to Rogers stores and giving the CSR’s a hard time when there’s only going to be a few available. My guess is that they are going to supply one store with one phone in some remote location in the the middle of nowhere and claim it’s now officially released, and we the masses, won’t actually be able to get one unitl at least mid to late November.

  239. Sam

    It says that they are “working towards” releasing it next week – they didn’t say that they actually are releasing it next week which is probably why there’s no actual date. That wording leaves them open for another excuse to delay the launch and something I think we all expect to happen.

  240. Alex

    With all the websites buzzing about your comments, and twitter voicing their excitement, I really hope working towards next week MEANS its COMING out next week, with no other postponements for your own sake.

    We all know the launch party in Toronto is October 27th, yet, you stated we are working towards next week. if its in fact October 27 and not next week, get ready for many nasty comments towards your company by many

  241. Kevin

    so apparently android 2.2 should be rolling out VERY soon.

    does this change your earlier estimates of an early 2011 release for froyo?

    1. Note the country ordering in that very post, though:

      ‘Nordic countries get it first (starting mid-October, aka, “now”) before it’s “gradually rolled out to other European markets, Southeast Asia, the Middle East Asia, North America, Africa and rest of the world’

      North America is second last, only getting the release before Africa. So I think it’s still very likely to be Q1 2011.

  242. Really people, please. As much as I’m a consumer advocate, it’s just a slightly out of date, compromised entertainment handset. Can’t you pick something important to get excited about, like access to unsubsidized plans and a free market of current handsets?

    1. Shav

      Yes it’s oudated, but it’s the best thing that Rogers is offering, unless you think the the Blackberry 9800 is better. Yes, I’m sure that we can all think of something to get more excited about, but when you’re using an oudated phone from Rogers (or any company), and you have pre-ordered your first smartphone and are paying for a 6/gb service that you can’t use, can you blame us? Would you buy gas if you didn’t have a car to use it in? Rogers is charging hundreds (if not thousands) of people for the 6/gb data plan because we all wanted to take advantage of using our new Captivate. Rogers probably won’t give us rebates, and for the Captivate, we don’t have a date for an actual release – just rumours.

      1. Shav, I totally understand your frustration, but unless you organize it and the people you complain with, you’re always going to end up disappointed. The whole problem here is a market built around subsidized handsets, and the distortion it creates. Everyone would be a lot happier without it.

  243. Bgrant

    Amazing how poorly you can treat customers. All of this could have been avoided by setting clear, attainable timelines from the get-go.

    Instead, this entire release has been fraught with half-truths and misinformation designed to retain customers.

    Good job retaining customers for now. Once contracts start expiring, many of us will leave over this. I’m already looking for another provider.

  244. Lol… Well, at least Rogers is *eventually* going to be releasing the Captivate. I think we’re a long, long, long, LONG way away from seeing unsubsidized plans. So might as well get excited about something that we can actually have, rather than fantasize about things that Rogers has no intention of ever giving us, if they can get away with it :)

    1. It’s all a matter of consciousness, sooner or later it will be the thing to do. And there’ll be a lot less friction in the world.

  245. JS

    When I recently called in to a Rogers outlet about the captivate the lady I spoke with said that they have been given as much information as us. She actually told me Rogers is not giving them info because they don’t want them giving the info to us. Plain and simple. Rogers is being very shady with this whole thing…but I’m not to sure why anybody is surprised about that.

  246. Su

    Hey guys, I check the captivate this morning but i couldn’t find it. I just click on the link which somebody post it yesterday. it shows nothing. tivate-smartphone-3-year-agreement-i896blkr/10155080.aspx?path=4710546 3c83aae2f8d710561a4b42120en02 14314b86bb581f8en20&q=samsung%2520captivate&sp=BBY_en-CA_Site-WideSP&C ategory=Entire%2520Site&targetCategory=Entire%2520Site&pcname=MCCPCata log&AllowSecure=True

    it seems like, it is impossible release for next week?

    Also, why bestbuy delete the Rogers captivate?

  247. Ed

    Well if this does come out next week or the week after lets just hope Rogers will bring back 6GB/$30 for a month or at least during relase week seems they had it if this phone was to come out on time and now everyone that has waited and waited.

    Also if I buy a small data plan can I upgrade it once the 6GB plan comes back seems up to now it only comes out with iphones so i’m guessing next summer it will be back for sure

  248. DJM

    Here’s a serious question – Will the bugs that plagued that AT&T Captivate be fixed on Rogers? Cause there were quite a few… I’m hoping that’s one of the reasons for the late delay.

    1. Ed

      the GPS problem and the random shutting down will sure to make more customers mad if it’s not fixed when it come out on rogers.

      1. Polytechnic

        I believe the 2.2 Samsung version of Android fixes the GPS problem so I’m guessing the GPS issue with the Captivate will still be there until Rogers gets around to rolling out 2.2 which will probably be in Jan/Feb 2011.

        If anyone from Rogers knows that this is wrong, feel free to post the correct information out there (with a link) otherwise, I’m going to assume that what I wrote is correct.

    2. Eli

      Yeah, I was reading up on a few of them. I don’t care so much about the GPS but the whole issue with the phone turning itself off because of inactivity is definitely a cause for concern. Especially those of us who use our cell phones as our alarms.

    3. RogersMiranda

      Hi DJM and Ed,

      As I’ve mentioned to a few others here, we don’t comment on devices from other carriers, however, what I can tell you is that our version of the Captivate has been optimized for overall GPS/navigation performance and has been tested extensively.

      Issues related to the AT&T build should be directed to Samsung.

  249. joel

    I say that when the captivate is released we all hold for a couple of months or more so Rogers know what it feels to be waiting…

    1. JRKR

      … but I do actually want the phone…lol

  250. Bart

    I also noticed that the link to the Best Buy site doesn’t work anymore, but it did this morning. I’m guessing that someone from Rogers called Best Buy and told them to remove the link as the phone isn’t actually getting released anytime soon.

    1. Eli

      Yeah, Best Buy took the phone off the site. You can only find the case for the phone now.

      What is with Rogers and miscommunication? Not even their official retailers know what they’re doing =

      It’s one fail after another!!

  251. I wanna buy the captivate but i would like to be 100% sure that the gps issue has been really fixed and not tweaked to work a little better… i’m with rogers right now with no contract and i would like to know if i buy the phone i can test it for 30 days and return it if i dont like it…Like videotron offers. Because most of the users that had poblems with the captivate wasnt on the first week.

  252. Denis C

    I think Miranda what I notice from Rogers response are excuses. Such as HUP calculation for existing customers, told 48 hours for data to return and took over a month, clients get a new phone for 3 years to find it totally sucks. HTC waited over a year to get 2.1, no 2.2 most likely.
    I know you don’t make the phones but the end user depends on Rogers to get proper support for the phones you sell.

    I can talk to one rep and says no you can’t do that to only get transfered to customer care and told yes you can. If you push enough you will get what is rightfully the client right to get.

    The point I am making is instead of using manufacturers fault, your internal calculation fault, some technical fault, learn from it and fix it. You can program your system these things, make the experience easier. your client reps are sooooo eager to say no, you have to fight your way to get it fixed etc… Instead you should empower your staff to be sympathetic to the plight of the frustrated customer. Learn that YES is ok, learn that giving me a credit of $10 this month goes a long way considering if you don’t say yes I will complain waste an hour of your time and it cost you $40 in wages and makes the next client in the qeue waiting. In the end I get $10 credit.

    Finally your not alone anymore, there are choices. I was told if I wanted the Torch for $199 I needed a $30 data plan when i had a $15 plan. I said why should i spend $15*36 + 199 + 35 = $774 over 3 years when I can buy the phone for $609 with no contract. After fighting abit I got it for $199 and a $10 a month for 3 yr credit so now it is worth it. I could have went to Bell paid $150 promo with no fees.

  253. PhillyBop

    This is such a joke. I’ve toured a few rogers stores and the answers i’ve received are amazing.

    Store number 1: Sorry sir, we don’t have any instock and don’t know when we’ll be getting more.

    Store number 2: Captivate? Never heard of it, so we won’t get it with Rogers.

    Store number 3: Hasn’t been released yet, we’ll probably get it in November.

    Store number 4: No, just ran out of them, we’ll probably get a few more in a couple days.

    Really? Is this how Rogers wants to be represented as a whole by a bunch of uninformed employees?

  254. Jordan

    As long as you guys are planning to FINALLY release this phone next week (17th-23rd), then there is nothing else to say. But if Rogers cannot follow through with this either, Then you watch what happens with your customers. Rogers thinks people are complaining right now? lol.

    Rogers – “sir, will you be paying your bill this month”
    me – “yes, in the coming months i will”
    Rogers – “Oh ok, thats fine, when do you think”
    (2 months later)
    me – “Not really sure, im having a money problems, i will talk to you in mid october”
    Rogers – “Can you give us a date?”
    me – “I said MID OCTOBER!! what dont you get about that!?!”

    Reversing the situation sounds good. Dont you agree?

  255. Ernie Moshurchak

    I switched… and I’m glad I did.

    Sent from my Samsung (Vibrant) device.

  256. Captivate Fan

    Unfortunately I have a broken Rogers phone (LG Eve – Terrible Phone). I have been waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate for a while now, but they are not releasing it. I have called a couple Rogers stores and they said they are expecting a release by the end of October (As it is now October 15th) but they have no clue. Rogers really dropped the ball with this one and they have no shame. And I know that once I get the phone in my hand, they are gonna screw me over with Data Plan Requirements, Upgrade Eligibility or some other scheme. All in all Rogers is the such a bad carrier and needs a wake up call otherwise more and more people will be switching to Bell.

  257. Tomas Remington

    When is Rogers scheduled to ship Pre-Orders for the Samsung Captivate?

  258. ron

    Greg says:
    October 13, 2010 at 7:27 pm

    I pre-ordered this but now I’m going to call up and cancel and I encourage everyone who pre-ordered it to do the same thing. I don’t care how much I’ll have to pay to just to get out of my contract. Please take all the money I gave you and go over to Bell and buy one of the Vibrants and give it to me for compensation. I’ve been paying for the 6gb data plan since you announced the Captivate in August and I don’t have a phone to take advantage of it…and you still won’t give us a date. I can’t believe from reading all the posts on this board and hearing about all the different dates from various sources that someone from Rogers won’t actually reply. I think everyone who is at rogers should not pay their next bill or two and when they text/email/mail us as to why we haven’t paid our bills, we can just say that they can expect payment in the ‘coming weeks’ or ‘you can expect it by mid…’ Obvioulsy that would be a lie, but, if you give it, you can take it.

    I’m in the same boat as you.
    I had a lot of faith in Rogers. When they said “soon”, I’m thinking “soon”, like within 2 weeks, 1 month TOPS.
    Like you, I’ve been paying Rogers based on their word of “soon”. That’s quite a lot of money down the drain for me. That’s quite a lot of trust gone.

    Fine. The phone isn’t coming out for a while, but when I call in explaining the situation, hoping that I could get my data charge suspended, the CSRs (3 of them, and you know what the wait time is) told me to cancel or just keep paying.

    I don’t feel just tricked into a continuing my contract, but not insulted too that I’m paying for services the CSRs saw that I wasn’t/can’t use, but they chose to tell me to shut it.

    I don’t see how Rogers is going to make this right to me.
    to keep me around after this contract-under-the-guise-of-deceit is done.

    I’m well on my way of wasting enough money to buy this phone outright, which means the whole subsidized phone plan has been neutralized.

    That means next time, I’ll trust what I can see, and from somebody else.

    I’m sorry Rogers, I tried and tried, but at every turn I’ve dealt with you, I’ve been burned.

  259. Craig

    miranda has not posted in days…or is it weeks? or is it coming soon? (that equals two mths by the way)………

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Craig,

      I was actually out of the office last week so sorry if any of your comments weren’t responded to. We actually posted an update to the original post last week letting people know we’re working towards launching the Captivate this week and we’ll let you know when its available.

      1. Tony

        So, if I understand this right launching and having the phone available are two different things. You “may” launch this week but the phone will only be available in “the coming weeks”???

  260. Wiley

    I used to work for Rogers Corporate and I can tell you even the corporate account managers don’t find anything out forsure until launch week. Retail outlets not knowing anything shouldn’t surprise anyone, most of them are privately owned and the people working at them don’t know anything until the device is in their store.

    This message board has gotten out of hand with people that lack patience, it will get here when it gets here. I pre ordered the day after the email notification went out, I have been waiting just as long if not longer than anyone here for this device. But getting bent out of shape or trash talking isn’t going to help matters. The only thing we know is there are alot of skeptics on this board.

  261. salim

    Well since this phone is suppose to be coming out in the coming weeks I’d say 20th and 22nd possible those are the good days of the week and sh!t if it doesnt come just go for Bell Vibrant this phone is a flop anyways.

  262. Riday

    They still say they are working on launching the phone which could mean its not next week. Now I feel like they are just trying to keep customers here by giving wrong information about the launch date. Im not going to believe a word they say until it actually launches.

  263. salim

    I have a question right now I’m with Fido which is my sim card when I get Captivate phone will it work out with the fido sim or do I need to be a new customer with Rogers? reason I asked is because I heard Rogers and Fido are connected? or Rogers ownes Fido?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Salim,

      Yes, Rogers owns Fido. You’ll need a Rogers SIM in order to use the Captivate. I’d suggest calling a customer service rep to discuss your options.

  264. A

    This is ridiculous – why can’t you announce a proper launch date? I’m annoyed because I’ll probably miss out on the student plans because this likely won’t launch til after the promo is over.

  265. JohnB

    Can’t wait to get the Captivate. Lets see if I can hit the top of this chart:

    Galaxy S series phones are dominating. lol.

    1. Seriously, you’re going to buy a handset because of a synthetic performance benchmark? Are you doing protein folding on it?

      This is why there needs to be a variety of different models available.

  266. dieselboi25

    bets on what comes first? christmas or the captivate? Anyone?

  267. Cole

    so what, rogers refuses to post/validate comments over the weekend? come on, this is supposed to be launching over the next couple days

  268. Bgrant

    This entire situation highlights the exact reason the Toronto Star ran a report on how horrible Rogers customer service has become in recent years.

    Rogers is on the decline, and unfortunately it seems like it’s time to start shopping around for a replacement. This is the only way they’ll stop treating customers so poorly.

  269. Cory

    So i like how it is now the middle of october with no firm date for the release of the samsung galaxy s captivate. I foresee rogers just releasing the phone then putting it up that it has been released. So those who dont not check daily may have to wait depending on the stock there store may get.

  270. Paul

    I would have had interest in switching to Rogers if they had actually offered 6GB instead of $5 for 500MB more. This is a *3* year contract and I don’t want to take the chance that the CSRs won’t allow me to upgrade to 6GB for free when the promotion comes back.

  271. John

    Quick question! Does the rogers version include the 3-button Combo? Basically what I’m asking is if you guys went out of your way to remove that feature or not?

    1. billy

      I was looking for an answer to this question as well as I wanted to know if the download/ recovery mode is enabled. I hope it is… We wont be able to find out till the phone is released.

  272. TadMorse lists release date of November 2. Is this the actual release date???

    1. Chris C.

      The date makes scene. All the people in the rogers stores have been telling my Nov. for a few weeks now..

  273. Simon

    I just noticed that the link is now working again, but now lists a release date of November 2nd. Hopefully they don’t know something we don’t.

  274. Mumps

    I was just on the Best Buy website and I noticed that they have a posted release date for the Captivate.

    They have it listed as November 2nd, 2010. Is this true? I would really like to purchase this phone, however I have been without a phone for over a month because my HTC Dream quit working, and I am still paying because of my contract…

    1. Jack

      Samsung Galaxy S (No Contract)

      Rogers $ 549.99
      Bell $ 499.99

      Rogers $ 50.00 more why

      1. Ed

        No front facing Camera should always cost more

  275. John K

    Let’s hope for a positive announcement this week!!!!

  276. PL

    According to Bestbuy, release date is Nov 2nd for them…a1c668ece9en02

    And why I am not surprise at this?
    Yea right… Next week of course means 2 or 3 weeks. Just like Mid Oct is way passed.

  277. Harrison

    Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble, but according to Best Buy, we’re going to be waiting until the 2nd of November

    This is getting ridiculous

  278. Bgrant

    A FYI for the Rogers team: If you say “We are working towards a release date next week”, it’s twice as annoying to a customer if you miss that date then if you say “We’re trying to release it on October ___” and need to shift that date.

    Forcing us to repeatedly stalk this site and others since the end of July 2010 in the misguided hope that we’ll see an actual launch date is a waste of time.

  279. Oh – and I signed up for email updates on the Captivate page, even though I knew it was useless (since there were NO updates sent for the iPhone 4 or iPad)… And I was proven right, of course. If I hadn’t been following this thread, I would have had no idea that the Captivate was releasing this week. Miranda, you yourself said in the comments for the previous Captivate post that you would be doing a better job for the Captivate mailing list than the iPhone 4 list… And dropped the ball again.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Ryan,

      There was an update sent out on to customers who signed up for updates on Sept. 23 when the preorders became available. Due to the manufacturing delays, our launch date could not be confirmed so we did not send out an additional email. However, today, we did publish a new post on RedBoard with an update on the Captivate launch. It includes a statement from Samsung and demo video:

  280. Rashar

    Oh oh….

    So I went to bestbuy’s website today and typed in the search field, “Samsung Captivate”

    This is the information that came up…

    New! Rogers Samsung Galaxys Captivate Smartphone
    Model #: I896BLKR Web Code: 10155079 Release Date:11/02/2010 See more SAMSUNG products

    Notice the Release Date?

    1. Craig

      dude….how bout scrolling a few times….just go up a bit so you can see the 20 people in a row…like you..that are posting the same exact comment about best buy and their posted nov 2 release date…sheesh…dont people read above their post anymore?
      i honestly find that kind of laziness more irritating than rogers own lack of commitment to a true release date.

      yes..for the record…i know it says nov 2nd at BB…so did all the people above you…just literally posting prior to you.

      1. Umm – you realize that comments don’t show up the minute they get posted, right? It has to get approved by a moderator first. So there’s a very good chance that those comments hadn’t yet shown up on the page before that person posted.

        Of course, that doesn’t explain the people who keep asking about the GPS problems with the AT&T Captivate, when Miranda has answered that question about 10 times in the comments already. :)

  281. Su

    I just checked BestBuy again in a few minutes ago, at the address:

    Yes, Bestbuy do have a release date which is Nov 2, 2010. So it is not Mid-October, even not the end of October. Thus, the updates from last week mentioned trying launch this week is rumor.

    good job, rogers and the guy who updated.

  282. Harrison

    Mary if you’re expecting a release THIS week, why does Best Buy say it’s release is November 2nd?

  283. JSKershaw is now listing that the Captivate will be available November 2nd. Please tell me this is not true!!!??? That’s another 2 weeks. That’s 4 months since you announced Rogers will be getting the Captivate (August 3rd).

    Can we get some sort of acknowledgment on this and perhaps a launch date from Rogers?

    1. JSKershaw

      Sorry, I mean I typed too fast and there’s no edit function for my posts…

  284. A.Noggin

    Just talked to a friend who’s a sales associate in a Roger’s store and He just said that an internal bulletin claimed it has been delayed again. Apperently his manager told him it’ll be “November”. Now I’m reading comments posted by official reps (dated today) that still state “this week”.

    Who’s lying to me here? The guy I know who want’s to make commision off me, or a faceless “online representative”

  285. Ed

    Well I’m surprised that it’s now Monday and they say it will be out this week. Yet they can’t provide dates? If the units are not already on the way to the stores and in someone’s warehouse they can’t get to the stores this week.
    So what is it?
    Are the phones being shipped as we post?

    Someone should also be working on the pre-orders to make sure they get to your customers?

    What is rogers really waiting for?

  286. Eli

    Just called Rogers and they said it officially launched today!!!!


    1. Sebastien

      Can someone else confirm the comment above?
      Did it really release today because I truly doubt this…

    2. Theo

      OK, guess I’ll make a few calls. Hope this isn’t a hoax.

      1. Theo

        Eli, are you trying to cause a stampede? I thought I could run out and get one but had to fight 40 other people at the door of the Rogers store near work only to find out it’s not in yet. News crews were there, police, ambulance, fire trucks, it was bedlam. Shock and awe, but no Captivate!

        No seriously, NOT funny. I didn’t actually run out but did make a few calls and everyone knew it was coming but wouldn’t commit to a day just “real soon”. One girl sounded almost like she knows but couldn’t say so I hope that this means this week sometime.

        In any case, I’m giving the mid-October deadline as this Wednesday, when “mid” turns into “late” as far as I’m concerned.

      2. Eli

        Oh I’m not laughing at all. I just went by what the CSR told me.

        “The Samsung Captivate launched today October 18 with stock, check your local Rogers store”

        That’s the BEST news I ever heard from Rogers…’s to bad it wasn’t true.

    3. TadMorse

      Just called Rogers. The rep confirmed it’s out, but I have to go to the store to do the HUP. Called nearest store, no stock and no idea when they are gonna get it. The hunt begins …

    4. JRKR

      Web sites still has pre-order only. Can someone confirm/deny this?

    5. Blyt0004

      Just called three rogers stores in Ottawa, not released yet, no info on release date.

    6. James

      Where did this happen ????
      Still no confirm from my local strore

    7. Simon

      Can anyone confirm this? Seems doubtful in light of the other information we’re seeing.

      In regards to the Best Buy situation, I phoned my local store and they’re now saying Oct 26th! I love how every piece of information still has a different date attached.

    8. Eli

      False alarm……went to 4 Rogers stores and they ALL told me different things

      Store 1: “I was not aware that the phone was launched today”
      Store 2: “Oh it launched yesterday but it will take 2-3 days to get stock
      Store 3: “It wont launch until November 2 after the Samsung launch party”
      Store 4 was a little more helpful and offered to call me when they received stock although still unaware of the actual launch

      wow Rogers……FIGURE IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9. Wiley


      I just called Rogers E-Care and they confirmed their system says today in the launch day and my pre order will ship with in the next 24 hours.

    10. Jake

      Nope not in yet

  287. Peter

    Can someone at Rogers comment on why BestBuy has the release date Nov. 2nd? is this confirmed?


  288. To everybody commenting about the BestBuy “release date” – you really have to take that with a grain of salt. Online stores routinely put estimated release dates on their websites that have no bearing on reality… There’s a very good chance that this is just BestBuy saying “By Nov 2, we will *definitely* have this phone in stock for online availability” – it likely has very little bearing on the actual Rogers release date.

    1. Telus

      Yeah not a smart move by Best Buy given rogers track record on delivering on time. best buy prolly thinks they are dealing with a compitent company and posting release dates thinking the wont be changed.

  289. Bill Fahey

    Tried pre-order online, Rogers rejects my only credit card (three attempts), suggests I use a different one which I don’t have. Email my bank, no problems with the card there of course. Call Rogers, told the pre-order website is broken, known issue, can’t say when they will have it fixed (less than two days to go on pre-order).

    Ask if I can pre-order over the phone. Nope, impossible, “Lisa” tells me to go to a store in person.

    Call a Rogers store close by but it just goes to voice mail so I go visit the store over my lunch hour. Ask if I can pore-order the Samsung, anwser: “No, try a corporate store.”

    With this kind of treatment before I am even a customer I should probably thank Rogers for ensuring I will NEVER be their customer. I thought there were a lot of “whiners” on this site but wow Rogers, when you actively prevent people from being your customer, how do you stay in business?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Bill,

      Apologies for your frustration trying to preorder.

      There’s a number of reasons why credit cards might be rejected.

      Unfortunately, I am not able to tell you exactly why it was rejected. If you don’t have another card, the only other option is to go to a Rogers store where they can perform a credit check.

      1. LoveVibrant

        He did go to another store but was told to go some where else.

  290. Jordan

    Acutally BestBuy has the same website that rogers does to look up on release dates. No one at Rogers knows, or at least they say they dont. But to be honest, Bestbuy can look at the same site that rogers does and place their date. and i just called rogers ELI, your full of S***. Its not released today.

    1. Bgrant

      I just called Rogers and they confirmed it.

    2. Eli

      LOL relax dude,

      its EXACTLY what he told me the launch date was October 18, with stock…..went to the stores and they told me different.

      not my fault i was fed false information from Rogers.

  291. Gameboi

    This was my next dream phone when i started doing my research few month back. But now Thanks to rogers, they left permanent scars to my dream. how i wish this phone can be launch to another wireless carrier so i can jump ship as soon as possible. You the company Roger never really gave me any good or bad impression, but after this whole marketing of this phone really left me with a bad taste. Basically after this incident, when ever rogers announce something, my natural reaction would be to question its credibility. Good job i wished Ted Rogers was here to read these comments.

    Just take down this Redboard business, because is causing your company more negative responds then positive.

    1. Rebecca

      The thing with the phones is that it’s not actually Rogers that says when it’s launched or not it’s the maker of the device.

  292. mrmef

    this entire captivate launch fiasco has been a joke. Once again, we Canadian customers are slaves to the wireless monopolies:

  293. Jordan

    FYI – besbuy employees say it will be released tomorrow. However, they say that they cant place an order until tomorrow, which means wednesday, or thursday. Goodluck.

  294. Kevin

    the captivate now appears in the rogers system and according to the reps on the phones, it has officially been released…. but of course, this doesn’t actually mean anything since none of the retail stores have them.

    1. Michael

      You might notice that the price of the Captivate has jumped from $149 to $399 on the website.

      1. RogersMiranda

        Hi Michale, has been updated with the correct price. Just go to and type “Samsung Galaxy S Captivate” in the search box.

  295. David Dee

    Are you really targeting a launch of the Captivate this week Rogers? How is this possible with Best Buy publishing a release date of Nov.2 :

    You guys really need to get something right here or communicate appropriately with your customers about what is really going on. This is a real debacle!

  296. Bgrant

    Rogers reps on the phone are certainly confirming the phone has been launched and is available in stores. After calling 20 stores, I’ve determined that it is NOT available in stores even though your staff is telling people it is.

    On top of that? No updates on all the Rogers social media. Where is the disconnect? This is like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

    I’m sorry, but Rogers needs to fire some Project Managers. This is beyond horrible.

  297. Tod

    So it is now next week. Any updates on the actual launch day???
    I was in a Best Buy yesterday and asked the Rogers rep when it was launching. He didn’t know what I was talking about when I said the captivate. When I said it was the Galaxy S he said oh, December at the earliest. Then I showed him the ad for it in the flyer. Looks like the reps are really up to speed on this one.

  298. Jake

    So Rogers, what is true that you are launching this week (already 1 day down), or what the people at the stores are telling up about November now?

    Someone please answer.

  299. Dennis

    When you say launching next week, what is Rogers’ definition of “launching”? Does that mean the advertisement campaign starts? Does that mean retail stores start training? Does that mean a sign-up/call-back list is started? Does that mean a walk-in customer can actually possess a Captivate?

  300. wantcaptivate

    I just talked to one of my friend who works in local Rogers retail store and he said he will get the phone on 22nd and he reserved one for me.

    Hope no more disappoint again..

  301. Alan

    Rogers Redboard equals prevarication !!!!! Absolutely a show of distain for existing customers. Why bother going through the motions of a website to provide timely responses to customers ? I am also asking you to please stop the cookie cutter responses with little meat to them. When a specific response is indicated by a question, there never never seems to be a ,satisfying response.

  302. cblanchette

    I just called a couple stores. First said November 15th, the second said it’s delayed till the end of the month. Front end staff have no clue what’s going on, and don’t match the comments they tell me week by week. Nor do I get the impression that they care.

    Least I wasn’t being force fed “buy an iPhone instead” this time round. Lol

  303. Dave

    Futureshop says Friday the 22nd according to their facebook page

  304. billy

    I called as a business customer and they informed me that the phone is available for purchase but the phone won’t be in stock till the 25th for phone orders. Then there’s the standard shipping time from the date of stock, which the rep informed me 2-5 business days.

  305. Brandon

    Spoke to a rep at a store today and asked about the Captivate. He actually knew what I was talking about which was a first. He had said it is delayed by another 2 weeks as Rogers is having trouble getting their order from the manufacturer due to the fact that the american companies have depleted the current supply. Any official comment on this from the Rogers reps on here that keep saying it will be released this week?

  306. HH

    Hello Miranda,

    I have a few pointed questions about the new Captivate coming out for Rogers. As we all know, AT&T has had this phone for a while, and Bell introduced its sibling a few months ago. Because of this, there are KNOWN issues with this phone, and I am wondering if Rogers has addressed these issues since it has taken them months to release the phone. Specifically:

    1. Is the GPS issue fixed? This was a problem with AT&T, with Bell, and is well known. If not, then I don’t see a point in customers purchasing a phone that is months old which still has the same problems it did back in July 2010.

    2. Will the Captivate come included with the Android keyboard, or will it be disabled as Bell did for no apparent reason? This is the one where you can do speech to txt without any additional apps.

    3. The Captivate is SUPPOSED to be able to play DivX out of the box. However, AT&T in the States disabled this, and thus a player needs to be installed. Will this be the case with Rogers?

    4. The Android 2.2 OS has not been officially released to address a lot of the issues the phone has. When will customers see this update, as many known issues such as lagging, or sync problems, or Flash in browser is not available to customers with Android 2.1

    Please understand that Rogers customers have been very patient about the many delays for this phone. Your answers will be used in an upcoming article I am writing for my campus newspaper about Android phones and their support by the Telecommunications companies versus the iPhone.



  307. Lanny

    I think thursday is the day the phones will hit the stores. I can’t see stores getting the phones before the preorder is complete. It all does seem very strange that rogers changed the date on the preorder then changed it back. The call center claims it has launched but yet no update on this site. I suspect Miranda and the rest of rogers still doesn’t have a clue. I don’t know about the phone world but when VW launches a new car we have dates and a launch that has cars in stock and ready to go. The resonses from rogers staff have well chosen words for a reason.

  308. LisaB

    is it actually going to be realeased this week? im tired of waiting months for this phone to come out and to have no updates at all. I think i got maybe ONE email from the captivates email updates but thats it? Miranda can you at least let us know if we’ll be emailed the day before the device launches, or the day of? or 2 days ahead?

    ps. is the 6GB plan going to be available when it launches? i was waiting for the phone to come out and as i dont have a data phone currently thought it was a bit ridiculous that i was unable to add it to my plan but freeze it as i would have no way to access it until i get this phone. Thanks.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Lisa,

      We published a new post on the Captivate today with an update on the launch, including a statement from Samsung and a demo video. As far as I know, there will be no additional emails to customers who signed up for updates. You can find it here:

      The 6GB/$30 plan expired on Oct. 5.

      1. Lisa

        Hey Miranda,
        So in other words the captivate will be launching next monday? Do you know what Paul Brannen meant when he said limited shipments over the next few weeks? Does that mean that instead of the normal amount of phones being delivered that there will be less or they just wont have as many shipments as expected overall? And if so if we call into CSR would we be able to order the device online and still get it within a few days or would that be pushed back as well?

        Thanks! =)

      2. RogersMiranda

        Hi Lisa,

        I can’t comment on actual device quantities arriving at stores, but overall numbers will be lower than normal. You should be able to order the phone via Customer Care on Monday, but the delivery date will depend on available inventory.

      3. Lisa

        So if i order it via Customer care on monday id be able to get it at the 149.99 price even if i recieve it after november 2nd? And would the plan and all that be in place when i recieve it or would i have to take it to a store to have it activated?
        THank you so much for the response!

      4. RogersMiranda

        Hi Lisa,

        Yes, that is correct. If you’re a new customer or you qualify for a hardware upgrade, you’ll be able to get the Captivate at $149 if you order Monday. I suggest you talk to a customer care rep about your plan options.

      5. Craig

        …but…but? you waaaay earlier in this blog….said that in reference to repeated inquiries on quantities…that it would be with normal amts availalbe…after telling inquiry after inquiry it would be sufficient… say after two or three mths..that it will be lower than usual?
        does this mean you will launch a handful just so you can claim you met your mid october promise?
        although lets be honest….five or six units spread around the country in the week of october 25th is not sufficient quantities in mid october its insufficient quantities in late october………

        dont rogers realize its not just whining….you are really upsetting people ………?

  309. Sebastien

    Since the phone is now available to buy (confirmed by multiple rogers reps)… when are the stores going to get it?

    I have called many stores and noone has gotten it yet.

  310. David

    Can you please stop combining news? It doesn’t do a whole lot of good to update a story that’s most of the page down. I subscribe to the RSS feed so that I can get news about the Captivate (like the date), but I have to keep on refreshing a page that’s almost a month old to get the slightest bit of news. If you have an update, then blog about it. That’s the whole point.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi David,

      Thanks for the feedback.

      We’ve published a new post with an update on the launch including a statement from Samsung and a demo video:

  311. Hasan

    Cant wait to hold this phone in my hand. Bigg up to rogers for finally bringin it out.

  312. Chris

    Lies, the update said that it was launching this week and that you would update us on the day that it’s going to be released. Get on the ball Rogers, you are losing customers and credibility.

    1. Kevin S

      last time I checked, the week isn’t over yet. They said they were working towards launching it this week. I will be patient and wait for it to come out.

      1. RogersMiranda

        @Kevin and @Chris

        We did publish an update today. Details here:

  313. Recovery Mode?

    Has rogers addressed the issues seen with some of the samsung captivate phones not being able to enter recovery mode?

    Without the ability to enter recovery mode the phones can become bricked during an update. This is a serious issue and would like confirmation that rogers has taken the steps to correct it.

    There has already been a fix issued to the samsung vibrant phones.

  314. Nic

    Hi Miranda,

    As an old Rogers customer, will I be able to add 500 Mo for 5$ to the 200 min. 500 Mo plan ? Or is it only for new customers.


    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Nic,

      It’s best to discuss your plan options with a Rogers Customer Care rep. I don’t have access to customer account details.

  315. Michael

    I am so frustrated with Rogers right now. My iphone was stolen a couple of weeks ago and Rogers kindly (I thought) offered to sell me a new phone at the upgrade price (“the red price on the website”, in the reps words). I asked if I could order the Captivate, the rep confirmed this and said I could order it for $149. So I called back today and notice that not only has the price changed from $149 to $399, but the rep told me that I can’t get the Captivate at the upgrade price because it is a new phone!

    I would’ve gotten a phone weeks ago instead of waiting for Rogers to get around to launching Captivate! Unfortunately I am in the middle of a contract right now, but you can bet that after this, and other instances with Rogers, I am gone as soon as it doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg to do so.

  316. lanny

    Anybody else notice the 3 year term price of $399.99 for the captivate phone. This is really not looking good. Miranda can you comment on the price change? I think rogers really needs to explain what is going on.

  317. A.L

    I just went to the Samsung Phones page to view the Captivate and now the retail price for “selected 3 year terms” has jumped to 399.99 ?!?!
    This is either a serious typo or one of the most unbelievable examples of how to gouge a customer.

  318. BD

    On in the featured phones section Samsung Captivate is listed as being “$399.99 on select 3 year plans”. Hope that’s a typo.

    Also, on Monday a guy at futureshop checked to see if these were coming and he found that they didn’t even have any in the warehouse.

  319. Kdawg

    I really really have wanted this phone for a long time and still do. Even though I’ve already had to renew with an iPhone 4 due to my other phone packing it in. But seriously. By the time this phone is in the hands of customers you mise well wait until 2011 when newer better devices hit. AUGUST WAS THE TIME TO LAUNCH THIS PHONE NOT FRIGGIN OCTOBER OR NOVEMBER. Another Rogers fail. I look forward to more android phones like this and hopefully HTC will come to Rogers like they seem to have every where else. To those of you patiently waiting I have and still do feel your pain but if you can – switch carriers, this is a joke. Especially if you’re an existing customer. I have no choice at this point to stay so ill be screwed for the next couple of years. No pre-order. Wow. Unbelieveable.

  320. Chris C.

    Just went to three rogers stores. Two advised yesterday was to be the launch date but they were not given the green light to proceed. Best Buy agent also mentioned same release but also added next week will be new window. No firm dates..

  321. Andy

    Galaxy S Captivate is now $399.99 on 3 year contract?

    Seriously?? with the preorder its $149.99


  322. Andy &productType=normal&N=52+11+37

    Galaxy S Captivate is now $399.99 on 3 year contract?

    Seriously?? with the preorder its $149.99

    What the…………………………………………

  323. Matt

    I was just glancing over the Rogers site and noticed that the Captivate is now listed at $399.99 on a 3-year contract vs. $549.99 non-contract. Seems a bit insane to me. That’s a ridiculous price.

  324. Theo

    Not certain if this means anything but Future Shop has the phone listed online as “in-store only”. Calling in right now to see if they have any and will update when I find out.

    1. Theo

      Just got off the phone with a Rogers rep and was informed that the Galaxy S won’t be released until November 15th. Not sure how their notes on the system relating to hardware are organized but this was a bit of a disappointment to me.

      Will be getting a BB 9780 instead since it will launch before even though it hasn’t been announced yet (at least it will do the job, even though it doesn’t have all that Android goodness).

  325. Sarah

    I called rogers few minutes ago and the guy told me that the phone appears in their system and it will be available until October 25th… I don’t know if it’s true or not…

  326. Kevin

    So the phone is now showing up on their website for 399.99 on select 3 year plans. Is this some sort of joke? I’ll pay the extra $150 to not be locked in for another 3 years, and just ride out my current contract for another year and be done with it…

    Also, we are beyond mid October. Is this phone actually coming out this week? Otherwise i’m going to have to cave and get a BBerry 9700 or something.

  327. Sandra

    You say that the Captivate will be offered at $149.99 with a three year term and that is the price that was showing on the rogers website until today. Today it has it at $399.99 for a three year term. New clients were getting to pre-order at the low price and existing clients will have to pay more than double that?

  328. Kevin

    a comment on the futureshop facebook page puts the release on oct.22. take this with a big grain of salt.

  329. steve

    Why is it that rogers has decided to release the captivate without the front facing camera???

    1. vercro

      Because all Captivates are the same, none have a front facing camera? If you need a front facing camera, there are other versions of the Samsung Galaxy S phones that have it.

  330. AKS

    I checked the Best Buy website and the Release Date:11/02/2010 so there you go….

  331. Shauna

    WOW, what a mess this has been. There are so many conflicting dates from different sources that you would think Rogers would actually inform their CSR’s at Rogers, in their stores, and their affiliates. Has anyone elso noticed that on the Rogers site under the ‘Phones’ category that it states that the Captivate is available for $399.99 on select 3 year plans where as FS and BB have it for $149.99 on select 3 year plans? You might as well buy it out right at that price for $549.99 and I’m sure they won’t sell many. If it’s just a typo, it pretty much confirms how Rogers has become so incompetent over the last few years that they can’t even update their own website correctly…which is probably why there are no prompt udates on Redboard as they would probably just screw them up too.

    It’s now almost mid-week and no updates if this is actually getting launched this week or not.. Everyone working at Rogers probably have their Captivates by now so who gives a crap about the public.

    I liked what Gameboi said above, “I wished Ted Rogers was here to read these comments” as I’m nsure this isn’t how he wanted his company to be reagarded as.

  332. verm

    So any news on the release?

  333. Filiberto Choquehuanca

    Hahahahaha. October 19, 2010 @ 1:44pm, Rogers listed the phone for $399.99. The price just went up.

  334. northkoerearogers

    Is this north korea? Rogers only gives us minimal information. We will be releasing it next week and now she says that she will provide us with more information in the next coming weeks of when the release will be. Will there even be a release? Or will the release happen when theres already a new and better android handset from another company. rogers is the ultimate FAILBLOG.