Samsung Galaxy Tab coming to Canada in coming months

We’re thrilled to tell you that the Samsung Galaxy Tab – Samsung’s first tablet – will be coming to Canada on Rogers later this year.

As the Canadian carrier with the most tablet customers, we’re excited to carry the Samsung Galaxy Tab on Canada’s reliable network. Tablets are among today’s hottest devices – they let you connect with information, entertainment and other content in new ways – at home or on the go.

The Galaxy Tab joins our world-class lineup of mobile Internet and Android devices. It features a 7-inch display, Android OS 2.2, support for Flash Player 10.1 and a whole lot more.

It’s early days for this brand new device, so we don’t have any updates on pricing or availability yet. But as soon as we do, we’ll share them with you here.

In the meantime, you can read the full press release for more details.

Do you have a tablet or do you plan to get one soon? What do you think about the new Samsung Galaxy Tab?

Rob Manne is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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208 comments on “Samsung Galaxy Tab coming to Canada in coming months

  1. Justin

    Rogers, you have been terrible with the release of every decent device you have launched…please do not screw this one up

  2. muhammad

    its good u mentioned “coming months” ….. rather saying “coming years” :)

    1. RogersRob

      Indeed. I’m looking forward to it too!

  3. And I can imagine the monthly charges now. $35? Too much. $25? Too much. Try $10-$15 a month Rogers, only then will you get my business for a tablet+my Magic (which sucks FYI).

  4. minh

    Lol if its anything like the captivate’s release, “coming months” probably means end of next year.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hey Minh,

      I hear where you’re coming from but we’ll have more info to share soon.

      1. Chris

        I think we’ve heard that one before…..

      2. Asher

        You can probably understand that soon is frustratingly ambiguous. If I knew “coming soon” meant 7 weeks and counting, I probably would have got the Vibrant from Bell. I know it is a business decision to be ambiguous with release dates to avoid setting expectations that may not be met, but in the case of the Captivate, it has really damaged credibility for future releases. When I (my friends) are looking for a device in the future, you can bet I’ll jump providers rather than trust Rogers. Unfortunately most people posting here (including myself) feel deceived into staying with Rogers by the Captivate announcement. That is not how you want your relationships to be with eager, high-margin smartphone customers.

        The delay might have been tolerable if it had not been compounded by extremely poor communication. There has been no new information on RedBoard (not that you haven’t been active, and I understand you don’t control what can be shared), and a really poorly executed e-mail campaign that launched before the microsite was ready, which also offered no new release information.

        If you take nothing else from this, please ban the word “SOON” from Rogers vernacular. It has no meaning anymore and probably just irritates those who have been waiting. I personally would like to know how Rogers might avoid this situation in the future if they intend on keeping my business. At the very least I got a sweet deal from retention over this…

      3. B

        just more stalling tactics. I’m done, I’m buying from Bell

  5. Selim

    At this rate, I’d be surprised if Rogers could even get this in before Christmas.
    Seeing how we’ve been waiting for the Captivate for almost 2 months.
    What a dumb move to say you will get this device when the source doesn’t even state it runs on 850 umts bands.
    It’s comeing out to US carriers first, then we may get some idea what and when Rogers will get this.

    1. RogersRob

      Hi Selim,

      Many of our customers have asked us to tell them about the latest devices coming to Rogers as soon as we can. Regarding the Captivate, we’ll have more details to share soon.

      1. vercro

        We’ve heard this so many times before. “Soon” means absolutely nothing. Might as well just admit it’ll be “months” or perhaps “quarters”.

      2. [ND]

        Agree… sick of typing “rogers captivate” every day into google search…

      3. Goulet

        ‘Soon’ needs to be a solid date

      4. Didier Levesque

        Yes, you have always something to say soon, but what about right now!

      5. Adam

        Knowing about a product ASAP is excellent. Great. But putting out a vague and useless timeframe just irritates people. If you know there’s no intention of it this year, say “Samsung Galaxy Pad will be coming to Rodgers next year sometime. We all know ‘the coming months’ won’t be less than 5.

        Just like the Captivate. We’re told “more info in the coming weeks’. Well, 7 weeks later, No more info. You’re big ‘update’ was telling us that pre-orders are available ‘soon’.

        Saying “Samsung Captivate, coming to Rogers by the end of the year” would have been a more accurate and better way to share the info.

      6. kman

        Rogers seems be be confused about the definition of “soon”.

        It would be far more accurate to say “sooner or later”, “eventually” or just “whenever”.

      7. Drew

        I agree with this “soon” business, it’s frustrating more than anything else. Can’t you just say “in the next few weeks” or if you don’t have an actual time frame, try saying that, stop treating us like children! SOON son, DAM it’s frustrating!

  6. Alex

    im sorry, but this is pointless. Without time frames or anything, months can be 2-100+. Its not a good way of doing business, the captivate way I mean. Maybe this will have a more solid release date. You should at least say December 15, and give everyone something to aim and plan for, and if it comes in earlier, hey, you look even better. Choose a late date and go with that, don’t just shoot out soon, and a couple of weeks prior to releasing, still shoot out “soon” to anxious consumers hoping to plan their next device.

    Just some advice for the PR

    1. RogersRob

      Hi Alex,

      Appreciate the feedback on what info you find useful. Many customers have told us they’d like to know as soon as we confirm we’re carrying a product. But understand where you’re coming from in terms of pegging a more specific date.

      1. kman

        I find it hard to believe “many customers” are telling you that they want more vague promises with no substantial information.

      2. bjtheone

        Realistically once Rogers has decided they are carrying a device, they have already sorted out the details with the manufacturer and have a VERY GOOD IDEA of when they will be releasing it.

        You have absolutely no credibility if you are trying to say almost 2 months after the coming soon announcement, and after you are already training reps, that you do not have a darn near cast in stone release date.

  7. Sébastien Simard

    sooo excited for this one, i hope it will go on the market for christmas!! i’m really looking forward to put it on ” the list ” !!

    1. RogersMiranda

      Glad you’re excited Sebastien! We are too :)

  8. Jay

    Why don’t you release the Captivate before announcing more Galaxy stuff? This is bull… Been waiting for ages and all you do is hire a graphics designer to make the webpages.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Jay,

      Understand you’re frustration, but customers have told us they want to know that we’ll be carrying new devices as soon as we have confirmation so that’s what we’ve done here with this post. We’ll be as forthcoming with details as we can be.

  9. As cool as the Tab is, I won’t be buying another device on contract from Rogers. I’ll be waiting for the WiFi-only version of the Tab, or, failing that, a device from another manufacturer.

    Oh, BTW, for those you do sucker in to buying it, will they be able to share data with their existing smart phone, or will they have to pay extra?

  10. Selim

    Hi Rob,
    Thats fair enough.

  11. Nader

    Rogers you should know you’ve done something VERY wrong when people complain about captivate on the galaxy tab discussion. Miranda, put yourself in our shoes, how would you be reacting?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Nader,

      I hear you. I understand that not having more details is frustrating. As Rob and I have said to others here in the comments, we’ve been told that customers want to know what devices we’ll be carrying in the future as soon as we have confirmation, but what that also means is that we likely don’t have all those details at that time.

      1. Nader

        as much as we appreciated you providing us with news about future releases, I think you misunderstood the problem here. WE (the consumers) do not like it when you misinform us. This something that even the Competition Bureau agrees with us :
        “the Competition Bureau prohibit making any deceptive representations for the purpose of promoting a product or a business interest, and encourage the provision of sufficient information to allow consumers to make informed choices.”
        Rogers provided us with wrong information. Miranda, you told us that more information regarding Captivate with be available “very soon” and “in the coming weeks”. It is like making an appointment at a doctors office and the clerk lady tells you to come back in 524 hours to see your doctor. Why are you making things hard for us?

  12. Simon

    The Captivate fiasco totally killed any credibility this site has with any estimated release time frames. You guys are better off saying “Rogers Will Have the Samsung Galaxy Tab in the Future”.

    I’m sorry, but I have such a sour taste in my mouth because of the Captivate.

  13. AndroidVirgin

    Yeah, where have we heard this before, and who cares. I’d rather a portable Captivate than a huge Tablet. Thanks but no thanks,

    I tried to be polite in my last posts, but I am quite exhausted, ..Just

    Take notes from Bell. Phones released. Uh huh,

    Good day.

  14. Mike

    I agree with everyone, unfortunately this announcement means nothing. The announcement for the captivate was in August coming soom and we are in September.

    This is not the way to treat your customers, You are offering the 6gb promo till Sept 30th, I hope the captivate comes out before that so we can take advantage of this.

    As for the galaxy tab looks cool, I hope you change your marketing strategy and give some concrete release details for the tab.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Mike,

      Customers have told us in the past that they want to know the new devices coming to our lineup as soon as we know so that’s what we did with both the Captivate and now the Galaxy Tab. Sorry for the delay in providing updates but appreciate your the feedback.

      1. Jordan


        Its like someone telling you “i got you something for Christmas” but telling you in July.. And you have to wait, and wait, and wait, and by the time it hits November or December, you don’t care anymore, or you wish that person never told you anything to begin with because it was so far away. If this Captivate takes past September, Mark my words, Rogers will Lose A LOT of customers. Bell could be Cleaning up right now. Taking everyone’s contracts off their hands, setting them up with a 3 year contract. I’ve Been with Rogers for 10 years and i am considering it.

  15. bjtheone

    Given the gong show the Capivate launch has turned into it makes absolute sense to add another high end Samsung device to the list of devices you claim you will be releasing some month/year….

    If you are at all serious about this, here are 2 suggestions:

    (1) Provide an ACTUAL release date and deliver to it.

    (2) Allow the tablet to be added to an existing smartphone plan. I already am paying for a 6 GB data plan. Being able to get a second SIM and use the 3G feature of the tablet would be a great enticement to stay with Rogers. If you are going to make me get a complete second data plan to use it I might as well go with Bell.

    1. Minh

      Use thether from your Captivate when you get to have it in 2012? Just in the for the end of the world. At least, you can take pictures with your phone by then.

      Rogers has zero credibility on their release dates.

  16. Jack

    I don’t believe you. When you continually fail to properly inform your clients then there is no reason to believe you now. At Rogers “Coming Soon” means don’t bother us when we have it then you’ll know. How about I contact Rogers and tell them my monthly payment is “coming soon”. Why don’t you put up another one of those sites “where we leave our email address and you contact us with updates. I never have gotten any info on the Galaxy S. Oh yeah has the IPhone 4 been released yet because I’m still waiting for some info on that device too.

  17. chike99

    If there is no voice capability on the Canadian version, I am not interested.

    1. ian

      I’d like to know about this too.

  18. scott

    i’ve been reading through the comments on this blog and noting all the frustration around release times. its a bit of an odd phenomenon. its like the hype that is meant to be built by the marketing / PR team about releases is met with such fervor that it extinguishes itself and in turn really frustrates customers.
    the engine that builds the hype for these products (being the engadgets and cnets and techdirts etc) is so vastly ahead of the release to market that even the slightest slip (which is obviously routine) sparks debate.
    personally, I’ve been sitting with a 2 year old blackberry, an upgrade waiting, and watching rogers give an iphone release (largely unavailable), the captivate announcement (not yet released), the torch announcement (now rumoured for delay) … which almost all of them i watched 4-8 months ago launch and provide details to the greater public by their manufacturers. during the summer we’ve also seen htc products, android updates and other releases that we can only expect will take until next summer to come to fruition at rogers.

    i think this blog is a disservice to rogers – it points out that gap about they provide and what we “could have”. It provides no information that would help us decide whether we’d actually stick around with this carrier for a product (like pricing and plans), and it provides no information about products that we haven’t already seen elsewhere. IMO – just don’t say anything until launch day when the product is on the shelf and available for hands. it would be refreshing to actually hear about something and go and get it all in one swoop.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Scott,

      This is good feedback. Appreciate your thoughts on this topic. As I’ve mentioned to a few people here, we have been asked in the past to provide updates as soon as we know we’ll be adding a new device to our lineup, but unfortunately, that also means we don’t have all the details at that time. If customers would rather wait for the launch day for all the details, this is good to know.

      1. Here’s the thing… even if you take that advice, and wait till launch day (or a week before) to announce, _we_ will have read all about these products 3 to 6 months _before_ that as the tech blogs cover them, and the US carriers release them!

        We will see what they have, and we will want it now (or at least sooner than we’re getting it).

        The real real problem here is that Bell and Rogers both announced within days of each other that they were getting two versions of the same phone (Vibrant on Bell, Captivate on Rogers). The difference is, Bell _actually_ released their phone about a week later!!!

        So, Rogers got screwed. They _had_ to announce it was coming because Bell did, but for some reason they won’t tell us, they don’t have the phones yet.

        It comes down to this, quite simply, Bell scooped them.

        Rogers, why is it taking you _months_ longer than Bell to release what is practically the same device?

      2. David

        It’s not that we don’t want to know about things early. That’s the entire problem with this setup. We are told that Rogers will someday be carrying products, and that more information is coming soon. Any enquiries into the subject are stonewalled. We are told that information is coming in the coming weeks, and are not updated for over a month, other than being once again told that information is coming soon. Point of the matter is that we want to be informed, not be told to wait for information.

        I’m sure that you’ll go back to your superiors informing them that we don’t want to know about upcoming products, and there’ll be meetings on top of meetings about it, and everyone will decide that being silent is the best policy.

        Please don’t. Just tell us what’s going on. Don’t keep telling us to wait for information. That’s not helpful.

  19. ARogersCustomer

    Haha, coming months? As we see what’s happening to Captivate, it can be translated into in a year~ Hope it’s not true

  20. skg

    soo…Q4 2011 then? if anythign 2 judge by the captivate release dates…

    i also agree, until rogers gets a firm release date, or even a firm release window, they shouldnt just make announcements, and keep us hanging. honestly, when the captivate announcement came out back in august 4th, i was thinking by september id have my galaxy s. but septembers waning and still no galaxy s!

    1. RogersMiranda

      Thanks for your feedback. Others have also said the same thing so we’ll take this into consideration for future posts on RedBoard.

  21. Martin B.

    Not giving a precise date on the launch of a product is a very effective publicity method in keeping everyone interested, and obviously hooked. By saying “Coming Soon” a company is not bound by any deadline and also keep competitors at bay. Very clever.

    I’m in advertising and PR too ;) …and patiently waiting for that Captivate as well.

  22. David Brady

    I don’t care. What I care about is actually getting information about the Captivate. My contract is up. I can easily walk into a Bell store and get one right now. But I would prefer to stay on Rogers. What I ask is for information. “Information soon” is meaningless. You have to know something more than that. What’s taking so long? Are we going to know by the end of the week? Next week? You have to have some sort of schedule. Give us your tentative internal deadlines, and disclaim them all to hell saying that they are not definite.

  23. Torlake

    Will the Canadian version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab be shipped with or without voice (i.e. smartphone) capability?

    The version to be released by the four major U.S. carriers will ship without voice capability, which I think is a major mistake because Samsung misses the opportunity to further distinguish the Galaxy Tab from the iPad (as it does with the two cameras).

    As a senior with fading vision I am more interested in a large phone than I am in a small tablet.

    1. RogersMiranda


      Thanks for your feedback on the Tab. Good to know the features that customers are looking for. We’ll have more details about the technical functionality of this device closer to launch.

  24. Svetoslav

    So only Rogers and Bell will be sporting the SGT… I guess there’s still hope in seeing the device by the end of the year in that case.
    And no voice calling functionality and more-expensive-than-Apple accessories… I guess I can’t wait either!

  25. Owen

    According to the Samsung press release, in the specifications section it shows the tablet as 900 / 1900 / 2100 MHz for 3G+. Rogers does not employ 900 MHz, does this mean that 3G is only going to be in the limited coverage area of the 1900 MHz band? Or is Rogers releasing an 850MHz device? Also so happy to see that Rogers is releasing this baby, I was planning on getting one from Germany but I now can wait. At the end of the day lets be glad it’s coming to Canada.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Thanks Owen! Glad you’re excited for the Tab’s Canadian arrival. We’re excited to add this tablet device to our lineup. :)

      1. Your response doesn’t even come close to answer Owen’s question! How does that make sense, all you are doing is just tooting your horn about carrying the Galaxy Tab. Answer the questions that matter, instead of tooting the horn for no reason. We already know Rogers is getting the Tab!!!!


    2. RogersMiranda

      Hi again Owen,

      I see I didn’t actually address your question in my response. Sorry about that. It’s still early days for the Tab so we’ll have details about the specific device functionality closer to launch.

  26. perry

    oooh… ouch. ROGERS you’re getting some serious smack down by customers.

    +1 for poor PR.

  27. Adam

    Cool to know about new devices coming asap, but how about a Captivate update?

    On September 8th, you told us there would be pre-order available soon?

    Still nothing but speculation. Even your CSR’s are giving our false info. Some will say within a week/two, some say not until December. What’s the deal.

    We’re sick of being left in the dark, and with that 6GB/$30 deal ending soon, it would be really awesome to know whether HUP eligible people can get in on that.

  28. Goulet

    Maybe they should focus on actually releasing the CAPTIVATE thats taken 2 months to long.

  29. Colin

    Any chance that this tablet might be able to share data like the iPad?

    1. Jeff

      the iPad has the LEAST amount of features of all the tablets. Look up the specs for the galaxy tab, there are tons more features than the iPad could ever hope to have, thanks to Apple’s “Sandbox” method of app development.

    2. RogersMiranda

      Hi Colin,

      We’ll have details about plans for the this device closer to launch.

  30. Deli

    I support Rogers services fully. However, the recent debacle with the Captivate has left a bitter taste in EVERYONE’s mouths. They need to hit the market HARD and HARDER than its competitors to push Android devices. The best way is to be open about release dates (within reason) and fix your relationship with HTC which has the most updated Android phones. Go Rogers, but you can’t keep tripping over like this. Things have slid downhill since Ted, considerably.

  31. David Noog

    If this is anything like the Captivate announcement, it will upset a lot of customers. Nice device though.

  32. DJM

    Coming months? More like coming years… rofl.

  33. Rick

    Launch party next week for the captivate? Also will there be data sharing plans? Between the captivate and the galaxy tab/ipad? I’d hate to teather data to the ipad cuz it just kills the battery.


  34. P@

    Man the replies on this board frustrate me… Rob and Miranda have a hard job to do.

    It is great news that the Tab is coming, despite lack of details. It shows that Rogers is commited (if somewhat selective) in bringing out emerging devices quickly. Although I really want the Dell Streak, the Tab is something I will consider depending on phone capabilites.

    We look forward to more information !

    1. RogersMiranda


      Thanks for the shout-outs :) As Rob and I have mentioned to others here, we’ve been told that customers like to know as soon as we know that new devices will be added to our lineup – even if we don’t have all the details yet.

      Glad you’re looking forward to this device. We’re excited to add another tablet to our lineup :)

      1. How are you adding another tablet? What was the first tablet? If you are referring to the iPad, well it’s not really a tablet and you don’t “officially” carry it or provide support for it! Just like you didn’t carry the Nexus One, but kept saying that you were excited to have it as part of your line up of Android devices.

        Please make sure that the messaging is consistent and more importantly accurate. Galaxy Tab will be the first tablet which you will carry, not “another” tablet, because you don’t “officially” carry the iPad!

  35. Chris

    Maybe an actual release date for the Captivate would be more productive than another “coming soon” blurb about the Galaxy Tab that may show up on Rogers eventually….Rogers has really dropped the ball lately for product releases.

  36. Skunkworks

    Can you tell us a couple of things,

    1. Will it be able to do voice like the European version or will it be voice crippled like the US versions?
    2. Will you have demo units in the Rogers stores that we can test. I would like to compare it to the functionality of the iPad prior to committing to a multi-year contract.
    3. Will there be joint plans/deals for purchasing a Samsung Captivate / Tab. Reduced cost, shared data/voice?

    thanks for any and all the information you can provide to this blog.


    1. RogersMiranda

      We don’t have all the plan and specific functionality details just yet but yes, we should have demo devices available in Rogers locations for customers to try out.

  37. Vince

    I see you learned a bit from the Captivate comments; at least this worded as coming months!

  38. Chris

    Later this year probably = somtime next year. Use the Samsung Captivate as a benchmark. Come on Rogers commit to something give everybody a dates..

  39. Rooster

    Fail..any of you people wishing to pick this up from rogers had better consider there reputation with regard to product delivery..see Captivate. Start looking @ Ebay now. Save yourself the wait.

  40. michael

    Let’s hope that it won’t be the same fiasco as the “coming soon” Samsung Captivate, announced 2 months ago… and still nothing…

  41. hahahahahahahahaha, this is hilarious…. coming months could end up in 2011 loool

  42. shawn

    …I find it funny that another announcement is made while the Captivate is still hanging in the Rogers Purgatory.

  43. Vision Jinx

    2.2 will be obsolete, Why not give us Android 3.5??

    It sounds like the Magic all over again, we will either be abandoned or have to wait over a year to get the current update/version.

  44. Random72

    I expect to see the Tab in stores just before Christmas or sometime in January. No sooner than that. Rogers seems to at least willing to acknowledge the long delay, something they haven’t always done (witness, the Captivate ‘coming weeks’ fiasco)

    Just remember folks, that when it comes to consumer products, whether its mobile phones, tablets, computers or automobiles or anything else, Canada is never going to be among the first country to get these products.

    US, European and Asian markets are much larger and therefore matter a lot more. I doubt these companies spend too much time concerning themselves with the launch of these products in Canada. To them, we’re just a secondary US market they’ll get around to eventually.

    I’m not saying it’s right, but it is reality nevertheless.

    Our market is simply way too small, yet layered in tons of fussy regulation that can make the cost of doing business here too expensive for some companies (at least until the product is everywhere and has sold enough units to ensure profitablilty). Hence the long delays and missing features and options (like colours, for example) with products that do eventually wind up here. Interestingly, these things usually still manage to cost just as much and oftern a lot more than they do elsewhere.

    It’ll be interesting to see how much more the Tab will cost here than it does in the US.

    Remember patience my friends – patience.

    1. aptar

      Re; Captivate, it’s not US vs Canada. Bell had the Galaxy long before Rogers.

    2. RogersMiranda

      Thanks for your insight on the industry. (And thanks for your patience!) :)

  45. Danny

    Let’s follow the Rogers PR Logic in regards to Samsung Products:

    Original Post: “Coming in weeks” = No information for > 1.5 months
    Supplementary Post: “Update coming in days =” No Information for > 1 week

    If the trend holds:

    “Coming later this year” = No information > 1 year.

  46. Shammy

    What I have seen with Rogers on this board is accountability. I believe Rogers will do the right thing and release “dates” soon. We all understand dates can change, and are flexible with this, but posting “coming soon”, makes more people irate.

    Here’s hoping Rogers steps up and does the right thing here. I’m confident that they will.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Shammy,

      Thanks for the feedback. We’ll be as forthcoming with updates and new information as we can be.

  47. Oh, Rob… look how customers are criticizing Rogers PR for their handling of these Android launches!

    Out of curiousity, is the word “Offensive” considered offensive by the RedBoard commenting policy?

    Why would anyone (who’s not wealthy) want TWO contracts?!?! I believe P.T. Barnum mythically had something to say on the subject.

  48. Rob

    I just need the answer to 2 question. You should know both by now.
    1. Will the Galaxy Tab also be available on Fido?
    2. Does the version you are releasing support voice as well as data?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Rob,

      1. At this time, the Samsung Galaxy Tab will only be available on the Rogers brand.

      2. It’s early days for this device, so unfortunately, we don’t have any details on specific functionality just yet. We’ll have that info closer to launch.

      1. Rob

        Hi Miranda.
        Thank you for the reply. Seeing how this forum is being used for feedback I will let you know how I feel about it.
        If there is no voice capability on the version that you supply, I will not purchase it from you.
        I also will not leave my Fido grandfathered unlimitted plans just to switch to the parent company to get this device.
        If that is the only option that is available I will move to another company.
        I don’t have to tell you how long I have been a customer, grandfathered plans tell you that.
        I also don’t have to tell you how much I spend each month.
        I hope Rogers is thinking long and hard about excluding voice from this device.
        Many people feel the same way as I do.
        If I wanted to carry around 2 devices, I can guarantee you one of them wouldn’t be the Galaxy Tab.
        One customers opinion.

  49. Aptar

    Based on the botched Captivate launch, later this year, in Rogers speak, probably means sometime in the next 365 days. Sure, it will be coming to Canada on Rogers via unlocked from ATT and bought on eBay.

  50. Sansaman

    RogersRob, you say you have information about the captivate. Please advise what this info is that you have. You have forced customers to shell out cash and buy Bell’s Samsung Vibrant and use it on Rogers.

    Stop releasing other devices when you can’t release the previous one.

  51. Kevin

    What a farce. If the Captivate is any indication, coming months actually means sometime during the summer of 2011, if we’re lucky.

  52. Dennis

    The Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab, hmmm. I think I’ll be coming to Redboard to find out what Bell products is getting from now on.

  53. You can’t really claim by any measure to have a “world-class lineup of mobile Internet and Android devices.” Without one Android device running the current Android version, no word of a professional model with keyboard, and many handsets which we were forced to buy on two year terms permanently stuck on a vastly outdated version (1.5), the best thing Rogers could do would be to get completely out of the Android handset business, offer plans that do not require subsidy fees and let us get the unlocked, uncompromised device of our choice on the open market. Oh, and apologize to those people who genuinely wanted to see an “open” handset to counter all the closed experiences.

    Thank you.

  54. Trev

    I’ve been wanting to buy a laptop for a while now and I haven’t even considered a Tab (of any brand) up til this point but I may a few months down the road. I’ve been with Rogers for 11 years or so and my contract actually expired about 5 years ago and since Rogers has always been slow in getting the newest products and technology, the last phone I got was an unlocked one from an online company. I hope this doesn’t turn out like the debacle that the Captivate release has become. I too want to get my hands on a Captivate, but at this rate, Rogers may actually release the Tab before the Captivate…and they say that’s a few months down the road. So we can actually expect the Tab probably after next summer if we go by the updates and track record that’s been provided so far.

  55. billy thomas

    I am happy to see that you are announcing a new product. We all want to hear about whats coming down the pipeline and thank you for doing that. It lets us know what to wait for and what we should save our money for. There are just so many devices out there with More info coming soon. And even Rogers updates (for android, Blackberry )it just seems that we never get a real date on updates and only the words “soon”. We are all excited to have the latest and greatest and something soon is not enough. We know you are doing your “best” but even seeing before the holiday season would be helpful.

    On a side note I am waiting for the “windows phone 7 coming soon message aswell”

    Overall thanks for letting us know what’s coming and I know due to certain reasons you sometimes can not give all the info we want at once. It is just a tease right now and we are hungry for more info.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Billy

      I understand. Thanks for your feedback. As Rob and I have mentioned to others here on RedBoard, customers have told us they want to know as soon as we know what new devices are going to be added to our lineup. That’s what we’ve done here, but that also means we probably won’t have all the details. Glad you appreciate the updates on whats coming down the pipe. Good to know.

      1. Komal

        Yes, customers do want to know along with a reasonable estimate of the time to release. I’m sure that when Rogers decides to carry a phone there are estimates made of the dates for shipping to stores, pre-order, release etc. Customers never asked you to continually say that devices are “coming soon” when they are in fact not. It isn’t releasing info that is annoying customers, it is when you lie and tell us all that these devices are coming soon when they are not

      2. Asher

        People aren’t frustrated because you are announcing devices early. They are frustrated because “soon” too ambiguous and not true.

        If you could even say “more than a month”, “more than a quarter”, or something barely more specific, that would temper expectations. When I read “soon” about the captivate, I figured that meant around 2 weeks (it could mean anything).

        I have got to think you guys knew at the time that it was more than a month away, and could have said that much?

      3. Terry

        Ia gree they knew roughly when they were going to release the Captivate…They announced it to offset people leaving Rogers to go to Bell. Blatant false advertising.

      4. Adam

        Seems like I’m saying alot of the same stuff, but just to be clear.

        I think I speak for most Rogers customers when I say we like to hear about new and upcoming devices, even if it is a year away.

        For example. Word came out the Desire would have North America Brands. Good to know Rogers has no intention of carrying it, rather than me waiting to see if it would happen.

        However, when announcing new devices, its the way you do it that irritates people. When saying a Device is coming soon, use the largest unit you can.

        For example “Captivate in the coming weeks” should say “Coming months” or “Q4 2010″.

        NOT ‘Coming Weeks”, since that turned into almost 2 months.

        Its like saying Rogers has hundreds of square centimetres of network Coverage…. See?

        To add to that, I know its not Miranda/Bob’s call on these, they’re just reporting to us and can’t tell us anything unless they get permission, even if they may know.

      5. billy thomas

        Thanks Miranda. Maybe if you could also explain why you can’t give a release date people will understand. For example, a phone comes in, it goes through testing, goes through field testing, then branding and once all the prerequisites are you can give a release date.

        If Rogers can keep us “more in the loop” that would be great. With social media as popular as it is right now it would be a win win. We would be happy to hear “updates” and Rogers can give us what they know.

        Even if you do a post along the lines of what happens once Rogers is going to release a phone. From the time you get it till the time we get it in our hands. It would be great to know how it all works.

  56. Steven Friedmann

    Hope we will be able to share existing data plan, rather than having to buy a second plan.

  57. Anis Kadri

    Glad to know you’ll be carrying the device even if like everyone else I would have loved to have a timeframe or yeah just say you’ll be carrying the device in the future because “soon” does not mean anything. I hope it will be possible to buy it outright that we’ll be able to share our smartphone data plan with it. I am done with 3 year contracts (never seen that anywhere in the world even in third world countries).

  58. Komal

    Well so I guess this is Rogers doing the exact same thing they did with the Captivate. They know that Bell is getting the Galaxy Tab, and so, just like with the Captivate, they are going to announce that they are carrying the Tab so that customers don’t switch.

    But then they will continually jerk you around with release dates, always promising more info soon and pre-orders soon but never delivering.

    They will just keep jerking you around to keep you from going to Bell. Clearly the word “soon” has no meaning at Rogers and is just a tool to fool customers.

    If they keep this up they will be losing a chunk of those customers.

    Either be honest and admit you’ll be carrying it long after Bell, provide a date, and people won’t be pissed off, or keep this routine going and piss off everyone.

    The longer this goes on the more I want to switch to Bell out of annoyance and frustration.

    1. Count me in, I will be extremely happy to switch to Bell in a jiffy! Just as soon as this contract is up.

  59. I has a phone

    Miranda 2 questions please. Please please answer them:

    On Galaxy Tablet info page it shows that it runs on 900/1900/2100MHz frequency bands.
    But Rogers uses 850/1900MHz frequency bands.
    Will we be forced to use 1900MHz only which is for rural areas and really really sucks in congested areas like downtown and parking lots?

  60. Rich

    I want one when it comes out, but I’ll probably have to purchase an unlocked one from somwhere as Rogers sucks with new stuff and release dates. Come on Miranda, I’m sure that the release dates and details of the plans of this and the Captivate are all worked out, why not share it with us. Rogers is a huge company, but I’m ready to jump ship to another company even though I’ve heard worse horrow stories about them all. As Canadians, we’re pretty much stuck with the few providers that we have and their antics. Let’s hope that some more companies start here soon and offer better rates and actual real time updates. By the way, has anyone noticed that Rogers website is slower than dialing up when the internet was first introduced? For a company that claims to be soooo advanced in everything, their website is annoying slow.

  61. Adam

    This just in:

    Smartphones that you can leave at home to train your puppy, take care of your kids and bake muffins!

    They will be available in the coming years.

  62. kman

    Coming months… (yawn)

    wake me up when you’re actually planning to release it. Fool me once….

  63. Mor10

    Question: Will the Tab only be sold with a contract? And if so, why? The iPad can be bought without a contract. Android tablets should be no different.

    I think Rogers needs to rethink the way they think about customers. Take a look at what’s happening in Europe. Selling devices with insane contracts to force people to stay with you is no longer a good strategy. As devices evolve they become more than merely phones (the Tab being a perfect example) and people buy them for a myriad of reasons that don’t involve contract services. Forcing a contract on people will just result in those people either not buying the device at all or resenting the company for it for years to come.

    Separate devices and plans. The old strategy of locking people in to plans to keep them is dumb and pisses people off. I’m likely to leave Rogers the second a better option becomes available simply because the current policies are designed to screw over the consumer. It doesn’t have to be that way, in fact if it wasn’t that way people would flood TO Rogers. But this announcement just underlines that Rogers is still horribly stuck in the past.

    I will get a Tab, but it won’t be with a contract and it won’t be from Rogers.

  64. Kevin S

    I, being a 12 year loyal customer, had actually walked into a bell store to switch, but they wouldn’t buy out my contract. I’ve never considered leaving Rogers before. I’ve always been a loyal customer preaching the goodness of being your customer. I’ve always tried to convince co-workers and friends to go with Rogers vs other companies… and after the captivate mess up I tried to leave… but I’m tied down with my contract. I am sure there are many other customers with my same story. We can’t leave because it’s too expensive to cancel, we’re stuck.

    I love hearing about new devices, but hate seeing it branded with ‘soon’.

    If this has voice capabilities, i will get it with a 3 year contract renewal. This seems like exactly what I want. The captivate is nice, this is awesome. Hopefully we will get some dates and info regarding voice capabilities soon.

  65. Ryan

    Rob and Miranda,

    Word of advice. I dont think the customers posting on this forum need to be told the same thing over and over. I just read the entire thread and you have said nothing but the same sentence. Seriously…Stop the robo speak and be human. All i think you need to understand is that this entire thread has been frustrated customers requesting information. If you dont have any dont post. Plain and simple. Ive been waiting for the captivate as well and have given up on you guys. dont announce product you know nothing about.

  66. Are customers going to have the option of not buying into a silly multi-year contract and buying the device out right? If so, what will be the price?

    Announcing that you will carry the Tab is great, but not announcing the price and data plans and waiting for “sharing closer to launch date” is silly and not really helpful to consumers who want to make decisions now!

    1. Have to agree here. I hope Rogers is not trying to interfere and hoard this important developing market in Canada.

  67. Random72

    Aptar, two of the main US carriers have had Galaxy S variants available to their customers since mid-July. T-Mobile customers were able to buy a version of the Vibrant almost a month (July 15) before it was offered by Bell (Aug.6).

    The AT&T version, which is nearly identical to the one Rogers will eventually carry, went on sale July 18. By the time Rogers finally brings this phone to market, it could very well be three months after the US on-sale.

    That’s the point I was making. When these phones are available on other Canadian carriers is irrelevant, because in almost every case their releases will be at least 1-3 months (or sometimes 3-6 months) after the US/European rollout.

    Those markets are of prime interest to the manufacturers, whereas Canada, for the reasons I’ve mentioned is not.

    Same goes for the Tab. Samsung will rush to get it into the hands of American and European holiday shoppers, and Canada will likely get pushed to January.

    I’ll be surprised if it’s available here before Christmas.

  68. Random72

    Correction: according to one report I read, the Tab will be rolled out in Europe in mid-September. Lucky Euros won’t even have to wait until the Christmas shopping season!

  69. blackprophet

    I am probably going to repeat what a lot have people have said, but I figured you guys could use some support!

    I think the main problem is not with announcing devices. I think had you originally said something to the tune of “Rogers will definitely be getting the Captivate, we don’t have any more details than that” there wouldn’t be the backlash that you are currently getting. Sure some people would’ve migrated to bell cause they didn’t want to wait, but I’m sure most of those people are the same ones who are bitter now.

    I personally was looking forward to the Captivate as well. But I can wait, I’m not in a rush and I want my phone subsidized (and leaning more towards the torch anyways!). But others obviously feel differently for good reason.

    I hope this is a lesson learned for you guys. But to my understanding Telus and Bell don’t off a similar service. And I for one appreciate it, even if it causes some controversy.

    As for the Tab, I find myself considering this, even though I though tablets were the stupiest thing when the iPad came out. Maybe deep down I’m just anti Mac.

  70. Dtrieu

    Friend at Rogers said they’re planning on releasing the captivate at the end of November. What a joke

  71. Minh

    Guys dont be too harsh. In the following months, they’ll hire a webpage designer to put up the specs! lol Its so rediculous that they did that for the Captivate. It’s been out for 2 months now. You think we don’t know the specs by now?! Stall tactics!

    This tab is probably gonna come out after january

  72. RIck

    There is only one question to be asked here. Will I be able to use this as a phone. If I can’t then it is absolutely useless as a everyday tool. I would love to have the tab as my new phone but if Rogers decides to approach this like the USA carriers they may as well forget it – nobody is going to buy it. Let’s hope Rogers finally comes to their sense and makes a wise decision for one.

  73. Rooster

    Miranda….you are telling us that you are only letting us know that Rogers is carrying a device. fine…….The problem is that you provided everyone with timeframes that you have not kept…..with no explanations!
    That is why you are seeing so many people upset here. So much for the “buzz”.

  74. noctx

    does the Samsung Galaxy S captivate or Tab have any rogers branding on it? like does it say anywhere along the phone “rogers” or anything like that

    1. drew

      Branding – you better believe it will have the Rogers logo on it. If it’s anything like my Captivate ( ya – Roadtrip back in Aug > BestBuy USA had lots in stock ) The logo is under the glass face at the top of the phone. PLus it will have all the Bloatware for the rogers search, rogers radio, rogers maps etc ….

  75. James

    I for one am very frustrated with the coming days/weeks/months/years/decades thing if you want another example of how to say something while not committing to anything you could just say “We at Rogers are moderately confident we will be able to provide more information soon” this way there will be no way for people to blame you when there is no new info . After all you were only moderately confident . That being said THANK YOU so much for the early info on the acquisition of the captivate I would have been even more disappointed had I picked up the Iphone 4 just to find out 2 weeks later the captivate was available. Thank you its a no win situation and in the end no one will care when they get there new toy.

  76. Bgrant

    After waiting months longer than customers from any other provider for a simple date on the launch of the Captivate, why would I be excited about any other products Rogers is offering?

    We don’t even have a date on the Captivate!

    At this point, someone should be doing more to retain customers. You’ve already lost my cable TV and cable internet service. This is driving me away from the last service you offer that still interests me.

  77. Peter

    Hi Miranda/Rob,

    I understand through your repeated posts that you only told customers because thats what customers want, and I also understand through everyone else’s post that they do not want “soon” they want dates. But in the case of the failed iphone 4 and captivate launch and I believe soon this one as well, it is starting to become a lose-lose situation. In one aspect customers believe you actually know the date but just not ready to share (most likely because it is still far out and you guys are scared to lose customers to competition), this makes you guys dishonest and your input is not appreciated. On the flip side you actually don’t know, and after more than a month after an announcement for the PR team to still not know what is going on makes you look incompetent. So which is it? Personally, I visit this board now because I am fascinated how poorly your business handles its customers. I am not sure why I am still with Rogers, or more importantly why is my business.

  78. rob

    I can’t believe the complaining up here, its getting old fast.

    so would everyone rather they DO annouce a date, even though it’s just a rough estimate, and then that date comes along and it ends up getting pushed back due to unforseen circumstances? seriously people, you make it sound like rogers is delaying devices purposely just to piss you off, really? they annouced the 9800 WITH dates as they were certain it was going to be ready for that date, gave info on the iphone with dates as soon as they could, and i’m sure as soon as they know for sure that they can release any device they will release the info they can on it.

    and to the redboard, don’t worry, even if you did release more info, there would still be complaints, seems to be the new canadian culture.

    1. scott

      It is true … release dates are most likely hard to control… and slippage should be expected.

      The thing that I think is needs to be considered though is this type of media.. this is a blog. not the rogers website. the rogers website can put up a data in a nice image or some flash and it can remain static for ever more. There is no feedback mechanism for the website.

      News and PR press releases can be released and told whatever information that they want to give because the reporters are thankful for what they receive.

      But customers… aren’t either of these. and that is where this becomes problematic. social media is a form of customer relations. and there is no customer relations going on here. there is an excellent track record on the web of how companies have USED social media to not only inform but help their customers. they monitor twitter and contact people to see if they solve their problems. they offer promotions for people in their facebook groups. they recognize and provide value to the people that follow them.

      i know it sounds petty – and a lot of the comment in this blog are the same “i can’t believe you lied to us”. And realistically, that is over the top. no one should accuse anyone of lying – there is really no motive for rogers to intentionally try to mess up their clients. but it WOULD be nice to see them work with us… maybe give an inside scoop to the loyal about why something took longer than expected or drop a coupon or two to keep people motivated (and happy) in following their products. maybe a diagram that shows the delivery process… anything?

      we all know that rogers doesn’t NEED this blog… or the website. frankly, .. they know that despite the complaints and the whining… we’ll all eventually buy from them. and if you google for a bell blog… well they don’t even have one. … but a lot of people have one for them. a painful truth.

  79. Will

    People have 2 options:

    1) receive confirmation of release as soon as possible, but have the specifics released at a later date so they can start planning on getting the phone on a subsidized price…

    or 2) receive NO confirmation until the exact details are released so you get shafted by buying the phone outright only to realize you could have bought it at a subsidized price.

    Of course there’s the 5% of the population that feel this doesn’t apply to them and want the best of both worlds. Those who want confirmation as soon as it happens, and the exact details on the release, even though it’s still being worked out. Those who are obsessed in getting new phones and fail to understand it takes time to organize the release of a phone on the business side. Those who fail to realize that the market (and population) size of Canada is ridiculously small compared to the U.S., Europe, and most countries in Asia and as a result, is nothing more than an afterthought for hardware release.

    For all those giving flak to Rob and Miranda, complaining that they should be in the customer’s shoes, well here’s a thought for you: how about you put yourself in their shoes?

    How would you feel if your businesss partner (who is the only source for the hardware you want, and thinks nothing more of you as an afterthought in terms of market share) isn’t giving you exact details on when you’ll receive it? You have the timeframe for testing, software adjustments AFTER testing, and making sure it’s a reliable product to work out the bugs (GPS issues on the Captivate, anyone?), and then finally begin mass producing it. All while you’re pressured by your customers to give them information? What would you do? Tell your customers you’re being shafted by your business partner? Or how about you give out information to your customers that can change at any time? By all means… tell them what to do or say. They’ll be more than enthusiastic to hear your feedback.

  80. Adam

    Earlier today, Rogers had a pre-order page active for the Captivate, which got shutdown a couple hours ago. I have saved a screenshot of it.

    This means two things, Release should be soon, and Rogers is NOT being as forthcoming with details as they can.

    They also have a special promotion, pre-order online with a contract and get a free bluetooth headset.

    1. Will

      Will it be released soon? That’s what these folks have been saying the entire time. It’s also a relative term. Is it a day? Is it a week? Is it a month? It’s an estimate.

      Is Rogers not being as forthcoming as they can? What do you want them to say? We’re planning on taking pre-orders but are in the process of testing our pre-ordering system and have no pre-set time when we’ll take preorders? Congratulations, you’re back to where you started, only you’re waiting for pre-orders.

      Clearly, pre-orders have everything to do with release dates, right? Like how places like EB games take pre-orders for games when there’s no definitely release date announced? (or better yet… having release dates pushed back repeatedly despite preorders being taken – please google titles like Gran Turismo 5 and Duke Nukem Forever as examples).

      Rogers put up a pre-order page and took it down, unannounced. What can you take from it? They put up a pre-order page and took it down, unannounced. The rest are assumptions on your end.

  81. billy thomas

    For all those saying dont annouce a product till you know a date. Would you rather know nothing and at all then know its coming out without a date?

    For me i would rather know whats coming. Any info is better then no info

  82. There is NO VOICE capability with all North American Tabs. This has been confirmed by Samsung.

    1. ronstew

      Can you provide a source for this, Alex? Something direct from Samsung, instead of a blog quoting a blog quoting a blog?

      If there is no voice on this device, I will not buy it.

      If it comes available before the Dell Streak, I will buy it. I will change carriers to buy it. If it includes voice, it is exactly the size and feature set that I want. If it does not have voice, the Dell Streak would be an acceptable compromise.

      1. Sorry, I can’t post the contents of the email Samsung Canada sent to me here.

        My website,, reviews phones, and as soon as the Tab was officially announced I reached out to my contact directly and asked if it has voice and I was told that like the US models it will not.

        That is as much as I can say at this time.

      2. ronstew

        Thank you, Alex.

      3. ian

        welp, on to waiting for the next thing then :-/

  83. Muhammad Almas

    Rogers R u seriously launching “Captivate”…. or is it some kind of joke with your customers….

    Anyways, in case u decide to launch this phone, plz make sure u have enough stock.
    Bcz after waiting for two months (hope not three or more), if I am not able to get this phone on launch date, the next day I am going to cancel my contract with rogers, no matter how much penalty fee I would have to pay…

    I will decide about tablet, one I get my captivate… I would like to see data sharing and voice capability in tablet.

  84. Drew

    Awesome ! I guess I’m planning another road trip to Buffalo for my Samsung Device.

  85. RogersRob

    Many of you have asked about release dates for the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate.

    We just updated the Captivate post – though we anticipated launching earlier, there has been a manufacturing delay.

    As a result, we expect the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate will be on sale by mid-October. Pre-orders have also been pushed back, and we hope to make them available later this week.

    We’ll update RedBoard again with more news when it’s available.

    1. Adam

      THANK YOU!!

      Finally something that resembles an actual date. Mid-October is fine. If it gets pushed back due to something beyond your control, fine. But communication is key.

      Appreciate the update, but wish it woudl ahve come a few weeks ago.

    2. LAHAL

      THANK YOU for the update, not what I was hoping for, but THANK YOU for the update.

  86. Rory

    Finally, some news. Thank you for the update guys, that’s really all we we’re looking for. Hopefully we’ll have our hands on both devices soon!

  87. Luc

    The delay is most likely due to the shortage of AMOLED screens Samsung is currently experiencing. They were supplying those also for the HTC Incredible on their previous models but due to Samsung releasing the line of Galaxy S phones on all major carriers in the States and around the world they had to stop supplying the screen to other smartphone manufacturers, thus HTC now uses Super LCD screens in their new phones. I’m guessing the delay came from Samsung having to Ramp up production of the AMOLED screens to meet demand. and that takes time.

    We’ll get the Captivate eventually. I’m as annoyed as anyone else over the delay, but that’s where it stops. I was thinking a month ago of switching to Bell to get the Vibrant, however, I’d rather wait a few more weeks-(couple of months) and get the GSM (world phone) variant, instead of a North American only phone(CDMA). I travel a lot abroad and can’t afford to change phones constantly when outside Canada.

    1. It may be a “world phone,” but it will be locked to Rogers.

      Also, I don’t understand why we are talking about the Captivate now, at Redboard’s initiation, when two messages I posted here specifically relating to Captivate were rejected because they were “off topic.” (The Captivate thread was for some reason locked).

      1. The best choice for a “World phone” would be the Motorola Droid Pro World Edition, which is designed to work on world frequencies. But Rogers is not likely to carry it. Telus might, as the Milestone Pro World. This meets needs nearly perfectly; It will run Android 2.2 out of the gate, it has a keyboard, front facing camera, works around the world. The only drawback is the OS is locked so we don’t have the same kind of control we have on our PCs. But I would definitely switch to Telus for this handset, because Rogers’ only leading handset (not even available yet) is the Captivate, which is not a professional device because it lacks a keyboard, and it will only maybe support 2.2 this year.

        Rogers has also not made a formal statement on how tethering will work; will it be (ideally) hotspot, which will work easily with anything, or will it be some gimmicky one-shot scheme that requires the installation of special software?


    2. There is no shortage of SUPER AMOLED screen, which all the Galaxy S phones use. There was a shortage of ‘regular’ AMOLED screens, which were the screen Samsung were manufacturing for their main competitor, HTC. Samsung wants to keep this technoogy exclusive to their phones.

      The Bell Galaxy S Vibrant is not CDMA, but GSM/HSPA

    3. ronstew

      My understanding is that the Tab does not have an AMOLED display.

      1. I know, confusing, since talk about the Captivate delay, which is what my response referrs to, has hi-jacked this thread

  88. DJM

    Is this Samsung’s fault… just as it was HTC’s fault for the whole 9-1-1 fiasco? /sarcasm

  89. Tod

    It is fantastic that Rogers is getting the Galaxy Tab so close to the world release and we don’t have to wait longer for it in Canada like many other devices. I like the openness of the Android system and am looking forward to more media providers jumping on the Android bandwagon to provide reasonable priced alternatives to iTunes for music, movies and TV shows. I hope that Rogers releases this version without a bunch of “bloat ware” on this product, or at least have programs that can removed customers do not want them. It would be fantastic if the data could be shared with a smartphone plan (such as the 5 gb plan).

    As far as the Captivate, I’m glad you are getting it, and I know you can not yet give us a release date but could you provide any reasoning as to why the long delay? Are you waiting for Android 2.2 (Froyo) on it (that would be awesome), or a fix for the GPS issues plaguing it in other parts of the world (AT&T got a GPS update today I believe). Is it a supply issue? If you can give some sort of reasoning I know it would at least make me feel better about waiting.

  90. Matt

    Hi Miranda,

    Just curious: have you been told that customers like to know as soon as you know that new devices will be added to your lineup? Just wondering.


    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Matt,

      I can tell you’ve read my many responses on this post :)

      There’s been lots of similar comments about why we publish “coming soon” sorts of posts so I was just trying to help explain where I can, especially considering many people might not read the entire comment thread when it gets as large as this one.

      1. Drew

        Miranda, can you confirm that the new TAB will not support voice? Why? That’s the point why I want it, a pocket tab that has phone capability built in? WOW, if there is no phone, I don’t think I will pick one up after all…

  91. Fred

    An approximate date – was that so hard!!! You’ve probably just pleased thousands of customers. I’m wondering though that why, if you anticipated an earlier release, you didn’t release that date earlier.

    Now that we have an anticipatory release time frame (and I’m sure that we’ll all take that with a grain of salt), that you must know the details of pricing. Is there any chance that you’ll be posting that soon? That would be nice to know so I can judge how much I’m going to have to beg, borrow, steal, and pick pocket if necessary.

    Rob/Miranda, do you know if the $30 6gb plan is going to be extended past Sept. 30 as I’m sure that there’s a lot of us that want to sign up for it but we were waiting for the release of the Captivate and we don’t want to pay for a service that we can’t use while waiting for the release.


  92. Kevin

    I wish Rogers could actually develop some sort of clout with hardware and software manufacturers and give us Canadians some quality devices without being delayed 4+ months behind the US. Especially Android OS updates… 3.0 will probably be out by the time the tablet is released. How far along until that is made available to customers?

  93. Skunkworks

    First of all, Thank you for providing the information you did recently. It sure helps and allows us to feel involved and able to make some informed decisions.

    A question for the Rogers folks. Do you know the eligibility for hardware upgrades. For instance you instigated a check app on the website for the iPhone 4. I am eligible for that upgrade (iPhoen 4) but at the elevated price. I was wondering if there was such for this phone? Just figuring if I’ll be able to afford it or will have to stick with my WinMo 6.5 for a while yet.


    1. RogersRob

      No problem – appreciate the feedback.

      You can always check your hardware upgrade eligibility via My Rogers or at a store. Best to wait until the product you’re interested in has launched.

  94. ian

    add me to the chorus of fed up customers. I am actually on a retention plan now because of the captivate fiasco, $1000 less in rogers coffers over 3 years. If thats an acceptable outcome of being needlessly vague then so be it. I dont think I would run my business like that though.

    I’m sure many of you are in the same situation as I am, feeling like the Captivate is too late, obsolete at launch, and are now looking and waiting for the next thing to be announced. I’ve thought about an iPhone, but they are not in stock anywhere, not to mention that the phone is flawed from the factory, so its not much of a choice at all. the Captivate was supposed replace my iphone 3g, but now that we are in a period where phones dont normally launch, what do I do 2 years from now when its time to upgrade? More waiting is my guess.

    I’ve thought about making the galaxy tab my next phone, but like others have said, yes, we’d like to know about new products, but rogers has a way of saying something without saying anything at all. Will this tab have voice? Will it coincide with the november date as with other markets? are there any challenges that may delay this device like the Captivate?

    One things for sure, the Canadian carrier that releases this tab with voice first will have my $2500 contract.

    1. Ian

      As I mentioned a number of times in other comments here Samsung Canada has confirmed directly to me that there is NO voice in ALL North American Tabs.

      1. ian

        I saw that, what a disappointment…


    is October 21st concidered mid october? or is that end of october cuz it says samsung captivate is comming out mid october but you can preorder untill october 20th which would mean it wont be out till the 21 or shortly after. im confused someone please explain

  96. Telus

    I’m a Telus Mobility employee and I have a Rogers account with two BlackBerry’s and a Rocket Stick I’m hoping to to upgrade to the Galaxy Tab whenever it’s release. It’s not a big deal, I’m not in a huge panicky rush because I understand that things in mobile communications take time. Do any of you that are complaining about the long wait for the Captivate or the Tab thinkyou could do anything any better to speed up the process? And if you do, why haven’t you? If it’s really THAT bad why don’t you switch to another carrier to find out that it’s really just the exact same shennanigans in a different package? If most of you complaining worked in the cell phone industry for even a day I’m sure you’d have a healthy new respect for what we do every single day. Onthe bright side at least you aren’t asking about iPhone 4. Thank sweet Jesus.

    1. Ryan

      Give it a rest buddy, The cell phone industry in Canada cant be that hard. How could it be when our “new” products are 12-18 months old? Hardly Rush Rush if you ask me. I understand the Samsung products are slow in production and it sucks that they are at fault for Rogers receiving the product late. However being honest with your clients shouldn’t be this hard. Why everything is such a big secret is beyond me. I would think you would want everyone to know on the day you know about new and upcoming products to keep people around and waiting. Which Rogers has done so far but the stuff we are waiting on is already surpassed… I really Hope Rogers steps up their game this new year and starts to offer more high end phones. Dont you think it’s about time they did?

      1. Telus

        @Ryan: It would be an easy job, except when clients think that it is an easy job. More accurately, maybe you should give it a rest. In the grand scheme of things we are low level functionaries trained to move product. We are never updated in advance with specific release dates or exact hardware specifications. Why it’s a secret is as much of a mystery to you as it is to me.

  97. Barbara

    “We’re thrilled to tell you that the Samsung Galaxy Tab – Samsung’s first tablet – will be coming to Canada”…
    This is NOT Samsung’s first tablet. Their first tablet line was the Q1. I have one and use it every day. Touch screen, no keyboard, running XP. I am frustrated that no one ever mentions this excellent little tablet. If you’re going to dress up your article with hyperbole, at least check to see if it’s accurate!

    1. RogersRob

      Hi Barbara,

      Thanks for pointing that out! Curious – what do you mainly use it for?

      So you know, that phrase was in line with the Samsung press release linked to in the post.

  98. Drew

    Can anyone confirm if I will be able to transfer my data package from my iPhone over to this device? I have a 6gb data plan that I would like to keep. I love my iPhone but this is more practical for me, having a phone and a pad at this size is perfect for me, I just don’t want to loose that data package at 5.00 a month!

    1. RogersRob

      Hi Drew,

      You should be able to migrate your current data plan when you upgrade to a new device. Be sure to mention it in store when you upgrade.

  99. Chike Okechuku

    Rogers please ask Samsung to also provide a version of the Galaxy Tab with phone functionality as an option for the Canadian market. You don’t have to just accept the American version which is what Samsung is most likely to offer you. As you can see from the comments, there is a great deal of demand for phone capability on this device. Granted not everyone wants phone capability, but there appears to be enough demand for it that you can communicate to Samsung to offer this as an option to your customers.

  100. Drew

    I was under the impression that this new tab also incorporated a phone??? I am hearing that the phone functionality is not available in north America is this true?????? There is nonway I will pay for a iPhone plus data plan plus data plan for a tab. I was hoping to just get rid of one device with the new tab, Now I don’t know…

  101. Brad Laue

    Will this device be able to make phone calls? It’s capable of doing so via speakerphone or bluetooth headset, and does so in Europe, but the functionality was disabled when the device was launched in the United States.

    Please allow the telephone functions of the Galaxy Tab to operate, it will be a boon to sales.

  102. HPR

    I was very excited about this product at first. Now, if the phone feature is disabled, why would I bother buying it? Why would Rogers even consider selling it if you already have the iPad? Especially if the Samsung is around the same price! Why would I not just get the iPad? Probably the biggest selling feature over the iPad WAS THE PHONE!

  103. HR

    Definitely, I will buy Galaxy tab, but definitely I will not buy from Rogers. I had bad experience with Rogers and will make may home totally Rogers-free.

  104. Bill

    Do you carry Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 – 32 GB wifi