RedBoard video: BlackBerry Torch 9800 available from Rogers September 24

As the first carrier to bring BlackBerry to Canada, we’re excited to tell you that the BlackBerry Torch 9800 will join Rogers’ lineup on September 24. The only smartphone to have a BlackBerry keyboard and full touch screen will be available for purchase in-store and on for as low as $199.99 on a three-year term.

As we approach the launch, you can stay on top of the latest updates by signing up at

As part of our RedBoard video series, I talk to BlackBerry’s Director of Marketing, Michael McDowell about some of the new, cool features of the Torch, including a super fast new web browser, Social Feeds application, BlackBerry 6 operating system and Universal Search. (To read a transcription of the interview, click here).

What do you think of the Torch? Will you be picking up one on launch day?

UPDATE (September 23, 2010, 1:30 PM): We’ve been informed that the Canadian launch of the BlackBerry Torch 9800 has been changed to September 30. We’ll provide another update on RedBoard when the Torch is available.

UPDATE (September 29, 2010, 10:01 AM): The BlackBerry Torch 9800 can now be ordered at This is for new customers only, while current customers looking to upgrade can check their hardware upgrade eligibility and pricing in store starting tomorrow, September 30.

Miranda MacDonald is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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536 comments on “RedBoard video: BlackBerry Torch 9800 available from Rogers September 24

  1. out2late

    I was seriously thinking of getting one (my friend has a Rogers Torch test unit) however Its not an “up to date” device. Its launch in the US as terrible and the reviews aren’t much better. I’ve had 6 blackberry’s… I’m now leaning towards Samsung Captivate or iPhone 4.

    1. Ready To Rumble

      I like this comment, thumbs up :)

    2. Felix

      It all depends on what you need this device for. If you are running a business, have multiple e-mail accounts and would like to have timely responses to your customers, you would not be getting anything but blackberry!

      1. Dustin

        What makes you say that?
        I do all that with my iPhone 4 just fine. I’m not sure why you believe you can only do that – and do it well on a Blackberry.
        These days there are other otions that do the job just as well or even better.

      2. Dylan

        Even most iPhone lovers will admit the one thing Blackberrys have on them is their email usage. BIS and BES is what makes RIM a cooperate standard.

      3. Derek

        because unless you have a mobile me subscription for your email, which is a pain on its own, your iphone only checks every 15 minutes for e-mails, it was very frustrating, which made me sell mine within a month and go back to my blackberry.

      4. Chris

        You can setup google as exchange, I get email pushed to me quicker on iPhone4 than my 9700.

      5. Louis.

        I did the same thing

      6. Owen

        I am sorry but I have tried both the Galaxy S and Iphone 4, they both are not up to par with blackberry from an email prospective, hence the reason why Bell nor Rogers have classified the above devices (Iphone & Galaxy S) as true “business” devices. Don’t get me wrong the Samsung device is in a league of its own, it blows away the Iphone in every way and thats without it running 2.2 (Froyo).

        The Iphone 4 is a nice looking device and it has a sick display but every review I have seen when they compare the two devices, the Samsung always comes up on top including its 4″ display.

      7. HH

        @ Dustin.
        You cannot push e-mail on iphone 4 (unless you’re on Mobiile me for $100/year) and cannot customize e-mail sounds from different people.

        For business people alone that feature is worth getting a blackberry.

    3. watchman414

      Hi out2late,
      I have also had 6 Blackberries and moved to an IPhone about 4 months ago. I have now confidently concluded that was a mistake. I could write several paragraphs on why a Blackberry works much better than an IPhone, but here’s a few comments. Contact search doesn’t work near as well as BB, you can’t search by company name, only personal names, MobileMe is buggy working with PC-based applications (Outlook). I have to reset the sync settings twice weekly. MobileMe confirmed IPhone is not for business. My IPhone is good for web browsing and music. Unfortunately, that’s a minor part of my use. Also, since IPhones don’t compress data, the cost to run them outside of Canada is much more. And, commonly, my IPhone wouldn’t connect to WiFi’s. IPhone don’t send from various email accounts without a big workaround. I end up with two of every email so that I can send from various accounts. Its time-consuming. The new 9800, with the touch screen, makes me eager to come back.

      1. kman

        (I’m also a bberry user since 2000)

        I was also concerned about switching away from blackberry but the rogers slowness on the 9800 and the poor specs/poor reviews convinced me to try out the galaxy s. While i’m still discovering new tweaks and tricks every day, and am anxiously awaiting Froyo release later this month, I have to say that the Android platform is pretty awesome and the Samsung Galaxy S rocks. I kind of miss some of my multi-account features and bbm, but Android also easily supports multiple accounts and now i use google talk as my primary chat tool to my wife on her blackberry, which is no different from bbm. However typing isn’t really a problem even with one hand due to swype… and the apps, browsing, and other features on Android work great for me and my business.

        Froyo is also going to add a bunch more features that will further improve its already impressive speed, but also provide some better security front ends and exchange integration.

        So far, I have no regrets in moving. If RIM has its act together in 2 years I might consider moving back, but right now they’re seriously losing momentum as the competition is out-innovating them.

  2. DB

    Yay! Can’t wait.

  3. Finza

    Does anyone know how much the Torch is going to be without a contract?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi there,

      We’re not ready to announce the no-term price for the Torch yet. Stay tuned.

      1. Motolog

        Can you confirm if 9800 will support WiFi calling?

      2. Rob Tait

        Hi Miranda,
        l intend on calling Rogers sales department the morning of the 24th and buying one. l am waiting very patiently for this phone. l really want one. l talked to the sales department recently and they told me l can call them up and buy one through them to save me waiting in line.
        Cant wait..
        Rob Tait

    2. Ron

      Based on Rogers’ track record, it will be inflated at least $50 more than what it should be. My guess is that you will be paying $599.

  4. Alex

    they better not run out of stock. i’m going to flip if i need to wait few more weeks to get mine

  5. sherb

    Anyone know which stores will have it on release day? Anyone wanna wait in line with me?

  6. The *only* reason somebody would get this phone would be if they wanted to keep BBM. Otherwise, this device is so far outclassed by its “competition” that it’s not even funny.

    1. jay

      Different people have different needs. All you can really say is the Torch doesn’t have the same technical performance as iPhone and Android phones and BlackBerry OS doesn’t have as much developer support. Those are facts. The rest is opinion.

      To me the Torch is the best phone on the North American market today… not even considering BBM. I’ve used Android and iPhone smartphones. They are definitely fun to use but they would never make my day easier. I find them inefficient to control/navigate and battery life is really poor.

      1. Technical performance and developer support are my 2 big reasons for not wanting a BB. Lol. And battery life is really a non-issue, as far as I’m concerned. If it can make it till the evening without needing a charge (which the Galaxy S and iPhone 4 both can), I’m fine with having to charge it every night. I’ve done so with my 3G for the last 2 years and never ran into a problem where I ran out of battery when I needed it.

        And everyone’s preferences are going to be different. I’ve been using BB OS6 on a simulated Torch here at work for development purposes, and I *far* prefer Android or iOS, myself. But then, a smartphone for me is primarily a web surfing/music/video device, that lets me email occasionally and text all day long… If I was doing tons of work email and didn’t want high performance entertainment out of it, I might prefer a BB with it’s hardware keyboard.

      2. Derek

        you mus not use your iphone often during the day because mine only lasts me from 7am-5pm before its totally dead. only using it for about a couple hours of talking the entire day and a few texts

      3. Jimmy K

        Actually, for many BB users battery life is one of the biggest issues. I can’t be caught with a dead battery because I forget to charge it one night. If you want a non-issue, for your average user developer support would be it.

      4. kman

        I get as much battery life from my Galaxy S as I did with my blackberry 9000, except I use my Galaxy way more since it has so much more functionality.

        I will be interested to see my data usage stats however. I rarely exceeded 100Mb on my blackberry despite having the 6GB data plan. That is due to BBerry’s data compression and the fact that it was essentially useless for any data intensive uses. Android will increase the usage quite a bit I suspect, costing me more potentially on overseas business trips where i need data roaming. We shall see. Maybe I’ll have to put the sim back in my 9000 on long trips.

    2. watchman414

      Ryan, I am sure you haven’t owned a Blackberry or used it extensively. If you had, you would know there are multiples of reasons why a BB functions much better than an IPhone. I know – I have used them both. IPhone are great for music and web browsing. But for business use, contact management, multiple emails or efficient data management, the IPhone is not in the game.

      1. Watchman – if you’ll notice my post right above yours, I actually said that if I was doing tons of work email and didn’t want high performance entertainment, I would probably go for a BB. Which is pretty much exactly what you said. Lol. And I’m actually not even getting an iPhone, I’m planning on getting a Captivate, whenever Rogers decides to launch it.

        What “efficient data management” do you need your phone to do for you, just out of curiosity?

      2. Oh, and actually, my previous phone to my current iPhone 3G was actually a BB Pearl… So I’m no stranger to the BB OS (and also, as I mentioned above, I’m doing development on the BB platform). So I’m very familiar with the BB in general, and it’s just not a device that suits my needs (or the needs of most non-business consumers, for that matter). The problem is, RIM is still flailing around trying to compete in the consumer smartphone market, as the Torch and BBOS 6 show (not to mention the new app store they’re setting up), and they are not doing a very good job.

      3. John

        HAHA, good one. the pearl is the reason why most people who hate blackberries, well hate blackberries. They were crap low end consumer phones.

        Funny how looking on the internet here you would think everyone is using a smartphone and that people are individual. In the past 3 months i have seen so many people switch to blackberry just because of the name and don’t even know these things have cpu clock speeds. Its the same reason i know atleast 6 people in the last 2 weeks who have picked up 8530’s… Thats a 2g phone NOT EVEN 3g!!!(EV-DO on Bell and telus don’t count.) Going off saying bb will fail and has no hope in the consumer market is soooo wrong. i know that the iphone and higher end android phones out spec the torch, and i am still getting one. for many reasons i want a solid reliable phone with a crazy battery, bbm, multiple emails(including my rogers bb email i have integrated into my life so much since it is the fastest exchange server i have ever used.) among other things.

        I will get a Blackberry torch as my phone, a galaxy tab for android and a 4th gen ipod touch. why do i have any need for anything else when i can have all three?

      4. Well fair enough – for me? My needs are perfectly satisfied by a single Android phone. It’s got all my app needs, perfectly satisfies my email and texting needs (since none of my friends are on BBM), and WELL exceeds my mobile entertainment (ie music and video) needs. One device, that’s always in my pocket, as opposed to 3 separate devices.

        And I stand by my statement – until BB gets better hardware, and better developer support (and gets some better developer tools, my GOD it’s a pain in the butt writing apps for BB), they’re always going to fall behind in the consumer market. Look at all the Torch reviews complaining about how laggy it is, that’s not exactly going to set the consumer market on fire.

        Don’t get me wrong – I would *love* to see RIM succeed outside of the business world, since they’re the only Canadian company in the market (and I went to university right next to their offices), but I don’t think the Torch is going to be the phone to do it for them.

      5. Owen

        Very well stated John!

      6. kman

        With respect, you’re sounding a bit too fanboyish.

        I’ve been a bold 9000 user since the day it came out and honestly, it wasn’t that great except for core blackberry functions, worldmate, and a couple other apps. I don’t think the whole 3g/2g difference really had much of an impact on bberry use since it was pretty much useless for data-intensive use (browsing/multimedia) until OS 6 was released anyways.

        As for the battery, from what I’ve read, the 9800 battery life is no better than the 9000/9700, and that was pretty standard (better than iphone no doubt, but not great).

        And the multiple emails support is easy and works well (for me anyways) on Android. Not so sure about iphone as I haven’t used one for about a year.

        Everyone’s going to have their preference of course, but I’ll be curious to see how sales trend once Rogers has the Captivate, iPhone, and Torch in active sales with adequate stock of all 3. I’ve been a long time bberry user but man am I worried about RIM’s future lately.

  7. Steven Rodriguez

    Can the device be pre-ordered for those of us planning to obtain it through a hardware upgrade?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Steven,

      No. Preorders will not be available for this device.

      1. Stephen Brian Patterson

        Will it be available for early upgrade?

      2. Anne

        if u are eligible for an upgrade will u have to order it online or can u go to a rogers store???

      3. RogersMiranda

        Hi Anne,

        Yes. In fact, we encourage customers to do upgrades in store so that you have the opportunity to experience the device before you get it.

      4. tim

        I understand the torch launch has been delayed now until the 30th?

  8. Robert

    I don’t understand all these negative comments about the device. Could you guys be more specific about what’s wrong with it? Also, if I am eligible for a hardware upgrade to the iphone 4 for the 159 price I should be eligible for the Torch at 199 right?

  9. ChrisZak

    Might have to pick this up if the Captivate isn’t out yet. Nice to see the RogersMiranda is a real person!!

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hah! Yes, I’m a real person! :) I guess you haven’t checked out any of the other RedBoard videos we’ve done. You would have seen me there too.

  10. I’m excited to try the new torch 9800. We have approx. 10 people that walk into my store (Rogers Dealer – Experience Communications) each day and ask if we have the device.

    1. Ready To Rumble

      I dunno, where are you located? could be me, lmao, but I ask for the Captivate first … then they give you this look, like either they honestly know nothing, or they’re contemplating a reaction. I usually get,

      “Oh, … what’s that?” (really? ……..SERIOUSLY NOW) and ask them about the Torch, “yeah not sure yet” :

  11. Chris

    When I did my upgrade to 9700 last year (Previous HUP was to 9000), I could get it for $299 by renewing my contract even though it’s only been around a year into the contract. Would I be able to do the same with the Torch this time? (By renewing my contract to 3 years)

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hey Chris,

      We don’t have access to customer account info, so it would be best for you to call Care to ask about your hardware upgrade eligibility.

  12. Bandage

    I don’t think you’ll have to worry about line-ups or running out of stock for the Torch.

    “According to Goldman Sachs the response to the handset has been ‘underwhelming’ and not many stores are going out of stock…” “Blackberry Torch: Goldman says sales poor, Amazon cuts price by 50%”

    You will be behind the technology curve with this phone
    With the Captivate, I believe you can wireless tether devices like the new Samsung Pad.

  13. Blah RIM

    Why is a phone with an outdated screen, slower processer and less memory priced higher than say a galaxy S or iphone4, sorry RIM I really wanted to make the switch from my old phone but I cant pay more for less.

    1. Anthony

      what he said…

  14. Neil

    I have had the Torch for 2 weeks. I went from an iPhone 3GS to a Bold 9700 and then the Torch. I love the Torch. Stop looking at all the reviews. Go try the phone out when it is launched and see if it fits your needs and you like it. Processor this, screen that. The Torch is underlocked from 800mhz to 624 mhz and the iPhone 4 is 1Ghz underclocked to 800Mhz. The torch has been out 3weeks? New Blackberry 6 OS. The Torch will get smoother and better will OS leaks etc. If you want a very nice screen then go with Android and Apple. The Torch screen is totally fine and is basically the same resolution of the 3GS.

    Media on the Torch is very much improved. Web Browsing Basically on the same lines at apple. Little slower but they are doing stuff to improve the browser even more as we speak. I tested my Torch to my buddies 3GS and the torch won on 10 of 10 pages loaded. I’msorry but the Torch is a very good phone. I can never put it down.

    1. mike

      I’m looking to upgrade my phone and looking at either torch or 9700. Since you’ve owned it which would you say is more productive and comfortable to use.

  15. M Cabral

    how much is it without contract? or how much do we expect it to be

    1. out2late

      I’m guessing $499

      1. RogersMiranda

        Hi M Cabral and out2late,

        As I mentioned above to Finza, we’re not ready to announce the no-term price for the Torch just yet. Stay tuned.

      2. Ready To Rumble

        Doubt it’s 499.99 ( could be wrong of course!). I had to buy my Storm 1&2 unlock them from telus, and those ran something about 599? 649 or so before taxes, MTS(manitoba) had them at like a whopping 700 or something insane like that. If you look at their Bold line, those are about 549-599-649, so to assume anything less I doubt it. (again! could be wrong!)

        I would say.. Possibly 549-649? Who knows… Lol,

        My 2 cents.

  16. Wooohooo!!! Can’t wait!!

    1. RogersMiranda

      Glad you’re excited! We are too!

  17. It’s probably going to be $549 without contract

  18. Rajiv

    Knowing robbers, it most probably will be $599 or $699.

    $199 is pretty expensive too for a 3 year contract. Hopefully they will lower it down to $100.

    Well anyway very excited about this phone.

  19. andrewbray

    Hi there
    Any word on whether RIM/rogers is planning an early HUP/discount for existing blackberry users like Apple did? I’ve had the 9000 and 9700. Anyone who has the 9700 its almost impossible for any of them to be eligble for HUP. Hope they will keep this is mind so I don’t have to cancel!!

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Andrew,

      We’ll have those details available on launch day.

    2. Tito71

      Me too wishing to upgrade from 9700 to 9800, please Rogers be flexible on you HUP program for BB Lovers

  20. DJAY

    When will this be available through the call center? I called in and was told that it will only be available in retail locations or online.

  21. Robert

    Will those ‘revenue’ clients or ‘normal’ ones;-) who are still in a contract have the ability to upgrade. And for how much.


    1. Robert

      Sorry I meant high revenue clients

      Fat fingers

      1. RogersMiranda

        Hi Robert,

        No worries. I knew what you meant :) We’ll have that info on launch day.

  22. Whatever! HTC EVO 4G or even the Iphone 4

    I love the bit about “pinch and expand” standard smartphone features — thx Apple for that

    they should have got someone else to pitch the product – drop the suit – bring on the dudes from the Rogers commercials

  23. adt

    Will there be any in store blackberry torch display to check and play around before the release date???

    1. RogersMiranda

      No, demo devices will not be available in stores until after launch

  24. willis

    the no contract price for the 9800 will be 599….my cousins a senior rogers representatve in vancouver…gave me the neads up =)

  25. Chris

    YES!!!! I’m pretty confident my iPhone will garner 47 seconds of air time as I toss it out of my car window at 120kms over some bridge – ANY bridge!!! I never understood those guys that sit outside at 2am in a tent waiting for a release of some new geek product but I’m now an official CONVERT!! I’ll be at wherever it is I need to be to get one. Thanks Mike!!

  26. scott

    So is September 24th a hard launch or like the Aug 20th Captivate launch or the July 31st iPhone 4 launch? Sorry to be snarky but I’ve had an upgrade available on my rogers account for almost 6 months now and I’m still waiting for the “new” phones that never come.
    As for the Torch – I think that Blackberry really dropped the ball. Hard to believe that as little as 2 years ago they were the complete industry standard for business devices and they’ve done a complete 180 to compete with social and media features. Its not that those features aren’t appreciated but they’ll always be releasing on last years technology. Its not their court … why try to play in it?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Scott,

      You’ll be able to buy the Torch in-store and online on Sept. 24. That is the launch day.

  27. christa

    Finally the release date is released! any idea what the price for HUP upgrade would be?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Christa,

      Those details will be available on launch day.

  28. David

    I don’t understand how the term pricing is more than the iPhone 4s. I certainly do not see any customers lining up early in the morning or even on launch day to purchase this device. I’d like to see RIM be more aggressive with the iPhone 4 instead of lagging behind and always playing catch up to the market. But that’s just my 2 cents.

  29. scott

    is this phone going to be available through fido as well?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Scott,

      No. At this time, the BlackBerry Torch 9800 is available on the Rogers brand.

  30. natordude

    Will the Blackberry Torch 9800 be UMA Active?

    1. RogersMiranda


      According to BlackBerry’s website, the Torch has support for UMA:!phone-specifications

      We’ll have more details about this capability on launch day.

  31. shoegrl

    Finally!!!! I’m so excited about this phone, I’ve been salivating over it on line for a month now!!! Let BB be!! It’s an excellent device just as many other phones out there. It’s a matter of preference and habit, that’s all. In 21st century we are devided to Android people, iPhone people and BB people.

  32. Dominic

    when will stores have demos of the Torch available to try?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Dominic,

      Demo devices will be available in stores after the launch.

  33. Ario

    $199.99 for 3 years, that’s funny. More expensive than the iphone. This device is lacking CPU speed for this OS. If you have a 9000 or a 9700 it’s not much of an incentive considering the 4G is probably just around the corner.

  34. Steph

    I am so excited for this phone!! Finally a blackberry without SurePress!! And with the new iPod touch coming out (with Facetime and HD recording) who needs an iPhone. Best of both worlds. :D

    1. Umm… Except then you have to carry around two devices.

  35. Löwe

    Is the Torch be available in white on launch day?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hey Lowe,

      At launch, the device will be available in black only. We can’t comment on possible future device colours but if additional colours become available, we will let customers know.

  36. Dario

    Just went into a store and the guy said the 15th. Then I phoned 5 other stores and no one has any idea. It is sad that Rogers sale reps have no clue on what products they are getting.

  37. iPhone 4 > Torch and anything else RIM “tries” to develop ;)

    Here’s proof:

  38. Peter

    The Torch is the first blackberry to ship with the new Blackberry 6 OS. Updates should be coming for the other 9000 blackberries too. Any idea when this update will be released?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Peter,

      No details to share at the moment, but we are working closely with RIM to provide updates to customers as soon as we can.

  39. howard

    ive had the opportunity to play with the at&t version of the torch for the past 2 weeks….lets just say the reviews are pretty much accurate. this is a good improvement over previous berry’s, but compared to all the new android and iphone out there, its pretty crappy….the web browser is vastly improved, but still got a long ways to go….

    my main concern with the phone is that IT LAGS quite often!!! Im by no means a hardcore blackberry power user, but i do use my phone quite a bit (mostly BES emails, bbm, text)….compared to all the other new phones out there, this thing is SLOW…..somehow i tend to think its the hardware rather than the OS that is the problem….but my advice is definitely try it out in store before u spend the 600 and buy it the very first day….there are many other choices out there for you to consider

  40. JoshD

    Does this mean that BB OS6 will also be available on sept 24th?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Yes. The BlackBerry Torch will be the first device available with BB OS6.

  41. Matt

    hey is there any chance that you know if the 9800 will be in the white as well. Also heard a rumor that there is a possible red colour also? Just wondering….

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hey Matt,

      As I mentioned to Lowe above, the Torch will be available in black only at launch. We can’t comment on possible future device colours but if additional colours become available, we will let customers know.

  42. Nadz

    Dont get excited everyone. I just got off the phone with rogers and if you have had a Hardware upgrade in the last (2) years you will not be eligable for this phone unless you buy it outright and the rep told me it would be somewhere around the $699 mark.

    To cancel my contract with rogers is like $300.00, then to get a new contact and get the phone at $199.00 would still be cheaper then paying full price. HOW UPSETTING!!!!

    HOW STUPID!!! I waited how long for this phone and because I had a hareware upgrade in the last (2) years im not able to get it without paying an arm and a leg.

  43. Seshan

    $200? Does it come with any Storage? I’d hope at least 16gb for the price, The iPhone is a better deal.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Seshan,

      According to BlackBerry’s website, the Torch comes with 512 MB onboard memory, 4GB eMMC and a 4GB media card (included). More info here:!phone-specifications

  44. JimFraser

    AT&T rates are $199 for 2 year contract. $499 no contract. With Bell and Telus also announcing Torch for Sept 24, perhaps there might be some competition on pricing. I am told RIM’s hardware costs are similar to iphone. Hope RIM and/or carriers are not too greedy with technology inferior product.
    Too bad the torch is not the game changer the Bold 9000 was two years ago. However, as my use is primarily business, there is really no current alternative to Blackberry. Whether I drop my bold 9000 for the torch is a good question.

  45. frank

    Well, just for thought, I read all comments. it is quite a shame that, we still have people out there that say oh, this phone or Os is better than this or that. Are you the user of all sets out there? You guys need to grow up and just for once in your life, you apple addicts, since when did you start comparing Honda accords , Bugatis, Ferraris, or the smart car all in the same accord? they all do one thing in common, get their owners wherever they are going, and as a matter of fact, I don’t hear the owners crying.
    Am getting the BB 9800, if you don’t like this device, it was not made for you. simple as that and stop all this bashing.

  46. JZee

    I hope Rogers will drop the price to $99 like has done!

  47. Owen

    Now if only I can have the Samsung Galaxy S Tablet and a Blackberry Torch, that would be the perfect combination, it would work better in reverse, but the chances of RIM having a stand alone tablet is slim to none. Rim has announced a tablet that will only work 1000% if you have a Blackberry. Whats the point of having a Blackberry and a glorified Blackberry?

  48. Neil

    A new Torch OS leak came out yesterday on the net. The Torch is now very fast and so fluid compared to the original sw that is loaded on the device. The Torch is now night and day different. Bugs have been fixed and browser is faster. The Torch is very rock solid now. Amazing device. Hope RIMM decides to put loaded on for the Canadian Release for you guys ;)

  49. out2late

    Played with a Torch from Rogers on the weekend and it nice. Very sleek and the slider is smooth. Still a toss up though between the Torch, iPhone 4 and Samsung Captivate.

    1. adt

      which rogers store havethe demos?

  50. hmmm

    will the price of the 9700 go down with the 9800 coming out?

  51. Impatiently_Waiting

    I’m also a Bold 9700 owner and hope to take advantage of an early upgrade to the Torch. I figure if the early upgrade option was available for the iphone4 (and yes, I was eligible), then surely it should be available for the Torch, a CANADIAN product, especially since Rogers was “the first carrier to bring BlackBerry to Canada”. Any thoughts Miranda, or words of hope for us Blackberry supporters? Sep 24 can’t come soon enough!

  52. Lawlerz

    Will this be in limited stock on the release date like the iPhone or will I be able to get it later then the release date? I get paid on the following Tuesday and would still like a chance to get this.

    1. RogersMiranda

      I don’t anticipate that you’ll have an issue.

      Stock levels are dependent on inventory provided by the manufacturer, but we anticipate inventory levels to be normal for this launch. We’re working to ensure that a device will get into the hands of all customers who want one.

  53. jemry

    I mean in Vancouver, not the entire Canada, also I wanna know that is Torch will be available on 24 Sept in Vancouver on EVERY Rogers store? I really wanna know so I won’t end up lining for nothing

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Jemry,

      As I mentioned to Lawlerz above, I don’t anticipate that you’ll have any problems on launch day.

      Stock levels are dependent on inventory provided by the manufacturer, but we anticipate inventory levels to be normal for this launch. We’re working to ensure that a device will get into the hands of all customers who want one.

      1. Brett MacNeil

        I heard that the Torch 9800 was delayed again until Oct. 7. Can you confirm

      2. RogersMiranda

        The launch date is September 24. If there are any delays to communicate, we will let customers know.

      3. Alan

        I heard the same rumour and it would be very disappointing if that is the case.

      4. Greg

        It looks like all the other carriers have switched back to “Coming Soon” for the date commitments that they gave.

        How about it, is Rogers going to stick with the release date or are we going to see “Coming Soon” in the near future?

      5. Greg

        Hah! I knew it!

        It’ll be lucky if it makes the next realease date. Notice nobody else is commiting to a date.

        I’m betting it on November before it actually gets to market in Canada.

      6. Brian

        I was just told it has been pushed back by a service rep at a Rogers Wireless store. Is this true?

      7. Alan

        Welll … Over to you Miranda .. Is it a go for Friday?

      8. RogersMiranda

        Hi Alan,

        We’ve just published an update on this post to let people know that the date has been changed to September 30.

      9. customer

        do u know why its being delayed??

        Thank you,

      10. Will

        RIM announced it was having issues with manufacturing the device. Everyone’s getting pushed back. I’m a little disappointed, but can’t help laugh at the same time. It makes you wonder:

        1) supposedly, the delay was to fix the firmware – does that mean the AT&T torches were defective in some way?
        2) is this delay some sort of divine/universal/karmatic intervention to teach people about patience?

      11. RogersMiranda

        While I can’t comment on #1, just wanted to say I like #2 :)

      12. Alan

        Miranda .. Some lessons learned and suggestions for you to take upstairs regarding this saga … all pretty basic stuff.

        1. Be honest, clear and upfront. Rogers should acknowledge it messed up and promise to do better. Stop saying that Rogers let people know as soon as Rogers found out. It’s obvious that someone internally knew before Sept 23rd that the Torch would not be available on the 24th and that information wasn’t communicated effectively to your customers, front line staff and your dealers.

        2. Explain to your customers the reasons for the delay? Keeping silent on this point just makes Rogers look like it is witholding information. Again be honest, clear and upfront.

        3. For customers who as a result of the delay, are not able to take advantage of the 6gb data plan offer that expires Sept 30th, provide assurances now that if they buy the Torch, they will be entitled to the offer. This would go over well and let customers believe you have there interest in mind.

        All pretty basic stuff.

      13. Sachin

        Yes, it is true. Just got confirmation from RIM this morning that Sept 30th launch is true. (Get it one day before your Bell friends!)
        Rogers will start taking pre-orders starting tomorrow. Phones will be arriving in stores THE WEEK OF Oct 27th.
        Dummy phones should be available starting today/tomorrow at many Rogers retailers. Go and see it beforehand (obviously not working models)

      14. Greg

        I hope you mean Sept 27th =S…

      15. Carly

        October 27?? i hope thats supposed to be september 27!!

      16. Dave

        I beg to disagree, seeing as it is now the 24th, and NOTHING has been communicated saying that your launch has been delayed a week.

        Serious ball droppage Rogers.

      17. Incorrect – this post was updated early yesterday afternoon to reflect the delay.

  54. tito71

    I’m also a Bold 9700 owner and hope to take advantage of an early upgrade to the Torch. I figure if the early upgrade option was available for the iphone4 (and yes, I was eligible), then surely it should be available for the Torch

  55. lauren

    so when will we see “coming soon” on the rogers site?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Lauren,

      We have a page up on now. It’s at

  56. Was waiting for it for a long time , with the high price of it i decided to go for x10. Hope blackbrry put more energy in its market and my next buy will be a touchscreen blackberry

  57. ish

    I doubt anyone will read this, granted how far along it is in the message history, but I am a big BB fan, and appreciate it for what it is. I will try not to carry a biased opinion, but it will be difficult due to all the bashing the torch is receiving. Its interesting how many have enlisted the iphone 4 along with the droid phones as superior smart phones, vouching their tech specs.

    The blackberry is a smart phone.

    The iphone 4 along with the Android phones, are multimedia devices. If you wish to watch movies, record HD videos, play games and etc, then by all means the up to date powerhouse hardware that the competition offers is favorable.
    But, if you wish to have encrypted security, prompt emails and messaging, go for the blackberry. The torch just feels like a slight reward to bb fanboys, granting them what they’ve known all along while also throwing in hints of what the competition is offering (full touch screen, better web browsing etc).

    The blackberry is not a toy, it’s primary focus is not for watching movies, or playing heavily graphic based games; those are secondary to it’s utility as a smart phone. For its purpose, catering to corporate ideals, the torch is more than sufficient while also providing a taste of the multimedia elements evident in smart phones these days.

  58. I couldn’t wait til launch day so I went and bought the AT&T version of the Torch and I am loving it. The best BlackBerry I have ever owned or used. I have owned the 7100r, 8320, 8900, 9000, 9520, 9700 and now the 9800.

    OS is garbage and buggy, very laggy. But I have since downloaded the latest OS and it is a different device, very quick, smooth and as a heavy BB user the battery will last me 1 1/2 days.

    All I know is that on launch day I will be buying the Rogers Brand and selling the AT&T version, I need my warranty.

    Can’t wait and Roger keep up the great work on this Blog.

  59. Jim

    Miranda, Pricing for those who are not eligible for an upgrade?, $ 599.00?, $649.00,$699.00 ?
    I’m not eligible for an upgrade but gotta’ have this. Already have accessories on the way. LOL

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hey Jim,

      Wow! Ordering accessories already! Glad you’re excited Jim. We haven’t announced the unsubsidized price just yet by stay tuned. Those details coming soon.

  60. Dennis

    Will the holster come in the box or I need to purchase one separately? The 9800 in US doesn’t come with one.

    1. Jim

      I’ve ordered a holster and a charging pod, does not come with a case.

    2. RogersMiranda

      Hi Dennis,

      Jim is correct. There’s a pouch in the box, but no holster.

    3. RogersMiranda

      Hi Dennis,

      I was able to confirm that the following items will be included in the box:

      – Charger (new charger with USB cable and separate wall charger)
      – Screen wipe
      – Memory card (Micro SD 4GB)
      – Mini-disk for software
      – Instructions, etc.

      No carrying solution will be included.

  61. Kevin Rowe


    I’m curious if some issues I’m having with my (RIM-supplied) Torch will be resolved after Rogers officially launches…the Rogers My Account app won’t download (assume it’s not OS6 compatible?) and the eBay application won’t download (same issue maybe?).

    Other than that, for the folks that are wondering, GO GET ONE ON THE 24th!!! It’s an amazing device!!!!!

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for your input. Glad to hear you’re loving the device so far. We’ll have more details on specific device functionality at launch.

  62. Dwight

    I went into a Rogers store in Coquitlam center to ask how I might pick up a Torch on the 24th. I was told there was no way anyone would be getting one on that day and that it would take weeks before the stores had one. What gives? Is the launch date the 24th or not? If it is can we get one from a Rogers outlet store or not?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Dwight,

      Yes, the launch date for the Torch is September 24. Thanks for passing on the information you received at the Coquitlam store. I’ll look into that.

      As for picking up a Torch on launch day, I don’t anticipate you’ll have an issue. Stock levels are dependent on inventory provided by the manufacturer, but we anticipate inventory levels to be normal for this launch. We’re working to ensure that a device will get into the hands of all customers who want one.

  63. Irvinb47

    I think $199 is a little steep for the New torch, don’t get me wrong it looks like an amazing Phone, the resolution on the Torch does not compare at all to the IPhone 4, but I think they should at least price is near the Iphone 4 $159 Model… dono

  64. Owen

    Will there be a diferent color coming out in about a month when it comes out???

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Owen,

      A couple people have asked about this now. :)

      At launch, the device will be available in black only. We can’t comment on possible future device colours but if more colours become available, we’ll let customers know.

  65. Heather

    From what one of the Rogers stores said, the upgrade eligibility will be similar to that of the iphone 4 – We can receive discounted pricing if not eligible for the full 3yr discount… I doubt this would be the case… But had to ask anyway.

    Can this be confirmed?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Heather,

      We’ll have details on upgrade eligibility on launch day.

  66. Poonsaloon


    Are you REALLY working to ensure that a device will get into the hands of all customers who want one???

    Naaw I’m just kidding, I just want the phone like yesterday. However, my question is more about colours. I just saw a report on that AT&T will probably be releasing the Torch in Red and White. Any chance Rogers will be offering more than just Grey on launch day??

    1. RogersMiranda

      Yes! That’s the goal! Glad you’re excited about the device.

      As for colours, it will only be available in black on launch day. If more colours become available, we’ll let customers know.

    2. Seriously? ANOTHER question about the colours? As they’ve said so many times, it’s going to launch in black only, and they aren’t going to confirm or deny any other colours. You can almost certainly be sure that there will be other colours available eventually, just not at launch and there’s no way they’re going to tell us when.

  67. Paul

    What colors will be available on launch date? If just black, are you expecting to release other colors as well and if so when?. Thank you

    1. Do you really think that they’re going to tell us ahead of time when they plan on releasing other colours? That would make no sense, from a business perspective, as it would mean that people who originally would have maybe gotten one on launch day, will now wait instead.

    2. RogersMiranda

      Hi Paul,

      At launch, only the black version will be available. If new colours become available later, we’ll let customers know.

  68. Charles

    Come on people, read the other posts before asking a question. If i also ask about the colors, maybe Miranda will answer something different?
    Anyways, I was wondering if everystore had access to our accounts? My account situation is a bit weird as ill be closing my company corporate plan and reopening under my name to keep the phone number. Should i go to a rogers store or can Best Buy or Future shop help me?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Charles,

      People definitley get excited about new device colours! :)

      As for your question, yes, Future Shop or Best Buy will be able to help you, but I’d recommend you go to a Rogers store.

    2. Mark

      Read the other posts? There are 500. All the pertinent info should be in the main post, otherwise questions are going to be repeated. Chil.

  69. Christa

    Hey there Rogers Miranda…. Ive heard that At&t is getting the torch in red and white. Are you going to have the torch in red and white as well …i think the Red torch would look really great.


    1. RogersMiranda

      Hey Christa,

      The red would look great! At launch, we’ll only have the Torch available in Black. If we have more colours available in the future, we’ll let customers know.

  70. rob

    hi miranda, first off thanks for husslin’ to address everyones question…even when the same one is asked 100X haha.

    there’s internal word that due to an e-mail glitch on the rogers system, the torch is being delayed for 1-2 weeks.

    is this true?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hey Rob,

      No problem at all. :)

      Launch date is still set for Sept. 24. If there’s any delays to communicate, we’ll let customers know.

  71. Long

    Hi Miranda,

    Quick question, I understand that the launch day for the Torch is on Sept 24, 2010, but will the torch be available to all customers at all rogers stores at the time when the store opens, or is it possible that stores won’t get shipment until the afternoon? Or will they already have stock before the 24th, so that it will be readily available on launch day once the stores open for business?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Long,

      Jemry and Lawlerz have asked similar questions and as I mentioned to them, we expect inventory levels to be normal for this launch so I don’t anticipate that you’ll have any problems on launch day.

  72. loni

    Miranda How much without a contract?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Loni,

      We’re not ready to announce that just yet. The no contract price will be revealed on launch day, once the device is up on

  73. Hi,

    Is it true that the launch has been pushed back 1-2 weeks from September 24 due to some glitch with emails and the Torch on the Rogers network? This is coming from a RIM source.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Sachin,

      Launch date remains Sept. 24. If there are any delays to communicate, we’ll let customers know.

  74. Nav

    Launch date is nearing, any word if an HUP program will be available similar to the iPhone4 one.

    It would be nice if you had one for the 9800 instead of limiting to the iPhone4.

  75. Brett MacNeil

    Listen pepole I am at the Rogers Roadshow right now and Rim comfirmed that the 24th is the launch date. The White 9800 Torch will be coming 4Q and it will be exclusive to Rogers.

  76. dj

    lmao stop asking the same damn questions!!! i feel bad for miranda having to repeat herself over and over and over!

  77. Alan

    Looks like Bell has pushed their release date to Oct. 1. Hopefully Rogers can stay the course with a Sept. 24 launch date.

    1. Geraldox II

      Amen to that!

  78. Adrian

    Hi Miranda,

    We’ve been hearing multiple rumours of the Torch being pushed back a week to October 1st.

    Proof is Bell’s website, saying they will be launching October 1st instead of the 24th of September like they initially said. Will this be the same case for Rogers?


  79. out2late

    Hi Miranda

    Bell Mobility has just announced on their website that they have now pushed back the release to Oct 1st… Is Rogers still on track for next Friday?

  80. Dennis

    Telus is having the Torch for for pre-order now. Is Roger going to do the same?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Dennis,

      There will be no preorders for this device.

  81. chris

    So Bell just annouced they are releasing on Oct 1, not Sept 24th as they had originally planned ?

    Some speculate it’s to have the latest OS version loaded ?

    Is Rogers still planning a Sept 24th launch ? And what OS version will be released at that time ? .214??

    What’s with all the secrecy on HUP pricing ? Just tell us already ? Surely everything is worked out !

  82. christa

    ive heard the the release date has been delayed until October 1sr for all carriers , can you confrirm this or is Rogers still releaseing on Sept 24th.

  83. out2late

    Confirmed with source that there is NO delay for launch and units are already in transit to retail locations.

    1. John

      This is incorrect. I work for RIM shipping/distribution.
      Who is your source?

      1. out2late

        Unable to disclose name however lets see what happens this Friday OK?

  84. Beev

    I just heard that Blackberry will not hit there deadline for Rogers and Bell of sept 24.

    any truth to this rumour?

  85. RogersMiranda

    Hi everyone,

    Many of you are asking about the launch date. It is still Sept. 24. If this changes, we’ll update the post to let customers know.

    1. Alan

      While I really hope this is true….there seems to be an endless stream of reports to the contrary. One of these reports even cites an internal RIM source.

  86. Garry

    So bell is delaying their launch to oct 1st will this affect the rogers launch date too?

  87. John

    How can I preform a HUP?
    Do I just walk into one of the retail stores? or is it done over the phone?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi John,

      Yes. Just pop into your local Rogers store once the device is available and they’ll be able to check your eligibility.

  88. Random72

    I also heard that the launch is going to be pushed back a week to Oct.1. My source indicated that the decision came from RIM, not the carriers.

    It would be nice to receive some official confirmation on this (either way), before next Friday.

  89. DJay

    Can you please confirm what version of the OS will be on the Torch when it is released? Will it be .214?? I think a lot of people have been asking or are wondering but there hasn’t been an answer. I read through almost all the comments to make sure that I’m not repeating the same question again.


    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi DJay,

      Appreciate you taking a look through the thread to see if the question had already been answered :)

      Unfortunatley, I don’t know the answer off-hand. I’ve sent a note to the team and will let you know.

      1. DJay

        Hi Miranda,

        Thanks for getting back to me and I am excited to hear what the os will be on the device at launch.

        In addition, I was also wondering what sales channels will be available for the 9800 at launch. On redboard it says online and in store. I’ve also called in to the call centre twice: once the rep told me that there’s a possibility that the call centre will also have the 9800 along with online and in store, and the second time I called they told me it will only be in store (not even online).

        Please let me know where I will actually be able to purchase on launch day (as well as the OS).


      2. RogersMiranda

        Hi DJay,

        I wasn’t able to confirm the OS version number the Torch will launch with. If I get that info, I’ll let you know.

        Starting today, new customers can order the device by going to For launch tomorrow, you’ll be able to get the device either in-store, online or by calling customer Care.

        I’d recommend going in store so you can take a look at the device before you purchase it. Enjoy!

  90. steven

    Regarding the release date. I find it strange that on the home page there is absolutely no promotion or word of the arrival of the Torch. When you click on the Wireless tab, you get a coming soon promo for the Samsung Galaxy S Capitvate. Doesn’t anyone find this strange? Rogers is supposably about to launch on September 24th a brand new BB model but no advertising mentions on their home page or wireless home page. That is odd and must be the worst advertising promotion campagain in the world. If you have a firm launch date for a new product why does not prominently display the information? If the TORCH is indeed released as promised on September 24th I hope it is loaded with the most recent and improved OS. It again, would be bad PR if Bell and Telus delayed their launch and their phones are optomized over Rogers. I want the Torch. Can Rogers confirm the Sept 24th release date phones will be loaded with the latest updated OS? Thanks,

    1. RogersMiranda

      Thanks for the feedback Steven. Just so you know we have created this page for the Torch:

      We’re still driving towards a Sept. 24 launch. If that changed, we’ll let customers know.

      1. Steven

        Thanks. But, my point is noone would know that link if they were just sufing the rogers website from the home pages of the main page or the wireless page. There is no mention of the Torch or the Torch coming. That to me is quite odd in general. Still promoting Iphone 4 and Samsung. Strange.

      2. Rob

        Yes, i agree with this comment. l have been checking the Roger’s web site daily and there isn’t any mention of the Torch. l also find this very very strange. Why would they not promote this new phone and be up to date with current details…Just my thoughts.

      3. Sergio68

        I do agree with Steven on this, to get to the torch 9800 page, we need to search for it,they do have more advertasing on the Galaxy, and they have not being particular on promoting the Torch, like the have on the Iphone 4 for example, the Torch suppost to be the ” competition ” for the Iphone4, now if you look at Bell and Telus is all over their website, what’s up with that?

      4. RogersMiranda

        @Steven @Sergio68

        Thanks for the feedback guys. I’ll pass it along to our team.

      5. Sergio68

        Thanks Miranda!!

        I like to belive That Rogers is the best network in Canada, but sometimes they get on my nerves, if they only can be efficient like you, we would all be so happy to have a carrier 100% dedicated to their clients…. Is so simple, as far as I’m concern, put a message to all out there, saying what we want to hear…

  91. jonathon

    I know that this question was asked many times before .But I was told from a Rogers rep on Friday that I would be better off to get one on the following Monday as she said she won`t have one.The phone isn`t even in the system. Am I wasting my time going Firday to get one when they open at 10a.m.? So hopefully the courier will be delivering them on Thursday. When should I go??

  92. Finza

    I was wondering if Rogers stores would be selling the Torch without a contract on launch day or will there be a waiting period? I heard that Future Shop is planning to hold off on selling off-contract Torches for 2 weeks after launch date.

  93. johentie

    4 days till launch and still no word of a delay like Bell… no news is good news i guess. the site still says the 24th!! GO ROGERS GO!!

  94. out2late

    Hi Miranda,

    Is there going to be a HUP as you did for the iPhone 4?

    1. RogersMiranda


      No. Standard HUP rules apply. Customers who have a minimum tenure of 24 months since initial activation or last upgrade are eligible for the new customer pricing on the BlackBerry Torch.

  95. Mike

    Just heard an ugly rumor that the torch has been delayed to Oct 1st. Please deny this nasty rumor for me lol

  96. Long

    Hi Miranda,

    Any updates regarding the rumoured delay?

  97. billy thomas

    Great to hear that it still is sept 24th. Telus and Bell have delayed it.

    Miranda if it still is sept 24th you should make sure that best buy know that. I went to preorder one today and they told me its been push back 2-3 weeks. The sales person claimed they heard that from Rogers themselfs.


  98. Tatiana

    I heard the rumours about the delay and I honestly hope they are not true. My BB Bold is on it’s last legs, and I’ve been battling with it for two months now eagerly awaiting the Torch and refusing to even look into any other devices. If the launch is pushed back, I will be very, very dissapointed in both Rogers and RIM and consider taking my business elsewhere.

  99. Shawn

    Is no news good news? I hope so, I don’t want to hear of a delay the night before I’m supposed to pick one up. don’t mean to be repetitive, but I keep hear yes, and no on a Rogers delay. The anxiety is killing me, just put one in my hand, I can do the OS update. :)

  100. Mike

    Telus says “Coming Soon” and has no date, same with Bell – Rogers Torch page still says Sept 24. Would be great if Rogers can confirm Sept 24!!

  101. evan

    hey this might be a dumb question but should i go early and wait in line? i just really want one haha

  102. Dion

    So Bell has delayed the launch. Will Rogers also be delaying and When can we expect som info on upgrade prices?

  103. Cam

    Kinda quiet in here…

  104. Jamie

    A stupid reason for going back to the BB is that there is no message indication on the Iphone, this drives me nuts. Also, typing on the screen is terrible, for me anyway. Always enjoyed the BB and it worked well. I will go with the Torch and carry the Iphone for music and other apps.

    Was told that the Torch will be available on the 24th, here’s hoping!

    1. RogersMiranda

      HI Jamie,

      I’ve been a BlackBerry user since 2004. I like the physical keyboard as well. I have a hard time typing on a virtual keyboard. I think long fingernails get in the way!

  105. Carly

    Just preordered it!! The stores still havent gotten the phone even though they were supposed to be delivered a week ago… What’s the possibility of a delay, like Bell?

  106. Jeff Myles

    The Rogers Blackberry Torch site still says the official launch is Sept. 24th. ( I was told by one of our local Rogers stores that this has been pushed back to Oct. 1, much like Bell has announced. Is this actually the case?

  107. Alex

    Contacted Rogers yesterday to inquire about the RIM 9800 “Torch” and was informed that Rogers employees have been advised that this model’s release date with Rogers has been “pushed back by RIM to October 1, but there is a possibility the release date will be even later”. This comes after contacting Rogers 2 weeks ago about the Torch and the Customer Service Manager having no idea when the Torch would be released, and even sounding surprised Rogers would be carrying the model at all.

    Would it be advantageous to Rogers to ensure consistent communications about products and release dates across all business lines? In a burgeoning, and highly competitive industry, it would be to Rogers’ benefit to provide its employees with accurate and timely information to ensure response to client inquiry is uniform.

    On that note, how about it? Is September 24 still the release date?

    1. Geraldox II

      You won’t get an answer Alex….

    2. Rob

      I sure hope they don’t announce a delay, 2 weeks after they have been notified by their supplier!!

      I have booked the day off work to go pick it up in stores on Friday. I will be pretty upset if Roger’s announces a delay at this point.

  108. Hi Miranda,
    Can you still confirm that as of today Tuesday September 21, 2010 @11:51am that the launch is still scheduled for September 24th?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Ray,

      Yes, we’re still targeting Sept. 24. We’ll update the post if that changes.

  109. Deryk

    Hi Miranda,

    Will the 9800 be available on the 24th?

    Just need to know if I am heading to a Rogers store or not on Friday. I will be out of town and need to find a Rogers store in Kanata. So I just want to know how to plan my day.


  110. rob

    looks like rogers pulled miranda off of here…

    i think that is enough of an answer we need to the launch date questions

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hey Rob,

      Still here. :) I can assure you, I’m reading every one of these comments and have responded to many already re: the launch date. At the moment, I have nothing new to communicate. We’re still driving towards Sept. 24. If that changes, we’ll publish an update to this post.

  111. RogersMiranda

    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to let you know that we’re still driving towards a Sept. 24 launch. If we have any news to communicate on timing, we’ll update the post to let you know.

    1. Sergio68

      Will bestbuy fullfill their orders on the 24th for rogers if you already prepaid?

  112. RobJ

    are you guys serious? she answered the same question no less than 10x. IF THERE IS A DELAY WITH ROGERS, SHE WILL LET EVERYONE KNOW.

    i spoke with a few rogers people today, launch is still set for the 24th. My only question is, if i call in thursday, will do they the HUP for me over the phone and ship the phone out? won’t have time to pick one up this weekend. thanks.

  113. Vartan

    I have been to Rogers outlets, Best Buy, you name it….and they say no BB Torch on Sept 24, it is being delayed to Oct 1.

    So what is it?

    Reason: they’re working out glitches. Who is they?

    Really folks, this is ridiculous.

  114. Jim

    No I am not going to ask if there will be a delay from September 24. Poor RogersMiranda has repeated it many times that she will tell us of a delay as soon as she knows.
    As I have said before in an earlier post, the 9800 is not a game changer like the Bold 9000 was two years ago. It is certainly a step forward from current models. For me it is the increased memory for all the third party apps I have installed on my 9000 (I know that the 9700 has twice the memory as the 9000, but if I am to upgrade, I might as well go for the newest model) and the fact that it has OS 6 installed, which will never be ported to the 9000 because of memory constraints on the 9000. However, I will not live or die if the 9800 launch is postponed.
    Since we are all speculating, my guess is that it is an issue with OS 6. As Ray Nicolini (who I recognize as a heavy contributor on another Blackberry forum) has stated in an earlier post, he has updated his AT&T 9800 with a more recent OS and it works so much better than the original OS. I have already downloaded version .246 of OS 6 in anticipation of upgrading to the latest version of OS 6 when I get my 9800. My guess is that Bell and Telus are waiting until they are satisfied with the OS shipped with the 9800. – Or maybe they just want to get as much milage out of other smart phones they have introduced, before launching a new Blackberry product.

    1. Hi Jim,
      Thanks for the mention and noticing my contribution on other blogs. One question that I have is why is everyone so concerned what OS the Torch will be launching with, when all you have to do is upgrade it to the newest one that is available.

  115. John

    I’m sure Rogers will let everybody know if there’s a delay on Sept.23 11:59pm
    So stand by your redboard

  116. leo

    Definitively the iPhone. The new BB doesn’t have good reviews. If you already have one, you don’t want to get the Torch after reading all the reviews on the net. If you don’t have a BB, you should get the iPhone.
    The BB doesn’t have many applications like the iPhone. The screen is obsolete comparing with almost HD on the iPhone.

    1. johentie

      i had the TORCH and it’s friggin sweet.. i also had the iphone 4.. you can’t say it’s obsolete to anything unless you use the BB for what is’ made for! COMMUNICATION!! unlike the iphone where its a toy with fancy apps.. you get email pushed every 15mins, which is ridiculous if your depending on your email to arrive FAST! the blackberry PHONE works with no reception issues and no need for an ugly bumper! also RIM Does not release SOFTWARE updates to FIX HARDWARE problems!! unlike APPLE! it makes the phone worse! you can’t fix hardware with software! yah the iphone 4 has HD and a 1ghz processor, but how long does your battery last if you play games and watch movies?! i’m sure no longer then 6 hrs? i played games on my iph4 on the GO train for 40mins and by the time i got to work the battery was already at 75%! then what good is it to you!? it’s just a brick unless you carry around your charger looking for an outlet everywhere you go! yah the resolution is lower then most high end phones, but it;s good enough! so do some more research before you start telling people to buy which phone!

      both phones are good, it’s just it targets two different markets!

  117. Anyone else planning on waiting out the store for it to open to get the phone?

    Anyone think this is going to be unnecessary?

    1. Joe

      I am, Younge and dundas at 8 am is gonna be fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!


  118. Chantale

    I sure hope it’s coming out on time.. my BB was eaten by my dog and the store I go to gave me a stupid flip phone instead.. I am paying a data plan that I cannot use right now!!!

  119. Terry

    Just to give you guys an update, its been confirmed that there has been a delay in the launch. Reason is the “glitches” we’ve been hearing off. Apparently there is a signal issue with the device and also lagging when using the device. October 1 is tentative and is just being used to give ppl a”near future date”.

    1. Alan

      Can someone at Rogers confirm if Sept 24th is a “go”. I’ve got a Torch on reserve at Future Shop. Someone must know by now if these will be available.

  120. Lindsay

    Just had a voice mail from Best Buy (Where I pre-ordered the torch on Rogers) it will not be available this Friday (Sept 24th) and they do not know when it will be. I was told I would receive a call back when they come in. How were they able to release the AT&T torches?? I thought Rogers & AT&T were kinda the same company… I’m not impressed…

    1. SERGIO 68

      How you can get a voice mail from best buy when the stores are not even open yet?

      1. SERGIO 68

        Sorry Lindsay,
        My apologies, I just got off the phone from best buy ottawa-south and I was told that , the Torch 9800 won’t be in until the 1st of October,

        Miranda- do you have any fresh news for us?t

      2. Shawn

        lol… best buy reps don’t know anything.

      3. RogersMiranda

        Hi Sergio,

        We’ve just published an update to our post to let customers know the date has been changed to Sept. 30.

      4. sergio 68

        Thanks Miranda you’re the best!!

        You know what is so sad, Rogers website updated the Galaxy phone to pre-order now, but still have the old posting on the torch coming on the 24th!! Are they doing that just to get people upset or what?
        why don’t they do a posting to update us about the Torch they know that all of us are dying for it, it seems like the enjoy that

        Am I crasy here you guys?

      5. Lindsay

        I think she left if last night… it was on my work voicemail

    2. out2late

      Everytime a new phone gets launched on any carrier, it must be tested and then tweeked if need be. If the software doesnt operate correctly, then it gets updated to meet the demands of the carrier… this is usually why a phone gets delayed.
      I have phoned a few stores and they DO have stock for the Friday launch. Customer service has also confirmed the Friday launch as well.

  121. Marcus

    Shake your head guys, your all asking the same question. Read the thread before you post.

    This sounds like a RIM problem not Rogers. Hopefully they can get the phones to the stores like they promised.

  122. Lindsay

    I just spoke to Rogers and I was told that if the Torch was going to be delayed they would have received an update by now. Don’t know if there is any truth to that story but that’s what the sales department said.

  123. Dave


    What type of demand are you expecting? That is to say, are you anticipating line ups out the door ala that iPhone upon release?

    Lastly, is it against policy if a store sells them Thursday evening?

  124. A Rogers Customer

    Dear Miranda

    I would be most grateful if you could explain the pricing differential on the BB Torch between here and the US. See I heard from a Rogers source the “two year price will be $329.99 and three: $199.99″ whereas in the US it is available form as low as $99 on a two year contract with AT&T. I strikes me as quite odd why, when the product is made in Canada, it be bought substantially cheaper (and earlier) in the US. Have you any insight as to why I am be asked to spend more of my money on the product than my free market neighbors?

    Is this another case of the Canadian “pro consumer” protectionist laws prohibiting foreign owned telecoms being anything but pro consumer?

    On the premise that the administrator doesn’t censor my comment, I optimistically await your presumingly dismissive response.

    Yours disenchantingly and remorsefully,

    A Rogers Customer

    1. RogersMiranda


      While I can’t comment on other carrier’s pricing,what I can tell you is that we’re constantly reviewing our prices to ensure we are offering our customers the best value. Thanks for your feedback though. It’s a valid question. I’ll pass it on to the internal team.

  125. Finza

    I’ve spoken to 2 Rogers Customer Service Representatives and they both assure me that the September 24th launch is “set in stone” (their words, not mine). 2 days to go, here’s hoping the countdown is correct.

  126. Brian

    I called my local Rogers Wireless and they told me it has been pushed back to Oct 1 or Oct 2 due to software being updated on the phone

  127. Evan

    just called a rogers store in london and the guy said theyre pushed back to october 1st?

  128. Tatiana

    I just spoke to the Sales Department at Rogers and was assured that the launch date is staying as it is – September 24th. I’m not sure if that brings any reassurance, but there it is. :)

  129. Jonathon

    Well,,,,,, Here in New Brunswick, I just left a Rogers store and he told me to my face that the Torch HAS been delayed. The RIM rep. told him Monday to post-pone any advertising until at LEAST Oct.1. He said here in Atlantic Canada it IS post poned. Can you say NOT IMPRESSED. pretty bad all this aggravation for a d*** phone.

    1. Clinton

      Aggravation? You’re right it is only a phone, so calm down and it’ll come out when it comes out.

  130. out2late

    BlackBerry Torch 9800 dummy phones arrive at Rogers and other retailers…

  131. Deryk

    Well just stopped by a Rogers retail outlet and they just got there display 9800 in. They are being told by Rogers that it is still Friday the 24th but it may not be in the morning. They have not received stock yet and so not know when it will arrive. They could get it Thursday night, Friday morning, Friday afternoon or Friday evening?

    Will have to wait and see I guess.

    1. Ray

      September 27th should be the lucky day for those who are looking forward to grab the new handset, though it seems that the online ordering for the device should kick off as soon as tomorrow, September 24th.

      Originally, the new mobile phone was announced as being set to land in Canada on September 24th, but some carriers already pushed its release date back to October 1st, including Bell and Virgin.

      As for Rogers, the carrier seems set to have the new device available for online ordering tomorrow, but says that the actual units won’t arrive in stores until Monday is here.

  132. JT

    I am moderately confused and mildly concerned. My BB Pearl 8100 from 2003 or thereabouts has been hanging on for dear life for the past few weeks and I have been waiting patiently, of course, to upgrade to the new BB Torch 9800.

    Assuming peple on this message board are being honest, I am absolutely bewildered that there are such discrepanices in information coming from various Roger’s sources. Miranda is holding strong to the September 24th launch date (fingers crossed) while some other CSR’s and Roger’s employees are telling people October 1st.

    It must be known by now (2 days prior to the anticipated launch date) what date Roger’s will actually be getting the BB Torch 9800 in its stores, so this type of varying information coming out of a single company either points to pure disorganization and lack of communication, or plain and simple deception. I am unsure which, but am truly hoping it’s Roger’s being disorganized and uninfomred, rather than intentionally misleading the public. Here’s to hoping for a September 24th launch date!

  133. Dadzy

    I read on a Mobile blog (MobileSyrup) that the Torch is still going to be available on September 24th but only for online ordering, delivered the week after. For those of us wanting to get our phone in stores, we would have to wait IN THE WEEK of September 27th to get the actual phone. Here is what the blog said:

    ”Thanks to one of our tipsters for letting us know about an internal bulletin that went out tonight. Here’s the deal. Rogers will launch the Torch 9800 on the 24th through online ordering but the physical device will not be available for sale at retail locations. The Torch will “begin arriving” at stores during the week of September 27th and units will be in short supply but stores can take orders.”

    I hope the blog got false information and that we will FINALLY be able to get our hands on this device TOMORROW!!! If no, Rogers will play with words, saying that there statement was trus: The Phone is available on 24th but what they dont say, is that, just like Bell, you cant get it before October 1st…

    Again, hope this is false and we can get this device on 24th.

  134. Carly

    The rogers reps have been saying that shipment was supposed to arrive a week ago, then a couple days ago, and they still don’t have it as of monday. Will we have the device in our hands on friday or will we actually get it next week?

  135. Steven

    It is Thursday September 23rd. Today, in our local newspaper, The Montreal Gazette, there is not one advertisement or circular regarding the new Torch. Actually, in the full month up to today, there has not been one advertisement or Rogers circular regarding the Torch. This product must be the best kept secret in the world as well as it’s release date. Everybody in the world knew when the iphone was going to be released and there was pleaty of advertising to support it. I just do not understand the entire marketing campaign behind the arrival of the Torch in Canada. Other than redboard….noone would know the phone is coming “tomorrow”. Very, very strange.

  136. Mike

    Just got off phone with sales. Get this, phone will only be available online on 24. Takes 3-5 business days UPS shipping, meaning won’t get it until late next week. In store next week they claim. What a load. They can still claim they told the truth with the 24th but that is just a cover since it will physically not be in Antibes hands. Very disappointed Rogers. How can multi-billion dollar companies be so disorganized and incompetent. I mean it is one day before, and you don’t know what Is going on. The Rogers rep was embarrassed as well that this would happen again, same as iPhone

  137. Chuck

    Hey Miranda, We still looking at a Sept 24th release date for the Torch?
    If so, when is the earliest i can call in to order one if i cant get to the store

  138. sergio68

    It seems that we are getting the torch on the 24th after all, we have no see any official news from Rogers in regards of pushing back to Oct 1st, in fact some retailers already have the demo, I will be at bestbuy in ottawa right at 10 tomorrow to pick up my toy.

  139. mia

    A few websites are reporting in-store availability on the 27th, but I just spoke to a Rogers rep who said that it won’t be available until the 28th in-store. RogersMiranda – can you confirm any of this? Thanks!

  140. Deryk

    Day before the launch and it is pretty quite on here…… Wish I knew if they were going to be available at 10am for store openings. Do I wait for store to open or go later in the day???

    Finally going to retire my 9000, 2 years is the longest I have ever used a single phone going back about 17 years when I got my first Moto DCP 550 flip phone .

  141. drastiX

    I was told the same thing, and see the change back to “Coming Soon” on websites too. I’m sure there is a good reason for this, but unfortunately the end result is still disappointing – not enough people have been doing their jobs well enough!

  142. Owen

    Roumer has it that the Blackberry Torch launch as been delayed to the 30th of September instead of the 24th??? Can you confirm this? And if so why?

  143. Torch

    Torch is comming to Roger Plus Store for sure 100 % !!

  144. Derrick

    Hi Miranda,

    Can you please kindly advise us of the current update regarding the release date.

    according to a rumour by Mobile syrup, they have stated that the torch will only be available on the rogers website on the 24th of september, while the stores will not have them available until 27th of September.

    Can you please kindly confirm this information?


  145. Christa

    Cant wait for the launch tommorrow first thing im going to do is call rogers and do a HUP ..

  146. Ray

    September 27th should be the lucky day for those who are looking forward to grab the new handset, though it seems that the online ordering for the device should kick off as soon as tomorrow, September 24th.

    Originally, the new mobile phone was announced as being set to land in Canada on September 24th, but some carriers already pushed its release date back to October 1st, including Bell and Virgin.

    As for Rogers, the carrier seems set to have the new device available for online ordering tomorrow, but says that the actual units won’t arrive in stores until Monday is here.

    —IS THIS TRUE???

  147. sergio68


    Any new information

    beside what we have seeing posting in here?

  148. johentie

    why can’t Rogers be like AT&T.. AT&T announced launch for the Torch on Aug 12th! and it STAYED aug 12th, and it was there in store at open on Aug 12th!!

    what is up with this waiting and rumors and people not knowing what’s going on? just tell us if it’s delayed so some of us don’t waste our time lining up infront of a store waiting for it and finding out it;s not even there!

    I love rogers and the service but when it comes to blackberries and launch dates, it’s just horrible!!

  149. mtmouse

    The Roger’s store I deal with advises they just received a bulletin advising they won’t be receiving the Torch until September 30.

  150. Lindsay

    I give up… nobody has a straight answer and there has been no update from rogers on here to confirm or deny anything. I have called everywhere in Kitchener and I’m getting Sept 29th now… so who knows. I guess I will get one when I get one.

  151. RogersMiranda

    Hi everyone,

    I know many of you have been asking about the Torch launch date. We’ve been informed that the Canadian launch of the has been changed to September 30. We’ll provide another update on RedBoard when the Torch is available.

    1. Lindsay

      Hi Miranda,
      If the Torch is not released on the 30th will Rogers extend the Limited Time Only 6GB data plan for $30? It would be very upsetting if the Torch is not released until after that and people missed out on such an amazing data plan.

      1. RogersMiranda

        Hi Lindsay,

        You’re right. The plan expires on Sept. 30. If you’re a current smartphone user, I would suggest migrating to the plan now to ensure you get it.

  152. Finza

    I went to 3 Rogers stores today, 1 Best Buy Mobility, 1 Booth store, 1 Wireless Wave store, 1 Booth kiosk, 1 Wireless Wave kiosk, called 4 Rogers Plus’s, and 1 The Source. I have gotten different answers about the launch from each company. I have also been on and off the phone with Rogers Customer Service. They keep telling me that the phone is launching on September 24th, and that is what it is for everywhere. Also, none of the stores have any stock as of yet, and don’t know when they will be getting any. So, in short, the best bet is to order it from Rogers over the phone and wait for it.

  153. Derrick

    Hi Miranda,

    Will we be able to order the phone on the 24th from the rogers website?

    Or is the 30th set in stone for all avenues of ordering the phone, whether it be in store or online?,

    please kindly confirm?

    1. RogersMiranda

      You’ll be able to order online or pick up the device in-store on September 30.

  154. M

    Might be a good phone but certainly not worth $199.

  155. lauren

    ooohhh you’re going to have a lot of unhappy customers!

  156. Alan

    Miranda .. Can I suggest you update the blog so the most recent replies are in the correct order. It’s confusing when older info in inter mixed.

    On the launch day delay … lets get the main Rogers webpage updated so everyone knows the correct launch date. Why all the secrecy. This seems destined to just annoy people and have them rethink if want to wait for the Torch. No idea why it would be available in the US and we in Canada have to wait another week.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Alan,

      Thanks. I noticed this today as well and we’re looking into it.

  157. tito71

    About about on-line ordering ? heard that we could still go with Customer Relations tomorrow morning (the 24th)

    1. RogersMiranda

      No. The Torch will be available online on Sept. 30.

  158. Douglas

    Hi Miranda,
    Just curious if you could enlighten some of us in regards to ordering on-line vs in store. As the Torch came out for AT&T in the states there was a tremendous amount of returns for various complaints from keys peeling up to screen wiggling and many more. If customers were to order the phone from the rogers website and had issues could they walk into any corporate rogers store and exchange it for another on the spot or is a return to rogers and wait for a new one kind of deal vs purchase in store and replace in store? This, I’m sure, will help people decide whether to order online or go into a store and hope for stock.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Yes. I beleive that if you purchase online you can return the device in-store. Generally, we encourage customers to purchase devices through a retail location as that will give them the benefit of experiencing the device and discussing it with a representative. Customers can walk out with a fully functioning, new device.

      For more info on our return policy, I’d recommend calling Care or you can go here:

  159. Mike

    It was pretty obvious that the date will be changed. Rogers just like playing games so everyone would think they’re ‘on time’ and then end up changing everything at the last minute. It wasn’t possible that Rogers could release early when other carriers delayed it, just mind games! How pathetic, I”m so disappointed. At least the other carriers notified their customers earlier.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Mike,

      We were working towards a Sept. 24 launch date and updated this post as soon as we were told of the change. Also, we were first to let customers know of the new date.

  160. Justin

    What a useless way to do business. Telling us another artificial date is pointless. This is even worse than saying “coming soon”!

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Justin,

      We’re interested to hear what our customers want in terms of new device info. Would your preference be that we not release any details on upcoming device launches until they are fully launched and available for purchase?

      1. Ken

        It’s great that Rogers tries to tell its customers in advance when the launch will occur, but it’s unfortunate and frustrating that the delay notification is only provided the day before this launch. I find it hard to believe that Rogers was not aware beforehand that the launch would be canceled.

        I have been looking forward to this date since you announced it and went to a store today only to be told with a blank face that the phone is only available on September 30th.

      2. Jim

        Miranda, I would imagine you will soon be applying for a transfer out of this job you have. I have, for the first time ever, been watching and waiting for the launch of a new blackberry. I wouldn’t put up with all the hullabaloo you’ve had in the last week. Heck ! I already have accessories purchased, ready and waiting. BUT ! I cannot believe how upset people get. Good lord it’s a phone ! Use the phone you have ! Go out for a movie! Enjoy your family ! In most cases anyway…. you didn’t get your pink slip today, you weren’t in an accident, and the doctor didn’t tell you that you had six months to live.
        Get Over It ! I would rather have a product that works than one that is rushed out the door with issues. I will say though that it is odd that EVERY OTHER provider said a while ago that the status had changed back to “coming soon” while with only 2 days to go before launch date Rogers was still saying Sept 24. Somebody on holidays maybe? Like my father in law always said “will it matter six months”

      3. Jim

        …and to answer your question. Let us know about new products ! perhaps you could say available in last quarter of 2010 ?, or “late September or early October”.
        Or, make the advertised launch date later than the actual date, when people get things early they get excited.
        Or best Yet ! Say “available when we get the darn thing”
        bye for now !

      4. James

        Hi Miranda,

        We would like you two “communications” giants to communicate with each other and operate effectively like other business with set advanced date for a products release, and who follow through.

      5. Justin

        Obviously the wants of customers comes first and I never said that was a problem. It just doesn’t make sense to advertise a launch date when you cannot fulfill that agreement.

  161. tito71


    can you confirm Quebec people will have a BOGO deal on the Torch (BuyOneGetOne)
    see link

    1. Alex

      WTH… why does Quebec only get this buy one get one offer?!?

  162. Will

    I heard the 9800 is now delayed until September 30. Can you confirm?

    1. RogersMiranda

      That is correct.

  163. Dwight

    You may want to check your information. We were just told by a Rogers Represenative that the Torch is not going to be available now until Sept. 30. You guys really have to get your act together.

  164. sam

    miranda i ordered the torch a couple days ago on a corporate plan, my order says out of stock and was told it would be shipped out on friday to me, will it still be shipped on friday so that i receive it sometime nxt week? or will it not be shipped until the 30th? i have no intention of going to a store to pick it up im completely relying on rogers shiping it to me

    1. RogersMiranda

      It will be shipped on launch day (Sept. 30).

  165. sam

    if you have ordered the phone alrady and the status of your order is out of stick will it still be shipped on friday? or will it be shipped whenever stores get it?

    1. RogersMiranda

      It will be shipped as soon as the stores get it.

  166. Mike

    What a disappointment. Like a kid full of excitement for Christmas day, and on Christmas eve mommy and daddy say whoops, Christmas is not coming. Maybe next week.

    What terrible terrible mismanagement. How could you let this happen so close to launch, it is utterly embarrasing.

  167. Jonathon

    Well all the rumors were true. Post-poned just like everyone figured. Rogers had better get there stuff together. Not one retailer I talked to had the same story. One dealer in Moncton, nb said he only got an e-mail this morning!! Rogers< get it figured out!!!!!!!!!!!!

  168. Just one more in a string of poorly handled high-profile product launches. iPhone 4, Captivate, and now Torch.

  169. Ivan

    The Torch is OFFICIALLY delayed until September 30th, 2010… reasons are apparently software glitches in the phone itself thats causing antenna issues and reception issues with ALL carriers… not just Rogers guys. We should be happy that Rogers is STILL the FIRST carrier here in Canada to release it

    1. James

      yea 1 day before everyone….yea really happy about it

  170. Herman

    haha, announcing it so late?? Why can’t Rogers just like other carriers to announce it earlier and admits there’s a delay instead of stalling everyone…….. tbh i m pretty disappointed…

  171. Brian

    They are updating the OS to fix some bugs.

  172. Random72

    Pushing back the release date the day before the publicized launch…classic. Why am I not surprised? I wonder how long Rogers has been holding this news back.

    Seems to me this company has a much easier time announcing products than it does with actually getting them into stores.

    Oh well, we’re Canadian- waiting longer than the rest of the world is par for the course when it comes to consumer products. Americans have been able to buy this phone since mid-August, and making sure they’re looked after is really all that matters.

    Thanks a lot, RIM…good to know you haven’t forgotten where you live.

    1. RogersMiranda


      We were working towards the 24th as our launch date and were first to let you know about the new date.

      1. Luke

        incorrect. The update was on Bell’s website before redboard or

      2. RogersMiranda

        To clarify, what I meant was that we were first to provide a new launch date. Others still say “coming soon,” if I’m not mistaken.

    2. Seems to me, our Canadians deserve a better treatment from our CANADIAN $IM

  173. Dadzy

    RogersMiranda, any word on the BOGO offer in Quebec?? Is it true that we will be able to get 2 Torch for the price of 1?? The fact that the Torch has been delayed really sucks, but it would be a good way to makes us forget about it if we would get a 2 for 1 offer.

    BTW, thanks for your fast replies!!

    1. RogersMiranda

      That’s a good attitude :) I’m not sure off-hand but I’ve asked my colleague in Quebec and will let you know.

    2. RogersMiranda

      Hi there,

      Looked into this and we are not aware of a buy-one-get-one free offer for Quebec.

  174. TJ

    Let me just say that I am utterly disgusted with the lack of respect this type of stunt shows towards Rogers’ customer base.

    There is absolutely no way that the company would not be aware this length of delay to a national product launch many days in advance. To not just withhold that information, but to flat out lie to consumers, and continue to insist through a variety of media that the launch is moving ahead on schedule, is disingenuous, disrespectful, shows a lack of professional ethics, and, quite frankly, is of questionable legality. Continuing to advertise a product or service you know you will be unable to provide is false advertising and misleading to the public.

    I spend a large amount of money on Rogers Communication services each year, and I have expressed to my various representatives over the past few months my concerns with the direction this company is taking in dealing with its customers. While in the big picture, the launch date of a telephone may seem minor, the overall attitude towards your customers is shown through such stunts, and will most definitely factor into my organizations future decisions regarding where we choose to spend our advertising and communications budgets.

  175. out2late


    Why would all other Canadian carriers be delayed and not Rogers… they have known about this and decided to spring it on us in the last hour…


    1. RogersMiranda

      Not the case. We were working towards the 24th as our launch day and were first to update you on a new date as soon as we were informed.

  176. Evan

    sweet it was delayed a week, thanks blackberry

  177. itzko

    its unbelievable how rogers releases the date for when the torch is coming out, and then the next thing you know, they delay it until next week.i already sold my phone at the beginning so i can get it tomorrow (friday september 24th) but now i have to wait another week to have a blackberry again. its rediculous. i called rogers and asked them why it was delayed and they dont even know! im very upset and fed up with this

    pick a date and sticks to it if you want sales.

  178. Ray

    this hurts my feelings….

  179. Sol Swartz

    I have heard that the release date has now been pushed to September 30th, is this correct?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Yes. This is correct.

  180. Stephen

    Why bother, wait for the refresh next year with the new marvell chip etc. Crazy that this costs more than the samsung captivate. Buy a Bell one and unlock it.

  181. Alan Musgrave

    Wow .. what a messed up launch for the Torch. Mixed reviews for the Torch to begin with and now a messed up launch day. Hey, it’s 845pm on Sept 23rd and is still saying launch is on Sept 24th (I coped the stuff below right off Can’t be that difficult for Rogers to fix this and post a clear communication to its customers on when the Torch can be ordered online, in stores and when it will be actually available.

    And … If the delay extends past Sept 30th and Rogers cancels the 6g data plan for $30, there will be a lot of very upset customers.

    Come on Rogers … get your act together.

    “BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800
    Rogers Communications and BlackBerry® are excited to launch the new BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800. Beginning September 24th, experience the new BlackBerry® 6 on the world’s first smartphone with a BlackBerry keyboard and full touch screen for as low as $199.99.”

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Alan,

      If you’re an existing smartphone customer, I suggest you migrate to the 6GB/$30 now to ensure you have it on your account before it expires.

      Our site ( has been updated with the new date.

  182. TIDMAN

    Is anyone, really surprised at this latest announcement? although I am very disappointed about the delay its certainly comes as no shock, this is Rogers all over, they knew the same time as Bell and Telus that this phone would not be released on the 24th but decided anyway to string loyal and trusting existing and prospective customers along for what reason I have no idea, one thing I do know is I will be buying this phone for the full retail price and will NOT be renewing my contract with Rogers but with one of the other two instead primarily on the basis of honest and timely communication to their customers.

    Rogers you have to realize times are changing, you are not the only provider out there

    Best regards

    Current Rogers customer

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi there,

      As I mentioned to a few others here, we were working towards the 24th as our launch day and we updated this post as soon as we were informed of the change.

  183. Disappointed

    Ok fine they need to fix some glitches but I AM SURE that Rogers knew of the delay long before they announced it. Finally announcing it the day before is really unacceptable. It shows Rogers’ lack of appreciation for its customers. Not surprised though…..just foolishly expected better.

  184. blim

    just spoke to a insider at RIM. stock levels are apparently pathetically low between all vendors. despite the announced dates – it seems that stores will have very low numbers of these throughout october. still pushing majority release for christmas. happy new year people!

  185. Garry

    Hey Miranda, so since the release is now post-poned to Sept 30th, is it still possible to get it with the 6gb data promotion? Maybe provide a temporary phone during that time? or will it be possible to get the phone AND the plan ON the 30th?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Yes, you should be able to get both the phone and the plan on the 30th.

      Also, if you’re a current smartphone customer, I would suggest you migrate to the 6GB/$30 plan now to ensure you get it.

      1. Lindsay

        HI Miranda,
        I’m a current Rogers customer but I will be getting the Touch on a new activation… will the 6GB/$30 not be available to me as I am not a current smartphone user? Will I be able to get this data plan with a new activation and the $199.99 on 3 year contract promotion?

      2. Garry

        Do I have to have a blackberry to migrate? or could it be any smartphone then jump to the blackberry data after? and don’t I have to have a 3 year commitment first?

      3. RogersMiranda

        No. You can migrate to the 6GB/$30 with any device. Switching to the 6GB/$30 plan will require a three year commitment.

      4. Garry

        Ok.. last question.. So if I get the 6GB plan now, and the BB Torch after, do I still pay at the $199.99 price?

  186. Harry Dhanda

    will I be eligible for an upgrade for the torch if I just got an upgrade last year in june 2009… Is there a HUB for the torch?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Harry,

      Regular HUP rules apply. I recommend calling customer care to check your upgrade eligibility.

  187. Lindsay

    Have now been told by 2 rogers people over the phone that there will be no pre-orders for the Torch… I have a feeling on the 30th we will be seeing this message like the iPhone 4

    “Limited inventory of iPhone 4
    Rogers is committed to getting BlackBerry Torch into the hands of every customer who wants one. Many Rogers retail outlets are sold out of the device but we are receiving regular limited shipments of the Torch from RIM. We recommend you contact your local Rogers retailer to determine if stock is available.”

    1. Lindsay

      Sorry meant to put “Limited Inventory of BlackBerry Torch”

    2. RogersMiranda

      Hi Lindsay,

      That is correct. Rogers is not doing preorders for this device.

      We anticipate inventory levels to be normal for this launch. We’re working to ensure that a device will get into the hands of all customers who want one.

  188. David

    very disappointing. Delaying the launch the day BEFORE it’s supposed to launch. Not cool. not cool at all. I imagine there is some valid explanation… god knows what it is since there has been no explanation given!! I don’t think it’s the right way to entice new customers or even existing customers to want to switch to the BB. I saw this morning that Best Buy and Future Shop circulars have an image of the torch with the caption “Introducing the Torch”.. well i guess for now all they can introduce is the picture! lol.

  189. shelby

    now not being released till Sept 30th!!!! So disappointing

  190. Mike

    I was excited to get a torch today but i found when i went to the store that its not out today like this forum says!!!!!!!!!! apparently some time next week but no store can tell me what day!?

  191. Mark

    Pretty weak that Rogers waited so long to announce the delay when Telus and Bell both announced it a week ago.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Mark,

      We updated our post as soon as we were told about the change. Also, we were the first to let customers know the new date.

      1. Jim

        I little disingenuous RogersMiranda. With other carriers postponing their launch a week ago and apparently no stock in stores yesterday, it was apparent to everyone, other than its customers who believed Roger’s web site, that the launch would have to be postponed. I would believe you if you say that you did not know about the delay until early yesterday afternoon, but to say that “we”, those in charge at Rogers, did not know until that time, is hard to believe and if it is the case, displayes a surprising level of incompetence with senior officials at Rogers.
        As I have said in earlier posts regarding the torch, it is a good, but not a must have upgrade of Blackberry products. I will not live or die if its launch is delayed. As a long time customer of Rogers, since the Cantel days, I am dissipointed by Rogers’ lack of candor with its customers and/or incompetence in not anticipating sooner that the launch would be delayed.

      2. Actually, MobileSyrup beat you to it by over 12 hours:

        Although they were wrong about the online ordering being available.

      3. Herman

        but the new date could also be push back again?!? Sept. 30 is not a firm date…. no?


    Sept 30th.

    $199 (probably on 3 yr contract)

  193. Dave

    Sooo… It’s the 24th. Checked this board last night, said launch day was today. Head on over to the store… Oooooh, it’s delayed, at least a week.

    Come back to work, only to see that it is STILL listing launch day as today.

    WTF Rogers? How about letting some of us know what’s going on so we aren’t wasting our time?

    1. You missed the update at the bottom of the post, that’s been there since yesterday afternoon.

    2. RogersMiranda

      Sorry about that Dave. We updated the post yesterday as soon as we were told about the launch date change. You’ll be able to pick up the device on the 30th.

  194. Nauman

    Just noticed Bell dropped the price to 179.99 on a 3 yr term. Any chance Rogers will do the same and follow suit.

  195. Dom

    I really do appreciate being updated about a delay the day before a release. The company is so out of sorts that apparently one of the rogers stores in my city is getting the phone this afternoon…

  196. Steve Bruce

    How frickin lame Rogers…………….. Now your not releasing till Sept 30/10….. Get your ish together….

  197. Christine

    this is a lie, i just went to a Rogers and they advised that they do not have any in stock don’t know when they will be receiving it. I called another location, and they too, do not have any in stock and do not know when they are expecting it. Why does Rogers advertise the launch for today and do not stock the stores!!

  198. Alan

    I find it to be really troubling that RIM can meet the needs of AT&T, that has a subscriber base that is almost two and half times the POPULATION of Canada, but can’t get enough units together to satisfy the needs of it’s home carriers. I guess we can tell where their loyalties lie.

    1. Nasir

      I don’t think you can just blame RIM. We don’t know the details and quite possibly never will. But there is different testing required for different carriers. And there was a new bundle of software so maybe the testing on that took longer. I’d rather get a good product to ensure most bugs are gone then receive it and have issues.

  199. Finza

    Yes, the Quebec BlackBerry users get to have the Torch for a BOGO promotion, what does the rest of the country get to provide them with that great attitude? I’m sorry to say this, but this was a ridiculous mismanagement of information and every single retailer in the GTA didn’t have any shipment of the Torch, so, it should’ve been obvious to Rogers that something was wrong and things weren’t going to be ready for the 24th. I feel like an idiot for believing them and clearing my Friday completely to go get the Torch. I gave excuses to miss classes and traded away work shifts, and here I am, sitting at home, without a Torch. What do I get for that? Quebec gets a BOGO promotion, what in the world do we get for our inconvenience?

  200. Derrick

    Hi Miranda,

    I just spoke with a Bell Representative and saw on their website that they are taking pre-orders for the price of 179.99 as a online promo, and the phone will arrive for the customer on sept 29/10.

    Just wondering if Rogers will have a similar promo to counter-offer for Rogers customers?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Derrick,

      Thanks for the heads up. The device will be $199 on a three year term. If we have any special promotions for customers, I’ll be sure to update the post and let people know.

  201. mendenhall

    bell is offering the torch on a 3yr term for 179, will Rogers match this?!

  202. Tito71

    Bell lowered it’s price to 179$ for a 3 years deal, what about Rogers still 199$

  203. Douglas

    Hi RogersMiranda,

    You’ve got a lot of patience when it comes to people on this board who continue to ask the same questions and vent their anger towards Rogers for the delay of the phone. For me, I’m fine with the delay if it means I will get a quality product straight out of the box and if that is what the delay is ensuring will happen… I’m all for it.

    I’m curious about the BOGO for Quebec. Why would it be only for Quebec and not for anyone else? I think that that is pretty unfair.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Thanks for the feedback Douglas. :)

      A few people have asked about the BOGO offer for Quebec. I’m not sure off-hand but I’m looking into it. Will let you know.

  204. Lowe

    Hi Miranda,
    I am glad you like Will’s comment! How about answering more important questions, like:
    Can we preorder the Torch online from Rogers now? Any news on the availability in other colors or should we be happy if we get it in black on time as per the new launch date?

    1. RogersMiranda

      No. There are no preorders for this device.

      The device launches in black only. If we have other colours to offer down the road, we’ll let you know.

  205. DJay

    Bell is selling the 9800 for $179 on a 3 year contract and is pre-selling as of today. Is Rogers planning on doing any sort of pre-sale and is pricing going to change before launch?

  206. Dave

    This is hilarious, stock levels are low but the phone has not even been released in CAN as yet. Does that make any sense to any of you? To me thats just a joke.
    I think what we all need to start doing is going to the US to buy our devices.
    US seems to have total control over these petty issues. “Stock levels are low” Rogers my bank account is low cant pay the bill how about that. How can you not have stock for something and you have not even released it as yet.

  207. Jeff

    RogersMiranda says:
    September 24, 2010 at 11:19 am Not the case. We were working towards the 24th as our launch day and were first to update you on a new date as soon as we were informed.

    Perhaps I am reading this wrong. It seems to suggest that Rogers was the first to announce the new release date, which I think everyone knows to be untrue. The other carriers announced it days ago. Rogers announces it the night before, in spite of the fact that by then everyone knew, thanks to better information from other sources. Perhaps the disingenuous “were first to update you on a new date as soon as we were informed” is the key and they can simply say that while they were LAST to announce the new date, it’s because they were the last informed. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Rogers doesn’t give a dang about their customers, and I have been one forever. It galls me that I give these people over $600.00 per month for my various services. How glad am I that I bought my Torch in Niagara Falls NY at full price to avoid extending my misery with Rogers? When the contracts for my 4 phones expire (3 left), I’m taking my business elsewhere. I’d rather pay more to feel like I matter.

  208. MC PEI

    So…all this hype about the 24th and now it delayed to the 30th??
    Getting pretty tired of the old excuses…just need one more week…

  209. Random72

    Patience my eye. The rollouts for both the Torch and the Samsung devices have been embarrassing disasters.

    Just got back from a store that had absolutely no evidence whatsoever of the Torch’s impending release even though it is just days away (assuming it still happens on the 30th).

    No signage, no dummy phones, no printed literature of any kind, nothing to get people excited about what is supposed to be a ‘very important’ launch for Rogers. Nope, sorry customers, that information is classified. You’re not allowed to know anything about this phone. That information is for Rogers executives only. Move along now, nothing to see here.

    Apparently, Rogers doesn’t believe in promotion. Unless of course, the 30th is nothing more than a fingers-crossed launch date. Then, I guess it makes sense not to acknowledge this product in any way. Don’t want to infuriate people any more than they already are.

    This strategy also explains the Torch page on, which still cannot be accessed through the main page. Better to use the back door method, I guess. Don’t want to draw any attention to this product in advance. You know, people might actually become interested in it and have questions that Rogers won’t want to answer. Definitely a situation to be avoided, obviously.

  210. M

    Please get me off the list

  211. Jeff M

    I find it ridiculous that Rogers dropped the ball on this launch. They’re not new to launching new products and have a track record of over-promising & under-delivering. That’s why there is so much customer churn in the wireless industry. All of the major carriers do this so people stay until they’re fed up and then switch to another. The carriers aren’t concerned about keeping customers, they’re covering their as*es with cancellation fees.
    Bell and Telus both announced there would be a delay with the 9800 in advance. I can only assume that Rogers wanted to maintain the hype and keep customers hopes up, giving little/no detail other than “we’ll have more information at launch day” and falsely keeping customers on edge. was JUST updated today to Sept 30. After visiting 3 rogers stores, a Future Shop and local I’ve been told “we’ll have them Monday morning, We’ll have them by next Thursday and “maybe Oct. 1 if we’re lucky”. MESSAGING FAIL

  212. Dave

    So let me get this straight… Multiple times on this board, it was asked and replied “You’re sure about Sept 24th” “Yes”

    “Everybody else is delaying release. Confirming 24th?” “Confirmed”

    And now Rogers has the cahonas to say they told us first about the delay? Something stinks here.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Dave,

      We were working towards Sept. 24 as a launch date and as soon as we were informed of the change, we updated the post. To clarify, we were the first to confirm a new date. I beleive others still say “coming soon.”

      1. Dave

        I take you at your word Miranda that you updated the post as soon as you heard.

        I do not believe that is as soon as Rogers knew. Especially not when Bell and Telus knew a week ago. There is no way RIM would tell them, but conveniently leave out informing their largest Canadian carrier.

        If that is the case, I hope somebody upstairs is leaning hard on RIM to find out why.

      2. Jeff M

        Bell’s site has said Oct. 1 since Monday.

      3. Jeff M

        It now says Sept. 30 on Bell’s site.

  213. John


    I was really looking forward to purchasing the torch today. Is it possible to preorder the device now via phone or online? What if I am a BES user through the company that I work for? My previous contract is up. How can I get the phone on launch day for the BES account of my employer.

    Thank you for your patience with us.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi John,

      I’d suggest you contact your company’s account administrator for details and info on the best way to upgrade to the Torch on your BES account.

  214. Finza

    What we would like is for Rogers and RIM to actually get their act together and if a launch date is being promised, it be met. Along with that, if shipments haven’t been sent to stores at least 2 days before launch date, then, announcements regarding delays should be released. It’s terrible to keep people waiting for information and releasing it at the last minute. If RIM knows that there are problems with the devices, why does AT&T have the devices? If Bell and Virgin were told before, why was Rogers so far behind? We would like to have a reliable carrier, with reliable information. Double-check, triple-check, feel free. Just release it before the 11th bloody hour.

  215. SallyBundy

    **Attention Bold 9700 Owners**

    If you guys & gals did an upgrade in December to get the 9700 Bold like I did, you will NOT be eligible to get an upgrade to the Torch 9800.

    Even though I was eligible to get the iPhone 4, I was informed this morning from Retentions (I think), that chances were slim that I would qualify for an upgrade once the phones were available. The Rep was nice about it but she pretty much told me that I and the many other 9700 owners were S.O.L.

    Here’s hoping she was wrong!

  216. Jeff M

    RE: New device launch info.

    Miranda, you mentioned that you’re interested in hearing what customers would prefer – to be told about a product release as soon as possible, without concrete launch dates, or to hold off until you’re actually able to set customer expectations. I think the latter makes the most sense, don’t you?
    You’ve spent most of the day responding to the same few questions. Why? Because Rogers doesn’t have their *hit together. There is no way you can convince me that the delay was not communicated to Rogers executives before today. If not, then perhaps they need to be added to the same mailing list that RIM sends to make these announcements to Bell and Telus. Don’t claim to be the “first” carrier to make the announcement to your customers either. The other two did so last week and updated their websites accordingly. Rogers didn’t bother changing the info on their site until this afternoon and the message received at your stores is “we have no clue what’s going on. All we got was a memo this morning saying that it was delayed. No explanation.” That doesn’t exactly instill confidence and is a complete waste of customer time.
    By not updating release information with the stores and online when it is known Rogers is only making themselves out to be the fool. Customers have access to information online and will do their own research if they can’t get it from the carrier. Be straight up. Be honest. Stop leading people on with false advertising. Customers aren’t being fooled and doing so won’t build customer loyalty.

  217. Tito71


    Let me tell you, you don’t have an easy job when Rogers user’s are angry.
    I know the feeling of beeing “in the middle” between end user and high management,
    you are just relaying the message from above and afterward taking the hit for them.

    Have a beautiful upcoming weekend!

    1. RogersMiranda

      Thank you! :)

  218. johentie

    Miranda, are the units going to available when the stores open on the 30th to serve people waiting in line for them? or are they going to appear throughout the day?

    the iphone was launched on the 30th of july and all stores had stock when the store opened.. just wondering if the 9800 will be the same since this is an anticipated phone.

  219. TJ

    A national product release takes time. Product moves to warehouses, which move to stores, which, in theory, then move to customers. To coordinate this on a national level takes longer than 12 hours. Rogers making an announcement mid-day on the 23rd simply doesn’t cut it as an excuse – the stockrooms at stores would have been empty – the warehouses would have been empty! While they may not have shared that message with you, the marketing people here, the company HAD to know and instead chose to ignore problem and let you keep promoting false information.

    That’s why people are so upset – not because they can’t have their shiny new gadget today (although I’m sure most are pretty worked up about that too), but the intentional misinformation being distributed to your customers – the people who pay for all of this. It’s disrespectful.

  220. G

    WHAT was the point of signing up @ if we werent event notified of a dely? may need to rethink my confidence in this wireless carrier

    1. bertonw

      Miranda, I would like to second this question and ask for a clear answer. Why has there been no notification of any kind via the sign-up system?

      Also, please tell us who you have access to in formulating your replies. As has been pointed out here, it’s obvious that Rogers senior execs have known for some time that Sept. 24 would not be tenable. If we want you to advise, when did Rogers first learn that the Torch would be available on Sept. 24?, who would you ask? Thanks.

      1. bertonw

        Sorry, when did Rogers first learn taht the Torch would NOT be available on Sept. 24?

        And of course, in additiion to whom you would ask, could you also advise the answer? thanks

  221. David A

    Miranda – you’ve said inventory will be at normal levels. What’s normal for rogers might not be normal for a consumer. Is normal 4-5 devices per store or 100+ devices per store.

    Also nobody likes to play the blame game but in this situation, why the delay? Was it a RIM delay or a Rogers delay?

    One last thing – why don’t you share with us some of the accessories that will be included with the device or what Rogers is going to give away to people purchasing the phone and/ or if this will be a phone featured in the family plan or not.

    Thanks for all your hard work. Seriously.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi David,

      I don’t have access to inventory levels per store. As for accessories, I beleive there is a holster included with the Torch in the box. For other promotional offers, you should check out an authorized Rogers dealer.

      Yes, you will be able to activate this device on a family plan.

      1. clone7

        There is no Holser that comes with the torch. At least that was the case with AT&T.

    2. RogersMiranda

      Hi David,

      Sorry, I was incorrect before. There is no carrying solution included in the box. I was able to confirm that the following accessories will be included:

      – Charger (new charger with USB cable and separate wall charger)
      – Screen wipe
      – Memory card (Micro SD 4GB)
      – Mini-disk for software
      – Instructions, etc.

  222. JOHN

    Hey Miranda, I don’t have a smartphone but I still wanna get the 6gb/$30 promo. So is the Sept 30 launch date truly happening? or will I be one of the unlucky ones who cannot take advantage of the promo if the launch date is pushed further back?

    1. Nasir

      Hey John,

      I dont have a smartphone either, but I called in and added the 6 gb plan today just in case. And if you really think about it, i will pay what a dollar for the 3 days. You can call in and add it.

  223. =)


    I was wondering if I Pre-ordered the Torch 9800 at BestBuy, Will I still be able to get it on launch day?

    1. RogersMiranda

      I think that question is best directed at Best Buy.

  224. j

    It’s pretty unfair how rogers goes all out for the iphone4 launch, even goes as far as offering special upgrade options for existing customers. Been a rogers customer for 8+ years, and the way the company treats its customers continues to be in a horribly fashion.

    First you state that the torch will be available in the upcoming weeks after the U.S. release, a month later we get told we’re finally given a launch date, which was definitely not within the weeks following the U.S. launch. Then we’re told at the very last minute before that launch date that it’s been delayed. No other carrier seemed to have trouble with updating and keeping their customers informed on a timely basis and in a respectful manner.

    How can a company be looked at respectfully when it treats all of its customers differently, and doesn’t respect customer loyalty. In order to get close to a fair price from them you have to spend hours on hold, and then state the facts to “customer relations.”

    I keep hearing that there will be “sufficient” stock of this product, so when I go to pick one up on September 30th and rogers somehow runs out of stock, definitely not buying the torch from them. I’d rather take my business elsewhere to companies that actually respect their customers’ needs and wants.

    1. G

      Stop complaining and do it

  225. Shawn


    We believe that you and your department did not know anything in advance, no one here is blaming you on a personal level for withholding information, to the contrary, we appriciate the information you provide.

    To say no one in the Rogers chain knew anything of this delay is impossible, someone knew and didn’t communicate it properly. Bell notified their customers a week prior on their website, new date and all, although they later changed their website to say coming soon, for what reason I don’t know.

    I believe most people are upset because of the lack of time between the announcement of the delay, and the time it was to be released. Less than 24 hours is insufficient time to believe every customer that was anticipating the release of this device to be on here and see the update. Especially Since Bell and Virgin were able to do it a week in advance, on the other hand Telus didn’t announce anything, so, Rogers did a better job than that at least.

    But now another question arises, Bell has now lowered the price, Rogers should follow suit, and in the name of competition should beat them out with a lower price. $149 sound good?

    Bottom line, thanks for getting the information out to us when YOU get it, but your higher ups need to work on it a bit more.

  226. Matt Barbaro

    I noticed on there is an updated released date of Sept 30 2010. Can you provide us with any updates? Thanks.

  227. maj

    i thought launch date is september 24?? how come when i went to rogers and best buy they said it’s delayed for a week…

  228. Alain

    How come they move the lauching date from 24 to 30 september?

  229. Barrie


    You mention that you reported the delay as soon as you knew at the 11th hour…. but what you or Rogers management doesn’t seem to get, is what incompetent (hopefully not purposely deceitful) communications that is on the part of the company. It is obviously to everyone that a great many more senior people at Rogers knew there was no way the release was going to be that day but CHOSE not to let the public (or you for that matter) know. Bell, Telus, and Virgin did inform the public that the release wasn’t a go. I believe you when you say you honestly weren’t informed, BUT don’t you think that is a problem? The other issue is the general lack of respect for your customers to not give direct answers or any explanations. That is why everyone is displeased with Rogers communications (or lack thereof) , and rightly so.

  230. G

    Miranda, I ask again. What is the point of signing up at for updates when they fail to even notify customers of a delay?

  231. Steven

    Here are some observations:

    1) The launch of the Torch, the fact that Rogers has the Torch should have been mentioned on the homepage.

    2) The delay of the Torch should have been front and centre on homepage. If this would have been done everyone would have seen the information and noone would ask the same quetion over and over regarding release date and/or delay. Terrible PR from Rogers, simply post it on the main page!

    3) Miranda, may I suggest that you clean up the redboard on this topic. There are tons of repetitive questions. Simply remove the repeats and the board will be easy to follow on this topic.

    4) What appears evidient to me know is that customeers clearly wantr to know a) will the 6GB data plan be extended to them if the release date passes the 30th of Septmeber? This is a reasonalbe rq

  232. DJay

    Virgin has dropped their no contract price to $549, Bell has a 3 year contract price for $179. Is rogers going to re-think their pricing? As a customer, at minimum I would want Rogers to match Bell’s pricing on the 3 year.

  233. Hi Miranda,
    My BlackBerry just died on me,
    1) Am I amble to use my BlackBerry Data plan on a Apple iPhone temporarily until the Torch arrives?
    2) Will I be able to receive email?
    3) Or will I get charged for Data?

    I think Data is Data and there should not be any extra charges, but you never know. I know that I will not be able to use BBM or the BlackBerry BIS Service.

    Thank you

    1. Joe J

      Ray, the same thing happened to me. Your iPhone will work fine with the BB data plan, you won’t incur any extra charges either..

    2. RogersMiranda

      Hi Ray,

      I’d suggest you call Customer Care as I do not have access to your plan details.

  234. Jot

    Hey miranda,
    will the torch be as big width and height wise as the storm? or thinner?

    1. RogersMiranda


      You can find info on the size and weight of the Torch on BlackBerry’s website here: Then click “Specifications.”

  235. Deryk

    So is Rogers going to do anything with the pricing in Ontario?

    $179 from Bell

    Rogers Quebec customers get BOGO? What about Ontario?

    1. Alan

      I went into Future Shop on the weekend to check what they knew about about when the BB Torch would be available. Here’s what they said:

      1. First of all, no info on the Torch in public view. They had a store model Torch, but it wasn’t on display. When asked, the sales rep took one out of a drawer and showed it to me. Not sure why this launch is almost invisible.

      2. On availability, they said they are expecting 3 PER STORE SOMETIME LATER THIS WEEK. SInce I paid $30 to get on the priority list at Future Shop, they said I would get priority, but no promises.

      This is all pretty sad. If there’s only 3 per store this week, we are SOL for the 6gb plan offer that expires on Sept 30th. What is Rogers going to do about this. They better extend with this mess.

      Miranda .. can you please comment?

  236. sergio68

    Why ALL you guys don’t give it a rest, we are all going to get the phone in 3 more days, just leave all the old news in the past, I’m just as pissed as anyone, but at the end is NOT Mirandas foult , and we all know how Rogers likes to conduct business , but still bying products and services from them, bottom line is they are better than the competitors but the suck on costumer service.

    My two cents.

  237. steven

    Why are so many posts out of chronological order and very mixed up? How can we follow the flow of information logically and easily?

  238. Poonsaloon

    Maybe I’m missing it but I still see absolutely ZERO reference to the Torch on Roger’s website. If it wasn’t for this blog, I’d never really know Rogers intended to carry it. Surely there’s somebody in Marketing that thinks a little promotion might be a good idea??? Come on guys!!!!

    1. RogersMiranda


      We have a page on for the Torch. It is

      1. Poonsaloon

        Hey Miranda,

        That page is great but……no one would know about it unless they knew to type “/torch”. I guess my question is centered around the difficulty in getting widely available information to Rogers Customers.

        It’s sooo hush-hush and only those people who actively seek Torch information will find it. But look at the hoops we have to jump through just get that!

        If a casual customer happened to be browsing around on the Rogers website, they would never know a huge BlackBerry release was forthcoming. It’s for this reason that I’m left scratching my head and wondering why Rogers is taking this approach and choosing to keep their current and prospective customers in the dark.

      2. Deryk


        But unless you come to Redboard or google “Rogers torch” there is no way for anyone to find the torch page.

        There is a Splash page for the Captive up now and that is only for pre-order’s? But nothing for the Torch?

        Do you know when they will be adding the Torch to the site or is pricing still being finalized?

      3. luke

        Yes, but theres no link to it from the rogers front page. We can only find that link from other blackberry blogs and this blog.

      4. steven

        As I wrote before and obviously 2 days before launch still remains buried in the web site. The Samsung is getting all the pre-order glory. It does not require a search as it is splashed on the main page.

    2. RogersMiranda

      Hi @Poonsaloon, @Luke, @Deryk

      Thanks for the feedback. Think you all have valid suggestions and I’ll pass this along to our web team.

  239. JK

    I have been a patient Iphone 4 user for the past 2 year I had a blackberry for a couple years prior to that. I wouldn’t say it was a mistake going to the iPhone but I have to agree with many, email is inferior when compared to the BB. I was used to the emails coming in instantly on the Blackberry and now i have to wait sometime 15-60 minutes for email to be pushed. (I don’t use Mobile Me or gmail). I usually get email as soon as I click on my iPhone button which signals the iPhone to start checking. After clicking on the button, I usually get a few emails come in thereby slowing down the device while it checks and downloads all the latest messages, but at the time when I wanted to perform other tasks….very frustrating

    I have been waiting for the Iphone 4 for past month but sold out everywhere I go, so now seriously considering the Torch for reasons above

  240. Sol Swartz

    I spoke to a rogers representative today. She told me that the Torch is now not being released until October 1st. Is that correct intel?

  241. jonathon

    After being very patient with the latest release date Sept. 30. I have just been imformed by a Rogers CSR that it is highly unlikely ( we here in New Brunswick) that any type of Torch will be avaliable on the 30th. He said from his past experience with Rogers, that the Atlantic regions are ALWAYS the last to get anything till later. Rogers Miranda please tell me different. THANKS IN ADVANCE.

  242. Ottawa_guy

    Why is anyone thanking Rogers for the update. For about 2 weeks people questioned will the Torch be delayed. Told no but if so will let you know. If Bell and Telus admit over a week before rogers launch that there will be a delay, rumours Rogers will be delayed why act like Rogers didn’t know that they would be delayed. It was obvious if the phone had issues with one 3G network, all would have similar issues. I was annoyed at all the repeated questions but feel internally Rogers knew they couldn’t keep the launch date. Right or not I think this is another blunder on Rogers part!!!!

  243. Evan

    So if I go to the store right when it opens they will have them ready to sell?

    1. G

      I wouldnt count on anything Rogers has to say about the torch

  244. sergio68

    Rogers have the torch on sale today !!! check it out on the website.

    1. RogersMiranda


      New customers can place their order today.

      Starting tomorrow, the device will be available in-store, through and via customer care.

  245. tito71

    Hi Miranda,

    any updates on the BOGO (BuyOneGetOne) deal for Quebec customers ?

  246. Greg

    Will the torch work with UMA(wifi calling) on the rogers network?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Greg.

      Yes. The Torch is UMA capable. To enable the service on your device, you can contact a Rogers Representative to have the Rogers Wi-Fi calling service (formerly known as Talkspot) added to your account.


    What the hell. New costumers can order it before current costumers. Thanks a lot!! That’s what i get for being a long time Rogers costumer. Also still nothing on the Rogers home page about the torch!!! Very disappointing!!!!!

  248. Dave

    This is one of my biggest pet peeves with Rogers. NEW customers get first crack. Online ordering available today (Sept 29th) while those of us who have been paying loyal customers for the last 10+ years have to wait.

    Showing a little love to your current customers decreases churn, far better than locking them into contracts does.

    Yesterday, my buddy with Telus actually got a proactive call from them, to go over his plan to see if they could save him money. He tells me they do that every 6 months or so. How’s that for Customer Service? I have NEVER received a call from Rogers asking how they could do better.

    1. Yup – new customers get first crack, because the programmers at Rogers can’t figure out how to get the HUP availability into a pre-order form. Even though that fuctionality is already sitting there in My Rogers. We’ve been complaining about it over in the Captivate post since they announced the new-customer-only pre-order there, as well.

  249. Dave

    Will the TalkSpot add-on be available on the Torch? the spec’s say it’s supported (UMA), but it is not listed as an application on the product page.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Dave,

      Yes. The Torch is UMA capable and Rogers is the only carrier that can support 3G UMA.

      To enable the service on your device, you can contact a Rogers Representative and ask to have the Rogers Wi-Fi calling service (formerly known as Talkspot) added to your account.

      1. Matt H


        Can you please elaborate on this. To my knowledge Rogers does not have any 3G devices that support TalkSpot (UMA). The first device that could have done this was the 9700 Bold and it had the Mobile Network Preference removed from Mobile Network Options. Rogers Blackberry Support claimed this was a RIM software issue however I know that 3G-UMA is possible given that T-Mobile US and Orange UK have had this since their respective launches of the 9700 Bold, hence it is undoubtedly not a software issue rather a network issue.

        The Torch hardware supports UMA, but does Rogers network at this time? The current product page states that it is not TalkSpot capable.

        I will gladly purchase a Rogers branded unit if it officially supports UMA or unofficially does by not locking down the screens necessary to enable it.

      2. G

        UMA started working on the 9700 as of a few days ago. I am using the torch on UMA right now

      3. Matt H

        Thanks G.

        I’ve been running which had this unlocked. I haven’t tested the handoffs in the last few days. Guess it’s time to try it out.

      4. RogersMiranda

        Hi Matt,

        Yes. Rogers network supports UMA for the Torch. I’d recommend you call Care to discuss your options as they’ll have access to your account details and be able to help you add the appropriate Wi-Fi calling add-on.

        Thanks for flagging the website. I’ll follow up on that.

      5. Matt H

        Thanks Miranda.

        I’ve been running UMA unofficially on my 9700 for a while so I’m all setup. Will be calling customer care to look into my upgrade options.

        Thanks for following up and glad to see that Rogers network now supports this feature.

  250. Ty

    Hi Miranda. I’ve ordered 6 devices for my self and my staff. Would the all be shipped from corporate accounts together? I don’t want to give out new devices to some of my staff and not to others. Would there be enough new devices to go around? Thanks.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Ty,

      Thanks for your business! As long as you placed one single order for 6 devices, they should all ship tomorrow together. Delivery date varies depending on where you’re located. Hope your staff likes their new Torches!

      1. DaveB

        Miranda – just to inform you, I just got off the phone with a Business Account rep. I was told I cannot order until tomorrow as that is the launch date. To the reps utter amazement, I pointed her to the website that says I CAN order today.

        So my question to you …why on earth should I put myself and my company through this hassle?

      2. RogersMiranda

        Hi Dave,

        Sorry for the confusion. The order page on is for new customers only. Tomorrow, all customers will be able to get the device in-store, online or via Care.

  251. Benoit

    Just called a Rogers Plus store, and unlike the iPhone 4, they are making a waiting list. I suggest you call your nearest store and see if they are doing the same thing!

  252. Christa

    Hey Miranda
    When I go to the Rogers store tommorow will they be selling accessories to go with it tommorow. The charging doc and a case is what I want to get.

  253. hey just wanted to make a comment – You just launched the latest BlackBerry device, one of the most innovative designs RIM has made by turning it’s BlackBerry into a slider, and the Rogers website doesn’t even feature it on the homepage.

    Kinda sad here. I’m not sure how promotions work there (iPhone got front page on, but you have a LOT of BlackBerry users…show the BlackBerry community some love and feature our newest device on the front page of Thanks!

  254. kevin

    someone was mentioning a third party store only planning to have 3 units. i know you had said that stock levels will be ‘normal’, but im hoping that means more than 3 unites per rogers plus store.

  255. Vince

    How come Rogers pricing for the Torch is higher then Bell? Bell is offering it for $179 on 3yr contract or $599 no contract where as Rogers is $199 and $609.

    Bell through Visions has it for $149!

    It was like this for the Bold 9700 also and now again with the Torch.

  256. Carly

    Getting mine today at 10… Well I’ll be at school, so someone will pick it up for me… but still!! :) Excittinngg…

  257. Ali Syed

    This is bogus bc all the new customers get the preferance and all the deals while old customers who have either pearl, bold or any other blackberry get snubbed for very high pricing…kinda bogus dont u think Miranda


    P.S. Rogers service cannot be beaten that is for sure :)

  258. Greg

    You have GOT to be kidding me. Waited for 40 min outside a rogers store this morning to be told they didn’t have any torches, they didn’t know when they were getting in, and ‘only select stores got them for today’.

    Rogers, I should pack up and move to a different carrier. Enough is enough, what a terrible company

  259. Jason

    Some launch… Went to a Rogers Plus store this morning to get the Torch and their systems were down. Then they told me that they had not received any of the new Torches and that they might get some later today but they were not sure. No signage or anything else promoting the launch in the store. Frustrating for me and not a great omen for RIM if you compare to the hype Apple gets for their launches…

  260. greg

    So is there an early upgrade avail for the torch, my bold is set for dec 12 upgrade

  261. Nasir

    Was everyone able to pick up a torch, i called 3 stores in my area and no luck. All sold out. Mind you the wireless wave only had 10 units to begin with.

    1. kevin

      i called 3 stores. one didnt have, the other said theyre only getting them tomorrow and the third told me its not out yet. i laughed and she said “well its out today..”. Rogers, you had a week delay to get your things straight. How is it that on launch day i knew more about the phone’s launch date than your own employees…

      Thanks Rogers !

      1. Nasir

        I finally got another rogers store to pick up the phone and they have she said 15 in stock. Wrote my name down on a list and heading there after work. Oh and I know some people may ask. Its the rogers in Cambridge. Hespeler and Bishop.

    2. worktoomuch

      Bestbuy and Future shop won’t sell outright, Rogers has them but unless you’re using the HUP you are dishing out $ 700.00. No promo pricing, like they did with Iphone…. what’s up with that eh?

      1. Umm, well “what’s up with that” is that Apple obviously wanted more people getting iPhone 4s, so they arranged with carriers to have great upgrade options. RIM didn’t bother doing that.

      2. Nasir

        I dont think its fair to say RIM didn’t bother doing that. It does depend on the carrier as well. I could be wrong maybe you have some other knowledge. But from what I saw on some internet sites, rogers actually got this phone cheaper then the iPhone. However I must say the torch needed better marketing. And rogers and RIM dropped the ball on that.

  262. RogersMiranda


    A couple of you have asked about a BOGO deal for Quebec. At this time, we are not aware of any such plan. If we have special deals on the Torch to communicate, we’ll let you know.

  263. Carly

    FInally got mine and it is AMAZING!!

    1. RogersMiranda

      Great! Glad you’re liking it :)

  264. Ben

    As of today (Sept. 30) at about 15:00 all of the Rogers stores in Toronto were sold out of the Torch. I attempted calling the Rogers Customer service but they don’t have access to in store inventory. All of the downtown locations I called were sold out. Is it possible to get an update with any stores that might have a Torch available? I am thinking the only course of action at this point is to buy a torch from another provider and unlock it to use it with Rogers.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Ben,

      We can’t provide details on a store-by-store basis, but what I can tell you is that more Torches are being shipped to Rogers retailers on an ongoing basis, so best to check back over the next few days.

      Also, if you want, devices are currently available for purchase on

  265. Nasir

    So I really like the torch and the more I use it the more features I am finding. I think BlackBerry should really market these features. My favourite is when I pull up a contact in the list it shows my last few interactions with them, whether it is a text message, email etc.

    One gripe I have is i finally got a HUP from rogers after 7 years.. and they charge me 249.99 for the HUP and then a $35 administration fee plus taxes, and then say here is a 50 dollar mail in rebate. but i just paid extra. should have been 199.99 and no 35 dollar admin fee.

  266. ASA

    So, I went to my Rogers store (Moose Jaw, SK) on “opening day”, just to learn they haden’t gotten the Torch as announced!
    They were supposed to get it (maybe) on Friday; today.
    Went there again today,,, same result, no Torch. Maybe next week.!!
    So much for; no wait to get on, enough stock for all who wants one and No problems on launch day!.
    Any comments Miranda?

    1. RogersMiranda


      Sorry you weren’t able to get your Torch on launch day. I don’t have details on exact quantities being shipped to individual stores, but more Torches are being shipped to Rogers retailers on an ongoing basis, so I’d recommend checking back over the next few days. Also, devices are available for purchase on

  267. Harry

    clearly they do not care. Why is everyone still complaining? rogers doesnt care for their long time clients they just want the new ones. Thats just business

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Harry,

      Apologies for your frustration. Moving forward, we’ll look at ways to include existing customers in future pre-order pages.