Rogers launches improved unlimited family and student plans

With back to school season around the corner, you may be thinking about buying a new cell phone for a member of your family. Or, perhaps you want to give a special going-away present to the student in your life as they head off to college or university.

We’re now making it easier than ever to stay connected and get great value through a variety of unlimited and shared features, such as unlimited messaging, unlimited talk evenings and weekends, unlimited social networking, and more.

We are family…

Rogers is offering new Unlimited Family Plans that offer more options to share voice and data – and may help quell fears that your teenager’s insatiable texting habit or your spouse’s long phone conversations will take a huge bite out of your plan.

While Rogers has had Family Plans for some time, what’s new is that you can add a line to a Family Plan for just $15 a month (voice only) or $25 a month (voice and data) plus Government Regulatory Recovery Fee and share all the unlimited features of your plan, such as unlimited national calling between family members and unlimited evenings and weekends (starting at 9 pm).

And, if you sign up for a voice-and-data plan on select devices, you also get unlimited social networking to a selection of popular social media sites.

If you already have a device, you can add the plan but don’t worry if you don’t have a device just yet. With any new line added, you’ll also be able to get a $0 device or smartphone from an expanded list of our coolest devices like the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini , Acer Liquid E or the BlackBerry Curve 8520.

For more information on Unlimited Family Plans including a full list of plans and unlimited options, click here.

New teachers, new friends, new shoes…new cell phone plan

Rogers Unlimited Student PlanAlso available is our Unlimited Student Plan that offers a long list of unlimited features that matter most to students including unlimited evenings and weekends, unlimited messaging and unlimited social networking to popular sites.

On top of great plans we’ve got a great back-to-school lineup of exclusive BlackBerry and Social View devices including the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and X10 Mini, Acer Liquid E and the recently announced Motorola Flipout.

Another Rogers exclusive: all BlackBerry student plans on devices that support WiFi or UMA come with unlimited WiFi calling. Calls made from a WiFi access point do not count towards your monthly bucket of minutes – perfect for students on WiFi enabled campuses. UPDATE (October 14, 2010, 11:44 AM): BlackBerry 9300 and 9700 customers: you can now upgrade to a new OS that supports WiFi calling, which can be used on the BlackBerry student plan – more details here: And remember you can always go to for the latest OS updates.

For more information on Unlimited Student Plans, check out

Are you heading back to school this year? What do you think of the new plans? What unlimited features would you use most in your family?

Update (August 11, 2010, 1:10 PM): There have been a lot of questions about our new plans, and the now-updated pages on will better explain how some of these new plans work.

For new family share plans, visit and then click on “Connect Your Family” in the top right corner. From there you’ll see a step by step process that lets you build the features that fit your needs.

For new student plans, visit and then click on “Get Started.” You’ll get to a tool that will take you through the components of our new student plans.

The most questions have come in about our new family share plans. Here’s an example that should illustrate how it works:

Two parents each have a BlackBerry on the $100/month (plus Government Regulatory Recovery Fee) Family Share plan with the unlimited messaging feature. They have two teenagers who don’t have phones but would mostly text and use BBM, plus make the occasional call home and to friends.

They add each teenager for $25/month (plus Government Regulatory Recovery Fee) each, getting two BlackBerry 8520 smartphones for $0 on a three-year term. Now all four family members get access to unlimited messaging, unlimited family calling, and unlimited evenings and weekends. On top of that, they can all share the additional 400 daytime minutes in the plan. On the data side, they share 1 GB, which enables the family to send and receive a lot of e-mails and visit the Internet.

So – for four people using four smartphones (two of them new), that comes to $150/month, plus Government Regulatory Recovery fees. This is the lowest possible entry point for a family with all these benefits.

There are also other options. Instead of the unlimited messaging option, they could choose My5, which lets each person choose their own My5 for unlimited talk, extreme text, picture and video messaging.  They can also choose unlimited calling to anybody on the Rogers/Fido/Rogers Home phone network or choose to double their weekday minutes making the shared minutes 800.

They could move up to the next plan to add more minutes, plus an additional $15/month (plus Government Regulatory Recovery Fee) allows the family to double the data for all four people to 2 GB.

If you have further questions, we’ll try to answer as many as we can below.

Miranda MacDonald is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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128 comments on “Rogers launches improved unlimited family and student plans

  1. So you have to pay $15 or $25 a month just to share what you already pay for with another phone? You don’t get any additional minutes or data whatsoever? You could get an entirely new plan for that money, especially with one of the discount unlimited brands. What is the value here?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Ted,

      If you add a line to a plan, you also get a $0 device or smartphone. For example, if you add a line at $25, you can get an X10 mini, Acer Liquid E, or BlackBerry Curve 8520 for $0.

      1. Chetan

        When you say “add a line to a plan” you mean “add a line to a FAMILY plan” right? Otherwise it could be construed as adding a line to any plan (new or existing), and I’m sure you don’t want/mean that (especially in writing).

      2. RogersMiranda

        Yes, that is correct. I meant “when you add a line to a family plan.” Thanks for the clarification.

  2. Chris

    Sweet Rogers is heading in the right direction.. Just need to up those data limits on the shared family plan. 1GB is not enough it should include the 6GB…

    1. Chetan


      The 6GB/$30 promo can be added to a family share plan, but can’t be shared.

    2. RogersMary

      Hey Chris. Thanks for your comment.

      The new Family Share plans are intended to offer the best possible entry point while allowing more to be added as needed. If a family decides they need more data, they can so so simply by adding 1GB shared data for only $15/month.

  3. These Family Packages are lame. If Rogers wants some extra business they should just allow adding a line to ANY package for the $25 a month. Then they’d get an extra $25 a month when I moved my wife’s unlocked iPhone from Telus. By being greedy and charging a premium for a specific share plans Rogers won’t get any additional business they could have otherwise obtained.

    My existing plan would have been plenty of bandwidth for my wife and I to share, but as it stands I’ll stick with Rogers and she’ll remain on Telus. Way to think like a carrier and sabotage yourself, Rogers!

    1. Chetan

      If I could upvote this comment I would. Truer words could not be said.

      1. RogersRob

        @Chetan @Denis Lemire The post has been updated with more information that demonstrate the benefits of the new family plans, and please check out the link/tool on when you have a minute.

        While all plans don’t fall under this category, this represents the lowest possible entry point to add family members.

  4. Chris Maki

    There’s no details, just annoying music. How about dropping the flash ad, and just giving me the numbers?

    1. Stan

      Have to agree with Chris Maki. I have always been interested in adding my wife to my plan, but Rogers never includes full details on how the program works. Always have more questions than answers. Flashing ads without specific details really does nothing for me. And oh yeah, the music on the flash ad is indeed annoying.

      1. RogersMiranda

        Hi Chris and Stan,

        We’ve updated the link so you’ll see the full list of plans and be able to build your plan by going to

        And thanks for your feedback. I’ve passed it on to the team as well.

      2. RogersRob

        @Chris @Stan: The URLs are updated. You can skip the intro if you’d prefer, and the updated tool should demonstrate how the plans work.

  5. To me this is not a deal at all. The $25 is more then enough for a new plan…. Id love to get my mom on my plan and on the rogers network but not for $25+ plus the fake fee’s plus I think it’s 3 year contract?

    1. Chetan

      Kane Hart: Here’s how it works:

      For $25/month, you get the privilege of signing up for a family plan at a minimum cost of $100/month, which includes two lines. Then you get the added bonus of any additional lines up to a max of 5 (i.e., lines 3-5 @ $25/line). This doesn’t include the special $30/6GB data which can be added but not shared. You also get the benefit of adding 1 feature to each line, and this also isn’t shared (i.e., line 1 would have its own feature, line 2 would have its own feature).

  6. Chetan

    “While Rogers has had Family Plans for some time, what’s new is that you can add a line to a Family Plan for just $15 a month (voice only) or $25 a month (voice and data) plus Government Regulatory Recovery Fee and share all the unlimited features of your plan, such as unlimited national calling between family members and unlimited evenings and weekends (starting at 9 pm).”

    “For more information on Unlimited Family Plans including a full list of plans and unlimited options, click here.”

    Clicking on the link gives no more information that what was there yesterday (or the day before, or the day before that). Seriously, why can’t you just provide the details here instead of redirecting people to a page that has NO info on unlimited Family Plans??

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Chetan,

      We’ve updated the link. You’ll see more info if you click “here” in the post, or just go to

  7. Mike

    That’s excellent, loud obnoxious add and short on the details.. Like we can be distracted by bright shinny objects li…Oh hey a quarter !

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Mike,

      Just responded to a few people who had similar comments. We’ve updated the link. You’ll see more info if you click “here” in the post, or just go to

  8. Adam

    No love for data plans?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Adam,

      There’s both 1GB and 2GB data plan options on the Family plans and a 500 MB data plan option on the Student Plan.

  9. C

    The student plans are identical to plans you can get as an ordinary person and come nowhere close to matching your competitors’ student plans or what you had until Monday. Also, according to the Legal Disclaimers, they are for a limited time that expired on Tuesday!

    1. RogersMiranda

      Thanks for the feedback and thanks for flagging that error in the Legal Disclaimer. We”ll get that corrected as soon as possible.

    2. RogersRob

      Hi C, please check when you have a minute to see what’s different. Unlimited WIFI calling for BlackBerrys, unlimited messaging included, plus a second choice of feature.

  10. Matt

    I don’t see the unlimited student plan. All I see is “150 Minutes Unlimited Social Networking & IM”

    1. Adam

      No Matt, That’s their ‘unlimited’ voice plans. their ‘unlimited’ Student data plans are $50 a month for 500MB and unlimited Social networking.

      However, they seem to ignore actual smartphone users who intend on doing more than just facebook and twitter.

    2. Julien Dumais

      Yep that’s right. Even now, I have NOOOOO idea what’s inside this Student Plan …

      1. RogersRob

        Hi Julien, sorry about that. We’ve updated the post with info on how to use the plan building tool.

  11. Matt

    Can you not have this annoying song set to auto play?

    What happened to the Unlimited Family page earlier, it had more information on it without some annoying song play?

    The links that should link to “more information” don’t work.

  12. Nick

    There should be more flexibility to choose the plan combination because every family has different need. For instance, the value packs should separate the combination between Call Display/Name Display & Voicemail. Not everybody needs voicemail feature. But almost everybody needs call display/name display. It’s about time Call display/Name display feature included as standard feature with no extra charge.

    For Family plan, we should be able to choose the suitable data plan to be shared on top of whatever voice plan. Some families doesn’t need talk minutes a lot but need more data.

  13. Chris

    Still no details listed on the site as usual. And of course this doesn’t apply to the iPhone. #fail

  14. Lon

    The student plans are awful, no where near the competition, or the plans that expired from last week.

  15. Paul

    The link to the family unlimited plans is still only going to the flash advertising. I did get through to the details yesterday at some point but it isn’t working right now. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

  16. RogersMiranda

    Hi everyone, is currently being updated with full details and will be available shortly. Thanks for your patience.

  17. Taylor

    Yet another disappointing showing from Rogers. You’re very lucky that most customers are locked into a contract. Miranda, you have no idea how many angry Rogers customers are only still here because we refuse to pay the atrocious cancellation fee.

    It’s time for Rogers to make some real progress. Wake up and realize that the new competition is right on your heels. These “unlimited” plans are LIMITED in the primary feature that these phones are designed to do… make voice calls.

    1. RogersRob

      @Taylor @Paul @Lon, please have another look at the post above and updated links to see details on the plans.

  18. Colin

    Yea the student plan looks pretty much the same other than nation wide whereas the competitors (Telus) include unlimited txt messaging to everyone, not just my5.

  19. joey

    I dont get it. if i want a this plan from rogers but i dont have a line or im not with rogers im new to it. how much would i have to pay for a line?

    1. RogersMary

      Hi Joey.

      Say for instance X and Y want to share a voice and data plan. With a family plan, they have the option to do so for as low as $100 together. After that, say they want to add Z to their plan. They have the option of doing so for an additional $25.

      I hope that helps.

  20. Bill

    Thanks for confirming why I will not switch over my wife and her father. What garbage. As a current customer, I cannot get in on this plan, the secondary phones are garbage with no option to pay for an upgraded phone for my wife and a regular cell phone for her father. The plans are somewhat half decent, but still…. Factor in voice mail, call display text messaging, (if you chose one of the other free options) and each phone now adds 20-40 a month. How does this translate into a good family deal…. It doesn’t. I am one of those customers that gives Rogers an easy 300-400 a month of my hard earned money, and it seems anytime I want to give them more, I must fight with them to continue to do so.

  21. Ron

    Wow those plans are expensive. It is improved how exactly? I am paying less $25 less for the equivalent of the $100 dollar family plan. Why do cell phone plans keep getting more and more expensive in Canada? Shouldn’t prices be falling?

  22. Ron

    I had another look at the plans…can someone tell me what is *unlimited* about them? I see shared minutes capped at 400, 600 and 1000 for the family plans and shared data capped at 1 and 2GB. How is this *unlimited*? Honestly these plans are deceiving as they are far from unlimited. Unlimited means no limit does it not?

    1. RogersRob

      Hi Ron, we’ve updated the post and links with more info that should better explain these plans.

      And yes, there is a limit to the number of standalone minutes. But depending on the plans you choose, there are unlimited features you can use – evenings & weekends, national calling between family, etc.

      1. Ron

        I am sorry but unlimited is unlimited. This is deceiving. Sure I agree that *some* of the features are indeed unlimited but you should not call it unlimited when the most important parts of the plans (daytime minutes and data) are in fact, NOT, unlimited.

  23. alex

    time for a Sprint style REAL unlimited everything-no questions-and then 25 extra on a 3 year

    this is all smoke and mirrors

  24. K

    this plan is garbage…. the site tells me nothing, not even the details. and when you cal rogers, they tell you that what you actually sa and heard was not true! why should i switch from fido over to you with my family.

  25. Paul

    All the plans say that call forwarding is included automatically. Is this just pay-per-use forwarding or is it the call forwarding that usually costs $3/month that includes 2500 minutes a month? This information doesn’t seem to be explicit on the web site.

    1. RogersRob

      Hi Paul, it’s the actual 2500 minutes that used to cost $3/month.

  26. MER1978

    I have a few questions:

    1. Legal point 7 which is associated with “Unlimited Social Networking” which is automatic included for the Unlimited Family Plan says “… Not available for BlackBerry devices.” – If that’s true why are you pushing the Blackberry Curve ?

    2. Why does the main splash seem to indicate that all phones I sign up with will be $0… but then when you get to the point where you’re picking phones they all have charges listed ?

    3. Are phones not listed on the splash still $0… since they do show up as phone choices when building your plan… I’m specifically asking about the Blackberry Curve 9300 + Sony Xperia X10 ?

    4. Which phones are phones that can + will run on the fastest Rogers cell network when signed up for this plan ? It looks like the Blackberry Curve 8520 wouldn’t for example.

    1. RogersRob

      Hi Mer, I’ll try to answer these as best I can:

      1) Correct, but the devices and plans have many other benefits. On certain student plans, free WiFi calling is available for BlackBerry.
      2) These are buy one/get one devices so you must purchase a phone/smartphone with your primary line, then all additional lines added have access to the $0 devices. If you continue through the flow, you will see that the 2nd+ lines have $0 devices.
      3) Those phones are available for the first step of the family plan at $79.99 & $99.99 on a three-year term. They are not part of the $0 offer.
      4) If you mean 3G phones, any 3G phone can be added to an existing family plan. However, the 3G phones in the pages above are the Sony Ericsson X10 & X10 Mini, Motorola Flipout, Acer Liquid E & LG Eve.

      Hope that helps! :)

  27. ARogersCustomer

    Hi Miranda,
    Quick question for you,
    Can I add others phones which are not listed in the family plan?
    Or Can I start off family plan with my current phone(ie:iphone)?

    1. RogersRob

      Hi there,

      I work with Miranda and wanted to let you know you can add any phone to the Family plan.

      If you have a device already, you still have access to $0 devices when adding additional lines.

  28. MER1978

    I have to say I think it’s just wrong to push the Blackberry Curve 8520 when all of the other data consuming phones offered use the faster 3G network… you guys have Blackberries that have comparable functionality but you’ve chosen not to offer them with this plan.

    Also… the 9300 has a cheaper no contract price than most of the phones you’re offering with the unlimited family plan.

    $400 Blackberry Curve 9300

    $450 Blackberry Curve 8520
    $375 Sony Xperia X10 Mini
    $425 Acer Liquid E
    $425 Motorola Quench
    $375 Motorola Flipout

    Ah well… my parents and my sister were thinking of signing up for 3 lines… and they really want to get Blackberry because the supplier is Canadian… don’t know how I can recommend this option to them when it seems like a rip off.

    1. RogersRob

      Hey again, just to clarify – you can still get any device on family plan at the regular 3-year promotional price. The BlackBerry Curve 8520 is featured here because it is a $0 device part of the Family Plan buy one/get one line up. Make sense?

  29. BreannBrunton

    Hi, I was looking into this and the legal disclaimer says the student plan offer expires august third? That’s ten days ago. Will the offer be available September 17th? That’s when i’ll be signing up.

    Also, if i’m a student, just turned 18 and ready to sign a 3 year contract with more than enough money to afford it without any help from my parents credit score, how does rogers do that? I don’t have bad or good credit, i have no credit. I’ve heard sometimes they ask for a deposit? How much would this be? I would also be open to paying a full years worth of plan up front if that would allow me to sign it. It’s all so confusing on the website, with no FAQ or anything. Help me!

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Breann,

      You can sign up for a Student Plan until November 1. I’ve flagged the error on the site to our team and we’ll get that fixed.

      As for your specific plan, its best to call customer care. They’ll be able to provide you details on the best option for you.

  30. Sophie

    When does the student plan expire? I’m from Halifax and won’t be be getting my student id card until I move to Ottawa in Sept for school. Is there any other proof I can show besides an id card?
    Also, can you get an iphone with a student plan?
    Help would be GREATLY appreciated!

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Sophie,

      You can sign up for a plan until November 1.

      To sign up for a Student Plan you’ll have to show a student card or report card that validates you are a current student at high school or a post-secondary institution.

      Yes, you can get an iPhone with the $50/month Unlimited Smartphone Student Plan or you can get the $30/month Unlimited Student plan with a $25 or higher data plan or data value pack.

      1. Shawn

        Hey Miranda,

        I’m about to start my second year school soon, i have tons of friends and i need a data plan to keep up with them. I’m also going to switch from fido to rogers soon . I was just wondering if i could get a blackberry 9700 with the $50 unlimited student plan can that work or no ? A response would be GREATLY appreciated . Thanks in advance :)

      2. RogersMiranda

        Hi Shawn,

        I’d suggest you call customer care. They have access to your account details and can help recommend the best plan for you based on your needs :)

  31. celicae_

    why don’t the student plans include voicemail and call display ?

    1. RogersMiranda


      We want to give customers the flexibility to choose the solution that best suits their needs. If voicemail and call display is something you need, they can be purchased individually or together as part of a Value Pack.

  32. celicae_

    oh, and what is “who called” and “call manager” ?

    1. RogersMiranda


      WhoCalled is a service that sends you a text message with a list of phone numbers that have attempted to call you when your phone was turned off. You can find more details about the service here:

      Call Manager allows you to set up usage rules for all of the phones on your account. That means more control of your cell phone usage and your spending. More details here:

  33. KMan

    I’m not seeing the value in these plans. My son wants me to switch his bberry over to a pooled rogers plan with me, but this looks like a way worse deal than he has now.

    And of course, the shared data plans to support ipad, etc… are still missing.

    Rogers continues its oligarchic ways.

  34. Anthony

    Where is the love for your iPhone customers? There is no good student plan available for IPhone customers. Also where is the My10 and 6pm calling! Weak student plans overall.

  35. Jeffrey

    We have 4 blackberry and I was looking forward to the new Family plan, however without Call Display, Name Display and Voicemail it is cheaper for me to stay with my family voice plan and individual smartphone plans. Call Display and Name Display are features that should be included in all plans and especially on a “unlimited family plan”.

  36. Jack

    The unlimited student plan sucks. The other one was better with my10 canada.

  37. MER1978

    “We want to give customers the flexibility to choose the solution that best suits their needs. If voicemail and call display is something you need, they can be purchased individually or together as part of a Value Pack.”

    I’d bet money that the vast majority of Rogers cell customers have voicemail… I’m sorry but excluding it is so that the plan can be advertised at a lower price than what almost everyone ends up paying.

  38. Michael

    If my brother has an existing non family plan line could i just add 25$ too his plan and make it into a family plan?

  39. Anthony

    Not only do the student plans suck for iPhone customers, but Rogers is showing way too much love for Blackberrys. I mean why don’t iPhones get Free Wifi Calling? Also Rogers needs a much better voice plan so that Student smartphone users can take advantage of the 6GB of Data. I would love a nice 30$ Voice Plan with all the same features as the 50$ plan just no data.

    1. Carlos

      only blackberrys can do wifi calling. its a feature a blackberry has its not rogers fault that iphone doesnt have it.

  40. BlackberryLover

    I was just wondering if I was to get the Blackberry with the $40 Student Plan, will I be eligible for it? I’m going to highschool this year, so getting a phone before school would be great. It says I need some sort of highschool student identification, what exactly is that? Is there any other possible way to this great deal by just showing health card etc, since it says my age and stuff.
    Help would be highly appreciated.

    1. RogersMiranda


      In order to sign up for a Student Plan, you’ll need a current student card or report card that validates you are a high-school student. So as soon as you have this, you can sign up. You can sign up on a Student Plan until November 1 so you should be good.

      Hope this helps.

  41. I called about this plan. My wife has an iPhone on Fido and I have an Android on Rogers. I’ve been a Fido customer for about 10 years. We’re currently paying $200 +/- per month, which is way too much. I thought I could save some money with this plan, but the rep added it up and said I would only save $20 a month at most. Basically she said we needed to add all the options – voice mail, system access, unlimited texting, etc. We need 400 minutes a month. Was the rep correct or should I try another call?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi David,

      I’ll send you an email with some more details about this.

  42. Rajal

    I noticed the opt-in features that come with the plan such as WhoCalled and Call Manager. If I didn’t want Call forwarding (which says comes included) could I swap that with WhoCalled?

    I’m sorry, but I really don’t know what Opt-in means :)

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Rajal,

      Opt in means that you need to initiate the activation of these services. Who Called, Call Manager and Call forwarding are all features that are available for customers to use as a part of their plan. However, you do not need to swap one feature for another. Call Forwarding is automatically applied to your account, but Who Called and Call Manager are options that you can opt-in to use by simply indicating you want these features (i.e. it will not be initiated automatically like Call Forwarding is).

      You can either tell a rep at the point of activation that you would like these features, or you can activate them later on down the road via any channel (online, care, in-store). Each service will appear as a charge on your bill and a credit for the full amount immediately after.

      Hope this helps.

  43. manish

    what if my parents r not with rogers?? i still get the same deal??

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Manish,

      All members of a Family plan must be Rogers customers.

  44. Jonny

    I just want to know the final prise of the student 50 plan?
    Also, if i buy a iphone without a contract that means that i can leave whenever i please, correct?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Jonny,

      To determine the final total of your monthly bill, you can use this general rule of thumb: Monthly service fee (MSF) + the Government Regulatory Recovery Fee (GRRF) + applicable tax.

      The GRRF varies by province but there is a breakdown listed here that you can refer to:

      If you buy an iPhone at full price and do not sign a contract, then yes, you can leave whenever you please. However, note that all of our data plans come with a three year term so if you signed up for a data plan with your iPhone, you would be charged an Early Cancellation Fee (ECF) if you were to try to cancel the plan. The ECF is tied to the plan, not the device.

      1. Would it really be so difficult for Rogers to build a simple online tool for us to build our own bundle for family/business plans, so we know exactly how much it’s going to cost? Even give us a way to pass around combinations? Is it a coincidence that none of the carriers offer this simple yet useful tool? You know your customers would appreciate it.

      2. RogersMiranda

        Hi David,

        Thanks for the feedback. That’s a great suggestion.

        Not sure if you saw this, but if you go to and then click on “Connect Your Family” in the top right corner, you’ll see a tool that lets you build your family plan based on your needs.

        While this isn’t exactly identical to what you described above, I think it’s in the ballpark. :)

        Will pass your feedback onto the team though. Thanks.

      3. OK, I found it. It’s apparently only available in Flash. A straightforward Web version would be much appreciated, I don’t need to wait extra time, not access it from all my computers, and have my computer heat up just so there can be sound effects and special effects.

        It only offers a choice of six handsets. I realize some people choose their handset based on colour or phase of the moon, but it’s not enough.

        I played along and selected two unwanted phones, but the whole process is very simple. It didn’t offer any options for voice mail, call display, which I assume I’d have to pay extra for, or long distance. But if I could get two lines for $120/month with 400 minutes + 1gb I’d be delighted. I wonder why the rep I spoke to on the phone said by the time I added all the options it’d be $180?

        How about a plan where I can get my own handsets on the free market and not have the subsidy overhead……..

  45. drumstyx

    There is absolutely NOTHING especially unlimited about these extremely mediocre plans. My regular Fido plan has unlimited evening’s and weekends and unlimited text. To really be anything different, unlimited incoming needs a comeback, or unlimited minutes needs a place; you can’t call a plan with the same features as a regular plan “unlimited”, it’s simply inaccurate! Get your act together Rogers, and for once produce something useful.

  46. BobK

    There is veyr little unlimited here. And don’t expect to be paying less, Rogers doesn’t function that way.

    When do we get American caliber plans instead of the gouge and grab plans the non-competitive Canadian market offers? When do we get systems that don’t require us to waste an hour on the phone with a customer service rep to manage? More smoke and more mirrors. I love the commercial on tv now where the guy asks are the phones free? “Well… uhhh… technically… YES” And that my friends is telling us how many idiots are out there that actually believe that. The smartest thing I ever did at my company was just tell my employees who I was buying cell phones for… buy your own phone, we’ll just give you $60 a month for your business use. And my people going to the US just take one of our Verizon phones or internet sticks/hubs.

  47. confused

    Why is it that the new Blackberry Curve 9300 colors are not updated on Rogers website?? It is available in black or lilac chroming, ( I saw it at Rogers store, hold it in my hands) but when called Custumer care, they knew nothing about it, because they don’t have it in the system yet. How can the device be in the stores already, and Rogers had no idea what I am talking about, how can they not know what they are offering??

    1. RogersMiranda


      The BlackBerry Curve 9300 in “smokey violet” is now up on here:

  48. Sam

    What is the cheapest iphone plan? I heard it was 50.. can it be on the student plan?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Sam,

      Correct. Our $50 Student Plan is the entry level price for an iPhone device.

  49. Stephanie

    I was wondering when the unlimited student plan offer is over. I want to wait for the Blackberry Torch to come, but that may not be until late September. Is there a cut-off date for this promotion? Thanks.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Stephanie,

      You can sign up for a Student Plan until November 1.

  50. mg19

    i was wondering why the plans have changed for the unlimited student plan?
    i was just on your website last week or so and it said that if i were to get the 50 dollar student plan with the blackberry, that i could choose from FOUR of the other features but now it says that i can only choose one which is the early evenings starting from 5pm.

    why is that?

    1. RogersMiranda


      With the unlimited student plan, you do get to choose one of the four following features. We did not change this:
      – UNLIMITED Local Calling to/from Rogers Wireless, Rogers Home Phone or Fido customers
      – UNLIMITED MY5 Canada-wide Talk/ Extreme Text/ Picture&Video Messaging
      – 5 pm Early Evening Calling
      – Double Your Minutes (Equals 400)

      If you go to, select “The Unlimited Student Plan” in the bottom left corner, select “View Unlimited Plans” under BlackBerry and then select the $50 BlackBerry plan. You’ll see the list of four optional features.

  51. Julien Dumais

    These plans are really bad. They are absolutely not competitive … GRRF (Governement Recovery Regulatory FEE) Rogers is the pricest, with the plan who have the lowest value …

  52. Dan

    So I am a student already in a contract, is there a way I can upgrade my phone to a Blackberry and get this unlimited student plan?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Dan,

      Yes. If you’re eligible for an upgrade you could upgrade to a BlackBerry and migrate to this plan.

      If you have a minimum tenure of 24 months since initial activation or last upgrade, you are eligible for a hardware upgrade.

      You’d still need to show student ID in order to be able to get the plan.

      Hope that helps.

  53. bigmac

    Got my son the $40 unlimited student plan, he is complaining email does not work and no one from call center can help him … not cool.

    1. RogersMiranda


      Sounds strange. I’d like to help so I’m going to send you an email to get some additional details.

  54. Paulo

    In the $50/month unlimited student plan for iphone, are you able to send text messages?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Paulo,

      Yes, with the $50/month plan, one of the included features is Unlimited Messaging (Sent & ReceivedText, Picture/Video Messages)

      You can check out all the plan details at

      1. Paulo

        On the rogers website, it says unlimited sent and recieve extreme text messages… are you sure this includes normal text messages?

      2. RogersMiranda

        Yes. This includes normal text messages.

        The Extreme Text features (ie: Text Forward, Text Block, Auto Reply, Auto Signature), can only be enabled when you already have a regular text messaging plan. More details on Extreme Text can be found in our post from May here:

        Hope this helps :)

  55. Bryster

    i want to get the blackberry with the $50 unlimited student plan for SMARTPHONES (500 MB + unlimited social networking) is that possible?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Bryster,

      No, unfortunately you must get the BlackBerry specific plans. The reason is that data can not be 0-rated on BlackBerry devices and as a result, unlimited social networking is not available for BlackBerry customers.

  56. tracy

    when does the student plan offer end??

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Tracy,

      You can sign up for a Student Plan until November 1.

  57. Mike

    TBH: i find it a little deceptive that these plans have been labeled “Unlimited” when the two most relevant, critical aspects are those that are NOT unlimited (Voice minutes and Data).

    When can we expect a true unlimited voice or unlimited data plan from Rogers? (true meaning no soft or hard limits, such as what Sprint offers in the US).

    Please let me know when I can move from Wind’s tiny network (with unlimited calling) to a real national network with unlimited calling.

    Thanks for your help.


  58. Haley

    Hi, on the $65 family share plan it says it includes “unlimited messaging (sent&recieved extreme text/picture/video /email/IM messages).

    I want to know if that translates into free unlimited email and instant messaging if I got a blackberry on that plan. Somehow I think that answer is a no, but I would like to check. Thanks.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Correct, it is not included. The fine print says that a compatible device is required. The email and IM is not available on non-smartphone devices. To get email and IM on a BlackBerry, you need a Blackberry data plan.

  59. Hamze

    Hello, what does ‘unlimited social networking’ include for iPhone users?

    Thank you

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hello Hamze,

      Unlimited Social Networking means that data used within Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Linkedin, Bebo, Flickr or Photobucket, or your device’s built-in social networking applications is 0-rated (ie: does not come out of your data bucket).

      Data used by navigating away from any of these sites (ie: by clicking a link on a friend’s Facebook profile or on a Twitter post) will be deducted from your monthly data bucket.

      Hope this helps.

  60. Chris

    I just finished my old 3 year term and signed onto the unlimited social networking plan for a Blackberry, I do not have the foggiest clue how i have data access, and the legal disclaimer points me to the unlimited social networking terms for non blackberry devices, then if i goto internet/data and social networking i get another bundle of services i can access.

    WHAT SPECIFICALLY can i access with the 40 dollar unlimited social networking plan.

    And i want to correct RogersMiranda, there is an unlimited social networking plan for blackberries, but the terms and conditions addressing the limitations of the plan are very confusing on the site.

  61. Anabela

    My daughter has a Rogers plan and there is 1.5 years left on the contract ($17.50 plan – Nokia phone)…we were thinking of getting the “unlimited student plan” with the blackberry curve 8520. Question is can the current plan she has now be converted into the unlimited student plan. If so, will we be charged a penalty and does a new 3 year contract take effect?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Anabela,

      As I don’t have access to customer account details, its probably best that you call Care. They’ll be able to tell you what options you have and help recommend a plan that best suits your daughter’s needs.

  62. Rachel

    I have a few questions regarding the unlimited family plan (and student plan as well):

    Firstly, is it mandatory to have just ‘one or the other’ in terms of voice and voice & data plans? Or would it be possible to mix-and-match the additional lines?

    Secondly, what exactly does ‘unlimited social networking’ entail? Is it applicable only to the facebook and twitter apps on smartphones/blackberries? From what I understand, you can’t access the internet…?

    Thirdly, would it be possible to customize these plans even further by ‘opting-out’ or trading features like extreme texting to caller display? Some of the features listed aren’t extremely practical or applicable to most peoples’ needs.

    Some insight would be greatly appreciated; my parents and I are with Rogers on our 2nd 3-year contract and are looking to include both my younger brother and sister under one plan (my sister is with Fido currently, because she got her phone before our Rogers contract was eligible for upgrade).

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Rachel,

      Wow, that’s a lot of questions! I’ll do my best to answer as many as I can.

      1. You can not mix and match between voice and voice &data family plans. To get data on individual lines, you’d have to get a Voice only Family plan and then add individual data plans to each line.

      2. Unlimited Social Networking means that data used within Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Linkedin, Bebo, Flickr or Photobucket, or your device’s built-in social networking applications is 0-rated (ie: does not come out of your data bucket). Data used by navigating away from any of these sites (ie: by clicking a link on a friend’s Facebook profile or on a Twitter post) will be deducted from your monthly data bucket. However, this is slightly different if you’re using a BlackBerry so best to call Care and ask specific questions about your plan. They’ll be able to walk you through the details depending on what plan you have.

      3. Yes, plans are customizable to a certain extent. At each price point, you have different unlimited features you can choose from. Likewise, you can further customize your plan if desired by choosing from a wide array of add on services or value packs.

      Hope this helps. If you have additional questions, I’d suggest calling Care or trying our Live Chat to talk to a rep. Just go to us -> Live Support – Technical Help

  63. Tim

    Hello there!

    I have a few questions:

    1. When does the “Unlimited” Family Plan expire?

    2. Let’s say me and my dad get the Family Plan. If we’re not happy with the plan a few months, are we allowed to split into two individual Rogers plans?


    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Tim,

      You can sign up for a Family Plan until November 1.

      You can leave the Family Plan with no penalty if you migrate to your own account. However, if you cancel the plan altogether, you will incur the standard Early Cancellation Fee. The amount will depend on the number of months remaining in your contract.

  64. Fatima

    I got a student plan for 30 dollars , that includes unlimited social netoworking and browsing . So , this feature means , I can use facebook , twitter , myspace , etc , social networks , and surf the web ? And it’s be unlimited ? And I have the IM app , installed in my phone , if I were to sign in and use it , would I get charged ? Also , I have the mobile app , so I just wanna know would I be getting charged if I used any of the above , and would I get charged if I were to go on google , or youtube etc . I just wanna calrify everything .

  65. Fatima

    ** Mobile mail app ** ^^

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Fatima,

      Wow, that’s a lot of questions! I don’t have access to individual customer account information, so I think your best bet is to call Care or use our Live Chat tool to talk to a rep. You can find this by going to -> Live Support – Technical Help

  66. Breann Brunton

    Hi again, i’m interested in the Blackberry Curve 9300 in SMOKEY VIOLET which is clearly depicted in the flash ad, IN THAT COLOUR!!! However when i go to build my plan that blackberry device is not shown as an option. it only shows the curve 9300 in graphite (black) WHAT IS WITH THIS??? i would like the purple one. false advertising if its not available in the student plan at a good price. so confused.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hey Breann,

      You’re right. I checked the site and when you try to build the plan, this colour is not available. I’ve passed this feedback onto the team.

      I’d suggest placing your order via telephone to ensure you get the device you want. If you call 1-800-861-6678 and quote promo code “student,” they should be able to hook you up with the device and the plan you want.

  67. ALEX

    Hello how are you today I just want to say ,I would like to see more talk plans which are unlimited for one price . I and I am sure others like me do not need data on their phone or text much at all and with so many stores and restaurants giving wifi for free . I find the talk min. are not enough for the price your asking 200 min. for 50$ . But your always offering better deals for those who want text and data why is that ? Just saying well I hope you have a great day and thank you for taking the time